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April 2, Hr 1  Dr Michael Busler, Professor of Finance at Stockton University

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April 2, Hr 1 Dr Michael Busler, Professor of Finance at Stockton University

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi ON ERO. Got Town phase out man well as were all adjusting to normal. The numbers remain mornings. Okay L. Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com live local ish. I'll explain later. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yes we're all practicing social distance. I'm broadcasting this morning from my Home Office now. I am just a fine but just taking those precautionary measures. So how you holding up nine hundred ninety three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six you know. We're all trying to fill the time. Stay at home. Order has been extended in the State. No surprise there trying to fill the time and try not to go just a little bit. Stir crazy and any number of options. I mean. Good luck. Finding a jigsaw puzzle these days because well that's Kinda gone the way of toilet paper but talking with them. Thomas from snowmass village. Good Morning Thomas and Thomas had a great suggestion in terms of staying in touch with your friends and with your loved ones as well. Sure there's social media there's facetime Google hang I mean there's just all kinds of options Social Media Wise available to us but I thought he had a great suggestion. He said you know. Just write a letter. When is the last time that you wrote a letter well? Armoured Hallmark is making a little bit. Easier on you as hallmark is giving away two million free cards to help keep us all connected because well now more than ever. We all need to lean on our family and our support system our friends for much-needed supports and so in effort to make our lives just a little bit brighter. Aulmark is encouraging you to connect with loved ones near and for our with an unprecedented card giveaway. So this actually started. I believe a few days ago but until supplies run out anyone can visit hallmarks care enough website. Just fire up that Google Earth as we're all doing these days but you can visit their care enough website to sign up for a free pack of three cards which include cheer sayings like I believe in you and UNICORNS. Yeah that might get a little bit of a smirk right here here for you here for everything. Oh that's a nice sentiment and there's a surprising amount of love in this folded piece of paper. There are no additional requirements. All you have to do is type in your name and address and the cards will be shipped as soon as possible again. It's hallmarks care enough website. Well the rest is pretty much up to you. You can write well wishes to friends and family or you know depending on how close you are. And the extent of your friendship hadn't snarky be yourself because I think that's what's so important is in these times of uncertainty and anxiety and just as we're navigating the ground rules of what the new normal is we need to hang on to who we are and perhaps discover our best selves in the process. So you can write. Well wishes to your friends. Your family check in on older relatives. Maybe take this moment and turn it in to a teachable moment. For your kids this as. We're all homeschooling these days. Right about how impactful the small acts of kindness can actually be. You can fill cards with encouraging messages to seniors. And that was Thomas from snowmass villages. Suggestion is if you do have elderly. Neighbors practice safe social distancing but reach out to them might be alone. They might not have any relatives nearby. Reach out because it's going to make a real difference but what about those on the first line or the frontline? I should say why. Not Reach out to healthcare. Workers First Responders law enforcement teachers local businesses or any frontline worker that is working to make all of our lives so much safer healthier and happier now. Hallmark had temporarily closed a number of their stores. But they are doing what they can as. We all are to lift spirits through a very very uncertain time. It's a hallmark. A handwritten card is paper. Hug and really in that what we all need right about now so why not sign up now and spread the love Dan? All you have to do is go to that hallmark website. I think it's a great idea. It's their care enough website. You can sign up for that free. Pack Three Cards six twelve now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live local ish again practicing social distancing doing the show from home. I'm fine don't worry about it and I hope you are fine as well. All right. We got a lot on our plate to share with you this morning as concerns over. Kovic nineteen escalates. Well market turbulence continues. Not a good first day of the second quarter this as the Dow plunged nine hundred seventy three points yesterday after plummeting. Twenty three percent in the first quarter of the year. That was the worst quarter since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven so it begs the question. Is this so-called black? Is this a so-called Black Swan event is Cova Nineteen a Black Swan? Myklebust slur is a public policy analyst. He's an economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton in University in New Jersey New Jersey very very hard hit by the covert nineteen outbreak. He'll join us this morning right around six thirty five then as we're trying to share the light and lift your spirits. Well Fort Collins. Nonprofit Crossroads Safe House is hosting. Its very first couch concert tonight. from six to eight PM since we can't go to the venue they're bringing performers to you now. This will not only support the community and raise funds for their mission at Road Safehouse To raise funds for Domestic violence but it also carries a very important message because these days staying at home isn't safe for everyone. Jacqueline Tyler is executive director of crossroads. Safehouse and she'll weigh in with all the details at seven. Oh five now. We touched on this yesterday. The fact that Any number of US have a multitude of questions about a Cornucopia of things particularly those stints. Stimulus checks this from that Two point two trillion dollar cares bill passed. But who's eligible for these checks and what about retirees well talent of HR block of really? Well help us sort through it all when he joins us at eight thirty five six fifteen now. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand and one. We're patient here. Always comes first nine seven three seven eight four nine or caring hearts H H DOT COM. All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Better News for you on this your second date of April but the numbers are pretty grim relative to covert nineteen six twenty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. One is Gail live up local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yeah indeed Infections fatalities continue to escalate across the nation on Wednesday as a result of Kovic nineteen and spread with the number of confirmed cases rising above two hundred thousand the number of deaths surpassing five thousand. The fatalities for just yesterday alone topped one thousand and one day toll more than double that usually recorded for lung cancer and influenza combined this according to a piece out of USA Today now some researchers predicted US corona virus deaths could surpass two thousand per day by mid April exceeding daily deaths attributed to heart disease now amid the climbing numbers five more states to include Florida Georgia Mississippi Nevada and Pennsylvania. Well they added or expanded. Stay at home orders. Well let's stay at home order of course in Colorado expanded as well while Michigan proposed a seventy day extension of an emergency declaration that had been set to expire April seventh for example Brian. Kemp governor of Georgia said now is crunch time for us to lessen the peak to make the bullseye a smaller. And yes social distancing does indeed work and I know how different and how difficult it is because we're social animals. I mean we loved interact with each other right. But here's the thing you have to remember this novel Corona Virus. It's it's a parasite it needs a host and sadly well we're the ideal host so the more we can minimize contact with one another at least for the foreseeable future the better. Meanwhile back to Governor Georgia Brian Camp. He added that the next three weeks were critical for Georgia indeed. The next three weeks critical for the entire nation and that Residence at need to hunker down. You might have heard some rumors to the effect of that The president was considering a nationwide quarantine seemed to back away from that discussion. President trump has insisted that the states the states need to be free to determine for themselves which safety measures to implement and he went on to cite disparities and how states have been affected by the outbreak. Basically stating the obvious president trump told reporters on Wednesday this according to the Associated. Press that there are some states. That are quite different than others there. Some states that indeed don't have much of a problem now not even second place in New Jersey by the way looking forward to our conversation this morning with policy and economics expert professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Dr Michael Buster Get kind of a bird's eye view of what's going on in New Jersey but not even second-place New Jersey with more than twenty two thousand confirmed cases of the virus came close to approaching first place. New York which continued to lead the nation with nearly eighty four thousand cases New Jersey also trailed far behind New York in the number of deaths with three hundred fifty five compared to more than two twenty two hundred in the state of New York nonetheless. All fifty states grappling with a situation that members of the president's corona taskforce confirmed. This week would get far worse before it gets better with Deaths and we've talked about this at great extent. Deaths of one hundred thousand two numbers boggle the mind don't they one hundred thousand two hundred and forty thousand. Americans expected in the weeks ahead. Despite the varying intervention measures meanwhile closer to home county started April with more than three hundred positive cases of corona virus and adept. Count at a thirteen. This according to numbers released just last night from the county health department. Were Front piece out of the trip by Angelini. The Weld County Department of Health and Environment reported a total of three hundred thirty one cases cases reported by the county. Wednesday are an increase of thirty five over Tuesday and an additional two doubts. Colorado ranks fourteenth nationwide and numbers among states reporting this according to figures from the US Centers for Disease Control. Colorado's reported two thousand nine hundred and sixty six cases That that's the number of cases total in the state this according to the CDC As of Wednesday evening the CDC reported more than one hundred eighty six thousand cases nationwide again with more than three thousand deaths in weld county females continue to comprise a higher number of the total cases as of Wednesday. There were one hundred and eighty four women as opposed to one hundred and forty seven forty seven males who indeed had tested positive for Cova nineteen the fifty to fifty nine year old age group also continued see the highest number of cases according to county figures nearly seventy people in that age group are among the confirmed cases with over half of those being women while public health officials have warned. Older individuals are among the most susceptible to corona virus particularly those with underlying conditions in recent weeks. Well there's been stronger. Warnings much stronger warnings for younger people to be aware and to take proper precautions. Well County figures back up. Those claims individuals forty to forty nine years old and those thirty to thirty nine are the second and third highest age groups to contract This novel Virus Corona Virus countywide both with more than fifty cases and both surpassing older patients from ages. Sixty to ninety nine on the county chart so when scan standard ice prevails. Just stay calm? Wash your hands and we'll get through this causing it on six thirty now. Thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot Com has the Wall Street casino continues its tumultuous ride well. How long is this going to go on? And how low can it go? Professor Michael Slater who is a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey ways in in just a few six thirty now thirteen ten KFI KIA ROBERTA'S TO UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Well News continues to be grandma's those jobless numbers that just came out six point. Six four million has compared to the estimate of around three point. Three million six six thirty seven thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen KFI K. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum This as a stocks stumbled to start the second quarter as the number of covert nineteen cases in the US. Topped two hundred thousand. How low can it go? Join this morning by our good friend Dr Michael Butler professor of Finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Dr Presler welcome back to the show morning. Gail how are you? Thanks for happening by pleasure to be here. I so appreciate your taking the time first things first. I Know New Jersey second to New York in the number of cases of Covet nineteen. How're you doing? Well I'm doing okay. New Jersey is Has a very high number as you mentioned but Almost all of that is in the northern part of the state and part of the state. That's around New York City. I live in southern New Jersey. Just their city Down Beach Atlantic City Atlantic County. Here we only have about thirty five cases And NO DEATHS. I don't think There may be one so it's not too bad in this area in North Jersey though or have a lot of friends and associates Things are pretty bad up there. It's almost as bad as it is in New York City absolutely terrifying isn't it certainly certainly so is looking at the Wall Street Casino. These days as I mentioned in the urban as stocks opened the second quarter well they took a pretty hard fall in stocks are going to fluctuate wildly And most of it is due to whatever news happens to come out that that day if things are going to start to look negatives As it did when they said look the number of deaths as a result of this and likely to be around one hundred thousand could be as high as two hundred thousand catastrophic levels that sent the stock market really down. Now it comes out in the next day or two that Well the number of that because Not as bad as we thought and a number of new cases seems to be going down a little bit. I don't know if that'll happen in the next couple of days but when it finally does that good news will trigger exactly the opposite. Mostly the stock market measured by the Dow. Go Up. Perhaps a thousand Points in a day. I think that yeah go ahead. I was GONNA say. I think the most likely scenario seems to be that the number of cases won't peak somewhere around the second or third week of April. So we're probably about two weeks away from the peak If the peak turns out to be not as bad as some of the numbers are talking about and It it looks like by the end of the month. We can start bringing some companies back to to work. The stock market will respond to that. I think very very favorably and yesterday's tumble of what nine hundred seventy three points. Four point four four percent S. and P. Five hundred Nasdaq composite. Both down four point four one percent. Well that only adds insult to injury after we saw the worst first quarter since nineteen eighty seven. I believe Yeah. It was a disaster. I mean the the stock market at the worst dropped From the peak to the lowest dip dropped about thirty seven percent. That's a huge drop Now let let me also say that. The history indicates the stock market tends to recover relatively quickly For normal bear market where the market goes down by about ten percent or fifteen percent usually three to six months later. It's back up to where it was before even in two thousand eight when the market dropped fifty percent fifty percent drop in the value of stocks it took about eighteen months for that to get back to to where it was so I think and I tell people that are very nervous about their retirement plans in particular. I tell them. Look just. Don't look at the stock market. They don't look at your portfolio. Don't look at the values come back in about sixty days and take a look at it Then I think will be on its way to recovery and I think by the end of the year maybe early part of next year We'll get back to the level. We were before. I expect a very strong robust recovery. One all of it. A Corona virus stuff is put behind us so you. You don't agree with Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren who called Kovic nineteen a black swan event. No defined that for us. Yeah so Black Swan when things. Everything goes bad and you could eventually get into a a very severe recession. Perhaps even depression. I don't see that happening For a couple reasons one before the this virus get January and February. Were generally very strong months. The economy was headed for three three and a half percent growth or better this year so the fundamental research unemployment was as low as we've ever had wages or calling up inflation is low. Total incomes are are going up or adding manufacturing jobs. Construction industry was doing well so everything economy was doing well up until this. This happened because the government Passed this two point. Two trillion dollar stimulus package which is both a good thing or a bad thing about that. But on the good side it it's GonNa make up for all of the income that People will lose as a result of being laid off. And there's been about. Ten million people laid off in the last two weeks. That's about seven percent of the of the workforce so you're GonNa see the unemployment number Spike But I think once that the virus tweaks which were hoping is within the next two or three weeks and the number of new case starts to go down and maybe by the end of April it'll be subsided enough that we can start to open up Parts of the country. I don't think we'll open up everything at once. 