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"soldier wass" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"The civil war. This is a question that was never asked of Bill Clinton, who was celebrated for his sister soldier moment. Right, Remember, Remember, Bill Clinton was a brilliant new kind of Democrat because he called out our rappers sister he had a sister soldier moment where he could criticize Ah black woman he picked on this black woman who is that unknown wrapper. No one knew who sister soldier Wass, but Clinton vilified her. And and he was celebrate. Look, a brilliant new kind of Democrat who was, you know, speak out again. Meanwhile, they pass the crime bill and Hillary's up there talking about predators in the streets. Traveling in packs, and no reporters said Hey, you know all this volatile language? All these dog whistles. Can I ask you a question? Are you happy that the South lost The Civil war. And these were Southern politicians. I'm talking about with Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. They were never asked this question. Now Donald Trump, who has spoken out against mobs tearing down statues in the dark of night while carrying torches and chains. And vandalizing the public square. And make no mistake. These are not just statues of Confederate soldiers or generals. They're talking about Teddy Roosevelt. They're talking about Abraham Lincoln. They're talking about Ulysses Grant. Last time I checked, those three gentlemen were on the right side. Of the Civil War. So it's a despicable question to begin with. And, frankly, Kaylie mechanisation that you know what we're done with these briefings. If if this is where we are now, if you're asking me what the president's position is on the civil War But here's her answer. He's proud of the United States of America. Second with regard to our statues, Americans opposed tearing down our statues. There's a Harvard Hairs poll released last week that shows 60% of respondents said the statue should remain in 71% said local government should block groups from physically destroying Ryan Lizza. Ladies and gentlemen, with quite possibly the stupidest, most of Sensitive question. Asked by a reporter if I had asked you, you know, do you think Ryan Lizza could outdo Jim Acosta? I'd probably, you know, wins the money on this bed if I had taken Ryan Lizza.

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