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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on Big Brains

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on Big Brains

"Back to the big question, why do we sleep? Well, in 1983, rush Jeff and published a landmark finding that sleep is essential for survival and not just for humans, but for rats and other mammals too. Well, I think it's pretty true to have really kind of established how I was essentially this to survival to sleep. You know that if you don't sleep, you develop all kinds of very complex metabolic immune disturbances that your wall body breaks down. I think that has been one of his major contributions. His experimental research in animals has shown that sleep actually serves a vital function for our survival and his experimental rats that he studied, who were continuously sleep deprived. Not only suffered severe health effects, but died after about two to three weeks of sleep deprivation. So this was really a turning point to show the critical importance of sleep to good health in life. I was lucky enough to meet him at the end of my fellowship in 2001. When I was given the award for excellence as a fellow. And at the time, the sleep fellows first thing they were given to read was the scoring system, the standardized scoring system that he developed, which still forms the basis of our scoring manuals used worldwide today. And he signed my scoring manual and finally said to me before I leave, good luck. Rest chef and also shaped our understanding of sleep disorders today. Along with William dement, he identified and defined the world's first true sleep disorder. Narcolepsy. You know, even in narcolepsy, which is my baby, the problem with narcolepsy is really that they can't stay awake. So basically, all day long, say, they just very tired, kind of a fog. And then to have to take naps, they would be talking on the phone and they would fall asleep. So they have a lot of problems staying awake. And then when they sleep, they feel better, but it only lasts for one hour. And then after it restarts. So narcolepsy was a mystery since the 19th century. And people have always felt that there was something to be found. I mean, you know, when you're just read the literature, people knew that it was a real disease entity. He was the first to really report patients with narcolepsy you were going straight into rem sleep together with demand because of course after the discovery of rem sleep, everyone sought, oh my God, narcolepsy is clear that it's a rem sleep problem and it was one of the first two actually publish a case series where he was really showing that patient was narcolepsy goes straight from being awake to rem sleep. I cite that paper very often. The discovery of narcolepsy paved the way for diagnosing all kinds of sleep disorders. Today, there are more than 80 recognized sleep disorders. But up until last year, scientists had no idea what caused narcolepsy. That's until doctor Emmanuel McGill made a breakthrough discovery. That story and the future of sleep research after the break. Big brains supported by the University of Chicago Graham school. We opened the doors of UChicago to learners everywhere. Experienced the university's distinctive approach to inquiry through our online and in person courses in the liberal arts, culture, science, society, and more. Learn with imminent instructors and extraordinary peers in small interactive classes. Autumn registration is open now. Visit Graham dot UChicago dot EDU slash big brains. Carry the two. Carry the two is the show that pulls back the curtain to reveal the mathematical and the statistical gears that turn the world. Co hosts said he would kowalski and Ian Martin bring unique perspectives from the fields of mathematics and statistics to convey how mathematical research drives the world around us. With each episode tackling a different topic. Subscribe to