'cause areas like New York and North Jersey And California and then some of the other big cities I think they may be slower. Salt were to come back but most of the countries should be able to Start to come back and I can't wait for the day when I see in the newspaper. It Says No. New Cases of Corona virus were reported today so once we get to that point. I think the economy will rebound very quickly and very strongly. I expect this. That third and fourth quarters of this year Starting in July August June July August and September October November. Those two quarters. I expect them to be very very strong. So the second quarter. We're going to see a big drop. There's no doubt about it but once this thing gets over and we can return to normal. I see a big fast recovery both in the economy and the stock market. So I don't see any real negative Things happening the second quarter. Gdp will be awful I don't know whether technically it probably won't be a recessional. Though they make a call it that but it will be relatively short lived and I think the rebound will be very a quick and robust six forty five now thirteen ten KFI K. Eight not Michael. Butler is a public policy analyst economics expert and professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. You know I wanted to pick up. I wanted to pull that thread. You were talking about the return to normal but I have to wonder as we've all had to adjust and adapt and hopefully advance Through the nightmare that is cove in nineteen that's affected our lives on just a multitude of levels is normal going to be different post Cova nineteen. Well I'm not sure now I'm from A. I'm not a psychologist but from a psychologist point of view you don't know what kind of Long term implications this this will have I mean essentially wool gone about six weeks Not Being able to touch anybody at the same that to hug people And Congregate so I. I think one of two things can can happen when when the government finally says it's okay to go back to normal people may say well look we've been In bad condition for so long. I WANNA go out and talk to want to go out to restaurants. I want my life to return to to normal as as quickly as possible. If that's the case you'll see a quick recovery and more quicker return to normal on the other hand if people start to get used to not being around other people and being very cautious and that tends to linger I look to the future that could have very negative impacts will have to talk to the psychologist maybe and ask them out. Which one of those two are mostly right? But you know it's funny. I think it was Charles Pain on Fox business talking about the workplace and the fact that you know so many of us are working from home while we've been headed in that direction for quite some time and I said something to the effect of well. This will be the new normal. It's only happening faster than we thought it would. Yeah I agree with that too after Essentially six weeks of everybody working from home. We're going to start to realize we can do a lot of work with technology the way we We're we're having professor they. They closed the school down after Tom Brady. And we're doing everything online I don't think the online classes You get quite as much out of it as you do face to face because there's a lot of active learning that occurs face to face so I think that's a better Experience however we're finding out that there are subjects particularly some of the introductory subjects. That don't require a lot of class discussion Some of those subjects can be very easily caught Online and people are saying that they can work on crime today to through things like zoom in these Goto meeting kind of thing. Where meet the People Online And you're saving a whole lot of time and money so I agree with Charles paying that This will Speed up the transition from the everybody in an office the people working at home I think it will speed that up A little bit and I think that will turn out to be positive because I think the low improve efficiency. One other point We've relied on China for a lot of products for decades mostly because almost entirely because their wage rates are so low there and the workers are fairly productive. The cost to produce is so low that we make so much over there and we can bring it back over here to sell it and sell it at a lower price. The problem is some products like antibiotics and other medications. That are made there It's very vital that we have those things and maybe it's not such a good idea to rely on China for that so I think what's going to happen is you'll see a lot of manufacturing leaving China and come back to the. Us now in order to do that. And to keep the the cost and prices to the public reasonable We'll have to eliminate China's advantage so China's advantages low labour costs. What's going to happen? Will bring the manufacturing back and instead of it being labor intensive manufacturing it'll be capital intensive which means instead of hiring a lot of people to work in a factory. You'll have just a few number of people and robots and automation and artificial intelligence That way we'll be able to produce as cheaply as we could Using the labor intensive methods in China will be able to bring manufacturing back fortunately when Congress cut taxes and twenty eighteen. They cut taxes not only for the middle class the stimulate the economy and help people that need it but they also cut taxes for the upper class and for corporations that creates new capital. So what we're bringing this manufacturing back. There should be plenty of new capital available to build these Capital intensive plant. And I think you'll see we have much less reliance on China going into the future. You know the other problem is when Chinese officials are talking and flapping their guns. They're probably lying. And of course cove in nineteen came from. Wuhan all right in the minute or so that we have laughed. We touched on that. Two point two trillion dollar stimulus our own representative congressman. Ken Buck very vehemently vehemently opposed that for the simple reason. How are we going to pay for the stimulus? Package is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing it'll help. People get the economy back quicker all that stroke however we had a one trillion dollar deficit before this. We just added two point two trillion to the spending and that's GonNa take the deficit up over three trillion plus because everything shut down for these six weeks. Tax Revenue is going to go down where we're looking at probably three and a half to four trillion dollar deficit this year. There's no way that can be sustained. And now they're talking about another stimulus package which there's no way we're going to be able to afford that so agree with The guest you had on That this is not a good thing. I'm not so sure I was in a position. I would have voted for Interesting Professor Michael Ostler. Public policy analysts economics expert and a professor of finance at a Stockton University. Thank you as always for your insights especially now Where can we learn more about you and your work? So my twitter account where I post all my columns at 'em Butler that's at M. B. U. S. L. E. R. And if you have a facebook page just search for funding democracy funding democracy by Patriot. Pop up I'd be happy if you followed me Professor Bass Larry. Thank you so much. Please stay well. Thank you six fifty to thirteen ten. Kfi K. Guy Burst UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com six fifty six sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Six fifty eight on your Thursday morning thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. A. K. A. Dot Com Morton Sagale light local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right many of us are expecting a check from the federal government in the next several weeks. This as part of that Cares bill that stimulus package intended to provide the country financial relief as Cova de Nineteen stresses physical and financial health around the world retirees and those who claim a social security are indeed part of that group though? They may face says some complications. We're going to work through that with a tie. Allen of H and R block of Greeley when? He joins US this morning at eight thirty five but coming up. Fort Collins. Nonprofit CROSSROADS SAFE HOUSE WILL HOSTING. Its first couch concert. It's a facebook event this evening from six to eight. Pm and if you're tuned in you can enjoy live music now. The invent will serve to support local restaurants by encouraging takeout. Orders to enjoy while. You're sitting there being couch potato and also raising funds for crossroads as safe. House is a nonprofit serving victims of domestic violence. They need help now more than they ever have Jacqueline Tighly From Crossroads Safehouse ways in when she joins us at seven. Oh Five. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few thirteen ten K. APP K. A. Greeley loveland burst. Unc bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten KFI K.

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March 27, Hr 2  Unemployment vs pet projects

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March 27, Hr 2 Unemployment vs pet projects

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi rethinking the conversation talking about that. A so called rogue Republican This is representative Massey out of Kentucky and this rather antiquated Voice vote okay. Fine steeped in tradition. I get it But worry on both sides of the aisle that basically he could dig deep six the passage of this two trillion dollar corona virus stimulus package Because we're talking about that This verbal exercise. Okay in which those in favor shout. Yay and those opposed Holler. Nee and the loudest side would prevail when he must have a really big mouth if he could beat the rest of thinking about that but as John pointed out via text this morning At three one nine nine six well. Nancy Pelosi is going to hear what Nancy Pelosi wants to hear. Seven eight now thirteen ten. Kfi K. but again it goes to the question if there's just one single solitary vote. Then how can that blow the whole thing up? I mean this on the heels of stunningly horrific job claims numbers unemployment numbers for those job. Claims your we talked about this at a great length yesterday as a jobless claims Well hit record numbers yesterday. Labor Department reporting search to three point. Two eight million shattering The great recession peak of six hundred. Sixty five thousand in March of two thousand nine the all-time mark Of Six hundred ninety five thousand in October one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I thought that all time mark was Way Back when nineteen thirty three if I'm not mistaken When the claims were then seven hundred thousand but well I suppose I will defer well no now now it's CNBC. Now I'M GONNA go with my number but think about this so as they continue to quibble over the stimulus bill. Americans continue to suffer nearly three point. Three million jobless claims filed crossed the country K. over forty five thousand Colorado and filed for unemployment. In the first three days of this week it increased by over seventeen thousand claims from the prior. Week This according to the US Department of Labor and a piece by Derek Draper one out of the center square according to the data Nineteen thousand four hundred twenty nine Colorado ins filed for unemployment in the week that ended march twenty first up from two thousand three hundred and twenty one thousand and the prior week. Think about the numbers okay. And meanwhile it's politics as usual and that absolutely infuriates me. How about you nine? Seven zero three three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. So you have Representative Ken Bacha. Talked about this. A little bit before the top of the hour pulled this out of Colorado politics piece by Michael Karlic representative Buck wrote of the Senate passed measure. Yeah and there's a whole not a whole lot not to like about it particularly when you kind of get into the weeds a bit and look at the look at the fact that when it comes to unemployment benefits could be argued in many cases that is APP. It's actually subsidizing people to stay home. They'll make more on unemployment than they did for example In their job that thanks to Kovic nineteen is No LONGER IN EXISTENCE. Something to think about but again. I look at the overarching. Good in the hopes that there is a return to normalcy. Sooner rather than later you know president trump talking about the fact Let's see where where are we now? Day Twelve of the fifteen day Social distancing slow the spread flattening the curve. Day Fifteen I believe is Monday so would not be an effect on Tuesday. Of course president trump Saying yeah he wants to put the country back to work by Easter and Dr Anthony fouts. He's saying well. You might want slow your Easter Egg roll. They're just a little bit because I thought he made a very very good point. The government doesn't determine when we lift all of these. Stay at home orders. All of this social distancing when we can get back to some semblance of normalcy no covert nineteen and the spread thereof determines when we can get back to work that meanwhile back saying to Colorado politics the Corona Virus Response Package has special carve outs seventy five million for public broadcasting fifty million for museums and libraries. That's one hundred. Twenty five million dollars for pet projects and set for struggling families and businesses dams are again exploiting a crisis to fund their liberal wishlist. He also said that. The twenty five million dollars for the Kennedy Center for the performing hearts had no place who could disagree with that and if the Kennedy Center for the Performing Heart Arts had any heart had any morals had any values whatsoever they would say no. Thanks thanks but no thanks. Why don't we give that much? Yeah like that's going to happen right. Buck went on to describe a requirement that businesses receiving loans remain neutral in any union organizing efforts as a special carve out For Union bosses. Now after the Senate struggled over the weekend to reach consensus Democrats authored their own proposal. Funny I thought it was Nancy Pelosi and that earned a rather well strident rebuke from lambourn. He wrote seems like the Democrats. See an opportunity in this crisis. Well never ever ever let a good crisis. Go Away Stride. They're not here to help the American people but to hold an emergency relief bill hostage until they get their radical wis list that radical component features he included included fifteen dollar minimum wage. Same Day voter registration and expanded collective bargaining rights. Yeah no shortage of pork here. We are in unprecedented times and not suggesting far. Be It for me that you settle for what's going on in Congress but here's the question with millions of Americans out of work and who knows how long this is going to continue. Do we have any other choice? Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six while all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Missing Sports on K. F. K. Enjoy some instant classics with K classics every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten. Kfi K. And Thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM so. The House expected to vote on that two point two trillion dollar corona virus Stimulus package and well one rove Republican Representative Masi Out of Kentucky. Take it down in flames seven. Twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com mornings Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right so let's look at the glass half full view work through this bill and I'm sure you have far better things to do these days because it's hundreds of pages but in the middle of the bills hundreds of pages you'll find the details regarding exactly who can expect to receive money if this This I don't even know how to refer to this because I'm so angry at the Congress for stopping at full of things that don't even belong there so if this debacle I would say on one hand of a bill passes but it's also much needed assistance to millions of Americans who are suffering. So let's breakdown. But I digress. Let's break down what you can expect to receive and how much you can expect to receive if indeed this bill passes. I Dunno if you're making a bad on this. What's the over under that? This bill will pass nine seven three five three three eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six all right. So let's start here who is eligible while the bill does make clear that everybody is eligible except for non resident aliens and those who can be used as the basis for deducted for deductions for another person. Senate Finance Committee chairman. Chuck Grassley said Seniors Veterans. The UNEMPLOYED AND LOW INCOME AMERICANS WOULD BE ELIGIBLE TO THE BILL. Taxed indicates that those who received social security can collect checks for those that required to file twenty eighteen or twenty nine hundred tax returns because social security benefits tax returns aren't required aren't required to claim the money. The government can use information from a form essay. Ten Ninety nine social security benefits statement or form are are be ten ninety nine so security equivalent benefit statement with that in mind and you probably already know these numbers but let's run through. How much can you expect to receive if you file your taxes as an individual? You're eligible for payments up to twelve hundred dollars but that decreases for folks who earn more than seventy five thousand dollars a year. The bill says that the payment is reduced by five percent of every dollar above that mark or fifty dollars for every one thousand dollars over seventy five thousand dollars breakout the abacus. What that ultimately means is that for people who make more than seventy five thousand dollars. The payment is less the higher. Their earnings are with it. Being reduced to zero for those who make ninety nine thousand dollars or more couples who file a joint return are eligible for a payment of up to twenty four hundred dollars plus an additional five hundred dollars per child however that amount decreases for couples who earn more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year at the same rate of five percent of every dollar above that mark that translates to