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"solomon crowe" Discussed on The Rack Radio Show

"I mean, but there's another opportunity out there for him to go to if he chose to. So we'll say it's gonna suck. But I mean, it could be he wants to go home and he wants to chill for while. I doubt that. But I mean, here's the thing. He's not going to say anything or do anything that is going to directly affect his wife's job because she is remaining with the company. And I mean, honestly, he could go home and he could chill at home, and they could live off her salary. They don't live a lavish expensive lifestyle they have an ice house. But I I'm sure it's paid for its they've got it. Well, taken care of it's well within their means. He's not a flashy person. You don't seem with big fancy car and all the jewelry and everything. He's I mean, he seems like a very down to earth individual that saved a lot of his money. So he could he. Could go home he could just chill for a while. And he could think about it. He could entertain offers. I mean, it's like I wouldn't be surprised if aid because after impor- impact or any of the other companies because I mean, it's kind of the world is always ter-, do whatever the hell wants proof go hike, the the Appalachian trail if he wants. I mean, it's just he I think he wants to do him for a while. There's there's always a chance he could go back to WWE, especially if the offer changes, and they say, hey, you for greater freedom. Aren't you? Go do what you gotta do. They won't do that. But I mean that could be an option. But I mean, he he has his reasons on it's cool. And maybe he'll come back. Maybe he won't maybe he'll go to eighty w maybe you won't. Maybe he just does the Indy circuit unclear. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't show up an impact just because Solomon Crowe is there. True. I mean that could be a major factor for him. If he decides to go go somewhere else because impact has fell in crow, and he would be Huby game changer for impact because they have the money to get him. And they have the opportunity to give him the creative freedom freedom other. So if he wants to take so yeah, this was again, this was huge news, and nobody was expecting it as 'cause the rumors started in. It's like wait deans leaving what now. No these not leaving. And then it got serious really really quick. And everybody's like, wait what? Way. But excuse me. So what those departures we do have a few returns to balance the the delicate balance in WWE, if you wanna put it like that we have Shane Helms, Sean Davar, and Jeff George Jarrett joining to be as producers Jarrett has appeared on TV this past week feuding with Elias, which is weird employer. But. Interesting hires device been morning school. So that's interesting. Helms was working with impact for a while. Jeff, you know, you know, we all know cheifs history. They're stocking producing talent. I mean at a time when wrestling companies starting up their securing the agent producers like you knew just I mean to say that they're also preparing for smack them moving to FOX. But that too to that's really the main reason reason, but it just sorta coincides I mean every talents out there, whether it's producers wrestlers alike, so up next we have eight in English transitioning into a new role is he joins the two of five live announced team through mania seasons. So he's still wrestling. But he's also doing the commentary, which I didn't mind him us after pretty good that voices. Just like really a little jarring when I turn onto five live near like, here's this lush. Voice doing commentary, and you're like, oh, wow. It's kind of nice play. All right, cool. So yeah. So aid English is doing commentary for to I've live through many season in less Saturday new. I don't know how to take this WBZ teaming up with the boom Murray productions the company behind total Bill is totally visit keeping up with the Kardashians. Defined the next female superstar, aka all the diva search is back, and they wanna see who has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Rana, Rosie Sasha banks, Becky Lynch, I imagined that people are not happy about this at all. The whole turn out if it's diva search ask I don't think it will be..

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