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WKPWP - Keller interviews Jim Ross: (5-21-15) Reaction to Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens appearing on NXT and Raw, brand split history, more

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WKPWP - Keller interviews Jim Ross: (5-21-15) Reaction to Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens appearing on NXT and Raw, brand split history, more

"When he become a VIP member one of the perks. We don't talk a lot about are the back issues every week. We drop another twenty years ago back issue on our VIP website and you can read it in pdf and all text format in early two thousand and it was a fascinating time. That's when the radicals jumped from w. w to the WWF. You can read all the behind the scenes details as that story developed week week. Also the launch of the xfl. What was my take on that story and the debut of the new league plus some analysis of the early ratings also my exclusive feature length one on one interview with the Rock Dwayne Johnson a longest insider interview. He has ever done with journalist. Check that out with a VIP membership also my roster evaluations with depth charts for W. W W W and W as the year two thousand kicked off. Plus the latest controversies behind the scenes. And W W including a cover story on how Hogan was damaging morale fascinating behind the details on what was going on again contemporaneous well sourced detailed report on so many behind the scenes happenings in w. w. and the WWF at that time so go VIP and check out those stories right now. Pw TORCH DOT com slash go VIP. That's w torch dot com slash Kgo. Vip A new issue from the year two thousand drops on its twentieth anniversary every weekend now. Pw Torch spreaker bring you the wade. Keller pro wrestling podcasts. It's time for this week's interview. Classic where Wade Keller interviews one pro wrestling's newsmakers five years for Jim. Ross the voice of generation for wrestling fans who has called some of the best wrestling products in the nineteen eighty s in the nineteen ninety s in the two thousands. And now all the way here in twenty twenty with eighty w five years ago I had a chance to spend about an hour and a half talking with him about a variety of big topics including current events. Such as Joe and Kevin Harlan's appearing on annex t and Monday night raw. They'll start about the history of the bland. A brand bland brands split history with me Teenage deal with destination America. What his schedule was like those days? A Jerry lawler documentary the Divas Division and so much more with live callers and email questions. I think he really enjoy this election from five years ago. My interview with Jim Ross. From May Twenty first two thousand fifteen here welcome to the P W Torch Live cast editor and publisher of the Pro Wrestling Torch Weekly Newsletter Cincinnati Cincinnati for Thursday may twenty first two thousand fifteen and it is interview. Thursday and I am very pleased to introduce today. Guest interview Thursday a legendary wrestling announcer. The Best I've ever heard Jim. Ross Jim Welcome back to the show. Here Excellent Jim. A busy week and professional wrestling So much going on and I know that there's a lot of excitement right now. With last night's annex t takeover special it's Mojo I think one of the great wrestlers of this generation appearing for the first time in a WWe sponsored. Show in an official capacity. Walking out at the end of the Kevin. Owens Sammy's Zane. Main event in the midst of being down. Sammy's ain't mercilessly so much. A walking out given him an intimidating word warning. I I just Kinda WANNA start with the current event with you and and then we'll shift into some other topics to what. What do you think about Samoa? Joe and his Chances to become a big star in. Wwe Well it was good booking Good timing I have a lot of faith in Joe Joe Joan our friends and He did my ringside with Jim. Ross show as a surprise guest at Wrestlemania weekend. In San Jose and we have Had A ongoing dialogue pretty regularly since Since then started On our on the podcast on my podcast so We just had a good chemistry. Hit it off. Well I have a lot of common interests philosophies and so forth so I have real good report JOE and It's like anybody else has a lot of skill you know. I told him this. And I've even tweeted about. I think he just needs a jersey. The first thing he's just get a jersey. Get on the team. WanNa get someone team. He's going to be just fine It's certainly incumbent upon W on wwe in this particular case and any promotion for that matter. They're bringing somebody and I have a plan and marketing plan. If you're gonNA roll out something new on your website. You need to think it through and have plan plan for maintenance plan for Roll out promotion marketing technologically shoes. Whatever the case may be not regarding this matter today but you know you gotta plan so the key thing is is that Joe can be and major starring. W W if there's a good game plan in place to utilize the skillset. I agree with that. I know Joe made a decision many years ago now for to go with TNA during Tina's relatively early stages and. I think you don't have obviously had a good career. Had some great matches a chance to Kurt Angle. A J styles? Christopher others Tina and Jo parted ways months ago and he's been weren't so many dates than and transitioning out of that that TNA environment that he got very used to. I always still wonder though. Jim What if? What if joe around the time that punk at decided to choose WWe developmental? What if JOE had made that choice to I talked to Joe? At the time and he had indicated he was trying to decide between the two options the would have had a run similar to see 'em poker. Do you think back then. There would have been things working either more for remorse neighbor today. Well one thing so you know you're really breaking up and I don't know if that's going to affect your recording or not But I'm hearing about every third word that you're you're speaking just as an FYI I did get the question. I think it goes back out the same thing. Obviously the potential to have great matches. We'll see them punk and show were there and their track record their chemistry. They like working together. They bring out the best in each other whether the WW decision makers sort of recognized that are wanted to utilize that Remains to be seen. I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA. But again it comes back to the same thing. If there's a plan in place it would have had a chance to be a very good if you plan in place to get him in the ring together or they story behind it and then the mask could unfold if you can see how they were together then. Obviously any Booker if there is such a thing anymore booker. I don't really know that. But if the decision maker guys that are INEX- t are doing well and w right now and I look at him as one of those. Kinda guys But it's it all depends on if there's a game plan in place there's creative place. They introduce him with the impact Lack Kevin Owens With John Cena and then have a maintenance plan To make sure that it's a game plan there's a strategy. Yeah that's the. That's the simple answer is there's not any issues about does he have better skill sets now than he did then always a little older now than he was. The most of us are older than we were yesterday. so I think that It's just it's a matter of planning and introduction It's it's like rolling out any new any major company rolling out any new project or any new product. It's like any film company rolling out a new movie. What's the game plan? How do we get how to get in front of people? How do we GONNA buy tickets so I I look at it that way? If there's a game plan and there's a commitment may to the to the persona television for some of the athlete is fulfiling then. Of course joke could be a star. It could have been a star ten years ago. It could be star five years ago. It can be a star tomorrow every Sunday night catch wrestling night in America on. Pw Torch Daily Cast Dot com hosted by me. Pw Torch columnist Greg Parks each week. I'll welcome a CO host from the torch family to discuss the big shows and pro wrestling to your calls and emails. You can listen. Live most weeks beginning at eight. Pm Eastern on Sunday nights with a wwe or impacts pay per view. We go on the air at the conclusion of that pay per view. You can listen. Live but of course. The full show is available for download on-demand shortly after it airs visit. Pw Torch Daily Task Dot Com and click the livestream linked to find the next scheduled live. Show link search. Pw Torch Apple podcasts. Or Your podcast. App to subscribe wrestling night in America every Sunday. Pw Torch daily CAST DOT COM. How much does being thirty six years old when he's stepping foot into the wwe ecosystem work either for or against him based on all of your years there and when you were in charge of talent development and acquisition During the boom period of the attitude era and set. Wwl WWE UP NICELY During your years there would that age have been a plus or minus because obviously your balance the maturity and experience with your investing in somebody who won't have as many years perhaps to make money off of that investment. Well deal you want to start with a younger guy so you have more years with them but still comes down to the skill set personality reliability professionalism and Joe Certainly Gets a a an upgrade for all those so I I after a certain point after a guy comes in and he he's GonNa fit in the Locker Room? He's going to be a team player and he's he performs well With with people that he's in the ring with a varying skill sets you. Stop checking the I D. Just go to work. Yeah Yeah do you What are your thoughts on cabins? Obviously he made a big splash on Mondays. Raw I've heard pretty much enough positive a few people who hadn't seen it before Re responded thinking. Well he's wearing t shirt has a beer gut. How am I gonNA take this guy seriously as a world class athlete and then there's the other ninety five percent who loved him and obviously Jim? There have been many top draws over the years who did not have The body of Of Chris Masters or Randy Orton. Just grab a couple of names with you know. Great builds that are more typical of. Wwe's hires but I think Bray Wyatt is an example of somebody. Who's WHO's certainly succeeded at a high level where that hasn't benefactor So in general not just dwelling on the body type of Kevin owns. Because I think it's a plus What do you think of of what he brings to? Wwe And what kind of upward potential does he have? Well that five percents. You mentioned that talked about. How am I supposed to believe in this guy? Because of his beer gutters physique really Are Not nearly as smart regarding the genre is they are and they certainly are not historians. They certainly have not followed the business very long and says you have to probably Younger and less educated to The business That's like saying that a you know a a six foot point guard. Can I will never make the NBA. Well we both know. That's folly aid. Check it out. That's not true. You know you've had six you have you've had guys that went played center in the NBA that when world titles were six seven six eight and not seven feet. It's just I just don't buy and all that body size of I think you have to be an athlete. I have yet to be in good shape you can't you got to have great cardio. I'm a lot more concerned about guys personality. And it's cardio and his aptitude for the business that I am. A large biceps are and things of that nature. If all that comes together and you guys got a great body. That's that's a bonus so I his body is relevant to me I. He has an aptitude for the business. He's a student of the game. He likes to be the goal which I enjoy I I I don't see through his work He lops up like a man He's he's I like the athleticism and the physicality that he brings so he just got mesh well locker room. He's got a he's got a good traveler He's got. He's got to be able to to adapt to guys that he works with. It may not be as good as him or have a different a different presentation than he does And he's got to be able to handle some failure