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Textile Nudist Podcast

"On this episode of the Nature Living Show a textile nudist podcast episode the nature living show is brought to you by Barracks Family Nature Park Fair Oaks. We offer traditional nature values in a modern setting. Take your body you're. WWW dot karaoke dot welcome to your listeners episode of one nine of the natures living show. It's a a September. Two Thousand Nineteen is recording this and I am back at it. July and August I really was intending on having shows through through the summer. I've got my energy back for the show and I want to do twelve episodes a year for sure but July August her so busy at the park now we have so many people it was hard to find the time and the quiet time and extended time to really edit record and put stuff together but I've got a whole whole bunch of shows recorded interviews and things coming up including this one today so you are going to be seeing many episodes coming up and we're just GONNA have to do it more than once per a month in order to make sure we get all twelve episodes in for twenty nineteen so first before we get to this shows interview and and topic we have a comment and the voice box vox the the nitrous living show comment lines so let's listen to what day and had to say. My name is Dan. I'm from upstate New York. Nab Really really enjoy listening to your show. Currently I'm deployed with the US military overseas and your show has really been exciting for me to listen to exercise and go on long run. I found your your perspective on ethical. Nature is intriguing and I enjoyed all the different topics that you talk about one area. I think focus on more is body confidence. It'd be interesting to have whole show dedicated to this. I think about this because I have a a good friend who definitely picked on for his body growing up as a child and now until adulthood insistent wearing a shirt even when he's at the beach and the other example with my best friend my wife Michelle she's extremely comfortable being naked around me but uncomfortable around others even with coding both have had serious childhood experiences that contribute to their insecurities and I think it'd be great to show interviewing people who have improved. Ooh Body confidence through nature them and all the benefits that can provide. I hope to hear more about this and keep up the great work well. Thank you Dan for calling in and for leaving the message I really appreciate you listening. Appreciate everybody's listening appreciate the the interest that show gets and passion that it seems ignited some people which is awesome because that's why promote nutrition. That's why I'm so involved in nature tourism because it's it makes a difference in people's lives to address specifically your suggestion body image. It's very good when it's I mean it's core to what nature ism is all about anyway. we do talk about it in various ways but your comments are good when I think you're gonNA find in this episode that there is a lot of body image themes that the guest talks about and it's actually very topical but I'm GonNa look for other possible guests that I can interview that are more specifically on the body image topic but this episode is titled Textile Nudist Podcasts at why because this is obviously a nitrous podcast but there are many non-interest podcast which I guess by default would be textile podcasts and often well not often but many of them have done an episode where people recall story or are in their past experience or actually go out and try something to do with nature them might be going to Nude Beach. It might just be a skinny dipping experienced but there's been a lot of them. A few of them have been on the show in the past but what's really interesting about this. One in different it's from a show called here be monsters and production values are really really good and really high and that's what I really enjoyed it when I listen to this particular podcast and then she asked me do you WanNa go on an all expenses paid new vacation with me. This summer here be monsters. The podcast about breasts wests slapped on the water like breaching whales the podcast about the unknown Helen. I didn't pay luggage fees. Mike Heron was so small that it could fit under the seat in front of me but most of the time I just held it on my lap a toothbrush pair of sunglasses an extra a pair of underwear. We didn't even bring sunblock after accepted Helen's offer. She explained the Sunblock Situation Shen Simon the nude millionaire the dot com disciple of Nature Ism. The financier of our vacation was the sole sunblock supply so I reached out how to here be monsters. Bethany who is the one who tells the story Bethany Denton agreed agreed to be interviewed and discuss her experience her podcast that episode with us for the show so this was recorded in April twenty nineteen nineteen and as I was saying earlier I meant for this to be out much sooner but the summer got in the way in a good way and also it's GonNa seem a little strange. The last episode was about Mormon nature nudists and as it turns out. It's you'll hear the story Bethany is also or was raised as a Mormon and so that's just a coincidence and I'm not going to completely mormon in this show and only interviewing Mormon guests it just worked out that which is Kinda strange but it was a great a fascinating interview to listen to and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. my name is Bethany Denton. I am a person who makes radio and podcasts casts and I live in Seattle Washington and you have one podcast that I was listening to call here be monsters. That's right. I've I've been making here be monsters with my friend Jeff for think altogether about six years. There's a period where I was just a volunteer but have been working as more of an employee for going on five years that's kind of a sweet story. Jeff and I are friends from college. We actually met at a college radio station. We worked on public affairs team so we have I've been making radio pretty much ever since we've met each other going on ten years ago off and on we have worked together gather making radio for ten years so that is sort of how I got involved with the podcast here be monsters which now lives on KCRW and is a show that explores lors fear and curiosity and the unknown of all kinds on that's that's a pretty broad topic is not like where does that come from where the for that come from well. Originally it was not a podcast. It was an art project that started right after graduating from college judge and he the origin story of that is that he was twenty two graduated from college was embarking on this this new period of autonomy and freedom and kind of figuring out what it means to be adult and as he was entering that stage of his life realized he had a hard time sleeping and was just racked with fear about the future fear about all kinds of things and strangely actually he started found that he was becoming afraid of things that he was afraid of as a kid he was just in such a period of uncertainty and anxiety and as an outlet for that he started this art project and as he started talking about it more with other people particularly clearly myself and other folks that we made radio within in college he was delighted to find that a lot of us were in the same position approaching or just having also graduated tweeted from college and really uncertain about what was going to come next he and I were part of an art school at our university and and so there were a lot of our fellow graduates who had these amazing incredible arts educations and weren't really sure what to do with them. So that's a little bit of the origin story he like you know shortly after hitchhiked across America to practice track talking to strangers and it started luckily with a really broad sort of morpheus concept luckily for us. I should say because it really allows us now having done it for six years a lot of of freedom of interpretation of what what is fear what is the unknown and sometimes fear of the unknown refers to paranormal things although not very frequently on our show much to the Chagrin of people who don't listen that often they here the title here be monsters think it's going to be about ghosts awesome bigfoot bigfoot and stuff which you know maybe it is sometimes but more often are we try to focus on questions regions or topics that really have a a deeper broader meaning to more people so like we have have done episodes about balding. We have done episodes about having a disability. We have done episodes about having a sleep disorder. You know there are all all kinds of topics that were able to cover because like you say it's a really it's a broad theme. It has brought theme and you've got your up to episode. Was it one hundred fifteen or something like that. Yeah good good research. We think are at one sixteen soon this week. Yes when sixteen is coming out tomorrow in fact well. I got involved in podcasting that started this podcast about little over ten years ago because I always love radio. I liked the storytelling. I don't know something about the. It's a little bit like a book in that what you're you're. You're imagining things still right. You're when somebody plays a sounds of birds and water rushing by you you get an image in your head like when you're reading reading and I was found I enjoyed radio for nature. which is what we're? GonNa talk about. I really liked the idea because I knew that people listening would be interested. They weren't looking for you know the cheap thrill which is if I did video than sides being more complicated because as you'd have to worry about where you are all the time you would have people just looking because they wanted to get a cheap thrill and that's not what this is supposed to be about so and and I've and I've always tried to do something. That's pretty well produced. I'm not a fan of the stream of consciousness podcasting hang on while I get up and go answer an answer. The door will go to the bathroom kind of thing that's to me. There's a certain respect you. WanNa show your listeners as well because they're tying listening to your show and I gotTa Tell Yours beautifully produced. I guess it's because from the radio world right yeah. I think I mean again. I think that the fact act that it really was conceived of as an art project and I and then a podcast second it's it's interesting. I didn't realize that that you've been making this show for that long. So I think of you as like maybe in the second wave of podcasting whereas Jeff Ni- making here be monsters of being the third wave this is my own terminology by the way my own leg go the survey of the landscape but yeah I should say like for me personally being interested in radio. Oh actually is a really seems like a really natural progression. Both of my parents I should say. Neither of my parents are particularly into music. They don't really it's other. They don't like music they. I just don't like music if that makes sense so in the car we were out. We constantly listen to books on tape. We always had a book on tape going in the car and so a lot of my like reading quote unquote as a kid was audiobooks and then in high school. I discovered you know this American Life Hyphen Radio Lab which I think is cut. Those are two points of inspiration for people my generation who were in this work and kind of realized like Oh this is this is something you can do. It's not just an audio book. You can do this kind of storytelling in really creative ways that can be on the radio and so for when I was in high school and then went into college. I didn't totally understand what it meant but I just told myself like I WANNA make radio. I WANNA make public radio because I think that that's like what what these people are doing on. This show is just making public radio and I feel very fortunate in that. I was just about the right age to be not aware of that and like be studying that and then have some of those skills and be applying some of those skills again just as a volunteer for free for the joy of making art and then comes what I think of as the third wave of podcasting it's spearheaded by the podcast cereal and I think that that's a lot of like normal. People realized that this was a medium and realize relies on a broader scale. Just how accessible it intimate podcasting is on a totally different level than any other kind of broadcast media. You know it can be so specific in so niche in so intimate. It's not really something that you you don't really like sit down and listen to podcasts with in your buddies on a game night or something. It tends to be a solitary activity so anyway. That's a huge digression. it makes a lot of sense to me that you for this topic would be drawn to that not least of all because of the as you say you know they tried to do this kind of storytelling on. Nature Ism visually as you say like can be problematic for. You're annoying reasons but I also think that there's some I think a lot about how how powerful hearing someone voices as opposed to reading someone's words that's not a dig against you know print by any means but I do think that there is power our power in just hearing another person's voice and you can hear their infection in their emotion and understand their intention. You know something that my generation is going going through a lot. Is this anxiety about talking on the phone but then also feeling a lot of like uncertainty about people's intentions through a text messaging and email and being like anxious about that and that's where I'm like but yeah if you would call them. You would have a better sense of like what they're actually saying or what their intentions were with. That message was angry. It was a sarcastic or were there just being fat I mean that's a whole that gets into a whole other like territory about the way that millennials interpret punctuation frankly than previous generations but I won't even get started on that or why insist on I'm putting periods at the end of my text messages and apparently that means something well it means I'm fifty three so this this particular episode you did on Nature how did that come about well a couple of ways one the boring ways that is structural twice a season Jeff will take turns putting together what we call our personal episodes. these tend to be more are moments. Let me back up a little bit more often than not an episode of here be monsters is going to be comprised of edited interviews that is that are mixed with breath sound effects and music in different effects to create like a soundscape immersive experience but every once in a while we will do what are called essay based episodes where Jeffer- I or perhaps another contributor will actually right out out pros that we then record and again we'll have the sort of same treatment like sound effects and music and stuff to make it an immersive deep dive sort of experiential podcast into Jeff and I have decided that every essentially every episode that ends in the number one we want to be a personal episode from from one of us a personal piece for one of us which has been a a really wonderful practice for me. I actually studied creative nonfiction writing and did a lot of memoir are pro style writing in college and so this is this practice that we do on the podcast has been a really wonderful exercise for me in sort of maintaining maintaining those skills but it's also a little bit of a challenge because at the end every time. I make one of these episodes I feel like well. That's IT I don't. I don't have any more stories about myself like everything. Else is just boring. And of course that's not true when they start the dome. Don't contemplative about your different experiences. you discover that you are trove of different stories but anyway so this this story storch. That's the boring like structural answer to that is that it was my turn to make a personal episode this. Let's see I I mean I guess the best way to answer. That question is to sort of like. Just tell the story of me and like why this how this happened because it's kind of a weird circumstance. It's I had a hard time explaining for a long time. and I don't think it's typically how people get into nature ism I could be wrong long but I feel like the best way to answer that is to just kind of like go through the story itself in explain how this happened is that is that what you're interested in hearing insure yes absolutely yeah so. I grew up in a Mormon household part the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that is a Christian faith. That is a little bit different than most Christian church is is a really important aspect of that church especially for young women in that church is the principle of modesty modesty. there are some like relatively specific dress codes that Mormon women follow as far as men to some extent. It's it applies more to women because of the different options for clothing that women can wear as opposed to men but so the Mormon Mormon Church requires or urges women to not for instance. It's not wear shorts that go above the knee or expose their naval or exposed their backs or expose their shoulders or exposure cleavages like the the the sort of like rule of thumb is like you know. Make sure that you have cap sleeves. You're not showing her cleavage and that any short skirt does not go above the knee and that's very much like framed within like Christian purity. You know your body is a temple. Keep it sacred like it is it was a gift from God to you. They don't desecrate it by you know exposing it and really just ramming it as like any exposure of your body is inherently sexual because you are a woman and therefore if you are exposing different parts of your body be it wearing a bikini or wearing short shorts or whatever you are participating in like a sexual act in public essentially like that that was kind of how it was framed to me as a teenager that got. God heavenly father wants hugh to dress modestly because he wants you to be spiritually pure and troublingly in this is like a side note. The church also really frames it as like it is your responsibility as young women to not tempt young. Elliot's men Young Mormon men to have impure thoughts audits or behave badly or whatever it's really like self control yeah exactly it's it's actually like insulting men frankly but it's an unfair burden on women in an insult of two men. Yes you're right exactly so that is is the the framework like the religious framework of where it came from in like that certainly like in my household like me and my sisters. My mom was always like tugging on her her. When I was young hip huggers in like low rise jeans were really popular and so my mom was constantly like hooking in her finger her fingers on her belt loops pulling our pants up and you know making like adjusting our shirts so that we didn't have any cleavage or anything anything like that so that was my religious upbringing and then on top of that I have I am a fat person and I have been fat hat since I probably eight or nine years old and this used to be a source of a lot of emotional emotional distress for me and certainly as a teenager you know I not only internalize the idea of keep your body covered because it's it's immoral it's modest. It's impure all of those things but on top of that I also really turn as the message. Keep your body covered because no one one wants to see that your body is undesirable like you have failed to keep a a trim figure and therefore no one wants to see not that and I will say like my mom in particular also has a lot of those same body. Ali issues as far as like really being ashamed of the way her body looks and I understand now having processed it with her and my gone to therapy and if done a lot of work on myself to overcome these things that she was really projecting her own insecurity about her own body onto and my sisters and you know kind of had this idea of like to hear it from me then you know they know that I love them unconditionally and that'll title somehow be less painful than if they hear it from people who don't care about them so that was always like it wasn't framed me as keep your body like it wasn't necessarily him to keep your body covered so that you're not in citing like some sexual urge men. It's keep your body covered because no one wants to see that so these are kind of the messages like implicit and explicit that I really grew up in for I mean certainly I eighteen years of my life. I also want to be really clear like this is not not not at all saying that like my family was abusive to me or anything like that. My my family and my mom in particular have always been incredibly supportive and sort of framed named their support as like they've been very supportive of my intellect. I should say my creativity and they've always said you know like I never dated anybody. In High School. My mom always framed as like well. Boys your age probably intimidated by you because you're probably smarter than them you know and so she was always really clear like you have so much to offer in these other ways and that will be appreciated once the men the men and boys at your around more mature so I- wile internalizing some of those like negative ideas about like what my body looked like and whether it was desirable and all that stuff and by the way lake cloudy of that came from pop culture society itself. This wasn't just my family like the this is this is just the water we swimming. Americans and that's fat Americans and it's like your body is disgusting. No one wants to see that spoiler alert that's not true but so that was sort of the yeah that was that was my like upbringing and then. I went to college and right right before I went to college. I was pretty I realized allies that I did not believe in the church and didn't want to be a part of the church for a lot of reasons. This wasn't because of their modesty edict. There are a lot of troubling troubling things about the Mormon Church which is again a topic for another conversation but part of that severance from that church was the understanding of like well. My sexuality is mine. Now I can do with it. Whatever I want with my body whatever I want. I can wear whatever I want. I can look however I want and around and I and I that that was really freeing. That was really an incredible experience for me to be in a place ace where I guess I should back up a little bit. I also grew up in Montana which I have that. I know that won't mean much to folks folks who don't live in the United States but Montana is a very rural state Montana Montana is a very rural state in the United it states. It's a Lotta cowboys and ranchers and loggers. You know it's very like a lot of working people well. Who you know there's kind of a kind of a monoculture in how people dress and express themselves. You're either like a rancher or farmer or lager. You know some sort of like blue collar working person who works on the land or your lake take a hippy dippy sort of lake. you know super outdoorsy you wear. Choco's and Columbia Columbia check. It's like the that's very much like your options. There is to dress either like a cowboy or like Subaru outdoorsy person and I never really fit in either of those so anyway cut to being in college. I just had a lot of opportunities he's and saw a lot of different types of people and sort of had this leg up stereotypical college college renaissance where I cut off all my hair and died at different colors got a nose ring in got combat boots in wore ripped tights and stuff like that they felt very edgy at that time and so anyway all this to say. I was really going through this period of like discovering. Bring my my discovering feminism in like coming into my own politically socially and sexually and around that time. I also became very good friends with someone who I'm in the show. I call her Helen. That's that's not her real name but who was very much like punk rock. Check anarchists very cool and after knowing her for about a year we were coworkers and she that sort of pop this question to me like hey you want to go on an all expenses paid nudist vacation so the context for that is that there is a person who I actually would not be surprised. I don't really want to say his name over the podcast because I've been told that he doesn't like that kind of attention but I frankly would not be surprised if you stephen know who this person is. He's pretty like prolific in as as far as I understand in the American naturalism sphere occur but this person is who I call all Simon in the piece is someone who made a lot of money in the early nineties when the Internet was first a thing I I guess like the Dot Com bubble is it might be called so he made a lot of money doing that and has since like made more money through investments in is this really a brilliant person who is a bit odd and is also an interest and this person Simon frequently he. Let's see how do I say this. He would coordinate these like nature's getaways in Palm Springs. He sees his mission at is like like introducing. Nature Ism to to the masses are at least two new people because it is where Oh he is found community it is where he has found acceptance as a sort of odd person and he wants to share that with people and I and I should be clear to like he wants to he is really adamant about sharing it with people in and an explicitly non sexual way for it to be purely a you know an opportunity for people to experience something something with a supportive community of people were there are no expectations other than to have experience in hopefully. WanNa I share with someone new the next year so the practically the model is he people are invited to go on the trip and he will pay for their way their their plane tickets their hotel rooms their whole stay if they bring someone along who's never done it before. Who's never been in a nature ism environment environment an even like people who've never gone skinny dipping kind of get precedent so sat was so essentially for my friend. Helen she had been and and she wanted to go back and she knew that it would be more likely for Simon to take on a trip if she brought a person or two who had never gone before who had never had that experience so I was like the perfect candidate right. I was someone who had never done anything like that before still still even in this period of like sort of self discovery and self acceptance was not not totally comfortable with my body and it was definitely like the prospect of it was was kind of scary because like I I because again like nude nudity had had my entire life been framed in purely sexual context so there was a part of me that was like could not understand like what do you mean. This guy isn't expecting. It's like that there is no like sexual expectation like how can that be possible in so huge shirt me over and over again. You know you you know she's like. I hear you. I hear you know that that is like this is a weird thing but I'm telling you I've gone. It's really wonderful. They're mostly women there. It's it's a really leave great environment. It's a great resort in Palm Springs. If you WANNA go I think we can like essentially we had to apply like fill out this little like questionnaire and she was like I think that he i WanNa take us because you are like the exact kind of person that he likes to bring along and have them experienced this this thing this natrium so how was how hard was it to decide to do this. You applied. She convinced you and then you get accepted. Well I should I should be clear. She did not like it was not something where I was like pressured she didn't she did not right like half to talk me into it. Reluctantly applied because of peer pressure like it was something that she offered and she said I totally understand. If this is is not something you want to do i. I hear you and I get it and like that's fine. You know I won't be upset if you say now now. This actually isn't in the piece but we did go with another purse. Security had another person who was like on board to go with her so she was already already very likely going to go but it was an experience. You said you know she explicitly said like I want to share this with you because you know I had. She knew about my background background. She knew about my upbringing as a Mormon and knew that I was in this sort of like new period of my life of like self discovery and self the acceptance and she was like she said you know this was a really great experience for me when I went last year and I think it'd be a lot of fun and maybe a really early great experience real. It was really only one conversation where she offered and she you know qualified that she she understood. If I didn't WanNa go in hopes that I wouldn't think that she was a Weirdo for asking her and kind of left it up to meet it to the side and so and this was probably like January Gary I think in the trips would have been in like June July so I had some time to think about it and I was definitely nervous and it was definitely really like what if I get there and can't do it or what if I get there and immediately. WanNa go home or it's weird or where. I can't leave the hotel room because I'm too embarrassed or like. What is this even going to be like I only had I had had very limited sexual the experiences of that point slide literally only seen I think one penis in my life before and so that was to that I was like what if I can't handle seeing penises like what if you know there definitely was some fear there in some uncertainty but then I kind of came to this realization where it was like you know I I spent the first eighteen years of my life seventeen or eighteen years of my life having a very very very specific idea idea of what my life would be no. I thought that like the the church the Mormon church is very mm-hmm pervasive in a lot of ways. I should say like there. There are a lot of expectations of members of the church to do certain things and reach certain milestones and do those things young essentially like it's not uncommon for people to get married when they're like nineteen twenty years old and have kids by the attend their twenty one you know and and maybe to date for three months before getting engage so there you know is basically the. I seventeen eighteen years of my life various specific idea of what I thought my life was going to be and I sort of realized like now. I have all this freedom that I have given myself. This isn't something that I had to ask for. This isn't something that I like you know. Someone is allowed me to have this freedom. This is something I gave to myself this freedom and why why wouldn't I take opportunities cities that are offered to me not least of all because I you know implicitly trusted my friend Helen. You know I knew that she wouldn't put me in a position. Shen that was unsafe. and I trusted that I mean at the very least you know she would be there with me. So if anything were to happen I mean she's a tough little lady who had all kinds of piercings and could like kick the shit out of anybody so I felt very confident that leg with her being there like if on the off chance that anything did happen that. Wasn't you know something that Helen had foreseen. She would be there and that was huge. Comfort to me and it just kind of like I had this moment where I was like. I have been offered something you that hey I don't have to pay for which is great because I'm a broke college student but be like I never would have seen this for myself. You you know even just a couple of years ago and like the prospect of doing something like this. A couple of years ago would be terrifying because again. It's like the idea of like nudity was always framed in a sec like always framed as sexual and especially nudity among men like you know I came of age during stranger danger and so there was a lot like I definitely definitely had a sort of like fear. Men ruled in me which I appreciate now because I don't think that's unfounded but you know the idea of like especially like being naked around men that I didn't know would have been like cripplingly terrifying just a few years before you're kind of got to the point where I was like. Maybe it doesn't have to be scary. Even if it is scary have this person here who will protect me and at the very least like what if I don't do this and then it'll always you know then the story of this story of my life will be. Oh I I'm the kind of person who like gets cool opportunities and then turns them down because I'm too scared so and like for that matter like there was a part of me that I think at that point. I really was like ready to not be ashamed of my body. Even if I couldn't like conceptualize it that explicitly at the time that like I am ready you too like my body. I think that was part of it was like I it ensures like a curiosity of the two of like maybe baby. Maybe this idea that I have like everyone else having a perfect body me having this like broken ugly deformed body was not true actually as I'm saying that I don't think that that was on my mind signed before I made the decision but basically I I was very interested in taking advantage of an opportunity that was presented to me to at least excuse to say that I had done it. and I also felt safe enough with this person with Helen my friend that it. I knew that Nah no nothing like horrible would happen to me that I was survived it and at the the very least come away with a good story and how was it it was wonderful. It was so great so I. I wish I mean Gosh okay. How do I start so so it was a little like when we arrived at the resort. It is kind of a strange thing walk into the lobby of leg just any it looks like any old hotel. Although it has really high walls around it you walk into the lobby and behind the counter there is this this like young woman who totally like looked like normal hotel staff and she had a polo shirt on insurance and like look very typical and then standing at the counter this naked man fully naked man and it turned out that he was Simon he just in an predict to just has a very particular look about him. He has kinda crazy curly hair. He's kind of balding on top so he's got this crazy. Crazy curly hair like in the male pattern baldness position is that big thick glasses any this like watch on like old. Casio Watch and you could like even see that there is this really severe Tan Line around the watch that it was like else. You'd never comes off in his whole body was very tan. and Helen was totally right. It was is not sexual at all like he was just totally casual and as a as a woman you can feel when men are leering have you clothed or not and I didn't get that at all so that was an immediate like moment of relaxation of like. Oh wow she was right. He's not he's not being creepy. He's not expecting anything of us. He's just odd. Man Who a lot of money and who wants to build this community so after that we like walk to heat takes us to aware like shows us where the hotel room is and again it was just kind of jarring thing of like I'd only ever seen naked women in that like in locker rooms and again had only ever seen. Maybe one naked man at that point so it was a little bit lake jarring. One thing that Helen had told me was make sure you bring like you must have sunglasses if only to like at the beginning. Keep your sunglasses on so that people can't tell if like you're looking and yet their bodies because especially at first like it's just you kind of can't help it. although I would find even within like a day like after a while it's not it's not new. It's not novel or strange so you just kind of get over it but yeah it was kind of it was unexperienced walking looking through this beautiful courtyard of this resort where everyone else around us was naked and we had our clothes on and I yeah I mean Helen was definitely like really excited and she like she is kind of like been a long. It's like long long before even going on her name address retreat. She actually had like you know like I had never had any like body morph. You're like insecurities about her body and was just excited her whole thing was like onto seven excited to just this being the son in like get Great Tan and by the pool we came from we were living in north western Washington Ashington the time which if you know anything about that area of the country it is very overcast and rainy and so we were coming from the Dank thank dark rainy northwest to beautiful palm springs where it was sunny and so hot in so we were excited to get some vitamin D and so we go to the hotel room and Helen just like immediately strips and she's so excited and you know I sort of followed suit and I remember being a little bit nervous kind of having this like hesitation within my body or it's like my mind was telling me to do something about my body. He was kind of resistant to it because there was some fear there and but yeah but then we we we let's see I'm trying to remember it like from my own memory and not what I wrote for the episodes but I I will say like it did take a a little bit of gumption to like walk out the door. obviously being flanked by my friends my friend who was also naked kid like helped so I didn't I think I had to step out alone. Even with everyone else being naked like that would have been really hard for me. I would have had to really aunt myself up you know having someone who was totally like totally comfortable and relaxed and confident to kind of you know be my escort really really helped and almost immediately. I saw you know women's bodies and and sort of like starting to see like Oh that woman's breasts look like mine and she's young to like. I had all of these conceptions about like like my body. He looks this way because I'm fat and I've ruined it like if I was not if I had not gotten fat I would have this perfect body and like looking around. I saw women who so like for instance. I saw like women who were maybe thinner than me but had breasts that looked like mine and that was huge. It was like Oh my God like other young people can have breasts. That looked like mine like mine aren't ruined. Maybe that's just what they look like right right. You know I saw you know women whose legs like mine and whose bellies looked like mine and women with like he like a ton of pubic hair and like just saw like it meant so much to see women's bodies in that context I am there were also a lot of African American women Asian. Women like like there was just a lot of diversity there that I had not seen having grown up in a extremely predominantly white area yeah and even going to college like there was more diversity at college but it was still you know eighty percent white at least so seeing all of these different ethnicities cities as well that we're not that we're just normal people was it was amazing. It was just like so oh it was it meant a lot to just see people's bodies in again and calm in a completely non sexual way in sort of like see how oh normal they were also have different they were because you don't beyond that like any other like nudity that I had seen most often and was in the context of like movies or porn or something where there's a very specific body type and so to z. all of these normal beautiful bodies that looked totally different than what I had seen an even you know obviously bodies. That didn't look anything like mine to still see like. Oh Wow like breasts can look lots of different ways and like legs. Exim Buds can look lots of different ways in upset like it was interesting to see men's bodies to see penises especially flaccid penises and be he like. Oh those are that's scary at all like that's that's not leg sexual or intimidating or anything. That's like it. Just the like hell relaxed. Everyone was was so huge. It's infectious read like once you think if everyone were sort of cowering covering up up in afraid than I would have definitely like fed off that energy but because everyone was relaxed at ease I fed off of that energy in like really like within a couple of hours acclimated to it I loved so like some of the funny things like I love seeing people's secret tattoos. You know like tattoos that like probably no-one no-one but the people they had sex with would ever see this context. You know a lot of people have tattoos on their butts your surprising to me in like different things things that people have the you would never see at like. They're your office or whatever and then the other other funny things. They like to tell people about like as a woman. It was really interesting to be there when like you had to go to the bathroom because you walk into the bathroom and realize like Oh. I just have to sit down kind of like instinctively. Goto like mess with your like pants or underwear whatever it's like. Oh no I can just sit down. Come up when you're done exactly or getting out of the shower too instinctively wrap my towel around myself in like you know no drama herons off and then realized like. Oh actually I have to do this and you know would just leave the towel air dry in the hot sun because it was palm springs super hot and dry so yeah so we were there all told I think we were there for four or five days. it was amazing. Definitely I've it was really easy to talk to people to surprisingly I would not have anticipated that I would have thought it would be really hard weird and awkward to talk to people but it was you know it's funny like those those barriers were down physically and so it was easy to talk to people who came from all over the country. There are a lot of people there that were also part of our group that this person. Simon had sent their who for whom this is their first time to being in this environment and that was so cool to be able to talk to people particularly other women about you know well it being our first times like what it felt. The you know the things we were feeling and thinking a noticing and it was really kind of Giddy energy of like. Kinda can't believe we're doing this. This is so funny like this is just so funny so like our days at the resort. We're pretty much like we wake up. Whenever you know maybe have breakfast or maybe just go straight to the pool hang out of the pool. Make sure you're really diligent about art. Sunscreen him as another funny thing that I learned is like in this environment. If you're in a place like palm springs you have to be extremely diligent about your sunscreen in putting in every crack and crevice especially those parts that have never seen the son of course exactly and before getting there. I heard this apocryphal story from Helen about how she had forgotten to get her butt crack her first year to deal with with a sunburn hers. She was very very good mother head in that way that she was very diligent about like make sure you reapply in your bag. Make every single looking cranny. You can think of which was good yeah. I don't recall getting any sunburns so an I o that Helen. We did things like we did yoga one morning and we did. We played water volleyball which was kind of ended water aerobics which was kind of an odd experience. Orient didn't realize how much as again as a woman wearing a swimsuit SORTA protects protects you from getting water inside of view so that was a weird like as if you're doing aerobics jumping up in the water which is what I discovered it was kind of a weird experience agreeance in like also just realizing how much your breasts move if you don't have a swimsuit on like that was also a new new experience. The especially health is the water. Was that problem. No it was just a new experience it you just all these little things that you don't expect so the podcast came out in January two thousand seventeen which I assume that means you were there in the summer of twenty sixteen. It's now that it was years before that it was probably twenty eleven or twenty ten that I is there. Okay all right so it's been a number of years because we're it's now. April of twenty nine thousand were recording. It's actually wild to think about a hindrance. It's been so long so have you had any more did you the the the objective from Simon West to get you introduced an interested did succeed he did so I so that was my this story on the podcast story of my first summer going there. I did go back the next summer and I that time I was the season vet who was able to find I was able to bring two of my friends who had never been before in these two friends from high school from Montana and that was an incredible experience to be the one to bring them back into to be the one to be the Helen of situation to be super cool and confident and like all. You're going to have so much fun. We're going to do this this this and this we're gonNA delay in the Sun and the thing that Helen came back that next year or two and she brought another friend over friends so it was by that time you know there or five of us all together that went that next summer and that was so so fun truly like one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it was the kind of thing where I had to be a little bit thoughtful about who my friends friends I would ask just because I know there would be plenty of people who would not all be interested in that in would be freaked out by me asking so but luckily my friends way did ask were pretty much immediately like oh my God yes that sounds amazing and I haven't told a lot of people about that. Experience experienced that point mostly because I felt weird about the circumstances of getting there because it's just weird to explain the others like eccentric millionaire who pays for people the go-to this nudist resort but it's not sexual now just like kind of accepted that like people are GonNa think whatever they think I guess I dunno it yeah anyway so but these were these two friends that brought from Montana the second time we had never been they get together and so it was like it ended up being something that strengthened our relationship not just because we were naked but just to have that experience that you know share that experience with each other and they felt a lot of the same things that I felt my first year of like just feeling amazing seeing all of these different bodies what body can look like under the trappings of undergarments and I often say it's kind of an equaliser in a lot of ways because I think there are all these like social signifier that people have in how they dress clothes. They choose that can the result and people self selecting away from each other under normal circumstances. You know they sort of signifier of like what kind of person you are and that all goes away. When you're naked who can't you can't sort of like use those cigna fires to entice reject the people if that makes any sense and so it was one of the most interesting things at the end of both years that I went was seeing people leave? We've in seeing what close people came in and there certainly were people who had like these so there's one guy in particular remember this incredible elaborate back. Tattoo that when all the way down his back and he left and basically like a business suit like in slacks and a button up shirt in a tie so it's like I have I know a secret. What about you that probably most of your coworkers don't know so anyway. I think I kind of got off track there. I did go back the next year I brought some friends with me. as as I was seasoned vet by then and then since then I have not gone to any like Doc specific resorts I do like to go to like a Korean spas Korean style spas with my girlfriends that are those typically are female only or spaces uses and are not like you're not required to be nude but most people are maybe they wear like Bikini bottoms or something and even as like aged in my body has changed a little bit. I find a lot of you've just like to be in the to return to that space every once in a while because I will say like there have been times where I have gone back act feeling like less confident about myself or less secure in my own body where the prospect of being naked around other people who are not my husband is like I I don't know about that makes me a little nervous but then anytime might go again like the SPA with my girlfriends. It's like Oh yeah. This is easy Z. This this wheel's fine and I'm like it sort of takes away any like fear or judgment. I have like Ria cumulated in the time that I have not been in those spaces well. That's all for this episode of the Nitrous Living Show. Thank you as always for listening. My name is Stefan dish. I am I'm the host for this podcast and I am also the owner of barracks family nature spark we now have producer Samantha challenor and she's he's the one who's been helping coordinates the interviews and keeping me organized and I really appreciate all our help. I hope will make a difference in getting more shows out in a more timely manner. You'll find links to all the items mentioned in his show in the show notes on the website in our website is at nature's living show dot dot com. Keep sending your comments. I read them all and I tried to respond to as many as possible but I always appreciate getting them. In reading the comments and the encouragement and suggestions Russians the show's email address is contact at nature's living show dot com. You can also call and leave a common us. Dan Did at the beginning of the show and if you can take as many tries as you want you can rerecord and you could even delete if you don't like at the end but if you're if you record something interesting. I'd be happy to include it. In one of the future episodes the show's phone number is on our website it but it's also country code one Erico nine zero five four seven three six oh six oh or toll-free in Canada and the US one eight eight eight three seven in three nine one two four or you can skype us at bare oaks just barracks one word and be area of course and no matter which number you're calling that puts you into the phone system for barracks and then a shows extension is three three three. I hope you enjoy the show and that you'll join us again. For the the next episode of the Natures Lincolnshire this episode of the natures living show was brought to you by bare oaks family family nature park traditional nature's values in a modern setting traditional values means that nature is is more than just taking your clothes off. It is a life philosophy with physical psychological environmental social and moral benefits. Bare Oaks Family Nature Park strives to promote those natures values in a modern setting that provides the amenities and services that are members and visitors expect free your body free your mind learn more at. WWW dot barracks dot ca

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Can You Fly to Australia on Points During COVID-19?  AIR060

AFF on AIR Podcast

41:00 min | 5 months ago

Can You Fly to Australia on Points During COVID-19? AIR060

"I twenty strenuous frequent flyer. Podcast is boiling step on board for the latest news. Tips entrance for spraying triplets. You'll captain matt. Graham now invites you to sit back. Relax and enjoy the episode. Get any welcome to episode. Sixty of af on the podcast. The teaches you how to maximize your frequent flier points. It's saturday the fifteenth of may two thousand and twenty one. Many australians who have been stuck overseas over the past year have found it extraordinarily difficult to fly home because of the government's low international arrival caps in hotel quarantine capacity limits. Many australians have been bumped from flights that they've been booked on even some passages on expensive paid have been kicked off their flights. That alone people who've booked or tried to pull keesing frequent flyer points but it seems that it is possible to return to australia using points. After all it's definitely not easy and the risk of getting bumped is very high but later in the podcast. I'll speak to an australian who did manage to successfully broken award ticket for her partner to fly back to australia from europe last month and also coming up. I'll take some questions from the audience. About singapore alliance chris flier miles and qantas business rewards points but first we begin with a roundup of the latest and frequent flyer news from the past fortnight. End in news. That shocked many australians. The federal government has predicted in this week's annual budget that is truly as international borders not reopen to most countries until the middle of two thousand twenty two. That's more than six months later than previously predicted and more than two years after international borders to australia with closed in march two thousand and twenty as a result of the revised forecasts corners has pushed back the plan to restart of its international flights other than new zealand until at least the nineteenth of december two thousand twenty one since february quotas had been selling international tickets starting from the thirty first of october this year and vision ustralia now says that it will not resume any international flights into at least december two thousand and twenty one. Either the only exception being virgin flights to queenstown in new zealand which is scheduled to resume in september. There is still a possibility of more travel bubbles opening with individual countries before two thousand twenty two and there are plans underway to bring back a limited number of international students before then as well bubbles with countries in asia or the pacific islands could be next although they have not yet been any specific announcements the australian government's budget documents also night. That the rate of international arrivals will continue to be constrained by state and territory. Quarantine caps are a two thousand and twenty one and the first half two thousand twenty. Two with the exception of passages from safe travels zones such as new zealand which indicates that the federal government plans to continue using quarantine for at least another year but the federal government other than expanding capacity of the howard springs quarantine facility in the northern territory has not putting any new measures in the budget or any new funding for additional quarantine facilities and tens of thousands of australians is still stuck overseas more than a year into the pandemic the tourism sector is hit out at what. It's coaling border roulette. Simon west away from the australian tourism industry council said that the federal budget outlook indicates no foreseeable international market recovery for australia's visitor economy and that is sadly spells fair the tourism business and job losses but on the domestic aviation front things looking a lot better if there's one silver lining from the budget. The federal government now believes that the worst of australia's internal state border closures on our behind us and cornices set to expand its new embraer e one nine hundred jet fleet from three to eight aircraft. Put on more regional. Flights qantas were welcomed. The first of the hombre jets which will be operated by alliance airlines but painting qantas link colors in just a couple of weeks. Those jets based in adelaide and darwin. The jets will initially several between adelaide. Alice springs darwin but quotas now says that it will. They will also fly. Direct between cameron johnson and between adelaide in the gold coast with more a ninety routes from adelaide to be announced in the coming weeks. The qantas link nineties will have ten business class seats in a one to lay out and eighty four. Connie seats in a two two configuration meaning are no middle seats on the plane. The mid size regional jets capable of flying for up to five hours making them perfect for long. Thin routes like dow into camera. Where the boeing seven. One seven doesn't have the range and there's not enough. Demand to fill entire boeing seven three seven quantities also continuing to expand into other regional routes with a new dash eight service from melbourne t burnie in tasmania launching in june. For the past fifteen years. These fruit had been served exclusively by rex. Qantas link is also adding second daily frequencies on some of its new routes like to orange sydney to griffith and sydney to bend guy. And it's putting mobile seven one seven on the sydney to coffs harbour which now also has business class available. Meanwhile rex has dropped f.a.s.t on its melbourne to sydney route to his low. As thirty nine dollars one way excluding booking fees virgin. Australia has matched the low fares which include checked baggage on both airlines and virgin necessarily passengers departing from melvin. Now have access to a second tempera lounge which opened last week to relieve overcrowding at the our temporary lounge at melvin import until the renovations of the main lounge completed around the middle of this year until that happens the temporary club lounge which was the existing one mellon will remain available to velocity platinum members and business class passengers but velocity gold members. Virgin australia lounge members flying seizing complimentary. Lounge passes and frequent flyers of eligible partner. Airlines will now instead have access to a pop lounge located between the afl kitchen and bar and mcdonald's in terminal three of melbourne airport. I've visited the pop up lounge on its first day of operation last week and it seemed like a pretty good temporary solution. I thought it's not the kind of lounge you'd get to the airport early four but think of it as a nice april restaurant where all of the food and drinks off free. The food options including things like toasted sandwiches croissants salads wraps and cheese and crackers and there was a fully stocked by and barista coffee station. There are seats in the back of the lounge with charging outlets and a good you across the field although there are no toilets in the land. So you'd have to walk over to the public toilets nia. Mcdonald's velocity frequent flyers. Six monthly transfer offer is back for may two thousand twenty one with fifteen to thirty percent. Bonus points available when you transfer points to velocity from participating australian credit card rewards program. You'll end fifteen percent bonus points when transferring points division. Australia's frequent flyer program from moist australian bank operated loyalty programs except for the commonwealth bank. There is an additional fifteen percent bonus available when transferring from an said rewards or an did business rewards bringing the total bonus for a customer to thirty percent and american express platinum century and cardholders can transfer to lafayette a twenty percent bonus to coincide with the launch of this promotion ended and haggis bc have now finally resumed allowing. There were woods prime members to transfer points out to city frequent flyer. This is just over a year. Now since the option was suspended you divergent entering voluntary administration and aims at an hejaz spec- where the lost who banks in australia. That were blocking transfers. Still to velocity the hr will see has proposed to reject the request by qantas and japan airlines to form a joint venture on flights between japan and australia and new zealand. Qantas had promised that it would add a new service from kansas to toe care when an eight three thirty in addition to the existing jetstar service if the joint venture was approved by the triple c. That the idea of qantas. In japan airlines qantas also ending jetstar. Kohl's being allowed to coordinate on pricing and schedules to japan when they have such large combined market share between the two destinations. But the triple c. Has this week proved a partnership between velocity frequent flyer and seven eleven quotas club has changed its pricing significantly reducing the joining fee but increasing the cost of membership renewables. It now costs ninety nine dollars for australians to join qantas club which is down from three hundred ninety nine dollars but the annual renewal fee has now increased to six hundred dollars qantas club discounts are still available to australian frequent flyer gold members via the af corporates game and the discount af members is now one hundred and fifty seven dollars on a one year newell or two hundred ninety six dollars on a two year renewal and if members can also save thirty seven dollars on the one off joining fee american express platinum card holders will lose access to their complimentary digital subscription of the australian financial review from the thirtieth of and today is the final day to book qantas flights to a from new zealand in double status credits bonus points quantities giving double status credits on trans-tasman qantas flights booked between the tenth in the fifteenth of may two thousand twenty one for travel between the seventeenth of may and the twenty eighth of february next year. Not only that but with these promotion you'll get five thousand bonus quotas points just for booking a flight to a from new zealand to take advantage of this offer. You would need to register on the qantas website before booking in you can find a link to the registration page in the australian frequent flyer article about this which is in the episode notes or does have a look website. That's what's making news on. Australian frequent flyer dot com do this fortnight. You can stay up to date between podcasts by some subscribing to these trailing frequent flying today the latest frequent flyer news straight to your inbox for free. Every monday and thursday morning as anyone who's tried to travel to. Oh from australia. The past he would know all too well. Getting into or out of the country is no longer just a simple matter of buying ticket intending up at the airport. Australians nowadays an exemption to leave the country and coming back is proving especially difficult due to the low inbound arrival caps in the risk of getting bumped off your flight with so many people getting bumped from flights into his trailer and airlines generally prioritizing passengers who paid the highest f. is for their tickets trying to come back to australia from overseas on a frequent flyer award ticket at the moment is particularly risky proposition. But at least one person has managed to do it when devon digs partner needed to travel to the netherlands earlier this year. She managed to book her partner tickets to amsterdam and back using frequent flyer points. It required a lot of thorough. Planning and devin made sure they were plenty of backup options but in the end it did work out and to tell me about it. Devon joins me now on the one podcast welcome. Hi matt how you doing good. Thanks thanks for your time. Firstly and i guess to start with the fica just let listeners know why did yo part need to go to the netherlands. This year So shall any was Basically offered a redundancy at her work so she knew she was finishing up work in december and her mother was showing increasing signs of dementia Just in harlem. Just outside of answered them and So she you know the combination of knowing she was going to have a break basically with work and it was just before christmas. Meant she said. Oh it's a perfect time for me to try and travel to see my mom and spend some time with her. We were supposed to be there for your vision. In twenty twenty eight in may but obviously that got cancer the covid so was quite a gap and like her mom's eighty six and she really wanted to see her and shalini originally from the netherlands. Right correct yes. Yeah yeah on harlem. Yes so it's important to be there for mother. I guess and it was a difficult for her to get an exemption from the trailing government just to leave the country in the first place. You look. it's been such a moving feast that you know when she really decided she wanted to go. She did a lot of the research about exemption categories and so she went and laboriously got all the paperwork from her mother's doctor. You know demonstrating her kind of compassionate grounds and got her own. You know very detailed letter of washington wanted to go and just you kinda did all the compassionate grounds steps but then I don't know if it came up in the news that things have changed. I think the whole category of going for three months kinda became clear as a basically an easier pathway. And she i don't know if she'd read it or Basically she applied and within twenty four hours. She was approved to go on the condition that she goes for three months. Yeah and i think if you take that option like if you apply on the basis he going for more than three months which is one of the newer options. It was introduced novosti. I think you have to sign a step dick saying that. You understand the risks of coming back right. i think. I don't remember. But i'm sure she must've done But the main thing is we were tasmania on a little holiday and she put an application like the day before we left and within twenty four hours. She got prove okay. I really understood that. It was a junior officer approving three months applications but as opposed to when you go to compassionate grounds it goes to a more senior person. That's why you're getting rejected. Is there much more scrutinized when you say you're going for less So ironically it didn't seem like no one ever followed it up to know if she was gone for three months or check flights. Because they know that you can't book your flights approval so they never actually seem to check flights to know if she was going for three months. Okay i mean in this case when she was of course it once he got the exemption. I mentioned the booking. The outbound ticket to the netherlands shouldn't be too difficult. What did you end up looking for. Get amsterdam. She was quite. I mean the nevins is having a huge spike in covid in December january. Actually shut down for the first time so she was very worried about traveling without health. Insurance travel insurance. You know which obviously didn't wanna catch yourself so one of the factors when we're looking at tickets and everything was you know which airlines actually who'd insurance and emerets you know. We happened to find an emerets. First class Working and And it came with this thirty days covered insurance as well which is like a double selling point. Not only that. We first class seat came with this insurance that none of these other airlines. I don't know maybe some are now but it was a nice bonus to have that little bit of security. If you catch it on routes so i kind of looked into all the different There were quite a few flights. Because this post christmas january she decided she wanted to go around mid-january and so this is about new december late november when i was looking at tickets so there's a good six months notice i guess for aiming to come back mid april ideally was the plan So getting the tickets out wasn't hard I booked about six flights with a couple of days in between on as many images could with like emirates qatar. it's he had an cafe And at that time if you recall emerets stopped flying astray for a week. Yeah and Things like that like you just can't predict. Yeah no i mean so So i had. I have points in. We both have clinton like american airlines and qantas and and some singapore airlines malls and we don't have status then either their lines or any airline at all But i knew having all those different currencies through your podcast and live in ours. And all the learnings. I've been doing trigon. Flyer would be helpful and basically having options and they're all refundable so When her the ticket first class to became available you know and that was the first flight. I just cancelled all the other ones on. Yeah so these are would bookings using frequent flyer appoints and of course the lines of being generous. It's letting accounts for free. Say i like the idea of just booking flights on you know a few days apart and just Saying which which which one works and nuggets in this case i tweaked out using quotas points. That's right yeah. It was actually cheaper than normal for qantas emerets. I like it was. I don't know if changed him of their ticketing but but i was like four hundred dollars in texas and usually is super expensive and i was like. Oh that's worth it. Yeah they did actually decrease the taxes on imports. It would bookings around the middle of last year. I think that no one's really notice because no one's booking amherst we'll tickets at the on almost nobody but so that that worked out fine to get to the netherlands but then three months later of course. You need to come back to australia and as we all know. There's a huge risk of getting bumped from flights especially for an award ticket. Or even if you're on just pay ticket and it's not one of the sort of top full fare business or communists sort of fake losses. So did you use the same strategy to get back to spooking. Lots of different tickets. That are refundable. Yeah look i Definitely did you end up ten Different tickets home. Eight of which were frequent flyer Awards and then to pay tickets. And i had just booked eight kind of frequent flyer to get switch. We're starting mid april through kinda late may And you know it's just about what was available. Because i had six months notice really. There was quite a bit available. But i really diversified like which hub's going through hong kong going through all the kind of emerets se hat in qatar. Like all the. He's how the main thing that she really didn't wanna transit more than once so wanted one hub one hop from sydney to amsterdam which was not always easy. Obviously that limits your choices. And i don't have any star alliance Besides chris it only meant i had to kind of one world plus singapore And so it was enough diversity that Yeah we were able to book many. But i started to read some of these facebook groups like a stray and stuck around the world of So many people being bumped coming home. That i started to freak out. And that's when i booked some tickets. 'cause i thought okay it's actually when i'm if my fiftieth birthday coming up next week and i don. I wanted to be home So i actually Paid for first class. Emerets ticket Which would've got her out of quarantine on my birthday. Last resort as old as the other cancelled right about the eighth in line of all the other tickets that i had booked before i was kind of a last resort yet and so used qantas points. american airlines advantage miles in singapore airlines chris flier miles to book. There is eight award tickets and then as he said paid for two refundable business and first class tickets just in case none of the words over fundable so with a book sort of few days apart so that if the if the first one cancer then you could just try the next one and so on. Yeah pretty much. I mean it really depended on what was available and sometimes i was checking constantly in on this group. And there's you know these sort of groups constantly seem people's experience and learning things like I knew that it would be really bisky to book. Two different airlines but qantas came up with this. Klm malaysian airline combination on points. Once and i was like i'll give it go. You know and of course. The malaysian airline. Like got out. And then of course made the ticket on viable. So i think sticking with one airline all the way through is definitely the way to go Which already limits me. Because i don had you know how so many airlines from amsterdam that would fly to sydney australia. So you into your ended up getting back. She ended up getting back rather on the fifteenth of april on singapore airlines. So you ticket. So i'm i'm only new to playing around the singapore airlines Thanks to your podcast and things that should encourage you to Play with beyond qantas and beyond you know and i was actually a virgin credit card and luckily had been reading the tea leaves and saw that you know version was not gonna survive and moved on my points in singapore Just before that all collapsed. So i had plenty of points in. You can book your partner randy. Actually anyone i think on chris. Flyer like You get five redemption nominees any. Yeah that was really helpful because qantas. i mean. she's my wife you know. We're fine in terms of being family. But you know when you're trying to help a friend or your other family. Sometimes it'd be tricky to prove. You know that sort of thing. Yeah and so. It was one hundred. Sixteen thousand chris flier miles and fifty seven years in taxes in the end to actually successfully get from sydney on in singapore airlines business class. Yeah and that was the very first flight that ibooks which is because she left on the fifteenth of january literally three months and she was gone and that was I've been reading the blogs. You know the facebook groups saying that. Singapore is really reliable but no one had ever talked about points like whether they're reliable come home on point. So i had no you know no way of knowing whether it would be you know viable or not in the m. When she was on that plane she said the amsterdam to singapore. Like was one other person in business with yourself. Everyone of say twenty or thirty people on the whole seven eight seven or whatever it was. We're going to australia new zealand. Basically well and and So only one other person that i like and then coming home. From singapore to sydney. She says twelve but So again just the thirty people sort of next plane kind of idea. Yeah it's all well and so so that was That that ticket was actually decided. That's really. It's a really handy tape tom. I mean of course. It's not a guarantee that it's going to work for everyone every time but It has worked view that singapore airlines he's actually booking to the caps in overselling the flights which is really handy tonight. And i understand the You had quite a few award tickets that had already been cancelled by this point though as well. That's right so that was a book that one in november and You know 'cause. I'm new to for. I'm not familiar with this systems in but when i saw it i grabbed it and then And then i thought oh i better keep looking as many backups. In so i kept looking over the subsequent weeks and weeks before she left and found I think one other qatar qatar business That everything is a business basically because there's no first class anymore. I think from australia Amsterdam at least destroy. Maybe emerets. But i couldn't find any those 'cause he wouldn't book economy on an award not not necessarily because you don't wanna fly connie but just because there's no way you're going to get back into his trailer on an economy. Exactly no that's right so So yeah books guitar using american airlines points because then you get Much less checks is in qantas. Oh i think only paid less than one hundred. Us dollars in texas whereas qantas would be like five hundred dollars in texas for the tar on key sweets That was two days after the singapore. Then i found a whole bunch of cathay pacific flights Like the day after that guitar. One in april and then a couple of ones in may and because cafes quite cheap on american airlines and qantas i just you know used one or the other currencies is pretty much the same cost in terms of points in malls and texas But all those pretty much got cancelled by cathay at least a month or more in events i think partly because of the whole hong kong fourteen day quarantine yeah in cafes massively scaled back their flights to trade adding that his have one flight a week to cd now is something. Yeah but i think that a couple of ones that i'd booked later in may which ended up canceling myself. Because of the she she was already home They had just changed the date on me but they hadn't actually fully cancelled them. So i think that i maybe could've tried to get to. I think it was a monday that they were flying on. What is that much sydney that it could have been possible. But i just didn't need to so i. I canceled them. The the writing is probably on the wool. Anyway yeah that's right Home so it was lucky but having a love. This backups. Just made me feel more secure But then there's also an it head Flight i books on the american airlines Which changed originally from a nice twenty four hour connection to then a sixteen hour layover and eventually than they cancelled like two months. Later so Yeah that didn't go anywhere. So what happened when they consider the like. When when all these bookings have hannity get notified. All your tickets cancelled. We're gonna re. Oh no a lot of times. They don't notify. You really have to be vigilant like we had to keep checking like and we both did it like because it wasn't only like some of those cafe flights depending on whether it was quantity americans. They don't always get ticketed so my book and think oh good that's all sorted and then there are actually sitting in a system and they hadn't actually been ticketed so we have to keep checking all that stuff and then do that process. We'd see oh wait a minute. This is no longer kind of schedule change. And you're like oh wait. A minute is still viable and then you realize not and so. You couldn't take anything for granted you had to keep checking it and Seeing defined flying out of your hobday leaving from So there's a lot of work. I think all the time. Yes so in the end. It's obviously wiped out for you but as you say quite a lot of work and do you think just the average person would be able to use the same strategy of booking multiple different awards and a few paid flights on successive days. That are refundable. I think i mean what what we ended up doing. In the end. I mean having the ten points go was A luxury that you know. I could do because we had all these different points but the two things that gave me security was buying a paid qatar business and then in the nfc paid emerets first quest to get a couple of days apart after about four or five. That's in florida tickets. Because then i felt like okay. Look they're gonna look after a ten thousand dollar ticket and was doesn't euro those dollars. Yeah for the emerets. First class to get one wife meant stem sydney. And i thought at least i can rest easier if all the ones don't work So that's the kind of security blanket for me that i kind of worked hard to make sure that we can fire. You did work but couldn't control anything to answer your question. It's not easy but it's sort of actually got nothing to lose so i posted to that Strange around the world group for example. My my whole experience in my success story for like of Flying her both ways on points. And i kind of peppered it with look. i know. this isn't normal. Most people don't have points and you know. But i'm just trying to help because if you do have points. He's got nothing to lose to try and book on these flies family member which might have points exactly so you know and i think people who are soccer really in you know. They're obviously a lot of them. Very hard financial positions and a lot of them. Don't know anything about this stuff so But yeah if you do have founding members stuck you can help you can help them these tickets and you have nothing to lose because your points with your funded gave. The flights cancelled and so other than the very low number of passengers on the flights back at the ec two passes business class for stamp to singapore then very light laid to see. Was there anything in particular that shalini noticed that was unusual about the travel experience. Well look a lot of things were cut back. I mean flying over. She flew emmerson. I and even i it was Very minimal contact between herself and the crew so they would bring out a big thing of snacks. Just give her the whole ball basically and played everything up in one. You know one meal. I've every course on one plate rather than having multiple dealings She didn't get any pre champagne. You know pre departure champagne No no pajamas I don't think. Singapore gives them any kits anyway. But like you know so a lot of the substandard business class. Trappings lounges like In sydney there was No launches open at the time she got like a tiny voucher for you. Know the two. Eateries there are open and Answered them as well. There was one not very nice lounge. But you know she was. I think it's dreadful. Yeah exactly so. Yeah i think it was. Is you know. Singapore is known for its service but she couldn't experience any of it because they were so careful and she didn't mind she was just happy to be playing. Yeah that's good tonight. Tissot expectations as you say. I think that to be just thrown to been able to travel anyway so wouldn't be too much of an issue but it's good to know like if if that's what you're going in expecting the usual immigrants first class is tackling not quite what you're getting it. Yeah and the other thing about Flying business which Was beneficial particularly coming home is she. You know was obviously first off the plane and like she had read through other kind of facebook groups like the mandatory fourteen day. Quarantine group about Being first on the bus so that you can ask for an upgrade once she gets quarantine Shoes lucky in probably jumping ahead and your question but she got At the sheraton grand sydney hyde park. Which is a nice five star hotel but She wanted to air and you know to see if she could upgrade and they basically said sure you can have an upgrade for twice the price so six thousand dollars for a balcony. That's interesting so she ended up in quarantine at the sheraton which was allocated to her by whoever does on arrival and ensure well she's offered it and she decided she didn't wanna pay dollars per window. You know on some air so it wasn't a fun fourteen days but they catered to her vegetarian very well. She had a bath and kind of her main and she's able to rent an exercise bike Through people who basically are posting to the facebook group about you know this person will get a bike delivered to your room. And so you know maybe experience very manageable and you know we just tolerated for fourteen days. Oh that's really good. I've had very mixed experiences about hotel. Quarantine some said. It was a k- some said that it was the worst thing they've done in they live. Say that that's really interesting. You've mentioned a couple of facebook groups if if sterling's they coming back from overseas what are the groups that they should be joining ticket help from other people in similar situation yeah So the one. I guess that i started with was trillion stuck around the world. Which is really. It's so many sad stories of people but also They post a lot of travel agents as well so for people who really wanna like not able to do the work that i did. I guess you just want to pay ticket of these experienced. People know which hubs are flying which not flying and you know all those kinds of things that just put on a online travel agent or something. You don't realize that that's a ticket that actually doesn't exist. You know and and people are not getting refund refund so that was helpful tips and information on that and And i actually posted to the group back in december. When i was planning all this and said has anyone had an extension luck with points and absolute nothing like no one had had any one basically had any luck and everyone was saying yeah. Good luck yet. You other person. I've heard from his being able to book tickets coming back from europe in during the last year really on points and be successful. Say yeah he just goes to show your holidays. It's not hard to leave. I think on point so. I checked for a friend who wants to london in the next couple of months and it's actually a lot less than it was back in december january But also that's london. It probably depends on your hub where you wanna go to and all those. I think i had heard of one person. He came back from the united states on points. But that would have been. I think it was on delta or united and it was one of the more expensive like flexible awards which cost like three hundred thousand four hundred thousand miles one of the saver awards so yeah i guess it depends on where you're coming from as well and the program that it yeah quite quite difficult but it can be done and you've been able to prove that say that's really really interesting. Thanks a lot for joining me on the podcast and all the best race and if you're an australian stock overseas or in her toe quarantaine and you're interested in either of the facebook groups that devon mentioned during the interview there are links to both of those in the episode nights. Did you know that you can get more from your australian. Frequent flyer membership upgrading to silver or gold membership for his fifty year. Silver members see no advertisements on most af website pages and fernley seventy five dollars a year. In addition go members can receive discounted travel woodson services valued at over four hundred dollars. Pay including discounts on qantas clump expert flyer nord. Vpn and more gold members also receive in a fifth supporter anna besides the forum posts as a way of saying. Thank you for supporting the website. And supporting this podcast for more information visit us trailing frequent flyer dot com to new ford slash upgrade. This night i received a common tend to question. I guess from melwood on the discussion. Thread mel welsh says firstly matt. I'm still enjoying the podcast. There are valuable summary of the latest news. Thank you so much for that. And no world has one comment and one question so firstly this person says there has been much negative commentary around the singapore airlines crease. Fly policy of having a time limit on points. My wife is affected. So i'm not in favor of expiring points but solution is to fly enough to gain pbs. And then the points whenever expire as long as you can maintain this level of recognition. Our which mohan says is not easy. They'd the borders closed more. Yes that is that is true. That is a fact a few our club member. Your chris fly. miles indeed do not expire. And even if you then Lose your pay. Ps club status. Your entire balance will then reset for another three years from the time they lose it so that is a way to stop one a very very few ways of stopping your singapore airlines chris flaws from expiring that. Yeah i think you've hit the nail on the head and you said that you admitted it's not easy with the borders closed now. I mean just a bit of context for people who might not be familiar with pay. Ps club singapore airlines has sort of two elite programs. They have the elite souverain gold status which is kind of equivalent to star line silver and gold but then they also have a separate status program code club which stands priority passenger service. And it's kind of like the qantas platinum one nor the champs lounge of singapore airlines to own aps club. You'd need to spend at least twenty five thousand singapore dollas on singapore airlines business. Or first class. He gets within a year and airport taxes. Don't count towards that so in reality it's probably like twenty six or twenty seven thousand dollars on s q business or first class tickets now if you can get there. It's you know it's worth having like you. Miles expire and of course as many other benefits and if you have millions and millions of chris flier miles at risk than it is an option for however i would suggest that this is probably gonna be quite difficult for most raelians while the borders remained closed in several tourist. Singapore is restricted. If at point we Do open up a trouble with singapore and actually flying singapore airlines business. I take it is an option. Then kuby settling to look into Although that's not looking like it's going to happen anytime soon. Nelson oppose unfortunately just going into another lockdown. Now melwood also says you discussed points being lost on the death of a member in the last episode if one had a terminal illness and could not fly anymore or otherwise us up the points. Could you book flights for your redemption nominees. Even travel may occur after the members death and with the nominees be able to use the tickets I believe sir as the points usually leave your account as you book the itinerary service Yeah now as as you say yeah. I'm pretty sure that would be fine. I don't see any reason you couldn't do this As long as the award bookings would take. It hid before the man died. If it's one of those programs where the point so the miles get forfeited upon the death of the member. I'm saying you could do that. Absolutely however what. I would probably suggest if If this is a family member and the program allows family points transfers so qantas in velocity. Do allow these for example Look into transferring the points into other family members accounts before this person passes away if the program does allow. That would be my suggestion now. I received a question by email from james. who asks. can you think of any reason to leave. Quotas points as business rewards points if you have business rewards points in their account rather than transferring them to stand quotas points now slouched give a bit of context here for people who might be familiar with the qantas business or woods program. So it's the it's the business to program. I guess qantas an abyan together. A business awards account and basically You can earn your or your business can increase business rewards points and then one business rewards point is worth one quotas point you can transfer out you quotas business reward points to quote free can fly member be yourself or a family member or maybe a staff member or a friend or anyone else but you just have to transfer at least three thousand points at a time. Now i have a qantas business rewards account and a regular transfer points from that to my account. And i mean they don't really worth anything in your business awards account so i don't see much point really in keeping them in there although if you don't need to use them right away there is no harm really in keeping them in your business awards account and Points transferred business awards. Do not count towards points club anyway so that might be. That could have been one reason that you might keep them in your account so that maybe if you've already qualified for points club this year you might want to save them and then transfer them in the next year but they don't count anyway towards that so it's not much point in not transferring the machines you have enough to transfer out. There are a couple of reasons they might keep them in business awards So in particular. Because you do need to trance have at least three thousand business rewards points in your account To transfer the night. You wanna make sure you might wanna make sure we always have three thousand points in the say that They on stock. If you end up having a low balance and keep in mind that business rewards points do expire after eighteen months of accounting activity just like qantas frequent flyer points so you don't want to risk having expired without being able to transfer them out although it's not that difficult earned more corners business rewards points for example by buying wine. If you're not yet sure also if who you want to transfer the points you might also want to create the menu. Conus business awards account for now so that whenever you ready to transfer the now you can transfer them to someone other than your family member so remember like i was saying if we can transfer qantas frequent flyer points between family members. Can't transfer them or not within the program conditions anyway to transfer them to people outside of your family so if you wanna keep some points that you can transfer all the paper. We might want to keep them in your business. Count for example. If you have a question that you'd like to ask me feel free to posted in the air faith on air discussion threads. That's the best place to do it. And you'll find a link to that thread in the nights for this episode. And that's just about all that. I've got time for this guy but before i go just a quick shout out to luch g nineteen seventy-three who kindly left to review on apple podcasts. In this four night saying that They find the podcast fantastic resource. Thank you so much for that. Says in the review that he moved from sydney to sydney robert from checks. I guess that would be birmingham in the uk. Four years ago and that af has helped him on a journey of switching from accumulating british airways avalos to qantas points. Really glad to hear that. Thanks a lot leak. And if you'll also enjoying this podcasts or even if you're not please do take a moment just to review it on apple. podcasts. I'd really appreciate it and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform to receive every episode. As soon as it's released i met graham and i'll be back next fortnight with more news. Tips and tricks for australian travel isn't until then safe troublesome.

