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"Do you say when that conversation comes up when someone asked me where i wasn't on eleven until i was in the building my team and i had just transitioned to a corporation in two world trade center and so i used to get into the office. Eight o'clock onwards. You would see me there. So i was in the office on the seventy third floor of two world trade center on nine eleven. What what do you remember about the morning before anything was wrong like was there anything about that dish. Actually it's so interesting because the day was one of the most beautiful days from a weather perspective right sunny skies sixty five degrees at seven o'clock in the morning. It was primary election day in new york city first day of school in new jersey sunny unpleasant for the rest of the day i got into the office about eight. Fifteen that morning Because i was expected to have a meeting with my intern and my assistant night had started My meeting at eight thirty in the morning as if nothing transpired. obviously the entire world experience this space on the view of outside the building right like that will go down in history from the ground from the aero shots out of your one of the few people who can tell us what that what a big game like inside the building. What happened so while we were in the middle of our meeting about nano three. Am tower one was hit. There has been some sort of explosion. We don't fully know the details. There is one report as of yet. Unconfirmed that a plane has hit of the world trade center and you can win. Tau one was head being in tower to the impact that we felt was that the building shook just a little. Bit our lights flickered off and on and on we didn't really have a clear. Understanding of what was transpiring. You know. I did not really take it as seriously. I'm fortunate enough that i was able to get up and go over to the window because it wasn't until i went over to the window. That my entire mindset had even shifted. And then i knew we needed to get out of. There is a lower manhattan.

new york city new jersey
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"Find out what specific products are identified as the cause consumers should consider bringing all of their italian style meets to one hundred and sixty five degrees famously. The temperature that kills bacteria or the ones in. That's always. They're always like heated up to an internal temperature of one hundred sixty five degrees. And it's like okay. How am i supposed to know that but you know it should never be steamed nor one hundred sixty five degrees cold cuts. So it's shit using up you put salami in the oven. Nowa italians on twitter did not take this news slightly. One person said the government can take mike gaba goal from my cult respect. I don't think. I don't think there's any italian who has ever valued their own health over eating food. Food always comes first so eight. Your cold cuts at your own risk. They did say that you should. You should heat it up to one hundred sixty five degrees or until steaming if you are at high risk for severe some ella illness how would they ever know what risk i am over sixty five. No maybe am. I yes Digestive over sixty five. Absolutely i'm like eighty next a five year. Old kid from virginia became one of the youngest ever to hike the full length of the appellation trail to say hawkeye..

virginia one hundred sixty five degrees twitter eighty eight one over sixty five five year one hundred and sixty five deg first italian One person italians
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"Chriswell says more work is needed to complete a damage assessment and in determine exactly how much repairs will cost families that have already been approved for. Assistance should expect to see money in their accounts in the next few days for npr news. I'm blazed gainey in nashville. It's npr news. A federal judge in detroit is imposing disciplinary sanctions against a group of pro-trump attorneys. Who sued to overturn the results of the twenty twenty presidential election as wd tease quinn kleinfeld filter reports. The judge says the attorneys committed a quote historic and profound abuse of the judicial process in a blistering order. Us district court judge. Linda parker road that the attorneys tried to deceive both federal court and the american people with evidence. They should have known was false. She said the group which includes former trump campaign lawyers. Sydney powell and well-known attorney lynnwood filed a case that was never about election fraud but rather an attempt to undermine faith in the us democracy. The judge referred her decision to the jurisdictions where each attorney was licensed for investigation and possible suspension or disbar meant. She also ordered the attorneys to cover the cost of fighting the lawsuit but says she fears. That might not be enough of a deterrent. Because powell for one is asking for donations to allegedly fund additional filings for npr news. I'm quentin klein. Filter in detroit. Thirty six people have been sickened by salmonella and twelve hospitalized in outbreaks in more than a dozen states. Since may the cdc says the cases are linked to italian style deli meats including salami and per shuto but the agency doesn't know which brands specifically and until they find out they're advising anyone eating the products to heat them up to at least one hundred sixty five degrees or until steaming. Hot the very young old and the immuno-compromised are at higher risk of severe sickness from the bacteria. I made me held in washington. You're listening to npr news..

npr news Chriswell quinn kleinfeld Us district court Linda parker Sydney powell attorney lynnwood gainey detroit npr nashville quentin klein powell salmonella cdc us washington
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"With mark. He mentioned the brown fat. I want to talk about that a little bit because the is path or doing a cold shower can be so complimentary to fasting especially if somebody's goal. Fasting is to lose weight so talk about that activation. They just brought up at the brown fat. Yes oh brown. Fat million adaptation. It's i guess you quantify or objectified sadness that are bad. Adipose stat whites out. Typically is non metabolic tissue which is stored energy round. Sad is metabolically active in burns off energy. And so you literally want activate as much brown south as you can. If you're somebody who wants to optimize health and optimize body composition for example. Any of these things that we do that we undertake that are that are seen as challenging or difficult or uncomfortable. We do because we're trying to to change in the body in profit change in brownstown one. We wanna submerse ourselves in cold water whether it's a an ice bath or a cold plunge or a cold shower and to the extent we can do that. Response of the body is to say okay. If this fool is gonna do this on a regular basis we better start generating more heat in the form of this Sort of built in heating device that we have in the foremost of brownstown. Okay and how long does somebody need to subject themselves to this cold water to get that that brown fat benefit you know all of these things are a relative to who you are. How old you are male female. How much bodies. Now you have already. You know how much time you've spent in cold weather with or without subjecting yourself to cold punching. I mean a lot of these. Things are variables here. So when you say how much time he have to spend. I would say the most that you can stand without making yourself. Horribly uncomfortable would be a good way to do it in overtime if you become adjusted adapted accustomed to a particular temperature. We extend the amount of time you can do it or you or you. Lower the temperature with people were taking a cold shower. Again has the part of country you live at if you live in the southern parts of the country. You're cold showers. Probably sixty eight degrees. Sixty five degrees. It might be in the sixties. But i doubt it will be much lower than that. If you're in the northeast your cold shower might be little thirty. Eight degrees or forty two degrees. You know you have to temper the amount of time we'll be about temperature that you have and and the amount of discomfort you willing to endorse. There's no real rule of thumb here..

