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"siobhan bailey" Discussed on Woman's Hour

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"siobhan bailey" Discussed on Woman's Hour

"Because I don't suspect they'll be completely uniform in their thinking. Well, I think that's right. Some people like Jackie door price have voted against all COVID measures this year are very skeptical of some of the restrictions. I think some people have more targeted reasons, siobhan Bailey, one of the 2019 is has said on Twitter that working from home in masks have personal health and financial cost implications. And she said, in particular about COVID passports, which is generating this biggest revolt that it creates more problems than it solves by forcing people to carry papers. It's discriminatory potentially as the implication there. And she also says a very common thing from some of the rebels that there is no evidence pointing to the fact that many countries across Europe have had COVID passports for months. And they haven't seen any difference in the spread of COVID. So in terms of the I suppose the issue there is then, if they are sending that sort of message, what it then does on whether people in the public, not least, of course, building on a slew of stories about Downey street parties last Christmas actually think they have to do with their own personal behavior. Well, I think that's right and certainly some of the MPs who have vowed to rebel tomorrow have also been outspoken outspoken about the Downing Street party allegations. I think in particular of Anne Marie Morris, someone who last week said that Downing Street in the prime minister's staff had made a blatant error and she'd just come out and apologize for having clearly had a party, she said that in the wake of the Allegra Stratton video emerging, she has come out and said, you know, the impact on her constituents of the new restrictions is intolerable. I think there is a sense that certainly many conservatives feel emboldened to join the revolts tomorrow because they feel the government's credibility has been undermined by the many allegations now. I think there are about 8 parties claim to have taken place in November and December last year against the rules. And we expect some kind of insight on that by the end of the week with various reviews taking place. That's all talk again. Just on the number of women, so called rebels, tomorrow that we expect. It has always been a smaller group than the men in the conservatives, the sort of skeptics in this COVID time..

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