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 Featured Property Podcast Storyteller Tours 2020: March 14 edition. Avoid open houses. Start here!

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Featured Property Podcast Storyteller Tours 2020: March 14 edition. Avoid open houses. Start here!

"Good Morning Paul Griego here. Toronto REAL ESTATE UNFILTERED recorded at real estate. Podcast SHOW DOT com. Many of you have been guests of mine on my property tours for many years in fact I've been doing these tours on some level on some In some way for over twenty years. That's a long time to practice and get my routines pretty down and I feel like this is where you guys all need to be before you ever open your front door and step outside and see a property with me. You need to know the details. You need to know the behind the scenes of these places and these properties. I don't think it's acceptable. Regardless of the current situation. Right now to be heading out and to be going to random open houses to possibly Review Properties before you make the educated before you get educated about these areas about these properties about the good. The bad and the ugly is okay. Now for the purposes of this podcast. I'm going to do a little bit of behind the scenes of the property in the area. He'd be a little history. Tell you a little bit about the property. If I say much more than that I might lose you guys before we ever get to the actual tour. And I don't WanNa do that. I don't WanNa bore anybody off. The off the podcast. I think I've been doing pretty good about making sure. That never happens because right in front of me. There are my rules. My rules are don't be boring. That's my rules. I don't ever want this to be boring. Not only not boring but I just WanNa make sure that for each of you because my experience buying a home back in nineteen ninety eight. I was twenty four. I'd save money for five years. I was so excited my experience and I wasn't a realtor them. My experience with a realtor was the biggest letdown. In the history of home-buying. I was just so disappointed. This particular agent was just the absolute worst I didn't know anything about how they were or what was the. What was the qualifying factors any of that garbage. So the moment I had the opportunity to become more than just a realtor because again you if you're hiring someone in two thousand twenty. That's just a realtor you're getting ripped off. You're only getting one piece of a very important global pie now. The realtor part again. That's that's one part of it. But this podcast to the marketing that goes into it reaching out to you guys connecting with thousands of you across the world twenty-five thousand plus total place so far storytelling goes far. Go so far back that again. It's literally part of each of our DNA when you hear these four words once upon a time for many of you. You'll remember a story that you heard from when you were a kid or just yesterday. There are billions of stories told since again since the beginning of time the telling of stories as soon as spoken as soon as the spoken word as soon as it was you know people speaking there has been storytelling long before any writing. So this is part of all of us so you guys coming along with me on these storyteller tours. I hope is the beginning of a new smarter way of doing things right now especially in you know in the world twenty twenty in in March. We're under we're in the pandemic situation so going out in large groups are going to open house right now is actually irresponsible to be even having one in my opinion is irresponsible. There's better ways and there's and there's very little education as far as I'm concerned done you know out these properties there. You're not getting a full history lesson. You're not getting the details. I believe you should be getting when you show up at one of mine. You'll actually see that I've got a story board. You actually see that. I'm focused on giving you the history lesson of the area and the property so that you're educated about it and this is the part that doesn't always make sense to people. I am not that concerned if you buy that property even if it's my list it's it's not my first concern. My first concern is to make sure that you're educated enough to be able to pick the right place. The right area the right home the right price range all those things. I would much rather those be in place before you make a choice. If it happens to be where you've got a good fit with that property that's great but normally most of the time you'll meet me at a property that I'm showing you in very often what you described to me and what you're looking for is something completely different. Maybe in a different area or whatever and that's the good thing about me. I will make sure that that is where we go versus. Just you know being focused on that property. I don't do that. I don't work that way. And that's again. Maybe his kept me in a very modest position in my life as far as you know not becoming a not not focused on the on the plastic trophies. I've been focused on relationships for twenty years. All focused on during that time is the relationships sales. As far as that part you know goes it's it goes up and down but the relationships part for me has been constantly going up and better quality. And that's really what I want to keep doing. I hope that's going to be with you too so now. Let's jump into today's podcast. Featured Properties Today's property podcast tour starts in the town of Whitby. Whitby is named after the seaport town of Whitby in Yorkshire England the township of Whitby is also officially twinned with two other cities by the way around the world. One is in Quebec and another one is Austria when I first started going to. Whitby with my clients It was actually as a result of the fact that I had family in these areas for many years for back. When I was a kid so I would be going up to these areas in in Durham region. In general