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The Blob (1988) | Chuck Russell

Around the World in 80s Movies

27:14 min | 10 months ago

The Blob (1988) | Chuck Russell

"Hi welcome to around the world in eighty s movies. Money was vince leo. I'm the author of the film. Review website quips dot net. I invite you to check out over. Four thousand of my written reviews greed anytime quitter dot net. That's where to go key. Wip s. t. e. r. dot net. While you're there encourage you to take a look at the link to my other. Podcast called the Film review podcast where league and more recent movies that are out in theaters. vod streaming services. What have you. You can find the link to that. My website quip stor dot net. Today we're gonna be starting the first of a three part series. This time we're going to be doing films from the nineteen eighties that feature malevolent group. Some sort of slime sort of blob. Some sort of gunk that is bad for humans to be exposed to in one form or fashion spinning off of john. Carpenter's remake of the film from the nineteen fifties called the thing. This episode will be spinning off from a film remaking something from the nineteen fifties another horror movie called blob the blob remake came out in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. It is an r. Rated take it does have sexual references gore violence and language. The run time is an hour and thirty. Five minutes kevin dillon. Shawnee smith and donovan. Leitch are the main players. Jeffrey domon candy clark. Joe seneca del. Close paul mccranie Floor and ricky paull goldin fill out the rest of the cast chuck russell is the director also writes the screenplay with frank darabont now back in nineteen thousand five chuck russell. He had been working in the industry in low budget affairs for some time. He had worked as an assistant director for several projects for roger corman. He also served as a producer for several low-budget films in the early nineteen eighties and he decided that the next logical step in his career after he received a writing credit for dreamscapes back in nineteen eighty-four was to find a project of his own one that he could write and direct. He had a number of ideas but any attempts to gain the interest of studios or investors in those ideas had fallen flat so he was frustrated by his lack of progress russell decided he was going to take a new tactic. He decided that if he could find an older film maybe a classic film one that might benefit from a new and improved nineteen eighty s remake. That might be something that would draw the attention of a studio that was willing to give him a chance with this project while he was channel surfing one night. Russell caught the tail end of his cult movie. Classic from nineteen fifty-eight called the blob. Something he had seen when he was younger. It's loved by fans of nineteen fifties. Kitsch end of steve mcqueen. Who made his first starring appearance in the feature with the blob. This was a forgotten classic with continued name recognition over the years had the potential to make a fun phil if he could give it a modern spin russell's update he felt would make people afraid he would make fast-moving blob of really believably scary monster instead of what it was back in the nineteen fifties which was basically a partially inflated weather balloon that was covered in silicone gel and it was manually guided through this film through clever but very outdated techniques a producer. Friend of his named rupert harvey. He told him he'd never get the rights but roosevelt. He might as well try now after russell found out performing a copyright search that the rights holder was the producer. Jack h harris hearings to visit to harris home in belair in the past harris. Hit hurt from quite a few others. Who approached him with ideas for a remake of the blob. The cbs network pitched an ongoing series. In fact where the blob would be the protagonist taking down bad guys every week if you can believe that the only continuation that harris had approved was one that was based on a story that he wrote himself a comedic. Nineteen seventy two made for tv sequel. Call beware the blob. Also known on video sometimes son of blob. That was directed by actor. Larry hagman of course of dallas and i dream of jeannie fame russell pledged to harris that he would take the blob seriously with his remake. His blog would be fast. Moving would be primal force of evil. People would be afraid of his blog. He would connect with modern audiences through updated effects technology characters that they can ru four. He didn't have the money to buy the rights from harris but harris did believe in his pitch and in russell. He offered the remake rights for one dollar in exchange for an executive producer role to sell the concept to now russell. At that time was in a writing partnership with frank darabont. A lot of people know who. Frank darabont is today of course a writer director of the shawshank redemption and the green mile and producer of such things as the walking dead quite a few other notable intellectual properties russell darabont. They had met back in nineteen eighty-one they were working on. The film called hell night. That was linda blair starring flick. That russell was the executive producer. Foreign darabont was working there as a production aid their arrangement for writing involved one person writing than that person when he was done handed it to the other to rewrite and they would go back and forth until they were both satisfied with the result. Now russell darabont had fun writing the script for the blah. They made concerted efforts to add a lot of humor without making it campy or mocking the original blah. They would try to throw some curve balls in this. Very simple premise. They wanted to keep audiences off balance. They wanted to leave the blob feeling like a genuine threat so they wanted to film also to have an r rating to bring more of an edge for genre fans and they also wanted it to be humorous without playing for intentional camp. The emphasizing excitement and suspense instead of just overall joking in the original the blob was really slow so slow that you really could easily escape it unless you tripped. Russell wanted to have a blood. That was so fast so sneaky that there was no way for somebody to escape it unless they find out what it's vulnerability is which comes into play in the movie. Now that they would not find. Somebody is cool as steve mcqueen to star in their film but they decided to take a novel approach to avoid unfavorable comparisons by whoever took this steve mcqueen role they set up their protagonist presumably the steve mcqueen replacement to become one of the blobs very first victims in the film much. The vein of marion crane hitchcock's psycho. Then they would make the would be female love interest for that character eight kick ass action hero by the end of the film instead of a helpless victim and they would also make the town's biggest juvenile delinquent the reluctant savior for this town. That deplores him now. The plot of the film involved the blob suddenly appearing after crash landing in a rural area. Outside of this fictional ski resort town of arbor vale california. It attaches itself to the hand of his vagrant. That happens to be nearby. And that's when star high school wide receiver. Paul taylor and his cheerleader crush make penny. They're out on their for state in that area too and they come across this man and they take him to the hospital along with the towns juvenile delinquent brian flag who they think must be responsible and they soon discovered that this blob has eaten the man alive and it's growing even larger as it heads the town. The blob is revealed to be some sort of runaway bioweapon experiment invented by the us military and secret government operatives quarantine the town they want the blah back alive. The town's residents are expandable so it's really up to the teens to save the day with nobody to rely on. Unfortunately there attempt to sell the blob fared little different than russell's other efforts studios would not fund the kind of budget that they thought would be needed to bring the blob back to life with this inexperienced director unproven writers in charge but russell and darabont luck changed somewhat when they pitched this idea to new line. Cinema new line turned down the block. They didn't really wanna make it. But the like the writing that they saw in the script enough to hire these two to revise the west craven and bruce wagner script that they had for a nightmare on elm street three dream warriors but they had to do it in a very fast order because they wanted to get into production very quickly. Although it was a rush job didn't really seek to do. New line liked their effort and also offered russell the director's chair and that gave him the break he needed. Three mortars was a big success. It made more money than the first two elm street movies combined any gave russell clout and that and the success of another nineteen fifties horror remake in david cronenberg's to fly in nineteen eighty six that secured the interest eventually of producers alien casteran andrew blais who's palisades entertainment group. A company that they had recently formed that had acquired a controlling interest in cinema group. Pictures they would produce the blob. Cinema grew pitchers supply the budget of fifteen million dollars the biggest budgeted film that they had made today while tristar. Pictures agreed to distribute rupert harvey. The one who nee save the blah project has being sellable he would come in and act as line producer. Now donovan leitch presumably is going to be the star of this film. At least that's what you think. At the beginning of the movie donovan leach. He was the son of a sixties pop star named donovan. He also happen to be the brother of iona skye he gets set up as paul taylor presumably the person that we're supposed to read on however he never makes it out of the first act because in this move to shock audiences into uncertainty and how the film's going to play out with the less likely characters the school sweetheart and the town near do well they get the play heroes by the end. Russell really wanted to choose. These alternate heroes to show that the potential for heroism is within all of us. It's really born out of dire circumstances than just movie star. Good looks matt. dillon's younger brother. Kevin plays brian flag. The rebellious teen with the a trademark heavy metal mullet russell cast dylan over another top consideration. That he had at the time. Richard greco as the anti hero. Because dylan look more like the real life person that he had based the character on this high school classmate. That was always getting into trouble. Shawny smith the female protagonist in this film. A lot of people may know her today as the recurring actress. In the saw franchise she plays make penny beating out. Teri hatcher for the role. Russell gave her the part because she had the most spunk during her auditions and she thought that she would be the most believable going from the school. Beauty to the bad ass. Female warrior at the end. Plus dylan smith gave more of the hometown feel to their characters. Compared to the more hollywood looks of greco and hatcher now russell also cast in a supporting role. Del close as reverend meeker after seeing him as alderman in the touchable 's russell didn't know at that time when he cast closed. That close was a bit of a blob royalty close not only appeared in that nineteen seventy-two blob sequel. But he also was the high school of anita corso also known for heroin. Crump on the andy griffith show back in the nineteen sixties and who happened to be the co star of the original blob back in nineteen fifty eight now a little bit of trivia here. The movie within the movie in the nineteen eighty eight version of the blog is called the garden tool massacre. Corso happened to appear in the inspiration for that movie. Within a movie she appeared in one thousand nine hundred. Th the toolbox murders close. Who happened to be writing comic books. He also was a stand up. Comedian and an improv teacher. He wrote a story about the blob in a very recent issue of dc comics wasteland so he thought this must be a good omen to be asked to appear in this film so he took it palisades california inc. They decided to choose the financially struggling town of abbey ville louisiana over prospects that they were scouting in california and georgia and mississippi and abbeville had the right look the townspeople in local government. Were willing to give them full cooperation to film. Their local craftspeople were hired to help work on the sets. Some of the local theatre group called the abbey players played extras in the film. The town residents who are frightened by the blob amongst them parents of abbeville high school students filled the stands for the football game at the beginning of the film dubbed the blob bowl by the production as well as the school's cheerleaders and they were competing against those of nearby vermilion catholic high school to study. How blobs in nature move and they digest their food. Russell watched a number of videos on everything from amoeba to jellyfish. Russell said his inspiration for the blobs. Actions was not the creature in alien thing but from portuguese man of war complete with the ability to lash out with gelatinous tentacles. Russell says that the fear of being destroyed by this force beyond your control such as nuclear annihilation or toxic pollution. That's a universal fear. The blob is one such forest but this one is more tangible and localized so the characters have to figure out how to deal with that minutes directly. It's cathartic to watch these. People come together to overcome a looming catastrophe right in front of their eyes. Russell also happen to know that the use of computer graphics was imminent in films he had hoped when he started this venture that the blob could be one of the first to really benefit from the technology to wow audiences with something that he'd never seen before unfortunately. Cg was dot of quite ready at the time and that caused him to have to scramble to find alternate solutions from a variety of sources to make things happen. Heavily story boarded scenes were needed to give the effects crew time to craft their blobs and configure their movements ahead of their needed us. There were also a few production snags on top of this. The production was plagued by a series of injuries to the stunt man and the crew that caused unexpected delays production. Supervisor gordon wolf. He was fired in the middle of the shoot for budget and schedule issues. The visual effects were originally headed by lao conway who did effects for ghostbusters in little shop of horrors but he was dismissed. When principal photography completed conway had only wanted to work with a lot of full-scale puppetry effects like he did with audrey to a little shop of however the kinks were not really able to get worked out in the blob was too heavy to make it workable wade. Depending on the size of the model that they were working with at the time up to four hundred pounds and that resulted in very costly delays so the decided to do a lot of the effects work usually reserved for after principal shooting much earlier while they were doing this shoot with no ability to rehearse especially as they were fragmented two locations on opposite sides of the country some of the effects crew were working in louisiana so in california and that really strained the affects crews ability to produce quality effects conway when he left was replaced by industrial light magic stewart ziff who specialized in the ghost effects fork ghostbusters. The weight issues were really an issue for the puppeteer so t team decided to utilize mechanics in air bladders to try to help. Manipulate the blob is the appendages in a realistic way. Camera tricks like using variable speeds and sometimes reverse playback where necessary to mask the artifice of the blobs movements. The flies white yate men as well as the folks at dream quest which worked with russell on dream warriors as well as back to school which russell produced they provided a lot of the blogs miniatures including a replica of abbeville to perform things that the full-scale blobs really couldn't do the shiny and reflective of the blob also made match shots and blue screen effects nearly impossible in many situations so just to reflective resorted to rudimentary front projection techniques to try to get by the blob related issues unfortunately pushed the intended july fourth released eight of the blob into early august of nineteen eighty-eight. Now as for the all important makeup for this film. Tony gardner came in to do that. He specialized in the dissolving bodies that are seen in the film. The skin burns on some of the characters. He was only twenty three years old at the time that he started here. He did lie about his age. He said he was twenty five in case they didn't want to trust somebody who is younger with a half million dollar makeup budget and a thirty three person blob shop crew. Silk bags of various sizes were filled with a substance called methyl which is short for methyl cellulose plant based thickening agent. That is used in foods like gravy and milkshakes. Those were used to make the blobs shape. Garner described the blob concept like it was a stomach that was turned inside out it would use its acidic properties to breakdown human bodies and then feed itself to grow larger and even redder by ingesting. Their blood gardeners idea was to make the kills less bloody but that was overshadowed by russell. He thought that the dissolving should be really bloodier. So the compromise. They would make it bloody in the beginning but as the blob gets larger in redder by dissolving more characters would be less bloody the victims at least the makeup jobs that they were doing with these victim. Dummies and whatnot were nicknamed puddle. People for the effect where candy clark's character is stuck in a phone booth and sees the sheriff. They built an aquarium around the phone booth and a sheriff puppet was controlled by puppeteers and wetsuits. so that the inside of the blob would seem like liquid motion. The top down shot of the interior of the phone booth was used with a miniature booth about three feet tall with a two feet tall doll representing clark within it because it was soon to be flooded by the viscous blob all of a sudden using fast motion recording techniques. Now one thing people have done with the original film and as he'd have done with a lot of nineteen fifties horror and size to read a lot of significance into the fears of the time because at that time the blob was read perhaps being an allegory to the deadly invasion of communism the fears of communism in america it was also made back in the nineteen fifties by christian film company and the employee part time minister named irwin. You're worth to direct and that led some to see a lot of religious parallels of retribution against the sinful society of adulterers in other immoral people in the town at the time some have taken that allegorical quality and try to apply it to the nineteen hundred eight film also thinking of it as a cynical allegory pushed for it a lot of theories that this new film was somehow about the danger of marrying military with science or the deadliness of germ warfare or the even the insidious nature of the religious right. This was like an antireligious film. And that's partially. Because i guess reverend bleaker is kind of a bad character in this film the more prevalent metaphor above all of these though is that this was about the aids epidemic. Some people saw aids through the prism of a conspiracy theory that the government created the disease to infect a certain type or types of people with the blob the metaphor which is why the priest is keen to get a hold of it. It seems to attack men and boys primarily in this film or those who are in the midst of engaging in promiscuous sexual activity a scene of the teens trying to buy condoms further adds to that notion so to speak trivia by the way in real life during the nineteen sixties a high school friend of chuck russell's went to buy prophylactics later that night met the dates father who is the clerk at the pharmacy that sold it to him and that became kind of a a story that he utilized for a big joke. Reveal in the blob. Russell has insisted that endorsing such theories. About what the blob is about is not necessarily what he was aiming for. He suggests that his blob was more like a metaphor for how faceless corporations takeover and devour smaller communities like the one in arbor auberville california. He also felt a need to put in themes of questioning of authority especially government and how they seek to take over with martial law whenever tragedy strikes. The the brian flag character is. There is somebody who's skeptical about all authority figures from the cops to the priest. Sometimes he feels it's better to trust yourself and take care of things on your own instead of expecting those with more money and power to make decisions for you because they might actually be manipulating you for their own evil purposes. now i'll say one. Asset of the blob at least in nineteen eighty version is. It has a pretty good sense of humor. Is very comical vibe. That's very welcome given that there's really not a a compelling villain or one that we can readily follow and understand is just a killing for us. It's not enough to make up lack of overall suspense but it does keep the proceedings for entertaining. It's also about as tacky as the original. The effects work goes for more graphic and gory kills though as we watch people's carcasses dissolve within the us right before our eyes visual effects. Here are much more improved of course over the original enough for the blog to be able to sprout gelatinous tentacles to grab nearby victims and very quickly. The film also features a few call backs to scenes that were in the original film. You had the opening meteor shot. The the homeless man's encounter with the blob the blob taking over theater this hospital sequence as well as an establishment of cold being the blobs vulnerability it also features a scene involving a sink. Drain that nods to a similar one in the comedic nineteen seventy-two sequel however russell did not really aim to make an to the original so much as to make fresh in frightening for viewers likely too young to have ever seen the original now the mpaa did find a few things that were a little too graphic they had to be toned down mostly on. How long shots linger on a graphic moment of gore like somebody dissolving within the body of the blob. Just as much more graphic. Death was trimmed down so that it was not really easy to tell what was going on. There was also a scene involving the blob consuming. A squirrel that was also removed and despite getting some early decent reviews as well as encouraging pre-release buzz from test audiences unfortunately the blob really proved to be a bit of a disaster at the box office debuted at a low number eight against movies that have been out for multiple weeks. Russell says tristar saw the blob kind of like an independent feature in the best and worst of ways in the best in that they didn't interfere much with russell's decisions but the also changed did in terms of its marketing distribution. They saw it as kind of limited appeal movie even though they spent about twenty million dollars on that. Which is pretty sizable for a movie of this type. It only made unfortunately eight million dollars at the box office nevertheless like a lot of films like this film did eventually garner a small but growing and very fervent following over the years among audiences. Who enjoyed this very light. But gauri horror flick that played with genre tropes. There are other films that subsequently have come out like that that feel a little bit. More self referential playful that came out in the eighties and nineties. Now although frank darabont has gone on obviously to make bigger and better things. He does remark today. About what a great country he lives in where you got to write such nonsense as the blob chuck russell. He immediately had regrets about the movie. Because of the lack of success and the challenges of the visual effects but in subsequent years especially more recently his come to firmly embrace the blob as he recognized cult following for the film grew and he now considers it one of his best efforts. Now as far as what i think well. I think that this is a movie that will catch people who like this kind of movie. So that's generally what i would give a three star rating to a movie that recommend for genre lovers primarily. If you're not somebody who likes horror movies especially jokey ones. That are a little bit more playful and not necessarily scary. I would say this is not a movie i recommend to you but if you happen to like those jokey gory not taking it too seriously but just trying to have fun with the genre. I think you're gonna get the mileage that you're looking for out of the blob enough to give it three stars out of four. Another blog went through kind of dormant phase. Even though it sets up for a sequel was not successful enough to make but it didn't stop other people from eventually looking into doing another remake at some point back in two thousand four scott rudin an paramount pictures. They looked at bringing another blob remake to movie theaters. They hired chad and carey hayes to write the script. It was more of a pure comedy in their hands and the blob was actually an acronym for biological lethal organic bomb however gruden eventually left paramount to disney and the project rights lapsed in two thousand nine rob. Zombie announced plans for another remake of the nineteen fifty. Eight film this went he was going to make was decidedly darker. And gory and scarier with these blob zombies that could somehow morph into each other however as he started working with it he began to have second thoughts and twenty ten. He walked away from the project. Fast forward a few years. Twenty fifteen simon west. He was interested in doing another remake of the blog for gold crest. International samuel l. Jackson use laid it to star in this film but the blob here would be a subterranean monster unleashed by minors. But somehow it went into development. Hell and be haven't really heard about what happened to that. ever since. so will we ever see the blah. Become to the big screen again. Well it looks like there are a lot of different people. Were looking to do it whether or not they finally do remains to be seen so keep on the lookout. If you're a fan of the blob anyway if you have your own thoughts about the blob that you want to impart to me. You can find my contact information at my website. That's quitter dot net q. W. i p. s. t. e. r. Dot net you can also find links to my twitter. Feed facebook page. Any of those ways are adequate to get in touch with me. E mail i think is the best way to do it if you're gonna do it as far as what i'm gonna be covering next week. Well i'm going to go into another film. I went through the thing. I went through the blob and so now i'm going to go into another viscous. Disgusting substance that is found somewhere unearth. It is called the stuff it definitely is much. More of a comedic may be typical. Take on this concept. Kind of a spoof on commercialism and consumerism from nineteen eighty-five directed by larry cohen. Starring michael moriarty. I definitely recommend checking this very weird film out if you haven't done so already for the next episode the stuff from nineteen eighty five and until next time. Thank you so much for listening and joining me on this trip around the world in eighty s movies.

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Michael Robotham International Crime Master

The Joys Of Binge Reading: The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

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Michael Robotham International Crime Master

"Joys of binge reading the show for anyone who ever got to the end of the Great Book and wanted to read the Knicks installment. We, interview successful, series authors, and recommend the beast and mystery suspense historical and Romance Series. So you'll never be without a book you can't put down. You'll find this episode show notes a free and lots more information at the joys of binge reading Dot Com, and now is show. Stephen. King called International Crime Writer, Michael Rowbotham an absolute master. Size, he sold millions of books or around the world, his first thriller. The suspect was snapped up in more than twenty countries in just three hours and the supporters have just kicked on rolling in the sense. Hi, I'm your host Judy we and today Michael Talks about his latest book win. She was good and expand on that remarkable career I as a journalist, vannice ghostwriter and now as an award-winning bestselling novelist. But before we get to Michael Just to remind you that there's a full transcript of this chat on our website, the joys of bench reading Dot Com that's we'll find links to was books and website as well as details about the subscribe to the podcast. So you don't miss future episodes. But now he is Michael Halliday Michael and welcome to the show. It's great to have you with us. Thanks Jenny Sh look you grew up in rural Australia in country towns that I've read online financial. That you saved there were more dogs than people and more flights than jobs in the places that you grew up. and. Then you wait straightened token your way into the deitch shop on a Sydney Daiei. When you when you wait be job into your head, you ever to Sydney before now the very first sight it come down to Sydney six times and catch what was then the north cuss mile train, which was over not trying took twelve hours to get from my hometown to Sydney. And seven eight and I I caught that train overnight and went for my job. And not. Only. I never been in the building is three stories high. And I had never been in before one myself. I don't think I've actually been liquid anyone else either and so when I got to the next building who publishes the Sydney Morning Herald. I stood outside the lift and I didn't I didn't go inside the lift because I wasn't sure how to work at what someone to get in. And I'll just follow them. I. Didn't know where you had to shut the doors should sell full. I just terrified me and another security guards could say them. Wondering when this? Is going to get into the lift but I did I waited for someone else to get in for a took my and that was my very first job interview. There were six thousand applicants twelve. Toll Writing Physicians Journalists and become a very sexy profession. Edison's would Ben Stein sort of broken water guide. Whenever I was very lucky to get one of those ships. One of our fellow cadets was Geraldine broke went onto Pulitzer prize-winning. Also, an very, very famous as well. Yes. So how did you manage to? Weigh in a what did you hang on your side look I don I mean I think you had to go through a whole. Sarah's of H. to the interviews in both during Cardis tests. General. Knowledge. Tests and writing essays and all of that narrowed the field. Damn. When I went for my final interview with the editor I've pretty much told I hadn't got the job because there have been able added in applying for years and narrowly missed Hatton. It was they had time the answer before it went into the The. Guy Was Code Idols listen you've done incredibly well to get his. Done. Try Again, next year, but you're not going to be one of my my recommendations and so I went into the into actually not nervous at all because we'll will have I haven't got the job and the fact it was a really good interview with the editor and and are not a confident us by nature and I know at one point the engineer he just looked at many said wash should I? Employ you why should you be the one and I said I have no idea how to answer that question. But in six months previous the best decision you ever might. And I think he just appreciated. Complete Size seven let his seventeen year old. Living my parents didn't have a fine. I couldn't find it as I got the job bad to send me a telegram I had. I mean. I. On you nothing. At ground up tiny country towns. But the guy with the job you reckon the head you've proven you're within six months. Yeah I think we'll obsessed three a cadet. grinded. My threes I did in year because I granted me by the end of that those jeans and. Held on enough I'm in journalism. Incentives supposed to be a stopgap because August, a deferred a law degree because my parents had my money to build a help me got university in. Journalism sort of. You know I mean I wanted to be a writer. and. Journalism fitted him with that plan but my parents didn't like the idea so much. But I thought by gun journalism naive journals cutler these I can always go to university lighter. A goals the in the log with journalism and even the taint or not in olives interviewing presidents, and you know I kept stores like the mad. Arab. Disaster Today, which is obviously to try to you know shoot strategy in new. Zealand. Covering huge stories. I was seventy nine years old or citing Tom. And just got Beijing because. The Arrogance that you had. Lied to cutting the is a journalism working on a strategy of the UK and America, and during that time you also had some stellar jobs I wonder what made you? Decide to move from newspapers school Undergrad at never lost my desire to be Arriva at Van Noblest. But I guess what happened was United Win. You're very young in that confidence and bravado that I had is very much on of of of the arrogance of use in When you think you're bulletproof in, you think you're God's gift arrive thing and I thought all of those things in is a journalist some of the right channels and I realized have good I work in peds man I tried to. Get Federal. The. Time. But when I I reached a point in journalism in the guy where. oranges, I paid you well on you travel the world but you couldn't have a relationship or a family because you didn't know from one day to the next with you've been Russia or America India an you very very exciting but you can't make a plan and and so I, saw thought goes far and spots as I could. But by the I studied fall have. I, didn't want to be an editor a wanted to be i. you know I loved riding too much. DRAW GET OUT BY THIRTY FIVE I'll trauma handed riding. And what happened to coast? Acting features editor of the mile on Sunday in London. and. A young guy came in who was go straw never heard of the ghostwriter. And so he was pending helping hand celebrity memoirs Nordberg refused he he worked on things like Robin swollen the poll, the Ross will explore. Simon West Western the falcons here it was very badly bound the Falklands war. And I became fascinated with idea guys driving because I suddenly so Do I really have the patience to sit and rot long form. Could I spend six to twelve months along the riding? Just the one thing we're not growing up for the previous ten, twelve, fourteen years Doing something different every died. And I guess starting was the next step along where I I was offered an opportunity to go strike and I decided to. John. Awesome side and for the next ten years ago stronger he is Gosh now you've sold millions and millions of your inbox and from the theory estimates to be the way you do it you were a major success the speech was one of those folks that was. In demand for cheaper publishing companies, nothing wind up for auction was that a surprise to you if this was on if you try to arrange it, you couldn't have done it because it was in between guys driving project. So I had for my sins I just finished working with Rolf Harris of the full of the RAW. Farris thing blow up. And are off to ride Lula's autobiography or the sixties. Pop Star Lulu finds with love and I had a window of about three months between those two projects and I sat Dan in I write one, hundred, seventeen pages. Of A book that became a suspect and I showed it to my agent because I didn't want to have to finish if no one wanted it not so well. Family and a mortgage in I can't afford to Toronto from nothing and Gus Riding was making me good living. Soy started showed finish this. And he said, Oh yeah. Definitely. Finished it. He said, I think a lot of people will want to buy this said, can you not sell it now? So I I would abide rather than me spending twelve months. I know that sounds very naive and. Said no no no no finish finish it now. So I put it aside and then I was having lunch with publish discussed alertly project and she said working on toll to one chapter of the suspect is one little story. And I could say the hair on. Her arms to sort of raise and. She said I have to read the hundred and seven nine said, well, you not allowed to she badgered my agent fatigues and finally he gave it to our. And she read it on a flight to strike day now and she landed and she rang out and I had a very modest figure in my head of what I would need. To. Give guys prodding away for for year, to finish the book. And she offered three times that a man and cyanide said finish signed take the money. and Use of that off Lake did the London Book Fair again I don't know how. In February two thousand. So this. is about five months lighter and Sunday. There was this fading frenzy cause the mole publishes been told they couldn't read hundred seventeen. The Mall I demanded to rate it and got to the point that they were offering money. To my age gesture breed out seventy nights. And I was sitting living back the up in the morning the phone was ringing Mia. Illiterate in the back of Texas in doing deals signed, there are seven French bidding are five German obvious bidding for American Publishers Bidding Spanish off of this Portuguese it's sold into more than twenty translations in trails on my gosh. EVERY, every dream of ever had being fulltime right and I dreamed of being a novelist since I was eleven years old. It came true in at three hours. That's a wonderful story that's was storage. New Book that we here to talk about today weight and she was good is the second in a new series It's easily doesn't stand in line though I must reassure people who are listening to the time. It features a conical psychologists called. Cyrus haven and previous posts series that started with sausage also had a psychologist, the main heritage aw in Auckland I'm just wondering if you have a particular s nation with back. So job with just night johnny good stories on I do have a particular. Of the people. That I was privileged to work with as a ghostwriter was a man Co pull Britain Paul. Britain is the pioneer of offender profiling the guy. Your member bring it serves coal cracker was. That was Bastogne cracker was based upon. Old Britain. Not Recall trying character. It was always a bit of a drunk and a red provide the IT mind Pooh. Britain's not like that. He does have a bring it. Martin. I did too with one was cold, the Jigsaw man and he'd worked on. Celebrated places like Fred and Rosemary West. Giant. and Audi enough the my book, The sacred she tapes which was turned into a recent TV series six pot TV series. That was cited in an idea of by stolen from Nottingham Hospital Abbie Humphries, and Paul Britain was the psychologist out Uva the by stolen from that hospital, and that's where the idea for the know who kind from from that event. So having worked for two books with his Brin Brin, Brin psychologists, it was a very easy thing to do to create a psychologist as my mind, right? Because I understood summit more back criminal psychology and I had this wealth of material some of which we included in polls, folks, others, which we could never include Allegra admit I could still use them infection, and so that's the reason that distinct. Even as a journalist, I was always fascinated by why people did things not so much the. Interest, in the forensics of how many times someone was stabbed Dole this so that I wanna know what was going through someone's mind when they've committed that crime and what was going through the victim's mind at had those two people interact. Will that usually describes what happens with? The series because the other secret character is this young woman easy. Who's head on extremely traumatic experience as young child win we made her she's claiming to the IT. A children's Heim stove but she's wanted to be released as a NATO and it's obvious. She wants to just skype until anonymity and ingenious society. But there's a great twist to Chris Analogy isn't bearing chance of the issues of talent troy than lies your a better idea of the shop here you know if he was. Discovered, hiding in a secret room, which was very young in and a house for a man had been tortured to death. And nobody realized that was a child hiding in the wolves and she refuses when she is discovered to reveal her age of nine. And? They will while search files to uncover her identity. Is. Given. A Nyman might award of the coat and put in at children's on every attempt to have adopted that files and one of the reasons is that AV has. What some people might call a gift in what she refers to the coast not as she has the ability to tell when someone is lying and I can understand Watsa customers relied on each other all the tom relied have friends relied. Our family relied read children with the best possible raisins. It's how we keep relationships together. In a retail people when my wife says, my bum Luke bigness I'm not gonNA say anything other than. I and the one beer I voted on special five minutes. So I. You tell lots of little white. But imagine for a moment if you always knew in some line in the power for the was like I love you or I miss you issue ingenuous and so he has this has this ability which makes her incredibly exciting to work with but I guess. When you credit character gave in SARS high even realizes it goes into talk to eighty. That, she will always have. This is coast in a sense and will always be protected. He can't let people know what she can do or she will be exploited, and he also a also the anyway, I can make a work as a character that uniting crime rata the crisis of character he can tell when someone is lying is on track to route shorts crime novel in history in know it is in a Suspect Aram and you let loose in the books over. So the only way I can make easy work is a character, is it because she is so damaged? Churches. So out of control she has suffered so much abuse also societas compulsive liar. So which means she mocked gotta tell when someone's lying, but she cannot live striding bed and so nobody believes when she does tell the truth. And that condition is not something that you just night opposite. It is a real thin. Yeah. There there are people that have. About one in five hundred people have an eighty percent ability to tell when someone's lying. In Berry. Ably, people who've spent decades working in prison service over the place Charles Services or even schoolteachers. If you lied to every day you got uprooted good antenna. About when you're being lied so I have about an eighty percent ability I mean, normally, of course, we have a fifty fifty shock is the average with someone lie Ab Comex. This sort of scale, but they released areas you know it's not proven, but there is a growing body of. Evidence the people have begun to speculate the win young has disability. It is sometimes because they have suffered suction abusive childhood. that. I have learned to pick up on the very, very fleeting Margaret Expressions. To says keep. Safe. In. 'cause I don't know for months but second is someone is a hug. Them will hit them and it becomes a main of survival to pick up on these sorts of tiny expressions style. It's obvious that US at least one more broken, the Cyrus Heaven series. Well, it s a series of three books that moment but. It's quite a number of intriguing unsolved mystery still hanging out there the truth have you got any idea south the Marmot about how many books are. Imagine are when I finished the first book in that series go bad goal. And you learn a lot about a debate, you know why she talked in that run. And people said, do you know why and I said not yet? My. Books. So I had no idea. Eh Raymond how she got there when I finished up those. And I decided to try an I. I'd plant collusion those had to live with. It goes I didn't know what that we're GonNa main is said to Mike them fit and you're right. There are a few unanswered questions in this book, which means that it's at least one more and I never decide what you're look I never knew every book was going to be the last show a look book. Every book with, SARS, could allow swum I've just never plan ahead I, just come up with the state of an idea I just let the story unfold. It is remarkable because they act very complex and they plotted are it's really amazing. It must be quite an Egypt, the seat experience as well as the Beta or absolutely I mean when when we rich appointments story when people are in great danger than I am not sleeping and I'm sitting at any, how on earth am I gotta size them I mean what? How they GONNA get Abacus you know it's a very organic wide rotting to very exciting web running. I done when I come in from my writing room and I the office said and I sight of my wife who you would not believe what happened. I'm genuinely excited whereas. Neither loader. Right is that the whole thing in advance and they know it's going to have a no Wisconsin. Or? I like not knowing I, think it's incredible and it's also like riding without a net you full and crash and burn, and you know you throw a lot of material. It's fun Rod. It's probably why they so excited because the excited view is lab. I sometimes think that the endings so. They develop such at the ending, and often by his thome have to slow down ending thought that serve relieved to come up with an ending our rice towards all. Thank goodness. And then I have been told to go back and. Give the chance to breathe. You mentioned that secret she cakes has been put into a TV series it technically still here on TV went on demand is it likely to be? Late Tom. released. Places we on the snow outside of Australia New Zealand. It's naturally, it's the. Biggest selling strident drama in history. Showed in it showed recently it was the first strike in my drama. To ever. BE SHOWN ON BBC One. Primetime in the guy. So Sean and got three point five, million years every night and just sold into America on Sundance. Now it's been sold into pretty much of the mind to territories That's because I. Think they did a very good job in partly I. Think it's also sight benefited because so much the world's production has been Closed down by the pandemic. There is such a people are crying out for the material and the BBC border before the pandemic. So we're show it anyway, but you know it's GonNa yet widely deployed all around the world. You are remarkable the way you keep on notching up these amazing successes. Now as a feature writer on the Mail on Sunday you also had a Naga great scoot. Sorry to say you had accedes. Moscow has Woodward Archives and you had quite a chance to uncover Stalin's base nation with. And particularly his when you just tell them about that remarkable experience really struck me as being something. Really. Amazing. Was the Moscow state. Hawk is the first Western. Begin access when the Soviet Union of collapsed animas amazing I mean this was a tragic try of materials going back to pay to the great and all the rescued in. Falls. Nicholson Alexandra photo albums love letters, Nicholas? Alexandra. The romanoff children's Darras, which still has flowers pressed in the pages I mean was it was completely it was in stoning sort of open charity but in not not one I mean there was a box was discovered in it should not have been in that archive it have been in the KGB odds nobody knows what it was doing the most case data 'cause. But acclaimed has stumbled upon a box and inside style hit a falls and at the end of the second world will. The Russians or the side Russians were I into Berlin and I into a hit the bank guy and Stalin refused to believe that his great enemy. That had led to means of deaths on the on on the eastern front. Could've committed suicide he refused to play with dead. So he arranged a non as closest aides drive his position is Batman. All of them were taken back to the bank prisoner notorious prison. In Moscow and Iran Tara. Give. Sich is and together it Forbes. Probably the greatest dot Gov of Diet to die of Hitler. Dialogue. But it a little bit further because also in that bulks was a photograph of the Bloodstains Sofa that Hitler Navy Brown in Paris to bone but the had actually been broken up the wooden spas and the fabric but rolled out. So there was a photograph and then the actual fabric. Fabric and I was inside the box. And then similarly, there was the top of the skull with a bullet hole through it. Now because Hitler was buried and ban and buried, burned buried, and then dug up and buried again before the Russians arrived I had no knowing then I believe that was hit the skull and I'm holding in my hand. thinking, this could be a skull it's since been proven. That is Hitler's skull. The denied testing is improved where by impacted is him and that was all uncovered in this books by cleaner and I happened to be the John Lewis. And got access to it, but it was the greatest story. I could never tell because we bid a million pounds for the film and a new type of rots Amr APP bid by the newly refurbished Jewish Holocaust Museum in Israel. For, all, the right reasons honored to Mike show that. If this false hit a skull miss walls. It is blood I wanted to make sure that I had. Signed do not is it on displays the end now? It's actually it's going back recently it was taken back to Russia and put on display but it some of it is no hit the Scotla refused to put But. Some of the materials put on display by in Russia applebee's ago, and of has been displayed in Israel. But I just don't want the skull to become some sort of rallying point. But they are not. All right. Wait is yeah. I don't know if you agree that mice journalists our Adrenalin Junkies, I'm not sure if you class yourself the next category but. I was also attached by hearing. You talk about how you're feeling of excitement journalism was slightly changed jolted at pets. After Could you tell us about that? How did it change Eddie Jude towards your job? As up until Lennon's funny I mean I I am a news junkie and I still probably rate thrift die in wake up every morning tunnel on. newsradio and for many many as I'm been Atta journalism now since the mid nineties but for many years whenever there was a major event somewhere on the low on, no, the John Lewis with their you know I would have worked with them by be former colleagues of mine friends, of mine. And a little part of me used to today's there because it's all. Your. Reporting on History Bang made in Oslo. Lucky enough to report. Things aren't the wall coming down and Nelson Mandela being released, and I saw always there to report on some major events in history and it's incredibly exciting taunted their journalist. When when the planes flew into the World Trade Center, I remember I knew it was Adema system because I had no desire. To be there I felt. Devastated. Avocados are. Iraq why. Am I bothering? Toronto will ever want to raise the both again now on will ever want to go to the movies again. Noah I just felt so desire the world has been so fundamentally changed and I knew then. Replace that I wasn't a I didn't want to John Lewis Anymore obviously people did. Back to rating and goodness would never create. Yeah that's right. Journey to Microlas Reto. This is the joys of binge reading because we came to Arkansas on the idea that people have become binge watchers TV and reading habits have changed to an extent with fishy with switch people just by Angeles series midnight they can just roll up and get straight away this normal waiting for a year your favorite over the as the ball. So would you like to pendry? Are you a big Vendredi to sell? or No I'm not a binge Rada like I was once find say. What famously familiar infamously misquoted in one of my very. My very first of A. Interview when I was being browsing engineering someone always being interviewed. and. I was misquoted said that Ronnie and they said I read one crime novel and what a dry a dry one of age and I had one in Rankin. Read One Common Doyle breath because I'm credibly widely and so I tend not to discover a writer and then read everything whether some riders I. Mean there are some rise like Gillian. Flynn. She writes books are rarely are jump on anything she rods Kazoo. dotcom often enough I just one of the things for the reasons that I try to Mike Where possible my books as different as I can. To many rotties and Maya Genre. Even. Though readers do love series and I love putting on their favorite pair of slippers and getting their five and armchair sought being back with an old friend when they pick up in a alleged child or rank role. Found a tiny Hill Carol Jordan book whatever they're also going to quit to say I now I liked yet but it was the last one the sign in our and I sort of want when I stopped writing the same book. However now to tap you on the shoulder and Saint Michel. Might've it's time by time you. I Yeah Yeah So, if you know the bench leader who Julia favorites they talk to you. As as a drawing is huge fiber John Irving a huge John Irving van cramm rowdy. You know I think James Lee Burke is a genius, but again, I can't read Tim many of these books because. In our psyche to. Guyq. What have I read I mean every. So often a book stands out which I I mean I, my favorite crime novels, you might regattas crime things. Failing to snow by data. Hug Old don the secret history. I mean these all constant gardener by John Macara beautifully, these beautiful nobles. And with a Beautifully null but I've got loads and loads of. Friends who attend to raid as well. I should read most Stephen. King about my books, but I don't like the scary ones I like this. I like his. Stand. By. May in. Shank redemption type store is not his killer dog so Psycho fans. It's. Love. You had a remarkable career would probably be very difficult for anybody to to match you. When young writers are. Mary T to ask you. For what you tell them? What do you site is the secret of? Essex ceaseless yawns. At one for me, I didn't plan like. When people suicide out fairly Jenny Weather I. Plan, Sarah, and I honestly thought each but would be my last one and say I never thought that far ahead and if you wrote a book out. Joe Last One. And you make it as. Just Mike it is absolutely as good as you can I mean I guess my of several bits boss my three I believe in but if I had one, it would be Mike K.. Mike the Rated K., right compelling characters that the rated K. of that and therefore will. You want the rate at to be showing their fingernails or be checking locks on the door at of Tis, streaming Dan Neff as you want them to care and. Anyway, to get better is to ride and Toronto and Toronto in Toronto and note complete is sick of rotting wrought. By Ernie to given I think I read somewhere that you write seemed is a week is that right? Yeah everyday. Everyday even Christmas, day I had I had jobless come to interview me and it was supposed to allow Iran. ten thousand word article and a guy up after died right? Three thousand words he said you do anything. Like. WIPED SIMPLE What what, what does he do Christmas dying? WROUGHT IN A. Pita cars from said the sign to me he said aside breathing. You get to the point where if you don't do it, you feel something wrong. Yeah. Yeah. Look we coming to the end of that time to give just circling around looking back down the years. Is there anything that you change at the rest of the day? When he's gone shut down this. Now which had started earlier. I guess I wanted to be. An issue sort of I wanted to be a novel buzz. In I said by the time I'm forty and it doesn't matter I tell a lot of people who are all telling the story of Ron McLeod. Remarkable. Man. Didn't have his first novel published till he was sixty seven and it triggered a bidding war on sold of millions and millions and millions. It doesn't matter but I wish I'd start a little earlier maybe but open incredibly fortunate up I. Mean I think I think that's I always get surprised when I I talked publishes not hear about some of the alike. Diva like behavior of of of established writers and I keep I keep signing cellphone. You don't realize how lucky you have to be to get alleged, and then you can write the best book imaginable and it's still a degree of lock that involves that getting into enough hands would math moving. In Our anyone that tells you that it truly gripe will. Will never the double attorney Greg too shallow as rise to the surface. It's just rubbish. I mean truly great books disappear without tries. To bestseller lists. Nazis very ordinary books. Do very well I figure. So you to do I. Think you just to realize how I rush how fortunate I am to be fulltime rata into a to be. This new one when she was good as Noble Number v day I still feel like I'm a Newbie hyping called veteran. So. What have you gotten? Prostate politics twelve months list of this year going ivory. Twenty. Twenty one year plan says arise. There would be no nobody I'd be touring now within you. And I. Normally normally be touring in Australia New Zealand, and then going overseas that's not going to happen but I'm writing a book for next year standalone. So it in other Avian Cyrus next year, it'll be standalone and I'll go back to a raft likely some writing standalone. And really just try to stay Siphon hoping this madness. A mad towns were in will will eventually allow me because I turn sixty this year especially big southern brighter year of travel and. Family. My family are spread all over the world I've got. Daughter ally in another daughter in Zambia were all gonna be together for my birth talking to have nets Audi what not to say, I was in November. Right. Yeah. Is it sunny? I was just thinking today to win this thing started ECHINACEA. I, promise and I was talking to write us and I had that feeling that time on another six weeks this'll be a deep topic and it was just Jack was permited job. Now it's interesting element because if you look at. When she was good. I set that book in May two. Thousand. Twenty and there's no reference to pandemic and in abroad road before will you know? The now trying to write a book which is set next Shit. And I don I refer to before the lockdown or during the lockdown but role an adult still be locked down. So it's very difficult when you're writing contemporary stuff to tonight, it's moving. So quickly tonight where. I actually at that time and in May I was talking to A. Kiwi Romance writer who just published a book Sison. Sunday is on a tourist resort way people will flying in a natural with China and she was saying I cannot do it roll up to the. Still, the situation because very likely people won't be able to fly in. and. It's just that kind of done ingress the it's they notice preteen that's not happening and and believe that we just wanted to. Do, they hit to be realistic. And in my case I riding acknowledgement sub sorry the book was written before it all happened. Next share, I'm going to have to make a call. So obviously, you enjoy interactive. When you read this wing with your readers win you got see happened planned. How can they find you online? Do night doing much online stop. of got the Nobel vice spoke and twitter pages on. Any of a posted obe some news I. I kind of got good. Go bad goes for the goal Dagga in the guy. which. One when I was life or death in two thousand fifth. So that was quite exciting normally post from this. Big News and I try to reply to people if they sent messages and most of them, all I'll try to get rancher to find just. some people slip through the cracks. Attract Wroclaw. The normally I just decide thank you very much for the kind words you know 'cause I know just thankfully just riding Siamese I enjoyed the book But if someone wrote to me his very young or entrusted in rioting all. Have Has Parkinson's had Parkinson's in that previous series of I get. I'll try to give them along rance. Yeah Yeah. Thank you sir actually your time it's Spain. Wonderful tour. And olivieri based with this new standalone. Thank you very much Jenny to pleasure. Thanks for listening to the joys of bench reading podcast you can find all the details and links for this episode at Dub Dub. Dub Dot the joys of Binge, reading DOT. com. We'd love to eat your comments and suggestions for who you'd like us to interview next, and if you enjoyed the show, take a moment to subscribe on Itunes or a similar provider. So you won't miss out on future guests. Thanks for joining us and happy reading. The joys of bench reading podcast is put together with fantastic technical help from Dan cotton and Abe Raffles. Dan is an experienced sound and video engineer whose radiant available to help you with your next project. C-, cannot et, de c audio services. G. Mail, DOT, com that Steve Daniel CPA Pacelli, audio services, X, G, DOT COM, or check casher nights. He's fast he takes pride and getting it right and he's great to work with. A voice was done by a breakfast and now the gym of sound and screen. Has Twenty years of experience on both sides of the camera slash microphone As a cameraman to return and also as a voice artist and TV presenter. I think you'd a grey that his voice is both lighthearted and warm. He is super easy to work with no matter what the job. You'll find him at a a B e anche point and shoot. Dot Com DOT INSEAD. As I say the full details in the Sharon arts on the website. That's it for now. Thanks for listening. Hopefully. See you next week. Bye.

