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Ep. 582 Giro D'Italia 2021 Stages 14, 15 & 16 | Between Wine And Food By Marc MillonMarc Millon

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Ep. 582 Giro D'Italia 2021 Stages 14, 15 & 16 | Between Wine And Food By Marc MillonMarc Millon

"Italian wine podcast sheen with italian wine. People swearing smith s. Here we go. Swirl sniff sip smith while you don't forget the testing welcome to this special edition where we talk. Lines and the dahlia. We held an exceptional clubhouse wound dedicated to but it was not recorded. I know i know bummer. But anyways without about sharing some note about the stages of the written and read by mark millon a food wine and travel writer and the author of numerous books as well as magazine articles published on both sides of the atlantic. Stay tuned smith. While you don't forget this testing teams the juggernaut that is zero. D'italia rolls relentlessly on as we approach some of the most exciting stages in the highest mountains. Here are my reports for stages fourteen fifteen and sixteen stage. Fourteen ci two dalla to monterey his own gone two hundred five kilometers. Hope it's what drives us all on. It's what makes us get up in the morning. Hope is what gets professional cyclist out of bed. In the dead of winter to put in the hard kilometers to prepare themselves even just to be able to take part in a grand tour like the jitter the tanya. It's what makes them keep writing every day over three weeks. When every muscle sinew and bone in their body must be aching an utter agony. Yesterday's route from ravenna to vote. Ona passing through. Oughta and montoire in homage. Dante alighieri was a day for most riders just to recuperate and try to recover before the arduous days in the mountains it could not have been flatter or straighter. It was day when there was absolutely no hope for a breakway a small group of riders to try to get ahead and hold out to the finish and yet a trio led by the indefatigable simone pillow. Who's proving to be this year's most combative rider tried all the same. Even when the full might of the peleton was bearing down on them in the final five kilometers when it was clearly hopeless to hang out any longer they still made a final acceleration to try and prolong their moment in the sun for just a little longer. Why what drove the mon- when there was absolutely no point whatsoever. why did they expend precious energy and fatigue. They're already aching muscles. When there was absolutely no benefit to be gained it seems that hope becomes a habit a state of mind so they just drove themselves on. Hopefully giacomo needs solo. The italian and european champion knows about hope as much as anyone one of the most popular writers in the peleton. He's an immensely talented sprinter. Who so far has been unable to win a stage in his home grand tour finishing second on countless disappointing occasions. What must have gone through his mind. Then at the very end of the stage when having been delivered to the final two kilometers in perfect position by his hard-working becca hustles team. He saw eduardo. Fini of jumbo visita accelerated such an astonishing pace for a final dash to glory along the straight corso. Porta nuova verona. It was an audacious move and feeney was powerful enough to open up a sizeable gap. That look almost hopeless to re-lane did need at that moment then that he might have to settle for another second no he believed in himself because he had hope in his heart gradually quickly almo super humanly. He pounded after his countrymen got back onto his wheel sip stream for just a moment and powered past him arms aloft. Has he crossed the line in a men's relief to take his first stage. Win in the geo d'italia today we enter a new phase of this three week. Grand tour the start line might as well have a banner written above. It shot day on speranza avoiding throughout the phrase carved over the portal when dante's protagonist and his guide the poet virgil begin their descent into hell if their journey took them down into the deepest bowels of the earth to discover the terrifying circles of inferno. Our journey goes ever upwards five of the next eight stages will take the cyclists to some of the highest and most inhospitable mountain top summits in all of italy. Dante's words might as well be chalked on the high mountain roads along the famous names of cyclists past and present abandon. All hope ye who enter here. Mountains are for many of us. What the jia d'italia is all about mountains will decide. The victor mountains will crush the loser in the mountains. A rider on a bad day can lose ten minutes fifteen minutes twenty minutes or more on g see this in a race whose outcome is often decided by seconds there will be courageous and repeated attacks. On the malia rosa riders will have to dig their deepest teams will have to be at their strongest in support and many will lose a will to live. Might abandon all hope. This is where we will get to know those riders who are great of heart those riders who never lose hope even when everything around them seems hopeless. So that a fatigue the long day with two major climbs including one of the steepest and most shockingly all montez on conan located in the carnac alps. Even eight see julia. The climb is a leg numbing fourteen kilometers and it is steep all the way up. I drove up the road to just