because you're going to have some some challenging days in any major company with wwe not exclusive but any of them so how he handles the bone cinder road and those type things but as far as bell to bell. He's going to be just fine again. Is Their plan in place. You know what you're going to do. Is HE GONNA work with? Who's he gonNA work with the First Program? GonNa work with the second program. Do you have plans for him. For of Mania Rumble. Those are all things you sit. There should be being discussed now. I've about guys that are really good. Luck Kevin Owens And and even Samoa Joe I'd be talking about some. Oh Joanne Wrestlemainia. It would be my conversation at least in the back of my mind Sooner than later. Because you can't start planning to early. Yeah Yup Kevin own since Mojo to independent stars During their time. Joe Before he went to TNA and Kevin Owens all along all these years Is is one of the standout talents since Donald personalities and it really is exciting to see Joe and Owens in their when you add. Sammy's into the mix Potentially and likely thin valor and Hideo at Tommy The influx of young talent. I never can't forget novel to the influx of young talent. That has some experience but doesn't fit the normal conventions such as they are with wwe. I think it's pretty exciting. I think it has to be exciting. And hopefully it is. Vince McMahon and the writing team to have a lot of new people to work with somebody had asked me and I'm curious for your response to this did does Roman reigns look at somebody like Kevin owns walking in as a threat because man. He has a lot of the intangibles that that Roman doesn't have room and has a lot of intangibles that that Kevin Owens doesn't have they're both great prospects but does Roman reigns. Look at Kevin Owens. Do you think as somebody who get in the way of his push or as a great opponent who can help them make money a lot. I would certainly think that at this stage of the game and we're not all eight on the eighth grade here I would think the latter. It's all about making the money and The fact that has been a division one athlete and has had to compete for positions before Should be no nothing more than another death. Another Day on the in gym or another day in the ring it's One would hope that the leadership and mentor ship and having the right A positive influence surrounding all these talents. That they you know that was always my goal back in when I was late. Tooth like nine nineteen ninety s and early two thousands. Was You wanNA fill the locker room? The GUYS WANNA be your top guy and it worked out pretty well for that. Era Is it per. The country didn't go bankrupt. And then we were on the verge and the mid mid part of the mid nineties You know a we We changed the complexion and the attitude that locker room. We got more athletic gods. We're working on a little bit more snug and and that's seem to work and the company went from financial issues two hundred and sixty million dollar. I T oh so. I would suggest that it worked pretty well so I think the competition is good. That's good for everybody. Keeps you honest and keeps you on your toes and it keeps you trying to get better. And the worst thing you can have. As a manager to have a group of athletes or performers or whatever name you want to call them by their comfort zone and be happy to reside in that comfort zone is A. It's a kiss of death if your staff as doesn't want to do anything any differently than they've been doing it for all these years or your new guys that are coming bore. Don't WanNa do anything differently than they've been doing. Prior to coming to work for the torch you have problems so that's called growth and people that don't want to grow are looking to go the other direction and I don't want to be. I don't WanNa be around those that want to go the other direction. 'cause that's all negative so. I think I think rains is probably GonNa look at it as you know. Bring it on let's Let's go make some money searching for more great pro wrestling. Talk the join me. Jason Powell hosted the Free Weekly. Pro Wrestling Boom podcast. Each week. You'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable names in the pro wrestling industry subscribing to in stitcher downcast and all your favorite secondary apps or visit us directly at pw boom dot com once again that's PWB DOT com. I hope so too. And that that was my answer to I think it would be a bad sign of Roman reigns. Look at some of that Kevin own showing up as anything but a complimentary wrestler similar in age. I think about two years apart in age Kevin owns a couple of years older than Roman lot more entering experience but both with great upside We have an email questioned from Nelson. Who SAYS This is Nelson from the Bronx? New York could be P torch. Subscriber does humorous think. We'll eventually see Kevin Owens and brock listener lockup in the future you know. How would anybody know really What would it be a nice fantasy booking? That's a good question for Nelson to ask me on twenty second in the gramercy theater in New York City. There's a plug. I do Cuban as well. The deal is it's an interesting question by then we may know more about it but the thing is if I think brock listeners should be and maintain being a baby face I don't think brock lesser has any business being a he'll And I very firm and that believe And I think that Kevin has a great future. I understanding how to be a villain in today's Society of wrestling when it's never been harder to be a villain than it is today. I think he kinda gets those. Those challenges so I would say the chances are better than fifty fifty that Kevin Owens and and brock listener their paths cross at some point in time It seems to be so. I don't say it's inevitable but it's it's it's close to being inevitable that it would it would it would the I would if I had to say yes or no would probably say yes. Well I don't have any idea The phone lines are open. I want to open up. The phone is especially those who have been hold for a while during the early technical problems a lot of people on hold our phone number is six four six seven. Two one nine two eight. If you want to get in line on the phone banks I want to begin with phone. Calls with Eriko. Two six five zero and then on deck will be three one zero six five. Please state your name and the city. You're calling from good afternoon. This is Dante calling from the San Francisco Bay area. How are you today doing great? Don't they thanks for calling? What are we got? Jim Appreciated Mr Rosca to talk to you. I'm I was at the Rock bar the day before Wrestlemainia so I salute you on getting the jump on an xt with the summer. Which joe well thank now? Pardon me I'm GonNa ask you a question. This is a question I wanted to ask you at the Rock Bar. However I couldn't get close enough to Kinda my way I'd ask you a question that's Somewhat related to the past but also delves into present day I've been a fan of wrestling watching wrestling since the sixties grew up here in the bay area. Ray Stevens was the big man out. Here in the sixties and seventies generally throughout the decades. And I generally would regard if I were to look at the workers of each particular decade. I would suggest that Ray. Stevens what the worker the Sixties Jack Brisco of the seventies rick flair of the Eighties Shawn Michaels of the nineties. What I'd like to ask you is who in your opinion would be considered the premier worker of the decade of the two thousand and going forward into this decade. Who Do you see as a front runner or a good chance of being regarded as top worker of this decade? Thank you welcome. I don't know exactly what you're you're talking about Enron. Your your list is good As far as just the there guys that Probably drew more money or as much money as individuals. You mentioned I. I would have guessed that you're basing your criteria on Build a bill ring skills is what I'm assuming as by now it'd be granted you know To thousands I don't know I don't know who who there's a lot of guys that could be in the two thousand you know Enforcing Austin got banged up or you know just money then you gotta the Human List. Probably two thousand before he got all banged up. Is Kurt Angle? Been hard to beat. You know and I don't know that the I think the jury is still out on the two thousand ten plus two thousand ten forward. I have to really give it some thought on the world's worst giving somebody lists what's your favorite match. Who's your favorite baby face What what WHO's your I? I'm really bad at that because I contradict myself almost daily mood and all that I worked on a book and Mike My Writing Partner wants me to you know do. What's your top ten favorite matches and I? I don't know that I'm even going to be able to do that. Because it's just It's like saying what's your favorite kid. You know you've got children. So what's your favorite child? How how would you answer that? What's the favorite meal? What are the top ten meals you ever ate? You know you've had a lot of good meals sir. Well it depends on your mood. What was the atmosphere in? Your memory would be different all the time. Yeah absolutely I like your list Ray and Jack but you know there's there's a lot of arguments can be made a fuck it. I like the Jack Brisco. Pick quite frankly You know the in the sixties You know there's every guys would argue in the sixties you. It was a a better hand but I. I know from talking to the to the talents. That Ray Stevens is regarded as one of the best ever Shawn Michaels I. You know if you said Shawn Michaels in the nineties I have Shawn Michaels at the top of my list of all time guys Flair in the eighties can argue that one. Unless you go with Hogan and if I just WanNa work and skillset then obviously flair is going to be Hogan. If you go on money it's going to be flair. Are Notoriety are putting the business in a map for there's so many criteria it's hard to ever. What is the right answer? You know I it is a really right answer and and I think for those of us that love the business. That's not even that's not a bad thing because it can. I know from my shows that I do and we'll get into all kinds of discussions and these Q. And as we do because I don't ban any questions or censor anybody You really a lot of times. Those favorites come our original favor. Certain regionality has a lot to do with. Somebody just fell in love with all. This is if you talk to wait somebody from the AWA. 