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"sir sarai jakko" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"Offers responsibility to keep the same often miserable and suffocating restrictions instead of living and let live or opening their worlds that shared angle, and also wanted to share some Saudi visuals for you all. So if you all wanted to check out. Saudi. So there's a first single called. Susannah. There's also another song called Sir Sarai Jakko. And that's it. So thank you so much caroline before she goes before she goes. Thank you caroline for being here for listening for all of that dot. Thank you and I mean but I just want to say be your own people because Caroline's she made a point. We wished she said Yeah we do we get it. Yes but we have to know nothing about none of them people she told us about nor the pictures we had no none of them people's business. Point. Compare contrast on your own time. Okay. You know none about people then about what they did and been photographed in pictorials she was saying the fact that they be answered. Shane. Here for your say. And like Said Carolina See. Fine in no soundcloud streets. Please take on soundcloud Elena Bro said. So a very problematic song that I just adore and it makes me so sad. kicks by foster the children the I remember that Song Your. First of all that song is so bomb when you listen to it hurts it's similar to what I was saying about being exurbia loving the Larue Song but it's actually about mass shooting. which I don't think most people realize if you listen look it doesn't. Listen to the lyrics it's a song that's why pumped up kicks so that kids that are running through the hallways. Avoiding the mass shooter is I know listen to now that you know that's something that I found out. Which I hadn't even realized. So I guess this is one of those things where you just don't pay attention at hard, which is Kinda strange that we're really liked that will you don't pay attention to the music I know it's not good. But for me, it just keeps me a tad in ignorance of certain things and bond older people doing the same thing sometimes when they be singing the song and they all know it's dirty stuff today talking about so is like I don't know what do you draw the line? What's right what's wrong? I. Don't fucking. Okay. Is, this shows you the power of melody to that you can get carried away with a song without listen to the lyrics. So Dustin Rosalyn about you would you find the twitter street couple couple tweets first of all, I wanNA give a shout out to at S. G. R. A. T. E. underscore underscore who tweeted once he tweeted a photo of some undercover nyc cops in the subway right you'll see what they look. Okay. In the photo one thing about undercover cops going to dress like Johnson..

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