below the summit of is on gallon two summers ago to seek out. The mall goes off in search of mountain cheese. Every summer the gore family undertake the trans monza walking their herd of cattle of old mountain tracks to this remote so outpost where they can live in. Enjoy the fresh theory mountain air. The cows graze happily on the fragrant grass of the high alpine joe and the gore. Tani's milk them to make a range of mountain cheeses. Why plan today to position myself somewhere. Just below the maga on my virtual imagined armchair journey to cheer on the cyclists may be somewhere around where the road rears to leg numbing twenty seven percent incline. That's one in three there. They will be going through their own private hell and moving slowly enough to look in their eyes to see who's still has hope or who has abandoned it as armchair cyclists like nothing more than to see someone else suffering for. We've all been there ourselves. It is far too high here for vineyards. So i'll take a bottle in my backpack to enjoy with hunk of the malgas fragrant mountain cheese. But what bottle. The vineyards on the foothills leading up to the high mountains as well as on the plane and on the limestone plateau of the car so collectively make up one of italy's most exciting wine regions freely. Vanadzor julia source of both outstanding whites is well as great reds on tempted to stash bottle of zones. Oh cabernet in my backpack and world war one. No less than eleven battles took place along these on italy's bloody front line against the austrians it would be an apt choice for there are still many battles to come in this year's giro d'italia freely suffered in world war two as well an centuries of skirmishes and battles before then a sad history watches i enjoy and relish the combat on the road. I'm going to go with a wine that instead of conflict and competition seeks harmony and brotherhood. Vino de la. Pasha from the cantina predatory decoder months. When this cav cooperative formed after the war the wine growers decided to commemorate piece by planting the vina. Del mondo with vines brought in from everyone growing continental unearth. Today the vina. Del mundo comprises more than eight hundred different grape varieties. Every year they are harvested. Invinci- find to make vino dhanapala cia about of which is sent to every civil and religious head of state in the world. It is a symbolic wine. Certainly but it is also wine to drink gently sweet soft not in the least aggressive or bellas surely even in the midst of a combative stage race such as ged. Tanya there is time to take a moment to enjoy this wine of peace perhaps sampled with a slice of gubina a snail shade pastry filled with nuts and candied fruits and raisins soaked in gaba. The vino del. Apache is a unique wine of human solidarity and brotherhood in this year. More than ever. We all need to take a deep breath. Drink deeply and hold onto our hope. Stage fifteen grotto too good aids one hundred and forty seven kilometers after yesterday's engagement on the high and mighty slopes of montagne today's hostilities. In the only town. Continue over the rolling hills and auto piano a for you leave. Nato julia anne across the border into the bind seats of neighboring slovenia during world war one some of the fiercest and most intense fighting took place over the succession of steep limestone hills that ripple to the north of good inova good eat sock the same heels over which today's combatants will find it out for stage. Fifteen owners after world war two. The area was subject to a further territorial dispute between italy and yugoslavia that resulted in an arbitrary border being drawn. That was shut with an iron curtain. The divided families and communities three times a cyclist will go around a circuit. The cross that border and europe today that is truly sawn frontier. Three times they will climbs not has gournay. Chauvel vol only two kilometers but painfully steep then endure a succession of challenging descents and sharp rises passing. Through former battlefields. The today across both sides of the border are covered and manicured vines that were no vines on the slopes of montagne conan yesterday. And we couldn't see much of the alpine pastures that herdsman in the cows so appreciate for their fresh and fragrant grasses that make such sweet milk and cheese snow still cover the high slopes and it was foggy misty and miserable at the summit lorenzo fortune. Auto didn't allow either the thin rarified air or the cold inhospitable conditions to dampen his spirits though as he spun powerfully up the steepest final section to claiming debut. Judo stage win both for himself and for the newly formed yola comatose cycling team yet. Another victory for an italian yang tratnik of bahrain. Victorious was happy to finish second. A slovenian is also looking forward to today's stage that will take him into his own country. If he's not too exhausted from his exertions yesterday i expect him to be on the attack again. What then of the others the c. contenders look for much of the final fourteen kilometer. Climb that monte zone. Cullen itself would be the victor that it's challenging slopes were just too steep and long for anyone to contemplate an aggressive breakway and risk blowing up on the highest and steepest slopes losing their legs in the will to live and so dropping back minutes or more only on the final brutally steep