'cause that's where. He grew up his influences from from Awa as a kid. You made a change since he's gotten older. But I guarantee you there's discussion be. He got into discussion. The AWA would have representation and it should so. I don't know if I got answers for you and that I'm trying to give you some background and not blow your question. Offer disrespect too. But I'd have to sit down and look at it and it's still. I don't know if I'm smart enough to figure it out tomorrow. May Have a different mindset. Aloha torch fateful. This is Kelly wells host of WT talks annex t every Thursday. You can hear me and my gang of idiots Tom. Style share thoughts from the live tapings and recaptured limbered as well as a rotating cast of guests cover the matches and events in annex t live on USA network search. Bwi torching and apple podcasts. Or Your podcast. App to subscribe or listen on demand and the entire torch daily cast schedule at PW Torch Daily Pass Dot com jeers. It is it is tough because I think in the nineties. It would have been tough to pinpoint who the best worker of that ten year period was going to be looking back. Because Bret Hart Shawn Michaels Rick flair still had plenty of good matches out of the eighties. Shaw missed a good part of the nineties are mentioned so And Bret Hart E if you don't include bread hard in the conversation then I if those of us that we're not paying attention. Yeah the obvious. He was one of the best workers ever and certainly in the nineties. So I don't know it's just it's a hard. Those are really hard hard questions. I have to address are those I can tell you the most memorable match. I recall because I get the same questions every day every day and the means of my work on these videos of Foley getting tossed off the hill in the sale in nineteen ninety eight but I. What's the best match you ever called? You know heck I don't know I honestly don't know I like. I wish I didn't know so I could answer that question. We can move on. Yeah all right. Don't they appreciate the call? We'll go to three next. And then after that two five one in six Oh to Three one st the city. You're calling from. Hey wait has it gone. I'm I tom from Los Angeles hasn't gone. Can you guys? Can you hear you? Well thanks for calling and I just A couple of things so Jim First of all A massive fan It's a fantastic deal to actually get on a call with you And then So you actually mentioned I believe it was two thousand and one at the. Wwe Went Public is that is that right was it. Was it two thousand one or two thousand Two thousand one. I think I think yeah whatever. Yeah so I mean I just kind of think that if you watch over the last you know since nineteen ninety eight. I think a lot of people you'll hear call and Kinda wish that you could go back to the era of ninety eight ninety nine and whatnot but I think now the product isn't necessarily worse. It's just they're giving you so much product and it's so saturated and every single week we're seeing a what in the past would have been considered a four star twenty five minute match Then they have a second show two hours Where essentially it's just a rehash of what happened prior and I think you know the main changes a fan from the late nineties until now is that I never want more I you know. I can't remember the last time that a raw ended where I had to really wish that I was. There was going to be a show on tomorrow so I could tune in We're wondering is is with the fact that they have a network that they have five hours of TV every single week not including superstars. That's on still Do you think that there is a way that they can get back to Having fans desire to watch this product every single week and be excited about it given that they have to feel so much time and give away so much stuff. If you were still there what what would you do to to bring that excitement back and bring that desire to see what happens net given all the program? We have to felt. Well I never been fond of the term filling time I don't I don't not I'm not angry. You don't get me wrong. I'm just saying feeling times if that's our theory and that's what your perception is then. Somebody's going about their the wrong way. Because anytime that you're simply filling time You're another way to put that might be you're wasting time I think that There's a lot of things that you could do. The I made this point on my podcast. The other about I watched the Roman reigns special and I thought it was some of the best work that w w done regarding they build a Roman reigns and to me that would have been perfect For for being on the WW on Monday night. Raw in some shape form or fashion. Whether it's all thirty minutes or it's fifteen minutes or whatever. The case may be Something like that lack the stuff. Hbo's done and showtime. It's done for boxing. The stuff like USC does for the big fights. I think that those Futures are accepted by the public as good television and So I think those would have a place in there but if in today's world if I think I can do think are cases are great wrestling shows where are lowering and lowering and lowering. And so then we say all this shows that three-star show this got to thumbs up or whatever I think we're compromising a lot and in our society but I think you've gotta you've gotTa tell you story ARCS. I've gotTA BE LONGER I think you you. There's a lot of things you got. You can do things that we don't there aren't done they. There's no rules to break There's some time limits. There's no draws rarely into three fall match And you gotta remember as well old school but the audience that they're trying to appeal to when that stuff was really involved they weren't even born so it's new to them so that would be my take on. Some of that is some of the diverse things that they produce on the network as special features on raw. I think that the network having a match where a match starts and ends in a segment an extra long segment and you come back for a reset and get me a raft up okay. Here's what we just saw. But here's what's still to come you come back for a short segment and then you start over again. It's not a bad thing. I saw the eagles last night in Oklahoma City and I've seen them several times and they have been together forty two years and did entirely different show last night so they could easily go out to Sing Hotel. California till the cows come home and they did sing and they sing very well But the issue is. They changed their show. This show is different than the last time I saw them. And I admire that I really really appreciate and respect to their artistry and I think that changing the format of raw for example is Is Doable and should a evaluated. You can't continue just to start off every show with the twenty minute. Barrage of of talkers. it just gets so predictable and I think that's why many of us watch raw on. Dvr So there's a lot of things you could do. But you know I I I I think change is in the should be in the works things. You need to change your freshman things up. We're about to go to another commercial break. Why are you listening to commercial breaks? Why deal with these interruptions when you can become a VIP member support the weight? Keller pro wrestling podcasts. Way Taylor progressing post shows the Peterloo torch daily casts in the entire team and everything that we do and get a ton of return for your membership by becoming a VIP member go to W. Torch Vip Info Dot Com for full details. Thirty plus years of Archives of podcasts. Retro Radio Shows Over Sixteen hundred back issues of the progressing toward weekly newsletter a fascinating march through our coverage of wrestling history and so much more including ad free versions of the week podcast. Podcasts Keller. Both shows N. P. W. Torch daily casts and several exclusive. Vip podcast just about every day dozens of VIP exclusive podcast. You're not hearing because you're not a VIP member so GOBI POW TORCH VIP INFO DOT COM. Subscribe to our. Vip podcast feed and listen in a streamlined. Way With no interruptions to Oliver podcasts. Again that's torch. Vip INFO DOT COM. That's you know that's all a lot of problems doesn't it? You know I mean getting. Having a breakout star can carry a show but even so I do wonder Jim. How the 'cause it was by the way the WWE went public in. Nineteen ninety. Nine So I was off by a couple years It wasn't two thousand or two thousand one but Ah Edition of smackdown added two hours to a boom period for do during a boom period for. Wwe that worked. Because as Vincent man even told me on the phone when he was talking about implementing a brand splitting kind of running the idea by me way. Do you think people would watch smackdown if it was only raw the only way you could see rock and would they watch. Roth is the only way to see Steve Austin and I thought yeah. I thought that was a good idea. Because a roster was so deep with stars who draw ratings and it was a strategy that might work to to make both shows. Musc- shows the brand split went away Of several years back now and now smackdown feels more like a B. Show than ever in the sense that Ross clearly live and we're the big angles happen and where you see more big stars more often so it kind of a two part question. How do you think the attitude era in the boom period for? Wwe would have been better or worse with the depth of big stars. They had if from. Let's say nineteen ninety six on. They had a three hour raw into our smackdown if that started a few years earlier and number two Are you in favour of? Wwe taking a serious look at the brand split to at least make raw the only three hours the only time during the week that you can see some of those wrestlers rather than also on smackdown first of all. I don't like it. Three hour format three hour movies I think our society societal changes of a show uninterrupted show lasting three hours. I think it's proven by the movie theaters movie studios that make spend massive amounts of money doing research and things and look at the running time of the films that are being produced nowadays Ereli see one. That's one hundred eighty minutes so number one. I don the three hour thing. It's not my cup of tea. That's why I watched all more often than not on. Dvr 'cause I speak through the commercials and even the advertising their advertising on raw you. The Saint Commercial defecated. And that's that's a kiss of death for an advertiser so I don't even understand why the advertisers are being so stupid that they're in the same commercials over and over and over so the first two or three beats of the commercial you already tuned them out because we already heard it. So there's that I but I understand money's money in the USA wants three hours and they're gonNA pay big money for three hours. You give them three hours. I'm just saying that I our could be a little bit different and they saw. We won't live event programming. Give them for that programming. But you can also add some other elements in there that are uh that fit the bill and help break things up. If the landbranch split was pure and there was no crossover and it was kept you know very staunch That she would not going to see the guys on raw and assume again on smackdown starts to rain. It's a whole different ball game but that's not how it is. That's not the deal and equip being that not too long after the Moran Brand Split You know it's just so I think there's the problem that brand slip might have worked better if you have been cure have been here. And and and they had stuck with the brands flip. So this these guys that's like a lawler and our doing raw and coal and Tasr After Week. One Co well lawler did Smack down for a long time. We should've they should've been thought through as well. It should have been coal and somebody Tassara On smackdown from day one. That's your team and never started with me and lawler night because lawler Ni- you know We didn't have any benefit of smack. Now there's there was no reason to do it but we did but I did one show than it was. I just had too much on my plate I was. I was hitting the seven days a week back in those days. It was just a a fait accompli. That something bad was going to happen. And and and things bad did happen so But you gotTa if you're going to be the brand split you gotta be pure with it and that's If not then it's it's nothing it doesn't there's no brand split that's brand split is that exclusivity you can't break exclusively. Yup No no. I think you're right in that moment after years of discipline of of having that exclusivity the moment that there was a dual brand situation to stars who have been kept the cross paths would have meant a lot more. I and there were there. Were you know the the annual draft was exciting? You know because you've got to imagine new matchups that you hadn't seen at all ever or at least not recently and you know. When John Cena switch brands it felt like a big deal but I think they only got eighty percent of the way at the best to get into what it could imagine. Most of the time you know you give them a four four or five out of ten. In terms of how disciplined they were about about that brand differentiation. I still think it has a chance. I just don't think they have the confidence right now. Jim with the depth of star power to fill three hours of RAW. I don't think they have confidence and taken enough. Those stars away to give smackdown in two thousand fifteen enough star. Power exclusive from raw to fill that show well number one. Everybody didn't doesn't share your your zeal for the the draft. I don't I as relates to me. I didn't like it a damn bit. So there's that that out there. What what do you do? Not like about it. The way it was executed or the entire just. The idea of having talent switch brands over those. I was told the night before wasn't going to happen. And then so. That's that's the Somebody's are you crazy. Break up madness summerall. Oh sure yeah. That's okay so that's cool. If I have been they said Hey We're GONNA move some major names over to talent names over to smackdown. We want