Eight degrees forty two degrees mark Sixty five degrees sixty eight degrees sixties thirty
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"So then what we actually separate those by income groups so we have the lowest income group were they on average waiting. Until it's about like seventy seventy five degrees outside to turn on their conditioning. Units and the highest income group is maybe turning on the air conditioning units sixty sixty five degrees on average and keep in mind that these are mean outdoor temperature so the temperature outside is actually a lot hotter than the mean average temperature. And so we find that there's actually like about a five to eight degree differential in terms of outdoor temperature for when people would even just start to turn on their air conditioning unit For our study area in arizona. Okay so once we've identified this. It clearly changes who we target with. I don't know whether ization programs or rebates for cooling equipment or rate structures. So how do you use this information to construct policy around. What what does it do to change the way. We're thinking about this issue. So one of the things that i think it really brings into the conversation is that there are multiple forms of energy poverty. Traditionally we've really really focused on the financial form of energy poverty. Just can't even afford to use as much or are you at risk of going into debt as you are covering your energy bills but by showing that there is this you know five to eight degrees difference. And when people even start to cool their homes we are able to identify who's putting themselves at risk of heat related illness heatstroke. I mean especially during heatwaves. These are the people that we really want to make sure that they are able to consume as much energy that they need to actually cool their home to a safe indoor environment and so i think that as we're moving forward with energy transition one of the things that we hope that this work will do is remind us that the goal of energy justice and energy insecurity is getting back to you need to consume enough energy to make.

arizona eight degree one eight degrees sixty sixty five degrees seventy seventy five degrees five one of things
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"This is texas by. This is baghdad texas. We don't conserve shit. We don't know when it reaches like it did yesterday. It's hard to keep my house. It's you know below seventy and my house gets above sixty eight. I'm by earth too hot. You both men. I can't stand being steve's house sold. Oh yeah my. My mind is the same way. My wife complains every day of my life. She's waiting in a hotel when we're in a hotel he's like. Hey come down to my room. Hell no i ll do. Sixty five degrees. I mean my gosh. I've actually called the hidden said. Hey can y'all turn the air down in my room and they'll do. I didn't know that. But i'm gonna know that now for the future. Well as soon as i get enough employees to clean the rooms on time so you can check in three. That's a that's another issue right there everywhere you go hiring. Oh yeah everywhere. People don't want to work. People are bums man. I've been thinking about just instead like quitting my job and just going place to place in applying. 'cause they'll pay you now of places that i could make living applying and doing they'll be talking about conserving. Energy people are doing nothing. I mean this is the whole thing man. They're not working. they're not they're not going after it at all. The insane in a person with initiative could take over the world right. Now i really could. So chad You're a man of initiative. Yeah you want to take over the walmart he doing that. How i'm just talking about the people that are out there bitching about not having anything. I'm doing great. I'm one hundred percents. Yup watch chad dot com fun stuff. I'm rock and roll. I'm just kidding. Broke as a joke. The and please visit watch. Chad dot com. No man. i'll tell you it's it's crazy this world we're living in we're sitting back. We got zoom.

walmart yesterday texas steve three both men Sixty five degrees earth dot com above sixty eight one hundred below seventy Chad chad dot baghdad
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"Sixty five degrees right now You may well known him from his fan. Tabulates role as simon drake on how to get away with murder with queen violates. Here's the thing. If you know anything about me. I i say my to queens are elliott and viola davis With beyond to one beyond season third. I love beyond say but like missy has has like ha owned the music industry since i could open my eyes. So yeah yeah. I just can't believe you got to meet her moving on. He has also been on an end. The shy the good place chicago pd. You're so talented. King rat older children imperfections and so many more and as he just mentioned he originated the role of abe and the pulitzer prize. Winning and tony award nominated play disgraced. I feel like i should be one of those movie Trailer voices ray. That's a good. That's a good amount of money like you know like in a world i would just say anna world. I wouldn't do anything after that. It'd be like in a world..

elliott viola davis simon drake season third pulitzer prize one world violates Sixty five degrees chicago
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"sixty five degrees" Discussed on Reduce Debt Increase Wealth

"It the phone your cell phone service. Why is it so high. Reduce it down unlimited talk unlimited tax and then data only get what he actually got us. Try hooking up to a wi fi when you're out and use your wifi and quit streaming so much data on your and this reduce your phone bill. And i worked on some of these items for him also. Why is your electric bills. Well it's hot outside. I set my thermostat on sixty five degrees. Why so cold. Run a non stop when it's eighty five degrees out. You need to have your thermostat set higher. You're just throwing money away so we worked on that so about a month later. I checked up with them. He was really happy he said. I got my savings account. I have three thousand dollars in there really saved up a lot of money. I'm eating a home more to rid of the my ex my cable bill in couple my streaming bills. I redid my phone cell phone so on paying about forty dollars less a month and he was really happy as he was his common sense stuff. It really didn't take a like i know is this. You got to identify where your money is gone. And then you got to prioritize what you actually need rent utilities the basics food and clothing and then after that you need to reduce what you want because you cannot have everything you want. 'cause you got to pay for it and when you put on a credit card e pay for more than one time because the interest rate is so high. I said you're doing really good. Your savings account is it's growing pretty quick. I didn't really expect that lee. A thousand dollars in there you said you had a total of thirty five hundred leva thousand in there. That's twenty five hundred dollars. Payoff that credit card. A had the twenty three hundred dollar balance and then apply the rest to the highest interest rate credit card. I he said well. The twenty three hundred is my lowest rate. Why would i pay that off. Because we want to get it to zero. Because later i'm gonna tell you a secret so he paid off. the twenty. Three hundred was under twenty three hundred by now because he made a minimum payment. He applied the extra money he had about two or three hundred two his highest credit card rate next month. You do exactly the same thing. Put your excess money that you're not gonna have spent looking forward for two weeks from paper to paper. Put that aside in your savings account. Do you have any bills coming up that you have to pay like car insurance that you pay..

twenty five hundred dollars Three hundred two weeks twenty three hundred twenty three thousand dollars sixty five degrees twenty three hundred dollar next month under twenty three hundred eighty five degrees zero about a month later thirty five hundred leva more than one time three hundred about two about forty dollars less a mon A thousand dollars two
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"sixty five degrees" Discussed on The Dad-Splanation Podcast

"I mean let's face it really. I mean big. Being in a comfortable environment is essential for healthy sleep period. Also keeping your sleeping area at a temperature near sixty five degrees is ideal you know. Give or take a few degrees obviously. Because here's the deal really. Is that your body's temperature lowers while you sleep and a cool room will help you settle into that sleep and maintain the sleep throughout the night. Now the keyword here. If you will is is cool not cold you know so. Let's keep that in mind here moving forward.

near sixty five degrees a few degrees
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"It gives us hunters something to do. I mean we've been kennedy gop and i. My laptop was in january. I usually we've got a a lease out in oklahoma. I usually go out there in february but a huge blizzard cold snap. That came in the week. We're supposed to go out there. And i'm like i'm gonna bail. I'm glad i did. Those guys hundred one day two days. Excuse me what. I was epic like thirteen copies in the day. An action a wet in the next day they move copy. Sound like i am then the next few days subzero temperature with you know minus forty degree wind. Chill drive out there for for that. Where in michigan are you I'm in grand haven which is just a little bit west of grand rapids. So aga all right right on lake michigan. You're born and raised in michigan right. I was yep abbas break- but raising mosquito which is probably twenty five minutes north of where i live. Now okay cool. Speaking of hunting season can be a little recap how was how was last fall in and ties into pike year as necessary but trips birds. Ah we're kind of highlights. you got. Yeah it was a good fall. We you know we started out the season tyler's place in shirttails hans and we'd locked out with the weather. It was one of those those big western forest fires in their kong for eighty five degrees and sunny every day. We often that they were going to get a couple of hours in the morning. That smoke came in and gave us like cloud it was. It was weird just at hayes but it kept the temperatures like sixty five degrees every day. It is son is weary eyed son was fully out. Just you know it was just not able to hit the ground. So we hunted every day and hunted howard and moved a fair number sharp tails and a fair number hans and.

