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Mariana Velsquez' Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipe

Monocle 24: The Menu

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Mariana Velsquez' Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipe

"We continue this series with more recipes from some of the world's best shifts and bartenders. Today's recipes for a refreshing summer cocktail from columbia. Hello my name is maryanne. Alaska's i referred stylus and days make. You're an author of colombiana a rediscovery recipes and rituals from the soul of colombia. And today i wanna share with you. One of my favorites summer recipes from my book go by the vassal which is a street. Food is watermelon in line. Punch drink from the city of baron pizza which is great town. That's rolls over the mountains and into the mouth of the magdalena river and is such a vibrant city and i discovered these recipe on steamy afternoon. I was working all day and lunch was fire way and finally pulled onto the sidewalk to find a bunch of school. Kids chiding joking away as they dip their spoons into talk cups of crush watermelon with tons of line and ice and the watermelon pieces have been steeping into line for so long that they flavor had become some intense. And so the way you make these drink. It's really refreshing is you. Take about twenty cups of watermelon cut up into chunks by one cup of freshly squeezed lime juice and six cups of ice and you put everything into a large pitcher. And you use a wooden schooner model to sort of partly crushed that fruits for the watermelon seeps into the lime juice and dissolves a little utilit- really well for about forty five minutes and then read before serving new top it off with clubs soda and serving too tall bowl glasses with the lungs. It's delicious. i recommend

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"six cups" Discussed on WTVN

"To see they hold six cups of liquid, which is way more than store brands get because and the Fit Finder guarantees your underwear pads and guards fit. Right and won't leak And right now, the 1st 100 listeners who sign up and get because dot com slash offer will get a free trial pack that's get because dot com slash offer. No. Many things so Yes, well, From coast to coast and worldwide on the Internet. This is coast to coast A M. Now here's your guest host Richard Sarit. Say hello on Twitter at Richard Serra Greta Van Fleet my way soon from.

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"six cups" Discussed on MYfm 104.3

"You are not normal. But when it comes to what life everything, Whatever I'm the I'm the rock of that family on the foundation. That family will tell you something. I am I am it. I'm the only sane one in my family. And I hate to tell you guys that I know your entire family and I don't agree with. What do you know? In your new meds? What do you know? I'm the only sane one out there. And not of them are listening right now. Yeah. Don't tell them about this either. Please. Oh, I don't have people like that. My life to tell my wife things like that. That's just your wife, man. You're lucky Brian. Is this whole problem that anybody who works with Kyla Who hears anything on this show that Z anything disparaging or anything that could get him in trouble. They're like narc cigarette to her and tell her yes. You know, she's a team of North star. She does. She probably set up a whole spy change. And I mean that Kyla physician assistant, Hmm. One of the best known so that California 1043 my FM. More music, Good soil, more variety. Los Angeles for three, MY FM. If you wear bladder control products, you deserve better than the big, bulky leaky products in stores. Get because because protective underwear feels like real underwear. They're so thin and comfortable, you'll be shocked to see they hold six cups of liquid, which is way more than store brands get because and the Fit Finder guarantees your underwear pads and guards fit right and won't leak And right now,.

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Paolo Rossi, who led Italy to 1982 World Cup, dies at 64


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Paolo Rossi, who led Italy to 1982 World Cup, dies at 64

"Gab. A sad day as paolo rossi passed away last night. Eight sixty four. You'll memories of him. Well i mean we. All i think most people around the world right world defined by the first world cup that we remember and for me. I woke up. And i remember was nineteen eighty-two which is pretty good if you happen to be italian 'cause we got pretty well But also obviously at the center that that that a hat trick against brazil epic game. Against what i think was greatest world cup team yet. Never win a world. Cup and in my lifetime was absolutely epic. I got to meet him afterwards. He was always a very laid back. Never took himself too seriously. I'm just very gentle guy you know. I don't wanna term lightweight in a negative sense but that's kind of how it felt. When was he expected to do so. Well in that world cup now known coming off two years where he didn't play and he was. He was embroiled in a betting scandal before that and it was a really really big deal that ends up. It's time to come back. It was a classic sort of redemption story for him. Never quite made the great at club level after that world cup they bring him back for the six cup But still he was. He was tremendous tremendous striker. Tremendous figure i think and also nineteen seventy eight. You might remember this too. He had a big world cup. They're scoring three goals freely as they can put the came to the tournament. Yeah fourth actually filter. sorry yes. They lost to brazil in the rank. Flat

