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10 Local Headlines

Daily Detroit

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10 Local Headlines

"Steely deterrent is brought to you. By the community. Support our work at Patriotair DOT com slash daily Detroit on your daily Detroit. There are new state unemployment numbers the Detroit. Public schools are getting more than fifty thousand tablets for distance learning. Republicans in the state legislature are working to strip the governor's emergency powers wanting to open the economy faster. A report says that Detroit City Council president is in hot water over campaign contributions. Gm is calling back some white collar. Workers and report is adding to the pile of healthcare related layoffs and a magazine popular with the Farmers Market. Crowd has changed hands. It's Thursday April Twenty third twenty twenty. I'm Harris Days. But first the latest with the statewide corona virus crisis totals the number of new daily confirmed. Cases has risen to one thousand. Three hundred and twenty-five is the highest daily case increase in more than a week and it brings the state's total to nearly thirty five thousand three hundred. There have been two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven fatalities with an additional one hundred nine reported overnight plus fifty five that are listed as ketchups not previously reported. The city of Detroit is now at nearly eight hundred deaths during the crisis the rest of Wayne County has nearly six hundred fidelity's Oakland more than five hundred sixty and mccomb nearly five hundred Detroit's parks and Recreation Division announced today that they will suspend programs classes and events through the summer season. This also includes Centers Athletic Leagues Events. Summer Fun Centers. And their summer day camp they will however continue to distribute food at recreation sites through the summer. Have a fuller picture of unemployment in the State of Michigan the latest from the US Department of Labor shows that more than one hundred thirty. Four thousand Michiganders' filed for unemployment last week with about one million one hundred eighty thousand claims since March fifteenth. This means about twenty four percent or almost a quarter of Michigan's workers have filed for unemployment since the crisis started the state has spent one point four billion dollars and share that with approximately eight hundred twenty thousand people. Independent workers not usually eligible for unemployment but under the Federal Cares Act can apply comprise about four hundred thousand of Michigan's claims. Speaking of which Michigan Governor Gretchen. Whitmer issued an executive order extending and expanding eligibility for unemployment benefits to workers who quote voluntarily left a job after accepting new employment but were unable to start their new position due to the pandemic. We have a better idea. Since yesterday's show of the scale of the State of Michigan's layoffs the total number furloughed for two weeks at a time will exceed three thousand state employees including nine hundred at the Department of State whose offices used for licensed renewals and such are shuttered. State officials expect there will be a three billion dollar revenue whole this fiscal year and Bridge magazine reports that over the next year and a half that total could reach as much as seven billion dollars. We've been pretty loud about talking about the budget. Shortfalls coming for all levels of government from cities to county state's and that without some sort of federal intervention. Well there are massive cuts coming to your community and that help isn't coming as of now. Us Senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell on the conservative Hugh Hewitt show so that he'd be in favor of states filing for bankruptcy as opposed to looking for support from quote Future Generations Unquote in an interview with politico. Mcconnell called support for states a quote blue state bailout unquote so practically the bankruptcy option. That is being suggested well just going to tell you. It's full of problems as we learned well here in Detroit. Bankruptcy for state and local governments would likely largely focus on unfunded retirement obligations so think pension think healthcare. Oh and then selling off stuff so citizens under that model could get the short end of the stick twice. Not only would we service cuts and then retirees would be left in the cold. Speaking of partisan problems. Republicans in the state legislature are working to strip governor whitmer of emergency powers by repealing an act from nineteen forty-five Republicans goal is to push for the economy to open faster than what the governor and the vast majority of health experts would like a second. Bill would reduce the amount of time. The governor can declare a state of emergency from twenty eight to fourteen days to be honest. Both of these actions are political. Grandstanding as they will both surely be vetoed. Although polling shows most people are behind the governor. Stay at home order. This crisis has turned into a political football. Corporate and philanthropic leaders have come together to get with Lt Internet connectivity to all fifty one thousand or so Detroit public school students. Detroit is one of the poorest cities in the nation and a large percentage of residents have no Internet of any kind and ninety percent of students have not been able to learn at home because of a lack of access. The twenty three million dollar initiative will pay for. I view education tablets and six months of Internet access and if there needs to be more Internet access after that the Public School district will pay for it the program is called connected futures and it's a partnership between DT energy quicken loans the skillman foundation the city of Detroit and DPC. St Tablets are scheduled to begin reaching students in June. General Motors is calling back. Some white collar workers to begin reading their plans to go back to work. According to an email obtained by the Detroit free press. Although there isn't a hard for the return it's clear companies are starting to prepare. Automakers have shared targets as early as May fourth now the united auto workers as saying that early May start. Date is too soon to come back and that. The scientific data is inconclusive. That will be safe to return a new report from the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association outlines. Just how hard the hospitality industry has taken it on the Chin during the crisis they say that nearly a quarter million restaurant employees in the state have been furloughed or laid off and that Michigan restaurants are projected to lose more than one point. Two billion dollars in sales hotel operators have laid off more than eighty seven thousand workers according to their numbers and projections call for a future with thirty five percent hotel. Occupancy Henry Ford Health System is joined the numerous healthcare providers doing massive layoffs. The non-profit lost forty three million dollars and operating income in March and is expected to lose even more money this month. So they'll be laying off about twenty eight hundred workers who according the organization do not deal directly with patient care. There has been a massive shift as demand for all other kinds of care other than cove in nineteen has fallen off a cliff and cove in nineteen care is expensive for health systems with the cost of extra pb ventilators and all of that laid off. Employees will keep their health insurance and be eligible for unemployment benefits the intercept a national nonprofit news outlet is reporting that Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a local bank that did business with the Detroit. Police and Fire Pension Fund which Jones's trustee her role as council president state roles cap campaign contributions from senior leadership of contractors with Public Pension Funds. At three hundred and fifty dollars per election so the year in question twenty seventeen according to intercept will. That cap would be seven hundred bucks. The report also outlines some other contributions and link to the whole thing in the show notes. I probably don't either reminds you. That Detroit has a long history of funny business with pensions. Jones is one of the most popular politicians in the city and is a primary challenger to repeat it to leave for her congressional seat. I will note here because I follow this for a while. And I live in the thirteenth district in question that it's going to very hot primary race between Lebron Jones. I expect more nationalized on both candidates as an intraparty fight among Democrats will brew to leave has a high national profile as a progressive member of the house. Meanwhile her district historically is Marin the moderate democratic lane in a complicated process the last cycle to leave lost the first special election to Jones and to leave only beat Jones by less than a thousand votes for her current term edible while magazine popular with the farmers market crowd and local foodies and Food Industry. Folks has been sold. Kate and Rob Harper founded a quarterly magazine. Thirteen years ago and believe that quote. The local people who are changing the food system should be as famous as the Detroit. Tigers Unquote these old the two entrepreneurs and founders of the nonprofit soil service John Piazza and Jeremy Abby for an undisclosed amount according to release the publication will remain part of the edible communities network of more than eighty culinary regions in North America. I have a few upcoming attractions to talk about. Congresswoman Hayley Stevens representing Michigan's eleventh district will be on the talking about the paycheck protection program and some of the other things happening in Washington. Karen Liska an entrepreneur. Coach will join us to talk about balancing your life now that your kids are always at home and how to deal with that. I know my co workers. Have this problem and Kevin Pietersen from Castiglia? We'll come on to talk cocktails and about life as a bar owner while there's no patriots and what he's doing to get through for. I go. Thanks to our members on patriotic for making the show possible. Your support is crucial to keeping the thing going and you can join them at patriots dot com slash daily Detroit and had to type. Thank you very much and if you have ideas for the show sent me a note at daily Detroit gmail.com like David. The other deck always glad to hear from listeners. Well I'm jair stays to care of each other. We'll get through this together. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Seahawks Take Down 49ers, Harden Gets Buckets, LeBron Disses AAU Coaches and More

Jalen and Jacoby

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Seahawks Take Down 49ers, Harden Gets Buckets, LeBron Disses AAU Coaches and More

