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"This is radio. Free cyber cyberfraud with your host brian. Kilby featuring chris done rob die-cast john and lavar. This is radio. Free separate tron seven twelve. I am brian kilby with me this week. We have donald ferguson. Hello i cast. President rob klay matt aka alvar that john balloon and xp or. Chris oh i see how is yeah has according to the order you here at my screen on my screen. I'm in the upper left corner. So i should have been first before you. You produce me before you introduce yourself on your own. Show okay out at next week. This this is not holly. This is not hollywood squares and none of none of us. Are paula end. So none of us are senators quarter. If this was hollywood squares don you would be center square. Yeah absolutely game i will. I will bet as ultimate compliment because powell wins is one of the funniest comedians ever and he was always sitting on. We'll be the richard dawson. He'd be the richard dawson of our match game. Seventy six. i would say i will take it. I'll be charles. No i think. I see chris. Moore's charles nelson raleigh. He's a little more sarcastic than you. Offer going by rank of sarcasm. I think that's that's all. But they're not jovial enough pros. No that's very true. yeah. I don't know die-cast could be honestly die-cast we richard dawson. Does it will be kissing everybody that never mind. That's family feud will show up. So hey i'm gonna make an executive call. I don't think we're going to do this fair day. Stream haven't promoted it. We haven't done anything we'll have to figure out new day for it. Let's me it wasn't going to be there wasn't going to be you know toy fair weekend that would have been or anything anyways just going to be something in the neighborhood believe we we will have this planned out for next week and we'll give you the official day. I bet you we want. I con online. Was this past weekend It was a big weekend event Look like I tuned in. When i could. It looked like it was going really well. you know. Trans phantom doesn't need livestream on weekends that close together so exactly. The same fare would be good but but it does need trance. Fan does does the interest wayfair so much. I'm not gonna lie super bowl's coming up. And i just don't care weavers yeah i miss you toy fair. Yeah okay. hedera will undoubtedly have some kind of virtual presentation for that and we can You know make some kind of event of You know sitting around talking about what happened during that. It's not the same won't be quite the same but we'll make the best of it to be checking my email for something to happen. They so i'm just gonna take a guess here and say that has probably doesn't know one that's going to happen. Yeah okay yeah. They're doing things by this either pants but they're getting a lot better at it. Yeah i would say except for you know getting there to point out before you can legitimately fight toys. That's crazy yeah okay. let's see here. What else anything else to talk about. Really nothing special. Go sign up to the patriots and check out my toy. Detective mini episode from last week about grim walks front teeth. Oh yeah and Yeah definitely signed for patriot dot com slash radio. Not to scare anybody. But you know Spinning in the month in anybody runs the patriots. Does that's you lose patrons and more declined by patrons are all and had never had declined or anything. We had way more client way more declined to this time than yeah. We had like four or five. So yes pedram dot com slash cheaper declines lines in las patriots at the end of the month. Rob i'm i'm usually decent. I haven't had too many of those. I've i've been very fortunate because most people that Patriots dot com slash flow through actually bothered to Email me in some cases apologized for not being able to support me anymore. And that's just really really kind of them to let me know in advance and you know. I'm just happy for anything anybody can do and you know. I think we've always said if it's difficult for you if you know if it's going to be a financial hardship please don't none of us won't fail absolutely if it's like i'm not trying to like Yeah i'm not trying to if you can't don't please But you know. I think like four of our touched patrons in the last month of in disappeared due to declines and taking a big chunk out. So if you you know you're interested at the patriots on Level the touched tear. You can Actually be on one of the podcast produced featuring on each week and that's a lot of fun so radio dot net slash patriot. Patriot dot com slash. Gs radio they both work so be wonderful. Okay let's see here. It was jumping in the news. Then i'm i'm not acting all excited like i should be quite possibly the greatest bit of do's and transfers history happened this past week and i you know not even like hyperventilating over it. I was maybe because super seven involved. I don't know but super seven unveiled their transformers version of their ultimate subline which is like the ultimate realization of action figure for at least that they produce for like various things like ninja turtles Thunder cats a master's in the universe. Gain maybe yeah no no. No i'm sorry but conan and there's other things but through doing for transformers but you think hey like the ultimate realization of the transformer transformer. What was the autumn action figure realization of a transformer. And what do you say. Well isn't read the ultimate the realization of transportation forefinger form answering. Not having not having bought handled one. No i would never say that. Red is not the ultimate realization of transfers national figure for him so what the are like action masters in some ways very much like action masters. I wanted to spend literally our action later. We action masters banzai specifically in the character and the bomb shells based on it is based on the action figure very clearly and specifically which i think is an interesting and kind of cool choice. 'cause like when in the history of transformers since action masters ended have we had any acknowledgement or update to master bombshell specifically and the call to make the important thing is the important thing is i have not this So these come with a lot of accessories. Optimus prime specifically is decked out with accessories. The most important being the basketball from the master builders so mighty prediction on this is that the basketball is gonna get cut from the accent. God or actually comes out how i will complain all be. I'll i worked in a call center. I wife did too so we know how to complain. I will complain all the way up to the ceo. Super seven to get my damn basketball. Can i say that the basketball doesn't count because not about bud bought this. I don't care this is. I want the basket. I wanna basketball. And it comes with one so he comes with Rocket pack the acts couple of different versions of hand. Matrix the toy epic head his trusty gun A human off spike and Sparkplug the surfboard seaweed. What was what's that other accessory the green thing. I don't call up my head. Good question now. We should point out that while banzai. Trump on and bombshell are her specifically based on the action masters office private star scream are just cartoon inspired not based on any specific prior toy or figure necessarily on these figures. Look there's something out of my just don't like and i think you're being too harsh on the red figures because we're them. Yes i am on wave and that's only wave one wave to looks a lot better than we've won so i was like on wave to isn't g one always what we've seen so far that i know right right but there's going to be in the line gets canceled their waves and i think they're going to be better and better. I think wave one was lot of Proof of concept and you know not really executing the right way but the ultimate like masters and that makes a million times better wake all. I'm looking at the picture of his prime and two things you're a. I don't know what that green thing is even look at the picture now And be i think they've put the wrong all about logo on the shoulder. Movie logo me. Cancel out here. How do i go in. The movie has the angry is and this has the now this is. This is just a prototype view so they can fix that before they actually go into production but or is it a render. It's not even a picture of a toy right. Yeah surrender. I if the render gonna look at the end i don't think Yeah his that looks like some sort of. I mean it could be but it looks like it's some sort of detailing from Mold injection this is a prototype and that goes to on the other things too. Which is that right now. These figures are not showing a lot of like articulation heat. Yeah but apparently super seven this said that the actual figures will have a lot more joining. What the prototypes are showing really. It's it's good and bad like good at acknowledged. They need more than what they've got right now but bad because like probably the way this is going to work is we're going to have any idea of what that's actually going to amount to until its way past the the preorder period which only runs for a few weeks. I believe yeah. The month of february basically is that how they do it with the turtles. I wouldn't know because i'd never looked into their manufacturing processes. Well i meant the free order. The preorder i mean I think so just because like this is the same kind of model. It's fan channel specialty online retailers. So i would think so made if they're gonna add extra joint or articulation. I wonder if it's gonna be like double knee joints double elbow joints. Like is the thing with seven inch a boutique. Figures like this. That could potentially look by add on a transformer basic things missing to like. I don't see Biceps swivels vice. All also you know there's a lot of like quality of life kind of articulation could be added with wouldn't even really compromise. The look of the figures look at the pacific logos though especially positron. Ah-ha yeah i mean. They're explicitly action master. I a geek. I want the vector file for that action master logo police. Yeah i mean. They know what they're doing. And i understand prototypes or showing at this stage would be just basically to show the figure during the look like this. The figures may not work exactly like this and it's at this detailing that looks exa- that spike and never actually zoomed in on it but it's definitely spike no sparkplug. He doesn't have a gun. I guess also a thing but of course he's got the wrong color shirt. Yeah that mandate optimistic seven inches so There was a long interview with With toy celebrity. I suppose interviewer whatnot. The super seven guy. I was interviewing for about an hour. He touched on a lot of things he touched on this one too. They kinda of strongly hinted or kind of tongue in cheek indicated at some point they'll have grim wok in wave two or three or something like that. I didn't tell us you interviewed the super. Seven guy was out. They also mentioned that you guys. I don't know if this is the right segment in the show as if we have like heart segments we used to elko. They also said they're gonna do silver hawks. It's nice over hawks reaction. No oh well yeah. Don't do them. Let's come in and then they also continued their pr campaigns who justified the four hundred and fifty dollar thunder tank. Well naturally just look look at it. It's not great like it's it's not. I would not call that an ultimate thunder tank and a thunder cats guy. But don yeah. It's yeah well it is. I'll be honest i would. I'm passing. I mean i'm cherry. Picking the ultimate thunder cat figures just for characters that never came on out my god. Silver hawks is something that i'd be really t if i know i'm not going to go there yet. But if they did Silver hawks line and it looks good if they did a mirage. That would be a lot more tempting to get the mirage. The silver hawks plane than the thunder taint him. I know i know that but One thing i wanted to bring up about this we talked about this little bit real briefly pre show which you can listen to his podcast by going to patriotic conflict radio in signing up right do any we all else find it kind of weird. That has fro is licensing out basically. It's weird to super seven. They're doing more bio they're doing better red figures than what has berea so there so the license out something. It's a non transplant figure but it's in direct competition to a line that they're different their maintenance thing they're just saying we but we haven't seen them. This is as close as i can think of as a licensed property competing with their mainland property. At least in the closer playing field of fundamental it's not going to compete because red is exclusive to walmart pulling being sold in walmart stores and walmart website. The super seven stuff sells through collector websites. And i don't even think her get carries any super seven stuff in there like collector item. Do yeah okay reaction figures. That's a completely other different any difference. Anyway I don't think there is really competition in the way you're anticipating don just because like it's very the red collection figures. I think are more geared to the casual person who remembers what g one looked like. And once you know something that just reminds them of the cartoon somebody who wants a reaction figure with more joints but less quality Lawyer as supersonic your mortgage to the super seven figures are more connected to collectors on our scale of things and i totally agree totally agree with you on that. I'm just saying. I can't think of anything in recent history where it was as close as this as far as concept less hyper detailed you know still closer than i can recall anything less actual mainline transformers insurance lines. That are very similar that You know in terms of approach. I'll admit it someone who doesn't collect any of the am slightly baffled by the various Tnt lines at this point. it's very actually a very. That's actually a very similar thing. What's going on with this right now. Yeah not has the relief. Yeah he. Here's like here's how i look at it. This all makes a lot more sense. If you accept that hasbro ceased transformers as a brand like i am not a toy. Line for transfers toy line is just a category next to party supplies and you know collectibles and bedding. It's just ip to them like it's no longer attached to a transforming toy line and that's something. They said outright that they were trying to move into as far back as two thousand nine or twenty ten With the aligned continuity and how they approach transformers prime where they were doing it as a tv show. I really only have toys or in the generation blind. That's what became translators prime first edition those toys and first edition were originally generations toys or not going to be a transformer prime line specific we because they wanted to have that segment not be perceived as a transfer between line is eight transformers media property. So that's kind of where that's like the real distinct delineation where they jumped into this new direction with how they're approaching. How transformers works. Yeah i totally agree and again. I think hasbro could not sell toys. All they would probably be okay with that if they could out for sure. But i i if they just out transformers and i have to actually make anything which day course there. Of course they're not. They're making money on this. They're not spending anything. Now wait for that. Yeah i actually love this. Just because like i think they should totally. I think i think at some point. They'll do this with gi. Joe i think at some point they'll do this with every almost every property where they look and see. There's there's people who are better at certain segments and more interested in doing them so let's just sublicense in their case. Playmates is done that forever so not too far off the rails but the ultimate line for Ninja turtles i guess is also seven scale. Probably make because of the cost assuming maybe if they did like something like that i would want. Gi joe to stick twenty four inch scale but like really awesome. They don't really have super seven. We have a market for that. Now i mean like gee i like in my head like where i see like. Gi joe is. They haven't done like animation accurate. I know i know. I know transformers fans get tired of that. 'cause we've had that for like twenty years now or fifteen years now but like gi joe gi. Joe fans have not had a six inch or seven inch line of animation model action figures. And that would actually be interesting to me. That would probably sell as well excited. This is big news. This is big news for me but for dawn. It was a wednesday. Okay so what else. We have the deep cover it exists. You remember that thing that. I had in hand last week a yesterday but the day one no it was going to be announced yesterday or it was like just now. It just hasn't our but there's going to be two then. what yeah. That's what has repulsed says some so. I'm confused yes. Are we so like the borbon. Polls correctly defies that This is the first usa character deep cover in the us toy line. And i mean if you want to expand out from that. I use of deep cover since the hobby toy. That was just the g. Ones i re color but says it's that this is the first of two versions of the character that they're going to have so. I went into some detail on what we kind of know. What's been rumored On our news desk one thirty But basically it comes down to deep cover has been Listed as part of the netflix walks assortment as far back as a like a year and a half ago. now i think like way far back And we also had rumors which are generally being considered credible that there's going to be an earth mode retool or updating of side swipe and along with that was rumor that there's going to be deep cover made off of that mold So it seems very much like selects is probably like the last strike for the seat sites white mold and then they're going to do this again with the new one on the net flicks sort men's heavyweight three. It makes sense. And now that you mentioned that i just realized that we don't have earthrights. Sideswipe i just completely forgot i mean see sites is not all that far off from a normal looking car that definitely could be changed to make. It fit better with arthritis stuff. But you know it's been like in that kind of nebulous almost good enough range already but like it probably going to be something like what happened with iron hide. Were they Replace a few of the vehicle. Shell pari thing. Keep the the structure of at the same. Basically the same thing they did with gigawatt they can do just with lamborghini parts instead of delorean. I kept waiting to say mclaren by. That wasn't right No but like these. They've shown how that Engineering can be re shell to be a completely different looking vehicle. I don't even think they would have to go near that. Far with moved from siege to an earth style sideswipe Not going to be like a huge undertaking. I would say like replace the canopy part and the hood. Maybe and you could probably get away with the rest But like the rumor is going that some of these new earth mode figures are going to be basically twenty twenty one version of what we got alongside earthrights. It's gonna go alongside kingdom is like amazon and target exclusives and in deep cover case Walmart with netflix. The assortments the the concern. I have if all that is true. Is that the netflix. Deep cover is going to be like a battle damaged version. And they're doing to them so that the siege version can be the pristine looking for collectors who want that option. But you know if you want an earth motsepe cover. It's going to be covered with burn marks and blake. You know. I don't know spilled pizza or something Sadness i was. You know people speculated it's going to be covered with said i saw folk speculate that maybe could be You know masterpiece or something since we got the what impe eighteen plus or whatever version twelve and he was really by talk with twelve. Gosh yeah i way long ago. Yeah yeah no and you know like in the absence of anything else. I would say the masterpiece would have been a good bet for what they meant by. First of second first of two versions like the other would be masterpiece that we never got before because that'd be something that they have do pretty cheap especially if to kara was not pointing on reach are doing their own deep cover because if hedberg on their own initiative they can probably knock the price point lower. Because it's not going to undercut something to carl us trim and why we can't rule out that something that would happen in you know eventuality of time but from the things we have through rumors and other sources of information. It seems like there's going to be two different generations takes specifically So pulses preorder is due to come in april first but considering i own deep cover already the very same deep cover that they have up preorder if probably not gonna be that long. And other places that have have a much shorter fulfillment window right now. That's good yeah. And i have to wait unless you want to. Just wait and see. What the Netflix one looks like only get one version of the character. So i guess this is news So people who had preordered studio series eighty six from amazon Cup and a blur should be arriving your way next week. I just got an indication on jazz however jazz shifted from fifth to may fifth. Oh cinco de mayo. That's a shame. Yeah so that's news. I don't think mine have changed. But i'm curious now so another thing That's going on with preorders. This week is a new preorder for the drain. baker set. Who's carrying that. Not target going through fan channel stuff like entertainment big toys or It's interesting though because of the same way we were seeing Read we earthrights skyward in thunder cracker. Set go out through those channels like the exclusivity with target for these toys is over with and you know this is starting to form a pattern now and maybe other hasbro losers with it once they exceed a certain lifespan will be up for grabs for Additional production runs. You go to other places so like you know cobra. Island stuff for example might actually become available to purchase some day. Each speaking of package brian after a month. Nice thank you well. I'm going to be interesting to see is if what's going on with these. Formerly targeted exclusives ends up happening with amazon exclusives from the previous year. So you would see iron heightened prowl. Go up the cone heads go up other places to become available because over hard to find hard to get hold of Through amazon lets you preordered right away because even when you pre-ordered early in some cases those preorders got canceled out under because supply chain problems or whatever So you know if has in the mood right now to be doing. Additional production runs and those additional runs are not subject to the exclusivity agreements with the first strike at these. That would be good for a lot of people who ended up missing out for one reason or another and from what. I hear getting stuff from like big bed toy store. If you're in another country is a lot more accessible and affordable and a lot of cases than trying to have something middleman from target to senegal or wherever people from australia getting stuff and big bat all the time. So yeah that makes sense. Yeah so that's cool if you didn't get it Checkout entertainment earth etc. And i think the rainmaker set is due to ship out over the summer. So unlike the sky warp and thunder cracker thing but shorter much shorter timeframe. This looks like it is a complete production run. They're doing the pre to figure out their numbers to have made for the awesome. That's my interpretation of this just based on where the preorder landing and the ship date is expected to be cool. It's the same thing with the super seven stuff to we. Were told actually that these are being done based on their preorder. Numbers em would not be technically in stock at any point. You're going to preorder these. And then they'll be fulfilled and that probably going to be the extent of the run to keep in mind too Let's see i was gonna mention. I don't know if it's news on. Ob mention it. Maybe wasn't here Looks like wave to read his shipping or showing up at walmart. Yeah that may have been a week. You're out. I'm not sure or you just forgotten. We talked about it. I'm pretty sure we mentioned it at least in passing that the appeared even appeared in any great numbers. As far as i can tell you know there's is a couple of things in the. Us one recently in canada now. So they're in the distribution chain like for my local stories that i've checked out. None of them have read on the shelves anymore. And i was struggling to even find if there was Stickers left on the on the planet grams for them which in white there actually are Megatonne i got admittedly it was You know rather crunchy on the outside and marked down but it was still marked down. And i just kind of have i have my curiosity here. I guess i'll say if walmart's having some second thoughts because this is not going quite how they expected it to. Yeah and then red wave. Three ended up being a rosser. Tj maxx exclusive. I it wouldn't be the first time walmer decided to just pull out of the whole run. An exclusive stuff and it ended up at the closeout chains. They did that with the last night for walmart and tire product lineup of Like legends class stuff and not coggan coming regular retail product. But this breaks too hot rod. Yeah always had hot rod as well. Yes because walmart declined to sell it took. I got mine too. Well i mean. I got it through walmart dot com. But they didn't have you ever. The stories stories never carried them. Yeah massive leap old out there. The last night exclusives that they you know ordered a whole bunch of almost like the deluxe hot rods went to always predominantly although they also ended up at ross because they think i found a couple of them at my local ross and the legends class stuff and all that other stuff ended up just at closeout retail stores and they restock them and i don't even think they lasted long on the website. Mine site the store. So i technically got it at the store. Technically should technically. I'm just saying like if walmart does decide to dump and pull out of red like it wouldn't be the first time they don exactly this kind of thing because wasn't going their way okay. let's jump to what we got this week. manufacture i at least on a couple of things just by the way Die-cast thank you finally got firefly so your post offices through very slow. What else. I got fi- i got the cyber verse still logs prowl and sound wave actually like him prowl is the transformation is not quite one. But it's pretty it's it's inspired by and it's an evil toy sound wave. I didn't much care for the transformation because there's a gap in the vehicle mode on the legs when you transform it. That are just weird. Just leaves an in a space there. That's not necessarily yes. The top of the car. Oh no it's weird. Yeah yes so But i mean otherwise otherwise it's not bad And i don't have them handy. I wanted to talk about them. Because i was gonna watch them. Back in. september of twenty nineteen The with kids Unpainted transformers minis We talked about them and didn't really honestly think much about you. Know much about it after that and My buddy dusty. Got me Waves wanting to for christmas in he finally brought him over We have all social distanced christmas exchange and giving them in hand. They are incredibly detailed. They look fantastic I m super stoked about Giving them and painting When for both vaccinated and my basement's finished have nice working table down here. He's going to come over and we'll Spend some time painting. i'll probably shoot some video of the the effort. I might pick up some war and do like different characters So i might get more than one seeker and do maybe at least you know the original three And just i dunno. It's they're really nice. Extremely impressed with them so i think that they got more stuff but i hold it. 'cause chris colleague as well and i'd rather chris paul chris talk about it than me so Soon i'm done christner next. Does that mean. I'm on now. You're on your timing. i just got finished refilling. my cup I assume you mean the new galactic odyssey set that shipped out. Did you not get. Did you get both sets. Shattered glass and the galactic odyssey. I did not. I did not even create shattered glass. That because i don't care if anybody Shattered glass. oh okay. I'll let you talk about it. Okay go ahead chris Yes i have the barricade in counterpunch that so barricade is the earthrights dotson mold which i like a lot. This one probably is the worst for the shoulders. Sticking in 'cause it won't on either side and the tension on that is much less than the tension of the actual the actual shoulder hinge. So i gotta be careful where i press on. That did not pull the whole shoulder socket. So that's always fun. Apart from that the biggest complaint i have is it needs more colour now. Obviously police car is going to be kind of monotone anyway just because of what it is but like it the the like copper gold colored that they put on the rifle which is paint. It's the same plastic color as the hands and thighs underneath like they need to add some of this to some of the other interior robot arts or something needs more color variety One thing this is missing compared to the siege version in particular. Is that all the clear. Plastic is just colorless where on the seat one purple tinted and even that would have dressed it up quite a bit more like this. It needs a little bit more color variety than what it has. It's it's a little bit on the bland side for me. i do have non f- Add on kit for the Refiled shoulder cannons and a bigger rifle which are both in the bronze color so that will help some but it really needs more. Colored is integral to the robot for people who don't have the benefit of the aftermarket accessory packs and like. I'm not usually one complain about this but like silver hubcaps probably would have helped a lot too. Oh yes it is. Sadly very bland looking but like if you're inclined to detail up your figures in general anyway like all that can be fixed pretty easily I just don't feel like it should be necessary. Step punch counterpunch mostly feels just like the first version of this joint. Tolerances might be slightly looser. But i'm we're going to say that's like individual qc variants than You know change over time to the molding itself I've heard this has the same issue that the first version does the shoulder The shoulder All stocks are on backwards. So you have to crack the tour open. Reverse them to make it transform smoothly. I did do a test. Transformation on this and it will go into car mode and seems to be fine as it comes out the package. But i don't remember what the specific issue was the first time where people decided that that need to be switched because it was not fitting together right but it still seems to be the case now and it might be great to try to do. That shouldn't be hard to find a guide to making that swamp from when this first came out in two thousand seventeen. I think but the deco is very similar on this. The first one that most substantial edition is the yellow stripe along the bottom of the car. Parts which. I think looks nice. I kind of wish original had that but it also loses like the red Red rims on the wheels from the original which really pop to me and the colors are just like a lighter shade from what they originally were and while this looks better to me in hand than the stock photo of me that look i still think overall i kind of prefer the way the original one looks and of course in my case my original one is it has fixed shoulders because i did that fix as soon as i got it so i don't know if i'm gonna end up keeping this counterpunch since i don't really need to have to win over the other one better but you know we'll see for people who didn't get that original one. This is still going to be a nice option. it still works really nice it just. It's kind of like barricaded needs a few finishing touches to really feel as nice as it should. I've always liked this mold a lot. And i still wish it would come out as you know. Want the target batteries Point blank. yeah yeah like. I still think that'd be really suitable application for this mold but it's it's kind of the same thing to like. I was talking about with handling some other older molds after having siege than earthrights stuff in hand like it's just really weird something constructed around ball joints instead of like universal joints and ratchets. It all still like feels normal and holds together but there's just like a certain looser quality to it because of because of the ball and socket joints and it's just kind of weird. You remember how this was normal at one time. And then they just kind of escalade the articulation. Something else in now. This feels like such a throwback. So they'll do the only on topic things. I got and then i can quickly go through the off topic stuff so i i got. This is all to be mega construct stuff. So i got skeletons head. That's like a little place at right. it's just like a couple of yeah basically so there's a tiny little picture of the content on the side here which thanks to the magic of a webcam. Act we You know pretty visible. So this is the fist set. And i bought this one specifically because the the thing you can build for fist. Oh by anybody who had way eighties early. Nineties toys probably has some kind of action figure with one of those backpacks where if you string string between two chairs or something it can write down or if you had a really fancy they hit. The motoring can sometimes climb so there is a a mega constructs kit version of that