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"six cups" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Type two diabetes, cancer dementia. I mean again, that list can kind of go on. Sugar and refined processed carbs. Typically the culprit. So at this point and time, many adults are eating an average of £150 of sugar. And about £150 of flour a year. That's a lot £150 of eat. Yes, that's significant. So what that breaks down two is £3 or six cups a week. Of both sugar and flour. Wow. So is it any wonder that 75% of adults in America are overweight or obese? Well, that is definitely one of the pieces to the puzzle. The question of the day, and the question that's on a lot of people's minds is how do you talk your body into losing that extra body fat having kind of coax out? Some of that extra body fat. The answer to that question is quite simple. It's cut out the sugar and those process carbs and that's I mean, that is a message. We have been getting out there for these last 17 years. Again, knowing knowing is great hard to do sometimes. Eating sugar and process. Carbs is a habit. It's a very unhealthy habit, and it's a habit. It's a strong habit for a lot of people that it just takes some time to find those Substitution or to find those little niches. Tio. How do we start making those baby changes so that in the long run and you can make great progress? As humans. We are wired toe, love, sugar it It's in our biochemistry. It's you know, we're we're made to like the taste of sugar, no gravitate towards it. In years past, people's bodies could tolerate eating some sugar, which their bodies used a lot more efficiently for energy. And in those days, people it worked, maybe for some people because they were very active. And this was Maurin years pass. And there was not this overproduction of insulin that caused their fat cells to just grow and grow people. They burned up that extra sugar extra energy that they ate. With their active lifestyle, so sugar did not expand those cells. Yet now, Jay, is this a very different story. So here's a question asked. But the reason it is so hard for you to lose weight be because you are eating too much sugar. Too many processed carps. I encourage you to reflect on this, Like, really Think about what you're eating on a daily basis. Yeah, You don't have to tell us, Dad, Think about it for yourself. I mean, those there's candy Candy's here in there, or Cookies that you might not think. Add up to much. They are probably adding up or the chips for some people. So if your answer is yes, How can you change your habits? Well, most people need really nutritional education and support to make the necessary changes. I mean, the knowledge is really the first step. It as we've been talking about the doing is the hard part. But we have to get rid of those cravings for you to be successful. You can't fight those cravings forever. So the beauty is once you really get rid of the processed carbs in the sugar. For most people, those cravings Just go away. That's getting over that first hurdle of eliminating that, and for some people, it it is a cold turkey type of thing. And for people who are pre diabetic or insulin resistant. Eating. Just a little small amount of extra sugar could mean that most of the sugar goes right into those fats. And then again, making it really difficult to lose weight. And, yeah, like you said, it doesn't take a whole lot to goose a little extra sugar into those fat cells, especially in the beginning. When you do have Maura that insulin resistance or more of that crust, build up around your cells. Sometimes it does take Ah lot of diligence, especially in the beginning. And then as you progress things, you know you can make some choices, but One thing that I talk about with my clients a lot, or I get this question of, you know, how do I flip that switch? How do I get my body into that fat burning mode and out of the fat storage more? Is there anything any one thing that I can do to try to edge that process along? And the first thing that I always tell my clients is we need to be eating enough protein throughout the day. So that's that's eating 3 to 4 ounces of animal protein at least four times a day. Some people need five. Some people get away with six but at least four times a day, getting enough protein in This is potentially our biggest lever that we can kind of pull or Diallo. Upper dial down, Teo get our metabolism in that boosted state as much as possible. Protein helps our metabolism and helps those cravings and helps that insulin resistance in a couple of different ways. And the amino acids in protein. So these are the little building blocks of proteins. They send messages to different areas of your brain to say you are full and you are no longer creating sugar and processed carbohydrates. So that's great. It's sending those messages to the brain to calm that brain down and to take care of those cravings. And when you eat sufficient protein, you are telling your body to just let go of some of that extra body weights. It also helps to balance out those blood sugars. We are Here for.

