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Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Starts Sits Episode 038

Fantasy Football Overtime

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Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Starts Sits Episode 038

"Welcome to the fantasy football overtime podcast. I'm your host. Jigsaw ski with me as always found Tyler Hollow bar and Matt wind. The year twenty-twenty strikes again. We had another bad week if some injuries since this episode, of course, we're going to you know, recap week 5 or you're like a little head two weeks six boys how you feeling after the week most of week 5 games. I'm feeling pretty bad. I just suffered a tough fantasy loss this week at the hands of DK Metcalf and Adam thielen and I lost at Prescott, which is devastating to my mom. She hopes the season doing. All right after week 5, I don't have much on the line for these Monday Tuesday game, but for the rest of the season, I lost Dak in three leagues. So did you lose Dak in one of the League's that you had a job and my main my home League my main League Chubb echler and DEC all in the last two weeks man. Who else do you have on your roster so I can be sure to trade them away got the curse. You're my friend brutal, but show must go on. That's why there's DFS next man up and DFS. Yep. Absolutely. Well week five had a bunch of breakouts had a you know some Exciting and non exciting news, but Matt will jump right into it. All right, so we already talked about it a little bit but at the quarterback position the biggest injury news of the week is definitely dead Prescott. Not one absolutely kills fantasy owners and I just feel bad for the guy that looked like a very very serious ankle injury. It was a right ankle compound fracture, which means it actually left the skin the bone left the skin and it was dislocated. So he was given a 4 to 6 month recovery. Honestly. I think that's on the earlier side. But the worst part about it for DAC is that he never got his contract. So he's a free agent after the season, you know, that was the first single and threw his head when this happened and he was on Pace to shatter the all-time passing yards record. We've been talking about him every single week. This is just devastating news for Dak Prescott in the Cowboys as a whole. I don't know if the first thing going through his head was oh no my money it was probably out. Oh my ankle really hurts but dead. As I'm sure now he's thinking about not having a contract. I don't know but it didn't take very long for that thought to pop in his head to be honest. Yeah, all the adrenaline and endorphins running through them. I'm sure he didn't feel much pain but those tears on a start or definitely because he was on the franchise tag and didn't have a contract. Those were contract. Jerry Jones do the right thing pay this man. His money will come back even stronger for you. He deserves a contract not obviously not Baptists Mahomes like get this kid a contract. What was cool as I actually just saw on the TV like right before we started recording this that Jerry Jones is saying that Dak Prescott is there guy so I really hope that they go out and do exactly what you just said cuz he's earned it at the running back position Christian McCaffrey will undergo tests this week. He's obviously been out since week two we're going to determine if he's healthy enough to be activated from the IR in a week 6 if he is that would be the minimum time on the IR but if I'm a coach I'm not rushing McCaffrey back until I know that he's a hundred percent healthy cuz Mike Davis has been phenomenal. What do you guys think do we see him? Free in week six know we don't for Mike Davis if you own him try to get something for him now. Yep, you got till Sunday in the Bears game to sell Mike Davis cuz even if McCaffrey doesn't play it's a tough matchup say you're not going to get as much value if you get anything for him, but from the Panthers, I'm not rushing back McCaffrey. Mike Davis has done more than sufficient. Yeah. He's averaging 24 touches in 25 fantasy points per game over the last three weeks since taking over the starting role like that has literally Christian McCaffrey numbers right there. Yeah, he's done phenomenal. Like I said, I mean if you're the McCaffrey owner, you know, maybe send a lowball offer for Mike Davison case some, you know, lingers and goes on but Mike Davis has been phenomenal pick up if you've had him another injury at the running back position was Dalvin cook. He injured his groin early in the second half of the Vikings Seattle game. He went into the locker room briefly and then he came back out. He played one snap and then he stood on the sidelines the rest of the game it looked precautionary, but you have to be worried when you look at Dalvin Cook's Exchange. Of injury history. How do you guys see week 6 playing out for the split between Alexander Madison and Dalvin cook. Oh first we have to make sure he's healthy and there's going to be a split if he's playing. It's just going to go right back to the old cook the cook Madison split. They're not going to be precautionary. Yeah. I think this I honestly I think they should sit him this week. We got the Falcons. I say we were fighting fans. We got the Falcons and we have a buy so regardless even if we don't need the Falcons, we have an extra week of rest for cooked like sit him. We have Madison we have bun. We have Abdullah like sit cook make sure he's right for rest of season. I agree with them. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they go to and I think that's exactly why they didn't put them back into the game. So we'll see what happens in week six with Alvin cook. Yeah, even that one play that he ran he came up limping right away. So now it didn't look right back early signs on his MRI look good. So hopefully it's not a long-term thing. But again, give him the rest. He he deserves. He just send a huge contract like you want to save him. Don't ruin him. Let's talk about some wide receivers. How about Michael Thomas? He's still off. But it doesn't appear to be an ankle injury anymore slant boy Mister slant boy boy threw a punch at defensive back CJ Gardner Johnson. I've seen rumors on Twitter thought he was called slam Boy by Malcolm Jenkins, but I've seen a lot of people saying that that was not actually what happened. I would love to know though. And I think it's a very fitting name. I hope it is true. It's hilarious if that like that's one of the better nicknames may have come up with cuz that's all he does is run Slants. Yeah. He literally his a. Which is average depth of Target is one of the lowest in the entire NFL like that's what he does. He runs little routes little