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"simon nye" Discussed on Something Who

"So next up amy's choice Written by simon. Nye and directed by kathryn morris had more shirt at an amy's pregnant roy's gonna ponytail and the doctors board initial thoughts. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it then. I enjoy it now. Yes i'd forgotten how much it lent into the relationship aspect. I'd i'd forgotten. That is fundamentally the crux of the episodes. It's stupid of me to forgotten but i really like i really like the setup and It seems an obvious solution. But it keeps you guessing. Introduces us to the pregnant world first. So that when it flips back to the tartus where we're slightly on the back foot. Yeah thoroughly enjoyable forty. Something minutes of tv yes. It was always one of my favorites of that series but nothing to remember been overlooked at the time because of monsters empower for big arcor. Anything and just looked sposa. Bill i think to some viewers and also gaven me with the was it trailed. Was it trailed with only clips of the fake village dream worlds to encourage because because we've got ucla adult coming and going of his memory. That's we've got the use of the idea that might be time jumps. And then he's coming going in their lives so that that was supposed to set up the other that might be plausible. It skipped five years especially especially at the beginning of the series of has lots of them. Well i mean. I think that's why we were white successfully sold star trek because the eleventh hour is predicated on the idea that that is one big time jump so the fact that he would do it again doesn't seem very improbable steven moffat place. Fuster and looser think with our comfort zones in that respect. Misdirected delta explains it at the end that we don't think we've been dreamed on encourages to think it's choice between two dreams. Yes yeah and of course. That's not what the dream is done. That's what simon spoiler alert on this podcast. Just ending their feels like twenty two thousand ten long enough ago. I probably broken the etiquette of discussing old stores. No matter how old they are still supposed to go through the methodically. Rather make your first discussion points. The the climax but i him care put us everyone else. Does it draws sunny initial thoughts about amy's choice. Yeah it's pretty helpful and into the thing of seeing it as a bit of our also van may be in in series for it was an it. You'll my til bank. I count on this evening cold weather. I have seen since transmission. But some there's something he'd classic line but yeah no saudi. Saudi enjoyed it..

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