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"six hundred ninety eight five" Discussed on The Daily Beans

"I have to a. They're gonna want me to calm down or rile up. But you know it's all right because you can't backdate more than a day because he didn't have the report in twenty four th or whatever so it's like it was totally post hoc and he's he's known for this i. I'm i've joked several times on twitter. Oh don't worry bill barrel just whip up a memo saying that. He could do that and he did that. With a crane withholding the funds. He's he's done it. A bunch of sunny point of my bill barr is a smart guy. But he's not brilliant and i hear people a lot of times said bill bars very very smart man. No he's not he's not and the bus dumped by any means in fact they say in the book he's a far man but he's a six hundred ninety eight five and that is because when you look at these memos. They're caught there clap. He's a master of making these memos. Sort of look good like he. Large them with these citations. Citations are preside the point. The citations are too obvious. Points in the law but not the dispute issue and when it comes to when you really look a key issue. He often has nothing. He often has a very flimsy veneer on what he does. So anyway. the need to say that you're right. And i when i when i read this news i immediately thought of you and your book. He's probably already sent it to print. And i bet he knows what it was like to be on the muller team and want to put your report out but having obstruction crimes. Continue to happen over. Sorry go another bender here. But i'm also critical of the butler team in my book because as we all know they left the door open right and muller i think his report is not as the thought findings report of. I've been remarkable right. Held up remarkably well but his legal conclusion or non-conclusion really has aged poorly and by leaving that door open. Who's to say we're not exonerating. We're not apart you. You know we all remember that. I call it iota. Speak you know this double negative backward syntax crap. What does he leaves the door. wide open. For the biggest december of all bill barr jumped into the fray. And by the way muller said you know. I can't say because we can't charge him. The special counsel regulations say that special counsel shall explain his prosecutorial or declamation decisions. Meaning you need to say. I would prosecute or not and i think i think muller dropped the ball there. He he you know. He's the blame. Because i think he had good intentions but the problem is he left the floor open for this liar. Bill barr to come in and lie away. That's what he did sure. Sure i have a little respectful disagreement there. Only because of what's happening now with the mcgann agreement testified behind closed doors. If a criminal referral is made. I think that had muller said he that that trump committed obstruction of justice without trump being able to defend himself and faces accuser quarter law. He could have a pretty good appeal if there were to be charges brought now that the jury was prejudiced or something. Yeah i mean. I guess i would say you would bet that jury much like the derek chauvin jury was just that it right. You would have to ask every one of them. If you heard of this and probably fewer people would have heard of that. And then derek chauvin at george floyd and then you say has had an impact on you. Lean one way or the other. There's way it would have made jury selection.

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