less money. The more you make without being reduced to zero for joint filers without kids who earn more than one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars. What about heads of households if you file as a head of household you're eligible for payments of up to twelve hundred dollars but that amount once again is increased by five hundred dollars per child that amount is reduced for people who earn more than one hundred twelve thousand dollars a year and the extent to which is decrease. Of course Depends upon how many children you might have. Our income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nine thousand nine. Don't quote me on this but I think and I have it on fairly good authority because this question. You're probably wondering. Is it grocer just that? I believe it's adjusted income but I'll have to verify that for you. Income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nineteen. But they haven't filed for that year. Then they're filing for twenty. Eighteen actually applies so when and how will the payments be made payments? According to the bill will be made as rapidly as possible. I'm hearing as early as April but all they've got a lot of wiggle room there because once again according to this Bill that spans hundreds of pages. Now they get themselves out yes. The payments will be made as rapidly as possible and no later than December thirty. First of twenty twenty. Too late they will be made via direct deposit to an account that you have authorized for tax refunds or federal payments on or after January. First Twenty. Eighteen notice will be sent to your last known address within fifteen days of payment informing you of the method and the amount of payment a phone number will also be provided so people can call the IRS. In the event you did not receive your stimulus bucks so there you have it the breakdown. Seven twenty nine now. Thirteen ten K F K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM coming up Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management with some tips on what to do if your 401k is down and it well could be. We'll check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management Just about five minutes from now. Thirteen ten K. K. Preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K F K. Isn't that incredible? How life has changed so tremendously over the past twelve days thing about it. I mean how we're looking at. Stay at home orders worth thinking about. Well what are we going to do to occupy ourselves? Our kids are home distance learning. How are you holding up seriously? Nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. All right Kim crosses piece wanted to get your thoughts on this as well Japanese CDs. I pulled this out of Cbs Denver Channel. Four Dylan. Thomas Corona virus in Colorado this as health officials. Prepare the LARIMER fairgrounds for use as a temporary hospital just in case. Just planning being proactive in their planning procedures. Here's what Dylan. Thomas wrote in an effort to further protect residents in northern Colorado from the spread of cove nineteen health experts and larimer. County are prepared. They're prepared to house sick people at either the Budweiser Events Center or the surrounding facilities on the ranch property. Can you believe we're having these conversations county director of Emergency Management? Laurie Hodges told. Cbs Four is the Dylan Thomas. That one hundred sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population. Who Need to quarantine SCUZ- back to our conversation yesterday far-reaching conversation. You can find it Up On our podcast. Thirteen K of K. A. DOT COM. Just noodle around. You'll find it our conversation With a Greeley Mayor John Gates because it struck me as we were talking about his support that we in Greeley needed to do our parts and Justin adapt and follow governor. Polish says. Stay at home order but it struck me. Well it's a stay at home order. But what about those? That don't have a home and the homeless population throughout. Colorado has been identified as well one of the most critically vulnerable dacoven. Nineteen so again hundred. Sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population who need to quarantine. Hodges said the county prepared for time such as covered nineteen Previously and now it was time to move forward with establishing beds for the. Ill Hodges said our job is to always look forward a few steps ahead. We have community spreads so at this point we are looking at the next phase. Your thoughts nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten and remember this too shall pass best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K am thirteen ten KFI KIA DOT com. Sam fifty-seven All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Hey it's always your turn to comment text KFI K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now. Thirteen ten KFI K. C. I put it out into the universe. I was just talking to my husband last night. I went out Thomasson. Snowmass village is doing and here. You Are Thomas Good Morning. That's so sweet of you to think of me initially so Hey Listen you. You've been asking questions about how people are coping with this whole thing and I mean I feel Kinda blessed because I'm a retired school teacher have a pension and I'm kind of enjoying being Being at home and getting things done getting things organized. But I gotTa tell you know. I want your listeners. To to pay attention to this you got to reach out to those who are really struggling right now and get ahead of the curve. Just think a stick a people who Don't have the means you know to to cope with this hairdressers. People people who have a private businesses that are struggling right now? Thomas along those lines. I actually texted my hairdresser yesterday. And said how are you doing now? Yeah because and and who who gives a rat's Patootie on my hair is going to look a month from now I mean. It doesn't matter but also there's elderly people that data are just waiting to hear from you and just write a letter. How what's your last time? You actually sat down and wrote a handwritten letter. Send it to somebody an elderly person. Because they're just they're just they would love to hear from Gold School and let's all take care of one another Thomas snowmass village so great to hear from you be well. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few were also going to check in with Troy Coverdale at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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2004: Marcia Martin: The Art of Powerful Communication

Conscious Millionaire Show ~ Business Coaching and Mentoring 6 Days a Week

34:08 min | 7 months ago

2004: Marcia Martin: The Art of Powerful Communication

"Welcome to the conscious millionaire. Show episode number two thousand four. Hello i am marcia martin and on today show. I'm here to reveal the secrets of the art of powerful communication to conscious millionaire. The number one show for conscious entrepreneurs and ceos on a mission to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact on egypt's discover how to make bigger money create a bigger impact and live a bigger live. You're listening to the conscious. Munir network her by over twelve million listeners. In one hundred ninety countries now joined your host javy chrome the third. The conscious meaner mentor. Master nlp coach speaker and author of the number one international bestseller conscious millionaire. Grow your business by making a difference this. Jv and if you're a business owner coach who's currently making twenty thousand dollars or more per month than this announcement is for you. But first congratulations but isn't now the time to make an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more in the next twelve months while to do that. You must make specific changes in how you think about your business see possibilities and the level at which you play. Let's discuss your goals and how you can reach them much faster schedule. A complimentary time to talk with me go to conscious millionaire dot com forward slash. Talk with javy. That's right claim your time right now at conscious millionaire dot com ford slash talk with. Jv hi this is jamie and i am so excited to join me because we have an incredible show today but as you know. This isn't just a podcast in syndicated radio. Show it's an entrepreneur training. Just for you and i have. An incredible guest helped me welcome are featured guest. She is renowned global speaker. Executive coach and ceo of marcham martin productions and executive training firm that consult fortune one thousand companies and leadership and championship performance. She's trained over three hundred thousand people worldwide and her corporate clients include hard rock header national warner brothers and intercontinental hotels. My guest today is the marcia martin. Marsha welcome to the show. Oh thank you. I'm so pleased to be here. It's so much fun being with you. Thank you for having me on your show. We'll right now you're in boca boca raton florida Part of my old stomping grounds. And what a wonderful beautiful part of florida. I mean it's gorgeous in boca. I love book. I'm here because as you said i work with. I consult an train. The senior executives at hard rock hotels in this is where their corporate bases is in fort. Lauderdale florida. so i'm here working with them all over the world. They send me to all their hotels all around the globe. Well i wanna give a shoutout to aspen aspen a couple of months ago and i have to say folks you know how i feel. We ought to be wearing our mask. And social distancing and downtown ask been is very safe because they have a sign on every block and nobody is around without masks. Everybody social distancing and of course aspen. Because you've lived. There is such a fun place. My real home. I lived in aspen. Snowmass village for over twenty five years and i love the community there and folks. You may not know this. Because you're probably thinking. Oh it's beverly hills and yes beverly hills has some mansions in it but the most city in the united states his aspen colorado where you can spend ten million dollars for small home. That's actually true. You look at the half million dollar home. Isn't it no. It's an aspirin. It's ten million in. Aspirin doesn't look out the window and see the mountains and trees and the beautiful blue sky and breathe fresh air and so there is something to it there is it is beautiful. Place in snowmass is fantastic into several conferences in snowmass. For a reason because it. But today your reason for showing up as you're here to take another step forward and we're here to help you because we're gonna be talking about the art of powerful communication marsha. let's start with defining what is the distinction between powerful communication. And what most people are doing all day long. Well most people do is they have ears that are listening to words and they have mouths that our chattering and saying information and there's no connection. There's no what. I call a duplication of another person's experience. Most people aren't home aren't president and most people really do not know how to listen. You know i think one of the hallmarks. 'cause you don't have all this training and in all p you've got training ask. Is that the difference. Between and i'll tell you folks you know i've done two thousand five hundred episodes. I actually don't sit here thinking about what i'm gonna say next or wondering what the question is i'm listening to my guest and then all of a sudden boom. Oh there's the golden nugget. But i'm not chattering about it. I think unpowered communication both people are constantly chattering. That's one characteristic about what they're going to say next. I agree you know. There are laws of communication. Just like there's laws like gravity and most of us have learned the laws of gravity. We don't go up to the tenth floor and say screw gravity. I'm taking the tenth floor window out today instead of having to you know. Go down to the first floor. We organize ourselves around gravity. We don't fight with gravity anymore because we know we'll win but there are the same kinds of unreasonable laws in communication. And if you don't know them you can't follow them and if you don't follow them you are not affective and powerful in life and so communication release. The foundation of you're having successful relationships. It's the foundation of your creating commitments and enrolling or persuading other people to be involved in your commitments. So it's really the core of your whole success in your live and most people don't know what that even means. They know how to take care of their car better than they know how to take care of the human body in their ability to communicate so before we delve into the loss of communication. I'm curious why would an entrepreneur or a coach or a business leader. Who might be listening. And i mean you i mean you specifically. You're listening today. Why would someone want to learn to be a powerful communicator. How's it going to help their business. How's it going to help them as a entrepreneur coach when you learn the laws of communication and you learn how to communicate. You actually can create the circumstances. Most people live in a world where circumstances determine what. They're committed the too if you ask a person whether committed to her if they will commit they'll probably tell you well. Is there enough money. Is there the right team Do i have enough time. They looked to the circumstances to see if the circumstances are set up and then they will commit what powerful communicators no as you commit. I and with understanding how communication works you can cause and create the circumstances. You need to produce the results that you want. So what happens when you really understand how to powerfully communicate. You become a champion. Lots of people can improve. you know. there's three games in life. You've been lose. You can get from the back of the pack to the front of the pack or you can really be a champion. It's kind of like a horse race. They all start at the same place but in the end they all end up in those three positions. There's a couple of horses in the back. I can tell you the the laws of how you lose a game. I'm not going to because who wants to learn that to be really at it. Most of people play improvement. Which is all the horses in the pack and that game is. How do i get from the back to the front of the pack in other words. How do i get a little better than i was last year. How do i do it a little more this time than i did it last time. So that i produce a little better result and that's an important game. We all need to know that game but it's not the great game. The great game is the game secretary at played and all the other great horses that we're the one or two courses out in front. It's a total different game. And that's called breakthrough or championship performance. And you can't win that game or play that game if you don't understand mutation so let's delve down into powerful communication. What are the laws of communication marsha. Okay there are many and some of them are subtle. But i wanna talk about two really big basic powerhouse laws and if you just start here you're going to produce better results than you would. If you didn't the first one is presence you need to be present and centered open present In in in terms of to be able to start to communicate. You can't be in your head. You can't be thinking about what you're going to say. You can't be regretting the past. You can't be worried about the future. You can't be putting together debating what you're going to respond where it's you can't be thinking about something that you did last week or in the last meeting. You have to be here now and you'd be surprised. How many human beings do not have the discipline to actually be here now. Most human beings operate as if it's the responsibility of the environment or the other person to get them to be here. I'm here go ahead. What a really love about this. Marcia and i know you don't know this but in chapter seven of my book on millionaire zone i have all. My proprietary work spent years creating on how to get into flow anytime any place at will and the first key which is the most important key is to be present. Yes and i'm thinking yet but that also relates to what we're discussing which is the flow of communication because communications flow powerful communication. We're flowing back and forth with one another. Yes it's a dance. Yup and you have to be present or you might get stepped on your toes or you step on the other person's toes and don't happen the way that they could but boy when you are great present dancer. It's miracles you've trained over three hundred thousand people worldwide like you say people in companies like hard rock cafe which is such. I've gone too hard rock cafes all over the world. I've little pens from bangkok and all of that. But what is the step someone needs to go through. In order to learn to be present great and i work with hard rock. Hotels co tells not the cafes. We're Three prong division with casinos cafes and hotels and Hotels are i expert cheese so the steps are this first of all you need to get present and there's three steps one is get centered or present. Second step is listen. Third step is speak. Most people do it in the exact opposite order. First of all they're never present or centered. They start talking. I and they rarely get to the step of listening so to be present. What that means is you're actually in this moment and that takes some discipline of good Way to educate yourself and get better at being. President is to meditate a bit. Because you clear out your mind and also it's to take responsibility for your own attention span so your own ability to cause yourself to draw yourself into being present and interested. Most of us give that responsibility away to the listener. We say well. You know if you're interesting that i'll be here. Well if i agree with you then i might come out and say hello you know otherwise. I'm outta here. And i'm not interested. Well it's not up to the universe to get your attention. You are the chooser and you decide whether you're going to be president or not and then it's like anything else you have to practice. Nobody learned how to play bach. Or beethoven or mozart on the piano when they started up. They learned how to play