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Ek Chhoti Si Mulaqat By Sarveshwar dayal saxena |S6 Podcasts| Feat.Shivam Sandoo |Episode:15

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Ek Chhoti Si Mulaqat By Sarveshwar dayal saxena |S6 Podcasts| Feat.Shivam Sandoo |Episode:15

"The Took pc malacca could automate. Arsenic is silverton. Beach sub dunkin celtic core leaky art abu to teach honing sufi to give them that standing up. Namus can't quit. State mitchum madan you see a sequel legia divided creek uneven se dorado took cassica china abuse manana. Or if i look decorating which state our on yet these times. But i'm just year deeply for hope. Johnny oh was it. S got on dissimilar economy subdue pygmy deltaic boy. Nobody big big got the button up. Need sleep on. Google such out that which offer back from getting butter from which make how i get any rally. Mookie are getting apart from lavar haughty jerry. It puts the outback. Not did the judy gets up to discredit up. Nick capri cafaro. It's dawar is big support all. We'll see john disciplined or battle up. Ross sneaky silverton ham. I repeat towards subdued in deltaic coil. Open new some otaki media. Can't some bit thomas or back a beat it. Off sneaky silverton mighty adopt nause simpson. Do all your debit cards up. Epi suna seem locked up service a balance a need been boca raton. Get up escaped apple so much up suit. Our but the up sunday i'm suffer.

Namus mitchum madan silverton lavar dorado abu Nick capri cafaro Mookie Johnny china jerry Google nause simpson Ross Epi suna john thomas raton apple
Macy Gray's New US Flag, and An Attack on the Pledge

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Macy Gray's New US Flag, and An Attack on the Pledge

"Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i'll bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its geico easy. Visit geico dot com. Today that's geiko dot com. Did you hear about this in silverton. Colorado boy sure did and the reasoning is stupid. They stopped the pledge of allegiance from being recited at town meetings. And here's why this is the statement coming from the mayor of silverton to the durango herald a newspaper there. They said do to direct and indirect threats inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings and the general divisiveness. This is creating in our community. We will not be doing the pledge of allegiance during the town board of trustee meetings so basically since people complained and wind. And we don't like this. You're not doing it anymore. How can you not like the pledge of allegiance under god. That's why that's the only reason. Well i some people might equate it to the flag with the whole colin kaepernick. And we're getting to that flag issue coming up now. Yeah yeah i i think. A lot of people who are just really progressively angry at everything. They just love. That's patriotic or american together and say we don't like this because it doesn't represent us about nine people including two board members recited the pledge anyway Meeting in that caused chaos. The mayor said they were out of order and warned they would be forced to leave if there were any. Further disruptions considered a disruption. Well i don't. I don't think the pledge is considered. I know up to his policy. Yeah and like you hear it in that statement. I'm pretty sure. I'd have to obviously dive deep. And what exactly is going on in the town of silverton get your act together mayor but like why are people taking their two minutes of time to whine about the pledge of allegiance. They're saying there's divisiveness and comments in public meetings. Aren't there stronger issues to worry us. The town of about five. Hundred and fifty people in the san juan mountains. I'm sure they have plenty of issues to deal with and other than worrying about the pledge of allegiance and the people who are complaining about the pledge of allegiance there are better issues for you to focus on to the city council members which is literally the lowest level of government offense to oliver city council members out there whether or not they say a pledge of allegiance before meeting has no effect on whether or not they're gonna fix your potholes representative lauren. Bogert is representative out of colorado and she blasted the mayor's decision. She wrote silverton colorado mayor unilaterally ban the pledge of allegiance at city meetings. It's hard to put into words. What kind of anti-american disgrace. This is mayor. Firmin should resign and purchase. A one way ticket to china won't have to worry about hearing the pledge you know who she is right she's the really young attractive gun wielding congresswoman. Now is that her yes. She's in the news a lot for all her stuff. So that that statement. That's brand. Yeah then there's this. Grammy award winning singer. Macy gray says the. Us needs a new flag. She of course made her name and music. Yeah but she says why. Do we have to celebrate a flag that now represents divisiveness and hate of now the flag does not represent that i mean you create a new flag. It's going to. It's going to represent even more divisiveness. She penned a co ed comparing the current us flag to the confederate flag as tattered dated divisive and incorrect. Okay how was it any of those incorrect. She know what the symbolism of the flag is. Like that's what i'm curious. People who hate the american she. She actually created a new flag with an artist and she believes that this is representative of all people. I haven't seen what it looks like. The oh the flag that she has helped create also has fifty two stars. What are the other to washington. Dc in puerto rico that she believes both have been refused statehood. That's can you see it from where i can see it. It's an american flag. Got the red and white stripes but the blue and white stars going in triangular form and a hand holding a candle. It looks like cuba. Kinda looks like the cuban holding the candle. Looks like you're at a concert for your favorite journey. The lighter z. Great musicians the flag does not represent rubber. That's fifty states in the original dozen. It doesn't represent unity. Isn't that where the flag is supposed to rent. We're so divisive everything. Why why can't we just all get along. People don't like the flag because they're mad at the country and that's fine. You can do that. But that doesn't mean we need a new flag. Come on in the new york post last night. And i said i had to do a double take. I'm like what i don't know if it's a bit or not. I don't know the harlem globetrotters sent a letter to the nba. Monday petitioning to join the league as its thirty first team okay. I would never work. Obviously not not a snowball's chance and you know what for for both sides here not a serious team and we all know that they're all skilled if you've seen the harlem globetrotters in their their routine. They've obviously got talent. But it's the whole show is a bit. It's exactly what it is right at the show to entertain people and they make some crazy shots like the guy who spends the whole day trying to make the full court shot over his head and eventually makes it. You know it's always cool to watch but there is no chance one that the nba would benefit. Because they'd make the harlem globetrotters be boring and too. There's no way the globetrotters would benefit. Because they won't be able to do their skin. Yeah i mean. I think i think the point of this. The general managers letter. The point of saying that we have some of the best Black basketball talent. Lebron james has something to say about that and he says you know seattle in las vegas or two cities that need leagues if the league expands that need teams. So they're saying pick me pick me or one of those cities. I just don't see that it's a funny bit. But i'm not taking this seriously. Can you imagine like during an nba game. If one of the globetrotters grabs a bucket of water and pours it on lebron james or starts throwing the ball underneath like this legs and stuff a mess with them. I don't think you were here. When the globetrotters. They've come through here several times. But gosh it's been maybe five years already and who is really tall guy. He's like seven something tiny something and i look like an aunt next to him in fact the picture that i have with him it looks like he's a cardboard cutout. It really looks fake. But it's real.

silverton geico geico durango herald oliver city council Bogert colin kaepernick Firmin geico san juan mountains colorado Macy gray Colorado the new york post Grammy award lauren nba puerto rico us china cuba
Volume 5, Episode 10  HighGrain Brewing Company


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Volume 5, Episode 10 HighGrain Brewing Company

"Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome back. It's another week and other episode since Hebrew, cast the voice of craft from the Narino, but you probably knew that, if you're listening to the show because you hear my voice, every time you click the button, and your podcast player of choice. Andy, welcome back. Thanks for having missed a heck of a show last week. Not happy about that. Ranged from some really fantastic sour beers. Some really old river town. Lamb vicks. And that's the one when I heard it. I seriously punched the console in my car Stewart PBR parking, we'll go on named. I never missed PBR parking lot. We were by the end of the night. We were drinking PBR and a parking lot and doing card tricks. We'll just that that was okay. I wish there was a podcast for that part of the show. Let's, let's run down the table. Everybody introduce yourselves. We are, I guess I should say where we are I we're at high green, or the soon to be high grain. It is a. Not operating brewery at there are no people here. It's quiet. It's echoey but it looks like it's really close. So we're going to ask a few questions about that. But let's roll down the table starting here with Matt and everybody introduce yourself, so people can hear your voice in know who they're listening to. I'm at I'm the head burn co-founder of hiring bring. I'm Josh, I'm the marketing guy sustainability finance guy. Mostly finance, Brian the, the restaurant guy in the kitchen guy. So run in the front of the house, fantastic, you guys have taken over what used to be the municipal building here in Silverton and turned it into something completely different. The there's another brewery in town, that took over municipal building this municipal very works. And I was when we were kind of looking around the space before we started the show. I said that they're probably going to come in here for that first beer and be really, really jealous of the building that you guys got versus the one that they did. There's this very cool to be part of a museum be of the whole thing. That's true. And rumor has it they're going to get apartments and the other parts that may work out. Good. They also have a gun range, and there's and that's where they're boiler is. Many jail jail cells upstairs that are still intact really hope that when the apartments come in, if the apartments come in, they don't destroy all those and get rid of him. And I'm surprised on locked himself in yet. He's I wouldn't care into hasn't been locked in party, not by his own doing though. Maybe they are the apartments. That is a little ten by six. Just what they're telling him. It was actually really when I looked out on, I got it tore up there and the one like in the floors, somebody, carved like a chessboard into the concrete floor so that when they're Sal, they could sit there and play those kind of cool. We don't go into jail stories. Jails here that we're going to repurpose the stuff downstairs. We'll get to kind of the kind of those future plans, down there, some of the things they're going to happen, too. Because I, I'm excited to think of, you know, down the road win some of that stuff happens on what that will entail for what this brewery, grow into but to start off. You guys. How do you sum this up? It's an upscale brew pub. Is that a good way to kind of put it an upscale sustainable brew pub is the best kind of the latter upscale sustainable brew pub? We try to when we talk about it. We're talking about the neighborhood a lot. So to say upscale, we don't believe is patently, correct. Because we're, we're trying to keep things affordable for the people who actually here. It's kind of a unique demographic first Cincinnati. So we even got somebody who asked us on Facebook or Email yesterday about, you know, keeping your prices low because they feel like beer prices in Cincinnati are going up the shifting I've noticed the hat. So, you know, it's an interesting conversation because there's, there's scale involved in there's ingredients involved in there's just normal fixed costs and, you know, that's all stuff. That we have to consider, but just to make profit for making profits, not always, right? He's been staring there the whole time. He's been sitting at the light. He's craning his neck and trying to figure out what the hell away. Trying to pay their parking tickets. It's pretty. It's not the sheriff's department guys have that little window off the deck there to serve out onto the deck. You should do that for people to pay their tickets. Phil projects. I the rate card up there. Turned a profit. We're not even open. So when the first articles and I guess we're gonna start this off with a little bit of a gripe that may not be you're doing, though when the first articles we're kind of written about what you guys were doing here. There was a big focus, though. This is going to be a brew pub that, you know, is trying to Thai food, and beer together in a way that nobody else is doing this new idea. And here you guys are right down the street from one of the other best examples of brew pub in Cincinnati. How do you kind of, how do you play off of gear your neighborhood brewery? That's nine giants who we're talking about if nobody knows how do you playoff of that? But also set yourselves apart from what they are doing down there. It's a big question. But I don't know that we ever said, we're trying to do it in a way that nobody else has ever done. Not enough people are doing I think I think the intention was more probably from the quote that you guys had was probably more of Cincinnati as a whole, there's a lot of breweries that, especially at the time when you guys started this whole project will bruise that had food trucks offers that had kind of call them half asked food programs that some ninety went, and there was foods nights. There wasn't sometimes it was they just left halfway through the night when they're supposed to be those on that. And I think that's the intention from what I read of the quote, you guys gave. But then the article that I read kind of ran with it in very different direction for me. It's two things one we wanted to whole acid. We like whole last we didn't we feel like a good Burri needs to have its own kitchen and having a food truck that you can't really rely on being there. Everyday you're open just doesn't make things work. I have a whole kitchen here. How big is the kitchen back there? I mean, it's, it's a good sized kitchen. We, we have a prep kitchen in a regular main kitchen. So we have basically everything that we can do the smoker to make our menu thrive. And then I would say the other part of that was that we wanted to tie together. The beer menu with the food menu and our mission as a whole. So those, those things are one complete concept. Not that we were going to do it better than anybody. Or for the first right? Wars. Every week. We will be the first Silverton, right? Kill will be the first at the corner of Montgomery and Plainfield. You know, you talked a little bit about kind of what this neighborhood is, or maybe even with this neighborhood was because of his kind of it is shifting and changing. We've seen that a lot down the street in pleasant ridge to where things were one way and business comes in people move in, and it gets better, and it gets a little it gets to be that part of town, that you do want to go, visit and Silverton is kind of ripe for that to happen here, too. How do you guys do things differently than what a place like nine giant war, tafs, or whenever the one that, that brew pub, that people go to when they talk about good brewpubs in Cincinnati. How do you do things differently? The undercurrent probably sustainability, so we're, we're actively talking about how do we change our inputs outputs? And how do we use us things more effectively that the way that it worked for the startup because how budgets work? We primarily put that money into the geothermal heating and air conditioning system for this building, and I'd love to have more money to do more things like that. But that's a big chunk of cash that we spend right in at the forefront where we're we don't have revenue. We, we continue to make decisions like that. And that's part of why we participated in sustainable sites, even though we're not open. Point is in to win any, any of the three. Pillars of that competition. The point for us was to raise the bar on what sustainability means for breweries and, and to raise the bar on sustainable beer. So we think about that more as a holistic term sustainability is about us in this neighborhood as a neighbor. So how do we use those things and make them more effective for everybody else? And it's, it's something that, you know, we, we might end up making something identical by accident to what nine giant, down the streets gonna make. None of us are going to do that deliberately. We don't we don't care about that. The rising tide lifts all ships, right? We're we're not trying to Cup their business plan at all. But we're looking at this more like in our vision of how a brewery, should look and feel operate. We, we felt like sustainability is one of those things and food is another one of those things and to bring that stuff together was important the food was something coming out while we were talking about we were setting up and you know that you feel like brewery should have foods. So can you tell us anything about the food, just yet or I mean, I'm a little hungry. So. Anything we just talk on what Josh was talking about, you know, this ability aspect of it. You know works with the the menu as well. You know, making sure that we are crafts utilizing Oliver items on the menu. So that we're not having extra food hanging out or to bad, and then trying to minimize the carbon footprint of how our food gets here. You know, just trying to maximize stability aspect in that as well. But food wise, you know, our menu complete when want announce it, yet, because we might tweak it before we, we open. But, you know, from scratch kitchen and everything made in house, and just really try to relate to the beer pair it with the beer. We're also going to have a good wine as well. So be able to pair the food with the wine so that everybody come that full experience when they come in. Is it going to be a menu? That's kinda shifting and changing throughout the year where they're going to be those staple. Things both we'll both we'll have our staple menu items appetizers per se. And then I will have a rotating, seasonal menu that will relate to the beer, you know, whichever season Matt makes very will will make it with the food and, and try to complement each other with, when what I like about the space and, you know, I'm going to waive my hands around pointed things for the people that are. Are listening. It's very. The way this is the tapper itself is split up in here. There's a whole other side that is to me, way, more restaurant. He feeling than decided here, where the tapper MS, which as somebody that, you know. I love the guys don't mind. No, they're working on expansions and fixing some of their crowded issues. But if I'm wanting to sit down for like a nice little dinner that, that might not be the place. I go anymore because it is so crowded you're going to be elbow to elbow with somebody leaning over your shoulder waiting for you to get up so they can steal your seat, and I've apologized. Just over my shoulder. But this you know this opens up to kind of that, that, that, that. I mean, not not, not a restaurant, but the more of that, that brew pub feel where it's less less bar like, I guess, and more sit down, take your time eat with your family, and that was kind of the style. What we're going through to have different sections set up in the building, where you come in here, and it's taproom, it's loud. It's, it's full people are standing around at our standing only tables, whatever, and enjoy a good time, and you can also go in the other room, sit down with your family have dinner, and then once said, you get to later, you said you get to it later. But once you got on in the basement, it'd be completely different than both sections up here. I don't mean to keep calling nine out when I talk, but that is the closest the comparisons that I keep hearing when people when I talk to people about this place. It's like, well, how are they gonna be different than nine giant nine right there down the street, and I feel like a lot of people, you know, I don't live in this area. I live in Fairfield. It's I'm always going to be driving to get here one way or another. And it's a decision when you do when you get McCartney go part of towns right now where do I go, once I'm here, and I feel like that or you know, go both but. Cricket. But, you know, the, the comparison will be made between you guys and nine giant, which is why I keep saying. But I, I don't mean to to call them out at all. They're fantastic. And I myself so we frequent them often and they will frequent here too. It's great. But another different factors are patio with the Franek, which will be, you know, first, come first, serve hang out. Happy hour. Good word or bar window, where you can order your from outside of said of having to come in and order at the bar, and then also our beer garden area, which will have ceded sections to that as well. So lots of outdoor space, lots of indoor space, choose your own adventure since we're already kind of, on top of let's talk about kind of jail. Jails. Talk about the basement a little bit. And this is obviously not when you guys open, but talk a little bit about what some of those plans are down there, because this building is way, bigger than I think, anybody would think driving past just looking at that the front of it. Now the basement, we prefer to call the lower level versus basement, offering it has light wells on three sides doesn't really feel like a base. It doesn't it's are lower level, so underneath the taproom in the lower level, we're going to have a secondary bar, which will be a full board up here. It's almost directly under where the bar is upstairs sore draft line runs will be easy to use down there and where the dining room is upstairs here in the lower level will be overflow dining for the weekends. And when it's a high volume in here as well as private dining space, so you'll be able to. Read out or reserve the entire lower level, when, when the lower level does up and there will be an elevator that goes down there for food service for barrel storage for this hour program, which will also be downstairs, but also for access where ADA. So if we will be able to seat or upwards of one hundred plus downstairs as a private area so it can run parallel to our normal business up here without hiccups as far as quantity. Anybody kind of an idea of how big the space really is. That's the you know, you have a hundred people down there you have that up here, too. Plus, you have, you know, the, the beer garden, the deck out front. There's there is a ton of space here. This is not as small little kind of I mean, it is a neighborhood kind of place but it's not a small version of. Josh mentioned before there's window wells on three sides of the building, which they go down relatively for about three foot off the ground in the lower level. The glass out to clear glass, and it'll be pretty break down there as well. So it will feel like a, a lower level. In the center section of the lower level, we will be adding a sour facility, down there as well. So anywhere in the building that you're sitting, you can either see the jury see barrels see working from tation in food, or barrels of sorts. Never were you're in the building where you feel like you're just interested. That's not a Burri that was pretty important. Part of it for us. And that, you know, if you want to go just eat at a restaurant places to do that. But if you're coming to a brew pub you want to went to always be remembering that beer in front of you was made, you know, just, you know, across the, the tapper when you sit in the taproom, you can see the brew house straight through all glass windows behind the bar. His gorgeous the start with press. We're there. Fifteen barrel. It's not a small little system. You guys cramped. The, the question I always like to ask, and I think I understand the answer before, even ask it with you guys. How how big is is too big for what you want to do? I mean. Fourteen percenters about as high as I'm gonna go. Even that, you know, that might not be true. The. You hear a lot of people talk about what the, the trend is. Or what the new thing for beer is. And people say, you know, the bigger breweries are not going to work the smaller breweries aren't gonna work. It's this weird kind of smaller the, the big neighborhood. Do I say the medium size neighborhood place in tiny little things, aren't they have to be just right? Just right. But what is doesn't make sense to me anymore, you see places opening up with really big systems for what I picture, a neighborhood brewery, and to me, this is a very big system for a neighborhood brewery, also. How how how big what's, what's, what is the big picture here of is this all going to stay in house? Or is there kind of what you're? We have three different opinions there on for, for me. It's, it's order line near the two big side when, when we talk about it. We don't wanna do retail distribution. We feel like it's too big of a hassle. But, you know, when the time is right, we'll do self distribution to other restaurants. That's that's good. And that's why it's as big as it is. We thought because of the size of how many people you could fit in this place and then being able to represent ourselves in the next, you know, three neighborhoods, call it three three mile radius five mile radius, something like that. That have at least ten barrels would would suffice for that demand. And, and if you're gonna go Tim just go fifteen. To be able to make ten bro easily a certain Plato so certain specific gravity here. Make easy ten batches for mentors. Also little bit modified so that they from properly, as ten bro batch, it's oversight system. So I can we can squeeze out squeeze twenty on one batches well, so we gave it a lot of thought and kind of eliminated the need to double batch, then if you're trying to push. Dole batch. That's a. Gonna problem. We start off in the fifteen borough system. It's oversize too. So we can squeeze out. You know, eighteen barrels on certain beers. The. Mentors fifteen barrels right now. We'll see where that takes us. Five fifteen bro from Inter's. So for now that that's working out really well for what are. Soon to be plans, are whether or not a thirty or sixty is is in our sites, obviously not yet. But we have expansion room in building in. We generally think that the giant breweries are probably making mistakes, especially if you launch, you know, over the size, we launched where we feel skittish about that size and, and being able to push out enough volume to justify the cost of, of actually buying that house. So there are breweries that open bigger than us that we go. Would've thinking makes us really nervous. It's that's a lot to invest, a lot to think about and is, as the distributor gets more distracted with more brands for more craft breweries and the retailer distracted with more distributors with more brands from where craft brews. We feel like that's a losing battle. It's a it's a strange thing that I feel like we haven't ever really had to talk about in Cincinnati before. But, you know, for so long it was like, oh, well, you know, the model is you guess your tap room is a huge part of your business. But then the rest you send out to. All of these bars and these retailer counts, and whatever, and Dow, it's it that, that model is shifting. And people are saying that, you know. No if you can't sustain yourself with your taproom. I don't know how to word if you can't plan if all hell breaks loose around you and your taproom can't sustain the business. You've got big problems. And because all hell could break loose it any moment around us, you know, craft beers in this weird kind of growth period right now, this, this growing pains, I guess, is a good way to put it. You know, it's in this weird maturing time, NEC places same Adams, dogfish merging together. And you see these things happening in that, that he would have. Not believe years back. It's, it's strange to watch, but I don't know what that has to do with your brew house. As far as breeding mergers go, that's probably not the worst one. No. It doesn't upset me at all that. It's, it's it, it was definitely a surprise when I read it in the Email. As they leave sequence alone doesn't bother me, but I just wanna see I wanna be able to go down to the Sam Adams half room in TR and get myself some sixty minute I think that'd be really fun. One hundred twenty minutes. On draft and tapper. Not stay stay not are for that. I am just mix it with the worldwide style. I actually did ask when the last most down there doing a show if we would ever and this was obviously before the dog fish stuff. If we would ever see those bigger Sam Adams beers on tap and was met with a kind of a nervous laugh of working on some stuff. I think was the way it was phrased so who knows that could be some fun stuff down there. How do how do you guys see yourselves fitting in with this big, and we talked about this, this neighborhood and hyphen with the Burris around here. How do you see yourselves fitting in, in this massive thing is Cincinnati beer now because where what sixty something sixty? Depending on how you count it. And that's a whole argument with itself. But there's a lot of different breweries doing a lot of different things. How do you. How do you separate yourselves from what is going on there? Is it? Can you do it with beer loan anymore? Is it have to be that other stuff too? I think we touched on it a little bit with the food keeping the, the style that you see inside the building right now atmosphere, that the fixtures that the, the tables of reclaim dash cetera. And if you take the, the quality and the standards of that, and you match that to the beer into the food and atmosphere etcetera. It elevates the brew pub experience in Cincinnati. There are other brewpubs since neither fantastic. It was a lot of them, but travelling the country going to Denver to Portland and ashville. And another beer meccas, if you will you get more. There's much more diverse. Brews out there. Brewpubs. Cincinnati's ready for those, we want to start that different level. I'm not saying better worse, just different. You know, it's, it's, it's a different experience than what breweries that started three four five years ago or today fantastic. Yeah. They started off at just beer at a food truck. Maybe the food truck evolved into a brick and mortar inside, maybe didn't they still have food trucks. There's a place for everybody. What having this, this style of experience in Cincinnati that we're gonna have it, high grain is, is going to start an additional trend of, of how to create a pre. You know. Are we gonna have more Bruce Cincinnati? I would I would bet. Yes. And if more mimic, but getting towards our direction of a brew pub style. I think that's great. When when you talk about more breweries in Cincinnati. The question that, you know, a lot of people like to ask, to is everybody's expecting some kind of shakeout where there are going to be these places that may not be doing things different or doing things. Good, can I say? Thing they do. Are we gonna see those places closing obviously, as an opinion, but? Quality, you could be you could be stacked on top of each other as we see it in other cities in Michigan. And in Oregon, Colorado stuck on each other, they have quality product, you know, there we're gonna have IPA's we're all at some point out, you know, but if you differentiate yourselves a little bit like we we're trying to do with this stability projects that we have going on. If you could quality food beer, atmosphere. Why can't you sustain? You know, there's that's my answer to that. I don't think we're there yet, there's is long as they're putting out quality product, we're not we're not at opponent. We're trying to differentiate ourselves per se other than with sustainability we're at a point personally where we're trying to refine the experience and I think you already remarked about it like the choose your on adventure book. He got we have the deck out front that's for one experience. We have the taproom, that's another experience. We have the dining room seating. That's. Experience. We're, we're thinking that stuff through regarding the deer garden. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All the all the experience. Told me. You can have a weekend, promotion sheriff jail cell with the no. Jill sales are barrel storage, so you know, good good for you. That other one. We we're we have stuff that we even admit to ourselves like the shoes going to drop where people need to focus on that differentiation. Cover a new niece and some reasons Tanabe Naveh, your are doing that. I think urban artifact. They're doing a pretty decent job of right now. It's, it's fun to watch how people are doing it too. You know, urban artifact going creating that experience is doing it one very distinct way you've got Braxton who doing it with different tap room's, every taproom, its own kind of different experience in different thing. And then you've got places like fifty west that are doing this massive, you know, city of different experiences going on. It's, it's interesting. We talked earlier about Alexandria, we're talking about kind of the different experiences. You get when you walk in that taproom, and that's to me, that's the only other place that's really managed to fit those different types of things under the same roof as I feel like you guys are going to be able to do here. Pretty good analogy. I could be completely blanking on somebody that Michael. Yeah. They do it to wouldn't cast to lesser degree. But I still feel like wouldn't cask has multiple right taverns, or multiple rooms, even though it's kind of an open plan. But you have to the point for us back to the neighborhood. Again, you have to take that stuff in context of where you're actually located. So if I were if I were downtown using shark analogy there, the feeders that, that go with sharks, and just pick up scraps. Right. It's easy to not differentiate a whole lot when you're next to the shark. But the more there are the more you have to differentiate, the more you have to be unique. And I, I would say we're hitting that ceiling right now. We're getting damn near close, where somebody's got to find a way to think differently, and I get exactly kind of what you're saying, but I almost look at it completely opposite to where in a city like Cincinnati have spread out everything is like it's almost easy to be that feeder, if you're away from everything else, like if you get yourself in some pocket a town, you know, we, we talked about sons, toil, on orbit, one point, not that they're feeder because they make some really incredible stuff, but they don't have to like they could have done really well making mediocre beer a mediocre taproom experience. So it's Cincinnati is such a weird kind of beer city, and that, that it's so spread out that you can you can be feeder. A. Little pocket on this. Speaking of pockets. How did you guys settle on Silverton is the area? You want to come to the, the part of town is it because you live so close or. Just a short commute for Matt. That's it. We're looking at some other suburb, areas of Cincinnati, our attorney at the firm that our attorney works for as well as the firm that the attorney for Silverton works for. Is the same and they were talking. And Tom Carroll. The village manager Silverton. Asked their turning to see if we're married to these other suburbs that we were looking at to brew pub, and we said, no. And the next day, I think Josh had a six page Email from the longest Email that I've ever had in my life. And I work at fortune five hundred suits, like usually three to six cents Email. I got an Email that was probably five paragraphs long. And it was them proposing a deal to, to come talk to them about about what they had offer us about this space. We're actually in this building because it was still the municipal building. Yeah. We had our first conversation with with Silverton. They had they had just put a new roof on say, I mean, you don't wanna be about your house. I just I just can't in my head, like, especially when you're talking about, you know, a city municipality how they can look at the space and be like you know what this would work for a brewery, like I just I can't obviously you look at it now, and it's this is perfect, but you know what it was before. We don't. Together. We don't we don't know of that original vision credit belongs to the village per se. But definitely they latched on the idea. Because when they thought about how do we move the village forward? They've felt like anywhere. Brewpubs brings up redevelopment springs up around those brewpubs. So they were looking at us as being the, the center of spoked wheel and talking about redevelopment here, there is, what is this massive development going on over here, called forty seven. There's like you. You do see these things, and I, I don't know if one is the cause of the other, if it's all just kind of part of the same thing. But you, you do see things like that happen. Yeah. They had already locked on that deal when they talked before. No, I don't. I don't think that the real estate group needs our help. They, they hit already made this deal where they were buying. What was essentially vacant land to develop into a whole bunch of luxury apartment units. Plus there's you didn't see it. But it's in rendering, everything they're going to build a thirty thousand square foot sixty thousand square foot commercial building in front of that. Wow. So they've got like two hundred plus new residential units. Plus, they've got row houses outside of those. I think there's like twelve or sixteen row houses sitting outside of that. So when we saw those plans, and we got the Email from Tom, and he had made his pitched us about like all the benefits. They're going to help us get really lucrative rant rate. We don't own the building. They still in the building. They, they helped us get a Duke class action benefit, so we could use that towards our, our rehab costs. They really really helped us out. They've also done a lot to help us chain zoning in the neighborhood. So we were talking about all the seating. We've got in here outside technically we've got one hundred twelve seats we had to overturn zoning for that because it's more than fifty percent just over fifty percent of what's represented inside. So now for. Well, I mean once the lower level. Lower level into consideration but you know they've been really helpful for that. And then we have eventual solar pant plans, they changed some zoning for that as well. So that we don't have the screen at all because we, we made the argument that if people saw the solar was to our benefit and to the villages benefit, just to help further those things because we're we're both very sustainably oriented. I mean. To me when you part of the, the idea of being sustainable. And I know that the majority of the stain ability stuff or not things that you do. See, but to me, the, the big part of it is that stuff that you, you know, when you walk up to a place you see those things you see the solar panels or be it. You're pointing out some stuff in the in the bathroom, you know, the, the whatever you the when the lawsuits. Yeah. You know, you see that kind of stuff when you go into some of these spaces, and that is what gets your mind, kind of thinking about it. And I think that's more important almost than everything else. That's that's actual results. Thinking is changing that, that, that mindset with everybody, and I think in the long run a place like this, that has the stain ability, so much in the forefront of what you do is it's going to be really good for the city as a whole, hopefully for the other berries in the city. There's some very. Breweries that could do some really incredible stuff that just kind of don't because they don't have to guess. If it's, it's, it's expensive. It's not inexpensive at all. Which is also part of the point if we use our dollars to vote for these things, then, we're helping other industries develop the capabilities to bring the cost down, hopefully isn't just like a is it a city issue though, too? Because like you go to other places like like Asheville or Mason, or whatever it is allow solar on rooftops at all period. That's crazy. Yeah. And it's because of this false idea that they're going to cause, glare into residential windows, doesn't everybody have many balloons. Panels aren't reflective. They're trying to absorb polite. So the idea is fundamentally flawed. Where are they going to reflect from an industrial park into residential window? Well, it's even it's even on other residential rooftop. So they were concerned that in those developments. One one person's home is gonna shine daylight into another person's home from the reflection the solar roof on the next thing, they're gonna see as you and I have to wear a hat everywhere, because reflecting. God damn Mason. There's not there's not like a lighting requirement that says you can't have a floodlight garage. That's crazy. To me. Ause the joke, not the bald. Do see you do see these other cities where, you know, in Athens to me is a great example of. It's also Hieaux yet you walk in there and every walk in their walk walk into town, and every brewery, their leave the parking, lots are covered with solar panels. Like there's this huge like push to. To be sustainable, even if it's just the stuff that you see, you know. Yeah, I don't know on paper how much they on the other side. Only in my head. I feel like Jackie O's and little fish and devils cuddle are really good about some of those sustainability practices. But I don't know. I'll ask them. We, we all wish to be Kona brewing, or, or Alaska. Yeah. Yeah alaskans. The example I go to. Yeah, but I imagine you picked two states that probably the states themselves are probably pushed hard into that sustainability thing. Big depends. That's true. And I've actually heard stuff about Hawaii, too, because the, the power, the power grid is controlled by some kind of, like one company on each island that controls it. And like they actually make it really hard to get solar power. It takes a lot to get solar power, because the they don't want you to generate your electricity. You're not allowed to feed it back into the grid because the grid is, it's, it's a mass that's a whole other show. To call him out. Lebron company and talked him started whole new podcast sustainability with the gnome. There's, there's a whole island in American Samoa where the only way that they get power because of the, the way the island is situated is to actually have diesel delivered via tanker to this one island. And it's, it's just for few hundred maybe a few thousand habitants, it's crazy. So there appears of the year where they had blackouts, because it just ran out of gas. But then, you know, tesla comes in and it's like, well, you, you pay us the money that it took to get you to tankers full, and then we can give you a battery backup in solar for your for your city and you will never order gas again. Like that's the kind of thing that we should all be more after. So you're saying high green is like the tesla of Cincinnati ballooning. With all the drama lately. You know there's. I wish we could be aggressive as they are with timing and push things forward. But, you know, we live in the reality of having a budget. So it'll be a while before we do anything, more major with our sustainability initiatives. Let's switch topics completely, and let's talk about the name a little bit high grain where did that come from? What does it mean to this whole kind of idea of what this place is? It was I'm talking a lot. It was it was the idea that we wanted to raise the bar on the concept. So we just it was like back to the refinement thing that I mentioned a minute ago was. It's the idea that we wanted to round out how people should perceive, a brew pub and make the right experience for them. That's our contractor. Don't worry about somebody's breaking guests. It was that, and then it's also related to earth, genus and sustainability so high grain just meant the elevations of this whole concept and sustainability let's, let's let's shift topics again and talk about your stories because we price it on that at the beginning. How did you guys? How did you get here? You guys all meet each other. Talk about your your road to to this point. Why hired? I heard Matt about seven years ago. I was a general manager at Mitchell's fish market in Westchester hired, Matt, as my Donner manager, and he lasted about six months with me and then decided to leave. You got you got your job Christian more line after that. So he left there with me, and Josh there. I'll let you continue the rest of that. Josh and I met a Christian. He was general manager of the Burri. So we've met there and we obviously both left there. I went and you know, helped beer fest- festival's unlimited throw beer fest run the country and Josh went to is marketing and consumer strategy gig. And Brian is continuing doing is restaurant gig. And we came together decided to, to make this dream come true reality. Yeah. We have we have all the pieces to the puzzle. I think with my beer background in restaurant background. Invent background and Brian running running all different kinds of restaurants to ride quality standard bar food pub food, and then Joshua's consumer strategy and marketing background and financial. Thoughts. It just made sense to, to bring this team together to start the group at what point you know what point do you go from, you know brewing at, you know, at a bigger brewery to starting to think in your head. You know what? I could do this differently and. Maybe I could actually make this make it work. Make it make make my thing happen. What point does that kind of those gears kind of start turning? It has a lot to do with very beer variants in production. Bring. As for distribution mostly. Right. And, and inside sales secondary. I don't think you get to have as many variances, you can small scale, so that's fun. Yeah. And I think that's what people want. It's also where a lot of Bruce at our large now started, you know, maybe not necessarily with food, but as very that answer your question. But that's that's gonna have fun. I worked at a large Burri and in and Christian more line production, Berea, worked in massive very Germany could've for about seven years. That's fun know you're making great beer, you learn how to do it properly. You're learning. Quality control, etc. But being able to do it on a small scale and change your batches at will and not have to worry about consistency of your package product on the market. That's fun. We wanna have fun. You know, that's, that's the goal here is the trend of how Berea going right now is to brewpubs. Sure. Quinten lee. Yes. And our success model. To boot. But I just wanna have fun if we can rotate are many like Bryan Assane and food menu in rotator menu. As often as possible some, some chips, stick. I'm sure they will, you know, you're gonna have IP as hopefully they can rotate as much as possible. But, you know, having small stuff being able to rotate it as much to keep people interested keeping comeback. Keep me interested to keep us interested you guys. I mean you have to stay interested if everybody was making the same beers in early. It'd be pretty bored depends on the beer. So I think that's, that's the that's the reason why we went destruction. We talk about that with different brewers and breweries about, you know, the finding that balance between. We've got our flagships that people come and look for. And then people always come in and say, what's new. So yeah, everybody's gonna find their own. Talking about the beer. I think the when you look on your, your website, the description of under beers is is funny to me, it says the and this is paraphrased. Traditional German styles, Hoppy kind of American as dabbling in sours, and this something and there, there was in the farmhouse dub, kind of covers the whole range. Pastry style or fruited milkshake IP as though. Both of those I, I do enjoy, and I think there's a lot of Bruce around the country that make fantastic ones. I tend to be a traditionalist. I, I. I didn't learn to Bruin Humber since Miller Brewing Germany, and then started hovering. So I. Trend towards German style beers. I love, you know, a nice hell logger. I love nice pills NRA love. Great fights brood of six straight years. And so it's, it's my favorite style of beer. I've come to love certain styles of Cezanne's with Ed Jones with herbs of fruits in certain type of Belgian beers in the last two or three years, fun, very, very broad style when he say Belgian beers. That's very broad. Right. So on her description of website, German beers, first and foremost, I'm not gonna you know we're not gonna have only German beers, but I want I want to be known as the brew that does old world styles with a modern twist, so we will have Belgians wheel of German styles of northern Italian pills news Norwegian, you know, the Norwegian eastern, we use that a lot to, to get some fun, new esters those still traditional styles. So wanna have traditional south, where we are going to have IPA's, we're gonna pale ales, etcetera WIP's. I want to be known I want to be known for old world styles modern twist. Yeah, I made that website page before Matt refined his concept and. We're going to relaunch that website soon. So it, it won't have that weird. Description of beer anymore. It'll, it'll just have our menu on it. I think that's that's the direction we're going with it. And again. I think you need to have. Many styles to support everybody's pal. That comes in here. I don't wanna I don't wanna be lost translation either. I don't wanna have, you know, we have twenty four taps up here for dedicated to winter cocktails, the other twenty or beers, autumn twenty different beers. I don't know yet, but, but I hope to have variants of certain Belgians, you know, maybe maybe Kagan fusions, keep it keep it interesting. Keep different you know different events going on each week. And you know use that as a marketing tool to, to keep people coming back for new different beers. I think what's, what's fun to, especially with a concept. Like those were food is such a big part of it having different beers on tap, and having a good variety appears on tap becomes so much more important to make is, you know, if it's a day like this, and I wanna go sit on a beer garden. Yeah. I'm probably just going to get a big giants glass of Heff advice and be happy. But if I'm throwing some kind of food in there, maybe doesn't go as good with vice them them. I need some other stuff that does, you know, like I need to. Have that variety. My need to have. What you actually can't. That doesn't go with the vice them off the top of my head. I actually would. Yeah, I think you could you could make something pretty tasty. You have. So you have. History. Stout. Now. This supports our whole seasonality menu beer and food being that we're calling her backed. Restaurants, going to be big important part of this, this concept having that option to do a seasonal say, seasonal seasonals four you know before since seasons. But being able to change that as often as we is, we can't or want to food wise, as well as beer I think will give us a hand up in in the game. It'd be fun. Luckily, we have an equally talented, chef who is is also really aggressive about trying to find fun unique useful stuff. That's local it's, it's not the driving aspect of the menu. But. He's, he's a lot more interested in it. Then are you guys talking about your chef is yet? We can say I don't think. Paying them. So our chef was the brains behind a lot of the beer dinners at Christian, more logger lead Moeller lease, awesome. Yeah. Or shit. I met him texting about two years ago, I was at home. We made this concept true. And I was like, man chef. All right. Cool. Well, let's give it a shot. I shot him in text and said, hey, you wanna meet meet at a bar. I got proposal for any met up. I said, hey, you know, I told him whole concept needs at them in so rest is history. So we're super excited onboard for as as much shit as people give Christian more line around Cincinnati from time to time that the food program is pretty incredible down. And there's some of the best beer dinners I've ever been they're worth every penny, or at least they were when he died last week when he was down there. So we go down there when they were taking fantastically is it brings some of that expertise. To this to this concept is a dream, you know, he's cooked around the world and train with some phenomenal chefs around the world. So having that, that mindset, and that, that background to be able to, to correlate it with the beer and the local stuff in Cincinnati. And we talked to eighty acres and some other areas in Cincinnati that have really cool different sustainable ingredients that we can use, and in both the very in the kitchen. I think it's going to be phenomenal talking about the brewery to again back to the website, you guys mentioned that you are looking at somebody to help out in the brewery to that on the website, you didn't. Did I not named him? You I don't think so. Oh shit. The brew that's going to be responsible for day-to-day and dish into myself as sheets. I heard him at Christian more line, seven years ago, he was very passionate about brewing haven't Humber wanted to learn more wanted to gets footing the game. So I hired him. Well regard in, I hired him and he'd been I left there, I guess about a year year and a half later hired him. And he said, if you ever do anything, let me know so he's a workhorse you knows what he needs to do. He has high standards has high cleanliness standards is recipe development skills are, are there as well. So between him a Knight trying to fill up some stuff along with Lee, you know, hasn't culinary mind, but he knows beer, dancing, edge ideas. And in herb ideas, and ideas off of him in the two of us, I think will be a, there's a lot to be said about being able to work with somebody you've worked with before you trust. You know how he works getting, you know, to not especially. Opening up with that, that's especially knowing we're going to be putting in eighty hour weeks for a while. And he, he brought that to my attention. I said, I don't think that much. She's like, yeah. Well, we're running. We're running six six seven days now. And he's, he's hanging with me. You know, it's, it's awesome. It's, it's a it's a good match and I like you said, I trust him. I trust him. And he's, he's cleaned. That's the most important thing in the very smells. But he he's doing his job. He should sweat terrible. Smell what? What, what caustic? Are we talking about timeframes at all at this point? Are we putting any guesses out there? As he smart. We had a pretty big inspection today as far as buildings concerned past everything, so super excited about that health and liquor will be early next week so we can start brewing and making some food and getting things rolled out. So we should we're looking. Within ten days. Pending. You never put a date on. We've. Away from saying it for the longest time. Because you, you know that when you said there's a curse that something changes, and then you look like an idiot for everybody, but I we, we had a free pre health inspection yesterday. So the health inspector county and whenever a lot of things with the Brian in the kitchen leeann, everybody, no, no super big red flags and I talked to Odio see the liquor control about a month ago and he came in, and we went over everything we need to do and got all our ducks. And I, I don't forsee why we, we can't do it in that timeframe. So we will have big news by next Wednesday. Guys, when you when you do open, is it going to be big giant grand opening your face? Big big big. Or is it kind of that, that why it's just open your doors and grow into grand dunking booth kissing? I'm gonna we're gonna. So we're gonna have a couple, we're plan on a couple of, you know, we wanted to Silverton appreciation, soft opening and get a letter out to over two people around here again days pending, on on what happens with, with our inspections, you know, friends and family, and then investors and all that jazz. And then obviously brewing industry and the restaurant industry evenings as well. Those lights will be also open to the public, but we will just put emphasis on those groups of people to come in and visit us into grand opening. I'd like to like to be as big as possible in into white ten we'll get away, ten Ben type scale. Yeah. Hopefully. Again within that today period. No lot lot early next week. And we'll start marketing it properly this week when people are listening to this because it will go up on Monday. Three days from Monday. Yeah. Cool. One question I wanted to ask since you talking about this and it's coming around the corner is the parking situation, anyplace that's in a downtown urban area. There's a lot of, you know, people that may become from a little further out that are used to having big parking, lots, and everything is there sushi. Eighty spots eighty spots. Okay. We have sixty there's so sixty there's, there's a lot. There's a lot in front of our building part of our property. There's a lot behind our building that's part of our property, and we share a little bit with the CVS that's in our lot. I think they've got fifteen percent of the total parking lot. But then there's a one hundred fifty space parking lot behind power three fitness over here, which is category. Yeah. Across the street from us next to the mural behind the mural. You can see there's parking there as well. That's all village parking. Okay. Imagine their stere- street parking in. Very close areas to right. Like, it's this is this is fairly walkable with you have to park Rockaway, and I believe that there's not our plan, but there's plans for additional parking in the neighborhood. So. I think we're pretty well situated. All the parking lot behind. But it's something that people would want to know especially if you're talking about a grand opening, whether it's going to be tense and clowns on stilts and things like that dunking boots. Kissing. You can always get a lift to get up here for, you know, and, you know, this is not the other end of the universe, which is, which is always nice. Centrally located extremely center. Look at it. Is there anything, you guys want people to know about high grain that you think they do not already know? Just because it's invisible. I don't know that must be. We have geothermal heating and air conditioning unit. You, you drill those wells and the ground and it's impossible to see him. But we have fourteen three hundred fifty foot deep wells that exchange heat with the ground where it's always fifty five degrees, and then it helps us balance out how much we actually need to heat and cool, the air inside the building. I turned it off a little warm in here, but it off for the podcast. But, you know, most homes spend over thirty percent on just their heating and air conditioning alone as household expense. So we, we were thinking about that. You never get another good time than when you're doing your first rehab to put something like that in, so, you know, that's, that's a big thing. And then we haven't really talked about it, yet it's not on the website yet. But we, we were buying all of our electricity from wind wind farm, which helps us really neutralize a lot of our carbon footprint and get us closer to carbon Newt. Which is an eventual goal of ours. But as long as we have that kitchen, we're going to be burning some gas. So those things are pretty important to us, and then just like little things all the tables in here actually reclaimed ash from sustainable tree farm, and then our bench out front. I don't know if you got saw that's really cool, people are going to fight over that. We really unfortunately had to cut down this old pine tree. That's it, it was a non native tree to a high oh, but we had to cut it down out of our front yard for the, the beer garden and stuff and all the all the utility improvements. And when we did that we felt really badly about it. So I asked to guy goes onto the business f p designs and asked him to build something out of it for us. And he proposed that bench. Bench is really nice looking, and I do think that it'll be the hot spot. When people are outside they want to sit. I, I love that reusing something that was, you know, unfortunately had to come down because of the, the, the like you said this stuff going on out there. One of my favorite things about Sierra Nevada down in Nashville. You know, when they built that brewery, there it's in middle of the woods, and they had cut down trees and, you know, not only did they try to figure out the best way to, to build it without having to cut down as many trees, every single tree that they cut down. They reused in the building, and things like that, that, you know, you just don't see a lot of places focus on in Cincinnati for different reasons. But you just get it. You don't see that focus being put on. That's the stand building side. So it's, it's interesting too, because, like our architect. I'm not I'm not ragging on. I'm just using this as an example in Ohio, lot of people don't understand timber framing. So if I could've used timber framing instead of steel because we have a lot of structural steel in this building now then I would have done that in instant because that's a lot more sustainable than thing. Getting steal from China, but that all comes down to the willingness of people to actually learn these new practices, and adopt them and do these things, and it's, it's all difficult. It's not easy. It's a it was a slow road. I guess, to get back to that. Because at one time. It's really kind of the whole thing it's all one big. True. I think that's a show. I gotta say, I'm looking forward to this. I love the look. I love the feel and now that I know leave here I'm super excited to get up. You're trusting that food. So I think it is now officially the closest brewery to my work. So they're gonna have a fight. You're gonna get tired of ace. It looks like there's a little bit of traffic on the way home. I the bird. There's never traffic in Cincinnati. Going to say stop. Like places that I can text my wife and say, Honey, the traffic's really bad. It's need to stop for dinner is leave it at that. And I can go place. I'm not lying. I'm getting dinner, but it's also be brewery into springs Crowley can. Right. That usually, especially if you're making some good half of Aisin's that usually wins over. So that's the secret too happy marriage in my house. Keep your eyes on social media because you're going to be hearing some news from these guys and the very near future and get out here and talk about sustainability. I feel very strongly about we don't have a big focus on so here and talk to these guys drinks beer. Then he goes much casting. It was the craft.

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#160 - Chefs & Guests - Chef Matt Swint of Matija Breads