you to go a little bit more help credibility or whatever then I would have been cool with it but no one likes being Misled no no into life. Not just in wrestling and it's not okay in wrestling because it's wrestling. It's still a fundamental. Ill Life to be misled But I I think that it. W W believes that they don't have enough talent Establish talent to make Raw viable they may be right but it sometime someplace sometime You've gotta be bold enough to make that move and then you go. You'RE GONNA get some guys the ball that may that you may think aren't quite ready but we gotta get him in the game they gotta get some minutes and I think sometimes that could be a very distinct blessing in disguise so You know but it takes us at a sprawling to choose to do that and And not be worried about the repercussions from your your network. Hey what are you doing? You're seen as no longer on raw what's going on or whatever. I don't know I don't know that other than Cena it's a really anybody else the USA bitch about by not having them on on raw so at least seen on raw okay flagship. Now now record up sewer what you got and then you might be surprised that it guys get more quality minutes name maximized. Then you might get some guys get over that you hadn't foresaw getting over and it would be a good thing but if you don't go you don't have exclusivity then it's it's it's it's not it's not gonNa Work. Some of pro wrestling's best podcasts are. Vip exclusive and you can go VIP and find out why we have been supported by paid subscribers for over thirty years with our exclusive top-shelf content including pro wrestling torch senior columnist. Bruce Mitchell with the Bruce Mitchell audio show. I usually hosts a program although he has a variety of guest hosts with different themes and unmatched historical insight but primarily providing insight and hard hitting analysis and opinion on what today's news means. 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Join ranks so the most well informed and most entertained pro wrestling fans with the best podcast lineup anywhere go. Vip and get these shows with the folks removed also a huge bonus POW torch VIP INFO DOT COM. It's it's amazing I it's stone. Cold Steve Austin would have happened. If you know Hulk Hogan Randy savage and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and a healthy Shawn Michaels. We're still around. Sometimes it's it's unfortunate or unexpected departures of established stars. That just forced you force you to look at the bright side of and re look at reevaluate the talent that maybe you weren't as of talent and just you you get excited. You put all your resources behind it and sometimes you end up better off in that attitude Arizona an example there weren't a lot of wwe nitro. Jim was filled with stars from the past. Wwf in their boom period was filled with guys largely that you recruited largely that had not been main eventers before and it was that fresh influx of stars that made all the difference in the world. The same thing happened in every territory ever worked in. It's nothing new You know Junkyard dog became an unlikely top. Baby face midsouth as an African American Under the alleged racist of racism. A bill watts which is somewhat ridiculous. the secondly Then on dog left and went to work for. Wwe WWF We we we elevated. Jim duggan Jim. Duggan and there have been a headliner in any territory. Ever good to my main guy and became a hell of a hand in mid South as our top guy and then he left and so at some the deal is is that it's just attrition guys would leave territories. Go one place the other and if you don't let yourself get new and try to keep reinventing and and creating new talent unfortunately not certainly speaking ill of the dead. But that was the that was as pro. Yeah they got old and they didn't create new stars and that was one thing that Verne God bless. His soul was known for creating great new talent. No absolutely and then when he got it you know. The wheels were just in motion already. You know Vince McMahon's expansion and and Young willing to risk everything brash. Man With a plan that you talked about earlier on you need a plan game. Plan Vince at it and he went after a lot of talent Okinawan them. And you know they w I just wasn't quite able to was never able to recover even with. They didn't have any backup. They didn't they quit. They quit producing new talent. But the fact that people are blaming McMahon for the death of the territories is really somewhat ignorant because being around territories knowing that you can't continue to do things and I worked for a very innovative Guy that was open minded to try things and bill watts. But you know we weren't developing the new stars as quickly as we should have. We weren't looking and finding and and breaking new guys in for the next run And and watched it If watch US doing it I can assure you that. The guys are older than He. Those Oh Caucasian Alpha males. They weren't doing it either. They just kept free. Re Retraining. Their old buddies Looking Kansas City you know look at bulldog Bob Brown had about a million incarnations and runs for example You know and it just a good old boy network and and I and that once office Disintegrated but that was just one of many. I'm just using that as an example so the territory's put themselves out of Venice by and large by not wanting to change the times I've had. I had the basement first of all America that Arguments not debates that You know radio was the wave of the future and use electric median motor events and his theory was that I didn't know what I was talking about it and every pair tides so obviously because I didn't wear tights I had no marketing sense And of course that's being tongue in cheek but I he said if they're not watching our show they're not gonNA come to our event and what's 'cause that's an astronaut statement. I just made. It doesn't make any sense. So and he's a very bright guy and then if the whole lot of money and so I mean so. He wasn't a dumb guy but he everything has been done the same old way. That's why the territories there's a lot of them became vulnerable in this file out of didn't didn't didn't survive. And then the national cable overlay took a lot of the exclusivity the uniqueness and a and the and all that The mystique away from what we used to see you on your your show in. Minneapolis or my show out of Tulsa or wherever it was and that's what we got then cable came in and there is a few more things and then it just got got out of control and and and the uniqueness started eroding and there was nothing new in the territories there's new stars and then the guy's because all the old guys from the territories. They've got the newer guys that were on national cable. They were the hip new thing and the old guys were. You know I've seen this guy's already so it's a IT'S A. It was an interesting thing and now that's where there again. Because now you don't have sin. Syndication is only existed in essentially sinclair with ring of honor. And the and the cable healthy and happy you only GonNa do it one way. Continue to develop new stars. And if you don't do that then sooner than later anybody that's on cable then wrestling. I don't care who you are if you don't have new you're getting ready to. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA downtrend. Yeah thank you for listening to the Keller pro wrestling podcast. Be Sure to subscribe. Also you haven't yet subscribed to the weight. Keller pro wrestling Poe shows this show. The podcast have blue logo. The weight killer pressing Poe shows have our red logo just search Wade Keller and Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to proceed podcasts. And Click subscribe to the Red Logo. And you can download our raw smackdown eighty w and sometimes annexed t poe shows. I'm joined by a CO host to add a different perspective to the analysis for the show where we talked to live callers onsite correspondents or in the building. Tell us what did not air on TV and we also answer Male Bay questions. Those shows are available for download within a few hours after. The show's end on Monday Wednesday and Friday nights. So there's a fast turnaround to get your fix so check it out. That's the Wade. Keller pro wrestling post show search. Wade Keller you can also stream the show live at Wade. Keller Post Show Dot com about five minutes after the show's end on Monday Wednesday and Friday night. And that's one thing I wanted to talk to you about. And this is a good time to enter into it. Jonah is impressing me so much last couple of years Jim especially lately this. Us Title Open Challenge using his star power to give a rub by going Head to head face to face sometimes wrestling sometimes talking more talking Monday more wrestling with Neville and Sami Zane Johnson with his stature is cemented. He's adding to his reputation. I'll put it that way on the good side of the ledger with considerable to begin with that he is wanting while he's still has tremendous power to give back and help create new stars. Not You know what Jim. Not Every top star has been as willing and generous. John Cena has the last year or so going back very wide many last year to to say let's let's use my star power in my foundation in my standing to help give a rub and escalate and accelerate some of these guys becoming top stars. I thought the way that he let Kevin Owens talk to him on Monday impressed me not a lot of top stars over the years would have let a new guy show up quote unquote new guy. Show up and talk to John like that and not have complained afterwards or digital moan about it afterwards your thoughts on John Cena and specifically what? I'm talking about here. The the willingness as an established top star to really be in there with guys who quote have never drawn a dime as other main eventers have said at as a way to talk themselves out of creating a whole new group of new stars. I simply not surprised. I'm just I just You know because of Societal issues and Guys that are are are holding onto the spots on top with a clinch clinched Hand of death Seen has always been a team player. We have never had anybody that I signed. That had a more team oriented outlook than John And and I don't think wwe's ever had anybody. And that's my I only around. Wwe For twenty one years so Since my time around them they We never had anybody that worked harder and John. Cena doing all the things that he does. And I'm not just talking about the Mak- waste of I'll of things that aren't publicized and and taking pictures and signing this and doing things for marketing and things for W W shop and all these other things that he does. I'm not surprised. And that's the attitude that you want foster. That's the attitude that you wanNA teach next state. That's exactly the attitude that I saw when I interviewed him for the first time and southern California When he's working for basketball and I flew going to red eye back to New York and took the car to the office in Stanford and my car was and I got there if I round Tan or so and and I went into Vance and I said I signed a kid. I got agreement to sign a kid last night that I really believe will be in the Russell many main event in five years and I think best thought I was either sleep deprived or loosening or something because I'd never really made that bold statement. I I felt that confident. John was exactly what we needed to build around character. Been a fan having great aptitude At looked great You know I. I checked on him before I got to. La with his was college coaches. One of them's sister. Hits Frank Coach and Oakland University so I had a pretty good and there. He was as coach at Springfield College. So I checked the background. I recruited him. I did just like you would I did a lot of guys. I checked a Lotta people Out that like you would for the NFL COMBINE. What kind of characters guy you know so It doesn't surprise me but that's that's where everybody. Hopefully the guys in the locker room will learn from watching what John's doing and they'll share in that and the the way that I would address that it may sound bold and I'm older and I'm grumpy and this it doesn't work anymore and you can't manage towns this this way. You try to reason with