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"simon brander" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

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"simon brander" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist

"Now, as we're reporting in our headlines, the Finnish prime minister and her Swedish colleague actually met in Stockholm yesterday. Just tell us a little more about that because it was very much on the same subject. That's right. And I read about this in the finish in Swedish news, but as I have the Financial Times in front of me, it's also on the front page of DFT. So indeed, so prime minister sana Marin and prime minister magdalena Anderson met in Stockholm yesterday. Essentially, to talk about the security landscape in the Nordic countries and more specifically, to coordinate their respective timelines when it comes to the decision making process in Sweden and in Finland or NATO membership and also really coordinated timelines or the date when they would seek membership on prime minister marines part. So I think there are two aspects here. She emphasized the democratic process that has been established in Finland to make a decision. She noted very clearly that all stakeholders that are required all relevant policymakers in Finland are at the tables where decisions are being made regarding NATO membership. So there is a rather unconventional process that has been established in Finland. There's a parliamentary coordination group that cuts across all party lines. So there seems to be broad consensus. And again, a relatively participatory process within the parliament to ensure broad support and then to come to a decision democratically with the support of all political parties in Finland. And in her view, this is absolutely vital to ensure that in the event of any aggression by Russia doing the so called gray zone, the country would remain unified. But also, say, 5, ten, 20, 30 years down the line. We would avoid the situation of Finns. Kind of questioning this application period and why did we run to apply for NATO membership? So there, again, all options would be out on the table. They would be analyzed seriously by all political parties, and only then would Finland seek membership. So with all of this, she did, however, say that we're talking about days, maximum weeks, definitely not months when it comes to Finland. I just want to focus in on your beautiful city now I visited a couple of weeks ago. And I was very impressed as I always am by the transport system. Now the enzyme Z is talking about the transportation department. And in particular, Simone brander, tell us tell us about this. That's right. So on February 13th of this year, Zürich had city elections at the local level and then, of course, for the city council as well. The social Democrats regained their fourth seat on the city council and more broadly the greens and green liberals did ride the well. As well. So now yesterday on Wednesday, the city council distributed, the department among the parties is very much akin to the federal council in Switzerland, where the members in the council get assigned to a particular department. No major changes apart from the transportation department that then the fourth city council member from the social Democrat Simon brander took over and in fact she's the first social Democrat leading this department in 14 years. And said, zooms in on her as a personality and as a politician in Zürich. So she was born in 1978 and has become known as the face and voice of the bicycle lobby in Zürich. So expectations are extremely high for her to increase bike lanes to support biking and pedestrians in Zürich. Perhaps at the expense of cars, and again, very much supporting public transportation in Zürich. And finally, when I was in Zürich, it was because it was a sort of staging post for us to go off to saint Moritz to interview the author ilia Leonard Pfeiffer, whose book grand hotel Europa comes out in English in a couple of weeks time will be focusing on him and the latest may addition of monocle magazine will also carry an interview with him on meet the writers. But the point is, the reason I'm telling you this is it was my very first encounter with ski slopes and a ski lift much to the amusement of my colleagues, but honestly, where did they think of Zimbabwean was going to have encounters? But this means that I do not understand the last headline you've sent. It says ski flying allowed for women ski jumpers. Don't even know. What does that mean? So as a thing I have to point to this story if ski jumping has ever mentioned in the newest sono exactly I picked up this in housing in Santa Marta finished newspaper. So the international ski federation ruled yesterday on Wednesday that women can essentially jump from ski flying hills. So in the sport of ski jumping, they're various types of hills or slopes. Some are longer or taller and some are a bit lower. And ski flying is, in a way, the longest and perhaps most dangerous one, where the distances are the longest. And women have not been allowed to compete in ski flying this far. They have been allowed to compete in normal ski jumping hills since the 2011 2020. 12 season in the World Cup and in 2014 in the Winter Olympics, they also were able to join the normal hill event in ski jumping. But since yesterday, they were allowed to join for this ski flying hills, which means that next year, during the World Cup season in vikas de Norway, 15 a female ski jumpers can for the first time ever join ski flying as well. Excellent. Go, women's ski fliers. Thanks. Talking to us from Zürich. This is the globalist on monocle.

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