Spoon Mob

1:34:00 hr | 2 months ago

#160 - Chefs & Guests - Chef Matt Swint of Matija Breads

"Welcome to another episode of chef's and guests on the spoon mob podcast this week. I'm joined by chef. Owner of mataya breads matt. Swint if you don't know he is mainly focused on the wholesale side of bread making business so he's not somebody who has a just a standalone retail shop or anything he actually uses commissary kitchen production facility over on the east side of columbus and we get into everything just kind of his family coming up His career he's making pizzas for a while and kinda managing a pizza restaurant before you even founded mataya and started doing the bread stuff and then we get into how corona virus really affected his business and how enforcing to adapt and change. Hit a food truck. At one point we talk about that too as well and just kind of the whole situation and it's really interesting episode. I feel like a lot of people when they think bread they think somebody who has a retail shop. Somebody who is you know making loaves of bread every day. A lot of people think you know. Dan the baker and dan the baker's awesome but this is not the end the baker matt swin is doing stuff a little bit differently and it's a little bit different setup than what dan baker would have so. It's a completely different perspective. I think it's really important for people to hear the perspective to as well because just not somebody that you hear doing interviews and talking on podcasts and everything like that too was well you know. It's always kind of nancy silverton and stuff like that. Who usually get a lotta the press but stuff. That matt is doing his really really cool and really super important and also delicious. I mean he's making bread for raise warriors. Which is a both. Those places are amazing. I mean ray raised was james beard nominated last year for best restaurant. Great lakes semi-finalist. I think warriors is kinda linked is awesome new sub shop that sells out like every day that they're open basically he's doing breads for cleaver and j cleven 'em over there is also doing stuff for river social and a whole bunch of other places too as well and there are some places some grocery markets and stuff that you can actually find his breads two but for the most part. He's partnered with a bunch of different restaurants food trucks and everything to deliver high quality. Breads that those places need because they don't have their own bread program they don't wanna have their own bread program and they'd rather have matt do it because it's just delicious bread in. It really fits the style of their sandwich. Or whatever they're doing it's definitely a super-rich really appreciate matt coming on the podcast and his time and talking about just kind of his career and everything too well so you can follow him on instagram. At mataya breads also hit him up on facebook to as well. They have the facebook page but without any further delay. This is my interview with chef. Owner matt swint of mataya. Breads appreciate you taking some time. Like i said coming on the podcast always appreciate everybody is doing these. I think recording are mostly. Monday in tuesday's because that's kind of when everybody's off but yet definitely wanted to haven't had any kind of bakers or anything on the podcast really some people that have dabbled in it but you yourself are a little bit different styles baker because you do mostly wholesaling which i wanna get into blake with most people that we have especially from columbus city on the podcast. There's not a whole lot of information. There's some one off articles here their stuff like that the and find but we'll start at the beginning. I mean i know you're originally from i. Think cleveland right. How did you kind of get started in. The industry was just up in high school that you kinda fell into or family or it was a combination of things. Thanks for having me by the way. I appreciate it. Yeah it was very much a family thing. Not that my family was in the business. A -sarily it's an immigrant family so it's a pretty normal story right so they're from Country called slovenia which. I tell everybody if you go to the top of italy and you hang a right at slovenia so my family came over right around world war one something like that but the the family was always in the kitchen and we were just always cooking and and like a lot of european families that you know. That's that's a pretty regular story right whether you're talion or what have you so. It was always a really comfortable place if all my grandma's antis whatnot were puttering around the kitchen. I was just for some reason. Always in there and bread was a big thing since we were just kids you know it was just always seem to always be a centerpiece of the table. Didn't really matter the holiday or you know if it was just a visit. There was always big loaf of bread on the table and grandma would be cutting up slices every morning and toasting element is just a memory that that sticks with me. You know. I didn't really find searched it out. Yeah it's always been a thing that i've been attracted to and i had no intention of making it. My life at all. Most of my family worked in restaurants and it was something you did when you were working your way through college. It wasn't necessarily a livelihood as the same thing i did. You know bartended work in restaurants that sort of thing to make money you know than you know the for some reason. Actually the actual reason is that the bottom fell out of the construction industry. I was stuck without a job and no companies were hiring and it was really kind of a weird situation. And i found myself having the moment to kind of reflect and say you know what is it that you wanted to do and food had always been there you know i mean i was always cooking for my wife and before was she was my wife or my girlfriend and all the other women that i dated and friends and whatnot. It was just always something that i was doing so it came time where i thought you know. Maybe i think about doing the seriously and that was kind of where i was often running. Would you were growing up just like in high school and stuff. Was your first job in a restaurant or anything like that. It was my very first job. I got hired when i was fifteen. And it was down here We moved down here. When i was pretty young from cleveland. My first job was at. Gd ritzy's the original. Obviously and it was the corner of one. Sixty one in cleveland avenue and i was fifteen the second night i worked there. They put me on the flat. Top and i was the was the grill guy. Gd ritzy's i think. I made it three months but at fifteen. I didn't know you know kind of my ass from my elbow type of thing and it was a whole different world you know. They were there long after. I left and there was always a mess the next day and i could never quite figure out what was going on when i wasn't there but it was. It was fun. It was definitely an education going through high school. Most high school kids kinda. That's pretty much like the only job. Usually kinda get right off the start. And i think that's kind of why so many people stay within the industry. But you mentioned kinda you wind up getting into the construction industry and everything like that. Was that also in your family. And when you went down that path before switching over after the economic fallout. Yeah so it was on my dad's side of the family. They were him and his brothers had had a Construction business when they were younger. And you know. I remember as as a real young guy kinda hanging out the job sites and that sort of thing and so construction was like the opposite side of cooking right. I mean. they're both heavily dependent upon learning a craft. You know you had to use your hands to your your brain and your body. It was physically taxing and for some reason that. Check all the boxes for me. So the recent construction tentative Win out was because You could do it outside during the summer. Get a nice tan and a workout. And you know when you're in your twenties that tends to be a little more important than being stuck in sweaty box at the back of the restaurant. So and i actually had been going to college for fine arts believe it or not so you know. I thought i was going to be a paint spirits. Some point ben and oddly enough. I never really saw myself as getting a job as in graphic illustrator or a design or any number of things that would have actually made money in the art business. It was always either going to be painting or sculpture. nothing. I guess to some extent. I'm a little too grounded. Maybe that's what. I tried to tell myself listening to normal to be a good artist which i imagine every artist that never sells a thing says the exact same thing so in any case the construction had always been there so That was the kind of thing that i knew was going to kind of be my livelihood because i did enjoy it. I enjoyed it. Thoroughly is like i said it was only through an odd set of circumstances that Things kind of got derailed. Did you wind up finishing art school. I would about halfway through. And it's one of those things where you kinda wish you had. And i was always kind of torn i was. I was never all that great of a student. Unless i was really really into the material a you know then i tend to be pretty with it. I was always torn between the desire to work and learn and the desire to learn and work and learn seem to always went out for me. I always felt like. I get to make money learning something but it had been beat into you know our skulls especially for gen xers. I'm quite a bit older than probably most of your guests by the way which is perfectly fine. You know we were all taught that colleges the way you go to college you get yourself a good job in plant yourself there and you get your retirement has good right and we stopped buying that somewhere around. Nineteen ninety. I think from for the first part. That was the plan. So she's been all these years kind of in the construction industry and then it's what like two thousand eight two thousand nine. The economy kind of falls out. Nobody's really hiring. What kind of gave you the idea to go. Will you let me let me try the food industry. Yeah so i had been doing you know both right so i was still bartending. While i was doing construction during the winters it would slow down you. You'd pick up a restaurant job or what have you and a you know. It's not like it was ever far away. It just wasn't the kind of thing that i necessarily. If i was going to do anything i thought you know. Maybe mean a buddy would open a bar at some point. Well i look. I look back on it now. It's much easier at the time. I remember a lot of confusion. And i remember my my wife being none too happy about the amount of confusion but it was. It was literally a couple of months after nine eleven. It was like that december by that december like literally the bottom had fallen out of because it was commercial construction and lots of landscape construction. And that sort of thing and literally the bottom had fallen out of it. There were no more big construction projects going on. At least not like they had been so you know for somebody who wanted to move up in a company. The there weren't companies that were hiring. And if he were low man on the totem pole. You weren't going to be around very long. Work just plain dried up. So yeah i had to find other things to do and i thought wow. I've always wanted to go back in the kitchen and kind of do that. I ended up going to retire lows. Pizza that was. That was the place. That i kinda credit with. Get me back on track. Yeah you were there for like. I think about seven years or so. Why pizza was just something that seemed kind a easy to pick up. You know kind of your feet back into the industry or was it. Just something that with the doe making process was that something that you kind of gravitated towards because of stuff with your family and childhood and everything. It was a couple of things one of one of the work for a place. That was either chef ron or that was family run and i wanted to work for a place that was small so those were kind of things that i had in my mind because i felt like i gave me the best opportunity to learn a broad range of things that i wanted to learn knowing that wherever i started i would be starting pretty close to the bottom. You know having to prove myself. I wanted to be able to have the opportunity to do it and not get lost kind of in know some corporate thing or what have you. So the they had they were in the middle of expanding And they had just happened to open one not too far from the house and so why pizza. I mean you know coming from cleveland. We got a pretty strong love affair with pizza. It turns out not nearly as big as columbus. we are also very strongly opinionated about You know northeast. Pizza is kind of thing if you talked to antibody from youngstown or a clevelander or what have you. They're gonna tell what pizza is or isn't and so. I was always growing up. That was a thing that was always around my Aunt her family's italian and they would always bring like these big sheet pans of pizza. It's kind kinda like every family thing and they weren't pizza like you find down here. Well i take that back. If like if you go to the italian festival you know the big sheet pans of gotta that sicilian pizza type thing. Yes square cut. That was what we kinda grew up with. I wanted to have that around me. You know after the bottom kind of fell out of the construction. I you know i was kind of foundering and i felt like i needed. You need to put my both my feet on the ground somewhere and like just be able to feel myself in space and be able to learn it again. It was just basically luck than anything that they happen to be hiring. And i happen to draw by buying. And i've been hearing about these guys for longtime run and whatnot and you know back then in the late nineties early two thousands right so they were kind of it and it was just a a weird one of those weird situations where everything kind of fell together and it was always something that i want. The there is the dough thing right. That was always in my brain. I need to learn this any you know. I tried it at home. I've been doing it for years as somewhat successfully. But never really getting what i want you know or or getting what i grew up with and that that of course was my dream was to be able to recreate all the flavors that that i grew up with so that when i had kids i could pass that stuff on They're still wasn't like the hardcore idea of doing it for a living. But i knew that. I had found a place where i could put my head down and do some hard work and kinda just basically starting from scratch again you know just to start rebuilding thing pretending that it was a career until it really was one so with all the different types of pizza that are out there now i mean you have columbus style obviously deep dish new york detroit. But there's even like miami like colorado. I mean i know you're not involved in pizza anymore. But is there a particular type that like gravitate towards it's very divisive. I get in arguments a lotta times. That columbus doesn't have. I'm a new york style guy. Even though i didn't grow up in new york there's a lot of places where people are like. Oh well this place like yeah but they do this weird thing with it you know. They have different light flavored cross. And that's not really all this stuff. Is there a particular type of pizza that you kind of have settled on. Yeah the kind of in front of me is generally the one that i really enjoying. I've tasted quite a bit. I have friends that have traveled extensively and have made it kind of a thing to search out pizza all over the place and you know. I've got several books on the subject. I suppose and by the way pizzas. Never not far from a baker's mind. I'd like to thank At least the baker. I am in the place where you know where. I'm from pizzas bread. That's that's really the beginning and end of discussion. So if you can't make bread and you can't make you know what i mean. They just they always go together so the first step in a pizzas as bread. And that's how by the way. I will judge just about every pizza is is there any flavor whatsoever in the dough And if there's not then you're really already lost you know i mean the rest of it's just window-dressing and do i have a favorite. I don't know that. Necessarily i have a favorite. You know my wife and kids took a trip to chicago just a couple of months ago and they brought me back a Like one of the pizza places of their luma nowadays and so this was like cold pizza. That has sat in a box while they drove back from chicago. And i gotta be honest with you was delicious. it wasn't like the casserole bread bowl type thing that we make it out to be. It was really well balanced. It was a good pizza. I've also dude. I love paulie. Gee's here in town Love redbrick having said all of that. My favorite is mine. Yes it's a little different when you can make high quality though. Yeah i suppose you're right but i would. I would encourage anybody. I would encourage everybody to do it. Do it at home. If you've got significant others that live with you even better if it's if it's not invite some friends over and everybody gets to have some fun. There is nothing better than making it home. Are you gonna fail absolutely all the time. It just doesn't matter if you put a little bit of love into it. Man is just too much fun and eventually you're going to be good at it and then you're gonna be really good at it and anybody can go online and there are. There are any number of pages in you know facebook groups and all sorts of things that are dedicated to these home guys that frankly embarrassed the rest of us. I mean some of the pictures i see. I'm just like oh my goodness you know. These guys have got like wood fired ovens in their backyard or they're tricking their ovens in their house to cook at like eight hundred degrees so they could cook like neopolitan pizza. It's bizarre young. People go nuts. So yeah i mean homemade is it would always was right. It was a poor people food. So you know you saw that on the streets because he could sell it for cheap so yeah make it at home is the best. By far being atalla's they're not around anymore are they. They are very much. Yeah they had expanded to quite a few stores and it's just it's just a family i mean there's there's there's three kids and mom you know everybody's got their lies in and you know. After their dad had passed away they were they. Were trying to figure out a way to make this thing right to to make this a generational thing and they expanded the quite a few stores. You'll see this a lot to this is this is a. This is probably the reason why the mexican place where the chinese place on the corner constantly has a new name and new faces. But it's still a chinese place or a mexican place. My points that is you know it's it's hard to pass it on from one generation to the next though what does family you know. They were first generation so dominant brothers or sisters were Were born here. Dominic is kind of the guy that runs the whole shebang at this point that you know they all had their own lives and that many stores was if you can't staff it with people that care just as much as you do. It's impossible to reproduce that fee. Illing bring it to areas. That are already familiar with it. You know so. They had places where they just killed it right up in up in dublin. They had a store over in worthington. They had one. And you know the thing is. Is that these were largely people by people that had gone to. Osu or had family that might live in grandview or arlington and they were able to have known this flavor from growing up. And then they're passing it onto their kids telling their friends and so it was that sort of thing. And then once we got out the places like hilliard or grow city. We realized you know if we don't have if we can't carry that feeling with us it's hard to reproduce it and you know there's only so many family members on so i think they were just bigger than they could quite handle the way that they wanted to. I would say you know. They all did well. But i think that it was more than is. It wasn't the way that they wanted to do. Things is what. I is what i would say. And so now they. They're back down to one store. There in grandview dominic is still in there. Most of the week from what. I understood the last time i talked to him anyways. He was actually in the shop. You know mrs Tolo is still there in the mornings rolling though and that sort of thing so yeah they're still alive and kickin and doing pretty well. I talked to him during the midst of the pandemic and he was being run ragged. Yeah i mean with takeout and everything pizzas kinda one default thing that you know travels well and and all that stuff yeah it was definitely a winner being there for so long and then i mean i think eventually you're managing the pizzeria. What led to kind of you deciding to open your own place. 'cause after that was amelia. Is amelia pa. Brits amalia pasta this was kind of a offshoot of actually working for tola to in my mind so sense a kid you know growing up Or having all the family on the east side of cleveland and then moving down here you know you just kind of fantasized about all the things that went up when on up there it was just perfect place where there were always these. You know large italian and slovenian families with tables that way down with food and the in my mind as a kid this is what kind of revolves over and over and over. You know that little movie in your mind. It's like a scene out of. Don't know the big night or something. Right so i was obsessed with the food from that area from a really really young age has always been italian. Food for me I would say slovenian but to be honest with you. The world doesn't really know about slovenian food. They will here. I think probably in the i'd say years starting to get a little bit of a movement but you know what it's a small country and it's gonna end up being grouped in with kind of croatia and serbia in that whole area as people start to discover the cuisines from this area so anyways yeah the italian food was just always the thing the two things that i'd always been obsessed with an italian food. Were bread and pasta. And i would assume in my mind that it's most it's got a to do with the same reason i liked construction right. It's a craft. it's something that you have to learn. You're not going to do it and be like holy shit. I'm really good at this right. You're going to do and go. Oh my god. There's no way people eat this right. So i was obsessed with becoming good at it. I had a family there you know. And i had had access to mrs Tolo her relatives and these are people that kind of grew up in the old country and they fed me at their table. And then you know. I go up home and get to visit and you know there was my grandma barada. It had so many connections to family and the idea of belonging and that feeling of i guess home you know just that that feeling of being in the place where you belong so making that food really did it for me you know and being able to pass that along really did it for me working. I retold that was working on this stuff the whole time anyways and i would make some you know for the family i would i would dabble around the kitchen and handed out to people you know and i tried to make a malia which was named after my grandma tried to name it or i tried to get that. That's what i wanted to do. I wanted to make fresh pasta. I wanna make fresh pasta like they do it in italy now now. That doesn't sound like the weirdest idea ever. It was the stupidest idea anybody ever had right. It's not that it wasn't a good idea. It's just that that's not how our country that's not how we ate. No one was going to go find a little pasta shop and by the pasta from there. you know. at the time. I think Place in the north market sold fresh pasta. We had a company. there was one in cleveland. And they they sold mostly restaurants but it wasn't necessarily good and in my opinion and it wasn't fresh. It's not the way that i wanted to do it right so i wanted to have that little shop where you know. Someone's making little tortellini. Is every day and you come in and buy some and off you go. Fresh pasta. Doesn't do well. it doesn't last. it doesn't want to last. It doesn't want to go in the fridge. it doesn't really want to be frozen either. The really the best way to do it is to cook it. And then freeze so you know. There were some drawbacks. Trying to make that an actual business the fact that i'd have to make it and sell it on that day and it just never really went out the way that i wanted it to. It was my way of dabbling into running my own business and it was kind of an offshoot of what i was doing at the time anyways and i had i think i had one wholesale customer and i only it was a little rush cod maka or maha up in was a little tapas place and it's not there anymore but they used to buy some pasta sheets from me for like cannelloni that they were doing and even then i think it was only once that they did that. So that was. That was the story of malaya. Pasta it's not really around anymore. I guess the facebook pages but and this is probably what like two thousand ten or so somewhere in there. Yeah yeah. I got a couple years before maybe two thousand seven but yeah right in that range. Two thousand ten is when i left retold. La's and i left there mostly out of desire. I i had to know whether i was any good at the things that i thought i was. Very good at your family tells you that they love the food that's expected right. You eat it. You try to be hypercritical or at least realistic. Though i tend to be hypercritical your friends are going to tell you. It's pretty good or it's not bad. you know. It was constantly reading between the lines of stuff. Because i won't ever take what people are saying at face value. If i know there's issue then there's always issues so i needed to answer that question for myself. I need to know. I was any good. I left retold retailers and promptly had nothing to do you know. I tried the pasta thing and it. It just wasn't it's not what i wanted. I it's not not that it's not what i wanted. I couldn't see a way to make it were given enhanced. You know what. I mean if i if i knew i could get a space. I knew that had enough money where i didn't have to worry about selling all the pasta every day i feel like maybe if i could have lasted until that started to become a thing right restaurants now making their own pastas not a big deal right. It's still really cool. But you're not surprised when somebody is put a little video instagram with them. You know making a bunch of kelly's no it almost seems like commonplace now. People be more surprised if the restaurant they went to. Didn't make the pasta house. Probably and especially. You're like kind of your upper class upper class but more more like your upper-crust or or more artisanal type italian restaurants right. I mean most of them. Some of them are just pasta restaurants there. They're known for making pasta. Whether it's you know veterans places in philly here was the guy out in california chef funk. Funky yeah evan funky Is it felix. I think is the name of his restaurant. he's got a couple now. i think. I think you're right. It does have a couple in there and there were there. Were a couple of even before. Then you know the so. We kinda take for granted now but a whole lot less places make bread by the way. Which you know might have been the impetus you know. As i saw starting to happen. I started thinking you know. What is it that i can do that. I'm good at i. I enjoyed making the pasta. But i didn't see how it was going to make money and that was certainly a consideration leaving rollo's at the fresh pasta thing i was trying to you. Know amalia was not really chugging along at all it was it was mostly. You know kinda choking end this whole time. I'm still dabbling with making bread. I i've always been making it. But you know i. I'd still be doing tonight's at home. And that sort of thing and i realized i was getting pretty good at it. What i wanted was a food truck. I was convinced that that was the way to not only fame and glory. But that was going to be the best way for me to be able to get food to people immediately able to tell if they liked it or not. You know what. I mean this. This was a thing with me. I needed the no you wanted. Instant kind of raw feedback Yeah and it's it's not a it's not a vanity thing. I just needed to know where i fell. In the pecking order and the the echelon of things that people do in life. This is what i have picked to do. How good am i at what i do. I needed a like a no shit. Assessment of where i was and i felt like that was going to get it to me so i spent some time learning about food trucks and i worked on the cheesy truck way back when my friend rick wolff opened it i i liked it and i didn't like it so i liked interacting with customers. I love cooking and interacting with customers. That was really fun sometimes. It was also extremely stressful. Any drug. I'll tell ya the hours day sucked at the at the time because it was all like late night stuff or these little lunch shifts. That were just a couple of hours coming from restaurants. That wasn't the kind of thing you know you came in. You have prepped. You cook your prep some more. You cook more than you went home right so it was freaking me out like the way that things ran. Eventually i got used to it. And then the chance to to get my own popped up and so i was able to cobble together some money and picked up this food truck which was oh my god. That thing was a piece of crap that seems to be the usual story. I talked to somebody who went from restaurants in the first thing that they did was to for their own restaurant was a food truck and it was supposed to be this great idea and just the amount of money that they had to keep dumping into it for maintenance issues was just like astronomical. You know what you don't want to be. You don't wanna be a carney. You don't wanna feel like you should just be doing french fries and freaking waffle cakes or whatever elephant. Here's you know what i mean. You don't wanna be that guy you wanna do something right and i bought this old old taco truck. It was a short bus. The guys had literally they had will get there. Some commercial equipment had a flattop there. The flattop had no regulator on it. So it was straight propane going right from the propane to the to the flattop and i asked them the light it. They looked at me like the dude. Like everybody should step off this thing. Real quick one person sorta got he was lighting at like at the same time trying to stay in twelve feet away and dude if it goes. We're all going like you're gonna take the block with you at this point. Jesus so whatever. We didn't die obviously but clearly the truck did some work so we went and got quite a bit of work done to it. And then i opened up my little tiny food truck and it's called pursuits after Kinda the slang on prosciutto and that was also a little bit of a nod to my buddy dominate. 'cause he definitely has that a strong streak of that Italian slang that. I kinda grew up in cleveland you know. I don't know that anybody ever says prosciutto right you just say shoot. Nobody says kappa cola. Just goal right You don't necessarily take god's name in vain but you do say ought on all the time. Which is you know. Kinda calling for mary so all these sorts of things. It kind of reminded me home. That was how i came up with the name and we had a small menu icon week but it was really just me and my wife who was pregnant at the time so that was a fun summer and i made everything from scratch. I literally made everything from scratch except for the prosciutto. Because you know that takes a year and the mozzarella you know. But i did make sure. I was sore some good fresh mozzarella when i when i used it and we. Did you know meatballs and red sauce. We did a shoot. Oh and fresh mottes sandwich with a ruge. We'd do a couple of different salads like really simple vary italian stuff. You know i did. These like blanche green beans with a hose. It like a dijon vinograd. I would do you know. Ruble is salad with strawberry vinegrad and none of it was flashy. Well i did this. Dish called a reset. They ma which is a classic tuscan pork dish and it's pork loin and you basically crushed the thing with different kinds of spices and then you roasted pretty hot and hard and it was actually delicious. I did love that dish. So really simple things like that and i mean we only had like three or four sandwiches on the menu at any time because i literally made all that shit from all the dive so i would show up before shift like three o'clock in the morning start cooking and then be ready to head out to be there you know by levin or whenever get done at like to head back clean up the truck get my shopping list together and start the whole thing over again so that was fun. That was good stuff once again. I think you're a early like food trucks. I think probably a handful years after probably when you had yours really kind of took off and now it's fairly commonplace and there's a lot of people that even recommend like set of having a brick and mortar restaurant. You should have truck depending on what your concept is but what was kind of the most challenging part was it just the long hours or just kind of the cooking stopping cooking than stopping or the maintenance issues or what was kind of the biggest challenge with the food truck. I'd say probably. The biggest challenge is getting to that place where your weak fill. You know knowing that you've got dependable spots that you can go to that are going to make you money. The our suck but they suck every restaurant right. You know. there's things breakdown in every restaurant right now. This is a little bit. Different restaurants on wheels and most restaurants aren't designed to travel so the stuff did take a beating. The trucks took an extra beating as well. So yes that's always popped up. But i would say that that consistency by the way that the juggling which is it's not unusual to restaurants either the idea of having anything that resembles the life some sort of work life balance. It was all too easy to disappear into this thing and just you know not come up for air for months right. I mean it was way too easy to do that And part of the reason that i had left matolo's and wanted to do my own thing was that i could enjoy you know at the time. My youngest was still still young girl and and i very much wanted. Enjoy her growing up. I had a wife that was starting to wonder if it was worth having me around. I thought i should probably be able to find a couple of reasons why you know so there were. There was a bunch of reasons that that led me to doing the food truck or going on my own but that was the hardest part. I'd say was was making sure that you had a week full of business that made money and then that you were able to balance that somehow and still have a life so from there what led to shut down the food truck and then starting your bakery will the the food truck decided it for me like i said it was old. It was From the it was nine. Seventy one seventy two. It was almost as old as i am. I was born in nineteen seventy so the thing was you know we were pals not handled. It's years any like it. Just yeah it was a hard used hard used truck and the suspension was pretty much shot. the brakes would freeze up when you were going down the road now. Luckily that only happened once. But it happened Has over in grandview. And i was almost like i just this parking lot and i was going down the street and all of a sudden the great just locked up and i thought that truck was gonna tip over like i literally thought all the food's gonna come crashing on my head along with the cooler and the flattop so that was the end of the truck but just there were so many issues with it and it was at this. Point is going to take so much money. And i had had been nickel diming me that whole summer so every time i would get ahead something would happen. I'd have to take the truck off the road and get a fix so by the way. Food trump guys make sure that the truck is like you know mechanically-sound unless you're gonna park somewhere and forget about it so you know in case. That was the end of the food truck business. You know i kind of wanted to get back into it. But i knew the debt when the thing is only worth five grand and you know you gotta put seven grand into it. It just starts to become a conversation. You don't wanna have you know. I ended up working with some buddies of mine at the time that that Owned a place called food truck. You know we. We kind of worked together for a while the whole time. I had been thinking about the fact that you know i had made all the breads for the stuff on the truck and people were talking to me about it and they said you know we want to. We really wanna use. Those breads are working. I get those breads and so it was really just a pretty quick process after that whereas like you know. This was one of the thoughts that i had had like way. Back on. Toll was you. Do i do a food truck or start up a bakery. The food truck thing happened for me. and then it did so. I thought you know what you do know how to do this. Bread at the time. And now are at this point. And i gotta say like at this time i just knew how to cook like for kacha. I made good pizza focaccia. That was really i made. I made some shibata. I don't think it was very good. People thought it was good. I think they were lots. But you know what i mean like. It was that sort of thing. Gotcha was good. People want to order plenty of it. So that got me started. I was i still am at the food for over on the east side or near side you know. It was just a bunch of chefs and food truck owners in there and so i was able to pick up a couple of customers right away and that that was the beginning that was. You're pretty much self taught in most of everything that you've done you know maybe picked up some stuff from cookbooks and stuff but still on your own. So i would ask you know. I asked to pretty much everybody. But you didn't go to culinary school. Was there ever a point that you thought maybe culinary school made sense for you and also what would you say to anybody you know if somebody came in approach you or one of you know the people that worked with you be like. Hey you know. I'm really super serious about doing this do you. I should go to culinary school. What's your take on it. Yeah good question. So the answer is yeah. I had wished that i had gone not necessarily cooking school. But i i should have staged wish that i had had the time to travel around and visit bakeries. Now i did do a little bit of that. Once i got my business started because there were just gaps in my education. And i needed to get those ironed out. There was other stuff that i wanted to do. I need to understand those processes. And honestly i wanted to see a bakery in action onto the kind of place that i envision. I want to see what it looks like when it's running so those are the kind of things that you can't get outside of either a kitchen job or Cooking school that that idea of. Maybe you know how to cook for five people. How do you cook for fifty. How do you cook for five hundred and how do you make it all. Taste the same as the stuff that you cook for. Five right th. That's a hard thing to to to grasp and you're only gonna learn either by having taught to you or by doing it with somebody that knows how to do it already. So i did travel round and visited a couple of bakeries Spent a couple of weeks at different places And i guess that's the kind of education that i wish i had had more of the i think cooking school has its use and i think it's got its place. People that come out of cooking schools. I don't know that they're ready to be chefs. And i'm not just this versions on anybody who's currently paying an exorbitant. Really large amount of money at the cooking school of their choice. The discipline that you're going to get to be able to good at this comes from working in a kitchen. The skills that you need you will get an eye opener to you'll you'll learn the basics of some of these classic techniques but in order to become truly good at them. You've gotta do on day in day out every single day till it's automatic and that's not something that you learn at at cooking school is you can't but it is a good way to get yourself opened up to the wider world of what it is that you're thinking might wanna do and to learn like i said those basics but you need to understand that when you come out wherever you go. You're not starting at the top. You need to have the idea that i need to go in and learn a place from wherever they'll have me right and if that means i'm just a grill guy. That's where i have to start if you get lucky to get in as a sous-chef will congratulations. Hopefully you have a work ethic and a desire to go with it. But i've seen a lot of people who thought they were going to come out and go from cooking school to the food network. I guess and just never you know what ends up happening is one of two things one you either find them at your local drive carry out selling beer or they end up doing it on their own right. They end up. Say somebody who's got that personality who's driven. Who enjoys the work. Who enjoys feeding people has no problem with the hours that discipline it takes to become good at it but just thinks that their way better than they might actually be they end up doing their own thing and having to start from the beginning anyways right. There's still that grind of years. So i think any way you slice it you're still going to have to spend the time to grind out to get to the point where you actually want to be. That's just my thoughts on it though. I'm willing to be wrong. I wanna get the pronunciation rate. Because i think this is up for. Maybe some debate is it machida or matija. No it's a muttiah muttiah. Pretend there's no jay. And i actually i had thought about not putting the in there but it's named after my grandfather and my great grandfather is named after my great great grandfather and so on and so forth going back quite a bit longer than you would think so. I figured that it is it gets the j. But yeah that's how you pronounce it It's it's a pretty normal slovenian name. It's just it's matthew you know. I guess if you're a bit farther south in greece it'd probably be metha- i s or if you're in italy or spain it's matteo but it's matthew with matija your habits of success you know kinda almost natural extension of business from boot track and everything. How did you come to terms with being the guy that made rolls instead of being the guy that was doing all these elegant pastries and stuff when when all that stuff kind of started coming around right so yeah that was. That was a funny interview. First of all. I nothing wrong with with you. Know the guys that make the roles. I had spent time at these bakeries and i had read all the baking books from the guys at tar teen and oh my god. What's his name. Bond chief gabrieli bond. She in in rome. And you know these guys You know they do. These big beautiful breads big. Beautiful pizzas these. You know eight foot kacha. They didn't want to be doing for dozen hard roles. But you know. I went to school and grew up around the audino family here in town and those guys bust their ass and made a living doing just that and it seems stupid thing that a breads not bread and be you know at some point you have to tell your ego to get fucked and just do what people want. It's not to say you do things badly or anything along those lines but if you have a skill and this is what people want you're an idiot for not picking up the money if it's laid down you know what i mean so that was what it came down to that you know. I don't work in. I don't have my own bakery. So you know. I don't have a big beautiful bread oven. That can make the kind of loaves that i had envisioned myself making. I'm you know. I'm working out of the convection. Ovens that every single restaurant hotel in town does so. There are serious considerations on what i can't can't do and you don't have to work around that this is i could do this pump out and this people want it so it seems silly especially at the time going through at this point where you know. We're we're kind of looking at the the lockdown. I mean i was doing it before then but not that not that level and then going through the lockdown it was it was just whatever you're gonna give me money if i make bread okay great. Let's do that. Yeah it just seemed to be a silly thing to even be worried about at that point. I mean you're the good at what you do or you're not and if if you're good at it you should be able to be good at it no matter what you're making right a chef that makes pizza probably makes a good pizza whether you want you know. She's on it or no cheese on it. You know what i'm saying it is. I could no longer reason it out in my head for why you know i was being that asinine about about the idea of making you know roles upon roles of unrolls so how they did it grow before corona virus. Like how many did you have. You know fifteen twenty five different places or it was small but it was it was it was me. I had one part time person you know. Are we knocked them out. It was about fifteen twenty customers know usually i. I'd say that's all you know monthly basis. Not everybody ordered. Every single week probably had about twelve to fifteen that ordered every single week it was never a lot of money and it was never really going to be that way. And you know in some ways. I think i was saying in the interview that You know the pandemic kind of lockdown save me a little bit it absolutely. They just shot a bunch of like just adrenaline into my company. I had been doing my thing. And i was happy with it but i was constantly thinking. What am i going to do. How how do. I get this to the next level right. How do i just me. Where do i even find people. At this point. I can find people. How do i pay people at this point. I don't have enough customers. How do i get more customers. Well i need to have my own space. But i can't afford my you know what i mean like. It was like constant like that. Just went over and over and over my head and i just could not see the light of day and i was also getting older and you know i mean i just The pandemic was Was was the big five for me. So that was nice. You know my body's not doing what i expected to do anymore. Either those three and four o'clock mornings we're getting harder and harder to To do you're still pushing out your ten twelve hours of it's needed but you're no longer excited about it. You know you're like shit. I'm we'll get this over with that. Was how things were before the corona virus and i. I'm probably i liked it. I liked what i did. I had made really good contacts. I enjoyed the kids. That worked for me and i liked what i was doing but it was not going to you know looking now. I feel like that was a really really naive person. That was that was running that company even at that late age someone who really had a lot to learn still so those interesting so with corona virus putting everything on pause all the restaurants go on pause for at least ninety days pretty much. Some kind of pivoted to take out pretty quickly. I think a lot of people were just kind of wait and see a lot of the customers clients that you have kinda just go off line you know with the pandemic you said it was almost a good thing. Can you elaborate it like. How did that help you did it. Just give you time to kind of really answer all those questions. They just kinda ran through. And just kinda restructure. Yeah well there's a couple of things so first of all. I wasn't a good thing right. I it's it's it's horrifying right and It certainly the thing that It's going to stick with our national psyche for quite a while right. It's a history book type of an event we we've all just been through and there was nothing pretty about it having said that The lock kill but business has gone was done nothing to do. I had a couple of customers that were pivoting to carry out And they were enough to keep me going couple of days a week but it was. It was no longer really a business. Not in the way that that i wanted to be in any shape or form so what gave me the option of doing was Being scared crap list right. Like how am i going to. I thought it was bad. Before that i couldn't see a way forward. So holy shit now. It's really something there's that and it also gave me a time to reflect on what it is i wanted. Yeah so how. I wanted to be able to move forward and i found there was a certain amount of resiliency in my company because i was so small so i was able to make these pivots and you know not having a lot of overhead. I wasn't one of the the guys that wasn't able to make it. You know and there's plenty of our friends at weren't able to to whether it man and that's that sucks but i think that the size i was held a lot so being a small little company meant i could say okay. Listen oh my customers are gone. Here's where there are customers. Let's go get stuff right so you know i was able to fall back on doing food. Trucks who kinda started with those guys right so. Let the food guys now. I'm still around. They all need bread street. Time really helped me out by you. Know he was. He was not even a customer. Just a guy that i know and he really helped me out For about a month or so he he was ordering boatloads of bread from me and that helped a lot and it. It got me realizing that. That's the only way to go is to start seeing who there is out there and trying to capture a bigger share of the business as it starts to come online then. That sounds kind of confusing. And it wasn't all that no it basically forced you to stop and look it kind of marketplace and like okay. I actually need to not say that you weren't doing sales before him. But like really focused on getting new clients. Where maybe before. You didn't have the time because you're always in the bakery for twelve hours a day. Yeah and you know. I also had the luxury of being a little bit connected word got around and then you know they would people would reach out and say hey we we'd like to have some bread like awesome. I'll next week. You know what i mean and that was my sales team so all of a sudden i actually had to think about that as well and by the way this you know in hindsight i can. I can reason these steps. And i can make them sound a lot more precise when they than they were. There was a whole lot of yeah. There was a whole lot of like dancing on cole's type of movement going on in my brain chit. Where do i go. Where do i go and you know if you were to ask me in other circumstances know maybe a glass of something in front of i'd be like dad. I have no idea. I just completely lucked out. You know so There's both sides to that. The two things that really did it for me was a on. Nobody was working. So i was able to have conversations with people that no longer had jobs that i wanted to work for so there was the opportunity of getting the and there was also the opportunity of getting business. I just happen to have a conversation with jamie anderson from ray race. I had done some bread for him. He was doing kind of like a pigro stop up at his farm and he wanted me to do some bread and he was basically he was given the food away right. He's asking for donations to help people during the pandemic right you need. You need a meal. Yeah meal coming and get some roasted big which by the way was unbelievably good. Flirted with the idea of of doing stuff before and i. I did the bread for like their weekly specials for a while now but just didn't have the infrastructure to take on a company that size. Well i had no other business. So all of a sudden. I had the ability to take a company of that is right. Even if it's my only sticking customer at the time so those two danes really are what were able to keep the company going into the reason that i can sit here and say well you know i had to think about this and i thought about that. That's all true but also i got really lucky. You know. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time where i could say. Hey i need people. I have available to availability now grabbing. These people and i need a customer. Well now i can pick up a big customer. That i've always wanted to work with anyways so that was nice now since the pandemic i mean when being approach with like a a potential new customer new account. Do you look at it differently. Do you look specifically for certain things because you are still you know one person or a couple of people knowing kind of what happened beforehand. Do kind of analyze it differently. Like well you know. I don't know if that makes sense or is it just still in the phase of like. Yeah let's get enough kind of customers back. And then i can figure out to grow the next step and bring on more people and we can kind of scale it that way. Honestly i don't. There was a short period. There was like screw if you bread got strike while the iron todd let me pick up everybody but the reality situation is i don't have my own bakery so at no point. Am i going to be telling my staff. Listen we've got to work. We're going to be here twelve hours out of every thirteen right like there's just no two ways about it. We've got to do this now. That was never going to happen. I you know. I share a space with however many companies so there is that consideration which is not a small one. It's the overarching consideration. Generally when when i come to these situations and then i've always been always been. I don't wanna say picky. But i have been choosy. You know. there's not that there's people. I don't wanna work with because that's not true. I want bread. I wanna make you bread. But i am. I love to hear a small restaurant or a local restaurant. Hey we we know about you and we'd like to see if if we could use you are restaurant man. That will get me every time. Nothing against you know the big boys in town. Whether it's you know. Bravo or cameron mitchell. Or whoever right i mean any of the big groups. Those guys are great. But i doubt that that's ever really going to be me on the other hand skillet calls. I'm gonna take that phone call. You know what i mean. I like the idea of working with the small either chef driven or family run restaurants. And that's not really changed. That was the same process. I had before. Do you think people underestimate bread. How important it is to. You know a burger or a chicken sandwich. Like i think people just think. Oh yeah it's brad you know you make some you put it in the oven. You bake it. You're good to go but there's a lot more that goes into it. You know how much waters in brad. What the air temperature is you know. Flower like all that stuff. Do you think that maybe because of debt people are starting to appreciate it more because of everything that's gone on with you know the pandemic people. There's a big thing where people were baking bread at home like that was like a hobby that took up. Do you think people maybe have more of appreciation now coming out of the pandemic than they did before or do you still think like it'll still take some time before people truly appreciate how important bread is two different kind of food items okay. Well i'm get comfortable. Because i got all kinds of now i'll make it a snappy as i can but yeah you know. Some of this is where we live. Some of it is who we are as a culture. And what i mean by that is you know. Spent a spent a considerable amount of time in new england Vermont and new hampshire. It's a bunch of little small towns without any really big towns or cities anywhere near you know. There's a couple right as you get to a coast or by a lake and so there's a ton of baker and little shops like that and they're all supported by these local economy. It's really pretty freaking awesome. If you're out in california artisan bread has been thing out there right for a long long time and i would say it's probably even more frenzy about it now than there was before if you grew up in columbus ohio bread was brett. You know if you were lucky. You know maybe you knew about all dino's or whatever the other local bakeries would have been down here at the time not really familiar with modena's was the only one i really do. You know that was like the special occasion breath. That was the stuff that you that you knew. You had like okay. We're having spaghetti and meatballs so we gotta make sure we go to audino and get a couple dozen seated roles right so but by and large bread was kind of just the it wasn't it wasn't really given much thought it was always a big thing with me like i said way back at the beginning. You know. I got this this memory of this big huge loaf of bread. They used to sit up my grandma's table and it just sat out and was covered with detail and she take the towel. Take a couple of slices. It was good all week. The was always out. You didn't see bread like that anywhere else. And i don't think anybody really thought much of it. We all kind of got used to basically disposable bread the throw away material. I don't think that it is. But i think that it was. That's what it became. I think that it was driven that way. By market forces. I suppose right get low from the store lasts a week next week. Gotta get new one. You can make it faster and if you can make it sweeter everybody's gonna want it right so all of a sudden he had You know all these miracle ingredients for a product. That wasn't going to be very good for you boy. You could probably make some money if you were if you were in it so you know yeah i. It became very disposable. Became very much a thing you know. Not very many people did think. I think that that has changed a lot. I think that it was changing before the pandemic. I think that it changed quite a bit. During the luck lockdown as people did start to do all this stuff at the themselves at their own homes and then wanted to know how to do this so you know they. They reached out to people like myself or danner dan baker or whoever you know any number of resources that are online to learn how to do this at home and then once you know that once you had that taste that becomes important again. You know that becomes something you'll search out so if you know that a restaurant is serving a particular kind of bread or you know that a store carries the bakery or you have a baker. That's in your neighborhood. I think it's more important now than it was before and hopefully that trend will just continue. Hopefully it will keep going that way. Because like i said once that becomes the taste. That's that's it. That's always the tastes. That's what you associate with bread. It's eat it the less that it's going to be wonder. Bread or schweitzer. Whoever is going to be something different and by the way we was all the way back to the pizza thing to whatever you grew up with that you ate as pizza pizza right. It doesn't matter if you grew up in columbus philly wherever wherever that place was whatever it was that you went and celebrated like little league. Victories were went to after the dance. Or where you went with your family on friday nights or had delivered to your house. Whatever that was whether it was papa. John's or pass qualities was pizza. That's gonna be ryan as the same way with brett. Whatever you whatever it is that you start to make those tastes. Memories with is what you'll search out and with the exception of wonder bread because nobody wants to go back to that pink though hamburger right you know the eddie murphy skit. I've ever eating that as a kid. Man that's disgusting but anyways yeah so except for that good memory Yeah hopefully that's the way it said it stays that way. I'm sure you get this question a lot. But i couldn't really find the answer. Why wholesaling only why never do any like a small retail side or or anything like that was just space. Didn't have the room for it. It was it was. It was space i was being at the commissary kitchen at the food for it was by the way. I hope. it doesn't sound like schilling for him. I didn't mean to sound out. I didn't want to differentiate it from any other commissary kitchens that might be operating. Certainly didn't allow me to have a storefront and it was the easiest way for me to start business. I knew i knew a handful of truck owners. I knew a handful of chefs. If i could get half them. Then all of a sudden i'd have an actual business. There's also no two ways about it that most of the people in our business they like a good catering ordered the reason being. Is that if somebody says. It's for two hundred people you buy enough food for. Two hundred people have x. amount leftover you're going to be able to measure that amount and know that it's not going to dip into your your prophets right as opposed to getting ramped up for a friday night hoping that we blow the doors off the place so wholesale bread is much the same way i was able to say. Okay i have this many customers. I need this much flour and need this much sugar. Whatever and so it was very much a way for me to be able to start a business and not have cost be lost and that was kind of like the that was the biggest factor as well as the space and then the third thing was desire. I like the chefs here in town. Even the ones that are assholes. I like those guys to mandate. There's people that work that way. That have done that to their body over the years. I just like i like what comes out the other end. You know what i mean. I like the fact that there's a a person there who's driven wants what they want and by the way they know they know exactly what it is that they want and if i'm not delivering it holy shit do i know immediately right. So harkening back to wanting instant feedback. Yeah i get that right away so these are good things by the way i wanted to work with these guys. You know i wanted to do this. I wanted to have my bread in these restaurants. I couldn't open a restaurant. And i wanted to know that i was feeding people and he. I could have done that retail. But i have such a bigger has so much more of a reach this way you know and i love that. Somebody asked what i like about this. I dunno it was years ago and You know what. I like feeding people. And i really just wanna feed people this just. It's been since. I was a kid. And when i find somebody that's like that i'm gonna do name dropping now right. But whether it's jamie anderson from ray razor chef he or justify areas these guys that are driven and they know what they want and they can be hard asses but these are guys that like taking care of people and there's you can't get around that you can't. There's no way to get around that. They can be as hard as they want. But at the end of the day they want to sit down and feed you and i like that doesn't talent bill and that's why i do this so i get to feed more people this way as it's kinda the way i looked at it. Every baker has kind of their staple. You know they're go. To's how do you decide when it's time to maybe try something new that maybe you don't have a whole lot of confidence in just from not having to do it so much because it's not something that people have requested or ordered or coming up with something new and you're like you know. I think that would work for this. You know let me try and pitch that like you get when you get a new client or they like hey can you. Do you know kaiser rolls or are you like well. What are you trying to you know. What do you need the bread. Four and then figure out the best course of what type of bread would go best with what they're trying to do. Like how do you kinda figure all that out yet. So there's a the it goes both ways right. I got kind of a small menu of things that i make. That always made you know. They're they tend to be kind of italian ish and it's not very extensive. But i know that i can work those different ways right and do that. I can make different shapes and different textures out of him. So the second part to that is then you know working with a would be customer and seeing what they want if i have it or something close to that seeing if they like it or you know if it's not can i do. I have the space and time to bring something new on. I'm not always willing to. Because i don't always have the space or the time you know we we push out so much bread now at this point that you know. My lines are kind of based around two or three base recipes. The different lines of breads that we do. And if it's not off of one of those man is really hard. Bring something new into the mix. And like i said a lot of that is just because i don't have the space to do it or the time within those though i feel like there's a lot of stuff we can handle you know and as far as favorites. I think you're asking that too right. Yeah i mean basically. There's gotta be stuff that you have kind of go to somebody like yeah you know. I need bread for my restaurant. And i'm thinking about doing a shave sandwich. What works best with that. In europe people seem to gravitate towards the ficarra. The koch is definitely my favorite thing. And it's the thing that i've made the longest. So i feel like i kinda got it nailed at this point it goes. It goes in ways and it's weird like all of a sudden every customer. I want want so much for kacha. That i'm making you know. Ten twelve sheets of you know a day. And i'm like i hate the right and everybody. Somebody puts a thing on instagram with the brioche role and then every single person causing wants brioche and man. I'll tell you what i breaking. Hey rioch i hated worse than i hate most things in this world. I hate it. I hate it hated hated. I think it's the worst breaking bread. Main because i don't make very good brioche people seem to think it's okay i do not think it's tricky. It's way way too expensive. And i think the list of things that good with really kinda begins and ends with a hamburger like i just. There's so many other yummy breads that are out. There is like oh. Why do you want to literally the worst. One step beyond a kate right. It's barely breath. Like why did you want that your sandwich and i get it. I get it. It's you know it's all poofy. It's golden it's buttery. It's sweet but all my god does it. I hate it with a passion. I hope i'm getting that across. Okay i feel like. I'm hold back a little bit but i have so many customers that want it now at this point i just. I'm resigned. Just i gotta make my peace with it man. Because there's a lot of guys that i lie are a lot of people that i liked that that order it so i do try my hardest. Make just as good as i can. Have your kids shown any interest in getting into cooking or baking. I know i asked us to like Brett fife overcoats writer. 'cause he's kinda in the same boat but is it something that if when your kids was like you know i see what you do. It looks really fun. I'm super interested in that. I wanna pursue that. Would you be like all right. We need to sit down and have a conversation just about how stressful this is going to be or like. Have they shown any interest in and if they did what which i guess what would your opinion kind of be. Would you be like all right. Like just give them the kind of the real. Let out there this is. This is a great question. Because i got two girls. I am By a big softie for those to lay it. It's literally it's the best thing ever like being a dad to the both of them is as sluts But anyways you of go through any anybody. Who's any dad with daughters nosy. He kind of goes period where they are literally kinda like your hero and they want to do what you do and dude it makes you feel hundred feet tall. I gotta tell you. Here's the thing it only lasts about a year and a half and then they realize you smell weird. You've got hair everywhere and you really kinda gross right but that year and a half freaking awesome so during that time the youngest now. She's a so yes. She says she wants to do this and do that. She shows some interest in it. And it's just for fun at this point. So i i encourage her and we have fun with it. The oldest does getting ready. She'll be starting college this fall. We've already had that conversation. St actually works in a restaurant. She has worked for a bunch of my friends over the years. She works for me every sunday. The fact that she works for me. I think is convinced that it is definitely not the way she wants. Of course he wants to be the thing is she does have some aptitude for it. She does have the hands for it. you know. and that's not to say by the way. I'm gonna go off on a side thing here. Anybody can learn to do this right but there are people just hands whether it is the way that you look and see everything on the table or in a kitchen or whether. It's the way that you handle your ingredients or whatever it is there's some people that have a knack and some people don't have said that anybody can learn this but she does like right off the back and have those hands right and i think it's cool but it's definitely not for her if she wanted to. I think it would be cool. I'm not one of those people that that thinks. This is just not a good decision. I would say what is it about it that you want to do. Do you wanna have your own business. Is that the part. That's interesting to you or do you want to do this. Because they want to do this. You can start now. And you're going to be eons ahead of where you thought you might be by the time you're later on in life if you want to own a business and figure out what that business is you know what i mean and bad is hard. That's a whole. That's a hard thing to do. So i would encourage them. I would also encourage them to buy and my oldest. Did i mean. She works with tours in the industry. So i think she's done it enough to know. Yeah i'm not going to spend my life greasy and covered in flour and sweaty. so thanks. she's she's got other thoughts on how to do things so and that's perfectly fine to columbus food seen it's changed somewhat do think it's changed enough. Has it changed. You started and ben in the industry you know kind of where do you see it. Going over the rest of this decade from you know where. It's ben which was predominantly chain focus to. Now there's more chef driven restaurants and everything you know what's your take on kinda columbus as a food city right now. Tell you what it's pretty interesting. It's pretty colorful. It's a lot more varied than i think people. And i think that's a good thing i think there's still a lot for people to learn about their own city. Everybody loves chinese food. But have you gone to some of the chinese places here in town. That are authentic. 'cause there's some really good ones. Everybody loves mexican food. But have you made the trip down to like you know east broader sullivan or wherever to go. Eat the food that of immigrants are going to eat. I think it's awesome. That places like hoyos are in the north market now because i've always been big fan of like west african cuisine network for him. He knows from his mom fed me. I was freaking beautiful. But in any case there's just so much yet to discover and i think that's a super super cool thing that by the way probably always been true and we're just a little white bread we just. That's just the way we are we. Just you know. We didn't really think about searching it out and we are now. We are whether we're getting into whether you want to cook cosmopolitan whether you want to call it pretentious or buji or whatever you might want to say. We are searching out these places now. It's not so much the old fogies like me nearly as much as it. Is you know you guys in the younger generation which is even better because hopefully these places will be around to be able to make a living for a long time. so that's one side of the other side of it is the continual continuing evolution of you. Know the idea of food in our city and then what that means a concentration on local and the idea of you know having this economy. That's all around us and propped up by everybody else ryan and being able to do really good things with that. Having the people that have the education and the desire to do really good things with what we have here to offer. I mean anybody can probably make lobster tastes good but i really think people should probably eat more rabbit. But that's just me. I think venison is really good to. We really need to have some of that stuff. I don't understand why we don't have more of that stuff on the menu do i do. It's not it's not us anymore but you know for the first few hundred years we ate ate completely differently than we do. Now you know it was mostly immigrant groups and they ate what they ate made what they made. We wouldn't recognize a lot of it right until you get until about the probably the fifties and then all of a sudden wonder bread. Is there an boyardee and everything makes sense again. I do like where the city is headed. And i do like watching it. I like being a part of it. I think that it's a really really bright future. I wanna make sure that there's people in place to keep that rolling you know like i'm getting up there now an age and i'm more than happy to pass that knowledge on. I want that because that's how you actually will change things as as you know the people that come up underneath of you. They're going to move on and do their own thing and they're gonna take what you've taught them in mary that to their own thoughts and move this thing in this direction in that thing in that direction. And that's when you become something really special we're not gonna have it imported chavez. Not opening is next restaurant here. What's i almost almost did a whole from somebody under the bus. But the hamburger guy can't remember his name now but The cat from new york with the burgers and shakes is not going to revolutionize columbus cuisine. Right it's it's going to be the guys that are already here. That will move it forward. Nobody's going to be able to come in and do it. I like where it's at. And i like the fact that we have at this point. We have kind of a youngish amount of chefs that are coming up and enough older chefs to be able to pass stuff on you know and to be honest with you. Even the older ones are so really kicking it. You know. I mean whether it's chef bill glover with raise. Or whether it's you know chef matt higgins over preston's on. I'm sure i'm leaving lots of people out but you wouldn't call these the up and comers any right these are these are established. Names these guys that have been here a decade. They're teaching the the next generation that generations going to do the next new thing and that's the cool thing that that i can't wait to say you've mentioned a couple of times space in age. So what's next for you professionally a are you has the pandemic despite all the negative things. It sounds like. You're one of the few people that were able to make. Probably some positives out of it did that. Reinvigorate you to kinda push to grow again or you just content with like a bigger space. Your own production space reaches content with the way things are. And just yeah. I'm never content the way things are and three odds with you. It's gotta be a downfall of some sort my personality at some point in this case. It's probably good. Yeah i definitely need my own space. Needed my own space for a number of years So it's really the the next thing has got to happen and much sooner than later. I hope oh. I'm also one of those guys started this on a shoestring it's really kind of always been shoestring it's never been to the point where it was like just rolling in cash so it's always been very hard for for me to be able to put together what i needed to be able to build out a space so you know there's no lack of space out there. It's just a matter of being able to put the finances together to get it done. You know anybody looking to invest and we'll have a conversation. But yeah i mean that's kind of the thing is like you know the banks aren't quite as forthcoming as the. Maybe they were with money before the pandemic not to mention i had a i had a business. I had a food truck and failed disastrously so took a number of years to clean that mess up. You know. I've kind of always hoped that i would be able to fall in with you. Know some people that might be like minded and we'd be able to grow something together. And i don't know as i get older that looks less and less likely like it's going to be the case i'm going to have to do this on my own Just a matter of figuring out where i beg borrow and steal it from. I suppose so. That's yeah. I need a space. I wanna space desperately. It would also change the company right. It would really allow me to do quite a bit more as far as age goes. I have brought it up. I bring it up a lot. More than i used to. Really only in this last year before then i would have. I would definitely have tried to be a little bit more of a hard ass about it. But i gotta be honest with you. I sometimes wake up more sore than i went to bed. You know what. I mean so like when you get older like it's no joke like all of a sudden i realized know i can talk about being a hard ass but we both know me and my body what the actual truth is right and you know the fact is that you know you start. To break down your. You're just not as strong as it used to be. Be your brain is fine and the desire to still pushes there. But when it's ninety degrees out and you work in a warehouse basically scary really quick however having said that i also have a lot of fun saying that i feel like baking kind of like the masters. Pga for like kitchen guys like it's always there right so even when you are don your back is done. You don't wanna sit in front of a stove ever again. You know that tastes there. That pace is not the same as a kitchen line right. You have the availability of doing these things for a of years. And frankly i feel like. I'll probably be doing that until i just pass out one day in front of a loaf of bread somewhere so we got a few more questions for you asked us to. Everybody can get an ice compare contrast cross all the episodes. Who would you say so far looking back on. Your career is the biggest influence on it. Wow my friend dominic with olo for sure forgetting me in in the family for for reminding me of you know what that feels like and then teach me like the nuts and bolts really the part that makes business actually were right which is making money in it at the end of the day right. Yeah you have to be able to do that or you're not going to be in it for very long so learning how the business actually works on. His lots of people can cook. But if you don't know how to run the business side of things it's just me you're going to be pretty miserable and it's going to be a pretty short run definitely him and and three honest with you probably just like all the like little old lady cooks in the world you know what i mean like. I get so much from those those people because they remind me how i grew up. You know my grandma. My grandma molly and joey and people like that. Just kinda kinda remind me of what's important right. It's all about family and food and and taking care of the people around you. Those are personal right. I mean if you were that there's professional ones. I don't know i like all those cats now have anyone that stands out above the rest of them. But if you do you know good food and you're passionate about it. I probably pro. I'm probably one of your fans. A huge fan of chef kalicki. Oh and the baker. I mentioned him in rome. Gabrielli bonnici must because he's just an absolutely wild man also he's just a really astoundingly good baker. Normally ask you if it's a chef. What's the one kitchen item. That's not a nice that they can't live without but you can break away without using nice so i guess what's the one item in your bakery that you can't live without. That's not a mixer. I feel like a mixture of pretty you know staple of a bakery so so we'll take that one out. There's two questions there one. do you have to have. And what one can you do without. At least i always think of that right and the thing. The only thing that i need is my hands. And that's all you need to make good right. That's it you need your hands. However what could i not do without a scale man. That is everything i mean. Our lives are dictated by that scale. It's that scaled dictates every single bit. Everything that we do from the very beginning to the end right. You're scaling out the ingredients for any size batch to how big a role you're making at the end. I have to say a scale which is not sexy at all. Like i get it like. It's not but it is the truth. That scale is frighteningly important. What's One thing in your space that if it broke you wouldn't fix yourself like you're immediately like nope not messing with not trying to figure it out. Call somebody to come fix that. That's a good question. And i i don't i mean i'll tinker with anything but i won't tinker with electricity so when it comes to all of that stuff soon as it comes to me having to touch electric like outlets get somebody in here. I what we got this. We got a new mixer. And it was this italian thing thingy european wiring and so we had to get a plug installed. And you know everybody's telling me like dude. Just go and get a you know. Put it on the la bundling not touch this thing every day every day i'm not farting around with that. There's no way what's the one restaurant that you'd recommend. That is your own. Not that you know. Your stuff is available in the retail side. Yeah this is. I'll tell you this is kind of dangerous. Actually because i don't have. I can't say mine right. I got to think of all the customers. Like who's gonna who's going to be the guy out there it's like i can't believe you didn't say me right so i guess the the ones that seem to be making all the waves right now Certainly cleaver those guys are just killing it. I mean killing it one. I love chef j. I worked with him when he was at rock mel. And he was under chef. Andrew smith Who man you want to talk about personal hero. I like that guy too. I just like the kind of personality and they've also got some amazing people working for them as well. I also The the the the one that probably miss is ri- river who the chef. There's no chef. As is now clear to so i kind of get the bus to both worlds because that guy could cook his ass. Also i would make fan of those guys having said that. I don't get the chance to go out to eat often. And i haven't been there yet but i have a lot of friends who have and they all. Send me their pictures like dude. It was good. Could us those fellas for doing that. Who else i would say justifying oreos warriors sandwich warriors beef and pork dude. I crave those things. I crave those things. Have you had those sandwiches that he does. Oh yeah yeah There's like four or five different kinda versions every once in a while. They do like a special. I think they just had like a meatball one. That was like a special doing that day. Or whatever but we know they're awesome. You know they're huge. They're very very delicious though good. I'm glad i'm glad you like. Yeah i mean. It's not even just because i make the bread though. I do love the bread that i make for him though sandwiches. Of just so yeah. So there's that my family especially my oldest daughter. And i we have like this these group restaurants that we kind of jump around on that that we kinda get cravings for one of them's hoyos on the north market and then right across from there as prestons and we love both those places key. Cia chinese food up on henderson is god. That place is really good to bucket. Lists travel destination bucket list restaurant. Is there any place that you have been to. You really want to get to. Yeah so i mean just us geico so that would be really cool. I heard the waters really blue but honestly yeah yet over to italy and slovenia and be able to soak in the old country that would be really really freaking cool. I would also like to just be able to have more time to hit like bakeries and restaurants around the states even if it was just regionally you know doing have to be in california so many good places that are close we just never gets all of them right the so restaurant destinations. I don't know it's such a good question that i don't you know what i've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to do like a barbecue trail right. Hit every place in the carolinas and tennessee. Every place that's got some kind of real name. That would be really cool. I would love to eat a really nice. A meal at the chef massimo place in bologna. That would be that would be all right too but yeah i guess that was probably the bucket list restaurant and destination than. What's the craziest thing that you've seen happen in a restaurant while you're working while i was working at that's a that's a good qualifier there because i think we've all got some stories that we probably wouldn't be able to repeat but craziest thing that i ever saw while i was working. There's going to be honest with you. Literally nothing comes to mind for the first time during our thing. I'm actually speechless. I got none. Nothing exploded not fires. Nothing yeah you know. I mean all that shit always happens. I've seen people you know. Get cut real bad. And i've seen a couple of really doozy stove. Fires none of it really is like the. Let me tell you about this one time. You know what i mean like maybe the best answer repreive e the fact that the brakes locked up under foods that might be. That's a pretty unique thing is unique in. it was scary as all get out. You know. I mean that saw and you know yeah i guess that's got to qualify. All i can think of when that happened. I was like what if i had been going down. Three fifteen screw. That would've i. Just been going to grandview boulevard. It right it locked up at thirty miles an hour. I had a gun. You know right up on over over in. Yeah that that sucked. We'll take that is the answer then and by the way you really need to have. I don't know how you do it but Every single kitschy guys got an end girl for sure as got stories that aren't necessarily suitable but they're they don't always have firsthand accounts of them. Maybe you have a grown up version someday where you wanna hear those stories. I don't know it's whatever everybody's comfortable shared i made. Explicit content is not something that show a. yeah. I once heard a horrible story about a stoned line. Cook and honeysuckle ham. And i don't really want shit. I think we could put tuesday together. Probably a now right the thing i can tell you that it was one hundred percent true and but i wasn't there so fun stuff food or drink guilty pleasure. Is there anything that like you docked earlier about you know kind of you guys getting these cravings and everything. Is there anything that you know. I guess they went from that. Like that's super unhealthy. That super bad for me but he just you know you just can't yeah. I've got a lot. I do so i had to like first of all. I could very easily make bread pasta period right like did you cannot eat that every day right. There's there's that idea. But i am a occur for things like especially during the winter like country fried steak with like cream gravy and mashed potatoes. You know those big huge hearty meals. Yeah those things. Just oh my god you know homemade sausage or not homemade sausage but like casaus like crowd and stuff like that pirogies. I mean. I could probably eat my way. In perot which is a lot of rica pirogies. Those are the kinds of things that like. Those i guess they sa- call it stick to the ribs right foods. I have to like really there so rich. They're so bad for you. they do. They do offer you some comfort when it's twelve below or whatever and they definitely have their place but probably a long while is more than you need. The indulge cork belly is another one man. I'm a sucker for like a perfectly cooked like crispy on the outside on melty on the inside pork belly. It's a rich that you feel like you're going to you got like three or four bites but just can't stop right so yes weird favorite dish. Favorite thing you've ever cooked baked that moment that you can point to in your career where you're like you. Did you created this thing. Baked this thing here just like you knew in that moment that you could do this professionally. I think it was. When i realized i kinda nailed making kacha. You know i mean it's such a simple bred to be able to make it complex and to be able to make it at a level that other people don't that was. That was a big deal for me. I mean when you know there. There's times where you know they'll come out of the oven. Look at him like dude. I don't want to sell those. Like i just want. I want them surrounding me. I want them. I don't want these are my kids. I don't ever want them leaving my side. You know there's times where that happened and Like oh my god. That is so good. I cannot believe that and when when you taste it and you know that it was like fermented just right you know you had you nailed all the timing. The weather was working with you. Everything was beautiful and those those moments are there cereal. They're very fleeting everything that we do revolves around time and temperature and when those things are in sync. It's going to be a little off this way a little off that way. That's not to say it still won't be really really good but the hit that peak man. It doesn't happen every single time. I'm anthony boarding fan. Not everybody is though if you are is there. A favorite episode moments in that stands out. Or if you aren't. Is there a culinary influencers. Somebody along the lines of you know emerald or whoever that appeared on kind of tv and stuff that that you kind of gravitated towards when you were kind of coming up. Yeah chef. Tom cliquot like i stated earlier was a fan of his way way way back on. Tv like all the frigate tiny. Does these live instagram. Things which are great at mostly. I like the kind of person that he is. He is an outstanding cook. But he's a good man. he's a good guy. You know what. I mean just is a a good person and it's not. There's probably lots of them out there. But this one i i see you know what i mean. So definitely him. I am a huge anthony. Bourdain fan do. I have a favorite episode. I suppose the bologna one was absolutely amazing. But there's a lot of them. That i really really enjoyed that. I didn't think i would write like a you know. He goes to mexico or he goes to a live someplace. Where i wouldn't necessarily think of right and i'm like oh my god. That was the best show that was so good. And i actually think it used to be on my facebook page. We're has like maybe it was like the old version of facebook or whatever you could put your favorite quote or something like that and it was. It was one of his and it said This tastes like died screaming. The but history could thing. I ever heard so good. I don't know why. I assume he was eating a rare steak time. I really just can't recall but for some reason it tastes like at died. Screaming just always always tickled me. So where can People find us social media website. If their restaurant. They need bread. Where can they reach you. Yeah i mean good luck with that. Y'all like it's i'm horrible. breaking horrible. Social media do have a facebook page. So feel free. I i guess. I'm probably more active on instagram. So amatya breads. You know message me. There's there's a chance. I'll message back. I try to be really good about that. But i think you know like i think it was. Was it a couple of days before i even got back to you. Possibly but i think it depending on how many messages people sometimes get. I think. sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle and also if you're not connected with the person then it's like you have to accept it. I and stuff like that. So there are some nuance to it yeah. Facebook messenger is by far the worst like ion install that on my phone so often. Because i feel like it. Just screws up my phone and so you know. There's nothing on there. Like i'm getting facebook messages. So i'll just take it off and then all of a sudden there's like by messages pop up but i can't open them unless you've got like messenger rights and had dang it now i gotta go and load that thing back up again. So yeah. those are the two places. I don't have a website to websites. Do anything anymore to question. I feel like. I should have a discord but i don't so instagram facebook. That's me you can. I think all my pertinent information is there if you want to send me like a snail mail says something. I used to joke with my family. That i've got to be one of the most people i know. You know my address my phone number all that should have just sitting out there on the internet. You know feel free to say hi then you can also reach me by email. Muttiah breads at gmail.com. And that's it. That's all i got man. I wish i had more. I wish i had something really cool to tell. You really appreciate you coming on the podcast again. I've had some sandwiches than they've used. Your breads definitely change. The most notable one is The hot link at ray reyes they used to do just kinda like white bread than they they brought on your bread your roles completely changes just the whole experience of that sandwich so different stuff at rock mill when they were open. And you're doing stuff for them before the pandemic to and all that stuff so it's definitely noticeable. It's high good stuff. Awesome to be able to kind of talk to somebody a little different not doing the bakery in the wholesaling and everything like that. And hopefully you know you're able to get that bigger space and keep growing and everything but if you ever need anything from us open invitation come back on the podcast really appreciate it. Good luck with everything post pandemic and stay in touch. Thanks i really appreciate the time. I hope i didn't take too much. I feel like i i should add. I didn't tell you where you could get. 'em cleaver wiryono's local coastal local in the market. Ray raise of course. And if you're curious reach out and i'll be more than happy to to let you know but we do lupo emmett's and german village so yeah there's quite a few but anyways thank you very much. I appreciate it clearly. I had a lot to say. I had no idea i was gonna chat your ear off this much so thanks for. Let me get it off my chest. The less talking that i do the better the more interested as for everybody else so i think it's nice to know that if you need space filler. Clearly i'm going to be your guy santosh if you need anything slummy. No good luck with everything. Thanks i appreciate it same to you. Big thanks to chef. Owner matt swing of mataya breads again for coming on the podcast taking some time out of his off. He's got weird hours Because he is a baker so all that stuff happens kinda in the middle of the morning early morning. You know two three. Am stuff like that so it was really awesome for him to be able to kind of take some time and come on the podcasts and share his story and then also know just kind of the background on the wholesale business to as well which is a perspective that i just think. People don't really get too often so kind of peek behind the curtain. There sure to follow them on instagram. Atiyah breads also check out their facebook pages while sure to check us out on instagram at spoon mob. If you're not already following us also check out our website spoon while dot com profiles. Different chef profiles. Everybody's been on the podcast. There's a page for them to as well bunch of different dish photos courses and stuff that we've eaten from sushi restaurants and stuff here in columbus to michelin starred restaurants. All that stuff is up there all the places that we've been so check all that stuff out. There's always something kinda new going up Trying to instagram as soon as we can to as well. But there's always a little bit of a lag time. i'll make sure subscriber. Follow the podcast. Whatever platform that you're using spotify apple. Google stitcher amazon music spreaker breaker google. Podcast iheartradio everything. So i just give us a follow. Retreated follower subscribe each platforms. A little different to the podcast. Wherever you're using that we also have a youtube channel Mostly just the audio form of the podcast that we do. But i want to subscribe to our youtube channel. It's pretty small. We haven't really dove into too much video We do have a tick talk We have not started really doing much with it so eventually we'll kind of do some more stuff with it too as well trying to figure all that out but you can find on there too as well facebook and twitter at spoon mob. One check all that stuff out really appreciate everybody listening and check out past episodes of chefs and guests. You know we've had a bunch of different. Psalms restaurant owners chefs Last week was chef daniel canal. Over at veritas. So make sure to give that episode. Listen before him. We can you warren. Who's a somali. A on thatcher baker briggs. Who's a somalia greg stokes We've had brandon grassetti. Who's a restaurant owner sheridan sue. Who's a chef Over out in vegas so just give all that stuff. Listen you know there's just different perspectives. People all over the country and stuff and local here too and just china talk to as many interesting people. We can kind of find that that wanna do it to as well we've got a bunch of stuff in the works to as well so more episodes coming your way to. They always come out. On thursdays wednesdays parts now known our about halfway through that just did an episode recapping. The road runner documentary. So if you haven't seen that or thought about checking out the documentary and kinda wanted to know what's what or if you missed. Anything didn't know any back story after you did. See it that episode of listen and we're back into six to cuba episode. That came out yesterday. And then we'll be moving through season six and seven and so forth and everything like that too so check that out. We have a lot of fun doing that. But otherwise appreciate everybody listening. Continue continued help. Spread the word you know really appreciate the word of mouth and how it's kind of grown and everything like that so we're gonna keep doing what we're doing. Continue to just kinda put out good podcast episodes and interesting content on instagram and everything and feel free to reach out to us to You can either reach us at spoon. Mob at yahoo dot com is our email or you can reach us through the website. There's a contact portal. The bottoming and sending questions comments feedback review. Subscribe the podcast to as well if you get a chance but again super appreciative. Super thankful everybody listening and we will talk to you guys next week.

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ENZ 129  The Mindset You Need To Double Your Revenue in Your Wholesaling Business

Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone - Make Money In Real Estate Wholesaling Properties For Quick Cash

33:25 min | 11 months ago

ENZ 129 The Mindset You Need To Double Your Revenue in Your Wholesaling Business

"Walking episode one twenty nine. You're listening to escaping the rei newbies. Own podcast where you'll learn the underground closely guarded secrets that will revolutionize your real estate business. This podcast is all about helping you. Exit real estate newbies l. and editor financial freedom building up your real estate thrown. This is escaping the rei newbies own podcast and now your host real estate investor entrepreneur world traveler and nationwide mentor. Chris bruce episode of escaping the rei newbies zone. I'm your host. Chris bruce and i have to special guest on the call today. We're going to be joining us on their married couple out of tampa florida. I believe they've been doing real estate for a little over a year now maybe going two years And they have a start off in wholesaling. They have quickly quickly taken off in their business One of the most competitive markets in the country guys here in tampa florida Doing multiple deals. Amman also transitioned even to Doing rehabbing and Providing turn key properties to a investor. All right and they're gonna be talking about how they found that investor fees Also you know how they quickly put systems in place in their real estate business. They're also going to be talking about some of the The rose who is doing what some you guys you. Maybe you've got a real estate and you got into the business with your spouse and you want to know who should had the what and and you know what rose or what task each member. You know Of the wife or the husband should play or boyfriend or girlfriend are so We're gonna be talking about that as well to talk about their story and you know how they've been to be successful in this business coming together as partners all right so let me wait no further. Introduce my favorite couple are jeff. And belinda everybody. Chris bruce welcome to another episode of that gaping arianna movies on your host today and i got a special special pockets of so for you I have probably my favorite couple of all time and real estate On this today and they're going to be talking about. I guess starting a business i've done. Several deals have even run the nation and just told me crashingly market where is very competitive and a lot of people look at competition when i come into the market and they have to compete with the market but the long set to have and so i wanted to go ahead and local gifts and let them talk about how to get into the market of course and how. The system deals This real estate market the tampa bay all right so let me go to wait. No further and work on my guess. Just linda every. Are you going just about linda. How're you doing what we're doing good. We're doing wonderful. Thank you Christopher and violence to Despite cats and we really do appreciate it. it's sunny florida and join tampa bay weather right now. Of course that one in florida today so Yeah i mean just to get started with that. You know the way we starting this business. I'm gonna say it was pretty much. My mom got us started. she Called me one day and said hey belinda. I have this class. I just paid a couple hundred bucks for you know. I kind of want you to come with me so you know maybe we can do this real estate things together and i was like all right free class. Why not. i'll just go well. I ended up sorby everything and really enjoying what they what they taught me in the class about that. It's not just slipping and rentals. There's this whole other aspect cold wholesale age which i had no idea even existed so After the class. I went back to jackson kind. Of explains everything learn and he got really excited and from there we just started rolling with it and trying to network and and find more information and how we can really get to the ground. Okay let me ask you a question. Real quick So i your mom. Was it like a similar or you know this guy. Was that minority. Yeah was one of those seminars that they wanna try to like forty grand or something like that at the end they guarantee you have money. You know they're gonna make money with them. You got one of those fancy guys drive this fancy cars on. Hdtv you're gonna meet him and they tell you okay well you just go on analysts and all your deals and fill about and they didn't work expected tour but Yeah it was definitely a start and we realized that he needed to do something a little bit different but this wholesaling thing was pretty cool. I really want to try and figure it out. Let me tell you. What iran into Doing the mls searches right. So we have a large network of realtors and We eventually realized at arkansas realtors amid offers less than right wasn't working and so eventually berthelot relationships with all of the realtors because we're like we're submitting offer globe offers constantly constantly constantly. We're like you know what linda. I think it's time for you to get your license. So that's how she ended up getting her rose they license that way we could just run our own comparables Right here and and dura komson much. Go from there. That's how to henry's. It was starting to form nice. Nice okay so let me talk about they. Ask you Did you guys to talk about how was that. I deal like what is through the first wholesale transaction that you guys all right. So let me let me take you through the first transaction which was Pretty pretty rock right so we we went through a place where we try and try and try and make a deal and then eventually we got to the own contract that was a probate deal and we got on the contract. They went through the program process. Luckily because you know how you know that process can be right so right guy right so we got the contract and Basically i want. I wanna make sure i'm able to move to I wanna get rid of the house and move to washington when my daughters because believe his Was his wife's fast or something and So we're like okay. Let's see what we could do and we actually got it on the contract for believe we got contracts worth fifteen thousand and We ended up wholesaling it for twenty one and that was that was our first deal and The process of it was was pretty lengthy so we went through it. That house only contract and it was a mess complete message going by this house. I mean how the disaster in saint pete it was. It was pretty messed up house. And eventually i put it outside a couple of people and someone someone took a bite on it and we actually got that deal. Yeah i mean the whole process like creating the contract and then trying to figure out we will have a huge contract with the buyer. And you're kind of really confused and very nervous on our deal because we had no work So you know couple people because we call to kind of help us out a little bit. But i think The first deal was always is the most exciting. Because if nerve racking you get on the contract just like how fast. Now what do i do like okay. You know. I have skin in the game now. So i don't even know what to do so it was definitely an experience But after the first one you know everything just teams flow really nicely after that and but the one is really hard to get. It took a while. I think that's that's happens to a lot of people you know that won one game. Just the jitters in the nervousness of like you said you just don't know what's going to happen How how fast. Of course you got to heal. And he's just like man. Where's the bar gonna come from But i i don't dislike. I can do this Exactly and then we also we had it. We had it on the contract and we had these specs period. We're like oh my gosh. They're like one day lesson expection period. What's going to happen if we don't find a buyer and luckily we did find by herself and can biggest thing too is is something that we probably wanna make sure. Everybody is aware of. Don't be afraid to call these people and give them those offers because remember i went into like For every hundred calls you'll get one you know one under contract and what it is is pretty much what they say that you have to make those calls you have to be kind of persistent you know if somebody seems very motivated you know like follow up with them. Follow up. I think is really key in this business. If you don't follow properly. I feel like that's where you lose a lot and in the beginning that's where we were losing a lot. We send out direct mail. We were getting forty fifty calls coming in and we just literally couldn't handle them so come them would be missed. We know we didn't even call back. Hang up all they hung up. They didn't once You know a really call us so we were just like not calling back and realized that those are usually your bread and butter. Sh- things like that. You don't realize that are things you need to follow up with and follow through with. Yeah real great advice roommate. And i it's funny. You said that 'cause i remember when i started i the same thing how people call and like you said they don't even watch most something That they're not really motivated. So it'd be just being nervous exactly. But i'm as you mentioned that because i know someone's listening is probably definitely not went through that before Or maybe someone who's they might feel like are going to do that. So crash definitely put your ten so let me ask you. So how do you. How do you structure the business far as you guys working together because i know we have other Married couples Someone just say relationships that are good. Be getting into the business and wanted to know how to use this one person to the phones. How do you guys to. Henry's have the business structure of who does what. That's a great question chris So we had to basically structured where we have roles and responsibilities Because you know obviously being married a little you know when you're in business together can be difficult because you guys have different opinions on different situations right. so belinda. She runs pretty much. A lot of the transactions so all the transaction side goes through her If it has to do with the contracts or funds anything wires etc that although dallas on his through blended. I handled the acquisitions as well as the disposition spice go a lotta cash buyers. I handle all of that. So we had to break up in that aspect and then also belinda. Being a realtor shows of play because she's also taking care of anything to do on the retail side. So i listened any portion of the night. No that's pretty much accurate. You have it. Yeah so the great thing is having a license and it's not necessarily of course you know that christian this business but i like it because like we have one call that we had the other day and this guy pretty much wants market value for his property so great because i can go ahead and i'm actually give him a call and see. Hey you know. why don't i go ahead and listen for you. So either way feels aren't going to the crash still making money regardless also in the reverse side With the being a realtor got a buyer that was overseas and he he's been bought like formal properties from us. So you know it kind of works hand in hand with these other which is great and like just said i handle the retail side of the business transactions for it got some nice nice. Okay i i would definitely imagine i guess you guys both are working on each other strength. You know that way because it doesn't make sense to if you're better at something in this field. I mean you got jeff is definitely the networker so he likes go out there and network and be social with everybody so it has really helped us by taking our strength and putting it into our business to help us grow where we are today. I realized chris is when you lacked strength. And something else is always good to partner with someone that had more strength of that. Orson and you can definitely see your business. Take off in different flights. Just because of that. You know that's why. I was like you know partnering with her and and having her take that side of it we can definitely leaves bounce so it was. It was a great great decision. Great move so right gre- okay. I'm probably perfectly all right. So what Are you guys have just transitioned also and two basis. So how talk about how you guys. made the transition and You know what things have you been working on on that side of the business. Sure you wanna you wanna talk about it. Yeah so the way we made. The transition actually is with our foreign investor ch The first avenue nation we did was pretty much with him so he wanted a rental property and we wholesale tim rental property that was really kind of like in rupp shakes. And he's like. Hey i want to go ahead. And you know renovate this thing for me. You know you know. Tell me how much it is. And i'll pay you guys take it on from there and we've never done that part before so we had to go ahead and find the dc and find everything for that and do it all and we're like you know this is not that bad. We should do this for ourselves as well on the flip side. So that's basically how did our first I kinda like really have for rental and then actually brought it to to the flip side. Do it on her own. Yeah let me let me. Let me rewind a little bit It's you know which was awesome because we found that in a national buyer due to ever having a licensed in and I'm sure you can. There's ways to find that right but back it up. We wholesale them that deal which we got on the contracts or sixty five then wholesaler. Ten for eighty five and that was actually a co wholesale deal that we work with Someone that did some door knocking for us which was awesome so door. Knocking is a great form of Targeted marketing For those that didn't know and So we got that on the contract. Poll silverton him. We split twenty k. with our co wholesaler and We started the renovations on the process. And and that's how we really really got into i Rental turn keith lip. And so we. Now we property manage all his properties for him and that was just one of many think. We're doing six minutes. Yeah i like that. I like that. That's nice And this goes. You're listening to this thing. Is that once you do. Get good at something And people have trust in you. You know they will let you give you the money to rehab transition and just have other opportunities to be able to make money at different ways so all that just host on your only way You know now you yeah and and and provide the value. there's other opportunities that will come to you. So that's great and they don't to get oh the other thing going to say and don't be afraid to take that leap 'cause like when we're pretty it was scary. I mean we've never done something like that before. And we're like we're just gonna we're just gonna go with it and try and see what we can do and it was the best thing that we did. You know So just in there when you when something comes your way. Don't don't hesitate and say i'm not ready for that. Try it out. I mean you know you can do taking that lisa face. Sometimes it's all you need to become the greatest accept that you'll ever be so that's something that i think that everybody needs to know and understand. I definitely one hundred percent. I agree And i wanna talk about to a little bit further with the mindset is is incredible that both of us now such a big mice and just you a abundance mindset of opportunities that things are out there because i i know a lotta people sometimes have came to me and say chris what do i do when my husband doesn't believe in what i'm doing. You know my wife doesn't believe in this case they employed. So i don i mean obviously both had a different look on life and different mindset. But you know. Was there any books or anything that you guys saw coming up as as kids. What led john to all want better and bigger things than the things. Obviously that you had against real estate well you know Our family and we we have three kids Chris and now we are. Why is really doing it for a family and To you know. I have parents that that has been in business for many years and and they went through ups and downs struggled and They also taught us you know different values and My mom every saturday right now every single saturday she goes her time to charity work. You know every single saturday for about five hours or more strictly for charity and So i do it for and i got involved in real estate and which is awesome. But it's it's more. I don't do it for the money i do for the passion and the joy of having financial freedom and being able to do things with our kids and family and give back to the community And i believe that works for us because my wife. Belinda shares very similar values that i So it it really works to go team i think when you talk about the mindset Very difficult. I know you said christopher somebody doesn't believe in you especially if that person that you're really close to like about One thing that you that. That always helps me. Because i never you know. I didn't come from money or anything. Or i struggled really hard to get where i am today. And the one thing that helped me through really was the law of attraction by joe towel that good basically gives you a different mindset like when you change your mindset and you envision where you wanna be and what you want to be what you want to become. You actually kinda changed the way life treats you. You're attracting all that goodness your life and it basically takes you to that next level. Now you start bringing a lot of negativity in your life you let that affect you it kind of brings you down and it's very hard to get out of that but if you start you know and then have your south. Read that book to. There's also another one called. You know magic those books are definitely for the mindset to kind of get you in that place of positive thinking being grateful humble and getting to that next point and i think those are two great books to read on to change the mindset to become you know Just more positive thinking and and really see yourself at that next level. I love it. Eleven guys hope. You guys rewind there so listen to over and over again those two bucks guys pick those up. Being allies pulled up books on snapchat and instagram. But get those books. I'm gonna go with the book magic. Where do you know who the author of the same. The same author that wrote a secret. Okay okay perfect okay. I'm that on my of to take the templates well to all right so Jessica lynch let me ask you got the phone. I ask you this. What are you now to acquire. Deals find deals this. Thank you repeat. The question kind of broke up okay. I'm sorry i was asking what. What are your favorite ways. Or whether you're going to ways to acquire deals right now or go through ways we do weekly market so we started off doing marketing every single month which we realized Again i'll flood of calls coming at one time and we weren't spacing them out and we weren't having a proper follow system to handle a slut of calls during the week so what we did. Right is kind of backtracked and said you know. Let's just out our mailers every week and we'll break it down for a week and so that now we're seeing a great fool consistent. 'cause we got the week following this system and so what we do. Is we do a lot of Martin mailers postcards is we found out that i think we get the best response rate off postcards rather than Actual letters and so now what we all are incorporated his door hangers which we just order five thousand door hangers that we're gonna be sending out and so we're trying to do other marketing. Is you know he is another big one. I wore space. Facebook ads So there's a lot of marketing out there. But i think our target is in. It was the other thing. That's really great that we've come with a lot of success in and kobylt sailing. You know people think oh. That doesn't work. that doesn't work. We've made a lot of deals with co wholesaling and good deals tune. Twenty thousand another one. That was another eighteen thousand dollar and we split that between Us the other wholesaler. So you can do a lot with co wholesaling. And i think especially if you're starting off and you don't have funds for direct marketing or door knockers or anything like that co wholesaling. Go out there. Meek people network use their deal and try to market those out to other people ain't gonna pizza pie. I'm telling you you don't realize how powerful co hotel and can be. I can talk about kogo zone for the next hour. I mean literally. Wholesaling is is very powerful and and i think people neglect on the stand that you know networking is definitely a key to the business and you know now work in will billion network is very true because i've met a lot of powerful people that that's been in the game for a long time and we've done deals together and you're going to keep bringing up to me because i have a good buyers list and we can do business together so i love the hotel definitely. Actually let me ask you this ongoing in that call selling so for being i mean i personally i i i love call seven as well too For me now at this point. I really only work with people that i actually know Because there's so many people coming into the market. And i've had some past experience that just didn't work too well Delo some i really don't know but is there any type of ways that you guys go about close so far as you know you have a certain Requirement of you work with somebody like for instance they have to actually have the deal on the contract and not dealing with like you know. Somebody's wholesale it's a host or something like that. Is there any certain parameters chain. yeah so you want to talk about. Yeah so what we. Well we actually do is With the wholesale and they come to us with a deal. There's basically we don't like to tack on so what you're getting. What am i going to get from that deal if you want me to a wholesaler. What's my what's my percentage of what you're ready giving it to me up because i don't want to sit there. You know how like people go out there and you see this one deal forty thousand the next the same deal now from somebody else. A fifty thousand and his look bad so we never liked to raise our prices so whatever. The price is what it is plus liked to get it cryer to them blasting it out to everybody this way. We kind of more negotiation power on our side and the courts. They have to have it on the contract. I'm not gonna market anything to my bars. It's not on the contract. So that's one thing that that definitely has to be done as well with the co wholesale so those are just some of our requirements Do those those deal okay. Perfect good advice guys. I hope you guys also Listen to that because I know for me i would. I won't market a property if it's already you know all over the Off the definitely not gonna attack on the price. Because i don't wanna look like the guy this you know trying to open say party of our guys plans you know for two thousand seventeen just life in general the businesses that provide for you for life in general We're celebrating our fifth anniversary coming up. So we're going to jamaica on monday for a week So nice oh. That's that's a great accomplishment But life in general. What we wanna do is Really devote more time so our family And get the kids more involved and be there for them and believes businesswise. We have our goal of Forty plus hillsdale deals and flips and that another rental to our portfolio. So we're trying to stick to those goals and if we right now we're actually on target to surpass that which is great so That's my side. i'm not sure sheer size. But you know to is reversed so we do have all that on my golden. Mary's has you know. I just wanna make sure that that we have consistent flow here and that we're doing the same thing every you know every month and actually getting more deals on our plate and you know like just as we are. We are exceeding What we put forth this year The other thing is is getting into the foreign investor mortgage. We're starting things in there to market and and make that our primary cashiers so we'll have a few things in the works for that as well so we haven't things that we really want to I stand in our portfolio this year. and i think it's i think it's just something that i i really see being great year and i think we're probably going to double our goal this year and everything. I said perfect personnel going. Great great all right so last question actually every single guest us on here For someone that's best brand new. Listen to this. They haven't done a deal at all but they interested in real estate. They wanna get started. They wanted to escape the newbies beeson get that i deal closed. What advice would you give them money or no money or you can do both girls. They have my from my side You know i would say you know networking find. Find a mentor or coach. That is really will Guide you in the right direction. acts a lot of questions. Even if you think is a stupid question. There's no stupid question. Ask questions. And i mean really fine and network with people because you wanna be around like minded individuals that are at your same level that you're gonna to your goal that you want to achieve you. Surround yourself with those people. And i think that's what propels me in a way and twenty and and and the point sixteen is is evolving myself around those individuals and i think that's that would be key. If i knew that a while ago i would be off right now but I think that's from. I what about you. I think that's great. I really do because if you if you start networking with those with those types of investors who are really doing their thing in the business That's something that you're feeling and really become that person for them. So that's the first thing. The second thing is Especially for a newbie. i would suggest door-to-door personal. Find yourself a realtor. You're not a realtor and see if they can give you a list of people who just like just gotta live pendant put on their house you know because when they just just quick secret here they they. Just the thing just put a list penance. You still can work out that deal with the bank and not go into a short sale so as long as it was. Just put on there you can. You can still create a regular wholesale deal and normally without having to go through the short sale profit so that's huge list and neither is usually really small and knock on their door and be personable with them. I'm gonna tell you those will probably be one of the best deals that you make and you can make a really big spread on those type of deal and let me. Let me give you a quick little quo by Chris kolia and i met in Finding summit where he told us was dress the way you want to be addressed and i think that is very chee. Some people individuals Might not take that for granted but if you especially if you're talking to a private lenders or anything like that you want to dress the way you want to be addressed and i think that speaks volumes and in a lot of different industries as well. No definitely i agree. One hundred percent definitely They'll come Showing up to Right slots you might not get to so definitely. I agree with that exact any last words and also How can they get in touch with the well Through our facebook our facebook facebook dot com last to henry's You can also find us on. Instagram instagramcom slashed. I flip homes as well as snapchat. I flip homes You can go to west side to henry's real estate dot com and we're they're always willing to help perfect perfect perfect i will i to say Just belinda thank you for coming on this podcast. Appeal on this list is episode. Right now is getting out of value from This they were the enjoying solid. Thank you for both Take much day to come here and I just wish he'd nothing but success For the rest of the year one. Thank you thanks. For listening to escaping the rei newbies own podcast at www dot escaped the newbies zone dot com.

