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"sissy lean" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Well more. Kabuki, theatre in the DC swamped yesterday as is expected this as big tech in the hot seat on Capitol Hill. Grill. Six Oh, eight now thirteen ten, kfi a thirteen. Ten K. F. K. A. Dot. com. Northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists, studios, Yup. Chief executives of Amazon facebook, apple, and Google, well, they faced. It's something that well, our lawmakers can agree upon an. kind of universal criticism that this congressional hearings, yesterday Democrats and Republicans alike finding consensus challenging their business practices over more than five contentious our hey, at least they got to talk unlike. Bill barred the day before now according to a piece out of the wall, Street Journal by Ryan. Tracy the session conducted via video conference, because of of course, the coronavirus pandemic laid, bare, a deep rooted frustration with some of the country's most successful companies in a moment when well, all of us rely upon them more than ever also highlighted the threat to the companies from ongoing investigations by anti-trust authorities with lawmakers, citing internal company emails and witness interviews as evidence that well, all of these platforms improperly abused their rather dominant position tone of the questions directed at. Amazon's Jeff Bezos facebook mark. Zuckerberg, at Apple's Tim. Cook, and Google's Sundar Pichai was almost universally hostile across the board representative David. Sissy Lean chairman of the House Judiciary anti-trust subcommittee kicked off the hearing by declaring our founders would not bow before king. Nor should we bow before the emperor's of the online economy? kind of went downhill from there. Executive Course defended their company's practices and said. They will face a stiff competition that forces them to serve customers and innovate lawmakers for their part whipsawed between topics from how the company's moderate social media posts. All know they would never would they to the tactics they use to gain sizable positions markets from digital advertising ECOMMERCE. The CEOS had sought to testify jointly in approach that made it harder for the interrogators to sustain pressure on any one witness now. Now Zach. Robert. Face a series of questions about facebook's acquisition strategy Mr. Pichai defended Google from a litany of allegations ranging from taking advantage of its dominant online search engine to its work in China lawmakers in both parties accused Mister Bay. So some presiding over bullying of independent sellers on the Amazon marketplace citing reports. In The Wall Street Journal that employees had used seller data to launch competing products apple. Got, fewer questions than the other companies with Mr Cooke at defending its policies on its APP stores. But you know at the best part was we all discovered something yesterday that we indeed do have something in common, which basis us. All right. It might not be the size of our bank accounts, but when it comes to utilizing tack. Well, MR, bezos founder and CEO of Amazon unfortunately was having some tech issues I. Don't know if you saw this or not. But there were some using parts that came out of this. One was so I went, he finally did get a question. Now estimates vary how long it took for him to finally get a question But anywhere from one to two hours a, he's just kind of sitting there because they had their pictures up on the screen, and at one point he reached over to get himself a snack. And so he finally got his question and he started to talk and was told Mister Basis I, believe you're on mute. Now, how many of us have had that very same experience in those zoom meetings? Kind of goes to our conversation. We had with adequate etiquette experts, Valerie Sokolski, yesterday talking about the do's and don'ts of the zoom meeting. Then you had Republican Representative Greg Stoop also roasted online for asking Google CEO why his campaign emails were going to spam folders? Save. Mail. This is what happens when you have nontechnical people trying to wrap their arms around technical problems, technical issues. Now, social media users jumped on the fact that Amazon's Bain Bezos received no questions in his very first inaugural appearance before Congress and at one point, the world's richest man as I mentioned, appeared to reach offscreen for a snack. then. You had US representative. James. Sensenbrenner is use of the phrase, the net, the net that was pretty well mocked online for being outdated. With. Any number of people posting about the nineteen, ninety, nine, film, one, thousand, nine, hundred, five film of the same name starring Sandra Bullock, sharing gifts of retro computer icons and Dial Up. Internet. Now. Sensenbrenner also grilled facebook CEO on twitter inks. Decision. To temporarily are temporarily restrict donald trump junior from tweeting after he violated its corona virus misinformation rules. Zucker bird fired back thing. I think what you might be referring to happen on twitter. So it's hard for me feat that. Chief executives initially appeared on as a thumbnail images on a large screen, not frustrate viewers who mocked the virtual set up on on twitter. and. They also didn't like the background saying that Zuckerberg's ruined setup looks like a hostage video. FORBE's they suggested backing off the soft focus and maybe adding some books adding some books in the background but. Mr Bezos, I believe you're on mute. That resulted in. Any number of snarky comments, but perhaps, the most telling thing that came out of all this is that the new insult for twenty twenty is put your mask on, put your mask on because as is the norm whenever our lawmakers get together and try to come to any sort of decision. Well. The entire thing just disintegrates into a shouting match. But it had a pandemic twist. The refrain of put your mask on and you heard that over and over again, well, that caught the attention of twitter users and I thought this was pretty classic. This is one twitter user said can't wait for the jeopardy question in two, thousand, twenty. This congressional. Hearing popularized a put your mask on as an insult. Yup. More Buki Theater. On Capitol Hill..

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