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Important Gmail Messages Hitting Spam?

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Important Gmail Messages Hitting Spam?

"Listeners listeners. it's brought malino. welcome back to talking tech my co host. Mike snyder is off today. So do you use g mail you may want to double check your spam folder. If you do yes. Google email client is super useful. Probably the best email option out there. I use it. I love it. It's really helpful. But some g mail users have been reporting issues with important emails ending up in their spam folders among those affected by this usa today money reporter nathan bony who wrote about it for tec- dot usa today dot com and joins us here today. Nathan thanks for being here. So how did you find out what was going on with gmo. Well i had my recreational softball league coach contacted me and said hey. Why haven't you issued for this week's game. And i said well i didn't get it and you the irish unit last week and so all of a sudden i was like what about my sample there so took the spam folder for the first time in the weeks and some and saw eighty five emails. Were quite legitimate. That had been stuck in there over the last thirty days. So you know in your story you talk a little more about kind of what happened there. And then you reached out to google. So what did how. Google respond to all this. Google was not helpful. They really didn't have much to say. They basically pointed us to their standard vice. What to do when Email my end up in your spam filter but you know the most insight that i got was searching on twitter and seeing there are a lot of other people that are reporting the same experience. I m reporting over the last week or so. It's feels like something has changed now. I'm not a software. You know to engineer or developer in any respect. So i don't know the technical aspects of this but i seen many people including high profile folks reporting missing bank statements missing personal correspondence myself. I had tickets to an event. I had receipts. I had email newsletters. I click on every day. These are not newsletters. That might be

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"softball league" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"Had a conversation with somebody the other day, and we're going back and forth, And they said all the leaders have no idea what they're doing there. Maybe they do, maybe, like you said, Maybe this is an experiment. See how far they can push good people how much they can control our lives. There's no science to this anymore. There's no numbers to prove their lockdowns. Every day. They're taking away more and more of a right, so it's the end game. I think it's complete controlled by the government and a people that are totally reliable. Reliant on the government. Like you said, it's time to fight back and people are fighting back. No doubt about it. Now. These two young men here Or to me, or national example of overreach and frustration. They opened this pod right. Keep macaroni is the owner of the New York City worker. He doesn't want me to say what division He works well, because he's afraid of gets trouble at work. And he needs this work. Um, made up this whole life to do what every Irish kid wants to go open his own Irish pub and hanging Irish flag in there. On. They opened rest December. Three months they were locked down. And the two guys took all the money and therefore one case they borrowed money from their parents. They jacked it up, right the end buying glasses and stuff on the credit card, right? That's three months later, they're shut. Right. So when you tell those guys now you shut down. No out there. No indoor. No nothing. I'm telling you, I've seen it with my own eyes Bill. They literally have No money attacked out their family, their sources that credit cards. They have no money, So it's not like you know, Charles Dickens tale. This is real, You know, And they just say, scraped my I will sell everything we got left. Go out with a bang. Seven chairs, tables, glasses, Everybody. Look what? We got to go down with the ship. Now it's happening in Brooklyn today, a diner said. They're going to start open and they don't care about anything. Michigan 150 businesses have now banded together and they're opening in defying the order. And I think, stat now on the redhead step child, but New York City I think we're gonna lead the national movement could just open up and fight back against this tyranny. We have to somebody's gotta step up and say, You know what happened to them Everything I mean, it's gonna crush has been crushed by government, coma and other governors across this country who haven't given up one day's pay during this pandemic. Small business owners of losing their lives like you said, losing their livelihood. Everything There was. There was a family that was in your homes and this governor and this mayor having given up one dime, they haven't sacrificed one thing for the state of local for the city of New York, and if they don't think that people going to rise up and fight against them, it's seven has taken. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it's going to be very dangerous. So, like you said, there's no leadership here. It's about time we do put some leadership in New York. Tell me about the type of leadership we can expect from you. Bill. People are thinking about giving you their vote. Move your I know your former NYPD. I'm sure you know all the great things like I do. Son of an NYPD patrolman. Um, but you also know where the bodies about it, and, you know, places where we could probably do better using technology and stuff. Do you think, um, I would imagine you're gonna be more quote police than our current mayor. It doesn't take much to be more cold police than him. Absolutely. This city can't survive without a strong police department that supported by City Hall. So I'm going to return the NYPD to proactive policing the aggressive policing that worked in the nineties. It didn't just drive crime down and put the economy back. We cleaned up the city. What tourism bad the kind of bombed New Yorker striding why we're going away from that is completely beyond May. But we know who's in City Hall. Right now. We know his beliefs. We have to return to that without public safety, and I've said this many times. You have nothing. You have no economy. You have no tourism. You don't have safe schools. You don't have small business and that's where we're going to start. It's gonna bring the economy back. We're gonna open up. Our business is under my administration. Going to get back to the way New York City used to be. So I heard you last week. I think you're wrong with Bernie and said Yes. Um And you know, I think what Bernie would I said was talking about Relative, Joe Pepitone. Yes, and I heard those guys were doing some amazing things for the community and they I can't remember exactly what it was. But I was listening to you and I have heard them with Bernie and said before, you know, Wow, He's a good guys. You know that. That's that's great man. Yeah, they do a lot. Considering that station of lots of the city. They step up. They support the police. They support New Yorkers and this look supporting small business. I mean, hey, Jon Katz, Um, single handedly saved the police Athletic league. Yes, I know. You know that he you know, And like I said I was I was a cop, son. And we all played pl at some point. You know what I mean? I remember my father played in the Manny Lope Softball league with all the different precincts used to play against each other. You know, um And I think I remember like, Tell me if you remember this, remember, they used to have this place Police camp up in the up in the Catskills. Like I remember hearing about that. Yeah. It was like an old How old do you Well, I'm 53. She's a major May so I think What happened was the pension plan bought this bankrupted hotel rounds, the New York City pension plan. They bought it. And they fixed it up and all the cops used to get a week there..

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"softball  league" Discussed on QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

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"softball league" Discussed on QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

"I was guessing truce themselves, , introduce yourself. . Yeah <hes>. . I'm Abby Jacobson. . I don't know if I think I'll just like say that I don't think I know we had a good. . Self. . Announcer. . Why does I have a question about that? ? Because you know I think you are somebody who like. . You had such a successful television show. . Pretty early in your life I mean. . What's assume <hes> and? ? You're right. . Right. . End. . and. . But. . Then you've also written books. . You have a new show that you're working on right now I wonder like, , do you do you want to be like? ? I maybe Jacob from this or is that like no longer fun to do. . <hes>. . It's interesting I think I think right now at this point in time. . You know broad cities like. . We ended and. . I think we ended in twenty nineteen I'm truly like what where are we? ? Now? ? We don't know our time is just so. . Fast and slow you know. . But I believe it. . Did I truly Mike did I end in twenty. . Yes I ended in like it ended in. . March of Twenty nineteen. . And while it's like the thing I'm most known for and I used to like I want to do all this other stuff on my. . I love that show. . I Love I. . Love. . Red. . City. . I fear I will never have an experience like that. . For the rest of my life I could be happy from broad city I'd be happy with that. . Just because I love that experience so much I'm like why not? ? I'm really happy for you that that's the answer I'm Suzanne. . Slick? ? I think that there's I think that that could just as easily go the other way you know like for somebody that didn't have a good experience and that I'm sure visible bad experience like what a nightmare and then they'd be like like every time. . I did I knew and doing other things but it sure D- INTRO MIA's that I've mom. . I miss it. . I miss it a lot. . So I'm I'm fine. . What are you talk to me about what you're up to rate now roy in your? ? In your television world because I actually don't know what is going on in terms of shooting. . Like I know that you were working on their own and I know that. . Some Powell's even it's awesome cast this stuff us. . Photographs, , people wearing. . Baseball Pants. . Going on right now in terms of Cova Dennis. . Yep Me neither in the in the broader sense because I'm like when anytime I hear of somebody shooting him like you're shooting right now but <hes> so we have had a very law this the leader on. . TV reincarnation is you know we wrote this. . I. . We had a initial room in twenty eighteen and that was when we were. . It was more of a half hour. . A little more heart little more like <unk> comedy forward. . And then it was supposed to initially an Amazon who knows that they're gonNA like what they're not. . Supposed supposed to kind of go room to series, , and then they were like we're just gonNA. . We should just make a pilot and. . You're like, , what? ? Like we just wrote this whole thing and they're like we're just GonNa make a pilot and we really want it to be an hour. . And in that moment will Graham and I who is my partner doing this <hes> we were like, , let's move like it was it was not the movie. . The characters are very different, , but it was like, , let's move farther away from the movie in terms of the All American Girls League, , that was like half of the show and <hes>. . Sorry this is like a longest answer ever, , but we ended up then took taking a rewrite that pilot and then we ended up shooting the pilot, , which is the the photos you've seen full period. . Right before. . Go. . Like we shot in February. . And then and then we have like a a good a good two and a half weeks in the edit in person. . And like March thirteenth at that point on I, , we had been in the edit, , which is like you know it's like so valuable to be there with the editor and then the rest of it we did virtually but it's like we just got that finished I. . Mean we finish it in April and I'm like that was just like I can't believe we we got we shot that manage shoot if and then it got picked up. . So now we are truly Monday beginning again. . With another writer's room. .