talent that this is why you should do it. This is what's important for the Tame it's important for you at the goose laying the golden egg is they'll do you really fully expect. Your your eggs are going to continue to be provided. Us golden eggs going to be continue to be yours of course not. There'll be an idiot. The goose sick. So if you're not drawing your money's GonNa go down so and if guys can't see that and they don't WanNa play by those rules. That scene is illustrated. Then you need to do all. You can to illuminate the problem. And get them out of that role. So you put somebody else in does share the same unselfish theory and I saw a lot of guys in my career that would have matches and you and sometimes the bookers would say my God you got too much. And that was just the guy being nice and trying to give his opponent a little bit more than they should have so that when he beat them he needs somebody so seen is making future opponents for the rest of the guys and they'll keep the company healthier making healthier so. I'M NOT SURPRISED. It's just his attitude his work ethic and his integrity you're on are are absolutely pristine in that regard to hey does he have is. He is talented in the. Ring Shawn Michaels and Jack Brisk earlier caller Ray Stevens No. He's not he'll tell you the same thing but boy he's got a great attitude and he has great a passion and I'll take I'll take trade out there you know than than the than the guy that's just the five or six to a guy that can do it all. I'll take a trade out every now and then on. That was the John Cena who's connected with the audience and he's been loyal and he's durable Boy He's GonNa be hard to replace. Someday people. We're not gonNA realize always gone. Yeah well he's not a good example for so many guys in that is that is a good thing and you know I mean he. He need an extra dose of positivity in your wrestling. Podcasts will come join me out for L. Over the Progress Paradise at Peter Torch Vip as we on the bright side of wrestling and focus on some of the great matches and chose from around the world be the US Japan Europe or Mexico. There's always a place of restaurants passed in the Paradise to and we've done fun historical shows such as the we love our series celebrating glorious career of Thunder like on our. I was there when shows where guests will join me to talk about. A classic bent that they were in attendance for we love variety and you can expect lots of it at the pro rest paradise detailed roof torch. Vip subscription information on the list of all the VIP benefits is available at P. Torture via Info Dot Com. And yes all VIP. Podcasts are compatible with popular podcast APPs on iphone and android devices or you can stream directly from our ad free. Vip Mobile Site C in the paradise. He's had a chequered fan response. It took them a long time to earn respect. He came in after an attitude era after an Olympic gold medalist. Who was one of the greatest quickest class wrestlers? I mean terms of the turnaround. Time of Kurt Angle. Becoming great is is short of a turnaround as anybody and You know came up around the time brock and did you just it. It was really tough for him. And he had to kind of goofy gimmick at the beginning. That didn't didn't work with everybody. Just working against him. Goofy Gimmick. It wasn't his fault that's was given. Yes that was. That's like saying he's number ninety nine. I don't love gave them ninety nine. He didn't ask for ninety nine. I that was a gimmick that he was given he wanted he just wanted to get like I said about Joe. I wrote this about show I even told. Joe This is my podcast. I told Joe Jokes on the phone. Not that long ago just get Jersey Buddy. Just get a jersey. They get on the team. You're going to be fine. And of course he got his Jersey last night and he's and he's done he's GonNa be fine going forward. I think but You know John is John's done everything he's been asked to do. And he's he's got he's he's he's he's he's got a style a certain style and and You know I'm not trying to talk anybody into cheer informed you should cheer hell you on But I think a lot of the booze it gets is simply because a defiant younger male demographic feels like it's fashionable or. I don't know if they really hating. Sometimes it's just the fact that this it sounds cool and I'm just glad you know that That then he still. Hey still selling tickets and he's still sells merchandise. And he's still the go-to guy he's still the the Big Star and wwe and we'll be for the foreseeable future until somebody proves that they can take that spot. And I guarantee you Johnson was going to be all for that he's not going to hold onto it locks from the old timers we've known with every ounce of his being you know he'll be ready to pass the torch when somebody is ready to take it from from to receive it and run with it. Yep very good. If you're just joining us Jim Ross is my guest today on the POW. Torch live cast at pw torch life CAST DOT com. We are on five days a week. Live for five and a half years. We have not missed a single weekday of being live on the air and we welcome you to continue joining us. Live tomorrow at seven o'clock eastern and Bruce Mitchell towards senior columnist is joined by the host of the East Coast Cast Travis Bryant Travis shows available at East Coast Cast Dot Com. And we welcome you and invite you to check out that program also here at blog talk radio and Saturday night after a big USC. Show some real star power On Saturday nights Todd Martin who has recently joined the torch staff will be joining Jamie penick editor in chief of MA TORCH DOT COM for a post. Usc Live program that is available at blog. Talk Radio Dot com slash anime torch or you can find the link at our sister website that covers USC and the whole world fulltime at MMA TORCH DOT com. That website is customized for your laptop desktop tablet or smartphone. Check it out book market. It is updated every day. Full time. Editor Jamie panic on top of all the news stories with analysis to put it in perspective like a lot of places where you get the news. Jamie penick adds his analysis great columnist great features and unmatched live pay per view event coverage at MMA TORCH DOT COM and the post game. Show live Saturday night with new torch. Staffer Todd Martin Todd was with me for nearly two hours yesterday for an exclusive VIP after VIP show that he is doing once a week with me. The fix with Todd Martin Rave reviews on twitter for that already if you're a VIP member check it out if you're not a good time to go VIP and checkout todd. Martin added to the Staff. You can sign up at W. Torch Dot com slash Kgo. Vip My twitter is at v Wade. Keller and the brand twitter Our our brand on twitter at POW torch. We hope you'll follow us again. 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Be for another time. I want to batch bruce. I'm for that Bruce. Good Guy Been around a long time and Almost as long as you. I like Bruce. Yeah well you know. I'm I'm getting there. I'm becoming a one of the elder statesmen now of my my John I'm doing my podcast is on every every comes on. I do WanNa Week. I'm not like some of these guys to do multiple. I do WanNa Week And I'm happy that And I am it drops every Tuesday night at nine eastern on podcast for one and I tunes you can actually also get it on my website at T. are JR BARBECUE DOT com. Which is Kinda cool deal? I do blogs Promote my website as much as I should. I think a lot of people don't even know I have one. I do a lot of stuff. I can't do one hundred forty characters on twitter at J. R. S. B. The Q. I've log about things I'm going to block something. Not About Row New today a little later today about Samoa Joe an annex t and and and what next to means to the future of wwe? And I was GonNa work better and things of that nature. I've probably right a little bit about and I and all the stuff that's going on about them And then I've got some appearances coming up I'm going to go onto the UK with a really cool cast folks H VK Bret. Hart Trish Leader Ron Simmons Howard. Finkel must've w hall of famers demolition Nasty boys myself. Justin Roberts is going to be part of a big the first ever London wrestle con going to be in London on Saturday and the June twentieth and Sunday. The twenty first and then. Shawn Michaels then. We'll go to Manchester on Monday. The twenty second and we'll do a two man show basically a enhanced a at the Manchester comedy store. All those events really are selling well and to the point that I know they're cutting off online sales on June one So everything is close to being sold out. So if you're listening and you're in that part of the world you're going to be around Procrastinate a lot longer on getting tickets. It'd be a hell of a really really cool weekend in London and then that to nine. I know the Manchester. There's only a handful of tickets last for Sean I. We've never done a show together so she'll be fun. Then I'm going to be a part of the New England fan fast I don't. I rarely do a fan fast. And then I don't do Russell cons off and I think that's the one in London. Be the first one the Some of to Rhode Island Providence On the last weekend in June. So the New England fan fest and that they gotTa wet New England fanfest five dot com. No it's new England band fast DOT COM. They got a hell Russia. I don't know I you know you you forget about how many guys are out there and when people say well you don't get guests on your show for your podcast from. Wwe You gotTa do is look at all these guys go into these These Fan like the New England fan fest. There's tons of talent that don't work for w there a great podcast gas and I enjoy doing that. I enjoy Talking to the to the to variety of individuals so I got that rolling. I'm going my tickets tomorrow. Sale on Friday tomorrow morning at The DC IMPROV DC IMPROV DOT COM. Or the box office for my show on Wednesday August nineteenth in there. That's Kinda who I've never played the DC in providence famous room. So I'm GonNa play that on the Wednesday night of Summer Slam Week and then I'm going to take the train Kinda. I'm Kinda excited about the trainer as much as anything else up from. Dc NEW YORK USA media on Thursday and Friday. And then on Saturday the Saturday before Summer Slam on doing my show at the gramercy theatre and Take that or on so ticketmaster so I. I don't think I can chill too much more. I'm staying busy. I just got My I got a hundred and ninety seven pages of my book. I'm trying to go it which I hate doing I just I may never release it. I just I can't get happy with a neither. I don't say this about this guy wants to this about that guy. I WANNA take this out. I use this too many times. I'm an anal. I feel like forrest Gump taking his kid to the school bus. Stop and I don't want to let go of his hand letting you on the best go to school. I don't want to give my book. The publisher So we're still working progress but it will be out of two thousand sixteen where they're like it or not because before you know. I don't WANNA be. I WANNA be able to remember what I wrote it down to old. I can't remember so That's been a labor of love this this hard ride about yourself And remember dates. I'm pain in the ASS when it comes to accuracy on dates and things and I don't like to so we really I riding partners a lawyer so we're good there. He's really good at fact checking in legal stuff and so I'm going that you know that book will end. That book will actually end Wrestlemainia Fifteen Fourteen fourteen fourteen Austin beat the Shawn. I think fourteen where I said. The Austin area has has begun or something like that and yeah that I had I was just going back in a second about bills policy and I really thought my career is over. I really did and I you know. Got a reprieve and Got Someone more years out of it. So on TV. So I I It's going to end there with a happy ending then gives me everything else from all the attitude era the Monday night wars another bout of Bell's Palsy Getting drafted a smackdown All the craziness that went on during those Monday night wars then acquiring the WCW bran gives you a ton of good stuff to write about in that second book so and we're actually doing to once. We're we're talking about everything. And then he's Canada cataloguing it and so it's I'm my job this weekend Is like an dodger. Tornadoes and the rain snow firms is to stay indoors and work on my book and So what I'm having a blast in his one man shows I wanNA play. Minneapolis and I want. There's a lot of those old wrestling hot. Oh hubs like Charlotte Charlotte. I WANNA play Tampa. I WANNA play. Houston I WANNA play Dallas. And we're already working on Wrestlemainia thirty two to do several things there in Dallas All of our own promotion For that weekend so It's good. I'm having fun I four when I left When I got related to my posted. Wwe that I the things I was GONNA do. I was GONNA do out of that. I would have fun doing. Yeah and it's nice to be able to you know thanks to Vince. Mcmahon and thanks to company going public You know quite honestly just honest. Truth I can afford to do that. Yeah and so you know we've always lived remains practice what I've preached my talent roster and your taxes and don't live spend more you make and a pay off your house and get debt free and do all the things smart and some some did that and somebody asked me the other day. It's interesting question Baltimore and I I never thought of it this way. So we'll be your biggest legacy interesting as a heck. 