"Jalen and Jacoby worried about the strong talking did this week the he is Jalen Anthony Roads. What a doubt? I'm David Jacoby on the coal. Oh Jack in San stay John Doe Mari putting it on wax. It's the new Gillian Jacoby. It'll be what do we do. We thank the the people got what they wanted last night on Monday night football. What a game? So many stars in this game so much action it started with some dominant dominant defense on both ends. Both defenses had a score takeaways all over the place and then Russell Wilson and Jimmy G. started to do their thing thing both Jimmy G. and Russell Wilson brought their teams down the field at the end of the game to get themselves in the lead but but then it happened. Jalen rose this pick in overtime setup. This kick Matt even close from mclachlan the rookie kicker and then Russell Wilson Wilson got the ball. Back did what he does. Down the field and then Myers won the game for the Hawks. There is so much discussed from this game. Bose what was the biggest takeaway for you. Mr Rose that the guy who made the game when it kicked his name is Jason Myers. Eight Okay Okay Michael. We investigate his name right family. He had a last week to he was so bad last week. Missed like four field goals. I felt so good for him. And McLaughlin McLaughlin. The other kicker had a huge kick like this guy did not have a job like four days ago Ragas hurt he comes in and he puts one straight down the middle at the end of regulation from forty seven yards. Basically has the same distance snow over time and it will take me out kicking just change. It's just chain T F for me. I realise not tipping point of what I consider a a field goal that a professional should make is like forty two yards over that. I'm like okay. I'm not as upset if they miss but this was a it's horrific football game as you mention to one undefeated team in a forty niners who officially lost sanders due to injury they're wide. Receiver hopefully is not not something long term and on the other side Seattle. Who Lost Lock it? During the game due to injury who Pete Carroll feels like that's going to be a more serious injury but it was all about the dynamic play of Russell Wilson who now leads the league. David Jacoby it total yards and total touchdowns and whoopee Carol continues. He used to do that. Sneaky and smart while we dazzle at Russell and his gray high gets down and uses baseball background the slot not take big hits. They still find a way to turn around and get all the Carson Twenty five times to slow down the pass rush when they can to give Russell a chance to even breathe so I was really impressed with metcalf who continues to improve as a rookie. Receiver there so there's a lot of great things happening happening offensively for Seattle but we got to see what happens with lock it because that'll be a big loss. Obviously Josh Gordon had a couple of big third down conversions that he just joined the team. And this is. Why would say about the quarterbacks per second because if you could celebrate Russell Wilson's play as you just did? But he's the same. Russell Wilson threw an interception in overtime on on the two yard line. Right and that's a beautiful play by Greenlaw. But then there's also Jimmy G. You could say. Oh well Jimmy. Jeep drove down the field. Put them in a position to win the game with that field goal. It's the same drive in which he basically threw it off the shoulder pads of two different linebackers for the seahawks. So I walked away from this game with the same impression. Hadn't beginning like both those quarterbacks did so much that put their team position to win. But that both those quarterbacks also kind of gave away porn chances so I noted at the top talk show and you did it twice during your great analysis. We're not gonNA put Jimmy play in Russell Wilson's play in the same category uh-huh because JV also does a lot of unforced. Did a lot of unforced turnovers then cost his team. Russell Wilson I. I agree with you made that mistake through that. Pick on a two yard lines. It almost reminded me of the Super Bowl. I was thinking. Wow I remember that play. When he threw that a it cost them the game but again special teams as we started the show eluding always play that factor in determining a lot the times how we analyze these games and Garoppolo didn't have kiddle his security blanket arguably the best tight end in football? But you gotta give Seattle credit because they stood up against the run. And that's what San Francisco does as on a consistent basis almost as well as anyone because it is the NFL. We're going to celebrate the quarterbacks and talk about the quarterback play but there was no player on the field more dominant than Davy. Clowney or the SEAHAWKS. I mean he was everywhere forcing fumbles picking a fumbles making tackles jennings sacks jumping up in the air and changing plays tipping balls. He did everything he was he. It looked amazing last night. What do you think about today on cloudy for some reason it made me think about? FCA Minister Society. I was like he's a straight up minutes. Gee I don't know why saying that when I was watching the game. Sex Hits on a quarterback touchdowns remember he was a terrific collegiate player and went number one but a signature. Play people sleep on who that was against Michigan when he burst through the line any basically knocked the Heineken cap off of our running back so then the world's starting to pay attention to his greatness and so when you go number one and you play defense of it. This is what I was saying about the browns and myles Garrett for example this is the kind of impact you expect that player to have and this is why Seattle trading for him and promise him they're not GonNa Franchise push them in a unique situation if they don't oh come with the money because somebody else will jalen you mentioned decay Mc have and two things I know about you as you like style like being fresh. There's three things like innovation. I saw something on the field I have never seen before and it was on decay metcalf after that crazy play where he formed the ball looking. That I'm black but man has a lightning bolt I black and the dangling earrings Jalen rose. I love this too much as I do. I like it a lot I. I was watching on Saturday. I liked his black. It is something that at least the NFL allows the players to show a sin Tila of personality not outside of uniform so yes I enjoy seeing it all up. Hold up hold up hold up. Hold up I'm going to do some research and find out if you use the word Scintilla appropriately because I think he might have meant Chinchilla. You're talking about for coats. I'm not really sure but they tell me in my ear a real word you use the right Jalen rose adulation salacious. You're right. I was just a Scintilla wrong though. Moving on the mavs and the Celtics played last night and the Celtics beat the mavs by scintilla points. And this happened as well. Kemba Walker played really well. He had twenty nine points. Jalen Brown had twenty eighty five exit the game with some back issues at the end. But don't look now. The Celtics have not lost since that very first game. Two the sixers. Can they keep the streak alive with all the injury problems they have. I believe they can't and I have one word to describe this Celtics team versus last year's you hear a lot of this term when you talk about politics economic. That's what reminds me of this team versus last year. Here's what what I mean. A guy like Kemba Walker can get you to twenty twenty five plus would he doesn't have to dominate the ball and have a mini as many dribbles. And now all of a sudden and you see the action right Thornton hotpots driving kick scissor action dribble handoff. He likes his little step back where he puts people on Skates. And that's the one thing I really like about Kim. But he's really herky-jerky he's been like that says he was at uconn watching that guy play six six straight games and win the National Championship Win Win The big East Championship win the National Championship. That year I actually talked to their team that year. Tell here Shabazz Napier. They have what it took to make it to the final four after they lost law Ville and they coach got injected. I've I believe in law. I'm glad he's back on the east coast door work. We're celebrating Kimba and there's something to be said for the play Jason Tatum. Jason Tatum did not have a great at night. He was one for eighteen from the floor. Jalen rose I'm sure you were never one for eighteen. But I'm sure there was some nights. They played better. What is it like to lay an egg on the National Teijin? How'd you bounce back? And the only reason why you know I was never one for eighteen and I know you very well that was not a compliment is because you re researched it and found out though yes you love us up your worst games look your best games. You'll you'll talk about your best games yourself himself because he's on me to look up your words correct effort Jason Tatum. It all depends on the team outcome. So if view play poorly and the team loses you feel doubly worse but when the team Wiz you bounce off you get get ready for the next game and while he still has not had what. I would have hoped this this opportunity to be an all star level level player type of performances yet this year. Let's see if we could get there but in the team dynamic they've won eight straight and this is the collection of players. I that I think Brad. Stevens is more comfortable coaching more soul than what's considered the superstar player in a team dynamic. It's almost like tatum's of victim of his own success that he was so good that rookie season especially in the playoffs there waiting for him to to make the leap to make the leap to make the leap. Maybe he's just going to have a little bit more of a slow trajectory into stardom than we expected moving on his time for you to take us behind the curtain. Okay Jalen the spurs are really. Well coached. He'd let's just checking on this out of bounds play. I'm not sure this is how drew it up right here. So it goes Laos Alston Murray Murray steps pounds. And then back to Jill. How does this happen? This has nothing to do with coaching the same thing that we were Eric. BLEDSOE same probably taking the same gumy's players had the eaten. How about this tanner? Can we get bail test league because I saw. That's all I saw Jalen rose. We've all heard rumors about prowess of Michael Jordan on and off the court stories. Things that happened. These might have happened happen in Jeremy. Roenick sort of broke the code and told a full story about Michael Jordan. And I'm so happy he did but that story was a little it'll exaggerated. There's been some research done. And he didn't have fifty two. He had forty four and they won by twenty four. Jim Rone's still lost. The Bet my question to you is this how Alcan human being played thirty six holes of golf drink ten beers and then score forty four in the NBA. Later that time I dreaming not me like my Celebi. Gather around the Campfire Boys and girls let me tell us. Some greatness exudes itself in a lot of ways in the legend of Michael Jordan of course on the floor. He's the black cat EH. He's Jesus in gym shoes. He's air he's been played basketball with his tongue out. Just think about it played basketball with his tongue out. But you know what made them actual icon. He didn't go to bed at nine and ten o'clock at night. We all knew it okay. That's just one story. What about the ties that he will be in the casino? Okay what a Stogie win lose draw. It's still no. He had a game the next day or the same day and come out and do work and I'm not the person to make any allegations. What the Utah Flu Gang? There's there's been an urban legend that he was born in sick during that game. That's all I'm gonNA say about that. Yeah you're not saying he wasn't sick but maybe there are some other elements that he was dealing with this well. Well it's a different era than it is now. I think the players are so much more health conscious but was this kind of behavior not commonplace but did it occur from time to the time in the ninety s and the early two thousand. I always give the modern day athlete. Credit for something we worked out. That means you pick and choose when you do it breath that means. Sometimes you have an all season. These guys train is twenty. Four seven three sixty five and not just in the gym is nutrition and it's a lot of other things that come with trying to make sure that they've maximized their ability to be successful on the floor but don't think that that took away from the greatness of Michael Jordan there were certain players that wouldn't be effective of the bed before midnight. I remember times in my career. I was trying to figure it out like With the band and I was awful I went to three. Yeah I like that so I wasn't a great players. Ask all trying to figure it out for thirty years. MJ knew who he was. From the beginning Alan Iverson you think he was going to bed at ten o'clock at night. He was going to bet a ten just ten in the morning. He's nine let me tell you some the beauty about the league. Then to here's he is. You'll fly into town a your name will be on a flyer to Julian even know about your hosted by such and such a such. That'd be. At and you like Cool Russell. Bill thin all I gotta do is go shake hands kiss babies and they go. Give me a bottle nowadays you tweet. Hey what's going on in Chicago. I'm GONNA be in town. Tell me what a great restaurants then it was just a different way to have fun and Champagne and campaign those are beautiful days in NBA. So you said earlier that you're trying to figure out out your prime conditioning. Time to go to bed. You know how hard champagne campaign when you knew you. Were going to have to defend Michael Jordan or play against Michael Jordan. Did you treat those games differently. When he was with the Bulls? Yeah when he was with the wizards no because earlier career you got to think about the first couple of years. I was in the League. The only people as winning championships. WHO's Akeem it? MJ period that's it is so aqui. Want to MJ one three. That's the first five years of my career and when we got a chance to play against him in the playoffs that year they won seven games. We won six so we weren't far off and for us to have a double digit lead in the second quarter and then Mike is Scotty. And Rodney started the lockdown and take the ball from us all man the night before I was in bad and let no question room service at nine trying to be a student at a game. But you know you got to pay homage to the all time. Great great because if he had the exposure to information these players have he was still champagne campaign because he enjoys always life hours. Forty five in today's game book forty five if James Harden averages thirty seven thirty eight Michael Michael Jordan average average forty five so Jalen a lot of stories about Michael Jordan off the court involve some wagers and and I've heard a lot about NBA players the different wages. They make Charles Barkley told a story where he had to get out of the way because Michael Jordan was going to take a three hundred thousand dollar. Putt what is the most. Did you ever wagered on something silly with your teammates or another. NBA Player battle. Everything like in a lock where you bet anything be on a plane. You better play a gauge play inbetween playing boo ray playing poker soon. craps like anything because you in a competitive environment with millionaires that you know whoever wins or loses a bet can actually pay the you bet so that becomes the competition so I do recall multiple times where I lost but I I can't front and don't want to put any nays out there but I was on the winning side of a lot of this that I had to find ways to make sure I got paid for for you. Still you still have some accounts receivable out there. Yeah Oh definitely I got some accounts receivable sure I got some. ESPN receipts is to leave. Los Angeles sometimes uh-huh. Now's driving the car. 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Do you remember that really bad loss. The rockets had a little while ago when they were in Miami. Well guess what things have changed since then they won four straight last night beating the Pelicans Russel Westbrook contributed twenty six points and James Harden went off harden is averaging thirty seven point three points a game Jalen that is the most through ten games from anyone in fifty seasons what do you think James Harden abject thirty seven point the three we think about making the lefties proud and adding shots to his repertoire. That has that that he's he's added to his jump. Shot from three point range while contest. It seems like a bad shot but is lethal and he's not go down and earlier in the year. He was struggle from three point range in particular when he was contested. But what makes him such a great score. It's GonNa go in regards to the contest is like with somebody shoots it. People say like it had is it all. Is this a matter of time before we they get gone and the beauty of his office of game has now forced people to play out so far he can dribble drive and now he's getting Capello couple more opportunities getting J. Tucker a couple more opportunities Gordon and then when he's not in the game that's Russell's also chance to go in transition a hundred miles an hour and break down the defense pull up mid range of finish after who saw physically. They're trying to put it together other but a Mike Dantonio coach team. The question is always GonNa be were at. If they're going to have a commitment defensively. I mean that's the thing I mean. This team is twenty first in the League and defensive efficiency. How far can they go before they have to pick that up? What are you have two guys that just is recently won the MVP war so they have the opportunity clearly to take over a quarter? Take over half take over a game. Take over. A series series individually met alone together so they are always going to be in a game. They always have a punchers chance. Whether it's the clippers whether it's the Lakers whether it's Denver whether it's digest they'll be in the game both of those guys get going but when you get stops you know what ends up happening. Now that distorts your balance you always taking the ball out of the net and when you're taking a ball out of the net and you're going to get the set defense your the percentage drop their particular Russell Westbrook's because he's playing against five-set people looking at him versus broken floor situations they're westbrook was one for eight from three harden was three for eleven not great efficiency for for nineteen combined. Do they need to pick that up. Yes and I know that analytics I tell you that. If you're in the top five in three point attempts that you could be in the lower third of percentage Senate defend that means you're shots are gonNA be more contested and I'm never a fan of how volume you miss this. I don't care where they come from. These players are athletic. These coaches are too smart. We know where you're going to be. So that makes you easier to defend now. While I applaud the way they're able especially James to make contesting shots Yvonne no you're not playing mid range of contesting that the three. I'm contesting that the WHO and if you're not gonNA take the range shot is going to lower your percentages so I agree with you with before for ninety. You usually lose that game now if you're thirteen for nineteen then you up. Ten or fifteen points on the scoreboard yup well high volume high percentage. It's three point shooter. Gentleman by the name of Steph Curry. His warriors lost to the jazz last night. Obviously he was out and he said this about potentially coming back definitely expect the be ready to play out on a win but at some point in early spring. It's just a matter of the rehab process. I've never obviously break broken. The thing and dealt with a hand injury like this and so you know as you go through all examinations and all that type of stuff and and surgery was required for this to even have a chance to heal properly. That's a tough tough blow but understand timeframe we can measure the RIA process and then figure out what the rest of the year looks like excited about the potential recipes and isn't isn't lost if there's one person who's but in the NBA don't WanNa follow me. Aron Baynes is like top ten and shattered his hand. You