almost every weekend. One of my favorite parts about going up to this area is we would go to the pickering town center. A parking lot and there would actually be a huge garage sale yard sale. Whatever YOU WANNA call. Every weekend and my dad would take me up there and we would spend the day there. I don't know why I liked it. Some kids don't like doing this stuff. I I did and I still to this day. Like antique shops and vintage record places. That's you know where I will usually go if I've got an hour to kill before an appointment I've got a sort of a policy if you're if you're if you're earlier on time if you're on time your lights and not only that if I've got an appointment at two o'clock in Whitby I'm probably nearby by noon and I'm just like hanging out and maybe checking out a few shops or whatever just supporting the businesses that are in the area before and after indefinitely something I do on a larger scale when those businesses are also podcast guests hint hint and I am able to work closer with do promotions with you guys. It's a huge huge thing to be doing right now by the way I'm inviting all of you in the Whitby area who are listening to join me for them. So the good thing about learning about whitby before you ever hear about the property that you're going to hear about for me today is that he's got such a cool background that a lot of people don't know. Did you know that during the Second World War whippy was the location of camp x? This was a secret spy training facility. Yes this is exactly why you can't make the same mistakes other people have made in go into one of these tours not knowing how many things are going on in that area. Good bad and ugly. I mean it's all part of the story. Have you ever read a book where one chapter is like completely depressing in the next chapter is like really inspiring? I hope if you've read any amount of books you probably have read many like that. That's life and that's also realestate like you can't. You can't leave the house until you get the stories about these places the behind the scenes every you know great band and every great movie. The behind the scenes for me of those is way more interesting than the movie. Sometimes I'll be honest with you so in Again this was during the Second World War. this was a secret spy training facility that was established by someone by the name of Sir William Stevenson and the nickname for this person was the man called intrepid so some of the buildings have been demolished since then. So you won't necessarily see what's going on I. Also I also heard there was some sort of a connection between Ian Fleming and James Bond. The writer of James Bond and Camp X as well. That's something we'll talk about when we get together in person again. This is not designed to bore you. This is not. I don't want this to be like my life story and not always but it's going to be. It's going to have something to do with me. Because it's this is. This is part of keeping you guys informed. And not just again letting you go out and again right now so important that you're focused on educating yourself about neighborhoods in about properties way before you leave the front door and there's so much more by the way than than what. I'm telling you here but this is again supposed to be your introduction to the property which is all an open house ever was so without even having to go. You're thankfully you're able to listen to this in your living room Going a long walk. Which I've been doing you know a lot of Not just because it's healthy for you but it just because I enjoy go for like two or three hour walks whenever possible In in the neighborhoods around the city from Durham region. All the way out to halt and region. I'll just literally just You know get myself there. Transit or go train whatever's convenient to end you know spend the afternoon they're talking to clients Having a coffee whatever. This is something that again. I'll always do is just part of WHO I am. So the one of the featured property podcast That's on my list on my website right now so you just have head over to real estate podcast. Show DOT com. And you'll see it there. It's a stunning four bedroom. Three bath home. That's for sale in Whitby. This property is listed under eight hundred thousand dollars. I'm going to say that part again. Four bedrooms three baths under eight hundred thousand dollars. So we're talking about you know reasonably speaking thirty forty five minutes to get over to Whitby. Obviously many of you especially right now and this is why this is so important. Many of you are finding out some of you. Some of you can do your work from pulp from from location. Work so you can. Actually some of you can do your work not everybody can. I certainly can't do all of my job from a location. Sometimes it's showing you an I personally One on one through these places which is the way it should be done anyways because again. You WanNa be in a position where you're surrounded by one hundred people even if you know even if you thought that was normally I it never has been for me far. Prefer these grand opening one on one tours one at a time we go in together talk about the property and then again because of the fact that it is this property is under eight hundred thousand where it is a lot of you with one or two bedroom condos in downtown. Toronto CA- trade that in move here you've got four bedrooms and the key both the bedrooms and this is about an whenever you're dealing with this kind of stuff is you. WanNa be in a position where you're in a that protect potentially has multi residential usage. So that you're not just buying another property that you know only one or two of you can live in right now more than ever. You need to be more concerned about. How would you bring in income if your job was eliminated completely the saying goes if you're relying on one jobs income you're one step away from no income from possibly poverty? It's it's scary to think about it. I'm talking about