chopsticks and they practiced practiced so one should practice. Look in the mirror for example for ten seconds and actually see yourself in the mirror and every time you have a thought in your head say. Wait a minute stop. That thought get back here in present time. See if you can do it for ten seconds and see if you can do it for a minute and see if you can do it for five minutes look at someone else and do the same thing but practice some discipline to cause yourself to be here now. Notice when you're not here and get yourself back. This reminds me when i went and lifted a buddhist monastery had a. I had a meditation instructor. And that i am proud to say folks. I like to keep saying this. Because i know you might be listening in. You're still in the perfectionist. Lovell that perceptiveness perceptionist chapter. Let's say and and no one. Gram i no longer. Try to be perfect But when i got to the buddhist monastery my only go with become the perfect meditators right. Because i had i had to get the a plus right. That's that was my mode of operation. And the first thing with my meditation instructor they told me meditation is the practice not perfection practice of being a what a relief and it was. It was twelve hours a day. Meditating and it's just the thought would come in. I'd label it as a thought and i come back to the breath going in and out and i'd spend the whole day doing that and you know why people don't want to practice because practice means actually that you're a beginner. You're not an expert. You're a beginner and you need to practice to get to the place where you're able competent expert at something and beginners have to be willing to be wrong. Looked stupid and not know and the three things that human beings are thrown to and want more than anything in the world this to be right to know the answer so goes against what were automatically thrown towards and we have to really tell ourselves. I need to be a good beginner so i teach my students every time you make mistake. Pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself congratulations because you just wear a championship. Beginner congratulations gina steak. Fantastic you got the award today. I mean that's what you have to practice. And when you're practicing means that you don't know how they do it when you don't know how to the major beginner so stop being a pretender because a pretender will never get to be an expert. You'll get to be an expert if you're willing to be wrong. Look stupid and not know. We're marcia break. I know you have a second law communication and it's very important one so you know. Open your ears even wider because this is really critical. What's that second. Law of communication marsha. The second law is you must have space in which to put something in everything needs space in which to exist. So if you're communicating there must be space in which you can communicate and the way that you create space and someone else is to listen but a certain kind of listening not just with your ears you have to be present and the listen to create space and then i can teach you how the see if that person has space and then you can put something into the space. Which is what you might want to say. Well you know a a complete but very related is i teach people the the process of sales having a sales conversation right. And you know like you some of my higher level. Vip private trainings not not inexpensive and the most important thing to do after you tell them that price is to shut up. He was speaks first loses the sale. And just let them digest and let them respond us. And if you've got job the price isn't gonna even matter but it is still better to just let it digest. And would i describe that as your emptying someone out of their concerns. Their considerations their rationality their whatever they need to share. And it's like if. I had two glasses of water and they were filled up to the top. And i said to you i'm gonna take this of water and i'm gonna pour it into this other one. You would tell me no no. You can't do that because this one's full well. It's the same way with a person. They're filled up. Everyone is so filled up. They need to empty out first before they have any room for you to put in what you wanna put in. So the real core competency of communication is. How do you empty someone out. How do you be present. And receive and allow them to share in such a way that they give you their particular concern or their thought or their reason or their excuse. Most people what they will do when somebody gives you their concern. Is you wanna bad. It back to them. You want to say oh no. You shouldn't be concerned about that. Oh no that's not what it is you need to understand and we keep batting at back rather than just receiving it and emptying them out and it takes some time to empty out people because they are really full. Well as as i'm thinking through what you're saying show what was coming up for me was in that emptying process and the space process is it's also giving people an opportunity to finally feel what they're feeling because most people spend most of their time running away from their feelings because the feelings feel on a scary right but creating the space of someone can actually feel I think it's a great honor that you're creating for them because now they could become more fully human as well absolutely and how i would share that in my particular Communications language is. I would say that you're allowing someone to get in touch with their experience so everybody has automatic answers. You know i can give you a thousand reasons. That i don't even need to think about and i don't need to Go inside because usually when i give an automatic answer you start defending that position that you have and you send it back to me and we go back and forth about that particular automatic cancer. But if you don't defend if you just receive and allow me to have my experience and you empty me out and you get it and you listen. I don't have it anymore and pretty soon. I run out of automatic answers. And the only way i can really decide what to say next is to look inside at my own real sin seer offense experience which is what you're calling feelings and then you have the beginnings of an authentic conversation which is really fun and folks. I hope that we now have the beginnings of an authentic conversation together. Because you're here to grow to take another step to move forward and building your business and making your powerful difference in the world and we're going to be right back so stay tuned. We'll be back with marcia. Martin hi this is j if you're a business. Owner coach is currently making twenty thousand dollars or more per month than this announcement is for you. I congratulations you're already in the top ten percent of all entrepreneurs but isn't now the time for you to make an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more in the next twelve months so you get on the fast track to becoming conscious millionaire now you probably know that the same thinking strategies and actions that got you where you are right now won't double your business in the next twelve months to do that. You must make specific changes in how you think about your business. Cpap the level at which you play. I know that. Because i've been there. And i coach people just like you to grow their businesses rapidly. Let's discuss your goals and how you can reach them much faster schedule. A complimentary time to talk to be. Just go to conscious millionaire dot com ford slash talk with. Jv again claim your time now at conscious millionaire dot com forward slash. Talk with jv. Welcome back on. Jv krumlov third host of the conscious millionaire show. And i'm here with our featured guest. Marcia martin marsha it's time for the twenty four hour challenge. Could you give the conscious millionaire challenge to everyone listening today. Yes i'm going to challenge you to find someone in your life that you have a broken relationship with and be willing and committed to mending at completing ed or making it better and how should someone do that so they right someone an email. Should they talk to them. This is best done if you talked to them. Not if you ride them so find someone that's in an and you don't have to find the worst person in your life that you have the biggest breakdown with just start like i said you're a beginner like we're we're practicing right. So let's say you have someone that you don't talk to anymore That you've lost a little love and affinity for and start to realize that how you've listened to them in the past is by pretending something that wasn't really true like a lot of times. We pretend that we really enjoy being with that person. And we really don't or we pretend that we're going to listen to them and get some kind of wisdom from them but you know what we're saying is this person doesn't know what they're talking about now. The first step of repairing the relationship is to acknowledge that you've been pretending to really take responsibility for the fact that i haven't been an authentic listener in our communication and i've been pretending to be and i want you to know i haven't been and i've been pretending just to say that and then it's To say that what it's cost you that you realize that way of relating has cost you something in your relationship with them and then the third step of this person you're gonna talk to is to say that you have realized there is new possibilities for yourself and that you would create a a new possibility and just those three simple little. Communications can open up a bigger conversation. Where you can begin to see what needs to be shared or listen to an order. Repair the relationship even if it's to say. I'm thankful that we had this chance. I'm not interested in really going forward in a close relationship. But i feel good now about the completion that we have. Well i love this and folks. There's the three steps but if you're driving jogging pushing the baby carriage. Whatever you're doing and you can't write all this down. Don't worry you know the home base for you always is conscious millionaire. Show dot com to scroll down when you go to conscious millionaire show dot com to the title of today's show the art of powerful communications. Click on that. It'll take you to the show notes and we're gonna have all of this information that twenty four our challenge. All the answers to the questions were about to ask in the conscious millionaire world class experts section and all of it will be right there including all the links for how you can connect with marcia martin. I want to take this moment to thank you personally. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for showing up for yourself. And especially when i thank all our fans and friends and london england and toronto canada. Thank you so much for being loyal fans of the conscious millionaire show and now it's time for the conscious world class expert questions. First one mindset. Marsha what is the mindset that you've developed it helps you discover your best business opportunities. I say the mindset. That i have as i am responsible. I am the chooser and that. The world has enormous and abundant possibilities. I love that. I share that with you know and i share it with you as well listening today. There are no limit literally to the opportunities that are coming to you. It's your job to know which ones fit for you and then to just say yes. That's your job strategy. What's the strategy you could share. That would help any entrepreneur coach or business. Owner put more money in the bank. I think a strategy would be to discover what it is. You want to contribute rather than to think about what you wanna have or get but really look to see what is your wanting. What is your yearning. What is your calling to make a difference. How would you like this world to be better. And what can you do to do that. What is your special gift of giving. If you put your energy into looking to see how you can serve. The rest will happen. Automatically the universe wants to support those of us and make all of us abundant if we are providing sustainability and contribution to itself its abundance out in abundance back but it does start with the impact in that same vein. What is your understanding of your own life purpose for being here. And how if you brought that into your business as a vision for the work that you do. Well i've always said my life's work is having your life work better and that spend my work since i was seventeen. I've been a conscious transformational teacher and trainer. Since i was twenty and I've been leading seminars and training corporations and leadership but the real work that i do whether i talk about communication or leadership or how to build a business or how to make money or how all of those things is. I teach people. And my life's work is about how you access and harness the internal power that you have as being that you are magnificently able and magical and can cause any kind of result that you want. If you're in touch with that internal power that you have most of us go outside of ourselves to find our agreement. What we need to do is to go inside of ourselves to find our wisdom. What is a book that you'd recommend or i think you have a couple of books. You'd like to recommend to entrepreneurs that are listening. Today i think one of the greatest of all time it's simple and yet profound is the four agreements by don miguel ruiz. It is extraordinary in terms of how you build yourself as a more effective human being how you can make more money how you can have more friends and how you can deepen your spiritual knowledge of yourself. So i love that book and then there's a very little Known book that is really powerful book. As far as i'm concerned which is the last word on power by tracy gos- if you can find that book it's worth three and we'll have both of those listed on the show notes at conscious millionaire show dot com. You know you're probably listening. And i know a lot of you're saying this marsh show woman is really smart and wise and she is and you might want to reach out to her marsha. What's the best way for people to connect with you. Go to my si-. Marcia martin dot com and it's m. a. r. c. i a. Martini dot com. And then i have a special membership club which people can join for ten dollars a month and view like on net flicks. It's a marcia. Martin net flicks of my workshops and podcasts and seminars and so it has a wealth of wisdom. And if you go to. Marcia martin club dot com. You can find out all about it there. So marcia martin dot com and marcia martin club dot com. We're going to have both of those again on the show notes as well as all the social media ways that you can follow marcia martin. I'm curious and folks. I never asked this question in advance. Because i want to be as surprised as you are. What's that next summit. You wanna reach marsha and what might be a challenge obstacle. You're going to have to overcome to get there well. I have a different viewpoint on life. Right now than i've ever had because i'm really in the last quarter of my life and so my work now is to turn. My workover is to somehow get it out the wisdom that i've learned so that other people can use it. I wanna give it away to the children to the teenagers to the young adults to the young people that are coming behind me so that they can make this a better world and the way that i'm doing that right now and is my foundation of that is the programs. I'm starting in my club. This club is not only going to be a club where you can access digital content and get wisdom watch. Seminars have fun marcia. Martin club dot com. But i'm going to set it up and we're working on webinars podcasts. Content blogging Interviews asking questions. And i'm throwing my whole heart into that particular conscience. I love that project. Marsha and we're a fan of yours and i know that if you're listening. You're probably already a fan of marcia martin as well our final question. It's our signature question. I've asked a couple of thousand times. What's the legacy you want to leave. Marcia martin i feel legacy is something that is your life. A lot of my friends. Legacy is something that they look at now and they say what do i want my legacy to be. I look at it in terms of. It's what i have already. And i'm really proud of my legacy. I've given my life my whole life to make a difference. I've trained hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. I have people calling me. Even now that i trained when they were nineteen years old and they're now sixty five and they reached out to me and say i've found you. I'm so glad i wanted to tell you. Thank you thank you for my wife. Thank you for my children. Thank you for my work. Thank you for my emotions. Thank you for that to me is so fulfilling and i want to be able to say i did my best to make this a better world. That would be my legacy. I love that legacy. And i have no doubt that you are and i want to thank you again for showing up for listening to the conscious millionaire's show if this was inspiring to you. Please tell some of your friends because my life is about making a big impact with you. I love the fact that you listen to the show and it means a great deal to me. I know that you showed up however not for me. You showed up for yourself. And that's a good thing because it's time for you to take another step forward. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious millionaire and marcia thank you so much for being are featured guest today. Thank you and god bless next. Listening to concerts. Million immediate podcasts radio network host producer and owner of the show distributors and broadcast media. Make no claims that the tragedies and information cousin show results in province and may result in losses the opinions in advice from hosts guests who ripped those are the owner staff management or broadcasters of the show now accounting or financial or health advice has made. Show your advice to seek counsel naturally to your business financial investments or other legal matters from license advisors always going to tell you a physician at license adviser prior to making any changes in your diet exercise program planning any health strategies or information discussed on the shows now information provided may be suitable for your situation as always take full responsibility for decisions and actions you take including responses that they create in your health.