could tell that it really hurt from that Jalen. You had a hand injury if we get to a point where it's late February early March arch. The warriors aren't even sniffing the playoffs. Do you bring Steph back just to try to get them back into basketball shape anyway. Well this is tricky because now without your best is player and without his splash. Brother teammate. Draymond green is been done with some injury issues. Now you have a mix. The players led by de Ngelo Russell who score thirty plus points in four straight games. That are really trying to figure if they're part of the team's future is it's really hard to determine that if they never compete with the best players during live action so at some point when he's healthy you have to put them out there to play play with those guys to see. which was you wanNA bring back or not now for Steph and his hand surgery? I heard something. That's really interesting and there's probably an advancement of medicine that I missed as somebody as you alluded to. That has a plate in five schools currently in his hand. I heard him say that they're going to do a second surgery to remove pins. Now what does that mean. That means. He's not a forty six zero man with pins in his hand therefore a medical miracle for me to put on boxing gloves and train and hit the bag and do things that I love. Love without having a sore hand versus fully recoup will cut recovering. Like he's going to probably do which is taking him to the spring and and now all of a sudden he won't have to come back like I did play with a version of a Michael Jackson glove the had a cast on top of it. The literally became a target funny opponents and I was doing this on T.. That went to the lottery. So that just shows you how and the approach for the players probably different but also this information and the medicine that is afforded to him allows him to completely completely hill and not have a litre injury like I do well the NBA players approach to games. It's changed a lot since you play in league not just the hand surgeries and now. He's the term load management. Lebron James said something really interesting about the wear and tear on AAU players. Here's what Lebron James had to say about the u experience for young athletes. He said quote. These kids are going into league already. Banged up and I think parents and coaches need to to know that. AAU coaches couldn't give a damn about a kid and what is body is going through. It was a few terminals where my kids brawny. The embrace had five games in one day. And that's just too bleeping out of control. That's just too much Jalen rose you. Do you think that young athletes should start considering load management or wear and tear on their bodies in their teens. So first and foremost and I've been a champion for this yes. There are a lot of people that slander a U. basketball. I'm going to defend it and continue to do so because a lot. All of those people actually participated. It became success stories for those that don't know in a lot of cases most cases aces a coach's barely get paid in order to coach. Your kids deal with the immaturity. We sometimes it comes with coaching young athletes and the hostility that comes with coaching athletes. whose parents I want them to always beat the star so I am not going to be somebody in any way shape or form the slanders? AAU Basketball as a a young athlete. High School I wanted to play all day. Just like when you go to the Park Jacoby let me ask you a question. How many games do you? You WANNA run when you go to par. Oh I WANNA run ten but try like the I five. You know what I mean. I go hard that is closed for the last five. That's how do you think five competitive games too much for a sixteen year old one day. I believe five is excessive off. I have participated myself in a handful of games during weekends but let me tell you what scheduling scheduling also works out this way. Usually these young people have school during the week or activities or the adults have to work and order coaches of your. Ut have second and third jobs see we only look at it from Linz of if you get a chance to coach an all all American. So yeah you gotTa Shoe yes you have an access to a gym and all of these other things but that's only a small percentage the majority of the time you're trying to get as much out of the people as possible while they're in your presence and usually the opportunity to do that is on the weekend just like when you play racket ball is on the weekends more so as you're a young person because because you can play all day and for you if you WANNA play five games as a young person I wanNA play as many games as possible google. So I'm not going to go into. The low management were young players. But I do believe five games is excessive. I don't think however that three gays or excessive and also let me point something else out to you that happens that I actually never was a fan of. I hate running time. I hate running time. I it running time. I hate running time. So that's something to consider as is where Delta we fly to three hundred cities around the world. That's three hundred cities where everyone does the same things you do. That's that's three hundred cities where people think they're the only ones who know about that one place three hundred cities where people miss someone in one of our other two hundred ninety nine cities three hundred cities where people sing in the a car or the shower or both poorly. Delta isn't flying three hundred cities merely to bring us together to show us. We're not that far apart in the first place Delta keep climbing Jalen we always say we don't force topics on this show. So we have a block specially tailored to your needs. If you want to discuss discuss a topic you can choose whether or not you'd like to this segment is called keeping people know becky pedal if you WanNa stop on the topic so hit the brakes. If not jumping the minivan and keep it moving with method man. Are you ready. Mr Rose. You mean this show is a contractually obligated to troll the Dallas cowboys on a daily basis. Maybe we will in this segment. We'll see are you ready. Yes indeed Kawhi Leonard played against his former team just won a championship with last night. Keeping moving even or hit the brakes hit the brakes. The Clippers did get the win against the raptors. Let her didn't play great score. Twelve points on two for eleven from the field field. You think he wanted to show out for his former teammates. You absolutely want to show out against your former teammates and watching. This game was a perfect example of where we're Paul Georgia's value is going to be so very paramount because the raptors have a bunch of long Athletic Wings Powell and Pascal Scout that can do a lot of switching to keep the ball in front of them. I'm really like the way Van. Bleed has been plan as well and so now certain he not only has to score the basketball keyboard get rebounds but had to be the primary ball handler all of the time. And you show the nine assists would you didn't show with the nine turnovers turnovers. So that is something that as a playmaker and he is wanted a great players in the game. Clearly that Doc rivers and established continue to try to work with him. Aw Next Anthony. Davis had an update on his health. That's a little concerning. Keep moving to hit. The brakes. Hit the brakes well. He said that he's been playing with a shoulder injury. He's been playing through it but they're headed in the right direction. Do you think this'll be a lingering problem. As the season progresses world and one thing about about playing basketball you do a lot of reaching you do a lot of grappling. You do a lot of shooting and dunking and falling and bracing for you saw. Aw Your shoulders are so very important. They kept Paul George out because he had to off season shoulder surgeries. Hopefully he'll be back playing soon. Anthony Anthony Davis has been a player dealt with some Nixon bruises his entire career. I see this as something that days. We're going to look up and he's missing games. Shoulders GonNa be reason well. Hopefully that's not. The case for the Lakers Jalen has some good news for the Pistons. Keeping moving or hit the brakes. Hit the brakes you at the game to see Blake Griffin. Come back and play basketball. He had nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy six had a really nice behind the back. Assist to that one come to the whole canard scores Jalen. That's the good news. The bad news is they're still no foreign seven and don't look very good What do you think from the Pistons so first off? I got to pay homage to the opponent. Karl Anthony towns did has done something that I hope will happen earlier in his career. He got a mean and nasty streak. Now me always had the skill you can always shoot the three always play on the pulse but he out there with a frown on his face. Now and I appreciated that angered and he. He participated in that game with a heisman plan. All Year Shelter Andrew Wiggins who also scored over thirty and was on guard -able and was getting buckets. It's now for the Pistons. Here's the positive Jacoby. You have a team that has multiple players that can initiate office. Now Eric Rolls Luke Blake Griffin and also Andre Drummond. It has really good ball skills at the high post on dribble handoff accents don't adult sleep on the Pistons as they are starting to get healthy. Start to make a run in the eastern conference. Well speaking of hell to have some injury updates. That aren't good news for a couple of franchises. Keeping moving or hit the brakes I would say keep it moving for nothing. Keeping deepened move. There is a fan petition to fire a head coach in the NFL. Keep moving or hit the brakes all you know. Now I am not about the troll force or chase cowboy topics in any way shape or form. We're at talent driven. Shell not a topic driven. Show keeping Kim over. We keep moving. We keep it. The Washington. Football team has named starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Okay we'll keep it move in keeping move in we keep Kentucky wildcats have been named number one in the men's basketball. AP poll keep moving to hit. The brakes aches Calipari coach. Yes Sir hit the brakes. We'll hit the brakes. The Kentucky Team of course Calipari strategy is to stack it with a freshman and I have a question. What is it like being on a highly rated hyped freshman basketball team in college so the game and has changed when I play and was fortunate enough to be a member of the fast five? We were five freshman starting but the teas that we were going against against where junior senior Layton. You go to Indiana where we were to Ohio state. These were more mature teams. Now how in today's landscape all of the top players are young because you do those players in our ended up being one and or two and done type hi prospects so for them is playing against their peers. Really these are the same guys as competing against McDonalds gay competing against in a circuit. Okay that type of thing. So I think they'll have a level of confidence in his great to see cal who was the usher and own the one and done from in the beginning now at the number one spot. I have a story from another highly touted freshman class Memphis that you forced us to put in the show. He's moving or hit. The brakes. Hit the brakes please. Immediately Lesser Kenya's has generated little buzz for doing something that was the opposite of what you did in college. Schick those long doll come on man. He's Isaiah John Stockton short notice short assault time. He was Oliver shots if he would have made this. The promise you shorts as larger. He would've made last you but you fall on the ground. All of these cameras it becomes porn orne shooting up shorts. Doing all of that stuff. You see I look tidy to call me what he did you in jail Jalen this Oh shortly I think he took him to like the dry cleaning up for me if AH short but you said or do you can wear shorts not wear shorts you from the bottom the sea rolling up right. There can't be rolled them up mid game like that Kamal Lester. I'm rooting for you. Lester dog I promise when you play Oregon tonight. You had some bigger bigger shorts. You'RE GONNA get bigger buckets. Why does Jacoby? He's only cable becoming this right. You could the flex right Jalen. saquon Barkley in the giants are not having the best season but head coach Pat Shurmur says they absolutely will not not shutdown saquon Barkley Jalen. I feel like they should start considering this sooner than later so I wonder wind you to a conversation. We had early. September J.. Will your brother had the number one overall pick and fantasy and I tell you I should take Christian McCaffrey. I should say Christian McCaffrey. I take Christian McCaffrey and he was like what I said because the giants are going to have a bad record Kurt and then later in the season. They're going to decide what they want to lessen. His loaders carries enough. And you know what I did because I'm married to a giants fan and you will die. How're art die? Easy New Yorker don't dopamine dopamine is play mind but you cannot believe me Geico presents no not again another voicemail from your roommate. Hey man so I was in a rush to get to work in the back door open. Could you shut it. I lifted wide open while there. Could you also turn off the oven. And all of the burners. My mom never let me use the oven. I wonder why the Geico Insurance Agency could help. Keep your personal personal property protected like if it's your roommate's first time operating in oven visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance hit the brakes reg. Hit the brakes. A couple of things Mr Rose had a chat with your lovely wife smartening. She told me that you were honored. Yesterday you were honored let's celebrate. Let's celebrate. Tell me everything about what you on with the Skillman Foundation in Detroit in a couple of the organization do a terrific job of make sacrifices and giving back to the community and it was an evening caught heroes night where former Michigan state at. NFL runningback TJ duck. It was also honored along with his dad who's been serving the community for over fifty years and to share the states with them and be honor for the work that I've done with. Jr Allay have our school leader. Wendy Louis there a couple of mazing. Jr Lay students there to ask US questions and to give me a an awesome painting. Basically the represent the fiber of what it means to be a detroiter and the evening Kinda in bodied. What it's like to go over and above for the community respectfully because while you're enjoying sixty degree weather on the East Coast and reading the Cruise Party enjoying the same thing right now in Detroit right now in Detroit it? It is snowing in his eight degrees right now. It is full flash snowing David Jacoby all day yesterday it all day this morning. Okay so what ends up happening in that dynamic if you're expecting three hundred two hundred how many people it continues to dwindle as the storm happens and all of a sudden. When I'm receiving the A war I look out and see the merit supporters of Jeralee Day is Su who who do a terrific job of influencing right now up to one hundred Kerala students and so it ends up being a room of all of the people who make these Herculean sacrifices who also fought fought the weather conditions to be there so it was really awesome? I was truly fortunate to be honored and rushed out of there to go make it to the Pistons Game. I saw courtside once again yelling at the players and all that they are. They beat the timber. Wolves right the wax. The mouse beat him up four. Oh that didn't happen. Blake towns too much Wiggins Blake Griffin played Blake Griffin played but a-. Another question. Just are why are you dressed up who you ask him for money from lunch after this. You'RE GONNA hit up for some money gonNA hitter for some money with the Nice buttons now fit. I know you addressed from me you'll never dress up for. ESPN two you'll address. ESPN or would you hitting somebody up you ready for this so we have amazing supporters at La and. I need to do a better job of activating my platform to show pay homage to them because there are so many people that talk about how much they love the community and how how much they give back to the to the hood or to the kids but when I learned as I start to get older usually when they show up as only because they're getting didn't pay and usually those people also don't have foundations so one of the people who actually is a really successful oh businessman who we don't give enough credit to of course you're going to talk about the greatness of Magic Johnson and what he's accomplished Shaquille O'Neal as a businessman in the pitchman and is there. Thomas who I've seen have businesses from popcorns and now champagne and in partnering with the Detroit Pistons Another bad boy Dennis flow under the radar. He's been a terrific businessman. Microwave Vinnie Johnson. Okay who's also sore supporter of La and been a donor the last couple of years and as a bar. I'm going to have lunch with somebody. Auty who won the opportunity for me to have lunch with them. Oh great well. You know what I've had lunch with you many times. It's a wonderful experience. One experience I I'll I get the opportunity to have lunch with you without winning the contest all the time. Sometimes I'm going glad to be over. has anyone ago. Sometimes I don't even WanNa go got to do for the team shot to all the people that support or Jalen rose leadership academy congratulations being w hero. I really appreciate everything you do for the underprivileged in Detroit Thankful Jalen. It's starting to cold outside snowing in Detroit like really snowing in Detroit. Nats gets me thinking about Thanksgiving and the holiday season you know December and what happened. December is just so many holiday parties Office parties things getting awkward and there was a think piece that was written where in states where marijuana is legal. They want bud. Ed Tenders to come to your office annual party instead of Cana bars dip Jalen rose. I think this is a terrible idea. An absolutely terrible blood you. What do you think about including marijuana as an option at the office party somebody trying to get everybody somebody fired? They think that is. You're setting people up for failure. Let let me give somebody so. Let me give everybody some advice behind the curtain at Office Party. I don't care hear what you eat. How many beverages you have? How many brownies are edibles? You take you're still at work your word that's what we're paying for drinks and soon as you open your mouth. Everything you say can and will be used against you in a work of off the court of law but whatever. Yeah here's the thing in nothing. Is this they alcohol. Social Lubricant Marijuana's not a social indicate to people from the office in the corner facing the wrong direction. Just destroy to figure out how to use their UBER APPS and get out of there like again nothing as we start to get to the holidays turn up with your friends turned down with your colleagues turn up with your friends and family turned down with your colleagues. Don't be the story the next day or the next Monday at work from the party. There's always one story from the party. Make sure that that isn't isn't you know thing I haven't done. I haven't big up bill. Simmons and Carry Simmons for throwing the Best Fiftieth Birthday Party for bill. The podfather had a wonderful wonderful wonderful event. Carey Simmons issues the greatest party planner on the planet podfather. It was just. I was surprised he was really surprised. He walked in just the right amount of people. All the perfect people on my grant land people all the people all our bills people it was just it was so great. Have you noticed. red-hot Father Happy Fiftieth Birthday. My brother bill the power father. We love you. We appreciate you for being the author throughout this program and his lovely wife and I saw something that was really impressive to me how they had them in the dead body on the Flyer with the Celtics Jersey. Love that so much money. Some favorites with the Photoshop. There'd be I want to thank everybody for listening. Also want to say this lady's right now right right now ladies call nine eight five eight zero Jalen ninety five eight zero Jalen and leave us voicemails mouth back tomorrow. John The little guys. I love what I do baby.

