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329: The Stale Hot Dog Industry


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329: The Stale Hot Dog Industry

"Relay fm. this is upgrade episode. Three hundred twenty nine. Today's show is brought to you by door. Dash kiwi co and any pizza ovens. My name is mike hurley. And i'm joined by the one and only jason snell snow. It's me me the one and only me my curly. It's good to join the one. And only mike early till you know what i have realized. I've realized this Because i had Upgrade plus right. So i go in and i removed the ads from the episode. So when i do that. I get to hear a lot when i start a new topic with you right uh-huh and i have noticed that i typically will say jason snell. An edge used to topic. I don't know why i call you. Jason snell. I don't know i don't know either. It's just a thing that you wanted to those to name people to me. You know like. That's the second thing i don't know why i it. I don't ever think of you jason. Snell i'm one of those two people think when we have kind of regular conversation akkuyu jason snell. No i don't jason just did it now. So who knows. I don't know why why you do that. Mike early or strange. Who could tell who could tell. We have a hash. Snell toll cash. Jason snell talk question. Thank you from sir stack to name. People thought which new color do you want. A which color should return to a model of iphone ipad or mac book. So if you could choose jason which color would you pick to on a future. Product i. Would i just bought a space gray macbook air am. I've said this before. I'll say it again. I wanna blue computer. Computer million orange computer would be good to. I would like colors to return to the computers like the macbook air would be just blew antedates. Aluminum do it. It's it's done in an ipad as well and they already make a blue iphone. So i'm i'm pretty pretty good there. Yeah yeah yeah. But i just and other of colors are available right you if you like. Green sure applicant make a green. I'm not gonna use a green computer but you could and that'd be fine. I just think again. I just want color. But if i had to choose blue and orange you're going to be the ones i choose because i like those colors. The best everybody gets their own colors. I like those. I'm going to cheat a little bit. I i want to bring back the nanna chromatic color line which was a i. Think apple's favorite selection of colas which was four one of the ipod nanos the campaign around. It was nanno chromatic. That was the wedding that they used and they had they had a blackened silva but they had purple blue green yellow orange pink and red and they were fantastic colours. They kind of covered all of the classic ipod mini ones and added a few more in pumped up the vibrancy and all of them I really loved those colors. This'll so they made a great ad for that. Actually which i will put in the show notes in case you wanna see it but that that's the that's the colors i would love to see personally. Really go for it. That's a lot of colors. It's a lot of colors but one person i know i don't disagree. I love it if you'd like to send in a question to help us answer to help open a show. Just send in a tweet with the hashtag. Snell talk or relax. Fem members discord question mark. Snow talk we'll get you in to document for future selection as some follow up for you. Jason snell god. I'm sorry my head about now. I don't know why i said i knew i did it. If i were just kept it to myself. I wouldn't be thinking about it so much but here we are. Applications are open for the app store. Small business program which was something we spoke about las week and apple basically opened the program up now so people can get their applications and in time so they'll be All of their revenue accounted the fifteen percent from january first. They published an faq on the website. What i like is most of the frequently asked questions that i have seen on not not not at all dealt with in the frequently asked questions section which is funny to me One of the main ones being right something we spoke about a bunch which is like what would you do. What are you going to do if you get close to that million dollar line. Will you pour your app kind of stuff. I people hoping apple would provide a little bit more clarity to to try and tidy that up. But they haven't and i don't think they will. I think this is a thing that's just needs to be put back on the developer. You plan your business that way. And i think that's kind of the way that apple's treating it. Yeah i think so right like you know you know it's the thing right so you kind of just have to deal with it. I don't know if you if you are one of those developers and the probably not a lot who are right at the one million line. You're yeah you're gonna have to figure out a strategy there. Do you sell one of your apps. do you buy some apps and just go for it. I don't know what happens there. But it's an interesting problem to have. And i feel for those for those companies that are in that little cutoff area but i would also say making close to a million dollars. A year is a great problem to have it. Depends on the business right. That's a couple of people. It's great if it's you know ten people it's not great. Yep but if it's ten people you making a million dollars a year. You have a lot more problems than apple. Sixteen percent through true story. We have one more room kinda clarification really meanchey chico. So quo Issued another kind of note in the last few days kind of revising some of the predictions that we spoke about las time so the tune new macbook pro models that made she quo has been talking about launching In twenty twenty one well now both feature many led displays quotas saying so the which is which is interesting we don't have any Refinements on timelines but it seems like it could. Potentially these products might come sooner rather than later as has increased His forecast for how many of these products will get sold in. Twenty twenty one. So there's a couple of reasons do that one if they were popular which could be or two. If you're saying him sooner in the erode and later in the year but these products getting many led is is called saint possible but this is now kind of drawing a line there but that was one of a note which was of great interest saying that there would be a more affordable mac book air with many led display on sale as well more. It's already apple's most affordable laptop right at at which lowest prices what we mean by more affordable. I wonder what he it but yeah it. Does that mean the map. Bulgars going to be eight ninety nine or seven ninety nine something that would be. That'd be great. In terms of reaching a broader audience and selling that book errors the interesting contrast with also adding mini led screen. At that time. This many led being you know. Not ole et more capable of doing kind of lead like Quality in terms of Contrast in hdr kind of stuff. I don't know if it interesting starting to focus. And i know we're going to talk a little bit more about another report later on about this but twenty twenty one now. The twenty twenty almost over. I guess it's time to start talking about twenty twenty one and what's gonna happen. We're basically in twenty twenty one now. This point pretty pretty close. I mean i don't know. Mike are we i mean. Do we really know for sure that apple's done releasing new products. No so this is fun. This is weird. Okay so depending on when you're listening to this episode this will all this might make varying levels of sense so there is a rumor circulating this week boy. In the policy days that apple will be releasing something on tuesday. The eighth of five thirty. Am part time so to pending a when you're listening to this show you will even knowing if for if not says happened. This came from a couple of different sources as a reliable twit talita who goes by the handle. I love to dream who's been talking about There being some kind of christmas surprise and then there was an internal memo to the apple cat team which was picked up by nine to five mac and others does saying that apple care presented his need to quote prepare for a new product excuse new or updated product descriptions and new or updated product pricing. So i saw considering. I reckon most of our audience probably listening to this. After it's happened that it would be fun if we made predictions of what. We thought that this might be okay. We are all waiting for an upgrade to the apple. Tv box itself right. Everybody's been waiting for that. Seems like a strange time to do it. But i mean on the other hand. Maybe it doesn't matter. But i i don't know if they can use it to promote apple tv plus or something. We've got fitness. Still to come and apple. Tv is one of the ways you integrate with. You can integrate with fitness. So i wonder if they might be doing something as sort of one two punch so you get an apple. Tv and you get the fitness. Plus thing. I don't know it's possible like it's been hanging out there. The the prospect of new apple tv hardware for a while. If they've got a story to tell it's always we say about apple like it's about the story that they're trying to tell a lot of times product releases and the timing and what gets released together is about apple trying to tell a story not just say. Here's a new box to buy. I'll also still think could be possible that it'd be episodes related. It could for sure and there are all sorts of other wacky things and christmas surprise. I mean it could be over ear. Airpods could be airtags. It could be all the products that they haven't ship that we say. Why are they not shipping or could be something unexpected and not what we traditionally think of addict right. I think it is like if you listen to this before tuesday to kind of set. People's expectations is going to be a small thing. Whatever it is. I think because there's no event i haven't heard anyone that knows. Anyone knows anyone that has any products right like this. Seems like it could be if it's going to be anything. It's accessory related or kind of small. Yes in that regard. I think that's right like small revision to thing like apple. Tv is not to be that different. The middle of what they do. I expect what might even be more about an upgrade for hardware and then the lower end hardware changes price. And it's really the story is that you can now get into apple. Tv for this price or you know it's little stuff like that more or it's an accessory product. I think that's right anything else though. Any of want predictions. You might wanna make. I'm gonna make a dumb prediction based on the smell. Talk questioned earlier and say product red macbook air. Jojo ou interesting. I write something. Like that is what i was getting at with with things. That aren't quite products but are announcements. Something like that where there was like a you know a holiday edition of something or something like that. That's another way you could go and just roll something out. And i don't know my only of Would be some kind of mag safe battery case. Sure because that's the mac safe stuff authority battery case stuff and headphones stuff like apples and stuff. These are things they have released late in the year. We've just press releases in the past. If if there's even a press release also but i would love to see. I'd love to see a product read more and they just did just Double down on their product. Red campaign stuff right apple just released a big thing about that. Some knows voting nominations for the twenty. Twenty upgrade is still open. We've had over six hundred up gradients making the nomination so far. Make sure you join them by going to upgrades vote. And there'll be a link in the show notes and a nomination form go in select the things that you want to nominate. Maybe if your favorite apps your favorite media some of her favorite tech stories of the favorite products that the vote for as many these categories as you wish please go check it out and help us prepare for the seventh annual upgrade. He's which is going to be happening on monday. December twenty eighth is going to be the Seventh annual upgrades. So we're wool. Even close voting. either the eighteenth or sometime in christmas week so make sure that you get it in now. Probably on next week's on announced the closing date for votes. It kinda depends on how many we have because the more votes we have the longer it takes me two papering it together so you know it's kind of like a i would. I would really love affair ricky. Get their votes in sooner rather than later so i know exactly went to close in. But that's that's kind of the we know it's going to be on the twenty eighth though so you have that to look forward to to round out your yeah end on a high note indeed how much higher and note could be could it be. The knee upgrades not higher than that. Mike hurley. This episode of upgrade is brought to you by any pizza ovens only is the world's number one pizza oven company. They make surprisingly small evans powered by your choice of either wood. Charcoal or gas letting you make shrunk quality pizza in your very own backyard. Any pizza ovens a super easy to use. And they're incredibly portable. They're going to fit into any outside space mooney. Pizza ovens can reach temperatures of up to nine hundred degrees fahrenheit five hundred degrees celsius which enables you to cook restaurant quality pizza in as little as sixty seconds. It is that high temperature the separate sees pieces from those. You can make in your own home oven. One of the most popular models is the unique code. 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This could be a great gift for someone over the holiday season. But only have one us to tell you that They're very likely run out before the holidays. So act fast. Maybe they'll be a holiday pizza for you this year. Ernie pizza ovens are the best way to bring restaurant quality pizza to your own backyard. Go to unique dot com and use the code upgrade ten as upgrade one zero for ten percent off a thanks to peace ovens for their support of this show. So we're gonna do a bit of a extended upstream. I thank for this week. More in talking about a lodge topic rather than yams. Which is that h bureau. Max is getting all the movies. All movies wanna media announced that all of their twenty twenty one movies will appear on. Hbo max on the intended cinematic release dates worded this very peculiar very particularly because i kept seeing this headline which is very funny and confusing. Which was that one. Immediate would release all of the two thousand twenty one movies simultaneously on hbo. Max which makes it sound like movies are coming same time. Binge watch so seventeen movies were dropping them on april fourth and one month it. But no they're going to be coming out on the same days the either wilby in cinemas expected to be cinemas depending on where you are in the world injured. These movies will spend thirty one days on the service from when they are permeated. This'll be at no extra charge for. Hbo max subscribe. It's the seventeen movies. Include suicide squad. The matrix four dune godzilla vs kong space jam new legacy tom and jerry mortal combat in the heights which is a musical from lomar out of in turned into a movie and the many saints of newark which is surprise prequel which is a movie i didn't know existed and i'm very excited about. This is huge news. The it's complicated right. And there are a lot of simple takes out there and i think upstream listeners. Know that it's complicated because we've walked through so many of these points before there. There are a lot of things going on here right so first off is the destruction of especially in the us the theatrical market. It's gone and with the current covid nineteen stats. It's not gonna come back very fast even with vaccinations. I think what they said is they. Were looking at calendar. Twenty twenty one and trying to guess what would what percentage of normal would the box office be in two thousand twenty one and you know even if there are places that are coming back and vaccines are going out and things are going down. They tried to imagine well how many people are going to go to a movie theater in the summer of two thousand twenty one and the answer is still like fifty percent thirty percent sixty percent. I don't know but it's certainly not one hundred percent or ninety percent or even eighty percent. I would think i think it's gonna be a long build and i think they decided to just say we're going to write off twenty twenty one theatrical there will be some and we will play to whatever is there but we. They've decided that they're going to instead. Use their twenty twenty one slate plus wonder woman to build. Hbo max which they want. They've invested a lot of money in and they want to be a real player in the streaming space and they've had a struggle launching it. Think stat that i saw. That was the biggest struggle. Is that some enormous number of americans with cable pay for hbo and they get hbo max with their cable subscription. Hbo they get it. I get it i pay comcast for. Hbo and i get hbo. Max there's a huge number of those people like sixty seventy percent. I forget the number. It's very large. Who have never signed up for. Hbo maks so that's a challenge right like they can't even get people for whom. Bmx is free to make an effort to get it. So this is an interesting move right because this is a hbo. And and warner saying if you wanna watch all of these movies all you have to do is sign up for this streaming service and we're gonna roll out. You know full on theatrical releases of movies every month throughout from christmas twenty twenty through twenty twenty one and use that as a driver to make. Hbo macs more appealing. And then once. They're there the whole ideas. Yeah some people are going to just subscribe for a month and then canceled. But a lot of people won't and that's the goal is to build up people and let them see the rest of the service and grow. Hbo max and set it off in a direction and so they're going to spend a lot of money basically buying out the theatrical side in order to and losing money on these movies frankly in order to build up what they hope. Long-term is this big subscription base for. Hbo max so it's it's a it's a it's a huge move but the pandemic makes it an easier move than it would have ever been right like you and i have talked before about the question of how do you do this. How do you make the move and say we have to be more aggressive with streaming. And i'm not sure if theatrical releases make as much economic sense as they used to. It's a very difficult thing. It's a lot easier when you look at calendar thousand twenty one say. There's no way that theaters are going to be in the. Us at least are going to be any even a fraction. And do we wanna hold all of our movies till twenty twenty two. We don't and we just launched. Hbo max so now is the time. Let's just do it and it's an aggressive move and they're going to spend a lot of money on this but if they really want. Hbo max to be a thing. I think they need to do stuff like this. So i understand why they're doing it. There will be no more free trials of hbo banks. It was on the a seven day trial anyway. But they've nixed that Before wonder woman comes out that i get that is like yes. Probably a good idea. Yeah no it makes sense. Their this is their strategy. Now this is. They're not their original. Hbo max launch strategy. It's the one they found. Which is we got a movie studio. We have a pandemic where movies are not really able to be released in our home market. We're just gonna roll this out and we're going to use our movie studios releases to drive subscriptions to our streaming service. And they have the power to do that because they own. Both and and we are in a moment where they can do that i. It's interesting too because you know some of the theatres have pushed back and and complained about it and said well. We don't know if we'll carry their movies anymore and things like that. Which makes me roll my eyes a little bit because one side has all the power here and it's the studios. It's not the theater. It's such it's such lake reverse thinking to where it's like it would be damaging to us. We are upset because it's damaging to us if you pull your movies out of athena's so now we're also going to ban those movies. You double down on yourself. Also they're not pulling the movies out of the theaters right. If they're theaters exhibiting the movies. They will exhibit them in that window and people can choose to go to the theaters which seems like the worst model like you can. You can watch it in home or you can go out to a big movie theater if you're comfortable and you want to see it on a screen with great sound and all of that and have that positive experience you can do that. But the truth is they. They you know they had to make this move. I think i think this is a smart move. I think it's a gamble but given where theatrical is going to be in the near future and it does call into question the whole like what is what. What is the movie theater world look like in. Let's say twenty twenty two as things come back especially in the us. So i think the answer is very different from what it looked like in two thousand nineteen. That's just going to be a fact i'm unclear. I'm not entirely convinced that this model is going to persist. Hbo says it's not going to persist. Warner says this is just for twenty twenty one. I think what we get to in two thousand twenty two is going to be different from two thousand nineteen. But i'm not sure it's going to look like this where giant hundreds of millions of dollars blockbusters can be seen on day one in a movie theater or on your streaming service. I'm not sure that's where they end up. Maybe it is but certainly the windows are going to be a lot smaller for. If there's any window at all i think the genie's out of the ball. Now i think so. I think he's going to particularly interesting later. this week. Disney have their investors call. And so you would expect them to do all say something which is also along these lines. Don't think by any stretch of the imagination. They are going to do what one or have done. You know you've got very different. Mix you've got here. Like disney plus has like seventy million subscribers said. I don't need to to try and get more right like yes. Hbo maximum is like eight. Well disney built. Its service on that library right especially the stuff that they they had previously withheld and they put it all in and that was at the time we talked about it. Kind of a big move for disney to be like. There's no disney volt. The disney volt is now disney plus. It's all there and that was a big step for them But warriner doesn't have quite that that cash in and then they of course have contracts where they've sold a bunch of their stuff out to other services and it'll be years before they get it back but this is something they can try. But i think that once. So here's here's my question with a studio makes this decision. So one has made his decision. Disney is doing is dipping their toe in the water right like they have milan which you could pay for. They have sole which is going to be available for free I'm sure they'll have covers if you start doing this. Can you stop doing this. I think so. I just said who knows what twenty twenty two looks like but i think it will be very hard. I think we're gonna maybe. I'm wish casting a little bit. But i think the theatrical model of the future is going to be. That movies are available in theaters but exclusivity is either not an issue or a minor issue. That the reason you go to a movie theater is because it's a night out and the screen is huge and the sound is good and they'll bring you food and drink and you can have a good time with your friends and you're enjoying a movie with an audience and it's it's a theatrical experience. As opposed to an again. I apologize if there are any movie theater operators out there but like so much of the movie theater. Experience in modern times is lousy. It's literally you can't see this anywhere else. So we've provided a crappy theater with not very good screen and not very good sound and an. It's sort of an unpleasant experience. You wanna escape as quickly as you can But because we're the only game in town you have to come and give us money in order to watch this movie. And that was a bad experience already and i think going forward. It's not going to be good enough and movie theaters. That do the bare minimum are not going to make it. And we're going to end up in a situation where people will still go to movie theaters. But it won't be driven by this artificial exclusivity of the only place you can see. It is in our little lousy theater that it'll be it'll be you know you had to choose to go. It'll have the movie theater will be place you you need to want to go to it. I think that's going to be the big