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Red Sonja (1985) | Richard Fleischer

Around the World in 80s Movies

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Red Sonja (1985) | Richard Fleischer

"In the I welcome to around the world in eighties movies. My name is Vince Leo. I'm the author of the Film Review. Website Webster Dot net you to check out over four thousand of my written reviews and read anytime quickstart dot net where to go key. W. I p. s. t. e. R. DOT net. While you're there I do encourage you to check out my other podcast. It's called the quit. Stir Film Review Podcast. I cover mostly brand new movies. They're on Vod or streaming services or at eater and you can check that out by going to my website clips turn dot net today. I'm going to be getting into the third part of a three part series looking at films of the nineteen eighty s that feature heroes based on the writings of Robert e a discovered two films with Conan Conan the barbarian Conan the destroyer. And this week. I'm going to get into a spin off of a sort. Although officially to those films called Red Sonja Red Sonja came out in Nineteen eighty-five it is a PG rated film. It does have violence brief nudity sexuality and frightening images definitely would be pg thirteen today. The run time is an hour and twenty nine minutes. Brigitte Nielsen is the main star with Arnold Schwarzenegger having a sizable supporting role Sandal. Bergman Ernie Reyes Junior Paul l Smith Ronald Lacey and Pat Roach are also in the film. The director here is Richard Fleischer who also directed the film. I just talked about Conan. The destroyer screenplay credited to clive. Exton and George MacDonald Fraser now. Although both Conan and Red Sonja are characters that were created by author Robert E hard. They did exist in two entirely different settings different times. Historically CONAN comes from this fictional Hibernian age this prehistoric time around ten thousand B C while Sonia is a gun slinging polish-ukrainian woman from the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century her name in the writings whereas Red Sonja of rogue. It no and that's according to the nineteen thirty four Robert E Howard story in which she first appears the shadow of the vulture and however that changed over time Roy Thomas he was the primary writer for the Conan the barbarian comics for Marvel in the nineteen seventies. He decided that the Sonia character also called the she-devil with the sword as they marketed her. She should be put into Cohen's era. Thomas changed the why in her name from Sonia S. O. N. Y. TO HAVING A J instead of that Y in order to try to separate that from her literary counterpart and have a blank slate. Going forward along with artist. Barry Windsor Smith. They ended up taking that name and certain aspects of Howard's version of Sonia and then he added other traits found in different red haired sword wielding sixteenth century. French character. From Howard named dark. Agnes de Chassis. On this new incarnation would be a bikini armored character and she would debut in Conan the barbarian number twenty three in nineteen seventy-three where she proved popular enough to end up getting a spinoff title within a couple of years. Fast forward to nineteen eighty-three Universal Studios. They started a live action. Show called the adventures of Conan. Eight sword and sorcery spectacular to its tour and prominently featured. Red Sonja as CONAN's sidekick in that show as the character started proving more popular to the public. It was decided that somebody should give her a solo adventure to expand the CONAN universe and in the process. The envisioned that they could crossover Conan could make an appearance in Red Sonya's movie to kickoff her series and then they would show up in each other's movies from time to time now during this time. Animator Ralph Bakshi. I've talked about him quite a bit. Recently he made a deal with producer. Dino Dila Rentis who is doing the CONAN films to direct a live action film in the sword and sorcery realm. This was going to be a spinoff. Might become another series with the right guidance and Red Sonja would be that project back. She said about finding someone else who's going to write the film. He looked into the world of comics. One of his favorite places to tap for talent. He wanted a solid writer that was going to bring his screenplay to life the Roy Thomas who he had just worked with for the screenplay to fire and ice they were busy screenwriting for Conan the destroyer. He recommended that back. She look at Moonlights Creator. Doug Manche Doug Mench was in the process of defecting from Marvel to see see that year. He was just on the verge of starting an acclaimed run on Batman for DC comics. Mench had originally come up with the origin for Red Sonja he co-wrote issue number three of coal and the barbarians with Roy Thomas. Back in nineteen seventy five mench came up with the origin because Thomas had run out of time to think of one himself. And if you look back at that origin the film actually plays out very similar to the comic book origin. Sonia family ends up getting killed. Her home destroyed. She ends up getting raped and then she meets goddess. That bestows upon her some great fighting skills so long as she does not enter into relations with any man who does not best her in combat I. Now I don't know what happened to cause de la RENTA's to end up switching directors in the end. Because obviously I'd mentioned Richard Fleischer's director of this but Richard Fleischer. Somebody that de larent- is really trusted. He had just done a couple of Bubis for him. In addition to Conan the destroyer Amityville Three d before that but starting a new he ended up going to the screenwriters of Conan the destroyer any extended the duties for Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway to also provide the script for red. Sonja would make sense since Roy. Thomas really did create this character in her current incarnation now. They were getting generous back in money from this deal that the had in their contract with Edward R pressman that carried over to Diller Rentis. Della rentis ended up buying out. Pressman Dino felt that. He could balance things out by giving this screenwriting team a low ball offer on the second script and now urging of their agent who told them never to make deal for less money than your first. Or you're going to be setting the bar lower for your fees going forward. Thomas and Conway ended up declining the offer. Dino did not take no just yet for an answer he said think about it. He would protect them. You know the mafia-style protection if they took the deal but they ended up still declining. Now Fleisher who is just coming on board. He felt that the screenwriting team was just not really who he wanted to deal with so he wanted to bring in another writer. Stanley man for both of these films. Dino did not offer that protection. They turned it down. He really wanted to save money. And Thomas and Conway subsequently lost out on not only the Red Sonja project but they also found themselves off Conan the destroyer thereby negating the lucrative deal that they had set up with pressman. They were screwed out. Basically by Dell Rentis at that moment now in addition to bringing screenwriters Stanley man to hopefully take over not only the duties on Conan the destroyer but also Red Sonja. He ended up also bringing in screenwriter. Clive Exton Clive. Exton had worked with him on ten WILLINGTON place. Back in Nineteen seventy-one. He also was familiar with Dell Rentis. He had written one of the stories for his nineteen sixty. Five anthology film called the three faces. George MacDonald Fraser. He was best known for writing. The flash men papers series of books he was also handpicked by De la. Renta's he had worked with him just recently for an early adaptation of Tai Pan. That ended up not getting used in the end. David Franzoni a newcomer to the business. At that time he would also famously go onto script the best picture for the year. Two thousand called gladiator you'll so scripted King Arthur in two thousand four. He did some unaccredited screenplay work as well for its Sonia. They all ended up. Developing the plotline by scouring through some of those lesser known stories by Robert De Howard for their ideas and early versions of the script. Really much more sorcery and a lot of visual effects but the later ended up trying to do more with sword play and some action sequences because they wanted to minimize special effects costs. Do you know just did not want to spend the money to have a special effects. Crew brought in now as far as the plotline goes red. Sonja starts off with Sonya an attractive farm girl who ends up catching the eye of this evil Lesbian Queen. Gidron of Burqa Bain. Who finds her fetching enough to invite over feeling very spurned. Sonia's family is soon murdered by gibbons army who also proceed to destroy her home and Sonia herself ends up getting raped by get rinse soldiers. Fast forward a little bit Queen get rid ends up seeking a powerful talisman which grows stronger the more exposure it has to light enough to destroy the world. If it's left unchecked within just a couple of weeks and given has the all female guards has only women can touch this talisman all of these guards at the temple protecting the talisman end up getting massacred and gathering takes it for herself after a forest spirit. Basically kind of a fairy godmother for the film after this Spirit Grants Sonia great abilities to wheel the sword she vows revenge and she soon goes off to the Orient to train with the sword. Masters on fighting with sword and they ended up giving her a powerful sword. What she's done with her training she goes on her quest to get revenge and she ends up meeting a mysterious stranger named Lord Kaldor. He's the protector of the order of the Talisman and he tells Sonia about her dying sister she had just taken an Arrow to the back from one of the Queen soldiers and in her sister's final words. Sonia gets a mission to stop Gerrans class to use the talisman to destroy the world but she only has fourteen days to do it. That's kind of convoluted plot to a certain extent but it makes much more sense to watch it and actually listen to it. Now you'll notice. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the Star of this film. Even though he is the biggest marquee actor of the bunch he claimed his involvement in Red Sonja was done as a favor to denote diller entities. Basically a cameo in order to help the producer get funding for this other sword and sorcery movie capitalizing on the rights to Robert de Howard's work although Conan the destroyer made money Schwarzenegger told Dino that he felt that the CONAN franchise had run. Its course that they should concentrate instead on. Making CONTEMPORARY SAT MOVIES. Dell is actually agreed with this. He didn't much care for these sorcery films. Either but he had already embarked on Red Sonja prior to Conan the destroyers release so delegates ended up offering to amend the five picture contract that he had wish worth nigger for Conan with contemporary films in exchange for Schwarzenegger doing his cameo in Red Sonja. Now after his very soon to be fiancee. Maria Shriver read the script for Red Sonja. She told Arnold it was trash and he should not do it. Arnold also agreed with her assessment. He did not like the script at all and he really did not want to appear but he felt he owed dino of favor and even if he wasn't going to do it as a favor he really didn't have a choice his contract with dino obligated him now for legal reasons the role would not be CONAN though at least not in name because rights to the CONAN movies owned by universal pictures and this was an M. G. M. U. A. Release de la. Renta's did not want to pay universal for the rights to carry him over to another studio so the script listed his character as the stranger in order to leave it. Ambiguous as to whether it was Conan to audiences and while Schwarzenegger was on the shoot in Italy the ended up expanding his cameo into a full-fledged supporting player he spent four weeks in Italy when he was only meant to spend one. And that's because the film makers were looking for every single place that they could inject Schwarzenegger's character into the story. He served as a romantic foil and then he also provided assistance in all of the battle sequences and the difficulty here was in throwing in the stranger but still allowing Sonia to appear as strong and not needing any help and staying the star the movie. Unfortunately they were not able to successfully navigate this in the end because it often appears Sonia actually does need rescuing from Lord Kaldor and Kaldor was the name that was given to the character the stranger primarily because MGM wanted to protect themselves from any lawsuits from universal pictures because the character steered very very close to Conan in look and personality. Adela renters had difficulty finding the right actress for the Red Sonja Role. He placed ADS INTO INDUSTRY. Publications to try to widen the net the casting requirements for the role included being a beautiful. Caucasian woman aged seventeen through twenty two five foot seven or taller with a strong face body and character. She was to be acrobatic and athletic enough to handle a broad sword into ride a horse but also hopefully be able to act another ad that he had sent out asked for women who look like Sonia she would have long flaming red hair flashing blue eyes and body that only comic strip women seem to possess and she should look like she might have a high proficiency at wielding a sword initially director. Richard Fleischer envision. Someone like Daryl Hannah now Daryl. Hannah was unavailable. She was making clan of the cave at the time somebody like that. He ended up moving onto Eileen Davidson from. Tv's the young and the restless Davidson ended up getting but turned down the role on the advice of her career advisers. Because this was not a one picture deal the contract stipulated that she would appear in five sequels if they so wanted to make them now playing Sonia for the next decade or more would end up typecasting her into this role and it would make it hard to appear in any other projects while still appearing on the soap. So Davidson passed within a couple of days. Lorenzo's found his Sonia on the cover of an Italian fashion magazine in the six tall twenty one year old. Danish fashion model named GITA. Neilson Neilson was reluctant to audition. She had no acting experience. Her husband said she really didn't have anything to lose. She should go for it and she did. She had no idea what the part was four until she arrived and she found nearly ninety other women would be actresses. Were also auditioning at the time. See she ended up putting on this ridiculous Valkyrie. Viking costume was too small for her because of her height and then she tried valiantly to memorize the six pages of dialogue in the forty minutes that she had before she ended up getting called in to audition when she finally got to meet Richard Fleischer. She could not remember a single word of the dialogue. She had tried to memorize but given dino had selected her for audition himself. The ended up. Still having your continue with the audition. They had her cycle through this range of emotional responses to see what she could do as an actress. Look happy look confused. Seductive and the hardest part trying to cry before she left that day de la. Renta'S HAD FLEISCHER ESCORT NIELSEN. Up to his office. Dino was immediately charmed that she knew some Italian phrases that she used to greet him and despite no acting experience or really delivering. Much of an audition de la. Renta's still awarded her the part on the spot unsure though she wanted to talk to her father about this and have them take a look over the paperwork. She never really heard of Red Sonja. Or even Arnold Schwarzenegger they had to say this guy with the muscles for her to have any understanding of who he was. After Neilson's father approved that day she ended up signing onto this eighteen million dollar contract for six Red Sonja pictures. Nielsen was immediately sent to London to get lessons on acting and speech as well as performing stunts on Horseback Sword. Fighting she not only was becoming Sonia. But also bridget or cheat she sometimes called Delta said her name Gita was ridiculous it he suggested the more common name of bridget and the name stuck now surely prior to the release eight Nielsen received much publicity after becoming romantically involved with Sylvester Stallone who subsequently ended up casting her in rocky four but the loan was not Nielsen's first celebrity conquest contrary to her role of a woman who had never have romantic relations with any man unless they bested her in battle. Nielsen herself had no such stipulations. She acted more like Zula from Conan the destroyer on how to attract a man. Grab Him and take him. And so she did although Schwarzenegger at first he had worn Nielsen after finding her a bit flirtatious with him. At the onset of the shoot that they were supposed to stay strictly professional. She really wanted him and she was determined to have him and she got him he had a sexual affair with her however agree to be more than that with Arnold as he came dangerously close to sabotaging his long term affair with Maria. Shriver to be with this young and passionate starlet. Who wanted to be his main. Squeeze however Nielsen's recklessness grew too much for Schwarzenegger he could not fathom this being anything more than a fling with her especially because he felt that she had abandoned her previous husband. Yes she was married at the time and she had an infant son back home she had left them behind to achieve stardom Nielsen. Even after this you continue to pursue Schwarznegger. She ended up going Hollywood to looper dialogue. And wanting to get back together but Schwarzenegger told her you know. It was fun while it lasted but he had the woman had he wanted to marry. It just could never be and Schwarzenegger did his best from then on to avoid here because he did not want the life that he had built up to be flipped upside down by her then she met stallone now. The public story that they tell is that she met stallone after sending him a message with her nude picture wanting to meet him and he ended up inviting her over to his hotel for a drink. Now that's their story. The way that Schwarzenegger tells it and at least according to the gossip mill is that. He bragged to his friends that he had used his lawyer to set up a dinner with Nielsen in which stallone who also had the same lawyer. Schwarzenegger was also in attendance and from then on Nielsen. And Stallone. Only had eyes for each other and Schwarzenegger ended up getting the biggest last laugh. He was able to keep his future wife with Maria on-track and he burdened his rival with the fool's gold of Nielsen's amorous attention now Nielsen herself. As far as being an actress. First Time actress in this film she just fetching. She doesn't have a lot of acting range here but I think she acquits herself. Relatively well under the circumstances even though she's objectively not a very good actress now for the main villain della renters had looked again to Conan by giving the Queen Gidron role to another statuesque athletic actress. Sandahl Burkan number was actually offered the Red Sonja role initially but she ended up declining. She preferred to expand her repertoire by playing the villain. Instead of Richard. Fleischer actually was relieved by this. In fact he kind of encouraged it. He never really felt that. Bergman was a strong choice for Sonia because of its franchise possibilities being in her early to mid thirties. Fleischer considered Sandal Bergman as wrong for the title role if they wanted to make five sequels on top of that and he also thought that she could handle the role of her nemesis. Still quite well. Randy Quaid somehow was also offered a role to appear. He was offered a role of this bumbling idiot who ends up getting in trouble and needs Sonia come save him but he ended up declining because he felt that he had played too many oaths in his career he wanted to avoid getting continued typecasting now after they had made this film and it was about to be released. The advertisements for Red Sonja really started to play up Schwarzenegger's involvement although he's clearly not the main star of the future. If you watch the poster displays Schwarzenegger much more prominently the Nielsen. And he appears first in the credits not only on the poster but in the movie itself now in other countries it was even worse than what they did in the United States. The title is actually named in many countries after his character. Instead of after Sonya I Schwartz nigger ended up deeply resenting that his fans. We're going to be fooled into thinking that he was the main star of this movie. He didn't even want to be in and even though he wasn't on the shoot they really maximize the amount of footage that they had which works ear to be put into the film. They even include detest shots of him riding a horse around that he did at the beginning and put those into the movie. One clever thing that they did in order to get more footage Schwarzenegger to us is that. Whenever he appeared in a scene they used three different cameras rolling footage of calendars scenes and somehow through clever editing. They ended up stretching his screen time to seem like he was in the film a lot. More and from then on thinker was miffed. He swore he would never accept appearing in a film in which he did not believe in one hundred percent now. Objectively Red Sonja is a pretty bad film. It has terrible acting if very amateurish and a lot of respects in the direction is just not that inspired but it does have some redeeming qualities. It has really appealing landscapes and has a Greek quality set designs. And that's because they ended up bringing over to respected Italians in show business cinematographer geese at Beirut and the costume and production design of Danilo Denali. Both of these talents work on some Federico Fellini's finest films and they also worked for Dylan RENTA's recently in Flash Gordon anymore. Twenty provides the excellent score. Which in itself does give it that Special Spaghetti Western vibe especially as you see the heroes trotting around to that score on horseback now. That score for Red Sonja has not quite earned the reputation in comparison to the iconic scores by Bastl Polidori for the Conan films and I think that's primarily because of the reputation of Red Sonja more so than the quality. I would say it's on the same level of silliness if you want to gauge it. As CONAN THE DESTROYER. It does have less arnold so that automatically probably makes it less appealing to most people. The acting here really is a liability even from Schwarzenegger who delivers one of his worst performances. In this movie but there are some Nice comical supporting performances by twelve year. Old Karate Champion. Ernie Reyes junior as Prince. Tarn and Paul Elspeth. Who really is kind of a scene stealer? To a certain extent he came over. After making Dune for Della RENTA's he plays Prince Torrance. Faithful Servant Falcon. They definitely provide some welcome comic relief to this otherwise pretty stiff material and I often forgotten among the cast Ronald Lacey. He plays gibbons main minion equal. Which is Loki spelled backwards. This is a part that's very similar to his most memorable of roles in of the lost Ark. And I guess maybe kind of a coincidence both of those films featured the quest for a powerful artifact or object that can be used to take over the world now Red Sonja when it was released it was greeted with absolutely skeeving critical reviews and fair just as badly at the box office with a fifteen million dollar budget still did not make. It's money back. Debuted at number ten in its debut week with only two point two million dollars and then fell rapidly out of sight after that all told in United States. It only earned seven million dollars in its entire run now. Granted did not help to be released on the same day as a blockbuster known as back to the future but against a dramatic non blockbuster in the form of the Emerald Forest also was released the same week the Emerald Forest me three times as much in its entire run and that did not have any bankable stars to tout now doodoo feeling used to sell the film at the cost of his reputation and maybe to keep some distance from red. Sonja would be one of the rare instances in Arnold Schwarzenegger's career in which he declined to do any promotion at all for one of his films years later. Schwarzenegger who almost always speaks highly of pretty much every movie. He's participated in even if they really sucked. He called Red Sonja the worst movie. He's ever made any often quips. That when his kids misbehave he threatens to send them into the rooms and forced him to watch it ten times and they pretty much stopped giving him trouble after that now as with Conan the destroyer Red Sonia's only awards consideration would be the Golden Raspberry awards the razzies you know. These are the ironic awards given to the worst prominent films of the Year Brigitte Nielsen. She took the award for worst New Star and she also got a nomination for worst actress. Now Senator Bergman also received a Razzie nomination for worst supporting actress but she ended up losing that dubious price too rigid Nielsen because of her supporting turn in Rocky Ford. She took that award so she ended up with two razzies and despite her multi picture contract with Della Rees the critical and financial dropping that endured assured that they would never be equal. Because de la. Renta's pretty much went bankrupt within a year or two after this. So that pretty much killed the franchise not only for Red Sonja but for Conan. In general it really did bury a lot of people. Luckily though Schwarzenegger still was able to endure in fact Maria Shriver when they were first screening. The film in a theater leaned over to Arnold and said if this doesn't end your career nothing will and nothing really has but it's still a pretty lackluster movie. I have kind of a soft spot for it. There are a lot of elements he kind of learned to like over the years. I really liked the way it looks. I've gotten to really enjoy some of the hammer aspects of the film too so it's a bit of ironic movie watching but there is something still intrinsically enjoyable about sitting there watching. Red Sonja even through its awfulness. So that's why it can't be too harsh. I can't really be generous either but I will give Red Sonja to stars out of four stars on my skill means that I do think it's lacking something. Vital that would keep it from being a movie that I recommend to. Most people on that thing that it's really lacking here is any real inspiration. In terms of its storyline. It really does have a bubblegum comic book story that most people would end up ignoring for the bells and whistles and even if it plays as a comic book. I think your average issue of Conan the barbarian written by Roy. Thomas is infinitely better to read than to endure this as a story but as a movie to crack open a beer or two or four or five I think there is an enjoyable aspect to Red Sonja despite its general awfulness enough here to give two stars out of four before I leave here. I will say that. There's been a lot of talk recently in recent years about restoring Red Sonja to the big screen. In fact over maybe even a decade ago there was. Talk about rebooting the franchise. Robert Rodriguez really wanted to bring this to the big screen. Rose McGowan was going to be his Red Sonja however a severe injury to McGowan's arm left it pretty difficult to move his her arm and do any kind of sword fighting so they had to kind of abandoned that idea in two thousand eleven Simon West Te- was tagged to lead a Red Sonja reboot with the possibility of amber heard being in that role but Conan the barbarian the boot with Jason. Momoa bomb big at the box office. That really nixed any interest in doing a similar film. However I think the reason why it's become such a hot commodity in the last couple of years was the success of twenty-seven teens wonder woman then that's when they really looked for other similar properties that they capitalize on that would make this a lucrative feature for somebody wants to take it up in fact in two thousand. Eighteen Bryan singer became attached to direct. The next Red Sonja however sexual assault allegations ended up finding him removed. And recently he's been replaced with Jill Solloway. So will it still make it to the big screen? We don't know but at the very least somebody out there is really trying to bring it back anyway. If you have your own thoughts on Red Sonja or the Cohen Movies that you want to import you can find my contact information at my website. Dot Net Q. W. S. t. e. r. Dot net. You'll also find links to my twitter. Feed my facebook page my instagram anyway. You want to get in touch with me is perfectly fine by me. Quits due dot. Net is where to go for all the details. As far as what? I'm going to be covering next week. I'm going to be staying in the fantasy action adventure genre just a bit a little bit more contemporary though. Because next week I'm going to be going to nineteen eighty-four for another female lead hero Phil based on a character. You can find in the comic book. Realm Sheena Queen of the jungle from Nineteen eighty-four starring. Tanya Roberts definitely a film that I have not necessarily enjoyed over the years but I'm GONNA keep an open mind. It's been awhile since I've seen it and I'm looking forward to at least delving into the making of that film because I to some questions answered so for next week. Sheena Queen of the jungle is on your to watch list to keep up with reviews and until Dan. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey around the world in eighties movies.

Conan Conan Red Sonja Red Sonja Arnold Schwarzenegger Sonia S. O. N. Y. Richard Fleischer CONAN Roy Thomas Brigitte Nielsen Pressman Dino Maria Shriver Nielsen director Robert De Howard Dylan RENTA Red Sonja writer George MacDonald Fraser CONAN Ernie Reyes
BSP Live  Mass Hysteria

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BSP Live Mass Hysteria

"If you're easily offended the show may not be for you but if you're into that weird funds you've come to the right place you've been warned supporting a rollover tony how you doing i believe her time you know welcome to be as he believers skeptic podcast i'm chris i in the believers i'm cody i am a skeptic and we are a podcast or two idiots debate weird phenomenon yeti so if this is your first time listening to us we are an lgbtq paranormal normal comedy podcast ever gonna get into a little more details here in just a second do we actually know if this is working yes people in the chat room are saying they can't hear oh are they okay good today here are big hello no i don't know because that's the entire show anyway you could pretty much just log out now what you heard that no okay before we get into what we are chris do you wanna yeah so happy pride first of all thank you pray forty eight for letting us be a part of the livestream a price forty eight realize membership supportive donation so if you please donate directly on the website by clicking the purple button if this is your first time listening to us we will give you a quick and dirty explanation sick and we may all right so like we said we are we we kind of a paranormal podcast won't be to his desk chris is kind of a believer spiritual person and meet cody i am approved person big time so i'm actually skeptical so we came up with this idea where we pick a paranormal topic and they range from i mean we've done seeing seeing jesus in toast we've done ufo's local bigfoot around here that i can't pronounce mogollon model year end we prevent be presenting information about it prevents stories we prevent information 'cause were two do it is and we share stories and information about it and then we do are believers skeptic section where chris talks about why he believes people believe essentially his thoughts and then i try to use magical science the crap out of it and then we do what we call bs weekly yeah where chris a current event that relates to are topic and then within that we tell stories history and then we also president food or drink that relates to our topic is well yeah exactly so with that said should we get this topic well first since this is a livestream this means you'll get to hear us live on a raw and uncensored okay that's chris anyway there's me for this episode or decided on a topic that has a bit of interest to me for a long time so what are we talking about so more talking this time about mass hysteria ed chris has been throwing this out for months do you wanna do you have a quick senator to before my history explains it also will get to okay so so let me let me show my initial skepticism on this i really thought whenever chris would throw it out i was like this is not a paranormal topic i thought mass hysteria was i'm gonna be released brigade here gay in like beauty and the beast and we know one of my favorites on your guest on his i come into you're not the word he'll come in here and what a well it's the one where he rabble rouser is like south park the rabble rabble rabble i thought mass hysteria is just someone spewing propaganda and getting kind of everyone on his or her why will talk about that as we get into history is true but whenever you whenever you finally were like just look into what it really is and i showed you the first story about prove yourself about this like it's really this is insane like the mass hysteria is fucking we could touch right yes okay absolutely it's it's been raining there you have it soon as i saw the first topic i like sold and then chris was like i have a have a t t story yeah then you'll understand that when i get there so but since you know like like most of you have an idea of what it is but i'll explain to a as we get into history street and since we are a paranormal podcast intend to talk about all things we're we'll get into some more bizarre examples of mass hysteria a bit before that drinks oh yeah do you wanna go first to me i'm turning the volume down 'cause i got it all my freaking ears oh hello sorry about that this'll be cast know it will not so so we used to do like themed alcoholic drinks but i'm in the show and we perform in like three hours and so i'm trying to save my my throat a little bit and i'm just not drinking so so we have now how much so sometimes i have a tendency to rationalize majoring in let me guess you're gonna rationally i know this is really good all right well then i'll go first already pulled it out okay but yeah you did so today i am having an old fashioned coca cola and do you know why 'cause it was originally made with cocaine no oh no in nineteen ninety nine there was a recall in belgium because supposedly a lot of kids were getting sick and they were blaming it on the coca cola like really sick and it turns out while at least the conclusion was that it was eight sense of mass hysteria because there's some kind of bad sent coming from it but nothing really wrong with the soda released yeah oh but why did you have to make might not like a big piece of crap so is that so there is nothing wrong but it actually had a weird smell yeah do they ever say what's that smell was a i can't remember i didn't read the whole story wow so but yeah wow look it up if you wanna find out okay shell so i actually mine is maybe a little snarky here i was going to do cocoa puffs like a box of cocoa puffs because everyone's a little kuku but i couldn't find any of us but i found a bag of mixed nuts and add rationalization it just seemed appropriate because when these people get together their end paranormal or whatever happens they go a little nutty oh that's the chat room they're asking where we're located we are in phoenix arizona in my second bedroom in my house on the set up here west quilts padding the wall soundproof miss relief in movies in theater posters broadway posters and yes so what's that will get into histories so my history on mass hysteria is in a fear based event in which he certain group of people or community act out in the same manner based on what they told ya propaganda or groomers it could result in nervous mathon anxieties sometimes you represent itself is false physical elements of sickness in psychology is known under a few other names such as mass psychogenic illness mess socio genyk illness mass cycle genetic disorder disorder an epidemic hysteria while the phrase means a the phrase mass hysteria is often used incorrectly when it first of things such as fads protests riots and so on basically labeling anything that involves a sudden outburst of a large group of people especially as a negative connotation rebel rubber apple exactly 'em there are qualities that can be found in outbreaks of mass hysteria the areas such as symptoms that have no plausible organic basis which are trans yet and benign that heavy rapid onset and recovery and are spread be a site sound oral communication for all you better believe they are usually oh there's it's usually a presence of it extrordinary anxiety a cases of mass hysteria are usually spread down the skill meaning it starts with older people such as cody or higher status people god dammit trickled down and more likely occurs curse usually occurs to more females and males okay so i've gotta ask so that was really good that caught me off guard chris we find age jokes at though in there now chris is more prepare and i'm not i'm gonna bet twenty dollars the he acts you wrote that joke down in read it forgot what i did it you didn't know i'm wrong when he dollars and i'm old you are so a middle said the media coverage will often war center perpetuate kaz cases of mass hysteria and potentially kevin recur after it initially occurs in my own knowledge occurred after it initially a curse reeker are accurate occurred sacha a in my own knowledge when i've seen cases of it such that it i have also noticed that it goes in waves meaning that incident will happen and there's this huge a panic and then it dies down and then again there's a big surge when they find out some new information or hear it again from somewhere else you know 'em researchers the phenomenon have referred to massive story as collective obsessional behavior and they say that is a type of psychogenic illness meaning that it is something that starts in the mind rather than the body although symptoms are sometimes very real 'em although sometimes there's some things are real psychology maybe get you in psychology mass hysteria and also be labeled as a type of conversion disorder were there are physiological symptoms that affects the nervous system without any physical causes illness present usually as a result of psychological distress that's according to professor simon west leader are five principles that correct i characterize mass hysteria one it is an outbreak of abnormal illness behavior that can be explained by physical disease to it affects people who wouldn't normally behaving this way three excludes symptoms are intentionally provoked in group groups gather for that specific purpose such as flash mob single lungs are orgies saturday events creative furry group satisfaction such as fads crazes craze crazes is that right like i said previously and five the link between those experiences event must not be coincidental additionally wesley also says mass hysteria can fall into two categories the first is mass things iety hysteria which their physical symptoms like those akin to anxiety and the second is mass motor hysteria in which a person's motor skills are similar to those symptoms found the people at caesar's or partial paralysis interesting as you can tell it is hard to really give a concise definition as there are many ways in which mass hysteria converted presented itself and kimba describes a with information provided you hear i think you get the idea and i'm actually kind of focusing on more paranormal examples that people thought that hey this is something outside of the realm of kind of what we know that was really interesting george in atlanta says were kind of living in an entire realm of mass hysteria think social media so i wanna go back to what you said about orgies become become no tickets now i really wonder if it exists i think there should be more like a gay porn called ass hysteria oh i'm sure there's literally just two hours of gang banging action if people freaking out earlier today i was in the chat room i said what we were talking somebody is like that's that's coming by dragging mass hysteria and also like ms hysteria that is great i love that all right so you wanna take us to her first story i sure do chris all right okay that to you i am going to be talking about medieval nuns and this to me what's really interesting i think this is one of the first examples that we found a but it was also one of my favorites so i have to preface this because nobody's reformed catholic yeah i kept it that's so true but all things catholic i'm really interest me because i there were a catholic family she grew up in their kind of like just like everyone else of course it's a branch of christianity but my mom oh this is gonna be so much tm i there are real girl it's about recency there were rumors that my mom was like an alcoholic right before we were born i don't ever told you this as she gave up alcohol and you know sometimes people with and the diction replace it with another addiction and she became v most hardcore religious catholic i've ever known we were doing rosaries every single night to gather we would try to proselytize friends and have them come say rosaries with us mom and reid at the dinner table like it was hard core and i was like the best child five and so i would you say yeah i was the vessel a gay boy and i was supposed to be the priest like my mom really played me to be the pearl she wanted stigmata i remember that from one of oh she did you automate have stigmata yeah and so that's why whenever i found this article that there were mass hysteria among nuns i wanna jump on this so this all started in medieval france in a large french combat just one day a non it began yelling well yeah that's already hilarie yeah awesome she just random soon others joined in so she sounded like a pussy she was no sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry soon others joined in and eventually every single non in the content with some yelling so that's already like okay what's going oh i got somebody in the chat room just sent a screen shot of the video called as hysteria it's a straight port shut up i'm so happy that you're like i'm gonna look right now because it's are stream it's broken kind of click on it it'll open oh i like that i did not oh god you could you could see list okay so again back to to medieval nuns so the suit every not in can you imagine because you probably have you know the mother superiors i have a catheter males every night truly that's what it would sound like every single numbers mean soon they even started powering so you have every not in the combat where they also spraying the furniture you know leaving their center so now we take that a step further the noise became structured all the nuns wouldn't now in her together for several hours at the same time every single day like it was all in tandem of data basically from two to five every single day every single non would just me out when per end you might think first of all they're just being dumb but it was four hours every day and they would just do that and to me that is insane well the neighbors could hear this collective katter walling were on row and there were understandably annoyed but there were also really scared scared and the reason is because the catholic theology of the time considered cats to be the devils animal and they thought of them as sinister with powers they also thought that it cats by what's thought to be poisonous as well it's it's flash and if you breed it's brett you'd be infected with consumption now then there's one funny other thing that cats do said if they could mir mill they could make you're beer go sour if they felt like it what did they do pnn well oh i didn't even think about that like ammonia like that that makes a lot more sense 'cause i had i had this thought that maybe this guy hated cats and held a grudge and he would just trying to spread that and he was like well you know they can make your skin fall off and like i don't care they're cute but finally he was like well they can ruin your beer and i was like oh fuck that we gotta get rid of the cats evil you know so so we have these cats stuff going on there when he's gary so the people around on the convent were worried that the devil has somehow infiltrated the kind of course the devil always makes them doing exactly exactly so they were basically being possessed so they were freaking out you know the people in the surrounding area so what did they do something became so big that she called the soldiers in like the local soldiers the soldiers came in and were tasked with whipping in beating the nuns you're fucking dumb until they stopped oh my god right so and they did it actually eventually worked but the question i have for you what i wanna know what you think is do you think that they randomly chosen cast just one time just start like now where do you think they chose it on purpose like because they knew what the devils animals so so there were stirring up trouble or do you think it could have been paranormal i think in a comment you get pretty bored and you can't really do much except for pre and seeing so they finally just got bored okay set my debunked will actually kind of go into that so i i'm glad you said that so they stopped after being beaten and you might think well that's gotta be the end of it well around the same time in neighboring germany a nun began biting other sisters in her comment fighting them yeah it wasn't too long and you would think that okay well it wasn't too long before all of the nuns were fighting each other word spread about the biting guns and this is where you might think and then the soldiers came nope it began to spread to other converts cars in other comments to germany and then it also spread holiday and even rome their nose were fighting each other yeah so it's like okay so what the hell's going on here well the catholic authorities at the time thought the devil himself in the human around and start it possessing people all over europe you know that kind of spread it does seem kind of odd that right you know what is happening especially with these stories that are kind of separate but similar both pointing at the devil that's crazy yeah yeah the other thing is laughing at is that have you ever heard the cat aria oh i the boys singing that vini actually wrote a cat arias so that's always thought of every time the special is running through my head like inspired it you out of that is that the first story than medieval not only are there some hysterical comments in the in the channel so it is all right so my first story has to do isn't dancing sounds like fun right in this case not so much larger story later yes in it okay this is the story of the dancing played fifteen eighteen this event of mass hysteria occurred in strasbourg france and began when a woman woman known as fro profane what out in the street and begin to shake her moneymaker a residence came out of their homes to clapping doc as it was some forms of entertainment right around so travel up froude show fair continue the dance with herself to billy idol music a morning noon and night song dancing with myself why you don't know that song is that a real science you know it's a real shit or i should say morning noon and night for almost almost a week after that week thirty four other residents darted dance along with her and within a month somewhere around four hundred people joined in oh my god it is important to note that most of these dancing and people were women which follows one of the qualities this book about in history so what was it that causes the late middle aged disco physicians of the town attributed to what they called quote hot blood instead residents were simply moving and shaking to dance away their fever other than that the town didn't seem think it all that unusual apparently because they construct constructed a stage brought in some professional dancers and even hired a band provide the music so they were like encouraging stereo although the weirdly joyous occasion that feeling of joy doesn't last long well i mean the continuous dancing starting to take its toll because some dancers collapse and or die from stroke or heart attacks oh my so they're like people are dying in the streets and they're like let's get a yeah they'll just stage within the collapse on a while so the dancing lessons into september when the dancers were then taken to a mountain topped pray for absolution 'em although the story sounds like an urban legend of sorts and it is well documented in historical call documents of that period in addition to the incident others happened in places such as switzerland germany hall in italy but not as big as the one that happened in strasburg i mentioned italy specifically because they're they had a belief that was prevalent joined the seventeenth at eighteen hundreds that some types of hysteric behaviors rubber as a result of a bite from a tarantula or a wolf spider 'em do you know why this behavior was called taryn a tear into them and it was thought that in order to prevent dusty afflicted person had to dance oh my god yeah so regarding the strasburg incident there were number of theories one being that saint vitus had placed acres on the people as a result of sin that along with disease and famine cost stress on the people resulting in the dance another series data that these people were part of religious cult and yet another theory is that these people had consumed or got a type of mold which poison them causing them to death fervently what they observed event in the fifteen hundreds we may never know but it has something to think about next time you find yourself torquing on the dance floor chris whatever i did not work that is on believable so just so everybody knows that was actually the story that chris showed me that made me change my mind but i didn't know all the details it was originally just read to a three sentences and i was like oh yeah we have to do this but i didn't know about all that crap yeah so the this spider bite you it just makes you wonder like where that came from you know i think going deep into it but i just thought because i know you're fear spiders i thought that would horrify trench lewis by people so like the will you'll founder thing ever moose in the chat room says it's obvious their husbands wouldn't dance with my my question is like when did they eat pm poop yeah they didn't sleep obviously like would they dance their way two of the training squat while dance or would they just stand there and dancing their own phil what about like bathing i guess they probably didn't pay much anyway yeah that back then yeah exactly could you imagine like this is terrible but like going on the dance would have joined in just like slipping in a pile of pit road whose son of god wow it's those little things that make this even more interesting okay we may have to come back to that they evacuated on the dance floor so she became a movement oh well you know there's that dance move the toilet like where that my sister and i used to do dumping car yes we would do when were you pretend to like pull your pants down tend to then you while you're dancing that they would just do it for real so all right that you're first story yeah okay i just realized that you probably should have gone first 'cause you have three stories right that's fine i have two and a half we were into it i will do my third one but it'll be like i'll be making it up so anyway start to the second one now and then no no no it's okay it's my it'll be fascinating it will be okay story number two okay this is so chris always gets onto me because whenever they're foreign words you can never pronounce i can never pronounce i rehearsed my foreign languages before yeah color and this is ashley the name of the stories in indian word endo i'm not good with indian yeah it's called moon sheila matala and i'm gonna call it munchausen because it's easier for something moonshine yeah do moonshine very okay so in two thousand and two so this is not that long ago then i went to the two thousand two and you're only forty three what is it atar offers dash india lots of people began reporting saying you fo right now this isn't a normal and you have a story because you know normally be like okay so some people saw a blur in the sky or they have grainy footage or something this is different rent because instead of all of that vagueness i heard quote the other day what anything can be ufo's as long as you try hard enough that's true yeah that's true i'm thinking of evacuation instead okay so so we got did you vote goes in blurry purportedly dash down through the air in the dark of night emitting reading green beans and people in the face with steel clause and it would scratch their face and leaving them bleeding and burning the paid right in saying that was why it wasn't named moons housands because it because it translates to face scratcher and that's what this wasn't known ads right so you're okay so this person was you know attacks one recent graduate had to say real head oh well the moon shoes flight sooner range over thirty district in bolivia god's apart maltin dolly parton nasi see about a year or if you're on a par guitar hard va oh my god there's an the victims who suffered serious scratches and bruises on their face number in these hundreds oh yeah at least in a hundred i mentioned for punching in southern states in their sleeve will say whenever we get the book so after a while there were seven deaths associated with that the ufo's attack yeah not kidding seven people died during this so of course now the police get involved right and you think well that'd be a good thing the police come in here and then kind of settle things down and start investigating and seeing what's really going on well a lot of my favorite the local police deputy like in the place where it started yeah actually made these statements that these afflictions were brought on by some sort of anti national genetically engineered insect what yeah like he's a giant grasshoppers there's some yeah like flying through the air like the sidewalk wrote you know stop or snippy i'm picturing that's the site or poke him on and if there's any poke him on people in the chapel know exactly what i'm talking about about that nerdy oh you'll someone's gonna call you about was just so if people like imagine people already kind of experiencing mass hysteria before well imagine how much that blow it up because you have the statement from law enforcement so this is a reputable source kind of coming out and saying guys hey this is a giant genetically engineered insect that hates indians that's coming down in in flushing your face and then leaving right so people mad insane of villagers stormed police headquarters and demanded protection they inside of the huge riot police opened fire on the crowd leaving one person dead what because of it i have i never heard about the right and this is two thousand two yeah so here's some other like another thing that happened to like as a result old villager killed his dog when he woke up at night to find something licking his face 'cause he's got it was the ufo's back scratcher people lick to people who liked to which does urban legend no oh yeah it's i it's too long to get in tokyo urban legend so then another person is sort of beating his father mistaking it for them munchausen at night so now you're like okay well how did people protect themselves from this cutting their face condom says exactly std well a lot of people remove their tv antennas fearing their intent are attracting the face scratchers now this is where it's actually pretty terrible some people all committed suicide to save themselves and so they were so scared and so put off by this they were like i would rather do it myself and have the ufo's coming from the sky killing saying right isn't that crazy i can't believe i've never heard of this it yeah right i know it's it's so like in out of it it's just crazy and i don't wanna get into my dm's so much but i found pictures of people in their faces are all scratched up like you could find the air fucked up yeah so then to guard against this monster the villagers started night patrols but the moon chama escape their vigil and it's a tax continued only win the mooch attacks i can't do it recorded on the outskirts of luck now i guess it's maybe a more prominent place did the state administration directa police tone it down so they never found it of course not but they did find like they actually claims if they took it out and these were the things that the that the the police took out they took out a gas balloon with battery operated bulbs thinking that it wasn't much housing for they shutdown shutdown with a gun a three inch insect in bar ike once they saw this bug flying and they shoot it yeah in another province and i can't pronounce it turned out to be a kite oh you're fucking kidding so it shouldn't even be turned into a movie ride the mooch how the i think that would be a really good idea because it's what would it be a farce like slapstick or would it be a horror movie i think it'd be like a science finally kind of kind of serious movie that's the really are story i've ever heard that the fucking crazy until the next election so do you okay i i usually doesn't believe her skeptic but but it was a drone doesn't exist in two thousand two oughta know huh and it comes down in your face like beat the shit out of you that's really funny so i i take it that you probably wouldn't believe in that no income yeah you know i'm still on the fence about aliens you know so and who knows what the hell is going on with that okay talk about some pd's oh my second story as do something all man especially the ones in this room are familiar with what better way to engage are lgbtq audience to talk about penises yesterday not just any old peanut butter young but a specific incident i like to call the great singapore penis panic of sixty that's what you call me i made that up really yeah oh fun it all began in october of nineteen sixty seven when a sixteen year old boy was rushed to the hospital the boy upon arrival look scared impelled pale and most pulling harder his penis order to prevent it from retracting into himself as he believed ooh the boy's parents as the doctors were held claiming that he had koro for those who don't know carrozza delusional disorder usually specific to certain cultures where people believe that their sex organs are retracting will disappear and eventually to death despite no changes in the genitalia why koros listed in the dsm which is the diagnostics just take statistical manual for mental disorders and also occur in female is in which they believe their volvo or nipples are retracting result in death is well so back to the phones involve over tracks nipples that trade is that end you know like inverted nipples are really a thing yeah and so i wonder like if that plays into it at all yeah and also canoe nipples become inverted overtime or you're born with it and i'm no doctor is advertising looks like it caused maybe you're born with it maybe it's maybe some you don't know what i'm saying so a back to the sixteen year old boy why did he thinks his penises retracting a well that school he heard rumors that tainted pork that was unoccupied it again swine fever could cause koro and earlier in the day of his admitted to the hospital hit in the steam pork button when he went to the bathroom tupi he looked down into him he felt this is his penis shrinking of course he did a further rumors about eating pork adam curle spread about after a report released in which in a mock elated pig supposedly died from penile retraction there was not this is not an isolated incident as the hospitals will continue to get patients coming in with symptoms of coral a as a result the cell of pork of course took a nosedive the ministry of primary production assured the public that boat swine fever and the vaccine were harmless to people a despite this the mass hysteria continued it went on for seven days and became such a concern that the ministry of health at singapore medical association made appearances on tv and radio to tell the public that cora was a psychological condition which is not caused any deaths after the these appearances the case begin to lessen and by november disappeared completely within that time although they don't know exactly the number of reported cases says four hundred and nine or recordings oh my god that the patients who reported the general retraction anxiety had all heard stories about the condition prior to their experience with a there you go interesting study study was completed in regards to cora and it was concluded that the conduct shit condition was quote appendix syndrome linked to the cultural indoctrination unquote the thing is that is that the only time that this has happened there have been other incidents so then sapporo in china thailand india africa europe and the united states but my god yeah no one could say really historically how coral came about but there's a lot of culture explanation when it comes to china specifically there is literature that goes back to the shame dynasty that describes set in caesar's drink sex resulting the penis retracting into the abdomen even in chinese folklore there's a book of ghost stories that describes fox spirit which can weaken a person physically and sexually as shrink there tissues belief in the fox goes has caused coral which has been reported in south china my god in many cases of coral specifically when it comes to men it seems that they may have been misinformed about normal penis size or may be suffering from penis dismore fia so here's you're friendly ps any of the day penises come in all kinds of shapes sizes and colors so don't discriminate appreciate agreed so agree with that oh my god okay is that total insanity that that did not go at all where i thought that was going on that was unbelievable so i actually was like so it's p now a retraction a real thing 'cause you were talking about that and i loved it is and there is actually a condition that they that they call retraction of pino shrinkage and it says here it's a decrease in penis side sometimes the shrinkage is permanent oh hell no oh my god no member don't discriminate but i wish i but i think the straight like if it's permanent permanent i know because i'm like if my shrank i would oh peanuts oh my god i literally just my a but it's a real thing you know oh available it can be permanent wow oh my god the comments in the chat or just ridiculous i knew y'all would enjoy that story that is t m i a yellow ribbon round the wifi i love that so funny oh oh this is some advocates now my next story is one like i was like oh we're not gonna have time for another story we will but we do in so i didn't actually do proper research let just give the the the basics of it and i'll make up some of its okay so you are writer after all yeah exactly so this is going to be the case of what i called new york to rats oh god true story and i'm trying to remember exactly everything but the just the gist of it is is a girl in a place in new york and this is actually fairly recent one day she just woke up and she started like having ticks nervous i mean like yet electric to pick all right end in the symptoms got worse and worse were basically it's like she was diagnosed with a full blown case of to read syndrome well it started spreading through the school her friends ended up all getting a case of it but i'm terresa where they all like niro logically tested and they all had toronto well so it kinda i remember some of that's a great question i wish i could answer it oh god in started spreading and so they were kind of like well maybe this is just her and her friends being weird if something's happened then it started spreading outside of their circle an end it was kinda like would you pointed out where it was his females at the girl students start getting it and it kind of exploding throughout the school and all of them and they were examined and i know the the girl the first one was like heavily examined in there were like she's like i really do like at least she believes it this is happening to her well they got into the water supply and all this stuff and they begin thinking that it was contaminated no there were some kind of toxic contamination that what's causing it they even brought in erin brockovich and they reached out to her oh yeah i didn't breed that story but i just saw erin brockovich is name come up when i was looking at mass hysteria yeah do you know what she did i have no idea have you ever seen the movie i know i know but it was about all like clean water supply and stuff so sometimes you got involved and i'm guessing it resolved itself i don't remember how it ended its best story ever got research it fills free and then you can you could tell me an email cody story like hey guess what a so of this last story was actually the first real reason i ever became interested in this topic of wanted to do a crash on i know what you're doing now this is the story of meat is also known as the toxic lady oh i don't know this juliet i made us married with two kids was a resident of riverside california who sadly a diagnosis a cervical cancer at thirty one she was known as a great friend to the community in a joker who brought joy to others on february nineteenth nineteen four ninety four gloria with the rest of the general hospital a riverside where she had symptoms of rapid heartbeat a low blood pressure and shortness of breath doctors and nurses of course immediately begin to work on her this stabiliser vital signs upon removing her clothing the nurses a notice that glorious body had like this oily sheen to it and they weren't sure why additionally they noticed a fruity kind of garlic odor coming from her mouth from her breath as well fruity garlic yeah after extracting blood from gloria's arm the staff also noticed that the blood smelled like ammonia in had manila colored particles floating in that white manila like manila envelope oh i got the philippine i like what the hell color isn't that racist oh shortly after taking the blood sample one of the nurses started to feel faint and then another starter have trouble breathing and yet another passed out altogether and when she woke up she couldn't move her arms or legs by the end of the night a total of twenty three staff members claimed at least once just a symptom with eight total of five being hospitalized somewhat month and week long a long term issues oh my god did all twentythree have direct contact with her yet or just each other with her wow so yeah so all emergency room patients that were there that night then evacuated to the parking lot because they weren't sure what the hell is going on yeah so despite efforts jodi adamy does unfortunately passed away that evening due to heart failure as a result of kidney failure from her cancer a this is not the end of the strange occurrences though so a team arrived fully clad in has met suits to determine if there were any signs of poison gas toxins or any other matters that were causing these these are symptoms but to no avail they couldn't find nothing after her death autopsies were conducted on her body and at one point the medication was found that would explain a that would explain to you the smelly ammonia smell of her blood it took two months off topic autopsy officials to release the deceased body because of toxicity levels and fear that people might fainter pass out on my god following an investigation has concluded the symptoms of the hospital staff or result of the case of mass hysteria from too much stress triggered by an odor the hospital wasn't buying it an order further investigation at which it was discovered that gloria covered her body in metal cell phone which was assumed to being used as a way to her cancer osha she did yes i know they metal cell phone is once that is a cure all substance until his label toxic and nineteen sixty five a it was stopped at the some substance could have caused the symptoms at the hospital staff suffered a this is only a theory as many professionals has stayed at the exposure of the substance could annoy causes type of immediate reaction this incident triggered one of the most extensive of investigations forensic history with no real substantial conclusion to this day no one really knows exactly what went on that night blood out of me that's brought to the emergency room of the riverside general hospital her legacy will live on his one of the most mysterious an interesting cases in medical history oh my god yeah did they do an open casket funeral dot go that far out no sure they didn't imagine that was the that's the story that brought me to mass sister yeah so that's you've told me that story before we wants you to video that one oh that's right i didn't actually really associated with mass hysteria but every time i hear it i get like oh someone thinks that they like how you say her name and think it's sexy do not meet us yes ask cody i pronounce my spanish words correct yeah yes and he also any language words so oh he'll find a way but the irony is that he fucks up all of his english words asshole apparently you're like fervently fervently yeah well you say to someone okay so you say it again the words i mean that's not gonna try and go ahead slowly avenue someone actually said about the the peace story if he was afraid of fucking himself and oh my god i've seen videos of that anyway did not like if i could do that i would all right so believer skeptic believer skeptic both i'm gonna go i'm gonna go back into that tier story real quick with about go yeah yeah because i have i have questions as as usual so so this is like this really happened absolutely so they're in the real do they have documented yeah okay did she have family yes the date interview i did you hear the beginning my stories that she has married and had two kids like how were they not involved in this lead like in the hospital or whatever and most of it is just about that specific night nothing none of the stories i rent talked about extensively anything else but wow i would like i would like to know because that'd be crazy so they did say that there was a reason that her blood smelled like ammonia yeah one of the medications that was a possible responsible wow that is horrible side effects and then he just freaked everybody out is kind of what they're saying yeah the stress yeah up or gloria yeah i mean it's unfortunate that her that's her legacy but that's insanity yeah yeah in the fact that it's still kind of i'm known i liked that could that things itself to the paranormal sounds like something out of exploiting it really does not naturally episode about it that's why i if i would've i didn't know you were doing that story i thought i thought you were gonna do the salem witch trials scott thought you were really fascinated with that now that would that would that would deserve a whole episode on that so okay yeah so whenever you brought that up i wish i would've looked up some debunk stuff on that but i didn't okay so if we do believe her skeptic you go first me first a skeptic okay 'em bob you're on pitcher sweaty ac on because if we had it on you would hear it through the my dad's we actually learned that the hard way from earlier episodes of the season hey i'm actually with my with my debunk 'em you actually said a lot of it because you were giving psychological science reasons behind stuff and i was like oh that's right so there's gonna be some repetition here that's fine but we have time we're fifteen so deal so first i'm gonna go into my specific stories so we're gonna do the nuns so people that they meow meow well some people thought it was paranormal right man were then there were like something really had to have happened but back then in the day like the way that people became nuns and priests what's very different than yesterday when i remembered and i'm gonna do a little personal stuff as i remember reading of my mom saying that back then becoming like a priest was a huge deal with a status symbol of most families especially even like rich families would try to send at least you know one son would ever become a priest so there were lots of them but people were forced into it kind of against their will you know and so it says here that this fact here that many nuns you made it out luckily you don't get forced to be a freeze it would have been back then i i probably would be yeah i probably would be a skeptic priest 'em sooner you lay priest oh wait fit right in exact except for there would be no iki as you said you yeah so during the middle ages many nuns were forced into convinced by their parents dan oftens there were stressed first by this lifestyle none of their own choosing right and you mentioned stress you know can play tricks and make your mind is all fucked up right and it also so one you're being forced into a lifestyle right but you're forced into a lifestyle a lot of celibacy poverty of manual hard labor these nuns were exposed to fierce religious indoctrination and you know back in the middle ages they were probably taught some shit you know outlined the devil is literally right next to you at all times you know kind of stuff yeah and there were often forced to work on their capabilities so it's no wonder that they were meticulous acceptable to these episodes of hysterical set susceptible hysteria the fear of both god end the devil back then but they were both to be completely feared and it's kind of still the same way now put the fear of god and you've got if you've got an end of the devil yeah it's just like if you imagine how it is now just imagine multiplying by fifty that's how it would be back then and it's exactly fifty not a number i made up so that coupled with the outcome appalling living conditions it would cause them to just break how you know that's not that surprising because anyone could have like a mental breakdown an end end just kind of succumb to the rat in they go that's wrong phrase but in the quote unquote right conditions yeah anybody could yeah exactly anybody could so then if we go on to the face scratcher a first time there were hundreds of people that were afflicted right yeah and it wasn't two thousand shoe so that's fairly recent that's reason enough her picture says he doesn't like that yeah seventeen years ago said it's not that far back right well i went and looked and again i'm not the shells and expert but i went in as it is a whole different thing another moonshine next verse but i wouldn't look there were lots of pictures of people in their faces and he says i couldn't find a single citing dick how could that be how could there be hundreds of these attacks and nothing was caught on video like really romo country in india that had doesn't have technology i mean you know that's the point though remember it spread through thirty district hunter when people reflected so you're you're you bring up a point but it still seems odd that there was like really nothing substantial yeah so in the end though the national government has stepped in and said agents to investigate the case so the so shake out real well they attributed the whole outbreak to mass hysteria hysteria and they did say that all of the cases of the injuries were self inflicted a lot of people were hunting themselves and i know people get filing in their sleep oh hughley cells and there's yeah and it could it could have been a case of that and then people people get freaked out in it all kind of builds in and it just surprises me that people ended up killing themselves over that but the so what were people seeing that started the whole thing scientist there believed that it was ball lightning which is rare mobile form of lightning that would disappear at the end of rains oh wow and so they would come as yeah so it's like very explainable but people saw much more into it so then if we go into kind of mass hysteria in general you you've kind of got into it where it's on the scientific name could become conversion disorder a term used by freud to describe the converting of psychological conflict in distress and aches and pains have no physical basis on it says like examples are when a pacifist his arm freezes while trying to fire a gun or a witness to an atrocity experiences temporary blindness yet the ice structure is imperfect working order you know it's like these like examples of it so it's kind of a placebo effect in reverse like if you think yourself to become healed were better like a placebo you know you could also thinking kind of you know make yourself sick and there's also the thing you said to about women were more susceptible to it it was saying that it's not being sexist or anything but there were there were some examples here about why it would affect women more than men so it's interesting because one about how you know women tend to communicate a little more and i think that's a good thing because of that communication it might lend itself it as something like that spreading some of it is women being suppressed in some kind of outlasted the recent example of something back where women were so suppressed that's the kind of lead out their anger they would do this blame it on west try area yeah and you know do that and i'm not gonna go into the details yet because i think there's like nine minutes left and i wanna hear yours believer but it almost a research that go for it so believe it then yeah labor right says one kinda termine all signs point cs when it comes to ask a mass hysteria is real or not it has been proven to be a real courage by many different studies in science sociology and psychology so i'm not sure it approved a bill validity but when it comes to mass hysteria i skeptics using it as an excuse when there's eight paranormal aspect or when there is no factual explanation just as in the case of glory beat as i spoke about today there was a ridiculous amount of testing an investigation that went into this case but only series came out of it no credible explanation i'm not saying that she was disaster haunted in any way but i do believe that there was something going on that is beyond any scientific explanation really yeah okay it is like spiritual or religious person goes through their own personal rituals to bring peace of mind such is burning sage prayer meditation fasting which yes there may be medical benefits and science may try to prove why these things worse but it was it of work but is it definitive not really that is why rituals are very personal thing we all have our own instead of rituals which benefit us in ways that other people may not see her understand i cannot say this is true forever case of mass hysteria for example the literal witch hunt in salem in the sixteen hundreds or the patriarchy using excuse they a any excuse they could find order to find some one guilty of being a which which resulted in justly hanging of nineteen people in cases like this we are we as a society just fearful we don't understand we could say the same goes for the lgbtq community as many people vehemently oppose this a because they know nothing about us and we only believe what they're narrow minded allows them to see that being said i think what is most important when it comes to mass hysteria is that we educate ourselves and i'd always fall prey to whatever we're here in world of social media and so called fake news it may be hard to avoid but i feel it is important to be leery question everything and consider you're source of before jumping to conclusions we may not be able to avoid mass hysteria but the more we know the better off we are a second gee gee i joke you saw so fox knowing how to battle and cool all right so awesome so do we have time furby us weekly yeah so bs weekly like we said is just something related to are a topic of the week that's current so the sun today just a just goes to show that mass hysteria is still alive and kicking a article comes out literally two days ago and it states that last friday a group of thirty five students in india start rolling around on the ground and crying following their morning prayers for no apparent reason and the two days before this about five students had been doing the same thing no one has been able to explain it as to why the students have been had this outburst i actually watched the video myself and it's pretty weird indeed so score thirty is brought in doctors have found nothing medically wrong the students and counselors were also sent to school to ensure the students had someone to talk to and the situation didn't get out of control yeah so that's a wish that we wanna raise it's a fun topic that was so interesting so we wanna thank prank forty eight again for having us on today if you haven't yet donate under a official website a next on the live line up is the podcast who invited her so take a listen to that outside of the livestream you can find us on apple spotify stitcher and all these other podcasts places a we drop episodes every other week with minnesota in between those weeks and then you can follow us on twitter facebook and instagram by searching bs pot ph x and if you wanna contact us you can email us at business puppy checks at g mail dot com hey thanks chris job so and then made a little bit about me my name is cody wagner i'm actually the author of the lgbt why eight series the gay teams guided to defeating a siren in a very quick nutshell us and award winning series about a teenager who comes out of the closet his parents freak out and take into this really homophobic boarding school but when the parents leave the score villes it's secret refuge for gay teams go to a secret gay high school so if you like lgbt fiction 'em search my name on amazon and it's the first thing that comes up andy makes good presence and stuff yeah i've read both both of them in a part three should be coming up fares yes yeah oh yeah and you can also find us on our website a bs puppy checks dot com and all that information is on there as well so yeah so someone here said we should come to new orleans for the live event august i i wish we'd i in a in my spare time outside of my day job i also a direct into theaters i maxi directing show here in august i wouldn't even be able to do i i'll go oh representing that'd be that would be really cool and we have a listen we have a lot of cool stuff coming up to a we are going to go to the ufo's congress convention here in phoenix in september a were actually interviewing a v p m c of that a show here come coming up this we say his name so you can handle it all has a very big figure in the year for communities were interviewing him and then in tucson i will be going to these sacrifice finished in convention also be on some panels there so and that's in november november and that's the one that unfortunately i just good i'm actually i've been invited to eight book event some being flown out for the weekend to sit on author panels and stuff where my novels so otherwise i would be with chris so will both be kind of taking one side say it again just figure george that's all it's turned on but overall how close not bad but other than that again thank you guys for listening we had a lot of fun today this was a pretty much are while we've had one other live one but it was a little bit more different this is a lot of fun so it was kind of like moderated yeah someone they're with us but this was but this the which you've heard this is the format russia this is kind of what we do for everything yeah we have a new episode dropping on monday so take a listen to that in a find us on there so with that by he he you still have to kill it or why are you sure yeah my very

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Episode 01.18: Airplane Movies