for visco. So it's like a mountain climbing backpack thing and of the choices like one was a trap jaw that was in weird color. laser cannon. a he-man which i don't need another he man so fitting new handle doesn't it. I don't care. But i had the most interesting thing and Wasn't like a weird deco inversion or anything like that. So i went with that one. And i think the skelter face on here is also cloned the plastic by haven't been able to actually like comprehensively test that the other ones though are like a normal colors and like lebron's skull face which we're so overall i would say this is probably the best way to get. I also got just yesterday the day before the Skela tour and panthers is the flock panther it. Yeah so in the point dread set. There's a skeleton panther. The battle armor skeleton in that panther is not flocked. But i had had the flocked one. Because i couldn't get a flock moss man because that was an sec exclusive with the battle bones. I think yeah. Yeah so. I have that now and then i also got this came from amazon. It's the Battle ram kit which comes with trae klopp's and neck and neck so this is twenty dollars at split into the sky sled in the ram i got to. I haven't yet. Hey mickey also said that like. It's a lot smaller than he expected. But like i mean the the boxes smaller than expecting to have an open. The yet but i can imagine the vehicle to be kind of small just based on the scale. The mini figures as depicted. On the i was kicked off mine. I came from amazon in an envelope and opened it. It was one hundred. Eighty eight pieces. Anyway that's all i got this week. That battle bones set is two hundred fifty dollars. My god but it comes to the already half acre. We have faker like two or three times. Faker got really actually at least three times. I think was in. The current mini figures like a paddle has battle bones and the and the flocked. Mas man it's not worth it. Yeah but faker came out in to individual figure assortments and is also in the five pecks. They released yeah that yeah cool. John guinea thing jungle luna matt. I got stuff so all a couple of weeks ago. We were reminiscent about The old warpath from the revealed the shield era and talking about repaint. Yeah re paints that and I realized i'd always meant to go back and get that strike from that concept. Oh so i picked that up. And yet god i love this mold so much and yellow. Yeah they actually get a really good strike ahead scope subscription services at about figure that bought con two thousand thirteen. I shoot one of those years anyway. Right yeah I got her. Because you know stryker was a deceptive con in transformers animated. So i got her to go with my female to set the cons because i have many yank my headset off. I have i have many female autobahns but very few female decepti- conso strike is based on the ranks there and also i picked up The cyber verse. I think john armor clobber also go on shelf and ranks. I actually really liked this figure a lot. More than i thought i would. It's like one of the two cyber verse figures. I have now her and world. So that way nicer than than i was expecting in all the energy are folds away. So i got a kingdom paleo tricks. I really like it as a skeletal dinosaur. Yeah well it's like forty much when it's for that's pretty much what what these are. Gonna you know the purpose. These are going to serve for my shelf. Like i like these more than modulators but less than weaponize irs. Yeah sounds right. Also i got. Let's see a studio series. Eighty six jazz. What do you think. I really really like him. That reveal the shield. Jazz is always going to be like a great jazz but honestly like i. I like this one almost just as much like. He's he looks great. He folded to a very very tiny car. Though yeah and with him. I got studio series eighty six blur. I actually do like this blur in hand. His he looks a little his legs little scrawny compared to his bulkier upper body. But that just may be a me thing but His arms okay. We we know he has the big front of the car parts that fold over there huge on his lower arms. The thing that gets me. And this is part of the transformation but They're not hinged to. They're not hinged to the risk are hinged to the hand so if you wanna turn his hand those things are gonna what or not yes geared. It is it is really weird. In like i said it's it's for the purpose of the transformation but it's really really unfortunate. Yeah so technically. It doesn't have risks. Articulation has a transformation joint where the wrist would be in order to foot those pontoons around Transformation is strikingly similar to the titans. Return titans return mold but this one gets a bonus because it's not a headmaster on necessarily paint which with the legends version. That doesn't apply. But yes since he's specifically talking about titan surge the point i do have the legends. One major drawback to this is it does not have a weapon port for vehicle mode so you can't just take the target master from the titans return or the legends. One and you know added to this. So i think hot rod has. The same. problem has a five millimeter port. Her i thought you could plug all of his weapons together or something tabs now. Nothing's perfect but i do like blur. He does have very very sharp cheekbones in a an a big chen. But it's not as bad in person is a thought it was gonna be like. It's some mike. I can get past it kupp. Pepe heavy five millimeter port anywhere on on his vehicle mode. I wouldn't know. I can't find one entertainment earth shitting me my toys one at a time and they haven't sent me cup yet so i think you cup might have an accessible five million report because i think the energy could eat dispenser can be plugged into the vehicle. Somewhere okay. I was just kind of wonder if we were gonna to go like ridiculously old school with this separate releases that add those Target masters someday. I mean just for the limited reused in bold have. I wouldn't put it past them. If they want to repaint this blur nada nautica again. I'd be fine with that. I wouldn't oh by the way man-kei she didn't know toy it did announce a Re political set for that jazz today. That looks good today. I got my galactic odyssey set of counter punch counterpunch and barricade. I agree with chris. One hundred percent that this barricade benefited greatly from the purple translucent plastic. I need to talk to. Hey mickey about like what he thinks about getting clear purple paint and tinting windows after the fact like if he thinks that would be viable solution. I don't know might be worth doing for some reason. I not figured out yet. I did get a paint defect and has red spot on the side of his head for some unknown reason. The only read pain. I know of on this figure is for his eyes. So he's got third. I i guess i guess if behind what one of his ears would be well you know i mean good for seeing behind him. Probably while often off to the side really had a little bit so the punch counterpunch Is a much lighter shade of blue and it doesn't have the orange to the yellow that the original release had this is like straight up yellow. But the it's a good color color scheme forum. And i think i'm gonna keep i'll keep both i'll keep wonders punch counterpunch. I'll keep the original counterpunch. Because as chris said it had the The red accents The the rams and that really pops much much more in Deceptive on mode. So that'll stay like that. I got Kingdom cycle onus. Would you cyclones. And he had no well. I had it last week. But i was on the show so He is really. I love it. I absolutely love it it is. It is very very close to studios hot rod. Like i could not ask for for anything better If they wanna do this as a selects with toy colors. I'd alan mine. However did come come with misfired pin and it was on his wrist. And i don't know if it'll even show up. No he's not gonna show up there but it's it's scarred where i had to put it back incorrectly. Because it was so misfired into that post when i rotated his hand around for transformation the pinchot out. Oh wow while at least that made it easier. We yeah yes but at the same at the same point you know it was put together wrong and there's really no room for error on this toy so that means it's scarred that post that it's supposed pin into so now i'm a little wary of it but i have another I found this when i was out at a walmart. I had another one pre-ordered through Hasbro pulse that's being delivered now. So i'm going to hold onto that. Just in case does break but last lastly i got studio series. Eighty six grim lock. Ooh great week or two weeks. Yeah yes i had this. I had this last week. He's just wonderful. He's got a nice way to him. He is a huge leader toy especially for for the days. The days that were in his neck is like a smoky clear plastic. But it's completely painted over. I don't understand why why they changed that because he they wanted to look a little bit more cartoon than a little bit more toy i guess but it does still have the The bowl detail. Inner peace. that's supposed to be in there for clear plastic that you can see through because i noticed a crump toronto on twitter loch Was doing a custom and he removed all the gold paint his doing a marvel marvel. Uk gremlin literally get the base. Yeah he he's a wide dinosaur it. It's a thing but it works out really well proportions in a mode which is important for transformers. Really sox wheelies absolutely terrible accessory we can. We can accept it as it is. Yeah his leg dinosaur leg slash robot arms. Do give me a little bit of pause. Because they lock in with these tiny little square pegs. That just screamed me. That they're going to break off at one day so it has them on both sides because you know his elbow changes from which bands so he has the pegs there for robot mode and the pegs there for dinosaur mode and yet they just look like their days are numbered straight out of the straight out of the box. I i haven't noticed any Stressing yet. But i think it's only a matter of time before those start snapping off on people but that's the only complaint i have with grim lock like i. It's amazing. I hope we get the rest of the dino bots like all of them so well not snarl. He wasn't in the movie he was you. Have you have to really watch for him. He gave me an accessory with swoop. He ran away from blaster fire and auto bought city. And if you posit at exactly the right moment with croissant. Ship is spending spending down onto contessa. You can see his silhouette in through the windows. Yeah so what will what will do. The compromise is super. Somebody will just have snarl on the printed backdrop in the packaging. And it'll be patient and those big two weeks for me so that that that's off topic stuff where he has no off topic stuff. Wow but it does appear that the mail service is slowly starting to pick back up. because i got gridlock. Quick from entertainment earth. Like i got. I got him in like a week and Jasim blur in just under two weeks. I think as opposed to the month. That i waited for the last thing i ordered. I got my Gremlin from cfd store like three days which is exactly how longest that was supposed to take your mine with a little slower than that but not by much. Yeah but like. I said that entertainment earth like i ordered that entire like everything grim lock blur up pot. Rod scourge ordered all that stuff at once and they're shipping them to me one thing at a time. It's possible air team. Earth getting solid pack cases of the individual toys The same like amazon seems to so they're shipping you stuff one at a time probably because that's how receiving them yes. It's unfortunate when you have to pay the shipping. If you order all one order you're only supposed to pay the shipping once. Well let's between you and entertainment. Yeah i still have to go back and double check just assumed that you know. They're charging me shipping every time we're trying to transform. Gridlock is robot head. It's supposed to fit into the diner body and for that it just folds down just folds down but it's still six thou- average. Yeah go ahead go. I don't do it. I don't look i don't wanna look at instructions again. These guys to. That's the galactic. Ozzy barricade in counterpunch set for not watching video counterpunch. This vacuum formed plastic. I am so glad we're getting rid of it because Up barricade. I pulled his top half out and his legs were still on the path of little good. It's not just me. I put out the lights out. Okay so maybe they weren't fully connected or i'm not sure but And the weapons look like. They're they're vacuum formed on all four sides so there's not a good way to take I had heard the really work to get barricades shoulder cannons out of there. Because they are. They're effectively trapped in the point out. That i'm both idiot in the caffeine. So yeah the was trying to Trying to put grim walks chest back which becomes his like his lower abdomen His robot chess becomes the lower abdomen. I was trying to put it back in the spot whereas robot goes. yeah caffeine. go ahead i can. Have you got the shattered glass to pack as well I was gonna take shattered glass prime out of the plastic. But he has the same problem with the vacuum form where his smokestacks are so far. Vacuum formed up into the plastic. That i'm scared. I'm going to break it so i'm actually When i have time i'm going to have to cut out. Probably if you can release his legs and his forearms you'll be able to fly the thing down enough to get the smoke sex clear without risking them so i never. I never actually took him out of the package. I only opened them up and look at them and said man. Prime is really pretty. Then i closed bag has basically my thoughts on that said what were you what. Were your thoughts on ratchet. Brian i yeah exactly. I ran out of the set. Yeah i really like ratchets Deco on his head his face in his head is actually a really nice deco. I also the by far of those two sets that have come out. The hardest thing to get out is ratchets blaster. I feel like that was the case with the lions set in iron hide. Maybe i mean. I thought i thought it was gonna snap in half when i was taking it out of that place. That sounds familiar so my play with that. Shattered glass set is that they went with ratchet when like using the same moldy coaches that easily done shattered glass iron height. Which is if i remember right is just diet. Iron much better. Yes that would have made more people happy. I probably would have bought the set. Even though i only like passing. We care about shattered. Glass often attractive deco on the body type. But like that ratchet means nothing to me. I don't need to own a shattered glass optimists so i there was no reason for you to get that set anyway. Go ahead yeah. I i only got it for for the prime honestly. I really like that shatter glass prime. I can't explain why It's just but for all those people that give me a hard time about that. Why is everyone loved nemesis prime. I mean it's just a black prime. i mean don't love. that's great question. The last thing. I got was a billy club that i can beat people with. I believe that's actually a hand grenade. It's if you put the incorrect batteries it yes it is a hand grenade yes correct batteries in. So what is it. It is dr egg at the x. Transports quinta correct. Yep cool so it's like chronic and it's caught fire the is that true. Oh it's loaded shrapnel. Fern never videos personal injury if i remember right. It is narrowly avoided personal injury. Oh good heavy to very very heavy yes old. The treadmill with i like how di gas is ignoring all of what you're saying. No no i put the right battery in so well i guess is the lighting is to explain the context which i guess we're going to have to do so While the people who dr egg early on in the fulfillment process i guess did not understand what kind of batteries it was supposed to take to work the electronics and apparent motorized function it. He used non rechargeable batteries and tried to recharge them. Oh that's that person's fault then. Yeah i didn't know that would actually calls it the blow up. Yes energy builds up and has to go somewhere die. Cast fee in a rechargeable battery. The material inside the battery is designed to absorb the energy that apply to alkaline. Battery doesn't really have the same chemical properties inside to reabsorb power. Once it started admitting it well it's could eat and builds pressure and then boom. You can't use an ipad or a nickel metal hydride battery charger on a alkaline battery but apparent but apparently there are rechargers. I just don't think recommended. No they're not. yeah you can. You can buy quote unquote medical laser devices off of ebay for but they are. They are also not randomly on ebay said. Xp you just burned down. Brian's house burned down. I just burn down. One of brian is probably or the cat morning. Oh i'm sorry the interesting thing about the doctor egg. It doesn't actually say the movie lines. What does it say it says. I guess lines from the show i. I don't know it's not the movie lines. I was wants an example if you want me to play the sound. Yeah yes now. It is an audio presentation primarily die-cast relations talk. Short decision opened up. Okay so from the probably mostly five darkness. I guess thing. I noticed killing. Jor in there. Do i skopje kind of want that. Now i forget how cool their voices are. I mean like yes. The few lines head of the movie are well known iconic in their own right but like generally their dialogue and season three was better. I just want guilty or innocent. Innocent thing called again billy dr eg dr egg or dr robot that gives the egg man spots but since it doesn't transform it doesn't matter that the transplants yeah heard six alpi big. It's big. yeah it's it's out of scale it's like two times bigger than the earth one. I don't need it. Then if i've seen the pictures if i'm interpreting the pictures correctly i have. I have one on my twitter at. I cast to the comparison between the. Yeah so yeah. That's all. I got this week Rob yeah i got a few things First off as a counterpoint. To the idea that the post offices speeding up tau eighteen days after headmaster mail. Did i did get buzzword. The bumblebee and Thank you for that don. I appreciate it. It's no cable toy it's i mainly got it to have the spike which is also an okay little toy. So that's really not acceptable. It's you know. I was really kind of hoping for something. More along the lines of The titan masters but there's a tight master. That if. I really wanted that so yeah it's you know it's all all right. It's it's none of its particularly Inspiring and just the bumblebee is not particularly fun to handle. And i just. It's kind of difficult to massage all the pieces in place. I feel like Size but a weird. Yeah is happier with the kingdom optimus primal. I got my Amazon preorder For this week and that's not bad. Figure it all. I i really do like it. It's i this is going to sound stupid. just there's something nice about how solidly it hold swords because that was a thing with me with a various previous optimus primal figures. I had trouble getting them to hold on those very well. Particularly the robot masters telemacho. Mold did not have a great grip on those. Oh yeah makes sense tapped into the palm so just having a nice solid you know five millimeter handle and i. I'm a sucker for the hands. That actually have the fingers move but still have working five millimeter socket so yeah good monkey. Happy with that Let's see what else did i get. I got from amazon japan in two days. The the gunman g frame supergun dam. Which i got because i was talking to blade reader about About the g frame mine and found out that there. Approximately in scale with the old mobile suits and action figures that Chris collected Some of the like us stuff was a little bit smaller. The did grow a little bit as the line went on so it turns out. It's almost head height equal with the extended. Msn action gonna martinez which is the core component. Supergun that doesn't mean the parts are compatible unfortunately the g. defensor which is the ab on backpack. That makes mark to super gun does not fit on the extended. Msn action version. I think it might be possible to make an adapter do that. I just need like actual cads skills. My brother to set it up for the three d. printer test. Run some whistles. I oh yes that. There must be whistles. My four year old is begging me to printer a new whistle. I i can send you a link to a listing for like forty eight whistles for eight dollars on amazon. I've got. I've got several i printed before. I sent rob the printer that i have kept hidden away for that purpose but also Let's see there was too but i. It slipped my mind until rob started talking about which is fine because rob was better suited. Talk about he actually built his yeah. It's not difficult to build though. I think i may have mentioned on twitter Make sure you open the chest armor when you go to attach the waste joint because it doesn't really wanna pop the ball joint doesn't really want to see fully if the chest armor is still in place I i didn't mention yet. The gimmick with g. frame line is that there is a Full like the skeleton that you put all the armor onto so this one comes partially assembled compared to the candy toy versions because candy toy versions. They sell the The armor and the frames separately. But yeah this is still a candy toy. This this Gr or super our-our supergun g frame toy because although it's like forty dollars and Is a box comparable in size to like an earth. Deluxe of there is still a tiny little piece of candy shoved down in the corner of the box inside with all the other parts to to to meet various Old japanese tax laws for what isn't isn't a candy. Toy of the superdome comes with a single chocolate so Let's see there was well. There's one other thing. I do just want to give a quick shout out to which is that One thing we. I got this past week was a harness for our lifted. Actually allowed us to get my mother bed for the first time in a year and a half so many things to the x. ray monkey on twitter who Responded to a call for help on that because it is exactly what we needed. It does what we need. And you know it's a lot of work to do but we can actually do it. Finally in that is just such a relief. So thank you very much. I've really appreciated so it's been a good week also cool. Didn't you get a fridge to. Oh yeah also. We've got a fridge so that was also a good week. do we need. yeah so when. You didn't have a fridge. Where you running down to the seven eleven. Getting slurpy like he did been the power was out for. We know no separately. Now i have still not gone anywhere substantial like still not probably walk past the edges of frigging property since march of last year but Know what we did was we had a bunch of colors and things and since i have a deep freeze downstairs. We froze a ziplock bags full of water and just kept everything The way since. Like i need i need to check and make sure my dad's insulin didn't get too cold or else we may have problem but Otherwise i think everything came through okay. Let's good don. Hey not a lot lately. It's been as i was talking to british show This week and last week all the places locally did their resets and then stop putting things out so bad off topic big. Thanks to both you guys last week. Ratio help bryan on gi. Joe's big shout to blade writer person for sending me apart Thanks to him. Thanks to y'all's advice. I have wind. Chill nice His two skis and his gun and from blade writer. I got the seat belt. So that means i now than the blueprint slash instructions in the car. I now have a one hundred percent complete. Arctic blast which is which is my favorite Vehicle because it's just pretty much as the certainty of gi joe especially when the arctic blast is my favorite. Because it's a giant brawling slate of death. So i got that So looking for adding all those parks also picked up from game. Stop plasma the my little pony ghostbuster. Crossover figure together with my optimus. Prime buddy crossover figure to with my doctor. Who's figure so that's my entire collection is three figures. I got that Picked up the guard. Says i mentioned in brief show for thinking about getting that. Non f set for barricade as well to add a little bit of color to it Not sure if. I'm not sure about keeping the punch counterpunch. Probably like the rest of y'all one punch one punch through that Other than that. The only thing i picked up. I did find finally studio series grim. Lock so i'm i'm finally picked him so i am now i am now. One hundred percent caught up on studio series and own kingdom with wave. Wh- wave one of both. So that's it not a lot going on locally so don if you end up getting that none of add on for thera- cade he also is offering Pieces to put on the datsun mold to Cover over the the mushroom clip. These yeah i think that also like will make the hubcaps look silver in the process. So right i saw those The the tires have never really been a major thing for me with the with the head. The rims code or not Because i was looking at getting that set maybe for smokescreen. Most training is a lot more important than me. The barricade just wanted the that barricade ertha representation but i may pick that up I'm very tempted to get that toy hacks jazz said that i mentioned matt wall ago to dress up this jazz. A little But as bad as i am stickers. I'm not really sure if. I'm wouldn't even bother tempting it or not. I just mentioned the The hubcap for barricade. Because you know. Barricade is kind of lacking in color variety. A- actually looked a little bit bland that might help dress to now this caps. Are they silver. Are they bronze gold colour. I think he's got them in like gray and black. I have to go look again. Okay all right. I mean and me and adam kiss a really not something that really look like. I've got the figure yet. Could use it but is it really worth putting the money into that. Didn't by by the wheel covers for the dawson's by themselves by adding onto an order for something else. Yeah there's black and gray ones probably have the gray just to break up that color scheme a little bit absolutely not getting the The gun set for smokescreen as well. But and the editorial breaker add on kit. But that's you know somethin' think of here down the road. That's that's all i got. Okay so hey. If you're not already using amazon lincoln tiffany dot net slash amazon. Please do so really really help us out. You don't spend the sent more on anything in did Helps cover actually pretty much. Mostly what covers the show costs. T.f radio dot net slash amazon That would be very helpful. patriot patriotic dot com slash. T.f radio please consider sunny and being a patron greatly helped us out and If you are a member at the touched tear you can appear on our weekly a history on the five podcast where we Discuss what went on this week in history Five ten fifteen years ago on the fives. Hot five history on the fives. It's a lot of fun really enjoy doing it. And now we basically have an official record time for that. We record that tuesdays at nine pm eastern so if any of you guys want to come back and show up Once in a while Me in patrons at the touch tear thought to fund patriarch dot com slash t.f. Radio speaking of folks that we have now On our Patriotic touch chair just went in and updated it. We have kevin dorsey ryan bona cheesy. Patty image stress of each rabbits hector bones nathan sambi. Jonathan james nests joy russell. jason highly. Mike mallory jason w wri sean. Hamilton jacob owen lucia sean brandon and spider. Bob thank you all so so so so much for being patrons and thank you to everybody at Any tear anything that you can help us out with again. It's greatly appreciated and these folks can be found of course at t.f radio dot net slash credits I'm personally twitterby. Kilby on instagram at brian. Kilby and i post other things that brian. Kilby dot com. I plan on recording a new episode of. How was your weekend this weekend. With wendy which. I'm glad that i mentioned that because i completely forgot otherwise so honestly thinking about starting another podcast Really yeah we'll see how it goes more details later so Brian kilmeade dot com rob. Springer's he's rob on twitter and zone base dot org not certain if we're going to have any more episodes of his podcast that he may be branching out doing some different stuff with this time but if we do that'll be available at different. Your dot net and soon base dot org Let's see here. We are on twitter at radio patriot. Patriotic t.f radio. Of course join us under discord. We enjoy With our folks during the streams various livestreams that we do of course during the week and you can install it directly the app and join us from t.f. Radio dot net slash discord. Or if you just want to do it from your browser you can join through Pf radio dot net slash discord We're on facebook. Facebook dot com slash. T.f radio instagram podcast. Youtube is under a radio Chine ron roku fire. Tv apple podcasts. Spotify tune in iheart radio stitcher audible on audible now. Need write that down We're also for youtube Rediscovered t.f radio dot net slash. Youtube is still valid and redirects to our channel. It's a very easy way for people to get there so that they get notified of our livestreams when they go live. So please do that and plus youtube. Yeah that's awesome and if you're not subscribing on youtube we would appreciate a few dead It's not really you know Posting videos roy isn't our thing but we do use for livestreams we're also on twitch at t.f podcast If you think it's a podcast if you want to Watch fair i mean. We're all over the place one thing you can do to help us out if while you're listening to the show just leave us a review wherever you're listening from especially if it's one of the newer platforms like audible or spotify Just help help you discover ability. We'd appreciate it and Of course you can find it for this episode at t.f radio dot net slash seven one to radio dot net slash the episode number. Which in this case again at seven one to Chris people get hold of you. I'm personally on twitter at chris. Rtx v. i tweet random things sometimes. When i think of them. Because you know just kind of how it is For my toy photography work and you know toy things in general that's collected play with dot com. I of articles in galleries and whatnot and on social media by photography work is either at play with photos on twitter or on instagram at play with photography. If you like the work. I do want to show some support and help me keep doing it. Patriot dot com slash photos for two dollars per month till i just got an email. I get emails all the time that we're on new places haven't checked out but this one is something out of verbal. I don't even know what that is. But apparently that we're on pod. Being apparently i have no idea John probably all the everywhere except verbal. Cool let's see here matt events. Not the i'm sorry rob. I was just following. I was just following the screen. Okay I am on twitter at figure viewers and rob flails rob pleases the twitter for flail through youtube gaming channel. I cover gonna battle operation to Which is a free to play game. The ps four and five. Now it's been playable. Ps five the whole time but there are also doing a up yes. Five exclusive version was some new features Kind of a rough week. Because that of course means they have twice as many versions of the game to maintain and there's been growing pains but more importantly the cool is in there this week. So if you like in a spiritual robots there should If you like what. I do there. pedram dot com slash foil through you as i mentioned earlier their me a couple of bucks you can ask for specific mobile suits with color. Schemes weapon combinations. What have you and There's probably something else. Oh yeah t.f. Radio dot net slash list if you just to throw objects at me and have a little bit of The money back into the show's budget que- sweet trying to stay cool and sweet. Think teat. die-cast caffeine you. Follow me on twitter at dyke's to watch my reviews at t.f. Radio dot net slash reviews and also falling on facebook or like my facebook page at reviews by die cast. Keat i mean sweet. I mean called on twitter at h. Marc- see the number four vr. If you can find me on facebook and talk to me. I will probably not reply because i'd never go there to get of you for projects. Well that's not. That's not at all a new. Google meet background. I didn't use it in this episode. Yes yes yes. Yes yes ideas. It's triplet yes your twitter at be kilby's yes yes all that so so. I mean half empty breach facebook. I i had to go the date of message. somebody About a figure. And it's like i have no idea who these people are. I have these message. Requests don't find request on facebook. I if i don't know you very well. I won't know who you are and i'll never hardly go to facebook anyway. So basically just don't engage with don. Facebook is what he's saying training twitter h. e. r. and talk to them there. Yes i'm pretty much. Close to deleting my facebook come home. It's okay massey. Alright may get him. What is happening. Okay oh massey. We'll see next week. Have a good ones everybody. This has been radio. Free cyber draw visit us at ti radio dot net for show notes and to subscribe to the podcast follow us on twitter at ti radio for news and updates watch our livestream at t.f. Radio dot net slash live join. Our facebook fan page at facebook dot com slash t of radio. Subscribe to our youtube channel. Ti radio network have a question or comment on our facebook fan. Page our meal it to contact at t.f. Radio dot net. This podcast is released under a creative commons license. Any part of this podcast shannon should be redistributed but please proper attribution is required. If you know what's good for you. The warmers better than crashing.