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The Drawing Board  Episode 52


54:45 min | 1 year ago

The Drawing Board Episode 52

"You're listening to the podcast visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com before information. You've now tuned in to the drawing wind-borne podcast a powerful thought provoking discussion where we talk about family relationships ministry community and career Let's see what exciting we have on our show. Great evening everyone. This is Andrea e Brown the founder and the host of the drawing board PODCAST CAST Like every single every single Tuesday we come to you with the heat with the fire with all of the You know pizzazz and excitement argument of such qualify educated interesting Phenomenal extraordinary that is the quality of the guest. Yes they put before you and today is no different. I want you to help me. Welcome drawing-board Nation Angelina the coach Thomas. Welcome to the show. Thank you so it is great to have you on. I know it's weird on this side but it's great to be on. Thank you for having me. Not a problem. We just kicking it before we went on air this about a lot of different things but let me let the people know exactly who you are of. What many would consider nature of being Angelina? Thomas is also known as N.. Deleted the coach. She used use our gifts and turned it into purpose from her personal experience along with knowing firsthand what it is like to be an entrepreneur due to her family history. She has made it her. Life's purpose to assist others in doing the same through a supportive structured process. She not only positions clients CI- to be a fruit to a fruitful life. But she teaches them how to step out of their comfort zone network and become successful entrepreneurs. Wait wait a minute before I am packing. Let's talk about this conference. I feel like a minute zone now. Those words lit up to me right. So let's talk about the ends Salita when you became an entrepreneur. What were you doing before that? Like what made you step out of that comfort zone. You know as the the fact that I just. I wanted to do what I wanted to do. And I felt like being an entrepreneur. I can do what I wanted to do So that that was the start of me stepping out. My Comfort resigned but trust me I stayed in my comfort zone. Even after I became an entrepreneur I stayed in my comfort zone for a lot of years. Okay now it's time it's time for for me to fully and I'm still in my comfort on a little bit but definitely out there more than what I was. Okay so sometimes wait a minute because this answers the question right you see all of these polls motivational post. And it's exciting. It motivates you inspires you but sometimes it's an may not be a leap of faith. Sometimes it might might be a step of faith right so coming out of your comfort zone. It may not automatically when people think of entrepreneurship. They think about quitting job leaping round we do so that is it is Sensationalized that way right lar- applauded you know and giving the big thumbs up and everybody nobody else from the outside is like Oh man you took that leap of faith. You jumped out on entrepreneurship and then they disappear when the bills are due. Mr For newer support my product. Ryan this town right. Yeah wait a minute I lance per neuro starting a business. This is how I generate my income. Yeah we've known each other for years you know. Let me let me get it on the low right so dear but now but now because I I think a lot at the people that know me know my personality so you can't even come at me like that so tell me about if I wanted to ask you this question right and a and let's just say you have three sentences. I have your bio here. So of course that'll tell me about who you know what you've done But if I had to ask you the question and I had to ask five of your friends the same question right. Who is Angelina Thomas? They would probably say a authentic real doesn't bite her tongue No filter a go-getter uh-huh passionate about anything that I'm doing Definitely if I'm your friend. I'm your friend loyal to a fault I think they'll things about me for the most part does not maker mad because she got an attitude problem maybe yeah. Passion goes goes both ways fiery passion moving forward connections and then if that line is crossed a lot of fire on this is efforts are and I think that's good so I heard someone say this I am i. I have adopted it as a personal philosophy right so some people are are looking for balance right so in entrepreneurship. You set your own schedule even though you can do what you want to do In order to be profitable affordable for sustaining life. There has as you say here. Structure Process Has To be supportive. Have all of that I heard that is not about balance in our challenge. You would you think about this. It's not about balance but it's about keeping a healthy tension between your present circumstances and your future goals Well I think it is about balance and the reason why I say that I think it is about balancing because Greenwich Yard Entrepreneur. You have your own business but Some of us and I still do not in five With being an entrepreneur plus be a mom in so many different things so you know there is a level of balance that you have to have a former. So you know when it comes to those those things Also and at the same time. There's you know keeping your eye On what it is that she wants to. Do you have to always that. You have to be consistent so on the outside looking in you like. Oh Yeah I want. I want to be entrepreneurs. Oh you start my own business you know this is going to be great. It's not what you think. It is a lot of hard work and you have to have balanced and you have to have consistency. CNN because You know that I know you get you know like you. Can't you can't let those things where you now so you know it it goes. You need olive that Oh great. So here's another question that I have for you okay. We're talking about your comfort zone. I would actually. What are you waiting? Meaning what meaning as we talk about entrepreneurship full-time one hundred percent. If I were to ask you what am I waiting. What are you waiting though? Yeah because you said you're still in. I am so that prompted the question. What are you you know? I don't have an answer. So let's let's I don't have an answer all right. So you one hundred percent entrepreneurship everyday living breathing. Working your purpose purpose passion you know and not saying what you're doing now doesn't Some way develop those skills needed for that. Let's unpack that. What does that look like you wake in the morning? What is Angelina do MAC has? She has to get okay because I feel like I just went to sleep so you know it's like But it's you you know it's get up and obviously you know I probably because I I like to. You know anytime they every every day you wake up as a gift so you know that's I you know I plant my feet on the ground and I tried you know just be positive like hey we're gonNa have a good day because I know what my day looks like my day. Looks like going to the nine to five and doing everything that I have to do there there once I leave the nine to five It's okay now we gotta do everything for Angelito. The coach you know so the same energy that I put into my nine to five is the the same energy that I put into. You know being an entrepreneur so I mean just pretty much start my day once it starts. It doesn't stop to usually lights in the clock like I'm GonNa ago for the most part on day. Okay all day my comfort zone and why. I haven't jumped off. Yes entrepreneurship entrepreneurship. One hundred percent. You know I really don't have a good answer. I'm not even GonNa lie and say Oh is because of this. I don't have a good answer. I think again. A lot of it has to do with that comfort and I haven't really sat down and say okay. Let me do my plan. Let me let me do my let me get my exit plan together. You know so. I think you know procrastination. which is you know? Fear Comfort Zone so yeah that that's what I have to do. Do I have to give my exit plan together. Because if I don't then you know three years from now we go having yes so if you watch the show you know that I give every guest that I have a challenge right. Oh you're gonNA give me. That's how I am going to give you a challenge but I'm GonNa give you three months. Okay Okay we'll give you three months to fully bullied. Develop your exit plan okay. So it is November now beginning of November so by the end of January by the end of January and a no. It's a busy time. It's a busy time. Okay but by the end of January you should have a solid plan. They nick and it can even be a twelve month exit strategy where you would give yourself a year or however much time you need but that you are Concretely and succinctly working your plan to live your passion So let's talk about it. Get Out of it because I see him every other Tuesday this day. Every other Tuesday's right. I can't even get out of it if I wanted to. I'm looking I'm not gonNA say anything I'm just look at it How's that I okay? Yeah okay all right. Well it says you also and I can attest to this ends. alita loves to connect with others. You attended mccomb Community College for Business Business Management Entrepreneurship and small business. And it leads you to be confident and diligent in your passion so in addition to this you also have over sixteen years of experience experience in healthcare and leadership position. Now health care in this nation is very interesting to me We are supposed to be a you. Know a a world power right and we have So many different discrepancies as it relates to healthcare The affordable healthcare act better known as Obamacare so many things being repealed so many people being under served Access access to health care especially as an educator social worker humanitarian like. I I see these things like how does it feel to be in the industry. What are your thoughts us I've been in the industry I saw long but in different aspects of it if that makes percents but for me I don't know like I'm trying trying to. I'm trying to think trying to find a good way to answer the question I think our our healthcare system is not the best uh-huh and I don't really think that I guess I've always said why. Do we have to pay so much money for health. CARE good question. Why do you know every you know so if you have a job every year you have to you know apply for your benefits and there's always like an increase But why do we have to do that you know oh I think that because we're in the US. I think that healthcare benefits really should just be given to us. Honestly my opinion. Yeah I agree with that and on Indian. I'm like hey listen as someone who you know is an advocate for people. I hate to see anybody like remain in the state of sickness because they can't healthcare okay right or the healthcare that they can't afford doesn't allow them the service to not just Not Be sick but to be well right. So there's a difference right and it. Yeah and I can't say that I have definitely seen the difference as far as like based on what type of insurance you carry is is that depends that determines the level of care that you're going to receive as bad as that sounds. I've seen that. So how many times if you got blue cross Blue Shield or one of these high ones you get the best service if you've got assistance from the state no you don't get good service you know. And that's that's unfortunate but that is how you're treated I. I've seen that. Now let me tell you so to keep it light but to also bring home this point so my father-in-law in law. Before he passed away he needed something from the hospital. Right And I talked to this doctor and he must have felt comfortable or whatever to talk to me and I was saying. Hey man there has to be you know course of treatment. What is what is the long-term plan? What are we doing here and I said we WANNA go? Lisa invasive figure out what's available and and when this doctor looked me in my face and said there is something that could totally help your father in law right now but his insurance won't pay for it and it is thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars and nobody will say nobody but the general public doesn't have thousands upon thousands for this one You know one procedure. One thing. That's going to help their family. And when I looked at him and realize that he not he per se but he represented the system. You had a a cure or has something that could help my family. But because there was an issue of affordability MHM It prevented us from accessing it. And in that moment I was I was livid you know I was living one. I appreciated him sharing the information. To of course I know a lot of people who are probably listening saying Oh this should be some type of legal action at no. Listen let me help you out. Now there are clauses ause is structured. All around that. Care that while you are emotional. Ano- listening some people are probably like you know. Fill a certain way there are so many clauses houses that surround that you know that they've made it away where if you cannot afford it that they won't go under any type of a you know legalities complete place. An action action will cause them to be sued so all of that to say healthcare. We need some health care reform. I say Magic Johnson. Okay all right official Magic Johnson. Yeah I have a soul. I'm not I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I have I have a theory about that okay and I'm not saying is this is just me thinking out loud guy so don't right because I am not right right. Well here's the thing so if right now someone who. I had a lot of notoriety right. Let's just say you know. Chicken pox have made a resurgence like about a year or two ago. I saw a lot of older people getting shingles and you know a lot. The key is getting chicken pox. So wow this thing is coming back. You know for four swing and I was saying what is someone who was completely totally totally not affected by right but no one had any way of determining this and they said hey. This person has chickenpox right and then they they go through through whatever and it's like Oh man did he actually do you see where I'm going. Now he's actually my question. My question was like did I wonder like did he. Actually you know have HIV because. I'm saying I got you. You know at that time. Hi At that time. HIV was like prevalent. It was the huge disease. And you know magic I if brother listen your journey what you may have gone through but I had a question Shen integrity of the process right because it was like I saw other people who were being diagnosed around the same time and the journey was drastically different right and I could say that it was because of affordability and access to occur. Just like I know right now. Over in I WanNa say is Germany Germany. There's some doctor who has like a cure that health slowdown MS And I talked to a guy who since his mother over there a couple of times and she. They've been enable to slow the process and the neurological all these things He has found a cure or he's found a a method to reverse and things but I wondered like was. Is this something to say. Hey listen There there's actually a cure for this and you just have to do this on your end eat. Well take this different and I was. I was just curious about that. Yeah so beyond the healthcare piece. Here's what I want to get to as well because you have an awesome podcast correal real talk with Angelito so talk to me about the podcast. What birth the podcast will made you want to start a podcast? So idea radio before Before my podcast. I did radio for about a year and a half two years maybe maybe a little bit over And so you know as you grow. Oh you just you know you develop like hey I want to do other things I wanna do this. And so I was a co host on his show. And of course you know being a call house In and there was only certain things that I could do the show was only thirty minutes to. So you know there really wasn't too much Really too much wiggle room That I could that you know we have for thirty minutes show and so it was just I was changing business wise. You know things as we're moving in a different direction for me so I actually decided to just say okay. I'm going to leave the that particular that