We're Talkin' Movies

48:02 min | 2 years ago

Episode 01.18: Airplane Movies

"Welcome to episode eighteen airplane movies on this episode. Johnny Nettie discussed airplane movies. Johnny shares one of the first films depicting plane and its passengers in distress from the nineteen. Kim Fifties Eddy. Mentions the four crazy airport movies that were released during the seventy S. We invite you to grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage could see and put up. You're feet because we're talking loses. Welcome back I'm Johnny Popcorn and I'm Eric League and were talking movies. Normally this time media media do some kind of fill in our introduction. But I don't WanNa Kinda spoil the Party so I'M GONNA go right ahead so we can get this show on the road and ask you the question question where we going today. Well Johnny. Today were talking airplane movies airplane movies. Okay what that means folks is that we are going to be talking about films where the passengers are in distress. The plane is in distress troubled. Something went wrong with it or the airplane and events that occur start on the airplane are central to the story. It'll it'll become pretty self evident. I think as we go along but I'm going to provide a little bit of background particularly on those films that relate to where the airplane it is in trouble and the passengers are endangered and one of the first films which was based on a book to explore the cripple what I would call. The crippled airplane with passengers. Onboard board drama was really the high and mighty with John Wayne back in nineteen fifty four. They had airplanes back then. But this is a prop lane this was before for the jets. This is before the jets which is another reason that wants the jet came in. I think we got more into these dramas. Because they were bigger planes they could go faster higher fire whatever anyway. It's a flight from Hawaii Actually here Wayne is the copilot and Robert Stack is the pilot but he starts losing losing his nerve when they have engine trouble Wayne takes charge as you would expect as they prepare for a crash landing. The passengers reassess their lives. This became literally the template I would say for disaster movies. And there's has an Oscar winning score and it's a cast list that reads like a WHO's who from nineteen fifty fifty films. Now there's genre had a couple of other films build on this theme shortly thereafter one being zero hour this'll become significant later. Nine thousand nine hundred fifty seven even with Dana Andrews as a military pilot named wait for it Ted striker and he's forced to take the controls after the pilot who was really real. Live football star Elroy crazy legs hirsch. Who played for the rams at that time? He's sick and buy food and Sterling Hayden that old actor assists in Atlanta from his position down in the control tower this became fodder of course for a comedic or comedy. Send up that we're GONNA talk about a little later and then came into the crowded sky again. This was nineteen sixty with Dana Andrews flying commercial jet this time which hidden it which is hit in midair by a Navy jet flown by Ephram Zimbalist junior and the drama is in getting the plane down safely. This theme is revisited in a film that we're going to kind of comment on a series that developed their other airplane theme films that came about skyjacked. And of course castaway die hard to hero turbulence. And if you have any selections but after nine eleven they reality became too real only United Ninety three by Paul greengrass which of course depicted the actual events of that day on the plane that crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania was filmed until more recently flight. Which I will talk about and nonstop which Ed he's going to visit kind of regenerated there's genre so there's a little background you WANNA go first? Do you want me to start this off. I've talked already. Maybe you should take take the lead on this one eighty. Well if I WANNA start. These aren't even the movies that I had picked to go over. Yeah and a little bit but so you know I'm looking online airplane movies actually on my apple. TV and and it gives you a suggestion of similar movies down below right. And I'm watching all these trailers and then I get to this one the sequence. Tim Airport Airport Seventy-five Airport seventy seven. Airports seventy-nine I'm like wanting so so so I I watched the previous for all three of these trailers and there are so hokey. I the way I saw him. I mean that's from the from the looking at the trailer. He may be back in the day. Well it was scary but the well. Uh I didn't mention in my intro because I wanted to drop that. Because you're gonna you were going to comment on those and I'm GonNa talk about the one that started that whole ballgame but they may be Hokey by standards because people people today are so used to the special effects and the ability of of the and we've talked about this the technology so dazzling now these what they can create read literally anything and these special effects aren't as oh the miniature sitting on the ocean getting you know. Somebody's paddling a little water off to the side. I do whatever the string attached to the airplane ear type of thing but I mean those those films were a little more advanced than because it was. Well Omeday that as you said the seventies I got a complaint because I was sitting at the kitchen table doing my show prep and as I'm watching these things I'm not loud. How stupid they are and all of a sudden here? My daughter in the other room was doing her homework. Saying no you go so much about and I'm just gonNA touch on just a couple of things. I saw each one of these real quick gate so airport was it. Looks like it's a million years ago and there's the scene in the trailer where this guy is he's sitting on the NC. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA make reductive make ticket and then right across the aisle a guy sits up and you realize that a priest and with his right arm he crosses himself father son goes over were holy and then when he did the spirit he smacked the guy just went back on it was it was just it was it was funny so just for all those out there you might want to add to this The budget was ten million dollars for that movie and it grows to one hundred million. I don't even WanNa touch on that now. Well Ah. That was the first one I I was going to do. And we'll we'll go back to why your criticism here because as I said. Let me hit these other the Savannah looking. There's one called airports seventy-five and I'm thinking to myself. Why it was made in nineteen seventy four and this one either there's the cockpit and all of a sudden there's in the trailers the scene of a guy like having a heart attack in a in a private plane and then it flashes too through the the cockpit of the big plane and it looks like it looks like at the TV screen is real bad movie and this plane comes and then it hits the cockpit and you know people were screaming and all that kind of stuff and it was crazy tidbit on that one? That film was is listed among the one hundred. Most enjoyable bad movies ever made so that was pretty cool. The the budget for this one was three million from the trailer. I saw a lot of corners that were cut. And it grossed forty seven million so the next in the line is airport seventy seven which was filmed in nineteen seventy seven released and it has art. Thieves hijack seven forty seven. It's it's not your normal normal plane with all the roads. I mean it's a big huge seven forty seven I think But it's like you know there are people just standing around tables drinking. I mean you don't see any. It's like a luxury apartment on. Almost they used to have the bar. They used to have a bar up on the leopard level in those they reinstituted of some time ago but they did away with with it for putting more people in obviously but they used through. That was one of the big things that I don't know what that model was. It's been a long time since I saw that film. They end up in the bottom of the Z.. Right it's so funny there in the Bermuda Triangle and then this coast again. This is all and trailer. The coastguard is find out on. The Guy Looks looks over the the the helicopter looks down and it's as if the plane is like just like five and five feet of water. See the play by it. It was Hokey. It's all Hokey. That budget was six million and it did thirty million so it was making money kept going. They did one more airport seventy nine the concord which the other ones were masterpiece the compared to this one trailer wise. You've gotta conquer with these people. And they're the concord is dodging missiles that are being shot at it It's it's crazy. There's one guy that's in this play by George Kelly. He actually doesn't even George Kelly. Yeah towards Kelly. He's actually in all four replaced. Kennedy George Kennedy George. I miss the old western actor. While he's a marine. He was in cool. Hand Lucan whole bunch of movies. Yeah I'm sorry George Kennedy yet. He played the same character in all all four these over the Spanish. Now this one made or this one cost fourteen million. Probably because they had the barrel the Concorde for a little bit. It grossed thirteen nine so lost a million dollars no more airports well. Oh that again goes back again to when you keep trying to play the same string eventually. It fades two times change. People lose interest now. The the reason that the airport series is significant. Even though Eddie jaundiced by that this is a little bias because I come from a different different era pretty outstanding players but the original Film Airport Nineteen Seventy was based on a book by Arthur Haley. It was a top selling novel and it deals the interesting thing is Arthur Hailey had written the story and helped on the screenplay four zero hour that movie I talked about if nine hundred fifty seven this film revisited. The theme of passengers endangered just like high and the mighty and it's the first and these clones that he's talking about the reason being is this had all the top stars from that era this at a little more thrilling Situation because there was a passenger on board. You've got the general manager of the airport itself. Is Burt Lancaster. He's gotTa Love Life Issues going on on and he's got these airplanes being threatened blown up by passenger van. Heflin who eventually does blow out the back. End of the plane and endangers the plane and Dean Martin's the pilot. I ought he's having an affair to the distress of his wife with with this flight attendant. WHO's played by Jacqueline beset? So you've got all this personal stuff going on so the people on the ground the F. personal issues people in the plane are concerned and they eventually land the plane. It was nominated for Nine Academy Awards and won one one for best supporting actor actress for the Aging Star. Helen Hayes. Are we talking about the same airport. Nineteen Seventy nineteen seventy and it made it came out in March of nineteen seventy made a hundred million dollars and justed for inflation. That's the equivalent in two thousand eighteen of six hundred and forty eight million because the book was very popular. This was an adaptation that people ran to. I saw it at the drive in so l.. Like the second run deb thing but it was a big deal because they had all these stars so hey. We made that much money doing other one and Charlton Heston is the hero in Airport seventy-five then. You had Jack Lemmon in seventy seven and so on and so forth but it faded. And but nineteen seventy airport seventy. Was it again. I hate to use it. I won't say iconic because it may not have been greatest film ever made but it was a successful film of the time. Well as as you know the greatest film ever made came out this all this. The greatest moving for me came out this spring called. I'm I'm sorry okay. We got the airport thing out of the way we talk about the executives. Hey why not just take in beat it the death. We'll see how long it run as long as some fools keep coming into the theater and you notice agianst on the budget while they went up in the budget. Because of the Gordon Not Gourd. Anyway you go Max. Yep Yeah go ahead. So I'M GONNA go with one of the ones that I took a look at for our little review here Executive Executive Decision Nineteen Ninety six directed by Stuart by heard. I think Kurt Russell Halle Berry Steven Seagal. In Oceanic Oceanic Airlines Airlines flight. Three forty three's hijacked and the US military devises a plan to army commandos on the jet at thirty nine thousand feet. Hijackers are unaware of the commandos while the soldiers are unaware of a weapon plane. Take out the eastern seaboard of the United States. The rogue unit must fight against time and the shaky government before they blow the out of the sky. And Yeah I mean a lot of the movie they WanNa blow that thing out of the sky and they're trying their darndest to get up there and and and talk them out of it. I know Steven even signal led the party to go up into the plain. Some things happened there and really carousal takes it from there and does his action stuff. I guess I'm a big Fan of Kurt Russell you know. I don't think he's gotten enough. Well he has more recent time here. He's he's a little more grizzled and he's he's done with the horizon film about explode. He's I've always liked him and a marvel movie is the yeah the father of mm-hmm star Lord. But that's pretty that's a pretty good film And he's trying to F- you end up trying to land the plane which is a big seven forty seven again but it's a pretty interesting little film like these kind of things and as those of you who are listening and interested in moves you know. Every movie made is not GonNa Be Academy Award. These things are made for entertainment but they have to have some sense of realism and they have to have some sense of to see this happening happening into I care about the people. Were trying to do what they do. And I think it works for what it is. I mean you know that going in is like we talked about with the angels series or any of these other things we talk about and we like those action films but it's a matter degrees summer great and some are okay and some so we wasted two hours. I mean so but I think that's a that's a nice little film for what it is and Halle Berry in it. I believe he pays a stewardess the other thing I this is this is the one when Donald Trump's ex wife is in this I think as the other stewardess Marla ORLA MARLA maples maples. Yeah I think she's in that by. My brain is working right now. Originally Halle Berry refused to play the part movie but she said Yes when the offer of one million dollars came in which nineteen ninety-six. You know I'd have been available for that. Who's it was Towards the beginning of her career David grant is seeing taking flight lessons and is about to go so low and real life Kurt Russell who plays David Griffin is an FAA licensed pilot holding readings for several aircraft types. I didn't know that Kurt Russell Yeah real pilot pilot. Yeah that's that's interesting. I know that They made a point that he had taken lessons in the film. You know the guy at the beginning they'd had lessons Zain's and I didn't know how proficient remember proficient. He was supposed to be but that's interesting. That's very interesting and then one last thing about this movie it originally was developed at paramount. Pictures the studio. Put the project. In a turnaround and sold it to warner brothers in exchange for the rights in the screenplay to forrest Gump nine hundred ninety. Four executive decision was considered a hot project while forrest gump was going through multiple problems at the script and casting. In addition. Some Warner exempts. Were afraid that the success of rainman would preempt gump due to the perceived similarities of the projects subject matter At the main stars about those movies have mental disabilities Warner Brothers. Made a little bit of a mistake. anyways that's an interesting tidbit that's executive decision again. Nineteen ninety-six budget fifty five million gross two hundred and twenty two minutes. Yeah pretty successful. I'd say for what it was again. It's entertainment and it was a throwing aloe sidebar to that too. There is an actor who played the bad guy on there. David Suchet who is probably most well known for his years playing Hercule Poirot on PBS series as Hercule poirot Oh so he's very good that he actually owns it. I mean literally owns that part. I mean anybody play it afterwards. And they've been several on the playing these his his role on film but he's terrific. I'm going to work backwards. I'm going from a more recent film to more recent films. Say Flight I with his Denzel. Washington GonNa make this brief because we we dealt with Denzel Washington's career several episodes ago this again is a terrific film elm it's deals with a talented commercial airline pilot. Whip Whitaker played by Denzel of course but he has problems with drugs and alcohol alcohol and he's flying drunk and his plane breaks and he has In order to try to save everyone on board he ends up taking a desperate attack and turned the plane upside down was able to then rotated back into a crash. Landing about half the passengers I believe survived arrived. He underwent an investigation. He tried to hide the fact that he was alcohol and drug user Eventually they have investigation. And I won't give the spoiler way if you haven't seen it. It's well worth it. I thought they were some again. This is a Domecq Zemeckis film and sometimes he. I commented last time either. Some of his films come out to Husak and I think he got off on sidebars in this thing but the supporting cast of Don cheadle Bruce Greenwood and John Goodman are terrific and and Goodman goodmans part. A couple of scenes with goodman are worth the price of admission alone. I mean Dan Zales excellent of course and bar a little bit of Eddie here they. I didn't have the budget on this one. But they did make worldwide took one hundred sixty one and only took in ninety three domestic so it wasn't as successful film. I think thank budget. Wise was probably wasn't a very expensive to make. I probably put maybe it was in a twenty million range. They made money on this. I'm sure because of the Danville but anyway anyway I guess the way back in the budget was a thirty one hundred sixty one worldwide and domestic ninety three. So that's not bad okay. So the next movie I'm going with is conair nineteen ninety-seven directed by Simon West. Nicholas Cage. John cusack John Kasich. I liked this movie I I. I've seen it a gazillion times. It it some people would say. Hey this is a trash. I mean this is one of my wife would walk out of the room when you're trying to watch and you've seen it before. Yeah but this is a cool scene. You know we do this all the time. I love this. Watch this partier Malkovich's at his worst bad guy I mean evil bad guy. He's good as the bad guy so over the top op though and Nicholas Cage it works for what it is. It's pretty cool movie. Definitely Nicholas Cage is part of Cameron Cameron Po who is a highly decorated military officer and he was out with his wife. I think he was just huge. Just released released from Tairea and some junk drunk guys. Were mess around with his wife and it was raining and they got an a tussle and he's a little bit too much move on one at hunch and killed somebody so he went to prison counting every day. His daughter was born after a while he was in prison. So you know doing everything by the book just waiting to get out. And he's on this con air flights to go home and that just happens to be filled with a bunch of bad guys and Dan the worst of all bad guys Cyrus. The virus grissom played binoche. AVIK breaks breaks out takes over. The planers liners this whole story. But it's hard though look at Nicholas Cage. Because he's got this long hair. Yeah but it's it's funny it. The budget seventy five million in gross two hundred and twenty four million here and here. We're talking about passengers. Endangered is a whole different concept upped. The idea of flying which which really opened your eyes to the fact that this goes on all the time. They're transferring prisoners from place to place and these the really bad guys. These are really the worst of the worst and they take over this plane so it's a little bit. It's a little different spin on the passengers into stress the plane but it's it it works it works for what it is. I got a couple quick trivia is on it John. Malkovich was unhappy. Happy during production because the script is being rewritten virtually every day and he had no idea how his character was going to turn out. And you know he's looking an actor in that way were you don't want to know John. Kusak allegedly disliked the film so much that he refuses to be interviewed about it and then finally in preparation for the film Nicholas Cage traveled to Alabama to perfect his southern accent that he does have in in the movie. So that's pretty cool. Oh you put the bunny back. If you just put the bunny back into box little dialogue here folks we willing to explain where they comes from but it has to do with little president. He's trying to take home to his daughter so next one here. There's little more. This was a terrific perfect film We again had mentioned this before but I have to mention because it's a great film. It's and I commented last week. I'm reading Clint Eastwood's biography. Clint Eastwood directed this. The movie of course is sully which recreates the harrowing events surrounding the successful landing of a disabled aircraft on the Hudson River January January. Fifteen two thousand nine. All one hundred fifty five passengers survived. And that's because Captain Chesley Sully Sewin- Burger as portrayed raid by Tom. Hanks exhibits the value of experience and the ability to focus on the task at hand under an expected and nearly unimaginable symbol circumstances. But it's his what he does in one of the critical things in his he makes a. He does a procedure. That's well ahead. Worry supposed to do it. But since he had to engine failure not a one engine failure because the plane was struck by geese Bird Strike and he had to be investigated about. Why did what he did? And why didn't he go here and there and so on the bottom line is they. All did their jobs everyone survived. which is it's pretty amazing thing and it's portrayed superbly? I have a friend who is an retired united pilot. WHO's flown several several planes? The one thing he does whenever he watches any airplane film is to make sure everything in the cockpit. Looks Great and they don't cheat on you know That part of it and he said the portrayal here was was spot on and he was enthralled watching the lamb himself but that's that's a terrific film Elm and again we talked about Denzel in conjunction with hangs these two superior actors and hangs can play literally anybody and anything thank and he's probably GonNa prove that because his upcoming film is no less than Mister Rogers. He played The Walt Disney. It definitely comes. He bridges buys. He plays a real guy that at all it he just an every man. And that's great. That is oh greatest thing for an actor after I mean he's not typecast you know he can play anything. I don't think he's played a cowboy yet though. It's well did he. He's woody. It always went. Well Yeah Okay yes there he goes. He played everything. But it's hard sometimes when you think that his at least the first time I saw on TV was Bussan was Muslim buddies. Guy The other guy. Peter He's in honey. I shrunk the kid. He's he's in a few things but they had to dress up like women to get a job so my next one I'm going to go with is nonstop two thousand fourteen with Liam Nielsen. Julianne Moore Scott McNary he and Michelle dockery from Downton. Don't have Leeann plays bill marks a former COP dealing with his daughter's death by drinking and he's now a federal air marshall while on the flight from New York London marks Getty tax ton him that unless one hundred and fifty million dollars is transferred into an offshore account. Someone will die every twenty minutes Can you find the terrorist time and save everyone. This one is It's a pretty good suspense movie because some things are thrown in there makes him look. He's the person but he's trying to to get it all figured out and you know a lot of action. It budget was fifty million. It grossed two hundred twenty two million so that was successful You love the movie to. We've watched you know it's kind of like we've said just before we like certain actors and we watch him and everything. The most recent one we would saw Nissan in the remake of that Swedish Norwegian movie. Yeah when he was the citizen of the of the drives the snow. We'll have to check the way back when she did. The title is is slipping away right at the moment moment but the point is we've watched him the taken series. I've seen every one of those I don't know how many times he's had a whole new ever since unfortunately since his wife died in that regard as we all that accident out and he is yes she heard it fell and hit her head and then she had she died unfortunately and unexpectedly since that he's rebuilding the entire career on all these action films. He's got another one he's plotting out now but taken is pretty good. I kept saying thing if I'm sitting in that plane and my whom I believing the stuff I'm hearing you know he's wanting to go one way and we're hearing things who would I believe so but it's pretty good. It's well worth a couple of hours to take a look at it differently and one interesting fact is the set for the plane was built larger larger taller than standard commercial airlines to accommodate his height and also he played his character is what is what in the Irish Scottish he. He's I think he's really I decide what she is. Actually this is what I think. They said the first film or he can use his regular accent. That is actually portraying a person. Instead of an American so that was pretty cool way back shoot just popped up up here and said cold movie that we saw that Tim out this year. Two thousand nine hundred and its remake. I saw the original if you want to go back to the original channel. That's pretty cool to follow the same thing. Except that's over there and this one's here in Colorado. I forgot to mention sully of course was successful. I mean Took in worldwide two hundred and thirty eight million and. I know Clint Eastwood was under budget. Whatever the budget was he came in under budget because all of his films tend income under budget? Anyway I'm going to talk about another one here. This is red eye actually a fairly little film. Two thousand five starring Rachel McAdams. This is earlier little early in a career. But she's pretty good in it and the bad guy is played by Cillian Murphy played the scarecrow character in Batman begins. Who's actually he was actually in all three of them? The whole trilogy of Christopher Nolan's He's ban. Christopher Nolan used him in Dunkirk to he was the guy that didn't want to go back on the boat and caused that other kid to get hurt. Thing is this guy is giving me chills. Ever since I saw him in the Batman and I couldn't watch when this was obviously made a little bit before but anyway when I saw this just of it is Rachel McAdams in the wake of her Grandmother's funeral she's a hotel manager and she's waiting to fly home and she meets this charming guy named Jackson rip. Ner you think a little play on Jack The ripper maybe at check in. And he's so nice and she thinks it's pretty lucky that they're seated together. Takin Chitchat but she soon learns otherwise because he hopes to assassinate the head of Homeland Security and she finds out that he is also holding her her father hostage because she wants the key to a hotel room in her hotel that she's manages to to have the appropriate then each point for the assassination attempt. And so this thing it it's it starts off and he's a little nice but then there's a creepy a creepy nights and he gets creepy as he starts talking in rear and she realized I gotTa Get away from this guy. She tried several times. It's it's pretty good little film because she she sells it. You really fear for her. She's likable enough. She's cute enough all the all the things that the lady in distress and yet she's competent and thinks herself of out of the couple situation anyway. He's got me going here Budget Twenty six million ninety five million and US. That's not bad not bad for a little bit so my next one is. I actually watched this last night for the first time passenger fifty seven nineteen ninety-two directed by Kevin Hooks. Wesley Snipes Bruce Payne. Tom Sizemore Alex stature. And one of the first rules that Elizabeth Hurley at Pat Played. I didn't recognize her at first. Actually but And Bruce Screen as well so the funny thing is wasn't he snipes plays an airline insecurity expert. Who just happens to be afraid to fly which I thought was pretty funny and he must take action when he finds himself trapped on a passenger jet with terrorists that seize control of it so it was really? It was really good a lot of action. It was you know it wasn't snipes At his best he was doing a lot of kickin. He's beating people up In the first part of it is on the plane and then they get off off the plane he's chasing them through the Affair there down south or the sheriff of course originally arrests him when he first season. And you know he's giving them all this trouble But it's it's pretty action packed. I I liked it. They got back on the plane and they played The FA my my favorite little line that I just broke out laughing as was they snipe says to the bad guy named Charlie. Charlie replayed relent on occasion. Well let me give you some advice. I was on the music. It's louder the camera. Start zooming in always bet on black one or two lines from some movies just going to stick with. You're not gonNA forget that it's been a long time. That came out win. Ninety Ninety seven seven or ninety ninety two eight two. Yeah that's a long time ago. Yeah it actually was originally made. It was made for semester stallone. He turned it down and one of the characters in in the movies. Name is sly so I guess little call that the other funny part is there's a lady that comes up and sits next to him in the plane. I mean there's some back and back and forth with flight attendant and there's a whole story in that it's pretty need but this lady goes I love you. TV Hoop Arsenio Hall. I also read when I was looking at this stuff or sitting hall was in a show once and someone came up up to him and said I love you in passenger fifty seven so mistaken for each other but that was ever got to take this. I'm GONNA take a little a little different. Reggie show how this whole genre can be stretched and there's a spoof. We're going to talk about the little bit about this but this is where you can take is about the extreme. It's called snakes on a plane. Two thousand six and this is of course the only reason this works in its own craziness some the special effects I mean. He's snakes snake in the world on his thing is Samuel L. Jackson and he is an FBI agent Melville Flynn. He's going from Hawaii Los Angeles escorting key witness to a trial but an onboard assasin releases a creative deadly serpents in an and attempt to kill the witness and Flynn and the host of frightened passengers and crew band together to try to survive the onslaught. So obviously I mean people get bitten. It's all it's all over the map it did okay. I mean you think man. You'd laugh this thing right out of the theater. I mean if it weren't for Jackson and that's probably the reason. Yeah I would. I saw it DVD. The only reason I would have gone to see if he's in it I'm going you know we say this all the time. Well we're going to check it out. But that was budgeted thirty six million. They had to do a lot of. CG with snakes biting people and Crawling on people sixty two until they double almost double the. That's pretty good. I'm sure that Jackson put the F. F.. FBI normally his colorful languages goes with them with every movie that well the one thing he said in an interview the didn't or they re ran it again on sixty minutes that he did and it was really great they did a whole thing and his you know how he he is. He's just so jovial and so on he loves it and he gave this thing but a lot of people take all these actors say they don't like to watch themselves on screen. What a bunch of who he? I love myself on screen. I asked him why he takes some of these movies and how he can demand things and so when he says because it determines the numbers zeroes track on the check check and I get big Zeros because I can put butts in seats. I can't remember the exact question but the answer. I don't know where I saw it. But Samuel Jackson is like when you take the from all. The movies is in the star wars all that stuff and put it together. He is the highest his movies. have altogether have grossed hotter than any other person. Exactly I mean it's amazing. That's what he was laughing about. He's I because he brings people in and he. I've seen him and stuff that I'm saying. Why did you take this role? He got paid big money for right and so he the economic in for so long. You know he's riding a string but she okay. I'M GONNA go. This is my last one. Okay and then. We're going to spend it here. Luke quickly leave with this last commentary. This one happens to be one of my favorite movies you can tell. It's it's a favorite one. I don't know if I've ever said I think last week I was joking on the audiobook book thing. I don't really have time to read books. I read now. Of course. This book is not based on books of the book was made off of the movie but I read the book. I Air Force. One Nineteen ninety-seven directed by Wolfgang Petersen Harrison Ford Gary Oldman Clin close. Played the vice president Here's some for for the president of course in different surveys or different question your things they have when they say. WHO's your? WHO's the your favorite president actor whose plea president Nine Times out of ten. He always ends up up even though he's the only president in movie history. Sorry that was. The United States had never touched land in America during the movie he was in Russia and everywhere else. So this is a about the it's a thriller about the steadfast United States president who has just told the world. He will not negotiate with terrorists but now Russian neo nationals have hijacked Air Force One and the president is faced with the nearly impossible decision given to the terrorist demands or sacrificed. Not only the country's dignity but the lives of his wife and daughter Love the play well above this movie. Favorite Line is get off my plane name. Yeah in in Oldman is really really despicable and has a bad guy. He's a very good bad guy when he joked we've seen him joke about G. I finally got to play a good guy. He plays so many bad guys. I I love the movie. I don't want to say too much about it because there's just so much action right. There's it's a little bit of a Hokey part towards the end special effect wise. But I can't say that is because I do have a little bit trivia first of all. I'm sorry everybody. The lead role was written for originally Kevin Costner. Oh my gosh here he is again. I'm sorry But he was committed to the Postman in nineteen ninety seven which he made a bad decision. I sure did and suggested Harrison in his place. If Harrison would have turned down supposedly they would offer it to Kim Reeves which would not have worked and he would have been some fresh free. Wouldn't been old old enough. And then the other person could even be President Arnold Schwarzenegger because there's reasons you can't it wouldn't have been believable. You Know Ah. That would just wouldn't have worked a couple other quick things initially the director. Wolfgang Petersen was denied access to the real life life force one so Harrison. He had to get on the phone and talk to the White House quickly. That changed. They were on the Air Force. One Harrison Ford actually went before the MPA and appealed to have the movie rated PG thirteen but they refused. This attempt was inspired by a successful the appeal he did for clear and present danger. Nine hundred ninety four it was gonna be an art and he pleaded and they did it. PG thirteen this one was are trying trying to think there's probably dirty words in a bad words. Yeah Yeah we're I mean there was enough I got I think that's the only reason Well there was some killed island. Yeah one day while filming to FA eighteen fighters appeared in radioed in a surprised report that the plane had been asked they had been asked to identified find. The plane was Air Force One. Even though it wasn't and that there are bullet holes on the hill. Little details of bullet holes of the plains game air-traffic-control control waved them off in in Los Angeles. Because they knew about the film Thank God you crazy and you kind of touched send this earlier. This movie was kind of towards the end of the whole die. Hard inspired action movies. Where terrorists invade a confine in space a vehicle or whatnot and it's foiled by a loan hero which pass a fifty seven and most of these movies all kind of fit under that so one reason was because every conceivable multi passenger vehicle planes trains city buses and speed had already been tried so that was interesting bit but Air Force One? You have to see it. I mean it is awesome. Yeah it was a good film. It was a very good film Glenn close as Vice President. I mean she was awesome. That so and it was interesting When she took the part there is some parts where you know? She surprised presidency and thing on on the on live TV. You know with some different things that happen. I can't talk about what the script said. She was to cry and and she was like. I'M GONNA be the President Vice President. WHO's acting as the president? I may be a woman but I am not going to be exact falling into that stereotype so I thought that was pretty good. That's exactly exactly well. I talked about snakes on the plane but the ultimate send up of all these airplane disasters it was and is airplane. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty this is the creation by the Zucker brothers Zakar brothers along with Jim Abrams uh-huh and it was a sensational comedic. HIT building a variety of incidents and dialogue taken from the previous many of the previous films. Some of which we've talked about provide a big thing is it provided several older actors and opportunity to spoof themselves and also to be in a movie again and that includes Robert Stack who my guy she. He played way back in high and mighty. John Wayne Lloyd bridges of course. That's Jeff bridges father who was later in his career Leslie Nielsen and Chuck Connors and Peter Graves. Takes several shots at this Louis disaster movies that were released in the seventies and of course it has this plot again and you're going to sound mm familiar. The passengers and crew of a jeter incapacitated due to food poisoning. A rogue pilot with a drinking problem must cooperate with his ex girlfriend. Turn stewardess to bring. The plane is safe landing. Now this thing is based on areas again Arthur Hailey Arthur Haley's little book flight into danger and also the script from zero hour the Dana Andrews film back in Nineteen fifty seven right and that was also what he helped author. So we've seen hailey his hand in this genre in a couple of ways but it was a success. It was such as exit. Guess what the budget was that. Baby Nineteen Eighty Yep I'll say like seventy five million three boy back five really and it took eighty three million took in eighty eighty three million and how many people have seen it on TV and on DVD which way and they made a second one. It was okay but this was because it was such outlandish. Everybody thought it was hilarious. I I hadn't left. There's a lot of what they call comedy films and I don't find him all that funny. This one just worked for me. Because I like some of that crazy send-offs kind of mad magazine. This one where there was a couple of different nuns and they kept like slapping some lady. Well they got. There's the one where he's telling his sad story in the woman. One person is throwing gasoline gonNA kill themselves and the other one hangs hangs herself. I mean they got all this and the doctor he goes and he's slapping people. I mean the whole thing. It's well taking a look at because this isn't funny in today's terms but they have a if you remember they have the metal detectors they didn't have the TSA yet they had metal detectors and it's a little old lady comes through in these guys. The guards take her aside. And your frisking. Meanwhile these looks like Arabs with machine gene guns and rocket launchers just going through now that was funny in nineteen eighty. It's not so funny right now but it was well done so anyway. What's GonNa all his Eddie? Well Johnny looks like it's time again and before I turn it over to you as always we think our listeners and thank you for subscribing to our show please tell your family and friends anyone can listen for free on apple podcast. iheartradio new episodes will drop every Monday. Visit Janis blog. It's a little behind. It's a little behind. Yeah assignments everything through wait. Wait Watch it through and you can read it through eight and this happens to be episode. At visit Janis blog on our website. Were talking movies. MOVIES DOT COM there. You'll find additional commentary show notes and references that were mentioned in the show the easiest way to subscribe to our podcast. visit our website again. We're talking moves. Dot Com. Click on the subscribe now link which is located at the top of the page from page. You'll see a bunch of different platforms forums specifically apple in iheartradio. You will not find Pandora on that if you have a show idea or just want to say look Luke boss the plane the plane. I don't lie thought of that but I was thinking what was the name given. I can't recover them all the bond and I forget what the little little guys was common through our website de Amazon instagram. Or tweet us at we talk in movies also find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash. Were talking movies. We would love it if you like our page. That's it for me. Well it's offered today folks so until next time. Keep Your eyes on the silver screen as we fade to black. This is Johnny Popcorn and epic league saying saying so long to. We're talking again.

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ACS (Part 1): Todd Garner, Rotten Tomatoes, and Hooray for Baldywood

"Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead. Hello, everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance guy. Go. Projected increase in organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Your toolbox. Will we're playing on TV show based on a movie starring role where we'll movie, thankfully, the only song ever released the singles P side with the instrumental version ain't nothing it's David and he's making it on the two. Corolla one studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show Adams guest today renowned Hollywood producer. Todd garner calls in for a round of the rotten tomatoes gang with Gina. Grad on news involved Brian on sound effects. Plus, a special round of addition of Roeber Baldy would and now a man who can become unhinged about hinges. Adam roll. Yeah. Got tickets on a judge on mandate. For tuning in. And thanks for telling the friend. Good day. Gina grad ball, Brian dick Jesus Christ. Polling hinges off a door four minutes ago. And I did hinges the whole goddamn morning. Lynch's watching you. I was thinking about Martina Hingis the tennis player. Yeah. King. So I literally I got up I tired. I'm sorry for saying literally. But I this morning I got up early. I went to the new house. I was intent on swinging a door an wall that I moved around, and I was working on hinges and mortis in hinges in laying in hinges the entire morning. And then when I got back to shop instructed, Sean to pull a couple of hinges that I needed and place them by my car. So that I would have them when I was walking out. So it was all hinges all morning long. There's something in gotta tell you things. Look pretty good here. Pick up insanely gratifying to work with wood. People don't understand the demo bust out the stucco smack up. You know, the demo part the mess part the clean apart the paint part looks but the actual wood working part is insanely satisfying. And it's a kind of a satisfying that we need and you have to find your version of that kind of satisfying could be making lasagna. Since is why it brain hands engaged, quiet. Putting things together could be slices of pasta in meet. It could be could be doorstop door case indoor jam, but everyone needs a little quiet putting things together with their hands and the process of creating something. Yes. And we are running away from it. And it's one of the. Very many things I'm worried about as far as our society. Goes we are sprinting away from that kind of tactile go. Do it yourself kind of stuff. I'm not talking about DIY projects per se. I'm just talking about these simple process of either cooking or building or making or assembling or something you go. I I have to go get these things, you know, there's a list I need these components, then I will take them, and I will put them down here. And then I will start to put them in order, and there's a way to do it. And there's a beginning a middle and the end, and then at some point you're there biding into the lasagna or you're watching the door swing in and out. And you've it's insanely satisfying. It's not like a high five moment. It's just it's almost soothing. And the, you know, four hours a fortnight does not now accomplish that. And I just. Wonder? I worry. It's kind of all right here. We go. Let's float an idea. I when thank lows lows dot com slash truecar truecar dot com and madman madman. Enter Adam the notion. The the innovation. It's great innovation is is awesome. Get away from all the stuff we used to have to do and we've been running as fast as we can get away from all the things we had to do in the past with all the innovation but vacuum drive, but be careful because we need a certain amount of movement and our live and not just treadmill movement. Like movement involves your mind in your hands extrapolate that to like just what people do for a living. Like, we're a good example of come here. We talk in the microphone, and it goes on either people consume it and do people who produced things for a living. They produce whatever it is. But it's are we come around full circle on that. We do live shows the cruise we see that we meet the listeners, whatever. And it's like, oh, this is the product of our our work. I'm relieved because I thought you're going to say. Hours that we accomplish nothing anything to show for it. But I think this is this is a version of what the black hole that people fall into just thought about for the first time in twenty years was the move the first time this was in a movie, I can remember city slickers. Exits air I sell air, and now with the internet and the and everything being related to some dot com. Somehow that's kind of what everyone's doing their they're selling pixels selling Cheryl. Yeah. We'll go your virtual economy there. Look, I'm now realized the it's just all about balance. It's just it's about it's about balance. But because technologies pulling you further away from the lasagna and the doors swing you must push your way back toward those events, those activities, and and I think same people are attracted to it. I think Gina or at least people who are striving for sanity Gina never obtain. It. Nearly all the stuff hamster wheel. All you've been doing in. The kitchen is is is a attempt that sanity or is as siren song of sanity or is a impulse of sanity. Like, I need to be here. I can't live in a world where you just talking or telling jokes sharing thoughts right up on my feet and get garlic under my cuticle. Yes. And not only that. But when I'm doing it. I perfer like night and day. No question to be alone. So everyone out of the kitchen, please. Because this is kind of a sort of a meditative time, I like to concentrate, I like to think about things, and I don't wanna have to interact and share that energy with somebody else. So interesting Todd garner. Who's going to be calling in? And he's a big time producer and con air everyone Hawk Down Brun big-time anger management, Paul blurts than a million million Sandler movies. I saw him. So head his crazy thing where like I ran into him yesterday afternoon. I don't know if we've ever met before I was going to a meeting he was standing in front of a building in century city, and I literally just ran into him. And then he said oh. Rotten tomatoes. I'll be doing it tomorrow. And I was like I had no contact. What do you know about? It was around. I had no idea what's going on. He he figured it out with me. But I I literally ran into him yesterday. So he's got thoughts on just about every a list celebrity has a million friends. The all the all the big names in comedy been doing it all but again who else is done Black Hawk Down and deuce Bigelow and Paul block. That's that's a little rain. So he's going to be on the phone. We'll play rotten tomatoes. Ridley Scott didn't direct. Earthline? He did the one. Mulk up. I was at the ice house last night. That was interesting working out my material weird sitting in a green room with like struggling comedians asking questions about how do I get on stage, or where do we stand or where do we go or how do I know? And it's been twenty minutes you were chewing their you're off question. How to do this thing? How'd you do? This is the Mike honor. We switch. Well, it was it was strange. I would just sitting in the green room. There are other comedians one of which I wanted to stab in the neck with a pen knife because I said. You look from Miller have we met before you look so familiar and he said because he must get this all the time. He said I was on TMZ for eight years. So TMC's one of the shows where if you're watching, you know, Buffy the vampire slayer, the sopranos, and you see a character you go. Oh that guy from that show. But TMZ everyone just sits around and talks all day. So you don't know where you go. I know you you think you hung out with them. But it's because there's four man. So I said I'll I'll get his name is not he's not there. Speaking a witch. Derek mar dare TMZ spoke to him happy to come on the show. I'm a big fan of his chat. So van is coming on from TMZ friend of Derek. Anyway, I just said van they said for the pickup high. No, you I said, I do I know I am never say that. But you look so familiar she said TMZ. So anyway, it happens all the time. So I said, oh, what happened with TMZ? And he sitting I did for about eight years. We really early morning Bubba blonde. My wife just said that's enough is enough. And I said how's that work? And he said, I'm my wife's real successful. And she said look Honey what he killing yourself can up at five every morning going. It do stand up just just take time on his permission slip. I'm like, what's your wife? She runs daytime at CBS. She's in charge all the shows. Just just she does just fine for south. So she just she finally after she'd been bothering me for long enough -nough enough is enough with getting up at five in the morning. You should be going out pursuing your dreams of being a standup. Wow. Yeah. Pursue your folly. Yes. Yes. Here's the staff. Well to be fair wanted to stab me, then when stab him. Who I want to say, I I think me, but I was like, well, you're biting you to quit your job. So you could go out at night stand up because she'll wildly successful during the day that it wasn't like after just talking her grinding her down for years. She finally said, okay, come. Yes. So good. I know so good. All right. Todd garner is on the line. We'll play rotten tomatoes. I I'll tell you about truecar got sixty seconds. That's how long this commercials gonna last. What else can you do in a minute and getting off on your car? Just go to truecar from your smartphone or your computer, enter your license plate number and watch your car's details Papa answer if you quick questions. Get an accurate troop cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer, then bring in your car. They'll check it out. You look at it together and ask if you questions get a few answers, no surprises, then you can either leave with your check or you can trade in your car for new ride. So when it's time to go new it's time to go used or maybe just wanna cash out take your car to truecar. It's a better experience. It's a better way to sell your car. It's better way to trade in your car. And you can check it out today. It is the best. It is true. True car. Todd garner Todd. Yeah. We ran into each other yesterday. Correct. How you feeling I'm feeling good? How did we run into each other yesterday? You did you. I was coming out of a meeting, and you were going into a meeting so crazy, I'll tell you. It was it's the towers at century city where they did die hard. I think. Yeah. Tell me plaza. I'm always happy to return out. Those buildings were inhabited by comedy central and history channel discovering Bubba, blah. And I always love going back there for meeting because my very first cramp job was painting commercial office space for a lawyer who invented office suites for lawyers named Paul Fiji any inhabited those towers, so I would go to those towers and paint with Andy the Jehovah's Witness for seven bucks an hour and just paint Navajo. White or Mustang. Why Navajos Brown or something on every single wall and that plays with the most miserable miserable job ever? So I always love going back to those towers and having meetings where I get my Perrier Todd who you you never stopped producing Bri. Let's brag a little about you for a second. If you would. Well, I don't know if I don't know about bragging, but yes, I never stopped producing the fear and stress is very good motivator. Right. Well, there is a sense in this. You tell me if you have this sense. I have the sense of this in this industry were in which is if you take a few months off in you get out you get out like I mean, unless you're Tim Burton or something you're just out, and you might not get back in you have that fear. Oh, yeah. I have a feeling every day. I absolutely. Yeah. And then I, you know, I have a movie this this Reva Wilson movie that's coming out in February called, isn't it romantic? And I'm starting a movie in February with John sina comedy for paramount. And and and in the back of my mind, I'm going. Yeah. But what about March, right? Yeah. I guess you need I think everyone. So how do you balance that let's get philosophical for second. This notion of your motivated, but you don't wanna be running scared because you blink your eyes and thirty years goes by and you're sort of motivated by fear, but there's obviously a balance because if you take your foot off the accelerator, and you go I'm gonna cruise for a while you can fall asleep at the wheel and hit a semi truck. What is the sort of color Ivan Reitman syndrome, what is to balance of dollars of saying, I know he's mean to yelled at me Jimmy times, what does that balance of being motivated all the time, but not through fear? Todd. That is by the way that is the big question because I you know, there's a little bit of fear is a good thing. 'cause it's it definitely gets you up and gets gets the fire-lit, but to just live with it on a daily basis can really just wear you out and grind you. So you, you know, look, I have two great kids married. I I have a great life. So I try to put that away as much as I can and balance it and believe me, there's nothing more grounding than having a seventeen year old son who just does not give it crap about my business. To just be like, I can't even get him to come to the movie sets anymore. So my kids ground me. Can you know in a in a great way? Yeah. I've two kids one of great to and and a wife a wife is well, I won't say which one say, I don't say it's the boy I knew I probably sat to. Stangled it out there. So Todd one of our favorite films Black Hawk Down. That's when a Brian's time favorites Conair is probably film. I may have seen more than any other. I don't know me too. By the way, anytime it's on. I always watch it again, you know, why? Because you're only eighty to one hundred five seconds away from a great scene or great line that could be a slow motion cigarette flick SCI they're they're so much. There's so much going on the could have Johnny fifteen and a cage in the plane, or whatever his name was we'd have tea party an empty pool. That's right. Right. You know? It's funny about that scene is when we we first we I mean, I, you know, I I was an executive on it. I Jerry bruckheimer produced it and Simon west directed it. But when that scene was I cut it was four and a half minutes long him in that pool with that little girl. It was torture. He really be entire time thought, man. He's definitely gonna kill this girl right now or worse. I. Yeah. Lot going on love that movie. All right. So yes, Brian nice to meet you, my name's Brian. I talk a lot of movies on on this particular show. I'm looking at a list are some notes producer made your favorite movies of the deadpool two and if Beale street could talk. Well, no, oh, yes. Sort of. I mean, deadpool two is my favorite movie of last the two thousand eighteen. I think I think it feels tree could talk is gonna win the economy word. Why do you think so? Because I think that I think that these things start to get momentum. And and and I just feel like that movie coming off the Golden Globes. We'll probably start together some momentum with the voters and don't forget, the the academy voters is a completely different body of people than the Golden Globe. Golden Globes are a hundred and forty three people in the foreign press that liked to have a big party and and get people drunk kademi voters. Most of the academy voters are are in the in the sag branch, and I was just sitting in an incredibly well-crafted movie. Where's it at now? Brian can look it up in terms of Vegas, and that's going gonna work my it fits in with my theme. Which is we have seem sometimes it's may to sometimes it's black lives matter that factors in for best picture notice type things have it on top of my head bet online at AG has the odds right now as Roma as the best picture favorite off of the Golden Globes. Todd. I I love your logic. But to that logic. I think a star is born is the open and shut like winter just because it was directed by an actor got tremendous performances that said, I do know a LA La Land is a great example which lost to Barry Jenkins movie. Moonlight a lot of times you can get backlash to what everyone thinks is the early early favorite. You know, a lot of land. That's the winner. And there was a huge tide turns you know, what I mean. And by the time doing well that that was Kimmel fucking that headway for Sunday actual out the movie that was Kimmel's mistake. Tell you. Jimmy copies of money. Yeah. Do you? Also, see look happening with the writer of green book and and fairly now. I mean, these things become so political, you know. This isn't this right now. But I'm saying these things get so political where all of a sudden now past is past transgressions are are brought up. I mean once these once he's academy racist start all kinds of stuff can go sideways by the time, the voters are done. This is what I'm saying. Which is I think it's been politicized to some degree. I'm not arguing. One hundred percent, I'm not arguing fifteen fifty percent. Just enough to get. Moonlight past LaLa land. All you need to about ten percent. That'll get you passed it with the right theme. And the problem with the stars born to white people singing, his fine. But it's not as good as the times, we're living. Let me let me also make this comparison LaLa land stars born better than land Beale streak could talk not as good as moonlight. So you have a bit of a dispirit now it's a tie now at now, we're pushing. Yeah. Okay. I just don't like the politics, especially the past of the director, whatever the film is. It's such a weird approaching art such a weird way. Which is let's pick apart something one part of this puzzle did like director three years ago and see if we can't graph that into our decision making as to best picture two thousand nineteen weird. Okay. Todd you ready to play the game. Yeah. You've been you've been briefed. I'm I'm sure right. Absolutely. All right. You should be good at this Todd. But you won't be no your here's the thing. I definitely won't be 'cause I never look at rotten tomatoes because of the types of movies that I make we'll never we're not wait go higher than ten. I understand the I was a little disappointed, but the second one was crash, right. I here's the thing. We will not know any of these from memory or through them or having having looked. It's just going to have to guess what the critics gave it. All right here. We go. Tomatoes game is presented by truecar. The game. All right. You will write it down. We'll all right down our percentage. And we'll go to you first, by the way should tell you the Todd cut a podcast the producers guide every Thursday and podcast one and apple podcasts as well. Sandwich. Been. Honorable Wilson's been on fissures on here. We go Dawson. All right since we've got Todd garner on the line. We thought we'd get to know him through his movies, but to spare in a game filled with what blow hearty critics thought about his films. Today's round will be filled with movies not produced by Todd. But featuring actors and actresses he has worked with in the past. Starting with this one. The first feature film, Tom produce was two thousand one's the animal starring our friend, rob Schneider. The film also feature John C McGinley who appeared in a film about a hotshot detective named Alex the star of this film. Medina herself Tyler Perry. Two thousand twelve Alex cross. Oh, that's where Tyler took a turn for the serious. Thing about this movie. Oh, boy seen it. He was playing cop on the edge. Well, let's see critic probably liked that he got out of the medieval spanks and did a more serious role. But I don't think anyone love this film. But Todd the reason got to play the game as you know, are we into the low twenties or the high teens are with these enough at fifty five fifty seven I'm gonna lock it in. All right, Todd. How say you. I say twenty percent twenty percent Brian's could be of early. I said fifty eight I don't anything about this movie. I know nothing Gina strong movie poster line don't ever cross Alex cross. I gave thirty five focus group. Thirty seven. Oh, no, Alex. You guys clearly have never like produced a movie. Those are those are pretty good numbers. Alex Cross's rotten at twelve. Start ever been or early wrong start? Yep. All right here, we go Todd was executive producer on triple x starring VIN diesel. But little do people know before he became a full fledged action star VIN was in this beloved cult classic. The iron giant. Oh, that's right. All right. What year was this? Do we know nineteen ninety nine people like this film Brad bird right before the incredible love to still. I'm just going to tell you guys. I it it definitely is going to be up there. But oh. All right. I'm locked in. Okay. Todd. How say you. Gosh, I'd have to ninety. Yeah. This is a really good movie. I gave down. Yeah. I went ninety one. Let's deal really screwed the pooch on this one. I felt pressured and I wrote down seventy seven the iron giant is certified fresh ninety six. All right, right. You said ninety to ninety also or nine ninety nine to two. Couple of points close. Fill out front ninety seven seventy time. Todd worked with Cameron d is on night and day, not a bad movie on like this film was not an adaptation adaption of drug fueled guns trip to Las Vegas. Cameron. Played a TV reporter in. Nineteen ninety eight's fear and loathing in Las Vegas. I remember this movie I highly anticipated because of the book, but didn't live up to expectations. But I can't figure out Terry Gilliam tear, Gilliam, directness Depp. Right. And he's playing. Hunter toro. Yeah. Yeah. This was this was how many years after where the buffalo roam where Bill Murray played in expectations of this movie too. Because the book was so popular it'd been tried to get eight years. But it was it's Terry. So it's nuts. So very why. Where are we as a great moment this movie where he's doing a flashback? He's a flashback scene to the seventies. A bunch of drugs like nineteen seventy five there. I was and he walks past and the actual hundred Thompsons in the back radios. Holy shit there. I am. I'll write the critics didn't love it. But did they hated Johnny Depp's good? He played this shit out of this role. All right. I'm locked in tan. I'm like that. You only say, I sure. I just by what you said. I'm going fifty. 'cause I think you're right. I think it's like the hated eleven I can't remember Brian. I had I'm in plain from behind mode now. So I seventy five gene, I'm the same. I I have a lot of ground to make up. I said eighty one fifty seven. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas is sitting at forty nine. That's shocking in the audience hesitant. Eighty nine percent is a chasm. All right. How this movie Todd Don, something that rarely happens is happening here. Somebody with a fresh run tomato. Hyman? It's never been pierced dominate. But now we get into the water. I gotta be fair. You gave me that one. We're getting lose. I went in the middle. We're getting into the championship rounds here. Here we go. Todd worked on the charming rom com. Thirteen going on thirty with Jennifer garner. Thankfully, Todd had nothing to do with this film. Nineteen ninety seven's Mr. Magoo. No, listen Nielsen. Oh, yeah. Oh, right. Says the eighth blunder of the world. He's gonna walk up to side of a building. All right. What is this number four Dawson? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well for those of us that are behind Todd by fifteen to twenty five points. It's time to go. Big or go home by big. We could being could mean small. I'm gonna lock myself in. Okay. Todd. What do you got? I'm gonna go might be blasphemous. I wanna go zero. Ooh. Fold rejecting that. I just think it might be because he might have picked it because there's there's a few zeros out there. And this could be. Let me tell you. Sometimes I liked what you doing doing. What Atlanta did against New England in the Super Bowl few years? We're passing we could just hand the ball off and get out of here at the Lombardy. But now, we're dropping back them. Yeah. Brian didn't go zero. I was going to four. Well, I've met have gone way too. High said six I want nine on that for Mr. Magoo Broughton at seven. All right. Well, someone have seven. Nine we picked up a few. All right. But I think we all still need to make up between thirteen nineteen out for sure here, we go. Todd worked with ice cube on a number of movies triplex state of the union. We are we there yet. And it's sequel, he did not, however work on this next film, which is essentially about Matt fond Leers life growing up nineteen ninety one's boys in the hood. Who? This day. Stay byu. Yeah. Angleton single thins still met with him. Recently. Got a lot of energy working on a project together mic cited. All right. They loved it. But this is an older movie. And sometimes you think about movies like this, you wax, a little poetic. But at the time, I'm just throwing out some options at the time. Sometimes not as highly rated this has happened to us a few times as as then history. They can go both directions. But we are going to have to get dead nuts on I feel like I'm within striking distance. But I I gotta get right right on it. I. Okay. I'm locked in. Todd. How say you. I'm gonna go ninety again. I did not do myself any favours at one ninety two ninety six. Don't forget a young hot Morris chestnut. Eighty seven. Could be the patriots coming back for a comeback boys in the hood is certified fresh at ninety six percent five. Wow. Yeah. Get away. If you land dead nuts on well. Bryan needed that. But I really I think it'd be a little a little too little too late. What are we got an and Todd if in fact, you do win this game, not only do you win but in convincing fashion? I mean, they're they're they're days. We have off days here where we get into triple digits. We have some good days. But this is a good clean win. This is if you win this is it isn't because we were in triple digit. This is the poison the hood of debut performances on the rotten tomatoes. That's right straw. One skill is knowing feeling that the critics vibes. Gina grad. Tough one. If bald Brian had not gotten pointed Duchesne, he's still would've meet you here in loving everybody. Gina grad eighty three we're going to give you four th place. I like to was it. A battle for second place today. Adam corolla? Bad news for a lot of people. It's not going to really affect you. But the government is still shut down. You got a score of forty four. Respectable. Ball, brian? I am happy to say. That there's room on the podium for all three of you the room because on the telephone Brian seventy four for third place leaving Todd garner with the championship round at twenty eight. To see Todd in studio to make sure it's not researching. Okay. I'll be happy to do. So. Wow. I mean, really. You know, five five point six per per movie. Very solid. Todd, very solid and for that you get a plug. The producers guide every Thursday on podcast one. And apple podcasts. I look forward into running Indian front of another commercial building percent. Well. Well, thank you feeling better. Are you driving a Ford raptor pickup truck? God. I wish you know, what I want. That's the truck I wanted and I it it's so hard to get. And then when I actually sat in it's a little too big for just cruising around Los Angeles as much driving. I do. So I'm actually driving GMC convoy. I just saw a black raptor parked in front of the century city building. And last I saw Todd he was walking toward it. So I. Over it is that his ride or or not thanks Todd. We'll let Tony next week. Appreciate it. Presented by truecar. We don't wanna talk to Todd again next week. Now, we're just playing for second third and fourth. The number. Wrapped himself around the concept of this game. Very quickly up to speed right something I'd been wanting to play everybody. We got Baldy would coming up with a few movies teased a movies. You're going to do Brian. I've seen since the last Baldy was which was bohemian rhapsody. I've seen eleven notable do more than that. But movies that are in theaters now that are going to be up for Oscars one Golden Globes. The F are mentioned Beale street could talk some good some bad. I'll go worst to first and the top one or two. We'll definitely surprise you Beale street. Not you didn't feel strongly about it. It's funny because Chris, you know. Roam you notice that it's favorite movie of the year. I have written down in my notes. I said I can see everyone agrees. This is good. I can't imagine this being anyone's favorite move always shocked. My please explain of course, he was like I think it's gonna win ninety five percent. Yeah. It's it's good. It's good word of the peop- Savitt seventy-one. Well, see it's not gonna big audience. But that's my whole never ending sort of bell ringing of when if I see what I would assume to be sort of a neutral topic. Like if you look at. I believe if you look at the bohemian rhapsody that critics and the people are just sort of the same score seventy or sixty nine whatever whatever it is. It's kind of same because there's not a lot at play. If you start factoring in that sign of the times, and some of the current political movements and things like that. Then you get the disparity between where the people are. And I tend to just go with the people as I guess, Brian is on this particular one because they're not really influenced by what which way the wind is a crowd pleaser. It's well, yeah. I don't know. I agree. I think critics feel a certain amount of pressure politically. Physicians. Right. And nobody wants to be on wreck. Nobody wants to say. Oh, Hidden Figures is okay. Paint by numbers fine. The what it was. What was it sort of makes you it's women? It's black women. It's the sixties. It's oppression kind of makes you feel bad person. So people are pressured a little bit, and they go it was really good and they'll get they'll get left get left alone. So there's always that. There's that is now in play it wasn't it played a few years ago or so now now is play vice green book I'm talking about. All all, right. I'm excited to hear about them. All I wanna play you guys a clip. So somebody sent me this tweet some days ago, and we just been kind of sitting on it we edited it a little bit video. It is about the lottery and about the difference between people sort of compares in contrast happiness levels of people that have won the lottery versus people have become paraplegics. All right, and guys you find it interesting. Something of been feeling and kind of knowing which is I feel like if someone is happy. They're they're resting state is happy. They're nature's happy. And when you think about what who's happy, you know, we do this thing a lot where you go. Well, depends what's going on. But I have a dog and fill is happy in it doesn't depend what's going on so much his normal state is happy happy dog now sometimes he's hungry. And sometimes he's horny and sometimes you wants to get in or get out or go, the bathroom, whatever it is. Which is something we all have the general state of failed is happy, and we all know dogs, whose general state is not happy, and we know people who have a general state happy now that person who's a general resting state of happy when they look in the rear view mirror, and they see the rollers and they looked down. And they see they've been going eighty one and they're getting pulled over at that. Particular moment, the probably not happy. But there are a happy person in general. And my my thought is that when a happy person has tragedy. Befall them, and they end up in a wheelchair. They get back to happy because they get back to where they were. They were they wrote. Date. And when unhappy person wins the lottery, they'll get back to that. I don't think a lot of happy people play the lottery because what are they want? So self selecting unhappy people thinking, they will be happy if they have stuff, which of course, as we all know, never changes anything. So I'll play this arts Arthur c Brooks, president of American Enterprise Institute. Again, somebody just tweeted me this. And I like it when you guys tweet me stuff. I look at it. Try to look at hundred percent of the time. And this case a couple of days get to it. But it's based on a study from Northwestern University. And here we here we go the wolves wonderful study that points this out my favorite study of is subject comes from Northwestern University. Social psychologists that northwestern they studied to groups of people perhaps you've heard about this study ancient nine hundred seventy eight, but it's so good that people still talk about it a lot. They looked at paraplegics and they looked at lottery winners. Okay. And they wanted to know six months after the punctuating event of their lives. What happened to their happiness? First paraplegics. The interesting thing is six months after their accident. Their happiness had returned almost all the way to where it was the day before their accidents. Incredible. Now, you're thinking I don't want to anything. I would do anything. I would die before we lose all mobility, some of you would say that. Right. No. You wouldn't if this happened to you six months later, you would be you. That's a beautiful thing. The more interesting case perhaps is lottery. So if you won the lottery, what would you do? That's a typical party game. You want to break the ice with people? You don't know go around the room. If went the lottery, what would you do? They always say great things. Great things. I win the lottery. Good things would happen, right? Here's the interesting thing from the nineteen seventy eight study you look at people who hit the lottery, six months later. They're happiness about everyday life is lower than it was the day before they won. So not radically lower. But they just enjoy day-today life less and permanently than the day before they won. How do you measure that you say how much do you? Enjoy shopping hanging out with family playing sports goofing around with your friends answer is less less. Think about what you're really looking forward to this coming weekend. I bet if you told me it would sound really boring. It would be coming to have dinner with somebody on love. I'm gonna I'm gonna spend the afternoon with people really interested. And we're going to talk about these dumb trivial things. It's relationships. It's the love in your life. That's what gives you enjoyment. And that's what gets blown out by this big experience for people. We see in the data who've hit the lottery, and that's the reason that we have these life ruining behaviors because they're looking for the life in life, and it's gone. They substitute it with these audacious preposterous things like buying stuff. They don't want or need turning to drugs and alcohol. Hall. Inappropriate relationships. That's actually what happens the best thing that can happen to you. When you buy a lottery ticket is that you don't win. It's it's sad that the government pushes the lottery is hard as it pushes the lottery. I would argue that it's sort of negligent they push it's hard as they push it, especially when every other form of gambling is illegal. They pushed a one this one's. Okay. Well, I think when you pick a football parlay there's a satisfaction in that because you prognosticate like I mean, you took this team. And you factored in who was injured. And what can you know? Many people are now going what's the temperature New England like in Tom Brady, he's twenty four and seven when the temps dip below twenty five degrees. And that then becomes like, you're winning a chess game versus winning a game where you flip coins. Now, your number got drawn, and you feel involved, and you feel satisfied, and you feel like it took some of your knowledge and dexterity usual. Not that the lottery is gambling for people who shouldn't be gambling. And it's the most irresponsible form of gambling and the government pull the quick one on all of us, which is they just want. The money's going to the schools and everyone. Oh, good for you. Good. That's good. I I've said many times if a school counselor told one of the students, hey, you should buy a lottery ticket because I have no idea where you're heading after high school. They would be fired and rightfully so. Yeah. That's the worst the notion that it's going to school is almost like saying we're selling cigarettes in the money's going to schools. It doesn't make the saints the inherent. Yeah. What also it flies in the face of everything? You want your kids to learn and to do and how to behave anyway, it'd be nice if the government got out of the lottery business, and you know, what else? I don't know if you've talked to a lot of people that play the lottery, but now former co workers or family or friends they. Anecdotally. They all have one thing in common when they've got my ticket. I honestly don't know how to buy a lottery ticket, and I don't know where to watch it. It's just it's just never been in my orbit. But they're never I've never heard anyone say I'm gonna go on vacation. I'm going to get a big mansion, I'm going to do whatever. The first thing that we say is something negative. I fucking hate my job, and I quit to stick. It. No, brian. And I can't wait to stick it to this person. I'm never going to give that person anything. And it's always just this negative vomit of energy. Well, no, really think about her that again with the mindset is I always feel sorry. I was at a liquor store last weekend. Somebody was feverishly scratching and filling and talking to the person behind the counter, it's also one of those fucking things where it's like, it's Starbucks where they went the skinny Frappuccino medium foam with a dusting of car, Nuba wax and just give me a fucking medium causing about you. Let's move it along here because you've got the person and. Monopolizing the guy behind the counter time. And there seems to be strategy. But this notion of I hate my job, I'm gonna play this thing. I will never win this thing. I shall just hate my job in perpetuity. You're probably not going to climb the company ladder. If in fact, you hate your job your boss, probably gets an inkling that you're not satisfied. You're happy at work. But you're going and playing this lottery something you have zero percent chance of ever working out. Now getting a little vocational training in another field has a high percentage chance of working out versus this. So the people that hate their job and play the lottery are criminally insane. Because you'll never win in Neil. Just hate your job in perpetuity and never be compensated, at least to the point that would satisfy all right Just should be. And I think we have our LA unified. I think schoolteachers going on strike or whatever it is whatever this money is that supposed to be going to the schools. I don't know exactly how it works. All I know is every time I hear somebody speak from at least LA unified is we don't have the money. The classes are too big. We can't handle all the new students. We need counselors half. The populace as half the kids are homeless from homeless families. We need more counselling we need bigger classrooms. We need more. We need more infrastructure. We need more computers. We need more everything. So I don't know where all this money is going. It doesn't seem to be making a dent. All right, nothing, by the way, in terms of students. If you have. Hey, families that are incomplete disrepair. If you have families that are shambles have families that are homeless families that are dicta drugs families that are chaotic if Amy's are using drugs and substances domestic abuse child abuse wetter is long as you have crazy Caddick families. You can never have enough counselors teachers classrooms anything. But by the same token, if you have families that are intact, and we're card and read with their kids at night and eat dinner together, and none of the things Corollas do. But if you have if you have those things, then you don't need the computers to technology, the extra staff that counselors the after school programs at all that so one direction is throwing money. Infinitely at a problem that can never be fixed because you're constantly chasing it and the other would be to reverse engineer at focus on the family and the home life a little and see if we could cut back on some of the things that we need at schools like that controversial nonsense trauma counselors and stuff now. All right. We got the potpourri of Bollywood, I I'll tell you about craftsman. Oh, lows new home for craftsman. I love me some lows order myself a wall mounted toilet, by the way. And picking it up over at Lowe's over there in Burbank. They'd last weekend. One battery system works with multiple products. Four six and eight tool combo kits available all with the two amp. High capacity lithium battery that works with the tools in their v. Twenty lineup. Run time you need the power you deserve v. Twenty brushless tools available. They have the V match brushless drill. The have the impact driver get that impact driver gonna change your life. And by the way, when you get the impact driver get a get a magnetic cartridge, put your one two or three sides. Screw tip in it and get self some Hex head driver bits as well. Get whole variety pack that the hammer drill for you're going to do a little masonry work. Probably made in the U S for the latest Cranston product update. Visit lows dot com slash Adam. I we'll take a quick break. We'll come back with a big array for ball. What? Hades corolla. It's Mark Gaga's. We do a show called reasonable down. Best our in the universe. Sometimes fifty four minutes and sometime we did known to do forty eight minutes as well. And sometimes our six either way we round up we like like Mark bills. It's exactly like in six minute intervals exactly every Saturday on apple podcasts and podcasts. Watt subscribed. To reasonable doubt. The best hour in the universe with Mark arrogance and Adam Corolla every Saturday on podcast one Corolla digital an apple podcasts. It's time to check Adam's voice mail. Th- man, the nineteen Eighty-three movie valley girl is just now come out blue rank, they got all the music cleared and stuff. Filmed in eighty two for watching. It would like to hear you rant or talk about how accurate that movie was your life. I know that when I'm watching that movie. I'll we talk about is that's probably like your junior senior year in high school. So how accurate is that movie? Please discuss would love to hear you can leave us a message at eight six three four one seven four four. They film a lot of it. Like, the calorie, I guess the Sherman oaks Galleria, I think same place fast fast times originally on high place, Miami theater, hotdog, arcade, blah, blah, blah. I've never seen the movie. Cajun he is. And I think I don't know it's one of my many Frank Zappa's, not a genius arguments stuff VO girls. It's such a stupid song. I hated being from the valley hated all that. And none of it would work for me because I couldn't do anything with my hair, and I couldn't afford a car, and it was just a bad time to be alive. But I will take a look at it just to see all of the crazy places up and down Ventura boulevard in Sherman oaks, and all that sort of places I used to hang out and grew up especially again with junior senior year high school. All right, shall we? Do a little ball v would. Her Ray football. Tell you about movies. Brian. He. Big screen flicks. Before you spend remember his case. Transform to array. Before we get into Bollywood around up straight from the home, libraries, and that Lear and yours truly the dark Knight. And the matrix watching doing turn it up. I shall be watching the majesty we'll go like I said I've seen eleven movies that are worth talking about notable movies. That'll be involved in the Oscar race or that are in theaters now and or available now some streaming. So let's go worst to first. And since there's eleven of what's been too much time. You tell me I want to hear more about this one here less about a move on about start with sadly, the least of the movies that I saw I had high expectations for this one. I love Robertson meccas movies back the future, castaway Forrest Gump, but MLK them tomorrow in below average movie. I was talking to somebody valued at around. Correct. Brian so excited, and they said, oh, he's going to be so sad. The based on a true story wise out of great documentary called Marlin call about this dude who was savagely beaten in a bar and woke up with brain damage, and he lives his life now with this literally dolls making up like this made up city of more win call set in World War Two and the problem with the movie melt, welcome to Marlin is that you can go for you can go for sappy sentimentality. That's a way to go. You can go for very nontraditional storytelling. That's one way to go. This movie has its feet in both. You know what? I mean. It's just it stumbles and falls on its face. I think it's fair to say as I've always described in movie making Steve Corrales. Great Mecca's Great. You can take. It's a Stu, it's a stew, and you put all your favorite ingredients. And then you go it's kind of been great story. And then you take you take a ladle and take a hit off it and you go. An ego. Why I don't know. It's just not not. There are other times. They're stings, you wouldn't expect and in your Stu and it works. So there's always an element of. And look there's people that never make a good Stu and people who usually make a good stupid. This is what seems like one of those moves where it's just it all did everything. And then everyone looked at it. When it happens reminded me of the terminal the Steven Spielberg movie with Tom Hanks, great story. Just did not add up. Right. Okay. So number ten the next moment. Now, we're still in the below average category. The mule Clint Eastwood moving trailer. No, good, great trailer. And that's the best team to the move. That is the I'm telling you that is the only tents scene in the movie for a movie about drug smuggling remarkably tension free. This is felt he was focused group for old people like how we can't scare these people dying theater. Let's scale back of it. Like, it is it is soft around the edges had no. No interest in seeing this movie, and all you're not missing much average. Now, we're gonna get into the worth seeing category purred box. If you talked about yesterday Burbach is not a great movie. It's not worth the hype. But it is not a bad movie. There's some good things about it. And Sandra Bullock kills it. She she is in every scene almost every frame. And she does a great job. Yeah. I haven't seen it yet. But I shall think my family's into it. And you know, every time there's a popular movie or TV show that name is on the rise. In more people are naming their kids Cooley, see because of game of thrones. How many boy and girl you gonna see the problem with this is I think it is made for people who don't see a lot of movie. It's like the the outpouring of support for this movie is like imagine you had an east German friend in nineteen ninety who had never heard western music, and it comes to visit after the wall comes down and here's Huey Lewis. And the news for the first time this amazed at the bad example, by tear my life, and you're right. This is fun and pretty good. But I'm gonna blow your mind with some really good music. Huey Lewis of movies. It's fine. It's enjoyable now. I know it's not steely Dan away. But they, but they have been listening to like dirges. Thirties. And now seems good I want a new drug seems like a big breakthrough. That would blow your mind if are Stein also streaming number eight for me the around average categories the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs. The new rather is move. It streaming on Netflix. You heard about this one? Yes. The valid BUSTER Scruggs is an anthology movie. It's shit. It's six short stories. So it's not a it's not a no country for old men through line. It's six short stories set in the old west three of which are good three of what you're not good. And you're left with kind of. All right. I'm the good news is you're not committing too much to anyone story. You're not gonna get burned like spent ninety minutes on that wherever you eighteen minutes or or ten minutes, or whatever is there a through line. No gold west. Some are good some are bad. Unfortunately, it kind of runs out of track and the last two or the worst too. I think so you turn it off. You know, forty five minutes in the more new movies. I see are the more movies that are, you know, get Oscar buzz or whatever it is the more. I do. Reminisce about no country for old men and some of those movies like Fargo and stuff like that. I go what happened to the really good stuff stuff? Then you really want to take your teeth into. This is not that number seven and now heading into the above average category. If Beale street could talk if we could talk direct by Barry Jenkins, director of moonlight. It's in theaters. Now, we talked about briefly a few minutes ago starring KiKi lane. Believe in a feature debut, Regina king one Golden Globe for best supporting actress ninety five percent around tomatoes nominated for best picture at the Golden Globes. I expected to be nominated for best picture. Todd is gonna win. What's it about? Not setting Beale street or anywhere near there. It said New York came back in the early seventies. That's another problem with the movie, you alluded to it without knowing it. There's not a strong narrative here. This is not a strong. This is this is going to drive a lot of people nuts. But it's a thing people, call certain movies, tone poems, like this movie is setting a mood, and it sort of trying to create this atmosphere, and it does it does it very well. But do not go into this thinking like I'm gonna see a great story. It's not it's frankly, it's kind of it's flimsy. You know what I mean? I like to be swept away. It's actually a depressing. Right. So this young couple. He gets up busted for something. He didn't do framed set up for crime sent to jail she's pregnant she carries the baby Bubba, blah. And it's about her family and the conflict with his family, and it's not a strong. I'm not selling the story because there's not a great story here. It's just ineffectively well done movie number six a movie, I enjoyed very much. Well, rakes the internet still in two thousand theaters I thought leaving this awfully. Though officer is in there. Yeah. Didn't get your mailbox chalk sequel. Of course, record Ralph. Yeah. I. The consistently. The animated stuff has been the strongest stuff over the last twenty years. Just wait now. Interim just mean the strongest riding strongest story strongest everything over the last twenty years consistently has been the animated, and this is a sort of by the number sequel instead of you know. Ralph end vanilla von suites. They go, Sarah Silverman. They go to the internet. You know, they'd be defined this part to their game to keep themselves alive. So the go to the internet. It's a clever well done better than it should be sequel. I actually have a clip from this one I enjoyed this scene. So much laughed out loud at this one. So at one point, you know, of course, the Disney property, they go to Disney dot com like this website, and they have a Disney dot com, and they live inside this website. They they can exist. What the characters and vanilla p the Sarah Silverman. The main character. She she wanders into the backstage Princess sweet. We're all the princesses like imagine Disney while the princesses gathering, and whatever and she wonders back there, and they are alarmed intruder. And this is the interaction. She has all the Disney princesses. Fam. I'm a Princess to wait what? Yeah. Princess fennell. Yvonne tweets of the sugar. Rush fund Schwartz's. You've heard him say embarrassing for you. If you haven't. Kind of a Princess are you what kind do you have magic hair? Now. Magic Hans no two animals talk to you now, or you know, I know kidnapings leave. No, are you. Location. The police have to assume you made a deal with an underwater siege where she took your voice in exchange for a pair of human legs. That. Kiss bar. Do you have daddy issues? Mom. And now for the million dollar question. Do people assume all your problems solved because a big strong man showed up? Yes. She is. Poking fun at the whole self-referential. The Disney Princess thing has been raked over the coals over the years for being dated. And so they had a little fun with that a fun movie better than it should have been moving on unless you have more questions. Now. Ralph to the favourite number five favorites winner for best. Supporting actress what does she win for? Actress. Yeah. For love your Coleman. This is the one that set in old England stone and ritual. Vice he's using trailer favorite spelled the British way. How might normally? I try. Now, I know they spelled directed by your ghost Latham owes. He did the lobster which a lot of people. You know, saw working fused by and dog tooth. This is not for everyone people. I've heard people whose parents have gone to see this like, oh, it's a period piece set Nolting. It is not what you think it's going to be. It's actually have a clip from this when too so it's about a very a very petty clean who is not at tower for leader all of your Coleman. She wanted to Golden Globe for best actress, and it was awesome to Golden Globes for best supporting actress, Emma stone and Rachel vice really acting showcase and rich of sort of her handler vice-president her handler, and she admonishes her in this clip for wearing makeup gogo clean it up. I'll take care of this and the Queen having been shamed. By her underlying. But she who she knows more attractive and more powerful and more accessible than her is going to take out. Her is going to take out her frustration on a on a guard. Do you really think you can meet Russian delegation looking like that? I will manage it. Showrooms? This is the Queen my deal. Did look at me. Did you look at me? That's the type of like subtle weird humor. That's in this movie. So it's not going to be for a broad audience. But there's some really good stuff in here. I know this is only like a thirty second clip, but it had that feel like a female Monty python? So that it's a fun down world. It's a fun version of phantom. Thread wonder what the God? Run tomatoes on that. I need four. It's a very good movie. It's not gonna have wide appeal. But it's good. All right. All right. Number four number four. Vice I liked vices sitting at sixty four percent rotten tomatoes, very divide divisive. Very divisive. But give me a divisive movie any day over some just boring slog, like the king's speech or The English Patient. I don't want one. Everyone agrees is good. And it's boring. I'll take one this divisive that people on both sides. What is vice Feis is the Christian bale, but we replay Dick Cheney. Oh. I should've said that. I know I know I it's there's the docu series planned and there's the bench vice and every time someone says vice I always think about the docu series your drugs or something like that. And then forget to get back to that. In theaters now is wrecked by Adam McKay written and directed. He did the big short which I liked better. This does not have the driving through line. The driving narrative of the big short. But this does have a lot of the things that made the big short awesome in my mind. Which is it does very creative. Interesting storytelling techniques. I don't want to give too much away. But at one point credits roll where Credit's should not role. And it's like, oh, wouldn't that be great? If that was the end of the movie, it takes those kinds of chances some work some don't at this at number four. I enjoy this movie. I didn't like the way you enjoyed the big short, which was amazing very much. So and I've seen a lot of criticism. A lot of criticism that says. As you can imagine why this movie's divisive. It takes very, you know, point of has a strong point of view on Dick Cheney and where he's history it. I've seen a lot of criticism like points Dick Cheney as a cartoon villain. Dick Cheney is cartoon villain. Like if you're casting a thirty second Super Bowl ad for like, and there's a car there's a partner says like sleazy manager. You're like gimme a Ron Perlman type. Right. You're like if there's one called evil politician. Gimme a Dick Cheney type v he's a human trope for evil politician. I think it does a pretty good job humanizing. It goes into great depth over his relationship with his lesbian daughter at her coming out to him and how he supported her in when he ran for vice president he told George W Bush like this. I know this goes against the platform. This is important to me. And that is the line drawn cement like he is by all accounts, the trope of the evil politician make an air quotes. But the movie does a good job of going over other aspects of and it's funny, and it's funny chances. It's not boring numb. Three number two. Oh, sorry. Number two, number two Bumblebee bumblebees here sprays. So like ninety seven three percent on crazy how highs. See Bubby, you're missing out. I can understand you've been burned by transform move. Your five. Ninety three percent. It's every night hoped. The original transformers, and I liked the original transformed. This is it's set nights seven. It's it's it's fun. It has the original trying to. Wow. The rich was great this. What has its? It's it's less for kids. Somehow, even though it's a little more. It's well done. It's in the spirit of Pixar movies. Now, let's go to Pixar movies. But it's very good. Gino is Haley Steinfeld. Great. I did not know turn till the credits were really, I didn't know. I didn't know I could use a little more true grit with our I I enjoy that movie doesn't pop up enough for me. I Jeff bridges, and whomever. Mr. b b for whatever, you know. Matt Matt Damon Matt Damon. Of the booth the beef, whatever, but I liked the movie lot. Used to watch it with sunny, if you get a screener abet for ill, certainly I would imagine for best special effects and things like that. But anyway, very good movie by number one movie that I saw in the in the last two months won best animated feature at the Golden Globes. Spiderman into the spider. I hear. That's why. And also wildly surprising. I into this Christ. And other Spiderman movie we're doing this again it, okay? So it's sort of like Thor ragnarok beats the LEGO movie because on the one end you have where are they going to go with this franchise work hand, they go they've done everything. So many times they've repeated the same story, and they have fun with. All right, one more time forever. And they just get it out of the way and like a thirty second intro. And it's also like the leg, I'm very like, this is not going to be how can they make this animated this? This is directed this red flag, number one three directors. Wow. Bob Paris Getty. Peter Ramsey and Roddy Rothman and five producers, and I was like men too many cooks in the kitchen. This is not going to be it blew my mind. Ninety seven percent, I'm gonna make bold bold call here. This wins the Oscar for best animated feature since two seven Pixar or Disney every Oscar except for one. Rango one in twenty eleven I think there's all Disney Pixar fatigue, and the Disney Pixar offerings or not that strong this year Reckitt Ralph and credible to their fine. But they're not strong contenders. Couple sequels, I think this wins. This is a fun, please watch us with sunny, and or an Italian have that sort of dead pool. Humor a little bit. If PG maybe a little breaking the fourth wall little effect, the best part about this movie. So the idea the Genesis of this movie, the story is there's a whole bunch of Spiderman comic books, I guess. I don't know that it's a whole bunch of them. The idea. This is like what if every Spiderman thought they were the only Spiderman and then like some event brought them altogether some supernatural then. And now, they're all like, oh, there's more Spiderman let's evil together. It's I heard it was great. It's super well done. It's still in theaters now, so guys please do yourself a favor and see it see Bumblebee too. But definitely see Spider-Man number one movie last two months. By Sony and Columbia. All right. Let me tell you about. Thank you bowl. The let me tell you about men when a healthy new year inside every med, man. As a way to meet more your two thousand nineteen resolutions looking to get fit. Yes. I skipped one. All right. All right. I wanna get some energizing edibles before you run or soothing CBD paint. Stick after do you run or resolve to relax a little more and easier Zion premium products for med men. Visit a store near you. They have knowledgeable in store team members, including house pharmacists at medical stores. And they'll make sure you find the product you need easy to understand instructions for using it go to madman com. Find a store near you at men that is mad men dot com. Find a store near you. Right. Dawson men's resolution for twenty nine hundred helping to drop the labels for cannabis users use code Adam Corolla checkout to get ten percent off your purchase. Visit a today. Limit one per customer. Terms and conditions apply. Keep out of reach of children for use only by twenty one years of age and older. I thought you missed one between four and exactly right number three for me. And it's actually kind of apropos because it is the most by the numbers movie you could. Forget about it. The winner for best picture comedy the Golden Globes. Green book green book, number three. It's very good. It's by the numbers. It's you see the trailer. You know, exactly what it's going to be. But. Okay. We have a clip let's play a short clip from green book, this is one of the early interactions. So the story is become Mortenson who's great nominated for best actor, golden gloves. He plays mafioso enforcer type and he's hired. He's a bouncer enforce type of the mafia, and he is hired by a black musician whose going pianist who's going to travel the deep south, and he he's Muslim. He's gotta drive protect them. And this is an early interaction. They have is they stop off the road at a diner on their way to Pittsburgh for the first show. This is this a buddy movie, it's a road trip movies odd couple movie, you get the idea with this clip, how they interact basic going soon as we expect to get to Pittsburgh. When I was in the army, I know a guy from Pittsburgh. sepT call tits. Berg said all the women had that's. That's absurd. Women in Pittsburgh have larger breasts and say women in New York. We'll find out. It's hits every note correctly. It's by the numbers, but it's enjoyable and worth seeing something bizarre piece of trivia that I can't wrap my head around don't understand but love Carmine Looper Tozzi in the sopranos the New York mob boss for the first four or five seasons. Apparently, the guy who played Carmine is based on that character that Vigo Mortenson he car the guys the guy we'll store random and weird is that. All right. We shall take ourselves a quick break. We'll come back, and we're going to do news break and then news right after this. Hey, this is seventy wilder Taylor and Lynette Corolla, and we're for crying out loud. Listen to our show because there's lots of swearing lots of stories, lots of personal information that you don't really need to know. But we tell you anyway. So check us out on I tunes and one for crying out loud wind that role and Stephanie wilder to every Tuesday and Friday at digital podcast one podcasts. Let me tell you without Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in his hockey skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how gyco proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out missing teen is back home. I'm Tim Maguire AP news minute thirteen year old Jamie cloth of -ducted last October from her Wisconsin home after her parents were killed has been reunited with relatives in Barron. Wisconsin Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald says the twenty one year old Jake Paterson had no known contact with the clause family before the attack. We don't believe there was a social media connection. And we're determining how he. Became aware of Jamie. The girl escaped yesterday from the cabin where she had been held in a rule area near the town of Gordon at some sixty miles from Barron Patterson as a court appearance on Monday, partial government, shutdown likely to be the longest and US history. President Trump's softens is pushed issue an emergency declaration to take the wall funding issue out of the hands or congress right to do it. But I'm not gonna do it so fast because this is something congress should do some eight hundred thousand federal workers are affected by the shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire.