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QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

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"softball league" Discussed on QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

"I was guessing truce themselves, , introduce yourself. . Yeah <hes>. . I'm Abby Jacobson. . I don't know if I think I'll just like say that I don't think I know we had a good. . Self. . Announcer. . Why does I have a question about that? ? Because you know I think you are somebody who like. . You had such a successful television show. . Pretty early in your life I mean. . What's assume <hes> and? ? You're right. . Right. . End. . and. . But. . Then you've also written books. . You have a new show that you're working on right now I wonder like, , do you do you want to be like? ? I maybe Jacob from this or is that like no longer fun to do. . <hes>. . It's interesting I think I think right now at this point in time. . You know broad cities like. . We ended and. . I think we ended in twenty nineteen I'm truly like what where are we? ? Now? ? We don't know our time is just so. . Fast and slow you know. . But I believe it. . Did I truly Mike did I end in twenty. . Yes I ended in like it ended in. . March of Twenty nineteen. . And while it's like the thing I'm most known for and I used to like I want to do all this other stuff on my. . I love that show. . I Love I. . Love. . Red. . City. . I fear I will never have an experience like that. . For the rest of my life I could be happy from broad city I'd be happy with that. . Just because I love that experience so much I'm like why not? ? I'm really happy for you that that's the answer I'm Suzanne. . Slick? ? I think that there's I think that that could just as easily go the other way you know like for somebody that didn't have a good experience and that I'm sure visible bad experience like what a nightmare and then they'd be like like every time. . I did I knew and doing other things but it sure D- INTRO MIA's that I've mom. . I miss it. . I miss it a lot. . So I'm I'm fine. . What are you talk to me about what you're up to rate now roy in your? ? In your television world because I actually don't know what is going on in terms of shooting. . Like I know that you were working on their own and I know that. . Some Powell's even it's awesome cast this stuff us. . Photographs, , people wearing. . Baseball Pants. . Going on right now in terms of Cova Dennis. . Yep Me neither in the in the broader sense because I'm like when anytime I hear of somebody shooting him like you're shooting right now but <hes> so we have had a very law this the leader on. . TV reincarnation is you know we wrote this. . I. . We had a initial room in twenty eighteen and that was when we were. . It was more of a half hour. . A little more heart little more like <unk> comedy forward. . And then it was supposed to initially an Amazon who knows that they're gonNA like what they're not. . Supposed supposed to kind of go room to series, , and then they were like we're just gonNA. . We should just make a pilot and. . You're like, , what? ? Like we just wrote this whole thing and they're like we're just GonNa make a pilot and we really want it to be an hour. . And in that moment will Graham and I who is my partner doing this <hes> we were like, , let's move like it was it was not the movie. . The characters are very different, , but it was like, , let's move farther away from the movie in terms of the All American Girls League, , that was like half of the show and <hes>. . Sorry this is like a longest answer ever, , but we ended up then took taking a rewrite that pilot and then we ended up shooting the pilot, , which is the the photos you've seen full period. . Right before. . Go. .

League soccer softball basketball Softball League Carson Philadelphia Georgetown Max
"softball  league" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"softball league" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Of of players who back up that story, and if you knew billy Martin I mean I got to meet Billy Martin through the media Billy. You was a man and a lot of ways but he had his faults in I I don't think being socially accepting of homosexuals homosexuals was going to be one of One of his attributes you know you and I both in the. Bay, area, when Billy was the manager of that team and you know as I saw today and I thought back I said, you know nobody ever introduced billy Martin is hi, this is billy Martin. He's drunk yes and I thought it was very, very unfair and the alternate leaves baseball and then pick up the story from there. Elise baseball he goes over to the castor district and Glenn Athlete I mean he's. Probably. The most natural athlete that that anybody has ever met and he goes over to San. Francisco starts plane AAU basketball gets in gets indoctrinated into the GAY Games of set. Some records there plays in the gay softball leagues, which were very strong in those days and is a legend in the bay. In fact, he is in the San Francisco Gay Softball League Hall of. Fame and it's funny I mean people say of course, he's a major league baseball player. He's going to be a a great baseball player. There's just a bunch of gay guys playing well, the softball at that time was pretty good softball but Glenn dominated and Major League Baseball Player and he became a celebrity and the the sad part is that if you remember the early eighties? A lot of drugs. Lot of indiscriminate unprotected sex people did not know about AIDS yet Of course, we don't know how Glenn contracted. AIDS. could have been unprotected sex could have been some of the drugs he was doing nobody really knows but he he fell on some really hard times and it wasn't all it wasn't all sex related. He the drugs were a big part of of of him only apart. Referred to as the gay cancer at that time you know one of the things I picked up on in this documentary was there was a real hero in this and that was his sister. Would you talk a little bit about her? Yeah. Actually there were two real heroes I. Think I think the as in baseball actually were heroes as well but his sister Luther you. Know, she's referred to as a saint by a number of people in the documentary She took Glenn in when he was down and out the as found out about it and Sandy Alderson and pamphlets who works in the front. Office contacted some Alumni Association baseball's actually set up by JOE GARAGIOLA and they arrange for Glenn to have food whenever you needed it. And They arranged for him to have a cellphone actually so that he can make some calls If you needed help and they didn't have to do that and I think it's it's it's ironic but it also says a lot about the as organization that was started by wally. Haas. that they looked out for their own and and they really were there for Glenn in his final days and of course, his sister took him in and he ultimately passed away in her her home in San Leandro. Yeah. That was in. Nineteen ninety-five that he passed away at the age of forty two he really started to go downhill after he was in a car accident he was walking and got hit by a car and they tried to put a rod and I thought this was very telling they put a rod in his leg because it was broken in three different places and he was supposed to go back and get it replaced and his sister found out. He never went never went back. It was it was literally his leg was rotting from the inside out and That either says something about where Glenn's mine was at the time it could have something to do with the drugs but you know he was I, think he was truly living day-to-day at the time I mentioned about billy bean playing with the dodgers and he told me when he was on with beyond the show how difficult it was because his lover died and he couldn't even go to the funeral because he was not out of the closet at that time. But here's his quote on dealing with discrimination he says the. Closet hurts people forever everyone's career ends but to do it because you don't feel you belong there when you've proven that you do is damaging and it affects everything and I'm sure that's why Glenn Swam in the waters of Drugs and alcohol take takeaway his frustration how much has changed? Do you think since he went through all of this I think that's the big question. That's a question that that we hope to answer this was thirty three years ago that Glenn was basically run out of baseball So. In thirty three years how many baseball players have been gay and didn't feel that it was safe to be themselves what's our environment like now? I'd like to think that players will respect somebody who can play with they be accepted what what, what what are the various cultural differences we have young men from the south young men from Latin America There's African American players who may be a little bit more religious than others. How do those things work into a team environment and would it be safe for for an athlete to come out now what kind of athlete would it would it have to be Could you be Glenn? Burke was A to fifty lifetime hitter He certainly wasn't did not have the baseball skills that Jackie. Robinson did on the other hand. Who knows how good of a player Glenn Burke could have become? Had he been free to be himself didn't have that burden or dark cloud over shoulders any only played two or three years? A lot of guys started out. As two fifty hitters and actually got pretty good after a while and were guys that played ten years and hit two fifty and we're defensive specialist I like to think that we're more educated than we were back when Glenn Burke went through this and I really think it's GonNa take a maybe a star player who does come out because in the final analysis when it comes to professional sports Ted as you know it's production it's whether you do what you're supposed to do and I was also impressed with Davey Lopes and dusty Baker because they did now and it didn't. Matter, to them, it really didn't right and that to me was the most refreshing they were talking about one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy s It was a different time in our country There were a lot of things going on there weren't very many sins in baseball in the seventies. There were Fateh means there was cocaine there was There were a couple of players for the New York Yankees that actually traded families in the seventies to pitchers You know there were for me rules back then but there was one rule you couldn't break you couldn't be gay. We got about forty seconds left. But what are you most proud of with this documentary? I'm proud that that was a great story number one and I'm proud that it. The questions that we're talking about, and that's all that I really hope for is that people talk about these issues and that, and they see that here was a young man who when he wasn't prejudged was accepted when he when people when his his own teammates loved him in new as he was, and then they found out, he was gay and they said, you know what? We Still Love Him we want him on our team why'd you trade them that to me says a lot and I and I hope. That that's the lesson that people take from the documentary. Well, congratulations I've watched it as outstanding. I want to recommend it to everybody across the country and around the world it's called out the Glenn Burke Story and Ted Griggs who is the executive producer of it by the way the producer on this is also Doug Harris. He deserves a lot of credit as well. So check that out from comcast sports net I'm Ron Bar, we continue across the country and around the world we've got you on. America's sports talk show sports byline..