particular show which maze that I would leave radio. You know as well I enjoy radio and I learned so much. Actually you know being on the show behind the scenes and everything I just thought about it and I said I wonder if I would be a good podcast house or I wonder if I'd casting would be something for me. You know so I thought about it preyed on it a little bit. I got scared and said No. Then I said okay. I'm going to do it then. I got scared and said no again. The and I'm like okay. I'm going to do it so That's when real talk was birth and you know for me. My passion has always been business. Entrepreneurship always Listening to people's story how they got where they are As it pretends to their business and so that is how the podcast was birth. So you know we just talk about business lifestyle entertainment And just Kinda. Just be real with everything that we say That's it so not talking about real talk so on the drawing board it is. It's a powerful thought. Provoking conversation that challenges the listener to examine them and their life and reimagined the possibilities. Our topic's family relationships ministry community in career. So let's Talk Kabbadi. I know you said that you are a mommy. I am a mommy. Yes so so. I'm a mommy of four okay. Twenty three twenty two twenty once he three. Yes my oldest you. Are you old enough to have a twenty three year old. Now I'm not I I'm I'm forty one. Oh Wow already ardi wind yeah. I'm starving twenty three year old a twenty two year old fifteen year old and it's five year old and a two year old granddaughter. Oh Wow okay so grandma now are are you a Glam mom grand just grammy okay. None of that extranous now. None of the extra okay. Well you definitely don't look like you have a twenty three era twenty two year old so when we were in Vegas I think we got on a bus and the and he was like this is for my mom and this is for me using the card. Bus driver was like Bashar mom. He's like. Yeah that's my mom so I was like I ha. I'll look good for forty one. Okay absolutely I have giving you know just hiring in August for you know okay. All right so relationships. Let's talk about this Impact let's let's see where we are. We Are we single and mingling. Are we available. Are we think thank and mingling. I guess we think we single single we think okay all right so listen drawing-board mingling not mingling. Okay might not I understand. You know but available salable absolutely drawing-board nation if you are looking for driven fool of passion and fire one who is getting ready in the next twelve months to launch out into full. Entrepreneurship has a head on straight worked in healthcare for over sixteen year loves. People loves God and We'll definitely keep life exciting. Hit Up Angelina. The coach I stay out or DMC. AMC Hymns know may sure maybe you posted on her page out of the DMZ keeping respectful the full respectful. Yeah but I mean when we will we think about like How important love is to us right? And of course our I ah love for God which provides power and stability to live life right so We think about that and we live from that place right. Which means in our personality you can fluctuate up and down? You know as we discover who were becoming having these real conversations and like being honest with ourself you've About what it is that we desire we want right so I had this question in my head when I was thinking about our interview on the way and I was thinking to myself self. Here's the question I said. I wonder if we would choose who we chose if we were healed and whole when we we met them. Oh that's good. That is good because it's so good because my the guy. NAH If I was healed in how definitely wouldn't have chose well. This definitely wouldn't tell loves him right not at all but yeah that's that is that's an interesting question and I think that if we are heal from whatever it is that we definitely would choose different partners. I think so and and I say that because because My first real relationship was the was it ended up being adult Mesic Violence Situation so so that's why I say I know for a fact I definitely was not held in Ho when that relationship Came into play. So Yeah Yeah and so I see you have the purple your hair Iraq. My purpose method domestic violence absolutely and shout out to you. Know all of the survivors of domestic violence both male female and children And I just always and being a person who grew up around domestic violence In knew Oh bob it and saw it and I want to just share with everybody listening And I did a podcast is almost most Was this close to a year. Might have been maybe a year ago or roughly within the year for domestic violence and people some ladies came on a shared. Share the story. But there's always a way out like here's here's what I like to share. There's always an answer Sometimes there's a process to getting to that answer and so I'm not saying that you know there are some situations you just can't Yank your neck out of that. You can't just leave like immediately but there there is help What I will do in the comments is post? Oh St a helpline and the number. So that if you find yourself in that situation and know someone an estimation a you have to do more than just call your cousins to come over there and beat them up because that doesn't doesn't answer he'll but the question goes back to the main question is dig it is and that's what it with anything not just a relationship right. If I'm healed and whole you know would I make this choice If I'm healed and whole will I go and spend this money that I know that I should be conserving saving and investing in and so that is something that you know we have to ask ourselves. What is it about What is it? What's going on inside of me that I'm I'm led to this choice or I feel drawn to this choice but yeah and so nobody invites that eh nobody There's nothing about a person that invites that But there there are some proclivities that we have To be drawn to US familiar and so I would you know what what do you have to say about that. You know I think thank I agree one hundred percent You know with everything is a process and like I said nobody wants to be in that situation. Nobody stays in and and I'm not gonNA going to say that situation. I must say any situation because there's a lot of situations and a lot of different choices that you make based on you know certain things but There's there's always a way out of a situation like you said but there's a process that has to take place I And you know once the end. I kind of wanted to say that the process the process needs to happen. I mean this is what it is. A process needs to happen. And then you learn you grow from that process. You know L.. Like you know what happened. You know with that situation other situations they needed to happen. Because WH- you know the end result is number one it makes you a better person You you look at things differently and then also you know. I always say that you know I've always been told that you know your story. Is You know possibly to heal someone you know and I think a Lotta Times that we just hide behind shame with any situation. It doesn't necessarily have to be a domestic violence situation but I think that we just hide behind the situation because we don't want people to know our business or you know where a shame but You'd be surprised how many people go through different situations like you're not the only person that go through different situations But you know like I said it's it's the you go through the situation. You have to go through that process but the end result is is that you can take what you went through and you can help somebody else with it and again it doesn't have to be domestic violence. It can be whatever type of situation you know that you went through so yeah becomes the testimony because I mean with the resiliency that you have. You are now today. Angelina is a business coach. Strategist Speaker author media personality. And like all of that resiliency zillion see all of those experiences. Everything you bring to the table that bounceback Israel you know they come back you know. Hey you know ah ah so is one of those things where nothing's wasted absolutely nothing goes wasted and At this time it's just like understanding in That's when you can really say like real real that God will take everything in working for your good right absolutely. Yeah one of the things you know our. I always see myself speaking in front of people and speaking in front of people used to be like the biggest will. There's still some fear there but it was like the biggest fear. You're likely there is no way I'm standing in front of people and I'm talking and you know and it's funny because I do it now And you know adult you know. Don't get me wrong. I'm still nervous about it. I'm still kinda like ooh. Do I want to do this but I'm able to do it like my fear dozen overpower my faith in. You know what I'm saying so now. My faith is overpowering my fear so what I'm standing up talking to you even as I'm sitting on this podcast I'm like you know nervous but my faith overpowers all of that so you know and then when you always say when you scared and you still kind of scared that's how you know okay you doing the right thing because nothing I don't think anything that's positive is GONNA come easy and natural to you. You know you gotta you gotTa feel that fear you gotta come out of your comfort zone right. Yes come out of that comfort zone so in the next twelve months like what what state is would you like to grace. Oh I would like to gray stage. Well I'll say this I will bill gray stages out of the US a write in an hour. So I will be international speaker So I will gray some stages internationally next year as well as just throughout the US. I don't have there's not anything like you know specific specific that I want to be on this stage or that stage. Hey maybe even beyond the drawing board stage next year. Hey listen drawn courses. I wanted twenty the power of vision. CEO Way Clear Hey Hey listen put comments below of you WANNA see and deleted. The coach on the drawing board stay. So yeah I just stages and you know I have a message. I know I have a message. I know as powerful. Oh As a business you know as it pertains to overcoming your fear I'm I'm speaking on. You know personal experiences you know. I'm sharing that even when it comes to you know fear with them business you know You always gonNa feel something but you know I'm GonNa work with you. We're GONNA work past that you still feel that fear but we still going to do it anyways. We're GONNA do scare you know. I had a lady on. Tell me that Two years ago ago one of my biggest things was I had a fear of flying. I just overcame my fear of flying at the age of forty so so like just talking about flying your. We'll give me just so much anxiety. I would start crying like no. I'm not going to get on the plane because I just felt that because I'm on on that plane is going to crash like badges. How bad the anxiety was and Just talking to her her husband you know talking to her her husband a friend into my she was. I just do a do a scare. Just do it. And so I got up the courage and the nerve and I wanted somebody to fly with me but for whatever reason no no one could fly with me so for my fortieth birthday. I flew to Los Angeles California by myself to La La Now now I'm trying to fly some everywhere now and all my fights I fly by myself. I've never flown with anybody so fly by myself. I know how to do like everything thing now and I'm like Oh and I live like right by the airport like for the past eight years so it's kind of like you know is it was like you know this the journey that guy has any on. It's not meant for me to take others with me is meant for me to do this by myself. So that's just how I feel so like everything's coming into place you know it's an I'm nervous. I'm scared but again when you when you feel like that that little bit of fear that's how you know I'm going in the right direction and now this is what I'm supposed to be doing so like I always tell everybody. Follow your passion once you finally. You're passionate you'll find your harpists. Okay so you feel like passion in purpose are inextricably connected all right because you're not going you're not go. I honestly think that you're not going to be so So quick to do something that's not really feel it you know so. I think that you know when you're passionate about something you know you'll find your purpose. That's true so when you talk about passion and business do you talk to your clients about like burn out when a when they feel like us Within business and you just feel exasperated you. You're you're tired. You still have the desire for but you reach this point whereas like you got to you at a four four can enroll and you like man should should I just you know return back or should I press forward or a how do you. How would you coach someone through? That will be your advice. You know once they as I'm coaching you. I don't really detail you I don't really give you advice so what I do is I ask you ask questions okay and it just depends like there's there's certain questions that I ask you but the end result of me asking you. These questions is for you to give yourself the answer so the answer comes from within you. So that's that's how I coach people but I'm going to tell you don't stop or you know. Obviously my advice he was always you know move forward and then here's why I think thank you should move forward and then you know you're answering that with me you're like Oh okay that makes sense so you know I'll let you kind of think about it and then you pull it out like why. Why would you stop? You're you're right here you know why give up. You've come this far. You used to be here now. You're here keep keep going because there's days where I'm like man out I. I think I'm GonNa do this. No more you know. And we have those Mama's everybody has everybody nobody can say. Oh no I've never had that everybody has that moment but you have to keep you. You have to keep pushing because you know you know when it's something that you're supposed to be doing like you get this feeling you know I can't explain it but you get this feeling and you know okay. I'm on the right track. This is what I need to do. I know it's hard but this is my. This is the journey and I have to keep pushing forward. You know the end result is is. It's always it's going to benefit you but the result is that you're also helping somebody else. Okay so let's put these coaches skills to the test all right. I'm going to get you my scenario. Here we go live and in in living color all right so I am Adena culture and climate by day which means that. I'm impacting children and families every single day with the decisions that I'm making right My I alternate dream is to travel the world Speaking the word of faith through the form of the drawing board as well as so for ministerial pull pitch to having conferences to be invited to conferences. All impacting families. A helping them to overcome reimagined the possibility tap into the guy well given potential and don't delay any obstacles speak to them beyond what God has already placed in right so the message of the drawing board is going into national. Have the book the PODCASTS. We've got the conference. I'm speaking tomorrow. I'm speaking at trying university to Freshman of the class at twenty nine hundred twenty twenty. I have have tons of opportunities. I could be pursuing but what I'm looking at now is right now. The speaking it is not producing enough money. Then the nine to five is right and so I know wholeheartedly that I have what it takes to go ahead and launch out there. What are you what what go ahead and ask these questions? Let's let's see what we got going my goodness you can't you know she's a spa. People see normally. We'll have time to prepare. I would i. I have a question there. She would have the chance to see what my Avatar. I'm going to do what you did. See Me my first question is where do you see yourself and a certain amount of of time. Okay it where do you see yourself in six months or six months okay. Listen so I'm looking to have at least three to four speaking engagements a month pace begin. Engagements I do want to keep some pro bono work on the table For organizations