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How to Face Your Financial Fears (Hour 2)

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How to Face Your Financial Fears (Hour 2)

"Live from the headquarters Ramsey solutions broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey show where debt is dumb cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the B._M._w.. As the status symbol of choice I am Dave Ramsey your host. This is your show. Thank you for joining us open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five two two five Brian is with us in Charlotte North Carolina Hi Brian Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show Dave. How are you doing today better than I deserve? What's up all right to recently come through a divorce and I'm self employed of a very successful business but with the divorce and the way it left <hes> made some bad decisions in the past year wreck quite a bit of business in credit card debt of course since I'm self employed? It's all my bit I'd but long story short I now have two homes my primary inner rental then I'm thinking about selling them both to move into an apartment to use the equity to insult my debt so I don't feel like I have a cobblestone around my neck every day. Generally speaking I like the idea <hes> fresh start all the way around. How much debt do you have on the on the business okay so business and personal well? Counting both is about one hundred sixty three thousand dollars okay and what does the credit cards that is all credit card so about a hundred and twenty was business debt in it is on a business loan which is basically treated like a credit credit card in and the rest is on personal credit cards but of course I'm personally guaranteed on the business and the other ten technically no business debt and small business your own all of it so it's all personal debt. You just labeled it business business. <hes> the the homes will bring <hes> equity of how much a hundred and fifty so. I won't quite clean up the debt then we'll get a leaving about sixteen grand in debt. I have about eleven thousand in savings which I didn't let go because with the divorce I wanted to make tracking my mortgage payments 'cause I wasn't sure what was GONNA happen. Literally if I sell the House as the market is extremely hot right now and with what I haven't savings and if I keep a thousand dollars I will be left with probably five thousand dollars worth of debt which I'll be able to cancel that out in another few months with my income now so what is your income <hes> clear near forty two hundred a month. That's knit okay. What kind of business would you do some aquariums okay orthodontist pediatrician as you as you've gone through this horrible trauma in your life? Your Business has not suffered in having a little bit <hes> most of my clients fan for ten to fifteen years. I've actually picked up new clients. <hes> it's one of those things that it's not affected A. and negatively. I did put my advertising which is called the slowdown but that was really just kind of regroup with my company to refocus <hes> so no my income really for the past ten years for the most part completely consistent children. I have two kids. Do they live at the House with you WanNa half fifty fifty over a do not yet because he has some medical issues but within about six period. I should have both boys fifty fifty. I think there's a child support payment as of now as of now. I'm getting ready to move into an apartment. It's you know a lowest cost is I can cut everything kind of the beans and rice steel. I'll be left with about fifteen hundred dollars a month leftover after all expenses child support everything but the apartment will be okay for them to stay in when they're with you three bedroom apartment in meets our needs and issues. It's it's actually I'm not like five miles away from the kids school and my of course he's at three year old and a five year old five years start kindergarten <hes> S._O.. Accommodates the kids and you know about five years ago we moved into art. Maybe eight years ago moved into an apartment <hes> me and the ex Mrs you know we paid off about eighty thousand dollars in debt saved up enough to bar House with you know a twenty percent down fifteen year mortgage. We still had thirty grand left in the bank. No all all I was trying to figure out how the kids are going to be affected by this idea but it sounds like they're sounds like they're. They're totally. They're going to be fun with it. <hes> so so yeah. They're you know they you. We've our divorce will be complete in October. Yes at that point when the divorce is complete and the properties are in your name I would sell them. Yes ARGENTA QUICK CLEAN DIV there in mine and like I said I'm ready to fill out fresh start. I was going to hold it and it's a rental but it's that whole for me. They'll just you're not gonNA be your landlord right now. You're broke she exactly yeah I think I think you're making a good move. It's a clean slate. You've gone through a hard time emotionally and heartbreak and everything else and you're starting over but you're going to start over with almost no debt and soon to be no debt and yes. I