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You heart what it meant to the company as well you know. I never really thought of it that way but it makes an interesting story. You you re whatever you choose but I think publicly to the public is going to be the announcing and the WB network. You know. I I wait. I get I get tweets and feel say Pay Jr. I watched the show. You did the other day is Something eight nineteen eighty nine or go to American bash or something or games or whatever and I didn't know you nounce before Wwe And I said Yeah Nineteen Well I was. I was an overnight sensation me nineteen years to get to the bigs as I say but You know it. It's just the network. Has reinvented a lot of guys and the other thing. I don't people look at it this way. But when you're talking to guys or down their luck and I talked a lot of guys and sometimes you have to long term use of money or you love them. Some money The network is keeping presents a relevancy to some older talent. That need to make those card. Make that fifteen hundred or two grand to go. You know they to be like you know randy the ram except the car everybody by themselves. But they're getting the opportunity to go out and do things pick up pay days and and have some self worth feel like they still have some viability and I think that's really good. I think the network has helped facilitate a lot of that. Very good Thank you Jim for all of that. Update on what? You're doing very busy schedule. We look for your book. And I know we've had really nice reviews from people who have attended your Cubans in person. It's a pretty cool experience and I think people should take advantage of it because you know I mean. I'm not saying that you want to miss a great ring of honor show. That comes to your area. Wrestlemainia comes to your town but you can always go see and other good wrestling show and have a good memory from that but getting to be in person with you may be asking your question but certainly hearing you and just more casual setting but in person talk about the business with all the places. You Ben and I know every show is different if it to your market. It's one of those things that in five ten years. I doubt you'll still be doing the a tour. Maybe you will jim but I don't think people should assume that and And make an effort to go see it. Because I think it's nine to memory saw don rickles on Letterman Few days ago. 'cause I watched all this last letterman. She asks the Big Day Fan. Johnny Carson Remember the Kings of late night television and all due respect to the Jay Leno Heights of the world. Not Knocking today But Carson and Letterman were they were. They were my guys. They're they're once. I really thought they were just today. Moving there have really good. So I saw Don rickles on there and he was saying that with Howard Stern and that was an interesting Duo and it was the first time that I ever saw Another guest set out with Howard came on. I stayed while Don rickles took the chair by Dave and I think it was just kinda helped on get through the the segment because I don't know how old he is. He's got the upper eighties ninety. I don't know he but he's still got us with by and large So I don't know that'd be doing as long as Don rickles in God willing I'll have I'll be alive and in some coherent but I really haven't a blast in it and I hear finding I'm finding that it's a challenge to master the skills of being a A doing these shows. It's been doing the speaking stuff I'm not a stand up. Comedian by any stretch. I'd like to think maybe a humorist. I'm a storyteller philosopher Little motivational stuff. You Know Fat Chevy guys. I mean that's Oxymoron. Maybe I'm being a implicit US but Chevy guys from within Oklahoma accent but three bouts of Bell's Palsy really aren't supposed to be successful on television and somehow or another. I was able to do that and I think largely because I love the business and refuse to not love it. There were times in the rest of us when when I had plenty of reason to not like it. Yeah and there were times that It tried to push me away and I refuse to let it and so I always became. I'll always love. The business is still do and I love interacting with the fans and be honest with you on my hand. I love yeah yes cut to the chase. it's just a different way of performing and you're right. You're very your student a I. They a different light and they see me. Why didn't realize know you had a sense of humor? You're always the straight man. Lawler always are heyman or whomever Terry. Five coordinator whomever you know. All those guys I worked with so Yeah you know you you kinda sense humor and you just don't get a chance to. I wasn't cast in that role at that time. Sometimes I know far all something that was get a chuckle out of it. I I just. I have a blast doing shows and I'm and I and we're going to do more of them you know. I got a good management team and I I this is. You'll find this funny. This is the how about this for this. Triumphant trio my manager in New York. My agent in New York my managers. They're very bloom. The famous wrestling manager. Yup I remember not as not as famous as Jim. Cornet and Paul Heyman and and a manager but one of the more influential people of the last of the nineties and in after but one of the. He's one of those people who had a lot more to do with the course of the wrestling industry than almost anybody except the most astute students of history understand I agree. And he didn't take any bumps so My agent in New York represents three people on these speaking tours primarily I'm part of the speaking. Division of the talent group The agency group especially called the agency group and the history clients vigorously as frequencies most are Bill Nye the Science Guy Mick fleetwood and they now there's that's the versity yes you know Bill Nye those things. I can't even spell mick fleetwood. Of course the founder fleetwood Mac. The drummer is different cat. And then then then they're there then the Chevy southern accent of bills policy guy with the the rest of the wrestling. Dude I love that part argue the wrestling dude. Older guys are they son. He's the wrestling guy. Okay so I'm interesting guy or the guys on the wrestling dude. So it's a either way. It's all been a good ride and it's been fun. I'm having I'm having a blast doing and I really haven't fun and US Drop Good House in Baltimore in downtown Baltimore. After all the racial issues that they had Was was really a testament to the folks being so loyal and that's an example by wrestling fans and he looked. You've made a living in wrestling in a very unique way. It's the only job you ever had right. Oh Yeah you're you never have another I worked at seven eleven when I was a teenager. All right but you know what I mean. It's not now career-wise full only full-time job you've ever had yes. I think that's beautiful story. American dream you lose your you create a plan you happens. You're an entrepreneur in a very unique genre and I have never ever shied away from Being the wrestling guy and so. I'm having fun. Tell them all those stories. And I got to lifting some crazy times and seventies eighties nineties two thousand territories ownership private companies public companies. Pay Per view coming to a age satellite. Tv coming to the forefront delay. Every syndicated. Tv is oh. I was lucky I got. I got lithium all that good stuff. Yeah what what was it? That said maybe live may May. May You live in interesting times as far as the rest of three goes. I mean you've been there I mean for so many different phases and you know it's GonNa take a longer to kind of break down all the chapters and how they fall in history and how they're framed but the you know you were part of the territory days you're part of the expansion period. You were part of the down period before the Monday night. Wars and then you were part of what happened in the consolidation to WWe being the dominant. Us brand after the boom period the attitude era the Monday night war. And and now you're writing your own whole new chapter after that it's Yeah it's it's pretty amazing. The journey you've been on and that's why your book is going to be highly highly anticipated. Wrestling fans are you that person that works in a pro wrestling reference to every aspect of your life. Well we're those kind of people to but we do so with mixed martial arts. I'm Robert via host of enemy talk for pro wrestling advanced every Monday on. Twa Torch His daily cast lineup. Not only do we cover. Every you have seen Bella tour event. We provide context. That only arrested in fan would really understand. I mean we're the type of people that if you ask us about how much of a mess. The middleweight title situation is were likely to reference. Wcw In the early nineties. Think of us as a podcast for casual. Mma fence done by hardcore wrestling nerves. And you could find us by searching. Pw Torch and apple podcasts or any popular PODCAST APP and we're always available on demand at pw. Torch daily cast dot com where you can check out the entire lineup of the PD towards daily cast. I'm Jim you have time to take phone calls people who have been all the while here. Yeah the Donald Sutherland said that line. Oh Donald Sutherland said that line. May We live in interesting times in the movie where Demi Moore tried to molest Michael Douglas about going public a great movie. Yeah the movie. But it's set in Lack Silicon Valley type thing and then she sued Michael Douglas for sexual discrimination. And it's one of the best movies It's one of the great movies but Donald Sutherland. At the end when on the story started at his peak he said Maybe we all live in interesting times or something to that effect so it was a movie. Good line Pull out air. There's Oh yeah I can. I can go a little bit longer all right well. Let's let's go so if you're on hold hold tight. We're going back to the phone lines. I do WanNa know quickly that I am on the St. Boston unleashed show today. That dropped today discussing payback and a little bit on raw on Monday as a follow up to pay back and it was my first time on the unleashed version of the Steve. Austin show but I have been on either one or the other Doing a wrap up with Steve Conversation with Steve About Wwe Pay per views a number of months in a row now and we plan to do it again in a couple of weeks so hope you'll check that out also at podcast one along with Jim. Ross is Podcast I did WANNA know too. Sometimes Jim I know it's hard for people to remember the U. R. L. of your website. I did tested on Google. And if you type Jim Ross blog. It's right at the top there so people Google Jim Ross Block. It'll take them to your website. I know you put a lot of work into it and you really do a lot of writing a lot more than you can put on twitter as you said and definitely recommend that. I. It's it's always good to hear what you have to say about things including this the Bockel of Pr Spin by TNA today Reacting to the rest of the report that that's