Jay America Maura Teo Diallo
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"six cups" Discussed on KCRW

"Cup of BC six cups of water and then we use a little apple cider vinegar which is questioning prices method of getting rid of the fighting gases and the lectins it's in the skin body gas and elections are both anti nutrients and FID Cassidy specially ties up calcium magnesium and iron and so if you want to act get all the calcium magnesium and iron is available in the seeds or grains then use so with apple cider vinegar how much apple cider vinegar do you include we just use one tablespoon to about seven cups of water and including the grant or the bean wonderful thank you so much Leri thank you my the same player that was Larry can vary and you can find can vary in organic farms at a number of markets all over California and also online we've been hearing a lot about how businesses big and small are struggling with the fallout of the corona virus and farmers are no exception county line harvest is one of the growers has been hit hard by the ripple effect and I'm here to talk about it with Meghan strong Meghan it's been a pretty crazy week I think for hall of us and you've encountered a lot of uncertainty how is all this impacting your worlds yeah it has it's been a challenging week you know the and the uncertainty is probably the biggest piece we can deal with a drop in sales we can try and tighten up labor but not knowing how long this will last is really challenging we use it we do a lot of sales to distributors that are selling to caterers that are selling.

Cassidy Leri Larry California Meghan
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"six cups" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"With my can at and Ryan Herbert approach that is financial advisers group on the show today we're gonna talk about three common for a one K. mistakes that could hurt your retirement also using life insurance as part of your tax strategy we're gonna hear from Irene expert and CPA ed slott who says if you pay less taxes you're going to have more later makes sense right but how do we get there well these two guys are going to hold our hands and they're gonna give us some great information today Mike and Ryan how are you guys work on the weekend good morning Michael how the heck are you doing today doing well doing well it's a great weekend SO glad to talk about this as we are talking about a year and planning and Ryan Herbert you're always in through CAS stick this is the word mail me right now Michael tell me right now his kids kicked his backside week he is dragon he's got six cups of coffee here he is he is crushing up caffeine just to inhale because he is he is dragon big time so we we need to dog him the whole show what will show it was a tough week I mean here we are in the weekend and and he's working during the weekend but during the week up obviously he's helping people retire but two young kids right right yeah that's right on the you know this this is a work this is something fun that that Mike and I get to come do we get to share our knowledge you know I get a break from the kids that's always a good thing and the best part is we're on the radio I look incredible that is true actually the both of you look look look very handsome especially on the right solution on the radio well us older guys Ryan are are very empathetic to what you're going through right now I mean we know exactly what you're talking about with younger kids see migrating that you're still ten years younger than I am I'm at the point now where I just get a laugh about it because I remember the days and now now I mean I don't have grandkids yet but I live vicariously through riding with his kids and all I could do is just I just I love it when they come into the office as once when they come in and and his wife murdered his running around and he's running around the kids running around and and Adrian who runs our operations for some myself and Catherine we're all we're handing the kids with this look at were handed I'm just straight up packets of sugar this series quick trip this coca Cola before you go home and we just happen to my life you know because I mean is that is that every grandparent streamed out of a wire the kids up and back to mom it to mom and dad right yeah here is we apparent to me I love that I love that you see we are relating to things that are going on in your life as well that's what makes this show so much fun to do but also the information that you guys get from Mike and Ryan is so very informative and and actionable to your retirement situation let me give you the number real quick before we get started eight six six five nine seven ten forty eight six six five nine seven ten forty what you're gonna get today is a complimentary one hour consultation with my can ride to talk about your retirement situation so we invite you to call in that's coming up here in just a little bit but first let's get into year and planning very important as were obviously getting close to the end of the year here and it's a topic that a lot of us struggle with and it's natural to worry about making a mistake with our money wanna play this piece from personal finance expert Tiffany Alicia she tells CNBC that the fear of doing something wrong with our money can paralyze some people the most common.