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"softball league" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"They played really well in the national park, but I always felt Strategy. That game was better even if you had a manager that was on American League club that had been actually manager before or play than actually it's just not a normal routine, and it's not even the manager of the players. It's just the plate. You're losing. What happens when you come to the national ballpark? You're gonna lose a big bat. Or you're gonna put your big bat in a field near a sacrifice defense. So we call that the Vladimir Guerrero slash 2010 world serious. That's what we call that. Yeah, That's exactly what it is. You know? I mean, David Ortiz. I mean, you always have good first, you're like, do that. But it does the getting there. You know, Like, you know, just they just thought that way, you know, like It just was one of those people. When Ugo American Lee do think, though, that there should still be. We still play our game. We have an extra hitter. It's really good. Not really, though because of the venture. A lot of times your strategizing the pitch a certain way, you know. Oh, you're pitching a certain way to like, Okay, I've got a I'm going to keep this guy in the game. I'm gonna force them to pull this hitter out. Or I'm gonna be warming. Ha vea toe, force them to the side. If they're gonna leave this right, Ian, or put a pinch hitter Ed, and then they put a pensioner. I burn him. You don't say like there's so much strategy to that. And both used that a lot. Like if there was a bunch of lefties in a road any hobby, But for me, he would put me in because he would say, I don't really care if they put this lefty and I bring it Affeldt, and they're going to put a writing and I don't character faces, right. He's just fine. To force you guys to think a little bit more Where in America you don't have to think much, and and I I just feel that As a pitcher. You're trying. You're trying to picture I would pitch around guys knowing certain situations were in play. We couldn't do that in American league, you know, and it was different and you knew those guys in American Lee. I mean, they call softball League man. Those guys are all swinging for the fences. Three run homer. You know that in America internationally, For whatever reason, I felt like you could like. Mix and match pitching wise a little bit. They didn't have all Big Bopper because of the strategy. But man, I thought, What's the National League and everyone to go back to American League, So I really didn't love playing against American League team in their ballpark, Mediate Man. I've always been pretty good. They just can't get it. They just can't get it done. But man, those cats are always dangerous team to play. I thought when the giant plate of at their ballpark for me it was. I thought I felt like they played better against his there at their place. But Do you remember? I heard you and when you're talking about pitching, and obviously you don't want to, you know, throw bad pitches and then so it got me to thinking, Yeah. Pictures remember their pitches with remarkable accuracy, and I'm wondering for you. Do you remember? Any instances were you threw a really good pitch like you just thought that was it? I mean, that's exactly where I wanted it and the guy hit it out. Or do you remember a pitch? We're in a situation. You threw a pitch and it was just a brutal pitch. And you thought, Oh, we're in trouble here any their swing and miss or hit into a double play. Yeah. Uh, Politically 2040 world period, so play that got turn the double play that got turned on the panic, Crawford. That all supposed to be right there That all was artistically. It was a thinker, and they just kind of fun. But if you look at it that that little in that Paul could have been. Oh, look, I mean, it got hit pretty hard anyway. That's what panic. That's why that place stuff because that ball wasn't hit Stop. Oliver hit that ball pretty solid, but it just sunk, so he caught the top of the baseball, right. So I kind of got that. That's why I think so. But that pitch right through it. I was like, Oh, no. And then you're like, Oh, yes. You know, like that, Like you're like Lotus. I can't stand your shift. I hate shift, but they were shifting right there. That's what happened in that field for sure. You know there's a pitch Tio Goldsmith, the only homer in Boki Course Pokey and I hope he's listening. I'm still mad at him for it. Okay. This dude was over 10. All right off me. I mean, I mean, it's not like he hit well off me. And so we get in and came pitching and I come in for Cain and gold and I get it. I get a ground ball. We don't turn the double play and I gotta face Goldschmidt both she comes out and he says, Here's the deal. Guys this dude has been carrying. This team for a month. He's the only guy I get it done for him. Just picture out him. Don't don't without walking intentionally here, but there's two out and when I walk in, they just don't give amazing to hit. Throw it anywhere and he begin to change. Because his thought process was if I get him out, was a lefty on deck after that, start the inning, right? And Goldschmidt was over 10. So he was thinking, Look, you didn't see that well, but he's too hot right now. That will give me So I'm sitting there like a fastball way off the play ball curveball in the dirt. You know, Curveball in the dirt. I'm three out, right? The Buster. Call the fastball, But you see, I don't even hit. I'm pretty sure it was. In the batter's box. Not even on the chocolate lets a Goldsmith dives out in hit a homer. And I'm like I see it go the fence, and I'm like you've got to be freaking kidding me. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I said Yeah. I'd be freaking kidding me and and I looked over came and keep looking looking at me and he just shaking his head. Like every time you give us a shaking and I kind of look at him. I'm like I'm like, Okay, Nick came just looking at me trying not to be mad. Pulls his hat down basic shoved me. You know, I'm looking at him and his girlfriend going around like staring at cake. I want to say I'm sorry and well, look at me. So I'm super mad because I'm like that wasn't even freaking close man. It was not even close. We'll get the next gotta ground out right Copper to first or whatever. Ground out out of the come down of the bench. Came there kind of look over at him. A kind of plain looks over at me and I'm like Hey, man, I'm really sorry. He gets up and he watched five aces will talk about tomorrow. Greater love friend. So I go in. I go into the so I'm like other couples from my throne over the years. Yeah, man, That was so that was leaving. I don't know how you kept what I did that like whatever. So I'm pretty pissed about it. And then both checked me in at night, and he's like, how you doing? I'm fine. He's like, all right, even pitch and get it, so don't worry about it. I'm not worried about it that all of the clothes that was that's where I wanted. It was. It wasn't even close. So we pulled in the office the next day. So then both he pulled into the office. And get you in the principal's office. So we go in there and bust her sitting there, and I'm looking at Buster, and he's just kind of like, uh, I'm pretty sure I know it will be about But I'm like. Yeah, well, I got you did Don't worry about it. He's a guy. So we're sitting there and vote like a man like Didn't we had the meeting right? Like we had. Do not give him anything. I said boats. The ball is Eight inches off the dish. He's like it was in the air, like throw the term on the dirt, like, throw something. It was in the air We get to it is way too hot for a situation like that. I'm trying to get him to chase the throw Your split tow your curveball's and hopefully he gets aggressive.

American league Vladimir Guerrero David Ortiz America Goldschmidt National League Ugo American Lee softball League baseball principal Tio Goldsmith Buster Ian Crawford Paul Cain Ed Oliver Boki Nick
LGBTQ community celebrates Supreme Court ruling on employment nondiscrimination cases

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LGBTQ community celebrates Supreme Court ruling on employment nondiscrimination cases

"Gerald Bostock joined a gay recreational softball league seven years ago, signing up for the HOTLANTA, Softball League his job in the Child Welfare Services Department for Clayton County. Georgia. He was fired for quote. Conduct unbecoming of county employ. That men he didn't have health insurance. He recovered from prostate cancer, but it set in motion illegal fight that led on Monday to a landmark decision from the supreme, court, which ruled six to three that the Civil Rights Act of nineteen, sixty four protects against discrimination based not just on race and gender, but also sexual orientation. And now Gerald's name will forever appear in constitutional law textbooks. After reading Justice Neal Gorsuch as majority opinion, validating his right not to be fired, simply because he was gay Gerald reflected on the journey from the den of his home. When I lost my job, it was my dream job, so imagine having. That, you went to every day and you enjoy doing it. the habits suddenly taken away from you because you decided to join a gay recreational Softball League I lost my income I mentioned that I had lost mine insurance while I was still recovering from prostate cancer I lost friends in relationships with with many colleagues. I had to sell my home in that community. So the Germans been difficult. The court ruling grouped three related cases involving employees who said they were fired because of their sexuality or gender identity. Gerald was the only plaintiff still alive to see the outcome Amy Stevens. A funeral director who was fired, because she was transgender, died last month of kidney failure after attending oral arguments in her case. Last Fall Donald Zara. A skydiving instructor who was fired because he was gay, died in twenty, fourteen, leaving his sister and partner to advance his case. Gerald, who's fifty-six plans to return to a trial court in Georgia to fight his case after all these years of legal roadblocks, he and his partner Andy toasted with champagne last night to celebrate the ruling, which he hopes will bring a little bit of sunshine. In some dark times. He told my colleague Samantha Schmidt that more work remains to be done. He wants Congress to pass the Equality Act which would enshrine nondiscrimination protections for lgbtq people in Employment Housing Credit Education public spaces and other realms of American life. The state of Georgia has also yet to pass a hate crime law. He, says joining the gay. Softball League was one of the best decisions he ever made. The arc of the moral universe is long. But it bends toward justice.

Gerald Bostock Softball League Georgia Andy Amy Stevens Neal Gorsuch Gerald Hotlanta Clayton County Child Welfare Services Departm Donald Zara Partner Director Employment Housing Credit Educ Instructor Samantha Schmidt Congress
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"Clip was posted by the angels team Twitter account it has been viewed nearly three million times trout is the reason that there are home run rules in like old man's beer softball league six is he getting murdered every time he steps up its like automatic yes automatic run automatic three run Homer right right yeah he's he's just too good even like to even be able to explain at this point I didn't see it but I absurdity even see the thing land no you did not just disappeared into the darkness that's what I thought I think the second reaction as people see it hit the nets you know whatever it is it's always again you know I think that was what I'll be at least three hundred fifty all right right right those TV's were kind of watching it to see where we land I think once it hit the net they all went even crazier you know after that we know that he can even golf or do you just like what the on the swing yeah we're not a hundred percent sure if this was his first shot there I mean I'm sure he's played before it's a copy is there but yeah I mean he's not hurting for money but what does baseball things over he's probably got you know some senior senior PGA tour to future while and in all the TV shows and movies featuring Batman and his ride the bat mobile there isn't typically a scene where the battle bill gets impounded by police for speeding or not having a valid registration for example that was apparently the case in Moscow as police recently impounded a picture perfect replica of the Batmobile featured in the most recent round of movies the ministry of internal affairs said police discovered the vehicle was not properly registered for road use auto blog reported that the vehicle was originally built in the U. S. and shipped.