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Stranger-Talking Across America with Carolyn Campbell (72)

The John Poelstra Show

1:11:53 hr | 3 years ago

Stranger-Talking Across America with Carolyn Campbell (72)

"Yeah. Did they have special guests? Caroline Campbell little bit about Caroline before we start since nineteen ninety nine Caroline has helped thousands of entrepreneurs business owners and change makers grow successful businesses and lead innovative organizations as an introvert she loves making creating business and understands the challenges of business owners who love their work, but hate to sell relationship based approach goes beyond traditional networking marketing. To help you grow thriving purpose centered vision Caroline has spoken internationally worked in southern Africa and Malaysia and collaborated as an artist on an award winning projects in schools jails and boardrooms throughout the country. She knows what it takes to have a dream and make it work. And she believes that the more. We dare to be fully us the more success we will achieve the past two years. Caroline has traveled to rural communities throughout America where she lets everybody be their full selves, though. Welcome. Caroline. Hey, John, thanks for having me. I forgot to also add that Caroline with my first coach several years ago. So you may since level familiarity there, and who knows we may talk about coaching. But we're going to talk about a lot of other things instead today. So Caroline, tell us what you are up to as you're going to these rural communities and helping people be their full selfs. Great will I but I'd love to say is when I go to these rural communities instead of helping them. I just listen to people and talk to people. So I've recently had a lot of people ask me how I'm helping people. And my responses, I'm not I'm learning. So that's really what's been amazing is to be able to see what's going on in rural America that we rarely get a chance to see. And so that's what I've been doing and have this start. So boy if we wind the. Clock to maybe what the primaries John two years ago at more. Yes. So I work with a vast selection of people, and I do community dinners where I bring leaders together from different arenas to meet each other like for profit leaders, nonprofit leaders or just a mix of people and right around the election time, I wanted to have a community dinner to bring together friends and clients that live on the spectrum of liberal to conservative diversity issues. And so it's going to have dinner, and that dinner did not happen. So I let it happen. Well, honestly that inner didn't happen because all the conservative friends and clients I had were interested in having a conversation, and it wasn't a political dinner. Just like conservative views, right, like conservative, social views conservative, personal views and then the liberal community. This is in Portland, Oregon, which is amazing to me all said, no way, they weren't gonna come. So it was the first dinner in. I don't know fifteen years John that didn't happen. And. Yeah, still makes me sad. Actually. So I. Had to get over my own sorrow that I live in a liberal community. I see myself as a. Has a person with both liberal and conservative points of view, and it hurt that we couldn't have a conversation. So I decided in my own way. This is the coaching side of me is well, then I'm going to go out and listen to other people and watch and see what I can learn. So that's how it started. That's why it started. So you're just going to go out and watch and learn and how did you plan for this? How did you know that you could afford it? How did? Yeah. Like, did you have sponsors like this work? How does happen? So just remember that passage that you read right Carolyn believes uperior, full bent excel. Right. And so I started by I didn't want to choose the places where I went because then it would be my agenda. And if we look at a large coaching perspective is that coaching is all about connecting without an agenda, but others so finding out with that is and so I didn't wanna have an agenda. I didn't wanna have the plan. I wanted other people to make it a community driven project to tell me where to go. So I I started talking to adults in Portland, but they couldn't get over politics in this wasn't a political trip. It's really looking at the like where are we socially today? Like that's most exciting to me is like why do we have such a defied? What's going on to get us there? How long has it been there? So at the end of the day I worked with high school students. And they sent me anywhere. They wanted to America as long as they could determine the reason why it was important, then they told me questions to ask people. And then they told me the type of people they wanted me to interview. So I literally John I went blindly into communities, and then maybe about three weeks before it began. I started as self funding campaign. So until three weeks before I started, I really didn't know how is gonna Ford it. We really honest when you say, socially, what exactly does that mean? I'm gonna put some of this and coaching context, if that's okay like in our life as coaches people come to us because they're struggling with their business or they're struggling with what they want next in their life or their struggling, can you think of any other reasons that people come? Not struggling. Out there startling for their leadership. Like, there's certain things that they're wanting more of their wanting more typically, it isn't economic reason. Or in some cases, they want more of an intimacy in their relationships are can be a lot of reasons. Right. And we have the at least for me. Most of my clients are privileged in terms of having financial funds. Right and coaching is spending a lot of people. So this was in some ways the ultimate coaching experience is going out into communities and seeing what are those issues that people are struggling with? Why is there such a divide in our country is what the media telling us really, really true? So I wanted to see an it's the same way when I work with clients before I work with them. And you probably remember this. I have them asked to interviews of other people about themselves, and then I read those questions, so I get a sense of what's going on in this person's life be beyond what they. Even know is going on. So in that same way going into these communities starting to see what's going on in America. That were also confused, right? And we're into our own little bubbles of like getting my family taking care of getting my economics taking care of that. We can see the we can't see the implications of larger factors socially like how are people surviving? What are the economics is what we think about a place like Mississippi? What really goes on in Mississippi one of the girls school sent me to Mississippi actually because they wanted to see since have never had a female governor or Senator at that point. Did that impact women's belief that she could be anything? It's not political. That's social like how does having a female in the highest position of an office impact, your belief that you can get there. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. That definitely clarifies it. So it's three weeks before your self funding. This thing are you driving your car, you ended up in a little van. Okay. So I was intending to drive my car. I have a Subaru. I had a Subaru wagon an outback and I decided to do a sample talk like test talk down in a little community outside of Oregon. I wanted to try it all on right? Like, I don't wanna hit the road without doing a test run. So I went down to this community. And I did a talk at a. Not what does it? Call. John talk masters Toastmasters in Silverton, do you know Toastmasters Jie-Shou? Okay. So I did it toast, great group of people and got some great feedback. And one of the feedback was Caroline. You. Don't wanna drive your Subaru to the south. Okay. And you don't wanna drive your super to main because you're going to be labeled as a Portland sort of liberal. So I was like curious. Really curious. And then that night I stayed in a motel. So I just did the whole thing. Like what I thought it would be. And I realized a staying in hotels would not only be expensive but changing hotels like every night or every three nights would so horrible. Right. And it was just so great test. Ron, and I came back, and I thought no this isn't gonna this isn't gonna work. So the very next morning. I went to go get coffee in my neighborhood, which is northeast Portland. I came out of my driveway and across the street was this van. So I'm gonna back up about one day as I came back from Silverton, I stopped at the twenty four hour fitness was doing a workout called my this guy. I know who helps people find cars, and he told me how to find a van really quickly that maybe I could convert it really quick. And I'm like, oh my God. That's a lot to do in two weeks. So you know, what I mean? Right to add up. Like, this is a big project like how much do I believe in that big on my website? So that next morning. I went out of my driveway to go a Cup of coffee and across the street was interesting looking van and the back doors were open, and I knew didn't belong to any of my neighbors because you know, you know, who's cars are your neighbors cars, but it looked like it had a bed in the back. So I thought I'd go check that out because I didn't seem like that. So I looked at it. And it was not just kind of like what I wanted. It was what I wanted. And I looked EMMY John it was what I wanted. It was exactly what I wanted. It had a a bed or refrigerator saying it had lights it had USB ports. It had a battery at had a solar panel. I I could live in this. And it was twelve feet long. So it was perfect. And so I thought this is great. This is what I want. And I talked to the woman who happened to be there should the doors open. She's there it turns out this man in Seattle had just started this company, and he was having her drive at around Portland this weekend. It was. Or not or not, right. But I just wanted your audience to know it didn't come from my neighborhood. It came from four hours away from here was only here for the weekend. And it was literally twenty feet from my door. Amazing. So that's what you got. Well, I was doing photographic show. And I had to go get frames made. So I went to my frame shop, and she gave him the card for the owner. And I called him and told him what I was doing. He was like Carolina, so cool. So he became my sponsor for my ride. So all of a sudden, I no longer this is in twenty four hours. But this is the prize me at all not like this is. This is what is so I just love about you like, it makes me think of one of our coaching things where we were looking at jobs, and you're like, let's just call this place right now. But you got on the phone, and I was just it was just hilarious. You've just got in there. You're like with position report to what's going on. Just doug. All right. That's how it's done. I can totally see this happening. Yeah. And one of the things that I talk a lot in coaching, and I have more and more of a word for it. And it's what I did in America in this trip that I then called going rural was stranger talking like what if we really just it's trained. You're talking. We talked to strangers our world would be a better place. I just guarantee our world would be a better place. So that morning, I went out. I saw the ban. I liked it. I saw ill saga. I didn't know her talked to her. We talked for a little while we talked about the trip. I then went called Zak Zaky acre from cascade campers, amazing guy, and I had my ride. I'd which all of a sudden substantially helped right like I didn't have to worry about my hotel rooms anymore. I could then my quick earnings didn't need to be as big so two weeks later. I was on the road and headed to earth. My first I headed to Montana. I so that first trip got me into rural America, especially went to a reservation of Montana that was a powerful powerful. Visit. And then I went to Mississippi, and I expected to spend five days there, and I spent five weeks there. Would you learn there? Yeah. That's a really good question. John it sort of. For those people. You can't see me because I motor Mike, but I get like a material person when things. So this always makes me cry this next part? So Mississippi is very judged state. And one of the reasons I took this first trip was to challenge my own judgements about things. And so I had my own judgments about Mississippi. I have to say a had them and. So I didn't go to all these places with like this sort of free love, everybody's cools and our world. Beautiful perspective. It was more. Like, how do I challenge my own assumptions, and can I sit with people who I think are fundamentally different than me. And I think we need to do that more in our world. And that's what coaching teaches us to do in my mind. It teaches us how to really sit and be with and listen to and then here at even a deeper level what's going on. So my first morning in Mississippi I walked into a coffee shop when I didn't drink coffee before this trip, and I now drink coffee. Days are often about sixteen hours long because you're either driving or negotiating where you're going next. I do the solo. So I'm not having a navigator I'm putting together and taking photographs I'm trying to put together and Instagram. There's just a lot that goes on. And then I, you know, breathe deeper into my like, why am really their place and stepped into this lovely coffee shop and strangers in small towns are noticed. Always you don't think you are. You think you're just getting a Cup of coffee, but you stand out no matter what you wear and so this group of men asked me over to their table, and they talked me for a little bit. And then as I was belt to leave one of the men said to me. Well, Caroline, if you're here at a judge you won't last today. But if you're here to listen, we'll. Tell you everything you wanna know. Whoa. Okay. Okay. That's what I meant meaning to do. And I do that. So I did and I still do. And so it's now been that was three weeks into my first trip, and it's now been a year and. I can honestly say I've sat with people. I never thought I'd sit with. And almost always. I don't necessarily agree with them, and sometimes very much don't agree with them. On the other rule that I had for myself is all never debate with you. You know, like on never actually never disagree with you. I'll just ask more questions. And I always find that underneath an underneath. There's a fear. That's initiating all those levels of what we call and coaching John all slow levels of listening. No like typically when people have beliefs, right? Those beliefs are typically not innately of there being those beliefs are shaped because of things that have happened in their lives or things that have happened historical trauma things that happened to their grandparents right versus consciously chosen versus consciously chosen at some point where consciously choosing we think, right. I love that. We think yeah thing. But then if we start to investigate. You know, or the Quakers have a great term of doing conscious looking investigation. We might find that there is some fractures in our belief system that maybe we need to go like how does that really look today? How can we change that or do our beliefs contradict each other? And they often do right? Yes. Yes. Oh, yeah. Yes. So this idea of of stranger talking what are the aspects of stranger talking in how would coward? I start practicing today. If I wanted to. Like on everyday level. Yeah. I don't know. When I go to the store today after I get done talking to you like, what would it look like to practices to do stranger talking is? We're going to right there with you. Okay. How about that? Oh, okay. Like, let's imagine that you could ask you could walk down the street, and you could ask anybody anything like be really sincere. Unlike today, what would you want to know? Maybe maybe I will like what's on your mind with stressing you out, what's. How are like I think I would be curious like how are you? But not in a throwaway. How are you like we say to people like how are you really? Like, I'm thinking. Yeah. Well, so I like I like shopping at the neighborhood WinCo, which is not in this area's not exactly upscale grocery store. And there's there's a different group of folks in that story, including myself. So I I guess I could envision like the person ahead of me in line being very different than me. And just being really curious. Like like, how are you today? Like, how are you really today? Yeah. And thinking about WinCo there's that other one John that's over in our area, not WinCo. It's like, but it's the same kind of what these are their stores where how do you describe them? We have them all over the country. But by different names, you're buying in bulk kind of like, Costco, but you bag your own groceries don't have bags. They just have boxes. Yeah. And it's discounted. It's not where you're going to find you can find some organic food there. But you're. It's for it's kind of like the WalMart of grocery stores. Because WalMart is so vases throughout the country because many towns, they don't have any other grocery stores. That's what they have. If you are WalMart shopper than what you'll want to do is come down two steps and you'll be at WinCo Billy Oakland here in rural communities. Oh, I thought you were telling people how I. Quite as as fanciest WalMart. No, no. Okay. Fair enough. You have to come down a couple steps. Okay. And again, I shop at the one near here. It's great for canned foods, sometimes his great for produce. Right. And what I love about this conversation. We're having right now, John is what we're saying year is that you're shopping in a store of diverse class. Yes. You just articulated. I didn't know how to say that in a way that was. Yeah. Yeah. So you're shopping in a store of diverse class and in our country. It's so funny. That's almost a really that's the that's not a dirty word. But it's like we really shouldn't talk about that one. Like don't talk about class. So you've named although some people would say don't have class because I like to shop. Exactly thirty right here. It's a judgment word totally is telling us oh. Shop there. Well, and we don't we'll talk a lot about different types of diversity in America. But class diversity we won't talk about that so much. So we're going to go right to WinCo with you. I when you're in rural America, that's where you shop our places like WinCo. And so one of the ways that I might stranger talk because again in those levels of listening that we talk about and coaching assistant of a level. One is just a my my belief systems are impacting what I'm going to ask you allow the reasons we don't do stranger talking because we're like, oh, we've been told by parents don't talk to strangers Yaas like to say, it's a level one. It's it's what is what you have to say. How does it relate to me? How does it relate to me? Yes. All about me. Even though I'm talking to you and curious about you. It's really all about me that's level one. Although I pretend to be curious. Yes. Really, I'm listening. I'm listening through the filter of how does this affect me? Or what do I think about what you have to say that? Yes. And then so a lot of times, we don't ask people questions because we think either that or you know, we know or we don't we don't wanna ask because really don't know. No. And we don't want to get our mind situation. We don't know 'cause it's really about us never gonna have to be with the other person. So it'd be really uncomfortable. It'd be really uncomfortable. And then we don't wanna make that person and comfortable, we don't wanna be. So there's all these ways. So in WinCo, we're gonna see right. There is one of the ways that I might ask somebody is I think of. Somebody that I saw in a place like WinCo buying. They're buying little baby white marshmallows and they were buying cans of fruits out throught like that mixed fruit. And they were buying with this just. Yes. And then they had lots of hot dogs, but no buns. And I thought well, that's really curious. Clearly, there's a party, but why are there? No bonds. So I said to that person. I said are you making that cool marshmallow fruit salad. They went. Yeah. I said, wow. But hot dogs. No bonds what's up with that? And the person said, well, my mother's taking care of the buns coz, that's all she can afford to really it makes her feel important. I didn't have to ask her that level three question, which the next level. Is you hear what they say? And you respond back, and then level three is just like feeling that whole three sixty and listening from that level and sometimes like stranger talking for me is about not going to the deep deep deep place. I necessarily sorta like when you go out on a date. Right. You're not going to ask what happened to that child that that woman that man as a child and the first two minutes, you're gonna wait till dessert. So in the same way stranger talking is really thinking about like. And I do think people from borough communities are going to be the ones who change our world because they're brought up. Knowing that they talked to their neighbor, no matter who they're neighbor is they ask you how you're doing every day. So that person when I went into the cafe he called me over to his group. You never see that happen in downtown Portland. Melby weird. That'd be weird when it but he starred, but he started John. He he. Eastwards a stranger talking literally. He's like there's a stranger in our town as group on sort of right now, the defacto leader of bunny out who she is. I'm gonna find out who she is. And what she's doing here? So festive knowing I can totally picture this because many years ago, my wife, and I drove across rural Canada like way way up north like Edmonton like way up there. And we went into an eighteen w Rubare on like a Sunday night at five pm, and we walked in the doors and every single person in there looked at us. It was the strangest thing, and there were these guys know sitting around circles, and I totally see it. Yeah. It was just like we left, and we said, well, it's really clear we are not from here. And yet it's really clear and for me, it gave me the liberty in a case. Like that of w because Canada loves her W these really love their aim w it's interesting. But is that if somebody looks at me in real America, I can take step toward them and say, hey, I'm from Oregon. It's like this unspoken agreement that you're a strange or somebody's gotta break talk. So is it going to be you or me, and we don't know that until we've traveled enough that all right? That's through here. So you would take the lead. Sometimes. Yeah. I would just so here in town. I'm very much trying to think of an example, one of my clients has a company right now, the real story has a company, and he is challenged some leadership issues. Let's just leave it at that. And he they write about different things. And so I had given him a stranger talking assignment where he was to talk to strangers day about a question that he had absolute strangers wherever he was didn't matter and he only had five minutes to do it. It changed his life. He was like, whoa. I've got a so we had a reason he had a question that he wanted to know, which is always helpful. So when I'm in rural America, and I'll be really candid like I m here because high school students sent me to find out what's really going on in communities here. Can I talk to you Hugh, say high school soon the sense you everybody opens their doors? So we are in a world where we've started this gets back to the social question. Right. The whole way that we've developed as rural than city than suburban as soon as we and there's a new movement of foot to how to help community suburban communities city Unity's role communities have more walkability have them interact, more, right? So over the last number of decades, we've created communities and therefore people who then raise other people that we live in an insular life suffered say, yeah, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And so this project was about d a made up word. The insulating myself from the world to find out is the world as divided as people say it is or what are the issues that got us here. So I was. Able to I never ever. Debated. Anybody? Ever. And I was able to get to some pretty intense conversations. And we both knew how we both stood. But we did it with alternate respect and a change of mind in certain areas. Let me give you an example. Yeah. And I guess as you're saying that I was also thinking and what was the goal in. I guess with so unusual about what you're doing too is what I underst- answer my own question you from there. But it's another as you are listening to listen, you weren't listening for an outcome per se, you weren't listening. So that you could really understand what their problem was. You could help them solve it. You were simply listening to understand where they were coming from. And I wasn't even that. But that's that's true. And there's something else. So I'm gonna get back to before even had our call today. So I sent you a message, and I said, hey, John, this is what I'm thinking about like so can talk about near like Carolyn. We're gonna just dance in the moment. We're just gonna see what we find out. Right. Like, you said to me, let's let's just dance with the moment. That's coaching term. Everybody stance in the moment. We're not John an iron literally dancing. We're we're leading this conversation go where it wants to go. And seeing what I like to say show up fully present to whatever is there. Even if it scares you to death like you're just there, you're fully present with it. So here's great. And this is the this is the answer that question. This is the first time I have an answer to that question. I decided I'm gonna show what you say. I'm going to show up fully fully for ever. I'm going to be fully present to whatever is in front of me. I'm going to be fully present to whatever is in front of me knowing that I can handle it knowing that that are now. I'm going to do this show fully present to whatever's in front of me, and you keep on asking mooch as great. So what? Right. So what? So if you full up show up fully present. So what? Okay. So that I can find out what is really going on presently in America. So the only way I can find out what is really going on presently in America is to show up. To all that is. Presently. And we don't know we are relying a Nisus where you and I might be a disagreement. See we are relying on a third party. To tell us what's going on in America. No. I was just I was thinking that exact same thing. I was like, yes. So instead of reading seven different websites with and sometimes I try to do that and drive. I drive myself crazy, and I get really depressed like you're actually going out there to find out. What's going on? Absolutely absolutely in this next trip that I doing is. I wanted to do that. And then have recordings of what's going on. So people can literally listen to people of what's going on. And. The other night because I remember way back, and I couldn't remember what year was so I went online the other night 'cause know Conan O'Brien is a late night talk show host. This was way back like an eleven or thirteen. He did this experiment, and he sent out this press release about something. And then he put clips of every new station and how basically they all use different inflections like they made it up. But it was his exact words. So this was so now we're calling fake news. And like just started happening, right? But I'll send you this clip. 'cause it's kind of cool to see it hasn't started happening. It's how we've always gotten our news. So it's not necessarily even things like I'm saying things are more biased. Right. It's how we've got our news. But now we seem to be living in two different camps and in coaching. What will say you can help me clarify this because you're one of the core things of coaching. And I think. Kuching does brilliantly in this trip is about is what this trip is about. What coaching is about is naming everything we do John is about naming naming what you on naming that distinction between a belief and a truth, right? Like, we're always naming naming naming that feel true. Yeah. Sometimes naming reality for other people. I was having a conversation with some of the coach the other day. He was naming something in my reality. And it was like out. I was like, oh, yeah. I have this made up story that this is really fine. But I've got this huge gap. I need to fill somehow. And it was so yeah. Yeah. And I think that as a coach again, it's like what how do how do you say show up so fully present without their? Yeah. Without judgment just with and no attachment and no. Yeah. No. So that's like I realized on this trip every skill of coach lies like so perfect for this trip. So for example, when your friends said that thing, right? If that person named it to you, and you didn't believe it was true. You have an opportunity to say, no, it's not quite that way. It's like this over here, we lost her industry, and we have no income. It isn't that we want to be on welfare. There's no industry to be had. Okay. Tell me about the industry that's not here. So when they would tell me this, and they talk about it like it happened like four days ago or three years ago. I'd say when did your industry leave? Nineteen eighty five. And I'm like in my mind, then judgment comes up again. Right. Eighty five. And then my math is really bad. How many that seems like a long time ago? But then you ask another question. So since nineteen eighty five your community hasn't had any industry. No. Wow. How have you survived? That stranger talking in this just curiosity. It's not like talking is tell me a little bit more Asikin than solve your problem. It's just you're deeply curious about their situation. Yeah. And the other thing, which is that's great because it came up a few times here in a great way. And in town is come up is one of the things. These pork states. Have happened is everybody comes in to save them. And isn't again, this is a social not religious, not political does matter. United way comes in Christian groups, come in. The government comes in. Everybody comes in to save these communities, and they impose what they believe will save this community on this community. And then just like peace corps that happens there too. And that community doesn't get saved. So then the organization pulls out and the community is worse off when when they came or what happens in many communities. I went to is that the agenda has. Changed? And instead of doing parenting classes, we want you to do nursing training. I mean, literally that different. So places that are poor and have had a lot of people come in and come and leave and come and leave and come leave and it's gone on for decades. And decades, if you use the word help, you will be there's a way people will talk to you for another minute, but you can watch their eyes change. Because help help is is kind of meaningless. It's worse. It will destroy it hurts it will. They will. They will be worse off. Than when that help arrived. In many cases. So if you can imagine literally you're in a poor community, and you've had an agenda to help mothers become better parents because that was our agenda ten years ago or twelve years ago, it takes about eight years for people to start to really trust you. So after ten years and learn those skills, right? Then you've gotta get another generation. So after ten years mothers are starting to come. But the the national agenda is different. We believe that there needs to be more business opportunities. More economic opportunities, which is true. Right. But they they extract one and put in the other. It's just a boom. So this place you were at where they hadn't had any industry since the mid eighties. And understanding that your goals, not go there and fix it. Do you see any hope? I do actually that's the part. That's really cool is there's an organization called main street America. And I think it's mainstreet dot org. John, then there's another organization called small towns dot org, and what's happening. That's so incredible. Is that in these communities? There's a new movement revitalization. Movement going on where they're looking at different ways to develop smaller economies right rather than a manufacturing economy these communities. So don't think of another example. Yeah. Like, what would I guess why thinking like maker communities or yeah? Could be maker communities one of the industries that I think is going to be problematic is problematic is tourism as an industry. Right. So some communities have. Have you'll see they'll be quaint downtowns, and they're now become to'rest industries and the biggest challenge with tourist industry is that these people who used to make I dunno. I think has manufacturing they used to make like thirty or forty dollars an hour. They're now making nine dollars, right? What's minimum wage nationally? Now, John do no. I don't know Thailand say ten something. Yeah. So even let's say, let's say they are making ten something. Right. It's like all of a sudden their life is not affordable in that way anymore. And so everybody many people leave town leave town leave town. So they're looking at communities are looking at how do we this is a big conversation that I'm just wanna dig into my next trip is what I wanna understand. This is a great question will take me more than just my six months. My first six months was sort of building relationships and building trust. I didn't know I was doing that. But by being curious and building relationships, then people like Carolyn when he coming back, right? Oh, great. You want me back, but he wanted to come back, and do, oh, we wanna talk to you about blah, blah, blah. 'cause now at they know is I'm starting to connect people between towns like a really good web Weaver. Right. And so they're starting to realize she's not gonna help us. But she's connected me with this guy. Who knows how to he's a developer? And his motto is reclaiming my town one building out of time. He has been one of the soul people responsible for getting his main street back, and it's taken him ten years. So when you reclaim a town. These people is this is how dedicated they are that. I don't think any city people would be this dedicated is they know it takes fifteen to thirty years to reclaim their town. And if I were to ask almost any city persons suburban person, if you thought you couldn't get worked for fifteen years, which you stay there with your wife and your gone, you'd be gone you'd be gone. I so what makes people stay? Interesting question. Right. So that's why I ask them. What makes you stay? Why do you stay? So it starts with talking about the fluffy fruit, fluffy salad. And I haven't had it for like thirty years. And then I was invited to a a thanksgiving dinner where there were like five different types of lucky. On but nana's on the fluffy fruit salad. Did they have the they have the little bull of manny's in the middle. I don't know. Because I don't do Benes. Had somebody said try it with the man as I would have been like, okay here that okay? So they put matinees in the middle. Well, I'm thinking of the one that's like it's like orange jello with little little slices of carrot in it. Are they fresh carrots or can't carrots? None other fresh carrots fresh in jello. This of fresh carrots jello. I think with pineapple with can't Pineville junks to can't and the oranges where they it's just orange jello orange flavor. It's okay. So it's or it's orange not going back to my child orange yellow with orange carrots with manny's in the middle with a little you can like ask you like dip. I don't know. Do you miss it? No, no. I don't think. So. I mean, I I'd eat it if it was in front of me, but I don't seek it out their memories that conjures. Oh, yeah. Family dinners like. More my grandparents generation. Yeah. So do you see we just went from talking about jello to now? We're talking about your family and your grandparents. Yes. Yeah. That was. Yeah. Wow. And you don't even know like it, isn't it's seamless. It it starts with something as silly. As like, if you're curious to know like who in the world eats, orange on orange jello with men as in the middle like my judgment can be like who would aid that what if I go to the other side and say shot tell me more about that. Now, not visualizing what kind of carrots is it, you know, like really, I couldn't imagine crunchy carrots. I think this off carrots are better. But it's still so you can see our judgments come all into play. Right. But if we get curious than before, we know it we're talking about your, grandma, right? Yes. Yeah. Said deep curiosity. It's a it's a deep curiosity. Deep listening and the other thing that. I keep thinking about with this project that I'm doing is. We're that we don't talk enough about in coaching. So kind of look at that is that coaching talks a lot about naming things looking at people through a curious lens wanting to know, what brings aliveness to people, and what brings alive nece to the people that stay in rural communities is a sense of purpose of not letting their town die a sense of purpose that we can bring this back as the ultimate Americanism of determination. We can do this and more and more they have and over the last three years main street has done eighteen hundred communities across America it hundred. Yeah, there are still thousands to do right but eighteen hundred so it's a determination. And one of the things that happens is when we listen. Sometimes we contend to listen through a certain type of blends of our own listening memory. When we see and I can see that jello. I can walk into the town, and I can see. Wow, look at all those crumbly buildings. Can you tell me where there's a place to get a good Cup of coffee. Oh, we don't have any in this town you go to McDonald's. Okay. Where's the McDonald's? That I go to. So in many of these rural communities there BNI version, they don't have to be an is just a bunch of. People hanging out every every morning, they do it. Every morning, though, they go to McDonalds. So if you go to McDonalds at seven AM, and these real communities, it's not going to McDonald's to get a happy meal. It's going to McDonald's because that's where all the business leaders. Hang out. Because everybody wants coffee, right? So all of a sudden by asking for good Cup of coffee. I'm sent McDonald's. Do I wanna go to McDonalds? Not so much, right? But what I wanna do is. I wanna find out what's important to people in their communities. What else had no what I hear under that is that I'm curious flake with driving. You her to what I'm hearing about these communities? They're committed. So often there's this. I love this distinction between courage and commitment, so often people think I just need to have more courage, and then I can do this thing. But I like to say, no if you are so committed if you win you're committed you'll do it. You'll the courage isn't really there. You are just so committed to making it happen that you've tried to fit you you'd make it happen. You figure out how to make it happen. So what does it do you think in these communities that these people what drives their commitment that is such a great distinction? And I don't know if you made it up or now I stole it from Rick Tamblyn. Okay. Go. Rick so many of these communities. Courage is not even does not even important, right? There is no Thurs. There's no there's no vocabulary for courage, there is they might even be very uncourteous. There's no courage. It's pure commitment. It's pure I won't let my town die. I'm not going to do it. And. It is one hundred percent commitment dedication. And there's something different than commitment to it's an determination. Like, you can be committed to something. Without necessarily having the determination of knowing what it is that you're wanting to create. So I can be committed to making my business successful. I can be committed it can be fully committed. But if I don't know what I'm determined to create in that business. I don't have a direction. So what happens make sense? So what happens in these communities is that there is commitment. And determination. So I wanted leave that for moment before we run out of time because I want to say go way back to the beginning of why did this trip, and where it started in these people not wanting to have a conversation is that what happens in these communities? There are many many ways for many many decades that issues people have been ignored. And. As we rise. There are many fears that are embedded in all of our communities. We all have fears of other. And I think one of the greatest fear for city. People are rural people. And until we start to have communication and connect with rural people to show that every person is not what you're seeing on the news. Then we have one view of class. We have one view of rural people we have one view of WinCo. And so my role if if I if I can do it in the way, I wanna do it is to create a place of listening and pictures to show people. The people in the places that are both crumbling and the places that are rising. So you've asked me before the so wet, and I think that is that a fair. So what? Yeah. I guess I'm I'm curious. What makes you so committed to this? What what drives your determination to do this? Yeah. That dinner. Like, I am sick of you know, I come from a family where my grandfather worked in stockyard. Right. So he's from Kansas City and had very Kansas City views I'm of Irish descent where immigrants during the eighteen hundreds were treated horribly treated hardly even into the nineteen twenties in Baltimore Irish people who were renting houses in Baltimore. The landlords would come in and pour cement into the basements. Because Irish were thought to have so many people so many children, they just filled the basement with cement. So I come from a lineage migrate great. Great grandmother was actually one of the people hung for being a witch in Salem, Massachusetts, it she wasn't a witch. John. I wasn't wondering I was thinking. Wow. Wasn't a witch. And she is oddly they were like eleven people. They now have this beautiful memorial to these people, and they have their names they have their dates is that oddly out of these eleven or nineteen she's one of the few who've been actually exonerated curiously. And it was a jealous neighbor who turned her in. And so we think of the all of this this information of my an I didn't know this information about my own passed until I took this journey. So sometimes when we're called to do something, I think is because we're called it a level that we don't know we're also called at a conscious level when I'm looking at if our country wants to be what our country can be in all its differences. We better get a better understanding of who we think is other. And our greatest other right now in my mind from the city view is rural America in rural. America has all the answers has all the answers we need. So at the end what I'm gonna say is this is that rural people you'll go into community. I don't care what your opinion is about anything. You're going to be living next door across the street from somebody that has a very very fundamentally different core values than year. You just are I can guarantee it. But they've learned how to negotiate that how to live in that how to live and contradictions as we get more insular in our own life. We don't know how to live in contradictions. So it is going to be rural leaders who step across literally state lines and take a political stage that start to help us understand. How do we as in that could be in churches, it can be and communities anywhere? I do believe they're going to be the ones that help us thread the needle and see where our union is. So that to say, it's my own background. I think is a coach it's like, wait a second. I worked with so many people of privilege that can afford it. That was like, okay. Where is the next frontier of coaching and the next frontier of coaching is helping communities he'll. And I don't believe an coaches or coaching programs are doing that. So that's that's that's I think that's interesting because you're maybe that's an ultimate goal. But I don't hear that as your current goal. My current goal is to. Here's they're both. They go on simultaneously. Right. You said what makes me determination? I always have like four goals going on the same time at the one. That's right in front of me. Like, how do I raise money to get back on the road again? Right. How do I find a way to get these voices heard like through a podcast or radio? So those are like those just the house, right? And then there's like okay in order to get coaches invested. They need to know the people bright. So we're not gonna invest in helping people we hate that word, but we're not investing in. What do we use? The term coaching is not about helping. It's about serving serving. We're not going to be invested in communities, unless we most people, I'm different right? Most people aren't going to be invested in being part of something unless it feel safe unless they get curious. So I'm putting up a picture saying, hey, get curious about these people. Right. The best thing we can do as outsiders for these. These people is to hear their stories tell their stories that's what we can do. We can make them human. We can make them. We can see the end there. So the innovation that these towns are doing they are actually their some of their because they're coming out of the ashes, and they're redoing their towns there. Liveability factor because they're starting the planning from scratch is more advanced than Portland in some ways the way they're designing their sidewalks away. They're designing the roads. They actually have a new term that we don't even know this term called rural urbanism. Yes. So it's a new movement. So there's things going on in rural America that the only reason I know is because I talked to five hundred leaders through not leaders like a mayor's even though I did that too. But preachers mayors business owners. Nurses, professors students mothers to find out what was really gone on. So the only reason I know about this stuff that I'm smart, right? It's that I've been driving thirty eight thousand miles and nine months. Asking us how okay so five hundred people thirty eight thousand miles probably I I've interviewed five hundred I've probably met maybe two thousand. So that's one and a half times circumference of the earth. Asserts my. You're taking the same van back out on the road. So I'm taking so the first time it was through Zach cascade campers. And then I came to be gone for three months came back on new I had to I just. I just after three months. I just knew something was there. That's all. I knew really it wasn't enough to really know much. I knew that I had to go back. And so the second time I was sponsored by ram the taccompanying authored me. So this time I have and forever. My I have my forever van John? And I sold my Subaru and converted my van into a solar-powered back end. So I have a lights and bed and refrigerator, and sink, and USB ports plugs. And so you just drive into a city city a community. And you like do you look for the look like a KOA or like, how do you never you're gonna park it? Or what are you gonna do? There's two questions there. One is I because. Other people are always telling me, I never go someplace without somebody telling me where to go. So I never arrive in town without being told to go there. So if I don't know where I'm going to go, I will put out a call, and I will stay wherever I am until I'm told where to go next. So I never arrived blindly other than I don't know. I don't like I don't Google the community. I don't do anything on that first day. I just kind of when I was in Maine. I got my haircut. And a hairdresser said that her dad was at harbourmaster, which means that he's sort of overseas, the harbour, and that there was a community if I really wanted to know about fishing and lobstermen, I go to vinyl haven. So to see that I went to. Hairdresser. She and she was I could qualify her in the fact that her dad was a harbourmaster she had been raised in that area. And she felt and this time this day and age the best place to see about the fishing community would be vinyl even. So guess right one there. Yeah. This is this the by plus that read on your site. Tell that story, and then we should probably wrap. So just to answer your question. What it will be somebody will tell me where to go like final haven. And then typically all say, great as anybody there that you think I talk to right? So she's giving me a sense of who's in that community. You should talk to the harbormaster. There's a great guy who runs a hotel there. There's a great bakery there that you go to Caroline and trying to remember what else she sent me to there was something else. But just once you get into town just start to walk around. Great. But I have at least like, I gotta know. Right. A couple of places, and and then they'll be the stealth way. I do a town. We won't talk about that here. And then they'll be sometimes people are very, very generous. And. In vinyl haven, which they were very very generous. The Tidewater gave me a place to stay for three nights. Overlooking the bay with there's a a stream river kind of thing that runs underneath your room. Good. Like every like here we hear the tide. Come in. There you hear the stream next to you or underneath your room. So her great grandmother. Great grandmother. They built this hotel used to be a movie theater way back in the forties. And when they built it. They put it on peers. So that this stream river could run underneath it. So it was a big feature back in the day. Right. And now her dad was just estate planning passing it onto her. So she's thirty her dad's seventy what a great story right in rural America, they're doing a state planning. Oh. Pops them at mind ears is serendipity. Like, it sounds like there's so much -cerned up at that happened in this travels to and I think that when we here's the thing is I think that yes is called serendipity. And then I'm going to say one more thing about it is that when we marry purpose and vision and curiosity purpose vision and curiosity, we're listening. We're watching right or connecting. So when we listen to what is on purpose for us. So I'm sure there were ten million conversations that hairdresser, and I had maybe not ten million. Let's say honestly, fifty little threads. Right. It's like in coaching. We say go down the tunnel. Go down a tunnel. When we go down at tunnel and coaching will say like take a perspective that you're working with your client. John might take one tunnel. Caroline Campbell might take another tunnel with a different client with probably both get to the same kind of point of the other end. But we're listening for different things. So is it serendipity when you're live. Listening and looking no what. Yeah. I guess I was thinking more. It's a more. It's a byproduct. It just like when you combine those three things deputy is just going to happen gonna happen. How can it not happen? I'm not looking in the first trip. There's a term this term called ruin porn. You're this term. No. So ruined porn means. It's bataga. I who loves to photograph things in ruin. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Like a barn. That's falling over something over. And it's so as photographer it's so so a towns that are crumbly, right? Are so attractive at nighttime to photograph because you got this lights they shafts and these rubble, it's it's like, whoa. But after you do about those you like really, this is not cool. This is just depressing. Right. So the next trip. What I wanted to do was really look at revitalization. How do they move from crumley to revitalization? So again when you're asking what towns are revitalizing you're being sent. Hey, Phil's doing a cool job Mary's doing a cool job bright. So you're being directed to that focus. So that quote, whatever you look for will show up. So in the second trip, I wasn't looking for crumley buildings. They were there. Right. And in that conversation. Somebody would say you've got to go see the Armstrong tire plant and indeed shut down in the eighties. That was one and they still John which is amazing to me. It's all fenced off. It's huge huge takes up. Maybe like. Ten city blocks. It's big probably bigger than that. And they have a chain link fence around it. They have guard a security guard twenty four seven. That's always there and has been there since the eighties. No weird. Like, even like weird weird. So I just wanna say when we do that we can send them to my. Oh, yeah. Log and then they can read about the vinyl haven. So yes, lobster boat for sixteen hours. And I realized when I got on the boat that the way that there were three men in me and the way that you would go to the bathroom if needed to go the bathroom issue, just go back to the boat back of the boat and U P literally on the floor of the boat and then on the floor. There was a little out where go off. And I thought there's no way that I am going to pee on the back of this boat. I've never met these men, and I'm not going to be. So I didn't for sixteen hours. Yeah. That is what stood out to me that blockbuster. Like, I don't well. Yeah. Yeah. And you're out with them for sixteen hours. That's a long time on a boat. Three A M sixteen three AM to six PM six thirty PM longtime. No, yes. Away longtime. So I think that what I wanna say is we never want an either or choice and right now we're living in a world with an either or choice, we want this. Or we want that. We've got liberals. We've got conservatives. We've got hey, we've got love anytime you have duality like that look for the third place. Yeah. That's always read that's always a flashing red light and coaching. I only have choices than I can't decide which one to pick. And they both very good fundamental of coaching look for the third choice right in the fourth of the fifth story for the six of the seventh more choices, you know, until you get twenty two want them any good start with like a pie. We actually cut it into eight places. What are the choices? But you wanna be in choice versus choosing the least bad option or one of two. Right. So right now today we all live in camps. It's an either or camp. So. My purpose of taking this trip was I don't like either of these camps. So I guess that's the bottom line. I don't like either of the camps to live in either one I wanna live in a new camp. So as I went out, I'm looking at like, okay. Who else in the world is living in a new camp? And that I think is the place that these leaders are doing because to build a town. They have to live and contradictions. They have to live determined. They have to live commitment, and they have to look and see how do we build capacity? How do we create go from not surviving to surviving? There is that process not surviving surviving to then thriving. How do we do that? And in a little town of lead, South Dakota has three thousand people the town died in two thousand and one. It was a gold town goldmining town died. The woman who runs this cafe at Intel you this before John can look up. She runs this cafe. And she's a coach. And she comes from a really rough background. And she's created this program called superstars which I did mention when you came to one of my talks. So it's there's a coat that works with international coaches in three thousand people town. Who's come out of a bad background working in this community? Not helping this community working together. Doing superstars where people come in. They pay ten dollars for a community dinner of soup, and then that night four different or five different people, depending how many people want to pitch an idea to better their town. And whoever wins gets the pot for that night. Love it. So I said to her because I think it was ju-, right? Who said well, what's the criteria? Like how what happens if they don't follow through? She said in small town. Caroline, if people give you money, and you don't fall through nobody's going to give you money again. No. I was just it was so funny. We probably wrap up here. I was just giving a client a potential negative award the other day, which I completely got from you. It was like if you don't do this by Friday will use one hundred dollars to the, you know organization the utterly despise like consequences. It's real real. And it's not even long long. We could go on forever consequences, not punishment. But the consequences of this act is that if you don't take care of this thing, you're gonna do other people that care more about this negative thing are already taking care of it. How much do you care about this thing? And so I guess I would like to end with saying how much do we care because that's the final part is we have to be able to go with curiosity. We have to be able to listen we have to be able to literally see what's going on. And then the fourth thing. And that's where we can end is how much do we care, and we have to if we want our world to change. And I don't know how much we really do. I know I do if we want our world to change we have to care enough. We have to be committed enough. We have to be determined enough. We have to persevere. Enough that for some reason somehow, and I do not know how this very moment. John, and I'm saying to you out loud. I'm leaving at the end of January. I don't know how I'm funding this one. I it still not come into me. So that is it's not courage. It's like, I don't at some point you make choices and that is your choice. So my choices to care enough to somehow figure out how to tell these stories that I get people invested enough. To realize that rural doesn't mean horrible. There you have it. I love it now where can people go to read about all your past travels? Learn about your new ones get on your mailing list. All that stuff. They can go to very easy looking for America dot today. So it's a new you are L today. So it's looking for America dot today. And they can subscribe there you can donate there. If you like John wanna have me come and speak to a group, I will come and speak to your group. 'cause I think part of it is just getting people aware. So they can connect with me through there. They can sign up there. They can read post there from my last trip that I'm just about caught up with next up. I'm going to start talking about these learnings. But I just didn't when you're on the road. And I'm just watching I hadn't gotten far enough that I can start to synthesize the knowledge, you know, too. So, you know, you're very welcome and have links to everything that we talked about. And whatever Caroline since me after the fact there. So thank you. Thank you so much having this conversation. Well, ties wanna say, it's always always a pleasure to be in connection with you. And thank you for having me on today. So I love your up to and thank you for. You know, joining me on this journey of giving people third fourth fifth and sixth option. You're so welcome. I don't like I said you when you into your talk. I wanna be involved in some way. And I have no idea what that looks like because I don't see myself travelling, but I don't know. So let it you are right now you did. I just want to say right now you did. So this. On my website. This is going to go out to my people. Right. All of a sudden you are now part of it. We'd big you already. I will talk to soon. Okay. Thanks for listening to the John pollster show notes links and all that other good stuff. For this episode are at John pollster dot com slash podcast. It's in your questions ideas or simple. Hello to podcast that John pollster dot com. Stay up to date on new episodes and receive notifications of upcoming events. Register your Email address at John pollster dot com slash updates.

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Photos and Burros with Bianca Germain

Seek Outside Podcast

42:41 min | 7 months ago

Photos and Burros with Bianca Germain

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the seek outside podcast. My name is dennis Kevin joining us today from The new offices. I guess at outside. Hq and then our guest. Today is bianca germain You find her on instagram bianca. German you may have seen some pictures shown up on our instagram's wonderful ski content coming out bianca How's it going. It's going well. Thanks for having me on excited to get chatting today. Awesome my of my first question to Well one you've been taking really really amazing ski photos and we'll get into kind of the photography background Maybe what your day job is but scrolling scrolling through your instagram and kind of checking things out. I see that you're a pack burro racing experts. Is that correct. I wouldn't go. I definitely wouldn't say expert. That was like one of those things or it was just an experience. You had to try once in. Yeah i mean we. I did it with a good friend of mine. And we trained. I think once with a bunch of donkeys. There's a there's a pretty serious community they're actually and in some serious running talent Yeah so he trained and then we signed up for a race in creed colorado which is like this old mining town. Just kinda thought. It'd be cool experience. I mean the history behind. Pack borough racing actually has to do with mining race the the boroughs up to old mining spots. And what i would Get the claim for the mind. And there's like all these crazy Rules regulations or you have to like. I'm going knock remember the names of the items but you have to go with like a pack on your borough shovel a pan. Something out and you like way them. Anyways we were totally over our heads. And i remember sitting in the waiting at the starting line and my friend mats borough just explosive bowel movement all over my friend mats legs. We haven't even gotten like the race started and then my my donkey like basically walked the whole ten mile see like wouldn't budge. He likes found his like girlfriend donkey and that was about the pain that we went so various. Yeah girlfriend donkey go faster. No yeah they just like. They say they're stubborn so do did you rent the like. How does that work right like. Did you say you like to rent for the borough and so like the race. The race provides the boroughs on. There's like a pack western. Pack borough racing association. Something like that and you can like go through them. I honestly don't even know how we found this. But did you win now. We rewrote up at a slow pace. You know probably behind most of the pack. I would just fine. I don't think i was ready to run ten miles anyway. Yeah yeah well. I just imagined a picture someone. Like maybe you're driving over Over a pass in colorado. And you just see some guy running down the road with his donkey you know but Yeah yeah yeah no. It's it's pretty. I mean there's like strategy to it where like you want your donkey to be ahead of you on the down because it helps kind of pull you when you have a longer stride downs. You can move faster. It's yeah it's kinda crazy interest. Shirl do it again. It's going to overtake ultra running pretty soon. There's going to be like the hard rock one hundred and something. Maybe she got side needs sponsored. Pack for a racing team. Oh yeah we can. Pack a couple of tens on their an ad like quick setup part of the race. Yeah that burrows can create quite an issue when they want to create their own door to attend and they can create a lot of issues when they want to do their own thing. For sure turnaround go the opposite direction. That happened a couple times. Sure the borough is a part of the team and is really contributing. Like we're all rowing together. I mean because it sounds like the boroughs like like well. I wanna go this way. Yeah i don't. I mean supposedly a really like to run and race and run in packs. See kind of have to work that and a lot of the a lot of the racers actually own their own burrows so like they have like a relationship that they work on every year ray season and the better relationship. You have havoc borough. The race will be. I don't even remember the name of my borough. You are working on that search. A very very they're very. They're they're cool. They're cool animals and and the people who are super nicer super welcoming so definitely grateful for that. We don't have to spend thirty minutes. Pat think interesting. The sending unique things. I mean had a race borough. That was your pack animal for hunting. You know i mean you could really be asked hunter With your pack borough. I'm trying to think colorado trail could could you take boroughs on the whole length of colorado trail. I don't know what the regulations were are for like. I assume you pass differently. Be alone and national forest and all that and i know what it is for. This should be ritz. Would see no reason. Yeah you wouldn't be able to. Yeah idea what is keith. The andrews for the person who wants notoriety. They could get a wealth framed. Pack borough. we'll go around sutton fastest times and then have a lot of notoriety. They'd be like dozen fastest known times. You can probably do an canyon room to room with pat. Burrow right yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if that's already been been done. Aren't that there's a lot of boroughs in the grain. This there's somebody listening to this screaming right now. Of course it's an idiot course. Kt oh yeah just use google or someone will listen to this. And they'll be start. Googling before the end of it and be like furrow. Click by well. I know there's a shortage in the world with llamas right becoming so popular as pack animals. So maybe you can get boroughs pretty cheap right now. A lot of burrows at are in these races i think are like pulled from like abandoned ranches and things so give them a better life grayson. Yeah crazy. I believe that one. We're going to do more research. We'll get back to you on when the when the. So borough racing team is founded the starter official yup sponsorship great. He's a. I would say maybe a fair amount of time and you can correct me if i'm wrong but Skiing in the wintertime is that correctly. Is skiing kind of your gym. Skiing is the jam winner. Yeah and winter starts may be colorado winter. Start sometimes october. So yeah it's and dingo year if you're willing to work for it But generally around like may june kind of when it starts to fizzle out a little bit for me Yeah skiing is gang. Is the real deal. So how many nights do you think you spend camping on. Snow a winner Last year is a little different Just because i went away and we went to georgia the country and we had a base camp. Set up there So that i mean last year is probably about. Maybe three weeks total so that oven twenty one days this year. I'm hoping to be about the same. I mean springs kind of coming and be interesting to see what happens with snow and whether we can push for bigger missions But i'd like to get into the gore range which is kind of more difficult to access a little bit more committing So we'll see but that's that's probably about average sure and then when you're on these these trips you're you're snapping photos is accurate so like is the the point is probably two to ski it skiied but also to to photograph the whole. The whole process is correct. Yeah i mean. Ultimately skiing and safety are probably priority. But i do like to capture the whole adventure. So i'd say a good split recently. Fifty percent skiing dedicating time that and then also getting some photos out something. I enjoy both equally. So it's it's not too hard for me to do. Do definitely enjoy just solid ski trips as well sure. Sure not bringing the camera cameras heavy. Yeah yeah. I generally make the mistake of bringing way too much clusters linda. Well we actually the most recent seek outside camp trip. I went with to my my guy friends. And i have a sled. We don't have the pulse. Polls yet so used like jerry rigged like some string and or not string. I think we use power cord And we thought we'd be able to get up like fifteen hundred feet was just like terribly jerry rigged sled remitted about halfway actually pretty good. We're like no this is where a camping So i do wanna get a pulse lead. I think it would be helpful for both the up and down was just as interesting gas really. You really need the traces to Work well I've tried a few different. Sled configurations One that i think is interesting Not for a skier Is i used to have this mad river rocket sled which is supposed to be for downhill sledding on like i was gonna say anything with rockets led. I don't so. I mean luke who used to work here. We took it up to twelve seven sledded down. One is actually pretty cool once. You got that on the bill. Wouldn't you figured out how to do. S turns in it. Okay i was gonna say how like breaks or just like breaks her. Stick your hands out your poll out kind of like maybe you would with an ice axe or something you know chabot. Yeah figure that out. Yeah it was kinda. It was kind of fun. And i can see that you know it would be. You can have a lot of fun with it. Know without having to be an extreme good skier snowboarder. Pretty much extreme sledding. If you're up that high you're sitting next. That's the next week outside. Sponsorship sprocket slid down in rock mad. I might get another one. It was kind of fun off to say especially in like april kind of timeframe and stuff. How yeah how are you able to do. S turns and it just. Is it kinda like ronald your knees in it and you can kinda struck herself in and then it's a little you know how you shift your weight. Okay so are you kneeling and it is it more like a fancy board the kind of kneeling in it. Okay interesting yeah. i'm scared. yeah. I'll take on the pack racing. I don't think i'm rocket sledding. Anything anytime you can combine the boat but actually have a video on my instagram. From way back let me see. Sprite slid yeah. Let me see if i can you back. Sorry i've got us distracted. So the one question i have for you in united kind of talked about this before is setting a you know just any shelter whether it's the seek outside tender not Just setting attentive on snow is is hard right for yeah different. It's a different medium that you're working with We talked about you know You like to use dead men. Anchors zachary yet anchors yup in deadman's just. Meaning that you berry berry around. The we've talked about and we. We showed a sent out a video. Last time of kevin showing people how to how the deadman's steph Anything really pretty crazy. So what's your choice or like best practices that you see dedicating boy For at least for of my winter camping trips. If we've dead man we've used. I mean you don't wanna use like you're too much of your gear because you need it So we'll actually use just like a good size stick for each for each Spot yeah. I say dig about two feet. That should be fine. It's crazy how quickly that snow hardens Like after you dig up impact back down. Yeah yeah yeah exactly and then it's like it's like pulling a bus. Oh yeah you have shell to get that out a lot of times how do you. How do you like running stove. I like it a lot. Especially i mean if you're skiing snow all day you're likely going to come back pretty wet So it's just nice to dry out your boots drought. Your gloves drought tax And get warm again. It's nice just knowing that you can be out for a couple of days skiing and actually get warm again a pretty big difference maker just the just like having that little bit of comfort makes being out for a couple of days like that much. Easier you guys when you would leave the tent. Would you leave like a a pre-built fire in there. So when you get back to the tenants this real easy to for. I don't think we did. We totally should have who is actually really cold air on. I think we woke up. I was like we finally left. The tent is still at zero at like nine. Am and the same. When we get back and ski all day get back. Think visit in january that we went think so so still getting dark. Pretty early But we were set up the tent where it was easily accessible to our Would feel also we'd collect all that and make sure that was already so when he got back had to put that in. But i do like the actual step of setting it up so then you just have to give light and it's going to throw some fire to rent get about how about your Your buddies on the trip. Were they psyched so site. Yeah they loved it Luckily they're like super easy and they're willing to put in the work because it's definitely a little work prep to make sure that you're going to be comfortable out there But i did their dig their piece and it was funny music brunson lights eight and my broadens and pizza from really dope place down the street. Reme- warm that up on top Yeah was good. Whiskey slid for yeah. Yeah kevin's no stranger to sleds. Filled with whiskey taught proper camping trip without it. You can also take pizza like a are used to do a lotta people begging and i forget it. Was these two girls. That i was that did a lot of hiking together and i was doing peak with them it was a summit post gathering I don't know if anyone's familiar with that site but they used to purposefully take their strategy strategies to be take leftover pizza and wrap it up in foil and put at the top of the pack and let the sun be warmed up pizza. That's awesome luckily cold is also pretty darn good very much. Maybe not frozen yet your photos on your instagram beautiful photos bianca. I'll thank you kevin appreciate that. Yeah those you'll get the bison shape will did you go to yellowstone wherever the bison from by sending allstone recent trip to sandy ski trip and then on the all-star allowed bison there so do you do the you kind of broke up. Did you do a yellowstone ski trip like a tour or what. Yeah we go to cook city. Every year which is basically west yellowstone montana and You can snowmobile outside the park. But if you are human powered tori you can ski in the park. And we have a good a good friend out there and guide both redland. We've been going with and he knows that place like the back of his hand. He's appreciates the ecosystem out there. He just a great guy to go with and so we've been going with him to our fourth year fifth time. We went twice this year so always wanted to do to yellowstone thing for a while. I've just. I've also tried to convince angie just to do a snowmobile tour. Her and she's been like her inclination is to go somewhere. Warm bad not worm. And there's also there's a. There's a time when the park is open to bike. Touring right in in the shoulder. Season is well and but is not open to cars yet. Okay that'd be fine. Might be warmer. Probably not by with your fifteen degree bag. Not your zero. You can leave zero degree at home in yet. Some sheep photos in there too. And i think he asked you documented. A she pun. This falls correct. I did yes. I did September not august. Remember now but yeah. I was this fall With a friend of mine garrett. Rock who i have skied a bunch with. He's make good ski buddies But i hadn't yet hunted with him so it was a real treat to one be able to hunt. Let him and to be able to go on a hunt. Like sheep hunt in the san. Juan mountains of colorado's is pretty awesome And you you purposely hukou lens off. A cliff is a oh man. Yachts a that was a gut wrenching. day not just the lens. It was the camera body and the lens and they went. Maybe about two hundred three hundred feet down this like rocky scree slope And just like exploded until million pieces. I like saw go and hit this rock and it was just like ooh like couple pieces. They're kept going boom a couple more pieces all over and the only thing i thought of is like okay. It's day three. And i have a ton of photos on there like this stinks. I like went down and basically scherf your way down it because at the moment you touch with your your feet the ground is kind of moves away so there's no way i'm gonna find one all the camera parts and then i get to the first part of the camera and i'm like okay. Here's the lens. And here's another piece. So i collected that. That's done so let's we'll put that away for later and then the body happened to be all the way down and just before like another little like cliff drop. It had stopped nice file. That and i was like yes looking no sd card above like there's that dusty carter flown out got knocked out. The door came off the camera. Body card out there was no way. Se cardis. yeah no doubt. And they're like they're not easy necessarily looking for this card in a in a scree slope. That's really the haystack. So i just like it had to be from here. Because i found the door somehow from here to here like maybe i'm showing my arms. I know you can't see them. Mike like forty feet of coverage. So i'm just looking my friend. Garrett comes down. he's like. I'm like don't worry about it like i don't want like you know like take away from what you need to be doing like looking for sheep because we haven't seen any yet and he's like no no i'll help like this'll be good karma service like scanning through all these like tiny little rocks and finally we. We've been looking for like twenty minutes. And i'm dislike ad. I don't think we're going to find it. And garett like sits on the on his knees and he's starts taking a pointer finger and just like moving rocks and watching them like slide down in front of him and he like does it third time and no joke s teacart just come sliding down past him and he's like you gotta be kidding me and it was like get out so found. The card still had all the pictures still worked sony tough. That's pretty cool. Yeah that's the story. And then eventually day twelve. He had his karma karma came back to him and he took a ram so so you were well to survives. It has photos on you. You have another camera body with you. Maybe yeah i brought. I brought to camera bodies in like a silly amount of like many four lenses okay and then And then you you hang tough with him for the next twelve days until he shoots aram. Yeah well that's crazy. How many How many batteries did you bring I think we brought like seven or eight. I think would've really all i have. So that's what i. What are your the san juans. Were you in Like the. I'm still need a hunting but what it's called the zone the preliminary. I don't remember. So it's it's it's between silverton and lake city. There's a little zone between there so you can actually access it from lake city or you can access it from silverton so we actually scouted from in july went there and scouted And we went up from silverton. Got a flat tire. Garrett also went got a flat tire and then we went back in september no flat tires and we went in from silverton for i think six days and then we went to a different part of the area drove out. Went in front. Like city So yeah really cool to rain. I just wanna go back there and spend time there especially in september we nara l. high country Everywhere bugling and just a really pretty place to be a little symbols pretty awesome. Yeah yeah so That's range hang out more in the front range though contained almost here there's way more over there too right. Yeah way mar way. More and the urine denver's correct number and just kind of you mentioned that you just got into hunting or just started hunting or into the doing doing doing. Yeah how long. How long you been doing that or or what piqued the interest or not I went. I think for my first hand. Experience will be not this past september september before and i went With my boyfriend elk. Hunting up in montana and i was preparing myself for pretty much like a boring. I'll be honest like a boring couple of days. Like looking for animals. And i like fell in love with it by like lunchtime that first day. It's just different than anything else. I've done like you're not. You're not like you don't know what you're like. Defined summit is like don't know how you're like what your success is going to be defined as like as opposed to skiing align or like you know what it is but it's pretty cool So yeah that that kinda got me into it and they brought my camera and was kind of like learning hunting through my lens and that's still kind of what i'm doing And then yeah kind of enjoying it through my own experience And then i was able to share that a little bit with that sick diverge on task. Yes totally agree. So for for For people other Bianca won the sicker. Diverge was at eight seven. Eight eight eight. yeah okay. Yeah she she so you won that You want that photo contest with an image. Was that image from colorado. Knows from montana from montana so from that trip from the kind of first trip Yeah it was actually from my first day hunting. Yeah wow that's crazy you're first yeah congr- and it's interesting because it's almost like a your photo and people can watch it too sick as youtube channel. Where they kind of talk about they go through the process of choosing the winners and years sticks out to one of one of the cells there. brad i think sticks out to him because because it's so different right and it makes sense say you your first day hunting. First day being it'd being involved in that you would see it from a completely different lens so speak right. Yeah yeah mean. That's the contest is right is diverging from the the normal so but it's funny because he again they made maybe portrayed it as more drawn in the youtube video but Fight for your phone a little bit right. Oh yeah oh yeah definitely i mean. It definitely wasn't received the same way for everyone which is fine. I think that's that's how photography is anyways like some people are gonna like an image more than others But yeah i think it for me was more true to my experience like it wasn't trying to like show something i did do or still trying hold true to that but Yeah i mean. I didn't know i didn't i. I still don't know too much about hunting. But i'm learning But at the time like the history behind that tunnel. And 'cause at tunnel is from rush remember The milwaukee railroad and so it was kind of a cool like connection from you know when the transcontinental expansion into the west came and built that railroad and that tunnel and then here. We are accessing resources via that same tunnel. But you know so. I think that's what stood out to me. And but but the tunnel now is like full of graffiti. Like it's all. It's all decorated. Yeah so i have a question. And i don't mean to change topic but a one ski photo you took where it looks like multiple images and it's behind one of our tents. Well that's a fantastic photo but was there a trick to get him that or was it just an optical illusion or or yeah it just a sequence of photos put together so yeah so like my friend justin's at savage in the air and he came through and i shot. I don't know probably ten frames per second of the motion. and then i just pieced it together in photoshop. Youtube is great for instructions on how to do that. Yeah we're using that hand held. Yeah and school. I always bring a tripod with the intention than i'll use it. And then i just what some people may be interested or not to use sony. Sony gear canoed. Can you talk like maybe On your on your go trip and stuff like what lenses you decide to take with you or you know what lenses you like shooting with the gear that you use schorr So i do you sony mirrorless. I have an eight nine which is great for sports shoots really fast like twenty frames per second can ties rate rate And then i also acquired a a seven three which is a high resolution. So it's kinda nice. If say i'm shooting on a a lower focal length like a twenty four millimeter lens. I can have a better crop factor in post if i wanna crop in with the high resolution camera so i have both kinda worked together for different reasons For different reasons and then as far as lenses go i guess for hunting. I really liked the fifty prime. So it's only a fifty boca laying it shoots at at one point four as its lowest aperture which is great super fast as great low late I think it's a great lens for telling story Kind of seeing a little bit. More of the human factor. It's great for portrait's So i love that one I asked to shoot that frequently for skiing to just like that focal anthem used to it now. On the seventy two hundred is also a great lens at that f- two point And that one same thing. It's great for compression shots. I like for skiing shooting that like through trees. You can kind of get some foreground and then Get the sierra coming through in kind of breakaway. The background from the skier. So the scare really stands out because of that compression factor of that bigger lens And that's the same thing for hunting like it's great. If my hunter's father from me can kind of sneak in there with a few shots that lens as well I had a twenty four to seventy. That's the one that fell down the mountain much. Yeah that's the one in pieces. I haven't missed it. Missed it too. Much really yeah. That's that's surprising. Because twenty twenty four to seventy just kind of the. The old standby is this. Come off. everybody has yeah it is it is. It's a very i mean. It's super versatile. But also like you know if you just have the fifty air you just have to the seven needed two hundred you kind of have to work move your body a little bit more and work around and find interesting angles and more interesting shots. Yeah so yeah. I also just got a twenty four. A one point four sony lens and it's superlight so that one's kinda been added to my kit. I haven't used it for anything hunting yet but Yeah nice little light lands do you. Do you have any big trips plan for this fall in in you've been documenting you Do you see yourself picking up a bow or gun anytime soon in and chasing things. Yeah so one about with that diverged. Contest and i've been shooting on and off for a year I'd like i would definitely like to artery alcon. I think that's on my priority. But i don't want to be out there before i'm ready with my bow because i think that would ruin it for me So and just it's nice also having the capacity like i have the time and availability to go and and other people's hunts and learn from that because when you're behind the lens you're kind of paying attention to everything so that's it's kind of a nice thing to have We had something working towards. You'll shell see it seems like a it. Seems like those hunts as a good way to kind of hack hack the experienced threat Being is your only been in it for a couple of years at this point. You probably have more time in the field than than some people. Do any documented hunter true. Some of that. Who knows learn this trip. That i thought was good. Let's throw that out the winner window. Cool yeah to do you. Do you have trips in for the fall. More hunt say you'll be documenting. I don't necessarily anything sentence down yet. i'm working on maybe a possible. alaska moose hunt A friend of mine has a a pretty nice wyoming. So we'll have to see it that lines up Dis- timing wise. I think trying to schedule everything and also like motor friends weddings and for some reason. Everyone likes to make weddings in september september. Lose those friends right away but yeah so just kind of thinking about those. I'm spraying No hunting trips since early. It might be doing a few things. Montana skiing and shed hunt and rafting related Which will be fun And then just back on those ski trips bridge ski trips. They rely on things like that. It was always a a rule in my house that you couldn't get married in november medeiros. Yeah i know people try to plan when the When they Successful and pregnant. So that baby time it gets another big one pm. Rabi s to fall pre-july for december are other stat or december. Was this kevin. I've two kids one was born in june. They good and then the second one was born december died. Feel pity for the guy who loves archery hunting than has like kids on early. September late september. And maybe an anniversary like an for us. I think he i think he got married like early october or something. It's not really that good of a date. Yeah it depends. It depends on if you both like doing doing the thing you know. Yeah you it could be the woman doing all the hunting for sure these days. Yeah for sure. Yeah i mean my my. When my i was born in june she was two months old when september came around. I have very limited time. Yeah yeah even when they're born that doesn't let you out of the woods yet because then they're then they're infants take care for they become toddlers and fall off their bike exactly calls. You gotta take place in soon. Yi yeah i mean thanks. Thanks for jumping out and doing this with us appreciate it. We look forward to to see more cool photos and all make sure to link for people so they can. They can find you on instagram. Just your name. Bianca germain on instagram. And yeah we'll we'll throw some stuff up in him. Be sure to watch of our instagram. To in see more ski photos from two euros and stuff to Thank you guys. Both for having it louis ever have a good day.

