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"six million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

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"six million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

"People about lake placid it it'll liban infamy and and salvaged only by one of the great moments in history of american sport now now call this a tale of two x boston guys contracts a year ago at this time isaiah thomas was making about six million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars averaging twenty nine points a game making second team all nba and fully expecting he would be getting a max contract a year ago jimmy garoppolo was a backup qb with four starts on his resume only wesley in one yesterday isaiah thomas and injured bust with cleveland was shipped to la with his entire future in jeopardy forget max contract how about having a job next year and yesterday jimmy garoppolo now a forty nine or with a whopping seven starts on his resume was rewarded with a contract passive we worth one hundred thirty seven million and change with about ninety million guaranteed i'm not sure i have the necessary command of our mother tongue to put vis juxtaposition in its proper perspective mike stone all right as we talked about earlier this week the detroit lions introduce map patricia's their new head coach the eleventh lions head coach in the last thirty years one day later the lions announced the raising ticket prices for the fifth straight season i know with the new coach expenses for pencils will rise in two thousand fourteen the average lines ticket was eighty three dollars next year they'll be 100 and three dollars and why not considering all those big playoff home games we got to witness the last four years uh that would be zero you see there is something bob and mike that the nation does not realize the detroit lions recent history is the worst in sports and when i say recent i mean the last sixty years they at one one playoff game since 1950s seven and that was after the ninety one season try to digest that they've hosted two playoff game sits fifty seven they've had a player dial in the field the best player in their career in their history retired by fax in the prime of his career they're great wide receiver retired because he had enough.

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