january michigan february oklahoma thirteen copies twenty five minutes two days sixty five degrees lake michigan one day hundred minus forty degree wind eighty five degrees one next day kong next few days hans temperature hours
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"Energy needs day like you're studying not mind intention. And then the gratitude you're realizing like holy crap. There's a lot of really awesome things around me like i could. I could spend more journaling about like. I got busted for trademark infringement. I had to rebrand. I talk about. I look at them as gratitude opportunities like that whole season of trademark infringement Leaned into like this is happening. So that i understand purpose. This is fueling my purpose. Like i'm still worthy of my dream. People don't buy my name. I might brandt by me. Not my name and so i had to reframe all of that and i could have written like this sucks. I hate the company that i spent a lot of money on an attorney like journal but it didn't make sense to move my business forward that's gonna pull you back and not letting propel forward like bashes holding you back for no reason no rate right now and i don't feel like a lot of people are talking enough about journaling in this way and i could be and the wrong industry or whatever but i feel like they say to like talk about those kinds of things journal and then right what. You're granted like what you're grateful for. I don't like that. Because usually i'm in a bad mood because i've dwelled on something stupid and i don't want to think about what i'm thankful for. So much rather star every day with a positive attitude and just looking back on the past day and finding the happy moments in them even if there was only a couple of good things that happened just highlighting even if it was a bad day you know. I got to snuggle with my daughter on the couch for the first hour of the day or i got to go on a walk yesterday because it was sixty five degrees here and that was a big deal. It's like frigging summer up in here in ohio but just being able to find like those little pieces because i feel like especially with the pandemic everybody has been through a rough.

ohio yesterday sixty five degrees first hour a couple of good things a lot of money
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"Hey thanks for having me. I'm doing wonderful this morning. Gradients beautiful sunny california newport beach. We're at about sixty five degrees up till seventy today. I'm sure that warms. Your heart on the east coast does welcome to the hotel. California aim ad aim ad will look. It's whereabout the chain season so it'll will appear eventually nice nice. Well that's what you guys lived there for. You know you love that. No i actually. I don't like to call now. i really don't. I don't like the cold but you know what people may disagree because new york is crowded but putting aside this world event. We're going through. You can't yeah exactly. I'm a twenty two previously twenty twenty. You can't beat right right right. Yeah yeah exactly exactly. We're at a word a place you're in california where were just starting to open up again. are are infamous governor gavin newsom. Where the love him or hate him. you know. He's tried to navigate through this pandemic. And it's been a it's been a challenge for for everybody so we've kind of been on and off again with the switch here. Were having restaurants slowly opening up. My gym is slowly opened up all with precautionary measures. But you know it's been tough for everybody navigate when you think it's it's been basically just a year that we've been in this lockdown state so it's you know we're all getting through it and i think we're gonna come out of it that much better and we're gonna come out of it Knowing what we need and probably things that we don't need going into the future. Yeah yeah briefly slipped my mind that you are a political junkies. Such as i. I i think. Remember when you started going into gavin newsom. I'm like this guy is a political junkie. Like me i we. I won't go there here. At least i'll try not to. Nor will i all. I all be very middle of the road. Yeah we'll go first. Podcasts was a political podcast. I sure that was explosive. Ye yeah it was quite interesting and Have a certain way that i used to express myself what. I still have that way but we won't. We'll resistance at least we'll try. Sounds good dennis. I just thought that maybe gavin newsom had some room on his hawaii result where everyone is staying home. He's out there eating in the white..

california new york gavin newsom California hawaii this morning california newport beach first about sixty five degrees gavin twenty twenty two coast governor newsom today seventy
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"Accords projects. Royal caribbean announces that they are allowing israelis who've been vaccinated to go on cruise trips. Starting in may this will be the first time a cruise line begins operating since the beginning of the pandemic. When all trips were halted virtually immediately prime minister netanyahu is ecstatic about the move seeing it as an opportunity to help revive israel's economy it's still up in the air whether or not children who have not been able to receive the vaccine will be allowed on cruises this will be one of the first opportunities for international tourism to resume after crushing year to the economy and the industry. All right well. That's it for today's news. Today is tuesday march. Second twenty twenty. One tel aviv has a low of eleven degrees celsius and a high of eighteen degrees. That's fifty two degrees fahrenheit for the low going up to sixty five degrees for the high. Subscribe to the israel daily news podcast on spotify or apple podcasts. Or wherever you're hearing it from. I am everywhere. Don't forget to sign up to our israel weekly news rap it's a newsletter with the top five stories coming out of israel from throughout the week. You'll also get the cliff notes version of our original stories investigations and interviews. You can sign up by using the link in the show notes. Thank you two miles gilbert and four stat and coby capital for your contributions to show. And i wanna to send you off with a new song. Thanks to our connector. Our music connectors accurate lewis..

eighteen degrees eleven degrees celsius tuesday march Today spotify netanyahu today five stories apple fifty two degrees fahrenheit one prime minister first time gilbert two miles sixty five degrees Second first opportunities Royal caribbean tel aviv
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"They're going to play that after the screening of the film. So hopefully you'll all get tickets to come check it out. It's going to be a blast. Co congratulations thanks news. I'll go next. I had a birthday So there february wasn't totally taken over by valentine's day as i indicated previously but i spent a few hours that day shoveling plowing snow so today i have officially declared winter over. He did yeah. That's my news with like meteorological basis of at all everything's melting. It's warm up to fifty five today. Which is the warmest. It's been for a very long time so the snow is disappearing quickly but it's over. It's done spring arrived at a cool. I just to thank our listener. Who congratulated me on the film. Thank you you have to say calm. I went for a walk. The other day as the snow is disappearing. I walked around this park. That's near our place pretty busy street. And there's a on one side you know there's a sidewalk right there and apparently a car decided to go up and onto the sidewalk and drive the entire length of the block. And you can tell because there's just like tire tracks on either side of the sidewalk the hallway till about four fifths of the way up. You can see that. The muddy nissen. The weight of the car started like plowing up dirt and snow until it looks like they got all the way out but there was certainly a a mess. They made of that that sidewalk. That sounds very philly to me. I'm off. I'm i'm with you because i'm sick of the cold. It's been freezing here. I don't know if you guys know this. But we've been having nightmares temperature's it's just been a living hell it's gotten down to sixty five degrees and it's been horrible and i'm so called and i'm for the summer because cohen rob me my summer last year but i hopefully fingers crossed out survive these hellish temperatures. I feel so bad for you. David thank you. Thank you What is your news this week. I actually my news is that i don't have any news this week. I'm giving a week off. Oh so yeah you owe us like sixty of these because of how many times you give us more than one of news. We'll see we'll see how that goes. I think david is just excited to talk about britney. That's what i think is brahma. Let's move along to our goldstar for this week..