angels Batman Moscow Twitter baseball
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"Feel at home and you don't feel loss? Often Times people leave the military and they feel lost and they don't feel like they have a home and try just talks about how you can get through that so those are my top ten books very nice list. I think the next list we should do should be veteran authors from our era. Because there's a lot of really incredible writers from are coming up too. That's a good list definitely had so many that I just didn't list because narrowing it down to ten is very difficult. But you're right. There are a lot of loss in the last twenty years that have come about. That are very good. I was just gonNA say Shadow Tim. O'brien I read the things. They carried in high school so supposed to remember a little bit of it but it was very interesting. Some of the stories still stick on my mind really really beautifully written And haunting I will say Let's see for me. My save drowned is for anybody who's been following the saga of Dana. Be here at Barstool. Sports he's a video editor. Who started the Zillion Beers movement wherein one week? He raised one point. Five million dollars selling t shirts that say Zillion Beers on them. Because that's how many beers coolers pierpont everything. If it said Zillion Beers on it they sold at one point. Five million all started with the boss Dave Portnoy gave him to sell like thirty thousand worth of March. He ends up selling one point five million in a small amount of time but the true story behind. The terms villiers came from a beer league softball team in Hingham Massachusetts and it's because entire league year after year place for fallen marine and Hannam legend. Chris Orlando and so now. A lot of money is being donated to a couple of really good causes but also to He has a scholarship fund at the local high school there. but Zillion Beers and hang softball are raising money to remember. Corporal Chris. Orlando the term Zillion Beers got started in the softball league. That remembers him so I can see barely softball if you've ever played it. It's the best in my old neighborhood in the Bronx. I used to go and just you could just bring case and sit on the sidelines and enjoy. It was up tardy. It was so much fun. That is where the terms William Beers started. And that's where Dana. Bs from so it kind of really just took off from there but Corporal Orlando his story. He he's from there. He died on January fourteenth. Two Thousand Sixteen He was a flight crew chief. And if you remember the story of the two helicopters that crashed into each other in Hawaii in bad conditions and they crashed right over an area with heavy waves and really really tough spot but he and eleven other Marines were killed off Awad who during a nighttime training flight and he was only twenty three years old and he was one of the bodies. Unfortunately that was never recovered but he was a two thousand ten graduate of Hingham High School and he joined the Marine Corps right out of High School in two thousand twelve but his hometown. That still has a softball league for him every year and still remember him. They said he had the best sense of humor that he was a legend in the town he was kind courageous independent and adventurous and he had a huge love for the ocean right on the ocean and for living in Hawaii that was evident and he was an avid competitive surfer and he spent many summers as an instructor and Counsellor at South Shore Surf Camp in Hall Massachusetts. Where there's a beautiful bench for him. Now right on the ocean and I just think it's so cool that circling back from this insane Super Viral Story Dana. Be Selling one point five million in Merch. It all goes back down to just a bunch of buddies remembering their friend and honoring there and I think that's the best way to remember people as actual stories what they're actually like to do like disturb he liked to crush beer league softball and things that. I think that's the most apt instead of viewing people is only these American superheroes the actual people that were behind the uniform. I think is often times much more apt as to remember who they actually were. Yeah my save round for the day is I've actually turned the corner. I am all in on the Space Force. Now I think going I think going to the Air Force Academy. I was reading an article today. After talking to one of the Viceroy's that was around there. The barstool sports viceroys. He said he was going to be a member of the Space Force. Sixty members of this year's graduating class of the Air Force Academy is going to become members of the space sports. I would have loved to been all in on the first class of people to go into space force. I think that Shit's going to be awesome. What they're going to do with that being in history books having a little piece of history shadow to the space force. I am glad for them. That being said it is a Friday edition of zero blog thirty. So that means we have the duty roster to hand out. We have fire watched to give out. I hate doing this. People think that this is something that I like to do but as a staff. Nco It's my responsibility to create the watch list. So that's what I'm GONNA do today. I up is going to be Greg Robinson. He was a number two overall. Pick out of Auburn. He got drafted. He earned over twenty million dollars while playing in the NFL. Recently he was signed by the Cleveland. Browns who is going to have at least a ten million dollar contract coming up but Greg Robinson decided to go down to Mexico. He decided to pick up one hundred fifty seven pounds of marijuana drive it into the country with one of his college teammates and another guy in an uber to drive from El Paso Texas all the way to Louisiana. Which if you didn't know spoiler alert. That's a long fucking way to go with a hundred and fifty seven pounds of weed and your car when you already have twenty million dollars in the bank so he is looking to do that if blah. I have no idea I was curious. Hernandez still fucking around with his Co. like Shitty squad. When he's like a millionaire what are you doing? I was looking up because I was curious I was like what is the street value. Ish of like two of a one pound of marijuana give or take somewhere in between like seventeen hundred twenty five hundred dollars. This is like three hundred fifty thousand dollars tops of marijuana. He's twenty million dollars in his. Nfl career so far so stupid. And he's GonNa. He's looking at possible twenty year. Federal prison sentence because it's across multiple states stupid. Marijuana SHOULD BE LEGAL. But it's not so you can't bring it across the Mexican border into America and traffic all the way around. And because you did that Greg Robinson and you look into your bank account and realize that you were filthy fucking rich before you did it. Maybe you can think about that and donate some money to the Army and Marine Corps Relief Foundation. While you're on fire watch bitch you know you have found watch therefore I fixed tonight. I second one that I have for fire watch today is going to be and this is a this is a subject. That's near and dear to my heart. It's going to be all business. Pete who is the? It guy here barstool. Sports hate to see today. He had a serious obstacle violation. Our CEO emboss Erica. Nardini tweeted out that there was no Internet in the Office. Which is a problem for a company that is wait for it hosted on the Internet. We actually need the Internet. She said I have no Internet in my office and his response instead of being. I'm on my way to your office to fix the problem. He said. Where are you question? Mark which as we all know loose lips sink ships. That is an upset violation. She cannot reveal where she in the world she needs to know that and we keep her privacy very guarded so that being said Pete can standby on fire. Watch and think about what he's done. They're all business. Pete you got fire. Watch bitch. I found watch for tonight on the retreat.

marijuana Space Force Greg Robinson softball league Pete Air Force Academy Corporal Orlando softball Dana High School NFL Hawaii William Beers Hingham High School Army and Marine Corps Relief F Corporal Chris Dave Portnoy Orlando editor
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"ESPN daily covering the greatest sports stories in history. We know what makes the Dream Team. And when you're hiring for your business you need the recruits roots. That will become champions. That's why you need indeed for Your Business. Indeed we'll help you find the best playmakers for your business with tools like online skills tests. That help candidates ended show. They're the perfect tire for you. Post your next job at indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily and try skills tests for free. That's indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily terms conditions and exclusions apply going to head down to the archives. John that's it. Keep them stored right in here. I take a moment out of respect. These are the tapes are the tapes. This is the whole series. Yeah Wow game on number number one. This is where it all started where it started the first event ever on. ESPN the first tape from the first event slick like new. This is history. They just hand them over. It was more complicated process. Ultimately it was resolved to everyone's everyone's satisfaction and to the benefit of John's bank account to Jeremy. You get the tapes mission. Accomplished you bring them back to Bristol. No one has seen the footage for forty years. What does it show well? This was not a highly sophisticated operation. Good evening to you. Everyone from from Jake's field in Lannon Wisconsin. I'm Joe Boyle along with former New York Yankee Star. John Blanchard set to bring you all of the action of tonight's American Slow Pitch Professional Softball League League world series. This was not a place where they should have been showing a nighttime softball game. I mean they brought in lights at the last minute. They barely did the job. It's basically basically a municipal park softball field in the Milwaukee suburbs with no real stands. No real lights. There's nothing professional shnell looking about it except the players who were awesome softball players but it looks like what you might expect on the first night in the first hour of the history of startup. TV network the game itself a clash of the titans. The Milwaukee Schlitz. Yes the Kentucky bourbons. Were these two teams big rivals. These teams hated each other. That's completely genuine talking to these guys even forty years later it. It was clear that they really did not like each other at all on a personal level. It wasn't just friendly rivalry. They resented each other. My a sense was I'm a Schlitz Guy. I was always Schlitz Fan. In this rivalry. The schlitz were the working class. Milwaukee I mean what softball supposed to be about right. It's guys who did this. Because of their love of the sport because represented an opportunity to go have some beers with their buddies and it was about beer a a softball demeaned. Frankly I know the guys who doesn't mix the same weights just something else. These guys kind of fashion themselves as kind of blue grass bourbon royalty like they were the real kings of softball and the Schlitz guys were some kind of pretenders. This was the slow pitch softball world series. How seriously the big ticket? Oh these guys. This is deadly serious. So The star of the Kentucky Bourbons kind of their Babe Ruth. They're they're big personality. Was this Guy Bill Guy and he was one of the big studs in the sport at the time on a national level and this sport meant so much to him. This rivalry meant so much to this championship meant so much. He approached this with true seriousness and commitment to extent that surprised us. I took the game seriously. I prepared myself. I get the right kind of sleep. My wife she'd be beating my chest. One WanNa have sex and I've got to play ball. I gotta play ball later today. That's how intense I was. This was professional right. It's in the title of the series. This was professional. These guys were getting paid big money for the time they took. I wouldn't say inordinate I would say an ordinate amount of pride in this these guys their lives revolved revolved around softball. And this rivalry and the fact. That was a national television albeit available in about twenty thousand homes or thirty thousand homes that first tonight I think raised the stakes for everyone involved. Milwaukee is about to take the field rick reader men who was to the Schlitz what Bill Godley was to the Bourbon. He was one of their best hitters. He was their star Star. Pitcher in Rick Witter goes down in history. I mean maybe maybe this is in quite the equivalent of Roger Bannister. Something like that run in the first four minute mile but he does go down in history. Rick Liederman Rick you personally occupy a very special place in television history for underway with the first pitch to the game. It's a called strike your first pitch in game. One is the first athletic thing anyone ever did on on. ESPN that way I go. Wow look what I started i. Athletics thing is a AH excellent qualifier. I'll put that on a plaque. So what happened in the Game Kentucky. Bourbons won the first game ever on. ESPN this first. Event the Milwaukee Schlitz lost but the bourbons go down in history. GotTa give them credit. They won the first event in the history of Espn always have that but then went on to lose the rest of the series tries to go up the middle white. Herman cut set off throws to first for the out. Lock throw to third day would like not out of their brittle diabetic right now. Very happy thought ball players they had won the world champion of the American Professional Slow Pitch Softball League as a guy. I'm sure you're thrilled as Schlitz guy. I take inordinate pride so ultimately intimately whatever happened to the tape they get it back in the library. The tapes were restored to their rightful place in the veto videotape library. North Campus Bristol Connecticut. And for me I frankly it was an emotional moment but it was really. I think Ken Boudreau. Oh our library for him. It was the culmination the crowning achievement of his career really. I know I'm being a little facetious here at over the top but I think genuinely admits up to the network to get him back because we do care about our history and we celebrate our history at ESPN. This is a are kind of declaration of independence are Magna Carta. What what else? What else can I throw out there? it's big Thanks Jeremy I'll see you in the reliquary. Thank you mean. That's the only story story I want you to know today but we do have a postscript. Ken Boudreau the so called Emperor. The library retired in December after forty years in charge of ESPN's ends Videotape Archive. I mean it comes this has espn daily and that's it for twenty nineteen. I'll talk to you next year Ah..