the nation America's marked down for cancellation this fall and there's a lot a lot of nuances to the story. That aren't getting out there unless you actually read the actual story and TNA issuing a very strange non denial threat today that Has a lot of people kind of trying to make sense of it in scratching their heads so I don't know I don't know what to make that I could easily say where there's smoke there's fire but you don't Put a show and hype it and put it in Primetime. Friday night was never good night. nobody wants to be on. Friday nights makes a lot of sense not to be there. Wednesday long-haul might be a better deal but it's just strange to me that they're moving at around So early in the game and I hope that they don't cancel it. Open TNA stays in business a lot of good people that work there that new jobs. But I am a I. I'm I'M GONNA leery. I'm fearful that the worst may happen in September. I'm fearful of it and open. I'm wrong what what I think would be nice if destination American. Ta For their mutual own good would come to put together a statement That didn't deny what reporter had reported. That was accurate. Because that's Bs you don't call somebody you don't say somebody was inaccurate if they're right but it doesn't mean you have to confirm it if you don't want to but come up with the statement that says TNA is moving to Wednesday nights starting next week and we are committed to To doing what we can to grow the audience and we hope for a long mutual relationship between the two partners. Something like that would be. It won't deny that they're not penciled in for cancellation in the fall but the initial report outright said they were marked for cancellation and then the decision was made to move to Wednesday and that cancellation may have been withdrawn. It may be tentative. It may not be there. That's my interpretation of what I've been able to dig up and I think it'd be good for a destination American teenager. Get on the same page. Put out a coherent statement. That wasn't threatening to sue people over without naming who they are or what they said because there wasn't one thing in the observer report that attributed any statement to a TNA official or destination. America official and yet TNA statement is saying that people are attributing statements do TNA destination. America. That were never said so. They can't be talking about the Observer report if you actually read The Observer report and then also their statement so it's just a mess you know. I just I and they're going to be together for four months so why not run together and make the best network needs to step up and say something yeah. I agree and and And and the Horse. Tna's got to put some fires out and their talents. Probably wondering what the Hell's going on and they're the well-publicized issues of slow pay and and being in a rear some of their production people and talents and Cetera et Cetera You know what it is. This doesn't help things. It just helps see the you know the instability so it's a tough. It's a tough thing you're right some but that's the next word needs to come from destination America. Yeah they got they gotta they gotta say something and and that's why I believe I'm fearful of the worst right because of their silence. I'm rich band. Host of the deep dive with Richmond. A weekly part of the torch daily Cast Lennon pictures shirts search. Pow Torch an apple podcasts. For Your podcast. Apps subscribe every Saturday at six. Pm Eastern. I dive in with guess for an hour. Anything in the world of wrestling or wrestling related. Want to hear about the influence of historical figures like big we got you. WanNa hear about how crazy marine movies got? We are on it. No topic is too big too small. So if you want to dive in with this call in live or listen on demand and see the entire. Pw Torch daily cast schedule at PW. Torch DAILY CASPER DOT COM. And if they're really upset with TNA then. I can understand there being silent and and and and not wanting to show any support for the brand. If there's something behind the scenes that we don't know about then then fine But if there isn't then they should come out and show some support for for TNA if for nothing else just say we look forward to growing the summer And and and we look forward to doing what we can to improve the awareness of the summer and leave it at that and and at least there. You're not lying in saying somebody's wrong. Who put out a good accurate story? Even if they didn't like that story 'cause that's BS but yeah. The silence is ominous and it makes everybody look bad right now anyway. Let's go to phone lines because I know your time is limited. I got about I got about. I got about ten minutes. Yup So let's Let's do some rapid fire with our caller's hit us up with one or two short questions and Jim hit you up with one or two short answers and we'll try to get a handful of calls here beginning next with area code six. Oh to Six to thank you for only please state your name and the city. You're calling from. Hi this is Margot member from Phoenix. Arizona how's it going guys? We're doing great. Thanks for calling. What are we got for Jim? I it's time I was watching takeover special yesterday for medics teeth and seeing all the crop of people were getting in there Is this kind of you. Know the the indies Turning into of territories in that sense where you can see how quality people that actually you know the crowds performance holly a higher rate than we've seen from developments before Which I think well obviously the If you've got five or six years or more experienced like a Lotta guys St William Regal there in Mathews are yeah Lord King at King Rigo Real King Regal on twitter He's done an amazing job of finding interviewing watching work evaluating talent. He's he's the unsown. Heroes in annexed t and So he's looking at some of these guys have had experience and you can't replicate the experience of working before live paying audience but at the same time. I'm still going to have Jerry Briscoe out. There Recruiting Division One athlete. So I'M GOING TO BE LOOKING FOR D. One or are in a college athletes are still gonNA look for those guys so you you you go wherever there's talent that's a that's a trail you follow so the right now. You're they're they're they're picking the low hanging Nice ripe fruit to You know to to to bring into the system and You know some jobs are also what way over ten years? Yeah so it's a different. It's a unique deal but there's not a lot of were. Are there any more Samoa? Joe's out there you know I don't I don't know about that but It's a different place in time. But you still gotta get the guys new and fresh and then the advantage you have they can be around Samoa. Joe That can be around the Kevin. Oh it could be around the same museum they can relate to. Some of those younger guys have been wrestling since they were teenagers. And and help them learn and acquire the skill set. So it's a good situation. You need to keep keep the need to keep doing both quite frankly. Yeah No. I'm with you on that jonsman wrestling since ninety nine very late. Nineteen ninety nine But he's been around basically as long as possible. You Torch Dot com as a website. It's been around and going back to not too far. After Jesse Ventura with special guest referee at Summer Slam. Just kinda put it in time. Line perspective he's experienced and and there's not a lot of guys with that level of experience. But like you said earlier in the show your. Wwe YOU WANNA get guys with Joe's talent a little bit younger ideally But you'll make that choice. And he made a good living Working a lighter schedule and he's got some legs still because he didn't work a grinding fulltime schedule. Even at six is Greg Greg. Get and he's he's a main event guy waiting to happen in there. I'm I'm very very pleased that they he's there and I don't know what the deal is. I don't care what the deal is. Hey Look. They're making t-shirts shirts and are selling out to sheriff's getting prime slot on on INEX- t on to our special don't think they don't have some sort of deal they don't have a deal is ignorant. Come on Yes all right up next year code seven seven three. Please state your name and the city. You're calling from Chicago. Hey Barth real quick. What have you got for Jim? Would he if he was booking when he would he book The the Women Charlotte Becky land and Soctiabank's now would he both them before before Trip to take the helm if possible or at I'm trying you know what I'm trying to say with. He booked them a raw with. Would this man still in control right now? Oh waiting to control of raw when I just what you're saying. Hey you're not everybody's GonNa need to be able to do their best wants. Yeah it's not gonNA agree with triple h his vision of the women's Division as it is currently structured annex. T don't expect 'cause that's what's GonNa you're GonNa see a day one and wwe. They're still one Boston. That company But I will say that Thanks to Ronda. Rousey and people don't think the rousing factor hasn't been an infant packed here is not paying attention Thanks to Ronda. Rousey and what? She's done for Dana White and USC We know that people like women's physicality I'm a season ticket holder. Oh you women's basketball I I let it go watch women's softball team play I know a lot of people like tag team wrestling. Not to digress and women but people like different things. I like to watch good. Athletic Women Participate in athletics. I'd like to watch good tag team wrestling And so in both of those areas are areas of deficiency on the main rosters. Wwe and I understand. They're trying to correct. Didn't understand they're trying to get better and I applaud them for that but to say that the tag team division and the Women's division is red hot would be a misnomer blit change. Hopefully it will. It will change events checks off when it says okay. Let's try your way. Listeners of this show can claim their free audiobook from audible right now by going to audible dot com slash wade that's audible dot com slash w. a. d. e. that includes the march twentieth. Release of Jim Rossi's under the black hat. You can catch up on his previous book right now. Make that your free book or Canes New Autobiography Browse the entire selection of pro wrestling books or expand beyond that such as Alan car series of self help books such as the easy way to quit smoking and the easy way to lose weight. I recommend both of them with a monthly membership members. Get One credit each month to pick title plus to audible originals from a monthly selection and also access Daily News digests from the New York Times Wall Street Journal The Washington Post and more so go to audible dot com slash. Wade or text weighed to five hundred. Dash five hundred. That's audible dot com slash wade or text weighed to five hundred dash five hundred. The audible APP is free. Just download it to your phone or your tablet and listen anywhere. You go wherever you are in the kitchen on a walk with your dog while jogging at the gym as a way to wind down at night or while. You're doing chores around the house. That's audible dot com slash wade or text weighed to five hundred dash five hundred very good Yeah and and you can't wait around all of this to you can't wait around for Vince. Instance off the triple H. If you WANNA see Charlotte Becky Lynn. June Sasha banks on the roster you that you can't time things out like that I mean you obviously the way that t portrays the women in the time that they give them great I I hope Stephanie and Hunter are able to talk Vince. Giving them a little bit more control over making sure that they don't just have models wrestling in the divas division on raw but they have role models the way that Stephanie talked about Ronda Rousey frankly being a role model for her daughters. And I think we're moving in that direction. Jim I really am optimistic. That direction just a matter. People got to be patient and not have to happen or got to have a time line. I gotTa have time and I know you don't have to have a time line. We're moving in that direction. Be Happy of that and then it will happen in. Its in due course but they're moving in the right direction as the key term. I think you for the call. Let's