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10 Trivia Questions on Colorful TV Shows

"It's ten trivia questions on colorful. Tv show titles. This is trivia with bots. Burn and welcome to another episode of the treaty with buds podcast. I'm your host with the most ryan buds. Thanks for checking out the show. Thanks for telling a friend about what we do here. Daily on the podcast. There are over one thousand episodes to put your ears and listen to in family friend battles on zoom on road trips on airplane fall asleep rides. Whatever you need my voice will get you there and today we have an episode for you. All about tv shows colorful tv shows the year. The show came out and a part of the title. And then you have to fill in the color that is missing before we get in to the episode. I was reading a blog or a article. I guess on observer dot com talking about the most watched. Tv shows and twenty twenty. According to this little blurb here it says parrot analytics list of the top twenty. One most watch netflix. Shows of twenty twenty. So here we go number one lucifer. That's kinda surprising number. One lucifer number two the umbrella academy number three ozark number four. You number five thirteen reasons. Why number six. We had dead to me number seven chilling adventures of sabrina number. Eight fuller house number nine money heist and number ten haunting of bly manner. No tiger king on this entire thing. Which i feel like is the most talked about show the year. Oh no wait there. It is number thirteen. tiger king. Murder mayhem and madness will read the whole list number. Ten haunting apply manner number Let's see eleven is sex education. that's a great show. Twelve grace and franky thirteen tiger king. Fourteen lock and key fifteen. The ranch get outta here. There is nobody watching the ranch style. That's not even new episodes. Is it number sixteen. The witcher seventeen dark eighteen bujak horsemen nineteen space force and twenty outer banks in twenty one altered carbon. So that is interesting. That is one list and then. There's another list says queen's gambit tiger king ozark outer banks umbrella kademi unsolved mysteries cobra kai. Love is blind haunting. Apply manner and ratchet. That one sounds more specific to me. That's just it's the top ten. I don't know what these two lists are all about. I should probably read this before. I started reading it to you. But there you go. That seems like the last queen's gambit tiger king ozark in the top three and just wanted to give some sort of information whether i knew what it was about or not before we started and We succeeded with that. I guess here we go. We're going to do ten questions on colorful tv shows. This is the january twentieth. Twenty twenty one day episode. Help you are safe and sound wherever you're listening from and i hope you're ready for some tv trivia. 'cause here we go colorful. Tv shows question number. One two thousand seventeen blank lightning number one two thousand seventeen blank lightning. All the blanks are colors number. One number two one thousand nine hundred eighty eight blank dwarf number two thousand nine hundred eighty eight blank dwarf and number three thousand nine hundred seven bear in the big blank number. Three nineteen ninety-seven bear in the big blank house number. Four nineteen eighty six blank. Hawks number four nine hundred eighty six blackhawks number four number five also from the eighty nine hundred eighty-three blank funder number five nine hundred eighty-three blank thunder and number six nine hundred fifty one the blank skeleton shell number six thousand nine hundred eighty one the blank skeleton show number seven nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight murphy blank number seven nine hundred eighty eight murphy blank number eight nine hundred eighty five and of blank gables number eight thousand nine hundred five and of blank gables nine two thousand blank books number nine two thousand blank books and number ten two thousand eleven mrs blanks boys number ten two thousand eleven mrs blanks boys. Those are all your colorful. Tv shows you to fill in the blank with the color. Hopefully got the right one. We'll be right back to see how you did in just a noise. We are back with the answers to colorful tv show titles. Let's see what you've got right and wrong on this list of ten questions number one. Two thousand seventeen blank. Lightning was black. Lightning a cw. Show black lightning superhero. Show number two nine hundred eighty eight blank. Dwarf is red dwarf. Red dwarf number three nineteen ninety-seven bear in the big blue house. Bear in the big blue house and number. Four nineteen eighty-six silver hawks. Silver number five. Nine hundred eighty-three blue thunder blue thunder and number six nineteen fifty one the blank skeleton show. That was the red skelton. Show my mom's a big red skeleton fan number seven thousand nine hundred eight murphy brown murphy brown and number eight nine hundred eighty five and of green gables and of green gables number nine two thousand black books black books a sitcom about a bookstore. Check it out. It's pretty funny number. Ten two thousand eleven. Mrs brown's boys my current favourite sitcom to watch and laugh at number ten. Mrs brown's both of those are all of your answers today. I hope you had fun playing along with this quiz. If you did leave a nice review and tell me that you did so in a message. And i will send you some cool stuff in the mail. Some sticker some swag. Maybe some key chains just got some new ones that say saved by the buds. The saved by the bell font. You're gonna dig him and thank you guys for interacting with the show over on facebook and on patriot on. I appreciate it. It's time for your fact that the day the fact of the day is lake superior michigan yourann erie and ontario make up twenty one percent of the planet's surface freshwater. Now you know banks you're listening. Thanks for telling a friend of. We'll see you next. Time for trivia with buds cheers. rumored move.

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Episode 38: Best Saturday Morning Cartoon

F That Noise

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Episode 38: Best Saturday Morning Cartoon

"She Got Noise we're not quitting. You're listening to be that noise podcast. Featuring. Pete Delia but talking about shit here. Jamie Klein. No one wants to smell your dirty fucking shit. Mike Verdict. Feel like I'm a group. Steve Taylor is again as Paul Slat by some other Dude and Keith grieve you get a fucking sausage? Thanks. Oh won't you please take me to Funky town? Welcome to F- that noise episode thirty, eight, four, thirty, eight we are going to get into A. Debate. In this episode about the. Best Saturday morning cartoons. From. Our youth. Which I'm sure will will You know. One of the hottest debates sweeping the nation right now. Is. One of everyone's mind right now we already, we already have our first comment. On the live stream here hands down dynamite, which will we'll get to that in a minute but the sue. Somebody. Yes well. It happens. It happens with age it happens with age or so I've heard Age. Yes. Each. Nurse McGill. Welcome to the show folks. If, you are new to the program. If you're listening on any of the various podcast that you can find us on, we livestream this every Monday night at about ten pm eastern time on our facebook page go to F that noise pod dot, com and find all the links to everything that you can handle right there if that noise pod dot com. Maria, mind me to say that some more because they see that the human brain needs to hear things six times before it actually processes it. So upset noise pod. Dot Com. Dot Com Dot Com if they'd part DOT com. So. We're to be watching. ICECREAM. So. If you're watching the street, let's introduce the boys from the upper left Corner Mr Mike Burke. Clockwise going that way Steven Taylor. Pete million. Law. Right. and. Jamie Klein. Paul Grace. And I. was little. I. I am you're you're you're driver of all the technology which means that it will inevitably fail. Keith Grief Thank you for that seven. It's bound to happen. Something's not gonNa work or some shit who knows just stick with US folks if that happens. But we started every episode was the drive of the week what a drive is a line from a movie or TV shows with exceptional velocity and volume, and this segment belongs to Jimmy Klein. Alright. Lis fucking titties. Here. Mr Klein to. A film that hardly anyone is seen and you just have to check it out just on Blu Ray. It was just reviewed on trash men media. It is a film called cruel jaws the in some countries that was known as jaws five. It is an awful Italian rip off of jaws film actually using footage of Jaaz one, two and three. However, this film is actually better than jaws the revenge I still say check it out but it is absolutely hilarious and. It's got quite a lot of screaming quite a lot of drives, but this one in particular was one of my favorites. I'm sorry I couldn't You know what you gotta do that. What you're going to have to offer award of one, hundred, thousand dollars whoever the head of that shark. Have Already I mean. Without without what? Without I. Gather birth. Absolutely levels at thanks. A. Awful so awful. It has Hogan impersonator in this. See. It's like Hulk Hogan stunned wwl filming the Brian White Story. Look five to two hundred. and. Already. Series without. Yet. Without. Without. Talk. Without what? What you? Without what? This is an underrated draft because he doesn't really like get all of his lungs behind it. What you? But like last week with Eddie Murphy it's all about the F. Word Fuck. The bottom two. That's the. Title. That so. I don't know what language that is whatever country that language is from. Our podcast can read. Just going to have to ask Watson along or something. That was the drive of the week brought to you by trash men media for the latest. Blu Ray. DVD movie commentary go to trash men, media dot com also on twitter and facebook. And don't forget to check out Here Zarb dot copier is news and no bullshit. Up. All right, the topic for this week is. Favourite Saturday morning cartoons. And last week will be our favorite audio editors but this week will be. Favorite Saturday morning cartoons from our childhood who anybody WanNa start just pony up some of the some ideas here I I would love to start going. This is very serious topic. It's very dear to my heart I'd like to to welcome all the American people. Thank you. It's a privilege to be here. For this debate. I would like to throw out the Super France as the greatest cartoon of Saturday morning ever. And it's okay if you guys don't want to stop the debate and and. That's that that is the answer. Because IT IS A. Every bit every superhero that you knew from DC made up some new ones that you'd never heard of it brought in all the villains in the LEGION OF DOOM MADE UP A. NEW VILLAINS IT had spinoffs into other cartoons it had it had Established cartoons of which it went on like Scooby Doo of it just was really was just an awesome entertaining show I. Think they did just under a hundred episodes I looked it up today and I think it's it's barn on the best just about every villain you can think of in DC every every superheroes I think that's definitely the best one. So good night everybody. Yeah. Essay. Deactivate nothing around. Good stuff. No. Incentive. Twins to piggyback on a wave or something. But what did they even do? I can't remember no you. They would. They would like this together and they make themselves and other shit. Right to piggyback on last week's episode, the wonder twins were red fucking trunk. They were. Well you know. Andrea mentalities. Unbelievable Known understands the nuance of the wonder twins and that's fine. You know. They were twins but they totally fucked. COM All. I don't remember that Pena's that morning. We'll see this. That is actually a pretty good choice i. kind of forgot about that show because it would seventies I kept thinking like eighties but I do remember being on in the eighties it went into like eighty five think well, how see that's long running? That's that's a decent. I'm trying to back you up Mike. Warren. I did enjoy I did enjoy that one that was a decent choice actually don't pay. I don't think it's the best. Choice I'm going Gi joe the real American hero. Yeah. That was that was my first then the thunderbirds twenty, thirty six. was on Saturday, morning. But. Gi. Joe Is Easily I. I think is the greatest Saturday morning cartoon and some of the best best villains in that show. Cobra commander. Wait. Wait what what did he do? Lake. Apparently Jamie Savvy episode where Cobra Commander had an aneurysm. Crimson guards that he had snake eyes do get closer to your microphone. She now. Remember remember. The Night Rebecca. Yes I'll I absolutely loved loved that that cartoon as a kid I was so great had so much action had I like some of the continuing stories had I even was a fan of Gi Joe the movie which I know a lot of people did not like oh Oh that's Great to Johnson actually just watch it on twitch twitch the other on the six months ago with my kid and it definitely I didn't think it held up like on the same par in my memory with the the regular cartoon but. Classic Oh why but it but when you get when you get Casey Kasem to play do then you have something as Casey Kasem play Robin in the super friends so. makes. Fun Super Friends came. Back then. That's that's my. Gi Joe was. The greatest Saturday morning cartoon show. I would put joe out of super. Front says forget it absolutely just roadblock speaks and. Rice well, let let let me just say this. The super friends like Steve's over there and back at the hall of Justice. Only. Eleven from. What are you do? Wonder twin separate. So mine is I. Okay. I. Got it. Throughout an honorable mention. It's not really individual cartoon and remember this for a very short rod. There was an anthology called the comic strip. That played Saturday mornings it was four short cartoons. Three of them sucked wonderful call Tiger Shark, which is really fucking good. I just remember sitting and let it came out at like six in the morning and I woke up every fucking Saturday to watch it. and. It was in the air. It was only from September to December nine, hundred, eighty, seven. fucking seven my favorite is out there but it was one that you guys might remember might not Dr the barbarian. Daily remember that V because Zev another handle the BARBERA. Yeah. and was thunder was so misogynist it was awesome but he would call. Woman. I loved that flying cartoon with all my heart 'cause it was for those that don't know what took place in the future. By it was after the apocalypse and it was it went back to like a medieval kind of aesthetic except for the bad guys. Use Technology and thundershowers. Wookey like companion I think hand like a robot had. With thunder was like Conan the barbarian with a lightsaber who was show us. Like he killed everything he was completely misogynistic. It was sell the service from the eighties. Steven. Steve Word loves that massage Really, was until. Shit with me and my brother. Oh Wait Steve What misogynistic is not the same as Manezh Twat. Oh. You just want to make sure we. Talked about my mother. Companion. Well, that's it. We lost all our female listeners. That's right. We lost that wall. Here's another one aircraft check on her facebook feed remember the USA Cartoon Express. You remember that was eighteen years. After school one though no, I think actually. Saturdays. And now we're talking about it I. Think it was Sunday's wasn't it? Soon. Because I'll tell you I remember when I was a kid every Saturday morning I was in a Bowling League brand cartoon. So yeah, it was like Jabber Jaws and Lord was like. The jetsons, the flintstones only it was set in Greece. But it was all like the Hanna barbera cartoons like you like if you went to Canada's Wonderland, you knew who those guys were. Like in the But in the states it was they were all they were trunked. They were very drunk but I remember one person that every. Sunday. It was there a wonder monkey is no no, and they weren't twins banging in the corner either. Wonder monkeys can't gotTA. Teenage mutant Ninja, Turtles Yes that was that was definitely weekdays that was. That replace human. But I think that started. On Saturday, in the the late eighties I don't know but it replaced men which was on a week was on the weekdays I think fuck for replacing humane nobody replaces fucking human round here. The Dungeons and dragons cartoon. Yes. ATS I. Love that. Very underrated eighty three or something like that was around there. For. Yeah. I. Remember guys helped me out. So it was looney tunes was that on Saturday yeah. Okay that's that's a walk off pants down best cartoon of all time record that the unedited wants to that. We're like, well cre- I mean in racists them, oh yeah. They've been running since the thirties for one day. List of characters is just Ridiculous, you go on all day. But the thing with the the thing with that was like it was non-stop like hit after hit after hit like it would be just short after short after short. And then you get the commercial break and after these messages will be rab. Back. Not Forget Classic Daffy. Duck. Oh. God. His mind. So. Tony. Hawkes Bonnie. The PEP LUPITA I don't know how many of them are there a lot. roadrunners, Dulles guys are all in air. Is that a lot. Stock. By see the problem with me was my big show on Saturday mornings even cartoons three stooges. That was like a Saturday morning staple in my household for a decade at least. Oh Yeah students they've all. Obviously our of stooges. Blast policy three stooges cartoon. Remember at one point to what isn't it? Yeah. It was awful is terrible but not not surprised they're. Not. As good as the woman happy days where he goes in outer space. We're that one. Of the heavy cartoon I do not remember that. All Rock and wrestling. High Off. The. Yeah. What was that wwf cartoon hokey wrestling. No. They'll go s it was he just told you Steve Yes it was they'd have liked they go into like live action promos in the middle of it. And they had like then they. started. Like in the cartoon, it'd be like. Do. Did they. Did the starting go. Do you remember I think it was on NBC like Inbetween the cartoons that have a one to grow on Oh yeah do. I want the balls. Wanted. To your I'm here to one girl on. This, wasn't this wasn't a. Saturday morning. At the end of human and cheer, they had those those same type messages. At the end of every show and one of the I was watching it with. Robbie the other day one of the first year as. They had. James loose-knit. Jimmy's gone the one of the. Worst Can't stop. It was hit. Soon as I hit the button Jimmy Stop laughing and truly Go. Jamie's been wanting to urge he's been wanting to press that button forever. So this is my favorite. The at the end of the human cure, they'd have the lessons to one of the first cheerers. The. First lesson is like if if somebody inappropriately touches you as a kid, it's like. If anyone took no one has the right to touch you and blah blah blah and and they go someone touches you tell your parents or parish priest. Go slower. All the eighties. So in a common thread. Was the difference. So ABC WANNA grow on ABC and the NBC. Was the more you know And then. Just. CBS Try Coke it's fun kids. So and the common thread on our facebook stream. Paul Wilcox also don't Shit on mask me and Kevin Brown roll up on that one. Oh. I I actually. On Saturday ask. They also was awesome. It just I don't think it was on Saturdays that was like. Wasn't her tunes and like this thunder cats in the real ghostbusters. Weekday I think they all start. Is there they were I saw that listener who I didn't think. was on weekdays math zone days. That's what they want. Saturday morning cartoons but didn't. They started on Saturday morning, and then they moved and built like before and after school because I remember there used to be shot there used to be linked to transformer episodes on in the morning and they used to be two transformer episodes on in the afternoon and it was the same ones. You couldn't watch when you could catch it again and I was a junkie Oh watched them all like morning and afternoon because I was an idiot And then all the aircraft. I just remember reminded me the Gi Joe had the The movie knowing. The PSA's. After the battle which you go on Youtube, you can find the re edited PSA's. And they're hilarious. They took all the PSA's and made them into things they were never meant to be. It's it's Hilarious So David Bell says he man was so good David Bell. I remember having WWF cards like baseball cards. You. Remember. Movie Cards Dave Bells. Huge ww. Standards EJ UNC is yeah. He said, WWF Disney. World Wildlife Federation. Just kidding. Sorry. Sore subject. As long as I don't say it. All. Right. So this Go ahead. No you go. fucking spinach should Alabama also. That listen you were talking man with the rinker list. Here is the the number one ranked this eighties and nineties cartoons, duck tales fuck that Gets. Super France, but it was still good. Scooby Doo tiny toon adventures fuck all that. We. Now see I was never a big fan of. The Harlem Globetrotters, it's right. Good. You GotTa have a cartoon can hold up through the generations. GotTa be able to I was never scooby Doo that fucking they still make those. Yeah. Yeah. When when is he was a little younger I took her to WWe Scooby Doo show the head. What was that like? They yeah that's eight a crossover late. I must have been what six years ago. No no, it's conceivable. I'm telling you. I'd Crossover. Some. For as opposed to the dignified cross, right Again. And maniacs were teenage. Diana Teenage Mutant? Ninja Turtles. Nineteen Eighty Seven Number was that'd be up there again I don't think that was Saturday morning i. think that was in the afternoon. I. Agree. I, don't like this. I'm looking at some of these lists. Chippendale rescuing is no that was on weekdays. Ninja turtles replaced he so I'm pretty he man might have been on a one point a series, but I don't think that ever was I want to know that if you if you literally think that transforms the eleventh best cartoon on this list, go fuck off I'm sorry. Spoken like true deceptive Con-? That's right. That's right. Dark Wing Duck X. Man, the animated series Wylie Coyote and the road runner and Alvin and the chipmunks fifteenth. Fifty I remember i. used that was an classic Saturday morning. Can you theme? Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, motherfucking knitted. ACID. Jimmy, you're going to be like doc severinsen and the band. Plan us back from commercials to. Garfield and friends number seventeen. How do we feel about that? The fucking smurfs eighteen I hated the fucking smurfs. Vanity smurfs No. and. What was the trunk cute smurfs like underwater smarts snorkel. smurfs. I never understood. I JUST I just never understood how smurfit could. Keep. He keeps his. She's keep saying. But I'm not a cat person. Definitely, not a cat person. RUGRATS number Nineteen Batman. The animated series that was one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty really have Saturday morning cartoons. Saturday mornings. Top twenty. Thank Gargoyles twenty-one Tailspin twenty two the real ghostbusters twenty-three that was classic shift for school. all babies. I like muppet babies. Jamie Oh Jamie noticing. Right here. If you WANNA talk. Joe twenty-five exactly see the list is bullshit. Top tended if it's not April the list now. Some Frugal. Rock is not even cartoon. Care Bear No. Did they do a cartoon to? Maybe. They did the general they did. muppet. Babies. A prelude frame. Schoolhouse rock is number thirty. Four. Above Super Friends. Super Friends. Thirty. Schoolhouse rock even show. was. An anthology they put one. Oh Yeah. Because it was only in between cartoons wasn't it? was later on in the early seventies, it was an actual show school house rock should be hired just because of the amount of people that need to watch the I'm just a bill one just all over again. Apparently. Does the. Aircraft, says, remember shirttails vaguely trip. I do I like her tales I remember that. shirttails, who's a Chippendale chip? One of them was dressed like magnum Pi, and the other one was just like Indiana Jones Where's gummy bears? Shit Oh. It's up here. We passed it already. We are the most fucked me. Merdeka. Where's the Pacman? Remember Pacman. I pack man but. Then like that would run for a little bit than it was donkey, Kong and Hubert. Voltron is forty seven. Do you guys. Voltron. Alex. I hours day. No kidding Lion Lion Voltron. Salt that's all bullshit. Spaceship spacious doesn't exist. Yes. As Lois thing is bullshit Steve Were Voltron sure today. Get that. Shit. Oh the amperage without. A fucking. Brian Taylor was running not. Working. Where does that come from about your brother? Nudity. Somebody came over mouth late at night and you could see into the living room as you were coming up to the front door it brian was laying on the couch without shirt a blank slate and shave sprang taken. Bare legs he's wearing shorts whatever. You'd is primarily the crap out of. My brother. Kirk. Why the Hell wouldn't you? Kind of football from there just want to be. owner. Was the name of that live action show. I think it was either on Saturday mornings after school locally was Ranger Bob Arranger Rick Ranger. Bob Bob. which was after school Monday through Friday I thought was. Yeah the Book Club. fucking so trunks. They've got. The bucker I was on the book club. Me To. registered. Her Yeah I thought it was odd when he wanted me to wear a saddle I thought it was weird. When he wanted to put the bit in my mouth that's where I draw the line. was his teen. That's right. Then He slipped me a twenty and it was all good. Others Saturday. Morning cartoons wasn't there a spiderman. Amazing friends. Yeah. There was one of those trucks. It had star fire and iceman were his allies in that right Amaranth I. Thought. That was awesome. So in this list that we're looking on rancor, must it says Saturday morning cartoons but the simpsons was never a Saturday morning cartoon now but this In this list the SIMP- Simpson's I can't fuck and talk to me the simpsons is ranked one spot lower than sheera princess of power. Loudly, probably suddenly seasons simpsons because I bet this list was written by millennial wasn't even alive in the eighties or nineties who was just like looking at cartoon lessons at all off and on Saturdays turning angry again. Day. Begging my day six months ago. Great speech. one of his last name is just turned it. crunches in that show that show it was awesome. The Great Space Coaster remembering the lines AH. The Eighties. Seventies. Clem onboard or something like that. I got I to look for now. Bob's idea. Anybody like rocky in bowl winkle back then no those guys break I see. Now that was a cartoon I liked. The hell I know I always thought that I hearing saying Robert Deniro. Ribbit out. Of My head. Gear. Ston. Very. Province. Okay. So fucking. That show. I'd say, stop that for the nudity. Right up. On Saturday mornings at around twelve noon was pryor's place. Remember that? No was that. Advertisement pitcher of that it's like him or the hat like this and all these. Prior Richard. Pryor riots place an X.. Soul sounds like, oh, welcome to Pryor's please blow rugen. Have Good town today. Like Shit Right now and then he Raped her junior. Removal. Work. Too. Guys. Has the lace Morita me we wanna, read the cashier. Starring Richard Pryor Pat Morita Marla Gibbs. McCormick. They were split the desktop. That's Ray Parker junior writing his ghostbusters fame. To the end. I. Knew this was before goes. Was it. Three I want to say. Wrong but I thought flyers around the time when he did like the Toy Superman three when he was trying to get off the drugs and everything and he was trying to do like more pg rated movies. This looks older net. It does look old shit. Now people have friars so the. Prior plays but that shouldn't blu-ray. Ninety, four, hundred, eighty, four goes. What the Hell is that. Where's Where's? that. Coming from. Who's Shit was that? You know he fucking. The snorts number fifty, three on this list fifty, three A. Deaf duck show and spider man and his amazing friends. Ice. Specimen is meeting assholes nineteen eighty, one actually I. Thought. They were trying to using all this. They were trying to take all the success of super friends right. The muppet show is number fifty, nine on this list out. Just. Christ cliff I love Heath heathcliff heathcliff. No one should. Tara siler than. Him with, Garfield now but. Like he's cliff is like Garfield for people that couldn't afford Garfield No, they had them together they had like. Garfield, and second part was equal. Yes, they right. Yeah. Art Show yes right. Remember that version of ghostbusters. Okay. So there is the real ghostbusters. GHOSTBUSTERS which was. That one Sauk, which was actually the held the trademark or whatever on the name from the seventies from a from a show that nobody watched and almost derailed the asteroid Murray Ramos production that we all know in love. Wow. That's in that Choice that made us. Yeah, the movies they made us the movies that made sense right the talk about the. Documentary said thanks fucking of as dance. They waited until the very last minute to tell Ivan Reitman and company that they could use the name ghostbusters for the movie. And then they couldn't do any kind of merchandising toys or anything like that. So that's why it's called the real ghostbusters after that and shit like that because then they're like, oh, wait if you're gonNA make this so popular we're going to bring our ship back in in our in cartoon form Peter. Arable Peter. Collin did one of the voices yeah. Richie Rich I. wanted to punch a little fugger. Bridge FRIG. Is Probably Legal Dungeons and dragons. I was a kid at the time. So it wasn't that illegal hunt. Drag number eighty, five, Willie Aames was voice, and Frank Welker. He did a lot of fucking. Voice. Like super friends. He just. Voiced everything and I try to. Space. The original space goes not the talk show that was popular on adult swim goes coast to coast eighty seven I'll come on. The number. Jam Ninety two. Callers Maginficent Pony in the Alpha. Series. Jack. Jackie Chan Adventures ears that two thousand, two, thousand, wonder. Puppy they're all the incredible hulk was fucking awesome. Oh. And Guess, there it is Mask Number One oh, eight Paul Wilcox all number one is. Care I like mattress look at the action figures and everything. It was awesome. You ever learn what was the latest AIDS that you guys remember playing with toys. Yesterday. Okay. Good I didn't see. The. Desks. Toys. Because my kids have never had any interest in in toy nine and he's just no interest in it's just. Different because the video games I know I'm just I'm not sleep I'm not stupid I'm just saying. Dr. Yes. Right. That Dundar The Barbarian Number One twenty, two, nine, eight. That's old shit is fucking all the cell. Wow Panther show I liked the pink panther show that was pretty good kids incorporated. In. Colloquial be. Mike. Go Mike. Good for you. Click on this twice I don't know why Legend of. The hell. Yeah. This is. The. Talk. Show I remember that there's a hundred Rub Mr T. O. Eight you're right. Brave Star remember that was trump shit. Went. By The name of. That was great. Josie and the pussy holes load more. There's more than one, hundred and fifty. This just goes to show that they will shovel any shit to kids up by sun and look who the one of the voices Nail Cartridge Future. I don't even know futures cartoon Dan Silt Dan Castellaneta was a voice and that how ninety one? Challenge. ABBOTS. Fox stuff. Go about my dad I. Really WanNa Transformer for Christmas and you open the fucking Gobert. Look, it's a it's a ufo it now it's a robot et that grandfather got Jabber jaw one, fifty, nine. There it is. Well remembered shepherd. It's a US. Now it's a robot. Beckham. From. Little Echo, the little audio Echo Phantom, echo grape eighty, aircraft truck. Grape a police shits rape grab A. There's a mean says, Casper Richie rich of the same kid just without hair or close. Yeah, that'd be I like Casper. Maybe Casper is the ghost of Richie rich after he got hooked on heroin of course, it'd be a Richard Rich cartoon in the eighties. Garfield and Peter Vanquished Saint Voice to. Yes. Yes. Nowadays that have character Pori Paul or something. There's there's Pacman Mike you were wondering where Pacman is. Wow. Pacman is number one, sixty, nine. watchable. I used to love Rosen. Church. I used to love Robotech robotech one seventy two on. The game was awesome. Exchange wasn't. FUCKING Silver Hawks you guys remember Silver Hawks. Yeah. All Right before he bought. WHO's Pori Paul? Panics. and. Ranger adventure our. Ear Is that nineteen forty. No it's a cartoon. I think trump is didn't have any info about it. Right. Right. So it doesn't have any information, but it's above adventures of sonic the Hedgehog. So they just gave up at this point. They're like we're not even ranking him anymore. We're just putting them up the adventures of Teddy fucks pin number one, eighty, eight. I'll. Double tracks right while cartoon. By sister, Teddy Ruxton for Christmas and my brother put a tape of Mattel. Hard. If you'RE GONNA make back to the future, you gotta make a Teen Wolf. CURTU. Woman at seventy, five, nineteen, seventy, nine. Mr. Sister. Ti pity the fool ranked that one, ninety nine though don't loan. Mr Trent? Yes so there's your. Think would the segments debt? owner. Jerry. Say that south. Park. Is the best fucking cartoon there ever was yeah. No, it's just gets points for just not giving a shit. But like the the story behind South Park and how they make it as crazy that it's all in one condensed week like it's all. Right. Like all the writers, everyone gets together and just kind of. Terms that out real quick. Yeah. No although. It's not. Brett Cullen do the voice support from. North. Yeah. But then on Saturday morning cartoons. Peter. Peter North of venture our. That was that was definitely on the weekdays that was an infomercial throwing ropes with Peter North. All right we've got a good forty minutes this topic. Remember a cartoon. So. We should ask everyone who's listening, who's super friends who? On Yeah look. looney tunes. Gi Joe Super Friends. Steve Barbarian Okay and I said the USA Cartoon Express. Oh okay. I'm still trying to figure out if that was a cartoon in itself no, it was. It was it was all of the trunked. Canada's wonderland characters. Signing. We don't know who want nobody's watching anymore. Or Four Paul. I think super friends is going to have to get the win. Yep. Absolutely responding no underspending so I think that's assigned a stopped the show. Really quick what David Bows Gi Joe. So where what guys been watching or reading? What's Raider Real Quick Class Steve Start anything. I've been watching the second season of the boys. Enough you've wash area on Amazon I watched the first episode. It's amazing. It's it's If a superhero group. Were polit- or not flow sized were turned into celebrities like show stars but they all are like psychotic murderers. And the show is extremely violent, extremely vulgar and it's just amazing I, like it. It's so good. I like vulgar I can get behind vulgar. Highly, recommend. All right. Pete what's on your radar? Man I haven't been washing anything. I actually been watching corner gas believe it or not who? How they camp my radar, it's good background stuff. What is it? Called Corner Gas, it's one of the really obscure guys from kids in the hall or whatever. Like put the show on a long time ago. It's a little out of the way thing. Oh, where are you watching that? Like what is what do you? Think that one's frame I. Think. postponed. Mike what's on your? What's on your homeless Raider? Bridge? no Actually. A couple of things of one is if anyone you know finds a house in there looking I could use one. As best as for a couple of things kinda interesting. One is that I'm finally checking out the whole Cobra Kai sets on Netflix now. Because it had been. What was it? Jamie was unlike the red strong? Yeah. Amazon Red Trunk. That was on Youtube. says. It will you get the first two episodes of pre which I've seen. But now it's all on Netflix in some watching catch up with that and also I heard today that when NBC's new streaming. Service stars the peacock or something. On they're GONNA they're gonNA have with the start in the new season when Chris Rock hosts Saturday night live they're going to release every single Saturday. Night live episode. Every season on that streaming services did that Oh fuck I seen those old seventy forever yeah. Like everything and the question came up are they gonNA have the commercials too because that would be looked styles overload anyway but I don't know. Awesome. O'Connor ripping up. Yeah I think they are actually no because they they will show that now. Yeah Oh. That pesky response afterwards was fucking. Just see that. All Jamie what about you? I think brought it up last week. But I did watch the first episode Rachid very different than what I thought. It was GONNA be. Mentioned by. See the rest but it was it was bizarre. Most. The music was lifted from Alfred Hitchcock films which was Strange. Really. Like seriously. It's it's very much like how Ryan? Murphy. He's shows are all like glorify trash basically, and it's kind of like how it is. I'll go back and produce though. But it's It's different and. Then fourth season just started on Netflix of a good place I'm. Going to finish that series off. And Chapter Woodley Nice. me I watched We talked about in the grew in the text chat for a little bit the devil all the time with with Tom. Holland. And Robert Pattinson. which I thought was I personally was a fantastic movie. I really enjoyed it. Now what I now now I expected Tom Holland to be capable of. Let's put it that way. It was a really good movie. I thought. So have you guys ever get the chance to hunker down and watch that. I'd be curious to know what your thoughts are of that. netflix would netflix netflix original netflix's okay. And then I've been. Starting another audio book because I don't have the attention span to read. So I've been listening to three ring circus the story of the first Lakers three Pete and how that all came together and How Kobe Bryant was a big snooping crybaby Brat for he matured. Fantastic. Good read. Funny Stories. But yeah. That's what's on my radar and that's what we hope you check out. So I hope you check us out next week right here Monday night ten PM eastern time facebook dot com slash F that noise. All the listen links are on that noise pod dot com if they noise pies dot com. Dot Com. Dot Com. THAT NOISE BOD DOT COM. Pretty much it. I don't have. Already I mean not not without. Without you fat, Fuck.