difference. Because i do think it will be very hard for the audience to like. I'm gonna watch wonder woman on christmas day in four k. hdr because they upgraded hbo. Max finally going to get four k. Hdr support on my sixty five inch tv. Not everybody has a big tv like that. And everybody's got difference but like people have way better stuff even if it's on your phone honestly sometimes the experience is going to be bigger and better in all of these cases than it wouldn't necessarily be in a lousy movie theater. It's going to be hard to go back. i. I am a home movie person. That is my decision. I will go to the cinema. Maybe once or twice a year to catch that movie. That i feel i couldn't wait for is typically a big disney blockbuster and it's the case of like well if you don't see it now everyone's spoil it for you right so you if you if you care about this property you should go and see it and frankly. I'm not sure that that is a relationship that i care too much about. You know like like kind of it doesn't really seem like that's the thing. That's the reason is enough to make me care about going to the theater. Like i appreciate that. This is obviously a huge industry and there are people who are struggling but he is an industry that needs to change and has needed to change for decades. Because everybody knows that too expensive. They charge too much money for all of the things that they want you to buy. And you're kind of and they actively at this disallow you from bringing your own food and drink in. Well that's how they make their money. But the here's the problem with it is. The experience isn't very good. That's that's the truth of it is not only. Is it expensive. But it's expensive for one of those hot dogs. That's on the little metal roller thing exactly players and stuff like that. But you go to the really nice boutique cinemas where they have food great you and i and a bunch of people we know for your bachelor party. We went to avengers infinity. War at alamo draft house in austin we own. We sat together we well. Yeah i know we knew what was coming. We'd are already seen it but like we're in audience and we're all we got food and we have beer and like it was so much fun i would love. I would do that. I would do that kind of experience. a lot. But the warmed-over hotdog and kind of crappy popcorn for a lot of money to sit in a kind of badly cleaned threadbare movie theater. That isn't you know that in the sound isn't very good like it's not the best and that's so yeah i i'm just going to say it. I think those kinds of movie theaters need to go out of business. And i think that the movie theater industry needs to focus on a better experience and that i think people will pay to go see it as a better experience but i think that that's what they're going to try to do now. Maybe there will be a window. Like i see it because you thinking about marketing to you you make as a movie theater or as a movie studio you make this huge investment in marketing for your product and then with the windows along that you've got to make that investment again when it goes to streaming or when it's available for rent on you know on all the rental platforms video-on-demand platforms. It's a lot so one of the arguments about making the window way smaller. Is you only have to do one marketing campaign so you say wonder woman. Eighty four or the matrix for and it's coming. Maybe it's coming to theaters and everybody knows that in theaters exclusively for a week or two weeks but that's it and it's on streaming. Yeah you got it there. I agree with you. That seems like properly the way it's going to go. But i think even that kills the theory industry because who cares enough. How many movies really do people care enough about. Yesterday they will go to now like the idea of like the the movie theater for dates for things for friends to do that. Kind of thing in theory was in theory will continue. But i'm just not sure that this industry is one of the industries that continues in the post covid walled like restaurants mo- problem right like once. The restaurant industry can get back on his feet again. People are not going to stop going to restaurants. I don't believe that right. That will be changes to the industry like something that's happened in a of metropolitan areas and i hope continues is like a similar idea. Which is they will send you their ingredients and you cook at home. Which is like i guess the the only link analogous the may have home. We'll have it in the place but it's still nice to have in the place because the restaurant industry is based around providing you a nice experience and taking all of the walk away from it right but the majority of the movie cinema theater industry is providing you that not great experience but locking away the thing that you want and the only way you can get it for months is to go to them and i'm not sure that that is a thing that's going to happen. I i really don't think so. Yeah i and it. It's going to have to. Obviously it's going to have to work itself out and there's gonna be pain and there's going to be failure. There's going to be success and the industry is going to kind like change. But i think the truth is you would never invent an industry to look like this. You wouldn't you wouldn't know it's one that adapts over time becomes greedy and the in the chat room pointing out that the stale hotdog industry and the people who make the little rollers. It's going to be tough time for them. It's going to be different and and there are different things right like if you are in a small town or something like that like you're not gonna have that super high quality theatre necessarily although i grew up in a small town and we had a five screen movie theater originally was a two screen movie theater and the ad three tiny awful screens and i keep thinking like maybe in the end. The story is that the that movie theater ends up having to really to better screens so people can have a really nice experience. But the other thing is it does provide access to movies and streaming has already done this to movies that you wouldn't otherwise see 'cause you don't have movie theater nearby or you don't have a good movie theater nearby and now you can just watch the movie instead of this weird monopoly. Where the cheap movie theater owner for your town has two screens. And they're the only place you can see the latest marvel movie for six months and so you have to go and give the money not because the experience is good but because they're the ones who have the exclusive on it and that is not great either so the problem that we detail before is if you don't have a theatrical a market that is driving sales and we live in an era where we can talk about how bad the movie theater industry is for customers and so many different ways but we also live in an era where movies we had a bunch of movies. Make more than a billion dollars at the box office. Like they're they're they're blockbusters. And that's why they make. Blockbusters is because those are the ones that make a lot of money at the box office. So here's the thing. I don't think anybody any movie is going to have a billion dollars worth of worth if it if it goes direct to streaming right. That's the problem is the theater market is a very lucrative important market for studios to so they don't want to abandon it but they probably need to change their approach. I think you know. I honestly think that we're that. We're going to not see as many blockbuster movies and we're going to see a lot more. Mid price movies with budgets are going to come down and they're gonna be aware because once you know that you can't make three billion dollars in theatrical you're not gonna spend as much money making the movies and so you know maybe the next round of marvel movies after the ones they've already green-lit maybe they're all about half the budget. They were before or something like that because they know they're not gonna make as much money theatrically but then they're going to. They're building the value disney plus in disney plus throws off this amount of money and that makes it worth it ultimately this massive amounts of disruption. But this is the kind of thing that the pandemic time is going to do for many industries. And so it's like you like just to recap this in case we're not being clear i feel for people whose livelihoods are affected by this. But what we're saying. Is that the company's not only these movie theater chains need to change the expectations that they have of what they can get and how they can charge their customers right. Yeah but just the practicalities of it is that the public evil won't feel safe won't be safe or change their habits in such a way that they want want to go to the or anymore and ultimately like you can't force people to do it. I personally can't imagine going to see a movie in a cinema for years years. Because i wasn't doing it that much anyway. So why would i to it right. And so is because i don't feel comfortable when doing it. Now what they. They closed good movie theater in my county. You know i would have to go to a bad theater or go drive a bit to to go to a good theater and You know maybe. I do that at some point. But you're i think if you look at the introduction of home video this has been has been a long very slow motion car crash writing like the availability. Because what you want. Is people want to see movies. People do want to see movies to the credit of everybody. In the movie industry. People love watching movies. They really do. And there's a lot of money there. There's a lot of people there. There's a lot of interest there we see it with the marvel movies and star wars. And you know there are all sorts of things that people like to see in these movies but people love to go to the movies. Okay or they love. They love movies. Let's say that people love movies over time with home-video things have just the window gets closer and closer and closer and closer because people wanna see that movie and the the movie industry has kept the exclusive theatrical window because it lets them charge per person and they didn't have a great delivery mechanism anyway but it lets them charge per person at a fairly high rate and then the theaters are are making money on the concessions and things like that but even so it just keeps getting smaller and smaller because people wanna see the movie and the opportunity to let people see the movie and other forms is greater and greater and now you have trained the audience and covid. Frankly has trained the audience and modern flat screen. Tv's and sound bars and like there's so many technologies that have changed the balance. That what you've got is like a A here in california. We have a lot of in in for us. We have this Oak sudden kills. The trees and the oak trees are standing. But they're dead. And then a windstorm or a fire blows through the fire. Just sets them all on fire because they're already dead. It's just deadwood ready to burn. It's that moment. Or or if you think about the Radio telescope in puerto rico that collapsed like it was a slow collapsed and then it was all once. This is what the standard traditional theatrical movie industry is right now is it was teetering and all all of the prevailing winds. Were pushing against it and then it happened. And then you're warnermedia or even disney and you look at your streaming platform that is the that is the future of your company and they all say it. A movie theaters are not the future of disney. They're not they've said so. Movie theaters are not the future of disney streaming is the future of disney and it may take time to get there but they've already said theaters our insularity. So they're they're not going to prioritize the thing that's not the future so i that's that's it it is. It is the thing that probably didn't make a lot of sense already but hung on because there was momentum and nobody wants to be the person to change it and then a pandemic happens. And that's it. It's going to change. So i can't predict what twenty twenty two movie theaters are going to look like but the fact that we will have gotten all of these releases from warriner's and some releases from disney right soul will probably not be the last one that will just pop on disney plus that is going to change the change things and let's not forget netflix's spending a lot of money on original films too and peop- and so many people have netflix. So that's you know. That's actually i think the strongest headwind for for the warnermedia's and disney's of the world is you know. Are they really competing over movie theater stuff or are they competing with Netflix's for attention. So i know i. I'll tell you this though. I'll tell you this. I am so looking forward to watching wonder woman on christmas day. Right the bottom line as a movie fan and somebody liked. I wonder woman woman movie a lot like. that's an event. That's our christmas night. I'm so excited about that. Because you know it. I i like movies i just. I'm not going to go a theater neither you. Maybe you don't need to movies year. That make a billion dollars. If you have a hundred million people giving you five dollars a month like i don't know the economics of a but if you can get enough people giving you money every month rather than once or twice a year. Maybe it's enough. I don't know. I don't know that it was that they think it is if disney is saying stuff like they have like the future is streaming. They must assume this the case or maybe they wouldn't do it. We'll find out the one thing. I do wanna point in this. Because i have to. There is obviously no international story for h. b. o. Max hair and always movies. There is a rumor that wonder woman may see a release on sky tv here but if it does it's either going to be as part of sky is an incredibly high barrier to entry right like you're in like because it's basically cable right and everybody has sky most people i think don't anymore have something like that because there's so much streaming stuff now or they may put it on a premium video on demand. Maybe you cry by yourself. But i really you know i look at disney's numbers. You know like that. The tens of millions of subscribers. And i know a lot of those are international and i think that h-. Hbo need to work out what they do. And one a need to work out the door with this. Because if you're trying to like you know they have this american strategy of we take it and we own it but the international strategy is like whoever i guess and i don't think those two things match up in the long run. Yeah we we have been watching them for a while right like not just struggle with having an international roll out and this is a case where netflix scott. There and apple is there and disney is their their strategy is interesting because you have pointed out a few times the hole in it. Which is they're going to do theatrical release of these movies everywhere where theaters are open. And they've got. Hbo max in the us k. What about places where there aren't theaters open or people don't want to go to theaters and there is no hbo. Max then what happens. And the answer is i guess. It looks a lot like twenty thousand nine in that scenario where it's gonna come out in the uk cinemas open. You're not gonna go see it. And there's gonna be no alternative to that maybe the window for purchasing. It is thirty one days right so thirty one days later you can. You can buy rented and that's a lot less than it used to be but you're not gonna be able to do it same day because they don't have and it's not your fault right. It's because they don't have an international strategy for hbo max which they probably should have right like you probably should have. But they sold all of their international rights for all of their content to so many different rights holders that they can't put the pieces together yet. Wild all right. This episode is also brought to you by our friends over and kiwi co families adapted. Thomas change this year including the holiday season some creative problem. Solving parents have discovered new ways to tackle lifestyle today over. Kiwi co hands on science and art project. You'll give a gift. Sparks curiosity and learning all year round is super hard to find new creative ways to keep the kids busy while stretching their brains especially now and kiwi coach. Does the work for you see. 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Thank mark. if mark's going to do it. I prefer it to be done the exact time. He's doing it because if he did it afterwards. It'll be way worse. I don't mind spending time walking on the notes and then going back to it If i then get a report as juicy is this one. I'm going to read some quotes and we can stop and talk about the mole because this is a very focused for paul but very good ones and loss of interest information is comes from montgomery and an ian king talking about a new series of chips that could be introduced in twenty twenty one several successes to the m one being developed that quote. If they live up to expectations they will significantly outpaced performance at the latest machines running into chips. Now this we expected right. This is what we've been expecting that everything that apple introduces now that we've seen that one can do. Should beat whatever. It's replacing hold everything. Hold everything people it turns out. Apple's not gonna just make 'em one never make another processor. Wait what. I thought that. They only made phone chips. No no it's true. They're gonna make several successors to them when they're gonna keep making chips and they'll be better than the m one. The company's next series of chips planned for release early as the spring and later in the fall a destined to be placed across upgraded versions of the macbook pro both entry level and high end i mac desktops and later new. Mac pro workstation. All of this. We kind of had expected but that timeline seems more aggressive. It's interesting as early as the spring and later in the fall. This the fact here seems to be apple has two waves of these. That mark is able to report about that the that somebody was willing to pass on that information to waves but because like again as early as the spring it might not be the spring. It might be the summer might be a fall. Later in the fall might be later in the fall where might be twenty two right. They have to make some product decisions and things slide around. What he is saying here is that there are sets that are that are being targeted. This is not just sort of like a next year's model but it's like a couple of models that might happen next year which is interesting. The fact that they mentioned a mac pro later whatever that means as well as macbook pro and mac interesting. I have thought for a while. Now that while apple said that they were doing a two year transition. It wouldn't surprise me if they finished by the end of two thousand twenty one just so they could say oh. Yeah we're done and and were being conservative. When they gave themselves two years to make the transition would not surprise me at all. They've done it before while. I also to add to that i've been thinking about this too. They announced that it would be two year transition in june of this year when yeah but they also say no because they said when we started in fall it will be a two year transition of what i mean is you. I've missed said that you thought i was making it from point. Okay in june of this year that will lots and lots of issues around producing anything and nobody knew how long it was going to take full product production to stabilize so even more reason for them to be conservative. We are claims they may have given themselves a little bit extra time in in case that they felt that they were going to be more significant issues around public manufacturer of the twenty four month period. Right would and maybe they they feel better about it now. Also you know presumably. They're getting samples of stuff from taiwan semiconductor. And they've seen how process of the m one being built at scale as is going and they've gained confidence there. Although i do wanna point out again marks report definitely is saying. This is what they're thinking but could make apple is still waiting and seeing in their decisions that could make calls yet delayed and people always roller is that and say well he's hedging. It's like well no. The future is unknown until it happens. This he's what he's reporting is what is currently the thinking within apple. Right which is not a prediction. It's what they're what they're shooting for what they think they might be able to achieve and they may change their planning. Something may happen exactly right. Yeah but his that this next part ds. I feel so vindicated in this plot. The next two lines of apple chips are also planned to be more ambitious than some industry watchers expected for next year for its next generation chip tugging macbook pro and imac models. Apple is working on designs of as many as sixteen powell. 'cause and for efficiency caused so that's twenty. Four twenty courtships anti twenty and the macbook pro while that component component is in development apple could choose to first release variations of only eight or twelve of the high performance cause enabled depending on productions has been enabled. That's binning yeah. That's right the idea that they may have an m one extra to that they're targeting sixteen p cores right. That's what they call them. Apparently upgrading snow. This core is sort of the standard. Which is you know. I feel like the four course thing. They have modeled. What like boring. Average usages yeah and and very confident of the four ecores can do all of that low level stuff and then the peace corps is jump in when you need. I think he's doing a job. It seems like now. She's saying that apple have worked out that there is a maximum amount of tasks that would ever be needed on Equals and they're just as you say they have just optimize photos for and in that stat and maybe in the future it will increase but if it does it will be like they all get six. Now it's unlikely that different Machines will get more equals than of is how it's in in doing my Silly chart spreadsheets and stuff. What i found is performance scales with p. course because remember the it'll just has course And so i was doing for ios. I was like looking at like. How do i add the. If i'm trying to get like a a geekbench score per core how does that make sense. And what i found was it makes sense. You just ignore the efficient course and you just the the power cores are where the scale comes from and this that out. Which is there's a base model of performance that they want to run efficiently. That's the thing that runs when you're sitting idle it runs when you're just typing an e mail. It's what happens when you're when the lid is shut on your laptop and it's just doing some things in the background lake. It's all that stuff is handled by the efficiency core. And it's the equivalent of mac book air an intel macbook air right like they said and then you lay on the power. Core is and that's to do everything else and when you when you get to work and so it is interesting to say to see them. Say what we're gonna do is design a variant of this chip that's got instead of Instead of four or eight it'll have sixteen power cores and And then they could been it depending on the yields that they get so they might come out with like an eight or twelve that would also allow for that like Configure to order experience. Where you've in the end. What the what they're gonna do is say new. I mac or new sixteen inch macbook pro. And you can you know it comes with a course but you can get twelve or sixteen if you pay extra. And that's perfectly understandable computer buying kind of thing not nothing in the story about about how they are gonna handle memory configurations which is one of these things everybody keeps asking about but just imagine a sixteen core plus the forfeit or so twenty four macbook. Pro like you said or mac. So when i said i felt vindicated is in the there have been many people in this arena. Care about technology in apple who have just been like. This is just iphone chips and these are just dishes. Apple's going to do they make hyphen chips now. And one of the things that we've been talking about and i've been saying like my feeling on this. It's just like older is similar about them. Is is kind of how they look but what apple is doing is completely different and i think at the point i mean. We haven't even got to the rest of this story. But the point that like harry's a twenty core chip like all right. We have to all agree. Now that these on iphone chips right. Yeah it's just this. Is the way apple. Knows how to make their own ships so in theory they look similar but i do not believe in. I have never thought that. What is the m one is an a fourteen x like. I don't think that that's how they think of it. I just do not believe. I've