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The Church of What's Happening Now

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I will not let them go. See b de lyon. I have gotten more from. Cbd line than any other. I mean from the cbd tablets to the cbd hem flower. You gotta try it. You gotta fucking tried the vape append the bat balls the cream that tape they have if listen just to the line dot com. Look at this read. Read about what they have to offer you. This is beautiful. You never seen anything like this. They even tell you what to recommend the sense the size and strength if you wanna give it to you pat they have the flavors and potential benefits. They got shadow. They got vape cartridges. They got this delayed vape pens flavor. Tinctures listen but it all starch by you going to see the line dot com and reading the types of cabinets. And how can that annoyed and how they can help you so right now. Cb line dot com right. Now press joey or church and get twenty percents off delivered right to your mother fucking crib right. It's that simple. C b de lyon has been with me for years and they came through with my surgery. The if you see. I'm not a fucking tape. I got that one little roll left because that tape is tremendous and i would go to the gym so right now go to we. Line dot com read. You find something. Try to tablets. They'll point you to what you need. Cbd line that time now. It's time to get this. Mother fucking party started. We got a great episode. Vi today come on. Jerry jones joined. What's happening you bad. Fuckers uncle joe here on a beautiful wednesday june the sixteenth. Were half way out of this mother fucker as you can tell. I'm looking a lot better. i'm feeling better. That little chitchat with the therapist chitchatted with her twice already. And i feel a lot better We came to the conclusion that it was my thyroid medication. ever since. listen. Since i moved here either elevated my you know i was going kick boxing jujitsu once a week with the weights. I've been hitting them four times a week. And i even lost weight during the fucking Surgery when i was laid up. How could you not burning any calories just laying on a chair. I thought it was a strict diet. But when i looked at the numbers the numbers are going really low so my wife came to. I've had a rough couple days here with my wife and stuff not us going at each other trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me. you know. I had like my heartbeat. The day was so bad. You could see in my stomach. Just the shirt. Somebody was sitting next to me. My wife and she goes like a field. What is going on with you. you know. So we brought I check my blood pressure to time talking day. That's what you need to do. I've been doing it for years and I fuck in brought it downstairs now and she goes. let me see what. Your blood pressure's like what you just sitting down. And it was perfect. And then i started getting ready. And that's what i told my heart's like playing the fucking sunlight. John bonham don't deck him setting out boom boom boom boom approval. But so i said you know. Let's do it again and she goes. You blood pressure's perfect but you pulses down your pulses way down so i think it's been my thyroid. I haven't been on medication since friday. I took myself off it and so far. I'm feeling better. The sleep is men's or men's I've been working out this morning. I went and drew blood. Let's just draw blood and piston a cup the worst because you gotta go. Don't even let you drink fucking coffee so coffee. i drink coffee. And i don't stop inspect pissing in the morning. But they don't want you to have any so who had to go there and they get a company like you gotta p before you flopped getting Give blood i'm like. Are you serious. Let me give blood. Let me fuck and get all fucked up a little bit and then i'll pee and laze like no we insist on it. I had to sit there and then the boot. You're not gonna believe this. My ipod after twenty years went kaput fucking songs. I got on that i. You know many fucking albums. I got that part. I got everything from buck. And bouchon fucking mega the fucking. I got everything on all the fagging. Shit i like was lawmakers in my own personal. But he can look that. It's not like coming over to my house and looking at my own ipod. If you change your mind in attendance line had aiba dancing queen. I had all shit on that. I just you know it was it was i. I use my ipod on the plane. So i wanted music that i wouldn't listen to all the time had sad but then zeppelin on there and shit. So i'm stuck. I'm like where's my fucking santana. So now i got no santana cova but on my phone i got rage. I got up in High and dry. And i got some mouse and just power john. Acdc i want an ad put on What's next to the moon. I gave the leading my mom. I had a p and that was the fucking nightmare. I drink twenty cups a fucking water right in a row and still not pay. But then i found a little hindu late at night. I said listen. They want me to fuck compete. I i can't do it. Let me talk give you blood. And then i'll get scared. And then the national reaction will be pete so i went in like nothing gave it a fucking blood. Didn't faint. i had little high and drive up whatever i put on. What's next to the moon. And the next thing you know. I felt the tape in my arm. I walked out of there. And i still couldn't faulk so i sat there for like five or six fucking minutes ten minutes and finally i kept pushing and pushing i go. This is the wake up but this is the second batch still has all the minerals in the machine. I'm saying it's it stinks like ten dead fucking body. So i maybe two inches in a fucking company i could smell. It was fucking. It's more like a fought went bad. I'm saying it's just horrible with the fucking blood pressure. Medication that testosterone pills the fuck in. It's just it's no brainer. You know what i'm saying but i gave a fuck. I gave it a cup and that was it now. It's i'm wayne for the doctor to call me and see what he's gotta. Tommy let's pray for the best. You know what i'm saying. I mean i've been Working hard lately and i got flashbacks today. You know. I hate pissing fucking cup. I fucking hate it. I was looking around. And then i thought that was a mirror on me all those years on probation putting shit my dick and pissing and stuff like that. I just got a bunch of. I was laughing. When i gave the lady my piss on like in the old days i would give the probation officer the piss and wait for it to stop bubbling because there was pool chlorine and narrow fucking the shit that clean out your sink. Oh my god. That was such a horrible time in my world. Thank god. I got through with it. But what good man I'm going to a show this week to watch a comedy show. I acted last week and movie It was great. I felt great fucking doing it. You know and every day is my houses fucking solid you know. Listen man. I did something in the beginning of the pandemic may. I decided that either we would end. The best friends await end up divorced. And i gotta taste some that me and my wife have ended up best best best fucking friends. You know the night. I thank you for making my dreams come true. She helped me become a comic. She helped me become a man and she gave me a beautiful fucking daughter. That's why i'm here having a great fucking time so you know sometimes you gotta look at the look at somebody from a different perspective and a wow. If it wasn't for my wife. I wouldn't be here so we're good man and that's why people like i thought he was. My friend called this morning when i was eating breakfast. And he goes what he's doing like i'm at the diner eating breakfast but i just want to give blood as you went to blood. You fucking scared of needles. I go listen. I'm scared of everything you know me. I'm scattered fucking everything watching biloxi blues. Great and movie nineteen eighty seven. I think it's neil. Simon whatever the guy who fucked chinese girl i what he iowa and i think it's neil simon that did relaxing blues. Tweet me you know. please don't i'm not rick raymond's i dunno refund busa every writer but i was watching black sea blues and fuck in christopher walken and the guy who married the chick from sex and the city and to louis jewish guy just something. I don't even know what i was. Untie guys. i've just been watching some fucking great movies. I don't know if you watch baloch blues but there's a role is a partner where they gotta go fuck and hookers house and matt. Matthew broderick has never been with a woman before and the fucking hookers from a name is rose. I know who the fuck knows why even started on this fucking biloxi blues. What i'm trying to tell you guys it's everything is great. We got a great interview today. i you know. I'm in podcasting for italian ten close to eleven years now. I don't consider myself. I'm just a podcast. Who's lucky you know. The joint does what it does. I don't sweat it. I'm trying to give a message out some people. I help some people. I don't some people like it. Some people don't it doesn't make a difference to me whatsoever. Some people moved on. God bless you. I'm happy that you moved on whenever you want to come back. You're more than welcome man but one guy that never moved on one guy that i is a fucking animal as a kid by the name of caches morris. I met him ten years ago when he reached out. And i did this podcast. And i felt so good about afterward because i was actually actually helping a kid out with his dream this was. I could tell by talking to them that this is what he wanted to do. When i gave him props you know when i was twelve. I didn't know what the fuck i wanna do. I had no. He bent the pinpoint that it and stuck with it. And now he's twenty two. He's been doing a podcast for ten fucking years you know. He's a fucking great media guy. And like i told them when you watch in ten years each to the fucking king and you you get to see him now joey joint enjoy joe dias. What's going on or are you my little friend. Along fucking time has been a long time. My man feels like when we were in different worlds. The last time we talked. I think re right at the beginning of the pandemic was that long. It was that long man. But it's okay. I've been i've been watching you. Obviously everybody else has loved watching you too man yet. Some some sation on their thank you. You're doing your thing you're growing. Which is what is. Wow old were you. When i met you i was scratching my head. They're gone. How old was i. When i went on your podcast. I and i said a bunch of fucking stupid shit. And i left and on. How can i talk like that in front of a twelve year. Old kid what. The fuck is wrong with me. I felt like such a fucking douche bag but then you became my nephew and i forgave myself. How old were you the first time we podcast that i had to be like turning thirteen. Why no i mean. I really appreciate it at joey because you were the first person to really give me an actual chance like that. That was the the opening to a lot of things for me. You know and that was a big chapter in my life. When i look back and think on that it's I can't even really describe how it feels. You know that somebody gave me a chance like that. That never went over my head just so you know you normally fucking chances. People gave me so when i see a guy online. That's on there every day. Busting his ass. I reach out. You know we re read style. We started talking. We started complementing each other. You know i liked that. You were a young kid and you. You're going after you knew what you want. I think after. I interviewed you. Were talking to me about not going to school and yeah you you know just shit that was. I was really blown away like how much when i was twelve. I thought i was going to be a fucking basketball player. But i really didn't. You know what i'm saying. I i wanna be a basketball plan an astronaut. You know the the idea. You're right but to really tell somebody when you're twelve years old that you wanna be in media and grow and interview bands. There was two. Is that you guys really blew me away. One issue and one is the kid from and pins. Okay yes yeah. I've watched both of us takeoff while everybody else was fucking crying. Goes on why everybody else is fucking crying. Nobody gives me not you and maurici. Oh kept pounding an app pounder. I still remember mauricio paying for concerts to take pictures and bringing them to me the store and and telling me like how he sneak in and they threw him out and the whole thing and then he got a press pass and he started going to shows now and then he started writing a blog. Doug company the shows and you know this is what it is. Nobody's gonna give you deck. Everybody thinks they're going to give you deck. Nobody's gonna give you deck get the fuck. You know the guy at me up. And he's like. I want you to do this. This this this in the paper on the podcast to favor. Start your own podcast. He didn't even have a podcast. These emailing you know. And he's emailing me like barking me. Autism like pro. You have the knowledge on this great guy. Don't get me wrong. There's a great guy and you know why don't to start his own podcast. Because he's got a great story cancer survivor. Which now. I know if i had cancer and i was at home sweating. I mean i have a dear friend right now. it's going through and i. I wanna talk to a cancer survivor. I want that made it through the other side. The same way a guy that went to prison for four years for a stupid thing looks at me and goes wait a second then. Motherfucker came out and did some from what his life. The i could do it so i told him i go you a cancer survivor. You could spread love. You could save so many people can give so many people. Hope just by fucking one podcast to podcast. Tell them what you went through. The puking the chemo. Yeah so it's just a it's a great thing that we're doing it's great. That was still here fucking pushing doing nice that some people stick around like obviously you are always going to stick around joey. But it's like it's true. It's like a rotating door where there's not many familiar faces that you can say okay. Five six years ago they were doing a show and stuff. It's like it's constantly changing. You know so. I understand what you mean. Well this pandemic stay home. And yeah i estimate You know ten thousand new podcast started right especially now but as usual as per life is people wanna make money and they don't have the patience. If you wanna make money go to the supermarket stock shows at night. Yeah and then do podcasts. In the daytime and build it up until like comedy. It's like the being a guitar player. It's like anything else you know. Go get a and job. Keep playing you fucking guitar. But i work eight to fix. Well you got to go on stage from seven to ten and exactly that's the word of that and then some throw you a bone. Some guy will say hey man I do a band and next thing you know. You're making two hundred a month meg ryan. Are you make a four hundred a month next thing. you know. you're making second fifty a month and now you're like fuck it now. I know what i'd do if i could make eleven hundred a month. Okay that means. I gotta get rid of my cable I got from me. Live my dream. These are the things i gotta sacrifice. There's so many sacrifices you know it's incredible. I don't even have a tv in here. Joey like in my new spot. Because i was looking at. Tv's and i said why. Would i pay hundreds of dollars. That i'm never going to get back to waste time. I was like. Let's get real here. Because i'm looking around and i'm like time is not like if feels like just the other day you wouldn't be i met so it's like time is not