David last year today britney david this week february valentine's day more than one sixty five degrees sixty of these one side about four fifths up to fifty five week
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"sixty five degrees" Discussed on CRUSADE Channel Previews

"Notice that oliver oliva oliva dog goes. Hey you are my wife. Pack your bags. We move into the hooterville. He didn't ask getting. We can pete. That dude was real. Man in any event It is a guys a funny show to write about harks back to an age and television comedy. We've just fun to watch man you didn't you. Work clubbed over the head about anything. There was politically going on and they could have. Because vietnam war was raging at this time since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight so you got kids being shot at kent state got massive protests everywhere you have grant national convention being basically cancelled. You have all manner of discordance out there and yet. Cbs which Had the best shows had beverly hillbillies green acres and several others Cbs was presenting family. Fair that just was fun to watch and buying a by. You also got cbs. They did the pilot and then they took the show in nineteen. Seventy four you know. What is he hall. Rednecks can make such great television and they did and he called hee-haw in any event. It's good introduction to a free farm friday so one of our listeners. Now look all of you are free to call in and share whatever secret or trick you got because look there are by my count. There's at least nine maybe ten growing zones in the continental united states and they go by climate right so brian cashman in the same one. We're number nine. There's one that's below Which is a a even warmer than ours and that's a climate number. Ten many of you are up in number five and six so stains at work in zone. Nine may not work in zone five things that work on the monday far may not work funded church farm or the brian k form. So there's no wrong answer to any of this and anyone. That says that while you shouldn't do that. That's roy experiment you're gonna fail. You're going to screw up. Was that show that we were watching. oh i know love and monsters. Where boy blue face Michael rooker tells the kid. Well how do i make it. If you're gonna leave me sir. Well can make mistakes. Hopefully they won't kill you and if they don't then you'll learn a lesson so farming like else that you're lying on nature is going to have things that are not gonna work. Trust me i know so. Let's go to the telephones so now. This kind of happened organically last week. I didn't plan this. It just sorta happened But we'll talk a little bit more about the season that were coming or the the climate that we're coming out of what you can and can't do No matter where you live what you can and can't plant. And what have you at this time of year Mr brian mr farmer. How are you. i'm doing well. Mr church just Enjoying the Past few days of Above seventy five degrees on the afternoon matt. Nice oh man i. I'm i think i'm gonna plant in corn this weekend. I've been listening for long term. I don't know it it. It's looking good but before we get going. You know you play greenacres. Well that's funny because Kind of story on When i met my wife she was living in chicago and Lincoln park you know middle of town and We're we're you know we're gonna live morton and When we first got here she said we're in the middle of nowhere. You wanna see middle of nowhere. I can show you middle an hour. You should took -tainer do we. Should've taken her Odessa midland and you want to see middle of nowhere with people in our show. You the middle of nowhere. I i took her. I took her down to out that was below corpus christi. That's pretty middle of nowhere to kennedy rant and and cactus mystique but Yeah it's funny. Though now we wanna get further away from people so you now have maggie o'connell itis. She used to be a people person but people curator of that. Yes and i'm still a people person. I just don't need them. Living on top of me. John i really not on top of me but you know you know what i'm saying. Yeah no i know what you're saying. It looked forward today. When i say nobody lives on top of me not happening right now. so most people are in my situation. They're not in yours. And they got back yards they don't have back forties so yeah that So that's where we kind of the jumping off point now. You said when. I was gonna ask you because you said you're going to plant corn this weekend now something that people may not know and they misunderstand perhaps. Is that when you're when you're determining planning season it's not always the temperature above ground that matters the most so the temperature below ground in our region of nine is sufficient than it won't kill a corn seat. I guess right correct and when you're talking you know when when i'm thinking soil. Temperatures on thinking of these warm season plants like corn and green beans You know other other vegetables squash cucumbers you want above that you want in that fixed well above the sixty five degrees I think with With what the sun we've had and everything in the past few days were were above that and You know we recover pretty quickly With that and we've had the moisture to and moisture will help You know keep keep the temperature in place and you know. Last week i was talking about keeping the soil covered armored again That that gives you a little cushion and and and it helps out so Yeah that temperature is very important. to You know understand and No to when you know when the land so if you're gonna be doing the corn so if you take my situation now and i forgot to take pictures people. I can pictures of the beds. But i have one bed. That is eight feet square and it is completely grown over with crazy. Mix of It's got a little bit of saint augustine it but it's really kind of like mongrel grass looks it. Looks like blade. Grass like centipede. But it's not But it's complaining grown over. It's dead right now. It's brown and it's only an inch tall. So.

chicago Michael rooker John Lincoln park Nine friday Last week today last week nineteen Ten brian brian cashman monday one bed vietnam war sixty five degrees six Seventy four ten growing zones
"sixty  five degrees" Discussed on Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

04:36 min | 2 years ago

"sixty five degrees" Discussed on Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

"That And then each surgery after that who get up to some point. Let's say one hundred was the best and then start sinking down to seventy eighty whatever until we finally got to the point. Where at the last surgery ethic he got ninety five hundred while you were under They actually see he did. Set the picture with the goni of to it. I remember that picture just to just prove to me that he could get that motion out of it. And i think your final measurement was some like sixty five degrees affliction. We could get with you. Which just wasn't enough to to do all the activities you wanna do. They need all now. There was nothing you can do with that. Especially when you can't straighten and that's that was the other aspect of it right. And when i went to see one of the doctors about amputation they measured me about forty five degrees twenty degrees straight and forty five degree bed. I mean it was. It was sad is there. Was there ever a moment So okay so listeners. You have to understand that. There's some things that i'm gonna ask him that. He's never been able to tell me as a patient that i'm i'm really hoping to uncover for this guy for actually go down. Hold on. let me go that road back up and say in asking for for what treatments you had. I wanna point out the you had you had true multi modal care in in dealing with pay management as well. Since her way through the treatment. I switched over to this pay management company. And so i mean you've spinal cord stimulator to help. Tell you with the pain and see if we could get paid. Non that way Didn't you have multiple blocks Headliner blocks than she had cryotherapy. We we did everything outside of the normal course of treatment to see if we could get around around the pain to be.

ninety five hundred one hundred twenty degrees forty five degree seventy eighty sixty five degrees each surgery forty five degrees one of doctors
"sixty  five degrees" Discussed on TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour

05:46 min | 2 years ago

"sixty five degrees" Discussed on TED Radio Hour

"On sleep. And if you're struggling with sleep at night avoiding naps during the day. I have two pieces of advice for you. The first is regularity. Go to bed at the same time. Wake up at the same time no matter whether it's the week day or the weekend the second is keep it cool. Your body needs to drop. Its core temperature by about two to three degrees fahrenheit to initiate sleep and then to stay asleep and it's the reason you will always find it easier to fall asleep in a room. That's too cold than too hot. So aim for a bedroom temperature around sixty five degrees or about eighteen degrees celsius. That's going to be optimal for the sleep of most people.