never thought that. But it's just they look like they would be similar. And i'm sure that if an a fourteen x comes out and it will look similar but i don't think apple was ever considered the net way and i think when we're seeing this kind of stuff we can see that they don't so everything they're doing to evolve rightly the m one is not just an a fourteen x. That's capable of running mac os. It's also the start of of like it's the it's the base camp for whatever they're going to do from there the on the mac side right so presumably they have strategized and building it. They know where it's going from there and it's going it's going up and now we've seen this chip and we see what the future looks like. I think the reason that it looks like an iphone chip is that they just so this is all they needed. Look how powerful these machines. They didn't need more than anything. Go in there. I'm sure in the many times somebody sent a link about us talking about our max episode one hundred or something of this show which is like it's been a long time we've been talking about them but like the. I think the assumption all along was that they were essentially going to be able to take something that was like a glorified ipad ship. And put it in max and it would be an incredibly fast low end mac. It'd be incredibly fast much faster than your macbook. Air or mac mini. We'd be and although yes the m one is not an a fourteen x but it is potentially in terms of performance in profile kind of a glorified ipad chip it is. The first step is a logical first. Step they're not going to jump to the twenty core monster. They're going to start with the simplest thing. It's it's there dipping their toe in the water. Yep of mac chips and it's exactly that it is exactly that it is not that different from what they've done before you gotta start somewhere but they know where they're going from here and that's what this gherman story is about like this is the. This is the most modest. That's the thing. When when i see people who are generally a pc industry skeptics. Who don't think that apple's all that and look at what is going on the windows side when i see them criticize it. It's very funny that a lot of times the fact that this is a low end processor on low end computers gets lost because you know but what about the high end like well. Yeah they this. Isn't that this is. This is the low end now. we're starting to get a sense of what apple's playbook is from here. Playbook keeps getting bigger. So lebed's philip. We need to just point out again. Twenty four twenty core processes in latin. I wonder what we start ignoring the efficiency course and just talk about the the Performance paulos pecos. Some but like that is absurd. Yeah for hiring. Desktops planned for later in two thousand twenty one and a neuhof sized mac pro plan to launch by twenty twenty. Two this doubling down on this. Now let's we can all this unit. This is going to happen. Apple is testing a chip design as many as thirty two high performance. Cause that would probably mean maybe thirty six. Maybe this machine doesn't even get them who knows. I doubt that. But let's say let's just assume a thirty six core machine thirty six core. Yeah now for clear and desktop computers. We can assume that this would be the highest end. I'm mak right. I imagine right higher end desktop computers. That is whether we call in nyack per hour. Just a very high end i mac. Maybe mac mini. Maybe maybe maybe maybe we owe to sealer in the space gray gotta earn that spacecraft because he says and a so that you know it's like it so this is and this half mac pro. I don't. I'm really puzzled about this. Like is this the mac pro now or is it a new mac pro and side the other one. Don't know that right but it seems like there's something going on there which is really interesting but that is that's massive right thirty two high performance course. Slow cost if you don't if you know because like what are we like what source the top ten twelve for the mac pro right now is as high up as it goes at the moment. No mac pro. Mac pro goes way up. Okay there okay. I know that the i mac pro is ten right or is that the base model. They all go. They all go way are up about twenty eight in the chat where it goes. So you know. This is more calls Apple engineers also developing more ambitious graphics processors. Today's m one processes are offered of accustom apple graphics engine. That comes in seven or eight core variations for future high end. Laptops and mid range desktops. Now police testing sixteen and thirty two core graphics pots. yeah. I mean again not surprising. So when we're saying is that for a higher in makwe pro and for the you're not gonna get what you have with the m one where you're you've got a smaller number of cores and you know seven or eight. Gb kors instead. You're going to get a system with. Let's say eight performance cores and sixteen graphics cores on that processor as the base model something like that and that we make in a mac book pro right or an that would make sense. And then you've got your configured order options where you go up to thirty two cores or sixteen performance scores and all of that that is. That's it's fun to see mark gurman report this because he's reporting this information from people on the inside but it's also kind of something that follows logically these. This is of course. This is the kind of thing you would do. It also does inform a little bit apple strategy with the m series processor which seems to be more cores right more more cores more more cores more graphics cores probably more neural engine cores. Just more cores not just add more chorus and they must feel very confident about the ability for their architecture to scale with that many cores like thirty two cores of graphics thirty two high performance. Cpu cores that's a lot. That's a lot right but they are testing it. So i i think i think they've they've proven that they know what they're doing but this is this is another level from what they've done up to now. I'm not done for later. In two thousand twenty one potentially twenty twenty two apple is working on pricier. Graphics upgrades with sixty four and one hundred and twenty. Eight dedicated calls aimed at its highest m. machines. The people said does graphics chips would be several times faster than the current graphics. Modules apple uses from nvidia. Amd in his intel pallet hardware. There is a possibility that you would be able to get this little low baby. Mac pro where have thirty s thirty six core processor and a one hundred. Twenty eight co gpu. How big is that system on chip today. Like wheel in for you right. Like if that's i don't even i. I don't know enough about this here. Atp talk about it but like could that all be on one chip all of that or do. Because it's not clear to me. These with the way that i read and to article as to whether affect apple is working on integrated or discrete graphics. Here now i know that there have been previous articles that reference discrete graphics cause of separate graphics chips from apple. A may be the sixty four on one hundred twenty eight cool. Gp us would be like set chips that maybe you could upgrade in the mac pro anyway which might make sense but nevertheless that is just an unbelievable offering the within the next two years the next eighteen months. Yeah this is what we could be looking at. It shows you their ambition right like there there if they can pull this off what they're going to get is the performance boost that we've seen in the low end across the line And by that. I mean The the one that plays out is that the other products in the mac product line get slightly upgraded m one kind of stuff and the M one mac bulgaria's so many times faster than the previous model but by the time you get up to the high end. They're they're not. They're like in the ballpark or a little bit faster. That's the sort of really gentle approach to transition a more aggressive approaches to say no. We're gonna every time we upgraded model. We're going to do our take on the chip. That should be in that model and it's going to be more aggressive and every one of these is going to be that much faster. The mac pro at each corner level is going to be your already price. Level is going to be this much faster than the intel mac pro and that seems to be what this report is suggesting is. That's at least what they're shooting for. I'm also again really intrigued by the fact that it looks like we've got a couple of waves because that kind of makes sense. I like that idea. So they're they're working on step two is how is desktops and laptops and then step three is super high in pro models. And that's their that's going to be their approach. And maybe we'll see those super high pro models by the end of next year. Or maybe as he says potentially twenty twenty two but in the interim we are also going to be talking about new. I max and new macbook pros that have this more powerful. Cpu and graphics processor than what's on the m one and logical like that's why they didn't update those systems with the m one because they need something more than the m one can provide but yeah thirty again zeon. You can spend a lot of money and get a twenty eight core mac pro but thirty two high performance apple design cores in a little half height. Mac pro is a fascinating thing. And i i still wonder about expansion. What that expansion looks like. And there are a lot of open questions there for that product. But let's be honest. not very. Many people will buy a mac. Whatever it is it is. It is an case kind of product. I'm more interested in what happens with the i. Mac and the mac mini the high neck. Appro what it looks like his old law a lot's going to happen. I don't. I don't know exactly what i expected but i feel like these numbers surprised me. I think the ones that surprised me the most The amount of course and mac pro twenty causing a laptop seems like a lot and i think the graphics stuff and i did want to mention something that like mark points out the because these are so much faster than the chips. That apple uses from invidia and amd. I think it's worth just knowing that chips. That apple uses from video in a md slower than the stuff like the dedicated graphics. Cards things that apple chooses to eat in us are not that great. So it's just like i think people see that and they think that like apples chips are going to be fostered in these the. Ea i keep hearing people talk about It's complicated the way that the architecture is for these chips but like the author. Ea ea has you know. Invidia say thousands. Of course. so it's a different. Is they look at these things very differently. But you know this is also saying that apple kind of playing their own interesting game here. And there's not there's not like an obscene amount of cools in my macbook pro but it is significantly faster than anything with the same core count. So you know. There's a lot of play him. But what is just knowing as we can. All assume apple can produce more powerful graphics units and chips than what they are currently using even if they could extend out to what is available in architecture a more deaths still has to be stuff to take advantage of that right and like really. Powerful graphics tends to mean great games but it isn't just graphics that brings games that there's a lot in between right link market and development tools and it has been long known that that is not really there for the mac for these big aaa games. Now if the hardware is that impressive or ends up being so impressive maybe changes the gaming story on the mac a little bit. But i don't think so. Ultimately i think the graphics stuff for the mac is about creative saaf wear and how that is used right so like how. Combative graphics provide a better experience. For video editors all that kind of stuff you know. I don't think that we're gonna see a fortnight fortnight obviously full nicer it had been on the mac per se like cyberpunk game. They're excited about seems like it might be disappointing. These types of games that people for for their consoles and the pc. But they don't have a place on the mac. And i don't necessarily think that these chips would result in that but it's just addendum. I wanna make to people that maybe don't pay as much attention to this kind of stuff but overall this is an. I'm so excited this this report like i felt like my brain just kept exploding. The more i read of it like it really like. I'm super excited about this super super excited about this. Yeah it's again. It's exciting because it shows apples level of ambition here And i think what you see in mark. Gurman hedging is internally. You know not entirely being confident that they're going to get it all in two thousand twenty one that there may be issues there. They are new to this. On the mac side and they you know they could face challenges but it sounds like they're being very ambitious and they've got a game plan and it involves a couple of waves of processors high in laptop slash desktop systems and then a super high end system and maybe a binning approach to providing some different levels of performance And you know you pay to get the the extra course for the in the news and that it's all logical it's exciting but also it makes sense like i get that this would be their strategy. The subset of upgrade is brought to you by dot dash. Yes some answering your list from laundry to emails to zoom calls to goodness knows what else she getting up to these days. We're all so busy. One thing to have to worry about. Is the door dash. Take care of your next meal daughter. 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Our thanks to door dash for their support of upgrade and all of rely fm. Let's do some hashtag. Ask upgrade questions. Ryan wants to know what orientational size of kibo do you use on your phone. Do you go full size squish to the left of squish to the right size man me too for size. I forget that the squished thing is thing you can do. I can see why people that use the phone that i use might wanna do squish to one side a great option on an iphone twelve many probably not necessary for most people bio even though i do full size i am pretty much always a swipe typer i do the. Swipe typing love me typing. I i mostly still tap. But i do. Swipe occasionally joe wants to know jason snell. How come twenty max. Twenty twenty is an incomparable podcast. This is the same version of a question. We've answered a bunch of times but more which is the incomparable as a kind of popular culture and entertainment network and really m is technology network. And so tech. Podcast goes on really. Fm and Twenty extra twenty. Twenties tech podcast. So that's the answer. I mostly just wanted to include this as an opportunity for you to tell people that they should go. And listen to twenty max twenty twenty. Thank you bye curly. That's a great suggestion. People should listen to twenty max for two thousand twenty available for everyone for free. It comes out on. Fridays relay dot fm slash twenty. Max i want to say. And if you're an upgrade member or a Six colors member you can access your member page and get day members. Only feed the comes out on monday the same time that the essay and the video with steve hackett come out so this week selection is The macbook air. I don't want to tip my hand. And i don. I definitely don't to Unfairly encouraged out gradients. When it comes to vote in in the up grady's but twenty twenty twenty of my favorite shows. This you you way very good job of job. Then you need to. If that makes sense the editing in the story telling is really good but you you know you make a lot of creative decisions in the show that just aunt flavor than not you need to do them and i think that that is the mark of very good production like this very nice. Thank you for saying that. It is a journey sometimes writing the those episodes where i go to some interesting places but i i. I allow myself to do those things. Because that's the whole point is i. I want to explore what that kind of a podcast is like. And if something strikes my fancy and i'm like yeah let's go with that. Let's go in that direction then. then I i do it so yeah. People should check it out there on the short. they're not like of conversational podcast. It's very different kind of thing. And they're like most of them are about fifteen minutes long every now and then. There's a twenty minute long one But yeah there are a lot of fun just wants to know. Do you have any app recommendations for sleep. Tracking data analysis Not not me. no. I don't do this either but i have to apps. I wanted to recommend anyway for four josh to answer the question but i am keen to hear from the up gradients to what their experience is. This i've wondered if sleep tracking is a thing if you ever tried it. I tried it like one time and decided. I didn't want to wear a watch all night. It is my thing too. Is i don't think on an bedded which apple owns which is a which is a sensor you lay on the bed and then it it logs it and that was okay but i didn't really do anything with the data and it really and it required. It really wanted your your iphone to be next to your bed which mine isn't So it got very. And then. I paid her with my ipad and it didn't work because there's no health app and it was just a whole thing so i i've tried it and i would say if i had some sleep seriously issues. I would make a better effort than i have. Isn't it with that. You can still buy that bed at thing. It is a little bit weird. I wonder i wonder what they were what they were doing with that. It's i think it's superior in a lot of ways because you don't have to wear a watch and your and your sleep can be analyzed. That's actually a nice idea. But it seems like such a strange thing file. Mak- why is that. Why is it. Napa product is is. Why did they buy it. Like legitimately at the bottom of the bed at website says copyright apple inc. Yeah they bought the whole. That'll be tomorrow. Mike tomorrow sleep tracking. Saw it bet at three surprise big bet at three released tomorrow so the i want to suggest that people that i know friends that use so if you want to check the mouse sleep plus plus and auto sleep to recommendations that i see a lot for applications to analyze your sleep. Data marlins asks why isn't apple selling. Afc richmond jesse's now the exact. We don't have answers to questions like this. You know i. I wished i did They should be ignace The reason i included this question in today's episode is. Because i saw this on a nine to five mac linked to space explorer. Which is zack. hall's website. I think zack runs it. It's paw of over nine to five thing. The apple are selling a for all mankind mission. Patch set yes. And i find it interesting and think they should do more merch and i would so much. Want an afc richmond jersey. Yeah yeah no this is. This is a place where i think apple has fallen down is working on the marketing angle for some of its shows like there should be. It's a network right. There should be like a cbs store. Kind of thing where you can go to the apple. Tv store or even in the apple store itself but if they have to set up something on the side whatever where you can buy your you know morning show mug and your your stickers or patches or whatever for for all mankind missions interesting that this one kind of leaked out. It's a strange thing. It's for season two. So it's kind of a spoiler. I haven't looked at the tax diet. I've recommended looking at them in detail in chaos spoilers in the and then tat tat lasso. There are so many people who are sort of like making not not licensed shirts and stuff yet reference ted lasso because people have really loved that show in and yet there's nothing out there like i feel like if you're running a network or streaming service. You should probably have a store where people who are fans super fans can buy stuff related to the shows that that you've got and I'm surprised they haven't done that. Yeah like beaks and chat is like i would love morning show. Coffee mug like yeah. It's just a funny one to have right like they. I really would like to see them doing more in this vein. Because this is how you build super fans of your appropriate is and ted lasso specifically really seems like one of those shows that people would like to have that kind of stuff for because it has this. It's not at this point. It's not a cult following but it's that kind of feeling like you know. Have you heard the good news about ted lhasa. Kind of thing and asks what do you think are apple's options in regards to the ipad mini. Do they kill it that. Keep it in the same form factor and a chip behind everything else update to look more like the ipad air. What do you think they're gonna do. It's always a good question because it's unclear. How apple feels about the ipad mini. But they kept it around some guesses that the next ipad mini. Revision will be like the ipad air. It'll be a touch. Id on a button. And they'll move the vessels in a little bit and updated with modern ish chips. And maybe it'll even maybe it'll even get the sides and support apple pencil to maybe even that but like i think they'll you know much later than you wanted updated to be what they're sort of state of the art for the the cheaper ipads is so yeah ultimately. I think it will look like the ipad air. I hope so. I really love that product. I think it would be really really nice and final question. Today comes from ryan. Do you run apps that have electron versions or do you just use these services in a web browser so like if a company companies mac app. They're the only thing they offer is an electron amp. Do you use those or do you use the mill. Where browser and set. I absolutely use the apps. Because i hate apps that run on a web browser. I hate it because i use my web browser for the web. And then there's a tab that is lost in the browser and you can't find it or you clo- i'm a. I'm not somebody who keeps million tabs open. So what happens with me then. I close it. I closed the window. And i'm like god. I just lost that app. That was in a tab in that window. And i hate that i hate it i hate it i hate it. I would like to send more web apps out in two separate applications. And i know about single site browsing things sometimes. They don't work right to say that sometimes they don't work right but so i of course i run the electric versions because their apps in they run in their own apps space and i know when they're open and i know when they're closed and i can control them. I i much prefer that. I hate running something. That looks like an app. It's a web browser hayden. I will also state for the record that i'm not. I don't think i can tell if an app is an electron app. Maybe makes me a bad mac user. I dunno computer. Nerds like to see phil well. Yeah but if you open activity monitoring you look at the ram being used link. Yeah you know. I just run slack. It's fine and it's an app. And i'm glad it's an app. I don't want it in my web browser. If you'd like to send in a question for us to answer the answer to show to send in a tweet with hashtag ask upgrade or if you are really. Fm member aj issues. The command question mark upgrade. You can become a relief. A member support upgrade directly by going to get upgrade plus dot com. If you do that you'll get access to a special feed that gives you add free episodes of upgrade every single week with bonus content is typically like fifteen to twenty minutes more upgrade for you every week with no ads. And you'll also get an additional bonus of twenty max twenty twenty a few days before anybody else along with all of the of a wonderful perks you get for being a reliable member which includes annual specials access to the relief members discord and so much more. It is a fantastic deal. Just go to get upgrade plus dot com and thank you so so much to all of you out gradients. That have done that. We really really appreciate your support. I'd also like to thank dr dash kiwi co and uni for their support of this show. If you'd like to find jason snell online you can kill god of. I've ruined everything for myself. By saying that the start of the show go to six colors dot com or the incomparable dot com or. He is just at j. Go now that jay onto it a you can fill in the rest for yourself. I am at i mike. I m y e I've been experimenting with twitch streaming recently It's all keyboard related content if you thought to yourself. I really liked it. When when mike and jason spoke about keyboards on the show before. Maybe you're a keyboard person if you are. You should shoot into my twit streams. Mike dot live. I'm going to be doing something. On saturday. the twelfth at nine am pacific five pm gmt and going to be building. A keyboard cooler thinks six point five from scratch which includes soldering and everything so he can come and hang out then. Watch me do that We'll be back next time until then sacred by co host friend farewell. Mike mike by jason snell no.