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#54  Cad a minha TV Globinho?

Cueca Apertada

40:46 min | 1 year ago

#54 Cad a minha TV Globinho?

"Quick avert either to base reviews are much quicker better your whole Shaquille do other jewelers. You trust them Tim with kid. Washable Survey Simba's statue veterans and also. This means nothing. I took the catch. Passover you longer to Alina. Oh y'all in more to my skin's very thin when she ACP being able to D Viggo Guenter Bravo. Say then Ioka fats fats. We'll see stain cavernous aquatic center. So that they will be. You will be kind of eight five my bare nights buffer zone. It was locked up. This is all way is more of those key. I don't pay the Nike Sti- Kasan coverlet out fast. Those side that you tend to throw by Nazi St Louis Area. My feelings feelings motorcyle that that is Systems so proper in Bobby's ball John McKay. What are we supposed to maintain heels venture GONNA win? The busiest in mice by it. Professionals are mice novus Albuquerque concerts. Used Missiles Zan's productivity Vienna to remind her V. Nieces look at all the Pacific would be got thought if they are tired. I Energy Board ABC. Ssi TAKEKO NO FIERCER GEMINA I. Oklahoma separate deals absorbs cue who've Gina Nationality Contriving Khazanah our Jewish to governor. Don't not always change my mind. If you lose him may just also influences you. Seek is aware that the kissing New Blueberry. Hoshino also partly cloudy provost pay diversity injury in Cyprus ship Roussel Negoti breakable. Cities will say GMC bid to cryptography. Notre Dame blueberry hushing Da this the dish because if I can score big Boob Gospel become poking my swimming in mice Daintree Vinci Croissants in town Public Obama. He Concerts Signature. Program majority theft auto. Gummy IT opens C- Programmers Mizen. Choose Typical Dodge you Resources the most by the cub UC shindigs in your eyes. And you can. I cannot bind any SPLEECH OLD. GotTa views original programming. I might as well play channels. Must be gives she owns must hooper's Yanni Mao. It is symmetric investment for cash raw. Who WAS AWESOME WINTER? Jewish could sit danger. You Pass someone who cartoon network shaky lock when the chance to lock using some of the other vehicles TV Colo. So grandeur dealer be also cooter advocated are compiled with Less Lesser Nikola. If we all got his Jacob Zuma Dodge owned new no credit is your creole. Tony Shay a gene deitch diet. The Minister Gordon. Does it for you judy towards the Tonge Popeye? All don't care what their wish on your piano TV. Passer Bush obviously trickle Chevy cohabiting tornado ahead. Can you pick up? All Grandma is just sort of pick up to do or who are longer zone. A article Padalino castles actually look at the Food Labor. Cf funding whom Jack up the pep up they had was. He covers the keys. Amoy due to kill anybody. I kidded David. David Locke you'll be hedge. La name TVs soccer process. She died the main. Can we wanted of vessels out of pocket park? You will because Zippy's scudder business. Model is approachable control. The Scene Day almost lease more loose puck. Our number eight is because schick white all Nakazawa daily Mario. I don't show will be familiar. No solid ground to would we took damage. I mean at the vagus more father by six hundred or eleven though L. Code is you would. I don't want to go watch kitchen. Super-partner Ching Ching Nostra teaching. If she is a record us do kinky suit Davir. You guys love me Lou. Milu Balu Seen Neil Vida to whole evita mode energy Ho Ko NASHV- leaks face on with his me. Jetsons sham wetlands take other make an interesting to reduce it is a G. Tube leisurely now number lehmbruck Kyushu over. The coalition must sees the bad miles due to call issue shy. Yup Opposition will cover the Rangers. Dia Collage Ashville. You chocolate covered if as if as vita. Who's the Maincune Slow Jimoh multiple on families? Nope we're not the most Jim Webb. Okay moment all have Ame. You must also after a few specialist up looking. What a Beaumont and now both I mean we we've it. It reported mice. Boom the thing or the severe said you'll see little sissy fee her and entertain we will see are going up. Macara leadership wrench insurance molecular confronting the Amazon Quiz. Do Go couvert and Super Sage Inca. Such inca threes is geologist. Casey hippie children is the Pizarro who must sound Z. Your sagging. Today's I know it's extension. Huckabee Kuhlman Sakaba cone as a fake news. This amusement burn inequitable Ki Plastic. So they will fail five five other ways of US enemies. Edible Food Labor through four G. Was He is. He's who accused. Disease the main police commissioner at the Moscow. They said to me off. A quick were similar. Wouldn't that you know meet. You say key Lingo Normal Akina city. Call US way to Moscow. Must be there must know mice mice new few middle masquerade from Damascus editor. Who was on asking a local message right now? A specialist There is at least in Moscow Radio Food. Who's also flush Moscow? He'll be going wars and so sacs. Thank you saw cattle mouth. News and wound might do blushing among those little. Hey at that. Was your key -clusive fuzzy. Edged Razor Nomi Gurney. Poise overthrew center. Taronga ILLICH INVENTOR. May will dog eat dog? If a Boise state this day COMBER Nell Carter. Sue Catchy in. Could you volunteered your sink. Passover you hooked sure supercomputers cavaliers let us show now multiply she sees group can achieve Inga or would figure face the blog. Mccoy's ADO actual intriguing figures. Indicate your door. You put the cell. Do the credit card always from across the blogging. Reggie this H. Yeh staticky used to four year sequence bloomer at the negative dargie taper. Triple girl you Alana Seattle cottage. So I'm what is this or so I'm what is a junior phasing? Yasha got a kid. I visit Yorkshire to me new two point the winter months Google facebook exposure class android. You feel cool loyal so go the visit chronic vice was like cheer in defies week the Catcher the festive freakazoids. You spreading take everybody's mortgage Biz. Heroes Scott Ski Psyche of me. Show Schubert no tomorrow. Steam buses to show these cases is or can he did. He's my signage each busiest GM fuelling on it. Both Elisha. Who Harry American partners. This it was you know. Look large could put kills. These aims seem. Winters is books. The Dow's Sim Card Sailor Moon. get on Easter icing. Move truck with alligators. She likes me doing stuff amenities. Pm JENNA CHECKUP COPELAND KACI. You don't hit become versus the liberal style. The Gut by father will looking daughter Alma local. It's crazy to think he mugniyah. It went on exile but these teams. I don't walk walkway among all lie to check. I don't want to necessarily the Warner Lord. I think you said that. You said the worst common abusive content if someone's got shot the original get a percentage. Mazzetti Standard Kids. I Love Birds. Silver Hawks to talk inclusively. So coverlet Amazon. Illegitimate specialist named Avenue. Kaddish seen new SHOGO. Ramon you toys R. GotTa get them on the object and muddled point Abo- open. Ucla's is a quantum. Do Designs Mask utimately belittle? Megabucks KIEF is a Hobo away. Their WAY TO DIED THE MINNESOTA. Yukio played by this concept. You'll notion compound not overdo a liberal map procure job of the playstation Doi's daily Cartha fuseco. He's human version job of a group. What the facts. Scooby Doo even my folks across Carta Denies GotTa Cartridge and Altamonte Amita so shattered allowed kitchen usual who she gets a juice soup. Sell up to does Oscar. Carthage Mago Negu with George I cartridges foods versus goes into this guaranteed to adult much to fly yanking over so long beach out. Who Murdered E COBB? Hairy Commotion Locomotion Locomotion Cars Media Design. Niimi's kitchen we don't support for the kids coming from San Jose go sinker. Disease told Caracalla Darva Linda. Vermont obvious niggers. I whistled issue because if you look at the next you aca garages next to you. Know G ILISU SMETS move on to quality tiles a meal. Kobe Shoe Co. Eleo PREVAL SEE. Big Article told the G. Boom Inglis must break amazement. Paracels actually told them the same following. Today's US convey details and imprecise so coaching for Connecticut. David Hale Hume is judge longer. Awesome too but this is disease. I'd jeez Ni you linger `Jabuka. Who's allegra seeing vago mainstream unwitting? Their ERLA commute to praise typical being from Wednesday. The Dome Passover. Muslims are adequate face in coys ally. The only laci allow. We'll Buluan awesome cost share to cover shares Jospin Jospin keep us inches to the yard status. Only go can Amazon prime meeting to do we. Sakata Mu g much fit even Bob Stump Bar Angel as USA Mitch's so far. Hey Sarasota that hit. The Hippo Advil Mice Classic Is History. Was how rich or hatred weekly essentially she key moss pistols. You as far as you can see what he can also clasby over minimize the -squitoes for them lose to spar Hanes at this for days. Equities intermission a thermal kitching king. George Wallace go off the box but via DI team. You think you fumee the terrorists to you. Do is a day before the staff huck. It's all power anytime with the ball. She Moves Zinc would cure. You'll see Casio Kid. Who shot his cat? Go to me could do cheer me through the film to the Hygiene Duprey medical for you to doug. Eileen kill had you achieve bio tunes of Chemo in the Jamiroquai Zing Jim with jewel? Dou Tricky Dick Dick X. men will ask but it's call and you can restate tiger which would save my stomach squat a question. He's just going to give you now. Sip of a liaison. But almost you're super short super shocking off Short. He boarded our famous poll. Show what can I do to east illiberal Crossover Keyhole to disappear? Shock can turn Bobby Jesus's name because the plea killing the for bucaneers. Javale sees our own will the money to me. This aim was what was I hatching. Both Hooper wouldn't make it's also show fake his am more and most our big door to voice a cubbies more Community Yorker for a moon. The cost office in most cases willing but at machine design the good Zilla to me the Novi joining quiz show cartoon when Meena superfluid Thought View. Please please those debts on. Flintstones jets shuval Cohiba Luca Asia Deutsche Naeli. Kohei aimed old is all labor are GonNa Cook a convent going key. Nosy ask of. You might not now being the phase much. Mike on the phone apart committed via the only known as she luckily Moore. Who did thank you? This is order your Chris Paul Teen Funky GonNa Stop Killing Coggin. Just not bad. You'll do glitter. Basil is lauded. Mice willing jalen elite female soup which the job would kill disease etc dot com super sound processor. Gdp some food G do your liver's got you've Kubota. Minority view is it goes to the Hobo. Turn them on scores diving community. Who may be? Now's threes threes. Which was Esau Fleshy Bake? Who is your own g? You say how me too win today. She is this your copy of Little Jianzhu or David in follow her meemaw Zim Beaumont and bowl. We'll see now struggle to both usually for a fee to for starting with boy who cover this fogel all off key Madonna. You formulated seems to be the kit with his ambu. Scooby Doo two main and be Bouvier. Through through more for into scooby cocaine or coca oversee seeing these molecules realize until Novi. Pj Masks Lotta Neumann. Imagine a second letter just issue leisure you Chico hip before school snowfall juniors into Zinke minds. Which of course or Komai do music seniors? Does novell's Lisbet. Was that cool. Mayor Base Museum is beginning a our new gene labor. Do Carl Gardner the exit off Jimi. Tofu it is scattered is because who the Mayo Cozma let us. Marshals L. Made Your Disney or on the other human means you have an account as bigger new basis. Do Blood kill. Do blogging for thirty started. Zanu Becau- flashing watch Jesus which was a sore keyed it thrice agendas seasonable months of must be GM. Abbas Ki came as your beat. The begun in mice results sources. But he's seen will you shore because Oy you're all the others we go blah Zhang Alamo over every issue got a blood sample seconds. What Alina Nah intimate for this? Shoot up a no Satan. We'll see you to God a team sport I e two on food secure should Gerry's gear you. Cg's juggles costs could do it. Do Mobile you talk to. This is new to mind you. This is ingram is changing but Siegel Pesach tassell up for a gift. Don't mean Matteo. Heresy is able to Passover Sharma. Said I love you. So Frazier. Fiske's other month. Survival mind sees me follow. Ciccio your swing. I Keep Faysal Cecile Plant. You might as well do oversee. Say She got OFI. I love food. Do over local voice. You could say he's like I don't have Halio. Nemo Sequel. Saints started regards nauseous key Mississippi to brush phillies meaning pizza. Also bobby next whether you quizzes. Zooms neces- temple ZOLA MAINTAIN MARINA WITH THEM TOO. Adding Dana was was was seen. Be Fulfill Output Overseas Keystone. Boy He quitting school Seymour. Data Biscuits Bridgestone cycle quick cash. Follow debate you'll be able to mistakes. Amy Amy Aarschot. Who Seem to follow Mr Kimmy acquisition thing if Mazel no-one no-one through key or Principi Zone? But we need to address. Will they? Shikata say oh giving each booboo talk Kilifi Lavin. Cj to offer life. Father Rule. Gee from topping mckinney. This is the scarab. Cuomo hospice was known per se. Thank you or he may do not apologize. Karen Moscow Thanking like yourself own wounded at an elementary so chip walkman scheme is to you got over cheated. You've got to keep up with chicken got sick. You'll Spiro Superior. Mesa God's grace if they lose sport daddy race means could you Jack Kemp? Thinking is GonNa do show this cool mail. Luca Luca as this cochlear Catholic school boy shakes you. He may elect by dot of equally. Zepa from other cabbies could shane kind of intimidating. Shot the SOC- from somebody Komo's awesome. Pitchy was the locker for Bill Amancio. Benigno my challenge leaks support. Habitual Pathology Akabusi over. You know Egypt. Novo Ivanovo Ivanovo Cheapie Dato. Paper Esa speaking of quiz going to take a hitch providers as large key. Ghost forgive quality gorgeous pool of safety on every inch benchtop zone. Genetics play an instrument. That goes through. Your core is a dove enough for me wounded examples. Each supposedly tries to eat boots disease cabinet. You'll wash your kissing engine show boom. We Designs Dodge showed that commits any tunnels fumes. Now prokhoda Docile Blige's Kim Mayes Marco books. It buys dizzying. Noble on the bottom jaw. Juku kill me. Flew Top Top Home Coney. Ucar Malloy's your chance to support you mentioned nonfiction. Figure change providers cover the is acquainted towards the southern New England when she's awesome Marla key being kiting Missouri our need for the car from winter. Lunde toys yeah he mascot Melissa Jerk Words you should on bowl at even you'll follow us in with cliche for his boss. The ball a little mice. Cotton Mills. Pretty Muesli. Lewis won't off you would think in companies cease Solo. Who's on ball is awfully to my day or my started gene? The kid on it is going on. Is this chilling? Who Ah she. Don't cover the other Geo some. Excuse me just showing Sunday. The victim on his father's father got be bleed. You Bleed to would be to that. You just saw this. I just don't see each other. Tell you now. Notifies the seamlessly GUA- equal no kill Moldova? Where a Finnish go ahead off of interstate busy logic dancing each that Harris Khumbu pool or Cio Washington aquarium or. We're going to sit bolt Okada. Oh severe at those. Who would you cannot ogies putting things dizziness classical. Today's news ruins it. Deploys your coma. Sanel News Siminova. Lean as sad as you piss. Owes me as shot. Don't pull an team is a kidney damage. Goals Bruton say the Jackal missile. Up to version. Giacomo Luca's net too early age poo poo diligent. Infantry when you say seasons Utah Vein do precip Gene Housing Suda. We'll go per capita ball send inbetween that. I'm on board to you. Know Saints. More he on triple into Seeing as possible is big on post you move. He'll do old kinda due to baton on Gawker lying cousy yours yours. You triple all deaf dumb alterly- you might be able. I want you but you're saying Sudi Sima Jujitsu Resolve Little Tomiichi big either to visit. Blow you to look as net to anything mile lease than nor major causes killing on board for Zeke hurricane juice at the format Rachel cruze of Muslims as of Ronald Asia Davies. Just Luigia Rain Woohoo for even walk. Do Me a number of Canada half a league table. Okay like a Finnish Pool. Mark you lean vein together though. Yang Clever Passover Seder educated Mu mice research. Customs Plume War through Quaco Path. As long as you know mood swings the Moslems killing to the parole through as a key issue joy. You Call Jolt Damodar Humane Seiichi Celebration Jonathan Al program a genius phase them three eighty Viduthalai. You've Innova damage courts the speedy sprout smoothie zinc against him alive but super. The East moved to the musician to each each of. You can't unless you Kobo. Amazement Conquest. Dangerous you'll visual to the moon to develop pain on epic English was suggesting why see lesions who quicker other. Lame simply Blueberry Hill. She is he will say to me. Camel Jack Ukwa per response to get into the squad through Kings ovid sport program. I almost feel give subjects will be super the Tomb Mad avodados recipe. You'll Beijing to the. They'll put us on programmer if it is mentioned program is out there in MUSC- against zolotas programmers New Google approach cashes apple. Podcasts knew Jesus Newest Bushfire East towards Roman these same kissy program frigid the mind. Whisper me half hour savater.