Ryan Herbert ten years one hour six cups one K
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"six cups" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Of which will come from the intercontinental ballistic missile system and surveillance plane systems acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. He told reporters on Friday that quotes, we we have very smart people here in the department, and we have found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness. He did spend part of Saturday along the southern border in mcallen, Patrick Shanahan said he intends to accelerate planning to secure the US Mexican border, and bolster the homeland security department's ability to do its mission continue its military help. He also offered assurances to perhaps two dozen border patrol agents and other officials in the mcallen border patrol station that the Pentagon would not withdraw its military support prematurely. Shanahan said quote. We're not going to leave until the border is secure. This isn't about identifying a problem. It's about fixing a problem. More quickly. Shortfalls in personnel and other resources have led to periodically ask for the military is on the border without a plan on how to fix the underlying resource problems. There you go that story from t- Texas State network now, Texas, according to this story from the Associated Press could be hit hard by this new immigration package. That's being considered by the president. It's all part of an e verify system. The White House will reportedly be pushing for mandatory employment checks on the e verify system. It would take away the magnet of job even for those who overstay visa but rice university's Mark Jones says it would hit hard small businesses. And the agriculture industry would lose workers. The Trump administration comes up with a really robust visa program to allow them to import seasonal agricultural workers. Sunday show fewer than one third of Texas hires are screened with verify in increases the cost of doing business which in turn is passed onto the customer day. Oh, that's newsman. John Dempsey reporting. No doubt about it. And that will be far reaching all kinds of fields. Not only. Agriculturally construction on and on and on we we know the drill here. We know what's going on. And it's going to be best jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety now. Also, the news you remember the story. Just last week. We talked about it a little bit about this missing four year old girl. In a rest has now been made in the case of this four year old Houston area girl that went missing last Thursday, 26-year-old dairy and Vance who first reported the disappearance of Malaysia Davis last week. He was arrested on charges of tampering with evidence and could face a murder charge. He was the one that said a group of Mexicans beat him up and took the child default a false report. Jay did. Well, Vance told police that he malaria in his two year old son had been abducted by men who also stole his car, but surveillance video shows. Vance driving the same car and possibly stashing me as body hidden inside a laundry basket in the trunk of God. Yeah. The same basket was found in the trunk and cadaver dogs reacted to the sense of human a human body decomposing, basically vehicle earlier this year Malayan or brothers had been removed from the home by CPS after she suffered a head injury. Vance is currently being held at a one million dollar bond. What a loser. Yeah. Yeah. Mob came out over the weekend said, yeah, he's got some issues and. Yeah. Away from the man with the issue issues. Yeah. How about monster? Let's go with that. Yeah. No kidding. But it'll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Yeah. You know, these days if try to come up concoct a story like that that's going to that's going to fall apart very quickly with all the technology and everything, and I gotta last seven fifty here on the Todd Don show, and well, it looks like the subpoenas are going to continue towards the Trump administration. Just can't stop the just can't stop doing this. What would you got nothing else? What are you gonna do? It's true. You know? I mean, that's all the got. That's all they got Pena's over legislation. They have no candidates. They have absolutely nothing to have. No. They have no platform. They have. No, well, they do they have a platform. Well, yet, they free healthcare free education and open border. Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's that's the platform issued a slew of subpoenas in recent weeks targeting President Trump. And his administration including a subpoena for his capture terms and one for his sons testimony Democrats have decided to hold off on judiciary committee resolution holding attorney general bar in contempt Herrmann. Nadler says he's holding off on the vote to give ministration officials that time they need to comply with subpoenas that have already been issued relating to the president's business dealings and political activities story there from Fox News jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five nine these folks going to finally just get absolutely disgusted with themselves and just get tired of their own voice. What is that going to happen? Hopefully soon, please if you need a coffee to get through the day, you might wanna dial it back. It turns out there's a limit when it comes to coffee consumption researchers. They published a new article in the American journal of clinical nutrition. It reveals that six or more cups of Java ups the risk of heart ailments might twenty percent who drinks six cops. Stay people over here. Do it. All the time. Six cops. Absolutely. Yeah. What size of a Cup. I mean is that is a measurement of a is that that six ounces way seems like a lot of coffee six cups of copy seems like a lot to me sixteen tablespoons of the study marks the first time. Scientists have attached a Cup number limit. That notes went damage could start setting in and apparently six cups. You can start to damage heart. Now coffee's not not the most commonly consumed stimulant in the world wakes us up boost our energy and helps us focus, but people are always asking how much caffeine is too much. Yeah. Dr island hop on what the Australian centre for precision health says six starts the damage your body a little bit. Well, we're gonna have a bunch of people dropping like flies here at the station. No doubt caffeine is an absolute must for this profession at you've seen people in the break room flock to those the those coffee pots some do. I I have two cups a day to have for years. That's it. Just two cups. How many how many you don't drink drink tea got caffeine in it? Yeah. Yeah. That's where I get caffeine t- an occasional diet coke. And that's about it. But you don't like cough. I don't taste never been a coffee drinker. I can tolerate it. It's not that. I it makes me gag or anything like that. It's just nothing that I've ever gone Cup of coffee. That sounds good this morning. Good morning. Hey hymie. Ryan, I listened to the verify banging I came up at something. I've been thinking how many of these illegal aliens being cut loose with a court date that never show up fear. Well, the research is pretty clear they about half doubts various reports. And and yeah, that's why the the night circuit court of appeals allow the president to keep some of them on the other side of the border painting. Their court gates that doesn't work Melinda. Good morning on the Todd dodge show. Good morning. Yes. I was going in about a little girl that you know, God's the stepdad's Houston. Yes, sir. Yeah. Thing is if the mom knew what kind of monster. He was allowing the children to be around on around him. She should also face charges being over the weekend on press conference of her talking over the weekend. And she said that this guy has a record of molesting kids. What the hell is he doing what are you doing shacking up with this guy? Then that's the thing. And as a mother myself is why I'm saying until you know, we start also going after the mothers and making them serve time because they knew they put their children indeed situation, then it's never gonna end. They don't have any ramifications for anything that they do. So it's going to continue. They'll just go with the next guy and the next day. It's not gonna stop. No, you're right. You're right. She she she potentially put those kids in a dangerous situation. Yeah. He he he had a propensity towards that. He'll he'll do that. So you don't let your kids around ladies xactly. He's got issues. It's horrible. Man. It really is. Couldn't help it. Wow. She's four years old definitely put her behind bars. He's locked up. He also has a couple of other kids, and you saw the press conference. I think it was last Thursday or less Wednesday or Thursday when the press talked to him, and he said, I don't know I got hit over the head stole my car kidnapped us spa, blah, blah. Mexican men that did it. Yeah. Yeah. It it sounded very similar to adjust the small it false reporting. And also something that you could see through almost immediately. When I saw him looking at the camera and kind of looking down not able to really speak. There's there's a lack of emotion, then be there that very disconnected. Yeah. Was not there. Hey, stay with us. We got Trump tweets coming up. Mazing life-changing prizes. This time is you know, we got some great prizes coming up for Trump tweets after the top of the hour if you'd like to play simply call us at five one two eight three six zero five ninety we're gonna go deep into the price pleasant on this one got all the way to the back. As a matter of fact, it's going to bring all that stuff in the back to the front price class right rotate, the backstop to the front. That's right start giving away. Some of the better prices might be some of those DVD's of the nanny Don show. Jay on roofing, the most trusted roofer in Austin, Texas, since nineteen seventy nine still doing amazing work. And I know that a lot of you are dealing with the roof issues right now due to the severe weather that we've had lately, maybe you're seeing a wet sealing up there. And you're going great. Where do I begin who do I trust? Well, let me help you Jake on. They have an A-plus rating from the BBB, it's not just people with trucks and ladders and cellphones and hammers. No, it's an actual firm in south. Austin fact, they've got a little showroom over there that you can go sit down with them, and that can show you the latest and greatest and roofing materials and talk to him over there. At the very least have him. Come take a look at your roof weather. It is in obvious need of repair or new roof or not because you wanna make sure there aren't some little tiny issues up there that are festering that might become big issues. If you don't address them that inspection is absolutely free. And it is worth it. Let me tell you because they do find a problem. Sometimes it's something they can address on the spot..