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162 - It's Veterans Day and we are still  fighting for freedom

Republic Keeper - with Brian O'Kelly

55:15 min | 9 months ago

162 - It's Veterans Day and we are still fighting for freedom

"A come to the republican broadcast. My name is brian kelly. I will the host program broadcasting from the forest in cottage lake washington just outside of seattle on. This russian-made octavia mk. Two nineteen microphone broadcast number. One sixty two remember hitting up on twitter. Facebook cloth all of those. It's at brian. Your bro and sorry for the delay. There started this morning like always too much to do and all the best of intentions etc and then in the end trying to do it. All and now i have a microphone. Yeah it's amateur hour. Sometimes i think a welcome good morning. Well let's just start over then. My goodness to have a mike on the on the first thing i think i did just when i switched the scene. I didn't right now. that's where oh well sorry about that anyway. So the topic's today. And i don't know where i got sidetracked there and had the mike shot but here's what he had going today. We got its veterans day. Right there was some testimony yesterday in the us senate. Andrew mccabe was testifying yesterday and about his The crossfire hurricane. Mike flynn thing etc and Let's see what else The election stuff. We've got that and then there's also the issues around kind of the general sense of the country right now and joe biden's suppose it election so those are the things i've got going today. So here's the thing first of all. I want to let you all know that. I have officially announced as of last night That i am the president-elect the united states and i know that all is necessary it's necessary to claim titles deva media company declare it and so republic keeper broadcasting has declared me as the victor of the last election and so. I'm president-elect going forward. And i you know i wanted to remind since i am the president elect and i'm going to be operating out of the office of the president elect now. Which by the way did you know. There's no office of the president-elect such thing but i'm gonna create one. Joe biden created one. So mcrae one. Why not But there's no official. Us government office of that. But i'm gonna have one because why not all you gotta do is get a media organization to declare the winner and who cares what the certifications say. So i'm gonna. I'm now the the new president-elect the united states and as my first act as president. I'm going to cancel the democratic party and make them illegal by executive order and the way. I'm gonna do that the reason that i'm going to do that is so important because we have. We've got a long history of problems with hate groups in america and this has been a big focus. I mean even came up during the presidential elections. We've had a big problem with hate groups in america and so you know. The democratic party was the biggest supporter of secession in the civil war. And obviously you know. I don't know how many people died in the civil war. I know it was our blood war with the most casualties and that was right. The can be laid right at the feet of the democratic party's insistence on maintaining slaves and then when they lost the war and it was now illegal to treat people of color poorly The democratic party formed the kkk to be a military enforcement arm of their party and continue to terrorize americans through the kkk. To the point. Where and you can look this up. You tell me you get mad at me. But i'm a history student. You're not if you think i'm wrong. You can look up the democratic Party convention that was held at madison square gardens. In i believe and i may of the year wrong in this thousand nine thirty nineteen thirty two thousand four. Maybe i'll be wrong in the year so But i won't be wrong on the fact here. It was called the klanbake. Not a clam bake the klanbake with a k. that was the nickname of the democratic. Party's convention and then they when the civil rights bill came in nineteen sixty four. The voting rights act the civil rights. Act the all of the opposition to it was democrats. All of it would've not would not have been passed without republican fact. I'm not sure if there was even a single democratic vote for but the democrats stood in opposition to it and the loudest Of those was a strong three Who was a democrat. Then he was a dixie crat And spoke against it and robert byrd. Who joe biden eulogized so i would cancel the my first act as president day one on cancel the democratic party and and partly because of things like jim. Clyburn the guy down there in south carolina or south carolina. I think right isn't he. The guy delivered south carolina to joe biden. I think so. And the problem with guys like jim clyburn is that they keep lying about people like me and people like you and i've had a belly full of light about candidly. You know these guys keep saying that. Were nazis well. Then you're saying that my mom's a nazi and my wife nazi and my son's in uniform or nazis. It's not okay. Here's jim clyburn yesterday. And then i've been telling people for a long time now. I'm beginning to see what happened in germany back in the nineteen thirties. I never thought that can happen in this country. How do you elect a person precedent. Then all of a sudden give him the authority to be dictator. That's what we are teetering on here. That's what hitler did a german. He was elected chancellor and then because he successfully discredited the news media took over the churches. I cannot see that happening here. It may happen but if it did that means that the american people are much more unless as intelligent at and i think they are case so much less intelligent than he thinks they are right. So have we on. What am i doing their man gotta love software anyway. We're much less intelligent than jim. Clyburn thinks we are if we are going to vote for donald trump and that this is how nazi germany happened because of people. Like who people like us. Isn't that what he's saying that it wasn't for people like us. There would have been no nazi germany. He didn't think he can happen here. Because americans are too smart but apparently americans aren't smart. that's you if you voted for trump. jim clyburn things. You're stupid okay. And sodas whoopi goldberg. And here's britt hume. I'll be darned as they sucked it up. That's exactly what they didn't do. Now look she said. Hillary may not have literally said stopped accounting. But she bellyache like mad about it. And people like whoopi goldberg. I know which he specifically did but a great many people in hollywood and the entertainment industry as she is refused to accept the result of the election said trump was not the legitimate president and tried to prove it and a myriad of ways ever since so they really are the last people on earth ought to be complaining about what's going on now president. Yeah go ahead. Yeah they they said all kinds of stuff. Yeah he was not my president. They said Illegitimate president for for for four years. Basically and so for four years they basically said that we're the worst people in the world because we actually supported the president and that we're bad people and now they just want us to come together and the only analogy i can think of is An and i don't like this but it's the only analogy i can think of is somebody who's abusive to somebody in their family. You know who you know like a parent who beat up a kid and then says you know one wants the relatives come around. They say he just put on long sleeves. So the bruises. Don't show and make nice you know just smile. It's you know it's important today. May nice or the guy who beats his wife and then says don't you have any makeup. And that's how i feel like the democrats are treating us. They've called us every worst name in the book. They've said the most vile things about every one of us for years and now they say why can't we all just get along. Well i don all you've been punching me in the face for years and i'm kind of sick of it. Maybe that's why it's harder along. I don't know what do you think and so. Yeah i'm a little cranky about it because these guys are just. I don't know how to say it. They're they're not genuine on what they're trying to trying to talk about so way back a month ago before this election stuff even before the election happen steve. Bannon gave an interview over at showtime. And wow it really. I guess he knew what was going to happen. Maybe it was part of the plan and he was part of the plan. But just listen to this. What people want is they want all the votes to be counted. Nobody in the left is claiming. The joe biden is gonna win vinegar on game day right because the left understands the democrats take the pandemic more preferred preferred home. The vote that counts is when you go into a booth enclosing y and because it has no ability to be handled by anybody steve system in this meeting the system by which john every vote that certify should come but they're going to try to overturn. This election with uncertified votes is going to be crazy. Lawsuits on naked ballots on every different aspect of those counting. Rooms are going to be knife-fights with this scale of votes will go into january. That's when the firestorm starts that you think will end up being. It's still january. We don't have a president. Yes and the fight then moves to washington ends up right before noon on the twentieth in a vote in the house. Trump trump will love. Trump will win the presence of right before noon on the twentieth in a vote in the house. And i hope he's wrong about that. I hope it's decided before that. I hope we don't get to noon on the twentieth. With jill biden thinking he's going to be president and the house deciding at the last minute and telling him he's not again. It would be legal. But i don't know that it would be good. I think it's much better even if it's through fraud if we can demonstrate that the trump won the election right so part of the problem here has been the public officials who won't cooperate with republicans. We've seen this a fair amount or at least her claims about it. So here is what's happening in. This was in philadelphia able to find the policies and procedures. Thanks okay so you're not gonna share with the trump campaign the items that we requested. This is corrupt officials. Election official refused to share information with the trump campaign and then they cover their face as they walk down the street. Can you okay with me. Who will be in the mix number. I witnessed few speaking with adam. Bonin the lawyer to the democrats as he walked into the room and then you ignored me. The trump campaign attorney and you continue to me. Is there a scheme going on you. Keep the trump campaign out of the account. We haven't been able to have any sort of meeting fought division whatsoever and so is there. Is there a scheme to keep the trump campaign out of town. It seems that there might be right. And there's a lot more like this and even some fake news trying to tell people. There's not a problem that we're going to get into a whistle blower and a fake story that he recanted the car was planted by the democrats. So you back to that. And a couple of things as well as the andy mccabe hearing which i think is really important right back. The maximum republic keeper broadcast can. My name is brian kelly. I am host the program and skin for your time and attention of those who knew the way. This works pretty straightforward. No big company here. It's you and me together. I the work sport to show apparently by do job. You'll supporting the show. I'm not sure how that went to exactly but anyway so I asked his beer's new three things number one number one nine three see three things number one three fingers number one pray for me. Guy needs a wisdom insight balance energy of some of the little glitches in the shore. All become trying to do too much in my life. Probably not doing all of it as well as i'd like to. A second is find value in this. I it with somebody subscribes you get all of it and share with somebody and then the last thing is the financial support for the show. If if you can find a way to do that that's useful things. Take money to run. Got a new camera running today. It looks better than the old one and definitely the equipment is able to handle the stream better about a new camera. Interface thing green lights all day. Hopefully it's not glitchy and so you know that's an investment in you in in the in the program but wasn't free either so regardless if you can find a way to do that that's awesome now We are going on these four years of this inter family conflict and Cnn and jake. Tapper have been no small part of keeping the conflict alive and since the president hasn't conceded yesterday and by the way realclearpolitics hasn't called the ratio and the chinese president hasn't called congratulate. Joe biden the mexican president has called. People have called to congratulate because the race and over okay and so regardless. Jake tapper is going to act like it's over an act like donald trump is the worst human being ever for holding out for results and we begin with breaking news today. President elect joe biden. This afternoon says outgoing. President trump's refusal to concede the election is quote. An embarrassment biden assured americans that he is moving forward with the transition with or without president. Trump's help and he said the republican senate is quote mildly intimidated by president trump as some republicans and top allies are enabling outgoing president. Trump's denial of the reality president-elect biden calls today from the leaders of germany france ireland and the uk but the calls were not patched through the us state department as traditionally would happen because the trump administration is still refusing to allow the transition process to begin and this is not necessarily just a matter of letting the president's legal remedies play out in courts some members of the trump administration are signaling that they're unwilling to accept the results of the democratic process. It can be frankly chilling to hear take secretary of state. Mike pompeo this afternoon awesome is the state department currently preparing to engage with the biden transition team. And if not at what point does it delay hamper a smooth transition or pose a risk to national security there will be a smooth transition to second trump administration that a smooth transition to a second trump administration. And so jake. Tapper is just beside himself that a cabinet member cabinet member isn't accepting the result of the election. What could be worse than a cabinet member who doesn't accept the results and he said you already said don't won't result the accept the results of the democratic process. We'll know the democratic process is not were you have an election and officials turned in the results and regardless of certification. The media calls three. That's not the democratic process in the democratic process. We do the vote then. The state certify the elections and based on the certification electors or sent and one of the reasons that people really are questioning. The results is because there were supposed to be this blue wave right. It was joe by ten right joe by ten. Joe you know. Joe by these huge margins joe by seventeen in wisconsin and it was not only Or they gonna win the white house big. They're going gonna win the senate and pick up seats in the house and it totally went the other direction right. They lost what five seven seats in the house. I think they even lost a senate seat. I'm not sure how i gotta look. It was the republicans were one behind. Not even i don't remember. I gotta look and then there's still a senate ross right and so they certainly didn't have any kind of a landslide and joe manchin. Who's a democrat. Senator for virginia is smart enough to recognize that. There's no mandate there joe mansion. He joins us tonight. Senator thanks for being here. Thanks for having me a lot of focus now on those georgia run offs and potentially if it all adds up. Thom tillis wins in north carolina. Dan sullivan in alaska. It looks like those two races could be the control of the us senate with a tie then going to vice president harris. A what do you tell people about that and concern about that concert considering all we've heard about the progressive agenda. There's a lot of people that are concerned. There's a lot of fear. Tactics are being used. Right now brent. If both of the georgia senators were elected from the democratic party. Then that would be fifty fifty. If those dan sullivan and thom tillis win. Fifty fifty means. There's a time. But if one senator does not vote on democratic side there is no tie and there is no bill saw. Commit to you tonight not commit to all your viewers and everyone else's watching. I wanna lay those fears. I'm going to rest those fears for you right now. Because when they talk about whether the packing the courts or ending the filibuster. I will not vote to do that. I will not vote to pack the courts. I think and i will not vote to end the filibuster brett this system. The senate was so unique body in the world. It was made to work together in a bipartisan way. And once you start breaking down those barriers then you lose every every reason that we are the institution that we are the most deliberate body. So i wanna lay those fears to rest. That won't happen because i will. Not be the fiftieth democrat voting to end that show buster or to basically A stack the court and in all the other things you're hearing about brett also the fund. Police i don't know if any of the democrats in the caucus for defunding the police. We're not for that whatsoever. And when they talk about basically medicare for all we can't even pay for medicare for some doesn't make any sense at all. We've got to fix the affordable care. Act we have. And i think our republican moderate republicans will work with us to now repair. What needs to be repaired so mansion gets it mansion understands that that the country is in for this radical alexander co spandex whatever. Her name is fake congressperson oceans. She's a real congress person. She just a fake patriot. I mean there's nothing patriotic about her but Joe manchin gets now so he basically says i'm going to vote as a republican on anything that matters to the constitution. Awesome madman's patriot. I don't care what parties in so couple more things here. And when you get into why. Mike pompeo and some of the rest are now not still accepting the election results. John brennan also went on to cnn. And i'm going to pause this a couple times. We go through and give you some commentary. This is really telling ya. Director john brennan. It's got a new book out by the way. Undaunted my fight against america's enemies at home and abroad. Good to see you sir. Didn't khris so people here this news. That's trump being trump it'll pass. What are they missing the missing. What is a very very worrisome development. It's clear that marcus was removed as secretary of defense because he rebuffed donald trump's efforts to politicize the us military. And i think it's quite apparent from reporting that marquez has stood up to donald trump a repeatedly who knows what else he has refused to do and the secretary of defense position is the most consequential position in the us government aside from the president united states. So who knows what else. Mark espa has used to translate that the commander in chief gave an order to head of the armed forces and the head of the armed forces said no. I won't follow your order now. If it's an unlawful order my understanding is that everyone has a duty to report that unlawful order being issued and so marquess bird's not accusing the president of any unlawful orders as he and marquess were didn't leave duty marquess. I fired what was he fired for. Sounds like he was fired for insubordination. Which john brennan by the way appears to endorse. Let's keep going ace because it is the secretary of defense who carries out the orders given by president for military operations and if mark esper- has been pushed aside because he is not you know listening to donald trump. Carry out these these orders. Who knows what his successor. This acting secretary. Chris miller is going to do if donald trump does give some type of order. That really is counter to. I think what national security interests need to be. What if donald trump gives some kind of order that's counter to what our national security interests need to be now. This presumes that brennan has some idea of water. National security interests need to be and that it's a better idea than the president of the united states would give the order. This is hubris beyond belief. And this is how we got here. This is the man more than any other whose fingers are dirty in. This whole crossfire. Hurricane thing we're going to see for mccabe and a little bit the reason. I bring him on now about the election is to. These guys are still posturing spinning and john. Brennan is absolutely terrified. You're in a here in. A minute is absolutely terrified about what could happen to him. Let's just listen to the rest. Rebuttal to a shoulder shrug seventy days. He'll be gone and seventy days anyway. Once the electoral college mates. We have the seventy days. You can do a lot of damage and seventy days. He still is the president of the united states. And is he going to carry out. These been as against other individuals as you pointed out kris ready or gina hospital or others it is clear that donald trump carry out these mendez against others. Familiar territory. mr brennan. So what you guys did carried out a vendetta against donald trump. Now you're the done. Donald trump of in debt against you while the differences in he might and i kinda hope he does. The difference is i don't want donald trump to do anything illegal like you. Criminals did john. Brennan what i want. Donald trump to do is to go and expose the crimes that you guys have committed. And if that's going after you so be it. If that's vendetta soviet don't commit the crimes trying to exercise the power because he can and he is going to settle scores but i'm very concerned what he might do in his remaining seventy days in office. Is he going to take some type of military action. Is he going to release some type of information. That couldn't fact threaten our national security interests. So i think people need to be looking break carefully at what he's doing and unfortunately the republicans in congress continue to give donald trump. Pass all right so this is the key question. What can be done short of him messing with the electoral college and trying to have republican. Friendly's pick their own electors and you know go grand scale with faithless electors. What can be done to stop anything. He wants to do. In seven days well if less prison passenger cabinet had an ounce of four to inspire patriotism. I think they would seriously. Considering voting the twenty fifth amendment and on what basis the twenty fifth amendment is winning on the president's not able to discharge his duties. So would they get a psychiatrist on. What basis john. Brennan crazy pushing. Donald trump out because he is just very unpredictable. Now he's like a cornered cat so what he's calling for is for them to use the twenty fifth amendment to end donald trump's presidency prematurely. How tiger and he is going to lash out and the fact that again that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome. now we know that the attorney general bar has done. Donald trump sitting in the past will continue to do that visa this election. I don't know. But i do think it's something that the members of congress the leadership of the republican party really needs to send clear signals donald trump that if he goes the continues to go along this path they are going to put up roadblocks. What do you make of the attorney. General saying that his investigators before the electoral college where look at substantial allegations of voting irregularities as you and i both know. Irregularities is not a legal standard or any kind of criminal rubric But what do you make of that. Well i think it's an unprecedented move and again since we embark has shown that he is willing to be donald. Trump's personal defense lawyers oppose the attorney. Jelly nited states. I am concerned that he's going to be looking at this. In a very one-sided manner. And so i think this is something. That's a hope that's enough. That's enough john brennan. But here's the point. Is that john. Brennan is spinning and the reason john brennan spinning is because john brennan guilty and john brennan knows that these hearings in the senate are going to keep going no matter what lindsey graham's and not letting go of this this is going to continue no matter what and john brennan knows that these connections to china with the biden's and to ukraine that they flow through the atlantic council and he knows that his hands are dirty whether or not there's enough evidence to catch him remains to be seen rand. Paul play this. Is this reporters asking rand. Paul about vice president biden. Here's the best response ever do. Acknowledged that fighting biden has one walks by. Yeah no not going to pay attention now. Yesterday i shared with you some of the lawsuits that have been filed right and some of the depositions that have been filed and so one of the things that has been one of the things as guy richard hopkins who is a united states postal service whistleblower in the first tape. We have him from project. Veritas was he came out and it was disguised voice and he didn't give his name and then he said you know he named his supervisor and Joel keith james. O'keefe called his supervisor got him on phone then disguise out who was who has gone public with right so I'm to play a two pieces of video from this whistleblower. And then i'm gonna show an article that starts circulating about how he's recanted. His testimony is just not true. So just take a look here and watch. The postal inspector contacted you today in pennsylvania. What did they say to you They asked me the same questions. You asked me yesterday. When i'd seen and heard and we're asking if i had any more information or whatnot. You witnessed your supervisor. Backdating a ballot to november third. I did not witness them backdating it. I was witnessed some talking about factors. What did you hear them say. they were talking about. How the floor with blood if they had posted all but one of the all. But one of the Ballots that were picked up as the third with the had warned that they made a mistake. Impose smart you heard robert weissenbach say this to daryl or darryl say it how did it. How did you hear was robert. Were saying at the darrell to to two. They made a mistake on the bow. They should've backdated the november fourth ballots november third correct. And you heard this and Since you did the interview with me in the shadows what what has happened to you your employment. They were taking an action against you today. I'm not for sure but they are bringing up stuff like in the past so they brought up old allegations against you today. That were already adjudicated those up today. These inspectors have what was the. What was the nature of your conversation with the post office officials that reached out to you today about this about our interview They said that I was because of certain factors. I was kinda implicated as one would hang out so they wanted to get my side of the story because they wanted to stardom investigation into this. I think this comes from above them. And that's what i believe sir stack i. I just think they were just doing what they're told. And they were grilling the hell outta me. How are you feeling right now. I'm kind of pissed. I feel like i just got played and i heard him say to the supervisor that they messed up yesterday that they are now so i was like. What did they mess. Up on and He told the supervisor that they had Postmarked one of the earth. The third is they were supposed to hit them for third Let me make good on on friday. This storm is getting crazy right out of a lot of people's control and so the reason they called me in is to try to harness that storm try to repeal act in the gordon gets really crazy because senators involved. We have the arm justice involved. We have lawyers teams holding. I i am. I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that. Believe it or not your mind will kick it packs. We liked controller. Mind and when we do that we can convince ourselves of membrane when you're under distress which is what i'm doing to you personally Your mind can be clear. I'm gonna do a different exercise to make a little bit clearer. So this is all about her. Why not hearing you. I am hearing. It seems like they were trying to make me distrust. Y'all and at the same time. I kind of affected but at the same time i was like no. These guys have had my back since the get go. So that's why. I continued the federal agents. Have your back at this point in these federal agents are really interested in investigating fraud. Honestly i don't think they are and in fact you heard wisenberg tele supervisor. They were back during the vows to make it appear. They've been collected november third. You still stand by that. Yes so now. So here he is. He claims this is going on right. That's the first one. He claims his going on anonymously. It comes out who he is so he says okay. Yeah i'm the guy. I said it right and the postal service sends an inspector to talk to him. You hear the inspector coercing him to not cooperate. With project veritas right. Well next thing we see is not. See if i can move this. Without killing the mike. I keep screwing this up. Sorry guys So this is the next thing we see this as us news and world report okay. And here's what the article says. Let me just blow this up a little bit. Maybe we'll show better Trump campaign presses legal attack on elections as postal worker. Recant ballot fraud claims. Well that's a big deal okay. So let's just roll down here Dob prison fahd michigan lawsuit request in lawsuits whereas it it says Trump is repeated claimed without evidence that there's widespread voting fraud. Okay great judges already toss lawsuits in michigan and georgia brought by the campaign and legal experts say. Trump's litigation has little chance of changing the outcome. Okay great so far so good right. Then it says here. Republican senator lindsey graham trump ally set on saturday that the senate judiciary committee would investigate claims of voting irregularities in pennsylvania after receiving an affidavit from a united states postal service worker. Who alleged that illegal backdated postmarks may have been added to some mail in ballots. Okay so then. It says are republican lawmakers. Here check it out. This is how your fake news happens. This is just managed. Just makes me mad. I don't know why should make matters more shooting surprise me anymore. Just blow it up here and see if a magazine kept what Here it is later in the day. Democrats on the house of representatives oversight committee said postal worker. Richard hopkins had recanted his allegations according to the postal services internal watchdog. That office declined to comment. So let's be clear. Here's what happened. Democrats on the committee. That's all it says. Democrats on the house of representatives oversight committee translation. Adam schiff or another lying dirtbag who refuses to be named k but it's enough for the reporter on the story right and the reporter context the office of the post awful office and they give no comment right but this story runs right so then we get. This is the next thing that happens. And is this Shows up and Let's see if this comes up. And mike stork and so this is on going to be around on facebook now. Occupy democrats has got this thing on last week. Pennsylvania postal worker made allegations of ballot tampering trump and his allies spread them all over social media and trump referred the quote fraud who was attorney general bar. Conservative donors gave him one hundred thirty thousand dollars. Well i don't know if anybody gave them any money. I hope so Fire needs and attorney and he's probably gonna get harassed and probably need some personal protection now but it says well the postal mer or just admitted he made the whole thing up trumpers. You're embarrassing yourself. Biden won fair and square period. Well let's see we embarrassing ourselves. Did richard hopkins make it up. I wonder if richard hopkins would have anything to say about that. I am the also employee who came out and whistle blew on the postal service Postal office. I am right at this very moment. Looking at a article. Ridden ridden by washington. Pulse says that i Fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering. To say that. I did not recant. My statements that did not happen as what happened. And you will find out tomorrow. And i would like that. The washington post recant. Their wonderful article. They decided to throw out there. So does that sound like a guy who's backed off this story to me. It sounds like a guy who stick elias story and the fake news is now promoting the idea that he's recanted based on one single democrat who leaked a falsehood to a reporter. Every medial works hundred biden. No covered Welcome back to the republic keeper broadcaster. Skim through time and attention. Yesterday there was something really important to happen and then it went totally unnoticed. Almost in the rest of the world is that there was some testimony. Andrew mccabe and that name rings a bell because used to be the number two over at the fbi. Once time cable assistant to jim komi only and was fired for misconduct for lying. Basically fired for one of the good guys. I think is. I'm not sure if they have a title for that. But you know you're you're not one of the good guys and and you're going to go away now and mccain was how that worked so he was in the senate yesterday and there were some pretty pointed questioning. About this whole mike flynn case and how it was opened up and etc and just a quick primer on this for those who don't know the part of the idea was that mike flynn. They said that they had to observe his phone calls because he was having conversations with the russian ambassador and this is when mike flynn was the incoming national security adviser right so the incoming team is having discussions with the other four nations right and so they use that as a basis to spy on. Mike flynn well. That's not a basis. I mean that's that's made up a whole clock. That's not a reason to spot mike As much as they wanted to try and make it into one just isn't and so now we have a situation where it's being reported that Joe biden's team is reaching out and talking to foreign countries also. Here's senator cruz. Yesterday ben rhodes the former deputy national security advisor to president. Obama said that foreign leaders are already having conversations with joe biden. quote talking about the agenda. They're going to pursue january twentieth. Mr mackay based on that testimony. Do you believe. Joe biden is violating the logan act. I'm not aware as. Ben rhodes statements or or take it on faith. He said what i read. Assuming he's that quote is accurate and surveyed them. Quote is that a violation of the logan. Act under any plausible theory. I am not prepared to take your statement on face and i am also not prepared to conduct legal analysis. You're a lawyer. Have you ever answered hypothetical in court if it is correct that i am accurately quoting it. Something the department of justice frequently did wrong in this investigation. If that is what. Ben rhodes said if joe biden talking with foreign leaders right now. Does it violate the logo. Yes or no. I'm not going to opine on a hypothetical question about what he is talking with four liters and it doesn't violate the logan act because the logan constitutional right is what cruises sam and so they used this as a pretext to go after mike. Flynn and that's all it was as a pretext it was never a real reason. And so they're questioning makeba about it. You know yesterday rightly right and so as part of his job there one of the things he was supposed to be doing is are reviewing information that came in Like the steele dossier. He signed off on the fiso. Warn that said that it was that it was good that it was verified right and so one of the things that was in the warrant was the sub source the russian sub source was named in there or in the subsequent stuff. Maybe not in the dossier. And here's senator kennedy asking anne mccabe about what he knew about that. No senator. i sent my investigators to conduct the investigation. Do you know who do you know who he gor dan. Shinko is i do not. You have no idea who that is even today. I am not going to speculate as to who he is. Well he was the sub source that the steele dossier was based on. So you're gonna be sean. You're the you're the you're the assistant director of the fbi. You've decided to investigate the trump campaign. You get this dossier which whether he admitted or not was the basis for all the faisal warrants. You never sat down. So i want to talk to chris. Dossier are christie. If you had talked to chris steele you would have found out that. His sub source was e gordon. Shinko primary source. Dan chico's not he wasn't from russia. He was some guy in washington. Dc working for brookings a university of mobile want to georgetown. He was buddies with dr fiona hill. He was relying on his drinking buddies. Why didn't all you you folks are running this show. Say wait a minute. This is all centered. Around chris steele. We'd better talk to stay on. We'd better talk to this guy. Dan shinko senator. It's important that i get i get this out so if you could give me. I am simply following the findings of the inspector general which documented mr client. Smith's intentional acts or failed to find any evidence documentary or testimonial indicate that the other mistakes in the pfizer. Package with the result of intentional misconduct. Do you think you were wrongly fired. Yes yes. I do. Think i was wrongly fired. Thank you did nothing wrong. That's correct even though. The i g pointed out that you did and even though you all had a culture of corruption and cover up that you thought it was ok to spy on carter page. It was okay to mislead michael. Flynn this is a sad state of affairs. And i am pleased that you are no longer. A part of the fbi senator. I'd like to answer those allegations. Yeah please go ahead. Yeah so No i categorically refused to agree with your assertions No one that. I am aware of in the fbi conducted any activity that should leave them susceptible to criminal prosecution certainly including myself as someone who's now been the subject of investigative activity for years for no baseless the subject of the base since investigation conducted by attorney's office for almost two years which concluded in a dismissal of your case so no i don't believe that i committed any crime. I know i never committed any crime working for the fbi. and yes. I believe that the conclusions in the report were baseless i believe it was a flawed and misleading and deeply unfair investigation. That led to the unfair. My unfair termination. Thank you you know nothing about what was done and yet and rosenstein and komi and so so. The point is that everybody plead ignorant. And you know. I don't know who's who's lying here but i'm gonna we're gonna show you right now the for sure. Andrew mccabe is lying or jim komi is lying. Jim comey was in front of this same committee. Two three weeks ago and was asked pointblank. Did you ever authorize anyone to leak information to the press. Did you ever give anybody the green light. Jim qomi said absolutely not now. Here's what andy mccabe had to say. When confronted on the same question did james combing authorized you to disclose information about the clinton foundation investigation to the press. I didn't need james comey's author. I didn't ask if you needed it. I asked did. He authorize you to disclose it. That's a yes or no question. I authorized disclosure still. Not answering. my question did james komi know about it and did he authorize it. Yes or no. Did he know about it to my recollection sir. Yes he knew about it. Did he authorize you did he. Did you did he. In any way give you the green light explicitly or implicitly. Try jim koenig. I'm not asking whether you asked. I'm asking saying okay. According to the washington. Times april eighteenth two thousand eighteen. Mr mccabe insisted. He told his boss that he had authorized disclosure about the clinton investigation. But mr combe has denied this claim. and mister mccain told investigators that mr komi knew he had authorized disclosure and agreed. It was a good idea. Is that accurate. Is that your testimony to this committee. That is my recollection. So you're aware that your testimony is one hundred eighty degrees opposite. Mr komi sworn testimony to this committee in which he insisted he has never authorized anybody to leak to the press. I i'm not gonna say what trump said or didn't say to you that would however your characterization of a leak is not accurate. The fbi has records that will establish whether you're telling the truth or mr comey's telling the truth. Do you believe the fbi records public. So if you're telling the truth you can be vindicated. And if mr comey's telling the truth he can be vindicated. I'm not sure what records you're referring to senator any and all emails correspondence records whatsoever indicating the mr combing your legs. And all about him. I would very much like to see those records as well as what i thanking. Yeah i don't know what records you're talking about. Oh oh you know when you build stuff. That sucks up. All of the information out there and you think that it's not going ever be used against you your fool if it can be built it can be hacked. If it can be used is just like medicine right. It was strong enough to help. You is strong enough to hurt you. You gotta know. How much is the right amount. And that's why these hearings are so important. That's why mike. Lee has been senator. Mike lee on tenure campaign to end the fis authority period. Because he can see that. It's just gonna bit get misused and abused no matter what there's kind of no way around it and so jim komi i think if i had to bet of the two of them. Jim is telling the truth. I don't know but i'm jim. Komi new mccabe was coming second. And i think he was giving india. Mccabe a chance to tell the truth here and say i did it on my own. Ah director comey didn't know. Or maybe his line and he was given mccabe chance to protect him hoping he would and mccabe refused who knows but either way the documentary evidence. If there is any is going to tell the story. And i think what we're gonna find out is that Some of the capacities that are spy agencies. Had or have that were used against president trump in an inappropriate. Fashion are going to be used now in a law enforcement role in the way they're supposed to be to put some of these same people who abuse them away. That's what i think. Maybe i'm wrong. We'll see now Chuck grassley senator chuck grassley and this is one last big kind of important announcement today That came out and charles. Grassley is not given to hyperbole. Charles grassley is not the guy who's running for the camera all the time right. He's not that guy. He's well respected. He's go-slow be careful. he's that guy. Okay charles grassley says that the evidence from hunter biden's abandoned laptop indicated that he and his uncle james operate as foreign agents. When brokering a two thousand seventeen business deal with fcc. A leading chinese energy company with ties to the communist country's communist government. Here's what he says when the available evidence is taken as a whole is clear that the afc intended to make inroads in the united states for purposes of expanding its business and use hunter biden and his business associates to help effect that intent grassley wrote in a letter to william bar encouraging to pursue charges under the foreign agents. Registration act minimally. That's what this is far violation. That's the same thing that paul manafort's in prison for for working on behalf of a foreign government without registering to do so. And so if paul manafort has justly imprisoned it appears that these guys should be to rally continued. He said in pursuit of goals. That appears that cfc. You're not here in brazil. Goals appears at cease may have taken action to influence us policy and public opinion in its favor and gain access to several. Us politicians in an attempt to curry favor for potential business transactions. This is the first time. I've heard the word several in any of this and it comes from charles grassley. So let's see this goes but i think I think that it. I've said all along. And i'll say it again. Joe biden is going to spend exactly the same number of days as president. United states as al gore and thomas dewey and you and i which is exactly zero. Joe biden will never have the title president next to his name. I promise you this is your public. Be back tomorrow.