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Welcome Back, Football (Week One in Ohio)

The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

1:03:41 hr | 7 months ago

Welcome Back, Football (Week One in Ohio)

"The Covering sports in the Mid West it's the Midwest Sports, network and Wfan DOT net. It's episode one, seventy, nine of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast and we have local sports for you. I find out week one football scores, Ohio and week to football scores and Indiana, plus the reds making some moves that the deadline and extension for Cincinnati Bengals FC Cincinnati after the mls back tournament and more with an update about the Dayton flight as well. If it's local sports, it's here on episode 179. To the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcasts with Lee W Maui and This is a weekly audio podcast covers all sports in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio and the surrounding areas from northern Kentucky and the Ohio. River up to Lima in Allen County from Richmond Indiana and the surrounding Whitewater Valley region to mass in county and surrounding areas. If. You want local sports this is your source to find your favorite way of listening to this podcast as well as visiting the t public in red bubble shops and find the latest episodes please visit Syndey pod dot com. This opening theme was created with the splash APP. And now, it's time for another episode with your host Lee W win. Asks Week one football scores. It's great to utter those words. And it's great to bring you local sports again on the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast. Just the night after my first broadcast and first game working in sports since March. Listening to w MOH, covering all the Butler county final scores and they did a very good job. It's nice to hear local sports on radio. It's just too bad. We don't have it in. Dayton but. I mentioned there's football scores to be had. So let us go in to football scores. We'll start off with the Ohio scores as you may have heard on the poll Iran on Sunday pods twitter accounts. There's going to be Columbus area scores as well. Now, why would I do such a thing when since Dayton already have a plethora of schools to cover. Well I figured. Most of the area schools have to go by Columbus team. Some point whether it be for the state title game like elder did last year they fell just short to pickering ten north. Or you know, maybe it's early on in the playoffs maybe an and non covert corrupted world. There's non conference games against the Columbus teams I just figured it would add a little bit more and we can talk a little bit more about local sports. So that is southwest Ohio Cincinnati Dayton area. There is East Indiana East Central, Indiana with Richmond and the Whitewater Valley region, and we're also adding southeastern Indiana as well. So we got a law scores and A. Guess sometime to cover on what am I on a time limit but week one scores in Ohio looked like this we start off with the Cross County Conference. This is the last year four CCC to exist most of the schools are going ahead to the western Ohio Athletic Conference a few of them are forming the three rivers athletic conference. So we start off with Miami East seven Twin Valley South six very close win for the Vikings in cast, how we have Fort Laramie defeating Tri County North Forty to nothing national trail picks up. One of two county school wins as they shut out Mississippi Valley thirty seven to nothing and Sonia Forty Bradford six Covington wins over Bethel twenty eight to two. And the Saturday night affair for try villages the Patriots pick up a fifty to nineteen win over the dark county foes. The Arcane I'm trojans onwards to the southwestern Buckeye League. They're losing a few teams after this season Shawny and dixie heading to the wool lack the previously mentioned well, AC Brookville defeats eating fourteen to seven valve. You rolls over Oakwood forty eight to seven Franklin shuts out monroe seventeen nothing preval shawny picks up the second win. For Public County schools out the five to pick up wins week one it's probably Shawnee nineteen and Middletown mass and twelve. Carlisle twenty-eight Dixie seven building union rolls over Northridge. Thirty nine to twelve M Bell Burke they shut out Waynesville forty eight to nothing on the Thursday night football game which happened on a Friday. Night I don't know why they didn't just say it's Friday night football that was on Fox forty five and Bell Burke. COMES UP. Big. In the Miami Valley League restart off with a crushing win for the yellow. Jackets of Sydney, they shut up the Greeneville Greene wave fifty six to nothing you have Stebbins twenty-eight West Carrollton twenty-five tippecanoe thirty vendela Butler thirteen fairburn edges out xenia twenty one to sixteen, the battle Greene County and this battle, the Miami County battle, which is one of the oldest in the state and normally happens in week ten while it's happening week one this year and pick what wins over troy twenty six to 'em. We move onto the greater western. Ohio conference eight schools in the G. Walk now. Few years ago was twenty. Now it's eight Miami's Berg Rolls over Beaver Creek thirty seven to eight, and what should be the battle of kettering turned into the battle of far hills or the battle forty-eight Centerville Edges Al Fairmont in Kettering Twenty One twenty North Mon with a last second touchdown defeats Spring Borough Forty two, thirty, six and springfield defeats Wayne. Twenty, one fourteen. To the central Buckeye conference we go. As Belle Fountain shuts out Indian Lake Twenty to nothing Jonathan Alder Sixteen North Union Seven. London twenty-eight Benjamin Logan. Thirteen. Springfield Johnny big winners over. Urbana forty two three. To, come to forty, two, north western zero and Graham Defeats Kenton Ridge four to seven. We move up towards the Lima area with the Northwest Central Conference as Lima Perry twenty four and Marian elegant eight riverside rolls over crest line fifty, three to seven Lehman Catholic twenty two ridgemont Twelve Lehman Catholic joining the three rivers athletic conference. Next year we have WAYNESVILLE. Hard in northern seven and upper site Oda Valley. Twenty seven Ridsdale six in the western Buckeye Conference Celaya fourteen looking at a ten saint Mary's twenty-seven Lima Bath. Seven Ottawa Gland or forty-eight defiance thirteen Kenton twenty-five Lima shiny fourteen and van word scores the most of the Western. Buckeye. League. They defeated lighter fifty five to twenty. In the Mid West Athletic Conference a couple of shutouts in Saturday's game. We'll start with the Saturday tilt I as devo Saint John's nine point spare than Parkway and at twenty nine, twenty win. Marion local twenty-three. Fort Recovery, fourteen for sales thirty, four and fourteen, and the pair of shutouts evolved cold water defeating Saint Henry Twenty one nothing and New Bremen Shutting Out Minster Twenty to nothing. We move back down south towards the Ohio Heritage Conference. We have West Jefferson defeating mass planes via shut out forty to nothing northeastern flies over. Forty, eight seven, West Liberty Salem thirty six green view twenty-one fairbanks rolls over the Irish. Is Springfield Catholic central fifty six mechanics Burke forty-one Green and seven and triad thirty, four, southeastern six. and. Now we onto Cincinnati with the Greater Catholic League as Lasalle. Best elder at the Pitt fifty, three to fifty two and two overtimes in the Cincinnati Hills League there's a big story line is Wyoming picks up a twenty one nothing win over reading for Wyoming. That's the thirtieth straight Cincinnati Hills league win, and that's very impressive for the cowboys. Elsewhere in the marymount thirty Taylor nineteen, Indian Hill forty-two deer park zero Amadiya fifty-six Finney town thirteen in the Greater Miami Conference. We'll talk a little bit more about this game as Princeton Defeats Hamilton on the road thirty three twenty eight. Another big story line this one probably the biggest in Cincinnati. As LAKOTA West snaps, coal rains, eighty-three game GMC winning streak, and it's also the first time that rain has been shut out since. According to what I read on Yappy the late eighties early nineties, Pre Kerry combs era. So yeah. Long streak snapped by Lakota West coach bolden gets revenge on his old team and he remains undefeated at. As LAKOTA west defeats the cardinals ten nothing elsewhere sycamore a last action touchdown defeats Lakota East thirty, four, thirty one and Mason Twenty four, Fairfield? Twelve. In the Eastern Cincinnati Conference Anderson survives the dog fight with little Miami fifty to forty win over the Panthers Lavon in their first game in the sec they defeat West Clermont twenty, one, thirteen and Turpin. They had a real season ten record last year they continue to roll as they take down the Loveland Tigers thirty nothing. If you're wondering about the Kings Nights, they did not play as they had a player test positive for Covid however, kings will play week to on a Saturday. And forgetting who they play little Miami on the other side I think that's who they were supposed to play little. MIAMI. This week will host Painesville Riverside case you like to know how far that is. About two hundred and fifty miles. Yeah, that's a hike. So that's your sec action now to the severn Buckeye athletic and Academic Conference with Wilmington Shutting Out East. Clinton twenty-one nothing bacteria twenty Williamsburg. Nine new Richmond Roars to a twenty-seven eighteen win over baffled tate Bland Chester forty-one Gauche in twenty seven and western Brown sixty, two hillsborough six. No Conference Games of the Southwest Ohio conference however, there are non conference tilts for all six of those schools. More on that later in the Miami Valley Conference Roger Baking continues to roll Corey Connor the. Running. Back, heading to lsu continues to look impressive in sharp as spartans defeat per cell Marian thirty, four nothing Norwood picks up a big thirty, twenty six win over Lachlan in the panthers. Saturday afternoon affairs Cincinnati College prep defeats. Saint. Bernard Twenty six twenty two and a shoutout waiting for Cincinnati Country Day Day defeat Miami Valley Christian forty one to nothing, and now we move on to Central Ohio Yours truly had to do a lot of research on conferences and schools and everything. And like I mentioned, I think it adds something to the podcast so we'll do it this year. and. Probably years going on. It wouldn't be fair. Just do it for the covert season we're back to regular football action maybe next year. I will say right off the bat no Columbus City League action they. Started to get ready for false sports the day after the first football Friday? No Columbus City League this week Central Catholic League. There's an overtime win for Saint Francis the sales over Bishop, Waterson Twenty, eight, twenty two. In the Knox Moro athletic conference covering Knox and Morrow Counties Center Berg Shuts out Dan Forty. One to nothing East Knox wins over Frederick Town thirty, four to seven and north more picks up a non conference. Win Over grandview heights thirty four nothing. Now, in the Licking County League, a non conference tilt for you as waverly defeats Granville and the aces thirty, six, thirty, five waverly there. One of the teams that often compete for a playoff spot in region four, division sixteen long value Clinton Massie, and calming still in the mix licking heights thirty one. ZANESVILLE twenty-seven. Thirty five Watkins Memorial three to the cardinal side the licking county league and over overtime Saturday win for Johnstown. Monroe. The Janis takedown Newark Catholic thirteen ten Lakewood thirty four North Ridge twenty not the same. Dayton nor fridges believe the North Ridge, Vikings? Could be wrong on that but born that later and he sixty UTICA six. To the Mid Ohio let conference and on conference final as Lucas defeats clear fork eighteen, fourteen river valley edges out Galley in twenty, two, nineteen in the Bow Marian, it's pleasant forty-two harding, twenty, eight and Shelby Defeats Ontario Twenty, eight, fourteen on a Saturday. To one of the two big leagues in the Columbus area of the mid State League and another Saturday Final Amanda Clear Creek Thirty Five Fairfield Union seven. non-conference till on a Friday circuit, Ville falls to Miami trace forty, two to bloom carroll shuts out the Rangers of Hamilton Township ten nothing in today's valley thirty one, Logan Elm twenty-five from the Buckeye Division of the mid State League to the car. No. Now as Burn Union Shuts Fisher Catholic forty-four nothing. Non Conference Win for Fairfield Christian Academy they roll over Green Thirty, nine, eight Saturday final for Miller they defeat Bishop Rosecrans forty, two six and Worthington. Christian forty forty-two Grove City Christian eight in the Ohio Division of the MSL Liberty. Union. Defeats Bishop Ridi Seven six Columbus Academy shutout winners over Whitehall yearling thirty eight nothing and harvest Prep fifty-six Buckeye Valley twenty-five now the Ohio. Capital Conference. They have a lot of schools. Do in fact, four divisions we'll start with the Buckeye as Grove. Central crossing seven six. Reynoldsburg picks up a forty, eight fourteen win over Hanna Lincoln pickering ten central defeats pickering to north believe that score was. Actually will come back to that I forgot to put it on my one full sheet of finals. That's nice do the capital division of the OCC. Big Walnut Fourteen Delaware hey six Westerville south forty two Dublin Siona twenty-eight Westerville nor fourteen Franklin Heights zero and Worthington kilborn thirty three canal winchester fourteen in the car division Dublin Kaufman defeats their foes in Dublin Jerome Forty one, six of Thursday night. Fair to kick off the football season hill your Davidson defeats Hilliard Darby seventeen thirteen own. Andrew Olen Tangiore seven three. Which I never knew that Olatunji orange talk about their hockey jerseys because they are great. Their football jerseys make them look like the Florida gators I like pointing out stuff like that. All intangible liberty thirty five tangent Berlin twenty-one Marysville, Seventeen Hillier Bradley Zero and a non conference. This Thomas Worthington Defeats Newark Thirty. Two nothing. In the Ohio Division, the OCC were rounding home. With Columbus, scores. Do Albany Twenty Lancaster Thirteen, Westerville Central Twenty eight and Upper Arlington Twenty three grove mass and thirty eight Westland zero and still loading on the pickering ten score. But I can tell you pickering to north worthy winners. In that game we have a lot of non conference games as well to talk about they will be mentioned last during this year just because there aren't a lot of non conference games to be had the season most conferences decide only conference play and that's it. And both of whom were conference games like I mentioned Pickering didn't central defeated pickering to north thirty five to nine good thing I looked that up because I thought it was like twenty nine to five or something like that. That's why I checked Non Conference Games the interesting story with whitten woods on Edgewood. Well maybe back in the Ford Engine Valley Conference Days You'd see that matchup, but that's not a thing anymore and hasn't been thing for quite some time when woods was supposed to take on kings and their e opener. It was supposed to take on. Fenwick didn't happen in plain neither to kings. So Woods went to Edgewood and they pick up a thirty four nothing win the warriors do in Trenton Shamanov Julian Defense Home Turf Roger Glass they defeat Harrison Seventeen Clinton massie forty alter thirty two normally alters got the battle of kettering for week one but taking on Clinton massie. Now, that's a good. Test for playoffs because you often see the Falcons and the alternates in the playoffs. So it's a game in the non conference, slight that I quite enjoyed getting updates for. I. Hope You pick the rams on this one because Hamilton bane defeats Ross forty one to seven tallow. Wanda. twenty-six Carol six Troy Christian forty forty-two Dayton Christian. Six Mick Nicholas Ten points better over northwest thirty one twenty-one Braundsberg Indiana defeats Saint Xavier. ON ESPN sue overtime thirty to twenty four and the hoosier. State. Fayetteville fifty-five Manchester's six molar. They start the mark elder error off the foot's with a thirty four seventeen win at Bishop Hartley Clermont northeastern thirty two some country days zero Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy forty-two Landmark Christian Twenty Toledo Central Catholic fifty five Lima senior zero. Lima Central Catholic forty-six Van Burns Seven Milford Defeats Kills Twenty Eight Twenty four I had a score stream final of Dome Prep eight North College Hill Zero However Cincinnati public schools. Is still yet to play fall sports in fact, they had a meeting about it but then they decided they will talk about September fourteenth. So. Still, no sports for EPS although I did read somewhere that Dayton public schools. have been given the green light to go for fall. So that'll be nice to see those five schools get ready to go those five schools. Of course, are Belmont opponents tech. Dunbar Metal Dale and Thurgood. Marshall stivers is the sixth but the Tigers do not carry football and plus stivers is looking at major major cuts their way which is a shame but. Hopefully there'll be some good not for the concert, but hopefully, they'll be something good where the cuts aren't needed for stivers. So definitely hoping on that account. And Close Up Ohio scores, LAWRENCEBURG INDIANA, feats. Mt. Healthy Fourteen to seven. We move onto the WHO's your states we start off with north central conference that be the Richmond Red Devils and they fell in the first game to Mount Vernon fifty, six, thirteen, non conference stilt remember Richmond was supposed to be at Connersville for week one that got pushed back to Saturday afternoon last week, and then it got cancelled the next day. So the red devils start the year. Owen one we move onto the eastern conference, the Centerville bulldogs to, and they take a bite out of the Hagerstown Tigers fifty six nothing winchester falls short the Franklin County. Fifty, two seven and try romp silver northeastern forty-six to nothing. In the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference we have Batesville Forty Two Milan thirty four Covenant Sixty Eight Ville six Bishops Sh- Atar ten e central zero overtime win for South Dearborn the mass and thirty to twenty six and Triton Central Twenty Greensburg three in the mid America and I did that again hunt this third take the mid Indiana football conference North Decatur fifty eight Edinburgh eight and all the Indiana scores, and that's all the scores. Norfolk Kentucky won't start playing football until September the eleventh. So next week and Yeah just seemed like Indiana didn't have a lot of scores to give my normal source. Is John Harrell's Indiana high school football scores as a wonderful page? It's like Joe Idol, but for Indiana. And Yeah. It's all the scores that could find and that's week one for Ohio and week to for Indiana High School football. So, let's roll up to Princeton at Hamilton. That's the game I had on ESPN media. And it was so great to be back. Broadcasting. We were set at the fifty yard line, the Bill Mola press box at Virgil swarm stadium in Hamilton home. The Big Blue we had a very nice seats and we were witness to a very fun game Princeton they led Lights Hamilton took a one point lead later, and then the Vikings score with sixteen seconds left. It's Thomas Boyd rushing in his second of the quarter and the Vikings taken thirty, three, twenty, eight this week Princeton has sycamore, and again, I'll be live on ESP media shared link on social media. If you care to join me, we'll be at Viking stadium for the first time in two, thousand twenty and for myself it's my first game at Princeton since high school. that. Was My last high school football game that I went to. It was value versus Monroe and think it was a regional final game. But, I'm not sure anymore I knew monroe had a beast of running back and the Hornets just they were unstoppable throughout that whole thing. But Yeah Princeton back in the day, they were one of the first schools to have a video board. So which anymore that seems fairly commonplace in southwest Ohio if you have a video board. Which is okay. If you don't, that's not the point of this statement it's just back in today it was very rare in Princeton had one of them so. Very. Excited to do my second Princeton Game Gordon to my boss Rob Evil, at ESP media. People at Princeton. Enjoyed it. So that makes me extremely happy and makes me want to work even harder so. Yeah join me for that game. That game was MCI Lynn's I as a starting quarterback through two picks in the first half but sell down nicely Lamar Jackson was his favorite target. He threw him for two scores and I think ninety three yards. This is all going off memory although I have the box score in front of me. I really should just look at the box score on this. If I'm right I'm going to be a static ninety, six yards. What did I say ninety three, Ninety, eight something like two scores. Also. Through to Rodney Harris junior for thirty one yards on three catches deangelis foster chipped in thirty seven yards onto and Ari returner. Had One catch for twenty seven yards and one score that was the. The. Hook and ladder play which forget who the middleman was to toss Turner and Turner just ran into the end zone that was the last touchdown the first half. and. Then I think I called the look and hatter play because you know. I'm me I guess no, I just messed up the letters. But yeah. That was a lot of fun and like I mentioned, it's great to have sports back. It's great to broadcast in Cincinnati I also want to throw out a big. Thank you to Scott Springer of the inquirer as you mentioned, several places to get your fill in for high school football because of course, if you're not directly connected with any of the players, then odds are you're not getting in. And it's sad but look at it this way. It's either that or we don't have football with Kovin so. There's a lot of platforms. Out there that Kerry sports and that's one thing I like talking about before the break. Is while you know me with ESPN media and broadcast football. That's you know. It's fantastic but there's also other platforms out there as well over schools have bought their own gear to stream I know twin valley south has done that and they stream for free on the facebook page which. Have you ever thought that facebook we place to watch sports or twitter or anything like that I don't think I would have ten years ago but there would go also youtube is well, who thought that'd be a place for streaming sports, but there it is. So yeah. I mean I don't have all of them off the top of my head, but I can tell you if you look hard enough, you will find a way to catch a game. And? There's a lot of high schools in the area. There's a lot of platforms alone ways to catch games scored stream. Of course, it's a free APP for android or Apple. You can follow the final scores there or the scores there. Depending on if someone's there to update on, of course, I, normally try to. So if you fall Princeton Normally to one update on score stream too. But yet there's there's a way there's always ways. To catch your games and yes, it might be tough. Not being able to catch the Games live and in person. But remember there's good people out there. That are doing good work to cover. Ohio High School Football in Indiana High School football too and I assume Kentucky is not going to be eight different once they start next. Friday. So. Yeah. Final scores. Should mention about Hamilton, to Hamilton, they were led by Quincy Sims Marshall He threw four hundred thirty one yards a touchdown. No picks MCI land his first game with Princeton the junior through hundred ninety one yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions eleven for twenty three. And also, very mobile outside the pocket he ran for forty four yards. On fifteen carries Thomas Boyd. Was the leading rusher for Princeton one hundred, twenty two yards two scores on seventeen Russia's on the other side to Caleb. Johnson seventeen carries seventy two yards, two scores, keyshawn Stevens, which is the big one, two, punch the running back. Hamilton have seasons wet nine rushes fifty one yards, no scores. Darrien bowling had three catches, hundred fifteen yards and a seventy yard touchdown. So definitely a lot of fun to get back into football again, Princeton. Hosts. Sycamore. Which? Since two thousand, eight Sycamore has won all but one of those games and since two thousand fourteen Princeton. Scored over fourteen over the aviators. So that's going to be very interesting to see tomorrow is where Cornutus Thursday We'll step aside we'll tell you about the red bubble and t public shops along with the sale coming up for. Public, this is a Cincinnati Dayton sports podcast got reds, Bengals Cincinnati and the crew and more after this breather. Folks do you like stickers sure. You do what? About Masks, mugs, notebooks, phone cases, throw pillows, backpacks, and even wall clocks like any of those things check out red bubble DOT com. You can search for this insane Dayton sports podcasts. 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Let's be real but there's sales going on in the next one is September fifth through the seventh and like I mentioned every purchase that you make from t public does go back to help the broadcaster and speaking of shops red bubble. That's where I get most of my stickers. I. Twenty stickers. Ten Alternative Logos and ten primary logos if you would like a sticker. M. Syndey pod and say, Hey, I want a sticker or something like that. Then you gotTa, send me your dress and then I'll mail them out and hopefully you get 'em pretty quick. Twenty again ten of each logo. So if you like a sticker. beyonce in Pod, and I will probably stand you a sticker. So, there we go and tell people about this podcast. So, let's talk about the Cincinnati reds. They met a couple of moves before the deadline for clock Wentz and a couple minutes later after that Monday four o'clock deadline, the reds made some moves, which means they made them before the deadline, but they just trickled in. So what are those moves law I'm glad you asked because these moves keep the reds competitive. So, the first one is from the Los Angeles Angels of Los Angeles the reds acquired outfielder and left handed batter. Brian. Goodwin for left handed pitcher packing Naughton and a player to be named later or cash considerations. And the reds from the Arizona diamondbacks acquire they're closer and right handed pitcher Archie Bradley for Infielder Josh, Van meter and outfielder steward fairchild. So, these are the big moves. The reds also made a move before the deadline I was a couple of days before or the reds acquire right handed pitcher Riley O'Brien. For the Tampa, Bay rays and exchange for left handed pitcher cody read after being designated for assignment. With that re trade that means there's only one piece of the Cueto. Trade it remaining with the reds and that's brandon. Finnegan. So. That trade look good but five years later, just having one piece and really none of the three pieces helped the reds. At all. So, let's see what O'Brien can do. With Cincinnati. He's a right handed pitcher and I believe he's a bullpen guy from the raise. Left handed batter Brian Goodwin and Archie Bradley. They were activated just a couple of days ago cord of the transaction wire on MLB dot com they were activated two days ago September I. Also, the Reds Sense left-hander Jose Salvador to the Los Angeles Angels. So I believe that's the player to be named later and Jesse whe- inkers back he his one game suspension against the Chicago cubs while he got suspended for its actions against the Chicago cubs but let's not talk about that. The reds are still waiting on Nixon's elder return. It sounds like since L. will be back with the reds before the end of the season end of the month. So, that is good. Let, me tell you about the reds off today. There's a third. But they're on the road until Monday the fourteenth. In case, you're wondering how many games that is. Well in terms, of game. Days. That's nine ten games in those nine days with an off day Monday the seventh. Four Pittsburgh three at the cubs and three at. Saint. Louis? which this year's been absolute Kryptonite and actually for episode one, seventy, nine I recorded Tuesday and has really looking forward to seeing what Goodwin and Archie Bradley can do. And I decided to get rid of the footage when solve the Saint Louis cardinals smashed on the reds. And Sunny Gray. Southern Gray couldn't even escape the first inning. It was bad habits sixteen to two that final score the reds did salvage. And the sweep at the hands of the cards, Joey votto walks it off. I know I've mentioned. I think I mentioned this podcast that I still don't see Joey votto as a good leadoff hitter but. Looking at the stats he's he's getting up there I, mean he's doing too bad. And I like Joey Votto I mean yes. He's getting up there in age and his contract is huge but the same time. And you can also make the argument that the reds wasted bottles euphin prime but. We'll go on that and another day. But. Yeah I mean if this reds team can hit the starting pitching there I mean. In, the bullpen strengthens up I don't see why the reds can't. Get in the playoffs. By the way I mentioned the reds are back home September fourteenth while that will be three more series at home you'll have four games against Pittsburgh. One of those days double header three against the Chicago White SOx sue. Last time I checked leading the AL central and three against the Milwaukee brewers before closing the season out. On the road at the Minnesota twins. Now. Look at these standings. I can find standings. Why is there just a big button saying standings Be Pretty Great. Scene. Though. So I can tell you the reds are still in fourth place not in last place. But Reds are about two and a half back of the wildcard. Here some standings those nice six and a half backup I sixteen and twenty one, five games under five hundred. Imagine season is winding down this month. and. The reds are on the road for ten games starting tomorrow. Sixteen twenty one that's four and a half up on last place Pittsburgh to back of the wildcard spot. And currently one and a half back a third place. Milwaukee right now in the NFL central the cubs twenty, two, fourteen, they got the NFL central secure their four games up on Saint. Louis SUV, starting to pick some. Picking a good time to roar into action Milwaukee two games under five. Hundred. Seventeen. Nineteen. Reds five and five. In their last ten, they've scored one, hundred, forty, six runs given up one, seventy, four, which that negative twenty, eight and the run differential category is not last place. It would be the middle of the road cubs plus twenty cards plus nineteen walkie negative thirty, six, Pittsburgh, negative fifty two. Reds are eight and eleven in Cincinnati eight ten elsewhere, which it's normally not that even. In terms of road in a way record. In case, you're wondering who's leading the other divisions in the NFL and Al Atlanta Leads The no east at twenty two fourteen Los Angeles dodgers leading the West End. Major. League Baseball at Twenty eight and ten in eight and two in the last ten. Now the dodgers can keep this up through the playoffs I think. What's stopping them from getting the World Series Ring in the American League Tampa Bay leaves the. Spy Four and a half over the Yankees Twenty Six and twelve. In the AL central Cleveland is back on top. They are a game on the white sox. There was two days ago. It's funny how Sports Work and Oakland my athletics in the twenty, two and twelve. My favorite color schemes especially when they have those Kelly Green Jerseys there two and a half up on the Houston Astros. And that's your look entry. Is there a way to look at wildcard looks like there isn't there's postseason standings And it opens up, a new TAB. So. In case, you don't know there are more teams are going to be making the playoffs and the reds are. I say to back. They have the San Francisco, giants and Milwaukee Brewers to leapfrog over. And it's dodgers, cubs, braves, padres, phillies, cardinals, Marlins, and rockies for the. Wild card spots or the eighteen making in the NL in the Al it's raised as Indians, White Sox, Astros Yankees, twins, and bluejays wildcard teams are Miami Colorado Minnesota, and Toronto Slash Buffalo. Blue are nineteen sixteen. It's nice. See. Farm System Turn Out something quite Nice Los Angeles Angels At twelve and twenty five I did not realize that. It's been a pretty big downfall for my child in the angels over there in the West. Pittsburgh has the least amount of wins at ten and twenty, four there one against Cincinnati. National Twelve and twenty two. Wow. But yeah that's your postseason standings as of September third. Actually, the conclusions temper seconds, games, but reds. Shouting distance but. They've really gonNA. Need to pick up the pace the really gonNA need to start pulling together good winning streaks and. Two Games under five hundred on the road. That's not bad. I mean still eighteen games is not a deep sample but the same time. I think the reds can still do it. Pick up a quality left handed batting Goodwin and Archie Bradley who I saw with the Silver Hawks of South Bend? That's before southbound went to the Chicago cubs organization they were with the Arizona diamondbacks. For a good length of time an actually for that with the Chicago White Sox do so. That's pretty funny on that. They were the white sox than the civil hawks. Now, the cubs Silver Hawks, I met a lot more to south bend in terms of name just because there was the Pontiac Silver Hawk car manufactured in. South Bend Indiana once upon a time and actually there alternative Jersey which I saw once had that car emblem on their in Dark Green Jerseys me. I miss when you know byerly teams aren't just named for their parent club's but that's just me. So. Yeah. Archie Bradley Brian Goodwin welcome the Cincinnati and. Let's turn the ship around you can get to the playoffs and Jesse winker is back again the reds off today but they are Hang Pittsburgh tomorrow. At first game, Trevor Williams pitch for Pittsburgh's pretty lights out and the pirates offense put together a nice stringer runs I think it was funny on the mound. Diesel. Funny. Or whatever I just said but believe it was Di Sclafani on the mound. So we'll see how it goes tomorrow for Cincinnati. Let's see if I can find out who is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. I can tell you the cubs are on top of the pirates right now nothing bottom second. But this is a Cincinnati Dayton sports podcast. We talk about local sports on here. Could also mentioned why he's Lewis Castio Oh and five four ten year rate is not been as year I thought he was still doing quite well, but Owen five. That's tough. You'll be opposed by Stephen brought whose own one in an era of four. Gastino's struck out fifty two brought brought has struck out fourteen. So. This can be very interesting the pirates lineup versus Castio lifetime your best batting average. Let's call them Moran he is. Six of twelve for five hundred Erich Gonzales is one of two. So that's your highest batting averages Adam Frazier thirty one, Josh Bell One, Eighty, eight and sixteen appearances versus Castio Kevin Newman is to a six. Gregory Polanco for three Brian Reynolds for six. JT. Riddle over six. That's all the pirates of faced castio. Now. Cincinnati, batters against paroled numbers. Look like this Castanos one, sixty seven. You have two hundred from Kirk Sally at five at Bats. That's one of five Tucker Barnhart a little bit better at two fifty. Freddie Galvez to. Excuse me three that'd be two or three I was right to be is. Mike Stock US three thirteen a you Hannah Suarez to seventy-three Joey votto three hundred Jesse winker over five Matt. Davidson's Oh for one. Shogo Akiyama yet to face them kyle farmer yet to face them Jose Garcia, Brian Goodwin yet to face them. So. It'll be interesting see. Brawl says and faced the reds this year he struck out five. Bitch. While than dirt three long innings sixty eight pitches in Milwaukee. That's a little bit tough. That's one average of. Twenty, three, twenty, two, point six, repeating something like that. So. Yeah. If the reds are GONNA make it to the playoffs. Their time starts now. And what were the all season looked like at the redstone make the playoffs. Do you want me answer that. I mean really gotTA. I don't know what you do with the offense because I thought the off season signings were great. But. You know. That's why play the game and not just go off paper because then you know everyone say. World series. Win there but. There we go. Now we move on from baseball and Cincinnati. The football, Cincinnati, there's a Bengal, the garden extension, and he's going to remain a Bengal for next five years. Joe Mixing gets his contract extension. It's coming end with one year left on his rookie deal and he's got a four year forty, eight, million dollar extension. So it'll be instance name for next five. Now the first thing I read after I shared it on twitter. Thanks to the fine folks. The PROFOOTBALLTALK DOT COM PF T. I. Don't know why I'm looking it up. But yeah, some mentioned. About his. Event which put them in. Hot Water. Yeah, definitely, do not encourage that definitely do not support that any means but mixing hasn't done that since you're arrived in Cincinnati in fact, I, believe he stayed clean and clear away from the. Lol. So you know he grew up, he learned about it unlike of running back that's Being up some people and gone away with it. Sorry there's something in my throat. Anyway. Like I mentioned people have the ability to grow and change and learn from their mistakes and. So far Joe Mixes done that. So he's four pros Joe Mixim second round draft pick out of the University of Oklahoma back in twenty seventeen, forty, four career games thirty five starts. Two thousand nine hundred thirty one yards on six hundred, ninety three carries seventeen touchdowns and through the air for receiving touchdowns on eight hundred seventy yards on one. Oh, eight catches. Mixing. Top One, hundred rushing yards thousand excuse me. It's good. The top two, hundred rushing yards but mixing actually top thousand rushing yards and each the last two seasons making him one only five bengals ever to hit that mark and multiple seasons. and. He's in good company. Corey Dillon. Cedric Benson James Brooks and Rudy. Johnson that's name haven't thought about a while there was a Rudy Johnson Chad Johnson I think there was a third Johnson on the team at that point. Mix and enters twenty, twenty, nine career hundred yard rushing performances and sixteen games over one hundred yards from scrimmage. He's going to be one of the highest paid running backs in the NFL and I definitely think it's worth the money because when Nixon has a solid offensive line to work with, he's dangerous out there and definitely exciting running back definitely going to be part of the core the bengals succeed this year course Joe Borough his rookie year. I. Think Things are looking up in Cincinnati. Playoff spot. I like to say, yes on the wild card, but I don't know it's going to be exciting. We're excited we got this done with Joe said Bengals Kojak Taylor. He's been a valuable weapon for offense and team Joe provides great energy not only on the field but in the building as well and we're ready to move you prepare for the chargers of Los Angeles. Can you believe one is just as ten days away something like that? And this is from Bengals DOT com. And there's no off. Arthur on it. That's. The press release. So definitely excited I think Joe Mixing is a solid piece and definitely worthy of the rb one tag for Cincinnati and like I said. If the bengals are going to have any chance. I. Think it starts with the O. Line and the defense stained strong and I think borough will be fine. I mean with the competencies had just meshing in with the bengals right off top. I mean good things are going to happen. Some also mentioned that the. First Round curse the Bengals remember Joan Williams from last year. Yeah I worry about that with borough. But We don't talk about that except I just did. Yeah extension for. Joe Mixing and the Bengals, looking ready to go. And I will tell you that Sunday September thirteenth at four, zero, five and Cincinnati. If you like to watch it it's on CBS. It's also on the Radio Cincinnati seven hundred wwl W ESPN fifteen thirty Scott at one or two point seven W. E. B. N. in Dayton it's on one four, point seven. And Yeah, it'll be from Paul Brown stadium. No fans this time. So get your radio, get your TV's go on and watch the game from there, and then week to we'll bring the first battle of Ohio in Cleveland as the bengals visit the browns from first? Energy Stadium. Still Weird to see First Energy Stadium I know it's been like that for a while, but it was always Cleveland browns stadium. CBS for Short in Paul Brown Stadium Short for PBS. But I digress. Week four's the next home game for the bengals and it's against the Jacksonville Jaguars who. Recently Wade and watched Leonard Fournette jumped to a fellow in state foe in Tampa Bay so. L. Be very interesting to see, and like I said, I, think the bengals are due for a good year. Wow Valve Ohio ends week seven in Cincinnati Cleveland, visits the Bengals on October twenty fifth. Fourteen or something like that Lisa was last year. So. Yeah bengals. And now we talk from. The Gerd iron to. The football field NFC FC Cincinnati I mentioned FC Cincinnati. Of the Melissa's back tournament. They are one in three. If you don't know your soccer record terms, that's one loss in three drls three ties. The FC Cincinnati which POPs up on scores stream all the time as the orange and blue, which I don't know why that's just hilarious to me normally. Soccer teams have different names and that but. I. Guess I've see Cincinnati's orange and blue. Oh one in three. Their only loss was at the Chicago Fire FC in game were the fire scored in the second minute and didn't look back after that. Since then that loss FC Cincinnati is drew against the Columbus crew and Chicago fire last night at home. Yeah, I think down is doing a great job. I mean that defense looks. Pretty. Unbreakable. For most of the Times. But where's the offense we leave that in Florida The offense. Just. And the next game will be in Columbus, this. Sunday. It's a night game Sunday night gain. But definitely I see if I can catch that. FC Cincinnati has two more matches on the year. Was the standings look like for FC Cincinnati. I should mention in the nothing nothing draw at home for the second hell Israel Derby match the season FC Cincinnati held strong Columbus they think their. Their occupancy rates which I know it's not called that. was about two thirds possession rate. Keeps I don't know why said that. But there you go. Like I said I think FC. Cincinnati I. Think. You. Know a couple more pieces for the defense and puts them offense on it. You Got Yourself quite a nice team. and. I also think that. FC Cincinnati can turn the corner very very shortly. So let's look at Mos standings if I can. Again. A big button that says standings would certainly be nice but not seeing that here. Maybe, it's under shop. Now it's not under shop stop that. It just two matches left and they're both away from Cincinnati. Whole year's been crazy. If you go to MLS SOCCER DOT COM, there's a big standing button there. I will happily Columbus crew they lead the eastern division. And with a six, one, two record again, six wins, one loss and two draws. They've scored thirteen allowed eleven. Plus to which that's not bad. Your highest though is Orlando actually it's. nope. I'm wrong at is plus eleven I looked on the wrong thing. Columbus crew is only given up two goals. Wide I think of as he ever way around. I mixed up goals allowed and goal differential I. Don't know why plus love for Columbus crew that is the top. Looking towards. See. Cincinnati. The right underneath the ten team line at two, four and three, the negative six goal differential which. That is tied with the lowest of the Chicago. Fire. But still I mean lead and marks better than last season. It's just you know it's too bad that the offense is in clicking at the moment. In case you're wondering in the East who's trailing the crew will by two points it's Toronto FC by five points, Orlando City S C fall by Philadelphia they fell to the crew last night to give Columbus. First Place Again Montreal New York City. I've seen which the crew they're only lost this Far New York Red Bulls New England Atlanta DC UNITED FC Cincinnati. Nashville, Chicago Fire and Inter. Miami Inter Miami has only played four matches. In the West, it's Sporting Kansas City Seattle sounders. Football Club. Minnesota United See L. A. Galaxy Portland Timbers Rail Salt Lake FC Dallas Houston Dynamo Colorado, San Jose. And Vancouver. By the way, your lowest goal differential is negative nine. It's with the WHITECAPS FC in Canada. So one more hill is real derby. It's in Columbus and like I mentioned it Sunday Nights. Hard to believe that the season's wrapping up for MOS normally goes another full month October but we're living in the days of Covid so. Definitely. There's a lot of things to bounce around and now we move from Cincinnati Columbus Dayton as the Dayton flights. Of The basketball league and Brandon Harper added updates to share. He's mentioning that anyone wanting to try out for year two of the flight they need their waivers and he's really looking forward to what he can do. He mentioned that the things that fell short in the first year he took all that responsibility which is nice to see he wants this practice seed in Dayton indefinitely I want. To See it succeed Dayton as well. So definitely, it's nice to see basketball star under ramp up a little bit in Dayton. So definitely there's youtube video go light to Dayton flights and last up and episode one, seventy, nine there's a new prospect in town not our town another town in Johnstown Pennsylvania there will be a new foe for champion city in the Kings in the chiller coffee paints. The name yet to be determined, but they will probably be in the eastern division since normally the line is Indiana or so. Actually, that's not true. It's about Illinois Danville. has well so yes, that's the second new team coming into the prospect league, which is collegiate summer league and I was really looking forward to my first year with the Kings didn't happen. So hopefully twenty, twenty one does happen. So Prospect League, Johnstown, Pennsylvania they had A. A press release press conference on facebook live and they mentioned it the press releases dated September first, and this Johnstown Pennsylvania team will be at Sergeant Stadium at the point. You know I thought Johnstown already had a prospect league team, but I'm thinking. Thing Jamestown new. York. So that's knotted Johnstown. You might know them from you know slapshot who owns the chiefs. That's different sport though. But it'll be nice to see Johnstown get into baseball and they'll be the fourteenth member of the Prospect League and joining the Thirteenth Member of the prospect league and the Alternate River. Dragons of Illinois Depict River Dragons Off Eagles and three other names. I. Can't remember off top my head. I was hoping they'd go for the Alton Brown's you from good eats you know get his okay on that you can have like good eats theme jerseys and everything. I would dig that hackery. You probably have the best. Menu in the prospect. League hands down. But I can dream of that and it's not happening but there you go. Fourteen team sold should be seven teams in each division. And if I can find the standings I'll tell you the split. So johnstown Pennsylvania that's a little bit east of Pittsburgh. It looks like. Your have Chile Coffee West Virginia Beckley West, Virginia, what's his in southern part of the state champion city in Springfield you have Lafayette and the aviators they had some recent news going back to their original ballpark after all the remodeling done, which is Nice Tara has rex baseball wall buses. Wabash Valley's own. dupage county in Illinois normal the corn beltre's former. Frontier League team the Danville Dans. In Danville Illinois that's normally the line of east going West nowadays alternate is. West Central. Illinois. And their south of Springfield Illinois. Yes. There's to springfield the prospect league. Also, Have Cape a Guerrero in Missouri. Mississippi for a minute that's a little bit of a stretch. You have the old fallon hoots they take the place of the River City rascals in the frontier league, Quincy Gems and the West Central Illinois. And that's your lot. That's your few teams. The West is more bunched more most of the teams are in Illinois and there's two in Iowa Missouri Excuse me Iowa. There's two in Missouri so. Big closer together whereas the east more spaced out, it's going to be Johnstown Pennsylvania all the way to Danville Illinois so. Some long road trips ahead but at the same time Remember those Jamestown New York for a season or two so. Imagine that trip out for Danville Illinois to Jamestown. New. York. Yeah, you got highways and everything but still. So, yeah I'm looking forward to seeing. Twenty twenty one hopefully we have baseball. and. That will do it. That is episode one, seventy, nine, the Cincinnati, Dayton sports podcast. You might notice that. Yeah. I didn't have a livestream talking about the football scores last week while it was about eleven thirty, it got home and it was super super hot out and I just I didn't feel like dealing so. I'm hoping tomorrow after my game whether it's still at Princeton or at home I'll have a live stream and go over all the final scores of Cincinnati Dayton football at least. So it stays fresh and if I do have to wait until Thursday or Friday for episode one eighty. I don't feel like. Adding Information Super. You know not helpful or something like that. So. Definitely, it's always a pleasure talk local Sunday sports with you all in catch me on ESPN media tomorrow Friday the fourth at seven. It'll be sycamore at Princeton and looking forward to talking more local Cincinnati. Dayton. Ohio Sports with you. This has been up. So 179, we'll talk to you again for up to one eighty. Thank you for listening to this episode of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast with lead W Mallin. Be Sure bookmark Syndey pods dot com the official website of the local Sunday sports podcast. From there, you can find your favorite way of listening to future episodes on platforms such as apple podcast, Google podcast tune in Pandora spotify, the iheartradio APP, and more. You can also find the. Public shops there too where all podcast merchandise purchases go to help the podcast or. Follow on social media at Sunday pod and lead wwl on twitter facebook and instagram. This closing theme was created with the splash APP. This is Lee wwl, and saying, thank you again for listening and we'll talk more local Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio sports next time.