plants, but he's really good at it. He catches a lot of passes but he clearly did not take kindly to being called whatever he was called in practiced cuz he punched his teammate. I love all the gifts and memes from I don't know if you guys watch Hey Arnold the Stone Age boy never leaves the stoop. Yeah, Michael Thomas slant boy, never never runs anything but a slant AJ Green injured his hamstring. There is no timetable for his return you guys. I think it is saved. To cut AJ Green and move on from him for me this bumps up Tyler Boyd, but it really bumps up tee Higgins. This guy has burst onto the scene the last couple of weeks and now he's going to have the volume to back it up. Yeah. Definitely. T against Hagen's was AJ Green's replacement go on and get tee Higgins if he's available. Yeah, I think Higgins and I think true sample Gets A Small Bump as well. Are you sure it says hamstring or was it his ego or his feelings? Cuz I looked pretty sour on the sidelines there. I saw a video of him mouthing just trade me. So think he wants out it might have been a mixture of all of those things. But where are they going to trade them to like this was his opportunity and I know he's just not in his prime anymore man. He's old. I don't know if you're Cincinnati and anyone offers you anything once you move him like yes, he's a, you know team Hall of Famer like Cincinnati Hall of Famer. But yeah, if you can get anything from get rid of him. Yeah, I would definitely if I was Cincinnati, but I don't see any other team doing it at this stage of AJ Green's career Green Bay might you never say Green Bay. They're pretty Philadelphia too. It's maybe but I don't know they're not going to get offered month. No, not at all Deonte Johnson injured his back. It is now the second game in a row that he's been knocked out of the game after only one touch head coach Mike Tomlin said he thinks that Johnson will be back in ready for 36, but Johnson is suddenly turning into a liability or just a stretch of bad luck. It could be either but fancy owners aren't very happy with the anti Johnson over the last couple of weeks. The guys got crazy potential if you can just stay on the field. I really need a high on them this season but there's a new guy that's emerging in Pittsburgh right now. So Deonte Johnson needs to kind of keep that role. Yeah. It's not Juju like wouldn't you expect if Johnson's out Juju song optic and targets and somehow he saw less targets like what's going on? It was a weird game like they went out and drafted Chase Claypool. The Steelers organization has been super super high on him ever since they did and I could see why he looked really really good. Yeah. Did you see the video where Ben Roethlisberger literally looked at Chase Claypool and said this is going to you and then he caught a touchdown I didn't but that's awesome job. Like had to look at him and he called the audible and he must not have known what it was. So Roethlisberger literally just like looked at him and pointed and then he like put his hand at the side of his face and like said something else like yeah, this is going to you catch the boss. And then we got Julio Jones injured his hamstring in week four and he missed the second half of the game the Falcons opted to play it safe in week 5, they sat him as well. All of that works seem to go to Calvin Ridley yet wage options for 136 yards on 10 targets. Nobody else in Atlanta had over even Thirty receiving yards. It's kind of surprising after you saw Zacchaeus the game before kind of blow up but where is Russell Gage been? I don't know if she has been lingering or what but he just doesn't look right like yeah, he's not getting opens not going to targets Matt Ryan also did not look good at all. He only looked confident throwing the ball to Ridley. So I don't know if that played part of it. I'm sure did but yeah also gauges been a disappearing whereas Hayden Hurst been same thing. He just doesn't have the confidence in those guys. He trusts Ridley and he trusts Julio and since they're struggling. He's Gotta Throw It the Ridley in general and is now dead. It's a first time since nineteen ninety seven that they started out and five. They immediately fired Dan Quinn following the game is definitely the right move. There's way too much talent on this roster to be winless at this point of the Sea Shack. The only other two winless teams the Giants and the Jets head coach of the Giants is JoJo. She's in his first year. I want to ask you guys how much time you'd give a first-year head coach. Do you let them play off the full season or if it gets 2019 wage and I want 11. Do you make a move whole season? Yeah. Absolutely. He gets a season plus it's like college football when they bring a new coaches. They say it takes a couple of years to get their program in there. Well, the NFL's come the same way, you gotta instill your philosophies and not so he gets a season plus and you're not even playing with guys that you had to say in yeah, you gotta draft your guys and you know get an opportunity. So he gets a full season. How about Adam gase? Yes have a seventy-five thousand and five games this year it writ. You should have been done before the season even started this long. Does this go on? I don't know for New York Jets fans hopes. I hope it doesn't go any longer log. Realistically like they he should have been fired before this season. So hopefully for them, it's soon. I don't think it's going to be he should be gone already should have been a gun preseason their own 5. He should have been gone after a week for the keep talking. They don't want to smoke because they don't want to stunt Sam darnold and start the quarterback process over but I think he's already ruined started stunted. Yeah, like like they've already ruined Sam darnold by attaching him to Adam gase. Yeah get rid of him. If they lose to Miami. I think they have to fire Adam Gates. Oh, Miami is playing. All right. Well, they're going to be Owens 6 like you can't afford to go and sit down when game for the New York Jets. Yeah. I agree just fire him draft Tila number one overall start over. Sorry Tyler. I know you're high in Miami. That was more just a dig at you. Can't start out Owens in this league and how lucky did the Jets get they got Miami in week seven compared her. Excuse me week 6 compared to the bills. I think they lucked out a little bit there. But yes, they are still going to lose. You guys want to move on to some breakouts a.m. Week 5 yeah do some good things. Tyler is going to be excited about this one. Let's start with fits magic. It's magical You Gotta Give Tyler's time there. He was second on the week at the quarterback position with 27.6 fantasy points. No quarterbacks are over thirty points