think that's a great move. If you're going to liquidate these properties before the divorce is final. Make sure your attorney is in the loop on Matt and goes along with that because I don't want that to come back and bite you in change the settlement understand but other than that you know if the divorce was final. I'd do it today but if it's not final I want some assurance that. you don't sell these houses and pay off your debt and then she wants after business or something that wouldn't be <hes> that would not have worked to your advantage obviously then so we gotta have all that locked in and dialed in but good question i'm sorry you're going through this open phones at triple eight eight eight to five five to five elena is with us in orlando hi elena how are you good how are you they better than i deserve what's up so i am <hes> almost two hundred fifty thousand dollars in student on death good lower <hes> i'm not planning on being a doctor so if you're going to be a lawyer no kind of a degree to go get for two hundred and fifty grand i got my bachelor's in psychology for fifty thousand dollars yeah i think it was a hundred thousand a few years ago and i didn't even think about it and then it just sprang up even higher but i am planning on going back to school to be a social worker <hes> and everybody knows they make six figures true they don't your bro you can't go be a social worker what is your what's your household income <hes> right now i'm actually not making anything i am a caregiver for my grandma that's on are you single yeah okay how old are you i am twenty seven this is mean old uncle dave on the line are you ready yeah you have to go make some money you have to go make some money early a lot of money and social workers don't make a lot of money show you you gave up the right to be a social worker when you spent two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the psych degree so now we have to retool your career and reset your career because you need to go make some money you've a mess on your hands and spend the rest of your life as a slave to the student loan if you don't i don't want that for you hold on i'm gonna get you signed up for financial peace university send you a book called start but it's not going to be start being a social worker this is the dave dave ramsey show thousands of people seeking home security get ripped off every day you get locked into long long term contracts with no way out it's robbery itself and it can cost you thousands now there's a smarter way to protect your home simplisafe home security simplisafe has no contracts and no commitments get a free h._d. security already camera when you order at simplisafe dot com slash ramsey that's simplisafe dot com slash ramsey <music> thanks for joining us america we're glad you're here are nita is with us in jacksonville florida hey anita how are you good day thanks for taking my call sure what's up i just learned about you over to the last two weeks and i'm i'm motivated motivated to pay off debt you got less i got about thirty five thousand in retirement seventy four thousand in the money market account your income is fifty thousand so do i take the money from the money market account and pay off the debt that i have or i can i just work my behind off in nauseous paid off how much debt do you have not counting your house not counting the house i have fifteen <hes> for a car loan and eighty two four student all through okay and you make fifty a year right okay yeah pay off the car and i put the rest on student loan down two thousand dollars that's gonna feel really scary because how the seventy four million are seventy four thousand this favorite up over a period of time and so on that which leads me to one of the questions should i take back there or do i move it maybe too 'cause i had the i._r._a. account which has thirty five now thirty five thousand long i'm clean out the seventy four and put it on the debt okay down to one thousand dollars one thousand dollars is baby step one and then that that will leave you about twenty thousand dollars in debt and you've got a knock that out like you used to knock out savings you're going to lean into that debt as hard as you can lean and you're gonna knock that that out and about a year year and a half okay and then once that that's gone then i want take that one thousand dollar account and raise it back up to three to six months of expenses okay she got that way you've got your rainy day fund and then only then start your long term investing with your i._r._a.'s and your roth i._r._a. roth 4._0._1._k.'s or whatever's available to you on that so have you read the book the total money makeover yet no i have not like i said i just learned about two weeks ago okay we'll give you a copy of it it's the baby steps that we talk about you hear me talking about those all the time on steroids every detail about the baby steps why we do them when we do them what what why the order is there and the reason even though it feels very uncomfortable through parts of the baby steps like when i take that seventy four thousand and take it down seventy three thousand put on your debt you can't hardly breathe when i say that