two pieces three degrees fahrenheit second first about eighteen degrees celsius around sixty five degrees about two
Recipe edition, Joshua Owens-Baigler

Monocle 24: The Menu

03:32 min | 2 years ago

Recipe edition, Joshua Owens-Baigler

"Name's Josh Aaron Spangler. Iraq founder of Angelina restaurant and Tilson. And today I'm going to show about signature dishes temporary tomatoes with actually pester. It's a super simple recipe to make it. Takes a little bit of time, but it's something that you can. Join and go back to go along the ingredients a quite flexible, so feel free to use whatever you having a Lotta what I'm going to start with start with the tomatoes. So, we're going to dry tomatoes very slowly. Low, temper off, so we're going to start a hundred degrees. Stop Prohibiting. For the tomatoes look for good quality heritage tomato with thick skin. We're GONNA look for about five to seven cents meters across GonNa. CUT THEM IN HALF WITH AIN'T GONNA. Drizzle a little bit of sugar. That salt time secret ingredient in the restaurant news does she granules? Get those that's amazing, little bit of time in the spice, splendor and then they. As well, just a little bit like seasoning. One sprint coo over the tomatoes, and we placed them at a preheated of two hundred degrees as I, said previously. We leave those for an hour. And then offer an hour. We turned down to about seventy five degrees, and we leave that for four or five hours. I'm going to move on to how you make the Pesto so again. This is super flexible. Don't panic! There's one ingredient missing substitutive something similar. It's really from thing to make so we start with some newly put capers then add salted anchovies. We add a big handful of parsley when I mentioned, these ingredients are like to go by large handful all in equal parts and keep tasting as you go along together to how you like him a handful of. A handful of activities, a big handful of Parsley, big handful of mint. If you have a couple of she leaves, if not comply with any green hub to nine suppliers, colic, some salt and pepper, a little touch of olive oil and the show chef secret. If outs, ice keeps you keep a beautiful green color. Now I recommend trying to keep your Pesto as dry as possible, so you're gonNA have to have a spatula to have this going to be quite difficult to get going in the blender, but the hard work has really really worth it once you've made that. I would put aside at the Fridge and get your favorite book out rate for three hours white for those to cook. About half an hour before you're ready, we're GONNA. Make ourselves a really simple type per. And, that's with two hundred and fifty grams off cornflour or Either a walk just the same five hundred grams preferably of zero zero pasta flour. If no plane flying will work, and then lead of Soda Walter Secret Hair has gotten. As cold as you can't put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, we'll put it in the freeze of ten minutes, and the code is the better result you're going to get in. A Pan on the side can have a source preferably with a thick bottom and we're going to start. Some flour oil to fry that's. Where aiming for about one sixty five degrees, which means that if you're doing a small source panel I recommend taking the oil two hundred ninety degrees that way when you drop the tomatoes and the temperature of the oil withdraw. They're gonNA cook really nicely when she reached about hundred and eighty degrees. You've gotta work quite quickly so you the oil we're going to take those beautiful Tamalpais dry out the other. We're GONNA dipped in the batter, and then straight into the oil and we're GONNA flip them. I would say often about ten seconds. Every now and again. I should be ready in about two minutes. If you touch the players, a pair of metal tongues, you'll see that he starts to get crispy outside on. That signifies that they're ready to think cooked already, so don't worry about it. Smells is just worry about how crispy batter as

Parsley Josh Aaron Spangler Iraq Soda Walter Secret Hair Tilson Founder COO
Surge in COVID-19 cases continues in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania

Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show

00:51 sec | 2 years ago

Surge in COVID-19 cases continues in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania

"It's sixty five degrees now at d. v. e., m., porter, allegany county health officials say another daily record for positive Kobe. Nineteen cases announced yesterday. One hundred ten positive cases reported yesterday one more than the previous record set the day earlier. Most of the latest batch of cases are reportedly coming from people between the ages of nineteen and forty nine, and the majority of those cases have traveled to other parts of the country for vacations. Vacations mainly Florida and the Carolina coasts That's why the director issued that advisory to quarantine for fourteen days. If you travel the other common denominator for infections, was people going to bars and restaurants in the county and I believe if I remember right from watching some of the press conference yesterday Dr Deborah Bogan Director of the Allegany County Health Department said only four people reported that they were at protests in the area.

Allegany County Health Departm Allegany County Dr Deborah Bogan Director Florida Carolina
tomorrow clouds night coast morning

WBZ Afternoon News

00:33 sec | 3 years ago

tomorrow clouds night coast morning

"Stray showers and some patchy fog on the coast low tonight forty five north and west closer to fifty right by the coast tomorrow morning we start off with some rain right by the coast as well but then all of a C. some some throughout the rest of the afternoon high in the mid sixties tomorrow night cloudy in the fifties and then for your Sunday maybe a couple of morning showers but otherwise a mix of sun and clouds not a bad day to get outside high just but I just about sixty five degrees north and west seventy in some spots it is fifty four right now some showers in Pittsfield I see sixty one degrees in western shower just moved through there and

Antarctica Sets Record High Temperature: 65 Degrees

Weekend Edition Sunday

02:24 min | 3 years ago

Antarctica Sets Record High Temperature: 65 Degrees

"This is a startling it was hotter in an article last Thursday than it was in New Mexico sixty five degrees Fahrenheit according to researchers in the Antarctic peninsula it's a record high temperature if it can be verified NPR's called wire explains when you think about a sixty five degree day plenty of things probably come to mind Antarctica likely is not one of them and there's a good reason why that would make it the hottest temperature that we have seen over the link to record that we have for an article that's Randy serve any he specializes in weather and climate extremes for the world meteorological organization Arjun time researchers reported the temperature at the very northern tip of Antarctica and it's partly sermones role to verify that report we'll get a panel of experts put together yet are the best in the world they will look at the data they'll discuss it and tear it apart and then they will recommend to me as to whether or not this should be a valid observation now it's also important to remember that this is just one data point here and it's the result of very particular weather conditions but it does match up with what scientists have been seeing their overtime it's one of the fastest warming areas on the planet Alexander I served as the head of Antarctic sciences at the National Science Foundation she says the region has been warming for decades and the previous record height was reported just a few years ago this warming climate requires some practical adjustments for the researchers we we've definitely had to kind of re think a bit what we provide people with that means more geared to deal with the kind of rain and sleet the warmer weather brings I've been going down for ten years and even I have seen the changes I bring different clothes now do I certain says there are also other bigger consequences of this warmer weather in Antarctica contributes to a warmer sea water in general which means melting glaciers and rising sea UL's worldwide it also means more extreme events for serving and his team to verify when I started this project all the way back in two thousand and seven I thought we would have maybe an evaluation once every few years and now we're having multiple observations of extreme climate every year so don't be surprised if we see yet another record high in Antarctica soon called wired