this week. That's the first time it's happened all year. But in week 5, it's a magic went for 350 yards and three touchdowns against the 49ers and it was in San Francisco. He's quietly sitting at QB number six on the season. And now the Dax out that would actually move up to QB number five at the moment and he's only roster Don 20% of leagues. Come on people off. That's that's extremely low and playing the Jets. He'll probably only gain like two or three percent. They're like people don't want to play It's Magic cuz it's not sexy. But guess what? It's magic is the definition of sex sex these guys in the league. I don't know. I don't understand the the low ownership either people. You gotta pick up its magic and start them against the Jets. This is a perfect week for it. There's a couple of big cord racks on by birth. The Saints and Seahawks run by so yeah pick up its magic if he's available another quarterback that had a big week is Gardner Minshew. He's now posted four or five games over 20 fantasy points in over his last two games on for 650 yards and four touchdowns is the mustache back. Yeah. I said at the beginning of season it's a volume game with them and you throw the ball for 40 times last four games. Yes. It's just going to continue. They're not going to be leading a games very often. So men shoes volume is here to stay another quarterback. I want to talk about back-to-back games over 20 fantasy points for Teddy Bridgewater Bistro on for just shy of six hundred yards and four touchdowns over his office to games. He's heating up as well. Very similar numbers between men shoe and Teddy over the last two weeks out of those three quarterbacks that we just talked about. It's magic in Bridgewater are still available in the surprising amount of leagues and we could do is kind of a bigger name at this point. He's owned in in more leagues, but you can go out and get one of these three guys and starting this week. If you need to Bridgewater zoned and 42 percenter leagues, so definitely available, but how is Bridge Are owned in more leagues than fitzmagic? I don't know better match up from the previous week is Jai gas. And this is probably not the week. It was a it was a tough. Yeah, and I say this is not the week you want Bridgewater cuz it is the Bears they are still tough against them back. So and I think people more so just look at like season-long instead of week-by-week at times. I think they kind of look at it and say to a could come in at any point with fitzmagic and I mean Teddy's role is secure, but sometimes you need to look more week-long week instead of over the whole course of the Season. Yeah, you have to win each week to make the playoffs. So it is a weekly game not as he's like you need to win to make the playoffs. You can't worry about the playoffs if you're not in it, make sure you win your boss. Right? Let's move on to running backs another week another Mike Davis appearance in our episode. He was our be number one in week 5 with 30 fantasy points another game with nine receptions. Yes recorded five or more receptions in all four games. He's played in he's averaging 7 and 1/2 perceptions per game that he is played in this season hundred fifty total yards in this game one more time. Down like nine catches like you said like unreal it is it's cheap it up here, sir. McCaffrey levels. Can you keep it up until Christian McCaffrey's back? It's a tough matchup against the Bears like it's normally he's been a set-it-and-forget-it guy. But this week I would honestly look to see if you have other options. I wouldn't he's a set-it-and-forget-it until proven. Otherwise, he is absolutely dominating right now and he's going to get the volume and the receiving game in this might be the last game McCaffrey. They're saying McCaffrey could come back but none of us are really buying that like we talked about earlier, but I don't know I'm taking full advantage of Mike Davis way. You can another running back Todd Gurley is looking like vintage Todd Gurley right now. He's he's played five games in Atlanta Jersey and he has five rushing touchdowns. He's sitting at RB 11th. Overall. He actually doubled his receptions on the season in week 5 you had four receptions and he had four receptions in a season leading up to this game. This is like Tyler's week. We're talking about fitzmagic or talking about Todd Gurley. Like these are your guys. How's it feel really looking good ran hard. I think the biggest difference in the last two games. Is the first three is the target he's getting 5 + targets and we didn't see that at the beginning. I have an easy stretch. I think the next three games fairly is going to go on go on a run here. You'll be in the top five after these three games. He's already kind of been on a run too. So if he starts getting even better, yeah, look out girlie is is looking like his old self right now. Yeah, 14 rushes 421 yards and touchdown can't get much better than that. I think it comes down to volume. They'll just like you said in the passing game Tyler if he's getting 5 + targets per game from here on out that is going to be absolutely massive for his fantasy value. So it'll come down to was that just game script or they try to get him more involved. I think they kind of have to get a more involved, but we'll see what happens Chase Edmunds finished as the seventh-ranked running back on the week with 20 fantasy points, and he did it on only eight touches. The volume hasn't been their wage is still sitting at RB number 27 on the season. He's higher than Kenyan Drake now and Kendricks been getting a vast majority of the volume Edmonds is still unowned and over fifty percent of Leagues Club. You guys go get Chase Edmunds if he's still out there. Yeah, Kenyan Drake looks like a completely different back from last year. I don't know if it has anything to do with that walking boot from beginning of the season, but he just looks slow down. It's the play-calling. They're literally calling Drake to run up the middle every single play. So it's going to limit his big-play potential. But yeah, he is slower than when he tries to get bounced outside. He is missing a step. So it's a little bit of both. But yeah Chase Edmunds, I would not be surprised if he takes over this backfield shortly. I said last week it was the play-calling it is the play-calling but I went back and looked at and most of Drake's drive and he just does not look good. And what I was listening to was like the touchdown run that chase Edmunds had was a run up the middle and it's not a effective play call normally but Chase Edmunds took it to the house. Like why isn't Kenyan Drake doing that? Like I said, I think a slow I think I think the foot is in was bothering him a little bit more than