that are just starting or but let for organizations that have a budget of my expectation is for them to do the best of their budget. for speaking because I'm going to always give them my best so plus got the history To be able to do so six months. So what are you GONNA do without speaking engaged or listen. I'm I'm making phone calls. I'm tapping into my other connections Sion's locally in the city also in Fort Wayne Indiana. Oh you need to know who it is all right so has star organizations. If you see me how that me let's go be tapping into. I'M GONNA call the United Way. WanNa Call Skillman Foundation. I'm going to call other people. What are you going to say? Oh absolutely I'm gonNA feel the need I ask. The organization worship greatest knee and generally their greatest need is motivating their staff for the students or whatever their constituency is of of who they serve so it will be about me coming in and inspiring motivating and helping them to transform. My goal is to get you to the point of the decision and the support you now. That's when e- Brandon associates. ozias comes where we can sought developing support personal professional organizational transformation. So we'll be there. Eight of motivates you to the point of transformation and then the support you through the process. You don't need me. What I'm saying is for somebody who for somebody who would need me? They're not gonNa tell me that you know what I'm saying. They're not they have a plan but they're like I who need to talk to. How am I going to get from point a to point be so like those are all the questions would come from that? I will ask because generally you. You know what you're trying to do so oh yes our questions but but the people that I work with you might know but might not know how to get there so you might not think okay. I need to call this person or engine. Talk to this person or these other people that I need to connect way so. It's basically the dots that you have. I kinda help you connect them to draw the lines and connect those dots to the people you have. It is just putting it together. Yeah so for me. It's just like a matter of time So I have presently more opportunities than I do time. So it's like okay. I can't you know I have to assess that. No I don't assistant. And so here's here's the thing about that though so it's about a budget right. Yeah but here's the thing though. It is about a budget yes but the thing of it is is that if you get an assistant this assistant is going to allow. Oh you time to do that. So that the money will come in. Because you're assistant now is doing the work so you say hey. I don't have the money to pay the assistant. But then you also only we have a limited of time for you to work with to do all of this. You see what I'm saying so it's Binding you to a certain amount of time I shall. So where if you have an assistant she's GonNa take some of that off of you accredit where you can go out and probably get more speaking engagements more things so so if you have an assistant. That's over here doing some of that legwork for you while you're out there speaking and you're speaking more than that's where you're in the income's going to come in and then you could pay with Yes so listen this is all PR agencies out there consulting agencies and I understand how some of you all works. I'm listening and There's there's generally and I don't understand why But sometimes they'll require a certain you out you obligate yourself to a certain monthly payment and then they work on getting certain gigs for you right where I would love to work out in. Negotiate percentage piece. Where if you were able to get at these gigs than a certain percent percentage of was being paid can automatically be given to certain agency? So if you're listening and you have the army should be able to do the Angelina. The coach and nine 'cause leaders going international stages coming this next year I she has a powerful message and you know about the drawing board. That's why you tuned in. Hey Hey but yeah I mean I think it's just about opening you know. Is the possibilities right. And then developing a plan ought to stay consistent have to stay consistent. And so that's why that's the honest. That's the real reason why instagram reason why. I'm on facebook. Most of the stuff John. I'm posting is inspirational motivational or something about my family. You know but yeah so I mean I am What about people who were? We're just like Thrusted into entrepreneurship due to like loss of job or something. What would you tell them who? Yeah yeah because it's totally totally different. You know what I'm saying you know you'RE UC or nine to five you know that's that's different to where you being an entrepreneur. You gotta you gotTa get out there and you gotta depending in on what it is that you're doing you gotta get all your clients like the stuff is not there for you. Just don't give up stay consistent you know. Find somebody any WHO Connect with people depending on the field that you want to be in connect with somebody who's in that field you know are ready that you might know that. Can Kinda give you light tips tips and pointers Do your research with everything. Do your research Stay consistent learn that you can learn about your industry in the midst of you know. China go hard and grind And make money. Because you know you don't have a job so being an entrepreneur. Does it mean that you make money with that. You know as soon as you start you know is a process to it so we you say that we see that again for newer does not mean as soon as you start being an entrepreneur that you're gonNa make money so I mean my things for somebody who just lost oster job and they're like. Hey I'm a I'm going to go into be an entrepreneur. I hope you got maybe some mind you know because I mean you can run your. You could literally run your business and start a business and literally work that business for a year and you're not getting paid you're not paying yourself you know so just because I'm a business coach or you know because I knew speaking or whatever the case may be yeah have these titles. I do these things things. But that doesn't mean that I have you know that we that do this has residual income coming in from that. You know it's a process you know Be An entrepreneur preneurs. UK Make money like the first six months and business and then the last six months. Guess Way you don't have no income coming in you know so it's a process. It does not. Ah So if you're not if you don't have the patience and if you don't WanNa do the work I don't recommend somebody saying hey. I'm going to be entrepreneur because it's not what you think it is. It's not like I'm Angela. To the coach you know I make six figures now is a process. I don't make six figures is yes yes with on their. Yeah okay you know but again. It's a process so might be making six figures next year. You just never know but it has to stay consistent and what I'm doing you have to constantly as again like you say you see me on social media you see me off as well you see me on Instagram You see me on you know being a guest on podcast. You see me on my own podcast like you know. This is a way for people to get to now. You you know and people you know they feel like okay. I know a little bit about him or I know a little bit about her. So you know it allows people to Kinda you know. Get familiar with you. I I mean I have been out and people would be like. I know you're my facebook fan. You know I've even done that. You know so Yeah as entrepreneur is ENTREPENEURSHIP is not a get rich. Quick Scheme is GonNa take you some time absolutely and you you use your first business in two thousand and five two thousand and five so talk to me about that. Now we're going on fourteen years it'd be fifteen years since since you started your first business. Have that business anymore. Okay you sound like you said great relief that business anymore That I was event. Planner ochre yes. I wasn't event planners can picture the dog skills as an event planner. I bet you Dan I haven't really really dope skills but I- downplay myself and you know so it'd be like well how much for this and I'd be like. Oh you know like I I was scared to say my people what it calls to say my prices so so that I wouldn't lose customers I would downplay myself and I you. We know say say. I'm charging three hundred for this. I'd be like Oh you do it for one hundred and fifty you know just really wasn't treated it more like a hobby be okay more than anything else And so I doubt myself and you know it just. It just wasn't for me it wasn't and it's not what I was supposed to be doing now. You asked me about my prices right now. You're all my prices is my prices and I'm not going down okay. Offer nobody but It was just you know I wanted. Networking has always kind of. Been My my thing when I started. Event Planning I it was is a lot of networking that I used to do. Within I wanted to go over and do like Like a social events for like anniversaries stories. Birthday parties weddings things that I really. That wasn't that wasn't my ministry. Okay and it definitely showed at. That wasn't my ministry okay. So we kind of had to do like a full circle and come all the way back around which is where I am right now. Okay which is working working with businesses and entrepreneurs like like what I'm doing right now that's my ministry so that was Kinda like a hobby. It wasn't what I was supposed to be doing but in mind it was. My plan was good enough. I thought my plan was away that it was supposed to go but you will quickly find out that your plan. The guys plan so and guys plan when God says do this and you go and you do something else. Nine Times out of ten. Don't work out for you so we had to get together and we had to okay. We do God's plan we're going out this way so okay. So here's here's an invitation like to give you as well so I'm writing a book. Look about entrepreneurship is called that day. All right and so I would love to get your story to be a part of that book about Your Story About Entrepreneurship and how you came to become an entrepreneur and Your Journey as an entrepreneur. Right and then You know we're GONNA WANNA have definitely see see what we can do about this coaching piece. Who knows Ono's and you're talking about the drawing board twenty twenty and I look now I am going to be on the stage you so you have to like you gotta speak life into Yoshiki? UK Say this is what I WANNA do. No you gotta say now this is what I I am GonNa do. Speak it in the you know. I think I'm Kinda like Whittingham on-the-spot job I'm going to be speaking at the Drawing Board Twenty Twenty Lis- listen a comment below out but Miss Angelina. Listen where can they find you. Your social media handles Sausa- media so facebook instagram instagram. You can find me at end of the coach and then my website is. WWW DOT coach Andrew leader dot Com. Okay so we have approximately oximately five minutes left and I did this last week and I shocked me. I just said I'll take a risk so now you have five minutes to ask. Ask any question that you want to ask me. So I've been asking you questions five minutes adding five minutes. Yes so when I get to ask you all these questions you will. You'll get listen. I'll be on Angelina. Show real talk with N.. Deleted the coach next week. Make sure you tune in from eight PM to nine MPM. I'll be on there will. Talking about business will be talking about a lot of fun things. It'll be real talk. I'm telling you get the full unadulterated. It's not going to be a lot of fun. And so yeah. I guess you're asking me those questions I will ask you this. So what led you to draw drive to write the book. The drawing board so in a nutshell I was the person forced into entrepreneurship because I lost the job right and I did every all my talents that I thought could make money. I took you like Spaghetti and threw it against the wall and so I had to go back to the drawing board back to the drawing more and every time I would do something then I had something going really well that I thought it was going to produce. A lot of money had a lot of promise and got into a bad partnership and then autumn money was gone again so I had to go back to the drawing board and so like what kept me going is. I've been working since I was thirteen twelve before then I was raking leaves shuffling snow and and Peyton newspaper routes magazines all that kind of stuff before I was thirteen and when I was thirteen I approached This lady who owed and soulful restaurant called Simone's in Fort Wayne Indiana is there's no longer there but shout out and I walked up to her and I said do you a. and this is what I asked her. I said Could I work for your restaurant and knowing that you had to have a work permit I did and I'm too young. I sending you pay me on the table. I did. I act as long as it is okay with your mother And so I've been working always looking for different possibilities aways and like in all of my relationships and things that I do. I always believed that. There's greater right. So that keeps me going to the drawing board keeps me creative amongst great challenges When I've almost you know my wife almost passed when she gave birth to my son and Just knowing that like you have to re imagine life or where you currently are You can look at the challenge and just like amplify that. I'm always looking at the possibility posssibility. So when that lady pointed in my face and say your wife could die any day. She's bold enough to point in my face. I appointed back in her face. and Say I don't receive that right and so I went back to the drawing in war. God is a healer he delivered. He set free Will provide the best education and so like all of that prompted me to say you know what. Let me let people know that you can always. Let's go back to the drawing board. That is the drawing AC. I ask you the same question next week. Oh yes and listen. I'll have any it'll be I'll have more time to swing lane so I want to share something in the last closing minutes. A lot of people talk about when they think about ministry because you talked about ministry they think about the classical piece of ECHINACEA The ministry that takes place As far as conveying the word of truth or faith by preaching right but very few people talk about the Qinglian nineteen of which Jesus Christ also possessed meaning the in him and you see it in some old testament references. This is the he was both King Game Pres which means that kingly anointing allows you to operate within the marketplace leading your light so shine that men my see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven right so it tastes just as much anointing it takes just as much power it takes just as much grace to be able to carry his message in through business and that's why you have have a spirit of excellence Someone told me I was interviewing them for the book. And say you cannot. You cannot discount and free trial your way to success that that is not. That's not God's way you have a gift that's going to bring you before great men and you have to believe in what God has placed in you because it took just as much of Jesus's businesses ministry to birthday marketplace kingdom anointing that it dear for salvation and the preaching of the Gospel and for those who disagree with me. Listen we could sit down on with the word and reason through the Bible in business you gotTa have you gotta understand these carpenter. You know what I'm saying. My grandfather was a carpenter. Let's go okay so I mean yeah you gotTa bring you gotTa have the Bible and you gotTa bring it into business it. They go together like they go together. It's like the five industry industry. Yeah absolutely so listen Angelina it has been such an honor to have you own Next week we're going to turn up again the and have a lot of fun and coming down with. Oh yeah to Nisha. Yeah so it is written. Let's go there's going to be joining in an S. and it's GonNa be you so that's why I was like. Oh when you tell me the date I was like Oh this is going to be good. I'm GonNa have buffer them together. So yeah so. I'm looking forward to interviewing interviewing you guys and having you on the show so yeah it's going to be fine awesome so if you've listened to the interview some things you can take away

