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"socio silvestre arabella" Discussed on Heyer Today

"Just across the road of courses ebola's head child's bookshop which is where judas stephanou goes in regency back. So that's lovely georgia place to possess the gorgeous brummel who of course osa peers in regency back can gets mentioned frequently. Yes and bath. You can follow a characters to the various assembly rooms. They check all sorts of places in bath of course so it is possible to follow in the footsteps of her characters. It's always great fun to do. I mentioned that. Beth and i had scammed away into albany has home for many years and that it might be an excellent stop in one of suzannah's tools. So if we look at austen adaptations and the success of them. Do you have any thoughts on the sort of difficulties. Paps of bringing these much loved novels to the screen and where some have been more successful than others in wi with china. Allston i think the biggest challenge a new turn. Her novels into films is to capture the irony of her novels The ironic voice is so easily lost in movies. I think actually one of the movies that kept to the base of the nominee of the office was clueless. The modern adaptation of emma where the ironic voiceover is used and that worked. Really well the movies. Of course terribly prissy you get the gorgeous houses. The carriages handsome man on horseback the novelist close in the past some all those accoutrements but capturing the essence of austen in fool is really very difficult. My favorite version is emma thompson. simpson's instability. It was a wonderful movie. I don't actually go back to the movies again and again. It's the novels that i go back to year after year after year to reread and to study onto read critical books about them. They walked through with genostim. But i do feel that Hayes novels would make fabulous films. There's not such an ironic voice in her novel. So that wouldn't be that challenge of capturing the irony lords of action with carriage. Racism planned elopement some females racing his males into skies and wonderful. Dinner passi seems identical twins. Young ladies who write novels. Lynn have all sorts of embarrassments to me. It's terribly hard to understand why they haven't made a decent Version of a hand novel. They did way way back. Of course do a version of the reluctant widow we move onto the film. Adaptations of hairs. Were rather mysterious lack thereof for about the first five minutes at bore some relation to george. It's novel and then after that novel and phil diverged. Wildly and it was a pretty dia movie. They did make that one attempt but georgia gives some startling dialogue sunny characters books that would be just the perfect linked for one hour forty five minutes movie. I just would love to see the grand. Socio silvestre arabella or davis cowboy one of those fabulous novels tuned into a movie. And i think somebody could do really really well while you're in luck because the grand surf is in fact being worked on at the moment and i've spoken to the producer that foam all that wonderful unused options. But i didn't know that that actually started work. So that's really fantastic news. It's great and i think that they're going to do a wonderful job. Because it's olivia. He is adapting. its she did. Go with the airing all fabulous. Y'all then this high hopes for it. I think we're in good hands in terms of seeing a modern look at it. I think reluctant widow is quite dated. I know she took her name of that one. 'cause she really felt like they didn't do good job of adapting and she could well have been controlling. She was very controlling about covers for her books. So you can imagine that she would have wanted to say when it came to movie versions of her novels i actually think contents adaptations a recent one. That is absolutely wonderful is love and friendship use. I loved as i thought it was very very well. Dumb and kate. Bacon sale was absolutely awfullest. Lady susan you know the costumes houses. All of that was fabulous and there is an almost endless appetizer out. They for jane. Austen limitations knits. Hope they keep making them less dispute in the film medium than for people who are sticklers about jane austen's the quality of a writing versus hair. And i don't think that will be as a parent to the film medium because it's sort of highlights the stuff georgia. It was her strengths. Which is like you. Say the dialogue and the situations absolutely her dial up was just a gift to any scriptwriter. Bailey needs to make a change to him. I interview with andy. Patterson producer of movies like the railway man. And go with a pill. Earing go back and listen to episode nine. It's fascinating to hear his thoughts on the difficulties of adapting a book for the screen. We speculate as to why. The bbc scene of attempted an adaptation despite having bought the rolling options at one point years could gets andrew davies working on one. He seems to do so many wonderful the stark novel at his fabulous. But i think he could do a very good job. So let's hope that this podcast will really encourage those. You have to do something about giving us more from your lips to. The bbc commission is susannah. I think could only six. Oh seven books. People take a lot more liberties in terms of wanting to widen world. A bit by maybe reimagining. What do you think about you know when people do that. I mean i know you said you really liked clueless. He thought it was quite a successful one. But in general terms when it's like sort of bride and prejudice or bridge joins us diary. Do you kind of like that or do you not approve disapprove. I think we can take liberties without damaging the integrity of the great novels that she wrote. I actually loved bride and prejudice. I thought it was fantastic and transferred so well to modern day india. A malvo was lots of doors. Who need husbands would it really resonated in modern india. I do have limits. I lows the zombie version. And i'm also case not quite so keen on ones that continue with the lives of the characters. I think i'd rather see us bridget. Jones diary regret in prejudice. Lost costume rather than just food sequel. Because the problem is she only wrote six novels and characters so vividly real to us. We want to know more about them. We want to know how happy. And listen to this with darcy. We more of the wonderful characters she created some of the sequels truly dire and other so in a quite readable emplacement so you get a huge range when it comes to release sequels. heya hasn't had. She's produced so many more novels too. We've got a much larger number of takes joy and while plenty of people have tried to.

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