something that is that expendable you know what i mean. So it's it's It's it's insane. And i feel like a lot of people. They wanna talk about what they wanna do. They wanna watch videos. A bill gates and sit and fantasize but they don't wanna make moves to make that transition. And i'm sure you've noticed that so much. Well it's not that they don't know how to make moos ice. I ride out to the same thing i have. You don't know where to start. Yeah that's a big one. You don't know where to start. Nobody's data tell you. I got out of prison. I wanted to do stand up. You know what are the chances of you meeting a comedian Slim and none. You know you get more chance to get him by bus right sadly meeting a fucking comedian to help you out. And i was roofing. I was frustrated. I it snowed one day. And i saw the movie punchline with hanks and sally struthers not sally struthers the flying nun and i i really wanted to stand up after that like i was listening i wanna i wanna do this and i remember calling the local comedy club. And they're like. Wow you've got to come to open mic nights and it just sounded scary mike and right now on it's garry and i let it go and then two months later i'm running an errand for the company. I work for them. Getting coffee for the boys and i see an ad in the rocky mountain news. About how do stand up comedy. I don't i for some people it's what are the people procrastinators. Exactly yeah the procrastinated. Before i started comedy and for deal. They just really don't know where to start it. Totally see that. And and you know i was one of those people in one of the most interesting things for me is like we talked about like. I've been podcasting since. I was however old but the things that were new to me recently. Were acting and comedy actual stand up and it's so weird i had this sort of the same type of urges you when i went to vegas right before the pandemic and i saw like for the first time like the size of the billboards and like i started saw it with my own eyes. Where comedy could take you acting. Could actually take you the fruits of that labor and i realized like if i got hit by a truck tomorrow and i never tried comedy. That's a pretty tragic thing. Tragic what i mean so i came home. Tried stand up comedy and then within two months everything was shut down so it was almost like i felt like i had to have that under my belt. If it never came back. I did it to it me up today. And he said that. The local club is looking tank comics. And he's gonna out of respect gonna sign up and go down and listen if you never do it again. One time do it again. 'cause do a one time get that rush while the fear or the diarrhea squirts out here as the first time. How i've seen i i with the nope. Mike one time where kit himself i. Yeah so nervous. The first time when he fucked up because he brought like eight thousand people. I want stays the first time i don't bring nobody intel. No not you know when you start telling people get onstage and eighteen people coming you bomb those eighteen people and then you gotta go back to the ball. You little stupid drink and sit with them. Don't really want you said that the table. It's like pizza dressing. Yeah i don't want you sitting at the table you bombed in front of fucking eighty people but you get on stage you just when i went to jitsu. I didn't tell anybody right. Went to ju jitsu for like two months and got beat up. I didn't tell anybody serve embarrassed. I was going to tell abby fucking master. i'm gonna call eddie and go. I joined the class today. Fuck i didn't tell nobody you taller no i yeah you got. I think that listen. I'm not a writer but every day try to right. Yeah you journal write journal. I'm not a writer. I wish i could fuck and be like stephen king and write a book a year. You know all that stuff all that stuff typewriter or quilting pen but you know what every fucking they forget. The pen i'm with a feather will link acting blooding inc and shit but you know there's so many things i wanted to do in life. You know the day. When i went to the city and i was thinking about my childhood dream and how i got into all this. It was by me. Seeing a guy named michael coren his freshman year. Come out on the it was You know march madness And he played for north carolina and he was a freshman new jersey city. And i had no idea. I was just watching the game to watch a championship game. When they announce jersey city my inside crumble. He let me know that. I could be on that state sunday because you very early. Spot turns into north bergen. Yes so i'm like and he's the projects. His mom raised him yet. No dad Sport magazine that a write up on him on his mother rosie how she worked a diner the support him and to send them to hudson catholic. School you went to. That's what inspired me to. I wanted my friends to feel what i felt that day when they said from jersey city new jersey starting forward number thirty one michael not bergen. Joey the that was from me. That's what i want a personal note. I got that already. You know now. I got a bucket list like everybody else in playing the guitar lately. I don't want to join a ban the nothing like that. I just like playing it. The relax you know that was on my bucket list. Thank god. Mike made my dream come true. 'cause i would never have the balls to go buy guitar. Bring it over. Yeah yeah i. I used to walk into guitar center and fucking have a nervous breakdown. That was some people like museums. You know how some people i love martin's go fuck yourself car. We used to. We used to get stone me hedberg because we used to all live across the guitar center and there was next to the sunset. Grill the song the eagles wrote about don all right we actual actual suntan. It's not the same. The guy with the wooden leg died. There was a guy with a wooden leg. He made hamburgers. He would come over you. He made the best fucking hamburger. That's where don henley got it from. But then he sold. They fixed it up. They cleaned it up but the guitar center. You were allowed to go in there and play drums and guitar and shit. I never touched a guitar. I was never disrespectful. You don't wanna be the guy who's just sort of like jailing with your fucking jerk off like nobody's guitar. I don't know nothing about guitars. I looked at him in awe soft vs and all this shit and all the tricks but then the guy asked me. Do you want to play the drums. They have like a little station on the side. May fuck around the drums. Because you don't have banned. You should keep doing it. We have lessons to. Hey i can't even afford the shirt on my back. Never mind fucked up actually play the drums. Do you still. I do well. Well the thing is like in is weird. I found this almost similar to losing concerts during the pandemic like now that i'm doing the apartment living the drums was just it just naturally ended you know. And that's what am i passionate is and i'm really itching to get back to but it's so you know maybe talking about not knowing where to start it's like do i get an electron kit. Do i to get a studio space. It's like you know. I think we all have those those moments where seems like a big. There's so many options you know with the fashion. What are you doing now. Right now Well i actually started working for watch on youtube So basically i started off doing a podcast for them. Along with the podcast that i've been doing throughout the years and Basically it just sort of went from just hosting to tighten now is a coordinator So do another things for the company Interviewing people set things up. And it's crazy man. Because i i just did a podcast about it recently like just about a year ago. I was washing dishes at a restaurant. And just the mental like difficulty and like started the demoralization of that knowing that i could achieve more and getting from that point to here has changed my life. Like it's made me like a different person. You know it's You know. I feel like everybody has to be very grateful for what they have. And it's like to be working in podcasting on any level that's maybe one percent of the world but to be working in podcasting not to be you not to be rogin. That's less than one percent. You know what i mean. Listen to join isn't what the church was. You know. I come to grips with that. And i'm not a percent or anything. This is a new beginning for me. You know so. But i am very lucky that i have been podcasting for ten years. You know and i love doing it. I know what i'm doing and it feels great. But i washed dishes. It was humbling. I washed dishes imprisoned. There you go. That's an hour. You know what i'm saying. That's when you know you're ain't shit you know. And then i before that i washed dishes for john denver at his restaurant up in aspen. I forget the snowmass village. Nice to wash dishes. And i remember as i was washing them thinking about building character. This eighty three. When i would. I would wash dishes on tuesday nights. It was prime rib night. I took the job because the chef like me and he goes. I'll give you all the mistakes. I was lifting weights so i like pro. I would eat nine. Those prime ribs always radish every night would steal a pound the shrimp now. I only work tuesdays and thursdays for lobster right on thursdays. Yeah i had the good night's. I still remember washing dishes and being proud. Yes like i told people. I'm washing dishes. Part time at whatever and they were given out trish in the daytime gives a fuck. It's in bucks an hour and they feed me. I don't have to buy groceries. Pretty good at the time you know and i would take a pound the shrimp at home at night. And i'd take a shower and i talked and do my little shrimp cocktail. I was watching usa. Or whatever the fuck how was watching. And then i had to wash dishes in prison and that was you know. He used to an abused me. From time to time. I used to have to wash dishes in the morning. And then i break them. Why break the fuck and machine on purpose but it is washing dishes. Humbles you all. It does joey and just to be clear. Like when i say i found it demoralizing. It's not because of washing dishes. I was trying to be the best dishwasher. I could and the only reason i had issues with it is because i worked at a very upi restaurant so it wasn't the type of restaurant where we're all a team. It was the type of restaurant. Where if you're doing sort of that type of work you're like you're worthless essentially is how you were treated you know But what really what it taught me was not that. It's a bad thing it's like. I have more respect for those people than i ever thought. I could like the people who actually commit to doing a good job and they take pride and going in there every day and this is their career like it gave me an appreciation and a respect for that. Which like. I think that a person needs you know on a person's doing a job. That's kinda weird and you meet them and they start talking to you on. They're really solid people. You really look at that job. Allow differently like you like y. You know he's really proud of his job. It's like what's going on now with the police department. You know Everybody's hating on cops. Listen there's bad cops but then there's cops it'll take a bullet for you. Are you fucking stupid. They're cops that will go into a fire and grab your wattage there that you know in every field. There's good and bad you know exactly tend to attract the you know i right now i hang out with a detective in newark detective in union and they are i look at them and i admire them when they tell me about jobs and how they had homicide some guy told me they shut a sixteen year. Old kid newark last week. It was from a car you know and he had to go and and while i was talking to him i was thinking about walking on a body. Seeing kids had blown up. you know. That's like that's what that's like. Meanwhile you overhear yelling fund the fucking police or whatever you know think about that. I always think about what the cops saw before he came to your house you know. Did you see a kid crying. And also ninety asked to answer a domestic violence call and you know all this shit that they see and it's called the moment before it's even used an acting like the moment before what was that doom before. That's why whenever. I look at the scene. I always think all right so before i walked up on this body. What was i doing before. What was i thinking about that. I have an argument with my wife. Had an argument with somebody else right. And you're driving and you cut somebody off and they give you the finger you know what just happened to that person right which is what did he just go through. The wife just divorced him that his wife just serve them he just find his wife in bed. With a fucking midget. Why what fucking happen you know could be anything down like. Why would she do a midget. I got a big six foot. Dick you know and then you can pull it up in front of him. Yeah and fuck you and what what's going to happen the moment before so it's really important that it's almost like you're dealing with a different person every day it's like there's touches of their everyday personality but it's like the person you deal with that day is mostly almost shaped by what has happened leading up to that day and how long it's gonna take you out to wear off so it's very interesting. It's interesting that they would use an acting. Like i would hear. Gandolfini would like smack himself in the face before. Nbc or something. And then walk in there you know like so. That makes a lotta sense. It's a moment before it's like right now. We have a world. That's a little crooked. You know You guys. I don't know if you watch the nba. I just heard not really up a weeks. That people were throwing things at players and they gotta check. Like sodas fucking yeah yeah. Two two people got charged. I think it was two separate incidents you know being cooped up i've never thrown a fucking thing at a professional basketball player. My mom to chicken wings at rusty stop but she was a fucking savage so at the time it was called for he missed a call and fuck and she lost three hundred. I'll throw a chicken wing. You do. But i think that right now you really have to be very careful with people. People have been in. People have lost jobs. People people are not okay right now. No we're not okay. You know. I try to smile. Everybody i tried to wave at everybody. I try really hard lately. Because i know people are hurting. I'm hurting. I'm hurting over. Who knows what you know whether it's the move whether it's coming home so lately i've been very that's why i don't wanna do stand right now. It right long hiatus but it's needed man. It's needed it's nino i you know. I need a little break but i'm already itching to watch his show this weekend. Some barriers minor in town. I'm thinking of going to see burke. Christ when he comes july seventeen nine you know just to go see them and i hope that by the time. The soprano movie comes out Well in i could fuck and get back on stage. I don't wanna go on stage to fuck around. I wanna go on to fucking murder and tell you what. I'm gonna be dirty you than i ever was. That's what i wanna hear talking about. I'm not going to go up there like an animal and insult different races or anything like that. No but i gotta talk about. What's going on right now. You know there's a lot to talk about. Yeah there's a lot to talk about. I don't know if you know yesterday then. A fight with a seven year old kid. You should've seen me out with a beller on top. You know what i'm saying. And the day before. Why i fucking horse you know the day before i ran down the block with fucking stretch. Identify anything now. You know what. I'm