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"smith steph" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

"Off right with a bunch of baxter's wanted him swings right. It's also the quantity of swings at the end of the day to your body has x. amount of swings in it. I had a physio. Tell me that sake i. I don't remember like like falling on. My elbow rang lighter. Injuring are things but you also in that in that tendon in your elbow. Which was hurting when i was taking my golf swing. You only have x amount of flexes in it. And it's like an old hinge on a rusty door hinge once in a number of times but it has shelf life and soda most of the muscles in your body and these guys are hitting thousands and thousands of balls just in practice in the course of a year so the expected to break down from that perspective too. But he's even going beyond that bryson right like if that that youtube video you're talking about. I saw that with. Vga okay and people have seen bryson hit it on the golf course and at least he kind of turns his feet you know when when he ripped through it his club pittsburgh fast and all this stuff right. He's he's tearing out at like nobody's ever seen the video talking about stevie he even steps it up a notch there. Oh yeah okay. He is intensely exhibiting this thing he probably knows. Vj's behind them and people are watching them but he is lashing way harder than you even see him do it on a golf course own. My god you know so. I think you're right and you'll be right there with a lot of other people go. There's no way i'll be able to sustain this yet. So enjoy is into shambo while you can because unless changes things It's going to be a fairly abbreviated career before things start to break down and he just occasionally plays. That's where he said we're headed to a break. We'll be back with our final thoughts and we'll also hear from nhl expert. 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James always finds stephen smith to be fairly entertaining but i never ever ever thought he was going to go down the hockey road and he also took a little bit of an assist from chance. The rapper who when he was on saturday night live as the host He basically played in one of the skits an nba analyst a sort of a court reporter or whatever it was and they basically because they were they had to put them into a new york rangers game. He didn't know anything about hockey and he kept saying the line which has now become famous. A bit of a meam. How are you gonna do that hockey. And that was his question that give to all the players and such anyway. Stephen smith Steph smith took a bit of a give a bit of a nod to chance the rapper in this as he talked about the edmonton oilers and their demise. In a sweep in the first round today talking about hockey. Yea yea. i'm gonna do that hockey. yes i am. And here's what you need to know. Connor mcdavid and leon draisaitl and the edmonton oilers newsflash. Ladies and they got swept out of the first round of the playoffs last night. Now why is that important. Look we all know. I'm not a hockey expert. Okay the only thing i know about hockey puck is black. But even i have heard that kind of david and leon draisaitl. I've heard alberto both of those guys. The fee nom the future the sport. The nhl leading scorer drives titled second in scoring mcdavid. Fizi you the. Nfl's leading scorer swear first round as the higher seed after not even getting out of the qualifying round last year. Now you going to do hockey like that. How you go to get you lucky. You're not basketball claims. I'll tell you that. I'd be on much harder than i am right now. Connor mcdavid. you've only won one playoff series. Just fix year career. You gotta do board at imagine if the brooklyn nets swapped out of the first round of the playoffs with all talent. I never let to it but to date it leon dry. I don't i don't know you that. Well i really don't trauma be nice. I really did the segment. Actually just to make gary bettman crowd in each commissioner. I want to show him and the rest of the hockey lovers out there. I don't mind doing all right so courtesy of espn on. I take that is stephen. A smith and i thought that was doing to me. What today. okay. Why did you pick that today. Okay okay moments after the orders got crushed by the jets. And you gotta. I know funny jim. You'll love this out anyway That's the first time for that guy. He's funny man and life money really. Yeah yeah. I don't have cable steve. No i'm trying to figure out how long stephen a smith been around that you couldn't have. Oh i probably recognize that. I guess what what is what is he. A basketball player was the sport. I don't think he ever was an athlete. Think he comes out of the The print media and funny funny bit for sure. That was a funny bit. So i'll be watching more of them now now. He's he sees a good timing. Please sorry it's my bad. My bad one remind everybody steve. Wait a minute. Pull up the clips. Okay pull up the clips of the maple leafs. Okay wall sing their way through the first round. My buddy steve love to hear that this success of the leafs that's it. Yep yep.

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