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"smokey hyland" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"See you. Information science Professor Dr. Brian Keegan. Thank you so much. Travel. Well, he had a 30 newscast ahead. Your drive right now. John Morrissey. Ugly spots that for 70 Dr usually in pretty good shape. Not this morning around, Gartrell. You've got large back up on that West bound or sound. Found the E 4 70 drive. So if you come down from Smokey Hyland heading down to Park Road, for example, right in between those two exits. You've got AA lot of backups, the only real decent around I mean, you could you could stake through the neighborhoods, but I wouldn't do that down there. I would be there sitting traveling, or you could take Gartrell, which becomes a rap. Go into the tech center. Another slow spot into the tech center South bound to 25 Heavy because of a crash in the right lane. Just 70 backed up solid to Mississippi Havana toe hand and might be your best way around or the Cherry Creek Dam Road or work your way down the tech Center on Park Road downtown Drive pretty busy on I 25. Especially around six. Damn you. South bound is heavy from I 70. Your 2 70 I 76 drive normal. Crowded drives you make your way through Commerce City. It looks like we've got a new crash on westbound I seven year backed up from Havana crashed. Like it's after Quebec. This reporter sponsored by Envirotest Haircare, Colorado. Good news. Two more Air Care Colorado stations. The locations in Golden in Loveland. Open Monday, June 22nd for info, Go to where care colorado dot com. One person per vehicle please and master are required. I'm John Morrissey on camera news radio live everywhere the I heard radio app. It's easy to connect with the voice of God. Arado Just tell you're smart device to play Gay away news radio on I hard radio. Daily.

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