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"simon pagina" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"The XB dot com Elio Castroneves wins it for the fourth time Alex below his second side, but Paget was third Pato Award is fourth. Garbage was fifth Sandino Ferrucci a six stage cara. Miss 73 to speak is 81 Montoya is Knife. Sage caramels Start. Tony Kanaan. We should say is 10th Marcus Eriksen is 11th Joseph New Garden 12 Counter daily 13th Takuma Sato 14 chair Hildebrand 15th. Holt unheard of 16th, Scott Dixon 17th, Jack Harvey, 18th 19th Marco Andretti. 20th Scott. Look, Laughlin. James Hinchcliffe, 21st 22nd to Ryan Hunter. Rey 23rd, Lap Down. Don't kill it. Max Chilton 24th vehicle for the polity. 25th 26 Sebastian Board A Felix Rosenquist 27 28 at Jones two laps down. Alexander Rossi and 29. Three left out Willpower 30th out of the race. 31st Sabata de Silvestro 32nd grabbed Ray home. Stephanie Wilson 33rd daughter Daily lead twice for 40 laps Alex Below lead six times for 35 laps. Reedus VK live three times for 32 last Elio Castro Deva has led seven times for 20 laps. Lot of award led four times for 17 biggest gainers. Other day saves Karen Plus 24 pads, You know, plus 23 Santiago Ferrucci, plus 17 Juan Montoya plus 15 Joseph New Garden, plus nine They were 3rd 13 leaders. 36 lead changes just two cautions for 18 lapses. We head to Detroit a couple of weeks. Alex below as a lead of second place got Dixon of 36 Points and Pato Award is 37 points back. Simon Pagina was crawled into contention now. He is 47 points back. Congratulate our winner Helio Castroneves, most deserving four time champion for 32. Others. The 364 Day Wait begins physically, but mentally, the pursuit begins immediately. Thanks to all who provided us with access to their incredible talents today, all the deserving every accolades and are humbled by them by thanks to my family for their unwavering support throughout this journey, thanks to Monrovia High School for the sport as well, You're where this journey began. Lastly, Thanks to sit. Collins flew Palmer, Paul Page, my King and Bob Jenkins for creating this tradition of unparalleled broadcasting excellence. We hope.

Helio Castroneves Stephanie Wilson James Hinchcliffe Jack Harvey Ryan Hunter Tony Kanaan Elio Castroneves Juan Montoya Elio Castro Deva Simon Pagina Santiago Ferrucci Alex Bob Jenkins Paul Page Sandino Ferrucci Scott Dixon Max Chilton 18 lapses Monrovia High School Detroit