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Blake Thiess on Modern Employer Branding and Taking Care of Frontline Employees

PDX Executive Podcast

38:26 min | 7 months ago

Blake Thiess on Modern Employer Branding and Taking Care of Frontline Employees

"Support for this podcast is provided by kresa. Cra says the occupiers champion warriors premark corporate real estate advisory firm exclusively serving startup businesses and major global organizations like as a portland pillar for over twenty five years kresa partners with its clients throughout the entire project life cycle than workplace strategy and discovery through the deal transaction and project management delivery of space kresa partners without conflict in applies integrated expertise to make your business. Better go to cressa dot com slash portland to connect with the portland advisory from that cast creative. I'm dan bruton. And this is the pediatrics executive. Podcast show where. I talk with inspiring leaders. Who are shaping. The future portland oregon. Every week. i sit down with business. Executives startup founders and community leaders to dive into their career journey and get insights into the impactful work. They're doing our slice of the great pacific north west. Everyone everyone welcome back. Thanks for listening to pd. Ex-executive podcast. I'm dan ruin your host a topic that i've just been fascinated with the past couple years actually is employer branding and especially in this new world. We're living in. And and what is gonna look like post pandemic I'm excited to have bring on a gas. We can get some insights from so. Welcome blake tease. Who's the director of talent acquisition for prestige care. Welcome bike thanks. Dan for the opportunity to spend my friday with you excited for our station. Yes oh we'll we'll dig into plan. Branding let's back up in learning about you so love to learn about your role in for people. Don't know what your company does. It's also very relevant to the world we're living in and some of the things you've gone through so we'll go from there. Yeah no doubt well On a local boy. I'm a fifth generation oregonian born and raised in salem silverton high school It's becoming more and more rare here in the portland metro area for sure so A little bit about me again. Vitamins blake. I'm the director of town. Acquisition prestige care about us. I guess we just from the back row We own operate about seventy five assisted living and skilled nursing care centers up and down the west coast mainly in oregon and washington print at does extend down into california arizona. Nevada we have one of the great white north of beautiful anchorage alaska and actually the furthest east. We go as callous beaumont. Hannah we're headquartered here Actually in vancouver washington is right over the beautiful mighty columbia river here. that's where i'm at and At least for me. I've been here for five and a half years. The first three years of my tenure here with prestige was an individual contributor role in a leadership recruiter role and then oh shoot Almost being here three years ago at this point campbell. Arctic been three years. I was asked if i wanted to serve in the newly created director roland. I gladly accept it. You know that's been a a goal and a dream of mine to be a business leader specifically in the portland metro area in august trying to impact people's lives in the community that i've been in my entire life and in so i've been here for about five and a half years and so i do. I have the coolest job when i do. Is i can to oversee the entire talent. Acquisition function for a half a billion dollar company that employs five thousand team members in eight state geographic footprint We really important work That's been very evident especially molasses loss twelve to eighteen months love and certain seniors in their indeed keeping them safe that cetera. Needless to say the last twelve months has been grind it. Yeah let's dig into that to start with what you can share is in just from the taking care of your people point when this all happened. Obviously you're people who we work with not necessarily on your team for the people in the facilities now. it was very vulnerable population especially. We didn't have much data or about this. So what was that. Like a big kerry question but the question of the day absolutely you know. It's you know i'll be. I'm a very transparent authentic. Kinda kinda guy at the beginning it was. It was scary. You know. I think there was there was so many unknowns that you know the market and just many organizations like like my did now been know how to react. I recall the beginning of this. I was thinking. What are we going to run out of. Tv or a residence for a party for our our team members can be able to keep residents safe etc and you know. Thank the lord. We didn't run out of ep. In fact we have a stockpile of pb or central spinoff here in vancouver All things considered we've done a really great job of keeping this debate. half we had outbreaks. Yup we have in. I'd i'd argue. Most all producers or companies in this space have been greatly affected. I mean the average occupancy of the assisted living side of of entire industry. Industry-wide is down twenty percents in all. Show that if things don't change in this industry sixty percent of providers are going go out of business within full months. This is really a almost a i. Guess i'm gonna use the term a apocalyptic moment in this space. I'm proud say we are been really. I actually prudent. We've been able to limit the outbreaks and in fact as we currently sit here And every twenty twenty one we only have two buildings that have active cases in it so my hat is off to our clinical team members are chief clinical officer. Tom rollins for doing when i was an exceptional job amongst just just crazy amounts of crazy situation. Yeah absolutely. I mean for your team members. How do they feel. And what are some things someone who's in the one of the leadership team. I'm sure you're kind of you're kind of actively recruiting during that time to while this is going on in and it's like wow what a thing to be thrown in there for like you know how i would i would you know i. I've been blessed to be able to have similar conversations on podcast etcetera in the past months my life and i feel like a broken record but my i've been in human resources my entire career one of those weird kids. I got a degree in human resource. The lines and idaho right by in my entire career. I never is never been more challenging. I've never worked are in. Its however on the flip side. I've never been so much satisfaction out of what i do for a living. Been the last twelve months has been a grind absolutely hasn't been so stinking rewarding knowing grind battered at the end of the day getting people to love and serve seniors amongst global pandemic. That you don't quite frankly you know really targeted in a lot of ways. The senior population of love us. And so it's been it's been a it's been a grind but it is a it is it has been something i will look back on. The rest of my life is Really my finest hour and my colleague. Finest hour is recruiting people. Eleven through seniors now. This has been hard. you know. There's been a lot of people who've been scared to investigate a career in this space. You something. We've tried to curtail route the Twelve months i mean. Let's dig into that. Because how do you do that. I mean when rightfully so some people who in the looking at the industry. Obviously this have a lot of ammunition to like. Elevate your mission during this too which is on one side of things really great. But there's also maybe people on the sidelines like geez this so how what are some of the things share you done and then successful. I remember the in the early days that it's dan. we you know we. We tried to use the data showing the pb. Either we have at the was made. You know our employees are getting henson vice a week rather entire portfolio. Like try to articulate that to the marketplace via employer ran. And i was going to be a big topic through facebook and lincoln host and and just in our conversation with candidates. You know one thing that. I coach operators on at seventy five locations as you know. Make sure that everybody you talk. You know that hey. We're testing multiple times a week and a lot of ways. These are safer places than going to trader. Joe's or fred myers. You know what. I mean Now that was met you know. The hosts were met with backlash right. I mean there was some. I mean i oversee our jobs prestige youtube facebook and instagramat cetera. There was some there was some not nice things said and everybody has their own opinion. And and that's what we with with social media that you just try and show the reality of what's going on and you know showing You know a lot of things that we did Rock a really. And that's even going on now is highlighted our own employees through our employer. Branding materials juror anybody. That's check this out on socials. We really got all in on illuminating Everyday heroes i use that term heroes. There is an intention -ality at the end because these are people who you know senior care especially in the year. Two thousand twenty twenty. Twenty one wasn't easy has not it continues not to eat. These are people who are putting others before themselves. Not truly humbled. Every day being able to just ali talk with those folks but most importantly for me is illuminating. Their story slide hearing their stories and aluminum high postpone yesterday. A dietary aide. What are still nursing facilities. I think it was It was in sunnyside washington the of skilled nursing facility. Just have a phenomenal story. Just just we've been able to lean a lot in that and that's really resonated with a lot of folks and help him rebound there. It's really good point in kind. Kinda double down on that and how i would think when you do that like hey. It's really about telling the stories of these people are doing this. Work day in day out. That's probably internally. I know you're doing part of it for external recruiting in talent acquisition. But internally it's gotta be received well. Oh absolutely no will dan. You know i so i kind of create all this palm hand in the post on our social here in it. It's not. I would say it's equal you have. It's for the external market but the other half is for our own team members in. I've got so many pieces of feedback of last year from a regional leaders of our local leaders. Said oh you know you highlighted suzy. The cook at our buildings park in spokane washington. She loved it. Everybody was talking about it. And that's what we should be doing. As the leaders in the human resources just talent space finding those stories of those people that work for ya and lifting them eliminating them you know people always ask me like how you recruit and retain staff primarily millennials and as a millennial myself i feel qualified to answer that question but you know allowing opportunities to thrive illuminated the hard work that i'm doing and i'm not to me personally blatant but just just people. In general people love to be recognized. Yes that's been a really cool initiative that we started at the beginning of this and we'll continue to do this. Host cove ongoing. I think it's so important. Yeah a sucker about employer brandon. It's like you know it's kind of recruitment marketing employer. Branding it's been around What's what's been evolution of that for you. Just being in the space what that means and what you've done and yeah that's a really good question you know i'll be very candid. Recruiting in skilled nursing assisted living in berry hard like we post a job week. We registered nurses rate. Yeah yeah it's not. You're not selling a a high profile sporting equipment or shoe that might our backyard here writes a little different game. Yeah yes. I appreciate that the that call out dan. So i will say the evolution of employer branding which falls under my umbrellas gonna ta your prestige has been very organic and very grassroots. And i'm going to use a term really ready to let me of tell you what i mean by that so when i came on board here we had no social media presence for the sake of attracting staff and at the end of the day. Recruitment marketing we did produce content that resonates with people and put it in places where people live over at swim new visibility. So i took it upon myself. Okay you know what we need to have some sort of visibility. So i ended up launching joplin prestige. Facebook instagram twitter. Lincoln was there but nobody was really running at. It's just you know. I took it upon myself like you know. What if no one's going to do it. I'm going to do it like i'm going to make it happen for this company. It's been really cool as we've been able to leverage those outlets only to get the word out about jobs and rear trajectory that like mentioned how on her own team members You know talking about what makes us different like yes. are unique employer value proposition. You'd be for those in the in the employer branding space finding that slide at. I mean for us an awesome promote from within culture. We really do promote from within. Very well h are at the relig- are sodomy coming out as bloomberg we're going welcome within a defined career path. You know being able to highlight quotes from our last indeed page for instance of authentic ma quotes from our own team members You know on air cultures really or you know. We have a big wellness program for residence at prestige care. I mean i'm not kidding. Dan you can go to any communities and there's this there's these huge of host or is that highlight every day. Here's the events and activities at a residence Bacon engage in and no joke. I i will get exhausted looking at. I mean every day. There's usually six seven eighths of opportunities for resin so being sold on our social are working my home like setting marin the didn't your long term and be able to see the fruits of your labor tw points for you. Yeah yeah has that says paid off. It sounds like suicide got going from zero to. You're starting at zero in the next question on. That would be a lot of people that you know. Go down the road. Vp In that complementing your your brand as an organization like working with your marketing team. That might be the other shows to kind of work together. And i think there is always some joining us with as though i mean especially in a company that might not have realistically a brand period area on nike or not adidas. You're working through. So i think of the kind of go hand in hand. Mos right if employer brand may be more important one hundred percent. I mean i'm i'm totally biased. When i say recruiting staff is the most important part of the business because if you don't have highly qualified people i'm just gonna speak to my own experience here. Don't have highly qualified caregivers. Nurses clinicians to love and serve our resins. We got nothing. I mean we don't live out our mission and we don't live al overselling you like. They added security cetera staff so fully. By when i say that but you know it's it's You know when you don't have a lot of brand recognition you've gotta be ready you know i'd say in the early days whining early days at the back of my when he's sixteen seventeen one. We're just gonna trying to launch any sort of employer brand. Yeah we didn't we didn't have. We had zero dollars zero cents. You know i'm gonna throw myself a really photography. I utilize my own professional to get high. All of high quality photos of some of our team members sit on employer branding materials. I leveraged cambe free resources. That can make some really cool stuff. So i if you're in the space or the hr space and you're like dude. I have no money to do this seriously. It the supercomputer in your pocket utilize this google how to make a rating journal on my own and i taught myself in. I've been really leaning into video in two thousand twenty one and quite frankly. I should have been doing this five years ago. Dan but no better time than today. So you're gonna see a lot more video coming out. Allie from myself on my feet but most importantly on the prestige curfews to highlight our own members are vp. Yeah i'm really bullish on video like i'm podcasts. Guy obviously i met you right a lot of staff for for clients that i have and i. We got a canada account. Like a you know six months ago and i loved cambe amazing young so bullish on on on video so i think that's that's spot on so we'll what are you also doing teaching gate. I mean i know you're on the town acquisition side in that part but once you got him. What are likely engagement things you've been doing that. You can share. And some of the roadblocks he had no matter what type of business you are. People are going to the same thing i think people are really burn out and i think you're industry might be pretty pretty tough for that and i think no matter what you're doing right now it's hitting a wall. I some personal experience. It's been pretty dang taff so me with us in that to your you know it's interesting. You bring that up. And i was the ending on instagram with a former colleague of mine who were spread. A direct competitor in the space in that is being real with one. Another life you know. She's absolutely torched and they're having staff quit and they're reaching that wall and you know this to be very transparent. I reached out well six months ago. You know it's kind of funny. Read these articles like recently. It's like oh you hit the ball. I on six months adia. You know at least from me. I'm on the the front right getting people into your organization however just due to my role i have visibility and interaction with other higher ups stakeholders within the organization. So i can speak to the retention. The best right. You know what we really tried to do. And i kind of it to it earlier as is really all end on promoting from within and not only saying hey. We have promoted promote from within culture or willingly From owning those people. I mean because my role i get to see kind of the internal movement more often than not. We're taking those middle management roles moves up to two civility recover center of manager role or that individual or senator leader to then a a author radio all so we've done a lot of backs Especially in the last twelve months really leaned that which i think is walking the walk right now and then you know. Aluminum siding the stories of our team members. I voted to an earlier but we had. This has been a really cool initiative and are by my colleague and the hr office in his megan. She pays a senior. Hr business partner for us. She sends out a weekly christie strong email company wide just highlighting the cool stuff that this community is doing down in lake havasu city arizona and then one person up in sunnyside washington god recognizes employee of the month. Let's i'll give it up for susie done we've really leaned in to highlighting her own employees and increasing the frequency of the internal communication. And i foresee that at least at this company continuing on into coat and quite frankly i hope we can access our efforts in that because people want to see that people want to be connected something greater than right and that transparency is just everybody's hungry for it no matter what whether it's at work for kids at school it's like it's i think post world it's like the level autheniticity two city and transparency lose so hopeful as is going to be like it's going to get it no more corporate speak really necessarily. There's time a place maybe for some of that but really is. That's out the window when we're all trying to get through thanks together. So i echo that a winter percent ban. And i've had many conversations like this and just with with colleagues and stuff like i hope this is the paradigm shift that we need as i'm gonna get really come back here. That's all right. I just hope this is the paradigm shift in kind of fork in the road that we needed as a society to say. Remote work is okay. Utilize can be productive and you know what humans have families have dogs and cats which is give each other operate. Yeah now there's a. There's a leader here in town who had She gave a presentation onto one of my groups previously about sleeping with grace and it was just so refreshing Someone from the top to talk about that. And i think we all hopefully going forward. We'll we'll do that more so we'll thanks before we go. Go ahead get an interrupt mba. I would just kind of peak back off with whatever not with rpm frig to hear what that was. Just an peppy you know. I think that's a just one of the cornerstones of leadership complex to serve in a leadership role. I love what i do. But i've really leaned into empathy especially lost twelve eighteen months cigna. What and. I'm very brutal about that like i. There's been numerous times with possible months. I pulled my team like what this hard. What you do is hard. What we're going through together is hard. Give yourself a break. It's friday at noon or you're in a position to stop software can guess what it's all gonna come back to the at eight. Am on monday. You gotta take area self. And so i'm just very leaned. An amphitheater encourage anybody who is last to serve in a leadership role. Run into because guess what people will stay with you see do yeah i mean. I'm not like Generations but obviously. When i first started my career there was like a huge wall where i between leadership has like. It's almost like a i e. hr departments but sometimes traditionally the old school thinking is like we kind of had to maintain that wall right for several legal compliance issues. That are very valid. But i think through all this the grace in the empathy. It's probably opened up a little bit. i think. Let me ask you this number of eason and normally it's just you peppering me with questions. I would actually really want to from your standpoint off with a lot of folks and you have your own practice really successful coming out a code. Yeah what do you think. I guess the new way of working is going to look. I can maybe specifically in the metro. I mean your. I love this question of this is what i ask every single person out my podcast but during for my clients to a lot of things so i think it depends on the industry. I think it. I think we're fundamentally specially for knowledge workers is gonna change which is a great thing. I think it's gotta be there's a there's a there's an equity partner. I'm really worried about. And i was talking to a leader. Last week said what happens when all three people decide to come in the office. This like pre kobe to is in that one person that move during covid zooms end. And you say it's all good work from anywhere or they're still going to be some inequity there. So what's your policy for. Not having that happen right. Because we're humans if you if you're around people in person in one or two people or just always zoom in while hey right. So i've little said the you see some companies just making fast strong policies that are like no you only can come in these certain days so you but i don't really know if that's going to work with people that do can't work from home. I have a young family. I and i love him to death but i can't i have to go. I locked myself officer I go to a co working space. Because i just can't. It's it's literally gas of asked a lot of people can't relate. It's relegate us. So there's that i i'm kind of curious how to play out. I don't think anybody knows. I am everybody's developing a plan so i way that says they know what they're gonna do. I think i kind copy. S on that a little bit so grew. Yeah so that's my kind of two sad talking to people now interesting. We'll sure your people. I know that's kind of a non answer but i do worry about again inequity piece of it because i think that will be. It'd be more prevalent but some companies like. Yeah go ahead you're always going to kind of piggyback off with that. I think about kind of that junior level team member in a remote environment. How does that person of business. And a training skills to level up i mean rico vip quote unquote the leader and the manager and the and the or junior team member could work side by side into hack of a lot more challenging in the more remote market a rumour remote working environment rather pardon me so i think that's another huge issue that that we as leaders need to really consider if we want to because again common threads. This dialogue is promoting from within ops. Going lead in a remote environment. It's tough to upskill that that worked junior level team member to get them to where you want them to be. I think you're spot on. I had a year this november. I had a a very high ranking executive from a big shoe company Talking to my private membership group. And i kinda i said well. Hey you know younger people must actually really liked the working remotely and other people. And he's like you know it's exactly the opposite said if you're more established in your career. I think you're a little more comfortable. Not getting visibility but the young like you said the younger people a lot of times where they take job is because they want to be on campus and see what's going on and get that engagement and faced with leader so it's a super good point I'm not sure how that's gonna work as you've twenty two. We've all talked to leaders. We now are companies who hire people at a college this past year. They've never met in person right. So all these webinars how to onboard people remotely and it's like yeah but the human aspect of the long term ramifications of this i. I think we're all going to see play out so you know it's pretty whiny you brought up like onboarding people remotely. I've on boarded four people. Five people five people remotely and that's been a challenge. But you know what we really leaned into is as boring as this is sitting on zoom in sharing screens and showing ears our system years. I this is not what we did to onboard in a remote environment but it definitely is a lot more challenging. I'll say that yeah. Yeah i mean. I had someone on the podcast of maybe a couple of months ago and he had really good inside the spout doing this. It's a skill you have to learn how to show up remotely. It's not just turn it on your camera in i've that really hit me in his co. She she's yeah. That's not something you're consciously thinking about but it is very true right so it's a different way to show up And we've all kind of learned in we've been forced to in a lotta ways so yeah yeah thanks for the questions and get real for a minute because it's it's a big it's especially in your space in the world so i've over overall very optimistic and i think you know we'll get through this and how the world works. How we have we work will be in the long run better because we'll have these kind of options but it doesn't make your job in easier. But i guess you probably job security on the a extra will. Hey on blake as we kinda a couple things always like to touch base on is your you grew up in oregon. You're from here. Obviously you know You have a love for the area. What what's your thoughts just on portland in may be more towards the talent acquisition space and going forward what that means a preca- pre pandemic flood flood of talent was moving here. And it's still kind of the case. what your thoughts. Yeah that's a good question dan. I'm going to respond to it through the lens of talent acquisition. If i can I would. I would say that. The the pacific northwest's specifically portland and the portland. Metro area obviously was off by meaning. Everybody in their mom was moving here past five years. I would say when. I'm seeing in the last twelve sixteen months most definitely it is cooled down a lot. For example i've had numerous conversations this week with people. I you know. Individuals who have operated a high level at other assisted living community or other assisted living companies. Want nothing to do with this. Area is it's it's so expensive. Live in the No i'd say the seminar fashion the the societal issues we face the last twelve sixteen months. They want her death and these are things that people told me on the thumb. And obviously the zuma's well. So i think the through the lens of ta this market is cruel quite a bit. It is becoming more challenging to recruit people from out of the market here. And i know that. Just because i talk with candidates all day writings just what i get paid to So you know. I think through the lens of ta. It's it's cool down quite literally in my practice. I can't really comment You know for some of my colleagues at the at the bigger brands of the world by a completely different experience than so But yeah it's really cool down and I think that it's obviously it's a beautiful place. I was born here. I'm gonna die here. i love it here. This is home. And and then i think it's cool now and i am optimistic. That the The portland metro area and surrounding areas will will rebound rebound and become great again at at at some point You know i. I share your optimism and i think it's a it's a really great opportunity for us as a a market to work on some of the shortcomings. You know here. that's become prevalent. Obviously and i think that the future super bright for the area but it is crazy. Just being a homeowner to see so. I can't move. I can't afford to move anywhere crazy. I mean i. I had to the save my whole life and and Was was able to buy a home and my mid thirties is about long. And that's a stark stark Cry from my parents who graduated from oregon state and eighty two eighty three in his house that year. Later this anymore you know. Yeah yeah for sure for sure will blake really appreciate coming on insurance really great insights about the town. Acquisition your industry to. I think that'd be really interesting to hear about that. So we're working. People find you in the company. Lincoln blake tease on twitter and instagram at blake in the pnd w like civic northwest. I'm pretty active on on instant twitter and lengthened by three off forms. I'm on facebook but About two active on their But that yeah. I am really leaning into video this year and only just talking about you know opportunities with prestige and on and on the cheering out to get out in high. I like to drink do craft beer. Good food you know. Difficult pacific north western. Or i guess in that aspect and you know i'm also wanting to lean on twenty one in acting as a as a service to people i just. I look at resumes and interview people all day and i want to like reach through the bone and say. Don't say that you need to do this. And say really be leaning in this year on into acting as a resource for people so like job seeking resume if you wanna learn from actual practitioner matches somebody who was a practitioner decades ago. We'd love to you know bring value to people. Not way does awesome like last thing. I'm gonna ask you just because this is a little off topic but sir really into social i. Can't i am what what's your take on clubhouse are you still there. I just got an invite. I haven't like into yet. I know it's really hot in the. Ta space right now. I need to this guy connected with and the in the talent acquisitions based an invite i need to lean into it. And i'm going to find you on america actually. I don't even know what it is to be honest. Well it's we can For people who are interested in this. So i guy got on probably just a couple of months ago. It's been around. I think they launched april twenty twenty in. I was kinda like this. It's like people on. It's an audio thing no video but it's strangely super addicting on last night. I'm just like i'll pop it open in like two hours go by. I'm like whoa but what has happened here. It's it's really interesting. And i'm i'm kind of trying to i mean what yet one more social media thing. That's what we all need right. It's like god but It is pretty interesting. And i'm i'm i'm just curious to see people's take on a once you get on it. Let's reconnect by find on the attic. Now it's like everybody has their own profile You know People you host different rooms. So you can like employees going to be like the employer branding room or group and then people just you scrawl and you see what rooms are open and you can just join it and it's like the if you started a room. You're it's like a mini audio panel. Basically like me and you could host room on employer branding. Anybody could just jump in it and were saying about employer brand and then someone you could call someone to join the panel or they can raise their hand and ask questions so it was all audio right. So they're slow out now. They're celebrities on it which is kind of interesting and like Elon musk is on there. And bill gates pops in kind of its kind of fascinating actually by just not quite sure what to do with it. You know i grew up. I'm a huge portland trail. Blazers fan grown up around here bill. Shaun ley legends around here. I love audio. I love listening to sports on the radio. But with the rise of podcast. I love hot guys so many podcasts. From early walk my dog twice a day by on google podcasts. I loved the audio medium Really hyped the checkout with paul apostle about by way i just logged in here. So let's say and this conversation. We'll we'll find these other clubhouse but blake thanks so much for joining the pd. Ex-executive podcast a production of that cast. Portland oregon. podcasts. Agency that partners with brands to custom podcast you can learn more at the cast dot com. Please take a moment to subscribe and rate the podcast as well.

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#C226 (civil servant to claddagh)

The Dictionary

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#C226 (civil servant to claddagh)

"Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of the most amazing podcast in the world. It's called the dictionary hosted by me. Spencer parks how are you doing. Were turds we're at the top of page two hundred twenty seven. I think it got a burp. Come into because i just had some water First word in this episode is civil servant two words noun from eighteen hundred one a member of a civil service that will be our next word but first we have two a member of the administrative staff of an international agency. Man of mystery international agency of mystery. I don't know what i'm saying. Next is civil service. Two words noun from circa seventeen seventy the administrative service of a government or international agency exclusive of the armed forces especially one in which appointments are determined by competitive examination. Next is civil union two words noun from nineteen ninety two the legal status that ensures the same sex couples specified rights and responsibilities of married couples. Ea and then of course not all that long ago from when i'm recording this Gay marriage was just legalized all over the place. And so that made us very very happy. okay next is civil war. Two words noun from the fifteenth century a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country. This a very Paradoxical word civil war it's not civil. War isn't civil. It just means that they're part of the same country. It's a very odd name. Next is sedan sivota on capital c. i. v. i. t. a. n. noun from nineteen twenty six a member of a major national and international service club And it's from silverton earns awards sedan which means club. I don't know that doesn't make any sense Okay next is city see. Iv y. or c. i. v. i. e. noun from circa eighteen eighty nine one is plural so cities civilian clothes as distinguished from a particular uniform as of the military and the number to the synonym is civilian so the people who are in the military they will call civilians sivvy's or they will call their civilian clothes cities. I have only worn cities in my life. Next is civvy street. Two noun from nineteen forty. Three it is british and it means civilian life so it's not the street that the civilians live on although it is but it's in general it's just the life of the civilian civilian life thereon city street next is We've got some abbreviations c. I w. s. all caps. This is an abbreviation for close in weapons system. Cws next abbreviation is c. j. all caps. It's for chief. Justice next is c. j. d. all caps this is for groups felt jacob disease now could it be creutzfeldt yaacob disease. Possibly i'm not sure Creutzfeldt is spelled c. r. e. u. t. z. f. e. l. d. t. hyphen j. a. k. o. Be disease next is c. k. All lower case abbreviation for one cask or to check next is c. l. abbreviation all lower case number one centiliter to claiming like i'm claiming this for america. Three class four laws with an e at the end five. Close six closet. Although if you look at the word close and then he added tea. You would wanna say close it. Close it that closet. No it's closet. And then seven cloth seal again. This is with a capital. C it's a symbol for chlorine seattle. Again all caps abbreviation for one car load to center line three civil law and for common law okay next is collaborate with two bs in the middle b. As in boy or babushka this is a noun from sixteen thirty four. it is a chiefly dialect and it means sour. Milk that has thickened or curdled. It's collaborate is short for bunny clever. Which is all one word bonnie claburn who made this up. How did this become the slang the dialect for sour milk. That has thickened or kerr curdled. Bonnie clever Next is collaborated with an e d. I suspected as similar adjective from eighteen. Seventy three it is talking about milk or cream and it means having thickened or curdled. That milk or cream is collaborated. Next is clock in. Maybe it would. You would say clock in. I think you've got to add a little in the middle. There clock is from the fifteenth set fifteenth century. It is scottish and irish and the synonym is hamlet h. a. m. l. sat. Now what would that be the person. The hamlet the person the had the person hamlet or is a hamlet a little town but either way it is a clinton next is clack. Cla c k. I form verb. From the thirteenth century one the synonyms are chatter and parental number two to make an abrupt striking sound or series of sounds. Three is talking about foul. The birds foul and the synonyms are cackle and cluck. By the way. I should have mentioned. That these are the transitive definitions. So you know rewind and listen to those again if you want and now we are on the transitive definitions one to cause to make a clatter to to produce with a chattering sound and then specifically the synonym is blab b. l. a. b. lacquer is a noun second form of collec- noun from the fifteenth century one a rapid continuous talk and the synonym is chatter. One be the synonym is tongue like a your tongue. It's in your mouth Yeah number two is archaic and object as a valve that produces clapping or rattling sounds no rattling noises. Use a usually in regular rapid sequence and number three a sound of Lacking next is. I love this word. Collect tony in clack donation It's basically spelled how it sound with a capital c at the beginning. Cla c. t. o. n. i n. Clack tony allen This is an adjective from nineteen thirty. Two it seems like it would be somebody who lives on the planet clack clack. I don't why. Do i like to say that word This is of or relating to a lower pay paleolithic culture usually characterized by stone flakes with a half cone at the point of striking. That is so specific by the way this is from collect thanh on c. and that is in england. I think i may need to find where this place is. And i'll i'll share a link in the show notes. I'm trying to add a little bit more to the show notes. Not a whole lot just a little bit so clack thanh on c. So it's cracked on hyphen on hyphen. See like the the water see. Is that a name of town interesting. I am a black tony. And i like to collect the rocks on the stone and make flakes. Next is the word clad. This is the first form of four kind of five Let's see the first one is the past and past participle of the word clothes So if you are clothed you're clad in something second form of clad adjective from the fourteenth century. Just making sure by record is still going on yes. It is great good job. Spencer number one being covered or clothed as in ivy clad buildings to is talking about a coin consisting of outer layers of one metal bonded to a core of different medal and the third form of khelad is a verb a transitive verb from nineteen thirty nine. The synonyms are sheath. Now there's an e at the end so would you say sheath sheaves and face specifically there's a definition specifically to cover a metal with another medal by bonding so that metal has been covered with another metal and it is clad. And if i can find this quickly there was a word that i came across Circa where is it circum circum- circum- circum circum. Where is it circum. Ambulance circum ambient. I think it was one of those one of those circum words. This is surrounded. The metal is circum. Embiid emulated ambien fli by another metal. Next is the fourth form of clad noun from nineteen. Forty one one. A a composite material formed by colliding. It's probably the middle one. One be a clad coin to synonym is colliding with an i. n. g. and then specifically the outer layer of clad coin would be the cladding also clad Now we have clad again but this is a perefixe could also be cleto no year and it means slip or sprout as in coletta phil c. l. a. d. o. P. h. y. l. l. clatter fill. So what's the demolish of this is from the greek perefixe collateral plateau with a k. instead of ac- from collado's which means branch or shoot of a tree and it is akin to the old english halt which means woods and there's more the word halt so it's a it's a it's a sprout a little sprout. It's a it's a prefix clad. All right last word for this episode is coletta. Coletta kaleida c. L. a. d. d. a. g. h. coletta. I think that's the best way to pronounce it. This is a noun from nineteen twenty two and irish design as on a ring of two hands holding. A crowned heart symbolizes friendships. Loyalty and love. Aw how sweet. So this is from coletta which is a former village across the river corrib from galway city ireland. Assuming that's the same as galway. I've been there. I've been to galway. I didn't know i was so close. To clatter many many people have clattering 's cluttering. However you wanna say it. And i know that there are like if you wear them this hand facing this direction it means one thing and if you have at facing the other direction it means another thing and you put it on the other hand it needs something else maybe even which finger you have it on. It means something else. I don't know if. I feel so inspired. I'll see if i can find a website that lists all the different possibilities. So you can use that as a reference. If you have a clattering you know. It's like i'm in a relationship or i was just in a relationship and i'm looking for i was. I'm not in a relationship. And i'm not looking or so many different options. It's very versatile ring but it's really just the design is the clarita so obviously you know somebody in coletta. The club village which doesn't exist anymore. I guess they designed this thing okay. Let's read reread the words civil servant civil service civil union civil war sedan or silverton city city street c. w. s. c. j. c. j. d. c. k. c. l. c. l. c. l. collaborate collaborated. Clarkin clack clack tony allen clad clad clara clara. I will pick civil union as the word of the episode. Because i think when this was You don't want to say invented. That's not the right word but when this was created This really helped out a whole lot of people and that was really good so civil unions. You are great. That's the song Yeah all right. Let's read the holidays. Today is july twenty fourth in the us. It is cousins day. It's all show also national tequila day. Have some tequila but be careful Internationally it is also it's international self-care day gotta go take care of yourself if y- you gotta take care of yourself because how can you take care of other people if you can't take care yourself so try both In greece it is the restoration of democracy by the way it is also cousins day in australia. Canada india and south africa and it is also national tequila day in the uk and in ecuador and venezuela. It is birthday of simone. Bolivar a other holidays in tunisia. It is carnival Of a wushu in van now by to its children's day in utah. It is pioneer day in poland. It is police day. Poland police day in venezuela is also navy day. it's also simone bolivar day in bolivia and colombia. Don't why those weren't mentioned on the other page and what are some of the other fun holidays. A salha poo poo. I don't know what that is but there's a picture of the of the buddha so it's probably related to buddhism. it's national. Amelia earhart day. It's probably her birthday today. happy birthday. Amelia earhart if you can hear me. It's national day of the cowboy. Maybe you should watch toy story. It's national drive through day so you can go through a drive through while drinking tequila with your cousin dressed like a cowboy. Yeah i think that's it but don't don't drink the tequila while you're driving. That's a very very very very bad idea. All right we're going to end the episode. There thank you very much for listening. And until next time this is spencer dispensing in for may shun goodbye.

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Episode 210: Bens Friends

AA Beyond Belief

46:55 min | 7 months ago

Episode 210: Bens Friends

"This is the beyond belief sobriety. Podcast where we examined topics of interest to people who seek a secular path to recovery from addictions of all kinds well. Today's guest is really very timely. For what's going on in the world His name is mickey. And i should have asked him how to pronounce his last name. But i'm gonna try basked. Is that right close. But it's back st- mckee back st- and mickey is from an organization called ben's friends and i'm gonna just to introduce this this organization and mickey and what this podcast is about. I'm gonna read a couple of paragraphs from the about page on bins friends Website which is bins friends hope dot com and the paragraph is this bins. Friends is the food and beverage. Industry support group offering hope fellowship and a path forward for professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction founded in the honor of ben. Murray a lifelong chef who took his own life. After struggling with alcoholism for years bins friends exists to provide a safe haven and an anonymous judgment free forum for workers in an industry that has one of the highest rates of substance abuse in the country bins friends models acceptance and gratitude and though unaffiliated with a in a shares important commonality. That being the only thing you need to bring through the door is a desire to stop drinking or using. So welcome mickey. I'm really excited about talking to you. And learning about this organization. And you know it really is timely. Based upon what's going on in the last year and what is to happen in the next year in the food and beverage industry and how people are handling that right now. It's got to be difficult. So i don't know where to begin. But maybe you can start with an introduction of yourself and your own story and how you got involved in in this organization. I it's a pleasure to meet you. John i enjoyed our phone conversation. Prior to and it's it's nice to to meet somebody that has the same thought. Uh society so thank you for inviting me my story. Let's say i started drinking when i was thirteen years old in nineteen sixty nine. Yes folks. i'm a little sixty nine. Somebody said don't you think you need help. And in nineteen eighty two. I said yes. That's my truck. I i am have been sober for thirty eight years all of those years in the restaurant industry. I have done in the industry. High-end fine dining at the very tapped level of the guiding world and. I've also are doing incredible. Line dinners great koniak urban tastings the whole nine yards. So so that's nice story you know. I am nothing more than a recovering drunk who happen to love passionately. The restaurant industry. When i came into play in rely started back in seventy six. Yes when i was twenty four years old. Everybody said you had two things one was get on your knees and pray at risk with the restaurant is trait boss is elsewhere things that i was diametrically opposed to the god thing was okay but it wasn't for me a quitting what i loved after having quit the other love of my life. Alcohol and drugs was more than i could handle so Though i am strongly an advocate of a believe that the steps the program help us in the recovery phase. I believe there's a difference between killing sober in recovery. I believe the steps to the program. You mentally highveld at my partner steve palmer. Who is the restaurant tour with a group called indigo road We felt that there were too. Many people were coming in today and our industry and being turned off a whole lot of the guide aspect banus by the rules last and by being told the head too quick restaurants. I still believe that that advice is given. Oh absolutely unconditional handle. Here's here's how friends started under the give you a little bit of the background. Steve palmer i both in the restaurant business. Both with a period of time. Steve eighteen years sober probably thirty four. The time we would meet every saturday in have breakfast and coffee together and talk and week. We found that we had another story about another kid in restaurants who had destroyed their lives their career or died and we kept saying are cells. This is out of control. We need to do something. We were both too busy then. One week in two thousand sixteen in march. The charleston has charleston where we are south. Carolina has a phenomenal food in mine fest. Greatest chefs from all over the country. Come people come from all over. It's really wonderful. And during that weekend. We had from friday night at midnight to sunday morning in a small city of charlotte charleston. Sirri young restaurant. People die from alcohol and drug overdoses in twenty four hours. And i'm going to tell the guests. The're your guests. Who are listening. One of the kids was such a talented chefs. That i was hosting a dinner with some of the greatest names in restaurant were all danielle blue. Danny meyer ruth rice. Show nancy silverton. Andrew mullany these are legendary may in the restaurant and i was hosting doing jenner with them that night and the day of the dinner i was hosting a brunch closed restaurant and we were serving. All these great fitness. Young kid cooked our meal not out in the park and that night he overdosed ninety drank himself to death. The next latest david. I got together and we talked about these three young kids dying and we were sickened as would be anybody and again we set were too busy. What can we do two weeks after that. Steve was opening a restaurant in florence south carolina and had called on some other chef friends from other isis to come and help them launched restaurant and a young man named ben murray. Now the young man to me Ben murray he came and there were three sober shelves working in that restaurant to get it started and ben couldn't handle and went to a hotel room and his life. Steve found out that it was his fifth attempt to recovery fifth attempt to rehabilitation centers. And he couldn't get sober and working in a room with three sober people. He couldn't bring himself to ask for help. And steve came back. The next week in was just heartbroken. I main totally devastated. And at that moment we looked at each other and we said enough of being too busy and we went to the local media because we are not anonymous. I'm i'm fond of saying that there was nobody who knew me didn't know that was a draw. I wasn't ashamed to pass out on the barstool to be found behind the bar the next day literally you know why would i be ashamed to tell a bullet. I'm living a sober healthy lights. So stephen i went to the local media. And we said steve palmer and mickey bags in. This is not an arrogant. We have big names. Both of us in charleston were well known in the community. We said we will be a dislocation. Every sunday at eleven. Am for anybody in our industry who wants help. And the first. Sunday twenty. Five people show up and from that has grown a network. There is now in thirteen cities. We have twenty one zoom meetings. Week and i i just this morning. One of our chefs in seattle is celebrating two years sobriety. And i send out fifty tax. I copied fifty people on three tax. And everybody's responding. We've created a network of soap. Bor food and beverage able who not only share their addiction and their issues with alcohol but we share the commonality of the industry. That were are enact. Commonality means the understanding of what it's like to miss every holiday. What it's like to get off for work on o'clock in the morning when there is nothing to do what what it's like to missing birthdays of loved ones and anniversaries and the stress of constantly being under pressure in the restaurant. Our industry is one of the three top industries for addiction. Construction workers miners and restaurant. Workers interesting the highest highest industry for alcohol and drug abuse so bins firms came together to help those in the industry. We support a. I wanna say friendly with our sir. I would not the city no end if some box off with john is we focused more on the community event. Commonality as opposed to some of the parts of. We don't talk about god in know if you have if you have a blade or throw that's your beliefs but we don't push that what we push really is the community that is essential and i say what's enormous pride you know. I'm sitting in these meetings looking at people who have never been to a name. Eighty and here in charleston are now for years sober and zoom with the national meetings. We're now celebrating night months. Anniversaries and people have never been getting a commonality. And i'm sure you're getting excited. I'm not sorry. I don't care. The the reality is is that i am arguably one of the oldest people i am. The hose burst of this organization. The one with the most sobriety. So i've been to the most meetings and i have phenomenal friends in a that. I got sober with that are still sober. Thirty eight years later. But i have never ever experienced that. I'm experiencing believe it or not over zoom in our national meetings. People are going to meet people. People are taking the ben's friends road where they're driving from cindy to city just to meet people that they've become friends. Let's we had people come here recently from louisville and charlotte and columbus and i mean it was. I never met these people in person and it was like old home week. So that's a little. I don't know if that was pointed. That was great It's it it really brings up some questions that i have and also you know i. I'm guessing from my own experience. I so my drinking started when i was a teenager and got bad in its early twenties and during that time in my early twenties i was working at a restaurant and what i remember about that. Experience was what you described incredibly long hours working into the wee hours of the morning. Hard physical work and easy access to alcohol and it was. I would get off work. And i was just i was just drunk as it all i did and one day. What happened to me. Is i came into the restaurant drunk and told everybody i quit. I walked away. And i went to a job unloading trucks but what. I remembered about that experience though the difficulty of it. And i wasn't even that time even aware that i had a problem but i it was like that job was all encompassing. It just took up. It just sucked out. All my time and alcohol was right there in the restaurant. We had a beer machine. We on tap it was just you know it was just too easy to be young alcoholic. That industry me up perfectly. I think. I wonder if that's what you're describing that kind of scenario. There's no no question are a perfect place for the hose with a propensity to drink to end up in drunk there. There's there's no question all of the factors that you mentioned are there but the biggest factor is what do you do it. One o'clock in the morning can't go anywhere. See it except the bar for an hour. Right bars around here. The three show in in here in charleston in michigan were out from there. To what else is there to do. You have another job and you get off. Work at five o'clock got Hours who can unwind your. Wow dump you've been running nonstop all evening long you've been listening to. Customers have been fighting with shafts fighting with bartenders servers. To get the things. You need your wild tighter than interim how do you unwind and in the industry we attract pico. There might be a little bit messed and perfect welcoming place for people to land. Who are looking for that. You know so tell me this. Let's say that somebody who works in a restaurant and they're recognizing they have a problem and they're trying to get sober. Do they find that. Their fellow workers are not supportive. And does that make it more difficult to be honest with you. I don't think so. I think fine a little bit of pressure. And i. But i think in today's environment when people are you know for me when got sober in there was first a little push. I'll come on. Come on in a this. Jeff komo i think. Today there is such a a rampant problem. Blow that people. Identify and people support those who are trying to get sober. There has been some progress made. hasn't there there has been enormous progress. Made and i see it everywhere. I see it everywhere number. One restaurants are identifying yet as we used to have the shift. Drink everybody at the end of the work would get three drink. It isn't happening as much. It's still happens in places you know. Restaurants are talking about healthy management is talking about healthy ways of living in other is a very subtle shift occurring in the industry age. Sharp people are not throwing somebody out of work more more so today than ever. They're asking legal. How can they help. And how can they help with the problem now. That really is a big difference Even yeah that is a huge huge difference. Back my yes. It's it's it's john. Honestly it's incredible i mean. Hr people steve's company is not only one steve's company indigo road now hodge like plug up any now is offering alcohol and drug substance abuse conflict for their employees. Because here's the reality. The restaurant industry needs people need to kick people out. We need to help people stay. Yeah so tell me about this. Mickey since covid and since all these since we have to social distance. I don't go to restaurants anymore. How how are people dealing with this and the restaurant industry. I will tell you. Turn the thing that fascinates stephen i more than any he's saying is you know. Isolation is absolutely. It's us you know the worst place to be his with your own brain alone you know as a as an add and yeah. I think what happened is what i'm saying is that there are so many people who came in to ben's friends a because in those first couple of months of sobriety the pandemic went all out. You're stuck in a five hundred square foot apartment yourself without a job and no idea what's gonna come and you're heavy drinker. What do you do john. You drink more right. I think what happened is. Is that people who were had the propensity towards are all this. They really went ahead and they hit walls and those walls forced them to ask for help and we are seeing a avalanche of people now who are getting sober during this pandemic. And it's mind boggling to me. I cannot imagine being without a job by myself engineering sober. I know. I know it blows my mind too. I mean we see the same thing in the secular community as well more people coming getting sober for the first time online. You know not having not having that face to face connection and it amazes me in one way. I think it would have helped me. 'cause i do remember. It was very very very difficult for me to walk through that door for the first time. And i bet you i mean things had to get pretty bad for me to do to be willing to open the door to actually go into a room like that and ask for help. But maybe if. I didn't have to do that back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and i could have gotten ons on a device and actually seen people on a screen wanted an easier to check it out. You know so. There's some advantage to it. I think in that respect those tremendous. It's funny you say that. Because i literally am working with a brand new kid who a friend of mine called from his restaurant and the kid is incredibly shy incredibly shot and the thought of going into rumor. Thirty forty people is just overwhelming but zoom. You can go in. You don't have to do a visual. you know. And they can sit back and listen for a few times and we can call on them and they can say without any nervousness chris. Nobody seeing them. I'm not. I'm not ready to speak it but i'm glad i'm here. And then you watches the days go by the first step is the The visual part of zoom starts and all the sudden. They're talking and they're comfortable and now they're long and being created networks so there is a major advantage for those who are extrovert introvert. Me me i. I feel my soul hugs and kisses your your extroverted and it's so you know i don't know why would a downloads. It has brought to the table out of new people and they're finding other it. I love. I mean i did it. The first time ben's forms led to its first national zoom meeting on march twenty third. Now everybody who comes has said no matter what happens with the pandemic we want just to continue everybody unanimously and i have found that is an old guy who really is not. You know i mean. It's it's cheap mail and google search. That's about the extent of my my thing. And i found i don't wanna tend. I have grown close. I truly can say. I love people that i have never ever put my hands or senior person. I think is going to continue again. We're noticing the same thing and our secular probably in the recovery community. Writ large is this is this is the experience and So what's going to happen. Is you're going to see a lot more of these online meetings. Maybe some hybrid meetings. I'm curious what is a been friends meeting like. Can you describe the meeting itself. Reform added a around the principal. Because that's what we knew we have we open with a preamble which one manno circuit here absolutely and you'll notice some similarities to another. Men's friends is a coalition of sober food and beverage. People committed to their sobriety in an industry filled with drugs alcohol and stress. Each of us is founder seeking sobriety in a way to deal with our careers soon. Lives in a sane and purposeful. We are here to share together. How we do it and provide those seeking sobriety research tools and the community needed to find early purposes to help each other find freedom from the bondage of our addiction. I love it. That's i mean. Better sound similar to me now i can i can hear the cadence and the some similarity but it's more modern. It's good i liked it. It's funny you subject because rosie you that i was having a conversation about writing a book. Yes yeah so we were talking about like like. We both came into the program which was decades ago. Okay the book was already old. But now it's basically ancient it would have been like you coming into the program and someone giving you a book that was written like eighteen eighty eight. You would say what this is crazy. And that's what's happening now. You're giving people a book that's like over eighty years old now so you can just push into. It's getting to be the that century mark and no doubt when it does get to be one hundred years old still using the same damn book and it's a problem you know i agree wholeheartedly. I've been thinking about that since we had the conversation. Though is sort of like watching you know a nineteen fifty six. harrison's thing. Yeah school wants to do that anymore. And so yeah there's there's so that our preamble and then honestly first of all the most important thing is language which were a lot. There are a lot of half words a lot of shit a lot. I mean it sounds like a kitchen in a busy restaurant and then the rest of the format is really. We don't talk stops. We talk about life. We talked about change. We talk about a couple of real prevalence subjects is how do you stay sober booze night. Yeah do you. What do you do with yourself at one o'clock in the morning how do you. How do you continue to deal with the stress. We talk about some of those questions if you could. How do you stay sober when you're serving alcohol. Well everybody has their own things for me. it was. I'm a low bottom drunk. Okay low bottom in the sense sense that i had a deal. I was found in a hotel room. After four days of binging. On the verge of death. I was also in a straitjacket in a nut. House at one point lost my business. Nobody really gave a hell to talk to me anymore. So i was the low bottom drunk at thirty years old after leaving home at sixteen. The only place. I had to go as mommy and daddy's outs and that was you know after fourteen years of being out so for me. I always tell people the you know in a the first step is we admitted. We were powerless license. Unmanageable for me. Mark i was. I've made a decision. I did want to die. And then i came to believe that if i wanted to live i had to change parts of me and and so so we talk for me about how do we do. I actually had to look at the beginning. Is booze poison. I literally would talk to the bottles and say no. You're not gonna kill me. I want to live. I conditioned myself to see that bottle not as fun nawaz relief. Not as excape is death and i every time i wanted to drink. Every time i served somebody in the early days. I had to remember the serving. Now what was poisoned for me. Other people have other other ways of doing it. They they make that decision. They don't wanna drink. That's really the bottom line. Is you know it's going to kill you. Yeah and it's just like For me now. I don't know. I guess i see if i see alcohol it. It's an object now it doesn't really have. I guess i know it's not something that's not for me so i just i've i've taken some time that where alcohol is around me. It's not it doesn't really bother me. It's like a neutral type of thing. It's like a lamp in the room. Or something i mean i might. Maybe not like a lamp. It's more like a gun on the table. i know it's there but it's just an object. The tables are good analogy. That's what it is. It's a gun on the table. Because i know i i always know if i'm in a room and there's a bottle of alcohol i know where it is and but that doesn't mean that i'm so attracted to it that that i'm afraid i'm going to pick it up and pull the trigger but i know it's there and i know it's something i need to be aware of. I guess i've conditioned myself mentally in that way Listen i'll tell you. A funny story is when i got so i was supposed to be reading the big bucks. That's what they told me to do. I read the book but also on my nightstand was and books. Because i was in high and find dining and i had to do it. So i you condition myself to as use the to realize that it is something i can do. And and that's okay. I have a whole bunch of world class wines in my house. I opened up a bottle of wine for my wife and she has two glasses of wine a day. I have served the greatest wines in the world. I have done dinner with the louis the thirteenth in the greatest cocktails doesn't bother you after you know. Yeah i get it. Yeah and that's i think that once you're once you're in recovery. I mean it does. It does get a little bit better. does get easier over time so it gets a lot easier. Does it does especially if you have support. If you have people in if people in your life who support your desire to stay sober it makes it a lot easier. Also especially if he is. Change the person that you were. Let's be honest. We were liars. Will thief's we were deceit folks. You know it's really rather simple is your learn. To tell the truth you learned to do the right thing and you will feel that need right chain. Were you know the whole thing about addiction. Is that it forces one okay. Like for example. I was in denial. So was lying to myself. I was hiding my drinking from other people. So i would lie to to hide what was going on. I if i was ever in trouble you know. I just had to talk my way out of it. Why my way out of it. whatever if i needed alcohol and didn't have the money there was always a check. I could bounce or someone to con- so that becomes a lifestyle you know that becomes so ingrained. It became so ingrained in my personality. That i felt like i was a bad person. I felt like i felt like i was just. I needed a new way to live your right. you know. that's the subject is always talked about. Ben's friends is. There is a difference as i said earlier between sobriety and recovery. Sobriety is the act of putting down the drink or the drug recovery are the changes that you needed to make to get away from the person you were it person cap drinking and we talk a lot about events. That's so correct. That is so correct. I just Actually took a course on becoming a peer specialist here in missouri and they describe recovery as process of change and that's exactly what it is and they also talked about the importance of how we how we communicate our story and to focus more on that recovery and and less on the use end because you can easily retraumatize someone if all you're going to do is talk about the drink and the it and the problems absolutely i don't do that You know it's interesting. They are those in this is everybody has their own life there. Are those choose to get sober. And make everything in their lives about their recovery world. The books they read discussions they have. I'm about living in there is. There is a corny old. You're old enough to know. Jefferson airplane had an out group. Spinoff group called jefferson starship pay but they did a song and again this song there was a line than struck may early in my sobriety and the line was you can live in books and you can live in stories or you can live and leave the stories behind. I came to a point where i wanted to live. I want to spend every waking minute. I didn't want to go to three meetings a day. I didn't wanna go to ten meetings a week. I wanted my sobriety to be about the joy of likes for me. That's music every single year. There comes into ben's friends the ones i can get you because sometimes it's too many literally. I start a series of songs every morning because they need to hear positive things. I start with novel size. Start with van. Halen's joke being put us. They need to jump in to a new way of life by the way. It's still good job. Help from my friends is on your own. you can't go to. It's a beautiful morning because you have a little gratitude and then they go into. Don't you worry about a fake. I stevie wonder because you've got accept what is his name. And then i do the man in the mirror because if you want to make your life better may change and so. I do this for literally. I'm really. I can't tell you how many people every single morning at six thirty iced-up by share and i send out checks to new people and tell them i don't care what kind of music you love. Find something you love and making things that make you wanna dance and open your arms to the world. We came into this. Were this addiction. And we lived in darkness we lived in isolation live with what you just said. The lies the cheating the dirtiness i mean. Thank so we lived in end of our. It's not what sobriety is. Sobriety is the absolute auto And that's what have for friends. We try to teach them. You can change you can live. You continue doing what you love to do. And there's no reason alcohol or drugs need to stop you. Yeah so is. The is the mainly based upon the community and people supporting one another. Is there any sort like of program. That's recommend that people follow are they encouraged to therapy. What's actually encouraged to okay. And then take what they need and leave the rest you know. There is a woman in in charleston. Who is our stephen minds. Role model her name is katie. And i know she wouldn't care Katie katie came to us twenty. Eight twenty seven twenty eight living in a grant house with windows no windows a hole in the ceiling. A house that should have been condemn. She had no ability to communicate with people. She couldn't keep a job right. And katie came to ben's friends in literally did not talk to us for three months left her head up and face. Anybody couldn't fit. Look you in. The is really you know i said to her. I said this way. Ben's friends is a community but you need some kind of program. You need some kind of program of recovery and for me. It was interesting. You're using a as tool. But ben's friends is really is really the support is really the it's safe place isn't it absolutely. That's what you get with the people who understand you and your particular situation. A parlin spoons. Friends becomes on group. Yeah and. I'm sure that the that you can talk. People down who've gone to aa meeting and people are telling them oh you got to quit your job. Oh absolutely totally. That's listen we've bartenders. Genders mixologist sommeliers. Waiters host owners. Who am i missing servers. we've got it all chefs. Everybody in and friends in. Everyone will tell you. You don't have to quit your job. I love my restaurant. i love going to work out. A guy sonoma's california who has just starting a new jockey so excited and then somebody comes to him because of his sobriety and says our g like the money to open your own. Place it's fabulous. They're really no i. I wanna tell your viewers because we haven't gotten there that our website is ben's friends hope dot com. And hopefully you can get that out. Ben's friends hope dot com kirby we have twenty one zoom meetings a week. We have savage in the day. Time at one pm eastern. We have three at night at eleven pm eastern. We have meeting at night a woman's meeting at night and we also have local city meetings around the country. Some of our groups are still doing. So i would. I would absolutely love anybody who is struggling in our industry but away. We don't turn anybody away on. My favorite members as a landscaper has been in restaurants other restaurant people who have worked in restaurants when they were younger felton affinity and moved. There's a submit page questions. I want you to know i answer personally. Anybody who calls asking for help. And so i'll definitely have a website out there. I'll put it put links to it on youtube in our facebook. Page our facebook group on our website and our Show notes on the podcasts. As well it really is a good website with some great information and through that you will learn how you can find a benz friends meeting. You can learn how to support bins friends and learn more about it. I think it's a great. I'm so glad. I ran into this. I just think it's so timely. Right now with what's going on in the world especially in the restaurant industry God is just this is necessary. It's absolutely necessary l. point our goal is to be everywhere there's restaurants apl. And and that's that's what we're going to do is stephen. I say we are involved. In a number of charitable. We do together. Raise money to to support shelters at feed the homeless that help people out of homelessness. In steve's does a number of things. I do a number of things. This is our mission. I don't want to lose another kid in our industry to lose another kid and you'll never know. How many lies that you that you've saved already so you've done a great job going over this I'm really excited about getting this. Podcast out and letting people know about ben's friends. Because i just i just i know it's i know it's just really badly needed and it's wonderful to have this Have this out here. So thank you for bringing this to light. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. John is absolute pleasure to be here with you and stop by from subtype me. I'd like to stay in touch with you absolutely made you. That's been a pleasure. Thank that's another episode of beyond leaf. Sobriety thank you for listening if you'd like to support our podcast with recurring monthly contributions head on over to patriotdepot dot com slash beyond belief sobriety or become a member of our youtube channel. If you'd like to make a one time contribution than visit our website beyond belief sobriety dot com and click the donate button. I do appreciate your support. Thanks again for listening. We'll be back again real soon with another episode of beyond belief sobriety.

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The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll: Two Tone Record - A Checkered History


39:50 min | 9 months ago

The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll: Two Tone Record - A Checkered History

"Op history of won't steph. Well balanced i machine for sure this week. Are you ready to steer us back to a time. When scott came back. I am very ready to steer us back there. But first we have to visit post world war two london bomb hard by the germans they economy was in shambles. The crown offered false promises to get people from all over the empire and the commonwealth to come help rebuild england. They made promises of riches. You'll make enough money to be able to move back. Coleman buy a bigger house not mentioning the fact that the trip home would be so much more expensive but what it did is it made the strong communities of poor irish caribbean islanders east indian pakistani asian on and because of that you had the rich culture of food and music all interacting and these white kids that we're living in coventry in these big mixed communities. Were listening to the caribbean island music. The ray gave the scar the rock steady. And as we've learned from the fifties and sixties white british musicians white british kids tend to gravitate towards black music from the americas and beyond. They seem to really like that sound in that feel and that energy and that includes the blues as well so all of this leads up to what we're calling the two tone revolution all about two tone records and the scar revival sprouting out of england. The original sky music came from jamaica was club music. Not unlike the music of england starting with the two-tone revolution and you know this history. Well i was a college. Dj play in a lot of this stuff on the radio but didn't know till later that it wasn't london that it was coventry. That really was the epicenter of all this because of the mixed neighborhood and the fact that there were so many west indian or caribbean islanders. Their music really moved over. But you had that. Because it was all part of the british empire so they had the access through the imports and the exports and that was one of those things that the americans didn't see quite as much at that point yet until a few people had moved over to new orleans from the islands and it started importing the records and then it spread from there. But that's different episode. Were in england and You know you have these kids growing up with these first generation british kids and those rich influences all intermixing and all living and trying to live in a peaceful world while you see the rise of the national front and nationalism because of the results of world war. Two in the economy and the disenfranchised you all of that but then in coventry you see harmony and equality and peace and love and you know uniformity but not uniformity. I had tried early on when we were first looking at this to remember what it was. Or what the entry point was for the sky music of jamaica the skylights the ethiopians. Easier bands that we're jamaican favorites and how they all ended up getting there in an in specifically all getting into the ears and minds of young people from the country from the midlands in coventry right and the answer is the fact that british empire connection still exists even though the empire was no longer all one hundred percent connected and scott music brought from jamaica and the islands that were british was shared in towns like coventry areas like coventry and that allowed the seed of what became the two-tone revolution. A lot of ban started right there. Tell us about that. You had bands like the specials damages really in so many ways is the godfather of the scar revival. Because of the two tone label that he formed in seventy nine but in seventy seven he formed a man called the coventry automatics and the reason he did is because a few years earlier he was the show watching his older brothers funk soul band play and the sound guy before the band was playing was dancing crazy to prince. Buster's al capone guns. Don't talk you jew and it was a sound that jerry damage had never heard before and blew his mind and at ten years old. Jerry damage had said that he was gonna be in a band and that's what he wanted to do so he knew where he was going has brothers were in bands so he was doing what he loved. And in seventy seven. He formed the coventry automatics with became the specials along with. And that's where. I first heard of this kind of music. Because of the specials and selected to selected the specials the english beaten madness will really the forefront of the scott revolution. And then jerry damas and seventy nine started to tone records and they blew up really quickly and faded really quickly. But it was basically jerry damages and neil davies. Who later left the coventry automatics to form the selector based horace panter who was also known as horse the gentleman. They also had silverton hutchinson. On drums. And tim strickland on vocals. But his style was a lou. Reed conversational style. That did not fit with the music. Could you imagine lou reed vocals under a fast. Dancing skoll groove. That sounds so weird to me. So they added roddy radiation and lynnville golding on guitars and not only did that really pump up their sound. It made them truly an interracial band which was super rare in london at that time because of the racial separation that derives of the national front. And things like that that we talked about. Because we're in the mid seventies you have punk rock stewing and brewing and growing. And then you have this thing. That's a punk rock that calls for. Hey let's not fight. Let's fucking dance and solve our differences by dancing and listening to music together and having conversation after their vocalist lap. Terry hawley seventeen year. Old kid joined the band after he had been with the punk band and his vocal style fit perfectly and then they added a novel staples on toasting vocals in. The band was pretty complete at that time. And that's when jerry damas talked bernie rhodes into leading the specials. Open up for the clash even though he had never heard or and bernie rhodes while with it because of the fact that he couldn't believe that this was a band of kids that were both black and white playing together and it kind of blew him away but he knew the brilliance of it too at the same time when you say he couldn't believe it was because they were that different for the time or because he was either for or against it is. I don't get the reference. I think it was the surprise. Because the punk bands the clash were all white. The sex pistols were all white and even the british kids that were influenced by the african american music around the world. We're all white. So i think that it was a surprise to him in that way it. It's obvious the class were very against racism because they headlined that rock against racism. Put that what you're saying right there and you put it next to the fact that it comes out of coventry and it all starts to make more sense why there was a two tone why there was a two tone label and a two tone revolution but eat also was a fad. And what happens with fads. Is they come in they go. They fade in. Fact is the influence of to tone has continued through the years. There are songs. There are albums by artists. I'm looking at the main conspirators here and on my screen as far as you know the specials in the selector at madness and the beat and i call him the beet even though they had a ad english to their name and bad manners and and i wanted to talk about them for a second. But i'm looking at all that. And i'm saying you made a difference. You made a mark new trends. Come and go. But what i've noticed is in. This is one of the things that i wanted to talk to you about on this episode of the imbalance history of rock and roll. Is that what they did. Collectively lead to more activity and the continued thrust of sky music being infused into the music of youth moving forward into the eighty s and beyond with bands like sublime fishbone and real big fish and that ends up leading to the nineties. New york scene and that ends up leading to other scenes and other labels even though to tone didn't make it to the mid ninety s and beyond. They didn't get that far but but what they picked up and ran with continued to gain momentum forward with bands like the mighty aw stones to remain get remember getting mellow song and maybe i will and in philly you had like a mentioned new york headed offshoot and there were bands from new york in philly. It took the form of the hooters. If you went to see the hooters in the early days philadelphia it was full rank in rogers speed type music a lot of the songs a couple of which ended up making it onto their amaury album but in a lot of the songs that never made it to albums including their first single man in the street back which got a lot of play on mr and from local support to help propel them. But there's sky music injecting itself into the philly rock scene and in other scenes around the country including that article by the new york times from nineteen ninety five that i was looking at about the scene in the nineties. There that percolating the scene and sky music so even though tone per se might have faded. The scene continues in the music is continued to go and grow. Oh absolutely advance. Gouveia and the epa tones and the nineties were all influenced by that big to tone wave of music that was brought to us because of the first wave of scott music from the islands. So we've seen it evolve and even like bands like my chemical romance or good charlotte. You know some of those poppy punk bands. You hear the sky guitars and some of their tunes because it gives it that real dancing moving fast beat and you hear it and you feel it in some of that music as well here at crossover and a lot of jonah's i wanna talk about the crossing over the genres in the moving forward of this whole thing because sky music not only moves me to my core. It fascinates the fuck outta me brother but we gotta stop for a beer because even in the heat of jamaica back at the origins of scott music brother you got to stop for a red stripe. But we're gonna crooked eye where it's thick and frosty and tasty. Well we're bouncing into the new year. And there's always a lot going on at crooked eye brewery right there in the heart of hafbro yorker montgomery a great place to go and get the finest brews in the philadelphia area. Bright marcus yes. They are and if you like a dark beer. This is the season for something like they're black-eyed style and tastic. My favorite of all their beers. Even though i've tried many of 'em go right into the brew pub right there in the heart of hafbro and see what's on the board take taste of the stout or anything else and take some home with you. Even if you're staying for pine and the entertainment coming comeback to tony washington and the tuesday night. Blues jam has been starting to happen again. A lot more things happening in real time live in the pub and also sent out the facebook page for crooked eye. Brewery live entertainment returning to crooked eye as we get closer and closer to full normal resume. At some point and whatever's going on with that you can find out on their social media especially on facebook crooked eye brewery a great place in neighborhood joint so to speak hamper. You're so lucky. Because you can just take a walk over anytime and grab a pint of crooked. I i'm jealous I gotta drive. And if you mentioned the imbalance history of rock and roll you get a free ten ounce or it's like a big taster. Please have my free ten ounce her. Because i listened to the imbalance history of rock and roll and we thank crooked eye brewery for their support. It's the two-tone revolution on the imbalance history of rock and roll us subtitled this episode a checkered history. Why do you say a checkered history partially because of the fact that it is the rude boy logo you also have the two-tone checkers that promote unity amongst people so it's literally. It's not like you know figurative like yeah man we a lot of trouble. That's why we have a checkered past. You're just talking about the way. The checkered pattern fit into the hall because it was crazy man. Everybody had their pork by hats. And they're they're peg suits right but the real tight pants rate shirt cuffs white sox and always wearing like the they were already wayfair oliver including the women and there are a lot of women in the picture which brings me round to something i wanted to talk to you about. You turned me onto this dance. Craze movie the chrysalis records home of a lot of bands. That were you know puckers in rockers. In some of the band's ended up there they put out a movie about it. Called dance craze. And it's pretty cool. Because i see a lot of women on stage including the body. Snatchers the woman who was onstage. Front and center for the body snatchers showing an amazing resemblance to amy winehouse. So there's all kinds i'm thinking like. Did she see this band like when she was a kid. The hairdo the presence the way she approached everything and it covered a lot of the bands. We're talking about bad. Manners is in that thing if they get their nickname appropriately there and and and some of your favorites. Because i know how much dave wakeling means from a previous episode where we talked about that and seeing him in his youthful prime onstage underlines. Why he's your favorite singer. The definitely one of my favorite singers in the eighties and they were great. The whole movie. Dance crazes amazing. I remember when it came out and watching it on. Vhs with my friends and really just enjoying the hell out of the music and one of the things about the body snatchers which will get into a little bit more as they were an all female band in league of boys for the most part except for of course you have the selector. Which had pauline black doing vocals alongside somebody else in the band. And she was. The main vocalist of the band is neal was the main songwriter for the band. And that caused a split down the line and we'll get into their histories as well but they found success with the selector with madness who had gotten together and seventy six up in north london doing the same thing a bunch irish kids and i don't think people realize that post world war two because of the tension between the brits and the irish the irish were treated as second class citizens just like everybody else. That wasn't native protestant. You know londoners to be no time. His and these irish kids were blown away by the fact that a band of white and black kids were doing the exact same thing that they did. And then after talking to jerry damage after seeing the specials and the clash suggs was a jerry damage. Came up to me and said i'm gonna be starting the motown label of london and we're going to have scott bands on it as well and madness ended up becoming part of that label for a short while and he formed the label and dance. Craze was the big promo piece to show how great the label was. And i'm so glad you got to see it. And i'm glad we found it on youtube because the music is fantastic. You see how good those bands were live. They were all dancing around with the crowd. You can see the crowd feeling the music the way they did and it really was fascinating and one of the things that i found very interesting. And maybe it explains. Why scott in this incarnation. The two-tone incarnation only lasted a short. While is because it was extremely political extremely political and very upset with the system and recognizing revolutionary change. David wake fleeing. And i'm paraphrasing him said. Here's another song about unemployment and got old for people after a while and you could see five of music changing and as we look into the eighties in the mid eighties and the late eighties. Even alternative music became more romantic with bands like duran duran and spandau ballet and even the police were romantic in so many ways in the mid eighties before they called it quits. The cure was very romanticized new order even in that sort of nerdy way so the alternative vibe was changing and people were getting tired of the politics and i think that was one of the things that helped lead to the decline of two-tone two thoughts on what you were just saying. A lot of that is very informative to people because they don't think everybody knows in addition to everything. You just said one of the things that i learned both from a while back but also from watching dance craze. This music was live rock and roll music. It was a scene where people went multiple nights a week to the clubs in there wasn't a dj even when they actually had vinyl to play. There wasn't a dj. It was a band and it was all these bands that we're talking about in more performing in the clubs and that's how seen really starts to come together when you've got live bands giving you the main source for what it is you want. And there is a similarity between the london scene of the late seventies and early eighties and jamaica where skull music founded roots. It was about live enjoyment and performance and later about records and the other thing is part of the reason that all this happens where two-tone tone kind of diminishes is because of what wakeling is saying. And because of the fact that the musicians themselves began to change the clash began to incorporate scott elements in some of their music and then make peels and he goes with wakeling in day ranking roger and horace and and they start general public. Really the first scott supergroup if you wanna think of it as that and they kind of forge their own territory off from this little bunch of kids from coventry gone to london see where they can make themselves in they really got mc jones caught up in it for awhile in general public so these are the things that i'm seeing as i'm looking into it and thinking about this music. They you know so well and digs so deeply into here. You know if you want to break down some of these bands and talk a little bit about them. I'd be more than happy to because the fire burn bright for a short period but it really burned hard to and just the dance aspect and the moving in the grooving aspect of it really carried forward and even though a lot of these bands were split up and onto other things by the mid delayed eighties. You still heard some of the music in the alternative clubs when you would be dancing to the eighties. Music songs like nightclub and concrete jungle always be would always be up in a bow on the dance floor. We'd always be out dance into them and hearing them at the eighties. Alternative nights the specials and that song specifically concrete jungle stood out in the movie that we were watching. Dance craze for the edgy guitar. Which was not part of the jamaican sound of scott. And that's where a big important. That's why i'm jumping in here. Because it's an important area of differentiation between the english version of what was happening then and where it came from originally made their own way with the in some ways specials concrete jungle is the epitome of the dance craze. That we're talking about here on the imbalance history of rock and roll camp. Drink digress here on the podcast. Let me ask you something because this speaks. Do you want to discuss. Some of these bands are still notorious. You know we're talking about them. The specials and selector in madness and maybe some of the others not so much what banned from that period. You think got neglected if he can say that in the long term That people need to go and listen to an discover or rediscover their two bands that you should consider that may be got overlooked. Even though they're two of the biggies in the two tone label the selector got some radio play but not a lot that first album. There's too much pressure is so good with songs. Like james bond on your radio. Three minute hero. Green fantastic the body snatchers. An all female band doing the sky thing and playing really well had a couple of hits in london. Let's do the rock steady which hit number twenty two In easy life which hit fifty the side of that too experienced and then they also had a song called ruder than you which you should check out the lead vocalist of the body snatchers. Her name is road. The car and after the body snatchers broke up a few of them left to form the belle stars. She did a duet on the second specials record more specials with terry hall called i can't stand it and then after terry neville and lynnville left the specials to form the fun boy. Three rotor stepped in and did some vocals for the special aka host terry hall at the front of the band. She is one of the big influencers and one of the big players in the alternative skop punk scene in london at that time period and women had such a huge role in changing rock and roll at that time. Kinda like tina weymouth. Debbie harry and a few others did over on this side of the pond which we will do an episode about that at some point but her vocals are fantastic. Her vibe her energy really really excellent. I recommend you check out. Some of the body snatchers music. There's something about the female side of all of this. The gets overlooked a lot and to hear it from their viewpoint. I think is cool and it gives you a new perspective on everything because you're not only hearing what it's like to be an angry disenfranchised dude you're hearing what it's like to be disenfranchised and struggling even more so from a female standpoint and then having to deal with the misogyny and the sexism as well which sexual politics are always incorporated into the sky music. The english be incorporated the sexual politics of relationships into their music as well as the politics of the world around them. It was all important. Because dave wakeling especially if you follow him today you know how much he is into love and peace and and trying to open up dialogue and respecting carrying about people. And he's really good. People all along road is that the diet mean how you can get that vibe from him if you follow him along on social media because he really does hold to that scott vied that they had set out to reach in the early days of to tone in what they were all about his bands. Some of the influences of movement or a fad don't always show themselves so easily but you can find a lot of the seeds that have grown into plants in music in the late eighties and nineties and beyond. It isn't necessarily a one hundred percents. Scott and all i would say is its influence continues with a lot of younger musicians and fans so you can discover some of the music. We're talking about here this week. The one that is nearest and dearest to my heart has to be the specials from the exact two-tone universe. There's so much great music than crosses in an ad of their little universe up being this place by but for you you. You're in music discovery mode. I was in college radio mode. This stuff would come in. And i go out. It's from two tone sure. What's it sound like. I'd listen to at once in q. And then just put it on the air because you know it was going to be fun and had that experience for awhile there. Right in the seventy nine eighty one wheelhouse with radio before i got in work in commercial. Radio's pretty cool to be there in in planet you know having been in radio for the last thirty years. I can only imagine what it's like to be the person on that end to be able to play something to people for the first time having done that on radio but also being a kid with my ears glued to the radio and hearing it for the first time. It's pretty mind blowing as well so you're getting two perspectives of that. And i can only imagine being handed the record and being like here. Check this out and then throw something on okay. It's still college radio. it really is. I would love to work at a college radio station with kids and groom them for future radio. That would be a lot of fun. And i are friends who've done that we have a friend who's done that and they will vouch for that. It is a lot of your teaching them. not only what. We've learned things. They need to know to survive in a digital future as well so a lot of stuff going on there and always a good time to hang out with you and talk about music that moves us this. Move the needle for both of us. It's something we wanted to do for awhile. I don't know if it goes all the way back to our first meeting. But i'm pretty sure it came up sometime in the first few months after we started. Oh it easily did. And going back to the specials and their importance they came on with a blazing fury and like you said this music was made to be played live and they sounded good live and in the dance craze which they did not have the technology and they did not have what we have today as far as recording goes at still feel the energy of the music in a different way. Almost an analog way when you hear it when you see your analog and there's all kinds of besides the music but you get the essence of it and that's important it's funny because that was one thousand nine hundred. Ninety one in nineteen eighty specials made their united states. Appearance played their first show in the united states and they also debuted on saturday night live in played gangster where they give a negative tribute to bernie rhodes took. Yeah they were very unhappy. He managed them during that tour where they opened up the clash and he helped them get their dress and their style down to a pat like he helped them tweak it and make it uniform and then something happened along the way because bernie rhodes is bernie rhodes and everybody kind of knows who bernie rhodes was and what he did. He said it a few times. So i don't think we even have to mention his name anymore. Hey wait a minute. I got a text from the research department. I thought they were on vacation. No they're back. Welcome back says tell markets that were back you dummy. Oh i got to tell you. They're back guys. Did you know that. Jerry dahmer's was born in optima nd to meal nadu south india. Yes and that. His dad's name was horace and he also ended up working with a guy named horace very interesting news. In info on dahmer's his dad was a man of the church and jerry dislikes church very much and was very Not into it and rebelled against it and as soon as he could stop going to church he stopped. He was not into the church. In wherever heard that story before Lots of the horses. It's time to rock and roll with the specials. They broke up. Because terry hall wanted a bigger cut of the songwriting royalties and jerry. Damage was the majority songwriter. And terry hall said if you do not split. The songwriting royalties with everybody evenly. Were leaving and so he novel and lynnville left and formed the fun boy three which is about the time he co wrote. Our lips are sealed with jane. Wedeman of the gulf. A check on that He got a huge chat on that which he still does. Have you listen. And then after the fun boy. Three did those two quick albums and faded away. He was in a sort of post punk band called the color field. And they're only a seminal. Hit was pushing up daisies and that was a small alternative. College radio hit in the late eighties. That really didn't do much. And then it faded out from there and then of course. Ninety two on the specials have had various reunions so they've had many reunions and they've reunited many different times for events and things like that but they did what they did and they made their mark big in a short period. And that's all we got him on the imbalance history of rock and roll talking about that checkered history of the two tone revolution. Hey folks if you want to add to censor your two tones to the conversational you've got to do is send us an email. It's imbalanced history at g. Mail dot com. That's our email address and you can find us on social media. Were on instagram and twitter. They've never given us the r. Y and we've stopped asking them about it and you can of course find us on facebook so but feel free to reach out and add to the story that we tell everybody here on the podcast. Yes thank you for listening and please reach out if we missed anything or we forgot any bands or did not mention anybody who should be mentioned. Please let us know. I gotta ask you. You've been kind of pent-up and ready to rock on this episode for quite some time. Do you feel satisfied. Satiated so to speak i do. I would like to really. I could definitely talk longer about this. And go into more detail about madness in some of their songs and the english beat in some of their songs even talking a little bit about like buster blood vessel of bad manners and lip up fatty and some of that stuff but could end up being a super super super long run on conversation so what it sounds like to me. It sounds like another episode history of rock and roll eisley. That could just be an episode of favorites. Were were you. Just talk about your favorite stuff from that time period and i could just sit back and hit the bong hard the the year thing and and i'll just jump in here in there there and do my part just like i did on this episode which we are winding down. But you know the music never stops. I found some really great playlists for scott in general on spotify and you could probably find them too so enjoy those and thanks for indulging us a little bit because this is one of those episodes we both really love and have been wanting to do for a while and we ran out of things pushing it out of the way. Finally here we are. It's great and if you can also listen to the specials ghost town check. Some of these songs are so many wonderful wonderful songs so much good dance music out there and just so much wonderful time music but dance yes. Don't forget to dance anyways. I think it's under avid Can i take off the way fares and the park by. Because i've been wearing when the whole time you see this right here on the video totally but i'm gonna keep it handy because we're doing another episode about this. I'm recoup marcus in the dark is out on this episode. We'll be back soon on the imbalance history of rock and roll.