he let on so yeah, I think that definitely plays into it. But yeah, like I said, I wouldn't be surprised with Chase Edmunds take takes over this backfield here shortly if I told you that in week six, I was starting changing. Men's over Kenyan Drake in my Flex straight-up. Would you think that's a good call or am I crazy? No, I would not blame you but if you flip the coin and shows that solely based off that I would not blame you cuz I'll be honest I Had Drake and admins in a number of leagues and I did that this week and I thankfully draconians on crazy how quick things can change in the NFL. Let's move on to Devonte Freeman. He's averaging 17 touches over his last two games is a clear are be one in that backfield. He's had double-digit points in each of his last two games and he finally found the endzone this week for the first time as a New York Giant. He has now entered Flex Appeal for me over the next couple of weeks. They got Washington Chilli. Absolutely Flex Appeal even rb2 when you have a quarterback as awful as Daniel Jones used Freeman. Yeah pure volume. You have to like, he's one of the last running backs standing like you. Yeah. He he looked good actually running. I mean granted take up her grain of salt. It was against Dallas. Everyone has ruined against Dallas and thrown against Dallas, so don't take too much into it. But yeah, he looked good, but stardom. Yeah, if you're getting 17 touches a game I want that dog. See you in the season of the injury. All right, let's move on to some wide receivers. We have some big wide receivers to talk about and we have to start with Chase Claypool. We talked about him following the NFL draft as somebody to keep an eye on later in the season. Well, it only took five weeks they pull up for touchdowns and posted 42 fantasy points. I want to ask you guys. Are you buying this breakout performance or we talking it up to an early Deonte Johnson a richer checking it up to an injury Claypool is going to have a ton of value if Juju Deonte or Washington go out. I don't see a ton of value if all three of those guys are healthy, but then again he is super talented off some of those players. He like it was on him like he made the players. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers got him more involved. Yeah, they're going to work them in but I don't see this volume sustainable, you know, if off receivers are healthy, so it's going to take any other injury to one of those guys for him to you know, truly take off. But what a breakout performance here's a guy never thought I would talk about Travis full ham who won your phlegm in your throat. Yeah. Students scored a touchdown in each of his first two NFL games his stat line through two games are 12 receptions 209 yards and two touchdowns. He's averaging twenty two fantasy points per game just shows how may end up the Eagles team is? I think he led them in targets receptions yards and touchdowns and then also had like a 40% Target share. Yeah, he played out of his mind and it's out of necessity. And then also what's going on with Zach ertz, like they like the awful. I don't know. He's had under ten receiving yards and two straight games though awful. But yeah Travis full going good for you me I'm like you came off the street like putting up 22 fantasy points a game and see if I can keep going heard. It was like a concession stand worker and they took him to the practice squad. Yeah, they signed him off the street. Yeah. Well, it seems to be working out pretty well for him. Here's another wide receiver that we have talked about quite a bit and we've read them apart every single week. It is Brandin Cooks. O was wondering if you were going to put him in here. Yeah. I saw despite. I thought you might not I think we have to we have ripped them apart All Season. He had Ze Touches in week 4 and now when week 5 he goes for eight receptions 181 yards and a touchdown like where where did that come from? All of a sudden? I'll tell you the Bill O'Brien firing. So I was curious as someone who was high on Watson and clicks going into the season what the difference was the difference was DeShaun Watson playing more play-action passes. They ran high 29% that's season-high home also had more are yards-per-attempt 11.1 season-high weird. Brandin Cooks is a downfield threat and Bill O'Brien was the third-lowest play-action quarterback play-caller. So clearly the play-action was a part of that and freed up Cooks make sense is a sustainable. I mean, he's still going to be a boom-and-bust play like it's not going to be a Hitman full are going to forego switch off for sure. So I mean, you're not going on him getting a hundred sixty yards every week for sure. It's so hard with players like that where they go for literally zero receptions and then a hundred and eighty-one yards of following week. Like you just want some consistency, but Cooks is the guy that if you're dinged up at wide receiver and you have a dog Eyes and you need a filler and you put them in like he's a guy that's capable of having a monster game at least. So I guess that's kind of what you want. Yeah, he's a perfect wide receiver three, you're not really counting on too much consistency. You want the homerun play Sam Cooke's he's going to he's going to win you a week or but he might lose you with it. Zero so know what you're getting yourself into you guys is Jamison Crowder the most underrated player in fantasy football. Yes. Yes. He has played in three games this year and I watch read all three of us that lines seven receptions a hundred fifteen yards and a touchdown seven or sections 104 yards eight receptions 116 yards and a touchdown. He has had at least seven receptions and off 100 yards in every single game and he has two touchdowns. Yeah, you super under eight and and a lot of things going in his favor. The Jets are always going to be trailing and especially in garbage time. You're going to get a lot of underneath routes and Crowder runs those regular jobs. Anyway, so I mean, yeah volume is going to be the name of his game. Yeah, for some reason. He's just one of those receivers that has never talked about as one of the elite receivers. All right at the tight end position the top three tight ends in fan club. Where all the top three again in week 5 Kelsey Andrews and Waller, so there wasn't really anybody to to call out at the tight end position this week. Yeah for sure. It was pretty bare in there. Somehow Kelsey stock goes up with Sammy Watkins injury. So I mean, I don't know how it does but it does he's going to get more targets to move into some disappointments of the week. Yep. Let's move into the bus. At quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo finished with 1.08 fantasy points. He was