ESPN schlitz softball Milwaukee Schlitz Fan Kentucky John Blanchard Bill Guy Jeremy Softball League League Rick Liederman Rick Softball League Ken Boudreau Rick Witter Dream Team Bristol Bourbons Joe Boyle titans
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"More success one six seven out rockets had a couple hits you will want to be a pretty big starkly started allegedly allegedly dropping monkey fills and go straight to the right which is working because we it worked for him as a present that's true saving two of the the the Green Bay Packers defensive back he did it for years and he's in prison till Darren sharper so why don't do it and I got a daughter anyway I will find you and kill you yeah just I will kill you I promise okay out top in the drawer I will kill you kill you I'll go to jail okay us to get free food you get to sleep yeah and even teaching kids to die I mean I got to my own creek clones in prison because of the time of his life home the time because the guys on his computer he played sports is on a softball league summertime is life wow what what which prison is this Helton said the blood you if it's not Otisville is it the other one this is the same one that Michael Cole Louis tonight the club fed look at him maybe maybe it is Otis fill us about three hours away from the set it's in New York upstate New York about three hours away and he's doing well who will be out by next year which I'm happy about but he's not he's having a good time he's a very good that's a problem no because this is a good times in a prison yes them away from your kids and your wife and all that so it's still very gotta make a you get we wanna convicts breaking rocks and the you know some of the country songs by the end of the road it depends what they do open over the shower you don't pay back the owner of a strip joint I don't know that's worthy of a yellow whatever we don't prisons to be you know vacation spas we don't want that no we don't I don't that is part of the problem modeling the criminal one of the well not not correct but not him specifically not correct right but other people well this is what you will print the DA in Brooklyn doesn't because the whole thing is pandering to criminals make it difficult making a Roach infested nasty no will await no Jim no softball not even a TV none of that maybe maybe TV easy you just get the three big networks that's it no cable they should just make this time when you went to New York New York we love our criminals well that's that's essentially what they've center like that is there that's a that's a policy and as much have announced that already yeah people retire go to Florida or Arizona you commit a crime come here we got you don't worry about it in fact we're gonna give you give courts a different radios and my ticket to the Grateful kill anybody is it yeah I get youre just calm down this young couple I don't know you can write all yeah they don't say that they don't say that no no no if if you set seventeen years old you rape somebody you'll be treated like a Jew that's because of the the the agent mission of our lives as part of the the whole criminal justice reform legislation that Cuomo signs of the recording seven general to commit rape absolutely what a city what a place New York baby huh who better than us I'm telling you club fed softball games and computer give me a break because we have to say I can't wait to get the hell out of this place now I'm staying in fact hold my sentence an extra year I don't know what my role the parole board skip canceling.

three hours seventeen years
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"This is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm very that was Kelly and I'm ari Shapiro outside the Supreme Court this morning the atmosphere veered from festive too fraught ahead of arguments in a major LGBT Q. case hundreds of demonstrators with rainbow flags as well as dozens of TV crews found themselves suddenly herded away by police when too suspicious packages were discovered early in the morning both proved to be the nine the argument before the justices however got intense as NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg reports the showdown involves a set of cases testing whether employers are free to fire workers because they're gay or transgender Gerald Bostock won awards for his work as the child welfare coordinator for Clayton county Georgia then he joined a gay recreational softball league within months I was fired for being gay I lost my my livelihood I lost my medical insurance and I was recovering from prostate cancer when this occurred it was devastating Amy Stevens after working for six years as a male funeral director in Michigan was fired two weeks after she told her boss she was transgender and would be coming to work as a woman Bostock and Stevens challenge their dismissals in court under the nineteen sixty four Civil Rights Act which bars employment discrimination quote based on sex in the Supreme Court today the retirement of justice Anthony Kennedy looms large Kennedy a Reagan appointee was the author of every major gay rights decision for nearly two decades his absence and the presence of two new trump appointees could very well determine how these cases are decided who wins and who loses just as Brett Kavanaugh who replaced Kennedy ask just one question though it was instead justice Neil Gorsuch the other trump appointee who was the focal point Gorsuch who's been adamant advocate for reading the text of a statute literally admitted today to a bit of a conundrum addressing ACLU lawyer Dave Cole Gorsuch said assume for a moment that I agree with you on the textual evidence but it's close it's very close shouldn't the justice take into consideration the massive social upheaval that would ensue from such a decision wouldn't it be better to let Congress do it lawyer call replied that the federal courts have been finding discrimination against transgender employees for twenty years and there's been no a peaceful dress codes and sex segregated bathrooms have not fallen he said there's been no tumbled Gorsuch would play both sides of the issue as the argument unfolded well the court's other conservatives generally seem to support the employer's position that the nineteen sixty four law does not protect gay and transgender employees just as a leader for instance noted the Congress in nineteen sixty four didn't have gay and transgender employees in mind at all if the court were to interpret this statute now to prohibit discrimination against gay and trans workers he said the court would be quote acting exactly like a legislature lawyer Pamela Carlin shot back that there were many kinds of discrimination Congress didn't specifically in vision in nineteen sixty four that the courts have consistently found to be covered by the broad words of the statute justice Ginsburg chimed in that sexual harassment was not even a legal concept in nineteen sixty four and yet the court decades ago founded to be prohibited contact under the nineteen sixty four law the game employees got more help from the courts other liberal justices justice prior suppose a Catholic ended you get married the employer fires the Catholic why he's not against Catholics but he is against inter marriage that argument prior suggested is much like the argument the firing a gay employee is not because of sex justice Kagan pointed to what she said was the simple test that the court is used in these cases for decades with the same thing that happened to you if you were a different sex or religion or race all categories of protected people under the statute just the sort of my work at what point does a court continue to permit invidious discrimination we can't deny that homosexuals are being fired merely for being who they are not because they're performing their jobs poorly knoll Francisco representing the trump administration replied that sex means whether you are male or female not whether you are gay or straight but just as Gorsuch suggested that if the employer who fired Bostick was given truth serum the reason he would likely give for firing Bassac was because he was a man who liked men it was one of the moments where such seems to side with gay employees but there were many more when he seemed to go the other way a decision is not expected until spring or early summer Nina Totenberg NPR news Washington for students thinking about college taking college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT that's a big part of the process most high schoolers know the drill you sit in a silent room for hours you felony bubbled answer questions on a variety of subjects you cross your fingers all the A. C. T. it covers math science English and reading today the company behind the A. C. T. announced a few new options for students taking the test next year here's NPR's Alyssa networking it's kind of rare to find a student who's good at all the sections of the test you might be really good at dissecting a sentence but not so great at reading graphs for conte Doris a senior in Nashville Tennessee he took the ECT and did a lot better on the English on the map so he's taking a class that's helping him improve plus thirty eight okay right there by the night at eight right in the commander X. is what you get Dante doesn't like math it's just that sometimes he gets tripped up I I get real frustrated I don't know what I'm doing and then I was like your friends I can sit down and it is like this I was like what am I doing he knows he needs a higher score on the ACT because he wants to be the first person in his family to graduate from college as one that gets that point is actually doing a complete because in order to improve his math score yes to retake the entire ECT again that's three full hours of reading math science and English but starting next September a student like componente will have the option to take just one section of the test it's part of a number of changes that the test maker announced today you can just focus on that one section and your who don't have to sit for three hours that's so that's a big benefit that's Martine roared the CEO of the A. C. T. another change students will get something called a super score it combines your highest score on each section regardless of when you took them they will measure your full capability and yeah your full potential and I think that's great news for the student to September twenty twenty test will also be available online which will make it so students can get their scores in just two days that's instead of waiting weeks for results in the mail experts say this is a game changer for students trying to make application deadlines and figure out where they're going to apply to college in their options for financial aid I think it's great but there are also implications for this Lindsey Barkley leads an organization called college tracks that helps low and moderate income students apply to college the opportunity to take just a section or two of the test is valuable she says but she's worried it will benefit wealthier students go to have access to test prep which can be a very costly investment may be able to take the test multiple times and take various sections to improve their score for students who don't have access to test prep they may not be able to prepare a strategically research has shown that test scores better predict a student's income than their ability to do well in college that's one reason more and more colleges are dropping standardized tests from their admissions requirements experts see this movie as a way to make the A. C. T. more appealing for students so they take this test and not the rival emissions test the.

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"NFL broadcasts in twenty nineteen here's a little anecdotal evidence was one thing I love to hear you guys think about this house done a buddy of mine want to play tennis in tax and a hand free. nice Italian I'm doing this why why free any said all reason a softball league and they canceled the game in our drug for the game because everybody was calling in because they want to watch the end of okay. wow I mean it you know people are kind of crazy but the softball leagues. as you say you make that commitment like usually you know what that all every every week every yeah yeah they they can't they canceled again he's the only guy was gonna show up that's amazing wow that's great that's that's a good topic NFL right I mean good to have a trade would you cancel your boat regatta or your softball game whatever your commitment is to watch and fell over. if the Cold War playing absolutely not boats come first. both do you know what well said. number three. earlier in the week we discussed the rams decision to give quarterback Jared Goff a massive contract extension we sure did anyway yeah yeah according to the M. M. Q. B.'s Albert Breer it is a four year high thirty four million dollar deal that includes a twenty five million dollars signing bonus fifty seven million dollars in fully guaranteed money at signing eighty four million dollars in the first three years of the deal and one hundred and ten million dollars guaranteed against injury last season got off to thirty two touchdowns to just twelve interceptions to go along with forty six hundred passing yards in a completion percentage of sixty five percent all right so barring injury.