because you're a saver and that pile of money right there gives you a tremendous amount of safety feelings emotional feelings and all that kind of stuff it gives you much more peace than the debt gives you nightmares right absolutely and i know that otherwise you would have already put it on the debt right if the debt nightmares we're bigger than the p she would have already moved it right correct but right and so what i'm asking you to do i know is emotionally strenuous but the fastest method between you and wealth is to get control of your most powerful wealth-building to not be giving all your money to a bank and debt free when you don't have any payments building wealth is fairly easy money marketing pay off the debt yup pathak pathak are today and then throw the rest of the student loan it's gonna leave about twenty thousand bucks on the student loan if i did my math right and then you're gonna be two hundred on the student loan eighty two hundred i thought it was styles and now you're breathing better than i thought you were breathing okay Oh my gosh yes. You're debt free but then that's a no brainer. That should be easy for you. Okay now. You're done today boom. You're debt free checks okay so it's twenty three thousand dollars out of your seventy eighty four. We got down to fifty one thousand. That's still too much. 'cause your emergency fund should be three to six months of expenses and so your emergency fund should only be about twenty thousand okay. It's fifty one after we paid off all your dad okay so the rest how are you. I am forty. Seven you own a home. I do balance on that sixty six okay. I'm GonNa Throw About Twenty Thousand Bucks at your home. I'm going to pay off the other debts coach for Twenty Thousand Bucks and I'm GonNa Leave Twenty thousand in your Rainy Day Fund and now I'm GonNa make sure you're putting because you've got no payments now but house payment. How's that feel right pretty good? We're going to take you. We're GONNA take your your income now and make sure you're putting fifteen percent for you. That's about seventy six hundred dollars a year into good growth stock mutual funds in your 4. Your 4. At work four three cow I don't I'm a substitute teaching my husband. He's retired military okay so he's got the good twenty year plan on the retirement. No no no. He's not he's not retired. He's not retired from twenty years okay but is he working on other than that. No how old are you to <hes> he fifty seven and I'm at I'm forty seven like I said Funny Work He. Why got any work while he's disabled banning? Oh okay okay. That's the that's the reason for his retirement. He's got that in prime coming. Good tell him thanks for service. Okay good and so you're working and you're going to take fifteen fifteen percent of your income and throw it into retirement and your fifties in your fifties and you're going to have no payments and we're going to get the house paid off next over the next five or ten years so that by the time you reach retirement. You're going to have a half million dollars. There's no house payments. That's feel pretty good that does and you do. You have any survivor benefits on his disability if he passes before you we we both have one hundred thousand dollars policy so in turn policy. That's life insurance audio survivor on his income. No no okay all right cool all right. You're doing good yeah you got oh. I feel so much better eighty two hundred sixty two thousand. That's just a lot better. Okay good all right so yeah hold on. I'm Kelly give you a copy of the total money makeover. It'll shop adopt. It'll it'll walk you right through this reiterate what I just told you to do. After you've read it. You'll understand and you can go over it with him too and the two you line this out. You're GONNA be okay. You'RE GONNA be okay but yeah you need to clean up the we're doing. Here's Dustin out to corners. I mean it's not near as bad as I thought it was good good good good good good all right. Kevin is in Seattle. Hi Kevin how are you. I'm good Dan. How are you better than I deserve? What's up so I am working through baby? Step Two <hes> and just started working through the two and I currently in school about halfway done and I have about twenty two thousand in student loan debt. I'm wondering a couple of things one to ice. Stop School School until I can pay for it and that way. I'm not continuing with the student loan debt <hes> or do I drop school altogether <hes> it's <hes> I._T.. Management Okay okay. What do you do for a living I._T.? Management they pay for it. <hes> the the organization I'm at <hes> as a nonprofit and so there's lots of <hes> those lots of experience but they don't have the resources sources for that <hes> I have been going toward me make on their management. <hes> I make total. I make sixty seven in total about seventy five with my wife okay. How Much Do you have twenty two thousand student loan debt? What other that do you have <hes> grand total? It's about style <hes> one hundred with my wife student loan debt and medical bills and car payments. What's the Oh when you're far A._M.? One car I oh about three thousand and then the other car I oh about fifteen or it is okay aw I wanNA