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Animal Talk  Episode 74


47:34 min | 1 year ago

Animal Talk Episode 74

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot cod past detroit dot com before information. Hey there's the music that means. It's time for animal. Talk some of the best doggone pet people on the planet here to help you with your pets like the guy sitting sitting across from me. I'm brian donovan. I can't even explain to you. I'll happy i am to be here tonight but i'll try throughout the hour okay excellent. I'm looking forward to that. My name's jamie you just make sure everybody's having a good time and pushing our buttons sam as and nor so here we go animal. Talk helping you with your pets. Let's change in the world one furry beast at a time. We actually have a guest on today brian curious whether the dude sitting next year he he's sitting uncomfortably close to touching so yes with us today. We're gonna be talking to david silver from detroit. Horsepower detroit detroit horsepower dot org and it's very interesting program in the city of detroit helping out kids and <hes> well i. I'm familiar hot rods. What is our thank you so. I'm fumbling through the hot rats animal talk right although it would make sense. We've we can stretch that far to tie in. We will a lot of times but as republicans are trying to explain it. We should just go get it right from the horse's mouth. Sorry let as good as it's going to get david <hes> <hes> all right so david silver. Tell us a little bit about <hes> detroit horsepower. What's your what's your mission statement. What's the what's the elevator pitch well well. I appreciate you having me on <hes> detroit. Horsepower teaches valuable life lessons to kids in the city of detroit through writing and taking care of forces <hes> right now we do that at horse camps outside the city for <hes> summer camps and an after school program and the long term goal is to repurpose vacant getting land in detroit city limits and build a new urban equestrian center soul. There's so many things to talk about so let's start with you. Tell me about your childhood. I'm from suburban new york. Okay grew up in westchester county all right <hes> and really lucky that horses were huge each part of my life growing up. My mother is a lifelong horse lover and she passed that passion onto me and my younger sister so <hes> horses and competitive forced back riding was a huge part of our lives growing up in <hes> the sport we did as called three day eventing which is kind of like a horse triathlon where you do dressage assange the fancy horse dancing okay cross country just galloping through fields and jumping over big things that don't fall down like hedges picnic tables and water wow okay then a stadium jumping where you're in an arena and the jumps fall down if you hit them and you get penalty points for that what's the one where you get two people on the horse and then the one person in the back grabs onto a big tire hanging froth of a tractor and then the other person rides away and you gotta hang there until the person comes back and then you get back on the horse. That's not real as plead another round dream. You had interpreted for you later. It's called the monkey hang monkey. I did it. What ya does you yeah. What's the one guys oppose each other. I mean they had like a long spear. Try to knock each other off the horse. Take stick well. What brought you to the detroit. How'd you get from new york with all the wonderful horses to this concrete jungle. We like to call detroit and moved to detroit in two thousand twelve to teach elementary elementary school teacher americorps member okay <hes> so t._e._f._a. Recruits recent college graduates to teach in high need cities and in rural communities as as well <hes> had never been michigan <hes> let alone detroit but <hes> really lucky that kind of fate brought me here and <hes> taught fourth and fifth grade aide on the west side of detroit from twelve to two thousand fourteen okay. Are you still teaching at all so with horses but a school school regular straight up. I i left the classroom at the end of the two thousand fourteen school year <hes> because i saw a real need and my students lives to have safe enriching spaces outside of school oh yeah where they can learn the kinds of social emotional skills character development that research shows that underlies success s. in school and in life and that horses are really well aligned to help all of us develop endowed me develop when i was growing all right so where where do you ride you know where where do you take the kids <hes> because i understand it's an arbor and then up north a little bit so where where the kids go into to ride right now so we have partnerships with with this summer five different horse barns across southeast michigan <hes> ranging all the way from ortonville <hes> to ann arbor okay also milford at highland township and plymouth so pretty wide geography <hes> and generous horace barnes that donate the use of their space and their horses choruses allows to come in and do this programming pretty traits kids. I was in <hes> charleston a couple of weeks ago. <hes> south carolina it's all about you is in historic town right and i had a lot. I had a lot of fun. Okay kirk kerry who we talked bryan and five minutes. Let's no like he says five minutes without talking about me. I just figured i'd just checked a little so we took a horse careless right uh-huh and they took great <hes> great links to tell us that these horses are well treated and they used to be an amish farms and they're retired tired and they don't work nearly as hard as when they were pulling a plough. Is that a bunch of b._s. Or is this is this legitimate and how do you feel about these horses that work in the cities. You know carton people around on whether it's in manhattan you know or some of these touristy areas yeah. It's definitely very controversial especially the ones in manhattan <hes> i'm not a huge fan of mixing horses and cars 'cause there can be a lot of injuries that result but i do believe i if they're telling can you. <hes> you know their horse well-cared-for. It'd be worth you know seeing with your own eyes but i would believe you know these are <hes> precious to their business and hopefully away. They're doing what's right yeah they. They seem to really care about in fact the one that we had the horse's name was vern yeah and <hes> she those those cement truck about <hes> i dunno maybe a block ahead of us and she's. I think we can't go down there. We have to just wait here and there's a there's a commission a city commission who looks after these horses a guy from the city who will tell the cement truck. Hey get out of here. My horses have to the horses have to come through here and you shouldn't be you shouldn't be here but she said he doesn't like big machinery like garbage trucks so they gotta make sure he doesn't doesn't he doesn't work during <hes> garbage pickup day so they're very sensitive to these things et your alpha big <hes> like an electric company vehicle came by and got a little upset and she you know she calmed down. She's like see this is why we don't want him around these big vehicles but yeah they they seem to care care for the animals pretty well but i but i know especially you know <hes> like with them central park and that's a that's a big controversy a lot of people just want to do away with all the other we you leave your ticket and we take better we we haven't bought sama hat. They by the horses hats top hats right. Horses have passed out from exhaustion. So you know it's to be balanced of you. Know fits all about profit motive than bad things can happen but if you bounce the horse's wellbeing we just got back from mackinac island island. We've gone for years in a row and having personally observed any you know bad treatment of the horses there and our kids have really enjoyed that opportunity in a very core centered space in michigan so that's the thing how many kids right now are taking advantage of the detroit horsepower program. How many kids are are you working with <hes> over the span of a summer each summer for the last several years. We've had more than one hundred students okay which is really exciting. Transportation tation tends to be a limiting factor. How many kids we can get involved <hes> because of the distance and the cost and using a fifteen passenger van you can only take fourteen eighteen kids and a driver <hes> but we're really excited to be growing <hes> the number of kids we can impact and <hes> the quality of the programs we can offer when they get there as well as <hes> the amount of time you know summers really our peak season but we've grown an after school program which started with thirteen kids in the two thousand seventeen school year last year had twenty six and we're going to grow it again this coming school year <hes> increase in the number of kids going year round so what's your what's your five year plan where where's where's this is going in your mind so we're pretty much hitting our capacity in the current model of bringing the kids to where the horses are which is great. We've got a <unk> solid number in a more than one hundred kids each summer for the last few years <hes> and we can keep doing that <hes> and the kids continue to benefit and they get outside the city eighty something different experience more connection with nature and these amazing courses we get to work with <hes> but the goal were striving towards is <hes> certainly within the next five years to opened <hes> a new horseback riding center in the city of detroit finding the right piece of vacant land <hes> in a community that want sources to be part of the neighborhoods future <hes> and is a suitable place for a constructing a new barn and riding arenas for the horses <hes> in their wellbeing <hes> so that we can really multiply the number of kids we can have in the program and that horses can be a part of stronger detroit trait neighborhoods and turning what right now is an eyesore or blight in vacant land turning something valuable for the community yes so <hes> how is how how is the city cooperating with you. It's it's been hit or miss. We're here. The podcast to podcast detroit studios downtown detroit in the detroit shipping company. I know that <hes> the detroit shipping company had a lot of <hes> encounters with the city and had a lot of growing pains as they tried to create the space. It was like a two year project ended up being five and a half years before they got completed because of challenges faced with the municipality so so how how is detroit horsepower being received at city hall and who's helping you and who's not. Let's calm out. We've got a lot of supporters throughout that city. Government <hes> all nine of our city council members support what we're doing now and in the future <hes> and various levels of the mayor's office <hes> across different city departments. We have a lot of support but it is a big bureaucratic process to <hes> move something that's different very non traditional land use in a city something that they don't want to do poorly and get a lot of pushback from residents who are unhappy about you know some sort of nuisance that they perceive whether it's you know it's gonna stink up the neighborhood or live under the cloud of flies or 'cause wrote an investor infestation a lotta just education that we do about common sense management best practices <hes> that we'll be able to implement to make sure that this raises quality of life for neighbors instead of taking it away okay. That's yeah. It's 'cause i can see there being concerns. That's right. Can i talk about my summer vacation. Please do well in charleston. They had when the horse head to relieve itself and she dropped a pen and it was like this the g._p._s. locator for the cleanup crew to come. Oh that's really cool yeah. It was very cool. I mean they have everything thought out and everything oh so they don't have the bag though no good and they dropped this thing like this little flag thing is right on the street and i don't know if that's a g._p._s. but they draft right there and somebody comes by and cleans it up and three job yeah not not the end of <hes> yeah employment opportunities and <hes> spillover effects but we definitely wanna be good neighbors and <hes> you know there's the tangential benefits of that horse manure can be composted to become really valuable for urban farmers and <hes> just finding those synergies where turning something thing that could be perceived as a problem and turning into something that's valuable. How much space do you have a plan. How much space do you need. How many lots are how many blocks ocsar woody what's the. What's the plan. You don't want to give away where right because people go in and it's like oh there's vacant snatch it up a horse size space okay by some of the little horse size okay. I should say there. There are some great precedents of urban writing programs in other cities. <hes> philadelphia has a great <hes> actually nationally <hes> known polo program where kids in inner city philly win high school polo championships and get on go onto college scholarships <hes> really cool program called work to ride they operate with less than four acres <hes> in los angeles. There's a group called competent. Junior policy also been doing great work for more than twenty years. They've got about three acres. <hes> we are dreaming bigger. The detroit great has the the ingredients to think on a scale that other cities can't even entertain so we're looking for <hes> contiguous vacant land <hes> that's fifteen or more acres <hes> creating something unmatched across the country <hes> that detroit is in a really unique place because of vets <hes> amount of open spaces. We've lost population and industry and businesses and homes to think on a scale that would be a draw not just for the region but from around the country to think differently about what it could be like to be in a city and stay connected the nature and have opportunities that are traditionally reserved to the more privileged peers than the suburbs and rural areas and who doesn't like to see horses right yeah in a couple of spots. I was thinking of like over on the east side over by the city airport <hes> the neighborhood around there to start shutdown and there's a lot of people over there and with the airport not functioning as an airport anymore you wouldn't have the plane noises as much to. They are still flying at their yeah yeah private. I haven't planes commercial jets but it would probably be less disruptive to the horses. We have more than one airport. Yes the detroit city the airport but it hasn't it hasn't it hasn't operated commercially in probably eight years or something the runways too short for commercial jet soon so they the reason season. There's much vacant land is because they were trying to change the direction and couldn't get it done. Yeah oh oops yeah but the other spot is <hes> because we have volley. Are we have these three temporary casinos. Remember that yeah horsecrap the casinos the casinos here by the time you got here. They were already here. There was italian pre casinos and they they were buying up. All the land <hes> down by the waterfront on the east east side of the renaissance center is a river town. <hes> there's a great collection of bars over nightlife and clubs and you know there's big warehouse district over there too and <hes> they shut shut down all the bars and they forced out all the residents and they flat in most of that land over there and that's where the casinos were going to go but they built temporary casinos while they were developing those those spots over there and they were gonna have him cluster and they're all gonna be clustered over there right just to be kind of grouped and laying all vegas has a strap ed or whatever yeah temporary casinos how many years later are permanent casinos and they're no longer so temporary well. Everything's temporary well yeah. That's it's true that's true but that that would and that's right by the water and everything too so that's probably a pretty of a waterfront is pretty prime location but it's still like pretty industrial l. so i don't know when i think of where where to go. That's where that's where i would go but you'd have to clean everything out well. They leveled the area. I mean they they. They literally level up to my favorite bars. Former industrial sites are usually ones. We stay away from because of the risk of soil contamination. I now usually the two people <hes> steer towards which are great potential locations <hes> lyles one that people have fond memories of horseback riding bring on belle isle and there are still <hes> closed down stables that the d._n._r. Controls would be best for some sort of <hes> actually carriage marriage tour business or <hes> you know renting out horses to ride around the island. It's not great for like a youth focused. <hes> writing program sources ideally have enough pasture space that they can walk around grass during the day and the stables right behind the conservatory so it's not a lot of land for that. They're the other one that comes to people's mind is state fairgrounds <hes> so now the city's brought it back you would think there's great possibilities disabilities there but <hes> they're waiting for the next amazon or foxconn to come along and say <hes> you know. Give us a hundred acres and we'll give you fifty <music> jobs if it if it came maybe that would be a great thing for detroit but until then it's just sitting there in those buildings are going to continue to rat jap yep so you have nearly one hundred kids taken advantage this over the summer. <hes> what's the cost to the kids. Once it's hard programs are completely free for the kids in our program <hes> they are recruited through partnerships with detroit based schools in other nonprofits. <hes> that help identify kids that will benefit the most from this unique kind of enrichment. <hes> some of our partners are able to support with the transportation needs <hes> so for example our next camp is going to be with alternatives for girls which was a fantastic nonprofit been doing great work in detroit for more than thirty years and they were very first partner back in two thousand fifteen and we've worked with them every summer since then they have fifteen pasture vans and can get kids to and from program each day <hes> and so we're really grateful to work with outstanding organizations nations that have been doing the work for a long time because we're fairly new in town starting in two thousand fifteen oh so yeah so how do you get how do you get funded. How do you how are you are you keeping the lights on. You don't have have to feed the horses because your people are lending the horses which is brilliant <hes> but how do you keep the lights on for running the biz citrus paris funded by grants and donations since we're really grateful to individuals primarily from the horse community that have been making contributions since the very beginning or newer folks that are just finding out about our work now making donations to expand the number of kids we conserve <hes> and detroit-based foundations have been really growing their support report with grants from those skillman foundation <hes> the community foundation for southeast michigan and others <hes> we've it's been working to up our fundraising efforts especially as we get closer to our goal to select a site and build a facility in detroit so were coming up to our second annual gala which is gonna be november two thousand nineteen <hes> last year we had two hundred people come into the water view loft downtown for beautiful evening that raised about eighty thousand dollars so it's just trying to engage more <hes> people that care about about horses or maybe just care about kids. Maybe you care about the future of detroit <hes> where we're grateful for all those supporters servicing a lot of stuff so bryan talked a lot about his vacations. I'd like to talk about but i went to ireland a couple of times in dublin rowland and they had <hes> there's this thing in dublin in it's it's the dublin pony boys or something <hes> but there's kids that have and they ride their horses around there just city he could slump gives that have horses and they just ride them around dublin downtown dublin. <hes> just the rampant and there's one here in detroit on the west side. Have you heard what about the guy of your miller. The metro times did a big thing about it is named speed miller father's name speed miller too so so oh cool so he's just got a horse in his garage and he rides around speed actually keeps his horse in belleville. Does he is he in belleville becomes into the city ready to seven people take pictures of all time yeah so so. Do you know the well then. Do you know or or you just know better actually but yeah there's there's a good number of folks that have been around horses a longtime longtime. There's a <hes> michigan black. Horsemen's association has been riding in thanksgiving day parade for a long time buffalo soldiers <hes> <hes> so there's a great history of detroiters who have passionate