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S4 Ep. 3: Henry Winkler

Green Eggs and Dan

52:38 min | 4 months ago

S4 Ep. 3: Henry Winkler

"Guys it's time for me to tell you about my favorite kitchen device. I love triggers. So much i was using it way before they ever became an advertiser on my podcast. Trust me guys. The food will come out great every single time. You can do everything with this baby okay. I make burgers on it. I see stakes on it. Everything is frigging awesome. There's nothing better than a traitor. I swear. I can't recommend this product enough gear trigger and learn more visit triggered. Dot com t. r. a. e. g. e. r. dot com support for green eggs. And van is brought to you by manscaping. Who is the best. In men's below the waist grooming champions of the world manscaping offers precision engineered tools for your family. Jewels manscaping just launched their fourth generation. Trimmer the lawnmower four point. Oh you're that it's the four point. Oh join over. Two million men worldwide trust manscaping with this exclusive offer for you. Twenty percent off free shipping. That's right there's a. Hey harry balls all over the world with the code. Ged at manscaping dot com ca mau and investable camp keeney guys. Welcome to eggs and dan where i interview. Amazing people with amazing minds. But all i care about is what is in their fridge. My guest today. We've got we've probably probably probably the biggest guests we've had so far in the podcast. Very excited no offense to padma lakshmi or to phil rosenthal. But today we have henry winkler. He is one of america's most beloved actors and beloved human beings. You don't from happy days arrested development berry and so much more mr winkler. Thank you for joining us. How are you very well. How are you. I haven't imitation assume rosenthal. Please for those of you listening Henry just did the big. The big phil rosenthal. Td smile he He gets very excited but it is fun to follow him on his adventures and it is his show is one of my one of my favorite new food shows for sure. His daughter is one of my favorite people. She helps my grandchildren. Oh he is a like a An assistant teacher for them. Yeah these these rosenthal's they seem like two nights like they're covering something up. No i think it's insanity but they are the most lovely people truly to end the brilliant. Yes they are fantastic but we are not here to talk about them. We're here to talk about you and we're here to talk about your your relationship to food and whatnot. I have a picture of your fridge here. It's a little grainy. But i can make our what we have here on a lot of condiments h lot of eggs and coffee and coffee okay. I guess we're done. Thank you so much. Henry for joining us and a coffee is from Gotham roasters in brooklyn. I'm not familiar with guy roasters. Oh my lord. It's cold brooklyn blend and there is a chocolate aftertaste. An after note mu and it is delicious interesting. I'm you know. I've i've resigned myself to the nas bresso people i. I know it's not cool of me. It's not hip of me. Though there there is a don't it starts with a b. But in in in new york on twenty fifth street in madison. Maybe there is italy. Yes right and they have many many kinds of coffee and there is a chocolate layer. A coffee layer a cream layer and with cream. I'm not called this. But i want to say biagio. Okay yes i know what you're talking about. It's it's a layered it's almost like a tier amis. Sue of coffees coffee. My wife and i after we stand those high tables and have the usher kuri. Yes and that brown bread We then have one of those and a fly all the way back to wherever our hotel is. You know the thing i love about. Italy is that you can go there order glass of wine and then do your groceries while you're while you're sipping on a nebiolo but i want to tell you that is one delicious place i mean i. I haven't been there in a year or so. I haven't been to my beloved new york in a year. Yeah but you know. I actually there is a demarcation line between food and food in my life. Okay and it is getting married to stacey four. I met stacy There was a tuna fish sandwich and ambrosia salad and boxed wine wife and read for visitors in my refrigerator. Basically that was it really and it came from green blacks on sunset boulevard and they still make good tuned for sam and they have great wind by the way their wine selection for a deli is unbelievable. I don't drink. So i thought i should have some wine. That won't go bad in awhile. Forgets and then i had tunafish on wonder bread Much five four days a week for four years in high school at mcburney school for boys in new york city then on the fifth day i would have baloney butter and wonder bread wile henry. You've come a long way. I it's true. I did not know what food was until i got married interesting. And i can't imagine how many guests would come over to your home and then leave and be like and call their friends be like you're not gonna believe it. We went to henry winklers home and he all he gave us was boxed wine. That's what is he's got box boxed wine. I didn't even have cut carrots. Celery celery is an interesting thing. Because i always use Even when i'm looking at part. And i say you know. It's like eating celery. There are no calories here there may. There's nothing in this art. That i would have fun. It's it celery. And then when you find a part that you want. You're like whoa. This is the tuna fish sandwich. I've been looking for either. That or some pasta from vicente on sanderson did you freeze you. Froze froze dan so sorry about that. That's all right. I froze me. I have done that so often but mostly on stage guys. It's time for me to tell you about my favorite kitchen device. Not even kim's of it's my life device. It's what brings people to my home. It's what makes me popular. It's my traeger grill. I love triggers. So much i was using it way before they ever became an advertiser on my podcast. 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This is no joke. I do love trough. The truffle flavor is not overpowering. It's so real. it's perfect. I use it on top of eggs. Use it on steamed vegetables breakfast burritos. I even use it as a salad dressing. Trump is the number one bestselling sauce on amazon. The number one bestselling sauce at whole foods. And it was featured on oprah's favorite things twice if you love flavor if you love spice if you're looking for extra to add to your food try trough today get fifteen percent off site-wide plus free shipping with promo code. Ged at dot com. That's fifteen percent off everything at truff t. r. u. f. f. as in fantastic dot com promo code g. e. d. which is or john vinnie's which is On santa on both great restaurants and both really delicious so interesting so your wife has the big food and she turned you onto it. Yes i did not. I did not sink about food Mostly it was tunafish on wonder bread and then at about twenty seven. I discovered the wonderful world of delicious food now. I'm surprised because i would think that when you when you did happy days you'd go out and you were super famous and people were probably trying to give you all the best things that they could offer the best foods and send you all the best things. It did nothing No i didn't really go out until and then we went to mama zone which was on In hollywood right by lanka was wolfgang. Puck's first restaurant. Oh interesting. And then i then. He opened his own. You know His own restaurant right above tower records on sunset. Boulevard road and i did his first layout for people magazine. He invited me to come and so he is my most wonderful celebrity chef. I know i know some others You know a nancy silverton is pretty good. Yeah she's fantastic. She runs mozart and all those wonderful restaurants. I do think wolfgang puck doesn't get enough credit for being the as revolutionary as he was to american cuisine. Well let's say when we went there there was nothing on the menu that was not superior and now you know all these years later it's still a delicious meal. Yeah that's what blows my mind. Is that if you go to go. It'll still be one of the more cutting edge meals that you will have in the us and the guy's been doing it forever. I mean he does not rest on his laurels now he he's innovative and fantastic. Do you see yourself to wards people. Because i see similarities in wolfgang puck's career as in your career. Where you just you. You evolve perfectly with the times and you don't really rest on your laurels. Do you gravitate towards people like that. Is that a thing that you look for in people. You know what. I never thought of it that way. I never thought of it that way. I don't know actually i. You know what. I gravitate toward people who need to do what they do. like Bruce springsteen needs to write in saint randy carlyle needs to write insane. Sia bruno mars in musicians. I have a I that's when i get tongue tied actors. Same thing people who just don't fall into In to california and become an actor people who need to do with they do. I love seeing that in the food world because you can taste it you can really feel it in people's foods and you can taste it and you can. Also the reason why phil rosenthal show is so great is because you can feel his infectious love for new. Wipe your exactly exactly correct. What is this is amazing to me all the time. Vic the same ingredients are available to everybody and then there are those people who can take that ingredient and make it into something that fell from heaven or schmidt's no nothing yet. i mean this is not a cheeseburger. Right oh my favorite cheeseburger. Is the burger joint in new york city in a in the That hotel mark moore. Park parker meridian. Yes i've been there. That's a great place. It's like secret in the back of the. It's like a speakeasy burger place almost h behind lure curtains. It is i. I have tasted burgers everywhere. The same way that i've had black and white cookies and there is only one black and white cookie in america and that is a b.'s bakery right off ventura boulevard recedo boulevard and it's on clark it's better than new york black and whites white. I've ever had anywhere. Wow i feel like. I feel like i've never had a black and white that i've been crazy about because the doughy part always seems a little too dry to me a fresh b.'s. Bakery black and white will change that for a really. And i am not kidding. S on burghley at just is true. I love the passion with which you now speak about food. Well it's true you can't go home again. Once you know about the greatness out there yeah you can't not my dream my dream when we can travel again is to go to leone france. Okay just walk up and down the street and eat in every one of those restaurants. Wow yeah i think leon might have. One of the highest concentrations of michelin stars in france. Isn't that where i think. That's where paul beaucoup scott started. Yeah and then. In italy there is an. I don't know the name of the town. I wanna say moderna. But that is that of the vaccine. Moderna mona is supposedly a chef. There with he's married an american woman who is supposed to be like The the holy grail of a tan. Yeah that's massimo turell. His restaurant is Austria francis ghana. I would like to go. can i tell you something. I went there on the day that it became the number one restaurant in the world. And it was magical. It was life changing. It was an amazing experience. I did have a funny experience though where i was with my girlfriend at the time. Who was a chef. And we were onto like the ninth chorus of fifteen and it was a reseau and the risotto. I tell you henry. This objectively was undercooked. Oh wow well. Then he. I ask you a question. This is the dilemma that we were facing a restaurant that just got named the number one restaurant in the world right. Do you return a dish on the day that they are called the number one restaurant in the world. Today day doesn't matter you are a you are a customer more and it is their job. You can mention that. You know what i'm just saying. We've just had fifteen courses unbelievable. I think there's something off about the result of i think you can say there is an art. There's an art to returning a dish. I feel think you do it with warmth. Being i forget a line read. I'm on broadway. There are no retakes. And i have totally forgotten what i was going to say mo. It happens to every human being in every art form. You know i'll we hit the great seeing about being on television and specially doing arthur fons earlier willows years ago. I received the italian emmy. Which is the telegraph. Though the the the the blackadder cat of the silver cat and we were traveling around and then we went to switzerland and we went to free zero day at the time was the chef and of twenty points. I think he had nineteen And i'm telling you that was in nineteen eighty. Maybe i remember every single taste. It's like the french laundry. You know the french laundry up in Outside of san francisco napa valley. Yeah thomas keller's restaurant. Commas keller is no joke. That restaurant is very expensive. But i have never gone. Oh my god. Oh my god course after course after course yes blows me away. I love it. It's funny that that restaurant came up yesterday. I was interviewing jesse tyler ferguson. And his favorite high end meal ever was the french laundry. I agree with you like when you get recognized at restaurants or you don't like it is the service overly is is the too much disturbance. No i never am a worried about The attention that is paid there are times when sometimes a fan. When you're in the middle of a bite maybe you could use some discretion ride. I went up to mick jagger and demot so he's Here in in la know no boys restaurant yes. Nobody's original restaurant. If the original original my wife and i have gone to every anniversary for forty two years wow except for this past year. But i went up to mick jagger before they were served and i said oh make because it was making and this is what he did. He looked up from his meal. Henry and i said i'm going now. Just slink out of the restaurant. He's gonna sleek now. And and i felt better because as i was going there were a group of businessmen who said you spoke. To mick jagger long conversation ought not into it you know i was. There was just so embarrassing. Just one word. Put me away amazing. The black and white cookie is not only delicious. It has a wonderful history. It was invented in new york in the early nineteen hundreds by german immigrants and was brought back to germany by american. Gi's in the nineteen fifties. The cookie was given the name. America connor by the germans. However that name was in. East germany due to anti-american sentiment. They changed the name to amman which translates into ammonia cookie. Just when you thought. Communism couldn't get any worse q ammonia cookies guys. I want to share some information about another podcast. I think you'd love spilled. Milk is a comedy show about food hosted by award winning writers molly wisenberg and matthew hamster burton every week. They start with food related topic from shrimp cocktail to barbecue sauce. Ice cream sandwiches. But we'll probably end up talking about their love of cool ranch. Doritos or debating. Who was the most bankable character on friday night lights. I even went on to talk about pets shadow while back the new york times recently named spilled milk. One of six podcast. Feed your inner gourmand and describe the show as quilt less deliberately educational than other food podcasts. New episodes of spilled milk every thursday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 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Unless your confidence and always use the right tools for the job with manscaping. I want to tell you about a podcast that i'm really digging. It's called christopher kimble's milk street radio it anywhere and everywhere to discover how food and cooking are changing the lives and cultures of people around the world hear stories about thirteen thousand dollar melons in japan egyptian fast food berlin. How computers are designing chocolate chip cookies. And the secret history of peanut butter. There's a great episode about a japanese pop punk band. That sings about sushi. Jelly beans and banana chips. There's another one about nigel. Lawson's philosophy of life and food mixture. Radio is hosted by christopher kimball with a rotating cast of contributors including sara moulton adam gopnik from the new yorker. Dan passionate from the sport full and alex a french cooking from youtube. Take a listen at one. Seven seven milks dot com slash radio or just search your podcast app for milk. Street radio all right back to henry. This is the part of the podcast. Where i like to ask my guests the same questions that this is gonna be the same questions that ask every guest. This is less of a rapid fire. More of a slow burning ember. You can take your time with questions. we'll start with. What is your earliest food. Memory chong oh with baked beans and mustard my my short german parents. We had tongue And i actually learned to love tongue. And then i went to get litz which was on broadway and seventy seventh street and got a tongue and swiss on rye with extra russian. I loved hung especially in sandwiches. It's fantastic that's a that's a. That's a good first one now for some strange reason. You're on death row. I don't know what you would have done henry. I can't imagine but you're on death row. You've got your last meal very tender hot roast with Potato pancakes sour cream apple sauce and Stu meat stew veggies Or a bola nays. Yeah i'm sensing a pattern here. I'm sensing a pattern in your flavor profile. And i'm feeling that the jewish deadliest in the you keep going back to well i just ordered In a in a few days From this from this discussion is passover at catches deli in new york. That has one of the great press sandwiches on the earth on getting the multiple soup from cases new york. Wow i you know. I've got into many a many in arguments with my. I'm from new york. So i with my new york friends. I think that green blitzes pastrami sandwich in la is my favorite trauma centers. I've ever had because your taste. Buds are are defying. You they are reliving you down now the locks Nova locks the not salty. The is is abe ours is still the best now juice data. Which is all the way in venice here in. La has some of the greatest sour dough bread but a a lock said it might be the best in la. So who makes your favorite pastrami sandwich here. Just in the world. oh deli in on a house in st catherine's okay and what is the best high end meal that you've ever had the best high in meal i ever had was. I would have to save frazier a day in central piece Switzerland there was another a molise. The restaurant onto closed here then. Santa monica really good too and Providence here in in l. a. is extraordinarily. Yeah the the foodi that we talked about phil. Rosenthal took took me there when we did a pilot together. Can you remember one. A one distinct from the swiss tasting menu that that really blew away cheese court the higher this gigantic trolley double stacked double layered trolley double-decker it had the hard cheese top and the runny delicious stinky cheese on the bottom. And i you. You have either. Three or five with several short of friend. I had every cheese on the damn cart. my bill was astronomical but it was gastronomical. It was amazing. I think the reason that when when we americans go to europe we go gaga over there. Cheese is they don't have limitations on raw milk like we do here. They can make their cheeses with with super raw milk whereas ours has to be pasteurized. Yeah well we live longer. But if that's true but the cheese shop in beverly hills great you know it. They are very thoughtful about their cheese. Yes they are. They're cheeses are fantastic. What is the best low end meal you've ever had this could be a street dog a taco whatever you know there is The lee sliders earlier in my in my college life at white castle the sliders were and then there is in atlanta. There is a tiny hamburger. And it's a it's a chain Hostile yes well. The krystal burger and the white castle burger. When you're hungry are synon- i would not you would not strike as a white castle guy. I love that you've got layer. You've got layers henry you. Let's go to your favorite celebrity food personality. This could be a chef it could be a host. It could be a whomever i feel like. You've already mentioned the bunch of them. But is there i love. I love doing Rachel ray. I love doing rachel ray show because one. You are Ah guest many times. i've gone on her show for my children's books She remembers all the details and the green room. When you are waiting to go on there are traits from the stage kitchen in that green room. Yeah that are mind blowing. You never wanna leave the green room. I don't care about doing the show. I just care about tasting everything you know. I'll say this though. They better be good. Rachel america's sweetheart in the kitchen. I i would want amazing food in the green room. Yeah that would be bad if they weren't but she is she you know i had. I had a love hate relationship with rachel ray. But it's turned to love love. She is such a charmer and it just seems so genuine. You know what you after multiple times you realize how genuine it is. yeah. I have a cousin like that. My cousin tiffany and the first time you meet her. You think she's being fake because she's so nice and then you realize oh no. This is really that person really. Yeah yeah Christine for mapa lewis. Had i you know. She was a member of the channel. Eleven talk show here in la a many years ago. Funny funny glady looney. And but as a chef. I have had some of the best meals i've ever had at her table in her house. Her husband used to be the president of abc. When i was doing happy days. And on her show she made grilled artichokes with a kind of a russian dressing spicy Russian dressing And a bulletin. As that was to die there really is nothing more satisfying than a good as no. There's an off a woman. And of course i had forgotten her name but she's a chef in boston and she has owned she. Maybe i don't know. I haven't been there for a while but It's why i went to college but she had five five restaurants of five or six restaurants and heard tagging restaurant by the harbor Had one of the greatest bolan as i've ever had. Yeah you don't forget a good bonus now you don't know and you keep looking forward and you think oh this is a good restaurant gonna have the boys and how disappointing the you cook at all. You know what. I'm great at breakfast. Oh really and. I make a great sandwich. What is your go-to breath that you make. Okay get rid of the grease each some in the pan make scrambled eggs in the grease k. Usually and A thomas english muffin dutifully toasted. I mean crispy. Yeah lot of butter. Make a sandwich i. I'm you know what i'm sorry. I'm going to have to call this short. Because i'm going to go now. I don't blame you. That sounds like the new york daily egg and cheese. That sounds fantastic. Oh man you know. The the egg and cheese is usually a sandwich on that. I have we go fishing and i'm going to go on a vacation for the first time in a year and a half muzzle idaho. Hopefully i'm knocking on wood in may and the morning sandwich is that breakfast sandwich which is so delicious that I can't wait. I can't wait for may twenty fours just for that morning sandwich. Yes that will be the first one. What other sandwiches are you a master at making. I make a great tuna makeup great salad sandwich. Do tell all right. Very fresh wonder bread. The freshest wonder read you want you want that fresh out of the factory wonder bread they sell. The loaf is way to be they should sell a smaller loaf. Yes we want. An artisanal wonder bread so wonder bread. A lot of male of butter lettuce thinly sliced avocado heirloom tomato. Could have some a green onion It is amazing. And you know. I've tried cheese and it knocks the balance so it's kinda like a kosher bealty it took be. Ot with no bacon. Yeah it's an lt now. The e. l. t. is also pretty wonderful. The nair i lightly. Toast the bread. And i crumple the bacon. So they are chips of bacon. not just the strip. I'll tell you what. I'm loving about what i'm hearing. What you're mentioning is very simple but you get into the weeds with it. You get into the nitty gritty. You're very detail oriented with it. I know what. I don't make a lot but if i'm going make it. I wanted to taste good. Yeah i love a good soup. Yeah shoot a good soup is underrated. Yeah and you know what you take chicken and you dice. It you take your vegetables you dice it you get a great stock that is not too salty and an toward the end and a cinnamon stick whoa holy mackerel and then just so there. Is that hint of that flavor. Oh my gosh. it is mind blowing. I've never heard that. And i love that idea all it's it. Is you know what. I'm going to cut this short because i'm going to have some. That don't know come back come back delicious. I can't believe it cinnamon is always that secret ingredient that your life that something about this dishes elevated it's usually sentiment and then you know what i have. I have replaced pasta with spaghetti squash delicious in a good tomato sauce. I do those akini noodle as well who it's also a good alternative to pasta zuhdi. They call it the kids call it a pseudo doodle. Do you make sudarshan pre package. You can buy them prepackaged. But i consider myself an artisan of the sutil. I have the pseudo machine that you just twist the zucchini into and it comes out on the other side like a beautiful angel hair zucchini. It's it's wonderful. I'm gonna giuseppe. It'll be my gift to you as uto a doodle maker. And i appreciate it. Let me shea early. We for finding the only alternative to the summit's that is pasta is zoodles doodle. I'm loving the pseudo i think. That's what moses was eating on. The way out of out into the desert was zoodles. Why he was such a good chancellor and it is got to be just not that would tie on. Sutil that's great. It's like the typical to the sakina and made zoodles. Yeah really what is your desert island food. So you're on a desert island. There's one food you can eat for the rest of your life. You are not going to tire of this dish. Well i know the desert the black and white there is on twenty sixth street and san vicente. There is the twenty six th street. More and the form shop sells a an oil and olive oil muffin. Which really is superior and i add to that some mango sherbert and raspberry sherbert. A scoop of each. And i have you know because i i. I have a half a muffin a day. It's at a dinner at My dessert so i know that's the desert. What would it be what. I can't live without great pizza Prince street pizza on is also great. The people that open sprinkles opened a place called. Pete saana yeah and the chef from naples and it is very delicious and thoughtful pita. Yeah it's You know my buddy. Paul is writing the cookbook for pizza or he helped write and they recipe test every wednesday at phil rosenthal's house the recipe tests ingredients. No she'll rosenthal is connected with every grey taste really is it is amazing. He made a lot of money With everybody loves raymond and uses that money to support new chefs Nasty silverton just everybody. Yeah it really is amazing. You talk about a great chef. You talk about phil rosenthal. Yes he is really a almost. I don't want to say a philanthropist of food because he supports talented people and he's like domenici family the medici one hundred percent. That is so good. So i i gotta say i am loving olive oil cakes. Olive oil used in desserts. I think it's such an adult thing. It adds a savory flavor rather than butter. Don't get me wrong. i love butter. But there's something about the savviness of olive oil in a desert that i don't know i think it's just the older you get your. Maybe you know your your taste go a little more to to savory too bitter to stuff like that and i just i can't get enough of it in. This is delicious delicious muslim. i will give it a shot. The olive oil muffin is amazing. Is there a food that you can't stand eating on bass bass i had bass wants that the texture of the rubbery. I don't know i had it. Maybe thirty five years ago and it's still nauseates. The thought of it nauseates me. To this day. I will not eat bass brussels. Sproul happy well. That brussels sprouts also is very hard on my body really. There's an entire revolt that happens inside my body. What fast pass is the one sings at Just makes me crazy interesting. Well i hope you don't catch any when you go to idaho and you just have catch trout. Okay it's actually the adult book that i've ever written. I never men idiot on the river and it is My photographs and Everything that i have learned on the river. Oh beautiful beautiful photos. Eight o'clock getting off the river. Wow and there. I am with my own. I love that. I love trout. Trout is delicious especially the way. I won't eat all you need it. I won't eat it because it is so beautiful and so majestic in nature. Yeah that shit. I take a picture i sank it. I give it a kiss and put it back in the river for next year There's a bunch of freshly freshly kissed trout in the river in idaho. Oh and also i sign mated pictures hamate limited pitchers Because you never know so. I'm hanging in nests all over the west. You give them a sign headshot and send them on their way i do. I love it last question. Are you ready for this. This is my favorite question. And i'm curious about this because henry. You are probably one of the nicer people. I've i've ever spoken to especially on this podcast. We've some evil people in this podcast. But you are a nice guy and i'm trying to. I'm going to try to get the sick out of you on this one. What is your restaurant pet peeve and bread and brench when the bread comes and it really is like thoughtless. Yeah i know what's coming So that's like the canary in the coal mine. The bread and i love bread. I mean i love starting with brit. Sometimes i get. I get to full on the bread. I love dipping. i love butter. I love the spreads. I love you know And bread it really. It's so disappointing. My my heart sinks. I a hundred percent agree with you now because of who i am and i and i say this just the way. It is I've always gotten extraordinary service from the wonderful people who are waiters and waitresses and a managers at a restaurant. You know it is no matter where i am in the world. So is it stunning. I am so grateful. So i can never say anything about the service. The services always been superior over the last forty five years of my life. I mean that is. That is the best motivation for anyone to become world. Famous as you're going to be treated like a god at a restaurant what's better than that. It's so it's so lovely you know. There are certain things about being a celebrity. That are great one. And i take advantage of this. You don't have to stand online when i get back to the movie theater i i'm so dyslexic. It's hard for me to order online. There's a timer and if you don't get everything correct or if you miss something you time out. Yes i time out by the fourth time i give but i never have to stand online to buy a ticket. That's the best on the street. I can always go up and say please It's a little difficult. I'll stand inside. I will not cause any trouble by my popcorn. And i have always been able to do. Has there ever been a moment where you weren't recognized by at a place where you should have been recognized if not i never i never take it as a slight guy but that person just never so when i do i don't remember. I do not remember her. There are people who don't or they recognize me from school. they say. what do i know you from. I said we were in science again. That's awesome and then they get home in wait a second it it used to be. They didn't have a camera with him at all times. When i first started right and so a lot of times it was. Aw man i'm just you wait here. I'm going to get film s assure. I don't think i'm going to do that if you've got it or hey you've got a picture mentally and that's what we're doing here. Yeah i don't think i can wait for you to go and buy a roll of film it now. There is something a little sad about the fact that anytime. Anyone obviously don't have anywhere near the celebrity status that you have. But i'm i'm on a couple of tv shows and whenever there's something special about the person who meets you has a nice little exchange and then just walks away and that moment was just a moment that you had it wasn't documented. There's no pictures. There's no nothing. I hear a lot about that on twitter. I love twitter. Yeah and people are saying. Oh you know we met here. We met there and you know. I don't remember the person exactly. But i do remember the place right exactly and that the people who lovely to me i must say they are lovely to me. Well you know. I feel like it's because you're lovely to us in The way that you are in the world your performance fantastic. Your performance and berry is one of the most incredible performances of the last decade. I would say. I mean it is so unbelievable and it's just. It's nice to hear that you're that you're famous friends. Who don't use their fame to get good food. And i feel like you're using it in the right way. Well i'll tell you to to get A seat in a restaurant. Where the only person where i never could get a seat in their restaurant is the the chef on fox who has about five hundred show. Gordon ramsay i i would call i. I would call his restaurant in england. Oh eight eight years in a row. And i never could get one seat at a table near the kitchen and that i never was able to eat in his restaurant really. That sounds crazy to me. I would love to have you. i don't know well. Whoever works for him sure didn't care. Well gordon if you're listening you've made an enemy of the nicest person in the just. Don't watch your show exactly henry. Thank you so so much for joining me. I really really appreciate this. What are your social handles. If you'd like the h winkler four the number four real h winkler for real. And what a pleasure to chat with you i. This is my very first time in all of my interviews. That i've ever done us food. Well that's what the podcast about. Because i feel like everyone no matter who has a relationship to food and it's and people are curious about it. Oh now if people are listening in la i will. I would like to make one last recommendation please. In venice on rose avenue there is a place called all american where the american beauty thing. It's called american beauty and it's called the wind w. i n. Dough because you order it win and you pay. Don't cute a window and their burger is it never ceases to be great. What makes it so special. I am not sure the bun They the well-done fries and their and their dessert is cold. It's it from san francisco. It is a an ice cream sandwich with A A cookie but i it has kind of like i don't know a little bit of a semi taste a Oatmeal raisin cookie vanilla ice cream thing that is oh my god roof. Well i i hate to cut this short henry but i gotta go get that burger so doing your bit. Can you tell us quickly about your books by the way. tell me. i didn't know you were such a prolific author. My partner and i honest to god on on on last monday finished the third von you of aliens superstar thirteen must leave his planet. Repressive government lands on earth on the only on address they know the back lot of universal studios and how this happened but gets a job as an alien on a sitcom and there are. There are two of them out. Alien superstore Lights camera danger and the third one. We just turned in on the other. One is about me as a dyslexic hangs zipser the world's greatest underachiever and he's a very funny resourceful guy who just can't get school but he is a great friend and he figures out on the problem His own way I got a d. n. Salami i got a dean salami. And he's so embarrassed. He drops his report card in his mother. Who owns the deli on seventy second street in in new york city and he drops it in the meat grinder and every time they cut a piece of salami. There's another d and the middle class of the manila envelope. I'm telling you one day you you have to open up a adelie. Henry got to happen. Oh my goodness it's gotta happen. And i'll be the first one in line. Oh i'll i'll try to cut the line but you know then they'll tell me to get back in the line we'll be able to if somebody says. Hey i heard you on. Danzon cast their in. Okay wonderful thank you so much henry. Such a pleasure and an honor. I really appreciate it. Have a great rest of your day. Thank you you as well take care. This episode of green eggs and dan was produced by andrew. Stephen and edited by jordan. Aaron executive produced by jeff umbro and the pod. Glummer it. you can find more of their podcasts. At the padres dot com the theme music is beautiful. Food by one and the interstitial music is by brake master cylinder. If you like this please tell a friend. Sharon episode leave a rating and review on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. It's really important to us. Guys please do it bomber. Sonic universe for the ones who know that a little late is always too late and that the clock doesn't stop just because you're missing apart. Grainger offer supplies and solutions for every industry and our keep stock inventory management solutions help ensure you have the right stuff in the right place at exactly the right time. Visit grainger dot com slash kief stock to learn more grainger for the ones who get it done.

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The Pursuit  E10  Paddy OConnell @PaddyRoc

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The Pursuit E10 Paddy OConnell @PaddyRoc

"I'm just going to call the intro this one. Yeah, they took. Hey it's Mr. Automax near listening to the pursuit on the out-of-bounds network is always. Before we start I ask that you can like subscribe. Leave a review. Five stars is great. One Stars isn't super great but it's a review. So leave a review. Let us know what you think this week's. Guest is a bit of a Hot Topic right now. Patty O'Connell you might need him from his latest article Telemark skiers, why are you the way you are this guy rules? I don't know everyone. So mad about. He wrote a satire article about Telemark skiing and how it's dumb, just as skiing is Dom and snowboarding is dumb. So we kind of hash into it. Talked about Telemark skiing and what it is, and why it is And the dude. Super Rad, no one should hate him. He is the best, my sister ever seen. He's got a really, really, really cool like web series going on with cross country skiing, and how it's actually harder than you think. There's nothing to be mad about this guy about at Pat Iraq. P a d, d. Y r o c on Instagram, one final note. Before we get started, the audio got a little shaky for a second there but it does pop back in so don't stress. I don't know, I live in a van so I'm usually just stealing internet from the street. So that's probably on me. But besides that, the episodes read, I'm really pumped on it. Patty rules, small stage rules. Exactly a really good human. And we shouldn't be mad at him because he wrote a satire article about Telemark skiing. So here it is. Patty O'Connell AKA patio off. Thank you. I we had we had like a really good chat and I'm trying to run that back, you know, like although now like now like what I think is going to happen in the tail Mark world now is like it's like when you show up to like, uh, um, a freestyle rap battle and and everybody in the crowd is like a motherfuker spitting written, you know, like he's coming with already pre-planned, you know? So now now it's just going to be like, thought it was just like this was round to, this doesn't count. Well, that's your intro. The most hated man on the internet patio know, just in the Dark World, Patty tells who you are and why everyone hates you right now. Well, I had, oh man, why everyone hates me right now? This see. This is like Telemark skiers. Yeah, this is going to be a great conversation. I have with my therapist. Hi everybody. My name is Patty, Patty O'Connell you might know me from the internet. I'm a professional word nerd and chit chatter in the primarily in the outdoor media space off. That means right? I produced podcast a previous different multimedia. Ugh, Creations. I'm a Swiss army knife of creativity. And I'm an Irishman from Chicago, the owner of a robust mustache. Uh, and I, I recently penned an article or ski magazine, uh, about Telemark skiing and People got fired up about it. We could say to say the least so the article was called Telemark skiers. Why are you the way you are? Yes. Which way you could have left it at that and I think people would have boiled over just a blank page after the headline. Yeah. But like so that came out three weeks ago and the people are still talking about it. It? Yes, yes they are. I know on the internet. What? Why? I think you did your job, obviously, like your job is to get clicks and I don't care what anyone else to say that. Your job. Your job is to get clicks to ski mag or anyone else that you were working for. So, in that aspect, you home, Rhonda. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I mean, it did, uh, you know, I'm not sure what the numbers are, but I know that, you know, the uh, social media posts that's Ki mag put up about it, kind of blew up. So I think it did, you know pretty well. And I'd say that like, I mean, Every time I create anything right, like I'm looking to make people laugh and make people think, and I hope I made people laugh and think with this, but I can honestly say that the response to it, especially like, the very negative response was pretty shocking. I am shocked at the response that people have had to it. I can't believe people care and like, obviously, we're rehashing a conversation. That no one knows we had already but like, we're, we're sliding down snow we are, we're literally like it's sledding but in control whether it be skiing snowboarding Telemark, skiing sled, dog, keyboards. It's dumb and that's like skiing is dumb snowboarding is Dom Telemark. Skiing is like really dumb and friend, who doesn't know. I Telemark ski down. Omaha. Like I am adult, I don't own boots. That being said, I am buying Alpine boots next year because of birth is article and he said it was. Now I'm going to get, I'm going to get like hate mail now because, you know, it's like you turn the car off podcast, us know. I I am a Telemark skier and I Telemark ski a lot. I probably at a hundred plus days this year, but I do a lot of touring and I think originally Telemark skiing was this ticket to the backcountry, right? Totally. And now, The Alpine gears are Alpine touring gears so far Advanced that it's better. Well yeah and I and I think I kind of point that out in the, in the article but really like, I mean, I don't hate Telemark skiing. I don't even dislike it, I think it does like look cool. You know, I I have tons of friends who Telly off and yeah but that's like like oh well my friend tally. So I can say that. Well, but here's the thing though is that like this? Yeah, totally like, am I so like I'm a like I'm a curious person, right? And like, that's the the way I come up with anything that I write about, or, or talk about or anything that I create, right? Is that like I typically get inspired like, when I'm out and about in the mountains and I noticed something interesting and that's where this thing happened. You know, as in Silverton and my buddy, John is the last Kelly pulled out. Who guides for for Silverton and we're shooting the shit before the day started. And it was like, Hey man, like let me show you these new findings. I got and I was like, oh my god, dude, no way. Are you click your heels? And now like, John, are you serious? And he was like and no fuk, no, I've never do it. I was like, okay, awesome. And so it shows me his new binders that he has where like you tow in and they're they're televising. They're like, but they like click into the bottom of your soul. And yeah, entiendo, right? The engine. Thank you write like instead of the, like, the the seventy-five million. Yeah. Like a. It's just basically duckbill, which is 75 mL and now they call this NTN and some people call it death but cuz it like grabs on the back. But well, that's kind of cute. We try. I like that I'm sure. There's also the terms that you just threw out there like you might as well be speaking like Martian to me. I have no idea what you're talking about. So John is like showing me his new things. He's psyched on it psyched. And I'm like, dude wage This is as close as you can get to like clicking your heel in with like still being able to bend your knees. Like what is going on and then we went back and forth and like he gave me, she had about Alpine skiing. And I gave a shit about as like gigantic beer that like, has an owl living in it, you know, like it's just like this, like lovable thing right between he and I and then I kind of was like, oh, like there's something here, right? Like all skiers no matter you're like discipline, like give each other lovable shit. You know, and it's kind of just like friendly off living back and forth. And I was like, oh well, you know, there's kind of this thing of like, you know, Alpine skiers given tele skier shit and tele skier has given Alpine Ski or shit, and it's kind of like funny and wage. So I was like, I think there's like something here. I'm going to explore this but I want to make sure that you know it is perceived as being like over-the-top and ridiculous. And not a serious thing. So I'm going to wrap it in these like, absurd analogies and like, you know, talk about skiing with dinosaurs and people skiing, and monocles and skiing during the Jurassic. Things like this, to make sure that people know that this is not fact that this is farce. Unfortunately people misunderstood thank, you know, which is, uh, a bummer, just too difficult, you know, it's, I mean, that's a bummer, right? Cuz like the whole intention and was to be like, you know, like, this is Dead funny and over-the-top ridiculous. And that's why I like, you know, like I think those jokes work because there or what I wrote I believe work as these kind of, like, funny jokes not to be taken seriously because they're not based in anything like real. It's not like I'm sitting here, talking about like the physics of, you know, Alpine versus Atelier equipment or anything like that. It's like, tele skier as you age. You during the Jurassic. What are you doing? Still on these things? You know it's like over-the-top. Unfortunately, people misunderstood that and they took it as like real Factor opinion and and you know, like what's really is kind of a bummer about it is is I would never want, you know, to someone to think that I'm like putting up a wall or like other in people, I try to actually like destroy that and most of my more like serious work. So I thought that was unfortunate that was and and I mean the big over-the-top like response to it has been kind of shocking and and that's a bummer you know. Yeah I don't want to make people sad song. Yeah that's not your goal. It's not stupid schematics goal to make people say but I don't know. I think what you could have wrote anything about Telemark skiing. That is if that didn't say anything like this is the anything you wrote about Telemark skiing that was anyway. Negative People would have blown up because no one talks about it. So anytime and I think that's what happened were so hyper not week, cuz I don't care. But like Telemark skiers are so sensitive because it's like doing this thing ever. It's like riding like those off-road unicycle guys, right. No one cares, right? But like, it's so much harder. Like, I'm doing the same line as you. And this is so much harder and you're just like, now, you're not an Alpine Stereo no one cares. And I like maybe the unicycle references wrong wrong, but like, it's that off-road guy that everyone knows those like, he rips on a unicycle, arguably way harder, but who cares? So when when when these magazines write articles It it's all, it's never anything positive about a Telemark skier and I know you're sad tire, but I think that's why everyone just lost it. And I, I would agree with that, you know? Like, I listen, you sent me that page other podcasts real written, right? And I originally didn't listen to it, cuz I was like, I kind of looked into the host and I was like, oh, the students got Telemark tattooed moose knuckles, like Betty a bet. He's like, pretty upset with me. I don't want to hear somebody being pretty upset with me and then you told me he's like, no, it's like, it's pretty funny. It was really funny. Yeah. What was your take on that? Cuz I thought, I thought it was. I thought it was really funny and I also like, we've been in contact Josh and I'm like oh great and and which is awesome and I'm totally next time. I'm in Salt Lake, a thousand percent. Going to go, you know, try my damnedest to go, you know, keep up with him and his crew. I'm looking for like a, like a ibuprofen sponsorship cuz I'm just going to fall down a lot. I'm sure. You know I got better odds with like CBD cuz they're just throwing money at every athlete. Yeah we'd Vaseline you mean yeah actually. Oh you have a headache CBD. Oh, you're Jack's broken. It's like tossing of like the thirties. You need some lilac essential oil for? Yeah, I think actually, now we're coming up with like a really good multi-level marketing scheme, the industry. So let's talk after yeah, let's do this after but I think so. Like what Josh is saying it's like to your point, I think what's happening and which guy like, you know, didn't realize this was poking at is like maybe some like T's fatigue, you know. Like for sure which I was just pointing out is that like, you know, dudes that he doesn't even know in lift lines will be like, oh, you know, you're finding Suck, you know? And it's like, whoa, you know, you suck. That's yeah, exactly. It's like that's pretty like Ridiculous, like, I'm only like face-to-face with like, joke around with the people that I know about their equipment. Whatever. Their equipment is, you know, like snow bikes roller blades, unicycle, Telemark skiing like, whatever it is, like, if they're my friends like, you know, that's like, it's like how my siblings and I show each other. Love is right. Oh you're goofy. I also love you hug. You know? Right. Six months. I think what's happening is probably. Yeah, exactly, masked vaccine. I think what's happening? Which I didn't realize, you know is like maybe some T's fatigue with people actually being like, dick on the mountain and like, screaming at people, they don't know, uh, you know. So that's like You know, that's a bummer that to realize like, maybe I, I like poked at that. But again, like, when I brought this idea up and and even, you know, like sent the wrong code, to my Tally friends, they're like, oh my gosh, this is like, this is hilarious, and I thought that the response like across-the-board was going to be like that. So it was pretty shocking, you know, that it wasn't, and I was bummed. There was a misunderstanding, you know, but I guess like like one of the things I want to like, ask you, you know, or maybe point out is like, you know, the thing I love about like ski culture is that like, I think we all recognize right? That. It's like it's given all of us this sense of belonging and community and it's beautiful and soul enriching. And I write a lot about life type in like reveal things about ourselves in life, but like at the core of it like you know like Dexter rutecki says in Aspen extreme like we're just sliding downhill on sticks man. You know my dog. Scares the easy part. Yeah, exactly. It's Kim's. Easy part Carl. Like it's it's like I mean it's it's inherently goofy. You know the first time I got on skis I was like this I did not have like a frowny Faith. Like this is very serious. I should take this serious for the rest of my life. Yeah it was like this is super fun and I feel like a kid you know I that like Zip of energy through my body from this is hilarious and funny that it's like I mean it's like why we were neon and do spread these and like wear jeans and shorts and stuff like that, cuz it's goofy. It's a way to like goof off. And like, it's a smile delivery system at uhm at its core. And I think, you know, I think that a lot of times when ego is attached to something like skiing, it can put us in trouble when we take something. Very serious. It can put us into trouble and I'm wondering, kind of like, if you think that, you know, like something harmful and toxic can come away from us, taking skiing, so seriously and like also like, you know, am I unaware of something like is the last year or the last handful of years? Kind of put off seeing world like back on its heels a little bit like feeling like we need to defend ourselves. Like do you think I don't know. Do you think we lost? Have we lost our funding? I don't know cuz that's a good point. Like I grew up playing basketball like summer basketball summer camps. Like that's what I did and then I played all winter like that was my sport. I didn't I was okay. I was good but like that was my life, right? And then You know, I played like varsity as like, a sophomore. Like I was, I could play. I was good. Yeah. And then I found skiing, I didn't I put a snowboard on first at like sixteen Seventeen month and that was like, holy like, there's no, I don't have any coaches, even tell me what to do, no one's telling me where to go, or how to do it. And then I, you know, from snowboarding, I evolved into skiing then eventually fell into Telemark skiing somehow, but it was a freedom to me. It was like an old. I'm not a gamer, but I think I might have said this, like, it was like an open world video game. It was like, oh holy I can do whatever I want. And this is just fun. Totally and I didn't even I didn't even know that like coaching and like I knew there was like ski racing, but I thought people were just fast. Like, I didn't know that works. I didn't grow up in that world. Yeah, yeah, same. So to me, it was like this ultimate Just Freedom, open world video game, and then as I got, like, good quote, unquote, and like got like some sponsors and like, and I was, I'm still not good, but I'm just, I'm clever enough to get a free jacket every year, you know, boy. But that's what it is, right? Like yeah, yeah, but you've got really serious in. Like someone like my sponsors would, like, email me after I asked him for like, free hats, and they were like, well, what did you do last year? I was like, dude, if you think I would like went and like, tried to get hurt for this jacket, like you're, you're so wrong, and that's just me. Like, I am not a pro skier. I probably in some ways, get a lot more free equipment than some Pro skiers, which is a little weird. But, like, there are people there, that's what makes skiing, and skiing is a general snowboarding, whatever. So wrong, Add that if you asked. Yeah, if you ask me if I'm a skier, I'm a skier. If I asked my nephew who I just took skiing once this year. He's five years old for the first time if I asked him right now. If he was a skier he would say yes. And if I asked Cody Townsend, if he was here he would say yes. So I think there is a serious world but I don't think I would say ninety nine percent of skiers Riders, whatever are not living in that but they think they are, if that makes sense. I I understand, I understand that. I can understand like that, you know, point of view. And and that's how to say that, right? Like we don't do long serious. Cool shit. When we're on skis, you know, it's like, you know, Hillary Nelson steam to load, see cooler or like, you know, those dudes who skied half dog, you know? Like that's like Bonkers to me, you know? Also, when I read about that stuff, I'm kind of like oh man, that's pretty cool. Yeah, it's a but like, like I can read about that and that's as far as I have to go. I I spent last week at tucks, Mount Washington, documents Ravine and and on our fourth lap, My eyes started burning. And I went fucking Snowblind. And like here, I am like a thirty-year-old. Yeah, I'm a thirty-four-year-old blown out. Like, two knee surgeries wedding photographer and I'm like, at the top of this mountain blind, like on a walkie-talkie. And I'm like, what am I doing? Like I suck. Like I better get free jacket next year. I'll tell you that. But like I said, it's so funny cuz we like chased these things, and that was just like the perfect algorithm, like, I had glasses, huh? You know, whatever it just, sometimes it happens, but it's like you, and you're in these situations with, like, crampons Off Saks and I'm like, you know, Wildcats across the street right, just went to school. And that's the thing. I was I always joke around like no one ever has put like ski crampons on life has been. Like, I'm so glad I had those on. We got to some great snow and some beautiful skiing mostly, it's like, let's get crampons on because I thought it was going to die. Yeah, you know, it's like, yeah. And so to me, it's dead. Stuff like that. Where I'm like, wow. Like you know like and I'm in like I've done, you know, whatever stuff that like has been super puckering. And I think I'm kind of done with that part of my life, you know. I can appreciate like when people are putting in, you know, a first descents of of things you know, but it's like when you've got like a nine-hour descent or whatever of K2 off like that sounds kind of awful, you know? Like I'd rather you know, like go like put Jorts on and like ski some like groomers and like try to like do as many like spread Eagles as possible, you know. And I think that like I so what I was surprised about in terms of this article was that like it off an article. I felt was like inherently goofy, pointing out the goofiness of skiing in an over-the-top way home. taken so seriously, and honestly, like I was a little like, kind of like there was like a small little tiny like a funeral, I had my heart a bit because like I've written in like Siri yes boss stuff about Any Community stuff like you know, climate change and alcoholism and drug addiction and mental health and like the insane suicide rate and mountain towns racism, sexism homophobia, like all these terrible forms of discrimination. Like these big-ticket things that are really kind of like, you know, Duvall, our community from the outside in and from the inside out and and like I wish it. Those things had received such like a, an emotional response, and I would hope they'll change for like, real issues, you know? And, you know, again, you know, like I'm a humorist, you know, I try to inject humor and nearly everything I create mostly, it's like, mostly I directed at myself, you know, cuz I think I'm like, the biggest change, you know? Like, if I'm not laughing at myself, then, like I'm kind of like missing out on like, the world's biggest joke. I think, you know, and sometimes taking the piss out of myself. As a great way for me to deal with something, I'm scared about or whatever. But you know, sometimes I direct my humor like at a thing or at an idea and like, very, very rarely I direct it like at a person and I think when it comes to humor, there could be this like Gray Line, right? That you walk between like funny and sometimes like harmful or hurtful. But I typically see that in dealing with like Sears Subject matter like when we are like Gallows humor, something like you're pushing like humor into like the dark parts of life. And like I just don't see skiing or Telemark skiing or any part of sliding downhill as like serious subject matter, you know. But I understand that, you know, some folks do and they misunderstood like my intention off here in the intention of the peace, you know. But not everything that I create is going to strike a positive chord with everyone and that's not realistic. And ultimately, like I'm okay with that, you know, again, we're just, you know, we're talking about sliding downhill on sticks, and I hope I made some people laugh and I hope so. I made some people off Google and uh, I'm, you know, bummed that that wasn't like widespread. But I think, I think what you said earlier, it was kind of like the Chris Chris birth. Worried, when my graphic gets pushed and you just snaps, like, we've been bullied enough. And I think everyone just saw something that they could, like, let it out and you your article and you were that person, unfortunately, and like it. Well, but also, unfortunately, like in that analogy that makes me that like, red-headed bully, you know, and that guy's such a dick. But maybe a bad example, but like it's just like, I get it. They never get any light. And I made this joke prior. But like Powder, Magazine wrote, the article, that's Telemark skiing is dead and then died. So looks total dead. Walk on eggshells, I know you've been warned. Yeah, totally, when you go ahead, go ahead. Well, I was, you know, I was just going to say like Here's here's my like, you know my my offering of of the sacrificial lamb or or offering of like the deer. Mm, you know, the the Telemark skiers, I love you. This is me saying I love you. You're worthy what you do is great and I'm I have found equipment. I am becoming one of you knew have Pawn boss. While I'm doing this, I am I have found equipment. I'm going to my friends who I wrote about, you know, in in the peace, is going to take me out. She taught all of her siblings. How to bend a knee? And I will. I'm going to genuflect my way down a hill soon. And I am very excited about it, and I'm going to be a Telemark skier. You only need one turn. Are you ready? So you Alpine the whole way, right? You just hang out. Really bad. He'll Alpine terms like back seat as much as you can and then as soon as I see Jesus, yeah, as soon as you see people or like the liftline, yes, drop that knee and make that turn and not like him like a double back and do so everyone, everyone knows like, oh dude, that guy ripped, but really you just made Acura, that's pretty much my Telemark skiers. Oh, I'm under the chairlift, check out these lunges, I'm in the woods backseat. Jesus, just hang on, pretty. Okay, good. I'll get against that then or off if you want to be a park skier. Just like anything you want like hit a jump land and like bended knee people like they lose it. Yeah, like wage. I know. Well I'm going to I'm going to I'm like in the the like I don't know. Like the in utero stage. Yeah you're thinking I'm going to tell them off. Here, like I have. I'm going to blossom into a Telemark butterfly, I can't wait. And I'm going to take all your alpine equipment and not perfect actors. Know what I'll do is I'll send you like I'll send you some like touring equipment from like you know 2010 some like gigantic like gigantic like Plato's you know other Solomon Guardian. Oh just you know even way before then you know what were those things that like you could actually in Alpine yes boss. Yes. Don't feel like these are so light. These are yeah with a bunch of skill it's like a hundred and eighteen underfoot with just like seven sheets of metal in its key like that like it'll be sick. Yeah I can't wait for that. Yeah, that'll be great. Did you? This is This is a personal question. Did you gain followers from like this article? Or did you lose followers? Or did you just get like a bunch of hate? I, you know, I don't think that, I pray a enough attention. Yeah, like the total number of of like, well, you would know like, if you jumped a thousand or lost, right? I didn't like jump anything and say, yeah. I think I think I I don't know if I think anybody who probably follows me. You know, is like knows that I take the piss out of myself and not much everything that I write about until I'm like switch gears. And it typically have like, you know, like serious like caption to follow like some type of light bulb thing like that. So I don't know if I did lose any idea. I like, but a lot of people, Found me on the internet and express their opinions to me, you know, which honestly I kind of made me feel like the protagonist and like a 1980 ski flick. I got off first time ever, in my life I've felt like John Cusack and better off dead so that that's a dream of mine. And here's our Chicago guy too. So like I felt I felt really good. That's a dream of mine right there, my face. So do you want to hear my favorite? You could say no. But my favorite Telemark like comparison to you cuz I think it's so absurd. I didn't send it to you and you might have seen it. Okay, okay. Yeah, oh, now see you know? Just yeah this is Amari again this will be this is this is the Maury. Yeah. You are the father moment that I was so nervous about. So this Thursday like last this was like last week so that are like, this is recent that this someone wrote this says, how do you feel about people in the ski industry active discriminating others in attempt to discredit, people's careers state of well-being and happiness? Thanks for the hate at ski magazine. And then to take this, then this isn't to make you feel bad cuz I think this is insane and you're going to hear why? So then they screenshot ski magazine. Or at ski magazine and write Hypocrites, ski magazine. I thought you said you were against discrimination and it's the black lives matter like logo like that like off, like guys, this is not comparable. I mean, I so I I don't like jump into, I think it's a dangerous thing to jump into the sure we're not going to dive into the action of of like off of, of anything, like, kind of negative, you know, I think that You know, and, and again, people are entitled to their reactions, and I don't want to like, you know, tell someone like, oh you should be thinking this, but I think it's a pretty dangerous thing to try to draw through line to, uh, you know, from black lives matter to Telemark skiing. Also, I would just as a word nerd, I would suggest that, you know, people look up the word discriminate and see what that is actually about. Because, uh, I, you know, in this article and I, and in every article I would never be a part of something that dog pulls the rug out in hatred of somebody because of their, you know, gender identity their race. Their religion, You know, uh, there, uh, sexual orientation, anything like that? Like, that to me is like, that's that's pretty dangerous. I would say, and do, and, and I think it's, it's one thing not to understand or get the joke here and be like, hey, why are you picking on us? But like, that's odd. Let's just, you know, be clear here at the black lives matter, movement, and discrimination, and racism, and homophobia, and transphobia and white supremacy. Like, Like, these are things that are really killing our ski community and, and really other in people. And we need to break down the barriers there, and make people more like feel, welcome here. But I think that like some some fun ribbing about equipment and how someone chooses to, to make a a turn, you know, is a whole hell of a lot different than what's your reaction to that. I was Like Furious on every angle. I actually sent it to jabber and was like, dude, what the like, I just don't know. It's like comparing like a car to a potato. Like, don't like, these are not the same thing. Like this is not even close and don't try to like, Don't try to bring that into this cuz, like, yeah, you're wrong. This shouldn't even be discussed and I debated bring it up. But at Art, I wouldn't have brought it up. If I didn't, I already talked to you and I knew you would handle it correctly. So thank you for handling that correctly and having an actual curate like well thought-out response. I didn't mean to put you on a point cuz that's not on the spot cuz that's not what I want to do here. But I think That to me, was something that like, dude, you went too far. Not you. We went too far trying to like, we're just sliding on snow having fun and that's all it should be. And like, em or tacking people on the Internet or brands or whatever. There are people behind those Brands and you and and we are no better and we are all learning. But like, let's continue to learn em like the proper response for me, and exactly what I did because I have this platform when you wrote that article, which didn't offend me. But was still, like, reach out. But I'm going to talk to this guy. I think it'll be a really exciting conversation, and I think it has, but yeah, it's apples to urge cars, to potatoes, which has cars. But again, I think like four years for something like that. It's like, I, I hope that people who are who are who have passed your responses to the things, they read, whatever they read. I hope that they get involved. Of the things like black lives matter, and the destruction of all these, like, Insidious forms of discrimination that are, that are in our, our nation or our world and definitely, within a mountain life within the ski Community, you know. And, you know, I've written a ton about that stuff and and you could check it out if you'd like, or check out the other bajillion people who have written things. Similarly, and, and, and I hope that, that, that same kind of passion is brought to those issues, because it can be really helpful in in shifting, uh, our community towards a positive I agree and it's people like you writing about these things that help shine light on cuz it's so well, it's so easy for us. To just ignore it, right? Like it's just easy for like, I'm blonde, hair, blue-eyed, white guy. I have no idea, like, and I try and I'm learning and Forever Learning and that's all we can do. And if I felt confident enough on the subjects to write about them, I would and this is my subject of this is my writing form, is this? So have this, conversation is awesome. So thank you for that shifting. Shifting gears will get away from Telemark article but you kind of do it all. Well, I travel try to what you do some podcasting stuff. Yeah. For duct tape and beer, right? Dirtbag Diaries, if I'm not wrong. Those are, those are Dirtbag. Diaries is like part of the duct tape, then beer, right? Correct. So are you hosting? Are you recording? Are you helping these people? Write the stories? Are you how involved are you with it? I mean, as much as you want to tell us about it, I guess. Well, you know, it's kind of all of those, those things. So, yeah, like you said, duck tape and beer is the production house that off. Pretty is the Dirtbag Diaries. They also produced a podcast that I was the co-host and co-writer for, which is unfortunately no longer a podcast called safety third, stage four wonderful Seasons. Anybody can go check it out and they have like the original outdoor podcast, like the OG of podcasting to begin with really dead. Like not just in the outdoor space but like just in podcasting in general, I think they're on they're like 14th or 15th year of doing this. That's why I'm which is great because it has like an insane, a catalogue of just so many, great stories. And those folks over there, like my family. I love them so much. And yeah. So, I've, I've, I recently produced a whole piece for them about kind of, like, life and skiing, and what happens to life and skiing, when everything kind of gets like upended. And then I produced a, uh, an episode for the outside magazine podcast about 80 ski flicks, and how they shaped a generation of skiers, which was a ton of fun to do and hopefully we got more stuff on on the books with both of them. And and yeah, I do, I write for ski. I write for free skier or Men's Journal. I produced kind of like short like video series, 4 different brands. I I work with brands on audience, you know, capture and I, you know, I I try to do as much as I can and different forms of media, cuz it's one. It's really fun and exciting for me and to, I got to pay rent and, you know, pay the taxes at the pizza bar. So right, right. So I try to yeah, like I said, I try to be a Swiss army knife of creativity, and do all the things, but I think that's interesting cuz most people are like, I'm a writer. I'm a photographer, I'm a videographer. I'm, you know, like and you seem to kind of do it all. Like you you didn't across country film with Solomon, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you were coming down your door. Yeah. So I assume you like wrote it, like wrote the script and like, help film it, but you're also like the actor, which you're not acting necessarily. But like You're, you're, you're the guy, you're the main character, like, you're right, you're becoming the nor dark. Well, cuz I think, you know, like one of one of the things I love to do is is like right the op-ed or the personal essay. And what I really love about that and this is something that I've always loved as a kid, you know, who grew up as a. I'm a Storyteller and a consumer of stories is like how this personal story could become Universal, given the right, you know, story-telling devices and the right-back of circumstances. And I think the cool thing about something like becoming an or dork is one, it gives me a great opportunity to take the piss out of myself and continue to challenge myself, to try new things, and try my damndest not to take myself, seriously, when I'm just awful at something. Like, I'm a terrible Nordic Skier, it's so hard, and it's yep. Really hard like a little hard, like, anyone who hasn't done it. Take a pair of like low, top Converse, and like duct tape them to a piece of wood and just try to walk around walk, right? It's, it's like, it's like, it's like you have like six foot, long, clown shoes and you have like the, the, your boots of the structural Integrity of the wet sneeze. And it's just so everything. Also everything, you know about, like skiing downhill, just throw out because there's no edge control. There's no, it's just so hard. Like my legs. There's a line in one of the episodes where I'm like, damn, I feel like my legs are doing so much and then nothing at the same time. Like it's it's a great way to feel like a newborn deer on a frozen puddle, you know? Cuz you're just exact limbs or everywhere. And that my favorite part about cross country skiing not to interrupt you but like, hey cross country skiing is really hard. Let's add guns and make it an Olympic sport. I know, like, the last thing I want is to, like, have stuffing, like I'm supposed to shoot the other thing too, with those people, like, how are they controlling their breath? I go. Like, I take one step and I'm like, I'm at this like, aerobic output where I'm just like, on fire and these people are trying to like shoot stuff, it's insane, totally insane. My body looks like a like, you know, when you exit a sauna bath just like a cloud of steam, that's a second. I put Nordic stuff on. It's just like Rising. Yummy. The phone, the whole time. Yes, you're you are absolutely correct. I mean it's like wage is the hardest Mountain sport that have ever again and I think that like part of so part of the the you know the series becoming an orator, that's kind of the point of it right? Is like oh it's it's just personal essay that I catch on video and it was super fun to do Solomon, you know, sponsored it and then REI wage. Um distributed it on their YouTube channel and it was just a way, you know, I kind of I kind of knew that or figured that that Nordic skiing was going to blow up this form. Um you know, because we didn't know what was going to happen with ski resorts or the back country and I talked to my buddy Joe over at Solomon. I was like, hey, have you guys sold out of all your like NordicTrack? Yeah, we like don't have anything and I was like okay I have an idea when they're right it up and what I did is I wrote up a script for it and instead of sending the script over to him I sent you know I actually filmed it all I filmed well perfect. So the first thing of the whole becoming an or dorks series is this like series teaser and I actually that was what I sent over to Joe and was like, hey, this is the idea that I have, he was like, I like this, let's there's something here and so, you know, again it's just like, hey, watch me be a novice, don't you birth? Worry about being stupid and looking silly. And in front of people, I'll be stupid for you, and we can all giggle and laugh and watch me fall down. Do you think that, do you think it helps sell? I have this debate often. Like do you think that sells skis, or do you think it makes People who already bought their equipment, feel more comfortable. That like this is hard, not necessarily cross-country everything, but like everyone's got with your stuff specifically, everyone's struggling. So when you get the trailhead, it's okay to be like, but do you think that directly help sell product. You know, I think so right and well in this is like, this is going to be like the the this is like the age gold, like marketing versus sales like conversation, you know, life? Like you know it's like well how is X like sell my widget? I need to see like the direct line and like, you know, marketing's like well, you know, people don't buy Nikes cuz they're great issues. People buying Keys cuz they're cool. You know, right. We need to sell the cool. And so, I think, I think yes, you know, like if if I, if I see, you know, it took my thought is that like, the power of know, is so strong in our in our heads, even if we get the new gear, right? It's like, I don't want to feel stupid in front of someone who's really good at this. So, I'm just not going to do this thing. I think that, you know, it hopefully, it inspired people to get out on trail and not take themselves seriously and just go out and enjoy the goofing. Sip trying something new, and the challenge of it. And if that sold some skis for the, the people that I partnered with, you know, I hope it did more than anything. I hope it's sold the idea that like, you know, you're okay to do this. It doesn't really matter if you're good at it, or you're bad at it. You can still be a Nordic Skier or a mountain biker. If your quote unquote bad at it, if you've just love to do it, that's enough. I wish we could put that on billboards everywhere. If you love the idea, you're like second business idea of this conversation if you love your level of Life. Yeah. Oh and I already have another one. We're going to review Aspen extreme on Christmas Eve every year for the next ten years. In a podcast. I'm into it, Show, Me podcast. That's been doing this super side note. It's called my brother, my brother and me and they every year I think it's Christmas Eve day review, Paul Blart Mall Cop, but it's off. But like you put Paul part on and you put the podcast on and like every year, it's like amazing. Cuz it's just, that's brilliant. It's brilliant. But I think if you I don't remember what you said anymore. But if you love something, then go do it. I think is what it was. Like, God. That's That if you, if you love, if you love the sport, it doesn't matter if you're good at it or bad at it, or intermediate at it like that. You can identify with that thing. Yeah. Do you think you'll go ahead? I was going to say, like I'm going to be an intermediate mountain biker for the rest of my life because rocks and dirt, really hurts sticks and trees really hurt. I don't want to like send my tuna off of like off some sick jump or anything. I don't want to get in the air at all, you know, like I just want to like go uphill, hate that my lungs are burning as much as they are and then kind of go downhill like a sort of like a fast clip but then if it gets too steep I'm probably going to walk it. You know like I'm still going to call myself a mountain bike or do and that's the thing is like I don't think that like you're like you're not earlier bow added to like makes you like a skier or a biker or like a trail Runner of flyfisher, whatever you know. It's like no I love this thing and that's enough for me to call my boss. That day. Yeah, it's hard to get that, though. Like you go to some ski resorts and we I know you're not a big Park skier but like you go to some parks and like I'm I'm not a good Park skiers like in 2005 I was like okay and I still have all those tricks so like that's where I'm at like I'm not going to get better. I'm not hopefully don't get worse. I'm just going to keep it just tricks but like I go to some resorts and some terrain parks. And like, everyone's just pumped on you being there, right? Yeah, people, you don't know they're like pumped. Then you go to some other parks and they're like, get off the lip and like yelling at you down. And I always question, like, how do we as an industry? Like, how do you? You can't create a Vibe, but like can Brands, like, pick up slogans that like, skiing spur. Everyone from me to Cody Townsend, right? Like I think brands are like, you know, recognizing that and making that like shift, you know, when a cold shift buzzword off. There you go. Like, into, let's talk about the deliverables of action items here. Yes, yes. You know, like I I think like, I think we as a community, can't get that Vibe just like, I'm out here having fun, you know, like, I'm not a park skier, but a lot of stuff in the, I don't want to ski around metal. It scares me like those gigantic. Antic like, uh, you know, like thirty foot booters or just like, there's no way I'm hitting that, but I'll, I'll, I'll like, hit the little side head and do a safety, Grange, or like a little mini tweak or my favorite, my spread eagle. Well, right, cuz I'm just like a gigantic six-foot-five 230-pound X flying through the air song, favourite trick. That's the only real trick. I have a trick. I think it's a Cossack, when you put like your hand but I'm like, cuz then it shows my height between your legs, but showed my High Country. Well, like, well, and that's I think that I, I would do that if I had any body control in the air, I feel like my arms. Just instinctively go up. You know, that's like a pack up and go up. Yeah, I think there's a we Factor so I don't know. I think I certainly like the whole kind of thing that like, you know, creating the vibe thing is like, I don't know, maybe it's calling out the things that are like, you know, not allowable just to be goofy at this thing. All right, 4th business idea, searching for we and it'll just be a shame for a week. Yeah, I know this like a very serious documentary documentary about like us looking for that that we, but that's, and that's the thing. Like, it's like the, we like the hug, the community, we of like us. Yeah. Also the we, as in like the Yahoo multi-level. I love onion. Purchase. Love, onions. Love onions. Know, I just it's always funny cuz I like I haven't been doing this podcast long but like it's been mostly like semi pro skiers or like Semi-Pro something. And then, last week, I had Nicole from birth. Mom Trends and she's a mom bloggers. Whose like God of this giant following. She talked about how ski resorts are just like missing out on like probably their biggest cash. Grab opportunities, which is life family's. Like, if I go there, I'm a dirtbag, I probably like by an icon pass it, half off cuz I know somebody in the industry and then everyone's mad at me. But I like right like scan my icon through the thing real quick and took my pocket. So, no one like, I'm not the problem but like I don't spend a dime of your pocket. Next to your lunch, your frozen pizza from last night that you brought, you know, cuz I stole like from home, but, like, Park and their lot sleep in their lot, didn't move my car. Even though I knew the snow plow was coming, and I'm, like, I'm right around that moving, but they don't make any money off me. And told me to call it was like, which is so simple and stupid, but I'm simple and stupid. So I was like, oh, light bulb, why aren't they, why are more Resorts marketing to families, Which object Some are but why aren't more Resorts marketing? The we factor of just like, oh it doesn't have to be a Potter Day to have fun, right? Exactly. Being and snowboarding and sledding and tubing is fun. Water parks are fudging on. Why can't we just have fun anymore? You know, and I I hope that like that's that's to take away from, you know, the stuff that I create, you know, is that again it's like I just want to make people think and I want to make people laugh and if I'm, I'm hopefully adding to that, you know, we factor that we don't want. Yeah. Searching for we I was I watched, I don't know. I was watching the news this morning and they were asking the older generation, what is an adult and then they were asking, like our generation. What is an adult? And then they were asking, like, kids. What is just a dolt and like the older generation was like, you go to school, you get a job, you get married, you have kids and then you die and like, our generation was, like, you've gotta work sometimes and like, you gotta have a little fun and then, like kids were just like, massive student loan debt and you're thinking how did my parents do this one? And they were my, they didn't have what we had in the best ways possible. They did have, you know, they weren't looking at their phones and like feeling pressure to like, keep up with Johnny, or like they did their thing and they survived and I think that's what we are all trying to do is survive in general. So, I don't know. We're going with that. Hopefully, it's Thrive off and not survive. Yeah, that's a No Effects lyric I think, is it really? Yeah, not just not just I was really hoping that I had come up with something. No, I think it's a, I'll find everything. Stolen, everything still nothing's sacred. That's that, like that's true. Do you Google like five years before? You write them? Cuz everything is stolen yet. Mostly. Yeah. Mostly my career is just a hundred percent plagiarism. I would say no, but I forget his name from low pressure pot, just interviewed jabber. And it's for like they open and and he asks, have you ever had an original idea in your life and Adam was like, no phone number was like No. And then they talked and I was like, that's deep like that's a deep cut. Well, there's there's a, there's a line in in storytelling or in writing, right? There's, there's no new stores. There's this new ways to tell them, you know. And and I think that, you know, any, anybody who creates any kind of story, you know, or or something that people are going to consume is like wage. Trying to tell I'll um you know, uh something you know, trying to tell a story that's worthy through a new and original way, you know, have I ever come up with an original idea. I would like to think though, what is that one? I don't know. I mean, no one's no one's ever hated on Telemark skiing, dude. That was like the first one. Yeah, the first one. You were the most hated one for sure. I know what's next. What do you got coming? What can you talk about? That you have coming, what do you want to see? And yeah, what do you want to see how well ski industry and what's next? For mr. At Pat O'Connell Patty. Well, I would say that, you know, now that hopefully, you know, the world is going to become vaccinations encoded. It's going to be uh, you know, a thing of the past. I do a lot of event works. So there's some events that I'm kind of like hoping happen in the next few months that can be done in a in a safe way. You know, I'm I'm actually next week going on my first production shoot. Congratulations. Put some more stuff in front of the camera and behind the camera. And then, you know, one second I lost you after production shoot, but we seem to go back on. So you had your first next week, you have your First Baptist shoot. I might first production shoot in over a year which is kind of like an insane thing to say out loud. And also it's a little, like, oh God. Do I remember how to do this myself. I'm excited about that. That's all I can say about that right now. Are you soon? And then you know, the podcast world, I'm going to be doing some stuff with Dirtbag Diaries and outside podcast. I'm hoping some other folks and uh, you know, some more stuff in front of behind the camera and I'm going to continue to write for free skier and for ski magazine and and all the other folks that I asked for and just, you know, continue to do all the things and try to continue to come up with observational humor, that will be put on the internet off. Hopefully make people laugh and thick. I love it. I appreciate you being on. I'm sorry for throwing that loophole that Mari moment at you earlier. I had thought that it was going to be a like a major, you are the father moment. But yeah, I thought I promised. I wouldn't do that but I kind of hit you later. Thank you for taking another hour of your life. God And chatting with me. Hopefully this one saves. Yeah, I I hope I hope we're not doing this again. I'm sorry. We're, we'll have to do it live and we'll just like invite Bots. Yeah, it'll be a webinar. Yes, yes. Where can people follow you? What your website Instagram? Well, my website is Patty. Rock.com p a d, d. Y r, o c. Which I think we talked about this last time. Like, some people think like, oh, like, what does that Patty rocks? And it's like, no, it's just my initials Rhino, and and that's the same handle for my Instagram p. A d. D y r o c. And that's where you can find the latest apps and you know, the latest black humor and what I'm working on. Great. Thanks Patty. Thank you for doing this again, dude. And you know, I'm excited to become a tell Marks here and I'm excited for you to to be an Alpine fear. I'm so excited. I'm so excited to rip again. Yeah. Wow. Guys, there it is, episode 10 of the pursuit, on the audubon's network box. So carnal at Pat, Iraq. At p a d, d. Y r, o. See if you haven't, figured it out by now. I'm Patty. And I recorded last week and my computer crashed, so I lost everything. So a huge shout-out to Patty for hopping on the podcast again and gave an episode. I feel like Patty and I are best friends now and I hope he hears this and we can be best friends cuz I really like a small stash, we had a really good talk and not like an extreme and skiing stupid and we both agree on it. So petty rock. Thanks again, thanks for listening Pursuit. Leave a review and we'll see you next week off.

