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"sir james conway" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Information welcome Kathy welcome Jim good to have you both here thanks for having you're welcome let's start we're going to we're going to get all the details but lets start because I asked him to to start us off Sir James Conway I I've is no do you go by Jim or James which was good Jim is good gyms okay Jim has been a you've been a plane traditional Irish music your whole life correct yeah over thirty years and you started you've got a tin whistle with you started you started with the whistle is that right the Byron and the whistle actually started with the the violin but I I didn't take to that okay that away and then I got started the penny whistle on the Irish frame from the barrel right so I don't play much power on anymore but doc whistle an armada because my main axe is now and you do allow you do a lot of sessions and stuff and you actually are playing with the your group the boils on Saturday night the thirteenth at eight o'clock you're part of Irish fest and the boils of full disclosure you are a barroom player is my teacher my gospel is that right yes so much money as possible for me trying to slam on that frame drum as well Mike Austin Jack Callahan two other fellows are other boils and we're gonna play at eight o'clock on on Saturday and you got but you'll do a lot of stuff outside of the boys to your of your play music all over I do you know I I like Irish music is my first our style of music but I I like old timey stuff in bluegrass identical guitar and so when I'm not playing at the heritage center or Irish pubs sometimes I might be at a barbecue joint and taken some blows and very nice and if you want to find out where Jim is going to be James Connolly dot net is his website the schedule is up there again he'll be with the boils at Irish fest so Cathy music obviously the centerpiece of Irish fest you've got great bands from all over the world we do we do we're excited to have a lot of bands in from Ireland this year that's part of our showcase one of the highlights we've never had before the ban coal dust bowl revival and then that's an eight piece all the tiny americana blues jazz gypsy jazz now we put the E. N. on oldie to make it officially all the time if we could we could make it Irish old and that's a U. L. D. hold appointments Wallace all right this is it is it the linguistics are getting to to start with right so a visit to the dust bowl revival they're coming out in in that Friday night Friday night yes okay in this is what makes it what makes their addition so different for the fax well I I'm not sure we've ever had anything like it I mean it's a big big lake they cover the band they do a lot of really cool old you know country I don't know if if anything ever had any acts like that before very cool but I think for Friday night it's really great because we also have come to the right what might have been on the show before and they play a lot of fun kind of alt country type stuff that's kind of the focus of the evening well that's the beauty of Irish first because you may think well I'm not a big you know traditional Irish music it's not it's not there is traditional Irish music there but there is such a wide variety of bands and styles and everything that's coming up there your I guarantee as you walk around you're going to find something that you really did absolutely a lot of bands covering iris rock folk great traditional Irish music marquis cars as a tenor who's with us today I know market and you're not alone we make you may press press on but a really great mix of everything and a lot we also focus on our dance music schools to Sir James got his start with the academy of Irish music all American here before so yeah so we try to make sure that all of the musicians and dancers who practice and perform at the center get a chance to show off and at what they do very nice so we obviously music is all around there's what there's four stages five six six day yes so six stages you've got everything going on and there's but there's a lot of other things that we joke about this every year that it's not just people coming in having pints and it's not just for adults there everybody is welcome families kids Graham is Grampus everybody everybody seems to enjoy Irish yeah I mean it's and it's indoor outdoor since the weather is not an issue we also have a tea room so when it gets really hot people can come inside and and sit down and have tea and scones and a beautiful setting that's where I usually spend money sitting there you have it to you with my pinky up what we're very excited about the return of photographer Barry Butler he's a really great Chicago photographer he was born in Wexford but grew up in Chicago in a lot of his images you see all over Facebook and all over TV news sites he shoots really great scenes of the river and landscape so he's coming off the hook or anything so he's coming back again this year now last year there was a big red head thing is that happening again this year the red head to take a break it creeps me out a lot so to go to really read I believe there were too many red hat it was like a world they were trying to do a world record yeah it was great they were all very nice but that many red heads in one spot its troubles brewing there's no doubt about it that's true I didn't think about that it's just you know there they all were very nice but I since they were plotting some there was going to be some sort of violent overthrow of the center and I was not prepared to do it red hat yes well listen I'm not saying I'm just saying perhaps the they've got a few things on their mind their their scheme and that's all but the will hope to come back they are of the Irish will phone there dogs from the Great Lakes iris will found association and they come back all weekend so it's probably about ten or fifteen beautiful dogs and each day they give a talk about the breed and the unique nature of them so and they're very friendly yeah I don't like winter had sent their huge no I don't think that that list if I if I had any doubts that the wolfhounds were trying to overthrow the center I would put the kibosh on this whole thing but I believe they would be the first line of defense against if in fact thousands of red heads do descend on north knocks Avenue next weekend as they are want to do because they you know they strength in numbers will files are gonna protectors bush the white Sox recruiter be there so we'll have a somebody with a bat will price and some back papers we papers will be there the Shannon Rovers yeah they're not gonna mess around now they're not gonna put up with any nonsense no read it's I don't think in the shin Rovers not that I've seen with the with the where the hats so I'm not really privy to their problems but that's so there there's a lot of fun to be had where I want to talk about the cultural stuff because we talk about the music we talk I will talk about the food and all that stuff too but I want to James is here and you know I will I wanted James to play a little a little music so he's got how do you call it ten was you called it a pennywhistle before is there a difference the same thing it's it's it's such a simple like recorder that's what I was gonna ask is it AT their OWN grade schools the kids all play recorders and they kind of look like that recorders actually more complex than the pennywhistle sick that's a six fold I tonic instrument this was in the key of a and it's a place to major scales.

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