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

"And so all the different appliances, whether it's over the Internet or you're making custom or whatever you're doing with them, that's how they work. And that's an amazing way for them to work. I mean, we used to be able to, we used to have an appliance that didn't work on your job. We just pulled your tongue right out of your mouth with like a turkey basin. It looked like the end of a bulb of a furnace. And that was very effective, except everybody hated it, just like they do CPAP. So nobody taught me that. So what we have now with oral appliance therapy is a very comfortable way to move our jaws forward and keep them there and also help to treat the sleep apnea. And that's basically how it works. And there's all different designs on how to do that, we can go into that as if you want to do, but that's how you talk about the designs that you use in your practice. So the main design that I usually use, it's called a dorsal fin design. And there's a few companies that many companies make this type of design. They make them different ways. But what we do is you take the jaw, you put an appliance and it almost looks like a night guard, if you've never seen any of these. It would look like a night guard with like a two post sticking up in the back, maybe in the molar region. And then you would put another night guard, say, on the maxillary teeth, and that would have posts going down also in that same, you know, and the mandibular post would be just anterior to the maxillary posts so that when you went backwards, it would keep you in a forward movement and you couldn't go backwards. But it would allow you to move around the post or have enough length that even if you opened up a little, it would still keep you postured forward. So you would be able to move around right, left, go into those movements. You certainly can go forward. And you can even open a little and it would still be effective in those positions. And that's the main type of appliance without getting into insurance, but I need to a little because some of these patients have Medicare and Medicare, unfortunately, in their formula, you don't allow for those types of appliances. So then there's other types of appliances like the old standard curb type appliances for any people who do an orthodontics. These are old standard herbs, effects appliances. They do the same thing. So we can use those as a sleep appliance as well. There's another appliance. There's a cap appliance where there's the connection is in the front. It's in the interior. Great for patients that don't have any posterior teeth. So there's different appliances that have different ways of basically protruding the mandible. And those are some of the different easily enough testicle on the Internet. You can see great examples of all those. Right. On the business side, what has been the most effective way for you to build the sleep component of your practice has been primarily primarily through colleague referral or direct patient or would have been the ways that you've used to grow this component of your practice. So sleep apnea, we have to understand that in dentistry, sleep apnea is interesting. So I would like everybody to think of sleep apnea this way. Sleep apnea is a medical condition. It's not a dental condition. It's a medical condition. If you were to look at all the different types of sleep disorders, narcolepsy and rem disorder, you would find that obstructive sleep apnea, the one which is the one that we really treat mostly OSA obstructive sleep apnea, it's part of one disorder in the book of sleep disorders. So those disorders are diagnosed by the physicians. There's a lot of battles from state to state and who should be able to diagnose that. It's still the physicians at this point. So they're the ones diagnosed with the patients. So you have to work with your physician colleagues. If you think you're going to get around it, you know, I would argue, you probably shouldn't do that because, you know, why wouldn't you want to work with your physicians anyway? If you can get your physicians to show that you're competent in oral appliance therapy, they will send you these patients. These physicians are saying 2030, 40 patients a day, 20% or more are CPAP, and they can send them your way. So you know, there's different ways of doing it, but I would say making sure that your sleep positions understand that you're committed to treating patients through oral appliance therapy and to helping them to improve their life. And the physicians like this mostly because they want to know that they can refer the patients as somebody who's competent and that dentist who's making these oral appliance has enough knowledge that they could talk to the physician on their level, so to speak. So we can come out with treatment plans because sometimes we're appliance, don't always work. Sometimes we want to use combination therapy. Sometimes we can use CPAP and we're appliance. Together. So there's different ways that we can handle this. I have to say that working with our sleep position colleagues are primary. And that after that, then when you have your own patients that come in, whether through practice or through direct marketing, how are you going to get your diagnosis of sleep apnea? So caution for people that come in and say, well, I'm just snoring and I just need you to make me a snoring appliance. I don't have sleep apnea, I would know it, you know, my wife or husband would have told me they'd never told me that I would tell you that, you know, you don't know if you don't have sleep apnea until you have a sleep study because there are many, many patients that are asymptomatic, and they come in with A-fib, and they have quite a bit of sleep apnea, and they don't know that they have sleep apnea. So for the patient that has snoring and you just want to get rid of the snoring with the same appliance, you could get rid of the sleep apnea too if they have that. So you want to know if they have primary snoring or they actually have sleep apnea as well. Great. Well, I love