any job even if it's a good job if you only have one income you limit your options by having a property where you can either a. Have you know other people living there could be people you know could also be you know people that are renting the property or or parts of the property. When you've got a few doors to work with and you've got the ability to have a separate unit. That is a game changer. And that is what's going to protect you insulate you. You know as time goes by so leverage is so important so whatever you own right now. I hope you're also thinking about how to trade that in for maybe some added protection and it could be literally could be a single parent that wants to have a secure place for their family and their kids could be a renter. Who's just tired of making rent payments? Because again the rent payments situation is it never ends like you'll never see an end date for a rental payment schedule when you sit down with a mortgage professional and you have a breakdown of payments. There is an end date. Could be fifteen. Could be twenty twenty five years that's what Amortization is they? Don't teach this stuff in school and it's just. It boggles my mind but let let professor Paul and I actually have a story about that all end off with. Be The one to teach you this stuff to make sure that you understand. So the last thing I'll say about the property. The estimated mortgage cost is twenty three sixty six per month for four bedrooms. Do the math twenty three hundred divided by four a little over five hundred bucks apiece if you've got to families if you've got your family you've got older kids and they're bringing in five hundred dollars a month which is probably not that much of a stretch that they can do. You're in a position where you're covering your housing for something. I would believe to be very reasonable less than some two bedroom. Rentals that I've done recently by the way in Toronto twenty-three sixty six per month is what the estimated mortgage costs so head over my site. You'll see more information there. Connect with me specifically because again. I'm only going to give you some. You know some basic information on this and professor story that goes along with what I've been saying is that in in my first year York University. I I would often be on the field in when I was playing rugby team where she played for the rugby team. My my my my for my years there. Stay very long still experimenting with what I wanted to do. On my first year there we had an incredible year. We had like a completely undefeated year. Which was just awesome. But because a lot of a lot of times I would actually be practicing weirdly enough with my glasses on. I'd be in rugby. Practice and beheading people have had my glasses on and my glasses wouldn't fall off just because of the way that I would hit people and it'd be very conscious about my technique and Tuck my shoulder in and make sure I do right so I got this title of the professor because they almost always worn my glasses. I think I'd gotten tired of contacts at that point so I just said fuck it when it came to you know the game of course took the glasses off during the game but during the practice. I just didn't feel like anybody was going to hit me hard enough for me to have to worry about my glasses and I just never did so. I got the nickname professor and they kind of just went through an comes up once in a while when I see the old guys here and there. Hopefully you enjoyed this again. New Way of doing things I try to make it as interesting as possible and if anybody wants to connect with me and have a look at this property. Let's make sure we get together today. Hello Paula go here again. Our next stop on the storyteller tours brings us to halted region specifically oakville Ontario. The behind the scenes for me and Oakville go go back a long way not just from growing up in Ontario and visiting all these great cities for family functions and friends and sports obviously with sports There was a lot of time spent in Oakville If you play rugby in Oakville you'll know the oakville. Bumblebees you'll know about that You'll know what that means and I've had the pleasure of playing there many times My favorite OAKVILLE related story is that I was able to Take Part and was invited to the trials for the Ontario under nineteen rugby squad. I was very much into rugby in my teens. That literally I would say probably saved my life. It gave me a very good direction. Wait a point. A lot of my misguided anger into a something very productive and that in the long with weight training probably kept me focused to the point where. I'm still focused now When I just sort of you know go go back into my comfort zone. Which is doing that Kinda stuff. Staying physical for me that works so with Oakville had a lot of really great history of a lot of people. Move out there over the years. I've had people trade in their King West townhomes to move to oakville. I've had condo owners sell and move their Ville sort of has this distinction as Being for the most part everybody or or a lot of people who work on Bay Street live in Oakville and I know enough people that have proven this for me over the years. That's still the case. So joining me on a tour for properties in Oakville will give you an idea of again the fact that this is a very well established area so let me go a little bit into the history of it of course again. You know my specific history has to do with the The rugby element of it. But there's a lot more going on. Obviously this goes back to seventeen ninety. Three Dundas street was surveyed for a military road. That's when things began in eighteen twenty. The crown brought the bought the area surrounding the waterways over the years through the eighteen hundreds Things like the Grand Trunk. Railway were added on later on on top of that there was a lot of manufacturing. They decided to move into the area. Of course the Ford Motor Ford Motor Company. As you will know if you're