saying so it anything anytime right. That's hilarious or sopranos movie. You guys are still looking at september. September twenty four. I'm very excited for it. I saw it Couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed david chase dead. I think people are gonna enjoy it. I think some of the knuckleheads might not enjoy it. Okay you know. Everybody misses gandolfini You know you don't you don't know how much you miss gandolfini to you see gandolfini the other night. I came down here with mercy and we you know usually at eight o'clock it's like hey just say hey jessica is to fucking shows that. Drive me crazy but i sit. It's my daughter. I watch him and has our scrolling. The drop was on okay with gandolfini and with gandolfini in it right in for two minutes. I watched him. And i was like i miss him. And then the next night i put. Tv our mercy again and he's on killing me softly talking be kept popping up yes the yeah grab fuck. That's a great movie. By the way i gotta check that one out when you see him do you. Are you looking at tony. Soprano or are you. Are you looking at jimmy. Because you've talked to you know so many of his friends and stuff. I never met him. But why seem i see a great fucking in. Yeah the heard about him have just been above and beyond what he did for that. You know you could tell why it was a great show. Yeah you know what he did the type of person he was type of character that he was somebody said some the day. I read A meme from david chase like somebody said The final scene. He touched anthony and little bit. He no he goes. He didn't write that he touched anthony's army and there's the last time he was touches. Someone's arm my fucking stomach goes. I didn't say that but that was the type of guy he was. You know when you watch that show. He was such you know god had to take him. Listen when you think. Now god had to take him too big of a fucking he was just an animal he was just i feel bad saying that but he was such a star he was. He was even surprised how big it became. It became bigger than him. It was like an entity the energy he gave off their that show was tremendous. You know and i wish she's in heaven you know he's looking down and the but i watched another show that i followed the mayor of eton town. Did you watch that. We didn't see that weight. Winslet's i love acting i love. I love watching great acting. I'm not active. I took a couple of lessons. Current actor get outta here. No work with actors like holy shit about would've fucking get my game. You know what i'm saying. This guy is doing this doing that. And it's Kate winslet just destroyed with the seven episode. Show she did you know she went in. She went in them. When i heard that there's a sex scene and they showed like she's chubby and the director. She told directed leave the scene in. That's an actor because it's real it's real it's raw. That's the thing no makeup makeup when she wanted to date on the show. You know i enjoyed the show i just. I referred the show brother of mine mercy's godfather. He called this morning. When i got a doctor's office and we were talking about the show and she's phenomenal. I love watching good acting me to stay. I watched i watched the magnetic seventy from charles bronson was yoked. Big guy was a big guy. You know death wish was on the other night. I've been watching you know. I don't watch daytime tv. I refuse to put the tv on daytime. No more news since i moved to. I never watched. I never put the tv during the pandemic. Except i commend. You know he's a horrible thing to do. I got hooked on the three thirty evening news. Abc whatever and that really fucked me up that got an awful psyche in a horrible horrible way. You know I thought i was a lot stronger than that but obviously i'm not the one i moved here. I stopped watching the news and my a lot. I could see that in a contaminated me. You know with the and it's something that i looked at it for knowledge of the virus right but it wasn't giving you knowledge of the virus. It was giving you just a negative feeling. That one yeah. I watched the news to go. Smoke a joint and papa fucking xanax or ten of them because the fucking news was so disheartening so the campaign of fear and yeah yeah now. I don't have that in my life. I don't know they have a thing called new jersey twelve gay whether man i love seeing the guy. He's got like a shitty microphone. I hit on and he's i don't wear sandals tomorrow asbury park. You know shit like that. This guy needs. His show is on prime time. Show great the weatherman on new jersey. Twelve fucking love him. but that's it. That's the only informs you that's the thing it's like the way i see the news is that like and it's funny because i think that thirty years ago twenty five years ago maybe. Cnn was the most trusted name in news or fox or whoever i'm not biased against any but it's like i feel like more of these shows are more so talk shows with opinions. It's like at a certain point. They're not informing you about anything. They're just giving you their opinion on a piece of information. So was that i was like. I don't really need these people's opinions on it. I can just try to maybe pick. And the way i see too is like if it's something that's super serious i'll hear about it. I'll call my aunt. I'll call my mom. I'll call somebody they'll say. Did you hear about these new restrictions. I'll hear about you know what. I mean anything you don't need to hear about. I think it's just noise. You don't need is just going into your head and just taken up you fucking time and it's weird. I like sixty minutes. I trump love that show. Yeah because they capsized the whole week for me and one hour of three. It's very seldom that. I don't like a story. Sixty minutes is telling me. I don't mind watching a repeat. I get pissed off and sixty minutes does repeatedly like watch this motherfucker fucker. Give me the new stuff. Yeah last week. They had the one about the judge in new brunswick by the half hour from here. That killed her husband and her son son or husband and she was fucking great but the puerto rican woman. You know sixty minutes gives. It made the news that i need. you know. I watched real time with the firm though the bill to he said some interesting stuff. But what's the other guy that's kinda funny and wacky on. Hbo on john john oliver. Yes this week jon allen. I love that guy. He's wanting cracks me too fucked up. Okay guys this. Very i heard you say an on on the last joint that you would. If you made a big of money you go to the uk and do podcasts. Like the way that they set up the radio host. They're like you see a guy on a rap radio show. He's dressed like the rappers. It's like the pimping just like everybody else out there on the radio. It's crazy i will go to the uk set up a studio hired a cameraman. I would've fucking gone to abbey road You know. I went to all the places i want. I would love to go to the place where pink floyd recorded. Wish you were here. That's the last time they saw said barrett when he walked in. I love to go to judas priest's and take my deck out for you. Rob halford look around when leather judas priest and black sabbath basically have the same neighborhood. That both birmingham birmingham. So right You know i love to go to those places and visit. You know. I just saw picture from ireland. Fucking island has the fuck in mural. That says free cuba. Wow that's i top people. All the time. The cuban irish have a bear claw connection married irishwoman. I always loved irishman growing up. We're very close. Because we're catholic countries that makes a lot of sense a lot of the same core values. Are that some of the same core values so in sixteen ninety there was a battle of the boyne and most of the irish. That didn't wanna fight went to cuba. That's why there's so many cubans irish name. john lewis. I you know. I went to school with a fucking kid fucked up name. I don't wanna say he reveals them. Yeah reveals them. But there was a lot of cuban irish. You know it's weird how you do a twenty three inmate and i got like chinese irish a little jewish allow african my grandmother's hoy's one of them even banged the chinese guy which is my love of the he's everything. Yeah and that's the population of cuba was spain. African chiny irish then in the fifties the italian. I can't tell you. How many italian cuban kids they're those gangsters. Were banging fuck and cuban women. Do a right now way. I'm was talking about it with my family recently. And yeah there's just like sort of so many different things in my background you know and now let me ask you this because this is sort of interests me about you. Do you like. I would assume that relate to your cuban heritage or is it like they have so much heritage that you don't really gravitate to one as many as the others or is like a cuban as a cuban man. I would have a lot of. I was around a lot of traditional cuban men when i was a kid and they all had great qualities but they had bad qualities. Jealousy over matches. Mo- ism you know little things. I didn't like so as i grew up. Curb them back. I curb that stuff back. I didn't allow myself to be jealous. You know men who had jealous of women guy. I can't i can't have that shit that's tough. I saw mike talking to a girl who cares. You know what. I'm saying people talk. It's if you put your dick in my then we have a problem. People do a lot worse than worse than talk matures. Mole had calmed that cuban machismo shit just didn't work for me sometimes didn't work for me. Sometimes i was a mama's boy you know. Let's let's not forget the fact that i love women. I love women love looking at him. I don't care what size they are on the bigger better skinny of the better. I love women. You know. So i think i borrowed from different races. I'm like fucking mutt. My head a catholic. And i love catholicism. I went to church this week. But you know what i do. Good stuff right. My religion is different. I love buddhism. You know a lot of mindfulness stuff. A lot of mindfulness. I never converted. But i do meditate from time to time. Nice i do believe in karma. I do believe in what they do. You know i went to. I took a couple of classes at neuropathies hung out there in boulder walking meditation. You know buddhist success. I interested in school that they had fucking great speakers. The dalai lama showed and you could go. You know all those great off beat writers used to go the boulder and do lectures there. so i respect the Bush thing i then you have santamaria which is my original cuban thing on the side which is like cuban catholocism right. Do i agree with all santa rita stuff now but it's gotten to where it's gotten me you know. Do i agree with all catholicism's stop no fucking mortal sin. If i don't go to church on sunday go fuck yourself so the two way. Yeah it's killing somebody and then not going to church on sunday that that's a big difference me not going to church him killing somebody you know. Where's the parallel. Where's the funk in one in between like you know so we all have our agreements and disagreements whatever religion or if you're not religious you know. I like some of the jewish things. You know totally. There's you can draw from in all of them on every religion you know. I'm really tight with our pipe. With lee and i always ask them questions about judaism you know and they tell me you know and i've always you know i always for awhile and i'm like i'm gonna fuck convert to be a jew for the longest time ailing a converting. Yeah when my mom died and stuff. My father was so into it. That i was like you know what i'm going to convert 'cause you were looking for something to sort of gravitate towards right. I was pissed at my god. Right and i'm uncircumcised so they can still cut the foreskin saying they would hurt. You're getting there you know. Listen you gotta show up an envelope and a foreskin and don't take you you know what i'm saying. That's the admission packets to fucking requirements convert to judaism. You gotta data jewish girl. You still got that skin on your dick and your fucking and you're off to the races on your off to the races. So what's going on. Besides you know what man just trying to take all the steps necessary to get to the next level you know. We talked about acting and just how crazy that world is. I started in that world. And i'm looking at like i'm doing my first auditions and stuff this past six months and i think it was really good for me. I needed something that i hadn't been doing for so many years to like. Give me a new challenge. Because i think. I i'll be honest with you joey. I got a little carried away with myself. By the time i started with acting because i figured okay i'm finally at an agent's office where's my movie whereas my red carpet you guys been waiting for me and i realized quick snot fucking owes man. You know what i mean. And i started looking into my favorite actors and the fact that out pacino didn't get scarface to lose thirty five and you know like this stuff takes years to build so the point being i'm just really battening down. The hatches to improve myself and build and do a million failed auditions. And maybe get my one. And i'm really just looking at life as a five to ten year plan right now like i think things would be cracking for me then and i'm not attaching myself to. I need to be at this level next year. You know what. I mean that. That's the stuff. I think young people do you act. Are you actively looking for roles. I am yeah. And i mean i'm i'm looking at getting music videos for little part. You know what. I mean short films if i can. There's not many college films where i'm at but You know i want to do that. Because like what i realized is if you want to act like you don't just want to be in the movies you want to go do theater. You wanna do community stuff. So it's like. I also learned like what's the difference between a real actor in some bag that wants to be on a billboard. I never wanted to be that guy node. I mean so it's like it's about taking those steps so yeah just actively trying to do it and it took like actually doing these auditions and stuff. Like i always appreciated the guys like gandolfini up to them with wide eyes but then when i even started trying to do one iota of facial expression of a guy like that in an audition that's when it really hit me like a ton of bricks like. Oh this is this is a lifestyle thing like this is something people are born to do and then other people kind of maybe do it. so yeah it's just. I'm just trying to be better. Joey you know i. I just want to go all and it's contagious. You know i enjoy doing the podcast. Because i'm been trying to work on myself since i landed in this fucking state. Yeah and people are seeing that. I don't wanna lead by talking shit. I wanna lead by then watching me making the change i told you i was on the slowdown on the reefer doj. I need to lose weight. I told you. I needed the journal. More to figure out what does anxiety had was coming from. I'm always trying to better myself and any single way possible. You know especially with the daughter. You wanna give her all the knowledge absolutely you know. She brought a homework down yesterday. I gotta be honest with you. I would have got an f. Plus octa four sides and i don't remember none of that shit but you know you got to be involved and That's that's this whole thing is about. You know this whole pandemic. if by july of last year you didn't look at this and go okay. Does a pandemic. they took my job. Mike can go do his open. Mike you know there's so many things we couldn't do let's focus on what we can do exactly still run. You could still right. You can still ride your bike. You still play. The a webcam you know turned on a webcam. There were so many ways to improve yourself. And i said this to myself like in you know because we were all waiting for the pandemic to end and we didn't know what it was going to end. I made one goal. And i'll take the notebook out and look for it. I said i want one positive thing. This pandemic just one. I wanna be. I wanna come out of this. I think that everybody should have came out of this with one. Pant one goal out of this pandemic dear friends to me the day that all he kept hearing was disease and how bad it was the covid but nobody in america was telling people take care of themselves. Yeah listen this is what you need to be doing. The vitamin d magnesium get your eight hours asleep. This is the first time a lot of us had had this break. You know people are changing careers people. Insane it's insane. It's insane you gave america. You gave the world a chance to think and look at themselves through fucking microscope and now we know what we wanna do. I in turn acted last week. And i gotta tell you i fucking some lowered. Where'd you go. I in the city okay with was it with vinnie p. When i got here. I contacted an agent i had from l. a. That was now he booking theater. Which i'm gonna nice call him this afternoon. Talent to start looking for a couple of plays in me like ninety seat theater. Because i think mitt i wanna commit you know we want to see people wanna hear you want to be part of a play. I listen when you joined the. There's a couple of group groups around. And and i've been going on their website. Okay you know you gotta clean bathrooms. You got to sweep one month. You take tickets at the door. One monday the lights one month you clean the bathrooms bro. Never fucking too good to clean a fucking bathroom. It's like ocado goes hand on the fucking toilet. So i'm either thinking of doing a local theater. I wanna see what new york new york right now is not the place to be jumping up and down at night yet. Let's let's settle a little bit. Yes find that group around here that will take me. 