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Toys, Part 3


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Toys, Part 3

"What do you think about when you consider the greatest exploration vehicles perhaps your mind turns to the Apollo spacecraft where the Baptist fear was completely redesigned? Twenty twenty four to explore. which might I just be the greatest exploration vehicle of all time? That's right the twenty twenty four to explore. We'll take you into territory that maybe charted but it's hardly conquered such as the winding country tree roads that sprawl between your home and your next vacation destination. Or what about a last minute grocery running your own hometown. The all new twenty twenty four explorer the greatest exploration in vehicle of all time. Everybody did you know that the air inside of our homes is five times more polluted than outdoor air air filters can't get to the root of the problem microscopic Chris Copping allergens and pathogens that live on our beds counters and surfaces but the probiotic purifier by better air can better air uses environmental Armenta probiotics to remove these microbes from your home so you can literally breathe better learn more at better air. PROMISE DOT COM. There's a sixty day. No risk. Ask money-back guarantee plus save twenty percent when you place your order now go to better air. Promised Dot Com and start breathing. Better this holiday season. Discover the true meaning of Christmas in all of us. I'm not really into the holidays. Sorry Jack Worm. He thought he had it all a big city job. A Beautiful Wife in a phone that worked in his car but his life was missing. One thing Barium served here to administer fool Christmas ushering heart chain Ford burning skin. It's the story of one man. It won Bronze Age Tomasson in a whole lot of Christmas. Cheer aw welcome to invention a production of iheartradio. Hey Hey welcome to invention. My name is Robert Lamb. And I'm Joe McCormack and we're back with part three of our exploration of invented toys and the previous episodes. We talked about stuff stuff like the Frisbee the Jack in the box the slinky the Hula Hoop. What else do we do? We did Jigsaw Puzzles. We did Jack in the box a number of what. We can't remember what we talk about on here. Who Frisbee number different toys? I mean really. You just gotTa go back in the bag concerned digging around to see what we discussed. But today I wanted to start off by talking about one of the most basic toys. You could possibly have you know when I was a kid. I had lots of favorite toys. Always I remember being very partial to some branded Jurassic Park action figures. I actually I had the car the car the t rex steps on that was a said. So there's like a Sam Neill action figure. Oh yeah totally Sam Neill action figure. He's got the hat on and he The one of the funny things about the Jurassic Park action figures is that they would come with weapons that they did not possess at all in the film. So they've got Elliott Sadler action figure Laura Dern CNAS with like a grappling Hook Gun Gun. Don't remember the scene in the movie where she had that this was this was the late ninety s and I was. You're a little younger than me so I was as I was in it It action figure age at this point. Anymore maybe I was beyond it but still still going. I don't know that that's a that's a whole nother discussion because I might take as you can get action figures anytime you want during your life because all they are ultimately their deities their little icons that inspire you can you. Can you can play with them or just be inspired by them at any point in your life but at that point in my life I they weren't really on my radar but now I'm excited by the the idea of having a Jeff Goldblum action figure. What weapon did Jeff Goldblum? Have I think maybe he must he had like a gun. That shot a net or something. Have that Maybe it was shooting like Alec Graph for like a mapping the grids of his Parabolas and all that when he's doing his calculations there is that that theme in action figures. especially where it's like. It's not enough that you have the likeness of person or creature or an entity to it is not enough that you can then engage imagination play with it and and even even pose it. I like having opposable figure. I grew up in the Arab. Gi Joe's and it was nice to have all those the joints move right. But but then there's this level of like nope it needs some sort of gun and needs to have a gun. It's gotTa have not only a something that looks like a gun. A functional Projectile implement that can fire the grappling hooker. The net at another action figure. And I think it's largely about action moment in the commercial where one on figure does something to knock over another. Yes that that's totally it. I think it may also be driven on the supply side sometimes like oh we figured out how to make this little shooter thing. What action figure can we pair that with? Yes yeah And we'll come back to this. Discussion of Action Figures in movie and TV properties. These towards the end of the episode right. But I WANNA go way simpler than that So this has no guns no moving parts no likenesses of Sam Neill or Laura Dern I have lots of favorite toys but what I get the most sustained enjoyment out of. I think it's got to be blocks right. Like I spent more time with building blocks than any other kind of toy Because of course blocks can be anything. So there's like an infinite amount of play that you can do with them though. I still remember the pain of trying to build build with blocks in a room completely covered in soft carpet. That way lies death. Yeah you know like you you build a tower but then you smiled. It's ruined on the carpeted stair air because it just unstable it's true. Yeah I I also have a lot of fun memories of playing with the this one set of standard wooden blocks and Well most of them were standing outside. Specially pieces I was especially pleased with these These double arches that you could use. They could be used to make a bridge or you can put them together to make like circular insurance in something And I think a lot of my imagination play with them was based on raiders of the lost Ark. Yes those scenes means where Indiana Jones and others are going into these ridiculously unrealistic tomb. The spaces anti-chambers and and so a fourth and you know I I just had to reconstruct those since. Gi joes down there. I think blocks are very interesting is toys because building with blocks. Fox's kind of play that combines the ultimate in freedom and the ultimate in constraint right it has like no establish goals rules no winning conditions ends and thus it's not really a game and yet it has extremely tight and non-negotiable constraints based in physics and materials. And so it's a very different kind hind play than a lot of the imagination. Play that you would do where you know you might have action figures. There were You know your action figure plays just not very limited by physics. Usually usually a lot of it's happening in the imagination with the action figure as a prop different thing is going on with the block like you're trying to stack them on top of each other you're trying to get them to behave to like stand up in a certain way you know. Yeah absolutely yeah you you have like this this basic physical enterprise at the heart of your your play. No matter uh how much imagination you then put on top of that. Yeah so asking. The question win toy blocks were invented. Obviously we don't know that It seems that people have been using various various kinds of homemade toy building materials for centuries maybe even thousands of years but we just frankly don't know when it began So I was reading a great article in the history of boxes tools for learning and as toys by an author named Karen Hewitt who is a scholar of education She's a toy designer and she has curated. Museum exhibitions on the history of educational toys. This article was called blocks as a tool for learning a store. Colin Contemporary Perspective published in the Journal. Young children in two thousand one and so He he begins by observing that building based play lay among children probably predates dedicated block toys. Because you can even watch children today. Improvise with building based play using natural troll materials like rocks and sticks or construct or like constructed or artificial materials often discarded by adults like construction scrap containers boxes. I remember getting so much enjoyment out of empty boxes when I was young. Oh yeah empty. Boxes are loads of fun and on top of that of course the the children of builders will inevitably not only play with the debris leftover from building but they will imitate the building activity they see the and the parents sure So yeah just watching the way kids pick up things that are not specifically intended as toy building materials and then turn in them into toy building materials. That makes it pretty clear that construction play probably long predates having dedicated toy blocks I mean even think about Sandcastle Sandcastle. Yeah how long have people been making sand castles. Were you know Neolithic peoples making sand castles as possible. have absolutely yeah. I mean the sand. Dan Castles just playing in the sand digging in the sand. There's something irresistible about it. Yeah so I think it's clear that building blocks are not a toy that invents a fundamentally new. You kind of play the way. Say a slinky or Jack in the box would. There's no way to play with the slinky before the slinky existed. There's no way to play with Jack. inbox Jack in the box before or that existed but you could basically have blocks in nature you know rocks sticks all that kind of stuff rather I think toy blocks offer a clean safe and convenient the way of facilitating the kind of construction. Play that children pick up naturally without any prompting whenever random materials are available. Though I do you have a question about this and I couldn't find an answer to this. Does Homo Sapiens. Have a building. Instinct would manifest even without Out any exposure to a culture of construction and artificial structures or do children need to see artificial structures and witness adults building things in order to get the urge to build as play Yeah that's that's a tough one too. I mean almost an impossible to investigate it. It's like Studying adding on language children. You have to. You have to would require an act of extreme deprivation in order to study what it would be like to deny a child access to like blocks or the ideal clocks The idea of play. That's something that's very difficult if not impossible to study. I'm not suggesting we try it. No absolutely not So Hewitt points out that thinkers have long connected children's orientation toward construction based play with learning in the needs of a developing brain She mentions Plato Committee S Pestilence and John Piaget and apparently This even came up up with the English enlightenment philosopher. John Locke in sixteen ninety three in a treatise called some thoughts concerning education. John Locke wrote quote. The chief art is is to make all that children have to do sport and play to learning anything they should be taught might be made as much a recreation to their play as their play he is to their learning So specifically lock your points to children's play with what we now know today as alphabet blocks they existed at the time to the they didn't I don't think they were being like mass manufactured at the time they weren't like you know big toy companies putting these out with some kids just had blocks. They were playing with if that had letters inscribed on them. This reminds me of the origins of the Jigsaw puzzle or more specifically the dissected map discussing the last episode something that began as not even a mass produced toy but like an educational aid. Yes and this would have been not always as fully accepted and intuitive who it is as it is to us today like so locks actually trying to make a case for using a child's natural tendency towards play as a means of education like you you know he's saying if the if the child automatically wants to play with Alphabet blocks it is no chore and thus the Child Better learns the alphabet and to put this in context a lot of the prevailing sentiment intimate about childhood education in the late seventeenth century. England would have focused on hard work and discipline through threats of punishment and At lock in instead emphasized that children could learn through play and enjoyment and Hewitt suggests that this view contributed to a sort of reevaluation of toys with more adults coming to see them see toys less as sinful icons of idleness and more as tools for informing and exercising sizing developing minds something. That's actually social good and useful. I'm not sure if the same would apply to Laura dern grappling gun. I think you could definitely make the the case with building blocks. Yes so Hewitt writes that in the mid to late nineteenth century some manufacturers in Europe and the US actually then began to mass produce building block doc toys And this could often be kind of a side business of something like imagine. You've got a woodworking company and you're cutting wood for you know whatever it is that you're mainly selling you tend to have a lot of small scraps of wood leftover. Could you actually turn those for profit. Could you shape them into building blocks and make money off of what would otherwise be a waste. Product and Hewitt writes that since the mid nineteenth century there have been three main avenues linking learning and play with respect to toy blocks so the first ones what we already talking about. It's building itself. It's learning about basic physics and material properties with hands on building building experience This is of course one of the most important parts of education. Sometimes it gets under emphasized when we think about education because it's not a technical subject you really learn in school rule. It's something that children. Just have to learn intuitively with hands on experience in the world absolutely it just allows for further experimentation with with a natural properties of reality. Sure and then okay so the second thing is surfaces of blocks as a place to represent symbols like letters numbers words. Of course we already talked about the example of alphabet blocks and thus using the blocks as a way of learning how to manipulate those symbols. Like Got Hewitt says that this pairing of abstract symbols with blocks really exploded in the mid eighteen hundreds and it It seems like a very relevant type of learning earning today like allowing the child to physically move symbols around in real space. This is a physical model of the way we metaphorically move who've symbols around in mental space to manipulate them yeah basically engaging are the visual processes of our brain as well yeah Yeah these. These are still tremendously helpful. You see them sometimes to aid in Acquisition of Foreign Languages Center I was wondering. Did you ever when you were a kid us. He's like those Sort of balancing scale games with physical objects to learn Algebra like Soviet trying to balance two sides of an equation in math No Oh no I. I feel like my math. Education was very based in just rote memorization of things Memorizing tables roles learning tricks. And so I'm really with a with a second grader. who's going through like modern math education. It's been very interesting to see. Just the similarly drastic different approach to learning how numbers work and in how quantities compared to each other. It's at times it's difficult for me to even then Help Him with it because I feel like our our math. Educations are so different But the way they're teaching him I think is far superior to what I. Oh you're not going to be one of those adults complaining. That kids aren't learning stuff. The same way you learned it no no thank goodness. They're learning in a different way. Because the way I learned it I feel like did not give me a true appreciation creation for mathematics. Yeah I feel much the same way but I think that's such a funny impulse people have isn't it. They're not learning at the way I did. The way has got to be superior somehow learning at poorly like I did. I will not stand for it. no I I want my kid be able to to actually think about numbers in ways that have eluded me my whole life and then there's one third main way that Hewitt mentions that blocks have been linked with learning and that's the transmission. In of cultural heritage through blocks example. Here would be quote building a model of an important architectural structure and through this process learning architectural. All styles In fact an example I was just thinking of was the original Lincoln logs. You know these were created by Frank Lloyd Wright's son really I can't remember his first name But one of the sons of Frank. Lloyd Wright Yeah he he got a Lincoln log business going and one of the original things that you were supposed to do with. Lincoln can logs. Like you've got these instructions on how to build Abraham Lincoln's log cabin. Yeah Lincoln logs Okay I'll acknowledge that Lincoln logs do succeed as an educational toy in in in educating you in the basic way the log cabin is constructed. But that's pretty much it. I always found them to be a very eight boring toy. Play with him once. And you're like Oh yeah that's okay. That's all I can do this. I'm going to go build something out of a block that allows allows me to engage my mind a bit more. I was reading an Old New York Times article in a about blocks by the Canadian American architect and UPN. Professor v told Rib Kinski and his comment about Lincoln. Logs was It was something like well. At least they smelled good. Yeah I mean they were wouldn't hate lincoln logs but I just they never really resonated with me but they they certainly survived due to that In the first episode we did on Toys. We talked about this idea. That toys have a twenty year cycle. that you you you have a certain toy child and then twenty years later you know give or take if you have children grant or their children in your life at all. You're likely to give that toy a new if it's still on the market still available and Lincoln logs are exactly like that. My my Zayn Receiver. Lincoln logs from members of the family just because of that nostalgia. And how do they smell smell fine and you can still build a little cabin out of it and then set them decide to go do something more fun But of course Another thing he points out is that there are plenty of cases of blurring of the lines between these categories right because For example Thing that was very common in the nineteenth century was like you'd have a set of blocks that you sold as a as a set that would represent elements of Bible stories and this combines using the blocks themselves as a representation space for symbols or referring to things somewhere else but then also also transmitting cultural heritage through the Bible story aspect. I don't think I've ever seen these would've been essentially it wasn't sequential art right. It wasn't I think there was some sequential when you're like that Like Bible story sequential art. Then I think it was also like you know build build Noah's Ark so well that sounds like a good fit knows arc is the most child-friendly portion of Pretty much the whole Bible. So do they have blocks of all the other people on the earth getting grounded now. We just focused on the animals. That's the main thing So she goes into the history of a lot of individual block manufacturers in their businesses. I I decided I'm not going to go into all that here just to touch on a couple more broad issues issues Though it is actually interesting in this paper is worth looking up and giving a read if you wanna go deeper on just like what. Some of these manufacturers were doing individually but Hewitt Hewitt points out that despite the attempts to use blocks for education in numbers and letters and so forth children most often play with blocks in terms of pure form. I'm like that when you actually watch the way. Children and engage with blocks. Most of the time they ignore the symbolic representations they they ignore the the letters letters in the alphabet blocks and instead they use them to build they build little towers little cities usually the form and the physical base of construction. Play seems more more relevant to the child's mind the abstract content does. I don't know how that squares with your experience but yeah I would I would say so. Yeah it does with mine. Yeah like if I had the Bible blocks I think I would just be trying to build like an Indiana Jones temple out of them. Yeah I I think that was my experience with with alphabet blocks as a kid. I would use them them to a certain extent to build with but they didn't. They didn't provide as much flexibility in terms of what you ultimately built compared to an actual block set that had varying sizes. There's only so much you can do with identical cubes Likewise remember we were gifted a very nice set of wooden alphabet blocks and character blocks locks of when My son came to our life because They were they would have mandarin characters on them. which was very cool and you know you get kind of excited about I? Guess the learning tool that is that is that is this block set but then ultimately the kids not that interested in them and just wants to do age appropriate things with them in which I guess he was like like one and a half at that point and you know he just wants to knock them over or throw them He doesn't want to actually build and much less. Think about out the characters all that much. Oh but that's actually interesting. Because another thing he talks about she she makes a point about the importance of the tearing down aspect of block play. Oh Yeah She says this is a crucial element. That's under emphasized. In some of the you know pedagogical theory or maybe under appreciated by even some parents There's a section where she says quote the destructive or deconstructed activity characteristic of block play an integral part of this activity. Make some adults uncomfortable. So how as in all learning we cannot understand until we take part exam and rebuild So you know. She's making a point that a lot of parents might look it. Get their child's tendency to want to like knock over a tower of blocks and smash and everything and you say oh no. Is My child. Some kind of you know little King Kong Little Villa la or they just pure destructive impulse but she's suggesting though this this is also an important part of learning. It's not something to be afraid of. No yeah not at all but I mean it can. It can be frustrating. I've been frustrated with it when when my son was was much younger. You know because you want you want to engage with them. You want to play with them. You want to play box with with your child but in doing that. You're like let's build something together. And then the kid maybe is not that much into building or is not very good at it but then wants to destroy it at every level of construction or sometimes you encounter it to where you have different age groups children and so you have like the kid who's old enough to really want to build old stuff Be It with blocks or Sandcastle. Or what have you but the younger kid just wants to Godzilla the heck out of that sand city. Yeah and you just have to realize allies that that is that that's kind of how they learn they're a dissection stage of of architecture like both phases are important. Yeah they're all about destroying new buildings. I enters into new button. You know one last thing that was in this paper that I just point out because it's funny is that there's a part where she talks. Who again this was published in two thousand one and she talks about these sort of recent development of digital construction environments which are like Computer Games that are marketed as an alternative to physical blocks in the way she writes about it? It seems like she's a little bit. Skeptical of these would replace physical blocks. Because you know if you're two thousand one you're thinking what what kids want to play with their hands. Why would you have digital three D blocks? But then I was thinking like wait. A minute minecraft. Yeah they're plenty of examples of it But I too am skeptical because yeah there is something about the physical act of building even if you have great physics in a virtual setting which many of these Games do sure it. There's nothing like having the actual block. Oh sure yeah yeah you gotta physical objects there especially for younger kids. Maybe it's once you get older that you can like like abstract that level of play out to a you know an imagine space to come back to the Jack in the box. Let's not discount the alarming noise always of a an epic wooden block tower falling onto the kitchen floor. I love that and I think that's also important part of the experience. Very another disadvantage of playing on carpeted floor right. Yeah so the so. It's harder to build the floors less stable but also win finally falls over. You don't even get the clatter. Yeah you don't scare everybody in the House and the dog and the cat to boot horrible this is my PSA for this episode. Find a place with solid hardwood floors for your children to play with blocks. Don't make them play on carpet. Yes all right. It's time just take a quick break. We'll be right back with more invention about toys. 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Absolutely legos. these were a huge part of my childhood growing up in the eighties eighties and nineties. These interlocking plastic bricks and the various building accessories that that come with them. Allow you to construct everything from castles two helicopters after two spaceships and I would generally build what the instructions told me to follow the instructions. Once then I'd throw the directions away and then just free build. Whatever I wanted usually more castles helicopters and spaceships? But you know of my my own design for instance. I remember watching the one thousand nine hundred. Eighty three helicopter adopter film. Blue Thunder was almost certainly far too young an age for an Ra did action film and I became obsessed with the two choppers shoppers in the film as a police attack. Chopper piloted by Roy Scheider over jaws. Yeah and then. The Hughes five hundred shopper piloted by evil. Test Pilot Malcolm McDowell McDowell of of course curricula and a clockwork Orange Fan. I hope I never seen this guy and then I should also point out. Daniel Stern also had a role all playing a voyeuristic creep. Of course. Of course what he man. He was really getting typecast as creeps in the late eighties period. or I guess this would have been earlier in uh-huh so like how did he bust out of creep phase and become the narrator of the wonder years of well maybe like sight unseen casting because he has a great creep. Look doc plays a fantastic creep. I mean why why try and get away from what works and Daniel. Stern is a natural. You just six pack glide that he's living okay but so this movie got you building Lego helicopters. Yeah and and going back to our destructive aspect of play. One of my favorite things is to do was to was to build the the two blue thunder helicopters have them duel and then You know the the then have one of them. Crash and the great thing about a Lego constructed trucked vehicle is when it crashes it breaks into pieces and you have this believable You know destruction and then you can have a little pilot. Have to put that copper back together so that he can get back. In the sky and deceit Malcolm McDowell once and for all wow again destruction and important part of play. Yeah like going back to blocks real quick. I remember one thing that I would do a lot with my wooden blocks build a wall and then I had a battery power. Gi Joe Tank. It would just it would just basically just move in forward on these cool tracks. Just have that drive into the wall and seeing that I could build a wall strong enough to keep the tank from plowing through Pruitt and then also figure out how to make the tank approach the wall so as to bust through. I think I did something almost exactly like this with the remote control car. Yeah yes trying to build. Something like couldn't get through. Yeah Yeah so You know say what to about war toys and we'll have something to say about that in a minute Like a nice remote control a remote control or just powered tank toy vehicle toy. Great descended at a wall of blocks so legos fast forward twenty twenty years via the twenty euro. We've been talking about and I have introduced my own. Signed to the joy of legos. And he's into them big time. He's he's more obsessed with instructions than I was but he does some reconstruction as well. He likes to make creatures out of them and most recently. He made a foul core from the never ending story. Oh Wow yeah. He also loves the Harry Potter Burkitt's especially the ones that have creatures in them. Also some of the Lego dinosaur kit see really digs in an. I should also drive home. That stepping on legos IOS is still absolutely no fine but an but an important part of the experience so we've got to have the back story of the Lego right. Where does this wonderful delightful full toy? Come from well. It ties in nicely with the history of building blocks themselves because of course you cannot have lego building blocks without all with all the forms that came before especially just basic wooden blocks and it does begin in a carpenter shop with pretty much the same scenario. We're talking about earlier where a carpenter might construct toys toys out of leftover materials CETERA and in this particular master carpenter and joiner was a man by the name of Oley Kirk Christensen who worked in the village of Billund Denmark so he opened a shop in one thousand nine hundred eighty two selling mostly household wooden goods like ladders dozen things but he also sold some toys on the side but the toys became an increasingly important to his business in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The company ends ends up adopting the name. Lego from the Danish leg got which means play well and by accident it also. Lego also means I put together in Latin a nicely and then in nineteen thirty five they marketed a wooden duck toy. They had a construction game. That sort of thing and they just kept continually building on this in one thousand nine hundred forty six. The company bought a plastic injection molding machine and by nineteen forty nine. The company was putting out two hundred different. Plastic can wooden toys Mostly I understand you know for sale in Denmark and one of the the toys that they put out were automatic binding bricks And these were interlocking bricks made out of plastic and if you look at pictures often their pictures of them available on the history section of Lycos website. You'll see that they. They mostly resemble Lego the Lego blocks today with some UNISOM noticeable differences that the basic design is there little cylindrical. Bits on the top that allow them to interlock block. You know it's funny. I would think with Legos that they must actually have some pretty tight designed parameters to to fit as well as they do. You know they don't have like parts that leg. Lock in place with any moving mechanisms right so they just have to lock in place by pure rigid shape alone and this involves like them being just just like the pegs on the top fitting into the things on the bottom just well enough that they stay together but you know not so tightly that it's tough to put put them together tough to put the pulled apart right. Yeah they they have to. They have to work and they apparently work pretty hard experimenting with them over the years to to really get the the fit of you know tight and pimple. They were experimenting with the plastic and the plastic construction they were not the first interlocking block or a brick however the key predecessor. All this would have been. I was reading the Kitty craft self locking building brick which was invented by Hillary Fisher page live nineteen four north through nine hundred fifty seven but the automatic binding bricks of Lego. Were were the immediate predecessor to the lego blocks. We note today. They were only sold in Denmark. I and then in nineteen fifty-three. They got a new name. Lego Marston or Lego bricks and they steadily expanded they're hitting the US and candidate in sixty one big O.. From a regional toy To An international success now one thing. I was thinking about regarding Lego in my own history of playing with Lego Blue Thunder toys choppers blowing. Each other out of the sky. Obviously there was never an actual blue thunder movie tie in Lego Kit. I know it's hard to imagine a time when there were not a million lego movie tie INS on the shelf but I started thinking about it and I was like Oh you know yeah. I don't know that I ever saw say an Apache helicopter Lego or any kind of military helicopter Lego or a tank or or anything of that out matter. I mean you'll see some science fiction You know battle tight stuff. Some Anisi stuff in a certain extent medieval weaponry with the castles. But but you don't really see any war toys. Despite the fact that they would clearly be a market for that. Sure if you say. Lego were to put out lego models. Models of say Stealth fighter stealth bomber the Osprey whatever the The the military aircraft has to beat their NEAT planes. They would make neat kitts right. Seems like a no brainer. So I was looking into this and A little bit more and I ran across an expert from a two thousand ten progress report port. That really drives home. Some of the key decision making that goes on here and I do think this does get into the the idea of destructive play constructive play etc Lego Lego post these kinds of reports every year addressing a variety of topics. You might expect a major toy manufacturer tackle including social and environmental issues on top of love. You No more business level stuff and this particular progress report spelled out there. KIEF LHASA FEE on weapons in war in their toys and so I just want to read this again and this is coming directly from Lego so just bear mind. You're hearing like corporate messaging here right but I think it does reveal a lot quote. A large number of Lego mini figures. Use his weapons in our assumedly regularly being charged by each other's weapons as part of children's role play in the Lego group. We acknowledged that conflict and play is especially prevalent among four two nine year. Old Boys an inner drive and a need to experiment with their own aggressive feelings. In order to learn about other people's aggressions exists in most children. This this in turn enables them to handle and recognize conflict in non play scenarios as such. The LEGO group sees conflict. Play perfectly acceptable and an integral part of Children's development development. We also acknowledge children's well proven ability to tell play from reality however to make sure to maintain the right balance between play and conflict. We have adhered to a set of unwritten rules for several years in two thousand ten. We have formalized these rules guideline for the use of conflict and weapons in Lego products. The basic aim is to avoid realistic weapons and military equipment that children may recognize from hot spots around the world and to refrain from showing violent or frightening situations when communicating about Lego products. Walks at the same time. The purpose is for the lego brand not to be associated with issues that glorify conflicts and unethical or harmful behavior. So the idea is that they Are Comfortable with allowing conflict conflict playing including you know Weapons and stuff in say historical settings or fantasy settings is or sci-fi settings but not having like guns that you would recognize on being used in violence and armed conflict today correct. Yeah and I I looked around at some of the more recent reports to see if they They had a more recent of voicing of this philosophy and I was not able to come across it it might exist out. Their LEGO has put a lot of communication but but it seems to be. This seems to be the standard they're still operating by and I think that's I. I know that this this makes sense for a especially for eight an international company. That doesn't that isn't say just situated in the United it states for instance say for instance Lego put out a Predator drone kit right that would be that would be awful because the context would would be different In obviously in different parts of the world and and In arguably this this particular kit if it were to exist would bring a lot. AWW Ethical baggage with it the wouldn't necessarily want to inflict upon a child who just wants to engage in the kind of player discussing here. Yeah this is going to be thinking the conflict conflict play and Violence in play could be something we come back to do an episode on and stuff to blow your mind because it's something that