driving through there is in this area. There are just a little over ten independent neighborhoods within OAKVILLE. And this is an important thing for you to do when we're touring and we're going through the different neighborhoods and price ranges. Of course there's going to be you know it's GonNa be some variety there a having sold properties in this area. I've been doing tours for example in the Glen Abbey areas. For those of you who are yes. Glenn Albie Glen Abbey Golf Course. Golfing fans You'll want to be part of those tours. You'll want to be You know getting the inside scoop from me about the behind the scenes of not just the properties. And that's I think that's the the main difference that I bring to the table is I won't talk as much about the properties as I will about the people who live there. You need to know what life is like there. You need to know the stories that go on behind the front door. You need to know way more than what you might be seeing again. The the the traditional approaches you see something on the screen you click on it Blah Blah Blah for in and you end up seeing it with just whoever yes just about anybody with a licensed can show you. The property opened the door. And let you in. But what you want and what you should demand especially now because of the way. These things are taking off in the way podcasts. And of course the way I do it specifically is changing the way I think things are done. You need to demand more. You want to know what's going on behind the scenes. You WanNa know what the people are like. As I've told you before I know who the people are. I know their stories. I know where they came from. I know where they're going and I want you to be one of the people that's going to be in on this with me. So one of the properties you'll see on my featured properties and you'll have to head over there to get the details but it's a four a three bedroom. Four bath house is a brand new one. That just came up this week on. This is in the Orchard Ridge area. There's over twenty six hundred square feet of total living space. And this one is under one million so with this area I've got properties on tour here from one million to two above three or four so really a matter of getting in if you're in the position where you're looking at possibly moving here and your budget is between one. Usually I would recommend for Oakville a one to one point five budget depending on the property just to sort of you know. See what's out there For the five hundred. Two million budget Durham region seems to have a lot more properties for for that range. So again no problem with either one. I WanNa make sure that you get as much house as you want in the area that you want for a lot of people. Oakville and region. This area is the one to go for. So this particular property again They've got a really large. Eating breakfast is a granite countertops stainless steel appliances. All the usual stuff a professionally finished basement. Which isn't always the case will walk into some of these houses and unfortunately sometimes the information's there either is mentioned or talked about and we walk in and it's an unfinished basement. That needs a ton of work for some people. That's great because they can customize but for other people they want move in open the door and be able to you know put family put kids put an office workout area. Whatever especially now with what's going on in the world is a lot more focus on making your home your castle and it doesn't mean you don't have to buy a three million dollar home to have a castle. I think everyone who has the ability and of course with what you're looking at for monthly payments mortgage payments on this one is approximately three thousand one hundred and twenty four. Estimated mortgage costs Again with everyone and what? You'RE PUTTING DOWN. You know you'll have to decide on which how much down you can you know? Put with any of these properties. That's going to be your call but to turn your home into your. You know your Jim your office. Your you know your workout area. Whatever whatever you decide to do. Yoga rooms music rooms. I've been apart of thankfully everyone those the scene stories and a lot of them in Oakville so I wanna make sure that you guys understand what you what you could be doing. What sort of a life you could be having in these properties and making sure that you get all the details behind the door so once again over real estate podcast show dot com. Check out the featured poverty podcasts. And you'll see this one there and if you want to get more details or specifics by all means reach out to me. I'm available and I'll make sure that you're getting the inside scoop behind the scenes of all the properties that you're hearing about here our next stops takes us to the Bedford Park area of Toronto. This is the young and Lawrence area near Lawrence Park One of the most desirable. Neighborhoods that you're going to be on tours with me if you're going to be looking at properties in this area obviously you're looking in the two to three million range and this is where this property sets so this particular property on my storyteller tours. Today's a four bedroom. Five Bath Property. This is a modern A modern custom-built home tons of natural lights all the latest upgrades everything you can imagine. You'll walk in when you do walk into these places with me because of the fact that I've got such a really good connection to these neighborhoods and I don't mean the traditional connection with a lot of realtors Yojiro yes. I sold five thousand homes in that area last month. No that's not what I'm talking about my connection to these neighborhoods goes way for the actually goes way back to when I was a teenager. So here's my storyteller tour about Bedford Park Lawrence Park Rosedale these areas. That are downtown Toronto. I was working as a labor as a construction worker as a laborer in a in my teens and it was something that was really enjoyable to me at the