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How BoomTown Is Transforming Real Estate Tech (with Grier Allen)

Scale The Podcast

52:30 min | 2 years ago

How BoomTown Is Transforming Real Estate Tech (with Grier Allen)

"The Old Hi everyone Daniel Ramsay here the CEO of my out and the host of scale the podcast this podcast is dedicated to having conversations to unlock the exact formula and strategies these multimillion and billion dollar companies use to scale their business. You can visit me on our website at scale the PODCAST DOT COM or listen to this podcast cast on itunes or Google play. What's up everybody Danny Ramsay Enzi here from my out. I really excited because I got my good friend. greer allen from boomtown now guys you know. I'm a broker. You know we run the largest real estate virtual assistant company and back in the day. I had a boomtown platform. I grew on greer's plus. Learn learn man in a real estate space so I was. I had the opportunity wall I had agents going around and and so this is like mind-blowing. I'm super excited greer. Thanks thanks for joining us today. Thank you so much for having me man excited to be here. You know it's crazy as today. We're GONNA look if you're listening right now. I'd love you to just tell career where you're from. We've got a lot of people live a lot of people in the Webinar. Just go ahead. Drop your name in there. Say Tell us where you are in the country because greer has guys like us. You got clients all over the world right we do we do and what so we're going to get into your your story real quick but today if you're here we're GonNa Talk Internet leads. We're GONNA talk building. Teams are going to talk technology. We're GonNa talk about where this is crazy. Easy industry is going because you you can have you into that and yeah. I'm super excited. Let's start though greer like how'd you get started and how. How did you build boomtown like the beginning the baby story the origin story like how did that go sure yeah. I was kind of a baby when I when I got started in this space so so I've never actually stole real estate myself. But my dad and my brother both been in the industry for for you know for decades accolades yeah so I actually did went to Clemson University. Go Tigers number one in the nation number one for what college football baby live and breathe down here in the southeast. I gotcha okay so anyway. I a graduate with a computer science degree so so so when I got out of school I immediately started working for the brokers where my dad was selling real estate and working up their marketing department all the advertising back. Ot was mainly done on a through newspaper and and so I worked a lot on their corporate intranet help them to to to really process those ads in the newspaper more efficiently and effectively so so that was kind of the early days of of digitizing the marketing experience in real estate and so so what did that for a couple of years started a digital advertising company any following that for a couple of years then six decided that I really wanted to focus back in on real estate this is an industry that incredibly passionate about out and and spent about a year really researching the industry and trying to understand where the pain points were for my brother and my dad trying to figure out where where those pains were and about a year end of that landed on the idea of Nice how did unlike where you like having a drink with friends like I'm I'm GonNa do boomtown like how did that actually like how did boom the name first of all boomtown you know. I'm thinking I'm thinking Reno Nevada like right uh-huh. I'm near Tahoe so that's what I'm thinking. But how did you land on. I'm going to build a tech platform to generate leads for real estate. People and help teams grow grow and expand like how did you get to that space. Yeah it wasn't it was it was sort of zigzag line so so when we started our research we are working with mainly only larger brokers in in back in osage. She kinda Kinda. Take it back in context of what the times were back in six there was there was a tremendous tremendous amount of of marketing that these companies were doing yet most offline at that time and but they were all driving they knew that the Internet I was GonNa play a major major role in the industry going forward right. They have billboards everywhere and they were all driving those billboard back to their website. They weren't really investing into the website itself and the biggest pain point that we saw was once a consumer came in and inquired about a property for sale and wanted to to go see that property. It just fell on the floor. You know they had their relocation. Department would one individual may be too in that department and they could barely handle the workload of the relocation business that they were doing much less. All these Internet leads in these buyers that were that were actually looking to buy a home so so we found some research that was out there over fifty percent of leads never responded to quite frankly. I don't think he's got much better than that and an although we've been trying trying very hard to help the industry with that but that's where we started is is looking at this problem of you know. Hey these bigger brokers. They don't have they don't have the the staffing or you know. The you know the infrastructure structure to be able to handle these inquiries coming in so we originally started down that path when I started talking to my brother who is starting his brokerage at the time Yom and there was there was a key moment of time where where we said okay you know. I was asking my brother where you spend your marketing dollars. Yep and he said well I just signed up for a quarter page advertisement in Charleston magazine which is a pretty well red magazine across the southeast in the the East in general but basically you know he had no way of tracking the Roi from that era spending fifteen hundred dollars a month and we realized that not not only did agents and teams and brokers need to you know to have a a system or service or technology that helped them to you know to manage the leads but also these smaller entities they needed a system to be able to to drive those leads and create a great experience for the consumer when they landed on your website alone search allowing them to learn more about would differentiate you as an agent or a team or a brokerage and enable to drive leads leads and drive engagement back to that website and so that's really where the whole picture came into view and we started hammered out and building. You know it's interesting interesting. Do you had me thinking because we I live in a nice area of Sacramento California and there's this one agent and he constantly puts his face on a billboard billboard or a seat or whatever and always think man. There's no value prop there. There's no call to action there. There's no brand really other than this guy I with his handwriting. My goodness man what are you doing. There's a lot of there's a lot of dollars wasted in in and where we focused our energy was just on you know how do we how do we squeeze as much value out of the marketing spend that that these that these companies are agents and I love it and drive as many opportunities for those possible well so we've got Carlos from Florida. What's up man. Thanks thanks for joining us. I really appreciate yeah and hey guys. If you're here just drop where you're where you're from and your name and just say hello to greer. He's he's. He's kind of a big deal man. You have grown and scaled a really really big real estate kind of bender program so we're GONNA get into like what what what the industry is doing. Why why you did that and all the kind of intricacies of really driving because here's the thing your clients our clients the largest teams yes use boomtown in this in this industry the guys that are making millions of dollars and scale businesses so I really really appreciate having your brain rain on this. Let's talk through so we understand why you started the business but let's talk through. What are some of the things or lessons that you've learned that you wish your clients would embrace or you wish the general real estate market would just jump onto in Guam onto you know something something that you just mentioned Dan. All it is is is you know kind of thinking about this and sort of how we've scaled over the years and how we have a great business in and we're we're very fortunate like you said I mean we we work with some of the top real estate teams and brokers in the country and I was actually reading the buyer. D- You had on there for the for the for the Webinar today and you said twenty six percent of the top top real trends two hundred and fifty or using boomtown and now we've been able to bring that number up to forty percents so wow eight percent of the top two hundred and fifty real trends Wall Street Journal agent teams are using our product and and and a lot of them started with us when they were just getting into the industry and it just business from there are selling five hundred thousand homes a year younger it but you know the the great thing from my perspective with that is we stay very close to our customers and we listen as much as we as we can and and in quite frankly learn a lot and you know this entrepreneurial journey for me. has been alongside many of the folks that we have partnered within the industry in in those clients that we've been able to serve and so the one consistent thing. I see is is in in success in this industry is focused in in an execution in a lot of that comes from from putting the right team around. You and I think you know if you asked me. You know what's been the secret to successor. What have I done differently over the years whereas my mind had shift answered by myself with the right people. I'm sure you can attest to that to Daniel. It's it's it's all about surrounding yourself with the right people and having clarity of purpose in Michigan and and in just executing it a very high level. We're going to break that down but I love this quote I was I was reading a book and I forget which one but the guy said the difference between a billionaire and a millionaire and the the average person is a billionaire buys sports franchise and he doesn't think how am I going to run it. He thinks Hoodoo. I need a my team so that I can win. The thing right like no billionaire is dumb enough to think he can run or she can run an actual sports team and I think that's that's the mentality that you and I have embraced you. Surround yourself with really great people and you build and scale and you know we've got a new book that we just put out. It's called Scaling Ailing Your Business with virtual professionals. I WANNA give everybody a chance to kind of check it out so if you texts as VP scale with virtual professionals s VP two three one nine nine six you get a copy of our book and it focuses squarely on how to make the climb to a million dollars in revenue as a real estate person and who do you need on your team. It's it's nuts because this process isn't that hard and yet as real estate broker and I got stuck in this you remember when we first I met I was on my honeymoon working at midnight. Real estate deals you remember that story and so and I've spoke on your your stage before talking about that. You know we as real estate people. We're infected with a disease like I gotta do it. Absolutely now I can. I can vividly remember the time when we were scaling boomtown where you know I was I was intimately involved in in almost every aspect the business in and and kind of reaching up when of frustration and I had to break through a ceiling in you know really bringing on the right people and entrusting them and holding them accountable doubt that was the step that was the big step the inflection point for boomtown and we see it with a lot of our customers as as well and and like you said Damn you built an incredible business yourself off of helping agents to do that. You know there's a lot that goes into hiring and finding the right talent and and you guys do a fantastic job of that for your car for your customers to help them on those resources. What am I appreciate shape that man and we've been we've been buds for a long time. I mean I I had a challenge of my business and I called Graham like hey. What do you think and he's like? Hey grab this book and I read the book and I was like I got got it now right so you've been super helpful to us a great supporter and vice versa what let's go back to that mindset. How how did you swap at boomtown going from. I need all my fingers in the leverage jar and control everything and then you swap too. I I want to scale this business so I need to hire the right people fairly compensate them and get out of their way and let them do their job like. Let's talk about that mindset real quick that you you enacted. Did how did it happen. What did it feel like. And how were you scared to do it. Absolutely no I think I think I think there was a lot of fear concerning earning in as an entrepreneur as as somebody that has a vision that they want to bring to life you. Have you have very have you have this idea in your head of what you want it to look like in and feel like and you what you want the customers experience to be like and and you know until you really find those like minded people that think like you in in in wants to provide that incredible level of service for your customers. May I ask what you really have to do and so you you talked about it a little bit but it's specifically around that that transition point from what to WHO and in when you when you can mentally make that transition which is easy to say it's harder to actually have the mindset actually actually go and do that that that's where you really. That's really really make a difference in where you breakthrough ceiling in your business and there's actually a book that will plug here ear. It's Colt who guys G. H Smarter can't remember who the actual author is but G. H. Smart is an organization that that it helps you really need to think through you know what you're looking for in a higher and you know we've made great hires and we've made mistakes in the ASS and and you can't be afraid of of making those mistakes but and you're never gonNA battle thousands of people you know that's another thing that I've learned will never battle thousand by but when you get the right person you know it and and and it makes just a massive impact not only in your business but only also your personal life you know once you have have that trust in that person but g smart who actually helps you to to really take the time to to really think about about what are the three most important things that I want this person to be able to perform and you can score each one of the candidates that you talk to you on each one of those on each one of there's different objectives and that's how you really start honing your skills and making better decisions on higher. I love that I love that well. Let's dive into to like the Real Estate World Eurotech guy obviously a leader in the real estate tech and and what's weird about this time in our history is all the tech companies want to be real estate companies. ALL THE REAL ESTATE COMPANIES WANNA be tech companies and here you are almost fifteen years of experience and you're like hey guys. I just want to sit in in the middle and help everyone win right. So where do you see the industry like going and what should agents be embracing right now. Agents brokerages large teams. What's really important about this kind of period the real estate taps. I don't think we've ever seen anything like this and in and it's it's a it's a time in the industry where where there is there are all these new ideas in in in in solutions ends in and really a lot of it is geared towards you know the consumer you know focusing on you know as a consumer out it providing more choice more optionality for me to transact in real estate and how to make that a smoother transaction going through the traditional process ossis literally billions of dollars being spent in in in both in equity and debt and I think there's going to be winners and there's there's GonNa be some big losers in this in this endeavour. WHO'S GONNA win. Who's going to win like get US get us. You know who's going to win in this space right now you know it's you know who is going to win. I think I think it's going to be the ones that realize that that the agents are going to main remain at the center the transaction in the majority cases you know even even if you look at IBM if you look at Eibar is on the total opposite spectrum the traditional sale process. That's right you know what these companies that are investing heavily into the IRA phenomenon like zillow in open door a realizing that they need to partner with the industry and so so you know the the agent is playing a part in in all of those transactions zillow's rolling out their homes the new markets they're partnering with the top agents in those particular markets Yep. That's that that's that's something that you know that you know. When we you know original thesis when on starting this business was that agents were going to be you know at the center of the transaction for you know for as long as we could see out and and that's really playing out even with these is new models and so so? I can't really name a specific name there but I think there's that's that's GonNa be the mentality of the of the companies that will win this and for those that are in the traditional side of things. You've got to embrace it so you know we go back. Go back to the it's the talk two hundred fifty in those forty percent that we work with they are looking at these changes in the industry as Opportunity Most of the folks in this industry we are looking at looking at the I. Buyer and all these different newfangled ways of buying and selling your home as a competitive threat in it's all about mindset you know it's always about mindset and if if you have the mindset that you can see new opportunity in the ways that things are going to be in the future. I think those are the folks that are GonNa win that are coming from the industry side from the traditional way of doing things are the ones that are going to evolve in embrace that change and find the acres of diamonds in this new the new way of doing business and real estate. You know it's wild is we have a couple of those buyer and zillow premier agents who are like servicing these large tech platforms as clients because what's really happening in our industry right now is there's just equity. Flowing in meaning cash and capital is flowing in like it's never flown in before and it squarely on the eyeball of the consumer. How can we serve the consumer. What do they want and I think that's a new revelation for for US real estate brokers because it was like we were the expert in our industry well. That's not always that that's not the value proposition. That's GONNA win in this new world. It's like how how are you going to serve your clients. And how are you going to be kind of engaged with them through the process so it and you know real estate people the smart ones are going to win. I mean that's just the reality of it so I love. I agree one hundred percent. Let's talk how many leads are sold every year for the real estate space. This is kind of one of those I hear the different numbers stats from stage and and I'm just kind of curious like how many leads come through and like what Oh a challenge that we all have if you're here listening you know getting our agents to respond to Leeds. Getting our agents to work leads getting our agents to call leads. It's the most important thing is speed to lead like how quick I yeah and you know this better than anybody so. I'm GONNA stop talking. You talk to us about what what you've learned in the industry so so I can't give you the answer to how many leads are generated in in the industry Yup I I can I can I can lead to some of the numbers that that we have come through boomtown customers. We See roughly seventy five million consumers a year visit visit our clients websites okay so obviously way more than any number of transactions that are happening on annual basis because there's is about only five hundred or five million transactions annually I five and a half million yeah which looking at so eleven eleven million sides so so. I know we're seeing you know. Roughly seven hundred thousand leads being buried a month to our platform so so there there's a lot that goes into in in unlock there were a lot that we've invested into to help whether it's through technology and and bringing in data from third parties yeah he is is to win in this industry data is going to have to be a key everybody. Daniel Ramsay here and I want to tell you about an extraordinary offer to take action and start scaling Your Business Right now. You know I get a lot of questions about how to grow your business. Generate more revenue and reduce expenses and the answer is simple. It's my out desk virtual assistance my out desk offers five star virtual assistant services to thousands of business professionals across the United States and making our clients over one hundred million dollars in net revenue new every year our customers absolutely love our virtual assistance and I want to give you the opportunity to learn exactly why simply flee text the word 'em. Od Mod two three one nine nine six and we're going to give you a free double my business strategy strategy call whether you work one on one with one of our business grows specialists to design an action strategy for growth and cost savings in your business. We're going to give you over twenty growth and strategy guides a market force personality indicator an important business checklist list and hiring guides my out desk admins can help manage your office your sales. You're marketing pipeline even help you lead generate and follow up and during this call your learn exactly how you can put them into your business right now so again techs 'em. Od Two three one nine nine six and get a free double my business strategy call right now and learn how my out desk can transform your business two day. What does that mean though what I'm not. I'm not a tech guy. I don't understand what is you you know what when I say data you know when when you have a lead that calms and to boomtown for example you know there's there's a certain amount of information dot com that consumer's is going to give you a certain amount of information that you can derive from what that consumer is doing on your website and your mobile app in with the he mail is are they. Are they going to your agent profile page and reading your bio. Those are all signals so there's there's data. There's the data that they give you but then there's also third party data that you can bring in from other services that helps to validate those leads so understanding where that person currently lives live with a buyer they ran the owner the rent of there's all kinds of different third party data sources that that we use at boomtown to be able to enhance the leads and enhance the value of those leads you know but again yeah you have so many leads coming through the what we've learned is that you know. Y- AH agents or Biz agents agents are their most dollar productive activities are working belly to belly face to face with their current customer smurfs and to ask an agent to you know to follow up within two minutes that speed the league. We're talking about this so critical and important to return on investment the best you need out of online lead generation. It's nearly impossible for them to do that. Twenty four hours a day seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a year and one of the areas where we're investing heavily right now we made an acquisition this past year of a company called real contact and real contact provides those services of engaging engaging those leads at the top of the funnel it whether it's through SMS or through calling We're doing all of that to bring those leads down funnel. Donald for agents so that they're