again it's kind of like with the destructive structure play with blocks. You know like knocking down towers and stuff. It's the kind of thing that I can totally understand why parents would look at it And say like this can't be healthy. Something something's wrong here and yet you know. Obviously millions of people around the world you'd grow up playing at Games in which the children pretend to kill each other. Yeah and you know us toy guns and all that kind of stuff and it doesn't necessarily translate to Reno real aggressive or violent behavior in adults maybe in some cases it does but it doesn't appear to To necessarily lead to that conclusion so I wonder what the actual research says about that. Yeah it'd be fun to do a deeper dive in it because on another level what children are doing in imagination plays. They're making up stories telling stories in retelling stories. Yeah A for instance. If you're if you're playing with. The there is a particular Taylor. Lego kit that is small one and it's just about one of the showdowns between Harry Potter and voldemort which is a battle which is a fight between a a murderous villain and the hero of the tale Which of course is central to this kind of conflict? You haven't so many myths so many legend so many important we're in stories In so conflict play to a certain extent is about embracing this aspect of our narratives. Yeah it seems to me impossible that you could like remove a child's desire to explore themes of conflict in their play and in their imagination I guess the question is just like what types of physical toys and models was actually drive development in unhealthy directions. And I don't know if we actually have any answers about like I mean a whole other issue. Of course it is gun a toy guns and toy guns. When I was a kid I had some very realistic looking? Like you. Just have a water gun that just a straight up jozy black and everything you know not not brightly colored so that it's obvious nowadays like we've we've you know a few different reasons. We've we've let our son play with With toy guns and but then on the other hand. He's into Harry Potter. He has the ones until over to play with a friend and they're just shooting straight death curses. Yeah they. They're treating kind of like a gun in there. They are fleeing forbidden. Curr what are they called the federal now anyway the bad curses you're not supposed to use the death curses the crucial curses. Okay Yeah we lost the pain one right. Yeah like we were in fact. He was dressed as Harry Potter when we were trick or treating we went past House and he was like. Oh we should go to that one and I'm like I don't think that one's open they don't if the lights on they don't have any candy points wandered the house. And says Cindy Oh the very coldly. I was like man man. That's that's cold. Oh all right but the battle back goes another interesting angle that I came across regarding a Legos. A has to do with what these blocks are constructed out off. Sure and of course they are made out of Plastic Dick. I was reading a two thousand eighteen New York Times article by Stanley. Read titled Lego wants to completely remake toy bricks without anyone noticing. Now that title gives pretty much everything away. This mystery with that articles about but the main point is that Lego wants to eliminate its dependence on petroleum based plastics and build its toys entirely from plant based recycled materials by twenty thirty wind. This is quite a challenge because the Lego Block which hopefully everyone listening ping has some familiarity with it like these are durable blocks. Yeah they stand the test of time. I'm able to use blocks from my childhood and build things with my my son using new blocks and you can't really tell the difference unless it's you know unless a block has been chewed on by a dog or something they hold up really well. They hold their color color. They're able to dependably interlock with each other. They can be stepped on that can go through the wash unit but at the end of the day they are Plastic products that are made from petroleum. And so I go has been eyeing plant fibers recycled bottles. And they WANNA they want to get away from that petroleum-based origin namely they wanna get away from ABS plastic which they've depended on? This is the kind of plastic finding computer keys and in many mobile vile phone cases. It's tough it's slightly elastic and it has a polished surface so it looks Nice Reba reba points out in this article that at the time of its publication Shen two thousand eighteen. Lego had already experimented with something like two hundred different alternatives to APS plastic and at that point nothing had really worked so a particular solution might be too brittle it might break. If it broke in some cases it might break into sharpened. Pieces is no good for a children's toy right. In other cases is it might be aesthetic. The colors wouldn't look right etc so the quest- continues a Lego apparently due to find a proper ABS plastic substitute something. That is more sustainable. That is less dependent on petroleum but it is another interesting thing to think about when it comes to toys toys that we make the toys that that we have as part of our childhood and then recreate again share with children. Our lives is that they they are made out of materials and we've talked a a lot about older toys that are made out of wood and so forth but so many of our toys in the modern age are made out of plastic. We'll get whatever kind of like large-scale or in maybe environmental final downsides you might point to. I mean it's it's clear why plastics so dominant in the market. I mean has it undeniable material benefits for especially the kinds of uses. You you want in a children's toy it's easy to form and two different shapes and mass produced like that. It's relatively safe. Yeah it it makes. It really has made aid lego possible. Yeah go back to that. woodworkers origin It was it was not really possible to make an interlocking brick works as well as a plastic brick with with with materials. Oh man trying to imagine wooden legos. I wonder if somebody's out there doing that. Somebody's UH passion craft. Yeah I mean I guess I could be completely wrong here. But I'm guessing you could make some form of Metal Lego but that also it doesn't sound like a great idea man you think stepping on the plastic ones bad with you step on the other Steel Steel Lego. All right we're going to move onto another toy. Foia here this next. One is not going to be as much of an in-depth discussion but I decided to look into the origin of a toy that I don't know of anyone feel anybody feels particularly strongly about in a positive manner but I'm talking about the cymbal banging monkey mechanical I toy it I guess it is if the Jack in the box is a toy than the cymbal banging monkey is I think of it as a prop in a horror film. Yeah mainly what it does these days so I'm sure everyone's familiar with it. It is a chimpanzee generally in a setting or squatting position it is wearing some sort of baby clothing generally creepy. It has a pair of cymbals which crashes together over and over again mechanically Sometimes there's you know there's movement to the is is into the like the teeth and its is generally have this kind of like red rimmed appearance to them that makes it look like it is completely insane. It has the devil inside it. Yes yes yes I was looking into. Where did this come from? And basically it seems to go back to the idea of organ. Grinders okay okay. Somebody a street musician. Essentially with a performing monkey that may be dressed in small clothing. You know doll clothing or children's clothing. Maybe aby brandishing some sort of an instrument and it's all about amusing people and getting them to give you some money for the amusement and then this would be the mechanical version of of it and I've seen traced back to the musical jolly chimp created by the Japanese company dashing. CK In the nineteen fifties but then with additional versions popping up in Japan as well and making their way to the US and other markets again with a number of different names but generally revolving around the fact that that you have a clashing mechanical noise and the likeness of chip and indeed especially with those red is they. They often provoke a sense of uneasiness. Nisa they summoned both the spirit of the bestial chimp and the idea of just mindless automated behavior. Right there's not a lot of variation Asian. The the chimp is not a music box. It is not playing a song it is just clashing cymbals and And it it has shown up in a number of different Har- properties. The best example is probably nobly this the nineteen eighty short story by Stephen King titled the Monkey. Remember this one. Yeah the the basic idea here is that there's this cursed toy symbol oh monkey and every time it clashes symbol. Somebody dies. Yeah Yeah Yeah I remember. This was the climax involve. Somebody like trying to go out out on a lake to throw it in the bottom trying to get away from it but without without raising the suspicions of the Monkey. this this story again came out in nineteen eighteen. Eighty it was published in a magazine called Gallery which I believe with some sort of fine art magazine okay. knob kid is a magazine but most of US probably really most of US probably know it from a revised version that was featured in nineteen eighty five skeleton crew. which was one of Stephen King's great Short story collections of the day Another source that some some people may be remember remembering the story from a nineteen eighty four film titled The Devil's Gift which tells the exact opposite premature. Exactly the same story as the king a short story but without any attribution to Stephen King and most of us know it from the eighty three K.. Rift Merlin's shop of mystical wonders remember the features and edited down a cut of this bill. That like it ends up catching people on fire and stuff. Jeff Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's it's it's terrible but also good and also creepy. There's something about this monkey. That is legitimately creepy. And I should also point out. Stephen King Skeleton Crew True First Edition in many editions came out. Afterwards that collection had the cymbal banging monkey on the cover and that's all I've got on the symbol banking. Monkey okay I mean maybe maybe deep story how deep story maybe somewhere out there. In the world we have listeners who know a deeper tale of the monkey and perhaps even dare to share it with US providing that the dark simple cleaning monkeys will allow you to without sliding with their satanic power. All right on that note. We're gonNA take another break. But when we come back we will discuss paper doll theaters and Some cartoon transformations all right. So of course sponsored today is see by GE lighting. I have not made the smart homes. which yet Robert? I'm wondering if you can sell me on it Yeah I can give it a shot right. I mean you're definitely not alone but once you realize just how insanely simple it can make your life is hard to justify not switching. 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The Beth's fear is very good choice but it's hard to get your own spacecraft or bathysphere. True I've tried you can't and that's why why we should consider as an alternative the twenty twenty four to explore completely redesigned and it might just be the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. That's right the twenty twenty four to explore will take you into territory that maybe charted but hardly conquered such is the tangled interstates of Atlanta or la or the winding country. Roads that sprawl all between your home and your next vacation destination. Yeah I mean we've all had that experience right where you set off on a road trip and between point A. and point B. Things can get a little tangled. Things can get a little gravelly and I. It's good to have a dependable vehicle. underneath you those moments I just recently when I was it's New Mexico this past year took a shortcut or at least in showed up on. The maps is a possible shortcut. There was not a recommended route Certainly through some kind of bumpy be ranchland. I mean it was. It was a great experience exploring through there. But I kind of wish I'd had a vehicle. That was better made for it. Yeah I had a similar experience in Arizona Arizona as well where suddenly you're just you're on the gravel and it's beautiful but you do feel secure in knowing that you have have equality vehicle underneath you such as Sir Twenty twenty four and explorer plus one with with the room with the space the cargo space to haul back the goods if you happen to be just running to the grocery every store across your own hometown or you need to grab a few sheep or cattle from the ranch land. Well I guess so. As long as you're authorized to do so the all new twenty twenty four explore explore the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. All right we're back okay. It seems like we're doing paper dolls. Now Yeah I wasn't really expecting acting to talk about paper dolls because I don't have a lot of nostalgia for them Like some some toys you know they tend to have sort of gingered marketing uh-huh and I don't think I was I was ever like they were never really marketed for me or purchase for me when I was a child Oh I should've brought up that earlier. There's actually one one unmentioned in Hewitt's paper about blocks. There's some egregiously gendered marketing in the history of of blocks like advertising block says for the boy construct door just obviously girls like playing with blocks to yeah. I mean I think the gender targeting on toys tends to the dumb but especially with with blocks if there is ever a truly gender neutral toy blocks because it's not like physics is actually. It's part of the human experience. So don't you know when a girl makes the tower of things it just can't fall over yes this ridiculous thickness So yeah with paper dolls. I don't have a lot of. I remember my sister's at them and I think I would check them out from time to time and they were neat. You know especially when you get into costume changes on them mm-hmm but I found an interesting right up on paper doll theaters in particular. And so that's mainly what I wanNA talk about here. But the paper dolls in enough themselves our selves can be pretty cool. Also if you expand that a little bit and think also of things made out of Cardboard Cardboard cutouts of folded paper that that is used to create some sort of likeness of creature or being but of course for to have these different types of toys. You House have paper I right now. He's paper itself has been with this for a long time since at least the second century BC in China Spreading more broadly through the Middle East and Europe in the thirteenth century. And we'll have to come back into a full. Invention snap is just on paper itself because it has a fascinating history totally but but of course it proved extremely important for the conveyance of written language it also was something of a value treated as such for instance in western traditions. We see it in the value of books in the reuse of parchment. Oh yeah that's one thing that people often and don't understand when dealing with like archaeology today it's like. Why do we have all these old documents? Where people would like right of something on top of something else? That doesn't make any sense. It does if you consider the writing media stuff you'd be writing on was like expensive and hard to come by. I mean we live in a day of very disposable paper day when for instance my son can come in and just he he can just go up to the printer. Grab a stack of blank sheets and to start drawing dinosaurs. The time was when that would be completely Unacceptable and paper is not play thing. Paper is in some cases. Paper was sacred. I mean paper was used in in various rituals and ceremonies. We we see that in eastern examples especially there was there was something sacred about it was a place where you put the written word for example And then of course in the East we Z.. Origami arising you know an art form that is about creating a three dimensional entities humanoid or animal or otherwise out of paper and these date back to a around eight hundred. See we also see traditions of paper puppetry in Asia which also resonates with the sacred because puppetry at heart is is a kind of magic to imbue created likenesses with the animation of life and in then to use these animations to tell stories and so we come back to the idea of European in paper dolls which seemed to have popped up in the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth century becoming basically widely more available and popular is paper itself became more affordable affordable. Because that's a key fit for there to be you know toys made out of paper and then for there to be widespread toys made out of paper. You've got to get the price point down. Sure so so as reading an article by a million for J. Store daily titled Paper Theaters the Home Entertainment of yesteryear. Oh boy and it discussed Another detail of paper. It all history that I I think I was largely unaware of. I'm pretty sure I'd seen some reprinted paper theaters Atlanta Zone Center for puppetry arts. I didn't really appreciate what what I was looking at. And and realize that this is essentially an an entire puppetry art form that was very popular one point so basically during the eighteen hundreds live theater was the was you know was was all. The rage is extremely popular in Europe especially in England it was the TV TV in the nineteenth century. If you wanted to see a story if you wanted to watch your stories you needed to go watch someone present them to you on stage but you had to leave the house life. True in. We'll get to a way around that but but yet performance was huge. South writes that theatergoers. At the time rebelled rebelled against the covent garden theatre over high ticket prices by ringing bells during the show to disturb the actors and by bringing live pigs to the theater. which is fabulous? This gives me some ideas. I think that we can all use in dealing with say the likes of ticketmaster and so forth okay. You don't like those high prices if you don't like the scalpers coming in when it for everybody bring a bring a live pagans some bells to the next concert. So you also had people attending unlicensed and illegal theaters that were called blood tubs To feed their need for live performance. People could not get enough of it. Where why were? They called blood tubs dubs. We have any idea. I think they were just considered potentially dangerous and or violent. Imagine going to an unlicensed. The new for I'm thinking like a hard rock concert puck at all and Some of the complications that could ensue punk house shows can get kind of rough but then there was the the home version often for children paper theaters. And you could at the time you could buy them colored or uncultured for a manner of sense and then you could. They would give you everything you need for a for a standup miniature performance. You'd have a stage. A set character striking dramatic poses. And you'd you'd you'd have to cut them out and then stand them up and of course it would also come with. The script edited so the child could handle it if there was something the body and there would be removed amazing so like instead of going to the store and like buying a DVD and you could buy a set to do a paper BURP. Puppet play that comes with a script that tells you what to do. Yeah which is an amazing especially again think of a time when you didn't have. DVD's you didn't have VHS S. and you weren't able to just catch the movie again on television later this might be the way to to re experience it right in a way. It's very much like the like like a novelization of the film except More physical and requiring your direct interaction to put on the performance. Yeah and so they were very popular And according to soft they likely led to imagination. Play as well much like Legos. In this regard I'd wager. You know run one run it through once maybe with the script and then maybe you do a sequel to. I don't know much ado about nothing much to do about nothing to the revenge right. Yeah I I is tragedy and then his his comedy. Yeah now the price by the way you know manner of sense. It's actually referencing the title of a Robert Louis Stevenson Essay about out their appeal where he's kind of waxing nostalgic about his His love of these when he was a child is called. Penny Plain twopence colored because the the the a plain version of everything was cheaper. And if you've got it already colored in you'd have to pay a little bit more. Oh Okay Stevenson. I was looking at this original pace. I looked it up. It's available bailable online. If you just do a search for that title and Robert Louis Stevenson. He writes about the joy of coloring. The pages himself that sometimes you'd get the colored version an for the extra sent but it would just it would feel wrong. He would feel like he was cheating and he would You know he'd stated performance with the paper her figures but then he would end up studying the contents of the script booklet a lot obsessively and his parents would not necessarily understand. I'm like why he wasn't playing with it anymore and he's like Oh. It's like a big meal that I've consumed already conceded. I can't I can't do it again. Mom and Dad. You don't understand the the level of energy and putting into this This paper theater. Wow South also points out that Goethe's son August would put on shows in a paper theater and it quote the family cat always served as one of the performance of getting in there and Swat and that the sure they would love that. So soft concludes quote. The the magic of the paper theater was not that it allowed children's replicate a beloved play in their home it was that it provided them with the raw materials. Either to copy or create the eight to follow or subvert as they saw fit so it gave a forecast and setting of physical representations for imagination play and in some some cases. I imagined it made you know is such an array possible. Given that some children you know many children even would not have had access to say a toy story four s cast. If material character. She would like a toy chest of animals and people representations. They're off with which to do. Do this kind of imagination play but one of these sets for Amir Penny. You would have good guys and bad guys in a setting everything you need in the script. I mean that's a huge part of it. I mean I think about how actually this is seeming so weird to me but at the same time like well. It's sort of what I did with my action figures like I'd you know when I played with the like Jurassic Park action figures or whatever I could like have them sort of put on a play. Yeah another thing that I read. was that The people like Mr Bergman and Orson welles would use toy theatres to stage things out In miniature for actual for actual performances or productions awesome. So you know this in itself to it's just a useful exercise to be able to create in miniature what you may one day create in real life as an actual theatrical production or cinematic production. These were these were super popular for for quite a while now among other things television help to decrease the appeal of these paper theaters toy via in general but they live on to this day sometimes in nostalgic form an old toy kind of form but then you also see them utilized As a as a true craft by some individuals or even as a performance artist even as a way of performing through through a type of puppetry. Well I feel like I wanna get one of these things. Yeah I again. I have seen them for sale. Or Rep you have seen updated versions of them for sale at say center for puppetry arts so next time I'm going to have to check it out. Maybe they make a Jurassic Park paper puppet set it would be great. Actually you know just think of it instead of buying all these big pieces of plastic or building legos. Or what have you Building things for the dinosaurs to knock down out of bricks and blocks. What have you in paper perform? You can have everything you could have all the major dinosaurs all the major players. You can even have WHO's the lawyer in the first part Genaro or what. The actor's actor's name either one you can have that guy and you can even rhythm in half even comes into to peace that's right. Yeah very easy to dismember paper. Puppets there you go. You know what I'd do. What's that flip the script? Then you have dinosaurs make a park with humans and the humans get loose as you go see. This is exactly like it allows you to to make all the changes all the alterations that you you might be inspired to to to create now Robert. You promised me that we would end up talking about some kind of cartoon transformation. What's the deal here all right? Yeah I have one final thing that you had to talk about here and it's something that I I never thought that I would would really come on the show. I'm GonNa what I'M GONNA do. Here's I'm going to list. Several different Japanese cartoon characters may were indeed each of them made into some sort of toy. And I want you to figure out what they have in common. Okay you have memory ever living from thunder cats you remember. I actually never watched. Okay so mom raw is like an old decrepit money like kind of a cat person mummy. Okay and then at a certain point in the show. He's going to have to battle so he has to transform into Moma the ever living. which is this big like super muscular muscular cat creature with sort of thal Sadoun ask Egyptian inspired garb? It's like in the Steven Summers mummy movies. When the the skeleton critter turns into Arnold Vosloo very similar I imagine they might have even been inspired by another example? Mon Star Silver Hawks this was a villain in a Sifi sort of counterpart to thunder cats. That of course we had voltron definitely remember Voltron and then then you had sailor moon aware of it but I never watched it. Okay so what are they all have in common. Well I know the answer because I can see your notes but I haven't I don't know if I would've gotten it otherwise clearly now that I know the answer it's the they all have like a scene where they go like power up and then they transform into their their higher higher form. That's right. Yeah lengthy transformation scenes a again. I I was not all these properties. I don't think I've ever watched sailor moon and probably you know that gets into a gendered marketing. I'm sure but I was a big thunder. Cats voltron fan growing up. I would catch silver hawks when it was on. I always founded like a little weird. It was it was it was true magic thunder cats but these were fun shows and yes the transformation scenes were awesome and they sometimes would would would use like a full transformation. Sometimes they would use a shorter version of it seemingly depending on how much you know how much they pad out the episode right because because that really always seem seem to have been key here right because it's a great way to pat out an animated series especially when you consider a show like thunder cats which went four seasons one hundred and thirty. The episodes silver hawks only went one season and it still had sixty five episodes. So they're really turning these puppies out. Yeah but you film a transformation seeing basically basically just use the same one every time you can bank generally most of these were looking at. You're talking twenty seconds. which maybe doesn't seem about lot when you but when you get into the cost of animation etc it makes a difference? It's it's called the bank method. Apparently by the way sailor moon five seasons two hundred episodes. Yeah well so yes on one hand you can look at and say well. This is a good way to to to fill up an episode. Just have have twenty seconds or so that you can depend on not counting the intro. Oh and the altro to the episode which are already going to be pretty stationary. I was looking at J. Store daily again and I ran across a post titled Selling Toys with the sailor moon transformation sequence and this was very insightful and they may think about this in a new way this is by Jacqueline Manzke in October of two thousand nineteen and it was largely the Look at the work of Kameda Saito in the Journal of Asian Studies. Okay the the this all points out that the transformation scenes things like the the ones we've discussed more specifically like the one in sailor moon are are more than we might imagine. They are so in sailor moon. We have a normal Japanese any school girl girl and she transforms into the pretty guardian sailor. Moon Pretty Guardian. Yes and apparently this was like a standard part of Magical Agricole girl animation prior to say their moon and one presumes that you know it connects to the transformations in the thunder cats and voltron shows again just sort of like a different league league gendered version of the same thing dates back at least to the nineteen eighty two animated series minky Momo which was a magical princess a show that featured a standard twenty three second transformation scene by the time sailor moon comes around though they get that transformation scene up to forty seconds. Wow Wow this is interesting. You've got this. You know animation production padding technique that is being used over and over and all these different series to make the cartoon production more affordable. But how does this connect to toys right. This is what the Saito has to write about it. She says quote although the technique reusing cells in multiple episodes was not a new concept concert in itself Momo by which he means minky Momo from eighty to successfully incorporated the well exploited robot anime bank method in which which mechanical parts are captured the cameras dynamic tracking motion for the maximum effect of promoting the target merchandise. So in other other words if I'm understanding this correctly it's You ever seen these scenes where he's like the showroom for an automobile. Oh Yeah it's on this circular stage that's revolving evolving and all. The fancy lights are on it to just give you this three sixty fabulous Non Stop View of just how wonderful this vehicle is from every free angle. It's like the character creation screen and a wrestling video game. Exactly let you rotate to every angle. You know inspect the feed all all that stuff right so if I'm understanding this correctly the argument is that that is what this is a yes it did yes. It's part of each story there. It's part of the imagine a new element of the of the tale But so like you're trying to sell voltron action figures sailor moon action figures and this allows does you to do that within every episode of the show to have like a merchandise showoff segment that gives you lots of different angles and stuff to examine the toy. Roy that you want to buy so much does is twenty second transformation scene. I think I tried to clock it. I think it's like twenty three seconds off and And you look at it and you're like man memorize amazing. The central one of the show is the best and I simply must own the toy and I did on the toy of mom row like I remember. I didn't connect the two. But it's like I had to have I had. I had none of the other thunder cats but I had to have mom Ryan. Yeah probably would have Gotten Mon Mon star as well but I couldn't really move my eight year old funds around enough to make it happen but this is a couldn't get an injection action of capital for the right. Yeah but I think this is a really fascinating take on on on it. I mean obviously we know that if there is a cartoon that has has a toy line and sometimes the cartoon comes first. Sometimes the toy line comes first. Sometimes they're part of the same effort we know on some level that cartoon is about selling the toys choice. Oh yeah that's totally. The case was transformers right. The cartoon was there to sell the toy is not really considered something about the transformation scene. About how this this might be a key tool in the toy makers the toy marketers toolbox. Well that's funny because now that I'm thinking of transformers of course Doug Uh I mean also extended transformations. Yeah Yeah you see this once you sort of clued into this idea you see it in so many shows the transformers transformers Even some shows that are perhaps not cartoons. I guess in power Rangers stuff had to come together. Some sort of transformation had to happen It becomes and part of this too is it becomes a trope of such shows right because a thing that people expect and they get excited about and maybe to a certain extent the creators don't even realize the the ways that it can be used that it has this this marketing effect as well. Yeah this is really interesting. I've never considered this before now again. I I only have personal some experience with With mom raw and Mon Star and Voltron but I would love to hear from anyone out there who can really speak to sailor moon and some of these other there. Princess transformation shows in and provide a little insight on this. You know now that I'm thinking about it actually have come across other examples of this. Where like specifically sin- ah like cinema techniques being used to emphasize toy a selling aspects of the main example? I'm thinking of are in a Batman movies. Movies like in the in the second Joel Schumacher Batman Movie Batman and Robin from. I guess it was the late ninety. s Oh yeah I remember. There's all this talk after. The film came out about how the film had been shaped by the need to market toys that would be sold in conjunction with the film So would like yeah. You know to to emphasize The Bat vehicles and stuff in certain ways that would make it they thought more appealing for toy market. Yeah absolutely absolutely You know I I. I don't know if I ever saw that one all the way through. But but even there earlier Batman movies I mean clearly you gotTa move some bat mobiles and so it featured the batmobile prominently but then again would it be Batman film of it didn't have a batmobile in it it becomes kind of hard to To to pull these elements apart again. Right I've been trying to think of like an Arnold Schwarzenegger Price Ice Pun. It didn't didn't come together right. There was such hilarious and awful casting as says mister free. It's one of the all time greats. Yeah because I remember. Even at the time I was already I was always Mr freeze fan even like the really crappy. He Mr Freeze that you version that you had in the old Adam West Series I was still getting cited for him when he was on the screen. Oh I didn't know no that I remember. He was always so scary and tragic in the animated. He's wonderful in the animated series that I fell in love with him again fell in love with him a new and when that came out. And then here comes arnold. And you're like who did this. Like who so completely missed missed the mark on what this character is and what they should be cinematic automatically but a lot of toys the as true and it is at least comedic noteworthy all right so there you have it. I think this is good. I think we're going to close the toy bag for the year. It's been a heck of a hall. It has obviously there were tons of toys. We did not get too but we can always come back in the future future especially if these are popular and then of course we're going to cover more adventure inventions in the new year. We'd love to hear from everyone out there. What do you want to hear about what technologies what what specific inventions? Big Invention small inventions really. I would love to hear from everyone regarding like what you like about the show. If you if you like invention of review one invention to keep going what sort of topics and content are you finding the most engaging you like multi episodes that deal with something bigger like photography talk graffiti. Do you like self contained episodes that are looking at a singular invention. You like grab bag episodes like these toy episodes. Just I love to know what you think as a listener in the meantime if you want to check out other episodes You can find his wherever you get your podcast. You can go to invention pod dot com and that'll take you you too are to a page for us and Yeah wherever you get the show just make sure you rate and review. That is a great way to support. The show. Also subscribe that way. You'll always get new episodes when they arrive huge. Thanks as always to our excellent audio producer. Seth Nicholas Johnson. If you'd like to get in touch with us with feedback on this episode or any other suggested topic for the future just to say hello you can email us at contact at invention pod dot com. Invention is production of I. Heart radio for more podcasts. From iheartradio is the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Finding the right pros for home. Projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions. Like how do I find a pro. Who can help will? 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The Complete Guide to Everything