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How Much Coffee Is Too Much? Drinking 6 Cups In A Day Is Bad For The Heart, Study Shows

Todd and Don

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How Much Coffee Is Too Much? Drinking 6 Cups In A Day Is Bad For The Heart, Study Shows

"If you need a coffee to get through the day, you might wanna dial it back. It turns out there's a limit when it comes to coffee consumption researchers. They published a new article in the American journal of clinical nutrition. It reveals that six or more cups of Java ups the risk of heart ailments might twenty percent who drinks six cops. Stay people over here. Do it. All the time. Six cops. Absolutely. Yeah. What size of a Cup. I mean is that is a measurement of a is that that six ounces way seems like a lot of coffee six cups of copy seems like a lot to me sixteen tablespoons of the study marks the first time. Scientists have attached a Cup number limit. That notes went damage could start setting in and apparently six cups. You can start to damage heart. Now coffee's not not the most commonly consumed stimulant in the world wakes us up boost our energy and helps us focus, but people are always asking how much caffeine is too much. Yeah. Dr island hop on what the Australian centre for precision health says six starts the damage your body a little bit. Well, we're gonna have a bunch of people dropping like flies here at the station. No doubt caffeine is an absolute must for this profession at you've seen people in the break room flock to those the those coffee pots some do. I I have two cups a day to have for years. That's it. Just two cups. How many how many you don't drink drink tea got caffeine in it?

