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"simpson marlon brando" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"For sure. What did you guys think of the reunion by the way what? What'd you guys? All think of the reunion. I thought it was great. I mean I was sorry. I love the whole setup. I mean I was so impressed. What production did they brought over these cheese? Everything was completely June. Acted the haven Where rules I mean. Sorry sorry everybody Else James. What did you think yeah? I thought it was really good. I thought that it was going to be boring in the beginning but after it was done. I was like this. Is the best reunion yet in asked leave that it was. I just didn't know we were gonNA Archer emotions across the screen. Arianna asking for a friend to twenty four. Wants to know how made you make you feel to have la dossier and Katie trashy on the Vandross pump after show so much I thought it was You wanted to say something James clarifier do baby talk all dirty talk in the bedroom. I don't know what he's talking about. Maybe talk what is baby. Never done that in my life my viewers an feeling Tomonori on. I have a feeling you guys are into full on role play like of address card role. Play I'm always me? Yeah but she's sometimes different person. Well you gotTa tell. Sometimes you don't tell me when I'm in yeah really it's always Arianna but sometimes Arianna like has this job or this patient soon sometimes. I'm just not aware that feeling me in so all right. Well I know we're all keeping a casual in quarantine but that's no reason to slouch on style for tonight's moment of muzzle. I'm throwing it Tom's other half Tom Schwartz for tips on how to style a Mulu. Take it away Tom. Yes I will rock and moon. There are no rules when I'm rocking a moon. I'm not only chilling. I'm I'm recharging my mind my body. So don't let anyone judge you when you're rocking your Momo. I mean how Bundy or Momo's homer Simpson Marlon Brando. You want it to be nice and loose baggy. If you're gonNA wear one just don't smell bad. It just seems Mujtaba. Who Don't be ashamed rocking. Moma where it loud where proud we're in quarantine they'd be. Nobody's judging thank you Tom Schwartz. You've solved I WANNA thank Tom. Arianna James Raquel tomorrow night. Denise Richards and June Diane Repeal at ten. We'll see that everybody thanks guys. Hey everybody it's the after show.

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