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SpyMaster Interview #8 - Rachel Grant

SpyHards Podcast

1:29:35 hr | 2 months ago

SpyMaster Interview #8 - Rachel Grant

"Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of our spy. Mazda interview series. I'm agent scott and can the provocateur and to celebrate pierce brosnan as pierce brosnan. Wrap-up wake we thought we would have our first bombed go so we were lucky enough to speak to none other than rachel grant who you may know from dying of the day as peaceful fountains of desire. Yeah this was really exciting. And while her role isn't big in the film she has a lot of insight into the process of casting. And it's sort of that window. We so rarely get with eon where we get someone to tell us really what was going on behind the scenes because they do operate quite differently than your standard studio. How is the process for getting cast in an on film. What is it like to shoot with them. These are the kind of details. I was really interested in and she supplied them. Unless we neither of us have ever talked to the president while she has no That is very true. I like to think. I've talked to pierce brosnan but it's actually my neighbor calling late at night. Sometimes i like to frank cool. You is ten tests as well center. We both constantly call people on the phone and pretended pierce brosnan on the other end. And the fi- really sick around here. But i think on on that note. I think that leads us in somehow beautifully to our chat with peaceful fountains of desire. None other than rachel grown. Now before we hit play on the tape with the interview there are a couple of sensitive issues. We discussed towards the end of the interview Most do her experiences in hollywood and something. She's had to deal with as a young actress in the industry and so just putting a little bit of a warning ahead of time if that's all sorts the topics you're hearing about. This might be something we're skipping bought. Just forewarned is forearmed camera rolex and joining us now is none other than rachel grant. How they rachel. How are you. Hi nice to meet you so we message awhile ago. I think we got china onto the refunding. Go your shot. Which is great. We really covered die another day. And during a wrap up of boned era. We thought we're talking to yourself and some guests as well and we just want picky. Brian basically right. Yes sure you can pick my brain. What what. I have left now go fred by the way i really ramble and talk lots. So if i'm saying too much or waffling on in a different direction just stop me. And say hey. Welcome to the club. It's yes or i so yeah put cost. Yeah we appeasing applauds we we certainly are but i suppose to take us back. Pre piss p pre dying of the day and just get a liberal information on us. How did you get into acting. So i'm so. I'm the middle of three sisters three performing sisters and we were like raised in in the arts in ballet and theatre stage performance. So i've always been on stage. We've always been confronted cameras and performing and enjoying making people smile in front of That's basically how it happened. We basically will reinvest. Were living out. Our childhood dream of just enjoying The arts and entertainment and both. My parents are actually academics. And i come from sides of my family doctor kids and boys and for some reason us three girls we just took that route of the arts and we were raised in nottingham in england and not the sa- quite big in nottingham and so we really always had a hot in like performing and and that sort of thing and even like painting. And actually my. My father paid very well even though he's a doctor. But yes that's how we got into it and then we've always been in it. I'd really no no other world really. And i don't want to know any other. Well that's it so i'm also curious because you have a very extensive martial arts background When did that start so. Interestingly that so. I didn't actually study or learn any martial-arts until Until i got caught on a show on the bbc called mazda combat. And i was in my early twenties at the time. But let me rewind back. So as i've mentioned that i did a lot of ballet and dance growing up and i always wanted to do martial arts because i grew up on you know i i love movies like james bond and jean claude van damme. Jackie chan knob martial arts as a as a little girl. I was very much a tomboy. And i always my mom please. Can i do martial arts. I didn't care what it was. I think the generic term back. Then if sorry. excuse me now. It's the wrong thing set would be karachi. I would just say want to do. Korassian was never allowed. Because my mom just thought i was too much of a tomboy would climb trees fallen also things and so i never ever did it as a child until i got cost in most combat. But i've had such extensive training in movements bali dawns that it was very easy to pick up. I just needed to changed technique. And everything and ballets china doubt. Renaissance is like open in everything. Martial-arts you turn in your your legs and your so. I had to adapt to learn how to hold my muscles in different way in that in that somewhat how it happened because i had a love for the martial arts i i was a quick learner so i had a crash course in martial arts six weeks doing masters combat and actually the finished result for most of combat. Considering i had zero experience was was pretty good. I don't know if you know that's in a lot of marsh lots movies sometimes. They might cost. If if they're not costing somebody with mosh lots experience they might be costing someone with don's ballet experience. I forget the movie there was a ballad onsite was well-known hollywood movie. At the time. I was in electric. They cost a ballet. Don cy young ballet dancer is the lead. I forget what the movie was. If i think of it i'll mention it but it's a great movie. Yes anyway career waffling on as you as you can see as you cannot see. Actually if he caught. See ma'am sorry. I did not my camera birds. Everyone listening constantly either. So it's really. But i'd love to see you anyway next time if we have a follow up one. I promise you won't face to face awesome before we get to diner. Dykes beginning right. Then you mentioned the bbc show you did. Was that first big break into acting or is there any shows that no. Actually it wasn't i at the time i was doing. I got cost as a character. Cold nina on cy fried on the scifi channel identity. You know that character. It was a show. On the sci fi channel sifi every friday night and i was the horror host. There it was more wasn't hosting it wasn't presenting such. She was more of a character. Choose acting and i hosted like a friday night. Double bill of horror movies. Now i don't do you know that show especially ring a bell Kim suheil vira kind of thing where you like your hosting. You're talking into the movie or the show was but i lived in this house my head like a sidekick character anyway this show at the time when i got booked on the job They want it used to be hosted. By what's the name of the actress indira varma and before. That was nina hauge. That's why the character was called meena. And so when i got cost them the show they want sure about me and so it was just a one off season and then the ratings doubled within a month if it was it was such a great feeling to see those ratings double and so they gave me a contract for two years. Which was fantastic Doing that when i got cost from us combat so that was like a great gig made that was a fantastic gig to do think we did about five seasons of it all in like crammed into years And it was every friday night it was obviously be prerecorded it. So that was great. And prior to that asks. I had like stints like role in emmerdale. That was my first tv costing on emmerdale and lots of commercials galaxy did a commercial links axe deodorant All sorts of things. I was ready very busy like doing all sorts of different things like videos Yeah that sort of thing. And i was having a blast. Yeah i remember just being so busy and working doing everything and anything and enjoying it and the masters of combat and just being open to all sorts of different roles they later i got cast on brainiac. Remember brainiac. i was gonna ask you about brian. Way yes yes. That was two thousand and four side. I might up off the dying british listeners. Out there so these all these. Yes so many different things anyway. Carry-on well that's actually a really good entry point for die another day. At what point did you know possibility of that job kind of volunteer lap or you know. Was there in audition process. How did that work. Yes there wasn't audition for die another day and every job i got was almost an audition always will addition. I did quite well with auditions Full the things. I was doing So but this particular will dish in for die. Another day honestly. Didn't think i would guess it. But i always go into an audition with an open. Mind because they were looking for chinese actress chinese character. Now i'm agen back then. They have oriental which thing to say. That now was half asian. My mother's from the philippines. I was born in the philippines. You know the philippines off. Spanish influence and this is more of a different kind of asian. Look it's not chinese and skin color is different. What have you so i. I was always struggling to be cost in chinese japanese korean. Rose because i just don't really look right for it. But i wanted to give it my best shot and i knew as a james bond movie. Maybe that could be like some twist to it. Because james bond james bond so for the audition i actually wore chinese dress I thought it might have been a bit full onto. Where a chinese dress. But i decided to and es james bond characters alike larger than life. Than so i wore chinese dress. Which i still have today. I'm still can get into Today and Was going to say yes. We'll just chinese dress. And i brought my little bag of weapons with me to the audition which funnily enough. I've never done before. So i bought this bag of weapons with a wants him which is quite good thing to do and i come to think of this kind of brilliant. I thought about that. And i put the weapons down. It was really odd. Let me stop them beginning. So i get to gang confused right when we're talking about women shut up wait so yes. It was an auditions. Let me start from beginning. I got phone call on the wednesday csu quick. This isn't normal for a movie on this scale. You audition maybe get seen twice so fun. Cool the day before the audition tomorrow you auditions for james bond was like wow what am i going so it was very quick. I didn't get sent his script. Nothing everything secretive. All i knew it was a chinese carry. Took james bond arrives in. I was told in hong kong and he meets chinese ladies. I'm like okay crap. Shit chinese lady. I didn't chinese bay. James bond chinese drafts out Gamma weapons that go along with this costing this ready. Ready fancy place on piccadilly. This was eon productions. This was another thing that was normal the costing it wasn't like an costing sweet. It was actually at the producers office which is which is very rare very ready. Do something like that. So i turned up at this Young productions piccadilly and there was like this nickel lobby foyer. Area like a little like a porch. Almost i was made to sit at and bad. They gave me the script It was like a couple of pages. And what you can take picture can do anything. It was really that secretive and they make sure they got it backs but what i was waiting there was another girl in that About to go in a beautiful korean actress. She told me she was a korean actress. And she told me she had already been cost In a scene at the beginning of dina the day koreans she was meant to be a career. It was in korea. she was like Had a lovely seeing you. What she was doing but they cancelled the scene and they'd read written it and it was no longer in career. It was now in hong kong and they were looking for hong kong. Go from hong kong or something like that so she was real for the role that she'd been costed and i was like. Oh i was like. Oh i felt so bad for. I was so unfortunate for her. Because i'd be devastated. Got a role in its although it's been scrapped and then you're gonna be cost you to again for another role So i thought two things a she will probably get the role again because it could suit all And then i thought if she doesn't get it that's how important so anyway. She was the only other person i saw. Actually i did not go as i was leaving by de she was. I didn't speak to her so she went in. The korean actress came out. And then i went in in my little chinese dress. Live my martial arts bag. And i was like. Hey and and debbie williams Beautiful sweet with a huge fans layer above. My head was very friendly. And i just said to heck can i please do a martial arts demonstration voyeur with my non chaka's ers Montauk go well together so she let me do it. And i was swinging my weapons around. And i i. I can do a really really impressive like demonstration. If i want to and must have been one of my best and she said hang on a second. I need to get this on pamela. And she she found me. I couldn't believe it. She filled me. I was kicking her legs up on my legs up. Pretty high and Swinging the non-czech history malaysian all sorts of things. That was that she film may end then then she Recorded me doing the lines. And she was lovely. That was it. I left the room and didn't think anything of it. So i gave it my best shot. Maybe remember me for the future. That's what you was. Maybe if you're a member future. Because i had actually auditioned when i seventeen for tomorrow never dies so i didn't audition it was just a costing she. She just seemed me so maybe she remembered me die another day. I don't know so anyway when i left. I didn't think anything of it. And then on saturday morning i was in was. I was in the mini showroom. I remember. I was looking at minis in the mini showroom in hendon and my agent kobe. And it's unusual for agents to call on saturday and she said wait till you get the job in the james bond movie war and i could not believe it. Wow actually had that will my. My the hasn't back of my neck actually stood on end. Because i actually felt that moments again. I could not believe it. And i was so excited then. I decided to calm down calm women. You don't know what's gonna happen you don't know if the if you're going to end up on the cutting room flow have you says okay. Yes and that was it. And then on the monday quick. Can you imagine a week before on the monday. I was already on set with pierce brosnan. Monday tuesday and wednesday. So i get a call on wednesday to audition for james bond movie and a week later. I'm already wrapped up having hung out with his Horry three days on sets and have wrapped to my james bond says. Isn't that a not is. It was just. That was a will wind week in an amazing week and it was funny. Because when i met. Ps brosnan who is so down to earth and so lovely. Really ready rave enough about him. And i'm not just saying that he said to me. We all watched the audition pieces. Cause you know. They had to like decide. do they. Were gonna pick quite quickly and we came. Ceo's i'm we read the lines while he said let me soil. Non-czech a demo. We were like okay. We have to get so much. And i'm so spelled that it really worked for me and It was nice that he said that also So yes it was. It was a wonderful week in time in that feeling. Now that scene with piss brosnan is will always be Yeah it was great. It was wonderful. And now here i am talking to you. I have to say a crazy story in that social space time turning around and being firm but i have to say i'm also slightly disappointed. You said you said firstly you still own the dress and you can do a really cool. None chuck display. And we can't see you in video. i feel setup. this is definitely a santo. One day i will you know i didn't. I did a tv. Show cole. the ultimate playboy. It wasn't cool the ultimate playboy. When i did the tv show. It was actually called the player. it was it was when i'm not sure. What year was maybe. It was like two thousand five we filmed It was almost like reality. Tv show but i was doing a bit hosting on. It was also hosted by jodie kidd but in that. The reason why they got me is they have various challenges that these men had to do. One of the challenges was a martial arts. Challenge and for the demo. I actually bought that same. I warned the dine of day. Will addition and i use non-czech is now the demo that they filmed it was princess productions at the time they no longer exist. That called something else now. But i never gonna clip of that episode but i did see the the clip that i did of me. Doing martial arts it. Oh my gosh. I'm not just saying this way. They filmed it in the way they had me. It looks great now. That would be the closest thing. I did the audition in die another day and i. I've never got my hands on that episode. And i know it looks great because everybody told me afterwards Lavonia could get that then. I could see it him wearing. The i'm wearing. The dress worn the audition that would be the closest thing to what i did in the audition. Maybe one day. I'll try and get beth. Anyone knows episode to the ultimate plan was on sky. One i didn't ask. The incident is a crazy place and people could make these things happen. So listen if you find it. Let us know it's unbelievable. I can't get hold of john. Why but you can get hold of anything today. We are a spy movie podcast. So maybe we have some spice listening who've been on and i will get someone no joke. If somebody can get me that video. I will give them a one hundred dollars. I swear i promise that one hundred dollars and a half pounds because i actually wrote to the production company. I said i'm willing to pay for and this is another hundred dollars. I want to give to somebody off. Look i believe. I'm saying this is out that this is for all us spies at that because i i wanna see the stuff you know. I have this phobia of watching myself. So i never have author After i would appear in. Tv shows movies. I would never up. Sometimes because i never wanted to see myself and then now i wanna follow up on some of this stuff. I can't find it also. Did another movie called. I played a chinese fasten in chinese dress. Because i was cost off the back of it. A cooled it's called the the african game. It's an italian movie and we filmed in kenya and in rome and inspire director called massimo tarantino tarantini. Who's famous for doing women a somewhat famous lesbian film about these women in a prison. Oh women fury. I think it's women infuriating anyway. It's called the african game. I have never been able to get a copy of that movie. But i play some kind of spy assassin. Wanna give someone one hundred dollars if you can get me puppy. it's folk. I swear. Because i wrote to the italian company and i don't know they weren't able to get on a a channel called movies for man in england that's because everybody because i get these random messages from people going. Hey i saw you on movies for men. African yeah zahn movies men now. There are trailers and clips on youtube. But i've never been able to get the whole movie if someone can. Has it hundred your two hundred dollars up for grabs now shows on pay pilot straightaway and anyway. So that's it. So you spies out there at sea. He can find Those movies details off to us. We can put them out there right. It'll down cam. Yeah well okay. So i'm really curious when you talk about bras just as a man. But i'm curious just as an acting partner. You're sharing seen with him. he is. he's in his fourth turn. Now is james bond. I would imagine he's fairly. You can kind of turn on the role probably fairly easily. But i'm just curious about the process of actually working through with him. Yes so it's it's funny because it was like it was so exhilarating waiting in the dressing room. I had this beautiful dressing room. That was my opposite. Like his dressing room like go out and pearson was just on the riot had a very on the left. I was whoa. I would separate dressing room. And i'm glad to see this president stepping out. And i'm like i feel like i'm blushing i was. I remember blushing. When i met him. Because it's funny. My mom would my momma pierce brosnan in remington steele. So when i was little go ready like a little girl. This man was always on tv because my mom would play remington steele. All the time i remember. She played things like remington steele and the saint. The saint was brought him more. Wasn't it yup. Yeah so my mom loves stuff like that. So i remember this very handsome man remington steele. Suddenly i'm i'm on set with him working with him. I was still pierce. Brosnan was very good looking to say almost too good looking like someone in like in a commercial whereas i can attest quite interesting look a bit rugged But his his looks great fantastic and the older he's got i think more kind of those great looks so anyways i met him and i couldn't believe it i think instead of him which actually ready barrington. I think i actually said to him. Oh this i grew up what she knew and remington steele. My mom used to love you. I i like innocence. You know. I'm just like so so i said that to him but it's nothing that i know. Why can you imagine. I'd say something like that. Yeah i told him that the people that were think anything of it but yes that's how it was but anyway he showed is news really champion friendly with me anyway. What i'm going back to your question. Because i to yes. I remember just being so excited to get on set with pierce brosnan and i knew and also nervous my loving nervous because that adrenalin knows you can use them to rise to the occasion and i knew i would rise to the occasion. I knew because. I've been on on big stages before i've done like soda performances at the royal alcohol. I actually did that once. So i know like i could rise to the occasion and i did when i go on set my professionalism just cover and it was wonderful and his because he's so friendly and he just made me feel like at home. I could have been working on. He could have been anyone ready. He was that he was that down to earth. That love that lovely and Any emily tamahori was so nice to work with all said he told me like i was like normally appears and lee. They talked to you like normal human beings in like stuck up. There is is that it was lovely really. It was really great. And then you have all the crew around in every site one big family before you know it just. It could be your own bedroom. You know. i'm so it was it was it was great. It was funny because he has had a body double and so did i. I had to body double on adine of the day. And i remember getting my body double to stand in for me while i could like. Sit down go back to the dressing room. I just remember. I told i told the The cinematographers no. Please i wanna be on the sat for as long as possible. I don't care. I want to be the first one in care if i have to wake up four. Am in the morning. Get in at six be picked up at five. I wanna be that president. And i wanna be lost because i want to be on the stage. I'm being dressing room for as long as possible. I remember thinking back telling people that. So that's how it went and I might. They didn't really use my body double. I was onset for as long as possible. I'm not nice nicely enough. Pierce brosnan Wanted to do like the like the the hand acting grabbing the gun. And what have you. Oh that was great. It was wonderful now. A bring back all these memories non. Okay next your onset. Now you found yourself you on how peaceful found desire. You've become character. One question i had was Did you have any input on what the date was quite set til the script. Will you give them. I would say yeah. I would say yes the scene. The scene was a lot more elaborate and Mike they pumped out as much as possible. Like i didn't expect. Because i remember when we went to the scene page and a half of Scripts but i remember he was like you know the door and they fill me from us even had me walking up to the door. No one i come in and we want you to walk. 'cause i don't know if you can really tell how big this reaches is pretty big sat. They had me walking backwards informed serve. It was really nice that they made the most of everything and honestly when they would when i remember thinking and and then when it comes to it's going to be like five seconds or they might cut me out but now they even have me walking to the bags and then even when i left the room i remember they had me walking away because i remember it was like You can see my but as woke away. I remember thinking that thinking that. When i first saw it because i remember playing is looking up as my mom. 'cause you're at the premier's life is it done yet. And then i remember opening my eyes like i just tell my buddy myself. Walking away thinking they used to all every single tate. How exciting. I remember thinking that Anyway what did you ask against his waffle. I will flood who asked me I asked but basically you kind of said. But i'll give you room to live radio. Oh if they had like boom. Select improvisation. You have any important councils. so yes like So we did a couple of times and the take. They used an pittsburgh person very different with. I think we did. Maybe i don't know how many takes maybe three or four takes of him putting his arms round me so every time was different undertake they used was him. He's kissing my ear right news like my neck can everything a bit bit. He's touching it that's not scripted and It was funny because when he when he touches my air and he kissed me. That matt take the makeup artist. Came up offered and said oh you show. You're all right with this. Is it of course says if he if he grabs me pushes me on the bed. That that's what he wants to do that but that didn't happen but it was funny because i remember afterwards hope and make your purchase. Ooh i got my ears pierced. Never said that. I wanna get myers pay. Please go my is kiss from his so it was funny. 'cause i remember thinking on my ears than then going use the take but they did. They use the take where my is pierced. Yes yes that right. My left is piss. So yes so anything could happen. My was was actually quite He was quite folk with me. I actually had a little bit of bruising now brews very easily can. i say i'm on identify. It's just how i am. I bruise. I had breezing. I had like pierce brosnan's ham up on my wrist For few days. And i didn't mind it actually got a little funny. Yeah i liked that. Yeah definitely yeah. Is that from. He kind of spins you around so he kept grabbing me on my arm and he's like rubbing me haw like he's doing he's not doing any pretends acting this is like he's grabbing me. Like i would go for the gun. And that's how it should be right. He is holding me down pause and yet. So it's funny. 'cause i was with the red marker my handle to doing that many many times in practice as the red malcolm. Hand a breeze bruise easily. There's nothing with about it. There's no metoo crazy moment here. Toll is acting everything right so he grabbed grammy really hard and dumb. I remember thinking like. Oh i'm a mobbed by But no that's how it's meant to be we. I've been i've been bruised in her enduring martial-arts and movies. What have you and. Tom said it's all part of it. Enjoy it actually. Because it means they have to suffer for your art. Well i have a question of boat your character going in just as an actor. Did you have any sort of. And i know it's a whirlwind experience. But you any sort of backstory for your character to kind of inform your work on screen right so this is what they told me. They want to keep it quite loose and open on. They said we don't. We don't know too much about who is she. Is she back to she. That's you kill. His president defend him or is that yet to protect him. Maybe she is. Maybe she's actually that to protect him. We don't know. Is she working for chinese intelligence. She's she's got a very british accent. They wanted me to have a break. Clips british accent north even set the vocal coach so that it became very You know he said he's peaceful found since of desire you know. She's been in the queen's english that little bit She's british in some ways amazing. She's this she's maybe she working for british intelligence in won't calm. I dunno. she's so she. I'm disa- british chinese characters. The kind of blended all that in the end So who is she working for. So that's what they told me. That's what's they said. We wanted to keep it a bit loose. That's what they said so he could have been. She would have been educated in a british school. They said i remember thinking that at least one of the parents would have been chinese so that i'm half asian so that worked so you should like van the quiz that can do things to the story. What have you seem to work. That was the back story. I was given. Who is she wearing. She and They wanted to keep it open. I remember they said we don't know if she's gonna come back or not. It's not written that. She's gonna come back but i remember. They said if ever we needed to tie up any loose ends meet bringing characters and Always options if we like if they keep it if they keep it open and lose always an option for that rather among other than mike make it to that yes yes. Yeah that's what they say That's who she was peaceful fountains of desire. Actually quite moshi. I remember thinking of the lines are quite suggestive. If you listen to what she says it's looking to bit nolte. You can think of it like that. Anyway that's what i remember. Brilliant minds the writings grades kasich. I appreciate it more now. the scene. How plastic james bondage is Yeah and i. It's the first time we see james bond as himself. You know cleanly shaven the champagne in the room It's an bedroom. It's great isn't it. Gauge classic failed to this woman at the door who wish she didn't guns smashing glass. You know he's no he's abroad. Whatever is gray. And what's so nice is oh you know. This is a soundtrack to die. Another day which i actually got a. I still have the goodie bag that i got from the premiere of dina day. Now my sista got the goodie bag to and she ended up sending all the bits on it on ebay. I don't know why then enough. I think she did quite well. Get it anyway. That was way back. Then you know and stuff like that. I guess so. I still have all the bits. And isn't that cool. I you know. I have a really nice cost in crew. When must not to help him. I go back to nineteen him Next month i'm going back to notching next month on gonna look up in my mom's garage i had the cost crew die another day jackets wearing. It is not in his lovely. The die the day is is a sense of firoz. We can put like a die. Another day t- shut to that. Had all the di monte crystals and. i didn't want to wear it. Because i if i wear it going to like have to wash the diamantis. We'll come off. And i need to like look up all that stuff yesterday. Little the goodie bag was awesome because it hadn't even even like us. What had this little aston martin. Like collectible aston martin and it actually says on it that it's that from the die another day. Premium is only so many of them. I think like two thousand or something. I still have that. I think i have. Actually i have it in my garage here. Oh yeah next time. I should i should. I should bring those out for the interviews and show them. Because i like that nice. Yeah i keep everything. Even catch the The stockings i will the stockings the full of ladders. 'cause a lot of everything. You know everything i touched. I make moles and everything on touch. I can only wear a pair of stocking ones because coveted by the end. I don't know why i get like. I don't know i just like i have holes in everything i wear because they like. I'm a bit rough. Like everything i wear like gets cool on something tests and very boisterous sound like a very physical seen yet and then i also save eyelashes. I wore there somewhere. But i remember i remember coming across the new little plastic bag with like stop like eyelashes enticement. Just goes says on it. Die another day. I did ask if i could have the dress and they said no of course i said i didn't ask actually i said i. It's not the dress and they said no. You tried to look you tried you. Look they said. I could take tights. Well okay so th the the experience happened now. You film the scene. You've been the premium you've got your goodie bag okay. More of a meta question. You are in the pantheon bond girls now while you are bond and have you. Have you had to deal with that legacy in any way obviously tom. Tom told people like uh-huh. But do you get yeah. Cool down the street sometimes interesting a no. I don't really look. Like i played blonde blue eyed and i really does look like myself when i'm out and about the only time i've been recognized for anything is for brainiac and that's because i did my own hair and makeup brainiac and i'm looking like myself and that's the ones any any time it's been have pieces with somebody else's done my hair and makeup. I'm really not looking like how. I look brainiac. And when i was on the when i was on the sci-fi channel doing the sci fi show nina. I remember walking into forbidden planet in london. London because i just yeah just walking in that for guessing who i was like. I'm nina on the scifi channel. And i just remember realizing every single person that was looking at me and it was like the weirdest thing just left. That was so great. Because i was never used to anyone looking at me. It was so strange. Yeah the brainiac. I used to go. I'll be walking out and people would just go the festival. It'd be like one like what people call. Hey professor my annely that's good. I was an alton towers ones or the american adventure which is near nottingham. Someone professor and that's all. It always used to be that. Yeah it was so weird weird right anyway. Although i've got people that have come up to me and go. Hey do i know you get. I've got back. I think. I know you had know you and i'd be say stuff like anything you do. I think maybe you just do like tv. Rose things i think. You know me from something. You've seen sure still got that. Sometimes it's so weird. Well i a question for you Did a body. W did some body double work for angelina. Jolie the first tomb raider two. No it was this just like standing type stuff or was it more stunt oriented. I'm curious how that experience was like the weirdest thing. So i had. This is what we would if this been came out in two thousand one i think so yes before that was before it came on two thousand and one so yes so i had a mama. I had a model agency at the time that was put that was doing commercials for and she said we've had a very unusual request. I said yes they said to me angelina jolie and at the time she wasn't who she was often tomb raider definitely. I know who the actress says like did like i think she's done. My girl interrupted stuff like that. She wasn't that well number. She'd been caused his tomb raider. Which obviously too many. It was huge the computer game so that was like a been out there and she model agency said that looking for girl that of these dimensions. Five foot seven and a half. She's got this wingspan likley like and He's got this size way. This size hip on. What have you and my model agency said to me. I've looked over all my girls. And you're the closest fit older measurements of mike. Really now. i see engineering jelly back. Then i did and still now as somebody. That's very like slender very. I wanna use the word skinny. But that's not an feel like that's like a good. Were just very very very slender right. Every lean slender. I think i knew very slender arms and stuff. And i just wasn't like that. I'm like i'm chunk here. I've got like bigger wrong. big muscles in my on my arms. Kind of meaty like kind of a bit boston but heavy on. Apparently my measurements fit. So she told me to go to some costing. And i decided not to i still. I'm going to waste my time. They're gonna take one. Look at me and go. This isn't angelina. Jolie buddy at all. So i didn't bother going right. I didn't bother going two weeks later. The same model agency calls me back. And they said they're struggling to go with these measurements because angelina jolie for high. We actually have quite long legs and long arms. Michael tools is quite sure like we're very lucky for high. We have we have legs. The should be on someone. That's like five foot ten. Apparently so they insist and so i go. I decide to go over this time. The addition is not too costing sweet. Yes where it is. It's up pinewood studios. Does the other decided to go. I was like. I wanna go to pinewood studios. I'm going to go to this costing so. That's the reason why i went. Now i had been pinewood studios be full. I have been defined with. Because i've worked on the fifth element My sister and i were in the fifth element. We were feature should aliens. That's the that we we were like. We're not alien. Who are and we have we. What kind of avian. Who featured we've featured you can see us but it's like for like we were at school at the time they like the using people that were school anyway What was oh. Yeah so i went to pinewood studios at my soul. Lindy hemming who. I don't know if you know who she is. He does older costumes full All the bond movie. She's one on. I think you wanna ask for the movie topsy turvy. He's a fantastic costume. Yeah she's fantastic so anyway. She woke and he's the one. That's doing my measurements and costing me. She has this amazing. I i woke. Then she sees me she goes to. May i you Hrbaty double was like she said. I've looked at so many girls. I know antonina jetties buddies really really. Well you'll hrbaty. As i could not believe it was the weirdest thing i said. I'm so chunky. And she said but you're dimensions like she said she can tell. So she she. She measured me up and sure enough. I was measurements. And it's the way to but the not measuring how like fat my honors measuring. How big the top of my arm is that measuring things like my shoulder to show them my waist My hips my boss. The likes of my leg and the reason yeah so are then spent about. I spent a month i spent about. I spent not every day but spent about fourteen days over months working onto one at the very beginning of the movie. I was meshed. I've met and i was working with angelina jolie. I was running around. I wasn't doing his stance. I wasn't headstone person. Basically was astounded And a lot of the time i thought. What am i doing On saying that i was working with. He directed that movie simon west. He was a big director. I realized just thought to myself getting experience. We're working on a huge set in front of a huge crew in front of a great. You'll you'll you'll guessing experience and i was so anyway at the same time. I was still auditioning full other roles. And while i was working on onto bright i got the job for the sci-fi channel as nina and the dates conflicted so i had to drop being on raider. I had to actually. It's interesting because they want. They want me to work on it for six months. I didn't. it would have been great money. But i didn't really loved the idea being doubled buddy six months the only thing i really wanted to do. I was absolutely gutted about this. I was going to send me to cambodia from and if you notice about me. But i'm a huge travel and i love exploring. I'm like female indiana jones. Big time i will And i really go exploring put together like teams to go exploring in all sorts of things. My one using i wanna do is exploring sinkholes it on the island of sanmar in the philippines sentence very dangerous and it probably will be. But that's the next plan when that happens when when i can travel that anyway so it was interesting so i worked with lindy hemming and when i went when i next went to pinewood studios it was to play. Peaceful fountains desire. Lindy hemming who is the same costuming is Tomb raider she. One look at me when i won't onset fluid on another day and she went dialing. You've gone from body. Doubles her bone. God yes she. She said she saw my name and she couldn't believe it she was like this is who i'm gonna be dressing. She said. I can't believe i was dressing you as a body double but angelina jolie and then how many months. Oh years later maybe a year or two. I don't know maybe it was. It was definitely within a year or two two amendments me. Then i suddenly bond girl. She kept saying to me. You off a bongo. You are going to go down in history as a bomb gun on. I remember thinking why he saying this to me. I remember thinking about. Because i was getting nervous. That you're saying to me the same thinking. Why are you saying this to me. Because what if i'm not in the movie the reason why i'm gonna tell you back is i wasn't a movie cooled i worked in a movie called Longtime dead. it's a horror movie with lukas haas And i had a nice scene. Lukas haas anyway go invited to the premier for this movie in leicester square and i'm not in the film. Twenty minutes of the film out including my scene twenty minutes. I'm not in this film. i'm i'm thinking wide. They invite me to the movie. Invite me to the premier. Anyway wasn't in this film lead. Didn't i didn't even know until finish the end of the fell. So remember thinking when i worked on the bottom may why are you telling me a what. If i'm not even in the film. And i remember i knew another action worked on titanic and he had like apparently had a great role and his entire role was cut out. Titanic so i know these things. Whatever reason they have to cut things down with straight on changes as loose ends in doesn't make sense so they have to cut things out sometimes. Yes so anyway. I talked about so many different things like it's fine saves talking. I spoke about this a little bit. But i would be remiss if i didn't ask cruel to brainiac fans out there there are still some. Yeah what was it like being to my annually. I i remember watching brainiac every week. It was a regular in my household. So i was like. Hey that's the lady from another day really used to say that we love bond films in the house so it was like i dated took. That will always on i remember. My dad always had them one to they've always shown on. Saturdays and sundays may shave carry on films and stuff anyway. Making a miss england long. You know because it's stupid corona virus of. There's not much to me so i wouldn't worry about it too much. Did you get to get to work of richard hammond. The tool see him by yourself. Wasn't really say this is what's really i so i didn't have to dishing for brainiac. I actually knew richard greenwood. Who was one of the producers on brainiac for some reason. I don't know why he knew he knew me. I think my sister my sister dunstan on the generation game johnson. The generation game is part of the. I think that was in. He was a producer for some reason he remembered me and said she was in a movie. I think she's gonna be for this anyway so they toss me in it and i basically just film like a couple of days. Each for each season for each series. I never met anybody ever. I never met wait. I'm gonna come something soon. Which is funny. Never met richard hammond working on. It never met. What's the other guy's name the degrees leaves vic reeves any of these people and then i was just basically doing my own thing that Fruit flood of saying i was given things to do. I love doing that. I didn't realize how popular it was. I really didn't realize what the show brain yet anyway. I'm at the national. Tv awards one day as you do that. One day another job. You never to believe what happens. Somebody goes and i'm like well. I turn around. And he's richard hammond. That's his name right. he's going to be an all. These doing is replacing professor. Miang-liang professor admiringly no joke. He's like putting his hand on his part. And i'm thinking okay. I think he really liked professor mine too. Yes i'm professing wiring million. I think he does voice cerebral he must see a loss he sides is so sweet he said i thought i would never ever get to meet you. And here i am in the flesh He was so tough to meet me. And i was so touched. He was so lovely. I have some wet a photo of him and i together. He wanted to take the picture i said. I'm gonna take a picture hip and yet it says he is such a lovely person. He was so happy to meet me. I could not believe it. He just thought that everything. I did as professor manley was just like the things that she's doing like to sweeten fruit He just really liked the and it was just the weirdest thing because people are always professed. progressive lying. I didn't even know. My name was miami lee. Because i never had to say my name andrew. I never had to say my name. It was never announced. I didn't even know i was a professor. I'm shopping built. Like a professor right wearing to scotch on one of banks and the most security thing it was. I o welwyn show to be fair. It was a very peculiar. Thing is a peculiar thing. And then it's weird because like washing toilet on the beach. what am i doing flushing a toilet. What some of it today. Actually preparation for this. I watched a couple of episodes so interesting stuff. I was into in in two thousand four. It is weird isn't it. I've come a long way bringing it back but no it's probably not i fly anymore. It wouldn't yeah it's not it's it's quite dated now might maybe it does. It does a couple of bit. there's a couple of jokes that you Maybe i don't think it would get played on sky one anymore no But you know what that will come round. Things will pass as jugs will become a k. Again i don't know anyway. I wanted to just mention one thing what i forgot. It was something good anyway. God we always finish our interviews with a couple of quick fire questions that hey you'll find out. I've no good bye tests. It wouldn't be spy as if you did coming so that that works. Well okay so you. You've watched james before it helps. What is your favorite spy film of all time spy film. That's hard to like. That thing is the thing helps. Our podcast is a sham. Like what this might sound like a stupid question is despise anything espionage right like austin powers a spy movie. Yup yup okay. I like spy kids spy movies like murder on the orient express. No that's an investigation. Right more be more murder. Mystery murder mystery. I like movies. I love me anyway for me. Like james bond has to be like the ultimate obviously espionage franchise right. i mean. there's nothing really past. i'm just trying to think it. Hedge love hitchcock. Watch i mean short. He did. He did a ton that would count. You know thirty nine steps last. Oh north by northwest with plane. When he's running. Oh yeah that yes. Oh i love alfred. Hitchcock and Oh the third man. I watched that for the first time With my father about five years ago. And i just love that serve. I love movies like that. I love those golden oldies. I can't believe they were made like when such a long time ago. And they still look amazing. And just the use of shadows in the black and white Just the way that is just stylized with how they dress and everything and it comes from a time when espionage was like in it may be a different place so they using different gadgets in banks. So there's something that. I really appreciate about about that like now when you look at spy. Movies and things like mission. Impossible bourne identity series. That's a great one. So obviously we've come on from these like hitchcock days in the third man who did the edmund that was Carol reed yes so he did another thing. That was really good yes any. We've come a long series. Obviously different all the different gadgets and things just come on and now they have like disappear the disadvant- and flying in all sorts of things right so they didn't have them way back when hitchcock they had nothing had no is. That's what i love about orbits older anyway but so now to the bone identity series. I really like because another fighting in it. And i know The people behind it. I never the actors at work on it. And i know jeff imada who was the fight. Choreographer i went to this mom. What she can interview him. he'd be good. I went to the martial arts school as him and trained with him. He's wonderful jeff. Ahmadi ina santa academy in los angeles. So i spent two years and they were actually doing the they would carry roughing identity series. What i was dead it was. Oh gosh i did something really. I didn't want to mention it anyway. Next. i'm looking moving. Swiftly the bourne identity series. That was my favorite bourne identity. James bond i mean god loves the james bond series. I love the james bond franchise and hitchcock in towel read. Thread man is black and white movies from performed decide to think. I'm sure that's something that i've missed. There's like a sex in movie. But i don't know if an assassin isn't as some size can be assassin. We do count them. We do count the assassin ones as well. Let me say. This movie was young kusak. That was good. What's that. Oh my god. Until the grosse pointe blank. He's not a spy midi man well. It's an assassin film. But you know we kind of open the door for those types of peaceful fountains of desire. Jeez i know she could also be as an assassin. We don't know james bond assassin. Well is he getting assassin always mean he's an assassin license to kill. Oh yeah they see. Peaceful had a license to kill two events and spies can get. I mean if you are a spy you have to be able to kill like hooton spy. Well he was a spy. What are we talking about him. Jesus i'll save this one. Hang on them. This is a bit of a cheat question. Because i think i know you're already but we're on the bonds who is your favorite bond o- you have also i mean it has to be. It's hard to say no really. It's like 'cause like i remember being as a little girl. I love this larger than life characters. Like jewels and grace jones characters and the bone di- was raised. Wed but i mean. I'm talking about being like a six seventy will girl watching a bite seen on cable cau- and loving marshall was his name. Would you war. I was loving if you ask me that as a teenager. Who's your favorite bond would have said. We'll we'll obviously that makes sense. Doesn't it 'cause it any been like sweet lobont A night pierce brosnan. Pissy so nice and then daniel craig is just a different look that works so well in the end right. Oh totally. i've got a pressure. And then sean connery. He's just like russet on he and then he passed away and then at all of them they all have been moments in crime I if it helps minus sean connery in camps is roger moore. Oh oh maybe. I should say somebody told me what maybe i should say. Who's the one who what's his name. The australian man who i've met watch dolton dalton's who somebody told me that 'cause i know people that know in fleming's family very well right because my father actually lives he ian fleming barrett in seven hundred. He lives not far away so Two people that know insi- main somebody sets once. I don't know how true it is that the bonds that would have been closest to in fleming's bond if this is true would have been timothy dalton. Would you say that's true. I don't know movies known from people. People often say to me is probably the closest to the book daniel craig's next thing that said you need sorry i'm sorry i sort of come with the daltons have definitely been reappraised over the years. They weren't super popular at the time. But it's something that a lot of fans have come back to why he's such a great act tissue. He said that required violent at were really ready for that off. The roger moore so camping around the stage. The two hours of Dolton is being people up. Be ready for it already. For it ended up daniel craig and this will does how interesting so they went back to bishop the. Yeah maybe i should say. Ps person right. That'd be the right thing to say. Right you did my is they. Add is there you go. Yeah we did learn that today. We had your ears pierced favorite line camp. Well what do you have coming up next anything you'd like to promote and the listener should look out for right. I do have a couple of things. There's nothing there's nothing. I can really speak of like saying. Oh i want to promote this. At the moment i actually just had a baby. Oh congratulations congratulations to baby. Don't if you know that. I had a baby joined the pandemic which is wild a. She's now seven months old. I'm training now. The last two months. I have been training in my basement and i have been whipping out my weapons up my weapons a lot. And yeah i'm feeling really really really good at the moment with my martial-arts dang so And i have. I'm really happy to say like in great physical shape again so we shall see Things i'm hoping things are changing in opening up. I wanna go back to england. I have Yeah the industry at the moment is in a weird place agent in england she. There's lots of complications with working abroad. And what have you at the moment. So we'll save a things a changing supposed to be changing soon soon. Soon we'll stay s. Watch the spice. Yes absolutely in ellen. Something happens i will be a guest on again probably. Don't you probably like no one's going to have again. We're going to vote. We're blocking you immediately after this when we something else. Yeah you just cover spy movies or do you cover like sign. Tv shows and you can buy really just movies. Yeah movies and is not right spy movies. Two hours less commitment. I yes that's right spy thing. Why movies like inspector gadget. That's not a spy movie. he's manhattan. I've lobbied for instance again. The no santa nine five movies. Ah we've covered the men in black film. So i mean we can do that. We will spine movies in the men in black. They're great movies. I really love the class. One that's all right. Yeah that's about right. I love that movie. Unlike the name of the actor. I think he passed away. Ripped torn. Yeah then rip torn. Well that's show what i came from. But but i i just wanna say thank you for taking to us today. Tree one hour. Eight minutes of my time i fall right. I know you said half an hour. Forty five minutes. But i knew it would be more. Because i just want to talk. 'isolation of the pandemic more. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see me. You could have seen professor miami. Oh what's that behind you. It says james bond. Oh that's octopussy right. A book up bond movie posters. Oh i haven't octopussy story but that's it's focus. We've got time. I've got really good at this story. Let's not really that good but she never shankar scored before we'll find out. I just remembered a whole i used. Oh this did mike. Do you know who michael winner is. Yeah he did like the death. Wish homes right yes. Is that spy movie now. it's like irt. What vigilante i guess. Yeah that's fine but he's spying on. You can twist it is by. This is mike. Win- did the vigilante spy movies. That way so. I used to work for michael wanna before i was his receptionist while i was still being what i was snowing. I just finished school. I needed a job. And oh what are we talking about. So i actually. He hired me to work for his sixtieth birthday party. The theme was It was A halloween theme. It was like an octopussy theme roma with special guest and Yet can you believe that. So i was. How old was. I think i was seventeen or sixteen. I had to go to pinewood studios another trip to find. Would and i went to the james bond set and i was in the up to pussy costume area and i got troyon octopussy umbrellas from octopussy and any dress that i wanted to wear and i did. I have pictures of myself wearing the stress. So what they did with me is as all the guests of michael winner came into his birthday bash. I was not there greasing. Everyone can you believe that in this octopussy rest. It was like a middle harim thing like i was looking exotic and greeting. Everyone agrees roger moore in my odyssey outfit. I actually have pictures wearing that dress. What's really interesting is. I met all sorts of people. That day. Like eric captain. Sean connery was invited. But he didn't come. But i remember roger more and more has the most amazing memory. And then if you know that's about him he's able to like you can have twenty people at the table and he could say everybody say their name wanted at one time and then he is able to. He was able to pass away and obviously he was able to save every single name back. Isn't that amazing. That is i mean. Scott still can't remember my name. I'm just like told you that story. But i love to say that the phone actually yeah. Yeah that'd be great. Yeah michael winnow is. Yeah anyway he may in the end. Oh wow that's a grid is winding story. I t he finally. Yeah he did. And i'll tell you why he fired me and it really is not nice company. Who gonna say he. so i i spoke to Michael winner was very good. Friends with this is big secret. My microphone was very big friends with Oh gosh women name who's the most famous actor That was in the death that was in the charles bronson no not charles bronson he michael wood Who's name what was his name. Who's like the most famous actor. He's died now but he was like the most famous actor in his heyday. When we're talking about charlton heston on that level. Paul newman like long that level. What he what was his name. Did michael winner film. I can't believe i'd be complying. He was in the godfather series marlon brando. Brand course so. I spent on and brandon the fans many times. He's a very good friend of michael winner and he had a house in somewhere in. I think remember west. Sussex someone like that and michael winner would go and stay with him. So michael wena one day invited me for the weekend with marlon brando. Like gone stay with molin brandon. Can you believe that can you. That's crazy right. Yeah story's going now. I can well i should. I like how this story if you wanted to tell the story absolutely we can just cut us out really team on the phantom and brenda and he was like you coming to spend the weekend. I was going to go with michael motorcycle winners. Chauffeur was gonna pick me up. Pick up michael. We were gonna go. 'cause i was looking for michael winner for six months receptionist As doing dishes in jobs here. And that i'm getting to know michael quite well I kind of liked him. He was like he was like all i got him. Screaming and shouting will the time. Anyway i i decided not to go at the last minute. I thought what he what am i doing. I thought he was a weird situation. A you know when you're like nobody was going to tell me. Don't go and sending. It just occurred to me. Don't go what happened. Was michael winner. Just he basically said to me It's going to be just you me marlon brando and i remember he said this end marlon. Brando's who else will be there. He said oh. Marlon brenda's remember. He said this guatemalan made. That's what he said. And i remember thinking. So it's just gonna be me mama brando michael winna and then this made and then and then he said to me said to me and i thought oh that's way to anyway. Michael winners drive comes up. Friday morning comes to my door. And he's knocking at the door. I'm literally petrified. I couldn't move my sister. Angela is in my flat and she's doing to be somebody at the door. I said i know who it is. I'm not gonna michael. Iphones calling and michael's leading messages going on. The drive is waiting for you. Anyway he leaves. Cole michael later said i'm so sorry i'm not able to go and i didn't give a reason. Why and he was really upset with me and he said a monday morning you will not be coming to work who fired. I said really he said yes. Okay fine and that was it. He said you've really embarrassed me. That's what he said like was gonna I don't know that was it but fired cool. Yeah you one. Hundred percent made the right call. I know ryan. 'cause i've been stuck somewhere but anyway anyway. Michael continue to stay friends with me so there's no like real hot. Cleanings guess and he would still send me a christmas card. And i kept telling christmas cards and even sent me his book and signed it. I would be selling that for as much money as you can see. That guy hangs nasr terrible was really upset was anyway. There is more to the story. But that's as much as i can share. Yeah lately again. So i was really upset and was really wanted to call until i call marlon brando and apologized. No apology off. Oh my goodness. I have so many stories like you. Bring out in stories and well. I think we have to get you back at some point. If it's more of these stories in by the sounds of it But i'm taking up your time so i will teaching us. How how dare lie. Rachel thank you so much joining us today as it was nice to speak. Thank you you brought me up. Because i would like a bit like i. I was awaken the night for some reason for some reason my baby happened to be awake in the night. Wake up late when when when you know what i don't even remember. I had podcast about an hour and a half ago. Oh that's why because my brain isn't quite functioning and was asleep in. I was like ooh joining the you couldn't tell you couldn't tell alive. Yes my marsh. Not now beneath coffee when you have spies focus directly time. I wanna be a spy. I think i'd make really good. You are a spy. James bond film. You're officially congratulations. You knew this cameras as bring cameras. The doorbell one said bill. Bill wants about house. And i love it like i feel like a spy not leaking at people. I love that as cameras about like when like gagic me. I'm a bit for gadget girl. I like gadgets. Well that's why you're on brainiac. You're a professor all through. Yeah that's my so making sense. It connects all connects. They should do like we make a brainiac fly have to rewrite a lot of stuff area. That's so weird. I sky one of prophecy. They probably kids that they. Maybe i don't think richard ham will come back or decreasing. Oh yes one hundred dollars. Taiwan one yes. My boy two dollars if i just digital version. I think it's low quality. Actually no i do care if it's low. Set the standards high here a hundred dollars. That's mission blood cost quality. No doesn't but you know. I don't care like i wanna see. I want to see my non a demo on the ultimate playboy in me in my james bond russ because that is the closest thing to what i did. That's the same routine that i did in the ultimate play baseball. I did for debbie williams. And i'm telling you another. That's like a great choreography. Great routine i forgot. Why did well there. You go guys. The golden has been burned down the one hundred dollars gauntlets. We will get the details on exactly what we need you to find but will far out there and the people can get it for you. Read you one. Is this italian made movie. That was on movies for men and it's called african game and it was on newbies. The men channel. Let's go to the go to be on there. There's a trailer on youtube dressed in this. The character the characteristic post to be like peaceful fountains of desire. Hey bond fans that they carry to his peaceful fountains of desire on another mission in italy. An obstacle yes. They put me in the same kind of dresses that she war and the same hairstyle. That's two hundred dollars up for grabs now. Folks come get it count. I love you think this is a pleasure to have. You agree very to all right. Nice to meet you. Bye-bye gosh yeah. I'm spying on. You can see you but you can't see me not have to worry. This is so scared steps on you. Eight to care so there we have it. Folks that was our chat with rachel gras goes. I sang time again. I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat to us for over an hour about her experiences working on not only dina day but you know things like brainiac and just her experiences in industry. You know let. Let's talk about the porn thing that was brought up during this conversation and that was her experiences as someone walking industry as a young person and you know she had to deal with some very troubling incidents. Someone working street a young age a female working industry as well and you first of all kudos have feeling that she could speak up about it. Yeah totally i mean. It's definitely I think in more recent years become a little more comfortable for actresses to come forward and people who work behind the scenes to come forward about issues they've dealt with and you know she referred to You know michael winner. Who is a director at the time and we should say you know there have been a number of allegations have come out about michael winner in the year since marina certes who worked on star trek the next generation who scott you and i are both fans of has had some stories. She's talked about just in terms of uncomfortable. Working conditions with winner so Yeah these guys were out there. They're still out there but it's good that people can come forward now and talk about it. Yeah we dwell on it and wants to steal her thunder. This was her story to tell. And we're glad that she felt safe enough to tell it in the environment. And you know i i mean michael winner is is no longer with us but you know we all constantly in the fight to take these people down and i'm glad that she feels come to speak up about it. Yup totally but moving on from that. Obviously there was some stuff about dying day which is kind of the original reason we spoke to rachel and it was really fascinating to hear about her. Experience being costed in the film. That was a a hold like a four day turnaround. Wasn't that something like that. It sounds like a whirlwind. You know when we talk to. Joey ansah there was a very you. Know kind of in-depth story about getting cast as desch for the bourne ultimatum. Whereas here it really was like you're hired you shoot. You're gone so quickly. I just can't imagine even trying to frame that in my mind and then also having to give performance lake just being thrown in. I mean that's why i'm not an actor. I couldn't be thrown on stages and understudied be expected to perform. It would be brutal for me to try to do that. So props her for being you'll be thrown off stage. I mean that'd be no matter. What the job i be. Thrown off stage The story of my life but just props to her for being able to navigate that in pulled off because if you are just last minute throwing the into something even like you know like a b. movie or something lower tier. It's like okay. that's enough jerry seinfeld fill. Yes buzz buzz. That's all right Yeah but if you throw me into something just lower tier that stressful on its own right. It's still a job. You still have to meet the expectation to the professional requirement. This is a bond movie. The world is going to see your performance. It's not something that you're shooting quickly that you know. Maybe a handful of people see or who knows what the project even is. This is a case where you are basically on the global stage and being expected to give a performance where you have not a lot of time to prep for and it's going to live on forever you would know going into this job and i'm sure rachel did that. If you're in a bond film that's forever. I mean we mentioned star trek already. You think about any of the actors and actresses in that show. They go into conventions until they can't go anymore and they are in demand it no matter how small was and the same applies to the bond university as well right to peaceful fountains desire to speaking part as a bongo. There's people who've played parts in these films. That conventions run the background of skaramangas. Lead like ridiculous but people want to speak to them so to go into that role with so little prep time and to be fair. Blow it out the war because it's a really fun. Seeing that she plays is credit to her. Yeah totally although i like that you reference skaramangas layer where there's like one person i said this is wrong. It's your own background. Extra is actually very prominent. Because he's the only person you can look at but no it is very true. I mean i don't know if she's super active on the con- circuit but for sure like this is an instantly recognizable character for a lot of fans and again. It was so exciting to have her on the show. Because this is our first bond actor and hopefully we have more to come. And i was just so intrigued about all the stories. She had to tell about shooting the scene. Where you know she's basically being hurled around by bond and just working with pierce brosnan because we don't really have a great understanding yet about the working process as an actor for For pierce brosnan. And this was our first glimpse of that. And i hope we get more of them. But i was very happy with this one absolutely end like how piss left. Bruises on her on. i I can only wish he'd left brazil mile Yeah and pierced ear She got pierced that's gonna live down. That'd be lying. I reference again. I think that's a good line. That was a real zinger. Yeah that was a rosetta. Absolutely i apart from that. I mean just as someone who dealt with the bone universe in and out so quickly it must have been absolute whirlwind for and you know she remembers it so well as well which is quite cool is thinking about like. I can't remember something that happened last week. Let alone a week. that happened. what twenty years ago now. Who are you strange man. And why are you recording me. I don't know who i am anymore. I want to touch on brainiac which i know show. You've ever seen tam. And you know. Dr miang-liang is not maybe not heights of kloss british television but for people of my age it was looked upon quite fondly. It well remembered for being a payment that we used to watch. This was the time when we had like zoo magazine on shelves which is another reference you get can but that's fine Different era back then. Canterbury this is the first. So i'm like saying i'm older than you know. It's it sound like that. Yeah but it was just really cool to hear someone talk about that. Show that i have completely forgotten about and i used to watch it every week. And so that she'd never met richard hammond until way off to the show again. This story but i found that very raines tainting what was more surreal for you talking to someone who's in a bond movie just talking to someone who you saw on tv. As a youth. I think it's the latter two because as we know from dina the day coverage a couple of weeks ago who maybe a month ago. Now i only watched the film once in a cinemas. I never touched it again. I was that hut by it. I was let down by as we should say and so it was more just like she was on my screen every week as professor lee. I am just chatting to it which is a blows my mind. i imagine. You're the former vice to not the uso brainiac yeah But that said i could completely wrap my head around. Just if i was talking to someone who was like a regular on some show that i grew up on that would be just surreal. You know the rules likes a lot of canadian shows. I watched growing up. That in my mind were worldwide phenomenons. But we're actually fairly regional but there was you know i think like you can't do that on television or maniac mansion. There's this these shows that were standards for us when we were young to watch every week and it would be surreal to talk to those people. Because i've built them up so much more in my mind because they occupied that's youthful period. So i get it. And i think that's really awesome. I mean did any of these taxes. Any of these shows regularly test if that coconuts floated in water whilst wearing a bikini Maniac mansion would have been very different. Show if that had been the case but So i'm going to say no as a canadian listening to this laughing. Their heads of right now. I'd like to make that person and it's not you can. Obviously it's probably my sister heightening but again you know. Thank you rachel for taking the time to speak to us. Think alpha's bond actor. Yeah that limbaugh as bond actor to speak to Yeah and so again. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and helping us a wrap up the brosnan ear. Yeah and this was like a really fun interview like she had a lot of jokes. She was very high energy. I really enjoyed this discussion. And she set the bar for future bunt actors just saying it. And i have someone. Potentially in the pipeline. I'm working on now. So maybe she could be soon joined by someone else. Pierce brosnan does not wanna talk to you. Scott i keep talking to someone on the phone neighbor but cam are we doing next week. We are tackling. The nineteen eighty seven. Kevin costner thriller no way out. I'm really looking forward to this. We've had some hype. Thank store interview with. Rawson marshall thurber. This was his favourite spy movies. So we're going to check it out for ourselves. Yes and we're diving back into the spy also realm for our guests as well so should be really fun. We can do like my spy. Eighties film tiflis. Something like click. And daegu jumping jack flash. Because i do like those cheesy eighty spy lakes will find out so your mission. Should you choose to accept. It is to watch no way out from one thousand nine hundred seven Join us next week. But don't forget followers discreetly of course on social media at spy hearts s. p. h. a. r. d. s. on facebook twitter and instagram. But until next week listeners. You'll find me in line to get pissed.