Caffeine American Journal Of Clinical N CUP Stimulant Dr Island Six Cups Two Cups Sixteen Tablespoons Twenty Percent Six Ounces
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"six cups" Discussed on X96

"I didn't know that already. I've even as well. As a matter of fact, I guess I'm a little late. I thought so my mother's fruitcake recipe. And it's it's kind of cool because this is her handwriting. Nice. I like that this is her recipe. She wrote this out for years ago on the these on this should put that in like, plastic or something. Yeah. I will. And I thought I'd lost a two I've looked around the house for all for an hour last night before I finally found it, and I call my see I felt I didn't do it until like after thanksgiving, and my wife said, no, I'm pretty sure your mother started doing it now or even earlier than this. And I called my sister just to make sure because I never believed my wife. That's what she always says, you never believe me doing you. You always need a second opinion. Now, she knows how we feel. I call my sister. I mom make fruitcake this early. She said, oh, yes. You usually start right at right after Halloween. So so this weekend my daughter, and I little MRs Bill will go to the WinCo because they have all the bulk stuff that you need you want to hear some listen to these gracious. It's amazing six cups of. Dates and fix. How many fruitcakes are you making this'll probably make five who's gonna eat five fruit. I'll give some of them. Why did I give you some of it last year you guys? No, no, okay. Well, I will this year. Okay. Six cups of dates, data fix four cups of raisins, two cups of currents eight ounces of candy pineapple one pound of candied cherries, one pound of colored mixed candied fruit. This sounds a lot that radiant. It is going to be any room for cake in there. Well, I'll tell you that in a second or two six cups of walnuts. Pecans and almonds a pump and a half of bourbon.

MRs Bill WinCo one pound eight ounces two six cups four cups Six cups six cups two cups
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Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James

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"six cups" Discussed on Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James

"But no it just died done oh and my rice cookers i i was looking to buy the same one i can't find it really find it and then i tried to make rice in the insta and i hated it so i can now say it is it is the worst if you're looking rice and instant pot don't do it get a real rice cooker so i haven't bought a rice cooker yet because i'm i'm just lost i'm lost kristen i'm lost in my kids were like where's the rice and right now doing frozen trader joe's jasmine rice which is fine but yeah it's the brand is miracle it's like it's like a it's the japanese rice cooker but i know i bought it on amazon but it was forever ago and i can't find it but when i really like she did you how big was yours i think you could do like six cups twelve yes it's six cup black and decker that i really like do you okay yeah we'll all link up to in our in our facebook group i was super bummed so that happened and then also quickly on our house renovation which is still still ongoing still on mowing when we bought the house we had a finished basement with a game room and the laundry room and we thought okay we're not gonna pop any money into the spaceman it's fun it's finally just like it is it's fine and then we had some heavy rains and then we start to see how the water was kind of coming in and certain areas and i get really weird about mold and all that stuff so we started try to like figure out ways to put some new drains in law will long i mean long story short we ended up taking out the entire floor like the.

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"six cups" Discussed on WAFS Biz 1190

"I would prefer a different job i would take this approach with myself and change my mood my state i would simply say like this i'm so grateful for the job that i have i'm so grateful to have a job i mean i like my job but i'm grateful to even have a job and and so i'm grateful for the job that i have and i'm grateful that a better job is already on the way because that what you seek you will find and so when you live life that way now you show up to work and you're happy you're probably full you're looking you're anticipating a happy day and and in a in a bright future so it's really about if you walk around living in a constant state of need you're gonna live in a constant state of depression if you walk around living with a grateful heart thankful for what you have you're going to be a much happier person and more productive in your investments and on your job or in your marriage just filling the boy thank yeah really fill in the blank like they're so much that can be done there it's you can change you can will your life you can will your future you can will your results to whatever it is that you imagine you just have to be on the right path and i'm and i'm totally with you on that let's talk about this concept of intuition because i feel like everybody intuitively knows what to do right if you are if you're not like healthy physically and you're like okay well i don't feel right i'm drinking too much or i'm not eating the right things or i have you know six cups of coffee a day and now i have like some weird acid reflux thing going on i mean you know intuitively like you should stop drinking six cups of coffee a day you should kill you should kill the alcoholic from your diet especially if you're drinking excessively i should stop smoking you should eat healthy you should work out in these things.