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499: Hungarian GP Practice Report

The Autosport Podcast

21:22 min | 3 months ago

499: Hungarian GP Practice Report

"From autosport dot com and office magazine. I'm marianna bravo. And this is the order sport. Podcast is the first day of 'cause on track in hungary. And max saccharin took the top spot in a disruptive practice session while an sp two. It was a mercedes. One to rebound three waters leading. News ahead of max. V southern who was p. Three sergio perez was nine tenths of his teammates pace in few one finishing the session. P eight but managed. Put in a better showing. Nfc to finish up. P. five f. b. one that was interrupted by a red flag after yuki sonoda crashed at turn for lebanon spun earlier in the session and sonoda's crash brought out the red flag for five minutes. The damage is called. Took a walter repair. And he didn't get back on track until two minutes before the end of f. b. two later in the afternoon. Meanwhile his teammate be. Ghazi was looking confident in his alfa towery setting the fifth fastest time in f. b. one and sixth fastest in f. b. to estimate oakland managed to finish p. for in f. b. two splitting the red bull drivers and outpacing his teammate by four tenths whilst that was on track action today. I think it's safe to say that all eyes were closely following the off track drama that has been unfolding since lewis hamilton. I'm max verstappen's collision as silverton. Of course there's been some pretty strongly to statements from both sides regarding the incident and red bull requested. The faa review his penalty. But yesterday evening this request was rejected. After the faa deemed red bull had not presented significant new elements which were unavailable at the time of decision. Right so there's lots to discuss surrounding this and we will cover as much as we can today and joining me to do. So is jonathan noble. Might dot dotcoms editor john. How are you doing on not too bad. Actually it's been a fascinating. Two weeks silverstein really busy news wise moving around a lot and i think alot kind of bored by the whole max v lewis saga and kind of the to in front of all. Also gotta remember that this is. We'll look back on this moment. In years to come it will be like the senate processed clashes at suzuka. We've had the is a big moment in phone one and it's fascinating how it develops and we don't know how it's going to proceed from here. So is important to keep on top film conscious. Ignore it because it's been we've been talking about every day for two weeks. Yeah it's been absolutely everywhere and brother fittingly we got. We are going to start by talking about it. Get out of the way before we get into the on track action that we saw then f. one f. b. two so as you said it's been a drama filled couple of weeks since silverton. Of course we have the big instant. And yesterday we had the rejection of red bull's petition for the faa to review lewis's ten second penalty. Can you just talk us through. What red bull wa requesting that of course. We know that they presented. Will they were supposed to present new significant relevant information but it was rejected because it wasn't deemed that the will they presented was any of these things Mckinney choke was through. What it was that they were hoping to achieve in how they will hoping to achieve a with the evidence they present. We know that. Alex alborn prime reenacted The nines that hamilton's taking across sandwiches had everyone very interesting. Show me say so. Just told us a bit more about laugh. So basic aims to get. They wanted the students to rape in the case because they felt that the ten second penalty handed down for lewis is part and accident. Wasn't they didn't feel. It was strong enough and they felt a much harsher penalty Was worthy but his new. The process the way penalties handed out. And there's no way they could appeal the penalty for lewis in At silverstone so you can't appeal in penalties. So the only option you have subsequent to that is a thing called reuters review which is kind of an open door that teams for two weeks basically means if a new element significant And new element comes to light significant and relevant new element is discovered we can request the stewards can look again Look penalty Start again but this this choir high bar to get this over the line so represented a quite lengthy series of slides to the faa yesterday Talking about it Primarily they would gps Plots and speed plots of primarily. It was the the louis. V max on that one and then comparing a lot of comparisons with lewis and charles clerk on that fifty when overtook him for the lead so comparisons of whether 'cause positions where charles walls speeds they were doing Read was argument. Was that lewis had gone into cops too hot Forty five on the wrong line and they argue. He wouldn't have got around that corner What he was doing about colliding max therefore He was entirely to blame for that instant. The stewards looked at the evidence and said it wasn't It wasn't discovered the the evidence had been subsequently created in some respects because redbird created these plots so that pulled together. Gps data that also as you mentioned Alex l. one on a filming day. Last week to simulate lewis hamilton speed into cops to try to indicate the on the speed. He was at and where he was on the track. How difficult it would have been to get on the corner. They presented this speed traces. Well but stewards said it wasn't significant wasn't relevant hadn't been discovered it been created and therefore throughout basically So no chance of any review the penalty. The penalty stands Amal red bull Keep trying to draw a line underneath it. That's the first they're still angry. Still disappointed the still quite Especially was upset about the way that say celebrated after the race And then i think mercedes you sense. They've kind of lost patience with the situation because You know they were heated. Words on sunday nights silverstein From red bull about louis mean. Dangerous had been amateurish in All the sort of thing and then tight say wolf Speak to us. Basically made attempt to try and dampen down there the tensions in the situations because this horrendous racist abusive lewis hamilton and social media exploded. So it was. It was a tense situation for something. We've seen not seen in formula one in the social media. Era this kind of this clash of fans and cash opinions and heated debates so there was an attempt by deliberate ten by mercedes to try to pull it back a bit They felt that some of the comments rebel made of being too personal and gone over the line and there was an opportunity for red bull to have reigned it by a little bit to maybe say well perhaps all we said was a step too far but you know we can agree to disagree. The accident but rebelled double down basically. They've doubled down. The criticisms of the team They doubled down on that messaging that they felt lewis was to blame. They doubled down on the unease unhappiness about celebrations Mcrae aggressive in this approach to the stewards for the right review. And i think that's what prompted mercedes last night. Which she this very strongly worded Presley's reaction accusing them of trying to tarnish lewis his name so the tensions is still there The friction is still and i think it won't go away and you know it will get resurrected the next time these. These two drivers have fights. We haven't seen the last battle between lewis hamilton. The next step in we definitely have not. Yeah i think everyone was quite shocked. Actually at the strength of the response from mercedes because they'd been quite quiet about it. In the face of red boys repeated comments brexit for example as you said match sapna social media very unhappy about how to celebrate his even though lewis had come out and said i didn't actually even know he was in hospital when they celebrations happened. Christian warner of course Very vocal on the whole situation and then yet the statement from his eighties yesterday where they discussed. The concerted attempt by senior management of red bull to launch the name and think there's sporting integrity of lewis hamilton. Very very strongly worded and as you said probably indicating that they have lost their patients with this but going into today on at ucla. Into toto off. Ofter the sessions. Today wall has been the by from the team. Principal was now as taito still sounding pretty farm. And now i know that he's come out and said that he just thinks it was inappropriate. The way red bull responded and actually it was whom i think he said it was helping create divisions as opposed to bringing the fans together. Which like you said we definitely saw the fan bases were well and truly divided but have either of the team principals cooled slightly as the day wore on today from a think through mercedes perspective. Expect today i think eve use the remains. The unhappiness about the level of languages by red bull and how aggressive is being in its response and christian from christians expensive. Only if i press conference that is their. Gt is a competitor to leave no stone unturned and push heart as you can quite rightly potentially the twenty five points that max lost at silverton or even eighteen points you lost silverstone could prove pivotal in the end to this world trump. She battle so we need to the end of the year. So you can understand how significant array simpson could be for the title and why rebels pushing so hard but equally there there probably is a they probably could have been slightly less aggressive in in the town and not cause so much kind of finding the flames i think in some respects is what's supposed to happen because he's seen these kind of salvos from mainly from bull start with but now it came back from mercedes which is just kind of fervor kind of revved up there the the two sides and the argument now doesn't seem to be as much about the accident and Who was to blame. I mean i think most people who in a cpa lewis fans supermax fans and stand by the driver think it was mainly a racing accident wherever it was sixty forty one way or seventy thirty or anything. People don't view that neither driver was a hundred cents. A blame neither driver was completely innocent so they both played a little part. And you can debate then you into grey areas of what the percentages are but ultimately this is a two guys gunning for world championship with little margins first lap of a very important race for both of them and they came together. This is what happens in this is what happens in monitoring has happened in the past. And it's going to happen again. In the future. That title rivals will come together and fight even though neither driver deliberately wants it to happen from from a status perspective. They're not massively fussed by the situation. I mean they came out with twenty five points and the penalty mattered. Little so Sporting wise there isn't much to be upset about. But i think the way the west being played off track has perhaps less than uneasy but equally. They're well aware that this is. This is the world champs you fight. This is a fight for the formula and title the big prize in motoracing and It's very very rare when two teams up against each other that you don't get tension and stress and ultra competitiveness in the system And that's why these things like this. Yeah i think that the off track exchange of watts has definitely been the more traumatic part of it now in hindsight actually but both team principles of spacey said that they consider them out to close now but like you said john we haven't seen the drive is back on track here and we will see on race day wedding sand and just just how the my feeling about it. I guess i mean. Of course it could be a completely boring rice and then be an anticlimax burberry one. I think we'll be able to tell on sunday how they each approached race. I'm racing to oh with each other side. I'm counting down until race day ready but let's leave the red blue and mercedes drama for moment. Poke that unless talk about what happened for one and f p too so we saw max zappin at top-paying f. p. one voucher bought us in f. b. to what did you make of the practice sessions as a whole. I mean it was a good day for mercedes and more difficult day for red bull. I think both teams again very very close but i think today was basically dictated by the ridiculously hot temperatures. I think track temperature top sixty degrees or something which is one of the highest we see of even hotter than you get in the the bahrain desert so it was ridiculously hot today so that was obviously punishing the tires a lot and when the ties get punished that extent it can affect thaiware and tie balance and time management and it means today where the red bull was suffering from under understeer so he couldn't really get proper handle on the car Mercedes in a much. Better window The you know. Pretty big gaps between the mercedes and maryland long-run pace But i don't think we saw the full potential. The red bull so i think again we are very very close battle between the two teams And think that's all we can say at the moment of any say ivers particularly got a big advantage here but it doesn't look like As perhaps mercedes coulda feared coming into this weekend. The red bullet clear in front and their best bet is just a nip at their heels. Are think We've got a proper head to head again. Which is great to see. That definitely is good to see now. One about a bit farther down the failed looking at of the midfield drivers of course estrin auburn looked pretty mighty in b. to do you think that that is a true paced. You think of something that will carry through the weekend or do you think it could just be friday showing as we always say teams paid differently. We know that mclaren instance always pretty subdued on a friday and and put out the bag. Come sunday but what about the alpine best metal or cons had that recent. Run of poor form We struggled to get off key one times and they Basically place a lot of complaints on the car gave them a new chassis. Face suspects must spike too much mccaskey today that executive director just talking about what they had found with estimate because when the new car rolled onto truck instantly these these problems had gone They don't have a definitive answers to what they think the problem was. They were found a small anomaly on the front suspension But that didn't did not explain the full deficit However they think that some of the the poor characteristics esteban have been describing when you're struggling fitted in with a potential problem in the era of the car and it could be one of these Situations where driver feel slightly uncomfortable in one area and lacks a bit of confidence in that triggers problems in another area and the whole snowballs. So what is really minor problem. Become something much bigger So may explain what happened but then they they aren't sure but you know if one has has a tendency sometimes of offering obvious explanations for big performance swings so but we know is that the car on chelsea's got now seems to be working. It was a stronger and better day. for the team And it will be interesting because they struggle struggle to monaco. It was one of the poorest weekends because don't seem particularly good in Low-speed corners Hungering has typically been quite similar in car requirements. Monica so been carrying on that front again. The truck temperatures and high kind of punishing lays push on the tires today. Kind of skewed things and is giving us a really unclear picture. Aware things stack especially that we dixie tight midfield where You know tiny swings can make you from q. Three hero to a q. One chump and what about the towers because of course you case no dopp. Naga day the crash in f. p. one which saw him sitting out choice of f. b. but peter gosling possession king pretty comfortable in the atari saying some fast times in both sessions. What did you make of both sides of the garbage there for yuki again He's had a habit of binning cars too often. This season which is frustrated. The team and i think they will will end up being pretty annoyed today. He lost a lot of running and he got out for. I think one out lap in a flying lap in q two after repairs for me lexin impe one is lost track time and this is a season where there's only two hours running on a friday. That's really important. You get all your long runs and short runs and understanding so it's at least one car for most of the day in a bad bad for the team I'm sure helmet. Marco will be having some stern words who've yuki about the kind of anita saxton really shouldn't shouldn't be crushing in Qualify in practice sessions so just achieves absolutely nothing of appear we'll be encouraging the alpha tori started the struggling in kind of medium speed corners Quite lazy on turn They worked an awful lot. Try to address this. This problem So will will be a beast to him in the team that on a track like this for have shown to be quite good. I think will be whether or not the loss data from mucus out of the garage. Wholesome back or not or if they can build on them. Push on from here. Now we are coming to the end of our time. Unfortunately that miss as red bull chatted up quite a chunk there but looking forward to tomorrow a copy of questions festival. Who is your money on a four pole and second of all who else down the field are you looking out for. I mean we've only touched on a couple of teams here but of course lots of other drivers trying to put their best foot forward before we head off into the summer break. So who are you keeping your eye on as well. I think i'll still go. Go from max powell. Just because i think that car is still quickest over single lap. I think maximum also be super fide up and super determined to make sure he starts this race from the front. So we'll be it'll be an an added edge to to his performance But i think again. I think the mercedes remains a very very strong race car And you lucile walk on the front right. And they'll be tiny tiny margin between them. But that's my prediction. The prediction of the front and the down the village that any drivers have stuck out to the think could put in a shocker. What abo- esteban. Maybe be good. I about how they had this. You start off the season strongly. Had that paul run with whatever. The problem was with the car. Bit better at silverstein. So may what about the you know something again from alpine pay fast. Abandon fernando pushing on up there. We'll see if they can pull off some magic as well like he did it. Silver thing. Yeah that would be a very good run of weekends for the alpine team. The damage abide. We will have to wait and see though john. Thank you so much for joining me as ever appreciate your insight back and that's all from us so thank you for listening.

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Ychtley Battens Down The Hatches

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Ychtley Battens Down The Hatches

"Hi It's making Dolan. You're listening to inspir- auto projectile shorts just got finished playing a show at the outlet crew at the Marquis Theatre which that in itself has. Its own synchronicity. Because they saw Micky Dolenz Lanka's play there with Dori at the market theatre so an end while we were there. She said it would be so cool. If Yali grew a play here and sure enough we play tonight now earlier on Pauling gang stay Beckett marquee theatre. I took an uber over with raw with the Sailor Hawkins Imbaba Buoy and we met up with misty harbors said earning. So is your walk past. I saw this couple and I waved to him Or Bill Miller to me. But I couldn't quite tell and I waved to him and like I just waved to these guys and then I went over and I had to drink with a sailor. Bob Probably and then after some time I decided I had pretzels. Little pretzels with cheese cheese and especially very spicy can of Mustard. And Amy was there. What's her name? The chef a special name so boo. Mrs Babo Buoy Mrs Bobby. So I was sharing some of these pretzels with misty harpers Silverton have any so I was leaving. I said you know I'm GONNA go back. I'm going to meditate. I'M GONNA go meditate in the room Sleep I don't know something. I got an hour in some change until I got to meet him back down in the lobby. So so a drink a Crown Cola and then I ate the pretzels and then we're talking and then I left and as house leaving. Uh other couple on the way out and so. I said I gotta say substitute and so I said Gosh I remember you too and I was just let that sink in and they said gay. We had an in-depth conversation and then I realized. Oh yes that's right. This is a couple and I've been recently talking about this couple of recently talking about this couple who'd I bring them up to of course manifestation of reality this is like I I I wanna say less than a week ago I brought up to someone this couple of the fact that they shared a synchronicity? With me and telling someone this within less than a week ago just how cool it was that they felt open enough to just divulge the information with it. So while we're talking that's when the bartender overheard us and then she started talking about. Oh before that. I can't remember if it was before that during this. The bartender had a book down. The book on the cover was was a flamingo. We have we. Have the flamingos on our drum? We have two little fleming. Goes down the drum set and she said I wrote a book. She didn't mention anything about synchronicity. Is At that point. She said I wrote a book and has a Flamingo on it. I think it's great. You're drums has flipped. Flamingos on it. Can you take a picture of me up on stage in front of the drum set with my Flamingo Book? I said absolutely absolutely so you not so great. How Synchronous Dick? This is is the fact that I mean. How cool is this? You haven't you wrote a book first of all which I wanNA talk to quite a bit about. Tell me about your book. Second of all you have a book that has a Fleming on the front here you are. You happen to be working at this place. We have to be here tonight at this place. Y'All rock band. Who just so happened to have these. Neon flamingos out of all the steps. Between there and here we could have. Anyone could have decided to not buy these things. Certainly or if they were flamingos we could have just kept the original ones or different kinds of news but no support down the line. Someone decided that they were going to get these near Flamingos. So we come out to this place here. This is your first time seeing a play. You have a book recently wrote. It's kind of looming on the front. I say how cool in secret mystic pisses she says. Wouldn't you know my book is All about that? Of course it is. It's so she said the Flamingo has become like sort of like this. I'm putting words in her mouth spirit animal but she said it's become sort of the symbol of of of sort of the magic coming about which is crazy when you think about galley crew the metric that is coming out there are two fleming goes involved with this so. I told her this is. This is incredible. It's so she ended up getting a hold of sailor. Hawkins Insane Hey I talked to stony shores huge. Sit In my book. Do you have an address? I can send this book too so she sent me the book. I've been reading the book. It's great dude charge I all. I just can't get enough of it. I can't get enough. I can't get enough of it. It's like once once once. I find myself latching onto the excitement of the excitement that I felt when I when I encountered these things. This then became the utmost drug or the utmost Delicious nutritious thing and then I then and then I start doing experiments and figuring out how can I how can I make more of those? Because I loved him so much. What can I do to make more of those than Dad's when I came across movies in in motivational speakers and people talking about manifestation of reality the law of attraction what you think about you bring about your thoughts create reality you know and then of course that ties in with Einstein where he says her own a realities time is relative? Which means to you which it makes so much sense you can have green for ten seconds but you lived years in that dream so time totally is relative to a kid. Who's in a math class? It seems to take years to get through that two hours or one hour of math class. That feels like a century to get through that our math class. He doesn't want to be there. He wants bin the playground. He must be playing Frisbee but he's stuck in class and that's taken a hundred years. No civil unlike us that power. How did I wake up? Wake up and I love waking up early. Well I'm kind of destined to cats. Wake me up they wanNA either. So you know you got kids. What time do they wake you up in the morning? They wake you up at seven in the morning. Oh my God. Those kids are up. Those kids are up there like you know kids the beautiful thing about kids that they are the closest to the natural unfolding of the universal language. What else follows the natural folding of universal language plants animals plants animals children? So if we don't taint the children and we let them to simply grow and sort of just like nature this you know and it makes it makes so much total sense when you hear people say oh. You're going to have kids will I? I start with a plant. And if you feel that you've done a great job with plant ven get a cat or a dog you know a lizard or something like that. Something may maybe a goldfish something short life span and then and then you go bigger. Then you go. Then he goes to the kids. This is great news but was my guys really did is but he's got a little pigtails in braids. Oh my God forbid lovey. You just made me think like how funny there'd be as I mentioned a person who is able to because you can you can train amls could train children. You see this all the time kids who grew up like very obedient. They got these very strict parents did not necessarily but I thought would be so funny as knowing that that every single person every single creature is programmable you go when it be fun if we play little game when I go snooze button then you don't come back in here until I say okay lovey. Come on back in you know so it becomes this funny little game where it's like. It's a challenge. Do you think you can wait this long? I don't know if you can. I don't trust that you actually can't wait this long. And then they're like no. I can't daddy I can. I don't I don't know I don't know if I can trust that. You can actually wait an hour. I don't know I'm GonNa go to sleep here. But YOU'RE GONNA have to be the STEWS Bundy. You know what that means. That means you're going to have to be quiet until daddy says it's okay for you to come back in here so I duNno I. It's a challenge as I could do it. Daddy Okay I trust you when it'd be funny and then sure nobody's yours. You can babysit anytime and you go. Sh snooze button. My Gosh I remember when I used to substitute teach one of the things the techniques. I love it. I love that. Wait hold on play that again. I got to see that video. Where's your news but was this first thing? In the morning she came she came in up. Where's your snooze button? What time is this seven fifty to a snooze button? She didn't topple over though did she did to be fair. Only God Paulie Q. Please send it to be an animated and then send it back to. Yes I want you to see what this looks like within that that cartoon because this this this looks really cool. Hey I say. Welcome to twenty twenty anchor has been such a huge inspiration to me over the past couple of years ever since. I came across anchor dot f. m. it's an APP in the APP store. It helps you. Make your own podcast. This is the whole reason. Why you're even listening to my podcast. Right now. Anchor is free. It enables you to collaborate with other anchor utilizes you can leave messages for each other. You can record up to an hour all at one time but you can record many little segments in there. That doesn't doesn't mean you have to record a full hour. At one time you can record little tiny segments and man. It's so great because anchor just distributes it out there to tunes Google podcast. A tune-in breaker spreaker radio public. A whole bunch of places and man. It's just wonderful just to know that you are becoming the media so what what time we have to be tomorrow. Ted A set in the parking lot and then what are we talking in five go? Now it's Then we got. We got out from ten to Yuma Arizona. Same thing same. How did it happen how we oh we loved? It left at lock their dude. We've left and lack there. Okay okay. Fake delicate instruments. We're currently on the way to Yuma. Something's going on with the thing banging around the academic sandwich crumbs are all back home. So there was a little behind the scenes Picture they were on the side of the road. There's an abandoned building over there. There's an abandoned. It looks like a gas station. You know how they got those like Looks like a goalpost or something at the gas stations. That's we see one of those out here. It smells just like cow manure all over the place but we heard the Ch like rattling on the back of our new van here. So we're trying to figure out with the mystery was hundred bucks. Probably needs to paid every really. It's just take us through to drive Aaron two and a half hours to get through the fuck and trump paw out. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh yeah But we just showed us a video of a instagram video of a seal So it's the it's the back of a boat and you see the seal swim up and jump up on the back and they're gonNA give fish to the seal will what's crazy and surprising is. I never realized that seals could swim that fast. This boat looked like he was gone. Fast I mean I don't know I maybe looked like he was going to fall fifty miles an hour. Maybe it was going slower. I don't know the thing like you. Speeding and for this this seal to be able just swim up without getting caught up in the propellers and swim right up and go and then a jumped up on the back of the ship. Which is I mean. That's probably two two foot jump for this thing and so then that just got me to thinking whoa okay. Seals can swim surprisingly fast much faster than I ever anticipated. Right thought would be really cool. I'm sure maybe there's like a cold super friends. Episode of this with with Aquaman doing something similar however I imagine someone pudding Leashes on maybe I don't know maybe eight eight of these things and And then maybe it's like Oh you know maybe it's like like a large okay so I just imagined was snow. Something something that could pull you along on on the surface so you get them swimming like their carriage horses. They're their seals and are taking your long swimming fast. It would be a good thing almost kind of like a boat. Imagine like a large sort of seashell. Maybe you sitting there. Look it to their imagine. Sort of like a C- centered Siphon. That has that kind of inclusion though that kind of imagination where it's ocean creatures which of course could lead to plenty of hijinks with accidentally swallowed by Wales getting caught up in tentacles of squid or other Leviathan. Of course. You have some close calls. Run-ins with sirens. Wow why all right. So that? Did they just kept on my mind. Okay so the idea of the siren any to do like a really good deep research here about sirens. However I should've switch just a smidge host a a sailor falling in love with the Siren. Now from what? I understand the sirens. They with Lourdes Lourdes sailors. They were on the rocks. I just imagined that they're out there on the racks. They're singing such pretty songs. Beautiful bountiful. Beloved shoes voluptuous. Ladies out there on the singing singing beautifully now what I understand is the Science. They were just creatures basically. It was a camouflage that was a much different than one would think of a mermaid to not. I can't be you know that's not say there can't be bad mermaids. I prefer I prefer to think that mermaids or good maybe they balance out the at the end of the Yang Yang of the yen they balance out the sirens of the world so mermaids I just mentioned sweep just just sweep smooth easy graceful sirens. It's you know it looks good. It sounds beautiful. Looks beautiful in with a right. But then what they say is when when you come. What's her instagram? Y'All felt like Like in these old things when the guys tried to navigate the guys try to get near the sire as they get evening. I think they could eaten a silence so just imagine a song were were. I mean is okay so I just mentioned a sailor falls over the siren heated. But he doesn't but he doesn't actually you know it's like a forbidden love affair. Ab It's again beat Saikia. Maybe it's like A. Maybe it's like a Romeo and Juliet situation at the Hong. Ooh Okay. I'm getting so many ideas right now. Okay so basically like a siren. Who doesn't want to do what signs are known as what you can do here. You Go and you know. Societies are expected to do do this thing. I don't know if it's in their blood could be it could be it could be. It could be or could be taught with a be something taught sharing from your phone. That's why if you could be taught so if it's the case that means it. Sankar taught to be evil towards humans. Are they version of the human? I guess it's ongoing wonder about. Are they like the Gremlins of the of the water? They the goblins water goblins and menu tag by the way. He's a great character water Goblin of never heard of that thing. Water Gremlins however gremlins. You cannot get with with wet. Gregson the earth rare the Malawai Mugabe for Malgara Mountain. Mount boy turns into the into the Gremlin. So that's right that's right So the sirens I think are the Goblins of the water. Perhaps so mansion. Imagine maybe this one siren is. She's just You know maybe she's just going through the motions of of what she's expected to do. So she's she's Yoshi seeing looking beautiful singing however her heart is done in that. She strives for Truth Connection. Along comes this sailor and he called tuned in the same waves tune into the same sort of the residence in sensibilities. He's got a language with bill but the ocean just as as the siren would innocence because he's out on the ocean for so so long very familiar with its behavior again. This very true very true is it is happening life Well it started with with the story about the dull owed. The the seal joins us live on the air. Recap of the PODCAST. I you know I gotta I gotTa get a hold of something actually stream on your life like like of like a radio show. I haven't figured that when the good news is always used instagram live. Oh yeah that's true. Trump in podcast is auto project. So three run. That's good the project the project. Don't that's good. That's good instagram. It Instruments Dorado poject projecting the pod like it's rarity alert wherever excuse to you at all but the other thing I was thinking about was so we always hear about how sirens are like just the evil for the sailors. They're they're beautiful. They sing the sailor about a beat them or kill them in some like right. They bite their guts out your breath and Kissel you right now right smyers thinking so I was thinking maybe being a siren is something that's taught maybe it's taught within the community to be dead so I thought Oh. What if? There's a Romeo Juliet situation between a sailor and a siren where she is just going through the motions of just trying to lure the sailors but in our hearts really wants to take action? The sailor of seeing her. And there's they're just on that same five and they're like this forbidden kind of fear where he guessed it keeps you know he just keeps coming back around like the sirens are just getting bad rap. Right they're not inherently bad right so they're not a misogynistic representation of of toxic masculinity how people view women to be this evil and all of a sudden. There's this very good thing between in this siren so now I don't know yet it's just in my brain. I just thought about this but I don't know yet if there's an actual thing that that you know if there's a consummation between them like you Dickie now they just mocked thank you thank you thank you take that popped into my brain and I thought they would be an interesting like a musical a Sifi water fantasy musical because the other revelation had struck me instead. Sirens are sort of like the goblins of the water. There's sort like this kind of like scary thing. But in this case we realized that the one siren. You know the others that she's upon the on on the rocks with were. Maybe they're just they're just following orders. Something she does really wish was connection. And you're thinking it's just just astounding just the styling revolution so dear we have we. Might we might end up coming back later for even more leashes St okay. Let me give you another safe deriving tip. Well I am on the subject. Don't watch the screen if you are enjoying one of my youtube channels videos while you're driving. I don't want you to be distracted and get in an accident but I also want to warn you. Don't listen to my meditation offerings on the on the podcast or the YouTube channel. Actually I am a meditation teacher. I don't want anyone out there to be deriving and listen to those because I don't want you to be so relaxed that you get an accident. Wait till you're somewhere safe where you can relax. Also be very aware of the titles on all of my episodes if it says it's a meditation. I'm not bluffing. If it says don't be chicken I maybe in a chicken suit. Just can't save if you're on the podcast but I'll talk about my mom so I had this idea for. Oh someone who runs a Mandela website? And what they do. Is they go through old movies and books and they just photoshop all kinds of crazy stuff. They they Cgi IN A in a photoshop. Just a whole bunch of things that never happened. They claim And they just put it up there on their Manila effect website. Dave it's like they're trying to prove the point so much that they themselves and becoming. A manufacturer of the idea perpetuate a twitter. But if you chance to come Mandela Affect Online Mandela effect. See how their treats. You're brave so wait so okay so the is set up or I I. This was made in fifty nine fifty nine. And you don't know how many men that they made you said but just a they didn't drive it too far it enjoyable too far. How FAST? He goes fast. If you and your husband incredible was that with or without the little trailer without it and is that something that people sleep in and the little trio despite that to scale with the car just all hall we bring it in cooking profited shortest chairs and stuff like that at all. Okay Gotcha got your luggage and all that stuff and go take you wherever. It's not a freeway. Drive the car out you. What an incredible creation. I've never seen such a thing. Is That A. Is that a sunroof up there as well. That's escape hatch. If you have a scheme patch I love it. It's got an escape hatch front door. I mean I q believed that the front door I mean to the to the door to the car is actually on the front and the stand this jury was attached to it Have you actually personally driven this? Because it's a left hand really. I did that somebody could see. That's something I didn't see. Oh my God that's crazy. I can only car that I have a gloved hand okay. So how many years do you trust? Big? It is now that would be that was five. This one's a three shift three speed. And the t birds five and corporate to four incredible and I never knew this thing existing. It seems like something it did. Yeah absolutely it seems like an invention that somebody go. Wouldn't it be neat if there were car? Where you you open the door on the front of the cars. Oh Yeah Yeah it is. That's a good way of explaining frigerator. I said I'd actually is. He already. Wealthy do come out to the every year you out here. Young always the same car wait. How many cars? You got three out of here today. Is Collectors. I guess Laurean Laurean. Oh my God a delorean. How often you bring that around. Do People rented it's too? It's too new. It's an Neil to what's the what's the criteria to get the show but it has to be ordered that the Orion get another dog had home of got another crusade is at home and we've got a truck vote to trailers radical. And so you have the delorean. Whip due to cause a lot of people who rent out their delorean's to move you know movie companies. That do that. Never rent out to your cars to any deductions. Just his toys. I love it. This is so cold. And what's your name? Beverly Beverly is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for. This is so cool is amazing. Wow she could see what I see here. I'm putting this up on instagram. This little car. This car is imagine looking at a smart car and then chopping in half. That's pretty much the kind of car that we have here. This is imagine the front of the car. Is he door the whole front of the car? The only way to get in the fact that this thing has an escape hatch. It's got two two tires in back but but but it's slightly shaped like a triangle where wider in front and and it gets a little smaller and back. Oh what's this now? I'm looking at the trailer. This thing actually has. Oh my God you gotta be kidding. It's got a burner it's got it's like its own little kitchen kitchen here. It's gotTa sink gotTa little door on the side where you could put stuff inside. This is just. I'm not a car guy necessarily however when I see cars. This strike struck my eyeballs man. Whoa WHOA WHOA. You just got admired. Can't right you just gotTa do that? I've never seen never seen so many of these Existence of these things. I mean a lot of these things are just you think well wouldn't it be cool? That kind of car existed I mean some of these cars will will will will. Will I see very strange bus over a very strange bus over here? This is crazy. What the heck. It looks like a cross between a bus in front of a car. This is like something you'd see a Mad Max man. This is totally something. You'd see Mad Max. It's a bus to bus and car. You guys is this. Your is this yours. This thing is like something out of mad. Max this is totally something out of mad. Max what the heck does this things I mean? How often you drive this around. Why just I just finished. It actually really really good though but the toll saw what has a two thousand one. Chevy Dewey Chassis on so it drives a truck on. What's the front part of? It holds fifty two Chevy School bus away. We'll wait so hold on. It came like this. You did not know the whole body came. I thought this is a Frankenstein somehow welded together. This is crazy. This is a real thing I had to put on at the school bus. This is crazy man. Wow that's during wheels huge. There's no worse theory. That's but that does. Did you try this out here? Yeah this whole parade and all the other ones were cool. You guys right in this thing. Oh my God. How long has it taken you to put this thing together? I voted for about five years. I have about a year and a half hard in a year. Where you just really don't have okay. We're going to get the motor a diesel in there. So I found the first. Does that mourners. There's no computer to it. There's just one wire going to do the things I twenty miles a gallon. Oh my God. That's why everybody wants those motors. Because they're like so what there's no computer. There's nothing to it interesting dude. It's crazy so would you think that the computers are something that like helped push out like suit basically. Yeah Yeah. It's like a governor on what's possible now a lot. The prep like these represent mortar. Enter solar flares. Straight Sense. I mean Jeez 'cause you expect something. This huge kind of ambitious. My I put that more income with that motor. Oh you changed everything on this morning. One Chassis ICU. Diesel Motor built around this thing his rent this out for movies more. Hey what's an Miller is putting it. He's he's starting up the next version of fury the next Mad Max movie shoot to it once. This is that kind of thing that needs to be a movie like that. This is just have you seen. Have you seen the new funeral? Okay okay you understand what I'm talking about because you could see that they fused together different. Yeah you're on talking about Frankenstein together. These various that's what this thing. It looks like that right. They went to like guns onto this. These creatures totally. This looks like that. This looks like that. Like driving through the desert trying to get the gasoline trying to get the like you can put the supplies in a back absolutely. Yeah absolutely yeah. That's right Oh yeah yeah and it does look like one of those Zombie. You know things for each person has a laser window or something and they can open the door and shoot from this opens. Bad debt is great man. I just love like you know like the battle damage on it and it's got that look about it like it's been through stuff and the down you know. Yeah Yeah Yeah I get survived through things. You know a lot of hardships this thing. Oh my God that's great visit. It really deserves. Being a movie. Thing is just so sturdy man like an airplane it. Totally Billion Submarine. Online by the hype. God did so special to give these aircraft Ribbons and I WANNA fight because more interior work to it and I want to put them on their panel to fix the whole interior might be like beautiful day bash camper just slightly cabin for a fun project. I wish you guys can see with the hackers. This thing is like I mean so was it. Was this a lot of fun to drive in a lake Was it awesome to see him? Go go through the evolution of this thing and now here it is. His whole idea came together. Oh my God you guys. It's just so cool. Giving little black smoke see all right. You're goes here. We go. Why the two batteries batteries. Oh so like a hundred ten one ten and then inverting do I do power onboard. And all that stuff. He's into that big mortar like you. I love it's great Thank these are great. You guys awesome trump water just a little boy. When they got here. He goes just started up. I've in in school Louis. This beast. I gotta get a photo this thing. This is nuts. I can't believe this thing exists. It has guy areas. Oh my God. This is crazy it it. It almost looks like it should not exist is such a just seems so fake shot through the window. You're straight seats. My God. I'd like to start out. All this is crazy so interesting. GotTa Get along as each surfing. They sound so good don't they? Oh my God we're out in Yuma right now and Yali crews plan right about an hour beach boys tribute band free After we played a Boston tribute pain last year we We lost one of the great ones everybody. One of the founding members of Surf Rock. Maybe the very foundation of Surfer Dale Dick Dale. And we couldn't be here today and the amongst all your beautiful people and cars and and everything without a little tip of the hat great Dick. Dale probably his greatest fiction fiction. Here we go. Here's where you'll get to enjoy that man right there here. We go yeah Tale baby wow on this route is growing man. This could be about six thousand people here. This crowd is growing raising at a time. We play a talk guys more later. Chris I just want to record real fast. Just a couple of your sentiments about our shows over the weekends we had two shows one that was in Tempe. There were awesome and then one that was hit you right up there also tempe with debt. You were saying that that board kind of fits your your your kind of wheelhouse of what you're trained on what you're used to right weren't you're like? Oh Wow finally made fun of big Boy Board Rig. So that's what it was a little tired. Oh you know it's bizarre. No that's my future self future self. Yeah what does this sound like for the win last night though awesome color compliments which is crazy because we get a deal to do it soundtrack. I mean that's how great you are able to tweak the novice when they need to be tweaked that's right boys Something I don't know if you guys know this or not but Chris Used to do sound for fishbone and steel pulse. And and I keep thinking that you you were the one who did the sound for the fishbone showed some Milwaukee Fest. Many moons ago. Did you do that one pressure? How long ago is Geez? Casting fish phone was playin- violent. Fem were playing jellyfish. Clean that night You said Milwaukee Fest Gosh probably twenty years by twenty five years ago. Two thousand twelve support. Oh Gotcha Gotcha. Gotcha announced thing too. Because of the three eleven crews there they were there was so much fun just to see out in the hallway and just hang out with and they're so they're just very available so it's really cool to be able to have his expertise on this on this tour because he knows how to tune it all in right when it needs to be tuned. That's what turned Mr. That'd be interesting if your students said Paul Tall. Hey Paul so much talk. Lately the Krona virus going around and washing hands washing hands. Twenty seconds Stacey Washer and it's twenty seconds so there's just been. There's Lana discussion of what songs have a chorus to them. That last last about twenty seconds so one of them that turns out is a really good. One is the Africa Song Africa by toto and I disowned instagram. There are a few others that people have been doing. I guess there's Happy Birthday. There's beyond say song. Here's to two other songs so I just thought how funny would that be is? If you literally make actually make a playlist of only twenty seconds of all the songs you know. It'd be funny 'cause like then it ends up creating this re introduction to music. That maybe we have forgotten about or you know head and listened to in a while and all of a sudden people. I love that solder forgot about that one you know. So they're all just sitting in these. Of course my gosh which learners thirteen tickets left for showed the whiskey. Oh my gosh this is. This is amazing to see. What kind of interest people are kidding here? Where we're dealer admits it's quite astounding quite astounding. So if you have ideas as to really good songs to sing during the twenty seconds of the Krona virus the virus theme songs. Maybe it's best if you just if I just make invent a current virus theme song. That's twenty seconds. It's creative is theme song. I gotTA gotta come up with it. I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll think about that. I'll think about that occupied what about TV? Show that opens each show with previously Whatever the name is show is and they showed things from what supposedly the last assault was but it was not from the episode that anybody has ever seen so in other words. It's an invented episode. That never occurred so to speak at least one. That's been seen to this audience. So that's actually kind of an interesting thing if you think about that because you're going previously so in a sense you're alluding to an episode. That happened between the episode that the audience already in this episode. Now you're alluding do the existence of in a sense and unseen episode of Cool is it. It's pretty interesting I just got back from the first two. I two days of the batten down the hatches tour. Go deep deep in there and so I'm about to watch Pangs yet like previously previously wayward pass. Yeah it was the first two shows camping Yuma and so I'm about to watch wayward Pines until remind me of that because the episode picked out was vastly different than the episode. That I thought I was picking out so it's like previously on this but it was showing a preview season instead of the previous episode. And then that's where I got this idea going. Oh Fun would that be your looting to an unseen episode examined? You thought about that before like with. Who's the boss or insanity is it necessarily linear? It doesn't have to be day by day. Okay last time we saw these people. It was the day before this date or it could be a month later. Could be weeks later. What's interesting is the witcher the TV show. The witcher years will pass by years will pass by decades and it's not necessarily connected by date exit cool nifty about. Wait hold a second. What it's pretty crazy anyway. Think about that So happy so proud of my sister Jenny. She got a new car while we were well. I was with Yali crew out there in Arizona. And she's got a new car. No one man that one was falling apart from the What are those called the the little things you they're above the heads of the driver and passenger and you bring it down to black rice from the sun. Those things were somehow ripped off and gone. Couple of door handles fell off the car. Just I mean mayhem. Had strained shocks in the back. They're just the poor things in bad shape so she was able to get hold of a new sort of I. Guess it's a car but She walks pets so this would just be awesome for her because this enables her to chauffeur these various pets around in an easy fashion. And when you when you have a reliable vehicle like that it misses it helps with your brain. Psychologically it's vastly different than the psychology. One has when they wake up knowing that their ride to work is is is is is is a car that might fall apart at any second. You know when you got the Jangling around in the back psychology before you get into the before you get in the car and even after you get in the car while you're driving it. There's the idea of like There's an idea of going. Are we making it toward today? That can play with someone's brain now if we look at that through that Lens Through Higher Mind Perspective and you zoom it out. Sometimes I would do this trick and I still do every once in a while where I'll zoom out from where I'm at right now. Imagine zooming away outweigh zoom out. Zoom Out Zuma. It's in a sense you're in your in your mind in your imagination. You're seeing the bigger picture really. And what's interesting is. I just realized this by seeing the bigger picture. Everything shrinks the the enormity of everything shrinks so as you see the bigger picture. The enormity shrinks the the the The threat or the responsibility or whatever. That is whatever that stresses that comes from something like that. Whatever that threat is it takes it away. Imagine looking at the magic looking at the earth from way out there in space it's tiny it's tiny and at that point. You're seeing a bigger picture. A bigger picture means everything else gets. Shrunken how interesting is. So it's like going from sticking your face up against a wall of pointillism and you're just staring at these dots on the wall and you're not seeing the significance of it. 'cause you're just looking at dots on the wall then as you move scoop go backwards you open up the scope you see more and more of the picture and you realize those dots start blending together. Turn into this colorful thing. How interesting so it kind of puts it into into the into the end of the idea of it being kind of a play set you know looking at your life from. Oh Wow okay. I don't have to feel under threat about anything effect. Did you ever notice that you operate the best when you're not filled with stress because that stress that's just not the can't you know really cannot exist in the same vibe? The same truly open vibe as creativity crew. Tunis to one thing for teach. That's the other thing. Critique goes tiny tiny. Is the Big Picture. Just the inspiration. Big Picture okay. We're just putting down colors here. We're just putting down colors and textures right now. Mixing colors making making zigzags squirrels waves Squares triangles etcetera etcetera asked risks Maybe some of those really cool parenthesis that that that are like curved through two point. I'm talking about it's like it's almost like the raw tingler apprentice but at there's there's like a little bit of a curve on there and then it goes down to point talk to you more later. I'm about to enter a grocery store and get some Catford Hey Kurt this is Richard Wilson from Chile films. We have a message for you. This is match towns films. And you're listening for I on project radio.

