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"smith rog" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"How much time it'll at your drive and how to get around and we promise to keep you alert short and get right back to the show. This is where Orlando turns first for frequent traffic alerts. News ninety six five WDBO. Now, the data show on news ninety six point five. I didn't think that they were devastated and the entire question of where they came from. And how they were published is mentioned distract from the content of those emails which demonstrated the corruption and the dirty tricks of the Clinton campaign due to the fact that I expect to be acquitted and vindicated and that my attorneys, including Bruce rogue one of the very best attorneys in the country grant Smith Rog wish Allen tower Campion believe that this indictment is thin as piss on Iraq. So I'm prepared to fight for my life. I have to go to the public. It's stone defence fund dot com to ask for their support. Like, I mean, I guess you can say that. Because he because he said it, so I'm so glad that we forgot about that. Well, I think it's okay. We'll look into the show by the way back from Las Vegas, which is a crazy. Crazy. We could stretch on my scientists have not yet recovered. Some my voice sounds a little lower. And we're barreling through this brand new workweek of uncertainty and the. So the thing is we have the we talked a little bit about this, actually. Those right before shot the agreement this well, it was the three week temporary agreement as it were to get the government partially reopened, and I want to delve into some of the strategy of that too. At this particular time, welcome to the show. I'm Dana Loesch at lash on Twitter official lash on Facebook is the name of the game. And I'm also on Instagram and everywhere else and all that good jazz. So the. And. A couple of things here. And we talked as the stone south unfurled, we discussed that as it was taking place because it was just a really weird to me that considering James Clapper. And I think that for for the people who try to argue what aboutism, I think it's a really lame argument coming from individuals when they are caught in a web of their own hypocrisy. Because the in looking at this. The idea that this is still going on is actually kind of nuts, and it's going to happen again in three weeks. I mean, it's it's just it's it's it's going to happen. When you when you when you look at this. We're concerned stone when you look at clever when you look at Clinton real gets Cheryl mills, and you'll get whom Abbott and all of these individuals have made false statements to the FBI and only there was like a swat team only sent to one do house. And isn't he like sixty something years old? He's like Mick Jagger age. He doesn't even own a gun. I don't think. So what in the hell did this dude post? It you needed a break out the big guns. Like, literally, that's what I find really lame about this whole thing is that. That's that's exactly how they did. It. They I mean, they I it was a show of force. It was a show. That's what they wanted to do. And I find it really sad that that's the state of things that were politicizing, by the way, all of those people who you who reacted that way to stone. Those are the same people who bitch and moan about a. Police state twenty four seven I just want to point that out. Those are the people who get mad and talk constantly about a police state. But yet they're really happy use a police state where it concerns going after people whom they dislike and when I look at his I mean, look if he's guilty, then he's guilty. Yellow light of the FBI. But the thing that I think that myself and a lot of other individuals are criticizing it's inconsistent. There's no way in hell, you can't tell me that Houma mills and share arts, Houma evidence, Cheryl mills didn't lie to the FBI because it's in black and white and their damned transcripts that. They lied to the FBI they lie. James Clapper, lied to the FBI. So you can sit here and say stuff about a process charge. And I think that in a context of this subject, it's a little bit heavier than a process charge. However, the point again that I keep going back to. The point that I and so many others are focusing on is the fact that this is inconsistent application of the law, which suggests egregious bias. And then when other people see these other individuals that had way much more higher positions within the previous administration than Roger stone has on the periphery of this one. They do they actually do to crime that stone is accused of committing and then they get to walk free. There's no raid. There's no nothing actually on any of these individuals. Now, the charged with witness tampering comes in this context. By the way, this is bizarre is all hell, I do want to ask him. How would you threaten a dog, dude? Like the hell what would you do throwing her dog? That's like who was it. Cartoonish? I'm just saying it is why because he didn't tell some did that, you know, your dogs debt or something like that. I don't even remember as the dog lover. I take exception. I'm just saying. But. I it is it is to me. Just a we'll see what happens if he if he's guilty. He's guilty. But it is a you have to believe a that. He's guilty of what was it the Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused him of she said that he weaponized information stolen by Putin to help elect President Trump president now, I find this literally the exact same accusation that rings true when applied to the democrat party because if you're going to go after Roger stone who apparently did not even actually have contact with WikiLeaks. But brag that he I've known for a decade. He is very brat. He's a braggart. And he's like the guy who says I caught a mile long fish when it's not when he caught like, you know, maybe a trout, I'm just saying that stone, but for them to say, well, he was he weaponized these emails published by WikiLeaks. She's intimating that somehow he had something to do with the stolen emails, which I think is a stretch considering and remember this was the same. Hack that was done in two thousand sixteen that they didn't actually want to report to the FBI which I thought was weird. How why wouldn't they want to report that to the FBI? Furthermore, I always thought it was weird that the emails that were gathered biking leaks, nothing was egregious damaging, and it was all entirely one sided about Hillary Clinton to which I thought was very interesting. It was specifically only about her and her alum. And none of it was really damaging. There was nothing in there that I thought I mean, everything looked bad optically, and it just basically confirmed whatever when are already thought of her. So I thought that was a little weird how that all worked out. And then they're saying that he weaponized it. Well, wouldn't Hillary Clinton working with the Kremlin to get auto information to weaponize against Trump, isn't that even maybe perhaps the worst the charge also considering they were using to firm that really should be registered under fair. But isn't yet another one of those things that doesn't go follow it up? You're not going to see a swat team outside of Glenn. Simpson's house. I just find this whole thing fascinating. Because there's a lot of inconsistencies here, there's massive massive inconsistencies. So I just have to wonder how serious people are about getting to the bottom of stuff when they don't really entirely when to get to the bottom of stuff, the newest Paul, and we're gonna come back to this because I got a bunch of stuff still, but there's other things I want to touch on to the public. Of course, this souring on the nation's direction after the shutdown. According to a new NBC Wall Street Journal poll sixty three percent of Americans say the nation is on the. Wrong track because they're told over and over again by the media that the nation is on the wrong track. That's what they hear constantly day in and day out that the nation is on the wrong track. But also, the majority here's a Washington Post ABC poll that's interesting the majority opposes impeachment, and it has little to no confidence in Bob Muller's. Fairness. Look at that. I haven't looked at the cross tabs on either of these. I just find these dueling headlines to be incredibly interesting. So coming up later on in the show, a Ross Perot for Democrats agree. Just media bias Melania. Trump is set to make Bank over it. Also, mild university decides to consider only racism workshops, of course, they do a horrible case of voter fraud in Texas that they told us was not going to actually continue happening. Steven Yates joins us to break down the latest and Venezuela because I don't think enough people are talking about the hot mess that's going on there. And it's only going to get worse. An update on the Covington kids, we got Florida, man. We have today and stupidity and a bunch of other good stuff as well that you don't wanna miss as we get moving on ZipRecruiter is a good resource to hire. Oh, yeah. The Tom Brokaw situation. Ziprecruiter is a a good. It's a good resource to hire the right person, particularly because hirings competitive, there are more jobs than people and you want to make sure that you get the right person for. For your job. And so in doing that, you don't wanna have to sift through a mile high stack of resumes..

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