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"sir stephen iii" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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"sir stephen iii" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"That's eight seven two three seven seven six. Let's go to Rick Req- lava. Stephen a talk to me. Hey what's up Stephen. I just WanNa talk to you about them. Cowboys man and got a question for you man why you keep saying the same old stuff over and over about the cowboy fans. It's just an old man. The jokes are getting stale. I shut the hell up up because you're assuming I'm joking. I'm not joking. I can't stand Joe. It's not joke. I'm not laughing. I can't stand cowboy fans and I mean it is not a joke is how I feel consistently how I felt consistently throughout my life and I can prove to you the fact that you called up the cowboy fan and you. You said that I no longer want to talk to you. Good bye have a nice day. Let's go to nick. You'll obvious even they woods up. I Steve How're don't go ahead. Man You live on the air. Go ahead okay great so we got something in common man ullmark or your mantra with my friend. Your friend who is is Elmer's Malema Smith yes. That's my buddy used to write for the Philadelphia phenomenal. Do One of my buddies absolutely go ahead or my buddy turned me on the Mike Marley do from oranges for Brian Birdwell. I gotta say this. You do billy hunters book because jazzy saying the power with this inspired change. There's GonNa may change. Change is going to happen because by this to come on on says there's nobody black in the power structure and when they ran billy andrade NBA when they ran other brother out. There's nobody there the table oh I first of all. I I stay right there. I appreciate where you're coming from but that's not entirely accurate. First of all go dean succeeded. Billy Hunter Charlie Grantham was before Tommy Gore Dean Charlie Grantham was an exceptional executive director Simon Gore Dean. Some would argue not so much then billy the hunters in there now. Michelle Roberts is in new WHO's a sister so when you bring up or brother or brother Bravo sister and how it is nobody in there. That's an insult to the people that came before billy hunter and who came after so just change the subject because you don't know what you're talking about in that regard. You're wrong there and the leading the union well. You're talking about the union. You brought up to you you bill Janta was the union. He wasn't the League Hundred Executive Director of the Union but I can't think of anybody in the lead. Can you tell us who's in the League at the table. No no I couldn't I mean you have more tatum. Who's the deputy Pity Commissioner of the NBA Okay so you've got that going on but that's the only name that I could really really give view of substance as it pertains to an African American in that position. That's true okay so last. Here's last point on that. Issue are a race race imboden Jordan American fencer Neil so who says we're stopped kneeling. You got the panic game. He's already says don't feel we need to stop. Neal was what Jay Z. said but ten seconds earlier. He said he wasn't against any kind of protests. People are free to do what they want to do and he doesn't have a problem with. He said that ten seconds earlier or whether they clearly if I paraphrase we're done near when he said that afterwards he said another word. It's time time to go and act more than just kneeling so it wasn't like he was trying to say and articulate the position. Don't kneel anymore. He was saying okay now what he just said it wrong now. Let me give you some. Kudos doing a great job. You're you're a CO worker was on a flight with me from Philadelphia Orlando Coaches. AAU team you say when it was your turn to come up. When you came up. Everybody Room said no not him. I'm the boss at that time. You guys don't want him. That's what we want to even that that was what I said on my interview with Michael K on center stage on the Yes network. Tim legler echoed that Tim leg was one of my buddies. I appreciate that but I gotta go. Thank you for the call. Take care of yourself. Will you live Stephen. What's up yes Sir Stephen III First of all appreciate what you said about the empty AA I am sick and tired of the NC double a. and their hypocrisy and let me let me get to Dad boat missed a dad Bo Sweeney talking about his mouth saying that he would quit? Your players got paid the reason why he makes ten million dollars a year. It's called progress. Even everything around these players is progressing. The revenue is generated is more than ever and nothing's changed for these players in the landscape around him is changing but they want the players arrange money code it hold it first of all. I don't recall dabbled sweeney saying that but if he did say that clearly he's lying because dabbled sweeney about to give up nine and a half to ten million dollars a year just because players being compensated. I don't believe that for one second secondly. I think that you have a lot of coaches coaches that don't want to inherit the problem of players getting paid because remember everybody's not going to be equal and thus it would be incumbent upon condemn to get into the mix and decide who deserves to be more compensated than the other and that's not a problem they want to deal with. They want to coach football teams coach basketball teams. They don't want to be the ones to decide. Okay this play is this so he gets paid. Display is not so good. He's ride the bench. I'M NOT GONNA pay him or this. This causes startup but this guy's a star and I gotta pay one differently than I wanna pay the other so even though they averse to that it's not the same as the institution of the NC NC double A. being averse to that an individual coach is thinking about the stress and the strain a headache of having to deal play the role loving employer and having to deal with problems he doesn't want to have the NC Double A. One could argue is simply being greedy. That's the difference between the two entities station. I'm strictly talking about the California ruling that you were talking about where players can get compensated. I want to remind people that somebody don't amass scholarships I might on the band scholarship the ship they can go out and get jobs they can. They can have banned lessons. They can get flu lesson. They can make money but a player. They're breaking his neck. Risking his life and lamp he cannot profit from his lightness is on American. That's what I'm talking about. Steven A. and anybody that thinks that is that is right is a socialist. Is he the the Socialist Institution well you say Socialist Institution. I disagree with you. They're they're extremely capitalistic for themselves. I don't know what you're talking talking about. There are finding is he. WB extremely capitalistic just in favor of themselves that's what I think their behavior emulates that of capitalism the for themselves and maybe socialism everybody else but definitely capitalism for themselves appreciate the call Jonathan you lava Stephen Edwards up even now are you Gordon Moore's second ball I'm a lifelong dolphins fan and been on this planet for Nineteen Years Says Tired of hearing about my parents. My parents friends told me that I need to stick in their seventies. Whatever the warriors were what do I do. Should I hope for a win in any time this year. Should I stress which teams of Y'all want listen. Let's talk about switch it. All you want to but your heart is where your heart is. If your heart is with the Miami Dolphins you can pretend like you room for somebody else. Della cows come home the fact of the matter. Is You really rooted. You're really focusing on another team because of your disgust with the Miami Cami Dolphins as opposed to you. Love somebody else if you love is. Where is somebody else. That's where it's going to be and that's where it's going to stay and there's nothing that you're going to be able to do about that so good luck with it. I've got nothing back Stephen. What do I do well you don't support them to send a message edge that that better times need to arrive sooner than later you don't support ineptitude staring you in the face and slapping that high end to that question wow all right well. I'm delighted. Thank you sir. Thank you take it easy it at eight say. ESPN it's seven to nine three seven seven six back act which calls to close out the show in a minute you listen live to Stephen..

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