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Part 1:Mike Campbell

At The Races With Steve Byk

1:09:03 hr | 3 months ago

Part 1:Mike Campbell

"Sirius xm ford's presents with steve raising and becoming interviews views. This stupid very good. Thursday race stance series sirius nineteen exempt to a once sports on nine sixty four listening to siriusxm online and at the website as well steve dot com and lots and lots of interesting results yesterday at saratoga don't even have to go looking too far else. It started minutes after we got off. The air i i. How many times do you see that expression. It's a million ways to lose. Yeah wow wow. Wow seemingly on her way to victory in the jonathan kaiser gotta start with the jump race. How do you not start with that situation. And the mean queen. We talked course to carry-on on tuesday and as the mayor was the mayor was seemingly coasting home. And we've got a little bit of clarification. About why tom garner was using the crop at all with her and i talked to woodbury. Pain would vary thought that he was trying to make sure that you know. She steered clear of the of the wings. The the extensions off the off that last fence that is in the stretch and she reacted badly to the first and then tom garner seemingly reacted bad to her reaction. And so the next thing you knew garner's on the ground and the mayor They you know you don't call hours. The mean queen by accident right. We talk about those names that you know that that obviously have a direct direct corollary to a horse's attitude behavior or talent level. Yeah you know when when when you see one that's a vow fastest well You got a pretty good indication And who was like paul john. Capelli had one years ago. That was was certifiably. Was certified crazy certify certifiably nuts anyway when you see those names. It's you know they're they're not talking of the they're not naming the horse after their spouse. Although i suppose yeah no this was too bad i felt badly and and One of those Acne ecstasy scenarios right Fact i think kerryon commented to that you know win wins the great one and then seemingly on the way to a nice steak win with the mayor. The good news is that that's a serious another serious young chaser and and being female you know. There's there's narrower opportunities on the female side on the jump circuit but g serious. The beneficiary obviously silverton hill. And leslie young with bodes well so that That started the day off with a with a hubbub at a bank right And then from there you actually had all the all three stakes. All three stakes. Yesterday had the either exciting or notable elements and when it came to the stallion series. Steak boy Dreamers disease that we had mentioned you know it seemed like the price option and and looked here again This is a little different scenario but look to be home. Free right and step. Dancer responding to exhortation from dylan davis and step dance or just came screeching. Maybe they called it a neck. I think yeah the neck on the chart but You know you thought this is going to be close. I it went from. This is going to be close to holy cow. How did how did davison and step dancer. The barclay tag hayward pressman and company. How did that get up and then get up and and seemingly you know was was widening at the at the wire Sort of disappointment. Ocala dream really didn't didn't contend and it was all dreamers disease from the inside and So that i know. I know you had some people that were just agony. And i don't blame you but it's not like david cohen did anything wrong. dreamers disease great. They just got caught in a period. And then let's jump to the a couple of performances with between the stallion series race and the feature. But let's jump to the feature and we're going to talk to neil passan this morning. I don't wanna wait until next monday. So we'll talk to kneel because bob loaf and backs bells the one comes to saratoga and neil depending on how good his dinner was last night. I if if the restaurants are up to snuff we'll find out. Neil tacit esser extraordinaire bells the one. Corey landry. boy. Does he know this bill. This mayor well unbelievable you. It was interesting with this because she. She wasn't languishing per se. But they ran away from her early. And you could see lanteri about midway on the backstretch get a sense that it th. They will ask me what his thoughts were. I didn't see landry's comments but you could see that. He sensed that he needed to get closer and needed to be within striking this then for her rally and very very heavy ride on on that front. So just a Just a masterful. Effort than performance flannery and bells the one the majestic perfection. Mayor wins the honorable miss and adds to her outstanding resume. Race gave back only moderately moderately fast per se That with a eighty nine buyer be you know not even not even close to her best but you know that that's just. The race was collapsing. A little bit faster lian and slow late. But you can't argue with her nine for nineteen nine for nineteen and One point almost two million just to neil neil's got her right so often doesn't win. You know doesn't win all the time. But i the first grade state of the win of the year in the madison and in the dead heat with the sto telepho- and then off the board in the derby city where the pace was dawdling but She's now a great at stake winner at three four and five very nice bells. The one we'll talk to kneel it a little bit. I think ten o'clock for neil and i will pause for a second before i talk about some of the other results including that important you know. We talked about that important maiden race with Ended up being vindictive as we said the pletcher. The amazing part about that was how cody's wish got bet down to crazy three to five status. That was nuts. But vindictive corrales pipeline ran a terrific race pipeline. For jad and john gunther was thirteen to one. I very crazy the way the the bedding went in here. And the fact that cody's wish was just taking all that money now granted cody's wish kind of blue blue the break and maybe if if cody's wish breaks clean and and gets you know position very well could have either at least contended to a greater extent Didn't rush him in but he flattened out. Let let you know kind of trying to chase and and gain the loss ground From the start and ends up getting be almost six lengths but was you know was was well clear third so cody's wish will have to wait meantime and pipeline has to wait for another chance but the interesting part of this is ninety six buyers for vindictive in pipeline so kind of as we hinted a thought in a good chance that the horse that came out of here. It was going to end up as a travers potential travers participant. So we'll wait and see. We've got two more days of important three year old racing with the curling tomorrow and the jim dandy on saturday. We'll talk about the saturday lineup in a minute and also something kind of fun and exciting going to be given away that john deere. I've been threatening to give away that. The anti ira advantage program The john deere riding mower. Annette's three thirty. Oh yeah. I can't help those of you. That live in condo's unless you you know maybe maybe maybe the you know the condo commission You know maybe. I guess you yeah you could maybe give it to your your condo association for the yard work. I you'll figure that out if your wits the big five is the is the contest going to take five stakes from saturday. So we'll get to that. In the second. I do want to slip. I started a hint But then i launched into the the maiden race that was the one the bread by brett jones and with airdrie's majestic perfection. Brett is gonna join us tomorrow. First thing and As as mentioned on tuesday. I did not provide an update. The really hadn't been any any further news but brett going to visit Mike ratio In in in hospital this morning and he'll join us tomorrow to provide the latest And as i said on tuesday it's a it's a dire situation A fund a go fund me has been established jon crispin and the outpouring and obviously the concern hall week four receives condition. I mean has been a industry-wide anyone who is in the in the bloodstock trade Thinks the world of supervisatio and this is Sobat situation so a go fund me his up and within within within hours Now i think over sixty thousand dollars have been raised and that's a tribute sixty three thousand and so many generous contributions but the the the circumstance calls for industry support For the nancy and and addison. Wesley and brett will provide latest news Tomorrow morning we start the show. I wanted to slip that in just seeing seeing that bread was responsible for bells at the one very tough back to the action and the rest of the rest of the card included yesterday included a win. And you know there's certainly nothing wrong with al handle the cash You know as a as a as a race mare The victory in the seventh race was one of those slow moving train wrecks. I twenty two one paid forty. One forty and i actually watched over I watched it over at the The matisse compound back by the big red spring and there wasn't anybody that wasn't just the couldn't see what was happening in slow motion and that was that any potential speed had been essentially Strangled i lewis is who loves to be on the lead had sweet millennia that absolutely made perfect sense on the front end and instead backs off and stalks lightly probes all handled the cash. And when when that fifty. What was it fifty. I guess they didn't have splits but What a whatever the half mile was. I mean it was north of fifty plus and realized. This horse is if nobody is going to engage. This is going to wire. And that's exactly what happened and it wiped out. I i mean wiped out certainly wiped out my Big five and and everything else. I'll cash mike maker. I mean just so good with this kind of you know what this kind of acquisition and has just made not a career because he's had all different kinds of horses but is really good with this and of course handle had this source for an extended period. And you know now that was the fourth start under makers care and this isn't expensive this one hundred and ten thousand dollar allowance but it did white everybody out. i think i'm sure i'm sure plenty of you. Plenty of you. Probably who knows some people may have you know six ors feel some may have hit the button later on actually the nightcap right the maker again. Wire-to-wire caribbean gold. And actually that that performance in a in a forty maiden claiming that performance was was really good because that was an honest enough pace and plenty of horses. Had you know had their opportunity. I was looking for bunker hill. Who i made the I made the the paula. Play the day and davis. Had you know had him a little far back. And i thought was starting to make a mile move but you could. You could see that. The caribbean gold was not packing up the tent You know all the logical came calling you know prayer book etcetera but no No stopping this Treasure beach gelding. Brian costello wins and eleven to eleven to two. So let's see the the end up. Yeah the the pick four for me with with that upset with all handle the cash that set up a situation where you know the pick four. Pick five we're gonna pay pick four eight seventy four. That's the best pick for of the meat as we discussed extensively yesterday and the pick Pick six paid thirty just under thirty five thousand Looks like four winners. Four winners and the pick five seventy four thirty eight so no doubt The the halo. The cash win Set up the the big balloons in the maltese. We'll do it all again today. And we'll talk later with nick. We'll do some. We'll do some capping i. It carts spun today Absolutely have some opportunities I actually when it came to the The play of the day. Today i ended up going to the second race. We'll talk about it in a little bit. Call me harry. The nine Was the where. I landed with zero. Stretch out sprinter. There's a lot there's a lot of sprinters stretching out in that second race to a mile and that usually prompts pace so here's a closing sprinter and in rosario hands i think I thought call me. Harry attend to one i mean. There's there's horses that are you know more logical but tend to one Was i thought it was an attractive price. Let me certainly coulthard. Cash the horse to beat mary much doors. The beat for linda rice on the rail with jani who's Trying to heat up. I'm trying to chinese trying to get some wins. All right let me set the stage here for everything else going on In addition to kneel passan we'll We'll talk to mike campbell and a kind of an odd pair of of stories from yesterday and into today that are really on opposite ends of the of the scale in one particular scenario Churchill announcing yesterday the adding some of the specifics to those projects that were discussed derby week the lead up to derby one fifty and the ongoing renovations and modernization and maximization of churchill with three distinct projects one in the grandstand a complete refresh and the first turn project and then now a the third project a complete reimagining of the paddock. In time for derby one fifty. So i mean you. Investment and and constant Really the remaking of churchill Has been one of the most amazing things i i. I started my first time. There was ninety nine. And you know what's gone on in twenty two years. I is was already remarkable but By the time you get to derby one fifty it that'll be completely from from from from nose detail Re the magic thing At at churchill on the other end is well. We'll discuss with mike campbell Which is the just the the sadness and difficulties and frustrations associated arlington. And it appears that that churchill's not even going to ask for placeholder dates for twenty twenty two. There had been some hope that that might that might come to pass and that would at least leave the door open for racing interests that are hoping to I have to say. I mean pry arlington away. you know the roy arnold bid an interest and i'll let mike flesh this out in a minute. We'll join us in just a little bit. But the bid is legitimate and has the financial backing that would seemingly you know being the realm of of the price that the property is worth etcetera and the question is The that is is jerk. Churchill willing to you know to let racing interests purchased the property and Michael addressed that When we talked to him in just a little bit But if they don't apply for dates that situation is further complicated. Say that dick powell's gonna join us and we will We do have In fact got the nassau stakes later Ten thirty five yesterday. The the sussex and did you see the video. I put up by the wonderful video of alcohol. Free arriving back by van to her yard and People lining the streets. Pretty cool really really cool and today you've got Darya and She comes back here in the nasa after the phillies the mile and a quarter standard Here on the last day of glorious goodwood you also got a couple others you know lady both or Ballydoyle empress josephine. Joan of arc as well and Got a couple of outsiders technique twenty two one Ziada a six pack here Darya though On display and the breeders cup heroin. So we've got a little of that and we'll catch up with tony. Tony black and i get. I gotta get the tom law today. Thinking about it Look talk to tom Also nick and i and i. I've been incredibly remiss with. We gotta get rich way. We we haven't had a chance to talk to to rick the rich in several weeks and of course the vegas situation know continues to be pending And there was quite a bit of feedback. Let me slip that in before we reach my campbell. The response yesterday. Too key. Chamblain's visit and i i. I asked if he if he needed if he thought he needed to. Come back and add some further details because the this specifics involved in having nhcd. At the end of the month. At the end of august. In las vegas the people who were suggesting wholesale you know re djing of of the contest. I it's just the dumbest response to something you could imagine. There's no online option. Because because of legal restrictions having nevada v the the base of of the contest and for those that say well. It doesn't have to be nevada. It actually it it does it does and in this particular case and there's commitments that were made to bally's and i you know the you you can't just just completely create a new something you know within weeks of of the execution of this and if you listen carefully to keith. Yesterday he did make it clear. I discussed this with paul matisse yesterday at on track because paul's been like a lot of people have reached out to paul and and the jonathan kitchen and know people on the committee as keith explained. It's essentially a private party. The entira has got the room booked. And so when keith said and explained that you can sit at your table without a mask but when you move around And and certainly go outside the the the ballroom. Then you're subject to you. Know the the current restrictions. But i i don't i don't understand the you know the the reaction You know keith said that. The vast majority of participants are quite prepared to you. Know to come to vegas and deal with the the the situation as it is. When they're they're just like you would think is reacting and adjusting to whatever the current circumstances in your environs. I it's it's it's being made more complicated by some people's reaction to this. I i don't i don't really. I thought i thought keith laid it out very clearly. So and Here a couple of things that Here is a couple of details because i asked Ask for what i thought would be. You know the questions at large. So for instance. He says nevada won't allow some sort of interstate online contest to be conducted from there and there are other states that would prohibit that participation as well. I mean as somebody who years ago when i worked for procter ran contests. They in fact. We're gonna have this. You know this little contest for the for the riding mower as somebody in that you have to work with the legal department To gain clearance and and certain states and provinces when it comes to canada and notably capac limit. You know have limits on on contests So that part of it is difficult and for those saying. Oh why can't we why. Why can't we innovate. Why can't we have an online. Because that's not what the nhcd is it that. That's not the premise. The premise is everybody's together everybody's operating under the same conditions and has to make it all has to make their plays under that circumstance. I i saw combat. It's going to be very subdued okay. It's going to be subdued. I just very very odd. So and and things could change further in the next several weeks but They're doing the best they can to get this To get this executed. And then the oh why not. why not. Why not just wait until next january and have a double contest and there is some i you know i suppose if maybe there's accommodations to be made for people who are uncomfortable that okay and and maybe there's you know the the potential to have a placeholder. You know a chit that that lets you into the twenty twenty two or twenty twenty three. If you're qualified for you know for twenty two that came up And i and i saw you know. Paul said either heater. It's from people make that suggestion. There's people that are uncomfortable about coming. Okay i mean that. That's a that i get it So maybe they're you know the they'll be every consideration to accommodate as many as possible But you know not. Every single person is can be accommodated. When you're talking six hundred people. I it's you know the greater good here is The the objective right wrath of khan every every lesson in life can can be can be tied to star trek to the wrath of god. The the good of the good of the many versus the few right. Okay so go. Stay away from those lithium crystals. That's just Li li you gotta yeah. I'm i'm have to move Oh i have to move from this. Let's see let's reach for mike campbell and we'll get started on The conversations and the If you need this oh okay. I see what you're asking case Was asking about a number. And i thought it was. Mike's there you go Yeah in case you for some reason. Yeah that was from yesterday you were asking all right anyway. while we wait for mike campbell. Let me Mention like i talked about saturday. And the draw yesterday the The three stakes. Back back to back eighth ninth tenth on saturday absolutely going to be terrific. The vanderbilt a lot of familiar faces including the wonderful whitmore. Four point four million fifteen time winner successful at the spa. The absolutely has a lot going for him. Coming into this forensic fire the six year. Old ron lombardi. And kelly breen mischievous alex for cash is king and elsie and saffi joseph herat ortiz coming out of the good try in the lexa. Tonia good alexa. Tony and Over to at saratoga without any impact but seemingly had a nice little half-mile work that Kind of signals readiness power for asmussen three technique for coach. Parcells in my engelhardt. Really good You got miles ahead. Showing up in here with rusty arnold Getting the horse. In from eddie. Pusa from florida montauk traffic. Linda rice special reserve mike maker Off of two really good efforts in the maryland sprint and the iowa sprint and sort of a now Kind of a now. Sprinter a terrific vanderbilt. The jim dandy where you got five that are facing off against essential quality. Dr jack masquerade waiver. And keep me in mind and risk taking taking the risk against essential quality and then the bowling green A lot of the usual suspects to say the least Bill mott emptying the the shadow bought sending channel maker read night and mood over. Miami for mrs. Lyons really good Here's sister sending kalua met with channel cat the man of war winter and cross-border three diamonds and maker really good jazz. Got a second time. North america that breakpoint the chilean rock emperor as well for chat really nice. And who am i. Missing sham rocket for donegal and for todd. So three terrific steak. Saturday look really looking forward to that card. And we'll get to the bing crosby in the monmouth oaks and everything else Between now and of course Tomorrow twin weekend preview right now Mike campbell standing by and i block was going to join us as well. Chris got a horse That is needed Emergency attention so. Chris had to beg off but Mike campbell Certainly can speak for illinois racing interests and the horsemen mike. Good morning good morning. mike This situation Continue to be monitored and the latest development as it were the seeming refusal by arlington to ask for twenty twenty two dates explain the ramifications of that and where things stand as of this morning the whole thoroughbred Dates from edged year are upset if churchill does not apply even as a placeholder for dates next year and. I'm not suggesting that they're going to run. Because i think they made that very clear but what i am suggesting is that there's endeavor properties roy ireland's grew. I've heard rumor has it that they are doing very well in the bidding process that their their lives that they i know the municipality here is i've talked to them and they're they're very high on roy arnold chander restoring racing here what will do for the municipality because it will be a truly world wide recognized destination for raising given all. That's going to be constructed here. So the problem is that if you if you don't have churchill does not apply for dates next year and there's there's no vehicle in illinois law for a successor older of a racetrack to come in and apply for dates. Which means they would have to have all won you off. Well you know. Steve wynn horses go other places when people make other arrangements and certain people. Just stop raising. You know you have to have that continuity in the simulcasting community and the community and when you lose that he could get off the train tracks if you will it's very hard to restore and and in fact is very horrible. I don't know you know. It seems like everything they do these days and lined her racing and illinois air or or hurt. The people involved in racing idol. No i don't get it. We got an earnings report on going on right now and and people give a damn out there. They should call in and allow. Allow not stand for this. There's no reason that they can't at least allow for racing next year at some racetrack. Some destination for someone dates what the and i have not. I have not had the chance to get roy. Arnold into to kind of frame His conversation and and and and maybe they prefer any way to to work behind the scenes but mike. What have you been the conversation. In terms of the you know the discussions or the approach to how are they being just simply rebuffed Or you know is there. Is there any. Is there any dialogue between Between arnold's group and and cdi. I believe there is You know. I'm not privy to that those types of conversations. But i i do i you know i hear. I hear a lot when you're president of of association like myself but yes i believe they are and and time will work it out. I mean the churchill is soul in control of the bras. come up with almost anything. But there's no denying one thing and that is churchill's commitment to stop any gaming in ireland compared from from competing with rivers. It's the worst kept secret. Now on the way and and that's the part that that is just galling about this because for that we would have gaming ear and and this would would've restored racing do. It's very finest day And instead we find ourselves in a position where the people that i represent all these folks out here on this backstretch all these owners and trainers participating raising during the summertime. Here they're gonna have no place to go next year and so you know. yeah i. we're really. I got people that are just traumatized by those thing. And it's just it's it's so difficult to get your arms around the idea that there could be no summer racing for thoroughbreds in illinois next year. And so you know it the appeal quite frankly is churchill. Come on give these people. These four people shot you know. Let them make a living for crying. Al they certainly can detract from your corporate profits if you simply apply for dates and so that's the only vehicle to provide gun nudie and give us a chance for a future here in illinois and i and i gotta tell you something. I don't know how i don't know how fans across america put up with this stuff. It's it's it may not be criminal at but i will tell you whether they moral. There's nothing illegal what they're doing but it is immoral. It's it's frustrating Particularly knowing that that there there are resources that yeah that would like to go on with arlington as a as a race that you endeavor property is real. They have a real plan. It's been accepted by every body of state senators leadership everybody's aware of it. It's there if it'll restore racing. What is the problem. If they can't make it work here. What is wrong with giving somebody else a try at it without gaming by the way i mean is so absurd. You know this is like i said it's Something has to be done people across this country that mug racing that like this. The sea racing built prosper shootings ban for this kind of stuff. Surely when when it when it's when it doesn't lie flies in the face of corporate responsibility to community in an industry. What's going to happen here. In illinois is racing emission is going to be looking after a meek and by that i mean some handful of days some some sixty days or whatever of thoroughbred racing for the whole year. When at one time we were in the top five in the entire country and not that long ago. And we're still good for six hundred million a year. As bad as early part meets offered quality horses. They are the average two million a day and handle. I mean it's almost too big the pale it just because of the size of the market and now they're gonna tear it down now they're gonna destroy it for ten years. They've done pretty good job doing it anyway but now now it's now things are closing here. We are on a thinking ship and we need help my cable with us from the illinois horsemen and is there. Let's let's let's worst-case case scenario and no dates are applied What what what's the potential for hawthorn to to make up the difference and have a and have a summer. Meade is there. Is that even a a practical solution. Long-term if if in fact There there is no future for arlington. doubt It it requires you know. The the harnessed horsemen's association They had those days during the summertime. They're going to be you know they have reasons. And purpose for having those dates of they. I just don't see that that's going to happen. Not to mention the back that hawthorne sometime ago stopped all work under casino in december. And they haven't they just got it. They're building nothing gone on since that time so i'm not sure i'm not sure with the. There's all these weak paths again in two years ago. There's not been one dollar dedicated to verses from that gaming bill and it's been over two years now now when the tracks got their opportunity to utilize sports betting for themselves. They all did that but not one dollars has been contributed from from gaming person. It's been two years after the fact and we know government leadership of any kind willing to step up and say look. We're gonna advocate for racing. It's like my like my lobbyist only in this people don't get up every morning and start thinking about racing but they'll they'll think about a when it's gone and this here. When these property taxes are are are redistributed deterministic until their residents. They'll they'll understand what three point. Five million dollars in property taxes meant to them as well. It's just a crime. Let's going on steve. I know you're racing like so many of us are and and i know there are. I've seen turtle bow to pressure before from rates fans and i this. This is my one last appeal. Because of bites tomorrow by the by scope of five o'clock we are one minute away from doomsday here in illinois relatives for summer racing. You lose a main artery racing like this has historical background. And i will tell you that it will harm the entire rest of the industry. It can happen to well and that that is a that is legitimate you know that's not hyperbole Hyperbolic statement i it. It's it's one of those scenarios And granted th there would still quote unquote be racing in chicago land. But it's not a it's a different. It's a different entity i mean to. You know the problem. The problem is mike. When you watch places like bay meadows and and hollywood park disappear and you know and suffolk downs and granted. That's you know to really three different levels of racing but You know all three am whether an a. b. or c. track in in major major markets. All three usually historic In in their in their respective in their respective arenas. And i mean it. I'm sure there was a point. I made it predates me. But i'm sure there was a point where nobody could envision chicago racing without washington park. Well you're right on all levels except one things endeavor. Properties roy arnold. I've i've heard it's one of the highest bid. Okay what's the problem. You typically when you go to buy the horse because the guy has got. The most money by the horse gets the horse. I'm not sure in this game. It's not fixed in the horse. Can't be bought. And that's the problem so again you know. Where's the transparency whereas the leadership in this in this country will like the pride ourselves on protecting racing and all these things about the integrity and security safety and security tax that just passed. We're doing all these things improve racing improving racing. He's don't improve racing by taking down major racetracks on enjoy this county. We got five million people in good county for crying out loud and and and we're failing. I mean how impossible thing look if you can't build the mousetrap the right way we want you if endeavor properties can do it. They're smart people. they're not putting up. You know many many tens of millions of dollars to do to buy racetracks fail. You can be sure of that. They're not doing it because they think it's a bad investment. No no so again you know. Listen i i'm preaching to the choir. You're and god. Thank god for shows like yours to give guys like me a chance to advocate for my for my horsemen but We need we. We need some help we need. We need people stand up and say this is just wrong. It the you when you talk about you know. Industry support And i i think back You know a couple of weeks away from this year's the jockey club roundtable the jockey club stated I think two years ago maybe three now that they were willing to Invest in they were gonna They were going to provide You know financial backing to Racetracks to upgrade their their signal to high def things like that The jockey club by the appeal to the jockey club to intercede here or to to come to come to the defense of the racing. well. I have spoken I have spoken. Jackie club Sometime ago now. They were very kind in their interpretation of what was going on. I bring but they'd be like there's a disconnect when comes to churchill downs but nobody can nobody. Nobody tells them what to do. And you know there's kinda out of their hands in that respect Bay did want to get involved and and and suggested so but there's a strange about this was the money was never the issue. The money to buy the track had several gaming companies. Call me i mean. The money was always on the cable now. The plan that roy arnold main is is is just. It's just so it's just the site plan is just so great Bad you know. It took all of us by surprise. I think it was it was it just. it's it. I showed it to a state senator. The other day she said three words she said this is it. And and that's what it is but you know again when you've got a process that is built around. Churchill is working hard to prevent racing here as i am trying to maintain it which is sort of extraordinary. I think the should be on the other foot. If at all but this is like pushing back against the a juggernaut they they just roll you you they they. I feel like david against goliath. There and i think i'm losing so you know again. I your show those people that care about racing. You're all very helpful. You've been helpful. I you've been good store racing. And i just don't i just think that you know if the people's choice this time you want to do something about it you can sit down and then let a bad thing happen here or we might be inside and you know people get engaged in and i think i think they can change. I've seen it happen before. I i think my i brought up. I don't know if you had a chance to listen monday. I was at colonial. And i equated three regional conversations Throughout the you know the arts essentially And and into an into the the teens from basically basically two thousand ten the to two now and they were in virginia maryland and illinois and it at various points in all of those discussions most of them had in illinois with you and or In a breeding interests Brian williamson and chris block and Others and in maryland with with all kinds of of People that Mother whether from stran- group originally magna and and and others and then in virginia with Frank petro mallow and w eastern and so forth and in the place that has been left behind essentially annoy you know maryland. things looked at dyer. And then a very small lifeline was established. And that's worked better than anyone could have imagined. And in in virginia things were at a dead standstill. They were over in two thousand thirteen. There was though there was nothing. And now you've got now you've got this healthy Long-term prospect of you know even in texas where you know you're dealing with You know a byzantine state Government even there. They came up with a plan that that sustained And really re invigorated The about the thoroughbred and quarter interests through the tax Trickle really a trickle of money but enough that that it's been tremendous for for racing interest And then here's illinois. That literally had i mean on an annual chance at grabbing the gold ring on the merry-go-round and it seemed like every time things were at hand. It's like somebody took a baseball bat to the kid that was reaching for the ring. I it's bizarre. I mean we. We started these conversations about the money that was being withheld from the the paddle wheels from the the whatever river. Both the riverboats i mean. That's that's that's like two thousand eight two thousand. We've been artificially supporting these verses for long long time now. And and that's what has to come to an end. We need it for future and and it was. There was provided to us for law where racing fails is where legislative legislature does not does not accommodate by making laws naval horse racing to modernize. That's where it fails. We modernized our law it was churchill. Downs chose not to take out this. Life is when they chose not to dig out the gaming license it taint the whole damn industry and where we find ourselves day. Add to add more. You know to the rose another mill zone around our neck now they they come up with. They're not gonna apply for dates so it gives no successor owner. An opportunity to peacefully transition into a new rage rattle. They just end it. It's you know it's just appalling again. Just like the raising domain may not be illegal but it certainly is amoral as you know these people. She goes no further licenses here. They they use this law and they very keenly. They're applying for a gaming license in la keegan and in chicago and and for the life of me. I don't see how they disappointed and misled an entire legislature in about five governors saying that while the gaming until they got gaming. I you know it's just the whole thing and destroy thousands of lives along with it people here that have to sell their homes. They they don't have no future outrageous. Right listen i. I don't wanna take up your time. You'll i can only do so much. Just i'm just a small guy up here in the driller trying to keep people with food on the table and anyone out. There is some fear about you. Know their their their passion for racing. I would suggest they get involved as quickly as possible. Mike campbell everybody Then what is what is the drop dead date on this On on the application process tomorrow at five o'clock when those those at those placeholder even a placeholder dates application would have to be by five o'clock. Tomorrow that would allow for possibly transferred to and successor owner. A apple dates by for dates but That's what it takes. Five o'clock were minute to midnight my campbell. Everybody and the illinois horsemen and the illinois racing community Everybody that you know there's been crowds coming out In all meet to arlington. And and and i'm sure summer there. Because they they they fear for a future without arlington but There's obviously the potential for a sustainable future And so i i other than appealing To see the. I you know to give the to give a chance to this. I there doesn't appear that there's much else to be done. Had your present state but you know what we've Evil only exist because people fan by and do nothing and this is what's taking place on this occasion to distract will be sorely missed when it's not hearing anymore and And i- it'll be. It'll be an out now. You know it it'll be. It's a tragedy fracking effects on this ratio community. Mike obviously You know. I wish there was a an obvious and and impactful a plan to affect the change. I can only make people aware and ask that That they speak up. And i doggone these live glasshouses and if they do they need to date their normal human beings they got families you know so maybe they should consider what others what others needs are two again if they they couldn't make it work here too bad you know. Now move over and let somebody else. Pick up the ball that wants to do it. South lifting smooth. Thank you very much. I strain of gritter to before. I got to get another job. So i have always. I appreciate so much. You know the attention you paid these issues in chicago. I feel like we're always know getting i manage. I feel bad about always having to come to you with my problems and not and not not a happy not happy news but but i will say that you. You've been a great help. The racing fans have been a great help. We hope to be here. We'll have arlington continue in some fashion and That's all we can do. We're just living on all right now. Mike thank you and We'll monitor tomorrow and and going forward and whenever whatever you need Even if it is to bent The frustration whatever. Yeah please don't hesitate. Thanks a lot of pre kit by mike campbell. Everybody this anguishing just i mean. I i've only personally i mean probably twelve twelve fourteen times probably to arlington. But it's it's a palace that's kind of a citadel for mid american racing and has been Very very very difficult. The situation take a break. Top of the hour will get Conversations with powell and the pass. Maybe we'll get. Neil i and that will open the door for dick to be on with us when we listen in to the nassau stakes at At goodwood lenny. Showman and by the way i haven't Obviously i'm not I'm not at the track this morning on the air yesterday. Tina did a wholesale purging cleaning of the garage. The this is the. I was the first acknowledge how fortunate i am. Because she's amazing so my only my only responsibility in this process was to get all the all the stuff she fagged up. All the garbage issue broke up a couple of old The old ship robes. And i'm not gonna not gonna make that joke again but It was only my responsibility to get it out on the street for this morning for garbage and there there were part of those part of those armoires the shifa ropes. The had a couple of the you know the side pieces had to be broken in half. And so i go to break one of them and and promptly put a nail nail at the bottom that i did not see Somehow as i broke the thing. In half hype. I stepped on this now. Now this thing this thing has been in the garage for twenty years and so this this you know promptly turned into a tetanus shot situation and You know tina at monitoring me for hopeless. I am around the house. So you got a little a little bit of a messier But think of. I don't know we'll we'll we'll obviously we'll monitor it. I would prefer not to lose a leg up. gus mccrae. It allows him duff. Hell of a party woodrow Back after this is neil pests and to celebrate his win yesterday with belts. Athol races. With steve on sirius. Xm radio a great story talent. Pennsylvania only three states have produced more breeders cup champions in no state can match our performance in recent years since two thousand sixteen our numbers of mares bread has skyrocketed unlike the national trends in this year's live whole report shows pennsylvania up over fifty percent. Why are incentives and bonuses. Are the best in north america. Please visit us at pa. Bread dot com and see why. Pennsylvania is the premier place to breed them race in the past decade has a real equine become premier equine supplement company in the industry because we spend millions of research and development before we ever put out a product because we only fda supervised facilities to manufacture for us because what we say is in them is in them because they work. Because if you're not happy i'll give you your money back and because top trainers and veterinarians in thoroughbred racing standard bred raising three day. Eventing and barrel racing. Paul trust can be l. elite client. Shouldn't you to find out more. How flexible by ha unlock leader. Shield and ep. Oik wind can help you contact me. Joseph allante two one five five zero one six eight eight zero bills. Dot com is a cost effective. Tiny saving painfully vendors able to generate electronic invoice spooners only member vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com outages fifty cents turnovers. Working of minutes with are easy to use. Have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do it. Yourself and pay subscription fees checkout or video to'real on the dmz youtube channel and get started for free or spills dot com toll free number eight hundred eight thoroughbred horseracing returns to the home state of secretariat when colonial bounds and virginia conducts. Its summer season with the new afternoon racing schedule and minimum daily persons of five hundred thousand dollars. The season runs from july nineteenth to september with racing every monday tuesday and wednesday at one forty five pm. Mark your calendars for colonial down signature event. The great three. Virginia derby on tuesday august thirty first. All races will be broadcast on tv. Jeeva summer colonial downs now. Running monday tuesday wednesday afternoons at one forty five. Pm great story to talent. Pennsylvania only three states have produced sirius. Xm forts presents with steve horse racing. Handicapping ater this is steven.

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#HURDLEMOMENT: Everything You Should Know About Trail Running With Mirna Valerio


36:42 min | 2 months ago

#HURDLEMOMENT: Everything You Should Know About Trail Running With Mirna Valerio

"If i had to ask you how trail running makes you feel how does trail running make you feel so many words. Come to mind human like because i think this is what my body is meant to. Do you know as a human being is just like moving with my own feet across. Bse and that's exactly what trail running is wrong. Have everyone emily body here. You are listening to another installment of hurdle moment from her at all i. I'm in such a good mood today because it has been a met since i have caught up with today's guest. Her name is myrna valeria allah and you may recognize her name. Not just because you've probably seen her obscenely motivating posts on instagram. Handle is over at the burn of eater but also because she is a past hurdle guest. Myrna an i i connected for the show about a year ago. A link to that episode in the show notes today. She is coming back into the mix to chat all about trail running. Here's the deal right now. Summer prime time to hit the trails fall actually is my absolute favorite type the trails by if there's anyone who knows a thing or two about getting out into the great outdoors. It is myrna. Every time i swear. I look at her. She is on another trail doing something else whether she's hiking or biking or running are now. She says today's episode that she's a big fan of skiing. Like myrna loves to be in nature and that's why i knew she was the perfect person to chat with about this. We talk about everything from her best practice advice for getting out there and doing it safely. We also talk about year. Myrna is a merrill sponsored athletes. She gives some really great recommendations for footwear. From that brand we also talk about nutrition. Hydration doing it with friends versus doing it alone so much goodness in this episode and like i said it. Put a smile on my face. I think he's going to put a smile on yours and it's always awesome and fun for me to have a chance to connect with someone who are chatted with for the show before you missed. Be not last week. I launched a special project that i've been working on with spotify. It's called music and talked in my episode. Which is called conquer feels appropriate to the show. I am kushner through a forty five minute interval run i would love love love few check it out and if you do make sure you tag me over on instagram. I'm over at emily body and also text spotify over at spotify. Make sure you're following along with hurdle on social at hurdle podcasts and with that let's get to the trails. Let's get to hurtling today. I'm sitting down with myrna alario. She is an endurance. Athlete extraordinaire a second time. Hurdle podcast guest. How you doing. I am doing great great doing really really great. You know in fact i know. Isn't it kinda sweet when you take a step back and you're like actually i'm doing really well right now. Yeah like despite all the stuff that's going on in the world you know. I have a pretty good life. I am healthy I'm able to do. The things will most of the things that i would like to do. Yeah yeah. I'm feeling really good right now. I love to hear that. I love to hear that i mean speaking of things that you love to do summer a prime time to do many of those things. How has your summer of intriguing you You know it was a little boring Spent seven weeks in colorado You know like cycling and running and you know hiking and stuff like that. So was really. Yeah i mean. I wish i could have been doing something like more exciting but here you are at now. You're back in vermont. i'm back in vermont. haven't left my apartment in three days. Sometimes you need a little reprieve. Yeah yeah yeah. But i'm excited to go back outside of any colorado highlights to share with the family. My god so many so a little injured right. what's going on. I have a have a heel. Spur that i just got an x ray for if it's not one thing it's another but you know that's you know anyone who is an athlete or in sports. That's just kind of a reality so some working on that but So i did a little bit of trail running out in colorado. I was supposed to lead out the early starters for the trans rockies. Six day stage race. So i didn't get to do that but i get that to announce for the race and selling kind of b. m. c. So that was really really fun. I got to crack jokes about people and then I did get to do a little bit of running and boulder and golden out in silverton. It's a lot of ravel writing. It was actually really fantastic. I also crude my own running coach at hard rock so it was amazing to be in a community of trail runners. Who were they just wanted to do. Hard things and tester bodies and not have all the hullabaloo and stuff about them and it was. It was an incredible experience. I wanna do over and over again. But just crewing and to seeing the grit of people and seeing them like work through really really low points and and feed them and massage their fee and so they go. That was like really cool and that that was a part of of running that i hadn't hadn't yet done and so anyway i can go on and on and i love the i feel like i feel like i some you just described perhaps their own version of personal hell with the massaging and the feet. But for you if that works. 'cause you're giving back you're giving back to community that is giving you so much so i totally hear you. I totally hear you. What an amazing opportunity. It sounds like you had a blast. You also touched on the heel spur. I know this is also coming off the tail of you. Having surgery Within the last year is so. Yeah so taking a little bit of a break which is necessary and like i miss it so much i miss going out for like justify mile run on the trails. I live in vermont until they're they're trails all around But you know soon. I will be able to trail and you know be doing that again. Be out there. Be out there for someone who is dealing with injury like you are at the moment i know that you have been through the wringer are with all of this stuff. What advice do you have for them to navigate that because i think especially right now of so many people. I'm following on social. Training for fall marathons injury right. Now is a hot topic when those long runs. Start to add up. This is where the injury really starts to add up as well. so what. What kind of advice do you have for these people about keeping a positive head space and and do what you gotta do for your body yet. You know it's really hard to keep a positive head space when you're sitting and looking out your window and seeing people run and i have to admit that i was you know a year ago as i was in a pretty dark hole of Anxiety because i was not able to run at all at least i'm able to run a little bit now and But what i did and what. My coach actually helped me. Do you know the one whose feet are erupts. to just turn to something else for now and that's that's why i i got a bike and i did a very reluctantly but then it gave me a lot of things that i was missing. That endorphin rush that ability to be outside it'd be to be on the trail Also got a mountain bike to. And i'm not good at that at all but but yeah. It gave me opportunities to be outside into sort of approximate. That feeling that. I get when i'm out running on the trail the same thing But i am so deeply appreciative of that so like find some some other way to move whether it's maybe you work more on your strength. Maybe you hike slowly Maybe you start swimming Maybe you learn a new sport while you're healing so that you can continue to train which was very important for me you you know you. Don't touch that edge of like you're so anxious you get depressed and like then you don't want to do anything but anyway that's all worked for me. Yeah definitely look look to something else and also if you can try to frame it as an opportunity to do something different and just to move your body in different ways. You'll be the better for it like i. I'd learned ski this year. Special i am and i'm obsessed totally obsessed. I love to hear that. And i mean you touched on the buzzwords mental health. I think when it comes to injury yes it can. I can totally relate to what you were saying at the top of that being super anxious being really frustrated. It's hard especially when you identify in this way right like identify as a runner and as do is so when you can't run it's like well. What the hell my doing with my life but there is a really beautiful opportunity there to remember work on understanding that like we are more than how we may often define ourselves so there are so much more to emily. They're so much more to myrna than just being athletes. we are amazing contributions to society. Even if we can't do these thanks yes. Yes so much to offer so much to offer. Okay are pep. Talk for ourselves here. We're sharing with everybody else. I'm glad that we started off like this. But we are here to talk about something that you love which just kinda hinted at trail running. Yes sell one of it. We wanna we wanna give the hurdlers like the fourth one one about what they need to know so that they can get out there and start to enjoy it just as much as you do so before we give some concrete actionable advice tips. Give me just a little bit of insight into your journey with trail running and how you got started with it. Sure i am from new york. Brooklyn was a and but i've been vermont now and So it was nineteen ninety. Nine and i had been a runner since high school. The one thousand nine nine. I was in my early twenties. And i was two years out of college and i was taken this Running clinic that was sponsored by the hospital for special surgery in new york city and they took us through a whole program. I got us running ten k. For it used to be called the avon mini marathon. It's called something else. Now so that was by sort of taste of just doing racist all the time and signing up for things and so i would just sign up for everything and once i used to live across the street from van cortlandt park in the bronx and so i signed up for this race. That was that was like. Oh yeah you know. I got ten k. In the bag. I'm i've done many ten ks. I didn't realize it was a trail run so we started on. There's a big sort of crush cinder loop in van cortlandt park and i thought we were just going to be doing loops on the mat. And so i was ready for that. Because i i trained on that and So i felt really good and so after about a quarter mile. We go into the woods. And i had been in the woods hiking but i hadn't you know been more than a mile into the woods and sell like where like in the. I'm like. Why reasoning in the woods. So weird and so we just kept renting and renting and all the arrows are pointing. Look no further down the trail. And so i'm like. Oh i i guess this is where the racist and so it turned out to be to five k. Loops and i know joke face planted in exactly the same place twice twice And i popped up each time. And i was like whoa. Whoa omega stunned. But i just kept running right and i was like. Oh i love this it was. It was a face planting that. Just seal the deal for me. And i just became obsessed with the idea of running in the woods right and i was thinking ninety nine. Unfortunately i didn't do any other traces until ten years leader. I kept doing road races. Because that's what was available to me. I didn't have a car. You'll have a new york car. And so ten years later when after i had my health scare or does having a heart attack i Signed up for another race knowing that it was trail ron but not knowing what the level of difficulty with be and this was a new jersey trail series race in new jersey. And so i signed up for this ten miler. I do one loop. It kills me. I eat before at. Because usually i could just go out and run five or ten miles. You know you don't have to eat that much But this is a trail race and there was a lot of vert That i didn't really know about at that point. cited one loop. I'm done. I'm finished and rick mcnulty. Who is the The race director says. Hey you know we'll wait for you. Go go out and do another loop that that's fine. we'll wait. You know as long as it takes as i dude at. Thank you so much But no i will not be doing that but that spirit is what really really attracted me to the community. I was like oh they would wait for me. Not everybody waits for everyone but you know i just thought that was so sweet and kind and so i signed up for his next ten miler. Finish it because i prepare it a little bit better. Didn't have just the half. Lara bar before and Because that's what i the last time. And i just you know and i just loved it and i was like this is. This is how i felt. When i was running in vancouver island park that one time And i and i felt like i'd always love hiking. Always love the outdoors. Even though i grew up in new york city 'cause i had lots of opportunities to do stuff at bear mountain and in other green spaces and that was it that was two thousand two thousand nine and have not looked back have not looked back. I love how you're alluding to just the feeling of freedom that you get when you get into the woods a sense of freedom that may be previously. You hadn't found on the road. Yeah oh absolutely you know there. I mean it's different. I mean i don't think you can really compare the two. I mean obviously running right and you're out. It's the same sort of mechanics road five k. Or ten care half marathon or marathon. It's one thing and it makes your body feel one way and then there is a sense of freedom when you're running on the road. This is a different kind of freedom. This is like where you are enveloped in whatever. Those chemicals at trees really other than oxygen. There's a different kind of freedom. There's a different kind of humanity. Feel when i am when. I'm running in the woods. We have some insight into why you love it so much. It's the same reason that many people love it so much. I also love what you had touched on. Which is that so much of the greatness that comes hand in hand with trail running and even a little bit of trail. Racing is that oftentimes. It really isn't about time. No no I think for elite people. Maybe it is about the time at or just winning or like beating your best time. I think everybody wants to or a lot of people wanna beat their best time. Maybe not ready but you know. I think there's a different sense of time when you're out in the woods brag latte for me. There is no sense of time. Unless i'm at a race and i have to be the cutoff but i just i just want to be out there for our like. It's time is very very different It takes you longer to do things because you're dealing with various textures and and And dirt and vert vertical gain and You're also dealing with like branches. That are hanging low you know and trying not to impale your is Been there done that. Because i was looking down you know and you and you have to have a certain awareness about you right where you are in space for that purpose option. That's going to be a slightly different experience than when you're running on the road to taking a break from today's episode to talk to you about my sponsors first up athletic greens. You guys know that athletic. Greens has been a part of my routine for what feels like forever now. And that's with good reason. I feel like my best self. When i incorporate athletic greens into my day. Today it is an all natural all in one. Greens powder that offers seventy-five vitamins minerals and whole food source. Ingredients that help. Our bodies function at a high level. It's also easily digestible and designed for athletes supports immunity energy digestion an recovery. I'm telling you. This is my one scoop that i take a day that gives back to me and helps me perform my best especially when i'm in the midst of a training cycle. Of course they have an awesome deal for the heard lers head on over to athletic greens dot com slash hurdle and snag a free year's supply of vitamin d as well as five free travel packs with your first purchase again. No code necessary just head on over to athletic greens dot com slash hurdle to get your free vs years supply vitamin d and five free travel packs with your first purchase. Also wanna give some love to my friends at bima. Bima creates the highest quality functional supplements better balance energy recovery and sleep. Let me tell you lately. I've had a little hotspot in the front left of my shit. I'm actually about to head out to physical therapy and have a little chat about this. But i am obsessed obsessed obsessed with using their the fixer south on my aches and pains in that salvage. You will find all natural hemp in views bomb and it's made with relaxing lavender oil rejuvenating eucalyptus oil and organic beeswax. Perfect to navigate my sore muscles. They have a lot of other really great products that are staples in my regular routine from their focus capsules to their the one tincture so many of which. I'm literally stirring up on my desk right now. You've got to get into the beam. Mix head on over to beam. T. l. c. dot com that's b. e. a. m. t. l. c. dot com and use. The code occurred all at checkout to get fifteen percent off your purchase today again. That is beam. Tlc dot com e. a. m. t. l. c. dot com use hurdle at checkout for fifteen percent off absolute trail. Newbie they ask you. What do i need to know before. I go trail running. Where do you even start. Who Okay well throughout all ideas of pace just like we talked about. Just throw it out especially for your first couple of trail runs. It's not gonna be the same as when you're out on. The road encounter these people once. I was bear mountain doing like the north face. Endurance challenge when that existed and These people like i run an eleven minute mile. I've done the new york city marathon. I don't understand why. I'm going so slots because you're climbing a mountain. It's different and this mountain is different than first avenue. Okay anyway then swimming the other thing is you want to get used to your body moving in different planes right so when you're road running typically you're just you're running forward sometimes you have to step up to a curb or down but in trail running. You're on a trail. there are features on a trail. There rocks their branches. Their roots There are points really serious inclines and declines so those all you have to be prepared for so anything that you can do to become stronger than that other than just being on the trail is is is going to enhance your experience Moving from side to side laterally moving obviously moving forward but also sometimes you got to move backwards right and so forward and backward in that saddle plane. Sometimes you have to move diagonally. He's near your step up on iraq at a forty five degree angle. So those are all things that you need to be ready for. you know. Strength wise and flexibility wise also mentally. The other thing is oh shoes not yet not yet. We're gonna let. Let's talk law gear shoes. Hello you need shoes. I mean some people. Don't run with shoes but you do you do. Thanks shoes number. One get fitted for pair of shoes. I work with meryl. And i've been wearing their shoes for six years. You're trail shoes are going to be different from your rhode running shoes and that there's going to be a rock plate. So that makes us us a little bit more sturdy. The upper of the shoe. You know that our sole That would be a little bit. More sturdy You know it will help you not Her help your feet. Not get Poked by branches and stuff the soul is going to be a like a thicker more hardy. Rubber they're gonna be lugs and soul london soul synagogues in the soles. So that you have a little bit better traction when it's wet when it's slippery when it's muddy or if it's like really really dry So trail shoes. An absolute absolute necessity. Some my favourite merrill's are v. moab flights And those are based on the actual hiking. shoot which is one of the most popular meryl shoes which is the moab and something. Something to point out here is that you're talking about trail running sneakers which are obviously different than boots that you would wear when you're hiking so that's something to keep in mind for an absolute newbie is that you're going to have sneakers that you're that are meant for trail specifically yes. I mean if you are on hike for example and you wanna try out trail running and you happen to be hiking boots even can try a little bit. But it's those shoes are not gonna designed for running right. They're not going to you know. Have the the flexibility that That a running shoe has right because remember you are running so i would you know i would definitely look at trail running shoes on and actually running shoes. You can also use for hiking. So i doesn't go both ways but You know if you want if you're a fast hiker and if you wanna like inc a little bit of running into your hike definitely where trail shoes And they're like all different kinds. You know they're the kinds for beginners or people who have access to trails that are pretty well groomed and that don't have a whole lot of features that would be like a moab flight and then My favorite shoe. Yeah the agility peak chiu which has really thick lugs. They're a little sturdier. Actually a lot sturdier in your you know that's when you're on a trail with a lot of rocks with a lot of vertical gain with a lot of branches and and and sleeves and folders and all those things that you might find on a trail. They will protect your feet. They will allow you to move there. They have some flexibility in them. But they're not like overly flexible so that they really really protect your albany. Your feet and stuff. Yeah definitely get yourself a pair of trail running shoes and not just sure you could use your road running shoes but you want to protect yourself and the best way that you. Can you want to make sure that you are the most. Agile the most Sturdy and stable on the shoes you're wearing totally and then besides the shoes when it comes to other gear. What are some things that we should keep in mind when it comes to what you're wearing on the trail short you know i. I were essentially the same thing that i wear. When i'm out running on the road. I wear tights. Because that's just a that's a preference of mine you know where it where your shorts if you were to wear. Shorts do that Make sure that you look at the weather though. It's very very important. Specially if you go on a trail The weather can change. You know in a flash you wanna make sure that you know you are prepared for rain or wind. Maybe you need an extra layer. You're going up in altitude. I don't wear cotton ever ever ever ever nash not just like a judgment. That's like a safety thing. Cotton stays wet doesn't dry. It keeps you cold right. Look at technical wall and in terms of socks in terms of your mid layers and your base layers. Look at the weather. You look ahead. Maybe you need some sunscreen if it's super sunny out or even if it's not sunny out I'm black as sewer sunscreen. Right something else. You may check ahead of time. You mentioned checking the weather. Also being really sure about where you're going especially on the trails. It's always important to know where you're going. Hopefully out a run by it. When it comes to trail running specifically you could very easily at lose service when you start to get into mountains or wooded areas so knowing exactly where. You're going super-critical. Yes i make it a point number one to tell people where i'm going. I tell my son all the time he's like. Why are you texting. So you know where i am and we went. Expect me back right where you're going to expect me back. If i changed my itinerary. I let him know. I decided to go on the trail as opposed to the other trail. I always wear watch. I i do because that has gps capability. And it's a watch that can like reverse the route that i've taken just in case that in case of me getting lost What are you wearing these wearing. The garmon phoenix six sapphire. It's my favorite favorite watch. Great have another one. I have the solar one Really really liked. This one's a little bit. I like to wear a hefty. Watch that i can feel on my wrist. And it has a lot of bells and whistles and use a lot of them. Yeah and it has a map. I can actually look at the map on my watch. And i'm not drawing any battery power from my phone. I do carry my phone all the time. Because i like to take pictures and i like to do stories on instagram but I have my phone in airplane mode. So i don't drain the battery smart again and then also studied the map. Study the map of where you're going. I use all trails But there's also mtv project and and some other apps that you can download for either free or Like a minimal cost. But you know. I think you should invest in your own safety. So and they're an with all of the apps. You can download a map you know without having to utilize gps or the battery so So do that look at the map at the trail head. Take a picture of it. Study it for a little bit. Say out loud. I'm a teacher. I'm like i'm very very fond of leg like attacking things in different ways. Take a picture. Say the things out loud of what your plan is. you know. i'm gonna make a left at this trail junction. Where it says blah blah blah blah. And i'm going to go three miles up and then i'm gonna make a right on this trail junction so So yeah there are tons of ways to Have a little bit more safety while you're out on the trail. A lot of people are really scared about going out on trails. i would suggest Maybe going on an organized hike at. I am actually there. Were all these organized like bird-watching hikes and nature walks. That actually got me out on those trails and i became more familiar with those drills. So when when it was time for me to go out on those trails by myself. I already had a familiarity with them. Ease into it. Get more acquainted with your surroundings so you can feel more comfortable doing what you wanna do something. We haven't touched on just yet is nutrition when it comes the running. Especially if you're gonna be out there for a while. What are your top nutrition tips for a new trail. Runner kerry food with you. You don't always know how long you're going to be out right. What if you do get lost. You need calories to keep your body moving and also to keep yourself warm If it gets cold always always carry water always it can be at hand held. It could be a hydration pack. I think when you're first starting maybe you don't need a big old hydration pack all the the you know the pockets visit the bundy's and this and that Until you're like really really comfortable going out there. So maybe a hand held a nathan or something like that little flask. That's eighteen ounces or a little bit more Where you can have some water on you just in case or like or just because you need water. I actually carry water. In a flask or i carry Electrolytes very concentrated electrolyte concoction in a flask. And then when i and then i also carry just plain water super burns up okay. So hydration more it electrolytes are important making sure you have some sort of food. Obviously they're going out for a thirty minute trail run. I wouldn't worry so much about this. Stop but if you are going out for something that's gonna take you a few hours. You're gonna be out there for a while all of this. All these tips and tricks are super super useful to keep in mind and something. You mentioned going on hicham friends to get acquainted with trails. I think that's a great idea. I also think this brings up another really great suggestion. Which is when you're just getting started trail. Running could be really great to bring other people into the mix so whether it's just a friend or you're leaning into a local group or club that goes on these runs together a really fun. Wait at perhaps meet new people socialize and also as we're talking a lot about here stay states yes. I agree although i prefer to go out on my own going out with somebody else especially when you're just starting will alleviate some of those fears and anxieties that you might have about being on the trail if i had to ask you. How trail running makes you feel how does trail running make you feel so many words come to mind human like because i think this is what my body is meant to. Do you know as a human being just like moving with my own two feet across beer and that's exactly what trail running is moving your body. Okay so we talked about hydration. We talked about nutrition that we talked about gear. We talked about knowing where you're going and some safety tips. Is there anything we haven't covered when it comes to hitting the trails. Yes this is. I think the most important thing. Okay yano trail which probably means you are surrounded by a lot of nature rounded by trees. There might be some wildflowers if you're outon the west. Oh actually in the east too. You know there's you know the whole recreate responsibly. Movement definitely look into that. There are some really awesome guidelines had be nature so that we can actually continue to have nature and so that others can enjoy it and there's also You know so. You're in nature. It's okay to stop and look i. It's okay to even like i'm always with my watch. I i always want to know how many miles i'm running and you know what my pace is even those real slow But and you know what my heart rate is but you know i will pause it or i'll just look at it and stop and hug a tree. I do hug trees. It's a thing i hug. Trees because trees have this kind of energy that nothing else has right and they are in the in the winter. There's warmth coming from trees by the way so like if you're running in the winter on snow on a snowy trail like stopping aga birch. You know there's there's warmth coming from. I i sometimes will stand and do a whole like force bathing thing. I will try to tune into all my senses. You know what a what. What am i feeling. What texture of my feeling. What am i smelling patrick in the air. That's like the smell of before there rain can i see sunlight streaming through the trees. That's another Major tenet of forest bathing. Do i see the light streaming veggies. Do i hear as my favorite word ever do. I hear secure ism and that is the sound of the wind. Rustling the leaves. I and i really really try to tune in to all of those things that makes me very present very aware of where i am. What i'm doing who. I am where i'm going you know. And it's and it's cool practice of having that they're all this all this research that you know says that it lowers your blood pressure and calms anxiety. And that's exactly what it does for me. I love that. Yeah yeah love that. And i thought you know where i thought you were going to go with us. Which is not where you went with this. But i thought you were gonna talk to me about going to the bathroom while you're in the woods the other thing facilities that's all i have to say facility trees and i don't know if i've ever actually heard that before i love it okay. Well we don't need to. We don't need to go into the ins and outs of using the bathroom. In the woods. I think the listeners are actually quite responsible and configure the out for them selves. Ray tempts. this is so much good stuff. Do you have anything particular. You're looking forward to right now again. I'm looking forward to healing my foot and getting back on the trail. I one There are a bunch of Hikes wanna do on long trail here hikes and runs. But i wanna do on a long trail here. in vermont Since mostly i'm going to be on the east coast for the next couple of months. Yeah and i. And i actually have Have a retreat going on In the azores next may That will end with azores trail runs from really excited about that And if you have not been to the azores it is or the source as they call it. In for us It is basically hawaii in the atlantic. Wow way cheaper sounds amazing. Looks like i got a book a book a trip. Thank you so much for all your tips and your tricks and your insight into how the hurlers can get trail running myrna. How do you Be hurlers keep up with you. How did they follow along with you. Give us all of your details chore. I'm mostly on instagram Have talk yet. But i haven't used yet but mostly on instagram at the myrna vader And i'm on facebook For all of you. People who are in my generation as myrna valeri dash the moderator or factory renting which is one of the iterations of me of who. I was Back then i still use the name i am. I also have this amazing group on facebook. Sixteen thousand plus called fakher running all one word. All caps and anybody can join. We talked about running. There's no we don't talk about weight loss. We don't talk about diet culture. We talk about the running and being athletes You know you can talk about all that stuff and other places but like we focus on Pure athleticism. I love it. I'm over at hurdle podcasts. At emily body another hurdle concord. Catch you guys next time.

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Save Us O Lord, We Pray

National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

53:38 min | 1 year ago

Save Us O Lord, We Pray

"The following program is sponsored by the national prayer chapel song by john remain to be off the day off your has by chance that the dog the dog grand isle and still boys in the third by the way and around the head and leaves pink and he's are the pain. Louis there is no god. God night god is their food. Thank you jesus. Pau we've come to pray you're welcome to call eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven zero. This pilgrim's progress. I'm pastor ray greenlee from the national per chapel south and today is a day to pray jeremiah. Seventeen chapter curse is the one who trust in man who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the lord he will be like bush in the wastelands. He will not see prosperity when it comes he will dwell in the parched places of the desert in assault land where no one lives but blessed is the man who trusts in the lord whose confidence is in him he will be like a tree planted by the water sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when the heat comes its leaves are always green. It has no worries a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit. The hardest deceitful above all things beyond cure. Who can understand it. I the lord searched the heart and examine the mind to reward a man according to his conduct. According to what his dates deserve looked. We come to pray. And i know that a man's life is not his own. I know that it's not for a man to direct his own steps to light his own torches to make way for himself so lord. I come today and say please correct me. Correct us lord with mercy not an anger lest we be destroyed him asking today that you give very clear direction. We're in such a crisis in america. I'm asking that you will that you will settle this presidential election masking that all corruption would be exposed that all lying and cheating would be exposed. I'm asking lord that we would not continue in this path. As americans turning toward darkness turning toward lying and cheating and steeling lord there are many in our nation who stand for abortion murdering of babies. There are many who stand. For the destruction of marriage there are many who stand for the destruction of the basic values of the judeo-christian ethic that america was founded upon. I'm asking please. Lord would you would you restore us and i know begins with you uncovering and exposing i know that it begins as you open your eyes and our ears lord. I'm asking for full discovery for the uncovering of corruption in our political system. Now lord. I can't ask for the uncovering and the discovery in our system. If i don't i start and say please lord uncovered in the church today in america for. We're on the wrong path. We have forsaken your way lord so please lord i'm asking you uncover the corruption in the american church. And would you give your people backbones to stand for right for holiness for righteousness. Lord i knew the great need in your church. Today's that we would that we would be crucified with you. Lord jesus for how can we participate in the resurrection. If we never participated in the death we never crucified with you. Lord that brings it down to a very personal place. I'm asking that you would direct my steps that you would correct me in any place where i'm wrong humble my heart before you and i sailed ord i am nobody. I'm the least of your children per masking. Oh god. I'm asking in the name of jesus my father that you would uncover all unrighteousness in our nation in our church and in me lord. I'm asking for change. So i come to pray lord and i ask that you would move brothers and sisters to pray also to cry out to you today to rejoice in your beautiful kindness and mercy and love in your long-suffering your patients but lord don't leave us where we're at. Please pick us up and carry us. Thank you. I pray your name in our phone number. In-studio is a seven seven five three four zero seven zero. This is your time to pray. Are you of enough courage to call them pray. Well we have a caller welcome please. Pray yes hello pastor. God bless you. God bless america. God bless those who are going to be written in the lamb's book of life than those that are and Father i come to you today on our behalf. Those that love you on our walking with you on our how who are going to be who's scales. You're going to take off of their is father. I n tier gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise. And i thank you father and i praise your holy name from there you Or the greatness in the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty for all that is in heaven and earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom father and you are exalted as head above all and get on niece. And i bel to you. Father and i worship you and i praise you and i lift your name on high You were coming back again to save those love you and put into hell satan and his demons and cohorts and the antichrist's in the false prophet and we don't know the day or the but father I praise that you give us. Does that are your children and are gonna be courage to live for you courage to die for you father. Please help us. I pray you put your warring angels or fire and the holy spirit all around us to minister to us and protect us from satan and his demons and cohorts father. I pray that also ten strong polls curses sins in addictions be broken off away from us. Please help is father. I pray that the spirits of pride fear doubt guilt and shame. Hate rage anger. Malice chaos confusion vying cheating stealing murder wrath. Gambling cussing gossiping self-pity bitterness the narcissistic spirit the spirit of manipulation hoarding greed. Smoking cigarettes sexual morality drugs and alcohol and the critical spirit. Be broken off away from us. Father i bring my so personally to you and pray that you please remove my pride. I wanna be able to stand firm and strong and be able to confess to people what you've done for me and to be able to stand your hand. According to your will and hold my head up and to confess that you have changed my life you have and i pray that you continue to do so but i do fall back and critical spirit and pride and it's because of insecurity and fear and i'm terribly sorry please. I beg you to forgive me. Plus i pray for the people that they not seek after pleasure but that they take you seriously an honor you and know that you are very real and alive and holy and pure and precious and mighty. I love you. I adore you. And i thank you father and i pray your will be done america in regards to the president of the united states and throughout this world. It's not just america but all people who are going to be with you forever. Please help us father. Thank you very much. God bless you pastor. God bless america. thank you bye-bye. God bless you. Thank you lord. I pray from my sister today that all fear would be removed from her heart. I ask for the fullness of the holy spirit to come into her life. I ask for total healing in every area lord. Thank you that. She called and prayed. Now i know lord you will removed from her. All fear in the name of jesus amen will our phone. Number's eight seven seven. Five three four zero seven zero. You're welcome to call and pray just a quick update for me. My landlord notified made this week. That he's going to sell the house that i rented for the last ten years so i'm praying that the lord will direct me for where he wants me to live and we'll provide all the necessary for this transition and change that so call us and i trust him. I know he will. So i'm going to stand by faith. But i ask you. Please pray for me. We have two callers. Let's the first one welcome. Please pray thank you father. We come to day. We humbles of before presents laws. We seek your. We always look for you. Or i ask your before i started these prater first in line law law deal with me all. Give me the gift of being tongue law. Which is not my native tongue so i will be able to leave these prey lifting up to you today. I i asked you that you deal with my pride that you deal with everything in me personally. I that hinders that most may you holy spirit in my life us my family door. Yes i ask you that whenever my wheel interferes we go. Will you will take my wheel out of the way completely until painful even dog. I am not happy about it. Even though i would like you to take my free will in that specific do your will over my life. The whole time my whole life floor. Laura how myself before your presence and i law affiliates reading in the bible that even more to the point that i have to pray for those who try to do something wrong to me even for those who have accomplished doing something wrong for me because in that way will really show but i am your son us now lower. I bring before you press and slow the situation on this nation. We have a lot of problems law but the first problem we have. We have a bonding. We turn our backs to you. Or andy reid and drawer. Be careful not to forget the one who speaks because nobody will able to get away with that. You have given us commandments. You have given us a lot of laws nor your job is not heavy. Whatever we do different than that we get in trouble or wind. End up lifting heavy loads of weekend live because reading they pay tame is death law come to us bringing four hostile shore straw man of god lord people that will not look to one side or does but to you for the reference on how to leave their likes. You're not afraid Because we know we know that they will will come off with everything in his power but greatest greater wanting us that the one the wall. Yes so we can clean your promises and week on walk whatever. The stance is with no fear because being fear of something no matter what is it the respect to you because that will be light not trusting you not trusting that you can deliver us from everything up. You have promised all the time or we ask you strong church though moderate if it is a small we have the example of three hundred men when against a hundred and thirty thousand and see how to read for the life many kill between themselves and they have to do nothing but no he's lower and carrying some things which were not weapons for the war or jar ally in the hands attornal. None of those were sore or a chain or nothing using combat. Lor you have taught us a the Good judges that you have let the enemy so we can learn how fight we've read through the bull we have no less than actual fight. We have less on how to look at you. And what happens when we get your mandates for our lives. We need strong pastures people that we look at your present people that will say whatever they have to set aside used to get in front of you list for second the they will receive the light that you gave to moses lord that we be brave enough that they would not be afraid that they will confront our week way of leaving states law dot. We were first issue. You know or life and no nation or then lord i read to you whatever is happening. In our google mental places roar might have how b how small we have seen lore how from beaches to commit fraud being created in the highest spheres. Then people who leave by that's thunder in the lowest sphere taken. The opportunity stay were communicating. And they were not communicated. They were acting in their playing lower. We is the that weaken this law. Which is the darkness which is lying and cheating because they could not wait on you. They take a advantage of whatever it opportunity because data. No they got this waiting for dental repent for for him to provide every me they have their people of the world have taken a vantage of your people lore. We have not committed fraud. We have yet every possibility to commit fraud. Or because we have god in heaven that cease everything and we have notion that bike meeting any kind of fraud even in the intimacy. All of our homes. You will be seeing us. I mean we'd be seeing would be rebellious in front of your face right there. The people the world don't have that guidance they will commit the fraud and they would take advantage of force. That's why we claim to. You seem obedient pro. Then we bring this to you because you said that you would take care of everything we need in life or s. You're if they government go to the older side because it is your will be your will by larry napp be because we will bay you and they have taken a bunch of store we bring these two now so you will take gear of this whole situation and actually are praying for my rollers but a half received coffee. Mation law. I believe it's lower. There are many prophecy scores of very serious on brave people that are carrying the burden of being brave these mom and and they have received dreams in which you will deliver lower social situations you will own cover goes tricks of the enemy and you will deal with them completely and us why they have been able to advance much so they will be able to retreat law. They have a bounce to the point that they will be dealt with us hop no possibility to run away from these one rank you for the lord. Jesus name we pray for our pastor. Ray a man of god. I have been brave law. He's life in your hands that you will take care of every single knee to our people. If people on their past or lower will not be like people describing gains the said. Feed yourself world if you have coal and they give nothing. They will not be crystal. I ask you i asked you that. They will participate in the needs of everyone in the congregation. Jesus his name. I pray or a god bless you brother. Thank you mr producer. Do we still have another caller good. Please put our caller through police. Pray yes you're you're on other that you would help people to be burden for america we will not be care. The serious about our mission individually and as a nation. Yes honesty in politics and the media i ask for your willingness election and overall donation to turn back to you. Yes we're custody. Guide him to the right place to your for the much chapel providers as. She is moving. I think needs to be done that. You're taking them in prevision. Thank you. Lord create these messages would go farther. That would reach more people that they would come in Kind of honesty and and broken silverton truce ovation and macri for or churches. Bring unity among christians. Bring understanding and forgiveness. We need to do or change. Make us both to speak the truth not to be afraid of offending people but the speaker words lead for the split called him that in southern face some strong deception queue that many people would come to penitentiary the true solution during this time in. Jesus name amen thank you to your sister. God bless you lord. I thank you for the purchase of your people and lord. I just declare that. I trust you. Jesus that you are my provisions that you are my portion in i to join with my sister and praying that these broadcasts would go viral that the teachings of righteousness and holiness would be sought after in america instead of the wickedness that the churches sought after so many years i pray that you will bring great conviction on this nation and especially in those who call themselves christians. Would there has to be a change. There has to be a reformation bringing back to life. Lord you are the god of heaven and earth. You are the savior. Jesus and i'm asking please save us. Please save us from the enemy. And so we come to pray. Save us lord for. If you do not save us we will be lost. Overturned destroyed support. I stand by faith today and your grace and your mercy and your kindness. Jesus i know that nothing is too hard for you. Prefer your people today. Thank you jesus. Amen eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven eight zero. This is your time to pray. Our live chat is up. And you're welcome to make whatever commence would be appropriate for you. I love hearing you and and what your thoughts are but right now. The phone lines are wide open. Do you care about what happens to america and to the church. will you pray for. I know that the answers are found in jesus in prayer. Pardon me eight. Seven seven five three four zero seven zero. I'm waiting for you. This is this is prep time. I know that america's in great crisis. I knew that america his faced with a financial crisis a political crisis. I know we're faced with unemployment and victim from homes. Will you pray. You lift up your heart to the lord mr producer. Do we have any calls coming in now. Okay we have no calls coming in. I'm waiting on you. Are you being prompted by the holy spirit. Are you willing to let the lord take the mask off your face the hand off your mouth willing to pray and cry out to jesus if we don't who will if we don't pray we'll pray lord. I just come. My heart is so stirred with the desperate need of america in the american church. Who lord i do these broadcasts and teach righteousness and holiness and trust in you. Jesus and very few listen. I ask that you totally changed that that you open the windows of heaven that this dry stick could flourish. This dry rod of the gospel of jesus the righteousness in the holiness of jesus the total transformation of a man or woman's life to be made holy to be given a pure heart lord. I ask that this dry rod be transformed into a flourish. Intri mask jesus for your mercy on the gospel message. in america. we've heard for years of false gospel. Lord i even participated in that false gospel for a long time because it was all i knew but then you came a new revealed the scriptures as you said. Read my word lord. The scriptures are very clear we cannot walk in sin and in faith at the same time we cannot walk in sin and righteousness at the same time. We must be transformed. We must be born from above. We have to be baptized crucified. Died out only. You can bring this to pass in the church. I'm asking for that mighty revival power by your holy spirit. I'm asking that it be poured out in this nation's capital in washington dc. I am asking for a total change in this city. And in this nation for lord i know what your desire that none would perish but that all would be saved but also know you said many are called but fewer chosen because they would not enter by the narrow gate they would not lay their life down. They would not be baptized ties into your death. Jesus masking for the poured out power and presence of your holy spirit in this nation. Lert would you come. Would you come now in washington dc. Lord i am believing you for revival now in this city. I am standing by faith now for a revival break out in our nation. I know that times of great tribulation face us times of sorrow and suffering but lord week and make it through if your holy spirit is poured out and revival begins to happen among us. So lord. I'm masking for that. Mighty power of your holy spirit third. We're asking you to correct us today. Where asking you to come and reveal yourself lord. We can't go back to church like it used to be. We were vomited out of our buildings. We can't go back to the same old same old lord. There has to be a new move of your holy spirit in this land. I'm asking you to remove recalls curse of covert and to set your people free. Thank you lord. Our phone number is eight. Seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero. We have a caller welcome. Would you please pray heavenly father. We thank you for this day for your love for us for your mercy just for literally. Hundreds of years in this country founded by people that have sought your face and sought religious freedom. And we've just past the four hundred anniversary of the mayflower compact and that was really the foundation for all the other documents that would later become the united states of american so along those light in light of those things lord we just lift up. The remembrance of all that was has been fought and bled for over the years. The revering of the things that you have called us to and the city on a hill and Just that we would remember the price that's been paid To get us to the point here where in the midst of such prosperity we have turned from you much much in the way of the stories throughout the scripture throughout the bible that when things got When things started going well that the people would turn from you forget you turn to idolatry and so we asked heavenly father that we could turn. We live in the most ideologists culture. The history of the world and just satiated with images. And we just pray that we can turn these things and turn to you turn to the scripture home ourselves to seek you yes right yes and heavenly father we we would ask that. With regard to the virus there's been a great deal of mistress and lies that have been told and exaggerations with it. We pray we asked super. Naturally there can be a Just a supernatural intervention. Where where the lies would fall by. The wayside and that people could see the truth and the exaggeration. That's made of this whole Scenario and and and along those lines have my father. We lift up the election results to you and for the two potential administration's We would ask that you would give us the administration that will not lead us closer to a system that we've been commanded not to participate in where we would choose to belong to this system instead of choosing the belong to you and so whatever administration that is that would cause us not to be part of a system like that we ask. That's the one we asked for. And we pray that You you will show yourself aside from all the distractions that we clutter our lives with that. We can see you as god above all the other confusion and things that are hard to understand and heavenly father. I ask your provision for ray and just would lift up to him in his current situation. Just we thank you for his faithfulness. And i pray that living arrangements some provision can be made available to him and i pray not at the last minute but just as soon as possible that That he will. He will have a place that he can Reside so that he can continue to do your work. And and i just thank you for the faithfulness with which she does it. And i pray that you will you will cause these things to turn soon and we just come to you in a spirit of repentance and asking forgiveness for all the ways in which we failed to lift you up as our great savior and that you just have mercy on us for all the distractions that we are overcome with and then just keep keep us so that we may be faithful and overcome and all the things that you've asked asked of us commanded us to do that we would. We would be faithful to the things you called us to only three. You're enabling. thank you and chrysler. Thank you brother. Our phone eight seven seven five. Three four zero seven zero. We have time for probably one or two more fair. Quick calls eight seven seven five three four zero seven eight zero has the holy spirit been prompting you to call. He has please call right now. Mr producer do we have any calls coming in though right asir. I'm standing by faith. We're going to have at least one more caller. Come when you call and you pray. Hit encourages everyone else in helps them to hear would another christians heart is saying so the all okay. Let's take one more caller. thank you. Please pray father. We come before you humbly. And jesus name through the precious blood of the lamb in this hour god or every every side that we look on all at every hand we. We're looking uncertainty in god. There's uncertainty in the financial markets uncertainty in the politics uncertainty in the government uncertainty in our families and our social relationships gone and more allowed all these things that we would look to you from our answer. Yes look to you more than whatever. Look before god trust in the lord with all your hearts not our own understanding. But an old i waste lord. We need to acknowledge you and you direct our pass. God low we we. We look to you for supernatural guidance. Today super supernatural wisdom is concerning the church as a corporate body and over each and every individual under the sound of my voice. God let there be of supernatural impression. A supernatural quickening and the hearts and minds of the people of god more that they would be leading the pet that you have directed for each and every one of us in our own individual lives. God that we could surely say i was glad when the lord set on the me. Let us go to the house of the lord because they're lord.'. Said ways your ways or in the sanctuary lord and we would be directed into your ways. Even as moses lord Got called out the psalmist. Said i showed his ways to moses his acts onto the children of israel but god's ways were known to moses because he was a friend of god and more may we enter into that place lord that we could hear your voice clearly that we can love you more dearly we could follow you more nearly god but spirit of supplication and prayer god invade the hearts and minds of your people that we could cry out to you and we would answer that call by people which are called by my name humble themselves and seek my face. Turn from their wicked ways. Then you would hear from heaven you would heal the land. You would forgive our sins. God lord forgive us our sins lord forgive us most of all of our sin prayer looseness lord and a lack of attendance to the word lord pay our hearts burn Even as those two witnesses on the road to amass their hearts burned within them. God as the lord talk to them about all the things that christ must suffer to enter into his glory and may our hearts burn within us in this hour. God that we would begin to desire your word in your presence more than we've ever desired it before or there would be a new hunger. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst at the righteousness for they shall be filled. The proud boys are looking to march but the humble man five minutes. If we try to you you will show up. You will show you will show through. You'll do what you said you would do. Yes even as some. Paul and salad prayed god in their chains imprison lord and god. You were so touched. But appraisers of god that came up to the throne more. That earthquake shook the place more. May we experience. You're shaking once again. We can see that everything that can be shaken. We'll be shook and or that which cannot be shaken. We'll still be standing after you're shaking. Oh we're give praise and thanks today on the move and god we're looking to you for all the answers that we need in this hour in jesus name amen amen thank you. Thank you for my brother tom. Lord lift him up today. Encourages heart lord. No he needs your blessing in business. He need your blessing in his heart as he walked with you with his family. Lord you know the issues that he faces. I ask for your blessing and anointing in the mighty spirit of god to fill my brother tom today. Lord thank you in your holy name amen. Amen and god bless passed away with provisions with housing with supernatural guidance lord given piece of uncertainty in. Jesus name. you say shallow shallow. Thank you for god. Thank you thank you. Jesus thank you. Jesus amen god bless you. Thanks brother tom will. we're falling. We have one more caller very quickly. Yes you have just about two minutes. Thank you pray for me. yes Cranes punish sometimes. It's okay might pink. One thing god for the -tunities see the things we are. Seeing now day we show priest. Hymns will think god from the needs because we are watching god. He's doing right now. Yes bodies coding. Because we we can doodle by little bits at for everything will media outlet to youtube or whatever search because the by with was a fox. Don't want to deal. we did too. We think for everything. I ask god to open decrease in size to see what he's doing right now. Take advantage to this moment to pay only paying. You'll the hugh jackson's doing yes. We can take in. jesus christ we pray amen. Thank you dear brother. God bless you will. We're out of time. You've been listening to pilgrim's progress. This has been a day of prayer. I pray that your heart is open to the word of the spirit of the living. God does he comes to you and teaches you the wave. Righteousness and z calls you into that baptism of death and energy into the resurrection of life. Come again next week. Share with a friend. God bless you. You've been listening to pilgrim's progress. This is ray greenlee. Talk to you soon a.