tighten up my budget and say I really can't make much progress on my baby. Step two but I'm going to finish my degree. What's IT GONNA cost to finish the degree? It would cost <hes> probably between another ten fifteen. It's an online school and I can make seventy five thousand dollars a year. If you pay minimum payments on everything and get on beans and rice budget and stay out of restaurants you can cash flow the balance of your education. You're not gonNA make any progress on your debt while you're doing that but you can finish your education in which case your your income ought to go up twenty thirty thousand bucks when you finish it. I'm going to have to leave that job. You know yeah I know okay at some point. I mean you got decide but you're going to finish this degree in order to further your career. It's not going to be at that place. They can't afford you once. You've gotten this degree but fifteen thousand bucks finish it cash flowing out man. Stop paying extra on everything cash flow. You don't have to borrow the more you can do it but you have to if you're borrowing more in order to keep doing baby step two is debt snowball and then you're just borrowing money to that snowball. That's dog chasing its tail. We don't need to do that so just let us sit there and tread water to you. Get Out of school and then hammering this. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show Christians have an affordable incredible way to meet their overwhelming healthcare costs. It's Christian healthcare ministries. The original health cost sharing ministry a better business bureau accredited organization C. H.. M. Members share to pay each other's as medical bills. It's not insurance. It's Christians financially and spiritually supporting each other. It's what C. H.. M. has done for over thirty. Five years. Learn more at C.. H. Ministries Dot Org that C. H. Ministries Dot O._R._G.. Christian healthcare ministries is a proud sponsor author of Dave Ramsey live events in the lobby of Ramsey Solutions Robbie and. Yup Hey guys we're good. Are you guys live Georgetown Kentucky Georgetown Kentucky home of the famous Chris Hogan. Yes that's where he went to college very cool. They had a national championship while he was there. Yeah yeah very cool so the Lexington area beautiful area of the country welcome to Nashville and all the way down here to do a debt free scream. Yes Sir all right much. Have you paid off two hundred sixty thousand dollars in eight years. Wow very cool and your range of income during that time well we started our journey at one twenty five and interestingly enough our income went down over the eight years. I we have had a couple of children along the way and I felt a calling to stay at home so about two years ago I actually went part time and I worked twice a week so we ended our income last year at ninety nine thousand cool very cool. What do you do for a living Robbie? I'm a physical therapist at the university forgive Kentucky Cool and before you are a fulltime mom Julia. What were you doing an insurance underwriter? Okay very cool on your fulltime with the kids. Actually I work part time so two days a week and then the rest of the time. I'm home with the kids. Aren't you okay coming up too so two hundred and sixty thousand eight years. I'm looking at this. You must have paid off your house. We dare people weird people out. There will be more of a mortgage. Their whole is not not you guys know very very cool well. Here's what's interesting our team obviously new you're coming and Zack Bennett one of our top production guys combed back through the Archives Archives of the Dave Ramsey and there's actually a phone call from you five years ago this month years ago exactly so you call. We're GONNA play play a short clip from that right now. Let's hear James Home that we've had we. We have not tried to sell it but I just hear horror stories about people trying to sell their house and taking a law within the markets goodwill the markets bad with real estate is Hawaiian hot on fire and going up where the real estate's the tank and not doing well and people are taking on their home. It doesn't change the discussion you still pay off your home because in either case you're better off when you get to baby step six and you're ready to pour on and pay off the house you know pay the thing off as fast as you can get sitting there with a paid for house in the next five or ten years is going to put you in such a place to win long term. I mean it is such a wonderful place to be. Hey thanks for the call so you call in and ask if you should pay off your house so it's GonNa take you five to ten years eight years later here you stand. We are yeah or five years. I hear you saying that so crazy. I didn't I remembered calling but I thought there's no way that they they wouldn't actually we thought there's no way but we have a magic weapon Zach comb through all that stuff and found that that's absolutely cool so I mean that just that's inspiring to me to sit here and go take a call lady says can she should you pay for and you can do it. You can do it and here you stand yeah. I love it here so tell people. How old are you two and thirty four? I'm thirty