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"singh rani" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"In the game after pitching the fifth inning scoreless late and Evan Longoria will lead off against them Gloria that pence to right handed hitters than the lefties in a letter to Singh Rani remains up in the bullpen this is swinging strike one on a hard slider in the count is on one one Gloria has struck out into a double play and he has singled and stole a base one three two three two three the score there's a sweetness on the change of the cat is going to the shadows now I think the players would like to send to disappear behind a cloud to stay there because the sun is shining the shadows have approached home plate down to page very high fastball way out of the strike zone one and to the count but the sun has once again disappeared behind a cloud ki K. Hernandez stays in the game to play left field up to pinch hitting for Jack Peterson here's the pitch and it's a change up off the outside maybe the cutter Phillies are just destroying the Marlins on the Toyota out of town scoreboard twelve the one down the last of the fourth inning to to pitch very high with a fastball full count three into like a Michael Franco hit a two run double hits six RBIs in that game in the first four innings for the Phillies the twelve the one there three two pitch swing ground ball to short see unit was right has it the throw to first he got an one one hence this has been called out on strikes and he is a soft liner to the second baseman so he's over to Padres and Astros nothing nothing top of the fourth inning Gerrit Cole going for the Astros the brother in law the giants shortstop Brandon Crawford Mitchell going for the Padres ethics was acquired from the Yankees in the offseason now a called strike two hundred pens one one the count very highly thought of prospect somebody maybe was the best pitching prospect in the Yankees farm system the time of the trade one strike offering just off the outside with a fastball at ninety five sun is shining again and all of home plate does in the shadows of the the ball is coming out of the pictures and then as it approaches the plate it's in the dark shadows the one one offering swing line drive in the left field they said it's your balance on that matter could get their hands back in his body was kind of bailing hit solidly for a single left now a couple left is coming.

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