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

The Jim Ross Report

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"Would you blame them. You know i would you blame him so It was a great night there in chicago. I remember i remember the crowd. We weren't sure of the crowd was gonna react badly. They reacted big time. They're ready for chris jericho. Well this. big countdown finally pays off in the middle of the rocks. Promo boy. You wanna talk about getting thrown into the deep end. You're gonna go one on one on the microphone with iraq. This is a this is a real life test. Here is it not. Yeah yeah absolutely and also how do you. What is your demeanor. You look like you belong. you look like you're in the same Level as joint. Johnson and chris had that confidence that i can be a main event guy. I can work with rock. I can work with all stuck worked. Anybody and he could and he did so I thought it was phenomenal. Way to fantastic. Rita introduce him and he stood toe-to-toe with rock in that little promo battle and a lot of guys is very intimidated with a full house. There in chicago. there it wasn't rosa. What is it. Call now. A allstate arena. Yeah yeah yeah. So a in their man and he proved to get into deep water slim. Let's mention to that Well i guess we just wanna context when we saw when we last saw jericho in. Wcw where he's frustrated with creative. beating perry saturn in a loser. Where's address match and now he's interrupting the rocks promo. That's a pretty big difference. Yeah lexcen middle seat. Coach are getting that al seat first class or a private jet. That's better even showed you belong. That's what we wanted so we needed to see. Do you belong in the same age with the rock. And he looked like he'd been there forever. Unfortunately there is no real follow through or follow up on that moment with the rock He gets into a quick view against road. Dogg xbox ken shamrock and really the biggest thing of note is you guys give him a quote unquote heater mr hughes. I'm curious from your perspective where it is courtesy us come from in this jericho package. Well the fan of kurdish use a not for a long time. I used to kidney about. He was defensive tackle for a kansas state. Wildcats and of course being a maslakh you a You know kind of proud of my team sooners. You're proud of your team. That's crimson tide sir I used to call in the mile. Cats m. i. l. d. cats and he laughed a good good natured. Guy you know. He almost got fired after wrestlemania nine because he fell asleep in the air and coach and chief. Jay strongbow cities high. All of that guy. We got i got to tell caesar caesar course events we gotta get rid of this guy he. He derived to that conclusion by sitting cross the way with his wife and me. You'd five at connecticut. And there was curtis on the other side knows and all until we found out he had a he had a sleep disorder narcolepsy. Whatever they called up arden. Wrong but curtis curtis battle through it. And i like curtis. I don't know that. Chris needed a heater. That was this kind of trend at that time. You know diesel mccain shawn michaels heater. This guy's got a heater. I don't know where that came. Oh the heater ricky. Major league So i i didn't think we needed it but look if it had clicked better bigger than i win. Jericho's getting special treatment getting handled creatively. Well so The curtis is a good guy. Curtis getting ready to write a book which should be very entertaining economic. He wants me or to it. But it's interesting you know. He was corrected he was a black man and an orlando white decision. Makers and so. I got time for kurdish shoes by just didn't think that was the cashing for him. He should have been a big monster heel on his own. In my opinion it doesn't last long. He's going to come. And go in this jerko package pretty quickly and then howard finkel winds up being lackey and frankly this isn't the top level guy run. He probably envisioned when he's interrupting the rock after this big millennium man countdown. In the rumor and innuendo at the time was he wasn't being given rave reviews of his work and allegedly one of his biggest critics behind the scenes was triple h. And we've heard a lot over the years that even if you come in to the world wrestling federation which was time of course if you didn't work. The wwf style candidate matter in terms of well you know. This guy was over in japan or he was over in mexico or he was over in. W w well they didn't exist. Conrad the story was there was a different style and you had to learn the wwf style. Do you agree with that. Or was that just nonsense. I think he needed to learn the ww f. e. whatever you wanna throw in their field the atmosphere of the society of wwe. Yet i understand. There are certain things you could. You should do. Should not do there. and i think i just i don't know i a i don't know triple h didn't like him because he's shorter and his hand and some somebody's are gonna get They're gonna get you know. Figure out what he's what he's all about. And all that stuff. But i our off that i thought for guys smartest. Paul eveque is i saw. He's getting better issues. Which is great you know. He's so smart insi- calling the name of the cerebral this on a on an entrance. This love you. That's good shit. That was one of my favorite things he said to me years. That's good shit of good shit..