experience with horses although we've lost a good deal of that especially now you know it's it's more kind of splintered and you've got one person over here doing this and somebody's trying to make money you know bringing horses in for birthday parties and just is kind of here and there have you done anything with <hes> the detroit police their equestrian division here. Detroit police have stables in palmer park. They keep about seven horses. They're in a pretty tight piece of land <hes> but they've come out as guest speakers to our program since our very first year <hes> we visited their stables in after school program. We're actually working on a partnership where we'll be doing all our after school programming at the mount of police stables in palmer homer park which would be great to get more time during the week <hes> and long-term as we confirm a site and in develop l. up the construction documents for what that would be <hes> you know we would love to continue to grow our partnership and include mount police so they can <hes> get out of the pretty cramped quarters quarters there in in palmer parkin and have more room to expand your why stop there why not contact the bureau of land management and reintroduced wild horses into detroit <music>. Hey there's enough successful today. How successful was reintroducing wolves to yellowstone good an example. I mean all right so more information can be found at your website detroit horsepower dot org <hes> <hes> can people donate their can people send you money. Can they help out. If someone's feeling generous sir would like to get involved more information how do they. How do they do that at your website. If you visit detroit i power dot org. There's a link to donate. There's a link to <hes> on our contact page to get more information by email to sign up for our newsletter list to sign up to become a volunteer on tier. Yeah please visit occurs dot oregon support so the galia galia got coming up. How do people get on your list sir. You've got a newsletter that they'll stay. Stay informed with that and the other events. Yeah newsletter goes out every month with information about what we've got going on and we've got a an events page. That's got the save. The date sponsorship information november fifteenth at the rooster tail will be having our second annual gala excellence cool. I was gonna ask you about volunteering so i was like oh. That's so cool like that sounds like like something. I don't know here's are a big part of our program. We've got a growing staff. <hes> that are making awesome things happen but volunteers that <hes> <hes> ah no you know something about horses <hes> or would like to learn more the i would like to learn more about kids kids horse flight. Court horses are cool. I've ridden horses. Horse flies are scary. <hes> i mean i've ridden horses before but i'm not like super experienced can walk up to a horse confidently and pet. It can be a detroit there. You go do that. You have it. You have the power samantha the horsepower yeah. I'm a sucker for horsepower david. Thank you so much for for coming in and hanging out with us. Yes i appreciate it. Thank you for having so good luck with everything and everybody go to detroit horsepower dot oregon. Throw them money money. Please right on cool. That'll do it. Do i stop it. No no just let it roll. Okay cool knows we'll be so <hes> yeah. Just i'm interested in the in which we call the gala so we'll come devoting. We'd love to send you the info too. I have your email. I don't know if like i want to go to madame. Police actually came and <hes> represented yeah jamie animal talk because yeah we'll send you info out. Thank you good call good call because he said we're the thing was so good. Good thing we'll get back into our back and stop it or i didn't yeah okay so david silver detroit horsepower detroit horsepower dot or great guy. That was really cool very nice. <hes> good business good good plan just helping kids because i've read a couple articles about it and then we had some horse materials materials to donate and joanne was quite equestrian. She had a lot of stuff so we donate a lot of my sister. Two hands horse stuff recently or just yeah yeah so. It's her stuff going kids again to use it so you said to get it all and that's so cool. He said he met you like a month ago while her legacy of horses so yeah no. That's so nice. That's so cool this this whole thing that he's doing so wild that you know they have these other big cities like philadelphia. He's phil philadelphia. I get them confused for philadelphia. Pennsylvania pennsylvania's state philadelphia city. He was talking about like philadelphia. Los angeles had they had things like this and now detroit is possibly going to have yeah. You know. Here's the thing you guys don't get so excited about arctic because the next thing you know just like the temporary casino. There's a there's a bad side to the downside to everything we'll have these horseriding gangs marauding through the city or rotting through the city with capes and masks and it's just are they velvet man. What are these. I just think it's cool okay. I just think it's cool because it's like you know like how everybody saying like. Detroit's like lame and it's going down hill. What everybody says that everybody says at detroit was is the place to be years and years ago and now and now it's you've compressed this timeframe so that it's unrecognizable. You've got it all wrong terrible. It was awful. Oh my god yeah and it is so much better. It's better now i went to we went to wayne state like in the early. No it's better i mean. I know it's better now. It's getting better but like still people. I still have that negative. They still do so. It's nice to see that we're doing some positive stuff to come back where you know it's i don't know i think it's cool clean up what helping people with the pets we just helped people did yeah yeah. Have you ever trained horses. I i mean you you dogs. You've ever done anything bigger than the because it's a specialty. It's it's not a size thing jamie okay. How's straight all right. It's it's more people who train horses. When you listen to david he's got even demeanor. Oh my goodness and very calming yes because horses are prey animals animals. They perceive everything as a predator right right and if you're heavy handed with a horse if you're if you're jerky. If you're you know <hes> aggressive it doesn't go over very well. <hes> ah but you know a horse whispering jamie whispering and it's the way to david seems like he has a personality it really does but <hes> fell asleep three times when he was talking. We sure that's a compliment to him. That is soothing. Yes but here's here's here's a question came in on the wire from <hes> pottery barn. It's a person's handle not necessarily corporate office known corporate. <hes> problem cat eliminating outside box kitty litter clean up so yeah. I don't think that's 'corporate h._q. Remedies the soul of that's it so suck with that subway. I'll i'll tell you what's up usually usually the first sign of cat gives you that there's something <hes> there's some kind of stress oh right all right cats they don't like to show their their their weaknesses and and if they're injured you really sometimes you can't tell sometimes they'll have pretty catastrophic injuries and they just sit there. You don't really you can't really tell so. I would get the cat to the vet right away. We get the two and nunnery yeah unless you cattery and it to some sort of something <hes> that disrupted as normal day to day behaviors or pattern pattern barring that <hes> yeah you might want to give to the vet and <hes> see if there's something going on all right talk about catastrophic back door fiction you decide. That's kill factor fiction. We have <hes> three headlines ripped from the news to them. Absolutely true one absolutely false completely falls by me earlier. You're grooming. I thought i would say well. We're supposed to be mowing the lawn. I'm today did you. Yes only the backyard by parents backyard lawn. They pay let me ten dollars so i guess we know who's buying coffee afterwards. Oh sorry i mean they paid me nothing. I have no money eh is that one <hes> as it is now don't don't say is that correct fed he fed. They're an error but by because of by right five headline no. I know i'm really doesn't wall. Let's let's go. Let's go for it all right there. You go three headlines minds to two or three months while samantha. You got to pick the false one. Yes i will pick the false one all right good luck all right okay headline number one. Are you ready. <hes> i know which one is the air. This is our geriatric addition. Older folks seventy nine year old gets ten days in jail for feeding cats seventy nine year old gets ten days in jail for feeding cats number one number two dog walker eighty six gordon and leg by cow what he six-year-olds gored by a cow dog walker was gored gored. What does that mean it means. It was <hes> it took the hornsey. You get gored. They jab you with their horns getting off like a bowl not a cow cow. Some cows have corn. Okay that's tail number. Three seventy eight year old forced to move by the pigeons. He fed okay because the last one all right. Let's let's repeat those just to be sure never wanted seventy nine year old gets ten days in jail for feeding cats number two dog doc walker eighty-six gordon leg by cow and seventy eight year old forced to move by the pigeons he fed. It's a it's a bad day at the golden girl ranch. Give me a hint because i don't want to get it wrong yeah yeah. There's not an old person them there. Oh no okay so we're the three the three headlines <hes> seventy nine year old gets ten days in jail for feeding cats. Okay the fake one dog walker eighty-six sixth gordon leg by a cow and number three seventy eight year old forced to move by the pigeons he fed it was two years ago. I don't even know what's what and do you think it is. I'd probably get it right at this point. If there's anybody watching this tell me. What do you think it is. Come on sam. This is a game you play the game play the game so always get it wrong. I don't wanna be made fun of humiliated on this show too late to pick one. What do your three. I'm going to pick three. Thank god if i i would just like to thank thank. The truth issues very very happy about that lowry wow so it must be easy to shop for. It sounds like a manson murder at christmas. Christmas morning is yeah. I like anything at me. Anything avocados justly avocados does an ice cream and ice cream avocado ice cream ice cream. It was so good. I love shriek like that there at the ice muhammad she didn't they. You would've looked at me like back in the trunk with you. <hes> go summit then i just wow. I can't believe this is like the greatest day of my life. If you've ever gone one right i did one time but nobody was here to see. It is like us to so it's like it's never happened. Nobody was here. Nobody was here to see it so it's like it never happened but yes this. I got what days today augustine good of us eight th two thousand nineteen eighty eight and nineteen march nineteen mark that one down one tenth nineteen yes that's a tattoo worthy tattoo worthy and then everything's gonna ask oh what's that eight and a list of all the correct yeah i should get the headline tattooed on me by pigeons by the pigeons regions he here's the thing we're no pigeons and it wasn't a story so what's this thing about. This woman getting arrested for feeding cats actually i. I'd love to know about that but i can't open the link. Oh okay disconnect from the wifi here. It's bad the long tail link. It didn't come through but i will show you the <hes> leg injury for the woman who was gored by the cow. Oh my god ooh. It looks like all right so that's the that's the ground. That's that's the one yeah a meal. Amelia borelli said the animal plunged his horn into her thigh near her home in the <hes> new force in the new forest is supposed to the region near her house narrowly missing two arteries in ripping her jeans down to the ankle. She spent a week in hospital recovering from very the very deep wound livestock owners have repeated calls for new force visits to keep their distance from animals so there you go yeah. I'm i'm sure has something to do with our walking. The dog share and the cow was a little bit upset all right so here's the one about the woman woman gets jail for feeding a stray cat in a town called garfield airfield heights. You think they'd be a little more standing about cats and garfield heights. The only thing the folks in this town hate more than mondays is feeding think straight cats. Did you come up with that so it's a hell of a lead their seventy nine year old ohio woman is going to be spending ten days. He's in jail next month for a grime of giving food to random felines so is that in trouble for that feeding stray cats. I'm never she was told. Several hundred sentence was handed down by an official in a town called garfield heights according to reports nancy segula self-described cat lover uh-huh received a stiff sentence last week in court following her fourth citation for carrying for the carrying of according two for the caring act according to the local t._v. Stations segula began feeding a felines in two thousand seventeen when her then neighbour moved and left leftist cats behind. What a jerk. Leave the castle so yeah. That's that's the guy who should be spending ten days in jail. I would always feed them and care for them because i was worried about about them. I'm a cat lover. She told the outlet once the neighbors got upset about it and started calling the animal warden. <hes> segula received her first citation in two thousand seventeen and she's had three more finally. She's been ordered to jail last week by a local magistrate her son david feels the sentence it is overkill. I can't believe what my mother's telling me. She's getting ten day days in county jail. I can't believe david said i'm sure you'll hear more about things <hes> down the road because my mom seventy nine years old there you go so that's wack. I think i'm allergic to this hand sanitizer. Okay he breaking out right. That's okay you know just like my superpower kit use hand sanitizer superstar. That's my that's my kryptonite right okay. That's what i'm at what my superpower getting getting. These answers right obviously all right so here we go. Here's another question <hes> <hes> this is a bit of a story problem six weeks ago aggressive puppy biting from map a. m <hes> aggressive peppy biting six weeks ago we got what was supposed to be a hound mix seven weeks old from an animal service where an older copper and we're prepared for barking hounds do puppy biting and gnawing and puppy business us that puppies do constant attention and training we reserve. We're we're ready for that. <hes> we're looking for a good companion adult dog once he's trained <hes> <hes> separately. We've raised dogs together. We've raised dogs successfully into adulthood and this would be another at his first vet appointment. We were told that he is a pit bull. Maybe not pure pit bull but pretty much a pit bull very recognizable in him. Now is a very high energy dog and is going to be much larger in adulthood than than we thought is a thirty to fifty pound pup <hes> he's going to be the vet said you'll be a minimum of sixty pounds plus. His name is winston. He's been puppy biting from the start it and redirection obedience trading is limited injuries but those sharp puppy teeth are starting to take their toll <hes> we have two and a half fakers for him to run around on he has bones to chew but he is getting more and more aggressive with his biting and him being a pit makes us concerned is becoming very extreme. He's only thirteen weeks and thirty pounds right now but i'm concerned if we don't get under under control one or one of us is gonna get seriously injured <hes> we're on a fixed income and we can't afford to take him too expensive <hes> professional personal trainer dam that was my advice yeah so much so they're on a very limited budget so yeah they can't <hes> they can't afford a trainer. <hes> here's my suggestion. <hes> first of all. You have an older couple yeah. You have a pit bull. They're very physical. Dogs and chances are there's probably it's nothing out of the ordinary ordinary but he's probably see kind of powerful. I've seen i've seen dogs. Not there the aggressive lesch leash pulling while you're walking. I've seen dogs not old people down absolutely yeah sure so do that. I mean sure and they're going to need help now. There's there are <hes> a pit bull rescues in most cities <hes> who may be able to help you for low cost or nothing right because you know these rescue groups exist because they want to not only help the you know the breeds that they represent but they also want to educate owners pet owners on a care and training of those breeds so that's your first resource used to get online right away and in your town i guarantee you <hes> in a reasonable reasonable distance from your house. There is a pit bull rescue that <hes> could could points in the right direction. Maybe someone in the group does some training and we'll help you for free. Give you a few pointers <hes> and now or like i said maybe there's some costs. Maybe you can get some training don. You can make a donation to the the the group the the rescue group but that'd be my first. My first <hes> go to is the rescue group that is responsible for the public. <hes> you know perception of that breed yeah and then they'll connect you with a trainer that knows that breed specific so that's a really good idea yeah yeah yeah good stink in the pit. Bulls are so cute though they're so great stinking cute they're stinking q. and i love the puppies i just want to see them sweep babies above of the minor lazy so they don't do anything and your your yard pit. They both are full. Oh really i'm pretty sure yeah yeah. Do they have papers. I don't actually we'll both of them. Were stray so yet. No no no paper pits but i don't know i don't know if they are there yeah yeah but yeah they're strays. Are they sweet dogs yeah. They're sweet. I love is that your way of saying you stole those dogs and no i didn't steal them. No i swear it didn't know we found them. Yeah we found one of them in texas living room so it helps his living room. We jumped in the window. No they're sweet. I love them so all tied up in somebody's backyard chica from texas. Who's a friend of yours or something that came to the show at the other studio. Oh my sister ask her how she doing. She's good. She thinks she's gonna come visit. Probably good for summertime visit yeah. She was just in korea or south korea so she just spent a lot of money going there so i think she's going to she used to work for. She could come back here with okay but she'll be back here. So it's cool. She should come in and talk doc about her trip. Oh your career yeah. They had a lot of they have a lot of animal like like cafes there. You can pet. They've like several cafes there and stuff. We can pet animals raccoon cafe fe. She's like videos of like raccoons honor and stuff. It's yeah. It's really cool stuff all right only one more thing to do samantha what does that. That's really loud holy moly. I did have a crank the bad animal joke of luik luik. You thought my screen was loud awful. That was louder joke of the week samantha. You're really yes. I'm ready when the music's playing <hes> do horse joke because we were talking about horses so horses a horse of course of course <hes> where to go. I had them all lined up here here. We got <hes>. Why did the horse cross the road to get to the other side because somebody shouted hey like hey a._j. Y yeah that's not funny. What race horses eat. Hey fast food doc. I don't know if i should laugh or leaving <hes> sam. Are you a horse komo. Yeah your name <hes>. What do you call a scary female. Horse scaredy cat nightmare but i mean how is it a nightmare scare like oh. I thought you were just calling females. When you put things together when you oh god it. Nancy drew the site on you. Say this one right a promiscuous promiscuous pony a little horse w. h. O. r. s. e. like hor. It's like do you get it. Yeah okay promiscuous. Oh boy oh boy our younger. Viewers won't get that one. No no no all right. That's <hes> that's it sam. How do people all <hes> find out stuff. Got are sorry we had our website w._w._w. Dot animal talk talk radio dot com. That's our website with all of our stuff on there <hes> and then we got our social media pages facebook twitter and instagram at out animal talk radio because they're all the same <hes> and then we got our merch site wearing funny dot com and i think that's it. That's it you know we're on the apple itunes and you can go play pictures on my summer vacation those up yet jamie now they're coming. Oh was this post. How do you post pictures. Laura's put them up and everybody. Everybody likes lois so all right there you go <hes> like subscribed riley comment truly appreciate it and again. I find on spotify now as well so until next time have an exotic thing for me.

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