negative in some formats depending on your scoring settings. He threw 477 yards and two interceptions before being benched for CJ beathard yikes might have came back a little too early. Yeah. I'm injury. It's what I heard it was a it was related to his ankle. They said they'd he couldn't put any weight on it at one point. So they're saying that it was probably off to get him out of there. Unless you're Patrick Mahomes. It's pretty difficult to throw off a one-foot. The next quarterback that disappointed was Philip Rivers and he's disappointed All Season man. He sucks right now can even call it a disappointment at home. Mostly expectations at this point. Yeah. Well he threw for 243 yards zero touchdowns and two interceptions. He finished the day with seven fantasy points, but looking at a season, he's been really really bad. Faith is one rushing yard on the season 1 rushing yard. He has thrown for touchdowns compared to five interceptions and he has zero games with multiple touchdowns. I'm honestly surprised she has positive rushing yards at this point. Yeah. He's got one month. I did he probably fell forward on a sack and happened to pass the line of scrimmage just one time he runs but as far as progress is carried in my yard. Yeah. Yeah, Philip Rivers has looked awful and not surprised based off of how bad he was against it or last year with the Chargers figured the better offense of line would keep him upright. But yeah, he just looks like you don't got it. No more the only quarterback that might actually be worse than Philip Rivers is Daniel Joseph. He has been absolutely terrible. He has not thrown a touchdown in his last four games. He's not thrown a touchdown his last four games. It's unbelievable. And he has turned the ball over six times that span they're going up against Dallas who's been getting torched by everybody. They've played in Jones found a way to actually produce his lowest fantasy output of the Season at a point. It's unbelievable how bad that is Faith actually one quarterback that I want to talk about to that was a disappointment Lamar Jackson nineteen of 3780 yards two touchdowns one pic to rushing attempts for 7 yards career-low as a brutal performs. It's just horrible for someone that was drafted extremely early. Like if you drafted Lamar you have to be so disappointed at this point. Yeah, you sitting at quarterback 11:00 on the season, which is not where you were drafting him. So it's I don't know what's going on with Lamar It's hasn't been the Madden Curse. He hasn't gotten hurt. He's just not looking at all like he did last year. I think the other honorable mentions Matt Ryan. Yep, absolutely seven points against the Panthers. I I've learned something that the Panthers defense is not as bad as what everyone thought. It was going to be. They they've turned it around pretty quickly. They actually look really good at moments. But yeah, Matt Ryan life, he just looks lost without Julio, you know, he only can rely on really at this point. So hopefully that continues cuz they play the Vikings there next week. So some disappointments at the running back position level. Why do I feel like we're going to talk about this again throughout the season finish the game with seven fantasy points the volume wasn't there only 13 carries for 60 yards like as efficiency was decent like yep. Averaging just under five yards per carry, but he's only getting 13 touches. He had one reception for 7 yards. It's just not going to cut it for where level was drafted. Yeah. I love Holo Belen immediately goes to Twitter and starts like Iraq once tweets that are like, how is he not getting more targets and he literally is liking all these tweets from random people because he just hates Adam gase. That's awesome who doesn't apparently the owner another disappointing running back Mark Ingram fantasy points and weak five against Cincy yet 11 carries for 57 yards. So he's actually averaged more than five yards per carry, but he wasn't getting the volume zero receptions again. He slowly fading away as we predicted. Yep. Miss back fields just a mess. Say the weird part is none of them are doing anything. Yeah robins and one run hit look great on that one run, but that's literally the touch the ball. So it's I don't know. I don't know if to do them all that's what yeah, that's what to do benchmarks. All right, let's talk about some disappointment wide receivers. I think we have to start with Juju Smith Schuster Jersey. Options for 28 yards all while his rookie. Teammate goes for four touchdowns. I don't get it. I honestly have no idea what's going on. He's just not getting targets and it makes no sense. I didn't watch the game said he's open and they were just looking at other, you know other players, but I don't understand it. Yeah, no idea. I guess ride the hot hand of Claypool ever since Antonio Brown has left Pittsburgh. Juju has just been a completely different receiver and last year. I think we all kind of just chalked it up to the quarterback play since Big Ben was out. I don't know what's going on this year. The next wide receiver that disappointed was Terry McLaurin. I actually got this one right on my sits down week for this week three receptions for 26 yards Haskins is out. They lost Alan to injury we saw the return of Alex Smith and it wasn't pretty good for Alex Smith through being back as a feel-good moment. You can tell he's a little rusty just a little bit need some WD-40 on that eventually. He'll loosen to Amari Cooper was the wide receiver after four weeks in his week 5. Of only two years. Options for 23 yards dropped them all the way down to seventh on the season Cooper's value just plummeted losing Dak Prescott. I think it's going to hurt the entire Dallas offense. We've been talking about that disappearing act and we just got off. I mean this time it was due to the deck injury, of course, but still I think it was doing a James Bradberry. Yeah. It wasn't even due to Dak he was he didn't have a single catch even until that got injured like he didn't have anything and then he got one carry, you know, so it's just it wasn't just acts injury. It was just that whole game. He was locked down by James Bradberry. We're gonna have to start thinking about fading receivers against James Bradberry Titans Duds of the week. Tyler higbee. Are you kidding me? I am sending him for six months straight since it's three touchdown performance in week two. He has recorded a seven reception 72 yards and zero touchdowns stat line in his last three games. What is going on? Yeah, what eight Targets in the last three games? I mean I make a Blazin Wings challenge bad on them. How's it going to do this to be right now dead. Oh and he's only running route 40. He only ran routes 