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"six times year" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

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"six times year" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"25, with Tyminski and Doyle. These offshore wind farms being proposed off the Jersey shore. Would you have a problem with that? Is it No big deal? 1 800 to 8311.5 Chris from Delaware Township. You're on New Jersey one at 1.5. Good afternoon, guys. Um, I look at it as a risk versus reward and let me preface that was saying I don't go to the beach a whole lot, maybe five or six times years. But out in Hunterdon County when when cell phones were coming through. You know, nobody wanted to see him. They were ugly. Everybody hated him. The tower. Everybody had a cell phone and they had to stand out in the backyard on one leg to get research. Yeah, right. Now people are they're going to get them put up, Uh, one because the reception and two because of the revenue it increases, so you'll get used to it. That's my point, right, right. Yeah, well, I'll tell you what you go to the shore about as often order even more than I do. So maybe I'm not a good person to judge this because I don't go a whole lot. But, um Yeah, again. I feel like it's going to be noticed. It's going to be kind of ugly, but I don't think it would be a deal breaker for me. I wonder how many people would feel differently, though. Chris, Thanks for your call. John in Bordentown. You're on New Jersey one at 1.5. Hey, guys, How you doing? Hi, John. So here's the scenario. It's 100 degrees out. It's 85% humidity. Usually go to the beach. And now you're not going to go to the beach because you can see the wind farm. But you were okay with the beach in Belmar for the last 20 years. When 30 ft. Behind you, there was a 7 11, a Dunkin Donuts a mama rip each and 15 funnel cake joints. Those aren't an eyesore. Well, those are behind you. Those those aren't disturbing the natural beauty of the ocean. Well, I I prefer a beach that doesn't have a board Wolf. That's that's what spoiled the beach for me. I.

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