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"sir william stevenson" Discussed on Ridiculous History

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"sir william stevenson" Discussed on Ridiculous History

"Yes yes that's the always the problem when somebody's reminiscing about their past events isn't it he was maybe a little more heroic as you recall friends and neighbours from earlier in the episode he was not shot down not in real life he was not even had a gas yet iran outta gas but it worked he was actually promoted and i think it as something to do with his success in this field and this this particular article a piece of cake shutdown of libya are they could adjust combined into sentence a piece of cake shutdown over there would have been good wrinkle uh this leads him to another significant meeting he meets a fellow named william stevens and mrs wherever superspy world kind of opens up for doll um sin was the mastermind behind this secret ring i guess of intelligence agents called the british security coordination or bse this was a top secret institution set up in new york city by mi six in nineteen forty under the authorisation of churchill mi six being sort of the british equivalent of of the cia yeah yeah or the assess the time yeah there yeah they're the then there are the guys in the dark with the trenchcoats right exactly or in the case of in my 16th fantastic tailored suit or in the case of role doll v dashing young men in the tailor suits with the cocktails at the cocktail parties betting influential heiress isen politician cs exactly and that is betting b e d d i and she let's be clear about that sir william stevenson as as we noted is the head of this organization that the united kingdom's public and the us public have no idea exists yet he was doing some things that we're technically illegal like he was passing you know like uk secrets to roosevelt he was passing us secrets to the uk and he was also masterminding.

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