six cups
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"So you advise making a filling where the starch and the sugar and the fruit doesn't cook within the crust you prefer to do it outside the crust because once again you can see what's happening so still tough stove top i like to do the stuff top method because every fruit is different and it's hard to see in the end like if you added an upstart anything i also like doing things days ahead of time so if i can pre cook my pie filling and start in the refrigerator then it's cooled off because you should never put a warm filling in a pie crust so is there a template for making that kind of fruit filling so i take about six cups of fruit like blueberries blackberries cherries and i cook him down with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar and then whatever else they want to add like vanilla or whatever so just enough sugar till it tastes good yes i don't use very much sugar in my life feeling you got as much sugar as you like it's your pie so keep tasting it and once all different starts to bubble up then you can add your starch so you can take water and flour or water and cornstarch mix them together to make lake slurry slurry yeah it should look like whole whole milk kind of thing and then you're gonna pour in just enough let's start with half like porn a little bit and star star star with your fruit and if it thickens up right away you need to add more so then we refrigerate that well the quickest thing to do is just to grab a clean cookie sheet and pour the filling.

six cups milk
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"Yeah i thought he's done some get pitches even in the bottom of v you know some of them didn't go away but you know that's the way the game is sometimes sometimes you don't get get guys you think you should get but i thought he was really sharp felt like a tight strike zone tonight to me i'll say it but anyway you guys get i think it's i think that would be fair to say eight to one the only give up the one run and the offense comes to life and you hit your first home run of the year seems to me like you've been hitting the ball hard with almost nothing to show for it you know you to take advantage of it i think sui averages six cups of coffee and three red bull's game and and so is steady man it doesn't matter if we score ten runs or no runs those the same any super positive they're both really positive and they understand talked to guys in different ways which is great because you know this everybody has a different approach everybody has a different swing and they understand that and it's really good too good to be be on their side funnel moment with giants catcher nick hundley big part of the giants eight two one win how about mac.

giants mac nick hundley six cups
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"Right you know it's interesting why it's been time with other people's could be we and also i don't want anybody actually my shit you you know know what what i i mean mean like i have my choice i have my shit that way like michelle come in my house with my shit around at the materialistic shifts the stuff that represents the way i like my shit to sit in the don't touch my shit in now that you have a smaller space yeah and i know we're all you know i'm very anal so my sure does all lined up six plates six cups six foals match you you know know what what i i mean mean like like anybody touching my shit yeah it's it's that's the wall you've built that is i have a variety of all high and low some porcelain sewn well what did you end up wake it's weird like i i think it's everyone's fantasy to kind of like you know get rid of everything i mean like what did you what did you get rid of that you thought you would never get rid of oh god i mean like what did you like how this down so you sold the house sold my house i got rid of all my furniture i but was it freeing was like very freeing it was very freeing and i don't miss and i mean like i had one of those hutches that had like all the dishes for the occasional dishes cups and the ryan mackenzie for thanksgiving here's here's what it represents though i don't even cook anymore like i used to be a big home chef and i used to i go to restaurant eat something and i go home and i like i replicate it at home and i would i made bread from scratch and beer from scratch and i would have parties where i would make ice creams and i had a garden and i literally my diet consists of nuts and items from the frozen section at trader joe's right now.

michelle ryan mackenzie trader joe six cups
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"Six cup coffeemaker mullets cocktails on the folding table refreshments are served oh is it the last of us it is not okay last tense okay the enemies are fast but the smoking sea captains with is faster the smoking seek hasn't amy's passed the smoking so you captains with faster played games where this malta cocktails on table i know that there are is it left for when you guess it on the don't shoot the cookie cutters is so with behind the wall they right and then gingerbread men cookie cutters to her this is like how martians would see us yeah exac rival it's like i now see what it was like for the people in the movie arrival to turpin society it's like we're all looking at a painting and we don't get to move to the left a little bit oh my god i think my girlfriends and alien girlfriend might be be one for two for good for the last one ready all right hint one you harpoon a bunch of we flux capacitors with your with your landrover harpoon a bunch of we flux capacitors with your landrovers she scottish no so it's not we like oh you're one like it is oh it's so you harpoon a bunch of we've looks capacitors with your landrover next i almost wanted to get to the says says number two well since you're drawn my attention to the sky dot dot dot there's no way you'd see the moon that big with all that smog.