45% of the time he was out there. They used Everett more of this game. I don't understand it. It's going to be matchup specific as the way it's looking unless you know, every maybe. Or maybe one of the receivers does but yeah, he doesn't look good. He reverted back to the blocking roll this week, which is weird cuz he's been running routes most weeks. So I matchup specific. I have no idea. It's another tight end Mass. Yes took last tight end done Hayden Hurst Julio's out any post two receptions for 8 yards. What's going on with Hayden Hurst you guys? Yeah. Yeah just a product of that Falcons offense over the last couple of weeks. Yeah, Matt Ryan doesn't trust anyone like upset at all outside of Julio and and Calvin Ridley. So I'm not surprised at her says struggled through the same Matt Ryan struggles, but hopefully he turns it around they do walk ins next so it could potentially be you know a break out game for their whole offense will see this new head coat you'll coaching change. So you never know what can happen in those games. Yeah. You can just tell them that Ryan just not calm down. Out there Russell Gage wide-open just pulls the ball down and throws the ball away. Yeah, what's your not to be like confident and he's been so good for so long. Like is it just age creeping up on them or is this o-line worse than we thought it was going to be like what what is actually happening? No, Julio. I mean, yeah, he just doesn't know her so I mean it's their first season. There's no preseason. So it's you know, he's still getting to know him. You know, he Russell gauge doesn't play a ton normal like they just they got people out there that he doesn't know. That's why I think he just doesn't trust anyone. Are you guys let's jump into our starts and sits of weeks six. Well, hold up. There's one lot of ss. One more Thai ten bucks to talk about Zach ertz one kosher six targets for 6 yards. Yeah, let's yeah, let's absolutely talk about him. I don't know what's going on second week in a row. I'm sitting I'm starting up anymore. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, it's funny as I sent a trade-off Tyler higbee for Zach ertz, and he declined it and I messaged him. I was like what why I mean they both sucked like let's just let's switch things up. Let's see if it does anything. He's like no Zach ertz is so much better. It's like dude, they both suck wage. I don't know which one of them I would rather have right now. Like jerks should be doing well. Their whole team is injured. Why is he not getting the ten targets like full him is I mean, it's 6 this game and didn't do anything else just doesn't matter if it gets ten at this rate. I don't know what's going on with Zach ertz, but he's been terrible two games in a row with under 10 receiving yards is not what you signed up for when you drafted Zach ertz. Yep. Spoiler. He's my tight instead of the week. Well, let's jump into the sits and starts of the week. Sure. Let's do it. Okay, cuz at quarterback the Homer and me is going to start Kirk Cousins. Okay? Okay, like it Vulcans are a counter fire and their defense is part of it Eddie just threw for three hundred yards and two touchdowns and every quarterback that has played them have gone for over three hundred yards. So start Kirk Cousins. I like it running back not often I get to say it, but I'm going to say it probably for the next 3 weeks Todd Gurley sure coming off strong looking good. He has some good matchups against the Vikings the Lions and then the Panthers again if you can log, Trade for Todd Gurley probably got to pay a lot right now. Go get them poor timing after yeah, big girl has got five touchdowns on the season. I don't think unions giving him up too easy wide receiver start Tegan's playing more snaps running more route seen more targets and AJ Green AJ Green's out tee Higgins was the supposed to be the replacement for AJ Green. So start tee Higgins song I think is should still be on the waiver wire even and then I never thought I would ever say this in a million years, but my tight end start of the week is Trey boo boo Burton. Okay. Why are you starting Trey Burton the last two games? He's had majority of the volume is had eleven Target seven receptions pick it up and he's going to be that primary tight end for the Colts. I am also starting to burn is my starting tight end of the weekend. Yeah same reasoning. He's running the most routes. He is catching the most passes. He has the most targets and mo alie-cox is essentially only a Red Zone threat at this point what they've shown when the dog Two are healthy. So fire up some Trey boo boo, since you already kicked us off at I-10. Do you want to go through your quarterback running back while you're here? I can definitely do that. My quarterback start of the week is because I'm a homer and I'm liking fan. I'm going to page Ryan. I've watched our defense and it's really bad. So Matt Ryan should have a huge week if he is confident. That's what we're talking that up to going to stay in the same game for running back and I'm going to say Alexander Madison is a must-start week, even if they say cook is going to be healthy and playing I'm starting Madison cuz I don't think he gets the same workload. So Madison is my start in Madison is so good. That's why a lot of Vikings fans are a little hesitant to give Dalvin cook big contract because when Madison's in the game, he literally puts up similar numbers to Dalvin cook and he came into this game and was racked up a hundred yards. Yeah. He had 20 carries after Dalvin cook got injured had a hundred twelve yards. He should have had another couple of inches and we would have won the game, but he had a great, you know game speaking especially since he came in the second half the other crazy stuff with Alexander Madison was he actually averaged more yards-per-carry than dialogue. Last year and he faced more defenders in the box. So Alexander Madison is an absolute stud when Dalvin cook is out. You absolutely have to start Alexander Madison. He's just not the past catcher. That cook is took the only knock I think I have a medicine but yes, he is a phenomenal Runner phenomenal Talent. Yeah, and he he definitely is not as good of receiver, but he still gets the screen pass like he catches a couple passes every game. So he's still going to give you some I'm still going to give you some points at least out of the receiving game. But yeah, you could do a lot worse than Alexander Madison in this week. Yeah. Absolutely. Then my wide receivers start of the week is Michael Gallup. He had the connection with Andy Dalton. It seemed like at the end of the game. I don't know if that was just play design or what but it seemed like he was looking gal sway. So both Gallup is to