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Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

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"sleep disorder narcolepsy" Discussed on Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

"Well piece. Yes well whether it's the cause of the the social environment because of a recent Kobe issues or it's the fact that it's true that Gentlemen and women of our age not going to get booked in the local hop scotch club down the street. The point is you still have something to share when ready and when you want to and going back to the eighties and nineties. I just want to end this by saying it's been such a pleasure to nominally. Become your friend but also have you share the stage so many years so many times in just have such a great time. Thank you so much well. Thank you scott suppression when ladies and gentlemen This isn't the end of the show because milk being one of the funniest guys ever hit my stage. We have a great stand up comedy. Set coming up for you to enjoy. Milt you've been a great interview gas. Thanks so much. For sharing the mike with me and ladies and gentlemen sit back and enjoy some great stand up comedy by the one of the best headliners mill table. Hey thanks a lot. Buddy are another cool gift being bad chairs the grandparents. They never come out. I'm going to be noticed there. Like venus white traffic graham pamela turnover turtleneck somebody roll her over brooklyn you fall asleep being chairs you know you know. My favorite piece of furniture is and it has been even a kid. I love this piece of furniture. The sofa bed that out of the couch. I thought that was. I thought that was neat. Nine one it's transformer furniture. I'm a bad. I'm a couch. I get something that only kids do. And i felt so stupid about. I left my jacket. Companies up left my jacket during the course of the day. Just forgot abandoned. Forgot about and can you do this. Major article clothing just left somewhere. Come home billy. Where's your jacket. I'm we don't do this as adults. Do we toss him got sales presentation. Get your jacket. You came the author of the jacket. they did. I wanna go right. There's something we adults. We didn't do us kids we grunt. Moore's we get all every time you more occasions anyway. Sure you never see a six year. Old kid grungy picks on those. I've never bought the muscle tax. Warm up. I'm not five anymore after breakfast. I just want to take a nap those cartoons on. I'm watching the who listen. My mouth fell asleep there. I've been having trouble sleeping. The rooster and my wife told me recently that i yelled out in the middle of my sleep. What's scary thought that your vocal chords portray when you're unconscious. The money's buried underneath a bird bath again. I'm worried about it. Because my dad has tremendous sleep disorders narcolepsy that disease we policy for no reason. I had a professor in college as a carrier. My dad winter dream research center. At least he thinks he. My dad are going to be better friends. I did not get along with my dad. Because he disciplining wasn't fair. I hope you parents out there. Split it up this gentleman moments they wait until your father gets home. Rather not come home and say hi. I'm senior day. Beat you use no limit. The don't you cherish every visit lars logically. This and parents would say you could hurt yourself. Don't ever do that again. Thanks for taking the chance out of it. What's the point wasn't when you're running out of gasoline in the car. Does this really do. I'm cutting down the wind resistance like night right now. Superman does this. I'm assuming gas guy now. And maybe you're thinking i'm this much closer to the gas station. Climate probably make a driving is an expensive thing. Auto insurance doesn't auto insurance. Take everybody off in this room. You know what the problem is. We look at these days as fortune rather than misfortune. And we're all suffering from that attitude really ticks me off. These people have these bumper stickers. Say hit me. I need the money. Take the car away. I'm paying a couple thousand dollars on our live in l. a. apparently l. a. second to beirut in risk and he just works i have a thousand dollars the first thousand dollars six million car just gonna cost more accidents. Somebody just dings me. I'm gonna say stay right there. Buckle up. I got to get my money's my show. Thanks very much guys. I'll see ladies and gentlemen. That was the very funny. Milt able one of the funniest headlines ever had a chance to work with. Hey that was his interview and comedy. Stay tuned another great show next week. We really appreciate listening. Be sure to tell your friends and share where you can buy. We hope you enjoyed this episode of stand up comedy your host and emcee for information on the show merchandise and our sponsors or descend comments to scott. Visit our website at www dot stand up your host and emcee dot com look for more episodes soon and enjoy the world of stand up comedy. Visit a comedy show room near you.

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