'cause i'm fucking hack comic actor it's not please it's not like i'm there of quoting stanislavsky or whatever we have that in common yeah it's not like what i have read on acting and i will tell you something and i tell you this ron my heart caches and you know i'm the type of guy that people say shit about me and i disagree with them but i will tell you this when it comes to auditioning. I don't know too many people better than me. I'm better additioning. Then stand up comedy while. Because mitzi shaw used to make you do three minutes at the store three minutes three minutes three minutes how many comics have quick comedy couldn't do three minutes. Probably so betty. You have to tell you a story in three minutes. So i never really put together. When i started going out for additions like you all i would bomb. Every other fucking audition every audition. Thank you for coming right. You know what i'm saying. That was phenomenal. Thank you and you're like you want me to read it again now. Not a photo. No not really leave and then you walk out of there. I had a lot of those you know and then one day i took a cold reading workshop and it was by the guy that did sleepers okay and godfather to while and he changed me his audition system. He wanted you to be aggressive. I would. I would walk into auditions very timidly. Hi how are you. But then i started listening to those jerk offs in la. David walk into a class like high high caches. Oh my god. We have a mutual friend. Michael listen just still not get the row bitch dropping. Michael's name for get out of the way. I talked your way into this dog. Additional which check brought a tray of brownies the cash interacted. You know when they tell you dress up like the character if you actually go dressed up the character you're not gonna get the heard that's a bad one. That's a bad one like me and already got a call one day our recalls more money you get on this tangle. Yeah they wanted me to dress away colonial fucking soldier fuck you. I want to know what a yankee hat on their like. Where's your fucking kentucky fried chicken suit. And i'm funky adjutant that's what that's power. That's what they do to. You used the differently. I used to like if i went for a mob. Tv show. I wore white shirt okay. A mob commercial white dress shirt movie. Mafia ruled gray shirt of black shirt interesting. What what was that. I just want you like when i got baseball. I was aref correct. So i wore shirt. Which strings okay. So like a whistle. But you wouldn't wear an actual whistle. That's the beauty on the no right. No right that's a good one. You don't go what it's like comics with comedy clubs sent me a tape. I send blank tapes. I sent blank tapes for years tapes. Yeah because they don't watch them right. That's control yeah. You go you go to get paid on saturday. They got stacks tapes with dust. Donna why i'm like. Hey that doing this really funny and the guy would look at it and go. I haven't had a chance to look at the tape. No shit it's got six inches of dust on it. So all that does is a control shit like you call the same club on fifteen times. Go hi my name is caches morris. I like to work your club. I haven't looked at you tape yet but caches could talk to joey by mistake. Be talking to me. I'm trying to get an that fucking wise guys in utah and the guy won't fuck and take me and all of a sudden i call you in your my feature right and that's how i got. This is how it goes. I tried to get into catch a rising for years for years. They had vegas some other fucking joint reno and new jersey threes. I tried to get in there one day. I got a call from jimmy. Shubert you wanna feature for me about the relationship. Yeah it was fifteen years ago. Jimmy took me up there as a feature and i started headlining for the catch. A rising star. So you can't get mad things you have to let things work themselves out organically you. I got italian man for a young man. You have done a great job. A lot of i mean when do we do our first park s eight nine years ago seven years ago. Maybe and yeah. You're still on ten yet going on ten. You're still how old are you now. twenty two. Jesus christ you drink. I know actually i was but i not right now okay good. I don't rule it out for the future. But i'm at a point. Where like my job is is. It's more like organization scheduling spreadsheets. My hosting is actually more so on the side and it's more so coordinating so it's like. I just really looked in the mirror. When i came into this new place and i was like okay. You watch motivational videos from you. Know this guy this guy this guy would. They have fucking old milwaukee's on their desk. Would they have a fucking rick. And morty bong in the corner no so k. Screw off. Then you know that was it. I know you're on And you to do your gig this afternoon. I'm good joey. I'm good okay. I want to let these guys know that you know. I got a lot of forty year olds and thirty euros at. Follow me and ask me questions. And they're confused about things. And i'm happy that have a twenty two year old here. That's been committed to something for ten years when you're twelve most kids can't commit to deck except fucking texting and roller skating or whatever the fuck they do at twelve you already will like a young man and now you're a man you know. I know you got a girlfriend. I know you you making moves and stuff like that. So i'm really proud of you. Thank you the people that. Listen to this podcast today. A watched. I wish that follow caches. I follow him. And sometimes i write something for you. Sometimes i don't but i want you to know i'm always watching and i'm always very proud of you when i saw rob halford on your fucking podcast. You know this a guy like me would say fuck he's got rubbing alfred limitation some. I was so fucking happy for you means the world now was so happy for you because i know how hard you've been working you know deemed our when he got brian johnson. Oh my god. I was crying for him people with me. I was so happy for him. I wasn't wishing it was me. You know you you when you start. Cheering for people is when your life changes. I see all these people on the internet that every time somebody put some positive they gotta shit on it. Yeah and they wonder why they have shitty lies. The first thing. I do when i wake up in the morning is go to facebook and i see if i know anybody's birthday and then i find somebody i don't know i wish him a happy birthday to my day off on a positive note. I made somebody's day at seven. Thirty in the fucking morning without leaving the house suddenly fact. Somebody's gonna look at their fucking page and go that fat funk. Joey diaz now. He's got an assistant. That did it. You know it was me but that's how my day starts. That's i'm giving love you know and even once that goes into the subconscious. That's still working for you. That's still out. There works any anybody when you wake up from now on go to and facebook and look at the birthdays. The mother fucker find the ugliest dude. You know that nobody's fucking inviting them nowhere. It feels good happy birthday. See how good. You're gonna fuck and feel and i mean who knows. You could be the only person to wish him a happy birthday that day and you might stop them from heison himself. You might have birthdays shitty days for some people they think back to. Where was i last year at this time. You know i'm just saying but that's the first thing i do. Remodeling is wish somebody a happy birthday. That's a fucking stranger. Yeah because i want my day to go off the right way. that's what it's all about. That's what we're here to do is making people's day caches. And i know you do it. And i do it i love you. I'm happy with the hands to to Call in today and talk with me and hang out. It's always a pleasure. And i gotta tell you something. I'm very very very proud of you. Thank you and i saw the fucking retire from podcasting the past my little fucking thing on to you. You know you are the next joe. Rogan is getting old getting old bill. Birth getting old. They're all getting. Oh and by the time in eight years you'll be podcasting. Sixteen years that's great. That's crazy to think about that. That's really crazy to think about. The throne belongs to you. You might not see yet. You might sit there going. Oh my god joe. Rogan is great. Yeah jay williams. Getting older shorter. And i'm getting older and fatter and fucking bill burs getting ear and older. He just gets funnier bill. Burr is the fuck it just gets on timeless So along the line. And everybody's getting you know the all those guys are fucking move on. So i predict in eight years. You'll be the fucking new howard. Stern if you want it did you even get as freely. Yes he revelation on my show. Did he really. He premiered his political beliefs I don't know where on my show. And then it became a massive thing but man that that mother fucker man. I love that guy. I love a good guy. He just moved to jersey while okay jet. He lives in jersey. He's gotta get him on the podcast. I would cut my finger off to get guitar lessons from him. Everybody knows he's a great. We need a video of that. On my god i would die if i saw as freely first off. I think he's the funniest man in the world. He's amazed that he. I think he could destroy chris. Rock dave chapelle. I've seen his interviews. He is a riot. I think he has one of the funniest man i've ever been around him. I never met him. I've never had the chance to talk to him. So just for that. I give you kudos. I think he's the funniest motherfucker around. He just incredible man and like just the fact that he was so down to earth like i interviewed him once before on the phone and it was he was doing a big press day and weren't that great. I was young but then we did this one man and it was just like shooting the ship with a friend and just the fact that it happened like obviously would mean so much to anybody but i wasn't around man like when destroyer came out like i wasn't i was it was that's what i mean and it was great but it's like this is the closest ally actually ever get to even their prime so it's like that's extra layer of appreciation. That's the thing. I never should never goes over my head. I'm never like oh. Yeah that's of. Course i did that. No fuck that. It's like people. Would you know there's people out there that that makes their day. Just the fact that i did it so i appreciate every second honest. I love your little brother. Joe edna custom men. Congratulations on doing everything that you don. I see big things coming your way and all i wanted to do is when you got your big howard stern studio and the whole thing to have a little picture me on this is saying that motherfucker was my brother right there. That's all i want from. You know i always will have the painting in my house and that painting will be in my home for the rest of my life joey every single day. I love you brother. Thank you for cubby. Joe thanks michael stayntouch give your parents my best absolutely. I will up to your family as well. You gotta love you. Love your bye-bye all right you. Bad mother fuckers. That was cash is more. Don't forget to watch his podcast. His podcast. I don't know what the name is watch mojo on youtube. He's a great kid and he's one of us he's just nobody knows who he is. But he's gonna creep up on ya. I guarantee you within ten years. You'll be on his desk cock suckers just like anybody else It's been a great week. It really has whether it's on patriots. Or whatever. I put that picture up on me as a nine year old you. Mother fuckers went nuts with my little cuban sudan and shit you couldn't believe my mom dressed me up like that. That's that's the way i was. When i was a kid i was never addressed in. My mother saw me now. She ripped his shirt off me from my mother saw hydros now. She repacked my close. The end that. I pushed church showtime that has a ripple pierre and i went to my daughter's softball practice and when i got home i looked in the mirror and i did exactly what my mother would do. I just read it. I just ripped down to the bottom putting new fucking shirt on your pig walking around that shirt on with a whole that. I work fucking ninety hours a week. So you can have a hole in your fucking shirt you piece of shit but anyway back flashbacks. You know how it is. Sometimes you gotta drop it on your mother fuckers. I love you guys. Thank you very much for supporting us. Thank you very much for watching this Brought only gonna get better and better. I'm only going to get better and better. We're going to get strong. To get mike in this thing and bob when they got him a computer fucking looking up and we're going to add more elements to this fucking show. Thank you thank you very much for always having my back. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for watching and thank you for watching caches and you're going to enjoy right. Stay black have a great weekend and now for a word for my mother. Fucking sponsors are right. It's wednesday. I wanna thank cash this one more time for coming on. I hope you guys enjoy the my love the kid with all my heart but anyway the join is brought to you by cbd lion the best when it comes see beat the. How do i know. Because i know people have sent me thousands of different. Cb creams shit. Cbd lion is what's worked to me. And i have twenty different uses for it whether it's at the extra strength cream. 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I love you guys see you monday. Tiptop magoo have a great weekend stay black.

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