only working with ready buyers yet so so you know this game well to Dale in in in. It's a big need in that's why we're evolving our our strategy and we've always been technology plus services in terms of lead generation. We've always provided the services to our customers customers but but now we're starting to think about the services side of of lead engagement and Lee qualification because you no real estate agents got into this business to be belly to belly and that's what they're good at you know they typically got into some industry because you're good at and that's what they're good at it's pulling t trying to get agents to prospect into into follow up with their leads that are coming in that may or may not be ready to buy and so it's a mix of technology and service that we feel is is the right answer in. We have a lot of dated back that up and so so that's that's the direction we think is the future for boomtown. everything we do. Dale is is is around our mission and that mission is to make real estate agent agent successful. It's pretty damn simple you know and so so we're always looking out whatever we can do to make real estate agents more successful. Tell us the direction. We're GONNA take this one. What's what's wild is and I I don't even know if I've told you this but you know you and I got into a relationship relationship because we were helping solve and an issue for agents like they just weren't calling their leads so we'd hire a virtual assistant and we put them on your platform and what I love I love the Opportunity Wall. I love being able to see all the things that they've opened the platform works and and we were hired in two thousand thirteen gene and this is why you made that acquisition in two thousand thirteen zillow actually hired my out us. We did a test for the premiere and we've got a thirty six percent. Sent appointment rate meaning our virtual systems. Just you know we use salesforce and the lead came into salesforce and then we had a dialer and we had five live virtual assistance for fifty different markets and what's crazy is we. We connected thirty thirty. Six percent was our average. Our best month was thirty seven percent but our average was thirty six percent because we were just speed to lead in thirty seconds. We were on the phone. Hey you're on the platform. You're looking for house and so if if you're listening right now and you got a lot of leads and you need some help I definitely want you guys to texts as VP two three one nine nine six. We're gonNA give you a copy of the book plus us. I know you're busy. I know you're not you shouldn't be doing all the paperwork anyways greer right belly on the clients. It's it's crazy. I I put on our facebook page and you'll love this like the success ratio of all different lead sources and referrals past clients. Those are the ten to one the three to two ratios you start thinking about all the other lead sources and it gets to twenty five and fifty to one so you. WanNa work your sphere the people who know you. It's where seventy percent of the business comes from and let us do everything else or greer's the new company that you just you just purchased man. I Love Oh you did that. That's where it's all going now. It's it is an end and you know in day on y'all y'all have a a a suite of of services that that will probably never get into because we're you know we we have to stay focused on what we do rent best but but yeah. I mean it's it's it's about leverage and it goes back to the exact conversation we were having earlier about who know leveraging finding the WHO and finding out people that can that can help leverage you and put you in a position to be doing what you're best at every single day. What are some of the I mean we talked about speed to lead in. If you're listening right now and you don't have a measurement for when the lead comes into your office and boomtown is a great platform 'cause you can actually see how fast responses is happening but speed Israel important but what other metrics greer for all the real estate people that are listening because you're you've got a view in forty percent of the top teams and these are guys who to have thirty forty fifty people on their team. They're doing multiple millions of dollars. What are some of the things that you've seen that are like best practices assist absolutely so so one of the other areas. We've invested pretty heavily. over the past several years is is on something we call the vitals dash were so so what we did on for the vitals dashboard is we basically took every single metric that we felt that we we actually studied through the data in terms of your who is return on investment from the leads that that are coming into the system and YEP. You're right it goes it goes well beyond just that just us that initial speed delete we you can see exactly will actually looking right now at a screen one of our clients that and it's showing their vital score the score represents how they're doing it all these different metrics over time but you know some of the metrics that you need to watch obviously your new elites in these need to be responded to in a in a in a very timely fashion contacting them in that critical. I five minutes leads. You know come across his registrations are system so there's another type of this inquiry. Those are even more important. You know I mean these are people that are raising their hands saying hey. I want to go see this property or a one a started offer on this home and so that's the other metric trek we have in their of boomtown is masterful at bringing leads back to your website and reengaging with your consumer experienced reengaging with that experience. They're getting your brand right in front of them every single day and so so making sure that you're keeping track of those people that are reengaging with your website or any sort of digital experience that you have and keeping those at the top of your call list. That's another very important thing we recommend six calls per elite elite at least in so again this why six six you know this. It's been awhile since since since I've you know since we kind of put that put that without in the sand but but I think it was from from some studies that we had done in conjunction junction with some other folks was coaching organizations in the past Armenia. This is where the diminishing returns comes into play his after six but you know but it's I'm still relevant to continue to contact them up to that six point. We WanNA make sure that they're on marketing automation. We WanNa make sure the getting they're getting valuable information on what's happening in their market. If there's seller we wanted to make sure that they're leveraging our tools for alerts their buyers content of new listings and price reductions in soles that are happening in the market that they're in this is what consumers find very valuable and don't don't downplay that it's automatically just happening out of your system because the consumer really respects it and appreciates that inside that you're given to them so so it's it's around making sure that you're setting up as follows with the folks that you have in your database like with your sphere like you mentioned earlier. Also you know really really responding to those. Those new leads quickly responding enough times and keeping track of those leads. They're constantly engaging with your which with your digital experience what some of the best practices in terms of digital like I know you guys can set up the whole branding the the the front facing consumer facing platform platform but what are some like blogs social. How does that play in conjunction with what boomtown does to really drive results and experience consumer absolutely so so out of the gate just going back to my brother was spending fifteen hundred dollars on a on a quarter page magazine. Zayn ad most of what we have done to date daily is is really focused on lead generation marketing but there's more to marketing obviously sleep than just the lead generation aspect of it all and so so the and that's when you get into your blogs and social media we have yeah we have something in Beta right now on with a few with probably you know couple of handfuls of customers it Si- that's really focusing on on expanding the breadth of what we do allowing them to self serve their digital advertising in other ways so beyond lead generation you Wanna be able oh to engage the the people that you already have in your database for example right. I'm in in the way that we do that is through dynamic asset for real estate through on through facebook facebook and instagram which is gonNA show a carousel of properties using machine learning or artificial intelligence or whatever other buzzword you want to throw out there. It's going going to match listings that they haven't seen or listings. They might have favored it and show them that directly on their facebook wall real stage. It's also need to keep sellers happy and so so the other piece of this marketing central tool is to be able to promote their listings also promote salts. You know get your brand out here. Let people know in target those people in the neighborhood that you know that you've sold the house in their neighborhood and in your continuing to dominate the local real hosting market near area so so so we're expanding beyond that your blogs you know we have some clients that that are really successful in blogging it's able to drive a lot of traffic to their website right. A lot of that can't really just be measured in in terms of metrics. You know people are engaging with their content and you have content contents is extremely valuable. When people read that that sense of trust for your brand just keeps going up and and you know that's another area day on that? I think it that you know the outsourcing to a virtual assistant can really help Y- let's be honest. The majority of agents aren't gonNA. Sit Down and write a ball post just not going to happen. I'd say ninety nine percent of our clients don't but it's a real opportunity. They're leaving on the table. You know what we do. Is We help clients do this by doing videos like I'm not a writer. You might be a writer. I'm just I'm not a riders but you know I'll I'll from time to time grabbed my little trustee iphone and throw throw a video together about what's happening in the virtual assistant world or state world and then you can take that video like what we're doing right now and create a pretty bad ask blog and then that out everybody in your database like that and and that's really something that's in the an agent's wheelhouse. It's something that you can do so. There's there's a huge thing you touched on there and actually it makes it so much easier to get those blog posts written outsource through writing but video yeah. That's a trend that we are seeing you know. Most of the successful ages fact again open. My facebook feed anymore actually see any of my my local frontier in Charleston. It's it's nothing but you know the top selling real estate agents across the country and they understand the power of video in their leveraging it extensively and I love that idea about the blog posts. That's great what another question you and I have gone through. I mean there aren't very many the people that have played in our space as a vendor to the real estate agent and who are still around and successful and the content are still ran by the founders like it is unusual. Usually somebody's getting out or they sell or it goes away. I can't tell you how many yeah there's a bunch of that. That's happened happened right but so we've seen evolution of what the team looks like but where I wanNA know you know there was an in the beginning all the buyer's agents it was on boomtown platform and it was like agent agent than I essays came out now. Osha's now tech platforms are doing it in house and now zillow. Hello only does it with a warm transfer and like an op city. Just get sold for four hundred million dollars to real like it's all crazy but here's what I WANNA know. What should a team look like to effectively work the hundreds if not thousands of lead you guys generate for teams every single month? How what what is your suggestion about the right type of team and doesn't have to be virtual by the way no no no well I. I think that you know I see a lot of different. I'll see a lot of different model. Some some people still send their leads directly to their agents now and in very successful in doing that but you that calls for a high level of accountability Yes you're agents in you know there's. There's folks to do that very very well now they're. They're the top one percent of the one percent you know. you know so so you know so the. I'd say you kind of just take a take a blanket look at it. You know what what does a typical successful team. look like you know I. I think that you know you've got you. You've got different disciplines on that team. You know it you know in in in the in the sense of the word for a real estate agent whose belly to belly. That's what they're good at us why they got into this business. Keep them doing that now. That's my recommendation in hip. You're doing to generate leads in opportunities for those agents. You got your inside sales. it depends on what you're what you're buckets. It's our in terms of what you're what you're doing. You're doing phys bows and expires and you're gonNA have outside sales. They're going to tee up opportunities for for your uh-huh for your listing agents that separation of concern also between buyer agent. Enlisting agent is also an important one and anything that's administrative. This happened in the background from transaction coordination all those services. We're going to start to see a lot more of that being outsourced we don't play early in that space today at all but but you know that's that that I do not believe is a value add value add thing thing that that an agent you should be doing on their own at scale you know. I think that that you know it's when I think about the whole entire or experienced from end to end. There's somebody out there. That can do that way better than you that that's going to dot the i's cross the t's because it's rare to find somebody that that loves being face to face belly to belly elliot with a person in and in also is just it really focused on the attention to detail so what I'm hearing is and I just want to kind of synthesize this have somebody dedicated to following up leads and nurturing your hunting. That's probably probably likely a different person for expires and then still different is the people that take listing calls like if it in the people who are our focus on that so it really is a three person kind of thing you to serve a large team and really grow it absolute and then keep your administrative staff out of the Sales Space Yup and the top one percent of the one percent can just send direct leads to the buyers but that usually doesn't freak and work actually it works for us because then they call us and we help them the living room for you know it's interesting because you know when I get together with these folks and we're going to have our or Bhutan closures retreat coming up in October down Akilah island air and so so you know we all timeshare how we structure our sales organization yet a- and it's very similar we have outbound sales team who are calling downlist team. WHO's. WHO's handling inbounding cruised marketing marketing is jamming up for them yum and then we have or our sales routes who are who are taking it from you know from your needs assessment assessment figuring out what the right product for them in an ultimately closing the deal and then at that point we handed off to our customer success team and that's that's that's where we really differentiate ourselves as specialization ran in having those customer success will be very focused on. How do we make our customer success. How do we make Wilson agents success and so so it's it's a team effort and I think what you're seeing is the evolution of Real Estate Industry into these teams. They're growing in in starting to take more and more market share around away from the individual agents that that don't want scale now now individual agents can scale themselves elves in leverage themselves by doing this outsourcing through their mild desk or or boomtown or both white but you know I think that you get getting the brand out there doing more transactions driving more revenue pouring that back into marketing and putting your brand out there is incredibly important to the irrelevant today's Royal Citadel you know what I love about. how your sales organization and how ourselves our organization is set up like and if you're listening right now this is key this is exactly. I mean we have when we generate a lead. We have a sales development rep we call them. SDR's and your youtube right right yeah and so and they're basically prospector and they're out there talking to people and making sure that their qaulified lead and then once we've qualified them they have a need and or problem or pain point or an opportunity because sometimes people like I I just closed a brand new house development and I need help so then they get transferred to somebody who's in our office. WHO's a real estate professional who really understands what's going on and we take them through an entire consultation tation where we who's on your org chart you know. What are some holes that you have what your tech stack look like? You know who's doing what on on the team and in our you'll probably love this methodology. People are starting to copy at greer. You should copy it. I like it. We call it a double my business strategy call because here's what happens when you think about if I if I'm doing one hundred deals. What do I need to do two hundred deals the conversation station. Is completely different absolute. It is so go ahead. No no I agree. I mean you know you hit you. You you go out and you hit this plateau and then you've got to break through that and so what you're helping to do is identify and and you know you've probably got the formula pretty pretty great going from one level to the next owed. It totally makes sense. Well and it's exactly what we've been talking about. It's specializing in kind of making sure. All of your systems are in line like your revenue revenue. Generation system is in line. Your client services system is on the line. Your operational system is in line. How do you serve your clients. Once they become a client I was talking to a guy who's who's does two hundred transactions a year. He's boomtown person out of Texas and they do a phenomenal job of closing deals but once they closed the deal you they don't do anything they don't do anything and like you. GotTa hire two of our people and start loving on your clients after the sale because after the sale that's where all the magic happens. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. There's you know like you said there's so much value in in in those repeat business and and another concept that we think Ettelaat here Daniel is is lifetime value of a customer Yay and in a lot of folks think okay what's my return on investment from from from boomtown well you know if you think about it. Just in the concept of of having you know one on transaction you know that's okay and people are successful and do a great job and still have four hundred five hundred percent return investment doing that but what most people do realize is is that is that you know that the lifetime value that customer if you do the things that you're talking about in your in your in your gauging with that customer after the sale oh loving on them that's. GonNa lead to you know that person talking about you and in beginning generating referrals out of nowhere from that in if if you have that is the ultimate opportunity for you to differentiate yourself as an agent because so many people aren't doing squat after the transaction and so showing just a little bit of love there can in effect double triple quadruple the lifetime value of that customer whether it's through referrals or repeat business in the future and what's wild as as you were saying that I was thinking well that and that's what we'll keep you relevant as this industry mystery is. Kinda shifting away from independence and into larger teams is building those systems and process once you get a client which costs a lot of money to get a client Yup. Keep him and you get all their referrals and you get all their future business and you know it's all in a system and a process so that you don't have to do it. That's the that's the piece that it is so hard for us to help. Our clients is like you can't just do stuff because that's how you've always done it. You gotTA write it down. You got to create a video. You GotTa get a platform of some sort and teach people how to help you love on your clients the way you want them to be loved on and that's a that's a huge pain point well career. We're going to wrap up if you're listening right now and I know we got a bunch of people we got. I Love The Sky Lenny. He's always on and he's you always says Beautiful Manhattan Beach Lenny if you're there what's up man but if you're if you're here and you want to ask greer a question we've got the question box. Were all about that. I'm about to wrap up real quick in what's before we do that. The we're gathering some questions here. What's the future for about boomtown. If everybody is listening and you Kinda WanNa share them with them. Your your vision for the future of the company where you guys hadn't absolutely well you know. I like I said earlier you know this this this company was built on on one simple idea in estimate real estate agent successful and in you know where where were evolving to today we've evolved a lot over the years but but we're evolving into a company where we where are we take the best technology and Mary that with the best of breed service and in basically all in an effort to to make our clients what's more successful and so so you know whether that's through our lead engagement in qualification real contact on your through offering more powerful marketing services that aren't specifically lead generation focused but focus more on on engaging your database constantly over time baby basically digital marketing digital marketing but also but also the ecosystem that we're building around our product up to forty or fifty plus integrations at this point and and we focus on the best of breed and so you know in order Gotcha to Ichijo. We feel like we need to be the center of of of their universe technology and Sir Stack is related We're not going to do everything but but we're going to integrate with best of breed in you know to that point Daniel out. I'd love to take some conversation line to discuss how you guys might be able go to help us as well to fill fulfill that mission if you're listening we just closed greer my ass boomtown back in love. I love it. I it's awesome. Well okay. You're you're amazing man. I love following your company what you've done over the years if you're listening. I I've I've been to their office. They have an amazing culture and an amazing environment. People love working for this man and I've enjoyed our interview today. Great thanks so much for spending time with us they have me dangling and likewise man can't say enough good things about you guys and and you know just you know you hear you hear about companies through reputations much his industry and and and I can't say I've heard a bad thing about you guys in there that comes from the top so thanks for all. We're doing awesome awesome. If you're listening before you go grab a copy of our Book Scaling Your Business With virtual professionals. All you have to do is text. I 's VP two three one nine nine six and a greer. How would somebody out more about boomtown. Where would they go to grab. Is it it just the website boomtown dot COM artless return on investment baby. Yes I brother. Thanks so much for your time guys enjoyed. You enjoyed this conversation. We learned a lot greater have a great day man you too. Thanks for him yeah