go to air code six. Oh nine and by the way. Seven one eight on deck six. Oh nine please state your name and the city. You're calling from since joining from New Jersey. Sean thank for Jim. It was Jim. I just have two questions while I thought it was very interesting. Chill sound recently. Note on his podcast. Which jared that he thought Terry lawler was arguably the best. He'll in the business so I want to know from you if you agree with that and also why hasn't your longtime partner either Jerry lawler Come on your podcast yet. And that's all I have now. Wwe's not giving me any contract people to be on my podcast and for that you have to ask them. I helped them to my club and I have and I have some and I got plenty. I guess. So it's not an issue for me today. secondly Jerry lawler in my view there's DVD's was out. It came out yesterday. I think it was yup. I got in the mail yesterday. I saw it as great the Bob. The documentary portion is great. Great strong or to actually get it. It's really good and the Memphis footage is priceless Jerry lawler's when the top five at worst ten all time performers in the history of wrestling as far as a heel a booker and announcer a talker. A brawler scientific arrest or whatever He could have been one and if you want manager in there when he had his leg broke he would fit there to He made our team work. I give all the credit for the success of the JR King Team So that's how much I think Jerry so Any Jim is this fair to say if you're a huge fan of Jerry lawler commentator at any point during the last twenty years of his run on route twenty plus years if you're a fan of his work on raw was exponentially better before he was a commentator and that's not a commentary. He was much phenomenal on Memphis. He'll promos and see what I'm saying. Yeah he's naturally as organic and he's not GonNa make you roll your eyes. He's just he's just he's like you just walked to ask him 'cause he'll promo he's great. He's not pretending to be something. He's not reciting within his head and not what he's memorized and he's being himself. He's in like all great characters. He's a natural extension of himself and he is absolutely So gifted and House your Jerry to Jim. He didn't yell and scream a lot like he. I it's something that I like about Kevin Owens to. I think there are some similarities despite some obvious differences in that they are at ease he was. Jerry was always at ease when he was giving. He'll promos around while he'd lose his cool but there was something about Jerry where he didn't need to yell and scream to to get himself over as a face or heel the vast majority of the time. It's one of the things I like about. Kevin Owens. There's so he's at ease an in comfortable in his own skin or do you want people to listen. You want people to do this thing and we are all prone to not tune out. Screamers YEP I in a grocery store in the land of bank or wherever airport boarding a plane. The screamers get tuned out and disregard But the you know the ones that are making sense and make you listen. I WanNa if I can make me listen. He's got me if I just hear the noise. Then got me if you'd like to hear this show without ads and plugs interrupting. There's one thing you can do right now to make that happen and that has become a POW torch VIP member. You've got about a dozen other podcast throughout the week that I host that our VIP exclusive and you get the weight color post shows and podcast during the week with the ads and plugs removed all on a separate feed exclusively for VIP members plus tons of other podcasts that are VIP exclusive access to our full archives. A- podcast dating back to two thousand four which includes post pay per view roundtables. Dating back to two thousand four also access to our full archives thousands of podcasts over fifteen hundred back issues of pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter. That started it all. Add store website more check. Full details at TWA TORCH VIP INFO DOT COM. That's P. W. Torture VIP Info Dot Com to get full details and then jump our sign up for mobile friendly desktop friendly in two minutes. You can be a VIP member. She'll support for us. We'll give you a lot of return including a streamlined. Listening experience on your iphone or android device with the ADS and plugs removed. Go CHECK IT OUT. People you tortured. Vip INFO DOT COM. Paul Heyman Greatest. Promo guy the last. Several years is at his best. Now compared to pass eras late eighties nineties. Two thousand. Because it doesn't yell anymore and he used to be L. or he would froth at the mouth and he. Cw News playing a different character in a different time. And I'm not questioning that editorial choice. I'm just saying Paul Heyman. Not Yelling is much better than Paul. Heyman yelling and frothing at the mouth. I mean I think you can say that about a Lotta guys. I hope Samoa Joe we get the coup Joe Cool version of Samoa Joe Chat National and Hannah delivery little bit and we'll be fine. Recreate the wheel. Be What you are and what you are isn't good enough to be. The main event at Wrestlemania then joined the large crowd that it wasn't for them. Either just the real and see what happens the last phone call. We'll get to is seven one eight. I apologize to other callers But we've got to wrap up Seven one eight please. State your name and the city you're calling from a legitimate is Mike from Brooklyn are going doing good. I say Mike. I always makes my day when I hear a strong Brooklyn Accent. So welcome to the show again all right. Thank you Very FORTUNATE TO BE ON WITH MR JIM. Ross you know my favorite analysis of all time. I got exposed to you back in eighty seven. Ws I WANNA ask two quick questions. I mean I I I do. You feel you know. The upside of being that they announced the roster and matches of you know global force also. Are you enjoying the influx of talent? That's being added to roll slowly with North so long as I've got a plan I got a plan for them. They don't have a plan for them and then they're wasting time and What was the other part of the question? The global force wrestling. We got a number of emails from people. Curious what you think about. What's going on with their announcements. I'm curious you know. I haven't talked to Jeff and several days. I don't know where that's going to lead. If we're going to be able to any business or not I got I'm it's a scheduling thing. It's a budgetary thing but I wanNA help him promote it. As Best I can and my social media sites and things I think he needs. Aj styles there. I think he needs all the bullet club guys. I think he needs some Nakimora Anton Hockey But that's going to be his call but he needs the biggest thing he needs as a television network and right now so that's my knowledge that hasn't hasn't occurred. Has It crossed your mind that TNA canceled in September in part because they feel like global force might be a better partner and they're gonNA switch to them Gosh I had no idea okay. I'm just throwing it out. People mention that emails. I don't destination America's they answer anyway. I know yeah yeah. So that's the way that's about all the time I got if that's Yeah that we got to. We got to number callers. Jim Thank you so much. Your your time is generous with us. and Thank you it's always a pleasure to be on the show. My pleasure thank you good work. Thank you very. Thanks very much appreciate it. Go ahead and check out Jim just entered Jim. Ross blog on Google and you can go right to his blog. And obviously he's got his podcast on podcast. One you can find it in itunes. Also thank you everybody for joining me today again if you're not a VIP member is a great time to go VIP. There's so much going on a wrestling right now and we have you covered from all angles especially in audio these days as I mentioned earlier we added a veteran. Mma and pro wrestling analyst. Todd Martin to the staff his Nearly two hours shows five minute segments. Yesterday went up yesterday for VIP members. Check out my twitter feed. You don't even have to listen to what I'm saying Really good response at the weight. Keller we have people on my twitter. Feed praising. Todd's debut people who knew his work elsewhere in a heard on so many other podcasts. Or those who had never heard of before Travis Bryant From these casts Message me on facebook This morning saying he's already a big fan of todd. After hearing last night show He is a great addition to the staff. And we encourage you to go. Vip We've got. I I've said before and I meant it and unmatched staff of Longtime contributors to the site our staff and our volunteer contributors In addition to the staff. are tremendous an unmatched. Todd Martin adding I think distancing us from Any any other any other group out there and VIP is where we do our top shelf work in audio and also columns and writing in the newsletter and on our AD. Free website Bruce Mitchell audio show also went up last night. It was a busy day of audio. I recorded the Steve Austin unleash. Show check him out. They'll be on life but you can also you can't join them. Live listen on demand as the case with all of our shows that does it for me for today. Thanks to our great callers for your support in your contributions to the program as always and on that note Wade Keller thinking again at signing off ads. Camille have you subscribed to the POW torch daily cast? Yet it's a free daily podcast with shows. Throughout the week dedicated to ring of honor. 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Pw Torch Daily Cast Dot Com when I tell VIP membership to you the listener. I often talk about the current podcasts. That there are exclusive. Podcast like the fix with todd. Martin the Wade Keller daily hotline the post pay per view roundtables. Bruce Mitchell audio show Allen Kuna hands progress paradise in many many more. Also I talk about how these shows are ad free. The ads employees are edited out. Something I don't talk a lot about are the twenty years ago back issues that we post every week the year two thousand was fascinating if you go. Vip now you can catch up on the first few months of those twenty years ago back issues as soon as you become VIP member the January first two thousand back issue headlines with a triple length. Torch talk with Iraq. My exclusive one on one with the rock talking about his career and some comments that raised some eyebrows. Decide what I did there also The next week it was Terry funk being named commissioner of ww that was a cover story plus a ton of behind the scenes happenings in WCW including Goldberg's injury and the plan returns of Hogan and Ric Flair. Then the January fifteenth. Two Thousand Cover story featured Steve Austin switching doctors right before major neck surgery the January twenty second two thousand edition featured a cover story of a week of major changes in w. w including Vince Russo. Being Demoted Crispin winning the world title and then being stripped of it and requests by a number of wrestlers to be released from their contracts and then after that we detailed the following week on January twenty ninth cover story Chris. Vanua eighty grow de Milenko and Perry Saturn heading to the WWF then the February fifth two thousand issue features Eddie Guerrero suffering a serious injury in his first wwe match and details of the debut of the radicals. Plus the May young nudity controversy. See what I had to say about that. Also that featured my annual in-depth WCW roster depth chart the February twelfth issue featured cover story on the launch of the xfl and how it was following e C W's approach plus my annual e c w roster ranking and the annual most influential list. Who had the most power behind the scenes and professional wrestling? Then a cover story on how W W blue and opportunity to win over new fans with the unopposed nitro when raw was preempted. That was the February nineteenth thousand cover story also details in the news wire on Scott Hall's conduct overseas and chain Douglas being fired the very twenty six two thousand issue features cover story on Hogan as W W morale buster. We took you behind the scenes with source reporting on. What Hogan's doing behind the scenes to really bring down morale in WCW? 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