NFL Jared Goff Albert Breer rams M. M. eighty four million dollars fifty seven million dollars twenty five million dollars thirty four million dollar ten million dollars sixty five percent three years four year
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"Mental toughness to say Bumgarner or showing Andrew or showing Anderson. You know what I mean? Just doesn't come right away for some guys, you need to have you need to have some success. So this is another outta you can look back on really good thing. I command my fastball better in really. What he needs to do a my opinion simplify the game. You simplify repertoire by just gone fastball. Curveball change out dot rid of this, this lighter got rid of the cutter got rid of the two seamer. Now we need to simplify the fact that. Only have to do is execute and competing and bitches and compete. But when you when you're back all you got a little adversity now. Can you compete now? Can you and you go out execute under pressure in, you execute out of the stretch in Beal, the repeat your delivery in ditches? That's, that's the naked for him to be able to do that consistently. We've seen it with Anderson. We're going to see it again, tonight guy went out and got his brains beaten in the first inning against New York last week, and that was it. Thanks bye school after that, that's competing competing, and he can learn from, like, Bumgarner Anderson is only gonna get better. The more he goes out there and takes the ball. I was gonna Mitch on Anderson. He's pitching tonight, you'd like for his whip and his ERA to be a little bit better. But he's eating up innings and things have changed a major league baseball. If you could go five or six that's considered a good outing. And he went seven against Baltimore as you mentioned show, we're talking to Sean this weekly chat with Sean, you know, it didn't have a good start against the Mets. But he was able to, to go six innings. And if you've got a young pitcher, they're still trying to figure things out. But you don't have to have the bullpen on rental irt as he's making warm up tosses prior to the game. When the anthem is going on at you'll take that as a start as as young pitcher. We're talking about Sean Anderson here develops in his career. At least you can run him out there in looks like that you could keep him out there for at least five innings and maybe a little bit more. If you're lucky. Tell you what I mean, he could have just folded not first inning. You're in New York. You're facing team that that bombs the ball you give up back to back home runs. Give up another run. I mean, it would have been really easy for him to just lose confidence. It'd be like, all right. Just isn't my day. But you know what if boat is neck man, and that's what you gotta do? I mean, you gotta get worse case scenario. You gotta go out there and take one for the team. Give the team submitting what we had better than that. He went out there and a bunch of after that. Chance to win. It was three game. I think that was a game where Blanton ended up his worse outing the year two game away late in the game. But he kept his team in the game. So that, that's the stuff you look for a young pitchers shown Anderson. Yeah. The whips a little high the air little, it's gonna get better. But the one thing you can't teach mental toughness. You can't teach it. But you get digit right away, and he had that from the get-go and he's got the edge. He's got he's got the dole. Vesa the'mentality. He'll stare down already ill bus guy up in. I just love the way he goes about his business. Now you don't now you know, the more he pitches in the big leagues more. He learns hitters where he learns how to set up hitters, the era will come down the Whipple come down. But this is just beginning in my opinion of a long career. John anderson. I can't wait to see this guy pitch every day. I really can't wanted to watch. When Bobby calls you let them know you were talking about him, and it was all good. Oh, yeah. If Bobby called Joma said, what's. Remember the guy he was he was Jack. And I picture imply like four or five years later. He was out of baseball, but he was he was like working out at a goals. Gym was just about to say gold's gym somewhere in Arizona or Florida just putting on plates in putting weight. It was like it was like, you know, or jersey somewhere. Laundry. I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm thinking delays that gold's gym. But then there's a Tuesday nights softball league. Four jacks every game. Phil from accounting is like, hey, this Bobby guys hit homers, all the time we were gonna take top. Yeah. No doubt about it will. He was the best. The best five o'clock heater. We got a Ellen. Always talking to you, Sean. We'll be watching. You man. Thanks, ton. Thanks. If you were playing a former giant bingo, you can stretch off Bobby Estela, and Glenallen hill, closer to, to winning a non-existent prize. Sean him, busy sports buried giant analysts. That's our weekly hit, which we look forward to it. And I think you can tell why we look forward to Tom Tolbert and John lender. Coming up next live from the public house at oracle park on the patio. Got a good show. Coming up, her usual Pryatta giants pre game at six o'clock. We'll tell you who's joining the fellas at a bit. But first time for traffic..

Bumgarner Anderson Bobby Estela Sean John anderson Blanton baseball New York Anderson Mets Tom Tolbert Jack Glenallen hill Baltimore Phil Arizona softball league Andrew Ellen Florida Joma
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"Ted out by making these ads the doing this for a long time. So this is your newest masterpiece. Yes, roll it the president is frustrated with. Refusing to fix this crisis that being said, this is the wrong solution to hold on a second. Obviously the beefs, did you make Democrats sound like Dushi Kratz. I did all my get role that part against rational. I stumbled across masterpiece. Oh, I only wish it was three and a half minutes longer. Okay, I'll give it to you. Well done. Yeah, that's pretty good. Forgot to get to this Scott. You had the story CNN and cable is getting beaten by what now. Well, CNN's primetime ratings are officially a dumpster fire of fishery, a dumpster fire, not so good news CNN stumbles, in prime time relative to recent months and years finishing a distant third place by Fox News. MSNBC in terms of the shows they are competing against in prime time as a matter of fact, things are so bad at CNN right now the food network is beating out their primetime lineup and it's a rerun of the food network shows. Wow. Seven hundred sixty one thousand total viewers one hundred eighty five thousand in the key, twenty five fifty four demographic. Okay. Now what they will do is CNN is trumpeting beating MSNBC in total day, among adults twenty five fifty four. Daytime not prime time daytime and has been brought up this bragging that your professional baseball team won. The city softball league title. Congratulations on beating out, Nicole Wallison Katie quite defeat. Their CNN notice. Fox News, by the way, is not mentioned anywhere because while they're getting killed by them. Even in the daytime. Wow. That really is something. Yeah. There's more. There's more of that conversation, a little bit later on. I did want to get to the story. Saw this in the Atlantic, David. You also read it about parents with high school seniors and where they're going to be going to college. And of course, this on the heels of the other scandal that we've seen this year operation varsity blues that's going to land aunt Becky in prison. Yes. This is different where school officials there of Sidwell friends school. It's the hyper selective quote, Harvard of Washington's private schools. Well, they say let the light shine from all supposed to be a godly sort of thing. Oh, I see. It's anything but the way parents go about getting their kids into elite schools after high school vicious, the officials have repeatedly warned parents, about their offensive conduct the head of the school, sent this letter to parents of seniors, which he demanded they stop the verbal assault of employee's. Also reiterated a policy banning them from recording conversations with counselors and making calls to counselors from blocked. Phone numbers. They were also the parents responsible for the quote circulation of rumors about other students, not their kids to make their kids. Look, better pain. Yes. Vicious rumors about the kids. It's insane. Laurie Lachlan's just sitting in her home going, jeez. All I did was ready. Check. Yeah. Got it done with money. I didn't do any of this sort of stuff. But apparently, this has been going on for years, and it's just getting worse and worse. Wonder if there's going to be any more to come out about this, when you hear more about the varsity, blues scandal, I it's all rooted in the same stuff, right? It's parents, trying to live through their kids. Yes, parents wanting to use their kids as a status symbol for themselves. It does seem to be that. Yes. And that's a world. I think most of us can't even understand the pressure of that. And I'm not sitting there saying, oh, woe is the elite, upper crust of our society. But I that's just a type of pressure that I cannot understand. It's a completely different world view of what you're actually, I think most people trying to teach their kids. But you don't have to go too far to see some have the opinion of win at any cost. It doesn't matter about rules. It doesn't matter about ethics. It's just win at any cost. Speaking of kids, how did we stumble upon this conversation? I think it was a survey. Correct. Yes. And the survey now says, what age is it embarrassing to continue to live with your parents? And that age now is twenty eight okay? It's not in Barrasso, until you're twenty eight according to a new survey of three thousand people, the stigma around living at home from someone in early twenties is decreasing compared to five years, ten years, fifteen years ago. Will it speak to the millennial? David. That number on its own is embarrassing that it's that old people fall on hard times. Right. You might need to find get some help from family members. I can understand that identify with that because when I right after college, I thought, I had another job lined up that thing fell through, and I wound up having to live with my mom for, I think it was like three months, I lived with her. This after you started like a radio career was yes after the failed attempt at being used that was after that was after graduating from college. Okay, got it. So I I it's a long story that I won't go into just say I thought I had a different job lined up so quick the job I had. And then at the last minute, the person who had hired me kind of pulled back. And so, yeah, I, I was I was left without a source of income at all. Okay. Just so I understand that. And I don't mean to get in the way the rest of the story. Okay. But it's so you moved back in a couple of times. Yeah. Okay. No shame in that. No, there is same in that. No. There isn't it's no. There is a ton of shame in that. And that's what that shame is what, what, what drove me to actually try to do better for myself. Listen your wife at this time yet. After I after. Yeah. Yeah. Did she? She did. Oh, good for her. Wow. He really does love you. Then you live with your mom. What? That when you're working at the Burlington coat factory to no, no, see. So I don't know. There's Turner remember the time line here. No, I had already quit the Burlington coat factory. Okay. Got it. I've been working at one radio station in Dallas. And then I thought I had another job lined up and that job got it pulled away. Suddenly. And then yeah, so and she had already moved to Missouri at that time. Okay. And so we were we were making a long distance effort of it, and then I wound up joining Missouri. Got eighty two percent of parents said they would welcome them back their children with open arms. At twenty eight or just anytime anytime between now and twenty eight. About a third of millennials also said they planned to stay at their parents house for more than two years after college. While twenty five percent of those survey said they're gonna stay at least two years, two years. And they're saying some of this has to do with the enormous amount of student debt. Andy lack of opportunities in their major to go out and secure some sort of job. That, that sounds like you made a mistake in your in your college career didn't it? Can I tell you something? And I don't say I don't say this to be any big shot. Seriously? I was seventeen when I moved out of my parent's house seventeen fulltime job in radio one hundred eighty dollars a week. And which is exactly what I make today. But so, so they were so I wanted out because I wanted to do something I wanted to have girls over and drink and smoke and stay up late and do what I wanted to do. I couldn't do that at home, because the old man told me I couldn't write it was uncomfortable living there. Not every millennial wants to drink and smoke and bring people back to the house. Not everyone, but I mean I think it's parents make it so easy. It's like, wow, you got the basement, you can just slip down there. You can come as goes, you please do what you want. There's no incentive to go out there and do anything. Okay. Here's a different scenario this. I think it is the exception to the rule because I have different friends who have kids that graduated college and move back in and some of state for a while, if the kid is not really any harm and it's not even a money situation. But they actually help with taking care of the household, and not a problem actually joy to be around. Is it that big a deal? Not to me. No. I guess if you're contributing, yes. Member of the household, then you're taking responsibility for something, and you're helping out because you're getting room and board. I don't think it's easy or I don't think it's the right way to go about it just broad brushing because different kids are different people are responsible, and it's like, well, it doesn't make much sense to go spend, you know, twelve hundred dollars a month on a crappy place when I could stay with, you know, mom and pops and contribute to that house, and maybe there's a younger, sibling. I can help with childcare or whatever to save me the money. As long as they're not a pain in the neck, mom and dad, if they're a pain in the neck, mom, dad and kids time to go. I don't care how much it is. It's time for you to leave. It's just different situations. I couldn't have a keg in my bedroom. You had to get out, then you would be the different type of kid there. Right. Yes. Yeah. If it's, hey this, this is the rule here in the household if you're not going to play, by the rules, you gotta go. That's what he told me. Yeah. I gotta go right. You did. It's been smooth sailing ever since no problems whatsoever. Good stuff, man. Yes. Okay. They've invented a CPR dummy with well breasts designed to save women's lives because some guys don't want to give CPR to a woman with breasts out of fear. They're going to get in trouble. Boy, it's complicated. Next. Prices are for base buildings windows, doors, or accessories. Attentional business owners rent or lease space, including storage space, stop wasting your money paying someone else for your space. You can now save a ton of.

