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"sixty five seventy seven degrees" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Just west of Westside Parkway still causing brake lights there in the entrance ramp from hickory flat highway one forty five seventy five northbound still shut down from an earlier crash there. Joel Nelson speed I'm WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish. Dependable forecast today, mostly sunny, high near eighty two lows tonight fifty four fifty nine tomorrow, mostly the partly sunny, high eighty six low sixty four Wednesday a mix of clouds. And sun, high eighty five low sixty five seventy seven degrees on Peachtree street at three o seven with news on the hour half. When it breaks Courtray gets on Lantis exclusive twenty four hour. News, weather and traffic station. News ninety five five AM seven fifty WSB. Depend on it. John Hannity on Hannity. Brought to you on WSB. I've renters warehouse. Glad you're with us. Happy Monday and write down on toll free telephone number. It is eight hundred nine four one, Sean if you want to be a part of this extravaganza. Look, it is not complicated to understand. What is going on with the Democrats? They this who them might be worse Muller. No collusion. No obstruction than the loss in twenty sixteen like like Trump winning in two thousand sixteen. They did not see any of this coming. They did not think in their wildest imagination. Trump had a shot. And I one night. I'm just gonna do a eight election 2016 me the media reaction.

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