section towards finish did british writer simon. Yates finally make a move steadily riding away from the bunch that had been led first by the donna team and then by any us grenadiers in the mafia rosa tag on bernal. Only bernal could go with him. All the others were drop. It was great to see yates who came into the race as one of the hot and informed favorites last show his class but in the end he could not match bernal who imperiously downst- on his pedals to break away from yates and gained further time on all his g rivals. Stage fifteen starts in grotto an island town on an adriatic lagoon. When after the disintegration of the roman empire marauders came over the alps into italy. I the van dolls than the gos- in the lombards. The people of these fertile lands had to take refuge to escape rape and pillage grotto a roman island port on on the goon in the adriatic became just such a place of safety as also happened on the islands to the south within the venetian lagoon. Which is how. Venice came to be created and settled from grotto stage. Fifteen soon passes aquileia today. A small town on the alluvial plain of the not zone river. It's hard to imagine that this was once one of the largest and most beautiful of all roman cities where the population of over one hundred thousand due to its strategic location for roads leading to and from the eastern mediterranean panonia northern europe when attila scores of god and king of the huns pass through an ad four fifty two he sacked the city and destroyed it so utterly that it was impossible afterwards even to recognize the original site. No battles will take place here today. Conflict will only be fully engaged once riders of passed along the. Oh and into the wine hills of kolio and it's broad counterpart across the border and slovenia after the devastation that the region suffered in the aftermath of two world. Wars a collective decision was taken to rebuild the for you even julia wine country by concentrating on quality through the re plantation of its most important native grapes notably for whites through llano re bala john la pino agreed john vava's east rana and for reds trae force. Goodell pay do corozzo. Skewer pitino and penola as well as through the introduction of international varieties such as chardonnay sauvignon blanc. Cabernet franc cabernet sauvignon and merlot today. Fuel even julia is without doubt. One of italy's most exciting wine regions primarily for its robust firm and clean whites but also for some outstanding reds the three times circuit today with rice. Pass through slavia a small wine. Commune virtually on the slovenian border. Today there is no border and people can pass back and forth freely and unchallenged. Above the town stands a monument that is reminded to the side past the assad eeo do slavia constructed on monte calvillo to house immoral remains of some fifty seven thousand italian soldiers who perished during the numerous world war one battles of the zones also took place over these peaceful lands today the hills of oh slavia that were once a killing field are covered in vines most notably reborn john la which finds a particularly propitious habitat here. I wind joyce for today. Is your school grosvenor. Iconic on for a re bala jolla fermented and earth and where. I'm for a buried underground. A method of winemaking the dates back to on tick witty and the origins of wine eight thousand years ago. The grapes are rated on the skins for thirty days. So the result is an orange wine that has structure tannin and deeply rich and more flavors. I'm for is a wine. That reminds us all that. For centuries and across millennia wine tollways remained civilising force for good indeed. A cornerstone of our civilization itself achieve ta down bury the american novelist ernest. Hemingway a great wine lover himself was stationed on the zonza front during world. War one where he served as an ambulance driver and experience that found its way into one of his most famous novels for our warriors on two wheels. There will be no farewell to arms intern exactly a week today when the hero will finally arrive on the streets of milan in the meantime we continue to ride on and to journey through italy. Wine glass in hand stayed sixteen saatchi late to cortina dump. Pennzoil two hundred twelve kilometers today is the day that many tvos e of the road italia have all been waiting for the top bonday. The queen stage the cheema copy without doubt. This is the hardest stage of an already grueling. Three week grand tour. That still has many more mountains to climb over a lengthy two hundred twelve kilometers. The riders will have to ascend an incredible five thousand seven hundred meters over four. I category the hardest. Mountaintops three of which saw more than two thousand meters above sea. Level the paso or door is this year's chima copy awarded to the highest peak on each geo named after the legendary post-war italian cycling hero fausto coppi who won the jittered italian no less than five times and who was called company on nissim oh the champion of champions today will be a hellish stage requiring superpowers just to get around it let alone race victory. It is a day to strike. Fear into the hearts and legs of every cyclist. Who will arrive at the start line. This morning for us lesser mortals who've experienced a suffering and agony that repeated climbs and high mountains brings. Our legs are trembling