New Mexico Antarctic Peninsula NPR Antarctica Randy National Science Foundation Alexander I Head Of Antarctic Sciences
Antarctic base records hottest temperature ever

WBZ Afternoon News

00:44 sec | 3 years ago

Antarctic base records hottest temperature ever

"A research base in the Antarctic records of the hottest temperature ever for the continent CBS news meteorologist Jeff Vera Delhi says climate change's the culprits huge planes why they're so concerned about these rising temperatures near the South Pole we're worried about destabilization of the Antarctic glaciers which could happen sometime in the next couple of decades it could be centuries we're not exactly sure when it's going to happen but when it does happen it could very quickly racy levels by a couple of feet which would be disastrous for anybody living along coastal communities the mercury hit a record sixty five degrees on the northern tip of Antarctica

Jeff Vera Delhi South Pole Antarctic CBS
Antarctica hit nearly 65 degrees, likely breaking heat record

WTOP 24 Hour News

00:27 sec | 3 years ago

Antarctica hit nearly 65 degrees, likely breaking heat record

"It appears Antarctica has broken a heat record the temperature there hit nearly sixty five degrees this week Claire Knowles's with the world meteorological organization says Antarctica is warming more quickly than scientists predicted the amount of ice lost annually from the Antarctic ice sheets increased at least six fold between nineteen seventy nine and twenty seventeen the previous temperature record for Antarctica was said in March twenty

Antarctica Claire Knowles Antarctic
Boston, MA Weather Forecast

WBZ Morning News

00:30 sec | 3 years ago

Boston, MA Weather Forecast

"Is the amazing the warm weather continues today got some clouds and the most of our listening area at this hour but we will see something clouds later high of about sixty nine degrees with the break the record of sixty one which was set three years ago partly cloudy colder tonight thirty three back to work tomorrow sun clouds cooler high about forty we'll take that Tuesday cloudy forty five and then Wednesday cloudy mild fifty two on Wednesday sixty five degrees clouds

Select a recipe and relax: Cooking takes the robotic route with Julia

Kim Komando

01:28 min | 3 years ago

Select a recipe and relax: Cooking takes the robotic route with Julia

"Julia is the latest and the greatest it's such a robot what's a robotic Consumer Electronics Show yes and it's manufactured by cooking pal it can weigh food with the built in scale it can chop mixer bland I'm also if I great Boyle need and steam van this is what I love when it's done it will even wash itself can you believe that what would Julia child thank that's why it's name Julia I love it yeah it's in it's in memory of Julia child so but it's not for the faint of heart it's in retail for right just under a thousand Bucks and no it's just under a thousand dollars that's it it's not like five or ten twenty no it actually looks like a a large food processor I was gonna say you could spend out alone on a good food processor via ten culinary functions that include cooking up to two hundred sixty five degrees Fahrenheit when it can't do a task Julia will guide you through the process like when do add ingredients to its bowl for example while preparing a mushroom result though Julia will tell a user how many mushrooms to put in the bowl then chop and roast them before guiding them through the rest of the

Julia Boyle
Heat Changes Insect Call, but It Still Works

60-Second Science

01:55 min | 3 years ago

Heat Changes Insect Call, but It Still Works

"Sounds they produce. We can't hear take tiny insects called tree hoppers. They communicate through vibrations when a male tree hopper is hunting for a mate mate. He vibrates his body to produce a special love song. They sound like Ooh Book Casey Fowler. Finn is an assistant professor of biology at Saint Louis University University. She says if a female tree hopper is interested. She'll vibrate back to the Mayo basically her way of saying hey there fowler fin wondered if tree hopper mating songs might change at different temperatures which could affect whether the species survives as the climate changes so she and Grad student Dillwyn Hawks in built custom custom incubators using plywood and Kia shelves plus a special leaser that helps them listen to tree hoppers. The laser receives information about these tiny vibrations actions on the plant stem which we then amplify and process into sounds that we can hear turns out the tree huggers do sound different when the temperature changes. Here's a male singing at sixty five degrees and another at ninety seven degrees but that's not all the team recorded these songs and played them for females to see if they still find them attractive so essentially we're having a conversation with the insect because we can play back a bunch of different signals to females and ask her how much she likes. Each one as male tree hopper love songs changed across temperatures females still recognize ignites them saying Yep. I'm interested in meeting with you hawks and says that was exciting. I think when we saw that we were just like wow this is awesome. The study appeared appeared in the Journal of evolutionary biology. She says this is just one piece of the puzzle but it gives her some hope that tree hoppers and other similar insect species will keep things steamy even as the climate warms for scientific

Casey Fowler Journal Of Evolutionary Biolog Assistant Professor Of Biology Mayo Saint Louis University Univers Finn KIA Ninety Seven Degrees Sixty Five Degrees
You should never wash raw chicken

Curiosity Daily

01:22 min | 4 years ago

You should never wash raw chicken

"Should never wash raw chicken you heard that right? You are not supposed to wash raw chicken, and knowing why will help you protect yourself and your family and friends from potential food poisoning. Here's the deal one of the most common causes of food poisoning. In the US comes from 'Bacterial. You find in raw chicken, these nasty cells are called compiler b-actor, and they're typically found on meat and poultry that's been contaminated during processing if your chicken has been contaminated, and you splash water on it. Bacteria will spread to everything the droplets touch as in your hands. Cooking tools, kitchen, counters and clothing. Yikes. So don't use water instead here a few pro tips from the UK's. Nah. National health service to avoid food poisoning from Rochester. I keep it covered and chilled. Be sure to store your chicken at the bottom of the fridge to avoid dripping, contaminated juices on other food. Also, remember to wash your hands and used utensils make sure everything that has come in contact with a raw chicken has been thoroughly scrubbed and finally remembered to cook chicken thoroughly your chickens should be steaming hot all the way through have cleared juices. And no pink meet us a meat thermometer. If you have one to ensure the chicken has reached at least one hundred sixty five degrees Fahrenheit or seventy four degrees celsius, whatever you do just say no to chicken, baths, if you wash your chicken, it's you that will end up in hot

Rochester United States UK One Hundred Sixty Five Degrees Seventy Four Degrees Celsius
How much sleep do we need?

FT News

03:03 min | 4 years ago

How much sleep do we need?

