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"sohan mazroui" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"sohan mazroui" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Listening So break your lines in the Bloomberg this time from the bank of Japan the governor saying that the individual market operations don't directly impact foreign exchange and that the end has weakened on rising energy prices and sort of the fed and dollar buying generally has pushed the currency lower currently looking at one 21 64 intraday off by two fifths of 1% over a 5 day chart and intraday we're off by 1% We keep a close eye on this over the next hour The only objective in the meantime for OPEC plus is to maintain oil supply to the market and ensure it's affordable That's according to the UAE's energy minister sohan mazroui He spoke to Bloomberg from the world government summit here in Dubai We have one objective only which is trying to maintain the supply to the market and ensure that that supply is affordable Nowadays when the geopolitics heads in we also the price is going higher And we are increasing the production gradually according to a plan but we can not under any circumstances see a replacement for 10% of the world's production Right That's from oil guys as well So I don't think practically if we bring politics into the organization we can help the consumers Well you say you would like to help the consumers whatever.

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