in anticipation. Perhaps because of today something of a truce was called in yesterday. Stage through the battlefields of freely large group of breakaways was allowed to build up a substantial lead. That could not be reeled back in and in the end victor campaign arts a workhorse domestique usually in the service of others was given the freedom to be able to ride to a stage victory. It was team quebec. Oh his third stage win in five days an absolutely incredible achievement for africa's first uci world tour team. Who want to said compensates at the finish. I am because we are a nagorny. Bantu term that signifies humanity towards others. The team string of unexpected stage wins are all the more heart lifting because they ride in support of south african charity that aims to help young people by supplying them with bicycles. Bicycles changed lives is their motto. The peleton eventually rolled in some seventeen minutes behind cam. Parts and the other breakaways the situation ayaan bernal. The malia rosa was more than happy with it was a good day for us. We were in control able to rest and begin to think about the queen stage. He said quietly at the finish. Starting in saatchi lay an old and stylish. Venetian town just inside for you andy. Today's route passes through lands. That were once. Part of the republic of venice's tara fairmont mainland. The difficulty begins almost from the start. Where the testing. I category con up lock rosa interesting to see if any of the teams attempt to attack early on to put pressure on the malia rosa and he knows grenadiers or whether breakaways will be allowed to escape once again. Certainly the italians will be vying to take the considerable honor and prestige of cresting. The cheema copy. I as well as those contenders for the malia azzurra king of the mountains after log rosetta. Come a trio of men's mountains. That must be tackled in descended in succession. Pass dia the two thousand fifty seven meters above sea level. Oh poor door at two thousand two hundred and thirty nine and passo jowl a two thousand two hundred and thirty three then a frightening fast dangerous especially if the weather is wet descent to the finish at the ski resort of cortina dump pet saw last year at the end of february. Two thousand twenty. We were cross country skiing. To- block just over the other side of cortina down pat so in the suit tiddle. Italy's german speaking autonomous region. We intend to ski up the mountain. Pass down the other side into cortina but the trails on the venuto side exposed to more sun were closed because of lack of snow. That all seems an absolute lifetime ago for we were there precisely the moment when a handful of small towns and then toe in lombardia were compelled to go into europe's first lock down over an obscure and novel type of virus that no one had ever heard of until then. Though we were concerned it was happening so close to us. We were still able to enjoy a fabulous week in the hi donna mites skiing through the most magnificent countryside under the dominating and distinctive peaks of the trae team in the evenings. We sued are aching limbs in the spa enjoyed piece of austrian inspiring foods with an italian accent and drank deeply from a list of sensational sudiro. Lazy wines made from grapes such as kerner tra- meaner vice berg under for notch. A nigerain stage takes place just on the other side of those very same mountains in venuto one of italy's greatest wine regions both in terms of quality as well as in volume produced mountain streams tumble down from the high mountains and feed into mighty rivers. They're rich alluvial soils or propitious habitat for the vine most notably on. Today's stage crosses the pr von valley. So before the giant. Climb start ongoing to. I make a detour. The vineyards of oslo to snatch bottler to of a wine. That don't have the chance to sample often. Ray cantina in eighteen. O nine franco italian forces under napoleon conquered these lands. From the austro-hungarians. French rule was briefly. Imposed and one consequence was at the winegrowers were compelled to crop up their native vines and replant with french. Grapes like merlot. Cabernet franc. And cabernet sauvignon varieties that have indeed transplanted. Well and still thrive on the vineyards. Pi montana at oslo today. So mcdonagh's fried. He's inevitably were lost. How many no one can say raycatena is one that somehow managed to survive but which had almost gone extinct after the damage and devastation of the last world. War through the efforts of a handful of wine. Growers it is now producing high quality red wine the deserves to be better known and sampled. I visit oslo every few years and had brought a bottle from the practical mel. Winery back with me. And we had a just the other night with dinner intense deep purple blackberries and plums on the nerves routine acidity high in canon and alcohol with a bitter finish wine with certain savage character that i like very much a bowl of pasta for julie or plate of duck ragu and polenta the favourite staple here and a glasser to this. Ray cantina these are foods this is the wine to add fortitude to the legs and mind before a fearsome tapa like today's queen stage even for those of us following from the comfort of our armchairs. Forza oven t a salute. Second swirl sniff while you think don't forget this listing.

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