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November Films and Favorite Actors

Establishing Shot

1:18:45 hr | 2 years ago

November Films and Favorite Actors

"Hello everyone welcome to another edition of establishing shot. My my name is Ted Barron. I'm the executive director at the Barlow Performing Arts Center. We are here in the Browning cinema at the Barlow Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame I am joined per usual by my esteemed and grunt old colleague Rickie herbst. Happy Belated Halloween. Are we past Halloween. Yes we are. We're in November. It's it's fall we're we're putting on sweaters and we're getting we're getting warmed up for some big stuff and joining us. This time around is our esteemed another esteemed colleague colleague. Various team steamed colleague. Dan Bergen Dan. Bergen who is one of our house manages here at the Department former art center. Hello Dan Alot Ted Hello Ricki. High is a pleasure to join you this afternoon in November you sound very untold gruntal pecan Pie Dressed up for you guys. It's this podcast. It's appreciated Catholic. Boy looked down that tie. It doesn't I. I learned that was like Catholic. School school was a big on ironing. That was that was. I used to iron my stuff all the time before school. I used to because I would. I would have to do the shirt and tie in the pants. It's and I used to care about ironing. I don't anymore I I like cooking skips a generation. My mom enjoys ironing so that that was not something that I had to do so I never really learned iron there for ICS as a horrible chore. I used to. I used to be okay with it. I went to Catholic School for twelve years and I did not iron maybe once since then all right so we're going to talk to you today. Share with you today all of the good things that are happening here at the Bronx cinema in November and then Dan is joining us as well for for our top three discussion and we tailored it To Dan's interest. Dan has an interesting background. Working in the film industry spent the spent quite a bit of time in Los Angeles is correct. Yes Los Angeles Los Angeles Angeles you were. You worked in production. You worked on all kinds of stuff stuff right movies move ins more movies movies television. What is your? What is your if you were if you were to be? IMDB which maybe you already already are. What is your most significant credit? I have one. IMDB right now and it is the legend of Cryan Ryan. I don't know what that one it was. Shot in upstate. New York. Okay and Is it a garbage pail kid. Movie sequel a wish was but It was about Child named Cryan Ryan who passed away in his ghost came up to tormentors Or helping other children catches killer. Wow Oh okay. Yeah I believe was. His Dad was very depressing. And when I got from depressed too happy to press the habit depressed going through that that as these are but Dan is one of the many people here we love to With whom we love to talk about movies Dan Keeps up on what's happening at the local cinemas as well as on the local net flicks is So where where he always has. He always has an opinion to share on things. Right right I do. You mentioned Netflix. I immediately think of the Motley crue movie the dirt which has been shown in the cinema yet but is that is it a film or is it a series. That's a movie it's a picture. It's an actual motion picture. I don't I don't think you'll pick. They're not pushing that out quite like the Irishman in select theaters for your consideration. Yeah great well let's Let's jump in on our November events. We have a couple of new learning beyond the classics Initiatives correct Correctomundo. So on Tuesdays. We will be doing review of films from Nineteen Ninety nine in one thousand nine hundred and nine is seen by many as the last innovative here in Hollywood where there was less reliance on remakes and sequels and hand on more original work and that's kind of problematic viewpoint That we're going to unpack during the series but nine thousand nine hundred nine generally is an interesting year movies. He's so we're going to review some of the films that tackle toxic masculinity and consumerism. Do they do it successfully. That's what well look at and in this six week course every Tuesday at seven thirty and by the way it's twelve dollars from the thing that gets your ticket. Gets you readings your lectures pictures beforehand in your discussions afterwards. We're going to start off with on my birthday. We're going to watch the Matrix. Is that a good birthday screening. Really care that much about the matrix one way or the other. I mean. It's a fun movie to talk about. It was Lee Hayden's birthday. We'd she'll be well she'll be there. We'll celebrate my birthday together. Okay but we're going to start with the Matrix and then we're going to be showing election on election night. Yeah that would be your birthday move. That would be. That's the IT'S A it's a birthday deferred doing being John Malkovich and boys please. Don't cry then we have a break for Thanksgiving and we're wrapping up the six week course with fight club and Magnolia so he can see a Lotta White Dude energy resonating in these cry although there is a lot of energy right but it's from a from a different perspective true. I like to think I have nontoxic Michigan. We'll we'll see scene. We'll see how do you have strong memories of the films of ninety nine. Dan Now do. Do I remember that being a fine year and cinema. Yeah except for the film Topsy Turvy which I walked new throwing down You'RE GONNA alienate Mr Herbst. I will note that We're going to give a special honorable mention to teaching Mrs Ting. Which is the last movie? Left out of. This group is a horrible mission. I feel bad about it every time I see that silly. Helen Mirren Trailer. I'm like Oh we messed up doc Kevin Williamson. That's it's not. Oh It's not rain shadow chemical. It's still worthwhile to watch. Okay then Wednesdays at Ted Have you take the lead on this this class. So we're going to be So we're GONNA be doing a retrospective of the director Abbass this curious. Tommy WHO's arguably one of the greatest filmmakers the greatest of to come out of Iran in the last fifty or so years He passed away a couple of Get my stats together. But I think it was last year he three years. Has it been three years already. Don't sixteen damn okay. I thought it was sooner. So Janice films has actually done. A fairly exhaustive gone through a fairly exhaustive process to bring bring back some of his better known films. And when I say better known. You know it's more to kind of film festival audiences and his work really never broke through. We're beyond More kind of limited arthouse screenings but they've they've produced new digital restorations of Some of his better features as well as a very large selection of short films which will be interspersing kind of atwill throughout the series We don't have. We don't quite have a plan yet for the shorts but we'll try to be. The idea will be pair up some of the shorts with features as they're appropriate But really great Iranian director Does really interesting things in terms of questioning. documentary representation kind of playing with documentary representation and not so much in a way that kind of confronts documentary or tries to sort of show it up but Leaves it leaves leaves it very open to kind of creates a shooting process where he leaves things very much open to kind of fusing together elements of fiction and nonfiction In really innovative eight of ways makes a lot of films that focus on the lives of children and education So they're really I think even though they may seem Foreign in the sense of You know kind of outside of what most viewers coming to the Bronx cinema kind of experience in their everyday life There's actually a a lot of really accessible aspects to his work in particular because of the fact that he tends to cast these non-professional child actors who are just incredibly credibly endearing. And it's a way to get around censorship. It is it is it has that was that was always a big part of it But also to address the importance of education. So what are you gonNA show so. We have Two of his earlier films to start off the traveler and homework in these are are again. Films centered around the lives of kids. One deals with a boy who's trying to go to a soccer match one dealing with School school experience. And then there's the Koker trilogy which is The TR- The trilogy of films that kind of made his name on the International Film Festival Civil Circuit and that includes Where is the friend's house in life goes on and through the olive trees and basically what it is these three film? The first film follows follows again. A story of a child living in the coca region in Iran and then that area is hit by an earthquake. Heard you get hit by an earthquake or You get hit by hurricane. I don't know if he had hit by earthquake. But there's an earthquake in that region which causes pretty major damage and then occurs Tummy decided to go back in film To subsequent films kind of looking at the aftermath of those events and then we close out with The film that brought brought him the greatest international recognition. That's a taste of cherry which one The Palm Door at the CON Film Festival in Nineteen Ninety seven not quite nineteen eighteen ninety nine but but a really great opportunity to see some of his works which really don't get screen very often and A chance to kind kind of see a side of Iran that we certainly don't get in most media representations of Of the country girl Stymie Fan. I'm Dan I have not seen any of these films surprisingly but I am very curious to find out where the friends houses so is the boy. which is there you go all right? He can't find his friend's house child. And I we go onto journalism. It might be as as a parent of young children. It might be a very frustrating film to watch. 'cause it's basically watching kid get lost so all right we've got that coming up and then we have the We have the global. LGBT GBI to Q.. Plus Film Festival returning for another year. And that's true so running from November third to November tenth this Interational the festival will is a real community base one so there are four venues that will be playing films here in the Browning Cinema over at Carroll Auditorium. I'm in Saint Mary's College at the LGBTQ center. Amish Watt Avenue and lastly the Civil Rights Heritage Center on Washington Street uh-huh and just these films are all free except the national theatre live performance And if it's at the Browning cinema breath it is recommended that you reserve your tickets online through our regular channels at the other venues. It's first-come-first-serve So show up early and get your seat to run down the titles that we have. We're starting on And we have one screening everyday Sunday through Sunday. So we're starting off with the Breakout film for Olivia Colman and other actresses who had already. When I was but the charming from last year the favourite will be starting off Sunday? November third day will be showing a foam from South Africa. The harvesters at Saint Mary's and then a film from Spain and the United Kingdom at Anchor and hope. It Saint Mary's then we're transitioning to the LGBTQ plus center. We'll be showing the film. From Vietnam Song Lang then unsettled. The story of refugees coming to America will be Civil Rights Heritage Center we we are then showing on Friday classic at Paris's burning from nineteen ninety although it was short show over the course of seven years so broadly the eighties. which is very much in vogue if you will Thanks to the popularity of pose and and that Saturday we are GonNa have a reception and be screening for Mexico. Cassandra the exotic oh about a a gay wrestler wrestler from Mexico. A loser who is very popular then Sunday at three pm we will have a screening of Kinky boots from National Theatre live out of of the UK. So it'll actually be the cat. National worded live. A captured live broadcast true. Okay so all around the world Various continents hit various stories. Told and like I said free open to the public. Come check them out we also talking about free and open open to the public After key boots on Sunday November tenth at seven pm we ob screening waves a film. That has a lot of energy and momentum coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival expected to be on a lot of year end lists and have a pretty heavy presence at some. Some of the awards shows come the end of the years and through a twenty four. We're able to offer free into the public and we're GONNA have a panel afterwards to discuss it as well. It's great. It looks a lot not like moonlight in terms of just the look and the rollout of yeah. Yeah they're trying to trying to sort of build it up in the same way the color schemes. There's a lot. There's a lot of similarities. I wonder if it's Florida where I don't know where it takes place but it looks. It looks kind of that southern conditioned I because I think move I think Florida now. I'm like an Florida project because the same. Yeah yeah that's true kind of look to it as well. Yeah so come. Check that out now. If we're going into our wrap repertory repertory films first off we are. We are really hosting. I'm a call blues. This is a MED Arcadi. Belco Indo who just got his five year visa. Thank you Drama Tura These are three world renowned super famous musicians for molly from three different parts of the country and they came in two thousand eighteen in lies scored Carl Dryers Pasha Joan of Arc from eighteen twenty S. And when they were here we said. Hey what's the next move. You WanNa live score. And and they all said like in unison right away like Blood Sport Mike. Okay as they should. That's another spe. No no no chaplains ZIP and right forward. We're jumping put aside and going right to van Damme. Yep So We are. We're going to play bud sport. We'll have captions on. And they'll live score. We played some of their recording from Joan of arc over top of the final fight. And we're like okay. This will work. So that is Sunday November tint Sunday November. Seventeen th at three. PM is it provides score score. Is it they they they figure it out. It's not they don't do beat for but they have general scenes and they play like vibes August August. Joan of arc everyone raved about it. They loved it it was it was really. Because that's I mean that's a film That need something else. I think for people to really connect with for for mass audience to connect with but yeah and they and they really enhanced it. I think with what they did plus interest. I support you. Maybe have thirty percent of the audience. That's coming for the movie doesn't know anything about music from the Suhel. You have forty percent of the audience. Who is coming for the music and is never seen bud sport and then you have that thirty percent that understands how important important like Van Damme Seagal and Jackie Chan are two west African filmgoers really? Okay Yeah and how beloved they are and I think they also know the music for them. It could really pop for those other audiences. It's an experiment. We'll see we. We also have a free screening of metropolitan. This is one thousand nine hundred ninety one nine thousand nine hundred ninety ninety. Yeah what Stillman's take down. I got us of satire satire of debutante society in in New York City. He will be on campus for a conference. Being hosted in speaking and as part of the conference weren't an opportunity for people who are attending waiting to see his work and he'll be speaking about friendship and metropolitan are they still has those social bonds at the core of its narrative. So we're GONNA give it a shop. Also Nanotech Institute we'll be screening Eight east of Bucharest This is Chris you perform boyle his film from roughly a decade ago. Five longer than But It was very popular at can. He has a new film out called the whistlers which I hate it it's just there's nothing to it But this this one this came out it was in the wave of Ramani and kind of and it's right after four months three weeks. Today's right that's oh seven NYPD. Yes I think it's business i. There's well they're all it's just there's just a real burst between like. Oh four and own nine for Romani. Romani Romanian when I'm saying Romanian Romanian directors which are just. It's a wonderful slate of films that came out and this was this is they're they're looking back to nine hundred eighty nine so this they were looking for a film that really tapped into that moment in. This is a film that literally gives you a time stamp of When things changed in Romania and we also have via get subs Leviathan? Hi Yvonne This is from about five years ago and people might know his work through loveless which may be had a larger footprint but about somewhat similar to twelve thirty eastern Bucharest in some ways about small town politics and the kind of of corruption and connections that he hasn't broken through. I mean it's still. It's I feel like he's still kind of I mean even though you know if you go to a film festival people seek out his work but it's it seems to be. Yeah pretty wide release head now and it's I mean they're heavy films not I mean they're Leviathans. Yeah they're not the easy. And then lastly from the classics silo we'll be screening. Norma Rae in Sally Field's Breakout breakout role and this is in. Conjunction with the Higgins Labor program and the great work that Dan Graph and judy do over there right. We also have some documentaries camp this month. Let's run through those the great hack which is about the weaponization of data data collection Relevant to elections impersonal life will be screening with the Keough Institute and we will have the producer Gerald Dreyfuss here to discuss it. How diffuse a bomb on the project? Children's story is in conjunction with the KIO knocked Institute for Irish Studies and is the story of a New York City police officer who worked very hard to bring understanding to the youth in Northern Ireland and help speed a peaceful the end to the troubles we have a an interesting project with the ECK Institute for Global Health. We're going to watch. Success and account of catastrophe foretold. which is if you think of the if you think of one thousand nine hundred roughly as the beginning of AIDS Where we are today? It's roughly forty years. This is a film from twenty years ago. So we're going to use it as a mid point and say okay. Here's what we saw up until then here's the story after that and it's a great way to actually think think about documentaries is to go back in time and be like. Hey here's what's not here. Here's what was unsaid. Here's what they said well as a way of kind of analyzing the film and what was accomplishing to do and we have the vault behind votes Story of the UN Secretary General who who had a sordid past that is unpacked in the film. And of course Fridays before home football game screening Hesperian a bio pic dock. Last two. Chances Chances Come check it out of the esteemed president emeritus of of the University of Notre Dame catching up our last ones. Here we got our scrappers We have a performance of Puccini's Madame Butterfly and professor has had some of his Sunday's taken away with all the holidays during November and had grouper sport. We didn't make that a Sunday family family film. You also have some some maybe some time of trauma recovery from the October selection of watcher in the woods in return to Oz. And yeah all those good ones. Put their feet up and think about where they are in the world but also come back into the fold because we got Hercules Elise Leela instead affect both very sweet is the Bergen shelter will be. Yeah we'll come back to the return to the Browning after return to is as you will not return to is definitely not great. Okay left off your left up to the most important film that you're screening winning in November in which what is that what you're off shoot of the nineteen thousand nine offshoot. Oh that was a late editions. Jeff original list elated it. We will also be watching South Park bigger longer. Uncut nineteen ninety nine the Tuesday so there are two dates. What's the calendar the academic counter you know switches on you and rotate? So you can't say oh the third Friday of every November we're gonNA show this is the other thing But there are two dates that hold pretty constantly right before break when is holy Thursday and we showed you scrape every day and the other is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break where we try to show something musical. Something loud something brash. And so We'll be showing south park bigger longer. Uncut allowed brash musical chatty award nominee. Yes yeah yeah get out of your system before joining your family for for Thanksgiving and then that's on my birthday that one. ooh take all my kids. Cartoon to chill full cartoon tune animated. Yeah just put some noise cancelling headphones on them. They'll just see like these can't little kids although they might they might be a little traumatized by Saddam Hussein. I'm saying images depiction of hell might be unsettling to some so. We'll see how that one holds up. Lee Great all right. Well that's a that's A. That's a pretty full month for what kind of a short month for us here at the you get a lot packed in come check it out all right so now we're gonNA switch gears and we're going to talk about we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA come to our famed top three So we have an interesting kind of set of films to discuss with you guys this month In inviting our our dear colleague Dan. Bergen we. We know that he has a particular passion for a certain kind of American actor. He has a bit of a shrine shrine in his office to the greats of the last What are we say last late century? I don't know. I think it starts with Burt Reynolds. We've got burt Reynolds. Who's got Al Pacino and so we were trying to figure out a way to to Encourage Dan to join US and share his enthusiasm for his is For some of his his beloved actors. So what we decided to do is Do a top three where each of us will make a claim on a favorite great actor. And we're going to tell you three movies that that those actors a acted in and hopefully encourage you to see some new stuff. Does that sound right. It sounds good old stuff. Well it's always. Yeah that's a that's something we like to stuff through new eyes. That's right that's one of the one of the goals walls of the top. Three is to is to just shed some light on some films that maybe people have unheard of or give a new take on things that might be more familiar. Watch after Thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner. That's right that's right that's right. It's a long week that Thanksgiving week. So you get in you gotta you. You got to figure out how to spend the time with the family besides watching football so first. Big Reveal Dan. Who is your favorite actor of all time? My favorite actor of all time for a long time and no matter. How many bad movies he makes still my favorite actor of all time? And that's never going to change is Nicholas Cage Right. Who Got Nick Cage? Yes and of his above his is is the first of your top three so number three number one you well we we. We didn't really rank ours chronological because you can do it however you want you can move. You are history of cage I would. I would have to start with the moment where he became my favorite actor. I would would have to say well. He built up in the eighties. Some very oddball performances. And you know when I'm a young kids like looking guys like what's going on with this guy ice kind of these different so like Peggy. Sue got married. He talks like He. You know he talks like this the whole movie. It's it's the strangest choice healthy. See your uncle in Iraq. Yeah I believe he was reprimanded by uncle so maybe he toned back a little bit which. I can't imagine what it sounded like before. That conversation took place place and then Raising Arizona was In that time period to terrific movie and very he's very funny in that and then moonstruck which is a great great romantic comedy and he's just a bizarre romantic lead in and he's got his hands missing I guess that was in the original script but I can imagine him making that part up the one the other one would. That was a big year. Eighty seven for him. Yeah Yeah so yeah. I remember watching that movie when I I was a kid and my mom. She's watching the movie and she's like wait wait she found out he was like in his early twenties that this guy was fifty years old. There are always shoveled. Look at Danny Aiello was also share. who was like forty? Yeah she's probably forty at the time Danial was perpetually sixty five Here's probably thirty five when the movie came out but He's ageless than the wrong movie. has like a thing of it being like is it. It's it's hard to believe it's set in present day because there's such an old world tradition to the to the very old fashioned a wonderful movie I've seen recently okay and I still love it. Holds up So yeah he's building up here. I'm watching his movies. Kid Vampire's kiss was. I think might be his first movie. That can be qualifies. Bad Bat crap crap praise. He doesn't eat a rat and COCKROACH HE CHICAGO. That's right for you know. And any rather the method man he is. He really apparently really ate a cockroach. He does a lot of cool things in that movie. Tries to You know he's a movie about Have seen seen the movie. Yes He he thinks he's a vampire so then he's trying to kill himself with with the stake to his own heart but he can't seem to do it himself on. It's it's a little bit of a has it's actually an interesting companion for joker because it's this is he delusional or is this all or has he really vampire I always says there's I count Dracula when I was a kid. similiarities unwitting vampire. Well then so he kinda built up a little. Bit Watching Chin is is is performances I saw David Lynch's wild at heart and I was totally sold. Because he's channeling Elvis in and I love Elvis so That's what sold it for me for him. As far as you know movies just wild at art crazy. goofy wizard wizard of Oz. Yeah Yeah it's stopped David Lynch in Strangeness Shocking Violence Fouls in the characters get blown off or beaten in Willem. The phone is easiest. Which is saying something Thanksgiving movie for me like in College? That was one of these movies where we were. We were done with with classes and we weren't going more going home until the next day so we had used in horrific. Yeah so it was like let's go let's go see it at The WESTCOTT cinema in Syracuse New York. which no longer is there like? Most of the theater soon replaced by the Carousel Mall Cinema. That's that's right that's right. Dan is as central New Yorkers Syracuse points so yeah no I saw wild at heart in the theater and it was it was pretty. It was for lack of a better word. Wild who has a lot of fun. I I saw it in a weird circumstance Was that great aunt Mike. We're at our our great aunt's house in Syracuse and The pay per view movies like kind of pay per view where you could order a movie and had been out in the theaters. And you you get it your choice. Just get it for twenty four hours. Yes something like that and it was like one of the first kind of pay per view and we're like let's all watch a movie and I'm just like I'm seeing that one like all right. Let's watch that. And you know with the family and my great aunt and my regular ant this Kinda like this whole oh movie goes by is like wow. This is a bad idea like did you sound like the Elephant Man Guard. I saw this to my. Oh my Italian family at one the palm door take your love watch. You know. It's it's a guy for yeah exactly the guy from moonstruck so yeah so we watched it and I was just like you know and it just Nicholas Cage. He sings Elvis songs in it. He's fighting. He's given off one liners. He's just you know it's just it's just classic. Yeah so I I would. I remember and I haven't seen that film probably since nineteen alive but it comes at you hard. That's what I remember. Because he's not. There's like explosive explosive. Violence right right. Exactly yeah so good. Sorry grandma alright. we'll come back to you for your other two Ricky who have you chosen as your you know. I had a tough time. I'm someone who doesn't quite follow actors like that but I was thinking who who do i. Who's really an old faith wall and I decided someone who I've been thinking about a lot? Because of TV turn is John Goodman and thinking of his arc from Roseanne to the righteous gemstones and made me realize oh his movies actually have a lot of civilians for me through time and to start off with We have a movie that I watched way too often. And because it was when we had a descrambler on our satellite dish. So you could just go to the viewer's choice channel and it was on all day. It just repeated which is kind of like watching heart only seven days a week twenty four seven so I watched this movie like eight times when I was in so you great in which one was and that would be a sea of love them. Yeah it's it's right around the same time classy Prequel to basic instinct exactly but Harold Becker directed at I think of him as the guy who directed vision quest first first and foremost and it's outlets without malice mouse too but it's Al Pacino's return to acting remember that Weird Eighties Ladies Hiatus. Yeah it's definitely like well. It was his he had. He had kind of revolution revolution. was there anything after that or was now no took four years. I didn't think that was so revolution. Just really did him in and then there was. There was a lot of media hype around this as his comeback and it worked. It was a huge hit Ellen. Barkin plays the potential them fatale in it Really liked barking at this Husky Voice Laker. Her voice is Great. I really like this when she was in his own. At this point because it was like a new energy dickens. She's Able Sea of. Love is not a Joe Esther hearts screenplay right but it has to you. Yeah that's the thing about the big thing right. Yeah it's right there and John Goodman is really good in in it and I'll explain why he plays a New York City detective and he runs a sting with Al Pacino defined find someone who is killing people based on Personal ads in the paper. And so there's a fingerprint imprint sting that they're running Albertino goes on a date with someone and then John Goodman poison proposes waiter and grabs a glass touched it run. The fingerprints will find the Crook Brooke and my my point is John Goodman here like he has to absorb a lot of energy coming off of Alba. Chino who's working working really hard after four years of slumber. He's giving it his all really chewing really chewing scenery. But this is something that you can see in John Gunman officers. He can take so much up against him and make a an really blend it and smooth it as in Roseanne as in the righteous gemstones. So he's able to react very well and can serve as a cushion despite himself Being able to offer a lot of gravity as we'll talk about and some of his future so sea of love go back to. I mean. It's not a perfect movie but I think it's actually and I like the song stuck in my head. The last like three days after thinking about this I started to watch I started to watch true stories actually recently and didn't get very far with it. He's he's earn. Yeah he's in that one but he's he's really he's really great in it for different reasons. I think he's actually more of like the leading man as opposed to the character director. WHO's the best friend who kind of or the sidekick which I think he does very well? Yeah when I remember Watching Sea of love sin this guy would be a great pal to have you know very likeable. The beat with this guy and this is what's the other one that would those thinking of around this time. Oh well is it because the other thing I was thinking about related to this is does he do a New York accent in this in this film because he typically does his John You know. He's kind of standard John. John Goodman yes. It's not a heavy one but he also he's in punchline around the same which I think you know when when he gets caught up in the accent it just kind of throws He sometimes they make in place southern. He's missed that my favorite. I remember when I was young. Punchline was like Oh. Here's the movie about Comedians. That's it's not a fun so remember punchline now even when their performance standup like nothing about the movie was funny and it had good people people in it right. Yeah Sally Field again. It was date night movie that my parents had to get a babysitter to watch you. Because he drag you along all right so Do I get to choose one. Yes please so I had a hard hard time choosing. Actually you may not think so because I was actually I had a runner up Who who I felt obligated to choose and that's rip torn Because he passed away this year. But then I realized I was going through ripped horns movies The ones that I feel most strongly about our particular kind of movie that don't necessarily lend themselves to a podcast discussion. It's more of like the late sixties right kind of pseudo documentary Weird metaphysics that I that I like or his his role on the Larry Sanders show which which is TV but defending your life which which is defending. He's Great Independent. Actually I mean there's more but you know so so so he would have been good one and rip rip You we lost him this year. Ip Rip Taylor. All right passed away. What kind of any rips out there? Yet I'll rip your uh-huh Kellyanne Billy I can't tell them apart Okay so So instead I chose a an actor who People have heard me go on about at length length and that would be another another prominent white man Charles grown so Charles Grodin has pre actually a a really long career He's been making He actually started in the late fifties in his first roles But but I think the first rule that most people associated with is the doctor and Rosemary's baby which I think led to some other opportunities And what I would say is is I really. Strong kind of breakout role. Is The heartbreak kid. And I'll and I'll Couch this with just an observation of I did watch an older episode of Johnny Carson. I love watching Johnny Carson especially the the the longer ones that were rental. Well when it's yeah exactly what it's before before they cut the show to an hour hour and a half and there's a great episode that he's on right around the time that he had Just wrapped the heartbreak kid and he was he was he was famous as a talk. Show a hosts as a guest on Yeah Carson and Letterman. Where he played this he would kind of play? This very cantankerous persona in really get into it with especially with Letterman. They'd they'd get into fights and stuff and then the audience would would go against them because they don't think they're not in on the joke. That's right that's right. He's just that he's playing up so I grew up this like you because I didn't get it because he was unsure with this guy but But he's incredibly. He's he's one of the funniest actors in my estimation in part because he does he can both do this really dry humor summer where he just you know he really limits what he gives you but in the way that he limits his performance. It it kind of it kind of opens up more and then and and then he can also kind of really blow it out. And that's what he does in the heartbreak kid where he plays A newlywed who's just married a woman who he quickly realizes houses when he's travelled when they're traveling together to go on their honeymoon that he absolutely cannot stand her And so while he's on his honeymoon he Spies the young cybill shepherd who also happens to be vacationing at the same resort. where he and his wife have gone people all the time? So so then he schemes to leave his wife and Startup relationship with civil shepherd. So it's a it's a Neil Simon Script it's it's directed by Elaine. May what's funny but Neil Simon you thinking about how you were a young boy who really well that was because he was sophisticated. We talked about this but this one. I didn't discover this until later. There are a ton of Neil. Neil Simon Neil Evans. Yeah it was in some ways it was for for wider audience. It was like the more accessible. Woody Woody Allen because Woody Allen was such a particular thing and a way to identify with your divorce fourth grade teacher. That's right that's all right so yeah so anyway. So but no but it's actually. Let's put Neil Simon aside. It's a film directed by Elaine. May who interestingly casts is her daughter Jeannie Berlin in the in the role of Grodin wife the one that he can't stand playing this very unattractive character In Jackson Oscar nomination for For the role. But it's a film that I actually. I often compare to the graduate in that. It's a similar moment in time But it's not quite as cool It's a much it's kind of uglier version of the graduate story Where you know this this whole idea of Sexual Liberation in the late sixties and early seventies is kind of empowering people. Here you hear it just seems wants to be it it seems to get very regressive and just kind of ridiculous and it doesn't it doesn't necessarily change the world in the way that you know the graduate seems to aspire to Interestingly the graduates directed by Mike Nichols Elaine. May's longtime comedy partner but Really lots of really uncomfortable scenes of humor when I tell people about how much I love this film and they've seen it. There's like I don't get it because it's because it's more of like what you're talking about with the talk shows of just really awkward kind of confrontations. But it's great one of my favorites of all time. I have a confession. Yes I've only seen the Ben Stiller remake. ooh I love Charles Grodin Charles Grodin but I never saw the original. It's been well it's also. It's a film distribution wise. It's had its had a really weird distribution process it was on net flicks when Netflix had that period where they suddenly had everything on then it then it went away and it's just never been available again is is it on video originally made it. I think it was MGM. But I think they lost rights to it or something. I don't know it's a it's got a weird writes history to like film again. It's one of the strengths. I I forget but Yeah but it's not it's not part you would think that film like that with you. Know with Charles Grodin and cybill sheppard that they would have made it more widely available. But it's not so anyway Dan. What is next on your cagey list of Nick Cage? Alright so let's see so going in order of my next a touchstone of the Nikkei's career so after a while that Har t You know did a lot of movies a lot of hits and misses which is the usual in his career but He got into some romantic comedies. Like Honeymoon Vegas. It could happen when you Comedies like guarding tess. McLean and they were modest. Hits Missing Andy Ammunition wanting to Jon. Lovitz and Dana car trapped in Tara's around bad movie these are all like VHS thinks that sat on the that sat in the video store shelves. Exactly they give them away on the on the coroner's please take these away. So we had that that that that era there and then he won Academy Award for leaving in Las Vegas all his years of his fourteen. Thirteen years of hard work paid off. He got he got that Oscar But that's not the movie I'M GONNA in a pick because as much as I like his performance in it I think he was better in the rock wound do do what about the Iraq Do you find appealing. I think at the time You know I suppose like I always. I loved his work and then all of a sudden the rock comes along long and he's a big action. You know it's the big action movie and it's like Oh all of a sudden it's like He seemed like the least likely guide to become a big budget aged million dollar movie hanging on the shoulders. Yeah because he's very quirky. You got you know like you said it's hits misses all over the place with his career a little bit everything everything. And then he's in the rockies paired with that Harrison in Sean Connery You know to fairly sizable names. And Yeah he kind of of a he just he. He's not your typical action guy in the movie like he's a built guy. We always is but alone. He's not yet not your Schwarzenegger. Or even Bruce Willis like that whole in your Joan and we're coming out of that in the in the mid nineties. You're not you're not. You don't have that as kind of the model. Ah You know these big muskie exactly action heroes. I mean Schwarzenegger's. Well even Schwarzenegger is now go at that point going through he was like. Yeah this is this is like his downturn punctual. Just like the Jeff Goldblum man Jurassic Park. Right Ri- right witty and intelligent. It's dumb Offset the muscles. Yeah like Nick Cage. Plays a biochemist team. He must have some serious degrees from highly steam institutions. You it's kind of like. He's the reluctant action hero. He's you know. He's he's clumsy he's just the way says he introduced himself like I'm Stanley goodspeed. Like like deliveries and I was really really drawn to even more then because he's in a different he's in a different arena here or any still making it his own. Yeah I remember seeing it that summer when it came out and we were actually. We were at a graduation and we but it was out of town where we had to like. Kill Time between the graduation ceremony and the dinner that was afterwards. Let's go see the rock. It worked out perfectly and it was an I just remember being just a lot of fun. I mean wasn't didn't take it too seriously and he was probably the most engaging thing about the I don't remember anything else about the filming something nothing about Alcatraz because that is the rock as well John Mason. Who Late actor Jon? Spencer says he's the only chance we have got yes to be. He has to go with this guy. Who is the only guy who escaped out of Alcatraz ever So he's got brought back into Alcatraz with with with Nicholas Cage because Nicholas Cage can disarm the warheads that Ed Harris is holding there with eighty hostages. Ray to blow up the rest of San Francisco if he doesn't get his demands and his demands were like actually reasonably like he wanted like better care for veterans or something like just like kill monger right like he. He has a pretty decent view of like how society should work. Saw something like that but he really wants Michael Bay's he wants. Uh He wants to. He wants to he wants the vets treated better. You know everyone can agree with that. He just goes about it and quite a very poor way that needs to be taking needs to be taken out now. Is this the only not to seal a thunder from future fixes. This only Michael Bay Nicholas Cage. You have in your less. It's the only only Michael Bane. Nicholas Cage Phil. What about CONAIR? No Simon West It's it's very very yeah. He he didn't produce it Bruckheimer. Okay so then took me sixty seconds is yeah. That's Antoine Fuqua. Say Yeah somebody like that but yeah but he's the sent me only bay did bad boys before the Rock Church and I was like Yeah I saw the Rock and it was just you know just all the while action just entertainment. One liners stuff blowing up. There's a pirates of Caribbean S. Situation Underneath Alcatraz where they're going on like railcars. It's crazy that Ed Harris Ed Harris gives it is all Sean connery does what he does. Please Sean Connery and Yeah Yeah so those nineties action now absolutely plot the trajectory of all those nineties action Philly. And you know in which was within one year period I think it was the rock than CON air. Then face off all were within at least fourteen months or something like that and quick face office. That's the whole order. That's a whole other podcasts. Talk that's all it podcast. They're talking about what's going on as you add Travolta in there you gotta Jim Again. All Right Ricky. What's next on your good man list So the next film I would throw in. Is this from two thousand and one. That's Todd Sohn's is Storytelling so I I saw it in two thousand to a sophomore in college allege and my mom always said Sophomore Year of college Nothing is new and there's no end in sight and storytelling is the perfect movie to see hip during college. I think I saw Sea of love during Sophomore Year of college so AH is broken into two parts. The first part is fiction which is a a workshop being seen in a creative writing class in in college With some Blair probably most famous for having sex scene. In which rather than edited. They just a large red square aware over the succeed in order to knock in. NC Seventeen Rating Then there was actually a part three autobiography which I remember when it came came out it was like oh I heard they did the spud they actually shoot or whatever but they did But it was a james. vanderbeek is a closeted football player and it had its Own Pretty graphic sex scene and and that didn't make the final cut of the film and then part two which is most of the film is non-fiction is what it's com and is a crummy suburban New Jersey family so this is very similar to previous films that does exactly familiar territory and the storyline is filtered through like Albert Brooks as real life life. Like what happens if we made a movie about a an all American family you know. Real life starring Gruden exactly and not at my list good phone. That's a good one for me. This movie really sets like Oh what is New Jersey. My Mind New Jersey to me. How's complaint and you're next to New York but for me I'm like okay? Now I get it like even if it's you know Jersey means something other than Jersey here and why John Goodman and because he plays the patriarch in a family and I would put this in the basket of villain roles and I think John Goodman does those very very well and Julie Hagerty is a really great wife and think she she does a lot for for the film and again his role is to really absorb and play the heavy. And if you think of him in Roseanne as the affable dad trying to do as best this is okay. What happens if we just see that at the more sinister are unlikely level? Like I'm trying to do my best. But I'm tying into this machine and Social Plug that kind kind of makes me miserable and makes the world around me miserable. And so the fact that he is able to turn his stock from his past characters into this role that is really. I mean. It's not that big but he he moves has the story along in a very nice way and it something where I would again. Praise him for taking roles off scripts that are bizarre if you think of What he did with Congress and whatnot again just like these are roles he probably when it except if you really could see films for what they can be in their potential and I think you did a very nice job. He's taught zones is an interesting director because he's someone who Who I've kind of gone back back and forth with in terms of whether I like or dislike his films because you know? His films are so provocative that it's very easy to just kind of dismiss them And I think I did that for a while. But then I had the chance to meet him once and actually have dinner with him and he is one of the funniest people I've ever met and it actually turned me around on my take on his his films since then I've a greater appreciation kind of knowing where he's coming from and I think even if you are someone who doesn't like the end result AH for me. They don't always work the mechanisms he uses and the way he thinks about putting stories together. Very clever and I think worthwhile even didn't like Dachshund is revisiting sewri later on and and this having things that are hyper self reflexive onto themselves themselves It was it was very clever when you're a sophomore clever gets a very far away when you're young and in college but if you go back to marshawn government it's like oh he's great always been great they are all right next up on my list of Grodin films is probably the one that most is the one that was maybe his biggest success In terms of Kind of reaching a wide audience but also I mean. It had a lot of critical acclaim. So I'm going to see the going to the movies with friends in high school because this came out I think the summer after my senior in high school and and we read a multiplex in everybody wanted to see die hard and I said Nah die hard. Just sounds dumped. I know where I wanNA see something more substantial ask so I made. I made the highbrow choice to go by myself which might have been one of the first times I've done this but certainly not the last To Go see a midnight midnight run instead the wild movie to see by yourself. Yeah yeah but it was a it was and then and then missed out big time well and they and they realized that later I said you know I said Oh it was great because it was also at a point when I was a huge Deniro fan so I wouldn't deniro was the in terms of relative relative to Bruce Willis. Anyway he was someone who has I was much more interested in seeing in a film. And it's a film actually when I've gone back to it you know it's it's not really a it's not as if it's some kind of art house film I mean it's a it's a it's a road movie Hollywood. Yeah it's it's got action it's comedy it's got all these things but the best thing about it is the dynamic between the two actors I was looking this up. I was surprised prized to see I didn't even realize they made sequels to to me to TV with the guy from perfect strangers. Really wasn't the Non Bulky League. I think was so baker. I was watching Peter O'Toole which he was talking about his work and he's like he he was the finest actor comic actor with whom I've ever worked in Baker. Yeah okay. He's got an interesting little turn in the leftovers where he plays himself uh-huh playing himself so Anyway so midnight so it's Charles. Grodin is a guy I think. Think he's embezzled money. And he's skipped out on bail when he's been caught so deniro is has been hired He's not a Chi- he's a former cop so so he's kind of like a bounty hunter he is about it so they those exist. I guess Like Dog Bounty Hunter So he's a he's a bounty hunter who's who's been sent to recapture him and bring him back. And so you know what whereas most movies would be about the pursuit of the person that you're capturing this film centers on the journey back back because while they're together they sort of drive each other crazy in particular. Charles Grodin drives him crazy with his kind of constant talking rocking and questioning and just the the exchanges between them. So it's a great feeling. It's a Dan. Bergen one of my favorite movies movies. My favorite body movie without a doubt like yeah the same for the interplay between them is this. This is incredible as Charles Girls Performance. One of my favorite favorite favorite comedian reform time. I mean he's really funny. Are you doing the litmus configuration. Now he's trying to do the count. Count China the limits conflict are you doing the litmus for just the way Deniro plays awesome and it's a you know and that's an Azzaro goes that's kind of like its first real comedy. It's he's coming off of stuff like the mission angel heart so he and he's kind of going off the rails a a little bit in terms of you know some weird stuff and this is kind of coming back to the mainstream although he had just on the untouchables too. I guess the before. Oh yeah which was bigger but so you know. It's it's he's at a point where he's such a you know an established actor. Yeah exactly and been mainstreamed. Yeah and he had have been light. Light in. The movie was still playing a heavy Brian. He still he's still de Niro he's the arguably he's the straight guy to to Grodin and you know comic figure it's not quite but it's not it doesn't quite fall into that easy breakdown which I think is what's one of the things that's good about it. I confuse midnight. Brian Midnight Express very different. Don't show grandma got got in my head is like I don't know which one's which anymore and it's just forever it's always I have to think okay because yeah anyway no different movies. Well I mean that's a movie we like you see. It's heartwarming at the end. You want you want to see more of those two together. Yeah exactly so you can understand why they would try to make a sequel. I had to look it up another midnight. Midnight run with Mark Baker. The Great Christopher McDonald Shooter mcgavin Played Jack. Yeah he's Dan. Dan Haditha was Eddie Moscone. Isn't he in the original is Joe Pantoliano Joey. We plants bail bonds great joy early. Joey Pants Air Trauma. Whatever the because they Jonathan Jonathan Banks? Thanks but it's like an. What's this last Norman truck that's it? Yeah he's I think he's. He's got a role in midnight. Run a little bit got oversee Beverly Hills cop mature Martin Brest movies. Yeah which are no more. Apparently it's big on Wiseguy. That was this other thing. Okay it anyway moving on what you have your third cage okay. Where does the cage match in the cage match ends unfortunately in two thousand and two but I I wanted to continue on but So yeah so after you know. He started his He he had his big action trio made some other big budget. Movies gone in sixty fifty seconds which was the dominant thing and city of angels. They were hits but they weren't very good. Captain Corelli's Mandolin which apparently was neither. Yeah and then You know he had underachievers from some big name directors like he did win talkers in world. War Two yeah yeah windtalkers. John will eight millimeter Joel Schumacher the market. That was bad snake eyes diploma some people love it and not one of my favorites and Bringing out the dead bringing out the dead it's considered probably a lesser lesser in the Scorsese Cannon. But it's got your friend. John Goodman talk actually. I think people want to revisit and reevaluate after Casino and yeah some people remember when remember casino pretty recently had like around the time. Time of the Scorsese movie communitize. Gosh Oh China Dan besides the guy from Michelle Walk in silence. When Michele Waqa starred right and silence seemed to be then like there was a lot of casino reappraisal roof casino? Well I think that's. That's what is going to happen with. Irishman is that now will be the time where we're like. Okay let's go back to preempt dead and think about talking about interesting it's about the well. It's the time paradox to you just pop forward. Yeah okay so what is your so that brings brings us to adaptation reputation which is one of my very favorite nominated Oscar up his second Oscar nomination did not win this one but He should have because there's not one Nicholas Cage in this movie. Two very distinct different Nicholas cage is in this Phil. When you're nominated for playing two roles does it say as blank and blank the exit I think so I think if you look him up Charlie in whatever whoever the other cough Donald and it was funny because out oh how people this off but the screenplay nomination also said for Charlie Kaufman Donald Kaufman right? Who is now a real human being kind of like well the Coen brothers editors I forget what his name is the picture of a old like minor? Old locksmith or something. They have a picture of. I forgot the name that they use but So yeah so I mean I love everything about adaptation For those in the audience who haven't seen it because you know people don't talk about it. That much which I found you know like as far as the Kaufman movies attornal sunshine and and Being John Malkovich. But you know as yeah and and and So he plays screenwriter. Whose Face Charlie Kaufman? He plays Charlie Kaufman who is facing severe writer's block adapting the book the orchid thief by Susan Orlean. His life is further complicated by the rival of his twin brother. Donald as further goes along the film seems to be adapting itself using the cinematic cliches that permeate Donald writing at chair. Charlie abhors so so basically He's playing across himself two very very different characters Charlie's the more you know. He's he's really into film film whenever His brother calls it the industry. He's like he's very much into it. And dials just like a happy. Go Lucky Guy I would just all of a sudden says I think I can. Well let's do this. And then and then he ends up selling a script a terrible script for a million dollars in which for which further infuriates Charlie. And the film. You know it's kind of as it goes along. It's kind of a adapting. You know his his whole movie apparently may may possibly be. Based on Charlie Kaufman Heaven hard time adapting the orchid thief or he maybe he never wanted to adapt the orchid thief to begin with But yeah but then there's like there's there's a car chases resolve stuff that round rounds it has to be has to get gene to an actual Hollywood movie and it's it's you know. We had my favorite of the Charlie Kaufman. When when when this came out we had a screening was when I worked at Harvard average and we had a screening with Susan Orlean? Actually who introduced it. I mean she she clearly had a very good sense of humor about what the film was. Even though you now the character who is Susan Orlean is not the most attractive care serve so yeah I mean you know in recognizing kind of what happens in that process of of adaptation. But yeah she was great. Yeah I mean caged. He's he doesn't have too many. You know of his signature crazy scenes in. And he's pretty reigned in Charlie and Donald. Let's fly a little bit but he's still you know very very distinct you can tell the to if they're in a room you can tell which which one he's playing you know and he does a great job you know it's good passing that off almost here's Michael Keaton in multiplicity four Michael Keaton so oh man I think pan and scans yes yup Yup VHS Pan and scan. We've got to get all the Michael Keaton Shift over to the shift over the Will Ferrell kind of knock offi adaptation using section. They are. I don't remember the exact title. Yeah it's like another Kaufman movie but could vary really attempting. If you put his name on a people would say oh. Yeah Yeah Great. All Right Ricky. What is your a final good man film so my final? One is a remake of the nineteen fifty film born yesterday also called born in yesterday. And in this Melanie Griffith plays the role. Originally Priced by Judy Holliday. And won an Oscar for that spe- Moscow's Oscar's Don Askin Don Husky Johnson. The Great John Johnson. When you say his name when you speak his his name or served on justice he's knighted is taking over for William Holden's role and John Doc Goodman plays the role originally played by Broderick Crawford and that is the role of a rich businessman who wants to who relocates to Washington? DC in order to Buy Out some members of Congress in order to make himself richer a kind of fill the swamp as it were and he brings with him his wife Melanie Griffith who is a showgirl vegas showgirl. I can't remember a showgirl Girlfriend who ends up getting Elisa doolittle by Don Johnson and this movie was panned when it came out we saw in in the theater when their fifth graders. Now my best friend and I don't think anyone else came reasonable because it remakes. The original doesn't really. Do you win anything with that. Pretty flat pretty level touchtone. It's like Disney it kind of boilerplate Disney like easy going romantic comedy. Yeah and it is Yeah so But they didn't do anything with like gender or race or they just do it. Pretty Flaccid remake of it but John Goodman is great in it And this is why people skirt check out again. He plays the villain very well but here he he plays the affable villain who needs to be able to be Both deliver punches. That are kind of soft you know he needs to put down his wife enough. Also like take heavier punches on the backside and I think it's really hard to play comic villains and do it very well shooter. mcgavin wears Alfred thing about Wesley Snipes is another person. Who knows I do that? I think very well To find the comedic elements of Ellen's and and really bring those out and that's it's one reason among many that. I think you should go back to this with me. Back bad movie doesn't work could've been done a lot better but John Goodman screening is that King Ralph el-farah John Goodman Post King. Ralph four years later I think. Yeah socking in the theater too. I might have seen that in the theater but it didn't he was it's getting kind of everywhere that Roseanne cachet. Yeah yeah that's true. Every man kind of stuff. Yeah in broad appeal I would if I were doing a goodman list I I probably would have thrown in one of the COEN brothers. Movies actively avoided myself bad raising great and and and I've been wanting to go back to Barton fink. I haven't watched it probably in twenty years but curious loosen. That movie's just yelling. Yeah yeah running early. My I believe I recognize him from revenge of the nerds coach. Yeah I was reading. Curtis Armstrong Place booger writing his biography. Because that's what I do. Yeah And I think he by belief he he said John Goodman partied like no one ever encountered in his life pretty much lives rash the hotel rooms and just just a wild wild guy can't believe believe it probably isn't coming back he's not just Sexual problem isn't it. It's got everything everything everything we do. That we really don't need to go back to Okay so my so. I had a tough time again choosing grove because there were there. Were so many films that I love that Gruden's as in I've I think I've mentioned before which is another. Elaine may film He plays He has a smaller role in that. He's not an enough. He's not enough. I would say yeah. He's great because he has this especially this scene at the end where he's on the phone trying to sort of save the country it's just he's great Great Muppet Caper. He's Ah Miss TV's love interest and you believe it you believe it grow in. There's a great scene in which I I don't even know if I watched the whole thing. But Beethoven second where he's skipped right to the second. I can just remember watching it with my wife's niece when we read like a Family Party party she had it on and I walked in the room. There's a great scene where it's like a pie eating contest. Or something. or He's dislike veraciously eating pies. They need him to rescue Beethoven but he won't stop eating the Pie. Just plays it really well so so I'll try. I try to throw something a little less familiar which is a film from a few years ago. By Noah. Baumbach everybody's hyped on Noah Baumbach right now because he's got married story coming out the shock zone married married with the atmosphere. Yeah featuring that guy who's going to be fifty movies this year. But this was actually in the film that I'm gonNA mentioned also features Milwaukee's Adam driver and that's a while we're young which was the film that comes out? It comes out after Frances. This high end before Well what's it's Francis High. There's this mistress America mistress America and then The MEYROWITZ Uh Stories and actually I think this is. This is one of the better films in that group of kind of fell fell through the cracks. Although it actually did you like in terms of box the office it did you know it made its money back. So Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play a middle aged couple who are kind of they reach a point in their life where they they've never had kids and they're sort of reevaluating their life and then he's he's a documentary filmmaker who has a screening of one of his films where he connects with this younger knbr. Couple played by Adam driver and a man defrayed say free. Don't say your name and they really take the they tell them how much they love his work and they've built up a friendship and Ben Stiller starts hanging out with With the other couple who are in their twenties and he starts kind of getting into this very the Stereotypical millennial world circa five years ago. We're like they're having beach parties in the streets in Brooklyn I and everybody's wearing pork pie hats and which is a running joke But Charles Grodin plays his Ben Stiller's father in law law and really just kind of comes in in a fairly you know Set role where he offers kind of comic relief for you know this perspective respective of an older generation kind of looking at you know the choices that steelers making in his life and kind of making jokes about it but it builds up to this kind of farcical goal awards ceremony that he that they're attending and Grodin is just he's just top notch in it. He's just kind of in terms of what he does well as a comic actor but still pretty but very low key in the process but yeah and it's good to see him like after all these years still he still got. It disappeared appeared for while I came back in the movie the X. Randomly. Well they remember his he had the talk. Show the talk show that which was brutal but it was on for years. Yeah because it was the thing was is. You expected him to be funny because of what he did. He suddenly became this serious talk. Show hosts like Brian Williams