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128 - He's Got A Gainer Fetish

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128 - He's Got A Gainer Fetish

"Everybody hello everybody to one twenty okay all right. Oh Yeah right I forgot. We're right because we right technically no. It's it's still early. Happy Happy New Year December. Nineteen right now but when this comes out it'll have been the new year will have happened and they will have happened a year older her. We had Christmas all of those things so we just wanted to pop on here and say Happy New Year Bridie is currently somewhere else in the world. Probably on her way down to L. A.. Because a week from today I'll be packing my bags to meet you down in Los Angeles but We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA throw it to a host episode this week That we recorded in December We had a lot of fun with it We had a real hefty brain. Boehner about shit. We don't know too much about nope But we put in our two cents. We gave it a girl the college trial. Try College drive and And so yeah. It's going to be a really fun episode. This week really excited to be back from our little two week break But before we throw it to this week's the episode before we get into the new year we'd like to thank everyone who came to our holiday or g AKA everyone who supported us on Patriots. We got a whole list of you and Some of you are no longer patrons This this has been a bit of a long time coming. But we're really glad you could make make it to the orgy. And we'd like to give you a special shout just to say thanks Sally Jerry. Lynn Pump Pana Sandra Champagne Mel. Oh Sherrie Bento Chris Gil big but loves smut Linda Fox Melinda Foster Melinda foster foster that sounds like his that someone famous that sound like a famous name. Joe Sims McDonald Lindsey Sample Isaac Frisia Mattie Etiquette Jessica Willingham. Syra crosby Melanie Haley. BLACKBIRDS Jacqueline Addison. Catherine San Gold. No blocked just delete Laura Lynn Niece Amy Prescott good idea factory train Kelsey Phillips Levy decals Diana Pearson Diana Ariana Sh- art area Charlotte at her pants alley jewel. Daniel Scholz Jennifer more for Matt Sherman Ali Brunette and Leah Stall Charlotte. Kara guerin Romo therefore Caitlyn Johnson Carly Rin calling Colin. Molly Rim Rhine Rhine. Rhyne line calling in Mali. Brianna Griffith according Tavis Levy Guys Alley Koi G. The S are. Do you think that stands for good soaking rags. Rea- hip son Sonya. You're Orlando Shawn and Kaley taking good friend. Good friend Tang Amanda Mall Aaron Lisa Don Hamilton. Jj We owe you a postcard. Can you please send me your mailing address. I've emailed you several times. Jay Give us your address. We swear it's not anthrax. Emily Cureton flowers. Kirsten flowers captain an kin. Keiju Taylor so EAC and here. We Go Jillian Smith and be like you guys. Thanks for coming to our giant fucking fucking orgy member that time that That Amanda put her finger and Ryan's butthole and he wasn't expecting it during that orgy and gs yes are brought Sushi and Roll of Sushi at an orgy is a great orgies knack. Well thank you also also for your support on Patriots whether you're currently active or a former patron We again you know. The fact that I'm going to be meeting Brady Audience L. A.. Next week would be possible everything to do with your support the literally everything like a hundred percent of that is is one hundred represent that goes to us being able to go to meet other people so thank you all so much We hope you enjoy the first episode of Twenty Fucking fucking twenty also in case anything really horrible happened in the world Since we record this We didn't know you know. and Eh did the best we could. And then Stay indoors hunker down. Be Safe listened to the podcast with the people that you love and that they're still alive today and will and if you'd like to become a patron the Internet's not down yet. GO TO PATRIOT DOT COM Tom Slash dirtyjohn. And if you sign up to be a patron before the end of January we'll send you my Christmas present to the patrons which was reading of my journal from nine hundred ninety two to nine thousand nine hundred seventy two two thousand nineteen many many many volumes. All right we love you. Hope you enjoyed this week's episode and we hope you enjoy the rest of the year with us. It's going to be twenty twenty. It's GonNa be fun We will see all the other side. Are you ready. I'm ready to love you because it looks like you're repealing eggs. Is that a metaphor or something. No you're literally peeling an egg. What I was really really really gassy and mostly West night? Probably because you're eating all these fucking eggs. Oh I'm not I'm eggs make you fart especially hard boiled egg title weeks. God Eat. That thing is making me sick. It actually hard boiled eggs. Look I know that lots of people enjoy them it. It makes sense to eat eggs on your period. Because it's you walk here. We go because you're eating. What you dip it in their salt? You're eating you're eating A period cheeses Chris. That doesn't make sense does it. You're eating unfertilized. Yeah but that's that has nothing to do with your period. That doesn't help your period. You know when you go out into nature and you find something wild like maybe a wild carrot and you cut it horizontally and you look at you go. This looks like an eye and some it goes. It's good for your eyesight. You can tell by the way. The core of this care resembles and I you know what the only time I don't get annoyed when I hear that is when it's a little kid who just heard it for the first like who must have just heard it within the year and then they say like eighth. Okay my only eat. Kale go from my is they are. They're or not yeah. The vitamins are stop it. Get Out of here. It's science without who appreciate science appreciate. I appreciate science so much. Will you get your. You don't like carat so you get your vitamin A. which alerts are carrots? Good for your eyes. Here's what I found on. Reference Dot Com carries carrots contained vitamin. A which is a nutrient that can benefit the is according to all about vision. Vitamin is a group of antioxidants. That can help to protect the cornea cornea or surface of the eye without vitamin A.. The photoreceptor outer segments can begin to deteriorate which can also alter vision note. Stoop Medicine Faulk me. Thanks Gary Wow don't know those that's not those lussier those Oh Alexa don't don't Taylor. She'll start listening. Well how would that care for your. Is You know I do know some from my eyes I think anything with yellow or orange has that that vitamin yes. Orange peppers. So what's the science behind eaten eggs while you're shedding the knicks. I kinda just made that up. I know you're like I feel like maybe there's irony and eggs and if you're bleeding of like a lot then you probably need to up your IRA and I don't know I'm just making that up but I bet I bet you bet exa do have iron in them. According to an Amazon Zayn customer. Great Question Yes. One large boiled egg contains approximately zero point six milligrams of iron yes lament. Oh man thank you miss. She's warning enough to go rerecord all her answers in post. Because we're not picking it up. But she she she's fucking on it. Yeah that was weird that according to a customer on Amazon. This is the first time I've heard that it must have been asked enough that like I have no idea that Amazon is Amazon. Selling eggs had Amazon sells everything. Let's not let's not get started on Amazon Amazon. The people hate him as the rabbit hole. While yeah I don't know I kind of was just making that up about the eggs but I don't have a weird relationship with eggs like I. I I've always been revolted by eggs. My whole life. I I am still like a little bit. Don't win whispering to it. Rose go lay down. I just don't know what to do her faces right in my face. I love it does look good girl. My nephew is here last night. Eight Oliver Elizabeth Brad Oliver over and Sh- rose could not stop looking his face the deal he didn't hate it it but he didn't really know. Do the exact answer I was expecting to say was that he didn't know what to do about it but he has has a dog like that at home so he's used to but he wasn't scared which is good only GonNa love that boy if you were saying something about eggs so fuck yeah. I always was revolted by them. And then and then over that because me and I'm telling you when I'm I'm not joking when I looked at you just now think fuck you're done. I have no faulk the when I was watching. You eat that egg not I didn't technically gag but I had the like I had the subtle. Gag Reflex leap in your deepen the gut. Yeah okay And I can eat eggs but but they have have to be prepared in a very specific way and they have to be drowning in hot sauce. I also have to eat eggs only in a specific way. I can't eat eggs at other people have made. I have to make myself would would restaurant though now really. Yeah Oh man I mean. I'll eat them. If someone's holding a gun to my head. I'll eat them raw but I final gross interesting Hey He rose. You're kind of ruining our our our vibe here on your bed so lay down or else lay you down stay one second okay. This is why I shouldn't have children because you can't just pin them to the floor like that you can't hold their head and but against the ground and just say stay I. I don't think you're allowed to do that with kids. Now oh well all right so eggs As it were did you have more. They're gonNA talk about eggs some more now but you know how the reason that I kind of brought. Well I was eating the eggs and then I was also going to talk about how it's kind of gaseous sleep. Last night has nothing to do with eggs. Because I haven't eaten eggs in weeks but I am. I did get my period like Judas early so I been laying awake last night's Writhing in pain as you do Um mm-hmm when you have a period and a last night for whatever reason they was just like kept like passing wind. I want I was sleeping. You you like the word Fart. I hate it. It's like you're certain it's like a yearning. Okay yeah okay. You don't like your I don't like and we'll stick with passing when I was passing wind a lot and noisy win gases. Yeah because because when I hear passing wind this is what I hear my head right. So if you were doing this you were farting it. Let's all they are a wet gross far then. That one's cuter. But that's not what I I was experiencing you. Let me try your best to like. I don't know if I can do this because you need. Confirm your lips a little bit. I don't even know if this is it. I'm just going to that. No it was deaf. It was closer to the first sound. You made looks wet. Yeah like that Erica. Yeah anyway which I find really embarrassing what are your thoughts on. -verting wall spooning. I try to avoid it at all at all costs like our hold that shit in. Oh that's not good for your gottesman. That's why guts cuts. When I go to sleep? My Body just goes unleash. Yeah you do in your sleep. I know I always have except for that really brief window of time when I was Super Kito. Oh my God I definitely shouldn't say on this show but I shared it in my sleep the other day. No I did I shit my pants and my sleep. Wow were you spooning. No did you wake up immediately. This is not Pi gas for this. We we talked about it on sick boy. Actually Stephanie Brown's episode WHO's the pelvic floor physiotherapists. I asked her. I should see one No I was dreaming. I was taken APU. Yeah I woke up and then I woke up and I was a I had But I didn't I didn't really realize it. I I was like Whoa man. That was cool crazy feeling. I almost shit I better get up and go check. Take no I was like all right so I just got into the bathroom. And you're getting ready to get up. I was was like I was suspiciously. Close iber check downstairs electric manure and I had a little little tiny shirt interesting. But here's the thing that happens to you since you're calling. Oh no no no. It's because the antibiotics. Oh I'm on this antibiotics specifically that like the pharmacist was like this is going going to make you shit your pants basically dude. I'm good thanks. But he wasn't joking. You should wear some Thinks I shouldn't have said that some underwear fire because that's the other thing I kind of wanted to talk about. Is I now have as of today. Three pairs appeared underwear. I had one that I ordered from thinks I got the classic ones but if he stays no but I wish they would so I have a lifetime supply and then when your mom asked me what I want for Christmas and I said I'd like another pair of things because it only really like if you have one pair it's of course it's great. It's better than nothing but if you have to like they take a long time to dry so you gotta you can wear one for pair for like maybe eight hours tumble dry type thing. You don't don't really wanNA tumble dry anything that you want to last a long time and also things are covered in blood. That's fine lock in the well. Yeah anytime time you heat try something you might you might. There's no stain because they're black but they it might bacon the stink. which is the same reason? You don't Dryer Briar Yoga clothes okay. Well I mean like blood has a smell totally right okay so then your mom asked me. I said I'd like another pair because I was thinking about like being on the road. And how much more comfortable it would be if I could just like okay. So here's the thing I don't put things on my vagina China anymore. Like tampons or diva cups or anything. Like that okay. I've been using just pats I've been like wanting to encourage like downward flow. Get it out of me. But the thing he is fine you might not notice it. And then they don't absorb dampness well. The ad pads so so like if I'm sitting in the car for a couple of hours and then we get up for a restroom. Stop I stand up on your cell. He is then if I try to use the same if I just don't change my bad at the same time even if there's not that much blood in it like even if it could hold a lot more blood it's like putting on a underwear right. It's gross rose. It's so gross and wasteful. Even if you get like the organic non bleached cotton made with biodegradable plastic. Whatever it's so anyway so you get these things and I like could stand up? Walk around like move. My Body Sneeze a few times and I still still wouldn't feel it. He's just testing it by going. Well want a real sneeze will make you shit your pants on those antibiotics. They'll make imagine what they'll do on your period snoozing it's interesting my period is changing. The blood is changing. I'm noticing. It psych really eh changing like consistency and it seemed to be getting like brighter red. Oh and thinner consistency I I would've pictured the complete opposite. Yeah anyway I don't know maybe maybe it's from not. I don't know what what's going on but I seem to be bleeding quite consistently only as my third day which is usually I just bleed for a day and a half and then it Kinda tapers off anyway. I wanted to say about the things so I sold your mom. That's what I want for Christmas us. And she was like okay. Great and then a couple of days later a couple of days later she was like what about this brand from Costco. No they weren't proconsul the same thing I was like Mama Juana Reo Drip coffee set with like I don't want to be ceramic down to Shady Plaza kind And here's the specific filters it needs the twenty filter all this law this specific stuff. She's like okay two days later. What about this brand shoes at Walmart? It was like some plastic NAM. Get it like it's not even necessarily that it's cheaper but it's just that she's out she's out about and she goes. Oh it's it's so. Why do parents do that all the time? My whole life anyway. But it's so sweet so she was like absolutely I'll get you a pair. And and then and then she was like what about this brand Tash says that they get really they have really good reviews. Not Tasha's try them and she really liked them so I go on and I'm like I don't know sure sure I'll try this pair so now I have two pairs have thinks and a knicks pair nick's ex K. N. I. X.. Qena Oh okay now. Like the Knicks. The basketball team right and they're like little boy shorts and listen. Nick an at a knickknack is that is that nick comes from knickknack. I don't think so. I don't know what nixes she we ask Alexa entire fucking ear voice anyway today. I got my second pair of things in the mail. And I'm working my way up to four pairs. If I have four pairs I think I can hit the road with with maximum comfort because let me tell you something. Two nights ago when I had my period I woke up at around two a m with excruciating cramps as you do and I put the heating pad on him. Trying not to take any painkillers or not taking any painkillers. Because I want to stay hip to what's going on in my body. I'm trying to figure out like my way out of this and Dmitrios this thing And out of my way out of out of the painful periods situation so like tune in every month and just like make sure I know the level of my pain whether it's changing etc but I was laying there and I was thinking about this place that I'm going to Mexico which is like two hours drive from and need sort of town for bathroom. There's like an outhouse Or you can walk off into the desert unlike barrier shed but in the middle of the night when you wake up with crazy cramps which affect your colon and like so you're bleeding and you wanNA shoot your bands. It's and you're on a lot of pain and I was just imagining like being the desert. No running water nothing to like. Clean yourself off with and I was emotionally now. This is how sad yet actually there. Is the ocean actually. Well yeah but the oceans not clean very dirty not science people who like cut. I'll just fucking Washington the ocean. That's how you that's how you get staff is Oh yeah oh yeah. Don't go should be going in the ocean with open cuts open wounds our thought they also sharks will just fucking sniff out together thing. I don't want to eat my shot Joe Asinine you want to know what a nick is babe. ESP's nick now. I now cease second down a wall wall of shrubberies dividing rural area. I'M GONNA use that that next to cease the. Oh I'm sorry did I see I am a crease. I'll so next is about the crease of shrubbery. It's just it's a crease. Or a yeah crease. Align or mark made by folding or doubling any pliable substance. Hence yes so crease like that can increase shrubbery three and then Oria or or. It's referring to a shrubbery a wall of shrubbery dividing a rural area. So this is about Vaginas Pubic hair this is what the references to and with regards to the right. Nick crease you gotTa crease in your shrubbery. Yeah that's what they're going for. There really should name more products. Anyway I think those were really all I just you know for listeners. Who are curious about about down period underwear? I like both I like things better. They're a little more expensive but the Knicks are. They're just as absorbent I think Yeah so you could. You could drive. Oh there's lots of other brands you could try to. I'm just going to build a collection of a period. They're quite comfortable like adware them. Would you wear 'em if you weren't on your period I might Big Granny panty like. No they're pretty cute like diapers. I know here look. I'm wearing my ones right now. Show you Oh oh weird weird actually I didn't. I don't think these are the ones I ordered no well. I ordered ones that they have a big lacy band around the top. You've seen thinks user my thanks Oh and you thought those are lacey well just realizing now. These are the second pair that I ordered. The first ones I had got lace must've ordered a different a different route. So they got different Branson the let's You know different absorbency. We should With the sound skin sounds like an odd at Thong. Yeah as I work. Well where's songs. Start and end. What do you mean well? Obviously up top. It's GonNa Start like a Thong normally would. Yeah but where does it end where it's because you're at goes up your butt crack. Yeah no no no no no no no no. What I'm talking about is like I'm looking at? I'm looking at lady's backside and her pants are pulled down and she's wearing thinks thong underwear at the top. The band that goes around the waist. Right from there. You've got the little tail shape. Yeah all right. That's the beginning of the Thong. Yeah goes in sad about crack the whole point of the song right along goes inside the buck crack. So you can't see it may see lots of bump now inside the bike rack. We start getting towards the pair NEOM. Yeah most times a thong kind of stays a little thin. No Open has a little bit opens up enough that it's going to cover your Labia. Yeah uh but is that enough for your period thing like doesn't need to be a little thicker you know what I'm saying like it tapers. It's gotTA taper. Yeah Yeah I don't I have the same question but I think it's probably for your like lightest days or the days like where you might be like spotting near the end or or the beginning. Yep Yep it's also little low Little little risky so it sounds like you're you you you liked live dangerously. Get them to give the Thong. It's interesting because they have a really thick like you know it's like wearing a pad the materials Israel's really thick not through the whole underwear but just in the area that requires protection and I can't imagine what that would be like in a it might be kind of A. You know what they should do. They should build them with vibrators on them. Jesus right now. We're getting into a whole other thing. I guess to wash present. Some issues with washing washing termi on will be right back after this word from our sponsors so funny we went to. I don't think we talked about this. We go see mom gasm live yet. They did their first live show. First full length live show and And it was really fun. Thanks Mom Gaza gals. You're great gonNA break right now. Yeah I know all December They were it was an awesome live. Show really fun and part of it. They had Rachelle yeah someone from Venus Envy Get up and basically Venus. NBA's NBA aspect shop here in in the city and And introduce all these different sects to us and I think she went through maybe four four five of them and out of all of them collectively between like me Mbeka. We have them all the only one we didn't have was the womanizer which we have talked about extensively on the show and I just thought that was really neat. I was like it was like Kinda like when you when you like when you don't realize that you it's like when you're like collecting tattoos and it's like one day you look and you're like Oh Jeez man that's an impressive collection. We've got a bunch of tattoos. Yeah never like just slowly. It kind of crept up. It's like that sex to those like holy Shit manliness. We got a lot of realized extras and they're all like the top notch. Extra answer all the text is that like if you're are GonNa get something you gotta get this. Yeah and those pretty neat. That's pretty cool. You ever just look at your life like that. All the time I made myself a a website. Writing McLean dot com and I basically used it as like a like I have to update it but I I will. Oh using. I think I'm GONNA start reading a blog while I'm on the road and using it and I am the other thing I want to talk to you about how to make videos because I think I'd like to to have a little Video subscription situation cool. I like to share the I want to say I haven't named it yet. But like my technique doc for getting into your animal body like like pippa telling us to be wolves animal body like Peter School Shit uh well more like hey are you feeling rage and fury and do you want a way to work through that. That isn't like with their best necessarily and talking talking about it. Do you want to just tap into your inner beaver and chew down this tree. Yeah Oh no fevers. Don't shoot down trees. He's in fury it. You're you're missing the no but it's too I'm I'm talking about being productive. A bear a bears can be reasonable. I would say What are they called those fucking things that no-one Fox with no no the badgers talking? Honey badgers so yeah walked. I literally watched a video of honey. Badger going going at it with Leopard the other day. WHOA was the leopard? Preying on the honey Badger Zanny faulk man Chimera got it put you in my belly. And the and the badgers like bring it bitch really. uh-huh step up. Wow that's kind of cool. I like that that an animal That yeah if I think there's there's ways I was talking about this with my sister last night when she was over and and we're talking about therapy and she's like I think I've talked about pretty much everything I can talk about. I feel like I need to get more in touch with my body and I was like a Ha. I have been leg really thinking about this. A lot in terms of like yoga and the kind of movement movement that we teach. And how it's really great for like you know as cultivating a certain kind of Quality of of being being but also it focuses on a little bit of like containment and holding and being with it and breathing through it which is like like sometimes you just WanNa luck in stomp your feet and scream and beat your chest and like Howell and you know. Oh there's like I feel like we can process are strong emotions in really animal way. That feels so much more like you're welcoming those emotions as part of being a human animal. That's how I used to punch holes in walls he yeah. I don't do that anymore as it was that was bad from health but I used to have I used to be really angry and h punch walls. Yeah I remember that from Al From Las Vegas. That wall was not meant to be punched. New members are that was a brick wall. Well you put a dent in it. Yeah it hurt. Yeah I think I put a dent in my in my fist. Yeah take that. That's what happens when you are a hotel. Go to say where it was. They'll never let us back back. Yeah I wonder if they got their vanilla scented air from beavers. But whole right right You're talking about something that might or mayor. No no that we talked about that already. Yeah you're right. Yeah Castor. Sacs Castro's castor sacs. I don't know but if they're just pumping oil through the convince I keep it up. Are you because it smells so good but I got the these. These scented sticks that from the area. So Ah now. The hotel is a hotel in Las Vegas. It's like an echo hotel. Have you ever go to Vegas. You gotta go to the Aria like I just love it. We've been there too to many times and The smell of it is like being in an orgy with y'all the most beautiful women probably very without that. Any of the typical orgy smells like hard boiled eggs. No it's not. It's not a bad sound. It's just like a it's like it's talking about am analysts. It's like an animal fucking sent. You may armpits armpits and crotch sweat yeah and bit yeah lot. It's smells like that's exactly. It smells like the smell the seashore on a hot day lover's spit Classic broken social scene so no but Those so at the Aria has a beautiful scent and the scent is so beautiful and so delicious. Yeah 'cause they're pumping something to the vents That they sell scented sticks that you can take take home so you can take the smell of the Aria home with you and I have a bunch of them. 