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"sir denis leary" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"I I really wanted to blow Donna's mind because you do a good Keith Morrison from day one did she you're a frequent dateline watcher had left the line get this Keith Morrison this is celebrities you don't know related Keith Morrison from dateline is the stepfather of Matthew Perry the volleyball I know it was an arm on Matthew Perry from friends was only ten when Keith married his mom and they're pretty tight Matthew even bought his stepdad of Porsche nine eleven days on the you know he's probably making some decent money on his own are you comfortable saying Porsche sure okay I used to not be I was I was I got say Porsche I think Porsche owners get irritated by people who say Porsche yeah because it feels lazy I used to say I'm not a lot but you get the new nights their nineties and this is a true story yeah that's not being funny yeah no that's very nice years okay okay here's a few other ones I haven't is Gerard way from my chemical romance if you're familiar with my chemical romance okay is a cousin distant of Joe Rogan that's fine since O. L. N. Dakota fanning sisters of course wait I got it related to this rob Schneider from Saturday Night Live elevate go way higher in the gutter and I need you to go to the castle okay literally thinking that's kind of a castle playwright Sega's castle right but more more literally and king a king would be in a castle king Ellen Dakota fanning are related to this person who lives in an actual castle I know you said king and I thought you meant L. king who is the daughter of rob Schneider I said thank you said Stephen King as I go get it out of a councilman since I'm not Harry I hello you're right Kate Middleton your kidding isn't that something that something else the what their cousins they are it just says they are related okay this Friday twenty three in me you know right right you know remember the back room of twenty three me they just have darts yeah Eleni's Portuguese who's next no I'm kidding I'm sure it's all very legit al Roker and Lenny Kravitz are distant cousins that's fine I think I heard that it's become yeah Lenny's mom was not from the Jeffersons Roxie Roker yet from the Jeffersons were lessons Roker her lessons Roker yeah about that Halle berry and syrupy Lynn are distant relatives huh okay now L. keying is rob Schneider's daughter yeah that's all okay Sir Denis Leary and is the third cousin to a fellow J. U. condenser a ginger right I read a Cher brownish red lingerie shop lined up really okay all right well he is a third cousins with a a very popular read some of the most famous the most famous redhead Carol Burnett no.

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