time. It was really hard to wake up at six in the morning. Ride my bike over to wherever the site was in the city and start my day. This is especially hard when you are. Let's say partying with your friends at night. Sometimes and you're out late you're out until one or two and yeah this is this is. This was my life. I wasn't really chained down very much. I got to have a lot of fun which means I don't have any regrets because I just did a lot of stuff. Not Bad just you know. Push the limits. So I'd be out until to wake up in the morning at six. Go Work Construction and then go to the gym afterwards and this. Was You know what you could do as a teenager? The it would probably kill me after one day. Now so part of the one of the places that I ended up working on ended up being this amazingly architecturally significant home actually. It's been written up in newspaper written up in magazines and it's been talked about for years in the in different areas. So I was working on this home. I was Bringing in wheelbarrows of concrete like all this really hard stuff we were helping build this house and then it wasn't until years later that I found out this is from a couple different resources. I'm I'm looking at this picture of property. I'm like wait a minute. That's the House that I helped built there was like four furnaces again. I know everything about this house. Way More than the article was saying and reading it and reading it and then I read it in the article that David Bowie and this has been verified at some point in including from my own father who was one of the main construction workers on the property that David Bowie wanted to see this house when he flew over which to me was just like. Oh my God David Bowie and if you're a music fan and you don't like David Bowie just cancel. I'm subscribed to me right now Because there's no way we're going to get along if you don't like David Bowie or tin machine if you've if you've never heard tin machine. Which is the band that he was in for a short while they will blow your mind Incredible MUSIC. They only made a couple of two albums machine. One was great. Ten machine to was pure gold. My absolute one of my top five favourite albums of all time. And this is something you've got to listen to. It's really hard to find. I'm still looking for a vinyl copy if anybody has one but I'm not willing to pay five figures for it either so hope me up if he if you've got a vinyl copy but the story behind this property and again it's architectural significance. There was actually metal. The House is actually covered with metal. That actually ages naturally so it kind of looks rusty. Now if I take you by the House and it'll be something that we might go on walking tours if we're in these neighborhoods put. This is part of again understanding why I have earned my seat at the table in far different way than a lot of other people do. I mean I I can tell you the four hundred plus components of a home. When we're in the home I can tell you things that you will never ever here on on a normal two three four five million dollar tour. You just won't hear it. You'll have a look at me and you'll know that you know. I don't come from any money. I don't come from any special circumstances I was not. I was not handed a Rolodex at nineteen. And and you know put into this business. There's a lot of people that have come from that place and that's not me at all. Every single contact every single sale. Every single relationship has been earned. Nothing and I have telling you right. Now nothing's been given to me. Which is why to this day. I'm as grateful as I am so this particular property again. This is on my two to three million dollar tours. In this area I need more listings in this area by the way because I'm getting so many people emailing me about looking for the next property because and the reason is the the the people were talking. I'm talking to are in the one to two million range. They've got properties in that range. They're hoping to trade up to the next stage and that's just what happens and that actually is really good if it happens because it frees up properties in that one to two million range which is for a lot of people these days as much as you know not a number that you might WanNa pay. It's just what a lot of homes are selling for so the one two million range the more spaces that become available the better. It is and of course that ease pressure on the below the sub million dollar ring which. I handle again plenty properties. They're condos and lofts mostly but that's how this is supposed to work especially with interest rates having dropped again. This is March fourteenth at your hearing this interest rates the the the the base interest rate has dropped two point seven five percent not one below one percent. Ask anybody who's ever had a mortgage ever how often they've seen this and it hasn't been often so I would say your window of opportunity. Right now is better than it's ever been in some ways. It's a terrible time. Otherwise but the opportunity that might exist the fact that you could get into a property with this little of a mortgage this little of a mortgage interest rate to pay down your debts. Maybe when you sell your property you might be able to wipe off your debts. I'm working on that for a few clients right now. I want that for you guys to so again. This is The featured property here on the property tours that I'm doing in the Bedford Park Lawrence Park Area. All include this as well as others that you should see when we get touch so make sure you email me. Paul Dot Injury Go. I N D R at sea twenty-one DOT CA or most importantly head over to real estate podcast show dot com. You'll see the featured property scrolling along the bottom but make sure you sign up there get your email in there. Make sure you don't ever miss another one of these because this is the way it's going from here on forward. This is the way to do it.

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