five and you're a paid for house. What's the house worth probably around two to twenty five something like how cool so tell people? They think this is impossible. How do you do that? I mean it took years from the time you started five years into it. You called three years into it. You call me which means you were kind of finishing up the other debt probably okay and so out of the two sixty. How much was the house itself when sixty five okay all right so what's the trick to getting out of debt? You did it your rockstars. There's really no trick. Honestly we followed college program. <hes> our debt really consisted of a car loan at twenty thousand student loans at seventy five and then the rest of it was our mortgage and around the time of the call we had paid off all of the car loan we had paid off all of the student loan and we we had our we were. I was pregnant with our first daughter and was just kinda wondering you know when you have children the for me anyway the tolerance for risk goes down and it felt risky to still have that mortgage edge but it's so normal to and so we you know honestly we after the call. I thought I still don't know if we should because we weren't sure if it was going to be our forever home. You hear that term thrown around a lot but really what it what it matters is. Are you living there now yes. Do you want to have that on this. So life happened. We had another child about two and a half years later and then about a year ago we looked at each other and we were like you know what we're very close. We really could do this so we actually last summer actually about this month. We really dug in and took on a lot of extra jobs a lot extra hours and here we are. We actually paid it off in February be wary. I'm so proud of y'all well very very well done absolutely fabulous and I mean you're sitting here with one hundred thousand dollar household income not payment in the world thirty four years old. You'RE GONNA be so wealthy. It's GonNa be Football Komo House payment from out of sixty five. That's five hundred million dollars. You really are going to be an unbelievable place and you have changed your family tree just by being intentional watching what you're doing focusing working working a plan that works and while you guys feel it feels fantastic. I mean obviously with being intentional. We knew this day would come but to now like we said we've spent went the whole summer saying yes to a lot of things we've taken kids. We've done vacations amuse more talks on the weekends. We went to Destin Florida for a week and we've done amusement parks and just said yes to a lot of things and it's been enjoyable for the whole family because for so long we were just saying no. It's not in the budget. It's not in the budget this month so but it wasn't that long you're thirty four you live like no one else though and so now you can live and give like no one else she can say yes to a lot of things generosity you can say yes to kids you can say yes to investing and continue to bill wealth and change your family tree like I was saying you're going to be in that one of those everyday millionaires before we know it so. Early on your Gosh thank you. We've actually been quite not shocked but but before we pay pay our house off we didn't really have a lot of discretionary income to give and so over the last year actually two years we started prototyping and that has really just opened up a joy in my heart that I didn't know really was missing in. We've been able to give to community members strangers. You know everyone though that we come into contact with has a need and it's just so nice to be able to meet that need. It may seem big to them but for us. It's just such a small sacrifice to make to make such a big difference yeah tires on single MOMS car and I blink you know. You don't think that that's not even a house payment. It might not and that's just one month and you can do anything. It's it's amazing the position it puts you in people don't grasp it and it's worth fighting to get there. It is it's worth the sacrifice to get there the scratching and clawing and and all of that what was the hardest part for you. Oh well honestly couple things for me. One just the perseverance to do it eight years is a long time and having two children and you kinda get stuck in the grind so we actually would listen to a lot of debt free screams to stay motivated and another portion is when you're in that grind with two kids you're tired and you don't always feel like cooking but would have been a lot easier to go out every night but staying on budget with food in particular that was hard but it was well worth it because we've been able I've been able to do it like a meal plan for the month and it just helps with planning and grocery shopping and it kind of has a ripple effect that I didn't anticipate but that for me was kind of developing that system was difficult at first I it's interesting when you get disciplined in one one of these nuanced areas it opens the discipline up in the others and then and when you get generous in one of these nuanced areas it opens up the generosity generosity and other areas. It's very very contagious this stuff as it works its