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"Forty two hundred base hits most wins in the history of the game for any individual player on nineteen hundred seventy three World Series wins rookie of the year. Seventeen all star appearances. And again. Which I can say, but understand that appreciate. Coming up in about fifteen minutes. And that does remind me. So we've got a big burn said all-star Sopo game. We've got a couple of this summer. We met the guys from the choas from Howard beach a couple of days ago. We're going to play them on August eighth but guys great guys about the big one is to lie. Twenty-fourth MC you park Coney Island? The home of the singling affiliate of New York Mets, the Brooklyn cyclones them many times throughout the first pitch at that stadium with code asleep. And I've been invited the something else. In fact, yesterday, Jill sent me a letter. The fire department out of Brooklyn. Some guy named sow this is the guy you go to MC you park. You're going to see Bernie at the stadium. They have a Adventist statue. And they've got one hundred thirty seven names and faces of the firemen from Brooklyn who died nine eleven. Wow. This guy, south hoping together, he has since moved after spending five decades in Brooklyn with the fire department to New Jersey and he splits, his time between New Jersey and Highland beach, and he listened to me every day in Florida. And now you and I here in New York, and they contacted me yesterday. They have an annual big night, July eleventh, once a year them. See you park to honor the fire department in Brooklyn. Want me to throw out the first pitch that night. So I think that the stadium many, many times, and we're gonna play this game coming up against channel five to raise money brand has she organ bomb and minorities medical center, which says great work to quite close. So I spoke yesterday, the white Gooden foam, great New York. He's gonna play volume. I spoke to Jim Lehrer yesterday. The former Yankee great. He's gonna play I spoke to John Franko yesterday. So right now, looks like like the starting lineup Bernie mcgurk. I like boo Powell over there. All over it, bro. Greatly gets pissed me. Bego. I'm no Bill Buckner. No. The complete opposite said that was inappropriate. Right. What he just died. That's what I'm saying. It's funny though. So Bernie's second the great comedian. Maybe the best stand up in the country, Jim gets started shortstop, he'll be coming out in the fourth inning Zelic. I'm not sure who starting third base yet. But we've got to get John Franko and they'll lay Ritz will play center a good. It's going to pitch obviously. So we have Joan Hamburg, and right out there. Right. Nobody say Joan Hamburg, but I keep getting text messages and emails from people who wanna play, you know, like Chris libertine who up to be very good base actually plays in recreational baseball leagues. He does he's a really good player. I mean he walks around with a cane here. He's got sciatic gold himself ten times the youngest old man I've ever seen, but he really is good baseball. Skills. But like can I play can I play? Matt menial before he put crissy's part of the SME, even play we talked about this. You said all I want to do is hit. I don't care. I don't have to play the field, but we're not gonna have a D C have to play the field initially to hit feel like short Bill, the grody position over. Yeah. We're of girls on the team. Listen, besides said like Rosanna Scotto playing for five, I don't care. I mean girl on the team because you have do you have to have to anything Kimmy, when we played in central park, we had to have what is it? Three females. Listen, if you can play you play just to put a grown out to make curls happy Daniels. But she play she could hit. She played baseball growing up. She's gonna play if you can play you play this, politically incorrect softball. We wanted somebody out there just good. Not everybody gets a trophy with it win. S funny. You say that, that's what people is talks about was, you know, you don't go out there and tell you a kid. Have you got a it's okay. Right. Kid needs to get an A great. But that's that's part of the problem with this country today is that everybody gets trophy, right? And that's why they can't pass the elite test to get into the best high school thought about the whites Kuranda. But that's the mindset today. Go out there and win. So if you can play if you're a girl, boy, it doesn't matter, but I'm not gonna make some meat some quota. It's not having. No. And I am the manager of this team. And I will fight you to that. There are. They made us in the central the. The, the guy in charge of the central park softball league. The central park. So police, this is the team. But if you're LGBTQ I on watch on the team unless you can hit hit that switch hitter. We don't mind. Whatever you want as long as you can play. You can play online bottom line. Everybody's texting me if you can play. I'm playing you don't know how to play I was on a captain of our talk. Stop. We got a couple of pain. There's no way you can. I just know the glove and catchable somebody's gonna hit the ball. You're gonna run it down. I don't know. I've seen you run. And it reminds me of when Jim Carey little bit. Does that little now? It's Barry Goldberg said you watch it. That's how I run. You know how Barry, the, the sun on the goldbergs runs with his hands in the back he wants. Chris russo. That's how I. For a guy. Could you hit the ball? Yeah. Tryouts can catch them. Joseph Abboud gonna play Koby here today. Well, putting more souls for on the team. You know, we, we assume that you're insports right that you must have played sports at some point. So you must have some ability, Craig was he got like always? Plus, okay. Why not? He's part of our little family here hundred percent he'll be on tomorrow. Yeah. I know it's going to be a great night. We're going to have enough guys and girls to feel two teams coach might plan is by about the public at six innings our game. So by about the third inning. I'm gonna put all of us all the starters and then let the other the second team play eighteen. Yeah. The right, right. Beat him. I want the team. It's the the other team. We got daughters. Some of the players on the team as you call it may be better than the eighteen. No. I have no idea. It's possible to be told you haven't played so public and thirty. Hey, it's it's possible that every every ball, thrown at me from Jim Breuer end up in the stance, not, not because it's not thrown to. You're just gonna miss exactly. So Chris libertine is going to be the backup first baseman, and he's probably better than you. And what was going to be backup second baseman at this point, probably better than me. Great, soap, Obama Platon years. You're playing second. Yeah, I haven't played played in years. Yeah. You gotta stretch to plays every day, he was just had met, Panzi camp, Hopi great. You know, it's like riding a bike said. No, it's not that really is. I mean you have the reflexes can catch the ball don't set yourself up just going to heaven played in a long time. But you right. Because the first ball that you drop. That's right to you. You're gonna take a beating. I mean, I play the last time I played softball. True story was the year before I got fired down in Florida when they used to hold the Joe DiMaggio classic in Fort Lauderdale, and I played a game Bernie, I told you this. Dennis oil can Boyd pitched against me. I hit against them, but I played with. No. Eddie quaint pool and Wayne Darren Rico Cardi and all these guys. And I missed the ball field and I looked awful. And then when I tried to get the ball like tripped. And don't try to throw the ball into the NPR. There was a horrible throw. And here I was the boxing match with you talking about all this problems. Which I, I've won one Gold Gloves in softball in central upstate New York. I'm terrible now. Terrible. What I do is go to the gym good speak for yourself. Okay. So if you want to name drop I was, I ran the W, N, B, C softball game just was on the team. How would start right now? He played where central. Not at the minor league stadium. Shay say stayed, right. That's right. I four met game. Right. I didn't.