start over the Cowboys this week. I like that. I notice that too will see if it continues right? Like I said, it was a very small. Yeah 411 Drive sample size, but we've gone on, you know, crazier hunches. So going with Michael Gallup my starts of the week quarterback Jared Goff. Look at what fits magicJack Did against San Francisco golf has 10 touchdowns in the last four games. He's starting to warm up. I think he got a ride the hot hand does that change if Richard Sherman place this week know I mean Richard Sherman is really good, but he'll be coming back from an injury. It's going to be dinged up still. You know, your defense is bad. They've had one of the worst injury looks of anybody outside of the Eagles. I think those are the top two teams with injuries this year. I am running back start of the week is Myles Gaskin. He's been very very serviceable all season, but he finally found the end zone last week for the first time this season. He's been extremely consistent and now he gets the Jets get him in your lineup. He has an extremely safe floor with a lot of upside. Yeah, especially if Jordan Howard is going to be a healthy scratch like he's going to get those goal line carries now like it's big boost to Gaskins potential. Yeah. I love the Florida Gaskin. I've been off for this one all year long and it's you finally hear my wide receiver started. The week is Nicole Hardeman. Sammy Watkins is going to be out Hardeman has had at least dog. Dr. Jart touchdown and three straight games in with Sammy Watkins out. He's going to see the field a lot more. He's going to have a lot more volume. They're also playing Buffalo in Buffalo is a very capable opponent. I think it's going to be a high school game. The Chiefs are coming off in L. I think they're going to come out swinging. They're going to want to put up as many points as they can on the board, especially with Josh a on the other side of the field. Yeah, and Buffalos defense is not what it used to be. So this should be a high-scoring affair. And yeah, you should have plenty of opportunity for Hardeman. I like that call a lot in my tight end started the week Jimmy Graham. He's got four touchdowns in five games. He's sitting at tight end number six. He's only owned in 53% of leagues now actually see the Panthers Bears game being a sneaky high scoring game Old Man Jimmy firing them up, huh tight end position is so shot this week that I actually am. There's not a lot of options. I mean if if you have a home body, you're probably good starting them should be some sets of the week. We shall start us off since I already kind of gave away my tight end up being Zach ertz, but my sit of the week at quarterback, I swear I dead. Don't hate Tom Brady. But Tom Brady is going to be my sit of the week against the Packers defense is opportunistic. It's surprisingly better than what folks give it credit for. I think this actually could be a game where Tom Brady struggle, you know, it is at home. I think the package coming off by they've had time to prep you could be in for a rough day running back. Also, I swear I don't hate Melvin Gordon, but I'm kind of bench Melvin Gordon this week another tough match up against the Patriots against coming off a bye week. They've had an extra week to prepare. It's Bill Belichick. I feel like you sit Melvin Gordon every week. I honestly haven't I didn't draft Melvin Gordon a single single League full disclosure. It's probably good cuz I don't think you would have been in your starting line-up wage. I would have either and then finally my wide receiver sit is Amari Cooper two weeks in her home going the dud was Amari Cooper. So I think it's going to be a gallop and CD lamb week not Amari Cooper. I like to call. I don't know if it's not in any of them week. I don't like the Red Rifle very much. I'm down on that Dallas Cowboys offense as a whole. I want to see a full game before I Start any of them with confidence aside from Zeke? Hi. What do you got for your sister the week quarterback last week? This was my start of the week this week. It's my sit in Teddy Bridgewater. Go against the Bears the rank number one against quarterback. They've only allowed 10 points on average quarterbacks. I said it on this week. There's other options out there. You're not going to be hurt if you have to drop Bridgewater for somebody else or go back to your your main quarterback running back coming off a game as well. Darryl Henderson Malcolm Brown and cam. Akers got a fair share of touches and I just don't like starting to running back in a three-headed monster. And then the Forty Niners are just a middle-of-the-road defense. You have to start them start them, but I would prefer somebody else they're wide receiver alluded to it earlier Terry McLaurin going against Bradbury coming off one poor performance can have a second poor performance this week and then titanium, you gotta find another opportunity for Tyler higbee. It's not getting it done not getting the target. Sure. That's what I got. How excited are you to talk about hate to be struggling. I see a smiling over there. I'll take that as my answer. I have a dog. League so not that exciting waiting for Matt to have to eat those Buffalo those blue as can be so good. Yeah. Come on Higby. I would need your buddy. All right sets of the week Joe burrow. He finally looked like a rookie. It was a tough game in Baltimore hundred eighty three yards and a touchdown one interception. Now, he's going up against the number one ranked defense in Indianapolis wage in Indianapolis. I don't see Joe burrow having a good week. I think it's going to be similar to last week. Hopefully you can store a little more than his his six points, but I don't think you're going to want Joe burrow and you're starting lineup Ott's week at running back Le'Veon Bell. I'm so tired of them. I don't know if he's fully healthy. I hate the coaching. I hate the lack of volume. Miami's actually playing a lot better than some expected. Unless you're Tyler Tyler seemed to them to win the division. Yeah almost with the bills too bad. They're really good. Yeah, but look at what they just did to San Fran in San Fran last week. I want to see Adam gase fired off. I want to see a new head coach at actually uses bowel in an effective way before I actually start putting him back into my lineups my wide receiver set of the week is the same as Tyler's Terry McLaurin. He was also my state of the week last week. So it's G weeks in a row the Giants D isn't anything special but yeah Bradbury is going to shut them down. It's more worried about the poor QB play though. I don't think the Giants are going to score a lot of points. I think it's going to be a sloppy game around. I really want nothing to do with this Trio