'cause my brother-in-law who also loves the area. Ted bought me the sticks. But they've They've lost their power. There yeah well yeah they will will in their in their in their ten in their container they lost power weird. Oh sorry about that all right. Do you WanNa hit this brehm owner. Let's do it this brain Boehner fucking conference call in ten minutes. I know okay ready. We're probably going to have to take a break because this is gonNa this one's GonNa take a long answer I said. Why don't we read the brain boats? Come back an answer it All Right Erin. I'm just going to say hey wait. You're saying you're using her name. It says nothing about not using your name right here. We go go. Hey team same. Wanted to throw a submission at you to see if I could glean some Dada Dada advice question. Mark Perspective Question Mark. Not sure what I'm looking for but mainly just feeling confused off put by most recent dating experience and wanted to cast it into the void to save. Anything bounces back. I guess I I met someone at a potluck. Just over a month ago. We'd been dating up until last week when I proposed we do a check in to talk about. How is this going for you? Good bad did you WanNa keep doing it etc.. I thought this conversation was CS. Both on the same page. Seeing as he'd continued to ask me on dates we'd been sleeping together as well as just hanging out platonic. I also want to note that we'd been sleeping together this whole time which was fine albeit kind of Nila but hey sometimes spicy sex takes time. He also indicated that he had limited dating experience as he'd only had one long-term relationship so oh I figured the slightly boring sex with something that could be worked on time. I'd attempted to breach the. What are you into Condo a few times which he kind of dodged anyway? This guy who I am super into share a lot of interest with and think is wicked attractive indicated during this conversation that he didn't think we you were on the same page because he actually has a bb w slash gainer fetish. Do you want to elaborate for the folks at home. Jeremy B B. W who is okay. Big Beautiful Black woman. I think Kitty definitely and I also say big booty woman but but I think that it was just I think I'm just like confusing an old like an old like seventies rock song. Okay like some sort of like big booty woman big. What's what's that song? It's like big fat. When make the world go round whatever praising I I bet whoever wrote that up has the same similar shirts gainer fetish? Jeremy Gainer Fetish is and looking up right now because it's it's fat fetishism So sexually attracted to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. Okay Gainer leads me to believe it. It has something to do with like feeding this or like an fattening. Someone up right A variety of fat fetishism is feeders or gaining or sexual gratifications obtained not from the fat itself but from the process of gaining or helping others game gene body. Fat Okay. Perfect so Yeah okay so I'm going to repeat this anyway. This guy indicated during during the conversation. He didn't think we were on the same page because he actually has a bb w slash. Gainer Fetish I am five six hundred thirty pounds and my hobbies include running climbing hiking cycling. The list goes on. He told me he really liked me. Thought was attractive and a lot of fun had really wanted wanted things to work out but alas the sex wasn't as gratifying for him because of my weight. He noted that he wanted to repress and lock up up his fetish and then he has a lot of shame associated with at which we had a lengthy conversation about stigma weight gain etc.. Which is why he tried to date someone who is is not a BB? W for me. This whole conversation came as a shock. Because we'd been seeing each other often for almost five weeks. Maybe worth noting that he himself is not interested in gaining himself just for his partner so after discussing all of extensively in which he apologized confessed invest the depths of his fetish and attempted to assure him that having a fetish and exploring. It is a okay. We agreed to stay friends however our friendship is looking pretty odd at this point because he has continued to flirt taxed and make innuendos every time we hang out it seems as though he still has has feelings. I am absolutely not open to gaining weight for this dudes fetish. But I can't really think of any other way to incorporate it into sex if we were to to continue seeing each other and sex is important for me is a relationship out of the question with this guy. Because I don't fit the mold. How can someone incorporate a bb w you slash gainer fetish into a relationship with someone who is neither of those things? Is that possible or do I have to look towards creating better boundaries in our friendship and carrying on my merry way. Hey disclaimer thankfully I have a healthy relationship with my weight appearance and food. I recognize that this could have been a pretty devastating slash triggering experience variance for me. If that were not the case I address this with him and we talked about it extensively. We also talked about the fact that my body is not someone else's sexual experiment just saying I am also aware that there are some potentially problematic things associated with Spanish but not sure how to navigate slash unpack those well. It'll be enjoyed this novel. Volk this is definitely a different experience for me and touched on a variety of topics that I had no prior knowledge slash understanding slash awareness of and irregardless of the research. I've tried to field on my own. It's it's been confusing to say the least hope. Something bounces back from the void woo. It's a good question. That is a question and a half. There's a lot in here. Where do you you what? What's your thoughts? Well I'm glad that that experience wasn't triggering for you. I I don't I am I. Don't yeah I don't you know. Oh you don't Wanna be changing yourself to fit the mold of what someone wants and and the bed about They're being something may be problematic with this fetish. I don't know like everyone's consenting and everyone's into it user issue that typically I would say I feel like any fetish could be problematic if it's not if it's not like practiced list or or played in like mindful or Safeway. It's like it's like I've a rope. Finish cool if you're not if you don't know how to fucking tie knots and you don't know that like you know pinching this nerve here with a rope and unbeknownst to you you're gonNA lose feeling rolling and then the next thing you know you have a fucking nerve damage bullets because you just you. You didn't. You're not doing it responsibly. However I would say that this whole AAC feeder gainer thing so I I did? I did before this. I I read up a little bit about that world and that fetish and like to some again when you talk about FETISHES and stuff like Ro- play for some people it's like Oh this isn't a sexual actual thing it's it's a lifestyle thing But then for some people like this is like a purely sexual things how I get off. this is an and I hope when I'm about to say isn't taken As like fat. Shame or anything like that. Because that's not what I'm that is not what I'm trying to do however I think if you're getting into until like territory of a fetish that that specifically like very much ken tip into the territory Tori of being very unhealthy for your life. Look for your body. I think this kind of problematic. I think that I think that kind of like dips into the territory paraphernalia. I'm sure it is. It is a pair of field. It's gotta be a pair of field. Anyway it's out of the. It's out of the ordinary. But oh I think paraphernalia is I think. Paraphernalia typically goes. It comes into play once it's like potentially dangerous like when there's potential harm okay wrong with that. I feel like that's what I what James told us. We used to write a regardless either way. If that's if that's fake news fucking let that go what I'm saying is that If you are if your fetish is like like being the dominant one who is making partner. Eat Way more calories than they should typically be taking in do that once in a while. We'll fuck whatever fun but if it's not your thing to make someone else. Yeah yeah that's a that is yes. That's hard core and that can be. That could be really really dangerous. Yeah now again. I'm not I'm not here to like. Yuck anybody's young But but I am here to say that that I feel like this is something that could very well be problematic. But let's come back to our to our our writer here she clearly. It's just like not her. It's not in. Yeah it's it's not her fucking bag but she's not like repulsed by it right. She's not totally turned off by. She's like is there a way that I can still have sex with this person. Incorporate this thing into our live opened some other way I yeah maybe I mean again again. What about can you do that and do it responsibly? Without like it's what you do for your body you go to the circus store you get a fun House Mirror that distorts the shape of your body and you sex in front of it. Well what about what about outing like padding padding like fat padding to your body you could do that yeah. Maybe people put themselves in vacuum Kim sealed bags so I mean did she specify like did she specify that his whole thing is like he he gets off on the idea of like of being the feeder like he wants you to eat more. And that's that's where he gets off well which bring up feeder she he she said gainer owner. So I don't know if feeding part of this fantasy but if it is could you not still or is he the one is he the one that wants he. No he does does not want to gain weight he wants to. He wants to give the way to somebody else. So maybe it's a role play thing but maybe that's not enough for a lot of these things are role replay things. He's only been one serious relationship. He hasn't had a lot of partners. He's probably never explored this in the bedroom of actually before he probably just masturbate stu it in his his own time. You know there are probably places you can go where you where someone like you know. There are sex workers online who are like big beautiful women or big booty women who are like eating food on video and like probably talking about about like. Oh this is this is too much or whatever I don't know what the dirty talking with the Asia women eating like tons of seafood but unlike octopus and shit. Now it's like that has been made to make me want to literally talking about like animalistic instinct these videos make me want to kill a human right. Because he'll kill an infant. That's how angry I get more took the baby and smasher. It's so it's I have. I have my phone because of the sound. It's the sound it's like my dad's eating grapes. I my heart rate's going up right now thinking about it. Yeah or I was more thinking about the twerk the but to our cake. God I love that though sex work but you know so maybe there are ways for him to fulfil this fantasy like he's likely you know in terms of having a romantic partner and a sexual partner. Sometimes those things don't have to be the same thing. Sometimes they are her. But there's other partners on the side that help you fill things that are you know not that are outside of this relationships boundaries. But like I don't know I'm not like I have I have experienced with eating disorders. So maybe this would not be a healthy the thing for me. I'm just trying to think of like. Would I be into being fed in the bedroom in in a way. That's like you know I can act. I can be like I can't eat them much cake or whatever it is and I just you know I can indulge in that fantasy. It's not going to change the way my body looks excuse. I'M NOT GONNA do it every day. We've heard from people in the show a number of times where they they play out the fantasy or they they. They contribute to the fetish of the person that they're with their partner even though it doesn't do anything for them but they know that it that it does a lot for their partner But again I gotTA stress the only way that like. I'm GonNa fucking standby and root for you there if everyone's consenting it's it's okay and now it's not harming anyone even if you're consenting and it's harming you should should like fucking don't don't do that that's that's not what that's not what sex is for. Yeah so and again like this this whole uh-huh bend over Your Butt. Looks Really Bagan. Just give it like a little jiggle shake. Maybe that'll be enough. I don't know if that'd be enough. I think I'm a small person and I don't have a big but but it's it's kind it kind of big on on my frame. What about this? So there's another the part of that question that I think is kind of important because she said all right so whatever came up and we we let it go. We decide to be friends. But he's still flirting with her. He still like clearly is like back to him and he and he's into her and so There there can be a relationship here where the where the finish doesn't even like play into it just because someone has a fetish doesn't mean that he can't doesn't mean that he's not turned on by doesn't mean that he's not a you know invested in a sexual relationship maybe he is like a little caught up in. I can't imagine being with someone who's not of a feeder or Fiji or whatever the fuck whatever whatever it would be in his again her yeah okay gainer Right because he would be the fee. I don't I don't know I didn't do. I didn't do it. Yeah I mean all these words are are are within that realm. I know that much but if what if what if you guys had a you guys had just you know regular platonic sexual friendship relationship. Yep but then you also were like his faddish agent. Yeah you look you. You're out there on your trenchcoat yeah you get fat life and be like. I'm trying to find a try to find a gainer for my for my daddy her. Hey Hey don't I know I know I it's just not for me. It's not for me. I'm trying to figure out case so something happened yesterday. I don't know if I can talk about this but we do eat before you get to. That can resolve this for our friend. Here what everything. I think that it seems like there's enough mutual curiosity and interest there to make something out of And you should ask yourself whether or not you would be into the role playing of that right. Because you're not going to be a B W now this is not going to happen now it's not nor nor should it but can can you play into it in the bedroom where you're like. Yeah Feed Me Daddy or whatever. Yeah uh-huh Oh God all right. That's what I think. What do you think? Do you have any other argument. I agree with you there there and I think that you know what I also feel. They could watch some. Vw Gainer Porn together and then dirk each other offer. Because here's the other thing. I think this be considering that you've said that this guy hasn't had a You know like a long term relationship this might be really like helpful for him to figure out what what his fetish means to him and how it plays a role in his own sexual wellbeing and and his his his life so and if he is just turns out to be you do she just wants like take your body and like make it something it's not and at the and that's the fantasy fantasy like that's the power play. Don't say hey no hold on their bride I get it but hold on. There might be somebody out there who's really turned on by being a being the other end of that And that's okay too. It's not okay for your body. It's very unhealthy. I do not condone it but if that is the thing thing that makes you feel good. I'm just saying his thing is like I'm gonNA CONVINCE US fit girl. Don't be that guy. Yeah for sure. And and ensure the get off off is the power that I have in convincing this girl one hundred percent that her body is in beautiful. I totally I totally agree with you there. We're not we're on the same page. Yes that is yeah. I don't know this person I can't I don't know any of these people that write in. Okay okay so okay you were gonNA say something. Something happened the other night. I forget what my train of thought was. Oh Yeah so Ivan in this like on this leg polarity kick where I'm trying to figure out what polarity is all about sexual polarity and I elaborate there. I don't think I've heard this. I don't know how to talk about it in a way. That doesn't sound super problematic. Okay I then I think you definitely should you bring it up okay. So I got intrigued. Way Back when when We watched that John John Wine Lynn Video. Go on what men want member he put this video out. No his what men want videos what men want okay and the whole. ooh That's a title that we don't know if we are okay with what women want now. It's what men want from women. Okay right and anyway so it was like Kinda scandalous am and then I watched it and you watched it and both of us were like. Oh it's scandalous but also there's something about it that is like kind of enlightening intriguing totally interesting and since I've only just like scratched the surface I've still only really scratched the surface and kind of looked at a couple of different people social media. People that are talking about this we we brought up. The woman who does authentic sex does is stress killing your Boehner. Remember that one is stress killing your bone. How carulli allen she talks about that polarity? There's a there's a woman talking about the magic have gotta have magical anal sex great. How do you have magical anal sex? You first of all you have to. He has to have a bone no anyway continue. Is it a magic wand. She's well she. Yeah I mean it was basically just like. Don't die watching her videos because I follow her instagram. Oh Oh you do okay. I've only ever really listened to that one episode that we talked about show previously so she talks a little bit about polarity. There's a woman out of L. A.. Name Madeleine Moon who's social media Personality as well and she talks about it and and she leads workshops and seven it and she's she studies at. She has a teacher. Sure of it as well. And I don't know of polarity is just like an aspect of a larger thing but For my understanding. I I think it all comes from this person named His last name is data His last name is has data D. E. I d. a. on data like actually just requested book His his audio book just showed up for me At the Health Acts Library so or I have to download. I don't know I've never listened to an audio book through the library before David Data and his book is called the way the superior man crazy I know The way of the superior man and he seems to be the originator of this conversation of masculine-feminine and feminine out to be the way of the superior man kind of title that is that is a title that would not make a that would make a a lot of people in the year. Nineteen going into twenty twenty. Feel very uncomfortable. It's about how to be. I think I haven't read it yet about how to live with integrity and be like be a great beep also re-embrace both of your your masculine and feminine and how to like. Oh Boy Baldoni Right Yeah so anyway I have already but So this polarity. Nothing suggests that you can you can maybe both be like Alpha's interest. There's so many things that suggests. Here's one idea you can be both Alpha's you and I are pretty pretty much both Alpha totally And but it doesn't work that well in the bedroom can't both be trying to take charge in the bedroom. So Oh whatever partner has like more ease with the masculine or ease with the feminine. You can draw on those roles or you can incorporate certain practices in your life that encourage polarity in the bedroom. So like we get to the bedroom. And maybe like I'm Alpha but I'm like you know I might be like I just like do what you want with me or whatever and that that might be. That's me moving into my my feminine. which is like I don't even know? I don't even know how to describe these two different things but what I get a little bit and what I what. I'm understanding a little bit. Is that the the polarity that tension of that of those two. Things is like pretty crucial. I think for being able to find as an as like an Alpha in relationship with another Alpha like you like like like there needs to be a relinquishing for on one side. Or the other of Control and Power Hauer and more giving and surrendering and loving an offering of the feminine. Whether that's in the in a male partner if you multi-front or whatever we all have these he's polarities within US and Learning how to access and tap into and move from one pole to the other poll could be an extremely beneficial a tool for anyone trying to figure out what's going on in their sex life and leg A lot of you know a lot of women are are living lives. Where they're they're quite alpha in their lives And maybe this is John Wine Lynn. The the guy who's video we wash was saying but but a lot of those same people women or men who are living there Al file everyday lives. They WANNA surrender in the bedroom wrote. Yeah yeah right like CEOS. Let WanNa get pegged her like we're looking for for someone who who helps. Bring that out of us Roy Moore Easyjet So okay and so. You're going through all that you're thinking thanks keep thinking of it a lot. I mean I'm not reading about it a lot I should. I'm just GONNA formulating my own thoughts on the limited knowledge which we shouldn't do and and that's problematic But today or the other day or whenever it was I I was like a little bit drunk and I was getting my typical. Like Sassy drunkenness. And I was like maybe and I was trying to provoke my partner sexually with my sassine us which was really just coming across as like Bratty nece one second rose you just Alfred. The fuck at her there you have to to be the Alpha as a dog owner. That's the thing Yes Oh and it it. It was interesting because I had never really considered like yeah. I'm definitely when I drink. I have a bit of an attitude problem sue and I probably just shouldn't drink anymore but in this moment I was like. Oh maybe this is how I can get into my feminine in the bedroom is by like being behaving in such a way in a playful way. That encourages my Alpha partner to like want to spank me. You know because I have a little bit of heart of a hard time with the transition of going from my like Alpha every day into the into and she's the the the the wanting to surrender I want to I want to. I want to stress that I'm not like trying to change my drive or anything like that. I want to get there but I don't know how to do it. And so sometimes it just feels like it's just frustrating. It's like looking at a problem and not knowing how to solve it. Like how do I get to the place where I actually can let go and surrender. Chesapeake maybe give to p a little thing gone copay fucking doing podcasts. With the houseful of dogs is talking about problematic. It's problematic working from home. I've never found that working from home to be some people fucking I love it. Some people find it so Liberating and easy. I find it to be one of those challenging things because it's so goddamn distracting. Sorry I missed that. Let working from home. It's just I find it really hard. I find it really hard because I just get distracted. I need need to be an. I'd rather be enough in a fucking like crazy loud bar doing work and I get way more done than I would trying to sit in my and my home unless every fucking living being is out of the house. Yeah no animals definitely not that cat. No roommates no lovers just an empty house. Either that or a bar or cafe full of bustling celing hustling hipsters. So I have one thought about that. which is that What if there was no separation between your work and your life and there isn't for most of US entrepreneurs creative types? There's not sure maybe there's like a place. We have to go to a couple of times a week where it's our economic work but when you're working on your own thing like when I work from home and I go oh shit. I only sat on my computer for four hours today. That's not an eight hour day but if I was in an office at an eight hour day I still wouldn't be doing eight eight hours of work so much of that would be like talking to people that I work with are like killing time on social media. It's I think it is important to to separate those two. Thanks thanks to have like two separate your your personal space in your workspace. Like I think that there's there's value even even if you are like if your work is your life and your home is your work like to have separate spaces or to have a a a very like specific specific place that you go to make your work to get your work done. I think that's really important. Rose later down like also sure subject. Cra- we what are we doing. We can't do this. I hate to put that doc down. I feel so lucky. You're so fucking cute. She's so cute and she's so insolent. God God she's such a misbehavior. Oh my God you know what all my Chile down for second gets up fuck around with over there and then if I if I put my hands on her to lay her down like move perhaps next Hackley. She's the most vocal dramatic princess of a dog. I'm surprised the COPS call those yet. I know now she's like stay she's using big B.'s. But as a bill okay. Okay the subject of working from home. I don't Fuck my polarity conversation I don't know either. This has been a good episode. Babe are we a little over the L. over the map today I'm okay with it So anyway I'm by the way of superior man for Christmas. Shoot and so you got me. Yeah I'll listen to that if you actually bought me the book or you bought if you bought you know what. Here's my goal you. You asked me this last week. I think what's my gopher twenty twenty reading I'm GonNa Learn how to read. Wait a second you just said. If you by the audiobook I'll listen to it is that what. Oh you by reading. It's the same fucking thing dude. Consuming a book consuming a book seeming written work. I mean I would preferably twenty twenty. I would prefer to to read with my eyeballs than letters but if I have to listen to it then I'll listen to it. Should we start with small small picture books with a sentence for for page as long as it teaches you how to read the letters. You've always you know what I think that I think it is good to push your skills at push yourself beyond on your comfort zone in terms of developing developing kind of focus and it takes to read while I was thinking about this. I was thinking about trying to read up to my waist in books. I'm sorry what I'm so. Here's the idea. I'm working towards reading my height in a in books in any year. So so I'm GonNa read up up to my hip for twenty twenty. What do you mean? Read to your hip and training. Are you stacking books. Yeah beside your leg and so I'm training to rewards. There's until you're vertically vertically so that's like four bucks that's great that's great four books with styles meet no sorry. The books Sir Stack vertically with the fundamental stack like this. The books are laying flat. That's a lot of books. Bab more at several hefty books I know and so I'm trying to read my height in books and then are you going to try to lift that pile of books with your pelvic floor or your penis. No Jesus no whole. What's the point? The point is I need that reading and I think it would be nice. It'd be Kinda cool It'd be Kinda cool. It's either this or run a marathon so and I don't really want to run a marathon so I think I would like to read my height in books it before. I'm dead within the span of year. Twenty twenty it's not going to be the year between I'm going to try to read. You're going to get at least as far as your to my hip to my to my to my hip bone. That's about half you know babe that's probably blue like a book a month minimum. Is that a realistic goal. Frio two three four five six just carrying six bucks right there. Those books come up too though. Bill comes up to my ankle faulk. I don't I think you should try to set a reasonable goal. That's not a very reasonable goal is no like like four. Books is a reasonable goal from going from zero to four books. You're is actually quite a big goal. Twenty twenty four books four bucks a music cut out a lot of PODCASTS. Because because that's all I do all do. Yeah we'll just listen to podcasts. I had a conversation last night with my sister about how how listening to podcasts in an environment where there's other people around should. It should be a consensual activity like everyone present should be consenting to listen to sometimes I turned soundsystem tons at your mind off. I know what I'm listening to could be very offensive right like if I'm listening to last podcast on the left and they're talking about a burrito Ruutel brutal murder in great detail. Yeah of several people. AH turn that shit off if like someone comes like jumps again a positive breath. Yeah you know thank you but if it's like the daily and I'm listening about I'm trying to hear the latest about the impeachment. I'm fucking playing that loud and proud because everyone should know. Yeah we should all know what's going on. I like House music when I'm working and so the minute. I hear just like Talk Radio Joe Happening while I'm trying to think I thought its obliterates my thinking you know. Let's wrap this up. I feel like we're just. We're we're literally dislike like look. Look at US fucking land here laying duty. You're you're lounging so hard you look like you have tens of nuts because you're fucking legs or spread so wide a as what my thanks to my period panties Thank you all for tune in this is supposed to be an intro. We turned it into an episode. So you're welcome these episodes. I hope they're OK. We hope you enjoy them. I know it's really fun for us to talk guests and stuff but because we're winding up two time for Brian. Leave we're GONNA have more of these host episodes Time for just the two I hang out and Chitchat before we we don't see each other for forever again and we should note to that like By the time this airs L.. Actually be gone and then gone for a bit. Well I don't know it depends on this episode comes out but but we're going to be in La as this. This episode will definitely be out before January sixteenth which is when Moreno La. And when we're together we're going to do. We're going to record probably at least one other host episode road and we'd like to we'd like to also film it and and give it out to our patriots subscribers as some some fun in content. Maybe we'll do. We'll do it live so you can tune in right with us So if you're considering becoming a patron even one dollar patron is it goes a long way towards helping US achieve some of our goals as a as a podcast. And getting the information to you that you want to hear and the conversations you want to hear so if you're thinking about not at all like a gopher twenty twenty in your life then maybe becoming a subscriber to the people who are creating content that that you love is Is Beautiful. Chris Resin both to them and to yourself. How about that And if you want to shoot us a question that we can dude fucking dive into Ping Pong back and forth for thirty minutes You can send emails deter me on Pakistan. GMO DOT COM And we will offer the advice that we have whether or not we've done the research or not and whether or not we should be giving advice or not It's always fun for us and fun for you. The listener and I hope hope fuck fuck and hope. It's fun for you. The prison writes in. I hope the person who wrote in today isn't like just rattled by a response. I have no idea I mean that was one of the my friend was one of the thickest emails we got and I don't mean thick as in a lot of words I mean thick as in layers was of an onion Vixen Abebe dubbing I mean last oh how goes with this fallout really. WanNa know the outcome. Yeah we we. Do we want to know who the outcome of most of the questions that are written in but this one I definitely WanNa fuck another outcome especially if you continue to see this gentleman yeah All all right well I guess that's it for this week. That is it for this week until go fuck yourself

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