Bernie mcgurk Brooklyn baseball MC you park Bill Buckner John Franko Chris libertine New York Joan Hamburg New York Mets Florida Coney Island Jim Lehrer New Jersey central park softball league Barry Goldberg Howard beach Rosanna Scotto Jill
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"They'll be tapped out in the next ten to fifteen years. Jamie Dupree in Washington in what's become an annual warning. Congress was told something must be done soon to shore up the finances for both social security and Medicare. The forecast is Medicare would run dry in twenty twenty six while social security has until twenty thirty five the options are fairly simple as congress can bring in more tax revenues or reduce benefits. But those are difficult votes, which lawmakers routinely avoid read more on Jaime's blog at WSB radio dot com. WSB's Herman Cain withdraws his name for the Federal Reserve Board says it would mean a pay cut cane says he doesn't want to drop his WSB radio job or court or curtail his public appearances he calls it honor to be considered retold. You Kane faced opposition on Capitol Hill. Even from some Republicans that might have sunk his confirmation the president's other choice for the fed Stephen Morris cleaning up past comments. He's made about women in sports in columns for the national review. Moore says women should not be allowed to announce a ref NCWA games. Saying men should be able to take vacation from women sometime. He also criticizes female athletes demands for pay parity for what he calls inferior work. He tells CNN he's choking. The supreme court decide whether gay and transgender workers are protected from discrimination under the Civil Rights Act WSB's, Veronica waters, tells us one case involves a Clayton county man says despite years of good reviews, he was fired as a Clayton county child welfare services coordinator in two thousand thirteen months after joining the hotlanta softball league softball club. The county says he was fired after an audit showed violated policy handling program funds. But Boston contends that whole lot it was a pretext after he'd been openly criticized for a sexual orientation the court will hear arguments next term WSB news time is six twenty five Clark Howard as a guide for protecting your privacy.

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"He had a rec league sport every single week. Year round to difference up. There are three different softball leagues. A flag football. She doesn't care. She doesn't care about sports. She doesn't want to play in the co versions of it. So four nights a week. Her husband's is gone. It's tough. That's tough. They make it work. They're fine. And he's getting older and they have a kid. So it's harder for him to like be allowed to be gone all the time. But but but like for me, it's cool because you know, when Brad and our and those we played on teams together. So we were we were hanging out together. And we both wanted to travel a lot you deal with that. Because you are always on some ways television. Right. Somebody's radio. I you are a very busy person. It has a person who's been in a relationship for the majority of their career. I've founded not not tough. But I sometimes catch myself, especially this last year my life catch myself. I may man like how much is my relationship suffering right because of the amount of work and the joy that I do have within this industry. I don't travel as much on the regular that. It's. Problem. There was like a stretch last year where I had two months at twenty flights in two months, and I I was never home. And it was like overwhelming looking right. But the most of most of the time it's like a week or so in Miami every month or month and a half or two and then a couple of days here and there, and honestly, we're both really independent people. We spend a lot of time together we do a lot of things together. But we're both totally fine. Doing our own thing. Like people sometimes think it's funny like we don't sit in have like dinner together at the dinner table every night. Like our jobs are both where he's in real estate. And then he does like a sports website and on the side. And so like, I'm not done working at nine pm. There's a game on and he's not he's working sometimes at night, but not in the afternoon. So we can go have lunch together on a Tuesday because neither of us. We're not traditional and we're both independent. He'll be up in his office watching something working all being the living room watching something work. Sometimes we'll be in the same room watching something together. But it's not like when people complain. Like all my husband, always watches that. And I hate it. I can't you just go somewhere else something else because we do not like that. Where it's got to be every second. I'm glad you mentioned that part because people outside of this industry and outside of radio and TV especially in the sports industry. Go. Oh, yeah. You sweet gig. You know, you talk for four hours a day. Just go home. And I'm like, bro. You don't you? Don't wanna talk right for at least forty minutes. I'm like buffer zone with this. I get up on a normal day at five thirty in the morning consume everything I have to consume get ready for his show, you do that show. And then guess what seven o'clock the games that you have to watch for tomorrow's show or all and then seven and by the way tiniest violin for us because they know don't complain. I know people Josh. Like shut up golf. You know, let's talk about cheating on teams a little bit more. But no. Is damn near a fifteen sixteen hour day job. And then by the way, I gotta make sure there's room for life. And I got a two year old now. So, you know, you force reggae shark on me or sloth, pictures and all that stuff. I have I have to incorporate like I have to incorporate parts of the show into my family lives. Sometimes how do you feel about this? Or what do you think of this? I let jas listen to reggae shocked the other day because. Did not really good about that know it Sarah Spain's show. Jason golfers is visiting and that's why force them to listen to stuff like reggae short. I'm in control. Yes. By progressive insurance..

Brad Sarah Spain Miami golf Jason Josh two months fifteen sixteen hour forty minutes four hours two year
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"Junior Olympics gold medalist Sarah Lewinsky because I put together the gay bowling leagues for the first time in the seventies day, he came and approached me about being part of the organization. So I met with Tom wodel? Here's a fantastic athlete. Fantastic personality. I just fell in love with him. Sarah, Lou instinct became a member of the board and the sports co-director for the first two games at the time men dominated gay events. Whether it be parades. Anything though was happening. The males were dominating. There was a lot of separatism with the women. And my whole goal was. I wanted equality for women as much as for the man, truck and field athlete. Rick Thome and also got involved with the gay games after a chance meeting in the LGBT friendly. Catch dryer of San Francisco really there were only. A few sports available to gay people at the time. There was a gay softball league. There's a gay bowling league. And there was a a man with a ironing board and a poster. Announcing that they were going to be putting on a gay Olympics and stopped and talked to who turned out to be Tom Waddle, and I asked if there was going to be track and field, and he said, yes, of course, of course. So I signed up and Tom actually later on helped form the track and field team came out and coached and helped us get started with. Well. Dell's passion pushing them the gay games. Organizers sets about finding a venue and trying to raise funds, but it wasn't all plain sailing. We have to overcome people giving us the use of the facility so that we can have different sports there with a gay community. We had to overcome any kind of separatism that men might have had with women are just weeks before the first games got underway. They were hit by a lawsuit from the United States Olympics committee. They insisted on us causing out and taking off the word Olympic on everything. We had made posters pens. So we had volunteers on our offices with pens and wideout crossing out the word Olympic from everything. Matter of fact, the metals where the hardest one we already had them all printed up. It was Galen pa- games. And then we have to catch it and take off the word Olympic, and we fought that all the way to the supreme court. So as far as overcoming all we made headlines, right? But not the ones that we wanted at the time despite the last minute changes the games went ahead is scheduled on the twenty eighth of August nineteen eighty-two..

Olympic Sarah Lewinsky Tom Waddle Tom wodel United States Olympics committ Rick Thome Olympics bowling Lou instinct Tom Galen pa San Francisco softball co-director Dell supreme court
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Should Dale Murphy be in the hall of fame?

"Straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless, best phones, best networks, no contracts. So I'll said, so the guest we're efforting is right Thompson, who has a phenomenal piece in ESPN the magazine this week about Dale Murphy and how there's this whole generation, particularly in the southeast who believes domer- for should be in the hall of fame. The baseball hall of fame induction ceremony is Sunday. It'll be Jack Morris, Alan Trammell Vladimir Guerrero who mentioned earlier who would be wiffle ball player. Jim Thome who'd had a can o Jim Thome e who should be on everyone's all time. Looks like you should be on your softball league team Griffin, rip Chipper Jones. And Trevor Hoffman. And we're in the funny Marty when you get to certain age, it's like the guys you watch their entire career another. Yeah, it makes me feel really old. Like what those guys are going in. The hall of fame, right? Trevor Hoffman was the I was he liked the first real closer. I guess maybe Dennis Eckersley might have been the first real closer, but Hoffman was at the guy that I remember that came in and just therm nothing but smoke. Yeah, and but then like got crafty and he's of the group. He's probably the most is numbers are crazy, but of the group. He's the one that people seem to have the most reservations about, but he was there man like there was who else were the lease? Myth lease myth hall of fame, John rocker, John rocker. John rocker lasted a second, wasn't he closer though? He was starter was who's closer goose Gossage hit Googlers. Goose was the first goose was the first one of my life that was just was like just came. Just came in throwing smoke and. Yeah, but those closers were the best, but then but then you had the guys that were like great and then weren't so great. Like Bruce, Bruce suitor closer, Billy Wagner. Billy Wagner was the man son? Yeah, Billy Wagner grew up near me. He's from tazewell Virginia. Went to Fareham college. The little teeny, tiny Fareham college, of course, Moran Rivera, but goose was the one hour reduces the one that came along and I thought and then other ones, though there's some other ones that are scaping me right now that. When unique personalities when we look like maybe not kids. But as we were getting on towards high school college, they were some guys, I'll think of it as we go. I'm still working on joslin. Trying to think. Francisco rodriguez. I mean lease myth, I love Lee Smith lease. Myth is a really good call man. He's tall. Yeah, right. Eckersley was the guy probably though. Yeah, see. I'm so old armor when he was was a decent starter, but. Why didn't he? Yeah, you break. I want to Braise about small malts basically two different careers, which is wise in the hall of fame so. So bring up del Murphy because of the peace right Thompson road and full disclosure, I'm sitting in my office right now with a framed portrait of del Murphy, like standing in front of the American flag, holding his golden glove. And so, yeah, if you grew up in the part of the world we did and this is the super station era. And I, I knew so much about the cubs and the Braves, both because you watch them on television every day. You watch cubs in the morning. Watch brazen night. I went to a cubs cubs Braves game one time with the church youth groups that with girl, and I thought she would be impressed at my overwhelming knowledge of both teams and all scare. I mean, because if you watch both of those teams every single day all summer long, you know, every summer of youth it became will you know when Rafael Ramirez the plate and I'm going well, you know, he really struggles on so. And so or about Bob Horner. Yeah. Bob Horner, Jeff, Treadway Jeff Treadway. Wow. Cam Zane Smith?.

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