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The Grunge: Silverchair - Frogstomp


1:18:48 hr | 9 months ago

The Grunge: Silverchair - Frogstomp

"For seventy years. The world's top recording studios and concert stages have relied. On ak g microphones to craft. Today's biggest hits a cagey. Lyra brings legendary acoustic engineering to versatile. Usb microphone that delivers in highest quality audio today everyone is adjusted to higher resolution television. The same must be done with audio the k. g. lyra microphone is a big step in that direction. Whether you're recording a podcast interview your next spotify single or just wanna be heard clearly on your next. Virtual meeting liars innovative aka g capsule array adapts to your performance to record pristine audio with a k. g. Lyra you'll be up and running in no time. No matter your experience level it just works right out of the box create and capture your music podcasts and videos with class leading audio quality by legendary ak acoustic engineering from the comfort of your home grunge became a noun. It seemed a way to hold a bunch of bands. The way somebody decided to call the garage. Grimes the flannel shirt. Oh welcome to the mother fucking jerry. Welcome to the grunge. Ladies and gentlemen we are the premier podcast exploring sex drugs rock and roll levion. Joseph rose and i am co host. Jeremy jerry would will motherfucker stepping all over my intro again. I love. I love the word premiere. Yes we are the premier the deluxe podcasts on earth. I'm gonna tell you one thing. We are better than most everyone else. Every other co host in host they suck each other off on air. Let's suck each other off on air. No but if you he was i'm sorry. I said that. I looked right at him and he looked at me. There was a moment where was like all right. That was terrible. They should redo this holy cow. I'm sorry pompadour podcasts. Or what are we pompadour. If there isn't one there will be signed to pantheon. Podcast this thumbnail. Listen listen guys. I wish it was called pompadour. Pop up on the podcast. We we could both pull one off now good pompadour. I gave my kid a bit of a pompadour last night. Alan with it today. Was he happy he was but today he was having some difficulties. Boy style it now. Well he just was having a little piece of hair sort of fall down And well that can't happen that's cool. This was a problem not cool. That's james dean. You want that. You want the little wispy hair. He doesn't know of james dean. You should teach them james dean at the time for all What's new jerry. You had a long day. You were just describing. The we had a nor'easter through a time. You're listening to this. You probably would have heard that. The nor'easter helluva snows easter episode. And my work was like hey man it was a snow day and all that but you need to take a sick day or vacation day knows what we're an act of my lord. Jesus christ i have to take a goddamn they awful. He can t don't get he. Don't get to tell me when i take. My lord sends us a blizzard guy. Who have to deal with. Don't tell me when i take days off. I take my days off. And i wanna take my sees so toyota was like you got to come in so i came in and i was like you guys. I made like this podcast. Like a real fucking involved thing you know. I have a fucking recording tonight. Like i came in straight up like research. Dude goes the grease man or something. The guy came in hard. Like fuck this man. I got things to do. What are you doing. That's when i texted you would album. Are we doing an easy. He said he said frogs. Tonks jerry yeah hey are you pumped up. Are you holding any game. Stop. what are we doing. I don't have any standing on. I got nothing no stock at all. Now man nothing. You don't fuck fuck with that. I you know. I've done it before. And i always it's gambling. It really is gambled. Look it's all gambling this we had a. We had a kicked around an idea of another podcast of current events. so i had. I was reading the newspaper for three straight days. And this is when i started. And i am enamored with the whole story. All of the great story. It's gonna be a movie one day. I promise already going to be moving because somebody just got the right so the option to doing well the fact that that somebody manipulated the stock market and people who usually manipulate the stock market. Like oh fuck. You can't do that. don't do that. Short game stop and then somebody was like fucked and all these people read it and robin hood and the people. I'm not even. I'm going to not even be annoying by making this a big topic of discussion that we won't do it too long. But i'm just gonna say the people in the wrong are the people that Disabled the fucking buy button on the apps. Like been right. Yeah they're not the only ones others did it. But robin hood was a major fucking play. It's a free market man and they may not my button. Fuck fuck you that because it was manipulation but people do that all the time what is the hostile takeover i saw. I don't see that term manipulating manipulating the market. Okay every move that everybody many makes affects the market is a butterfly. Know when people are buying people are selling people are holding for through certain periods of time. These things all affect the market. So you could say that is manipulating the market. But the difference is is within or outside of the rules and people on read it organizing and suggesting yo fuck it. let's by game. Stop and hold that bitch. That's to me. That's within the rules. These people are doing nothing but buying a stock and you're allowed to buy no inside information is no nobody. Then there's people it's it's the game or thing in the but when you go and say ey we're gonna change the rules we're gonna we're gonna break the app We're gonna take away your by button so you can't buy this stock that is manipulating the market. And they should go right to fucking prison seriously. They lost. I mean the the. Nothing's going to happen to our no shit man they should go straight to fucking jail. I mean you watch you watch. There's a great great documentaries should be put in jail. One guy wanted to bitten relentlessly for at least the first two years on a daily basis. They want survived that well we need to do just enough to keep them alive so that they can feel more torment in the middle of the year and a half light slap to kill them. Can't beat the shit two years. they'll kill them. God i just i. I don't have a problem with what they're doing. I i just you know it. Just it was so all inspiring to see a group effort in the game or thing. It's the it's the creator thing it's all that is creativity it's exploration. It's also video. Game players taking power when we usually think they're the laziest people in the world not anymore. In the past four years these people are making shit loads of money making new content. Doing great things. I'm not gonna lie. I'm holding onto a little bit of those stocks and distressful which ones you have a little bit of game stop. i wonder if a little bit of a c. You eat about that thirty five year. Old guy was like appoint hitler point to stock now. he's a millionaire. Probably a bunch of those dudes. A bunch of people kept it as like a stock or something game stop. Yeah it's nice and they were all but more but i'll tell you what's real common is some dudes that lost a load of money a shitload. Well i'm talking about even the retail investors. The people just fucking around online. You know You know and i say people just fucking around thirty dollars. It ain't thirty dollars. These are i mean you know. People have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars stock. It's the game and that's why it's it's why it's such a hot button thing. Would no one saw coming. Yeah so it's it's gonna hold them for a little while. I mean just kind of consider those stocks I'm going to almost mentally. Write them off. Aim see was actually doing all right today. But i don't know. I i kind of wrote them off. But i'm gonna just hold them. My wife sold amazon and netflix. We too early. Yeah want you do that. I was with just a meal service back then. Yeah was when. I was working at blockbuster. I don't know if she felt there with some level of dedication to sell the netflix. She is not having now. Yeah i got a little bit of netflix's in other moment it but if you didn't we're not here to talk about current events and and do that type of thing like you said we don't want to go on and on because we could go on and how is the sex life at home we haven't checked in a while you know it's been since the therapy man. It's been pretty solid. Not been in therapy for not being free and then ain't gonna work but It was it was enough for us to really face are a little jumpstart jumpstart. But it's a like why. I come here you know. 'cause he's this does nothing for me. I it's not very important to me. No but i like it's therapy is a challenge. Your you challenge my words. Do a fun jerry. It's this is fun. Okay but they. You know challenge i say normally no one challenged me your summum. I'm a decent person who does well. And everything i say is like okay. Just said that. And it's okay for everyone to listen to me. You don't do that. And that's why i come here. I come here to be challenged. And it's it's it's fun. This is fun. Jerry came in. We were listening to some in six minutes. We listen to us. look shit. This is the reload up. This is the load up very very very impressed. And i've only ever heard it in a retail environment. Oh yeah in fact. Today's show retail figures. Heavily into how. I know a little bit about this band. Okay so we're talking about the old silver chair tonight. Yeah their debut album frog. Stop what you have some feelings about this going in you got. Some didn't have much what yeah went. I actually saw these guys live. That's right you did talk about it. And i was like fuck what he did. They didn't belong was they. Were opening for opening for blink. One eighty two but no effects and mx p a lot of x.'s and effects mx px or something. We're playing They were in the sandwich in between them and It was very I thought that was an cool. Because i was like. Why wouldn't silver hair. This was ninety nine. I think nine okay. I went silver chair. Be the headliner. I was given free tickets so there was a record that was given who was headlining blink. One eighty two hundred and they were pretty big ninety nine. You know. I think it was the One with the porn star in the front. Forget public intimate. I don't know what the fuck out called enema state. i'd never gave a fuck about black. Neither did i actually got hammered on screwdrivers which was a shit load of orange juice and made out with one of the bigger women i've ever made out with my life and then she turned around fucking gauges that to us she was she was pretty big for me and then Okay well was. She nice was she pretty. I mean what we talk. I don't actually. She was enough and so she should did the trick and but then she made out with this one guy made me and made out with another guy right after me like just turned and did the same thing with i was like oh i just like it seemed like i was demeaning or by saying she was large no. She was desirable because many men were trying to stick their tongues down her throat. Including you i was one. I was there too and she did not leave with. You know who i ended up. Someting is at the electric factory. So i ended up puking underneath black lights on the way out. I had to be carried out of that fucker. Everything's negative jerry. Well i just didn't want to sell your experiences or had a bunch of people who wanted to see blink wanted me to. I didn't want to go. I had the tickets. And i was so. Did you ever give a listen to this album. Div i. I've heard i've heard it in a retail environment in preparation to see them. But i might have listened to it twice but i do know the hits and i wasn't. I wasn't offended by them. I i don't think they were. I didn't think they were. that bad. certainly would offensive. No not at all. But i also think they were. Victims are being young. You know very young as will vary us Yeah i what. When did i get turned onto this album. I had a little band at the time. This was probably like my first real band. I think Trying to think yeah. Yeah i guess this is great under under the under. Don't you worry about all right. Well okay and i remember one day we were in our little practice. Space hanging out jam in whatever and We put on this band or somebody just brought them up. We were talking about them and we were mad. We were like these little motherfuckers. They were our age or maybe even a touch younger and we were just we were like what the fuck look at these little mother fox humanity in beijing. You don't what they're can you imagine. Being forty two being in a band is all time in the summer chair. It'd be mad at silverton young punks from australia sons of bitches. We're only fifteen any listening to them. Talk we'll go over but like man. They were young. And i'm like oh yeah and i'm like these children. Either we get to go. I can't in austrian accent so we we get to go out of school. That was the thing we get the have to go to school and they like after they were towards three months. We want to go back to school. Listen to a bunch of interviews. How they all started music. These are children. Yeah they really were. They brought up that that double jay. We're going to the we. You know i didn't you know i'm not sure how you did this to me jerry. But you did really steer me quickly off of asking about your sex life just realized. Oh it's been consistent diverted me. No no no. I didn't avert you it's consistent. It's been it's been consistent and you have no it's just been it's just been like when we can we do. It's implemented a bit of a schedule. Now that's over and done with we. We have a pretty. We're pretty good. We're three days a week man. It's wonderful that's enough for me and it's enough because i only off three days. It's like you know when you're off when you have sex now. Is there like a certain. Is there any certain. Like markers of like when you'll have sex like you only have sex at nighttime or do you only have sex on like now the days you're off or only have sex. Whatever like i just did. It's it's when you it's when you know whenever you just find opportunity opportunity it's been. It's been that kid home a lot. Yes she's she's yeah. She's oh wait. You set her up with some fucking But she's not she's not much creepy. Touchy goes to the school right creeping. She goes to school during the week. Because there's not a lot of people who are in the classroom so we're open. We're open to our get breaks. You know what we do. It's a good time. Well how many times do you have sex week going. Talk about that jerry. Okay well then great. I guess i'm the sex parties. Show can maniac sex crazed maniac. Just wanna know how who's fucking how they're fucking win. They're fucking yemen. I'm really into sex all right. this is fun. what's the matter with you. what what are you doing. i'm not deflecting. i'm i'm here. i'm having a good time all right jerry. Should we read some listener mail. Yeah i got a little bit you have one to. What do you mean you have one. You get a new listener. Who starting from the beginning nirvana as their banner on twitter and twitter okay and has nirvana and her banner. His banner okay. i'm waiting. He he must have all day because he texted me at nine o'clock in the morning starting from number one and he's going all the way up and he hit nirvana really and then like i was out that he leaves waiting. And he's you guys. And i said he's got me. He's love it so far and i must say as a massive nirvana fan. It was actually pretty refreshing to hear review of never mind by people that didn't have kubrick nuts in their mouth. See at this guy. I'm a refreshing rushing water. Yeah man you're what was it your gift. I'm guess your gift. His name's adam. Burns showed the adamantly adam. Thanks for joining us Get on the patriots on you. Here we go. We've got one from mr kevin sullivan. He writes in regarding the system of a down Patriotic album request episode. That we did recently. He says awesome pick. I actually got in trouble in middle school for having this album in my cd player. I thought the spiders video was so cool and dark. Yeah yeah we got one from the lovely dr sell who was responsible for requesting that system of a down album which we gave be minuses too. I believe yes we did. She writes in abi minus. How dare you just kidding. You guys are the best. Thanks for playing my jam. Oh and it is true. All things done by women are far superior to the things men do just saying. Do we talk about. I think. I think i may be proclaimed that at one point during that. Show that men do everything better than women. yeah i. i don't think those were my exact words but yes something like that. Yeah i mean. Obviously i was under the influence of drugs and it would have been a long night so we were insane. That is not the normal. I kind of agree. I mean no not literally like but yeah. I don't know. I like women. I do too big fan. Yeah we've got one last one from the fantastic and powerful mara liquidities so. We need a spanish guitar for that. Little flip thanks salenko jam. God damn it we gotta get that she says hey guys playing catch up on all the episodes. i've missed. I really wanted to shit all over this album. I wanted to hate it so much system. But i can't oh no she's writing about away I wanted to shit all over the sound. But i can't maybe it's me getting older mellowing out a bit more but there wasn't a single song on this album that i didn't like even if it was just in the background younger me would have hated this album through and through but musically they make good tunes. Keep up the good work. Thank you more. thank you mara gets angry. I don't know there was a couple of bad songs in there for well jerry. You as we know. Don't know what you're talking about From texas. I think he did the night birth. I don't how. I'm just here well before we get into the album. I guess i should mention the grunge. Podcast dot com. Visit our website at the grunge. Podcast dot com. You can find links to all of our social media platforms jerry including twitter facebook instagram. We've got a form to send us an e mail. Make some requests give us feedback. Let's talk about jerry. And his face and his wife and whatever you wanna talk about my wife And there's also the most important link it basically should just the whole page should be one but it says joined the patriots on okay. That is the button. You guys want to click. Okay because you can directly support the show. You will give us money okay. We're gonna take that money and it goes right to the show me. We'd we're gonna we're going to get high like nobody's business fucking what it is. It just goes right the by thinking by tesla. we're going to get some with for fuxing. Let's see and of course depending on the tier that join no matter what you're going to get. A billion hours of bonus episodes no lie We've got seventy or something bonus episode right now Which adds up to nine hundred thousand. Something like seventeen or eighteen hours is has been all we've been doing a bonus content. Oh by the way you you just just as a little shoutout. Listen to listen to a fantastic Podcast called a better bam podcast which you were on about god's dice if you ever want to hear you wanna hear more joseph. Go and check someone else's podcast. You were on it. I'm just talking. I'm letting people are already here. And i was just saying you do other. Damn your your prolific guys. Listen on our website. You joined the patron you get bonus episodes and if you're on the cooler ten dollars here what happens. Oh they get to request an l. Any album that you want in the world pretty much will do an episode on and We do some zooms and whatever giveaway. Kevin dolan was the. I didn't send them shit. Oh he has not received it yet but he was talking shit about almond joy. Oh good he's not getting a really that's enough he's candidates you're you're i'm actually. I meant to delete them from the internet. But i feel so later tonight. You are yes i eat that fuck you. We'll give you stuff so whatever go to the grunge. Podcast dot com and patriotic up. We're talking about frogs. Stop you want me to read some facts. Rita ora. I've got some facts. Everybody frog stop. Is the debut studio album by australian rock band silver chair it was released on. Twenty seven march nineteen ninety-five because their australian when the band members were only fifteen years of age fifty. Our children okay. Frog stomp was recorded in nine days. When asked if the record was made live in the studio singer and guitarist daniel johns said. Yeah that's the thing that i do really like about that album. It sounds exactly like we sounded. There was no big american producer. Calling the shots behind the desk and telling us to do this and do that. It was literally this guy. Kevin shirley who was a great producer. Just saying i wanted to sound like you guys. But i wanted to sound really fucking loud and i want the guitars really fucking loud so to me. I was like fuck. Yeah the songwriting. Might not be genius. But i think sonically the performances are really good. It's really honest. it's just three australian kids thrashing out in the studio and that's exactly how it sounds. The album has since been certified double platinum. He doesn't y- this thing to the people fuck went on to marry natalie. Imbruglia really alienated australian. Yep he Australian people are only allowed to marry other australian. There's no one likes them either. Like let's even listening to their children. They sound like they could fuck survive. Six days in the in the in the sahara was there was a there was a Some sort of like the festival going on and it was all these silver chair fans and it had like a bunch of teenage silverton van because they were the appeal to that group. I'm gonna eat these. Gummy tell tale. Go ahead and and these little kids. I can't do it. I wish i could do australian. Ri- i i can't i can't all sound scottish. Just think for a moment. Just channel crocodile dundee. That's what it's all about. There's a knife is all you really say. Fuck it these kids. These kids who are durable and they were doing great things and it just it just. They sound so tough and they sounded like they're tough but like flynn about it. The australians can step on scorpions like accidentally. There's a scorpion anywhere near me. By the time they're six years old they say count every three part of this line. It's cool. it's made their moms called them. If i said yeah we have a. We have in australia's a fantasy little shit right here. We don't have an australian. We have many austrian. We have one australia. We talked to and when he's on the zooms we all we do is ask them about know. What's up with the dingoes. Where's the fucking koala have going on down there. All hoagies that a knife knows this is a nice everyone. He's he has a movie out what he has a movie out or it's coming out where he plays himself dealing with like the aftermath of just being known as crocodile dundee. I'm not joking. This is a movie that has been made can what there was a van. Damme movie like that wasn't there. Yes yeah yeah. He sort of dealt with it. Yeah j. c. v. that's what it was called god is cool. That's a quick j. d. That's so cool jail w doesn't roll off the tongue. What's your middle name anthony. Joseph anthony rose threat jar. That's cool mine's lawrence jerry. Larry man they might as well named nancy. Jeremy is great fucking. I should have been should have been a lawyer jerry. Nancy would That's nancy my Grandmother's name She's since passed on great woman. She went to heaven when somewhere That's not for me to speculate about. Let's speculate as they're a woman. Was there a god other one. Is israel's son if we start talking about dead women on the show that were fence who are all the dead women you know. I know a lot. I know so many. I'm not kidding sam. This grimy based on to start here. Another curtis mayfield. S baseline arab. Ninety that right. If there's a hell below we're gonna go so of copies. This great song. Cobb fields all of his greatest ship silver well-known employ. Another fact with this song called israel. Sunday thank thanks. What it is nice man but the saw. How much does he. Oh yeah listen to this before. Then being you'd be a you feel you felt you played at the time so we were. Just tell us yet jealous jealous. We were just little kids and we were like not us whenever they want a demo contest was it was a demo contest and they got to record this double edged. Triple j's duty remember. Last time we did the hard then it was only double j. It was double j heartache duty. Oh yeah yeah they hardy. The fuck is double kept on one of the best songs on the album. It's gonna get better. No it's not. I say this is one of the better one. It's all downhill from here. Oh that's upsetting. This might be my favorite. I'm not sure others by feeling. I haven't listened to this whole album it in a while. I'll every once in a while once in a while hung onto this. I'll play some gems. You know But i haven't listened to the record in a while. It's been a good while. And so i'm not real fresh on it but my feeling or prediction of this one is that it's probably gonna be top heavy. They didn't have a lot of time. They did a lot of this garage listening. The whole thing was done in nine days. I don't know how they would do. Video games siga weightiest. Raelians that we see go. Yeah and then they would record on tonight. Okay was there thing i it. Just it's hard to all. I felt like a father. Like oh no you. Don't you're being thrown to the wolves silver share lease ause. Best thing that ever happened to well. No it's a curse through early. Cherry japanese chinese may find success early as occurs. Excuse stone deal with them. I'll listen to this again. I i liked. This is rocket and in an adult voice. I'm here well. It doesn't sound like a child. i can't get it out of my head. He's a fucking silk. I know said it like six time kid is thirteen and he's not going to be maybe he will record a now. Well not going to be like this surely not by age. Fifteen simi's down for drums would be. I can be your drumline jerry. Let's do it man. You could be in my band. I'd have a fan. We do. We want to be great at everything more than we already are. You could beat the trauma of knowing bone. Jerry doesn't do anything the whole man. It'd be named the song though. Offense no doubt. Julie will ever listen to my podcast. Because she doesn't love me but if she ever. Here's this now julie i i love you as my dumber. But you're not coming back to me. So have you tried to contact his person. Yes she just family woman. She's got things to do. Well let our stations. I completely understand that is exactly what blackmailing the. I have a terrible secret in a by. Leave the podcast. I want to add a little subplots worship. What is terrible. Secret shipping container westbound one of the criticisms of martha pundit or somebody said own heralded. I hear nothing. I hear no parole demons killed at the end of that. All right. that's total and if it wasn't for the other eleven songs date one jam all right track number two. This was the big hit. This was tomorrow tomorrow why. This came out and ninety three. Swear takata her before doing over there. Jerry i actually took some notes lowly for that so i didn't get to do with the migrant do it now apparently this about a privileged man experiencing a lesser man's life and not wanting to do it and got bed. Neither why would i wanna get. I don't want which she was already started at the bottom. I wanna go back. Say i liked it timestamp. The ten minutes ago. Joseph adjusted joe. Brown our fifteen. Did you all very talk show. And they did this. This this sound clear. Beautiful deeply live. Well i mean. I'm guessing this was lie. Got him we got him like. You need to still reeling and lead singer anthony. I think i forget his name. Daniel jones angell john. Thank you daniel. Johns anthony daniel one of the other rights Pretty common knew he had just come off his Was interested or you don't know he had a bowel with weight loss. Great and it was followed him. You have no idea. Oh what a shame. He had a rough go all right. Well i'll trade my My ability to eat a lot of food for his money. Your associated right here in crimea river. Rock here was another way. They least wouldn't stereotypical while the other ones are. Probably all right. Well there we go down on your tears. Come out the other kangaroo. Fuck in john's. I love that there was like a been semblance of a conversation about high. I'm gonna say this is our worst. I you saw performed by user rude. Welcome to carry yuki a study of secretarial role book and stop singing. I won't feel any joy when you're around. I'm not saying that go. It's in the great. I've been talking my ass off over silver chair. Got bad boys didn't like happy. Boy be fat shaming. He'd clock cherry his so he didn't have the boy. That's police via the bulimia anorexia. I wanted to said he had anorexia. I don't know which one i didn't get to look it up. Who gives a shit really. I don't know. I can normal purse when i saw him. He was reeling from that guys. Also it was a thing. I'm kidding guys. Wish there were. Because you're not want your money over money. You could afford to all that good food. The sony demo that got them sign. It's a good jam and he says you know the songwriting is genius. You know he's very right about that. But i just maybe it's this doubt. Maybe i just like the primitive way that they're rocking on this album. Like fifteen year olds. But i like it. I like this was a garage van. Really they got caught up in vamos quit with them that i love the way you family battling and that's it all right track three shit line. This one eight. A lot of this. I breach of his album is not bad. It might get seen but like this. I love. I love the picture of the frog on the outcome. It right now. I have final. Do you have that is. I was released the same day as king for a day. I like that. You said his idea because they're australians. I didn't bother to ask why you go door good. I wonder if it's poisonous could've frogfitness that's one of those ones with the five emmy owed. Emt elected you go to another universe. Serious gotta thing you look across yet a towed to mike tyson's way into i'm not kidding. That hurt that d. m. t. five emmy odiham t which is what you get from. The toad is i. I've not done it. But from all accounts it is like the on end. emt which i've talked about a bunch This is the one that you you go. You go into a fucking religious experience. Where can you find this You can find it. You can't you can't find it. Oh and i just learned. I watched the whole video. You know hamilton hamilton. Morris is that his name from hamilton's pharmacopoeia. no i to my hamilton. I thought you watch him. You know shing hamilton. Jerry jesus christ acheson morris with a show called hamilton's pharmacopoeia idea. Anyway he does stuff about drugs. And i watched a video where he goes through in this lab with these lab coat wearing scientists and shit and they synthesize five emilio. Dmz fully successfully with one hundred percent like legal ship. That you could buy. I mean it's a fairly specific process. You can't just do it with a lighter in your backyard is not gonna be cheap. But it's doable and that's fantastic But anyway yeah five zero. Dmz everybody give it a shot. I've find your lured savior looking at so it is a real thing. that's amazing. the. I no idea yeah. Bill milk the toad easiest and get them to score a little stuff on like a piece of glass. Let it dry a bit then yet get it last yourself into a fuck and oblivion e. We make frogs the cartoon version. You know what i mean. Yeah the the to the two doesn't accept frog and toad. And i think toad is the third. The asshole was the flynn asshole frog and toad. I don't even know what you're the responsible one for argentina. It's a teaching lessons. Where are these people the story. I don't know the story. I'll i'll i'll give you one. No don't don't say fuck rockets and people like enough. Do i kind of like the sound of the drums on this record is kind of kind of kind of a racket. I like the snare drum. This whole thing is just. I mean if there's a word for its dirty the front here so so we know run g enough for y'all the. I think you guys listen to this in succession. You listen to week which is not crunch man. How did you guys like that. Bonus episode of double shot queen. Jerry was irate. I was very happy that so but it was a great assistance added. It was the best time i've ever had the most authentic time that was good. I think we started off on instagram stories. Saying this shit's useless in dead. Just going brunswick ted. Why my best. Buy my fucking here. It wasn't that was an epiphany night that was like one of my favorite in a while. Because only because i finally got to say like we talk about honesty and honestly you know this is not important shit. Tractor pure massacre. Yeah just wanted one see. This is not been bad for five. It's all good so far. I like everything. I've been here being honest about. What we're doing here is important in our growth like this is not my dream. I do this. Because i'm obligated. But i i do like it. I like the people pay own jam. This is a good movie song taken up back needed to be. He was a good soundtrack. Song yeah these guys are big in australia. They have a lot of that. Can tell me you you. Have you know why he can singer easy. Yeah they're not really blowing up. You think about anything down here because read the lyrics something. Jesus reason that ticket them right like that. I mean this is a heavy heavy album. Maybe heavier leader freak show. Yeah you know it's weird. This album was out. You know dug it. I dug it whatever. Whatever the circumstances were whatever. I was into when their second album came around. I didn't give a fuck and then when the next album came out. I didn't give a fuck fuck no for that. Okay i was. I was a music retail. At the time but i don't remember people a lot of they have some maybe a scattered hit or two. I don't know. But i just never gave a fuck and And then what puts silver chair back on the map for me was the godzilla soundtrack. Okay with matthew broderick. yes Rage against the machine had a cool song on that soundtrack but silver chair had an untitled song on that on that album and it was a different silver chair than i'd ever heard. It was a the way. I remember feeling about it is that this was a more mature silver chair. That's what i felt about it at the time and it wasn't heavy and you know daniel jones was singing. I don't i don't remember the song exactly in my mind but later in the song just sort of almost Almost out of nowhere came this like heavy kinda like like significantly heavier than the rest of the song had been and he didn't even sing over it. They just pushed in this rift. That was just a fucking ref. And i was like oh shit. The whole song was really cool and so that opened my mind to oh sober chairs growing up. What is this. I should give him a shot and then they released diorama a fucking stunning album. That is my silver chair album it is. It doesn't resemble this at all. It doesn't even resemble this and another thing that i love so much is that there's a whole film of the making of that album and i'm a sucker for those things. They're my favorite. You know we've talked about my record club in here. One night for record club. We listened to this album. And then we fucking wheel the tv in here and watched the film of the making of this album like nerds what we did. A- yes and. I love watching that thing. It's really great. And i love that outpost and one way or another will listen to that album eventually here. It's great crocodile documentaries are eternal that pink floyd one after this album He didn't have you ever wondered. It just loved the music documents so well. They play music stuff. But there's moments silence in the middle where somebody just smoking a cigarette looking at something like the band. Did that disperse easy one. I forget what that was called. It was apparently the legendary band but a that love silence when a documentary. Yeah because starting it you know. We're going into iraq number five shade. I think there's a good one too. I just just breezed through it. Man the and my daughter listen to it on the way home school and it was as you know. You're onto heavier stuff and see what you can see what she likes. You likes heavy shit. You know so far beyond driven. We're not we're not there yet. I took my daughters. We're not there yet. It's being soundtracks of that era. Though i think spawn had a soundtrack community the shitty movie like what was that shooting. You talked about a second ago as she was studio move. You've got zillah. Godzilla that was terrible soundtracks spawn. I love that movie get it. The soundtrack was fantastic. Yeah i used to be a big fan of the spawn comic book when it first came out. Yeah right on that ship before. They had a lot to do with collecting toys. Yeah he had the. I am not one of them. Well i had. I had one talk frontal. And i looked at the border because the knee is this monster it looked like the clown whatever that was the whatever the thing is but it was name was vertebrae bigger numb lake. I'm buying that just for the fucking a bad ass name. I never read the comical. Love the car. I love the tv show hbo Say that this was probably one of the best months and music. As far as our podcast is concerned. June osborne was released march. Two wasn't ninety ninety five what my daughters take. A bow was a number one hit him in march. It's creighton. i looked tebas looked real. I was more of a left die. Oh sorry. I was a chilly. Chilly chilly i was t-ball. Oh yeah i like. Sea baths voice should have left. I looked like she was a fun time. Craziest spot yeah. that's crazy. Wants to do something very well but they will let your house final being staples not one of them she. She was only leading shoot laundry rise shoes on fire by the you know the bathroom would go up into flames and then subsequently the whole apple. She got john's ripping a little solo here so far away far away. Planet caravan esque solo. They win mean one. Outlier lean dominated. Says as voted room this so that boatload of group oh yes throughout so far i mean we have what six more songs ago shit love michelle zones left and a queen mature through another queen out still have to do night at the opera but the this has not disappointed one bit and i don't remember carrying about this album. I like a better than fucking delinquency to say. That what i've heard tonight already is better than the entire prayed about all the small things i would trade. Whatever right now for all of blink. Wanting exists i would if i had to choose this album or blink wanted to dies i mean i mean you know what i mean. I know you met bobby. We had. I would choose this album and allow blink quantity to to actually die. We talked. I would choose that. We had a the most despicable scale. One time of the dead children's care. How many you number six leave me out. Wouldn't touch them but they would have. Children have wiped out of existence. Random child would cease to exist. These exists if i let bad motor finger live or something like that. Yes yes yeah. that's right. Yeah that's scale even a consideration. I would have to let the child live foolish. I don't care you would have bad motor finger disappear for the sake of one random child on the earth. I don't want to kill a kid over. You're killing it but i would wipe it from existence. Okay we that kid more than we need. Bad motor finger serious. What are the odds that talking kids going to do some bad better that album. It didn't mean shit me. that's insane. Sorry good. I was listening to low end theory by truck. Close twenty five of those random kids for motor finger at least one kid. A day forbade motor fan for the rest of my life. That's a fucking black avenue. That's out there that is flat and they know look up australia. The sabbath they won't hear us for from us chilean they won't know they were doing solo mariner And what i'm trying to think do. They really sounds like some of the get a little show here going with great a skull. Leave me out. And he says i appreciate that little part there where they go into that little chance these guys have. How will these kids with type. Shit man fifteen you have. You're doing shit like this at hurts. School hurts a lot of musicians out there. Good for them rock. Yeah man track so for alternative metal. I'm on board for every tracks. I wanna go suicidal dreams. Yes yes suicidal. During lloyd's next though this is still your yet. They'll be they'll they'll be left out for every song so far. I haven't heard anything that pisses me off and you know this. But that was part of the weakest one so that one but i like the accent. Suicidal jame was a good jan liking. Already tracked seven of eleven. I think that this time wasn't offensive. I wish i gave it some attention when i was younger. I just wasn't into. That was easy. Dream bows fraudster. You'll be both kid long jerry. Are you doing music. Very noble only built for cuban linx require an old dirty two zero from holding his breath. Jerry would sort came. On ninety five the infamous damage. Friday soundtrack always got his us by. Onyx yeah i wasn't listening to the silvers airfare Was disjointed guy. Went to be locked. We booed his fucking disease. Or whatever fucking podcast. So i walked in there today at work right to my manager and said got a fucking every coordinate. I looked at him was like this was a major source of income. And you're fucking it up. Dude was so cool. But i felt like a star. That's the spear who else has as many followers on the internet. I mean it may not be me. Look at the twitter. Look at everything else. This low groove much everything on important thing in the world to get out of something to record a pod but that would make it a real thing suicidal dreams. This is not overly complicated. Just straight forward rocker. yes and shepherds not show up at nobel telling you it's my. It's my feeling. I don't know this for sure Again it's been a while. But i i think maybe we start off a little. It gets seen after this well. There's only not sure but we'll see seven songs out of eleven good. That was seven. And i liked them all. That's that's hovering almost in a territory. As far as track eight is madman. Am i right. Is this an instrumental so this might be an instrumental song. I believe i could be wrong. Might as well start chomping on a and almond joy right now how. 'bout that divan. Let's get it. I deal i can deal with this though. I like instrumental. In fact i prefer instrumental stopped at a big fan of of Soundtracks and stuff like that. Yeah symphonic stuff. That's why when we started this. I was like sure you want me for this thing man. I'm not really not really into what you've gotten into it. I i have learned a lot now to a point where people ask me about music and i'm able to actually say something about it. Which is insane. You're the music was nominated. I'm i'm only up to ninety six ninety five now. We'll get to that in a second. You know what i've been. I have been due to our fifty and stuff like that. The older guys when i When i don't get row fucking shut your mouth. A great book. Great slave to the grind. We gotta go back and do their first album. It's so good this oh go again. Eight songs not upset with it. Yeah i don't hate this. I'm just not all imbued like instrumental rock songs. I think there's you know. Sometimes i think they have a point in a sippy in the middle of the out like intermission of sorts. Yeah he wants my struggle. I mean this is a bad. We just had seven. Good talking jams and like okay. They're doing a little so long the second again so without that might kill. Okay dad you gotta look out for that. Last people think they write a seven minute long opus. Hey guys who ever in your band band. You don't need thirteen minute long song. At the end he gave it a little metal. Tough on this track was out at this time. Yup ninety five we had a lot of things are happening. These guys out there making good music will ryan well. Yeah. xm All right guys. We're on track nine. This is called undecided about this. Lifelock you about this right now. Come on now from god. I would hate to say that silva's better outfit listen to on this. Imagine a fifteen year old. Silver chair made the best album in the world knowing by anything. That's what it is curse to have early success like this burn. This works area doing not. I don't even really like. I never had any specific memories of this song. I'm lacking right now or this please. No i love us. Low grimy ass donor rock. It would have been nice if the blind melon had a little bit of this on house still over that album. Simple easy fucking get it. Free almost not as artistically sound but it was almost thousand genes. They've happy well. Listen it's not. It's not jerry liking it. It's heavy yeah. That is a good a good harder almost not angry. Tear to know yeah. I don't know that we specifically mentioned it but there are three piece band creepy Daniel johns sings and plays guitar. We did not have a second guitar. So if the economy of personality on this where You the less people in a ban the better. Because you don't have as many run ins with everything else and daniel. Johns was the creative force of this fan. I i don't know the other two. Really i don't know i don't know about these early days it. It certainly became daniel john band. If it wasn't always wise in years because at fifteen he was already in this new interview anthony. He had already said that the band was collectively said. We can't do teeny bopper magazine. It'd be easy thing to do or you know in publications. You could be tempted to do that but said he stayed away. They'll do a thing to your reputation. He did scenes and in rolling stone. Like this out faster. Ship went keeping a rolling down. They they could have been on bomb as professional right now. Anybody asked interview me. I would do it for you know. These guys had friends of mine. Not too all now. I'm going to say the song is weaker. it's weaker. This song is weaker. I love that fucking rift. They they they do. It didn't this sh- is good. It doesn't need to be four minutes long. Well it's just like some of the song you know isn't as strong but that part wasn't but i'm just pulling you know i can point out that so far. This one's a little weaker. What makes it worthless that that rift. I don't like the way. I i i sit on the who because they'll put like something in the middle of though it's a whole nother song in the middle of the song god damn it. They just kept that original shit. You know i'd be good at it. And that's they had that. Who moment right there now. We're back where we need to be adults. I don't see male. No one's brought up like how you know an l. but look who's gonna read that shit 'cause i don't like to talk to them about it i do. I'm not the deepest who fan. I can appreciate your shit. I like some of their ship for sure. But i don't i never would had a garage. The who that way. The you must have heard you know two songs where they kinda did that. Just a applied dad my dad and my mom big. Yeah and maybe that might be listening to a bunch of songs. It's because i would never think of the who that way hated that union jack. Now track ten of eleven. This is keta takeda. The longest one on the five minutes thirteen seconds. So this is crazy. This is the song that could hurt that. I'm not saying i listened to it. I think with this long. You'd better fuck. Be good at it. He's writing about the summer previous to this one in his life. You ever deal with it. I went camping. When cicadas came out of the ground for the seventeen year. Yeah first time in seventeen years and it was loud as fuck the seven forty seven going off and then you wake up and there's all these holes in the aliens hatched now. We pick that one weekend to go out camping. I can't wait till we go camping. We will go camping we are. It will be week. We're but my family is d. Darwin camp man you. I mean we bring the family. That's going to be minute man. Camp and camp can't bring the cages. No no no. No i can arrest them actually responsible do. We're gonna be fucking his camp. We're going to be a wild adventures cheeses documented for the podcast. I thought it would be nice to have a family trip to that suv. Maybe but me. And you were ma'am. Every time i came to store not a bad thing. It's a good thing. I like the guitar setup this week to me. I'm not a fan or maybe this is okay. But obviously i'm not. I'm not disliking anything about this song. I'm not. I'm not saying. Oh i don't like it i do i do. I think it's good but there's nothing about it. It's a more subtle song you know i. There's nothing that's gonna grab my attention from across the room about this one right but if i'm sitting here listening to it i like what i'm hearing aid on it. You know what i'm not sitting on. They maybe i'm just looking for a reason for not. Cna eagerly they go to no no no this off the now. It's out to be minus again. This i would think that the silver chair had that stigma being a boy band to assert experiment back when back when i was a kid as at from an permanent other wherever feeling that i was listening to something else and they said they were children and like all these young people were really into what us being some of them. Yeah we were there to like. The silver chair wasn't the coolest thing do first theropod. I mean to us because get what they kurtz dead. Bronzes grunge is on the out. In fact when i was looking at the facts for this like grunge. Fashion was dying off. Women dressed ninety five and women were dressing like the clueless alicia silverstone. If he wanted to be edgy the craft. God bless the school. Rye love that home. And i love that girl's loved craft crafter eat address at the black eyes and stuff like that. Balk bless them. It was a ball of the girl from wild things. Oh who's the other girl. I love her. He put together cherry with ernie cutting creepy. I'm gonna talk about kraft. Late is a feather. I worked at a movie theater when it came out loved. Robin tunney was the main character. Racial true she was talking about up. Okay head hair. Fall shower and moody doing now. Yeah this jams okay. it's okay. I don't need it but it's all right. It's not one of those. Things album. Should only been nine songs long. All that fits in and out sure all right. I'm gonna do our last track number eleven silver chair with down to way big band. Sound of silver chair all right. We'll skip over that drum part. Did we skip over. The trump jr the twelve more seconds of that lasts on find a way. I like this one. Maybe that's why they open up a point so get it man. It's all right. The snare drum wasn't but it sounds like it. Sounds like a live reporting. You know like that stared girl makes it sound visceral loud man silver sarah up man do shit. I can't think of another time. I've been surprised. I own the south vinyl. You didn't know. I forgot how much i liked it. Shock it should have been up there with the whitens not in the sound but like we were big fans of white zombie. Ninety old and shit like. Why wasn't this invitation to fit in. So maybe we should listen to their next album when it comes up. It's probably a piece. I it's probably not gonna care about it. We don't want it. But i'll tell you what dioramas straight cleveland high new they they come back at some point. Diorama boy is that a. That's that's a real full album so different than this cut so very intricate or like eric. Headier it's man. It's so good first of all it's a it's just a much more nuanced and mature songwriting. But the album is full of strings and horns and fucking shit. They got they brought in the sky which was great to see the process from beginning to end on them film. They weren't writing it that way. That wasn't the intention but this a song came back and they were like. Oh wouldn't it be cool if we had a little string arrangement or something on this that would work and so they call in this guy I was gonna say reinhold mack. But i don't think it was him I forget some guy old guy but this is his is what he does. He does these arrangements and he called. He's on the phone. You hear their conversation on speaker phone wrapping up the a share route stumps will finish your story. Yes so they bring in this little old guy who does this and you see the whole process of go down. He's on a speakerphone. And he's saying yeah. I picture like a little some some violins here. And like maybe three sacks phones and two french horns and this whole and the the kids on the other end he's like holy fuck like what's talking about friends they're just like tentatively like okay like if we can get the record company to approve the budget all right. We're try it and he comes in and just transforms this album. And now they're like. Oh shit we could do this like and it just made for a much bigger album. They know the specter thing. The phillips was if i played you the first track of the album right now is soon as it starts like what the fuck. It's not even save it. Yeah yeah yeah that one. Yeah but real. Cool album awesome Disorders frog stop. This was a cool. I don't know. I've listened to and enjoyed this album for years and years and an on some level. I'm sitting here. Surprised about how i feel about surprise. I was breezing through it. As i mean it's an emmy i'm gonna i'm gonna give away the great i mean normally i don't give it out. He'll about this. Hey i mean this was given it. Today i give it an a. I mean eleven straight. I think it was i eight. We're good last three a minus. A i mean it's still a category for me. Yeah i can't shit on i've given. I've liked imola multi songs multiple songs on an album. This was almost seventy five percent of the almost good. I'm having a hard time. Even like he minus. I'm gonna give any mass. Yeah yeah i was thinking. This is a b plus insulting. Is it an a minus. I did enjoy it quite a bit. Its simplicity baited a minus for me like how it just rocked in now and maybe listening to these guys talk and all that stuff. I'm gonna okay Swaying me. i'm going to give it a b plus. Okay it's hard to really articulate. what that is. I don't know that. I should be drawing comparisons between it and other albums and there's not one album in mind that i'm comparing it to and all i'm just saying i'm thinking of a fucking a album. What's a what's a mean to me. How does it. How does it make me feel. What do i think about. But if i read it but is that even the way degraded now. I think personal enjoyment. Yeah 'cause not look if we base it on a real strict scale like how many albums are bad motor finger or like how. Many albums are super unknown versus. That's going to be was in. A+ i mean it it's like we can't you can't do that then. We're going to have four albums in the world that are you know in versus so so. Yeah but Okay so we know. I loved a lot of this. We went. We went seven straight songs. I liked them all then. We had the instrumental jam. Which i'm not generally fan of instrumentals. But i was not mad at it. It was pretty cool. It held my attention then. We had undecided. Which had that monster rift but then faded a bit. Lost me a little bit cicada. Okay was okay. And then find a way at the end solid rock allen rocker. So that's at least eight jams out of eleven. That's pretty good for agree. And it's a forty five minute album so it's like a nice album league. That's a good normal album land. He didn't fall the thirteen song thing the last few songs we just throw it at the end of the snl ski at the end. You know the shit you guys you know so this was this. Got to listen to it again. Man that's the thing. That's how i don't know man is a plus or a minus. Well for you for me. It's going to be named ernest explained because i'm going to listen to this again. Yeah i'm gonna hear this album. Because i like what i heard today so i'll listen to. It's in the rotation now so that that puts it in the category reverses lays. Where undertow is you know. I mean these. That's that's what. I'm going to listen to us tomorrow. That's how i know. It's an a minus. I can't give my nine a now. Tell you just me. Is the bias of them being a boy band to me. Okay here we go. Maybe this has some trying to maybe find some sort of like tangible. -cation there's a song or two on there that i could say like. Oh this has gotten a bit weaker. Or i don't need this song. And then i felt compelled to skip that little drumming. You did skip something. So i mean again. I skipped ten to twelve seconds of a little wacky drum part at the tail of a song. It wasn't really part of the song it was like as part of the recording rather than the song so i don't really like give them any major strike for that. It's not like. I had to skip a piece of shit song but that song was definitely not nearly as strong. I'm going to give it a b. Plus and i'm going to feel really good about it like it's a plus is a good great. It's great great and it's a fun album You know. I don't even. I don't even have to say this would be a great ep. This is a pretty solid album with maybe a couple of jams that are less solid but nothing offense life. They didn't overperform straightforward rock and roll simple easy to understand passion young vigor passion what it is man to be fifteen with a fucking record contract or guitar in your hand. I don't know anything about that. Yeah yeah yeah. I missed out on that one a time. What a time fun. Well listen everybody. Thanks so much. If you would please go to the website so that you can find your way to the patriots on and do the thing and help a little jar over here out you. I need it. I need to get out. I need to stop working professionally. And he needs a tesla. We're gonna camping this summer. Man camp man kam. Jerry goes demand camp. I can't do you do you. Can't do what i wouldn't say a lot but i do it. I have camped omitted system. Where yeah. I love i love. We've talked about some camping. I take little don. Sometimes i go down the river for a few days All right guys. Well we're going to talk to you real soon. We love you. Don't be a square. Hey this is brad page from the. I'm in love with that song. Podcast here on the pantheon podcast network on our show. We put on our explorer hats and our spelunky shoes to discover what goes into making a great song. We explore. The history of the artist had the story behind the song to see where it came from listening to early versions of the songs in their embryonic. Form to see how they evolved like this david bowie. Classic sismi gitanes draw We listened to individual tracks to understand the foundation. That a great song is built on like this drum track from rush and we focus on specific performances that are simply magical like this unforgettable moment by merry clayton on this rolling stones classic in the end we have a better understanding of what makes a song. Great this is the. I'm in love with that song. Podcast listen right here. On the pantheon podcast network around oseran looking to get lost in. You're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. This is ted gioia. And you're listening to let it roll. Podcast with nick. Wilcox louison. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox Eugene s robinson lead singer for ox bow and. Guess what i'd been invited by the master ceremonies kidney onto. Let it roll. Podcasts keep listening. This is alanna nash. Offer dollar the thing and you're listening to the let it roll comcast native lord. You're listening to the let it roll podcast with wilcox high. And you're listening to the. Let it roll. Podcasts with nate wilcox. This is james kaplan and you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. Hey everybody this is christian swain and you are listening to let it roll with host nate wilcox. Hi this is shelley. sorenson the rock and roll librarian. And you're listening to let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox.

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08-05-21 The Gold King Mine spill six years later

Native America Calling

56:45 min | 2 months ago

08-05-21 The Gold King Mine spill six years later

"Support by anchorage alaska from the coastal trail to kincaid park. Flattop power line pass and more. There are plenty of places for a weekend hike or an exciting mountain biking excursion. Exploring your home. State is the coverted safe way to enjoy the summer. Welcome to native america calling from albuquerque. I'm antonio gonzales. The spill of toxic ways from the gold king mine and colorado six years ago flowed downstream in the animus and san juan rivers farmers ranchers and residents worried about contamination from heavy metals and other pollutants. Now officials say the risks from the spill are low but concern and some legal battles continue. We'll check back in with people who continue to monitor the impacts of the spill. Our conversation starts right after the news. This has national native news trip. Crowson for antonio gonzales for decades member so the macquarie tribe maine have complained about the color smell excess contaminants in the water but as robbie feinberg reports. Tribal leaders are hoping new efforts could offer a solution for decades plazas. Dana and other passive aquatic tribal members. Say they've had to purchase bottled water or use this spring ten miles from the reservation in order to access clean water for drinking and cooking growing up. My parents said don't think the water the water's not good. feeling himself. Have a childhood memory of always looking for different. Well places go to and we would go and fill our judges and bring them home and that was always a rule in my house. My parents never drink a lot. The issue is the tribes water source a nearby lake. The water is full of organic matter. Such as leaves and require substantial treatment public officials point to water samples showing the water is safe but several recent results show the water has exceeded federal limits on trihalomethanes those are contaminants resulting from the disinfection process that federal authorities say may increase cancer risk and liver and kidney problems. The tribe has been looking at different solutions for years including partnering with the state on a new carbon filtration system at the local water district but chief maggie dana says. The tribe is pushing for changes to the state's laws governing tribal sovereignty which she says would make it easier for the tribe to acquire lands and use them as a water source for national native news. I'm groppy feinberg. The bureau of land management opened a thirty day public comment period for a controversial mining project in an area about one mile from california's death valley national park about one hundred and seventy miles north of los angeles canadian junior mining company k to gold proposes to collect samples for gold analysis and part of an area known as the conglomerate mesa. Kathy bancroft is the tribal historic preservation officer for the lone pine shoshoni reservation now. They're applying for huge permit the road and wanting by the well our bill call to they could find that their opponents of the mind say the project could do harm to the wilderness. Public land's cultural sites of the tim vicious to schone in the shoshoni bancroft whereas the move to green energy will put a larger demand on mining metals for things like car batteries. We have people in congress just think that mine was just able to open up a lot more mind without thinking the consequences. You're trying a green energy projects that you're gonna open up to destroy millions of acres of public land and the water supplies because anything. The public has until august thirtieth to submit comments which can be done through the bureau of land management website. The public health authority for the toa reservation is recommending universal mask use in public indoor settings throughout the reservation yellow hawk tribal house center announced the move in response to growing numbers of covered nineteen cases. The crow tribe will bring three misdemeanor charges against the bureau of indian affairs agent involved in a traffic stop in lodge grass montana that resulted in one. Man's injuries according to k- you'll are. Atv the complaint filed in crow tribal core alleges that on july twentieth the canine handler was working for the bia. Responded there's a backup officer to a call in lodge grass the complaint continues to allege that during the stop. The agent deployed the dog while the victim was already on the ground and struggled to control is canine the three charges of aggravated assault criminal endangerment negligent danger meant are all misdemeanor charges available in tribal court for national native news. I'm trip krause. National native news is produced by kohana broadcast corporation with funding by the corporation for broadcasting support by the center for indigenous cancer research at roswell park comprehensive cancer center dedicated to cancer research medicine cancer care for indigenous population. The no charge online risk assessment tool is available at roswell park dot org slash assessment support by the saskia chambers law firm championing tribal sovereignty and defending native american rights since nineteen seventy six with offices in washington. Dc new mexico. California and alaska native voice one the native american radio network. Welcome to native america calling. I'm antonio gonzalez when it first happened. The spill from the gold king mine and colorado sent a yellow plume along the animists and san juan rivers farmers on the navajo nation. Who rely on the rivers to irrigate their crops or water. Livestock were forced to shut down because they couldn't risk contaminating their land or animals with heavy metals or other contaminants. The yellow plume is long gone but many people on the river remain wary of what's been left behind earlier this year. The navajo nation reached a legal settlement with mine owners to offset cleanup costs. Navajo nation president. Jonathan says said the settlement is just the beginning. A lawsuit against the epa has yet to be resolved. We're taking a look back today on the anniversary. And we're hearing from some community members about what life's been like since then and we also want to hear from you. Do you remember when this happened. Do you remember seeing the pictures that were all over national news or maybe there's an environmental disaster that happened in your community. Join the conversation. Our phone lines are open. The numbers one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and we have three guests today joining us From new mexico stella bonelli. And she's a local farmer on the san juan river. And also dwayne chilly yahtzee. He's a past ship. Rock chapter president and from albuquerque is matty hayden. And she's the director of communications at the new mexico environment department and i wanted to start off the hour by taking a look back. National native news traveled to the area shortly after the spill and we talked to a number of community members in the shiprock area. And here's a look back at how the devastation caused to one farmer communities and the ship rock area of the northern agency of the navajo reservation in new mexico were hit hard by the recent gold king mind waste spill the area as well known for the towering volcanic rock formation chirac which can be seen for miles in all directions including from farms along the san juan river farmers. There are preparing for the worst. Hit counting their blessings such as recent rain. This after irrigation was shut off for more than a week on this date last week when farmer cheryl mesa looked at crops while driving. A jeep is starting to look like. It's dying because there's no watering. They're the farm has been in her family for about six generations. Her grandmother grandfather aunts and other family have long grown and sold produce going down a bumpy road. She looks at thousands of plants. Many wilting on the other side of this balanced by three rows of corn over there stopping than getting out of the vehicle. She pursued down thick top of bush's weeds and trees to the river. After a few minutes she stands on the bank and describes how water gets to her farm. It comes in from the hog back. It's all gravity flow. It's an inland about two miles up. Rose is where it comes in. I think it's one hundred sixty three cubic feet per second of water. And we're supposed to be getting through there. If we go over that that water the government finds us the navajo tribe for going over a little bit. But yet we're losing all that water will never get back and that water is desperately needed as the sun beats down on this ninety plus degree day getting back into the jeep. She points to a pile of wood intended to be used to make steamed corn. But that's in jeopardy now now. That crops are starting to die. But i don't think my corner gonna make it. Farmers sell their harvest along new mexico. Highways including between the border town of farmington to ship rock about a thirty minute drive shirelles farm and produce down are along the highway and the community of hog back and her community. People traveled to the chapter house. The administrative in meeting place to fill water tanks cheryl says the allowance of that day was one hundred gallons which means for her. Maybe just half a roget's watered all by hand. The rose are about eight hundred to nine hundred feet long. The goods produced here are a staple from squash for lamb stew corn for kneel down bread to pollen used for prayer we do so much with corn corn has hundreds and hundreds of things. They they do with it here. The vast navajo reservation includes communities in utah arizona and new mexico people from all over come to this area to by native foods especially during tribal fair time cheryl says after the spill there was a lack of communication and much confusion as sharyl. Mesa's produce stan along the highway. She looks at what's left to sell few buckets full and ice chestful and two tables lined with bright yellow and green squash. If there's no water we can't plant. There's no farmers water's gone. There's there's no life are you angry at all yeah. I'm really angry because we're supposed to be getting that water. These people here all supposed to have that water. This mine ruined it. Farmers have accepted some losses and hope for other crops on august fifth the us environmental protection agency spilled waste near silverton colorado which float down the river including past cheryl's farm the navajo nation. Emergency response team has been working around the clock to just safety and health concerns and to help now the hope farmers and ranchers who rely on the sound one river. Epa says it continues to work with the tribe which has identified thirteen for water distribution. And that was just one of the many stories that we covered during that time. Those back in two thousand fifteen just days after the spill that was one just one farmer. Talking about the devastation. And this hour. We're gonna be taking a look. Back at the spills devastation. We have three guests joining us. The phone lines are open. We invite you to call in our. Number's one eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and we definitely want to hear from our guests but we have pr- navajo nation president. Jonathan nez who called in and he's on the phone. He's from her hard rock or he's joining us from hardrock rock arizona. Welcome to native america calling a president nez and just hearing that story and listening to one of the farmers the devastation. What were your thoughts. Tony thank you for having us on the call back in on august. Two thousand fifteen then president russell today. i vice. President heard about the all out of the cold team goalkeeping mine year silverton colorado and as diploma started going down stream. And you could see that. There was a lot of contaminants coming downriver especially when hit the san juan river so that time president gain is the is it the place where the blowout occurs and north of silverton colorado. Not knowing that this time how much devastation. In how much has it. That would have on all of us in that whole area including the now the whole nation of this up to this point and i appreciate the overview of what occurred now for the nation and update is that this case involves claims by the navajo nation mexico. Utah hundreds of private plaintiffs including approximately three hundred. Now they'll plan to to because they're damages from the spill that occurred and that's bill sent more than three million gallons of toxic mind waste downstream To the nation's territories Defendants include the us epa us epa contractors and mining companies. You know this is public information The nation submitted a claim to the federal government. Asserting three point. Seven eight million dollars. In reimbursed response costs and one hundred and fifty nine million dollars in additional towards damage is this is a critical litigation aimed at addressing the environmental cultural and spiritual harms caused by this disaster since the case has been filed a nation has needed motions to dismiss filed by alderson's fact discovery closing earlier close earlier this year and expert discoveries creamy ongoing early earlier this year to the nation and that one was covered ten million dollars from the mining company defendants immediate mediation doj and now venetian epa or hoping to have those funds and any other settlement or judgment allocated to the nomination epa twenty san. Juan river mitigation funds so that the funding goes to the purpose of the litigation in the communities and people affected ultimately benefit claims against us epa. It's contractors remain pending. We are preparing for trial yet. Continue to work diligently to hold The federal government us cpa and other contractors accountable and so in tonio that that's where we're at at this point in time and it has brought some hardship and some emotional Damage to those folks that you'll hear from today and but tonight low. A nation is continuing to be engaged in to hold people accountable and to possibly system healing People from this immense disaster that occurred in two thousand fifteen and keep in mind. There are other minds up than those mounds that are well are ready to blow as well so there needs to be more attention on that legion and i know some of these mind. Companies are not there anymore but it is the responsibility of federal government through the us epa. Thank you thank you so much. A president is calling in and giving us an update on some of the litigation. That's going on involving the gold king. Mind waste bill that devastated of farmers and ranchers and community members in the four corners region. There's also You tribe there and so there are people who were impacted by businesses and tourism. There was a lot of moving parts As well in that area today we're taking a look back at the gold king The way spill that happened and we have some guests and we want to hear from them. And we're going to get to some of that In this hour and we also want to hear from you we have to take a short break but our phone number is one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine eight. We have a lot to talk about this hour. So we'll be right back. Families are heading out on late summer vacations and sightseeing adventures. Native businesses and travel destinations have long been popular tourism spots as the cova nineteen pandemic changes. We'll check in with tourism experts about how they're adjusting and what's on the horizon. That's on the next native america calling support by roswell park who know tribal communities face persistent challenges in health equity such as cancer and higher death rates the centre for indigenous cancer research at roswell park. Comprehensive cancer center is dedicated to advancing cancer research that will lead to translatable science medicine and cancer care for indigenous populations worldwide. Are you at high risk for cancer. A no charge online assessment tool is available at roswell park dot org slash assists me. You're listening to native america calling. I'm antonio gonzales. We're getting updates on the lasting environmental and legal issues from the gold king mine waste spill six years ago today where you impacted. We want to hear from you. Have three guests online also. Our number is one eight hundred nine nine six. Two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and the phone lines are open so give us a call. I want to welcome back our guests. Matty hayden stella bonelli and dwayne chilly yahtzee. Thank you for joining us. And a chilly we just heard from navajo nation president and we also heard a story that the national native news did Short day shortly after the spill. Take us back to that day and your thoughts on what happened yes. Good morning Pleased to be on the program. We were having a meeting up in Upper then chapter On the fifth of august two thousand sixteen and we actually that we were meeting on the six we did not know we did not hear of the spill until About at least twenty four hours later and we did We did not Understand or recognize the The impact that it would have an only only intel. We begin having committee meetings and getting reports from The state ending their some of the tribal programs Either the people along the river it. We begin to understand the The major impact that this would have on our communities It was very surreal situation to see Members of our community members Both in shock An anger Many of our albers We're devastated not only because of the What water means to us in terms of irrigation and our water supply but the impact on the cultural and spiritual significance the river Our elders a those impacts so it was It was really only Troubling time for us but We got response efforts It was we were in data or community was in dated bye by emergency response. People Officials from every Affected jurisdiction. An even we had a director The director of epa dinner ship rock Emergency command post were set up and it was just a really Hectic time for us water was turned off. The air arrogation water was turned off on august. The seven and We did not turn the water back on for the rest of the season. And we were writing the mets of our low harvest of our growing season we had known on the vine and corn were. We're getting up As tall as Five hundred or so so no a crops really Maturing and water was turned off. And it just it just really Hit us Very hard You know this this This devastating and there was a lot of also like you mentioned cultural and spiritual loss because water is sacred to navajo people and tribes across the country and also just with water issues. That currently are today on the navajo nation and stella for you hearing from from You know the story that we played from a farmer and also just you know looking back at this incident. What were your initial thoughts. I guess i thank you for having me on on the program. I guess It was really Devastating for is far worse because we are our farm for food and produce. And that's actually for the coming winter Like as far as squash corn You know badische in all the other. Vegetables that we grow so it was devastating that you know. We lost a lot of our foods during that season. And as well as our southbound for our cattles horses or sheep's that you know It was We just barely planted it and that was just our second Watering about outside and it never happened because of all the go online spilled the water turn gala. Wish we've just. I just pat bigger. That it was gonna clear right away but it never did. We couldn't arrogate we couldn't get. Water are twenty acre armed that i have i couldn't get water we I had to take my horse is back to my home and give them water and i had to sell some of my cattle. Because i didn't have enough water. So and these were Pass on from my grandparents. You know that i wanted to keep it in the family and just watch them grow especially the sheep so i had to get rid of. Get rid of them and minimize it so i can't have enough water to water them back at home. Either dad or i had to go home and get Some water tanks and water. There monda aren't a farm so it was very devastating we. We lost a lot of financial How to as well as you know. We used to sell some of the vegetables to People that come to the north an agency that you know that we are corn and they'll down right and Most corn and things like that and people were faith the by it because they said it's contaminated and dating want to buy it so people that it says to Buy anything for us. Then i'll back what we had so you know and this was By natural health so we can pay back or water bill and you know so that was a lage. It just acted do champion out. You know like seller titles and make sure that our waters up to par that we you know we pay for it Here early so yes. It was very devastating through the ordeal i lost my uncle and he you know he figure was going to be better but it never did so it was. It was very devastating for allergies. Because you know this is a shot twice and you know water is alive. You know we use water for everything you know daily basis you know we drink forty six bottles of water and you know and that most of the hat went where they went to our crops in our for what we had but It just never happened so I'm still a little bit has to pick to use the water. I have been planted I just you know Have a small garden. That i you know i use but i still haven't read out southie. Yes and When my cattle are all gone so yes it. Was it very devastating. We'll thank you still a so much for sharing that. And i just thought good thoughts to you and your family and it's definitely was a trying time for people and hopefully the recovery is Getting there six years later to a lot of people in the region and a chilly. I wanted to ask you about the preparedness was. The area was the tribe Our people were people at the time prepared for such a natural desert a such a disaster as this in terms of Immediate response We didn't see that from the novel nation The the media response that we saw came from epa and Some of its Departments but We were very dissatisfied with the part of that response in in terms of Of where epa did contract for some major water holders to come in. They set up a big tanks but it turned out that the company that was hired was a fracking operations. Water supply people and they set up Tanks that were that that hat petroleum and so we just Basically chose them out of town and He was Very much bad guy at the time. notion that come in with their emerges syria command center and They did reasonably well but It was just so attic that And so much to to cover that There were almost wound Sometime later due to be a income and i i thought that they. They had a very professional response. apparatus and entity. So that's all experience with the response elements of this the ecological disaster. And do you think now. The communities and even individuals and the tribe are now prepared if there is such another similar disaster when They heavy Runoff happens from the mountains You know we understand that. There is Heavy metals that are contained in that and We know that heavy metals have remained at the bottom of the river and when there is a very Heavy run off the The heavy metals will get agitated and and come to the surface but We we as the farmers. Obviously we have limited resources and the irrigation canal systems are are controlled by the navajo nation. So if anything like this current again You know we with this Obviously have to rely on the on the government. Our own travel government The federal government. So and i'm just hopeful that Yeah they're better prepared and for the next Currents i know you're going to be Jumping off the line here in a few minutes To continue day. And i wanna thank you for being here and talking about this and reminiscent reminiscent of looking back at the past and Looking toward the future. What are your thoughts about moving on Now from this event. And what you hope for you know they're the most The best Solution to this concern is if we were to get A water supply for irrigation. Off of the san juan river River from the confluence with the animus because We did learn that the that the heavy metals and other contaminants into river every year. It's it's not anything that That happens You know aesop's stuff that happens every year Just because as as you said that there are two thousand minds up in southern colorado that That many are abandoned and the federal government is Is to be held at fault because it's allowed the the company did this Did there Mine and take the take the knee solutions and just walk away. There's been no effort by the federal government to make the company's responsible or cleanup and that's goes back to the eighteen eighty two mining act law and Because the congress and the federal government had still to just Resent that law or make it better. You know we we hold the federal government to be absolutely Also responsible for these things that That happen to us. Well thank you so much for joining us today. And they're definitely a look at the accountability and what needs to happen and what needs to go of fourth and looking into the future especially for People in that area Dwayne chilly yahtzee. Thank you so much for joining us here today. On native america calling and I'd like to welcome in now Matty hayden a year with the new mexico environmental department. Well listen the impact or the response. Guess when this first happened. Hi thanks can tonia It's great to be on an honor to speak alongside president. Nez bella and chilly so we we were actually notified Not by the epa Initially when this when this occurred We were notified by Actually a water system in the southern you try And so we were able to immediately Contact drinking water systems along the river and advise them to shut off their intakes From the river and we immediately sent people out to start sampling sampling the water and facilitating drinking water. If if it was needed and You know. I i certainly want to echo what others have said that you know. The emergency is over but this continues to affect Communities in new mexico and we continue to prioritize holding holding those responsible accountable and and helping these communities recover and heal as well as the river and we definitely wanna talk a little bit more about long lasting environmental impacts and looking at. Maybe there's some impacts in your tribal community across the country where this has happened before Something similar we want to hear from you. Our phone lines are open. Give us a call. Our number's one. Eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine native and maybe you're a water protector out there and do you remember this There's a lot of A lot of issues going on across indian country with movements especially at the grassroots level to address Water and protect water. There's a lot of people working on various levels that are concerned about what's going on today so we want to hear from you We have some guests joining us today. We're talking this hour about the gold king mine. Waste bill which happened in two thousand fifteen. Maybe you remember seeing it on national television this made headlines across the country Turning the water a different color in this big massive plume going downstream. So give us a call. Our phone lines are open. One eight hundred nine six two eight four. that's also one eight hundred nine nine native. We're going to take a short break but we'll be back and we want to get to some more callers and hear from our guests. Smoking gave me. Copd which makes it harder and are for me to breathe. I have a tip for you. If your doctor gives you five years to live spend it talking with your grandchildren. Explained to him that you're not going to be around anymore to share his wisdom and is love. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'm running out of tire. Copd makes it harder and harder to breathe and can cause death. You can quit for free. Help call one eight hundred quit now. A message from the centers for disease control and prevention. This native america calling i'm antonio gonzalez and today we're taking a look back at the gold king mine waste spill that impacted people in the four corners region. We wanna hear from you. Give us a call or numbers one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native we heard from some navajo officials at the beginning of the hour and also took a look back at one of the many stories. We did on national native news. we headed out to the area shortly after the spill and talk to many people in the community I wanna welcome back. Our guests Joining us is still bonaly. She's a local farmer. And also matty hayden. Thank you for joining us today. Who carry and and Mattie right before we took the break you were talking a little bit about the work that the new mexico environment department has been doing One of the questions being raised. I think by listening to some of the folks is. Is the water still safe. Yeah thank you. Thank you for that question. Yeah so you know that. That is the piece of good news. That i can share it that You know we have done. Extensive monitoring and continue to monitor the water quality in the san. Juan animus in new mexico and i it is safe for for for all you say so for agriculture for recreational use For cultural use We've also partnered with new mexico state university to do research on Crops that have been grown using You know that have been irrigated. f- you think those rivers and those crops are also safe to eat And so that's but we understand that there's still Some farmers are still facing a stigma. from that and that's something that we're really Investing in about these crops are safe and healthy to eat. Thank you for that and let's go ahead and go to the phone lines. Get your comments or your questions in right now. Don't wait until the end of the hour. We want to hear from you. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native. And i'd like to welcome kenny frost and who's calling from durango colorado listening to us on line today. Hello kenny morning. How are you. I'm well thank you so much for calling in. i'm kenny. You're from the area Tell us a little bit about yourself and Kind of what you did when the spill had happened i am a native american consultant and windows. Spill happened in august of twenty fifteen. I was one of the first to photograph spirit. Weasels getting rich located under certain indian reservation. Just south of nashville. I was contacted by the u. Rangers who was also monitoring spill just occurred in Just though silverton and son your tribe immediately environmental water department immediately notified these state of mexico in navajo nation. Of course they called Window looked notify. Them of course Trevor administration's happening at word didn't really hit the ship. Rock chopped house immediately. So chilly my good friend notify share. What was going on and many of the the. The river had turned the bright orange as i had photographed the river. Making its way down into new mexico finally to you. Turn down all the way down to The hoover dam where finally dissipated but as was mentioned by Some speakers that contaminates the river are still there today. because they're heavy metal. And during that time once a ship all farmers were notified of what the contaminants were within the river of male. Teheran's are mainly people there on the novel who were farming iran's had lost lahser crops due to the contaminants and and believe it or not still suffering to affect some of the water today because of What was what had happened from the mine mine. And they're all over two hundred two hundred mining pits below silverton and some of them are still a couple of them that are in danger aspect of re to burst and i believe at this time due to their mind. The rain. That is occurring in southwest. Colorado those mine areas are Building up some minerals or metals that are found within two river itself. Zinc lead canada mine copper aluminum and those are still within a year later or year and a half later. I went to durango opening up the river for recreational purposes. I photograph the river and you could see a tenth of orange and green within the river yet. People were playing in the river. Taraf down river so very very dangerous. And they're affects the health effects that we are not seeing at this time in moment could have long lasting affects twenty years from their windows. People were playing in the river or are they going to combat cancer. are they or other dreadful diseases. One of the most important things when we tried to do. Do this as chilly. I've mentioned that we try to get the president not whole nation. Let's begin to sign a documentation or letter for emergency help from the united states government in the united states government under the program to help Disasters natural disasters. That program is set up. One is for regular people are big cities for natural disasters. and then there's another component which is to help the native american people in natural disasters and heck russell signed that documentation the united states. What brought in huge portable water tanks. Food everything that the navajo nation needed in order to get this emergency and many native tribes across the land don't realize Whenever they contact fema that there's two component component so one to help big cities or want. They they don't try and that was a strange thing. We went through with the standing rock during the during the fight to protect the water up there that we also had trouble with the letter. Get signed by the chairman standing. 'cause ultra-modern Water equipment clean water tanks portable kitchen. Everything that you need substandard smoked me would have been brought into the chapter chapter house of ship in mice. Chilean myself. Working hard on that to try to get rest so to do that. Of course during that time. One of the things that we needed to do was to get fresh. Drinking water tutoring alcohol nation. And so we put a colorado to get people to come in to clean the water of the sun warned and so we have a lot of fly-by-night people who got their inventions to navajo. We looked at her. And and at the end we got the price stackable hundreds of millions of dollars in order to clean up the water to get rid of the heavy metals and So we didn't go then the other thing that chouan myself We try to get funding again. Would try to work with navajo because administration to get a water plant They're right up the chipper chapter house or immediate area. Because one of the things are research does navajo. Nation is not utilizing the or rights that is due to them into ship rock area. And one of the things i did. I contacted my tribe because we have our own water plant. We saw water to when this peltier pick national colorado and we charge the town. There's nothing wrong with the ship order nomination. Also doing the same thing when we contacted the Communities of curtain and cities just north of ship look. They were willing to buy water from the if this water plant was to be constructed and they'll cause water would have been a state of the art stability. There people who work for southern you at the water plant would have came down and trained the never whole employees to operate disorder plant in order to help them make sure that water plant does produce and clean water for denomination industry book chapter area and that was something that means. Chilly had worked on along with the you know. I went down to number of meetings. Ship chapter house tweet with the citizens of chapter house area of shipwrecked and we tried our darndest to get things as well and get to the people and it sounds like you know i remember. There is a lot of moving parts. Going on lots of efforts to Get the clean. Water and and also working with various levels of government tribal local federal national and then even nonprofit so hold on kenny. We wanted to take another call Also thank you so much for calling in behold your thoughts for a minute. Let's go to Nancy who's calling us from albuquerque. New mexico listening to us on k. Unm in the morning and thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to say a few things on this Did happen when I was employed Along with the contact you. These patients are these people that were actually affected by the san juan river organizations or the eta's. We have no support from them. We had none. We actually had one meeting with one out of san francisco and they sent a junior personnel. Who just pretty much read off a script to hear explain or tax. You combine nerves of the Residents along the colorado river. And i'm not sure who is talking on the on the radio saying that they did the sampling. The water is phase as the first one. the along. the water is the personally didn't allies. That won't know i. This is some information that i had gathered and help as much as he could. The contact information with the residents and As much as we were we were just thrust into this and have to explain to the people to was. He faced however support from the epa in san francisco. We didn't get no support at all. I'm not sure you know this. Epa stuff if it works at all. Because i know into you was hauling water to how cheetah oh they only had one truck chuck all the water from tanta to support those community and how cheetah utah and that was everything. This truck was going everything. I'm not sure it was not. I don't know how many ships that i made. And i don't know if they even got reimbursed for all you know. There's a lot of stuff that i saw. That fills no support from the epa and the person. You're talking about thirty samples in Albuquerque university of new mexico. Yeah african say faith. But i ask about personally directly are you. Consuming are utilizing water. That's what i wanna know. Thank you so much. Nancy for calling in from And joining the program today. And i'll go ahead and go ahead mattie your Go ahead yeah so so. Thanks for calling nancy. Thank you for the question. so you know. I'm with the new mexico environment department and you know we. We agree with you that that the epa's response at the time was not Was not perfect. Certainly was not perfect. and so like. I said we stay and and our community partners mobilized to to conduct that sampling and we continue to do that sampling. And and you know a lot of the sampling is done guy not only enemy but but the community members and community organizations Take those samples and we all share share data. So i just wanna make that clear that You know there. There are a variety of people. and groups monitoring the water quality and and it is It is safe for for the uses. I mentioned and is there any Web site or information where people can go and look this up publicly absolutely And i would be happy to share that with you to post online. All of our all of our water quality monitoring data is posted online. Take great. we'll we'll get. That information will put it on our native america calling a facebook page. And i wanna thank you for joining us today and also stella were getting to the end of the hour so i just wanted to get your final thoughts. I just wanted to see if there was any dad's at then During that time for people that live along the river if there was any type of thickness that came out because my issue was Like it happened during the radium era. A lot of people were notify. You know as What they were going through like x force as reminding so i was just I just wanted to know if there was any Data or a research and during that time when some people utilize the water like maybe from the sheets they butchered the sheep or things like that So that was my concern. And then i think if if it ever happened I think There should be some type of pon Like i said. I met pond put in on different Area of the farming so we can utilize out and Like i said that they're still mining out there in colorado so just to be At front that. I think we should have some type of oppong for the farmers that we can utilize in their future. If it ever happened again. Thank you so much for joining us today. A still a benelli a local farmer in the area. Thank you for joining us this hour very much and also a thank you to matty hayden and for dwayne chilly. Ause eve and also kenny frost for calling in and our other caller nancy That's gonna do it for our time here today. Looking back at the gold king mine way spill and we'll find that information and we'll post it to our facebook page Find us at native america. Calling. you can always continue the conversation there or send us an comments at native america calling dot com and join us tomorrow. We're going to talk about tourism. And i know people are are have been home in. They're looking forward to maybe going somewhere. And we're gonna talk about cova nineteen as well and so join us tomorrow. Thank you to our guests. Our callers the crew. Back at the studio putting this on air. And i'm your host antonio gonzalez the association of american indian physicians and the centers for disease control and prevention remind. You receiving the kobe nine. Nineteen vaccination protect you your family and your community and urge you. Please contact your tribal or urban clinic to get your cova. 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