of Kyle Allen Alex Smith Dwayne Haskins. I just think this is going to be a sloppy game. I don't want McLaren it might I'd instead of the week is Austin Hooper. He's at 10 a.m. And a touchdown over the last two games. He's been heating up but I'm absolutely sitting him against Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. I am expecting a quiet game for Austin Hooper. Yeah, that could be a rough one for all Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers game, but especially the run defense I guess could be a rough one for Kareem hunt and dearness Johnson should jump into some coin flips. Yeah. Close it out there. Yep. All right. First one I have for you guys is rest of season. The rest of them are going to be week 6 Pacific. So rest of the first just this first one is rest of season Chris Carson or Joe Mixon Chris Carson does mixon's Target share faith in you you tell ya it's not part of the question Chris Carson. All right you both answered correctly. Okay moving on week six flips Alexander medicine versus the Atlanta Falcons or Joe Mixon has the Colts Madison Alexander Madison Kenyan Drake versus the Dallas Cowboys or left Belle versus the Dolphins Kenyan drink in Mattituck Kenyan Drake. All right, I don't don't think this one's going to be as close as I thought it was initially but Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. The Jets or Andy Dalton versus the Cardinals fitzmagic. Yep. It's Magic Wok. Good match up for adult and two, but yeah. All right, Julian Edelman versus the Broncos or Brandin Cooks versus the Titans Adelman. I'm going Edelman an extra week to rest to Edelman versus Fuller Edelman Edelman birth. In England versus the Washington football team or TJ Hawkinson versus the Jaguars Hawkinson. Yeah, I'm going Hawkinson anyone that you can start against a jaguars. I'm all for it. Marvin Jones versus the Jaguars or tee Higgins versus the Colts. I'm going to Egan's actually even though I just said I'm starting anyone but with AJ Green Oh man Hagen's looks good. I think he actually might outperform this week. But in his D is good. So watch out for them. Yeah. That's what makes it tricky. I think most other matchups, that would be Higgins that matchup. He's also not the number one. So we'll go ahead guns. Okay, I got two more or Devonta Freeman versus the Washington football team or David Johnson versus the Titans Devonta Freeman Freeman and finally Raheem mostert versus the Rams or Alexander vs Falcons. If Cook is ruled out ongoing Madison same boat, if he's not I'm going most her. Okay, I will do it. All right. I want your guys bold prediction. We're putting it on record. What week does Adam gase get fired he dead. Here early news on I'll say week 6, I would have lost this bet so long ago. Let's see. I think he gets fired after his next Los so pre covid-19 engines their break week is now week 10. It looks like my right. Yeah we tend so I'm going to say week after week 9 unless there's more covid-19 Jazz than it could be earlier, but I think they fire him the game before their bye week. So Thursday 9:00 as of right now. Anyway juror on this bit. I don't know know cuz I would last this but like I said, I wouldn't go I was going before the season started. So no, I'm not willing to wager the Jets at all really quick recap are in a batch that we have Wagers on. What are we thinking on the rugs lamb side? I mean drugs finally had a good game and CD Lam still outscored him that was demoralizing when I looked at that but my my lamps I definitely took it off with the DAC being out. So it definitely evens it out because Lam had a couple of weeks Headstart essentially with the rugs injury, I think right now, it's Coin flip, I think rugs might be able to play in pretty close the rest of the year, but it doesn't help that. He already has a hugely and yeah Lam still going to see volume. It's just a matter of like how good the volume is. So low it but you said coin flip. How are we feeling in the basketball for the Polar Plunge the only pretty good it's actually a very close match up Stefon Diggs. It's been a very surprised hit on my team here. So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good bath mat and glass and don't think he feels quite the same but I'm not feeling the best in the Polar Plunge baseball bat because I've had McCaffrey who went out with an injury. I went with the Indy bulb is of Pittman in Campbell. They both got hurt even Lamar Jackson hasn't been performing. Like my team is just not performing in the best Bali and everybody's hurt and that does not help and basketball leagues known not at all. The good thing is a season-long little guys. Most of those guys can come back make up some points the final one how we feeling about higbee. I'm not feeling as good as I was after a week to I will say that I have no part in this birth. I feel great about it. I think he be is going to have some big games. Like we saw in week two when he scored three touchdowns. I've been fully expecting that this whole time but what I wasn't expecting was three consecutive games of three catches and lasts like I don't know why he isn't getting any of the volume that he got last year. I understand Everett still there, but they got rid of cooks. That was my argument of how I thought it was going to offset it. He's running just as many routes as he did last year. He's just not getting the ball thrown to him yet. So that is a trend that I'm absolutely going to need to change or I am in trouble. I'll offer you a semi bye-bye out on it. If you finish this top three, I'll do the Blazing if you factor is four or worse you do that second hottest one big deal finish is a top-six tight end. Okay, so you're sticking what a stickler it is. I can't change a bet. That is so funny too. Cuz the Blazin challenge like isn't a problem with Tyler just like randomly as for fun we go to B-Dubs and Tyler will order the Blazing every once awhile like Matt will might perish after eating two of these I'm going to die off. He I like I've worked my way up to having hot sauce from Taco Bell on my tacos and she'll know it's hot, but it's a challenge and I I use it scarcely Matt Joseph catch up a spicy. You know, I don't that's not true. But I'm not the best with hot foods and I'm it's something that I want to get better with. So this will be a good challenge but hey buddy is he's got this big b is my boy. All right. Well that wraps episode. Don't forget to like subscribe share episodes wherever you are listening to us right now also can find us on Twitter at the fot podcast Facebook, of course fantasy football overtime cast as well. Tell your friends. Thanks all appreciate you. See you later buddy patio.

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