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"sin aptiva" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Let's take some final calls for him. Let's go east of the Rockies Do Neon is with us in Michigan. Hi, Dona. Hey, George, How are you? All right, well is high. Have a few questions. But George when you said You're Mr but doing his I start laughing. Oh, you're born Michigan. Okay, great. Dr Wallace. Yes, ma'am. I've been dying to talk to you. First of all I have Of your stomach issues or I bloat and I don't know why I just happened. I just get bloated. I'm 61 years old. Okay, stop their moment. Stop their moment. Do you have any tonight? It's a ringing in the ears. No. Okay. Do you have any dizziness or balance problems? No. You have any skin problems examine dermatitis or psoriasis. No, just some boils that comes and goes, and I don't know what to do for their either. All right. Do you have any varicose veins or skin problems? Varicose veins on your feet or legs. Yeah, they just topping up. Okay? Do you have any great here? Not yet. Okay? Yeah, well, I suspect you have a gluten issue, and you're not absorbing nutrients, even if you're supplementing, so you need to get rid of all the bad. There's no fried foods. No process means no oils or gluten, so we brought around notes. Sugar. How much you weigh? Ah £148 Okay, that heavy. Take one healthy brain and heart packed for a month and half of those something twice a day. I have to get an extra bottle of arse Liam, which has those five co factors. Is one bottle of sleeping with two healthy ran hard pack, so you'll be able to take three twice a day. I want to get a bottle of R. M s. M and Ms him like Mary Sam Mary and Miss him. Take three of those twice a day and I'll help rebuild your skull. This between your vertebrae, Bone matrix bone itself. Um, uh, Carly's ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, and a lot of your problems go away, especially the skin issues, the boils and so forth. These things are secondary to a gluten issue because you can't absorb the nutrients, even your supplementing and so you wind up with all these weird problems. You know, the doctors just want to give you some treatments for the symptom, as opposed to getting down to the root cause. Follow up question. They're doing it before we go. Yes, Please. Faster, Wallace. I suffer and this started six months ago from severe severe depressions Who were it's paralyzing me toe. I can't feel happiness. I can't feel anything but sadness. I can't even motivate myself. What can I do about that? Okay. Well, in addition to get rid of the bad foods, Majority said no fried foods and process means no oils or gluten. So we brought around so sugar. You're gonna take your one held a band of hard packed. There's justly, ma'am, it's him. Would also throw in three eggs twice a day with soft yolks Your brain and 75% by weight, cholesterol. I hope you're not taking any statin drugs to lower cholesterol. Okay? And then you want to take the de stress castles. Take three of those twice saying those two miles a month and then we have one called Sin Aptiva. Go ahead and take arson Aptiva and take three those twice a day. And let your brain cells talk to each other. And then, of course, you know, don't forget them. You want to be sure to use their hand sanitizers and our colloidal silver and all that kind of stuff. Where your mask Because when you have these issues, they're only official deficiencies in such up if you get the pandemic virus That means you're gonna have a bad time of it. And so you won of maximize absorption by giving her the man stuff. Take the 90th sense of nutrients. But still, you know, do your hand sanitizing. Wash your hands where mass distance Do all the other good stuff. Here's that number again doing your case. You missed anything that doc, said 185594972341855949 radio. The website. Critical health news dot com. And download the free app to is. If you want to onto your smartphone, you'll have a critical health news dot com app Right there. It's free. Just pick it up, and you can go to it at a regular basis gives you all kinds of tips. Nutrition and supplements. And I got to tell you, Doc, I can't tell you how many people I have basically passed on information. You've given us to them, and they feel great now. I mean, it's almost like a miracle. Well, it is a miracle. But when you give it a body, whether you're a whale or in Austria, every human being Our alarm bat or kangaroo or cower horse Any vertebrate when you give them the 90th century nutrients. Along these times. Go away just.

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