way works. Its way through your life a very well now. Dan You guys excellent. Did you have people cheering you on or saying. You're crazy well if they thought we were crazy. They didn't tell us about you behind your back. Did they speak on that now. We had a lot of supporters family friends. We've had a lot of people along the way that really also inspired us to continue you know during those times when it was difficult neighbors Eric and amy side bottom they started the journey two hundred sixty thousand paid off house and everything at thirty four and eight years maybe at one twenty five down to ninety nine Robbie and Julia count it down. Let's hear a debt free scream. I we need to give a shoutout Gwyneth. AN-AND YEP ready Freddie three to one Suzanne is in Columbus Ohio Hi Suzanne. How are you hi? I'm good thank you so much for taking my call sure what's up well. <hes> I'm a new listener and I just finished the total money makeover today and yesterday we completed baby step one <hes> but about eight months ago we did some really stupid things when we bought the house that we're in now the biggest of which was buying it before for. I got my paycheck. My first paycheck from a new job that I just started and when we got the paycheck we discovered that my pay was about forty percent less than what we had figured it was going to be due to mandatory retirement that was taken out <hes> taxes were a lot higher in our insurances were higher than we thought they were going to be. <HES> so fast forward to today last week we put the House on the market because we just decided that we can't afford it <hes> we've been trying to increase increase income by selling some stuff and I'm looking for a part time job <hes> but my question is until our income increases to we default on our other payments or two two and keep paying the mortgage or do we allow the house to go into foreclosure <hes> while we're still trying to continue with the baby step. What are the debt? Do you have other than your home. We have twenty thousand on a camper. We're we're trying to sell <hes> we have three thousand on a credit card and two thousand and medical and what is your husband make a year. He makes he makes about thirty eight and I make about twenty two <hes>. Is that take home pay. Yes Sir Okay Shiva sixty thousand dollar income. How much is your house payment? Nineteen twenty five okay <hes>. Are You doing your written everydollar much it yet. I just started. I just got that all entered last week doing a whole week. Okay yeah yeah the campers up for sale the houses up for sale. We're changing as many directions as we can hear a garage. Sale is in order craigslist. craigslist stuff is for sale. All that kind of stuff is going on. Both of you are looking for part time jobs. That's that that's a good thing <hes> to get this to balance I think though how much is the payment on the camper it to twenty okay. I was making payments of two fifty to try to pay don't faster but then you know we stopped doing that to start doing the baby steps. I think you can make all these payments. You can have no life but I think you can make these payments okay. Let's prioritize though to help you with that yeah but I mean you got twenty three hundred and you've got five thousand our take home. Pay On those two payments as twenty three hundred now leaves you seventeen hundred to buy food and lights. You know you ought to be making this. I don't think you're in default but yeah but we're not GONNA be paying for piano lessons in our house into foreclosure okay so you know if you're choosing between House foreclosure or closure in that the kids get to <hes> you know. We're GONNA everyone's limiting lifestyle right now because we're in crisis mode now. I'm not saying I'm not saying don't feed them but a short short of that <hes> you can make this <hes>. You just got to tighten down so. So anyway here's your priorities. The first thing you buy is food. Okay groceries not eating out you don't need to see you. Don't need to see the inside of a restaurant less. You're working there then second thing you do is you pay lights and water the third thing you pay house payment. Okay the fourth thing you do. You don't have any car payments you keep gas. Keep gashing a car so what I what I just did. Anti what I just did was the what we call the four walls but it's all it's all seventh grade civics lesson the necessities of life for Food Shelter Clothing Transportation and utilities. We do those first that keeps the four walls of your house standing. You have a place to live. It's heated the kids are eating. Everybody's eating. Were driving the cars and going to work. That's really that's where we start is getting these real basic necessities of life taking care of you've got enough to cover all of that. That wasn't the camper and that wasn't the mastercard credit card okay there. The last thing on the list is the camper okay <hes> well. Actually I pay the pay the credit card but the last two things on the list are the <hes> the the the <hes> camper and then the credit card because credit card can't do anything short term except except damage your credit long short term. The camper could repo you if you just quit