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BERT and Podcasting Supremacy

Marketing Over Coffee

21:58 min | 1 year ago

BERT and Podcasting Supremacy

"Getting over coffee I'm John Wall Christopher Ben Alright and Bert is in the house level setting I what the heck is this thing so Bert stands for Bidirectional encoder representations for essentially up until about a year ago machine learning and AI sense of it so if you typed in for example best marketing podcast hopefully marketing the problem with that approach is it Mrs Nuance once you start getting into more just best marketing podcasts a similar thing like best espresso near Espresso shops so the oldest audience in San this these new models so even if you never utter the word coffee the Algorithm understands that you were talking about allows people to have conversation inquiries and most importantly understands prepositions of modifier for the American Embassy now the query understands the in is a modifier but marketers the big thing is this it means that the idea of optimizing now when we do we have to be thinking about answering questions at contextual hey John what's the best marketing podcast you've listened to you lately right you're probably tent with in order to rank well for the way these work so there's a couple of big takeaways number one title conversation about a topic that may not be in the initial inquiry but are semantically perfect so you're going to need the subject matter experts you're going to need to change your Seo tools and optional for anybody who's doing seo as their thing you must have not anymore yeah it seems like to get your Seo game where it needs to be you're going to have to do some at that oh absolutely content farms you know the five dollar blog that's another thing that's really important because this model can understand text context the document level it's GonNa look and go this is just nonsense you just copied and pasted this it's a crack at your content you're probably going to want to go back through and revise all of that there's actually a full post over at too so you can grab that through the show notes and read more if you roken down by industry having events tied into that but of course it's all in the delivery and the functions because it's just so much better than event prayed for getting into business type stuff so we'll even that's intercom motto so consider this their invitation to businesses to step it up with messaging your comic Stingier team with conversational bots and guided tours inside your product did he get proactive with their visitors and just twelve months with inter-community got forty five percent channel yet go to intercom dot com slash podcast that's intercom. Dot WanNa be we had some interesting stats on that but unfortunately the stuff we can't share I wish we could we think intercom for their support of the show okay quantum supremacy we've talked about so this is a big announcement by Google saying that they have you know they're they're working quantum a two years late we did this two years ago and so there's there's a lot of that but what's pickle right now there isn't a there there because of the nature of the ex- right it's not good at that what it's good at our aches a lot of sense like simulating a drugs interactions in your bloodstream about the you know they're they're looking at the potential quantum computing but yeah it's I if the Guru I have PhD's in on physical right but of being able to look at Massive possible permutations post in there there was a gem of a quote in their computer in its entire lifetime and it would still not solve that in the like you said IBM came somebody one of the engineers had said you know what really impresses is if you could come up with a real world application the it as like drag racing or something you know it's like you're just building these insanely hinch engines I would love to see us you know in chemistry finding superconductors like if there is something that could number folks who are taking decades and decades of all data like from now dusting off that data and rerunning new simulations in finding Oh this is actually useful and arthritis drug that didn't work out so well or you know recreational so that on the side of like material science stuff the tremendous amount of opportunity where whole areas that you know when we say data-mining you're always talking about drilling into data you already have but so yet kind of trolling through the pages of history that's very cool to dig stuff up and for its own show do we need to dedicate a whole lot of time to that or is there just a thumbnail. CCPA not the individual level so if you have information identifying the second thing and this one was was fascinated me GDP are imposes a cap a toy company right when you've got a million names in your database you can be fined seven hundred dollars so there are there are some twists and turns it but for the most part work you now have very strong and said did you so all right yes well the link to that you can dig give us some free time to do this foolish podcast check out the social twenty twenty report how musically the by the parent company of Tick Tock Start pulling back weeks using yeah tick tock has thirty million users in America they have six hundred million in China if you'd read the Social Networks Twenty Twenty paper you've known this a few weeks yeah you wouldn't there Oh an interesting what Netflix testing variable play times I thought this was but they did have to use cases that were interesting was just if you've seen a movie before and you WanNa Kinda down a little bit I thought that was interesting but Hollywood coming out all guns blazing saying that you know no AH I don't get it you know certainly the aspect called video description which for inaccessibility is when it's for blind a blue blazer has a cup of coffee to Christian narrates essentially what's going on on screen for yeah and it's funny I do have to say call out the authors but I've had more than one audio book make it through the Buck I wouldn't have been able to get through the book otherwise but so we'll see where pushback all they have the picture on the show notes because giant plane with x wing fighters on it is and of course this is probably good with the Oh yeah and that was one point on the holidays is that this holiday season has thing over forty percent of people will do all of their shopping on Amazon which I thought was interesting or getting a set of bone conduction headphones right yes so these are advantages of this is that you can wear full on like a rifle and shotgun like everyone who's ever tried these like yeah the base sucks because it's trying to push operation but I'm looking forward to it for airplanes and trains yeah yeah to keep noise down while about the same number that's absolutely a rookie mistake but they did it anyways so your buds that have supposedly as good noise reduction as the over the years set but which they're going to three different sizes on the fit it's going to be a tight fit. Ah Yeah it'll be interesting the other thing I'm looking forward to the bone conduction wear them for example while you're driving it is thoroughly safe to do so because there's literally nothing impeding outside whatever on headphones throughout their drop dot com has got the hi so if you have somebody that loves listening to classical music or as an audio file just a sound stage that just can't be beat as far as you know spreading the music out and giving fantastic winding down for the rest of the year to approach in the holidays we've got some road trips coming up that we're going to be down L. L. client meetings and individuals stuff yeah that sounds good if you're gonNA be in the Boston and New York in listening to marketing over coffee. Christopher Penn blogs at Christopher home is called Mellow g by funk masters and you can find it at Music Halley.

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