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Ep 08 What does your perfect day look like?

the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

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Ep 08 What does your perfect day look like?

"Welcome to the seven figure Salon podcast. I'm your host Helena Gibson founder of straight hair solutions and creator of the seven figure salon training systems. If this is your first time listening I'm glad we're here as each week I go over one of the seven pillars of the seven figure roadmap and discuss that pillar in depth and how it relates to business and having a strategy in each pillar in my experience will ensure ensure a successful business and life which leads me into this week's topic pillar number seven lifestyle. This is the reason we do the other six pillars right our lifestyle that's so important and the thing with lifestyle is society is constantly trying to put their mark on us or social media and what I mean by that and what I've struggled with is Society Society tells us about the American dream you have to have two point five kids get married like twenty eight and have a white picket fence which I feel like a lot of that is breaking down now but that I myself I didn't do any of that. I didn't get married. I didn't have two point five kids and I live in a high rise in downtown San Diego so I didn't do white picket fence either so oh actually how that are kind of relates to today's lifestyle episode is Kayla are Salon Manager From our Solana Beach Location. She's out of town this week so I thought how poignant would it be to come to you guys with this podcast at the Conference Center in my building downtown so I'm not even at the podcast d._d._R.. Today so if it sounds a little different or if somebody comes in this is kind of what's going on on about lifestyle so I've mentioned before that I used to own in auto repair shop and why bring that up again is because it has it relates to lifestyle that that business was from MHM seven in the morning to seven at night and those hours were pretty crazy right clients had to pick their cars up for they went to work the Nancy. Come pick them up when they got off work and at the time my daughter was really young. And so that just didn't work for my lifestyle and what got me thinking about that in out of that business because it was a great business right. Everybody has a car so it was basically recession proof. I think actually after I got out of that business I found out my friends that were in auto repair actually boomed in it during the recession because people kept their cars longer. They weren't buying new cars but <hes> for me it just wasn't GonNa work and that was because says with that business I had to build my life around it so my lifestyle went around my business where in my experience and as I've gotten older what we what I encourage everyone to do. That's telling me they're gonNA start. A business or about their business is build your your life. Build your business around your life and that's what I did when I came around the second time and how I learned that as well was I my mom was in multilevel marketing. I'm from my whole life. I mean when I was eight. I was vacuuming the Avon Center no less she sold Tupperware <hes> what was it pampered chef beauty control you name it. She sold it but the beautiful thing about the multilevel marketing getting industry is they're very huge self development. I think that's because they get a lottery rejection in that industry so they have to have a really thick skin and know how to deal with people and how to get around objection cycling so one of the guys while she took me to <hes>. Let me go back to the Guy <hes> she took me when I was eighteen to my first <hes> conference if you will on thought leadership I think it had Colin Powell there. There was Bill Clinton Zig Ziglar an-and one of my favorites Jim Rohn he had spoken about people spend more time planning a vacation or their grocery list than they do their lives and that was just really huge for me and I never forgot that so I know this is a business podcast and so forth but I assure you that in creating your lifestyle that really needs needs to reflect how you create and run your business <hes> and again if everybody it's it's different successes different for everyone in lifestyle is different so the other thing that's really important with for this for me right now is that this is July so we're halfway through the year so I want you to think about what plans you set what resolutions you said in January because we're at that happy halfway mark and for me. It's very well. I love July because it's my birthday month so it's a very strong month for me in resetting because I'm looking at where I am for the year so I go back and look at my goals that I said and I call them goals. I don't like resolutions resolutions because most people I'm sure you know after two weeks they've already stopped that but for me their goals and then I look and reset where I'm at and this year in particular. I'm turning forty two and I what happened to be <unk>. I will be in Switzerland with my daughter when my birthday happens this year and so I have some questions that I'm really going to go deep on and I'd like you to do that with me. So one of those this is my <hes>. Let's see one of those is am I wear I thought I'd be right. I said I'm turning forty two while I'm GONNA be on this trip and have I built in N.. Dan what I thought I do by forty two and whatever I come up with after remind myself that's okay. What do I want more of in my life? And how am I going to get there. You know building the seven figure Salon Building this coaching in training were do. I see that in the next six months for the rest of the year. What do I WANNA do in two thousand twenty so these are some things I'm going to be asking myself and if you haven't done so already I want you to start thinking talking about it and I want you to dream big? I want you to just kind of right down a bunch of stuff. You know what is it that means a lot to you that maybe you haven't done yet and I don't care if you're twenty five or seventy five. There's all things as we <hes>. There's there's things all of still want to do and then my last thing for you is what does your perfect day. Look like that's huge because I don't think we plan. Sometimes we do those resolutions in our big right there sixty day goals ninety day goals but what do you want your data look like are you at the studio at eight in the morning. Are you there at ten in the morning for me these days with Leyla my daughter being home from college right now. I don't roll Intel eleven so I do my morning stuff. You know I work out. I Read I journal. I have a bunch of things I like to do before I get in the shop that prime my day and I think we talked about that before. <hes> priming your day so it sets me up for success and I do that in the morning and then I prefer to stay later in the evenings <hes> so what what what time do you want to get in. And what time do you WanNa be off you you know. Do you still have young kids so you need to be off at three or four to make dinner. Hey I've been there. That's the hours I set the store for were opened from ten to five that was because at that time I needed to be room parent and I couldn't get into tin and then I needed to be off at five so I could make dinner for her in the evenings but now my life is different so the other question is do you reset as things in your life change right so when <unk> so when my daughter was little I had a different set of priorities now that she's bigger you know now that she's an adult. My priorities have changed so do you reset with life events so I want you to right these down. You have to commit them to paper because just the practice of writing it down improve your chances of creating whatever whatever that is for you and again own it because you've got to check in with yourself about your family for me. It's my mom you know that one. I'm what I'm creating in doing is what I want and not what someone else once again especially with social media. You see a lot of things on there. I think people are depressed more now but just because you're seeing someone else excited about something again. Is that really something that's right for you and this all relates again to business because our our lifestyle is the reason we created our business in the first place or in my opinion should be why we created it right. We wanted freedom. We wanted more money and we wanted the the scholas- sealing the that we could break it that there was no limit to the potential of what we could do by owning our own business so shoot me an email with what you come up with because I'd love to hear your plans and also if you WANNA go deeper with us with this the other pillars we offer mastermind coaching program to help you. We also have quarterly seven-figure salon intensive so July's almost filled but our next one is in September and I believe it's the twenty first to the twenty third here in San Diego so we'd love to have yet and if you want to visit our website and find out more about that the websites the seven which is the number seven figure.

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