amy malta turpin Six cup
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"Thorough history uh that discussion is going to involve a number of factors in cluding some of their underlying conditions certainly uncontrolled diabetes can play a role in something like this recurrent urinary tract infections can have a profound impact in addition you know we need to rule out any anatomic problem that can be causing this and then sometimes something as simple as what people drink makes their symptoms a whole lot worse than so we oftentimes spend a lot of time talking about their habits both what they eat what they drink the medications that they take when they take them they're sleeping patterns all of these can play a tremendous role and how the blatter's affected give me some examples of what may be some beverages that someone should may be avoid if there's you're dealing with this while certainly coffees sodas carbonated beverages are some of the some of the big ones it's uh it's interesting to see what the coffee epidemic has really done to patients and their bladders is not uncommon for people to come in and talk to me and tell me about the five or six cups of coffee the that they have a day is at all five or six i i it said well dr this happens when i drink a lot of coffee the answer is well don't drink a lot of coffee ranked way is it is it the caffeine as something to do with it they were just they just the volume of liquid well it can be a combination of both certainly the caffeine walked a little bit of as a diuretic uh can also be a bit irritating on the bladder and it's not always about the liquids but it certainly can be a part of the story so one of the things patients assume is that they're going to come in and all of the sudden the doctors going to recommend medications or recommend surgeries and that's not necessarily the case at all i have patients who drink phenomenal volumes of of liquids and just by doing some simple calculations by themselves at home we can determine you know some simple maneuvers that can really make their life a lot better how about things like stress and anxiety do they play a role in this little are they can they absolutely can you know and patience oftentimes their blatter a sort of the.

blatter caffeine six cups
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"The mobile industry without a doubt all right the national bill get don't don't don't worry too much about the endless we have to act after constantly ah you know ever apple rumors anyway have to be taken with a grain of salt the company holds its cards really close the vest they don't let anybody know what they're doing so everybody just reading tea leaves guessing based on flimsy information and i can't tell you how often and i'm gonna say we have been wrong about apple apple continues to just fire on all twentyfive cylinders they're just an unbelievably successful and strong company and uh and even even though i was you know i called the apple watch a flop as it was too and i meant not in commercially but i'm at technically because it was hot you know there's the user interface is weird um it it's too small a screen really to be useful but over time apples founds a very powerful uses fort particularly fitness and i and you know amid and health budgets not merely you know physical fitness but health and i think this is going to be a strong contender for years to come it is the only wearable really right now it's doing well thanks for the call so it's great to talk to chris he says he does six cups of coffee a day and i think he does the first five of them right before he calls me our show today brought to you by simply safe loves the ably safe these guys uh it's actually was stirred by one guy who looked at the.

apple user interface chris six cups
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"If i once i get them it'll be in your amac afri took it donors carts cheese here we you'll how how where we came from you don't have one now though what's up with the sugar donuts my dogs sugar donors note doughnuts first big you need malger don't creams divest i will don't lasting cream is the best i will give a shout out to switch though because dug at appreciate it you you like dunkin' donuts i loved the unabashed every second but waste of money but what i wanna know though is that you have you ever done anything for dunkin' i have you would really go sue if duncan was raised god miles south before every single game are trainer st spiro he stops at the dunkin' donut buys care right and grabs is it is it him are steve our order actually they they they alternate also but every day before each art before each game there's like six cups of coffee and how do you to take our coffee tell the worst of all this five trainers through their coffee note i when i said there's like six some of them i this this thing and i said it how do you take your coffee uh irish say say it to creams sugars what size coffee extra medium no mean actually there's another large does that make you bounce off the loss oh yes but he doesn't sleep he already said he does not sleep there but that's what i'll coffee for measuring with co uh while i've never heard of that though he claims is the thing that really throws you're off their rows pomp of cream that is like a fall like a whole cut the alley buddies eight sugar's a grammy scream kerr's.

dunkin duncan kerr steve six cups
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"One time when i was little i was putting pepper julie i was putting like black pepper on my eggs like my scrambled eggs and i you know how much i like my black pepper like on things do my little cousin was six or something and the time here's looks amigos enough my body style hurts the i'm sorry so they do is my pepper no no matter what can we have next so i found a minute to winning game where you staff cops i think the show if i anybody ever watched minute to win it one guy he had he was the host it was pretty looking yours great there's really exciting remember russia we should find it unlike on who is no flakes there i dunno i think a lot of them are unusual by a whole episodes you know i was drinking the monarch daiei kok darko i i was a fan of kaklamanis kid now everyday cockpit all my god sorry okay so the game on the show is that they had thirty six cups i think we have like twenty one because i read that this is better for kids and we're basically who used so you have to stack them into a pyramid and then unstuck them back like this of us in one minute uber minute to win it of the names are comes from her yes khor so i me you're going for the after figure out how stack him on the fly.

russia thirty six cups one minute