Dan Bergen Dan New York City Nick Cage Charles Grodin John Goodman director Pasha Joan Bergen Iran Netflix Browning Cinema Al Pacino Sean Connery Mike Nichols Elaine University of Notre Dame Roseanne Lee Hayden Hollywood Elvis
162. Feature Presentation - Rambo: First Blood (1982)

Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

2:28:59 hr | 1 year ago

162. Feature Presentation - Rambo: First Blood (1982)

"You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you're dealing with someone who's an expert in guerrilla warfare with a man who's best with guns knives with his bare hands a man who's been trained to ignore pain ignore weather to live off the land teeth things make a billy goat puke in Vietnam. His job was just dispose of enemy personnel. To Kill Period. Win By attrition. Well Rambo was the best. Okay colonel. Now you've got us all scared to death. What are you on the special forces? Think about your Soko out. Then let him go lot for now diffused the whole situation diffuse him providing a little bit and let him slip through it then put out a nationwide. Abe and a couple of weeks you'll pick them up in Seattle or someplace. Working in a car wash there will be no fight. No one else will get hurt. I do mine and then figure out the best way to do that is to close my eyes and hope he gets picked up in Seattle. Well if you send your people in there after him they'll get killed you know we're just a small. Hick town sheriff's department colonel. Were expected to do our duty. Here is in the special forces in the special forces. We teach people to stay alive in the line of duty. Well Shit I never thought of that. You WanNA war. You can't win. Eight hundred men against boys no win situation. You said that many don't forget one thing. What a good supply of bodybags Vietnam veteran and drifter John Rambo wanders into a small Washington town and search from an old friend. But it's met with intolerance brutality by the local sheriff will tease UIL. When Tisdale and his Deputies Restrain Shave Rambo he flashes back to his time as a prisoner of war and unleashes his fury on the officers. He narrowly escapes the Mannheim. But it will take his former commander to save the hunter from the hunted. Welcome to another feature presentation of midnight double feature and on this episode. We'll be covering nineteen eighty-two first blood directed by TED KHATIB'S. It's a long road when you're on your own. Hey guys what's going on? Welcome back tonight. We're going to be talking about today tonight whenever tomorrow forever. We're GONNA be talking about. I blood right here on midnight. Double feature always with me my friend. My My copilot Mike Mike Comrades Zoe so heavily. How're you doing buddy under good? I'm good I'm good. Holy Shit. I just wasn't just like in the middle ratings. You introduced me and I was like Oh no. I'm good like I'm fucking virus free. I'm fine. I'm all good. I'm hoping you avars free as well. Because this shit doesn't transmit over the air so We'RE SAFE. I do want to just quickly apologize to listeners. This is coming with. We'RE COMING OUT WITH RAMBO. Awake Light Early just because you know had some personal issues last week and some family issues so I was originally to delay. Its on our that a few guys who ran by last week but He got and you didn't get to tell us when you get fucking episodes when we released ship of free bid up Patrick Harrington Patrick you can white you little bitch but yeah I mean hey fucking better late than never right and here. We are talking about first blood First Time dipping our toe in Rambo the franchise and honestly I phone. Yeah that's crazy. That's pretty wild. Hager Shit you know charge this only because I wanna make fun of Sir much and I can't do that with this movie. I can't do that with this movie now. I you know and and the thing that's interesting is we talked about terminator. We did die hard. You know we. We don't really cover any Steven Seagal. Dvd movies you know. We're not really. I don't know I'm not a big action movie Guy. I'm not like one of those. You know I I love heat. I like good heist movie but I'm not like an action movie. You know transformers. Kite of the expendable like action. Movie Type Shit you know maybe like the transporter at the most that's about as action as get But before we get all that actually. Let's just you know you guys know the drill and let's just see if this is your first time tuning in there. Isn't he on this motherfucker? Four reason we're GonNa talk about the movie. We're going to break down. We're going to spoil it so if you don't want to you know if you don't want to get this movie. That's oldest. The Michael Jackson thriller album ruined for you. I guess you better tune it off now and we'll be talking about the book a little bit and kind of break ins and things down. There is a little bit of spoiler for the book. Why I drop that out there because it is very different from the movie but guys as always you can find us on our socials were on facebook midnight double feature on Instagram. At guess what midnight double feature. We're on twitter. Read India pod Shoot US email feature gmail.com and also on facebook. We have our group called the after party. grouping coming along slowly but surely. I'm having a lot of fun in their people posting stuff every day. And it's a lot of fun you can find us on the air and join and everybody's invited and also policed by rain reviews on itunes. You know I think we're still doing this or close allies. So we're still doing it Do Snow Writer Review. Take a screen shot of it. And the I'll do whatever gets your photographic evidence to us at midnight double feature gmail.com and We'll put your name in a little little raffle little lottery for you to have your own pick so if you want us to cover something that you know we never fucking cover like Steven Seagal. J. C. D. so writer review Senate on in and you'll be put into the price wrong for that but we've had a few responses so far but hey the more the merrier absolutely but now that's out of the way I this was my pick. Obviously I picked this. I enjoy this movie But I want to hear your thoughts because we've never really talked about stallone a lot. We've never really talked about Rambo so like what's your I mean. Don't go into your whole fucking background west alone. But like what's your experience with verse blotter the Rambo Franchise or you know that whole thing. Maybe I want to go into my background line line. You know this is okay. I'm just GonNa put this summer fun straight. This is the first time this movie got time. I've seen maybe an look twelve to our frequent listeners. That might not be as big as surprise. Basically if a movie's made before I'm born Ivan saying it might just your general basically other than soccer like Oh something like that you know I mean I do into you know old school movies here and there but like for me. I think the I think the genre of movies that are laced Before I was born again like if that makes sense is the action genre like I don't think you know because action doesn't age very well particularly You know like I'll get into this movie out of this movies By the way this fucking like I'm just going to put that right. Yeah I don't WANNA I don't WanNa like mega sound like on trashing. The movie right up the front but some parts of it hasn't as well in terms of like the action take was and stuff but like that's like technologies advanced so much able to do so much more like you know like little take John Wayne Movies for example. We're able to do so much more with action and tells such a pain like a massive picture with action and and movement then we were able to in Nineteen ninety-two looks to learn is a guy that's kind of. He's borderline like you know how you told you about. We don't talk about Steven Seagal and JC. He's borderline that to me like very Bolan Mike. He's he kind of comes over to the onny phase where I'm just like I love this dude but at the time. I haven't really seen much of his stuff. I maybe I maybe I saw judge. Dredd the old school judge Dredd Fan. You're judged law I fucking love that line though the on your weapons. His voice is terrified. Like I heard that Jesus fucking Christ man dude like physically. He's not a bad choice for judge. Dredd that movie was just not amazing and the choices they made in that. Maybe we're not amazing. Yeah like physically. He he suits the role and I think we talked about this on the judge in the in the dread Podcast lead Toronto. Yeah nearly two fucking years ago dude. We're coming up on a second on your shit but yeah like oh I've always likes to learn and you know I I do. I do think especially in his light. He is now that he's the currently saying him in he's putting in damn good performances like the to create movies man like he's he's he got nominated for the first grade and you know people think that he was actually going to win it at some point He he was actually really fantastic and that Craig movie. My favorite movie is him of his. That is of Sane. And I've always being leading into you know like leading into the the rocky franchise sorry the Rambo Franchise in general. I've always been more of a rocky fan like the first rocky to me is one of the best news of I love that fest rocket. Maybe I think I think he's just so genuine solve because you think that he's maybe on the spectrum right like right what he's doing. That's what I like about. This is that it's such A. It's such a departure from that. You know it's it's not it's not the you know idiot with the heart of gold into lead hands tighting. It's it's a bit of a departure and I enjoy that but now you're totally right. Guns are no no I mean like I think I think stallone does a really good job like when he's when he's turning things like that and Yeah we'll look at I've I've seen. I've only seen two Rambo movies in my life before I watched this one for the podcast and then not the good ones. I saw a lost blood. Which is the most recent one of the few and I saw the thing is two thousand nine rambler. That was the one way he's in the forest in In Bona Yay. That one's pretty good. I look it's okay. Have you watched that recently? No I mean honestly I think it goes this one then that one then like three and to you know if you if you put a gun to my head. I've insane thirty two so I can't really conroy like on on that but I'm sorry those who doesn't WanNa Suva fucking bonded lose God dude. I'm fifteen years old and I'm watching that movie and I'm just like like he's literally like blowing people away with this like machine gun like that you know. He directed that share right. He did yeah. He directed that won a couple of years. Later the expendable 's and you know he's he's a decent directo he's he's kind of like a he's he's a he's an icon unto himself right like he's he's just he's still monkeys. No one like. There's no one really compare them to other than Donald but I think Arnold's a bit different in the sense that like on old economy. Get a sense that he's somewhat intelligent and and you know what kind of watching him in this role would. It wouldn't have been awesome glove. Robert Patrick St one thousand. But I also wouldn't mind like Arnold. I think James Cameron said you know like the t eight hundred ist tank. The T one thousand is the Porsche. And I've always thought the yet. That's the difference between Schwarzenegger installation likes or so much bigger but still loan which just ripped like insanely ripped like one set the standard for bulk and the other one's at the standard for just like rocky four Rambo to like that type of like. Oh my God yeah but then he could turn around and and put on a bunch of way to do a movie like cop land which is really fun. Good if you've never seen it It's great it's great. It's great as I'm watching this movie fest That blind from trump thunder cave spring into mind. So it's like it's Robert Downey junior like talking to Ben Stiller's character talks pavement. And he's like in your shredded like Julianne Salad Man. You look like him from Rambo about to you know in in one he was like he was cut but he wasn't that caught but like number two he came back and he was like shredded. Them just like dude. That's all I could think about but Yeah I look I really talking. Dig this movie man like this. This is the parts of this is really well and positive. It hasn't like like just minimal stuff hasn't but in terms of like telling a story about you know traumatic stress disorder and basically just this guy on the run who's just totally misunderstood And you know essentially like I did some research into how. He's portrayed in the book as well in the book apparently he's a bit more of a calculating kind of like killa his a little bit more ferocious is a little bit more violence like he's kind of like just killing people left right and center and my you know this is correct me if I'm wrong Colin by the way. No you're right yeah he. He's more unhinged. Yeah he's more unhinged and like you know the producers of this menu would just like well. We can't really have that with this movie character that we have is laid so we kind of need to make him someone who's who's a bit more lost. You know who's who it's kind of like it's not exactly kill obey killed but rather Kwami and I'm going to have to fight my way out kind of situation you know But yeah man really. Douglas movie really came to cover it. One of my favorite things about this movie is that it's an hour and a half. I miss this. I was talking to somebody about that at work. That don't Miss Yukiko. Go into a movie like come out in the sun would still be up. Don't you miss that but I I don't WanNa cut are you. Are you ready down there? yeah plays plays plays now. Okay thank you Now Okay so my history with this was. I was as a younger lad. I was like obsessed with semester. Salons thought he was fucking amazing. Abc's like my favorite actor for a long time and I really really really dug vessel on my my aol instant messenger screen name. And this is the the amount of the amount of of heterosexual testosterone that is about to pour out of the Senate. My Momma would stop stops before you start. I just want to let you know if any potential future employees. Listen to this podcast. You cannot use this again. Ah Yeah. Right not my. Aol Screen was an. I thought it was actually really clever. Stallone clone one two three and I was like seventh grade kid and the south. Who's like six foot? Four and two hundred thirty five pounds. Yeah sure fuck. He's definitely a stallone cloud No but I I just fuck it dude rock rocky Rambo over the top judge dredd demolition. Man Fuck in Oh hang clipping or triggers fucking great John Lithgow and Michael Rooker Holy Shit. This movie is fantastic. Yeah even some of his older stuff before. Rocky there's a movie called like lords of the flatbush. Yes that's the real name of it. Have you seen the expendable movies? No My dad was a fan of those. I remember watching a little bit of one. It'd be like man you know it's cool seeing all those guys up there it is. That's that's the whole hook. That's the that's the that's the hook absolutely because that that second one is actually genuinely a fun. Throw Rod like you know. That movie knows exactly what it is. The first one took itself way too seriously and then they they bought in Simon West who directed connor. And it's like it's connor. Feels like it knows exactly what it is and it just. It's just it's just fun from this. If you if you do watch any of the x zones eric man that's like on the show. Yeah well and mine kind of all sorts of rocky my brother but at the time the only five rocky movies there. Were you know this would have been the late nineties early two thousands or mid nineties all on like a vhs like box set and it was awesome said remember US watch them and just being blown away in his kid rocky four was always my favorite. You know and I love that one and I still hold the Saas spot for that but actually my favorite and no offense. I love rocky one. It's a great movies. I like rocky too because the stakes are even higher of like. He's got this eye problem and now he's having a baby and he's married and he's like take the stakes of rocky one where he has nothing to lose and now he has everything to lose and it looks like he's going to lose it and it's like man that is fucking great. I love the way they ramp that up almost almost as same story but like somehow a totally different story through the stakes in rocky to and and he directed rocky to yeah and after the first rocky came out he just got so much cloud and it was really him writing on this. That changed you know this whole movie around. I think there were like sixteen seventeen different copies of the script before finally went to like whatever final draft it went to it. Changed writes a few Times Warner brothers and then Carolco came along gave it to head out. God what Ted Cox. Yeah okay Yeah and they gave it to him and it kind of just said. Hey what do you want to do? And it's it just seems like there's so many movies that are my favorite movies that I've heard somebody went to directors like yet free rein when he wanted to do and he was going to. Do I bought. And they're really okay. Cool and the director Ted Ted catch up. He said he was. He said never in my life has a production company ever since then even since or before ever come up to me and said what movie do you want Iraq and then I said Hey I wanna do first blood when are we asked alone and then stallone was on within twenty four hours choice right? He's like we had a production a director a writer and the Star in twenty four hours. She's like that's unheard of in a lot of people. Turn this down saloons. Like man they went to zero. They went to hack when they went to everybody. They went to like fucking. He's what did he say like. They went to like free. Willy and fucking Airbud before they went to me like he's and finally like fuck it. Let's give it to sly but obviously this is based on the book. I haven't read it. I always wanted to. It is on audible so might just go ahead and scoop that up. I've been binging tomato bully Not a good time to listen to the stand by Stephen King with that out there by the way not a good time to listen to that but Now the book I really do want to check it out I. I've heard I've heard it's really good and David Morrell you know. He was a professor in a college and he said he was teaching these young men who were coming back and you know who had fought Vietnam War and they were having trouble with him being an authority figure because they're like. Hey we did you know who the fuck are you you know. We're the ones that they had re resilience to him. They were Ria. They did not want him. You know as an authority figure and it was these conversations after the class that actually led him to kind of what became of this book and their frustrations in how they're being treated. I read that You Know Meryl Meryl's told these stories about like you know these these guys would come back and you know. Essentially they'd listened that here's a fucking Cobb backfire that hit the deck. You know like it's just tunnel like reflex shit like that right well. It became such a phenomenon with Vietnam vets. Ptsd was called Vietnam Vet Syndrome For longtime afford mid ever became. Ptsd But the interesting thing and indigenous some production stuff Kirk Douglas the original troutman. And the you can find like test test shots of him and they have posters made up because they said hey who the fuck is to loan. Yeah he did rocky and he even had rocky. I think rocky to under his belt at this point and rocky three was about coming to like. He's doing stuff but at the same time. They wanted a double bill with Kirk Douglas and they thought. Hey that's really going to end in some countries it would take Kirk. Douglas Stars as Trautmann in Rambo. It was like Kinda weird like they wanted to given top billing but couldn't but they said Kirk. Douglas showed up to set with a list of like script changes. Kirk here's the script as take it or leave it. And they said in twenty four hours they had Richard Karenna and they were like we were just trying dude. He's a great man his fantastic saga just before we move on from stallone as well as wanted to point out that he's an Oscar winner. This claim this point rookie won best picture dude. Rookie made for a million dollars. Gross two hundred twenty five million worldwide. Yes dude at like the full story of him writing that and living in a car and they offered him they offered him up to like three hundred and sixty grand but he wouldn't take it because he couldn't be the lead and it's like Holy Shit like this whole stories just and the fact that you know why. He's got the lip. I was reading about this when he was born. They had to use forceps to get his face out and they pinched a bunch of nerves in his face. It's like a birth defect almost and I was like Oh shit but it's it's like icon it you know. It's like the gap and Arnold Teeth as it so like Eh. Be Weird if it wasn't there you know But yeah so obviously like I was saying with Kirk. Douglas ended up letting him go and they said you know stallone him with laugh about is still an in. Rip By the way just died like what not even two months ago Kirk Douglas. She's like one hundred six or something like hundreds. I think man hold Michael Douglas's oldest shit and then it's like. Oh why your father still alive? What fucking crazy man. I had a grandmother lived to be ninety nine and I was just blown away. I could imagine her holding on for like seven more years like Jesus Lone said the the first cut of this movie was three hours long three fucking hours and he had like dialogue and he had these really cheesy lines and he and his agent tried to by by the negatives of the film to burn it and destroy because he was like I thought I was just really GonNa put myself in the whole. I've been working so hard and I've won this Oscar and I'm doing rocky and then all of a sudden Rambo comes out and it's like maybe there's a reason why Deniro and Hackman and none of these people are fucking doing it. But ultimately they really let Stallone. His writing is what kind of safe this and they're like. What do you want to do to change this fixes? And he goes. Cut Out all my dialogue. He's like you know he's way too. Chatty needs to be quiet. He's introverted his introverted person suffering and it just had. How was that not on the table? First thing you know the strong quiet character. His his silence is what really kind of makes him not menacing. But it's a gentle but also what? What is he possible new? What are his possibilities? I feel like you could really shit up. You know the loudest the guy who talks the most of the room is usually the biggest pussy. You know so. Rambo should be totally quiet because he's just a bad ass. Well I think I think I think stallone brings some of that from rookie. Right because rookie is. He's a bit of a quiet learner. Like you know two main but when you try them up his based is a women like And his in his Any someone who actually thinks like you know that's a that's the thing about the Rambo character to like. Although you know he's quiet shit come to find out that he's actually a genius in terms of like setting up all these traps and You know operating on this very military asks kind of like situation like He. He's a character who while quiet while sort of like introverted. And you know just just is someone who is totally actually technically genius right. Well I think the I think he is supremely not underrated but underestimated. I think you wouldn't think this guy could eat shit Kabila go puke in Neato so himself up and all of it's like wow he doesn't look like some big gnarly data sky but and the thing I love about this movie is that this is. This is one thousand nine hundred eighty two movie. It's lucky enough to been so early. Eighties that it's basically a seventies movie. This this is this is drenched in like Seventies. Feel the cinematography. The sound the acting and everything. This doesn't look like the world of et and stranger things. This looks like a film. In the seventy seven seventy eight. This doesn't feel like eighty two eighty three. You know Max ones on top. Yeah exactly and you know we if you put a gun to my head and you said that John Carpenter had had been one of the people around her directors. I would totally believe it. That there's parts of this movie and I don't know why I think it has something to do with the aspect ratio. The carpenter uses on south one hundred percent. Sure and I don't WanNa be talking at a term but there are some staggeringly beautiful shots in this movie and there's something about the way that it's filmed the way they capture people like right from the waist often as this feels like a carpenter flick it sometimes. I think I think that has something to do with like how long cut Jeff Hold on things like you know what I mean. Like how long he sure capes a static shot in terms of like just just literally having one person in the frame a landscape in the frame like he doesn't cut away from things like as often my for example when we when he escapes the prison. Like on the buck. And we see Was He tasers chasing him like there. Are these long shots. Were expecting it to cut away because like some of these stunts. Just like really really also executed But he doesn't do that he just holds on that Chin and it looks so real so when David Caruso by the way. Csi Miami Holy. Had to pause it. I was like is that fucking Horatio Caine to function like this guy would have gone on to become one of the mice cringes TV characters of all time but also the most iconic dude. He's a great in think it's King of New York Christopher. Walk and we're doing that one day. It's really really good if you. WanNa see a debit Chris. Maybe that's actually a pretty solid checkout session nine if you haven't seen it. I've heard that it's like a horror movie. Yeah it's a horror through. It's like a psychological horror through it's it's pretty decent. I haven't seen in years. I was a kid when I watched. I'm not sure how that's my disclaimer. Don't pay don't don't fucking pull a muscle backpedaling. So hard No but When David Caruso grabs his dog tags in the plea they hold that shot for like ten seconds of him. Just David. Wow so we always patient and it's at patient had an hour and thirty minutes. What the fuck. That's crazy man. Like from the time that he gets booked from the time that he kind of does his breakout and shit. It's May Be ten twenty minutes tops. You know by the twenty six minute mark basically by the thirty minute mark Goal is dead. And you're like what the fuck that is crazy. How fast that moves But you know in the end up we gotta talk about Jerry Goldsmith. We gotta talk about that fucking Dude when like I. I you know you are no problem. Admitting this your notoriously better about looking up the music side of it that I am I think in all honesty. I take that for granted and I don't look into it as much as I should or as much as you do. But I'm sure you know of Jerry Goldsmith and no some of his shit right. Oh Dude how could I not? I mean Goldsmith. Sadly pass away But man he's he's he just set. The standard like Hans. Zimmer has admitted to Goldsmith being one of the people that he kind of looked up to like. Let's let's let's name off a few right. Let's let's just total recall L. A. Confidential Milan. The mummy right dressing pock. The second one will fs one. Alien Alien. God Damn Yeah. Luggage Ron Chinatown The Arman fuck man and force one like the guy the guy he's not as I guess prolific as John Williams but when he pops up and whenever he's gotTa Films Golder That it's probably Jerry Goldsmith. Like he's kind of like James Hornell in that way. Like kind of like got his little style but he'll he'll add hill adds so much to it like he's just he's he's he's awesome. Dude I love will end. There's like the fact that he takes the same seem like three different variants on it like at the beginning. You have like the Horn and the the acoustic guitar when he's walking into town and we can just kind of jump right into the beginning year that we have this team claim but then when the action drop stat but up Babba rate fucking goosebumps man and we'll get into bright in he. You know when everybody POPs up. We'LL GET INTO IT'S A. Let's just jump right into this because we had a lot of ground to cover Actually one more thing I want to get to. I do want to talk about the decline in action movies. And Is there actually declined? And I'm just putting that out there now for just to chew on that like. Do you think there is a decline in action movie since this or do you think it comes in waves or what but let's jump into it for now just much on that for a second so as we you know. We're starting with this. We see you know we. We see John Rambo. He's a quiet loner. The kind of I don't know. Have you ever seen the old bill bixby incredible? Tv show from the seventies when he sympathizes. It's very similar like just this guy. Kinda walking Walk in the American back roads and stuff but just this drifter kind of thing. I love this imagery right off the bat. And he's just I is first shot. You See of him. He stops and he smiles. He's like wow that looks you know. He is such a great warm kind of positive feeling of like I and knowing his story now looking at him he's probably like I've been through so much shit and I've seen so many people die and I've traveled so far just to be able to talk to somebody and share that experience with him. It's like the only time he smiles in this entire movie. You're like Holy Shit. He does it. He does it by looking out like when he looks at the landscape is like this is quiet this com this is serene. Like you know it's not it. Having seen the fourth is I think it's both won the two thousand eight one where he conned retires on that radio. Yeah yeah it kind of goes hand in hand with that ride like is just like it just somewhere this. This feels like a place where John Rambo would settle down and live in A. Yeah absolutely And we're right here I just. I love the CEO at it. Can you tell me We're Delmar Berry lives. He he ain't here. It's like a you know I it now. That's on a second watch. You're like man just the the body language between the family there. And you're like Holy Shit like these people have little next to nothing. And now they're patriarch is dead. Which at that time was. Just you know a single mom with multiple kids like Holy Shit but this whole scene just destroys may cause you can see. He's so excited and he's like yeah you know he's so big. We had to put him in the back of the picture and then she follows that up with you know agents right well agent. Orange got him. He got cancer and died. And by the end I could lift them off the sheets. And you're like Oh God damn I don't even know how big he is. But you just you've built that up so well. The the legend of how big this guy is who's just minor character but now like I feel the gravity of that so well and it's their performances. This woman is fantastic is a cut him down to nothing. I'm like God. Damn she's talking man. This script is also super tight. As altered Muko Khazal Williams dot COM. And of course lie older the script and it's just again a narrow in a half but it doesn't waste any time at all no no absolutely and the whole The heartbreaking part of the scene is him giving her the picture because what the fuck what point. I don't want to have that. You know the only person that could share this with this gone you might as well enjoy it. And he just throws everything else in the fire. Is he walks off just like fuck it. It's like damn so we're mealy setting the scene and you know before we see him do anything as far as we know he's just you know look like Bruce springsteen with those blue jeans and jacket on like a- and and we're building up this likability like right off the bat and we're caring about people that have only been on the screen for four minutes. You're like cheeses. How how is this so effective man? but what I like is the juxtaposition to and now we're in a meal just kind of skipping ahead. We're getting to tease UIL fucking. Brian Dennehy the interesting thing is when we ceased allowing. He's walking. He's a gruff. He's got the backpack and the you know the sleeping bag. You Know He. He looks like this. You know. Just a drifter lean kind of lanky and then we see easel. He's this kind of large gut and he's Kinda burping and he's fat and happy and comfortable versus the juxtaposition of Rambo who's wandering dirty and cold and constantly like blowing. You know warming up his hands and popping his collar thing to huge juxtaposition between the comfort we see of what Tisdale has versus the wandering loaner of Rambo and I fucking love that I love how quickly they establish that t-cells like hey you're going to take a bath this week like he's kind of he's cutting output people and saying hey and good morning But I you know and this is all supposed to be set in Washington actually filmed US and British Columbia but the bit supposed to be hope we know Washington but it was actually a town called hope in British Columbia and I was like. Oh this score Vancouver wherever they filmed it. But what do you think of Brian? Dennehy right here versus your first experience with Brian Brian. Dennehy have you seen a lot of stuff? Now I mean like this is the first of his name Holy Shit Ta you never saw Tommy Boy God out of like what the fuck linked. What what what. What is this language you speaking Chris? Farley? Oh my God actually. I had seen something from him. He was in Romeo and Juliet. The does Lemon One E. N. O. Fucking cocoon man. I love cocoon. That's a really great old movie but now yeah that's and honestly when I was I was like twelve eleven. You know when I first saw the same age as you are now And I just getting. I know this was the first thing I never really seen. Brian Dennehy in and looking at him. I'm like how is this guy not ever just like spray painted green and turned into the hawk. I don't understand this. He's like He. He looks like the Kool aid man but if they turned him into a real person he's this juggernaut the size of his head. He's huge and it got me thinking. Oh my God Brian. Dennehy would have been an amazing beast for X. men that would be so good man because he's smart and he's funny. He's charming but he's huge like he's gigantic guy. Right we'll end. It's just goes to show like size and shit like he and I are actually somewhat the same size like he's about six two six four two fifty to three hundred pounds and that's exactly the same size. I am but his shoulders and chest. He's barrel chest huge fucking dude like I don't. I don't really ever feel dwarfed by a lot of people you know. I don't really feel small but Bryant and he just looks like a barrel with legs. He should just huge fucking guy and there's a funny story Patent the comedian. One of my favorite comics. I love him. I got to see him summer before last. Didn't in Nashville. A really fucking funny guy. But br panels waltz like so I go to the Batman begins from your eye bullshit in my way into this old album is like I go to the premier. I'm not eating any food because there's Christian Bale and you know there's Katie Holmes and everybody's ripped and gorgeous and he goes you know what I could be in movies. That could be gorgeous. I'm not gonNA eat any of this food. He's like so I'm staying away from all the food and I'm not eating anything being miserable and I bump into Brian Dennehy. For whatever reason Brian Dennehy was there. He's start talking to Brian Dennehy. And he's like you know a toxin fifteen minutes. He's a really nice guy. He has no idea who I am. You know this is when patent also. It's really I getting big. And he said that fucking Brian Dennehy was like hey you know. Good luck with career and stuff. And he's like okay. Thanks Brian Dennehy. And he's like dude that shattered any kind of like self will I had. I just ran to the buffet table and started eating earners shed he goes and all of a sudden. I feel this huge hand on my back. I turn around. It's Bryant in. He he goes character actors. Who gives a fuck if we're fat and start Kramer Food and his southwell still? It's fucking hilarious man but sluggish fucking like five meters away. Christabel standing there with his American Psycho Buddy. Yeah Yeah exactly and you know the funny part is. I'm looking at Brian Dennehy. I WANNA see him fight John Goodman. I don't immediately. I was like I want to see a bare knuckle brawl between these two. And I'm like so I was wondering I wonder who would win you know. They're both roughly similar sizes but Goodman's just something I think he's got some size on him though he's just big doors to like he'd screaming him to death gives us about the roles. What's left so we're introduced? You know to again tease all right here in you know. You're you mentioned that. The juxtaposition between the two characters here man. It's really really well done I. It's it's fucking great Like I don't want to achieve and I love. How kind of relevant. This movie is today. Like you know what I mean like in terms of how we treat the harmless and how he traits. Oh Yeah I guess time vagrants Basically like okay so when I went to the states loss Couple of years ago nomad number last trip. My first trip When I it was basically the west coast so l. a. and San Francisco and there is a massive homeless population In those two. Yes it is. It was actually kind of like shocking to me like I was just like. Whoa like Sydney's Fisher homeless people but this was inside especially San Francisco like I mean like literally. I stepped out of the hotel. And there's just people in the streets and I'm like what what happened here like something. Something must have happened or other or like the the. The unemployment rate must be just insane. I've no idea and like you know. Apparently correct me. If I'm wrong automate how much you know about this. But apparently sometime during the Reagan or Nixon era like they closed down a bunch of like mental institutions and stuff and they just kind of pulled over on the streets is that is that clinic correct. I mean that's that's I wouldn't surprise me but I I don't Wanna say either way because I'm not one hundred percent but you're probably right. I know I know of a lot of like and I've read suffer for people homeless. We'll go into California because of the weather all year long. They don't have to worry about winters. Here can be fucking brutal. You know exactly but I mean I it. It kind of like especially the treatment of like you know. We'll get into it by right here. I guess what basically here when teased picks up Rambo and he's like kind of like he's draws him to the other side of town basically to the entrance to the exit whatever and He he he. He doesn't realize that and Rambo is not obviously going to bring that up that he's a vet that you just don't really realize the importance of someone or what they've been through just kind of like taking a take it on surface level and you're just like okay so you're obviously you're you're specimen because he carrying you better around with you right like you're you're not someone who's defended our country who actually has a medal of honor. Thank you know to me. It's amazing how relevant is to today. Because that's what happens today. Like I mean like you know. I'm I'm not a military person but I've looked at harmless like like I just. I can do this like you know just very very selfishly like I mean like I've been there. I'm sure we've all been there like you know like we've always all of us have kind of like at some point disregarded a homeless person is just a homeless person. Because that's what they are but technically I mean think about it. The last of they've lead you know Russian. Actually it's funny seth Friday. Yesterday I was coming home from work. And there's always like here. We have a program where people who are homeless or they've had drug problems south and put them on a corner and they sell these dollar papers and the end of the papers aren't really anything you know. Super relevant like sports news and weather and stuff but the kind of like jerky kind of both and stuff. It's Nice I don't even believe in ship. I always get one you know if if I see somebody I got a buck on me or something. So now the other day there was a guy who was just standing there with a sign who was like anything health so like I don't have any cash you know as I smoke cigarettes and he was like. Nope as I can help you out. Sorry now I realize I had not eaten all my launch and I was like I got a half a bag. Full a kettle chips in an apple. He's like fuck you had to. Thanks eight it and I told him I said. Hey all the shit that's going on right now. You need to be careful man as I get you some hand sanitizer somewhere like get something as he was a young guy. He's like forty something and it's like man. Be careful like the mood exactly what? You're talking about the stigma just like you know in any given day. I'd be like yeah. It's a homeless guy and then to think about the. This guy is in the middle of Nashville asking for software. Like Dude. You gotta be careful man and it kind of opened up a lye. Exactly what you mean of like in the context of things. It's incredibly different. Especially when you're not used to seeing WTI homeless people It's really kind of an eye opener and you're like Oh fuck but really I mean just a Goddamn job you know. I know you know you probably have alcoholism or mental health or something but just fucking pussy get a job. That's your policy on the on the on the phone and inexact which said he's driving him across town is or anything for me or anything you know. Is there some kind of law? Gets ME EATING? Hear me like Dan. That's a good line. I if Rambo all all you needed to avoid this news just give rambler join Ramba of frozen frozen Burger am beg and this. Maybe it would have been resolved right. Yeah if t if teagle had just like take in his early morning coffee and state Texas I shit fifteen minutes earlier than this movie never happens and you know I teased made lift this. But he has like cardiac arrest months later taking a shit. He has like an aneurysm. Or something he is like that guy in big fish on the toilet but but yes so he drops them off and you know he thinks you know okay you want advice the take a shower or Mio. Take a hot bath and shave jacket off. You know you wouldn't get mess with so much so much. He's like you know you're the one fucking with me here did like. I'm sure you're not the first and you won't be the last but like you're the first person I've talked to in town. It'd be a fucking Dick. He's like. Yeah it's it's like you you creating the problem and acting like the problem. Is You know you know what I mean. It's excel silly like it's like everybody's picking on Rambo notes you you motherfucker like don't act like everybody else is doing this. Shit I love. I love how quickly Rambo brings it up like. He's just like wipe pushing me like you know what I mean. Kind of like on the head on third worries. Just wait tables kind of like I. Guess Back backhanded. Like backhanded him. I guess in terms of why this conversation but like he's just like why did and he's like. What do you mean like wh the? Funky de mean. What do you mean like you know exactly doing right absolutely and and you know it's it's just one of those things where you know. Leave the guy low. And he's not doing anything in fact he was here visiting somebody but that guy is now dead so yes he is. You're visiting somebody but no not anymore. By of course you know he takes him out to the town and drop them off and just the look of defiance the look towards the road that somebody wants you to go down versus any looks right. I'm like Oh dude. Golden School S Ha. Yeah it's so fucking good and I the whole the whole way. This fucking shot is framed with the car backing up and then him you know putting his hand on the gun but the fucking one of my favorite lines from this whole thing. Is he searching? What do we have here he gets? You know what this four. He's hunting and he's like well. Don't be a smart ass. What are you hot with a knife? Name IT UNLIKE. Nigga dude like fucking and that I mean that whole thing is without that knife. He's dead stitches compass as matches in it. You know it's it's like his weapon. It's this tool. And it's like Holy Shit. That knife the stewed. The sales of that knife when this movie came out. Come on dude like that must have exploded. You know the August a Rambo knife. The NAS is the size of fucking babies Hit his right. Yeah again. Knife is it's like it's like half the size of Kareem Abdul Jabbar dig the current size of Fucking actually GONNA go there but it well. There is almost a helicopter crash in this. So No but the file as gentlemen. Yeah right the fuck at the world's end and I'm going to let everybody know how big an awful piece of Shit I am like. You ever see those memes where it's like when you real humor gets out and somebody sees the dark side of your. I'm not I'm not. I'm not censoring anymore. I don't care which is the little flash of like bill by begins as he makes the move during the one ring around. But so yeah you dropped him off. You know we have this this whole return. And he He arrests books for vagrancy resisting arrest possessing a possessing a hidden weapon. Whatever the fuck something that he he says book for Vagrancy as a lawyer. How do you prove vagrancy in this situation? Like I mean I think when they talk about that in Cape Fear because they're trying to bust Deniro knowing if he has no John John That's that's the first thing that went through my head every time someone mentions Cape Fear. I'll do all I can think of as the simpsons you know Elsa sideshow Bob Pirie but now and they say that in Cape Fear though like if he has no job no money and he's just hanging out here you have no business here. You're not spending money not making money. You're just standing around here and I think that's the only way you could bus any knows that this guy can't hire a lawyer. You know some overprice fucking brown dude from Australia to help him out. So he's like fuck it. We're just getting up. He's like bucket. We're just GONNA emerge going to stick with this and that's the only thing I thought was Zena. It's crazy is like once you arrest him. Say Hey we're not going to book you we're GONNA drive you back out there and get the fuck. Outta here for real like you know. Why WASTE THE TAXPAYERS MONEY? And your time and it just shows you. The the kind of the necessities are not in order at this place. In end there the EGO is too big. You know I like what Trautmann says later. He's like yeah. It doesn't sit well with that badge and it's like no you need to let this. This is not the hill. You WanNa die on but I mean this whole scene. Just absolutely great them booking and just tim serving everything looking where they keep the guns like watching him cut through the fucking paper with a knife. this'll this. This whole scene and were introduced to the art art. Galt thing is Arthur Arthur. Goal Off. Galt is what I have just quickly like. You know we get that quick. Shot of him like Coming through that paper with a knife because when we see like Rambo go up to as well with the Nice later I like it is holding it against. I'm just like Oh man that shit that shit just like told through that paper. Elliot's imagine how fucking shop that Shit is. It just gets his. You know when you see it on his jugular when he pulls it away. There's actually a tiny cut from where it's like dude just barely placing this against you added. Hey by the way is is Gold Account. Well it certainly. Gao TCU IN T. I mean it works but No now I'm actually what's really interesting about Golden. I'm glad you brought this up. And Yeah I mean he is. There's Mitch who is like on the side of Rambo researchers. Yeah Yeah I love how these characters like. These guys actually have depth to them like you know right like we gotta get a sense as to where they fall into situation. Obviously as `AL T. I'm assuming tasers guys after John Rambo so hard because he doesn't want to be shamed by quite a vagrant unquiet. Odd Gold is kind of like even on that like he's kind of like a sociopath whereas like Mitch is kind of like because he's young machining right like so he understands run at Holy Shit. This guy's not you know there's more to this guy than meets the eye like. He's he doesn't really have that level of Just got shamed by a homeless person. Select right you're exactly right In the that there's there's different shades of what's going on. You have the rookie. You have the guy who's kind of in between the you know obviously will is like the sheriff. And he's the head Honcho but you can see art. Being the guy who probably started off like Mitch was like real like yeah. I'm a COP. And then he's like no. This is just. This is not what you think you know. We don't do can't do everything by the book like wink. Wink nudge nudge. Like type. Shit goal reminds me of someone who you know if you give them even just a little bit of authority that just someone who's going to you know parade that around and act like the king shed like you know what I mean like. I feel like he doesn't get any harm or just comes to to work and it's just like I'm just GonNa book everyone you know It's funny it actually reminds me of like may back when I was like working in cinemas a sixteen year old. I got to fucking kick table outside so it was like it was like my little. My little Poetry of the of the of the day on a thing. Oh what do you got? You got a three musketeers. Not I get the fuck out. You just starting amazing the whole row of people just like me really. Oh you want to go into the into the rated psalm. Show me your mother fucking. Id Bitch like pull out a night stick and break. Somebody's wrist spot this real quick. Yeah right yeah right We see them getting booked Rambo named after an apple by the way. Yeah there's Rambo. They're called Rambo apples and David Morrell was trying to care 'cause aimed his wife came home and their Rambo apples as like. Oh okay. That's good. Imagine if you just named apple are travel. Yeah Yeah Right. Oh God yeah Jesus Christ fucking oxide that is John a guy that that woman is like white privilege incarnate. I can't stand it like Jesus. Christ we toss on the ONONDAGA. Yeah Yeah exactly. So yeah and this is where we see were the all this is just. It's escalating and it's escalating. They're trying to fingerprint him you know. They're threatening him. You know you've got you're looking at the asset ninety day incarceration. They they get the hose out they see all the scars on them like it's getting worse and worse and worse and you're like okay dude. Something's really fucked up with this guy as this is happening that we get a quick little glimpses of his his time over in Vietnam ride ABS. Absolutely like we're we break down into this infamous like shaving scene and man the scream when they cut across his chest with that knife nearly own. My God that's hard to watch man like ooh like. I've never been slashed across the chest by foot but I've gotten a paper cut and it was awful I'm just GonNa get imagine like what the fuck like dude. Let me tell you I had a teacher in high school might have told you about him before his name is Mr Hosier. He was a US Navy seal and he told us a bunch of Shit. You should never tell a bunch of teenagers. Stood is fucking crazy talking about blowing people's heads off a double barrel shotguns and having to shoot kids in Vietnam like he was a history teacher and when it came to when it came to Vietnam. He didn't hold shit back and people ask them like why are you so opening goes well you know. I was so not open about it for years and I had to. You know I I had to open up about it at some point. He's like I couldn't just sit there and be quiet about this bottle. All the sin. You know you got like three Purple Hearts. He was shot multiple times and Shit and like an unbelievable nice guy he always had this little twitch in the side of his face from where they couldn't get all the shrapnel out Unbelievably one of the best teachers. I've ever had unbelievably nice person. Very well adjusted dude. Just I man. I see him at the store. Every once in a while year to go buy at C. M. and always op is doing to talk to him. See such a fucking cool dude but I mean he would tell stories like you know like at the rambos talking about the shoe shoe shine things like there was a kid who is selling ice water. And you're not supposed to take anything from you know any of the locals at all and one of the guys. Nick Latouche Fuck it and drink this ice water and it was glass and it's led us through it from the inside out and it's and the kid didn't know the Viet Cong had given the kid you know like ice in the thing and shoots fucking kid and you're like holy fuck and that's just the shit that the US or having to do you know. I I've never riding. I don't think he was ever a prisoner of war. I don't know if he knew anybody who wasn't GonNa ask them that shed but I can't imagine the other shift that he saw and did and one of the craziest stories he told was going through a feel with a guy in front of him and he was looking at a tree. You know like I don't know hundred yards away or something and he saw one of the branches move like move farther down or one of the parts of the tree move farther down on a limb and he's like that's a sniper and he pushed the guy in front of him in two shots off his two guys that shot the guy in front of him in the throat and kill. Kill them like instantly but they shot Hosur in collarbone and he was laying on the ground and they were in high grass. Oh gave him time he's like I got a double barrel shotgun. I cocked both the US back in Vietnam when you had those assault off double barrel shotgun cocked back about the hammers and just laid my hand on it and laid there like I was dead and they came and just stuck their heads out. Like right over meetings. I just shot both him and he's like it's like watching somebody's head get a race with a pencil and I was like Holy Shit. That is fucking not I'm fifteen. I'm like Holy Shit and I. My Dad would mom dad would get pissed me like. I don't think you should be telling Bova laws like I mean. That's you know right you. In three years. I signed up for the military. I guess you know some Shit like this. You know like it's what I don't WanNa move it over to another movie. But like I mean. Watchmen watchmen tells us on will teach us about how And I say way but I mean I'm talking about America How the Vietnam won't losing the Vietnam War Toward America? Humility right like this is a country that one World War Two by dropping nuclear bombs so it was just like you know America fuck. Yeah I like the kind of like on top of the world and it's like Oh actually when not right well and I and I think that's a perfect segue into something where they talk in its expanded upon more in the book but t Seoul is a Korean War vet and with Korea. You know that that was not considered a failure like Vietnam As far as I know I I mean I could just be totally talking at a term but yeah I know it's been called forgotten war but it wasn't nearly on the scale of like with Vietnam West so there was kind of a resentment of like you were the first people to lose you. Know like World War One World True Korea like there is not a Vietnam Shit show and it was the first time you had public outcry against a war that not everybody was pro war anymore. Nazis Fuck Ya you give me a gun. I'll shoot a fucking Nazi but these people are just like you know over just going in there and blown up these Brown people talk. Yeah exactly like raping women and fucking killing kids and shed like an unbelievable awful shit but in and it was just so unbelievably unnecessary. And I think when you see somebody like Tesol. Who's like you know? I did my thing. I came home and I wasn't walking around wearing a flag on my jacket drift around being fucking asshole but the big three's in is because between Korea and Vietnam you also have the sixties and that's a huge part of this movie is the you know the the changing of the of the old guard to the new guard which is like these Vietnam vets and stuff and you know the the the change in you were the ones who you guys lost even though it was the draft. That's another crazy. Part of it is like that was not you know that was. That was just a huge problem in. I swear to God if they ever did the draft again. I'd fucking just go to Canada. I'm not doing that shit of that back in January right right. I mean I'm so fucking obese. I have terrible needs. I'd never take anyways but That's what's so interesting is seeing this this this juxtaposition between will and the Korean War in Rambo in Vietnam. And there's something it's it's the death of the old American. Patriotism I think is what they what kind of represented now were left with some unlike Rambo even down to like the way that they kind of their military style. We'll get into that young. When we get into that infamous scene and the end the jungle or the forest but before we move on time. Da Consider this movie. First Blood Like to be a Vietnam woman movie like how we consider I guess. Sion's listless having private Ryan to be able to fill. I do in the sense that it's not about the war. It's about the aftermath. It's not about. It's not like we were soldiers or something you know. I think that it has a lot more to say about the. Yeah exactly the aftermath in the treatment of the people coming home you know these people in this awful war being drafted for something. They didn't even want to do. And then you know their spat on and called baby killers and Shit when they get home. Like that's fucking terrible. Man That to me makes the mall. I mean I love like my Vietnam War movies. Full Metal Jacket platoon and apocalypse. Now some of the greatest of all time but like I think I think this aftermath stuff makes for a better not a. I guess that is a poll where maybe a bit more over an interesting sort of idea to flush out of film. Whoa yeah because I think this is also a the books written in seventy two of the movies I may till eighty two were released to lady too. So you've got a ten year gap where people really started to change their minds about the Vietnam War and they were hearing these horror stories of how bad it was and then you know. It's kind of like at the time this was necessary. You Know World War Two movie you know the battles and stuff are interesting you know. Nobody wants to watch a movie when the people come home. And they're just celebrated for ninety minutes you know like wh- our whole source of conflict is the aftermath of this war and that's exactly what you said it's not it's not better as a poor man. I know in the context that you meant. It's just more interesting to watch make better story. I think I think the Think a similar film to this actually to Rambo mud bay. Have you seen American snape? I was just about to fucking American Cypher. Shit I mean. Obviously you you'd move everything up Like twenty thirty years to Afghanistan. And it's just it's kind of like disenfranchise Who who kind of gets obsessed with the war ends up Ends I've just going off the date end right. Yeah exactly and also just dawned on me that we've never covered a a war films like all this is kind of like Unexplored territory for us. Yeah you know and I grew up on a steady diet of war and Westerns and I just eventually got sick of him. You know because it was on. My Dad was watching all the time but occasionally he bring home some cool shit like enemy mine. Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jenner. And I'm like dude bad ass but I got so sick of you know Eastwood John Wayne and shed were so tired of it. But where the fuck are we just getting something definitely? Yeah Right now. Yes so obviously yes. It's horrible flashback. He beats the fuck at all these guys that. Gather God that Dude. He gives the elbow right in the nose. No Dude that's the guy like Lester. I think that's the one I feel the worst war but again he fucking gets his knife gets the fuck. Outta Dodge and bought up. A this is one of our Positively like just this kind of like hand stuff. Some of it's pretty bad. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I feel like it hasn't aged very well and you know what it actually reminded me of the warriors and then like I looked it up the cinematographer Andrew Laszlo also did worry. It's Holy Shit. Yeah so it kind of feels like a little bit of a broiling kind of situation like commander when he's like in a shopping center and he's like the fucking booth like the telephone booth and Shit. I don't know man. It's obviously a little bit better than that but it's still like the hand hand stuff I mean you can obviously tell it's a product of its time right. Well when he's knocking the guy out the window the guy. Oh it's really really gives literally say hey. Stop like what team upping politely. If I had to riff one thing from this movie and I just gotTa say it's the worst thing about it is eighty are they. Part of the. It's it's it's you know. And that's the thing is eighty two no-one's now they're like oh they won't be able to get high definition and look at their mouth I Lina. I've watched this with my dad and my brother and my my brother doesn't really get into old movies as well but he's just like you know like the sound. The sound is like so off like when they firing guns and stuff. It's just it's so it's bad and I'd like turned to my brother and I'm just like like can you imagine being a producer or like a studio head in two thousand nine hundred eighty two and waste streaming this so we've pasta. Vhs WE'VE PASTA. Dave possibly right we are streaming this watching it. Like they have no idea of like they couldn't even come up with that concept in their minds like right. It would seem like something out of a Philip K. Dick you know like watching watching anything you want on your phone. You know as McMahon wait. Wait wait men in castle none. Oh Yeah fucking. I love that by the way I still Philip K Dick. Yeah yeah no it is. I didn't figure out 'til much much light up at out. Yeah actually you know what I got my dad. I'm like hey were Xia. I'm like hey so You want if we watch first blood. Because I'd never seen it before and I don't think you have IDA Madonna's like hold on you don't think I've seen I like. He's like he's like when I grew up in a fe I grew up on a steady diet of James Bond movies and Rambo. And I'm just like yeah. He's like I've seen this shit like seventy times and I'm just like walk. I'm I'm actually really happy that you said James Bond because what's interesting is you see James Bond. Who's a spy? It's just another mission. It's another girl it's another villain but with Rambo any of these movies. He does not get involved in a mission to assault. And you know he's not like that America you know like he he goes in and he's like I will and he's being you know. Obviously we know they've into the first movie the second one is he's Persian war. He's going to help out prisoners war third one they kidnapped Trautmann near the Russians. The fourth one. It's these people in. Burma like missionaries. There's there's it's the fifth one I think is more about like local ship but it's like yeah allows is not about doesn't have any of that. Yeah right but it's always a group of people who need him to help them achieve something. He's never doing this for like. Oh Yeah I'm getting paid or like. Yeah I'm just you know. I need a war to fight so I know like the war always finds him about that. Brian like if you take the good the bad and the ugly like does like a man with no name kind of situation right exactly. Hang them high. So yeah yeah I mean we can break this down if we wanted to. Basically he escaped. Cer- pretty cool. You know he tackles. Eli clotheslines the guy on the dirt bike Goddamn. My one of my favorite parts is when art is going to shoot the rifle and T- smacks up and you can see the burst of it right at the top of the screen before it goes out of frame as like. Oh It's good. I fucking love that. So yeah you know he he. He takes chase on again. This feels like the t eight hundred versus the T. One thousand the bulky slickness of and even I mean you see. Tesol this big dude in this big bulky eighties cop car versus stallone. The ripped you know little kind of fast dude on a dirt bike that fucking totally makes sense But bombing this fucking car. That's it's awesome like it's just like you guys are all these fences and it says it. It seems like old school filmmaking. Like the there's no special effects or anything like that. It's just a complete practical. We're just GONNA take this car. Just throw it around wall. Nfl part is there were stallone was like dude. Stallone broke his ribs during this movie. He broke fingers like he really got fucked up like they Richard Krenek in the making of this was like stallone was doing like seventy five percent of that. Shit. And he's like I don't I don't know if he did. The actual jump like in the jump was just into like a big man on the bottom but at some point he had to fall into that tree and that I head he broke all the ribs on that side that he hid. And it's that's the shot that they use and you can hear him. Jesus grades and Heaver fall out of the tree with a call just like jump server like the hill and it looks like some Dick's as it shit. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So this whole thing ends with him flipping the car over and he's getting on running but what's what's so funny is. The car was not meant to flip over and they were just like all right. Fuck it this is how we're set it up Brian in there you know and that was it. That's like Holy Shit So you know he he takes off and we see you know he's. He's got no jacket you know. He's lost a sleeping bag. You know this is really a guy with nothing. Except for a carpet a knife holy shed. The the stakes could not be higher for him. Any the funny part is like you know he escapes and he gets the Tarpon. They're kind of regrouping. They get the chopper. They get the dogs you know. They're going out to find him and the whole time they're just like Oh yeah. We got some bucks here last year. Oh Yeah Lo what you let my dogs Hon. And they're all just kind of laughing it off thinking. Oh Yeah we'll get this guy. Bring him into town bubble BLOB. It's like they're naive. Median their eagerness in their underestimate petition. Whatever they're underestimating him is what is their downfall in this because they just think that these are our woods this drifter in our town and it's like no like he you will have walked into his backyard now like Mitch even says and he's like we're not on him. He's hunting us. Es like you don't realize how bad you fucked up until he starts like this guy and that's what sucks about later iterations of Rambo. He's not a guy to just start shooting. He takes on hundreds of people by himself with hit firing machine-gun assault off shotguns. But and this he is strategically. He's he's like you know what are the he it's he's holid- his Rotterdam yeah. This is literally the Predator situation to his LEDA. We would get the Predator. Literally Delta Falls guys being hunted by alien and like this is this section of the film. Connor feels like that right right well and and the whole thing of you know the the bay being so so out of the element but the it's interesting seeing. This is what I wanted to talk about here when they when they get up here With with Tesol you can kinda start feeling that military training. He's skirmish line. One hundred one hundred fifty feet apart or whatever you can see him and that role of being in charge and telling people what to do but this is not you are outdated you are the t eight hundred to the t. One thousand because the T. one thousands more advanced. It knows how to hide. It's an infiltration like you. Are This big bulky box and this is like liquid running around you. You know. It's like this this thing. Can he can run circles in Netra so interesting is they get there? And that's when the guerilla warfare happens. That's when the Haydn seek you know kind of part of it falls into place and these guys are out of their element. They don't know what to do. You know they're they're it's it's so funny because and this is what I think is interesting about about dinner. He versus alone is to loan is like I'm right at home in this. And these guys don't know what to do they're fucking overweight and Dick around and like these redneck kind of is but the the the fact of the matter. Is that the there. Were the you know the Korean War. Most these guys are probably Korea. Their war was a functional. You know this was not guerrilla tactics in you know forcing. Pow's play Russian Roulette and you know keeping them at a pit and pouring piss and shit on them. You know something like doesn't that remind you of like the United States troops coming over to like foreign a foreign land like Vietnam and getting absolutely destroyed in enemy territory exactly and it sounds like yeah right well and the big difference between the two of them. Here's the fact that Tesol doesn't know what it means to lose. He's never felt the loss that Rambo has. Yeah the shame I lost this war and people died and I didn't come home with pat on the back and saying hey you know we lost a numbers but one who like you don't understand you know the the pride cometh before the fall. You don't have the humbleness of losing something and realizing that you know. I think they still look at war as part of you know. Hey yet on the war. Whatever guy does he signed up when he's eighteen and I didn't sign up? I was forced to go. And it's like that's it's such a fucking. It's so wildly different. But I mean this whole scene is shit is just incredible. They kill the dogs they. Orville fucking dog man. They drop his. Asan put attorney and they just leave him release that turn and every fifteen minutes he's like. I don't know where I am but what's In this whole also don't wait. Did WE SKIP SKIP the helicopter? Oh Yeah what am I talking about? Yeah so this is where fucking art art gets killed. Only death in the whole movie because he's not wearing fucking safety belt and and again that's what we're talking about. The juxtaposition of art versus will where you can hill. You can hear will on the radio like hey stop shooting. I Want Him Alive. Like do you hear me. Stop like Sta. And he says it so many times. It's like okay. We have to absolve some of this off of will and put this onto art like are negative feelings of being treated we need Ultimate evil kind of you know like you said a sociopath right exactly we we need to. We need to show. That is going off by himself. The show this is shots in here by the way with this helicopter that I absolutely have no idea how they pulled it off like. There's this amazing shot. Way like Rambis Hind that tree and like he looks left. Helicopter has left like the other way. Helicopter goes the other way like the frightening. Some of these shots is just absolutely stunning. Dirt it's fantastic. It's like the most deadly game of peek a boo peek a boo. But no I know exactly what you mean even win. They finally stabilized the helicopter. And you can see are pushing his hand forward a little bit. I gotTa and you're like Dude. That is amazing especially when Rambo first comes over to the edge and he's like fuck and he looks down but you can see everything like that they really really do well with capturing much of the landscape of that aspect ratio is a cam so yeah fucking dies and you know it's crazy. Part is when he grabs arts body. You hear that music. They don't show you a flashback again of him being a POW but that music was the music played when they showed him being cut across the chest. So now we just link that with. He's looking at that body like having flashbacks But I mean of course he takes the gun he takes the coat and he's kind of stitching himself up from the fall and that's where they kind of come and he's like you know. Hey I don't want anymore bloodshed. The shifts get Natta out of control. You know I didn't do anything bubble Blah and tell. This is what yeah. That's crazy utilizes a movie from the eighties. Iq fired on somebody surrendering who was on armed. Collect I just like what the fuck right? Yeah exactly and it's like dude this I wouldn't. I wouldn't hate it if they remade something like this but but it would have to be. You know the context of it would have to be I. I don't know we don't really have a recent kind of like Vietnam you know. We don't treat people like this veterans anymore when they come home like. Oh my God like where I live. Oh my God dude. It's like troops are just like fucking kings man like like the especially here in the south. If you even mentioned. I can't tell you how many times someone in the military for your by people will just stop and shake. Your and billy may man. Thanks a lot for your service and Blah Blah whole the whole psyche trend. Yes Oh my God it's it's so powerful it's crazy And you know he he. It's I do think the spiritual successor to this is American. Snap up like I mean like obviously you know in that movie. He's not running around in a fucking in fucking forest like being chased by Bolaise. But like I love. That movie tackles like the modern. The modern way that this would be this would play out. Sure absolutely that opening scene is what a way to start a fucking movie and I guess they graze rampal head. I never really I guess. Shoot them in like but either way you knows where he takes off and they kind of get on the ground they get they get his body and they're like you might have picked wrong with John. Jay Ram always a green beret. Special Forces he won the Congressional Medal of honor. I Love Mitch. Knew there was something about. That Guy Dude calmed down a little bit Mitch. Because you're about to sound like bitch at here at a second like I have a crush on him now. Like what the fuck is going on? Mitch is a little bit too like into a you know like this is like this child like appreciation for this guy. Right and dude. What did she say? Why don't you just let the state police handle this whole like ever since I was a kid? I'm like that line. The way he delivers it such a smart ass. Like your ad derailment. Sit Down old man and voted. Will tease all going off on him. Oh so good editing in this as well. I'm not sure exactly. Who the editor is. I guess my fucking stop. Joan Chapman. She do anything. Never refuse. Doesn't have click -able wikipedia links on and thinks. Wow I there always has been a that kind of running joke in cinema though is like great films. Are you know if you look at a lot of great films? Yes they're directed by man edited by a woman. Tarantino Scorsese right but yeah I love the editing pinned Congressional Medal of honor to his liver and it hard cuts to him just out there doing shit like the editing in this great So yeah and this is I mean. This whole thing is is. We're really wore we were. Irs jumped ahead with this whole stunt. They start hunting him down. They bring in the dogs in the chopper I'm glad you said something though. By the way I would have fucking just went right past getting killed. 'cause I was just so my Dick was so hard to talk about this scene. Where are you ever get a boner so hard to say like issues out? Yeah Right Yeah. Yeah. I'm just like I'm just crying. Column the worst part is worse partitioned. You Start Crying Com. It's just like regular you've got you know when you come you got a PC ut. I cry every time he a regular tears after so don't get at ut. I is like having a child. Bain bone through the is like so. Yeah and this this this I mean God it's infamous nauman it's all like nonlethal icon. Elec situation. Uses the baby traps and even his bare hands. Ter- like like he's just it feels so primal it feels so like I've got. I've got nothing of no weapons. No technology. Nothing out here and I'm GonNa do what I learnt over. There like like did did when I was told to do. And I haven't switched it off yet because Kant because I'm so lost and I'm pushed into this corner and I have no other no other choice but to do this year alone right well and and you can see exactly what you said. The nonlethal take downs when he thought so interesting. When he takes down Mitch he could just easily put that whole knife in his thigh buddy slices instead of stabs. And it's like damn because you could hit an artery and kill somebody right there in that part of the leg. I'm like Holy Shit. That's that's fucking so smarter. He snaps the dudes arm. The other dude he I love the scarecrow sets up just to get them you know and he's terrifying them you know. They don't know what the fuck is going on this storm starting to come in and it's like. Oh do this is fucking awful. I hate it. He kills the dogs. Ma'am I guess fucking necessary evil. Yeah and it's kind of like an eighties kind of like a way of thinking right now. These guys became more about animals than me is to insist the fact of life right. Yeah exactly So yeah and he destroyed the the the scariest one to me or I guess the two of them is the the fucking bar of sticks that do not only I mean yeah to got him in the legs now that got him in the Groin. It's like It's the wise like the The he's up on the post and he's the wiring. Yes yes dudek Iowa will. Oh that's it because it's so far up on his jaw line is probably just barely enough for him to talk and breathe. And you're like Oh my God but this is just Oh. It's so fucking insane when right when will it's just like. Oh Hey let me. Just come over here and check this out and the tape. It actually becomes kind of a jump scare when he when he jumps on Mitch. And he's laying on the ground and has been in framed the entire time. You're like what the fuck at the end when he turns on will and he's right there again you're like Holy Shit and he was standing there the whole time. You're this is. This is crazy like when you think about it. You're like wait in this. This guy was such a battle and they lost the war. What must have they been up against to lose if they were viscous they were this good. And that's that kind of blew. My mind is like wow like. Even though you are this highly trained and skilled like they'd be still an unwinnable war like God. Damn that's crazy off the listening to your podcast with Matt Anderson on the drive in guys by the way I check it out. The lost drizin covered the void. I every time you say holy Shit Shit I do I do. I WANNA do like a supercar one day like I wanna go back through episodes and just like put it altogether because I love it. I'm hearing every time though. Well if we if we cut together my Holy Shit. We have to cut together. You're keen and one hundred percent hundred percent hundred percent Do that's just my Go-to Holy Shit Boss dirt you know. It's a Sunday here today. Sandy Patty Sunday So yeah this this this whole this whole exchange will. It's just you know I could've killed you. I could have killed them all my God like in your in your town. You're the law out here. It's me don't push it out. Don't push it or I'll give you a war. You won't believe Lego and it's like God damn that's fucking like the whole looking at Tesol this guy and his uniform and has gone and all of his equipment and shed and all the stuff you came out here with and this is what he's reduced to alone and crying at the bottom of a tree in like God damn bike. Alleged Shit was for. This is actually like what to tease the metaphorical. Sorry the metaphor that we used. Ilia I mean this is literally the American soldier in Vietnam Ryan looking to the technology and everything. We went in with And then we were beaten by Pharma's with Shitty technology or basically zero technology at all and we were reduced to this like in a fantastic analogy will end and the whole thing of like you know people accidentally dignified times of war industries. Like out the window by this point it was a no like I will hide in a pile of dead bodies and pop up and stab. You know it's like that's unheard of to people who were more to Korean vets. You know that's not that's fighting dirty but it's like no. This is how we had to fight in Vietnam to win this shit. That's what's so interesting about it but I say we're pretty much the halfway now. You know he's let them all live and everything for free much. This is a good spot because we're kind of cool off right before we pick back up again. So what do you say we take a break right here? Absolutely our guys. We'll be right back with the second part. I don't go anywhere Good morning afternoon and evening wherever the hell you are. Thanks so much for listening to this episode guys just while we take a quick break here. I am going to plug some shit. No it's not advertising. It's nothing paid. It's basically just kind of self master batory stuff. Basically follow US loss and as a result we have two pages on facebook called Manado Fitch obviously out main group which is called the after body which is fantastic. 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We are freshly squeezed as we like to say. Our dicks or hard are bladders are empty and we are Cocked locked ready to rock back into this movie. So let me see yes. I think we're we left office. Where kind of everything you know. The the big action has happened to big big action. Part of this has happened and now we it's kind of like you set the Dick in. Well guess what he had to pull it out for a minute. It's like A. Usda is just the tip just enough to tease Now we're kinda going to get a little bit of normal things going. Sometimes you just get tired from breathing through the mouth low right you guys get you generate some friction with that. Dick you know what I mean but yeah this is where we have this The state I don't even know if they ever say his name the fucking state Cobb but he he shows up and then we've got the national guard coming in now and we're introduced to trautman. Is Richard Karenna? So what did you think of Richard Grenell? He's got a presence like he like as soon as he shot his up. It's like Whoa. Is this mysterious guy. He's he's kind of He. Connor reminds me of like the men in black men in black shopped situation. And like there's just as mysterious nece about them like kind of you get the sense that he is special forces. Like come like black ops. Like you know went out. If I'm GonNa tell you this I'm going to have to kill you. Kinda thing like this guy's awesome like his his line delivery the way he kind of liked through his line delivery makes it seem like that. Rambo is just a one man killing machine which he is but just even the script as well. Con- like adds to that so much like Kinda like adds to how much. How much Hazel should be scared? Scared of this guy like you know like printed does a fantastic job of hyping up. He's hot man. Essentially it was to walk onstage and sings like in some shit credit. Be before it'd be like and introducing John Rambo right well it. It's letting you know the people who become legendary aren't they aren't the ones building the legend. It's the you know the guy on the Radio. This war hero. He's a bad ass in the other cops like hey there's green berets real bad asses. And then you've got credit show and I criticized. This guy is highly skilled and he's unbelievably dangerous in neo. I think he is a little over the top. When he's like you know I I'm surprised. He let people live blonde. I'm like okay. That's a little bit much but you know they are the Greek chorus. They're the ones who are building the myth not Rambo Rambo. She's doing what Rambo does. But the fucking reporter gets me. He's like he's like somewhere in this mountainside possibly above the snow line shrouded in mist The fugitive John. Rambo is hiding units of the state police. Along with local members of the National Guard are now being mobilized what still remains unexplained by local authorities is just how and where the former green beret came into possession of the weapons of which he allegedly killed one deputy sheriff and tried to kill six others. Only their skilled trading in police enforcement texts needs kiss save their lives alone of our love and and say he'll apprehended on a matter of hours. Oh my God that line so fucking funny. It's good stuff saving saving face just end deny deny deny but I mean the the part that cracks me up is lesser. He's like hey you know I got something to talk to you about while catch you later. And he's expert at the fuck out like a part always crack me up like he obviously doesn't want to talk about it in front of the state cop and it's like well be fucking mysterious like this but this whole introduction of cringe is really great like you said he know you're lucky to be breathing. He slept make sure you bring a good supply body bad. I want to go pasta line. God didn't Create Rambo ided. Yes bucknell's right there and that's that's such a especially for the time nineteen eighty two. You know not saying that the sacrilegious line but it is kind of like whoa like. That's that's that's kind of You know especially where America was at the time to have this character. Walk on stage and be like You Know God didn't make this. I did it's like it's a you know what it is. It's like Holy Shit Right. Shut up the fucking. We've already bless fame's already so much on this podcast the interesting thing about You know traveling in Rambo is almost. You've got this like Victor Frankenstein and the monster like that. Good call thank you and even with the end of it actually becoming the two of them meeting up again. That's really interesting but also cut back with and there's a really really great screenwriting thing somebody talked about with. Oh my God Alfred Hitchcock. Sorry I totally on his name. He called him. Meanwhile back at the ranch and basically what you're writing he knows oab is doing a podcast over here. Meanwhile back at the ranch. Colin is mobile. And it's you know it's just the basis of story like cutting to something else so it's interesting. Meanwhile back at the Ranch. We're seeing you know. He's he's still alive he's prepping. He's Kinda got almost like a base of operations he's hunting and he's got this abandoned mineshaft and they're just kind of regrouping here in basically Basically like hey. I think I can be some help. You know I might be able to lure him out and sore. He says just to let them go. You know we can pick them up later. Diffuse the situation. That's really the best thing you can do at this point. It's sounds the most logical like hey he's not actively killing anybody. He's not coming down here. You know trying to kill us if you go to him. This continue to happen. So why don't you just let it go but at the same time it's like there's no way that whatever really happened in real life. There's no way this guy for they're gonna you know whether or not he you know was intentionally trying to kill Gull He. He's dead now as a result of me altercation between them they're gonNA pin murder on him and everything else I mean going crazy on the dudes and stuff like there's no way they're gonNA stick him with all this shit but there's an absolutely beautiful shot when trautman starts walking away in Brighton. As like you know. I think you're just out here to save your own ass. You see the mountain behind them and all the all my God looks good is so fucking good but yeah we kind of see you know at home with John Rambo cooking in the kitchen wild board and they're trying to get out there trying to get a hold of him on the radio and they finally trying to get a fix on his position and this where we finally see trautman getting through to him but this what what did you think of this kind of play that he does with using the old military kind of combinator Raven Blah Blah Blah. What do you think about him? Actually using this kind of I duNNo. It's like to debate him. Yeah I mean like I think he has nurse like he he he feel like he's got some kind of like pre existing knowledge that may be John. Rambo will respond to the call. Sign like this. Because he's probably he's probably having memories as we over. We've already seen it right. He's he's probably expecting him to. He probably knows that John. Rambo is somewhat of a heightened and emotional individual So I do like that. He can like bates him. Where the troops later to Raven Raven come in place. He's calling him raven and it just like and then like he breaks through that and he's like talked johnny and like I loved that when he talked to me. Johnny like it's just like it's kind of like saying like your you're a soldier and I'm Gonna. I'M GONNA call you out as a soldier but then I'm GonNa also at the same time I'm going to recognize. You're also a human being and I'm going to recognize that I'm going to. I'm going to show you that you are human being and it's it's a fantastic ties together. I like it I like. I like that is just man when he when he starts calling out. The BEGA team run ran by Messner. We'll take Coletta Jorgensen Danforth Berry Krakowa and it's just like Oh shit like that's when that's when you're in a dude that's when you like okay. I've got him now like you know if he doesn't answer to this is GonNa incident anything right. Well it's interesting seeing him you know. He's using the military lingo but then he also draw like you said like talk to me Johnny and it's like we're not in the military right now like I can talk to you like a civilian. I can be more than just your mckernan right now. I can be your friend and help you with this. But it's great. You know him coming back in his. They're all dead. Sir Man fucking so good It's going to be the simpsons words Oh God when they do the radioactive man movie. And it's like Don rickles at the end who's or no it's Andy. Rooney's activity killer. Shimmy chillers killers But yeah he goes through this whole thing. You know not N- not to enforce no. He made it out got himself killed. An Am. Didn't even know it yet. He is like this because travels not just like well you know. Let me just come and pick you up and I'll pick you know we. We can take you home and you don't have to do this anymore. He's like you know you didn't push of your own. You could've just dropped this and and let it go but you're the one who kept pushing it and he's like they drew first blood in the and that's where it ends and he's like Johnny are you. There is like they drew first blood not me. And that's the whole point is after all the shit that I've done and I'm still I'm still treated like this like these people started the show with me I. I didn't start anything and they're still coming after me with this. Like you do. Kinda feel the sense of unjust right there for Rambo. You're like yeah just fucking leave him alone but it's like but it's it's gone like if Rambo were black like on duty been dead a long time ago. Like there's there's no way like a fact did you. Even though they're taking into consideration his military you know his military time and stuff like that is service. It's it's still not like this has gone too far. Just let the guy go like even say that and I agree you you. You should probably do this. But it's not going to happen just like jurisdiction like there's no way and just say what if you don't ever find him again you know you can't just that's a fucking liability to just let that guy go but I mean this with the fucking National Guard these Goddamn weekend warriors that come in these fucking guys seriously morons. They stay just fucking Latte on but like again you jumping for a little bit I. I couldn't help but laugh when they dislike stating taking the fighter. Oh Joanna were right there you know. This is where they the fact that they all walk right past him any just like in the river right there it's like. Holy Shit fucking Bolivia's Ennio. He jumps on the kid. And the kid you know almost and that's where you think okay. This is going to be one of those points where it's like. This is almost like the save. The cat like you know. We have to show our hero doing something where he could have. Just it's a kid and it's kind of a test of innocence like do you do this to keep your you know to keep the the buzz down and it's like no there's even there are some lines that even he won't cross it's a cool. This is a test of his cure to show our and our anti hero right here but so U. N. He ends up taking refuge in the cave. What's great it's all of them. Are the other guys are just terrible? Shots these fucking guys are popping shots and they're not getting shit and rainbow just POPs out for like half a second and he's like and you see the ground right in front of the. Just get rid of my God. It's it's really good like attention to detail like just to say how close he got to these guys But he's also doing it. I'm assuming on purpose right. I mean he doesn't WanNA homemade goes right. Exactly you know if you start just you know pop and people pro bowl. I was going to say they might hit you with a rocket launcher but I fucked. That's what these guys do. This just kills me like appropriate response. Level is just not part of the National Guard training in nineteen eighty two. I guess I fucking abandoned mine and like in huff right. Well it's like it's like somebody punching you in the face. So you put a grenade in their pocket quite the fuck like that's crazy in this guy cloned. This is Lieutenant Colonel Morgan leader the National Guard Blah Blah Blah. And the other guys are just like I'm not fucking get anywhere near that. Goddamn Goddamn Cave. I'm just I'm just thinking about what you just said. Actually like the the disproportionate response like the national god-like throw back at him like that's a that's a result of like the myth that's been conjured up by. I guess the meteor at this point and like by by the By tasers guys like you know that this is this is this is a guy where basically if you look. I like if you make contact with him. You're dead so I think I think them pulling out the rocket launch and hitting the mind with a like that that might be I- proportionate response in there is because of what they led to believe right. Maybe what these guys being you know. These guys have about as much military skill and training is green army men with like. There's just that they're they're they're they're just they're laughing and cutting up the whole time and they're just an lady she just seemed like a bunch of dudes went to the same school together and they're like. Oh Yeah fucking. Hey I'll see the paint store Blah Blah Blah. But you've got this guy who like you said this mythos has been built up around and nobody thinks just sit there and hey let's hold the position. Why don't we get some some people with some rifles in the bag? Draw out with machine gunfire and shooting from you. Know from a ranged attack. You know there's just like just below the shit out of it. That's just the simplest thing to do. It doesn't guy doesn't he say off to be back in the store tomorrow? He's a fucking he's a fucking shop right. Yeah they're like he's he's just a fucking weekend warrior but they blow the whole goddamn thing and this is where trautman and Tesol show up in. I love that he's like you better get started right away. It was like that's a fucking great scene and but we see ray-ban deadline for soldier of Fortune. Oh Dude when the guy the the the comedy in this there are little touches of like laughs like here and there were. We're just looking from Rambo. Rambos point of view out the mind. And he got the rocket launcher off in the distance. Kinda like in the background you can hear him. Holler and four did you. But I mean it's like slightly slightly off off tangent Collin did you hear about the soldier of Fortune. Like the true crime thing. It's like a contract killing You did it was it was crazy like they banned it for that all something like it's a it was covered by case fall episode but I just feel the loss of Khan remember in nineteen ninety nine. Four men were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the nineteen ninety-five contract killing of Richard Braun killers. Ohi through a classified services advertisement published in soldier of Fortune magazine. That read gunfire. Brunson's filed a civil lawsuit against magazine and a jury found in favor of what am twelve point. Three seven million in damages which the judge later reduced to four point three million the Ted. The publisher could recognize off of criminal activity as readily as its rate is obviously did the wild boy. I don't know that whole thing just reminds me of like Dale Grill from King of the hill. Any of like the soldier of Fortune like like type. Shit but the first line that the fucking Tisdale says buried in a hole by God damn bunch of weekend warriors. That's great man even his frustration at it. The Justice of justice entire how bad this has gone so tits up like the PR nightmare of yooglie torturing and attacking this guy who has just been nothing but flee the whole time and he ends up being a veteran. Who's like highly decorated? That's a fucking PR nightmare man. Like now oh my God talking whole. You're done your place you know police department is is finish Mike. Nolan's visiting it right. Yeah and you're out of I mean you're out of a job so fucking fast. Make your head spin but Yeah I I love the exchanges between them here. He's like you know whatever he whatever. Rambo ended up being. There was a time when he was exceptional on his idea. Right nothing but a Goddamn drifter in it's like. Oh Jesus Dude I love all God. I love travel. And he's like. Oh yeah that's GonNa look real good on his headstone at Arlington highly decorate. It's like did that. Such great killed for vagrancy and jerk water USA but and this is again where we kind of you know. It's it's it's kind of like the false. I don't know not a false climax false resolution because we know the Rambos alive but part of me would have loved to have seen more. This movie went where we didn't see he louis. We don't see him. You know because the cave stuff is not really. I mean it's not a central. I don't need to see him get out of the cave. I'd be kind of interesting just for a little bit to show the impact of of Rambo. You know I wouldn't mind a little bit more and we do get that a little bit here. You know where they meet in the bar and stuff later on which is a great scene. But I wouldn't mind a little bit more at all. Because there is a great chemistry between Dennehy in Cremona where there's this there's a mutual respect but at the same time you know recruit. It just seems like he's like yeah. I'm a military guy. This is your town. I got no problem with that. But but you can tell. He's just kind of have this whole fuck. You like respect the hell out of you. You're a colonel but fuck you the whole time. Everything is just a giant pissing contest. The Dick's or swinging in this further. So Much Saas Toronto on on I love when Krenek throws it back to them right. He's like you're a civilian. You'RE GONNA go back to your wife and your house. You don't have to make sense at all this like it's it's good stuff because it puts it in perspective for for right Diesel when I loved it I mean literally if you WANNA look at it for again like a screen. Screenwriting know kind of angle literally. You know the the whole Hero's journey Joseph Smith or just Campbell. I can't remember the guy's name who wrote the like the monolith and hero's Ernie and shit like that but literally. It's this is like the the part of that where you go into the Cave of like transformation and he becomes. This is where Rambo goes from defense to offense of now. They think you're dead. This is where now if you left. The audience is still under side but when he comes back and he starts shooting the place up. We're still on your side. We're like why like this bad ass just because revenge. Fuck these people but when you kinda step when that filter is taken off you look say they think you're dead leave like just go. Yeah like there's no now it could be ended here in. This is where you kind of again. I'm with it because fuck these guys. We've watched them for the last hour torture you and do this shit. But this is unnecessary. You could just leave now. But but it's the switch from defensive ofensive that that's really great you know and he loses the jacket. And he's just got the headband. And he's dirty slurs disgusts He's going the other way now like he's cracked right. Yeah exactly the. This is the point of no return again. You can almost look at your society making him in this way. The its own Frankenstein Monster. If you push this person to do this now you have to deal with the repercussions of it. There's a lot of interesting like a meat on the bone right there. This whole cave things. Great IT'S A. It's a bit longer this by the way but I did like the. I like to the attention to detail to one point. It's a it's a rat's tail but I thought it was a snake I was like Whoa. That's fucking good attention to detail but yeah this does go on for a little bit longer but I mean unintended. It's it's a it is what it is. That's a Lotta fucking rats dude. It's terrifying. That's a lot of rats. It's scary scary stuff and like I said we. We have this team between you know Between Croatia and in a he had credit he or Dent Dinna dinna critic but again this mutual admiration but You know but between the two of them. He's he saying he's like what if you walk through the door right now would you? Would you welcome with open arms which blows brain down and he says? I wouldn't know that until I saw. It's it's really great and he but it's a great kind of love opening up of a Tesol here. He's like where if I was. Outta line before you know I apologize. And he's like you feel like he got cheated didn't show is. I wanted to kill that kid so bad I can taste it. That doesn't sit well with that badge. That's all my God. That's good fucking dialogue man. I just it's like taking a sip wine. It's one to take a sip of that and just like Oh. That's so good. Such good dialogue man. I Miss I don't know there's about seventies kind of dialogue and movie sometimes. It's so good man like I I think Tarantino kind of heroin that backed up heralding that measure now like Clinton's like the dialogue is there is is nothing like with sane cinema before like it's just. I couldn't even place to to a decade even though you know he. He like one hundred percent rips off movies. Like you know what he does like his dialogue like. There's just yeah. We'll we'll get into that when we do a. I guess when we do pulp fiction or something like that. Yeah it's Wild Reservoir. Dogs Bitch Then but anybody this is a rainbow escapes to the cave. He jumped on the top. The the fact that the guy doesn't slam on the brakes when you one hundred sixty pound man. It's the roof of your like what the fuck I mean. One of right. So he he fucking stills a truck with an m sixty in it Win On the radio I love that. Hey somebody pulled the plug on that ran by Rambo guy too soon and just the shot of Dennehy just standing up in a share like all the way on the other side of the room is so good just quickly the MCC okay. So I for the longest time. I thought that this movie was I mean it is. It is the the quieter one out of all the rabbi films like. I didn't think that we'd say the M sixty in this movie and then like you know. I'm watching this movie. And then like you know he picks up the M Sixty. It was like. Oh that isn't this movie. Cool because like saying the covers ran by two and ran by three ways like shredded and shit and he's carrying around like the m sixty and I'm like. Oh Okay I guess we're not going to say the iconic MCS but here it is. Yeah I like this one. Interim Sixty the second one is the bow and Arrow. That's the real like primary weapon but then the third one is. It's a Russian Afghantistan conflict. So of course. It's nothing but Kalashnikovs the whole time. Which reminds me I downloaded that that modern warfare warzone on Roy. Al Kind of thing I I heard they have cross play so if they do find out. L. U. Hell Ya but anyways causing for a while because things it just stops with their their episodes like eight hours long and seven. It's just dead air because they get up and leave the mic two hours in but this is where Rambo's headed back to town. We have that that one loan police cruiser that tries to like are you are you you A. Are you a retard like that that that that's that's so what the fuck that's such a bad idea and not only is he in this huge huge fucking thing but he could stop this bitch at any moment jump in the back and turn you into Swiss cheese like get the fuck? Outta here man like well and what blows my mind is. They're going for kill shots and I'm like dude. Just shoot his tires out like do something. Like shoot the engine. You know you've got revolvers like fuck that engine up man but what the fuck like try to get a kill shot like a one in a million shot. One of my favorite moments is when is in this truck and like you know He. He comes across that blockade that ride block and he just like palace throat man. Holy Fuck. That looks awesome. I in the again the score ammunition that triumph it horn but up so fucking good that's franchise and the I mean it's movie bullshit but it just cracks me up that he's not just so fucking dead gets to that like it made me think of T. Two and he jumps from the from truck to the front of the Brig and he just annihilate to you. Went there as like dude. Yeah but but on this one. There's like sixteen guys with guns. Nobody like Oh my God decreased. Somehow they lose him. This part always perplexed me that like from the time. He crossed the bridge that he gets into town. It's it's like ten o'clock at night now but the fact that there's not a single police officer following behind him like we just saw him blasted a barricade in a giant grainger going east this direction and nobody has caught up with him by now. That's insane the the sundown thing gets meals just white. What way what time. It'd be different if it were like. You know how this is all like what right. Yeah that's the only thing I could think like. Maybe he's at a different county and he had a bunch of red lights literally. We saw him run away from this town up into the mountains lawyers coming from in the same fucking day and I kind of wish it had just been a thing of. He gets the truck he kicks. The Guy Albany takes all of his clothes and lease and tied up in the woods and he infiltrates to get back in instead of just like meow. Powering his way in tight. I wouldn't mind actually seeing a little bit you. We've seen him be super sneaky and quiet and he can be conservative or be explosive when the time needs. It's like I kind of wish had been more of like an infiltration thing. But that's just my two cents. What do I know I WANNA the right? So but great. He crashes into the gas pumps and just blows that mother love dams like like when he crashed into that shit like I immediately. My first my first thing goes into my head is because in. La Crash into like. You're you're trying to stay away from like convenience stores. Petrol pumps immediately touch it. It's like an explosion and he crashes into these pumps and you just say they feel like flying everywhere and it's just like Oh fuck and like again. I thought this was a smaller movie like. I'd like you know when this movie was always spoken about. I'd always always being told that it was the quiet one it was. You know it's very quiet very Very Psychological Blah Blah. So just thought it was gonNA walk away in like he wasn't going to blow it up even though even those fuel pumps begging to be settled. Like begging to. It's just like well that's fucking awesome. Do the love it and it's a it's a Beautiful Bible right. Well I think there's There's something interesting between Keep WANNA say Teagle Tesol in. Rambo is the fact that that Tesol is relying on his his again. It's kind of makes me think of aliens which is just being another analogy for the Vietnam War. Were you have highly trained groups of people with technology and numbers and they can't take on this this one dude who just has the will to survive these people still get to go home at the end of the day and just go back to their arena there. Hey you're no pressure to solve this. Just go home but Rambo doesn't have this. This is all or nothing for him. But for these guys is most moments like this is just a job except for the. Tesol so I think there's something interesting just about the the different kind of the structure of their wars of of of of tesol being like hey starter skirmish line. Here's a tourniquet mobile. I like you can see being proactive. But the type of wars that they fall were just so totally different. I mean this is basically the assault on the town. You know there's this whole thing Blowing everything up and the God the line. When trautman shows up to the police station this is after tesol has told everybody to get off the streets and all this other stuff as soon as traveling shows up because they found Rambo's body it's stole a truck and blow up a gas station on the other side of town and I fucking laugh out loud every time like I hear that line of just his dead body being the one to run out there and do like if if it were like a weekend at Bernie's situation we're doing all this shit. I laughed out loud. That line itself. It's fucking good man but But this I mean this is brilliant. Blow up this shit get get everybody's attention over here so I can go on the other side of town and wreak havoc now literally. You're you're trying to eat the eat this fucking town alive. I mean really with the the stuff that he does is brilliant. You know he blows up that ammo shop he start shooting the the transformers to knock the power out so we can have even more like round advantage like dude. That's fucking crazy and the interesting thing about t-cells hiding is that he is hiding in his like this fortress of his. You know that this is my. This is my fortress of solitude. This is Mike Castle notice. He's the only person in there and it's he is literally the last man standing in this shit like everybody else is out there putting out fires or trying to deal with the ramifications of his actions toward Rambo and. I think it's fantastic that we're literally having to see the town deal with this while he still having it. It's not like some deputy corners rainbow on a store. It's it's it's it's versus. Rambo which is I mean. That's that's just that's a good conflict of who wants to it. Wants to watch a fucking deputy. Just walk up and catch him. You know ended dumpster and put a bullet in his head. But there's something interesting about the location of this is where it all started. This is where it all ended but this thing when Rambo schist annihilating it. It's the symbol of the authority of what started all. It's a symbol of everything that I've been wronged. And he just annihilated nets. I think that speaks volumes about that. And it's great seeing Tesol being up on the roof and just being almost like Kiesel has been driven out of his home and I like that that he's been. He's being assaulted in his own front now. And they're not out in the woods and they're not out on that old dirt road or you know he's not dropping out on the town where we're hitting you in right in your fucking heart as data is awesome. I really really loved that What do you? What do you think about this whole shootout this this whole ending thing? Where it's it's not some big epic battle. It's not some you know emptying their clips Matrix type share. What did you think about this dog? This man got doug the the sneaking around like calm him taking out the transformers and like you know the the gun store. Like reading the the diversion as he makes his way towards the Towards the playstation there. It's it's it's good stuff man like this is again what he's trying for I guess not really for the urban warfare but it's kind of like interesting to see him in like an urban setting Taking on not not taking on the town but just taking on Tasers Riley just trying to get close to them And that's exactly what he does and it's it's very clinical and like you know it's very well thought out it's very It's it's a very military esque. It's fantastic while and this aiming because we're pretty much right here at the end with the final confrontation between them and the there's something funny about going up there on the roof and he literally gets off like up like two shots and he's just ripped up from straight from the floor up like just ripped up in his legs and shit like for some reason. He just thought that because he was underneath him. Now he shouldn't shoot like I would have just like what robot it just blasts through the fucking ceiling and kill this do but he stopped shooting for some recent. Keep shooting there i. Your bullets will go through the roof. Like keep shooting you'll hit him like but ultimately of course you know he pops fucking tease diesel drops and right for you know he he. I'd love kill me. Kill me a set of a patch. And that's when trautman shows up dude again like you're dead at this point like somebody is waiting out there with a rifle and they just pop shot him. You blow up a gas station. You're about to kill or town share of like there's no way he's not fucking dead at this being neutral but like yeah right right. Yeah like you're getting a special treatment is one thing. This is special consideration. I don't know this is kind of Nice but like at this point. State trip is a calling in state troopers from other states for help like you know what I mean like. This is a federal investigation. Now right like they have the guy from minehunter out there right now. Like a fucking profile right. Yeah but I mean this whole thing. This is huge this this whole monologue and this is the most re ever hear him really. Speak except for the radio chatter earlier. This incredible yes talked me talks me. What did you think of it man? This near Com constantly remember which episode it was but I remember You know back in the day listening tells you media quite a bit Dane talked about this. This moment Particularly in particular. I think he would like covering stallone in movie. And they're talking about salaries acting and they talked about they contrasted. What what movie. They were talking about this like he's acting to this particular amendment and just how kind of like watching the say in how scary it is like. It's actually horrifying him kind of unraveled and just the speaking like totally emotionally. He's sweating. He's GonNa Shirt on his just. He's angry at everybody he's just angry at the well. He's angry at the situation like he like. He feels he feels like he literally says civilian life means nothing to me like that we had a kind of on. Rv things meant like things meant something. They're they're like we had an actual con of like track to follow it to follow like here. It's just you know we have no track. We have no. We have no way It's just totally aimless. It reminds me a lot of Shawshank when we get What's what's the old old name gets Let Out Brooks when Brooks gets institutionalized and you guys out into the world and he's just lost like it kind of reminds me of the this situation like he's he he he feels like he doesn't know this world anymore That that to me. That's a horror movie like you'll living a horror movie in your mind every day like any any just. He talks about like the way talks about his guys. It's just like I did everything to win. But someone didn't let us way in Anaheim at the airport. Does maggots were protesting. Like he can feel how angry it is. He is and he. Can you feel like you feel like that? He's fighting back at a table and things like that. But he's he's fighting back at the demons in his head and it's just it's it's beautiful. It's fantastic. This is this is some of the best Of of out of align period right. Yeah like I I think that. Yeah I when he first starts talking I mean. I don't like that when he starts crying. South. It's a little bit like not that that bothered me at all but it was Kinda like his egg. Kinda doesn't work for me a little bit just because the Sloan and it sounds like he's like laughing almost latter. No I'm just being kind of nitpicky but the beginning of that is you know I hear I am. I was in charge of million dollar equipment. I could I flew you know machine-gun helicopters and now I can't even hold a job fucking washing cars. But when he gets on the ground at kind of pauses like his monologue. Is You know he kind of calms out for a second. And then he's talking about the guy a shoeshine kit and he's like you know. This guy always always talking about this car. He said Johnny. I WANNA go home. I WANNA go home. I said I can't find your fucking legs. It's like God Damn it God. Damnit that is fucking brutal man. Holy Shit no and this. This whole thing with with cringe. You know with trout minutes. He comes in and he just grabs him and he's come here you know he's neo. He grabbed TRAUMAS. I need to fuck this whole military shit. Like you're you're now probably the only person that really understands what I went through and as a live from that point in time in my life like I need you more. That is more than a mentor. Right now you know it just. I need a friend. Need anybody Yeah this is just. It's insane that this this whole monologue was just so fantastic and apparently a lot of this you know was was passed alone fingerprints on it that he was like you know at first alone admits that like. I was for the war at first and then as time went on as this is awful. Like what's going on here needs to stop and it's just getting really really on hand so I you know he kinda pump some of that into into this but I mean this. We're pretty much there at the cow. He Saves Yeah. I mean like I say I love the way of the way this movie. Anzor lycoming like the last line will the last lines. Sometimes I wake up and I have learned talk to anyone sometimes all day long sometimes awake and the last line of the movie is. I can't get out of my head and that's basically we just watched a horror movie right literally like this is like full metal jacket army right absolutely and but it's now might come as a big shock because like have you. Do you know how this originally ended on well and the novel you know when he kind of embraces with Trautmann day kind of locked lips and they go at it on the floor. What T- Sel Kiesel? Just sitting there like blading out of his legs like now now at the at the end of the novel and I'm not sure if this is exactly spoiler alert obviously for the book The way right. Yeah I know the way that they filmed it. I'm not sure if this is exactly what happened to the book but he dies but Trautmann pulls out a gun and he's like you know you created me you have to be the one to kill me and trump can't do it and Rambo reach afford. He pulls the trigger in a shoot from the stomach. Elise back and dies in the. They said the test audiences just hated it but also the whole then meets the whole point of the story as well. You Bet you'll never get over it. Kill yourself and they're like now. We don't really want that kind of message. We want to show that people can bounce back. I kind of like the ending with a Rambo to eventually get better. I mean like I want him to. I mean let's take the sequels out of it of course right like just going from this movie alarm at the end of this movie. I kind of want to believe that Rambo eventually gets better. You know like I mean show. That's not what history has taught us like sometimes these Vietnam vets and people who've suffered from pressure medic Dr. stress disorder darn end up getting better. Just get less and less and less but I I. I want to believe that it gets better. You know right absolutely and and it. Just that would be such a Downer to end on what I mean which I mean. Hey that's pretty much for spread worth in here. They take him out you know he's got the handcuffs on on the code. It's and that's the end of it but the fuck is Goddamn it. There's something about saying. I totally lost my train into the second one. Do you know who wrote a lot of the script on the second one is James Cameron? What's really Holy Shit or yeah? I A lot of his stuff. I think I'd change around. But he he definitely had a hand in writing that and the second one. Okay I mean this is the this is the best one Let's go out. I mean I think yeah There is one tiny little thing though. I've got an IMDB. Which right now are you talking about? The one called long or somebody. You know what you do please be my guest. I'll read the second one because only one star is which is very serious. Only guess that's crazy. Never saying that about the full sir. Colin I'm sorry to part part part of me wonders is. This guy has to kind of trolling. Because I I I look this guy up and I started looking at his reviews. He's reviewed about four hundred movies. He gave clueless Alicia Silverstone. Movie at ten out of ten. And there's no way there's this person cannot be real. There's no way. Let me let me you know what? Fuck you. I'm shaming him. His name on. I'm Debbie as Matthew Underscore Capitana this. This is todd. It's a long ride dot dot dot for somebody price on that ain't the Volga twinkling you've got and this is. I'm going to read this exactly how it's written. There's no exaggeration that'll lazy drifter stumbles into a small town and refuses to comply when a kind hearted. Sheriff Awesome to leave that. Dude I I was. I scared dog so hard when I read that. Have ANY UNSIGHTED ready? Despite the excellent skill and training of the Police Department Rambo Parentheses schmuck stallone. Sern goes on a rampage and destroys the city including transformers so all the residents in the area have to live without hate oil. Electricity in December bramble will surrender. But not before it gives a five minute rambling incoherent dissertation about all the all the flying flange lease in breakfast with friends friends. Hey lost in the war on how he can't hold a job for get gals at els. Colonel traveling delivers this man. He actually the coast with Trans car. Draft I've arrambide. Shoulders always not warm and his hands cuffed in front of him so he's not uncomfortable when Rambo really ought to be hugged shoes taken away from him. Why does she use? Why is I laughed so hard? At that moment he should be hog tied in place. A Cup draw. Draw sharpie stuff all over. It's like wait what that is weird. We gotta give him the punishment in die hard where he's walks off a gloss with their foot right. It's a long ride but someday the my citizens of this once quiet town will get their lives back on track now that Rambo has been put away until the sequel. Oh Shit he must be trolling the dude. I just if not. That's the best genuine negative for me. We've ever read on the show. That's amazing do. It's great now. This one's pretty good. I I th I think this one is legit but this person. This person knows about ten words and nine of them are all negative about eight of them are about eight of those words are also boring or the pathetic actually is one of their favorite word. Personally this is this person by the way hater of crap is their name so this person obviously obviously walking on fucking sunshine so here we go personally. I found all of those Rambo flicks pathetic boring and worthless. I I this was the first installment of this pathetic franchise and it is also one of the worst movies ever made being overrated boring and Cliche even for the first time where this was made and it is also a very ugly film. Awful awful movie. This movie is awful beyond belief. And it it's one of the worst overrated movies ever made. There isn't anything good about this movie. It was terrible tedious and irritating from getting to end. I hate this movie. I think that it is the biggest disgrace for the action genre. Having a very negative influence on it and personally I think it is the worst war movie ever made. All right let me tell you. Something is not a war movie me. Close real close. Yeah I feel like I feel like it's kind of at the party where everything's getting awkward and you're like can I talk to you in the other room. This is not a war movie. Say how I want to know how is an awful awful movie. How is it overrated Cliche? To say something is bad for the just for the sake of. GimMe Augument like I need to. I need to see evidence. You need to point out specific things that bad so you can put forward your argument. Like I'm sorry you just concept that. Something's bad just for the sake of it right. It's like one of the things that create eight eighty or on this. You know why because it doesn't match the thing and it sounds offered some points in this weird. Yeah that's a point like but just saying I just think it's bad. Well how is it bad? I don't know how to tell you it's Badische as bad and it's like do you. Do you know how things work. Do you know how pros and cons and things go but either way I mean. That's that's kind of do you WANNA do? You WanNa do final thoughts or listener. Let's listen to Comas. Four dive into final thoughts We we got a few man. I mean like you know. These old ones get quite a few comments. Are you know? I guess S. people like old movies. Why I tell you who definitely likes Moose Jose Rivera and fucking love. Jose thank you so much Jose and everybody who comments consistently It's great and it really gives us from doing this. Look popular makes us look like people like us and quite frankly. That's far from the truth Now I'm just getting so Jose Rivera the wonderful the fabulous Jose Rivera said I I caught. I had very late in life. I knew about Rambo from the cartoon and action figure. I had along with the pop. Culture Osmosis the character. But I don't recall ever seen the movies. I actually kind of agree with this. I didn't catch these movies until I was like ten twelve thirteen but everybody knew about Rambo. You know is infamous Where Rambo website? Win Rambo came out on. Dvd in two thousand eight. I picked up the box set because it was this. Awesome metal case and a figured. Why not seeing first blood for the first time? Wow what a great movie and a great score by Jerry Goldsmith. I always joke with my friend. Said of T. Cell had just told Rabbo where to get something to eat. And none of this would've happened of course so. I'll go on from Andrew. Smith doin hear the craziest twist in the Rambo Genre ineffective movie. Rambo kills one person completely self defense in Rambo. Two three and four he kills entire armies. Everyone says the same thing at first blood is more realistic in its better and Oh because based on the book. Hey Fuck heads in the book. He kills everyone right. And I love Patrick Harrington Japanese. I just finished the book earlier this week. He almost kills an entire town. It's insane let's let's let's. Let's let's talk about just quickly. What what do you think about? How THE SEQUELS? Kinda like ended up like Dean automated like how it ended up being this kind of like and we touched on a very briefly how he ends up killing entire armies and stuff like that do you would prefer that this icon. Imagine you know I honestly I think it's terrible if he asked me point blanket kind of like. Let's take a an a movie. That was not an action film and not a war film. It was it was a kind of this. I mean I I guess you can call us an action film. It is a little bit but also feel like this. It has drama has heart an action film doesn't really not take. You can't have those things through and actually exclusive right but good action films. You know when when when you watch upgrade you really WANNA see Logan Marshall Green kick those guys asses you know when we watch inception were fighting for COBB because he wants to get back to his family. You know but when we're watching you spend ables. It's just stop some guy before. He presses the big red button Everybody up it sucks you know in the second one. I think there is a place in the world for those kinds of movies. You know what I mean like like I mean. I don't always want to be mind blowing by movies. Conceptional the Matrix and things like that you know shore when I say the action pulled off in a good way sometimes like I just want to sit down and watch movie lucky expendable too old transform some Boucher like that you know and I. I don't mind it as much as you think as much as you think like the Muck Obama right well my thing is those are if that's the type of movie that I'm not saying they're saying there's plenty of movies like that that I find enjoyable or tolerable to watch but it's the fact that they spawned six eight sequels since I do. This is the same shit over and over and over again and it's like at least you get something every once in a while refreshing like bubby. That's actually kind of the first few minutes. A bumblebee is also dude. It's really good I haven't I honestly haven't seen the movie because I I watched the first five minutes of bubble being like I need to finish this like the rest of the movie. Okay well that's fair but But no the there is kind of A. I feel like there's been declined with action. It's kind of it's the same with horror. Horror goes to the same thing great horror in the seventies and eighties and then going into the nineties. It gets a little bit weird in two thousand is really bad. And then you're back to really good horror movies so I think it's Kinda the same thing with action films. There goes through periods where you get the commando movies and stuff and you ain't GonNa ship the Khanna the Rock and face off in the ninety s right right yeah and ultimately then you you come back later on. You know like the the first taken movie. The first taken movies great i. I really enjoy the first while I didn't need. I didn't need a television show in two fucking spinoffs. I don't need amendments includes like Holy Shit ride because it's so important that everybody remember you know it's just like dude I you know I I i. It's just people milking this shit for all. Its goddamn worst. And it's like man. What you Kinda classifies an action film now right. I mean like if you WanNa guy broadly then technically can bring in all the superheroes stuff you can bring in model can bring in like does a does a action movies. Pretty much action movies as well. But then they have been very unique in there and why because they belong to a shared universe whereas like The first thing that comes to my mind John Wick Right. I mean the I think chats to hell skin David Leitch doing fantastic things with the action genre. I think we all saying like better action movies like here and there like they are popping up more like more and more like getting the bullshit that we did in the late nineties and stuff like that. Yeah well yeah totally an I agree with that with. Mc You and stuff. But I. I'm GonNa read off Patrick Harrington common really quick all knickknack penny bike. Give give a dog a bone from Mary. People Watch movies him and his wife. Barb check out their podcast he says Patrick Says I. I watched this with my dad on. Vhs Of course we'd already watched a bunch of over the top stallone action movies which has got to be upon because over the top. This alone movie so this was quite a departure for me. I enjoy the action but by the end I was like wait. Why is Rambo crying? He's supposed to be a tough guy while I enjoy Rambo. Four where he literally kills an army. This is still my personal favorite and the best of the series showing this to Barbara as well. So we'll see what she thinks to Allen Michael Fools. I can't help but think of Frank for Metal Sunny Day drew first. Nice I realize one actually Bedford. Combing Actually Applaud Causey says Conway for this level. The Rambo movies recently wash number tour. Wallace is completely different from the original. It's still an enjoyable action movie and is definitely a product of its time. I blood is more CACTUS. Prison Matz folded like hell. Yeah absolutely Guys take you thank you so much commenting. That's you know and and really just it it. It helps so much tremendously with built with with you know building building repertoire. with with our listeners and in promoting shed on our socials and stuff like that and then people just been commenting more and more. And it's just been fantastic when we really always appreciate you guys input the unless you just write some crazy stupid shit. If you come and more than likely you're going to get your shit. Read out on the air so always as as usual. We really appreciate that guys but what you hit me with your finals. Watch zoey yeah. I'm very. I'm so glad you made me watch this movie. Dude I mean like I think this is one of the one. Yeah this is one of the ones where it was like. Always on the back then I was like constantly in the back then I heard such bad. It's always like what the fuck show. I watch it like you know what I mean. I've just heard so much better. Basically everything but you know what sitting down and watch for the first time. I was genuinely surprised by how great it is like. It's IT'S A. It's a fantastic film like through and through. It's a great story. It's a great metaphorical kind of like Metaphorical I guess experiment. At how at how basically the Vietnam War affected US say Arsenault Not American? But I'm just GonNa say I'm just GonNa say uh-huh because you know I can American media. I mean like you know. It's kind of ingrained in my mind. Like basically this is the thing so it's super interesting to see how they created this. Kinda like analogy Basically of a Vietnam veteran. Who's on the Ron Technically? What ends up happening is the COPS. Saw The the soldiers in this situation. And it's the it's the Vietnam veteran who's kind of playing the Viet Cong. Flip around situation. But not only that man just have disenfranchise. Someone can get post traumatic stress disorder and just hell lost someone. Is You know he's not a he's not a APP. Net killing machine out. He killing in cold blood. He's just lust and he's just trying to find a sense of direction and like Brooks is just trying to find his vice in the world again And I've I've found that deeply effective deeply affecting and deeply moving and I'm really really really dig this movie dude. I can't I'm probably just going to if I had to give it a school. I'd probably give it a nine like it's not. It's not my favorite movie of all time but I just think that because it's dated like I think if I started when I was young God would have thought this was amazing. Yeah Well Hell Yeah Dude. I obviously I loved this movie. I going back and watching it. I would definitely say it's probably in if not if not cracking my top twenty five. The definitely my top fifty. I think I think it's fantastic. I think he's probably one of the best alone movies you know besides the first couple of rockies and maybe some cop land. He's fantastic year. Everything grade I saw the first one I haven't seen. I haven't seen the cree to the legend of curly's holder around Faulk It's not as good. It's not as good as one's definitely DASA. Yeah I I really. I really enjoyed it. Yeah it's been awhile since I've seen but even rocky Balboa is a really good movie that's that's a good one I I always enjoy that but You know the. This is the heyday US alone. And I think it's it's it's kind of unfortunate that stuff later on you know kind of the movie. Stop or my mom will shoot oriented like Oscar or fucking over. The top is kind of CHEESY COBRAS. Really bad and it's like man this is just you know he's really made some fucking stinkers at it. But I don't really when you look at Schwarzenegger I just don't see a lot of movies. It's There were like really jingle all the way. Maybe you know and you do stuff like the six day in a racer dog so vesa actually a better ACTA INSTEAD. And then onny. I'm just saying in terms of like range and in terms of like ability. I think I just think I've seen more from salon in rocky in this first Rambo in creed Then I have from annulled like Donald definitely fits into some character. Stereotypes system some some characters he was born to play like the eight hundred like Carnahan. I just think that stallone has more range. You know. Well Yeah I definitely where you you know th first and foremost maker a body builder. He'd always been a body builder. Not say he's not a good actor he's actually better at the comedic stuff than than Solo Stallone. Way Better at the dramatics often. It's it's just interesting seeing them. You know stallone really never did a lot of comedies because it just wasn't his Forte but oh just snake rose known Yo. How did we not mentioned demolition? Man I fucking love demolition man. I'm interested at the beginning judge demolition man. And and all just briefly you know like that was kind of my repertoire. Danny and I and Oliver Friends you know we would always watch that constantly. We always referencing a world like with Zero Toilet Paper. We should know. Use the three Seychelles Dude. One of my favorite lines is what he's like. Sir What is your boggle. My dog all Selma one. But you how much you weigh. Picks HIS ASS up and throws them into the NEG but anyways. That's a whole other movie to cover Sundays. Do we gotta have Danny on for that but I remember obviously watching this movie getting it as one of the first. Dvd's I ever owned. And I remember is one of the. I remember watching it on. A big television screen was surround sound and having speakers behind you and growing up. We really didn't have a lot of stuff like that and then probably about two thousand three two thousand and two two thousand and four. I remember sitting at an I i. We had Rambo one two and three but we also watched like Matrix and stuff like that. suicides cool watching it with a surround sound and stuff but I have a lot of fond memories of this and I just I think i. I didn't even take any notes for this because I already knew like all the you know everything plot wise in my head because I could recite this movie front to back and I just I know the scene so well was like unto back. Yeah for Frat toback. So I don't I don't I don't get any in my Mush Pussy But but but no I. Obviously I love this movie. It's ten at a ten for me. Maybe they eighty hours a little walkie but who gives a fuck compared to everything else you know you got anything else for jump out of here you anything you WANNA say. That's it man I'm under than Thank you so much. Listen guys If you're not already please join the party. That's where Al Community gets together and talks holding film Lightly there's been a lot of covered nineteen means so if you're all in the meantime just jump right in there And that's why he plays taste of what's to come next week because this episode is the We actually skipped awake. And this is going to be released with AL coming attractions episode This week as well so you get two for the price of one this week. we're also going to be recording another episode of next week feature presentation. So that's GonNa be coming at you next week What that movie is If you WANNA find out It's going to be on the potty. Tamar so I like how you spun our scheduling conflict as two for the price of one. It's like it's like raising your prices and then dropping everything and saying it's half the whole. The financial markets are in crisis. Right now so I WANNA go right. Hey you're quarantined. We got one hundred and sixty something episodes. Give us a lesson and guys remember. We doing the rating review contest right. Now get your reviews in sinister screen shot of into somethin' midnight double feature a g mail dot COM with your name and pick that you want and would definitely be put into the running if you've already done a review before that's totally fine just in that one as well and again. That's midnight double feature at G. Dot. We're on facebook. Had been a double feature run twitter at MD F- pod. Please stop by even if you don't want to enter the contest for whatever reason if you're fucking Weirdo. Stop by write reviews anyway. Check US out on itunes on spotify. Were on Youtube or anywhere where you find most of your podcast and if you don't find us on somewhere tell us so we can get on that. Shit Zohab. It was good talking about this. Goodbye guys thanks so much for listening. We'll catch you next time. Later in life took US whoa.

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