"Even shift workers who give themselves eight or nine hours of sleep opportunity. Join the day, they do not get a quality of sleep. They would have if they were sleeping at night because we are by design a dial species we like to be awake during the day and were designed biologically to do that. So it's not as simple as get your sleep at any time during the twenty four hour period, we didn't bleak midwinter the moment. Is there a time of year when I sleep patterns change as well. It does seem to depend on the season. We know this from studying hunter gatherer tribes throughout the world who are untouched by all of the influences of Madonna tea and southern interesting population to study, and although many of them live somewhat closer to the equator others foreign if away where they'll have seasonal shift and indeed. What you find is that joining the winter months they will sleep longer during the summer months, they'll sleep less. So that does seem to suggest that we may have this twelve monthly cycle to us sleep. In addition to many other different timeframes that we could measure Mita out on asleep. Made some of that seems to do with light exposure during the day other aspects actually seemed to do with temperature. So it seems to be both temperature and light that dictate off seasonal changes in sleep. We also know strangely, by the way that all sleep changes dramatically on the basis of the moon on the Luna cycle to that joining the full moon, we tend to sleep a little less, and when people sleep less we know that they are a little bit more emotionally erratic and unstable and it's often led me to wonder about the time lunatic and were that term actually comes from. And whether it actually is sleep related or not the specimen acting funny in your book, he gives some tips for healthy sleep. If you. Have to choose just three for someone a social loafer or lunatic. Let myself finds it very difficult to see sometimes what would your top three tips. Be. I think the first beyond giving yourself really a non negotiable, eight hours leap opportunity every night. The first would be regularity. Go to bed at the same time and wake up the same time. No matter whether it's the weekend or the weekday even if you've had a bad night of sleep still get up at the same time. It sounds paradoxical. But that will reset your system and then get to bed at the normal time. The following night regularity is king. If there's one thing that you take away from this just wake up at the same time every day that would be it beyond that abstaining from alcohol and caffeine are probably your two best solutions in terms of consumption. The final aspect I would say is your environment temperature and light we are docked prime society in this modern era, and we need darkness at night to release a hormone called melatonin to help with him. Healthy sleep so dim down Hof the lights in your home in the last hour before bed. Tried to stay away from screens, get your bedroom. Temperature down to about sixty five degrees celsius sources of somewhere around eighteen degrees celsius those would be my tips for better sleep.

Mita Melatonin Caffeine Sixty Five Degrees Celsius Eighteen Degrees Celsius Twenty Four Hour Eight Hours Nine Hours
Jennie-O recalls nearly 92,000 lbs of raw ground turkey amid salmonella outbreak

Generation Bold

00:55 sec | 4 years ago

Jennie-O recalls nearly 92,000 lbs of raw ground turkey amid salmonella outbreak

"Turkey is recalling more than ninety one thousand pounds of raw Turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak so far. This outbreak has resulted in one death in one hundred and sixty four illnesses in thirty five states. The products being recalled include one pound packages of raw ground Turkey that were sold nationwide and had a used by date of October first or second Dr Colin Basler is with the CDC he explained some of the symptoms. You might see from salmonella poisoning. Most people get sick between twelve and seventy two hours after coming into contact with salmonella bacteria on most people will get diarrhea. Abdominal cramps and a fever. Dr Basler also says we really wanted to make sure that people are washing their hands after handling raw Turkey making sure that people are cooking Turkey to an internal temperature one hundred and sixty five degrees. If you cook a Turkey to the internal temperature of one hundred and sixty five degrees, this strain of salmonella should die. You're

Turkey Salmonella Dr Colin Basler Abdominal Cramps Diarrhea CDC Fever Sixty Five Degrees Ninety One Thousand Pounds Seventy Two Hours One Pound
Salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey turns deadly

Dennis Prager

00:35 sec | 4 years ago

Salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey turns deadly

"Officials are reporting a death in an ongoing. Seven outbreak linked to raw Turkey. Here's correspondent Mike gratia the centers for disease control and prevention reports, a death in California the first from an ongoing salmonella outbreak linked to raw Turkey so far one hundred sixty four people have fallen ill in thirty five states. The most recent illness was reported October twentieth. No products have been recalled and the CDC is not recommending that people avoid Turkey. The CDC does recommend cooking. Turkey to an internal temperature of at least one hundred sixty five degrees, and washing hands and counters that have touched uncooked meat.

Turkey CDC Mike Gratia Salmonella California One Hundred Sixty Five Degrees
Pittsburgh synagogue-shooting suspect wheeled into courtroom

All Things Considered

01:45 min | 4 years ago

Pittsburgh synagogue-shooting suspect wheeled into courtroom

"Summer says he was helping his ninety year old mother fill out her absentee ballot. When he went to stuff it into the envelope. And he noticed he had a problem. It didn't fit to white. They took it out to see. Maybe I folded it wrong. But there's only one way to fold it. Michael Ryan, the head of New York City's board of elections says yes, some of the ballots didn't quite fit their envelopes. We got them back from the vendor folded in three sections. They probably should have been folded in four sections is city is reminding people there are two pages in two sides to the ballot. The candidates are on one side and ballot proposals are on the other for the rest of tonight here no area, no precipitation. It'll just be mostly cloudy overnight tonight. We'll see low of about forty three degrees. Tomorrow, Tuesday, mostly sunny through the day with a high near fifty seven it'll remain clear tomorrow night, low about forty. Eight and then on Wednesday, very nice day. It'll be mostly sunny through the day on Wednesday. The high reaching about sixty five degrees right now, though here in New York City, fifty six degrees under cloudy skies. You're listening to WNYC at four zero six. Support for NPR comes from visit Saint Petersburg Clearwater, along Florida's Gulf Coast offering artistic draws including St. Pete's Dali museum the to Hooghly collection and the museum of fine arts more at visit Saint Pete Clearwater dot com. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Mary Louise Kelley, and I'm Ari Shapiro. The man accused of killing eleven worshippers and wounding six others in synagogue, Saturday appeared in federal court today Robert Bowers has been charged with twenty nine federal crimes and could face the death penalty NPR's Brian man was in the courtroom in Pittsburgh and joins us now. Brian IRA at describe what the scene was like in there today. Incredibly

New York City NPR Brian Man Ari Shapiro Brian Ira Mary Louise Kelley Saint Petersburg Clearwater Saint Pete Clearwater Wnyc Summer Michael Ryan Robert Bowers Museum Of Fine Arts Dali Museum Pittsburgh Hooghly Gulf Coast Florida Forty Three Degrees
Meet Santiago Enrique! Eva Longoria Officially Introduces Newborn Son

