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"sixty five miles hour" Discussed on In The Pews

"All young guys like you. who are they has Some guy like me who is trying to figure out. But did i make the right decision. Some guys guys going there no for sure. This is it and some guys. Some guys are really nice guy. Some guys to really. Wow all human so you. You went in thinking that everybody was going to be holy and wind thinking that i'm going to enter into a community of sinks and in very quickly i've found out i'm entering a community of human serve. God is good because you know like he called peter. He doesn't call the perfect. he perfect the one. He calls And He he he he. He loves us in that way. No he doesn't call and love because we perfect he meets us in our broken miss. Your sinfulness and being disciples is to go along the journey and he former heart. Peter wouldn't reader be coosa fi upside down. What he i followed. Jesus in fact denied him. Yes so i found out very quickly that these guys yeah. There's some nice guy. There's some crazy guys that we we all discerning. So so why did you go to dallas. Why not here in houston the way as the seminary at the time of when when if you entered a seminary straight out of high school you have to. I do your four years of graduate study in philosophy and once you graduate and you go to a theology seminary where you spend another four years studying theology. Okay graduate and then a year of internship. Okay so i went there. Because i went straight out of high school for my undergraduate study at this seminary that is right there. Next to university of dallas so we'll study In the philosophy of the uc of dallas while living in the seminary and receiving the formation. There okay so so. I went there and enter into prayer. The nice thing about seminaries is everybody is sunny. So you foster friendship really quickly and you have a spiritual director and you have a four meter. Who walk with you which i appreciate but first year first semester studying philosophy. I hated it really. I get better at my english. But i still hate reading reading readings to take a lot of for me and variety. So we have to do. We have to read a lot and ride. A lot and philosophy is not the most exciting topic to religion. Second so i kind of struggled with school a bit. Additionally my parents were very very strict at home okay. now i'm away. Melissa seminary you have more freedom. I have more frito. I wasn't a disciplined. I was spending a lot of tire. Remember in december there was a ping pong table end as a pool table shooting pool. I got really good as shooting pool. And i spent a lot as spent a lotta time playing. Does you have your parents. They're telling you this study asks weight. And so i struggle so on the one hand i struggle academically and also would studying philosophy but a deeper struggle is an s. I'm going through that This relation right not liking the philosophy. This is not my thought it'd be this is not the community of sayings. Am i right place. Maybe not so i was. I wasn't doing well in school. I was struggling with the schooling with a big discipline being away from home for the first time and thirdly i was i was really homesick. Of course because your family had just been back together for three years after being away from each other for four plus years. So i really miss mom. Dad brothers and sisters. An ice to julia miss thacker. Stay in contact with her a little bit. Because i'm going to seminary. So i wanna make sure there's a proper distance course about us there but i. I still think a lot about her. Okay do but she didn't write her anything limited very okay. Yeah when i when we come back full like we have recalled it free weekend. you know. we'll talk on the phone and visit us but so i By the end of the semester. I thought man. It's not for me. Wow because i thought if he was really for me. I'll be so happy easier. It'd be easy. I am struggling with school extremely homesick. And stu thinking a lot about The beautiful of friend that i have also i I struggle so much that i I come to conclusion toward the end of the semester. That perhaps this is not for me. Okay so i call. My mom said mama i gave it a good try but i don't think i'm call mom. I think i'm gonna leave the seminary. I'm transferred out. At the time my brother went to To ut use of texas and in some conversation The girl says she might go to. Ut so maybe workout. So i'm gonna transfer ut. My brother is there may be should go. They're both study. And that's when i can officially lasko to date and exclusive baiting yes. All of that. Right i i got my plan. Yes so i told my mom. I b o transfer says mom said. Yeah yeah you go. Oh if it's not for you mama support you You can leave you can go to. Ut with your brother and support you. s- k thankful for that so That was my plan. I haven't told a summit. I want to wait to the end. So i Two weeks before the end of the semester on a saturday morning jove to The a drove to the flea market and i bought an image of the immaculate heart. Mary and sacred heart of jesus. Okay and i was driving back on the freeway and So beautiful day his driving back. And as i'm driving on the freeway i came upon this truck was carrying sofas offers and things like that and i think the way they the put that so far and the fall yes so i changed four lane from the outside to the inside lane. Okay and showing up. Just do that. That's so fell that truck. Wow and it was falling on the freeway so here. I am driving about sixty five miles hours and that truck roll right in front of my car. Wow so i go. I try to tone into the emergency lane but it is so fast. I lost control of the car. You spun around. It spun around about five times. Imagine your way on on a saturday morning. So there was carbon in my caucus spinning until i finally was able to manage it to stop okay. Toad backward on the freeway on the.

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