painted altogether <hes> but you got it up for sale so we're going to get rid of but that's GonNa be helpful so I think you're GonNa get through this but what you've got to do is just prioritize from most important thing to least important thing the least important thing I heard in this list so far as the credit card next to that's the camper <hes> the most important Gordon things your family being taken care of food shelter clothing transportation and utilities see what the medical bills coming on that you didn't mention you had medical bills two thousand and medical then they would be down there by the credit card because there's nothing there's nothing they can do secured debts come before unsecured debts and both are at the bottom once we get past necessities because secured debts they can take stuff unsecured debts. They bother you right eventually. They'll sue you an eventually they'll garnish you but you're going to get to this long before that happens because the house is going to tell the Campers GonNa say you're going to be a better place. I mean this is a matter of months. It's not a matter of years okay so you you survive three months doing this. You're going be you know. Everything's GonNa turn how campers going to sell. You're going to be the side of this and you're gonNA be going man. We almost screwed that up right but we got out of it by the skin of our teeth right. That's what you're going to be saying. <hes> thank God you're turning the corner here but here's the thing if you eat feet and have lights and water and have a place to live and you have transportation emotionally the rest of it is just a monopoly game in your behind but when you get inside your house inside those four walls and you start having the lights turned off or getting foreclosed on in your homeless or that kind of stuff now emotionally your relationship. Everything's been invaded then and your stress level goes through the roof but if you separate necessities he's from the rest of it's just a game losing right now. I can lose a game but I don't WanNa lose my house that makes sense yeah so that lowers your stress level. It's not GonNa go away until you get rid of the house and the camper hamper but it lowers your stress level and if these collectors call just say you know you're you're to down the list until you right now. I'd like to I'd like to but I can't get to you. You know you're on the list and the more you call the further on the list you drop. They just have some fun with it right. We're not setting out to destroy credit. We're not setting out to not pay bills. That wasn't your plan. It's not my plan but I'm GonNa take care of your family. I because that's the best way for your bills to actually get paid later. If you get this out of order you're GONNA get all stressed out and it's going to mess up your marriage and you're GONNA end up in bankruptcy court in divorce court and all this other stuff. We don't want any of that stuff going on now. We're just going to lock arms here and fight our way through this a little bit of stupidity and it'll be in your rear view mirror within within a year. How will I know well? They put the House on the market competitively. Put the camper on the market competitively game so priced competitively good question. Thank you for joining US sometimes when you're scared and I've been scared you're scared scared scared. I've been scared man. I'm terrified sometimes when you're doing that. It's hard to think clearly one good rule of thumb when you're facing something like that where the fear is coming at you is just stop and break the problem down into bite size pieces and go okay. What what can I do? What what variables can I control okay? Our family can eat. That's good so we're not hungry one less thing to worry about lights and water on <hes> we're bathing and we we are drinking water and <hes> we have electricity so we have heating and cooling one less thing to worry about. We're GONNA pay the rent or the mortgage. <hes> now the place to live and do all that we're GONNA put the gas in the car so we can go to work. Yep pay the car payment. If you got one right now and you start working your way down these necessities I and you really start understanding. The rest of the stuff is just a really ugly game and you work your way through. It and that's all we did sir. You can do this too. If you need help you call here. We're here to help people. It's a pretty simple thing. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Hey guys it's Blake Thompson senior executive of the Dave Ramsey show over fifteen million people visited the Dave Ramsey show every a lot of people listen and one of over six hundred radio stations across the country to find a station near you had the Dave Ramsey dot com slash make more money doing what you love checkout Christie Rights Business Boutique podcast Christie's inspiring and equipping women to become successful running their own business hand Christy Wright and I help women all over the country take their ideas and passions and hobbies and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you've ever wondered if you could make money.

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