Lori and Julia

03:06 min | 5 years ago

Meet Santiago Enrique! Eva Longoria Officially Introduces Newborn Son

"The credit karma app today. Credit karma get knowing our five eyewitness news forecast mostly cloudy sixty five degrees tonight and thunderstorms and seventy four tomorrow. It's eighty four right now. This is mytalk Dirt alert update a quick look at what's. Happening in entertainment Tell me something good actor Alan. Alda says he has Parkinson's disease appearing on CBS this morning all said he was diagnosed three and a half years ago and said he went public because he. Expected a, tabloid, would soon publish a story about his diagnosis the says revealing his diagnosis might be helpful to others with Parkinson's and that there. Are. Things, that they can? Still do. Believe an, active life yeah well you know, what it's like I mean that's great that he does that but. He the fact that somebody was. Going to do. A, story. You can keep your health private I hate that yeah yeah Exactly Avalon goriest son Santiago Enrica is making his public debut at six weeks old on the cover of Ola USA. Longoria yes, longoria, caption or cover reveal on Instagram referring to her baby boy sweet hand gesture here he is Santiago and Rica Don is waving. Hello. At, the whole world? And they. Are quite, adorable together isn't her husband like, a big media guy he's huge he's Telemundo okay is that what. It is yeah he's a he's. Big world of. Media, yeah Does he does that magazine could very well be. The case Jennifer Lopez is the winner of this year's MTV Michael Jackson video vanguard award Lopez is up for two other awards for her song deniro featuring DJ Colin and, Cardi, b. and the song will compete in, the best and video best, collaboration categories and Lopez. Will also be performing at the VM as this year for the first. Time since two thousand one the, VM as our August twentieth on MTV I? Don't know. That she. Would. Be the one I'd pack? I, feel like, that stage cat stunt casting. Because Always every year Cannon Jackson, before I mean they've. Had real musicians what are you seeing -joyed j. lo is, a triple threat but but people have had longer. Careers than hurry this is the AMA's don't hang your leg Oh my gosh Some star power. At the show Yeah and finally you can now buy a castle that was used in game of thrones and it's. Not even that much money guys the. Castle for sale in Northern Ireland it was used. In season three of the show it's the castle where rob. Start got his head chopped off the castle is going for cheaper than the average house in l. a. at. Six hundred seventy seven thousand dollars so if you want to go live council in Northern Ireland drafty and how much would be to own it down Sorry I'm sorry. I read this whole story about maintenance is extra. Somebody who owns a castle and he's got a lot of. Money it's an actor I can't remember nNcholas cage you used to but I don't know if it's thing but. You need like a ton of money to keep up oh yeah you do that true all right well.

Parkinson Jennifer Lopez Northern Ireland Cannon Jackson Cardi Santiago Ola Usa. Longoria Alan Santiago Enrica Telemundo MTV CBS Alda Michael Jackson AMA Rica Don Deniro Colin Six Hundred Seventy Seven Thou Sixty Five Degrees
Sixty Five Degrees, Twenty Four Hours and Twenty Six Years discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

02:50 min | 5 years ago

Sixty Five Degrees, Twenty Four Hours and Twenty Six Years discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

"My twenty six years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took struck refused to answer the first question saying the f b i counsel advised him not to answer about ongoing investigations the house committee is now considering finding him in contempt of congress president trump is now in great britain after two days of meeting with nato leaders in brussels this morning he said allies are promising to increase their military spending progress has been made everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment the allies say they're sticking to the same commitment they made years ago to spend two percent of their gdp federal officials say they've now reunited fiftyseven migrant children younger than five with their parents after they were separated at the border justice department says fortysix others can't be reunited scott goldberg abc news stay connected stay informed komo news eight thirty one right now sixty five degrees in the seattle sunshine to start this thursday morning along with gregg hersholt i'm manda factor here are the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center the finalists for the job of seattle police chief are united in at least one message bias has no place in the department almost brian calvert has more from last night's community meeting the forum was put on by the group not this time a group focused on violence and bias within spd interim chief carmen best who self identified as the hometown girl was first to address the crowd more important than the that is the number one thing pay to kill people meeting people candidate eli ray has agreed with best in that more training is needed for officers then added his philosophy for harmony between police and citizens policing is not something that we do to the community it is something that we do with the community any self described as a proud black man pledged to immediately recruit more minority officers having a police department reflect the community which it serves the numbers right now mayor durkan will interview the candidates tomorrow then plans on making her choice by the end of the month brian calvert komo news is lake stevens police wanna know who would target a house cat with a bow and arrow and shoot that cat not once but twice almost corwin hake has the bad news and the good well let's start with the good news of the cat is going to be okay even after being wounded twice with arrows the one year old black and white long haired tabby had gone missing for twenty four hours and when he showed up back home in lake stevens a hunting arrow was still protruding from the haunch of his left hind leg and examination showed he had also been shot in the other hind leg the everett herald reports hunter now has had two surgeries and is recovering now the hunt is on for whoever shot the cat if intentional it's a case of felony animal cruelty if you know anything lake stevens police would appreciate a call corwin hake komo news if.

Sixty Five Degrees Twenty Four Hours Twenty Six Years Two Percent One Year Two Days
What’s the Yield Curve? ‘A Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention

Think Realty Radio

01:55 min | 5 years ago

What’s the Yield Curve? ‘A Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention

"Showers and thunderstorms are likely for the new york city area today some of the storms could produce gusty winds heavy rain and frequent lightening highs near eighty five degrees but then clearing tonight and it goes down to around sixty five degrees in a beautiful weekend tomorrow saturday sunny highs near seventy seven degrees and then on sunday it'll be sunny with a high near eighty three degrees right now seventy seven degrees light rain falling in new york city from wnyc this is money talking on charlie herman recently it seems there's been an increase in people talking about this thing called the yield curve yield you'll curve wonderful yield curve the socalled inverted yield curve likes unless you work in finance you may be asking yourself what in the world are they talking about and do i really care well the answer is yes you should because this economic indicator has for decades predicted recessions and right now while we all should be paying attention and i have the perfect people to explain to you just what the yield curve is i'm stacey vanek smith and i'm cardiff garcia there the co host of npr's the indicator from planet money in cardiff would it be saying bit too much that you're kind of obsessed with the yield curve now i believe the question is directed at me amazing indicators so important here's the deal it's possible that you can say that i'm obsessed with the yield curve but the better question you should be asking yourself charlie is why isn't everybody else obsessed with the yield curve is a phenomenal economic indicator in one that i think has gone underrated for far too long okay but what exactly are we talking about here it's interest rates but it has to do with a very specific type dealing with government debt that's exactly right so these are interest rates on government debt that debt is also referred to sometimes as treasuries the government can issue this debt with different maturity and that just has to do with how long it takes for the government.

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Are Fireworks Legal in California? Each County Has It's Own Rules

After Hours With Amy Lawrence M

01:08 min | 5 years ago

Are Fireworks Legal in California? Each County Has It's Own Rules

"Lose 'cause now at eight eight eight nine nine four six five seven eight nine nine four six two five seven fireworks not legal in the county i'm sippy perky that's one of the stories we're following on am seven sixty fireworks are legal to buy in certain parts of california but public safety officials are warning san diego they are absolutely banned everywhere in the county a san diego fire rescue spokesman says fireworks are wildfire danger and also people blow off hands and fingers and get severe burns from accidents with consumer fireworks activists say the county should postpone a building a campground at the tijuana river valley regional park because of ongoing pollution problems supervisors allocated four million dollars for the project but the surfrider foundation and other environmentalists claim there's a health hazard from continuous sewage spills from the tijuana river an offduty federal ice agent who allegedly pulled a gun on a driver during a road rage incident is pleading not guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery and child endangerment right now been bird field partly cloudy sixty five degrees am seven.

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