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"simone augusta" Discussed on Premium Hoops

"Well which would be a really fix oliver wheeler sydney. We who was basically like a lefty three point shooter who provides a little bit of playmaking hold their own on defense. They saw simone augusta's who is getting You know she's had a very long. Wbz career still won the best mid range shooter in the game. Although she shoots a lot with their toll on the line still off to that could be threes but she still makes up at least half of them so it's still not an inefficient shot. They have a very strong competition at the wing positions between we's coober nia coffee homes kind of marginal players who've been wnba and then their rookie. Stephanie watts and relevant as So be interesting to see who makes that cohort. You'll also be interesting to see. How much of the diva their twenty nine twenty eighteen. I room fifth place. She's a senator from okay. Big from russia accomplish. I think she can legitimately play balls. She plays on. Umc so it's really hard to see how she develops because she plays twelve minutes. A game on a team with emma meesseman brittney griner jonquil. Jones basically doesn't play any power forward with humans because that's only bigs so it's tough 'cause you've barely plays but very efficient in the post. Burgeoning jump shot strong playing for russia in europe basketball. So we'll see how much of her. That's kind of makeup with ross. It's just it's like okay. So who's a tough encounter outside of gloom k. and probably tolliver. But we haven't seen her in a couple of years and she's theories. How does the team together wet is their best combination. This is a team where again it's that they have loft wings what we need. Make sure you know the best ones playing. There has been criticism of derek fisher. Coaching in the past some of the revolves around things like bench candace parker in unlimited nation. Game the twenty nineteen playoffs are seems like yeah. I have no idea still. Don't have clear super clear idea.

twelve minutes emma meesseman derek fisher simone augusta brittney griner jonquil europe russia Jones Stephanie fifth place twenty three point bench candace parker twenty nine twenty eighteen tolliver nineteen playoffs least half of them oliver wheeler threes ross