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"soi al" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"I think the boy had managed e managed people he found talent already found terence terence had dreads and he had a fucking looking beg to get him on a network okay so he himself is quoted as saying he had to get out the manage business because a fighter could cut you can't get out of promoter contract you stuck here and every time i get you a title shot automatic renegotiation. We went back into my point when we argue about this. Should we go. We got verbiage knows promoter contracts. The slave of fighter and that's soi al has broken those chains listen before our people are all they wanted to come and fan but all i want you know what i'm saying. I'm not even a pro black but i'm not i'm not me but i love to see what he done because people said he couldn't do it and before her. There's just wasn't no daniel jacobs. There wasn't across the wasn't. No there wasn't a wildest wasn't wasn't no black. Friday was just floyd floyd whitaker moseley vernon forrest. That's how that's how in-between winky he right. You know what i'm saying. They were opponents. Forget how many they were. They were opponents. Floyd was oscar opponent. Okay winky. The right was an opponent forever had overseas. You know what a guy job. Frankie randall got job right versus chavez. Ovalles's versus are like that uh-huh opponents they were opponents and i'll change that shit but we talked about everybody out that means sadness zeal instagram twitter oughta make sure you subscribe to youtube channel catches on next door. He never knows this like fitful six. Oh today following year grows.

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