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"This is a head gum. PODCAST and everything apply Gasman everything. I'm one of your time and Tim. Tim How're you doing this week Tom. I'm hungry angry and he didn't eat dinner. I forgot about dinner. We're at my home right now. We're not at the HEGGEM CDs this week. Now they're fumigating We were told they've got one of those big fumigation tents over We snuck in and got very sick. Yeah I was GONNA say. They were fumigated and they didn't tell us. Just like not. Just go in and wait for yeah does go at the normal time if they were trying to give the Maria in the gang. We're trying to kill US rather kick us off the network. We're dumb re. We could just show up there and they'd be like Oh we got Like like cupcakes. Today we put a giant plate of nachos with rat poison. Yeah and just also pump in some uh-huh poison gas within the hour. Yeah carbon monoxide. I don't WanNA get dark here. There's a bad thing thing that they should they should try to. They do try and minimize it. Yeah but it's it's it's a bummer. Yeah I guess one of the reasons and why I welcome. Electric cars no carbon monoxide. Yeah people can't accidentally leave their car running in their garage garage that's connected to their your home right and Fall Asleep and wake up. Yeah bad stuff get a carbon monoxide attack. Whenever I'm sleeping a message from the complete guide everything yeah whenever I'm in a new place like sleeping in a hotel. Yeah or an AIRBNB or something. I'm always like fifty percent chance. Get a portable carbon monoxide detector. That's like battery operated. I guess that's what many carbon monoxide detectors that people have in their home even our Oh Yeah Yeah but they make special ones for like camping and stuff that is specially made for like if you have a tent that he can like Put little oven in or something or start a fire in that. You D take one of these with you so that you know you don't get carbon monoxide poisoning. That would be eighty one of my tools that would choose to bring votes on the television program alone. I know that program. Oh it's Great Tom. You'll love it. It's not naked and I know naked. Scared negative freed sneak it in scared. I don't think so. I don't know whatever their naked and sometimes sometimes they can show their butts and sometimes they can't but on cable on basic cable should be point has become like the word Shit. There's like all of a sudden somebody decided shit isn't a curse lights on. TBS and you can show butts. Yeah it's like if if I were thirteen in there again and there were a cable channel where they said Shit and showed butts of. Never throw my remote in the ocean because I found on the channel. I'm want yeah but kids. These days are like that is team compared to repeal that. I'm watching when I get home from school on. The computer taught by parents bought L.. No on the phone. I'm watching this. I'm watching this in math class. I'm watching the things that would make you throw up. Yeah it'd make us throw up. If anyone of our grandparents had caught a glimpse of it they would have died and any point in their lives. Lives progress is a wonderful thing humanities disgusted. Well Tim I would have offered you some food if you had brought this Our I'm not GonNa go through all the food roles. I can make a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich at during the break. That's great on ironically. Really telling you make you one. I love a peanut butter and Jelly. San Hey Mike I make a mean one. I've got some fresh bread today. Nice reviews pita butter for the NYC regular bread. What kind of bread? A honey wheat got some grape jelly uh-huh and some Natural chunky peanut butter. Okay you know what I was. Never a chunky man growing up. Now now I'm into it. Yeah Yeah you have gotten chunky lately. Nothing wrong that no of course on WANNA make sure you're not letting yourself cow we need you know. I think I'm trying to get in better shape. Tom Good. That's what we'd like to hear. Yeah Tim I had a good week. I went to Broadway this week. The great white way the Great White Way. Is that why you went there. No I went there to see a play. I two plays as a matter. Of fact he is Broadway anymore. Comes back every once. It's in a while we talk about. We talk about Broadway on this show more than I would have expected. Yeah love Broadway. Yeah such a fun thing doing plays so much. Yeah you like musical. Yeah put on a show for Chrissakes yet. Wow me even bad musicals. I've gone to still fun. Yeah so bad Broadway music right right to be anything. Nothing but a bad broadway musical there at the very least can have like some of the most talented singers and dancers. You've ever seen your life involved sack. The songs might be terrible. But who cares we King Kong on Broadway. I don't remember one note of one song right but they were Dallas. Yeah UH Tapping my foot in the moment. Maybe in King Kong was a real monster. There was on Stage Jab. It wasn't real. It was a stage effect. I went to see see Harry Potter and the Curse Child One and part two by J. K.. Rowling yeah who you said you respect everything. In all opinion. She's ever now. No I think she has a lot of questionable opinions nowadays right Yeah which ones specifically typically what are you trying to like. It's fine. I know look you went INSA. This is probably cheaper. She's been canceled now. It was the same price you and like even if jk rowling gets completely cancelled. She's she's a billionaire she's fine. Thank God for that right. Although I will say this I do like that make awesome. Damn Tim Stop. I like the fact that she has retained the rights to her creation. Yeah and and is able to do so like I went to the show and for people that don't know it's two parts and they're two separate tickets you have after by See you don't necessarily have to see the two parts back to back now. What are they part? One and part two that's how they do it I happened to go go. They do part one and part two the same day on some days And then they do part one one night part to the next night some mm days so yeah generally Wednesday Saturday and Sunday Broadway work. I don't know this Linda Dark Monday. Yeah but Harry Potter someone like Harry. Hamlin dies Harry Potter has off Monday and Tuesday Tuesday lazy well because they have to do freaking eight shows a week so does everybody else. They don't not eight. What do you mean maybe eight? Now I thought matinees rolling on Saturdays no Wednesday matinees. You didn't hear about it. I didn't hear about it but anyway way a schedule when I when you think that's going to bring out I hit was Broadway dot com. Yeah of course they're not like anything like slash anything. Just choose Google like we don't know what to tell you start right here but When I was like in line for water at one point They I put the Water Fountain all the way in the Dang basement to you know really. Try to dissuade you from getting free water by like a nine dollar water from them uh-huh This guy was in front of me in line. He was like I wonder if If Warner Brothers had he put hooded if Warner Brothers supported this if water if one brother sponsored this Mike First off ordering brother says and sponsor being sweet this is just a man just a man in line for water he's talking about sponsoring the play. Yeah okay some yokel here on vacation. Yeah probably let me talk like a big shot. Let me name a Hollywood studio. Yeah Yeah and I'm just thinking like these. These are books verse man now Warner Brothers. At least as far as I know is not sponsoring. They don't sponsor they may be sponsor like a softball team but they don't sponsor plays put on by billionaires. Did you mean like invest in it. I think that much of the intellectual property are they right if a production is mounted with like visual elements mint. Do they have a piece of it. Yeah which is curious because like they're definitely part in the play where they are are obviously taking huge inspiration from the movie. Were you might be able to say. Oh yeah that character. They said they had this way of talking. And they look like this but then that character pops up on stage and you're like oh no that's somebody's doing the character from one hundred percent. Ivette Warner Brothers. Says some has their finger. Maybe the ACCO WACKO DOT. Yeah let me tell you though people in these Broadway shows this tim I long for the day when people would dress up in the Sunday. Finest what did you wear. I wore jeans jeans. I wore a nice shoes dress. Shoes dress you penny loafers. Yeah and I wore a black black button-down shirt tucked it in. Wow I never took my shirts in I know and I tucked this evening. Yeah there's is two things you don't do Tuck your shirt and And center any kind of Anything that comes out of your mouth like slurs or curse slurs stop frigging. This podcast doesn't exist for you to slander me every week. Let let you fight back. Maybe I will or are you putting out there like well you know. If if I was wrong he would assume me by. That's we need the. Yeah I see you like to see you. But they're naughty. I'll be honest. I didn't see that many problems with the way people were dressing. Mostly because it's cold in New York City right now so it's a Harry Potter thing. It's not I'll tell you. There were a lot of kids wearing cloaks really. Yeah that shouldn't be allowed and then also a singing like this funny. Because it's you know a Broadway theater and they have a cloakroom. Did any of the kids channel now and I'm just thinking you know if there's any play you would wanna wear a cloak during it would be this play where the people onstage are often wearing cloaks theat now. I know this is a dumb question because this was a book in movie. The series for kids was your enjoyment of the play diminished at all by the fact that there were a bunch of kids. Is there no not at all. There weren't any kids seated near me. Okay kids ruin everything. Yeah I mean I can't so the between like this is four kids. It's like the spongebob movie. And all these kids in the theater but between the two parts it's five hours and fifteen minutes long right and that's not including colluding intermissions and the time in between parts one in part to worth like two and a half hours you have to go get dinner or whatever. Where'd you get dinner? A place called. I forget what it was called. Donald's no it was like an American pub type the Gastro Pub Wendy's so I can't imagine a kid. I was thinking the whole time. Kids aren't going to do it in one day. Right the kids. Do you think the parents take them to one. He's like shame on you J. K. Rowling For being like. Oh yeah no we're GONNA make everybody by Two tickets to two plays because I think especially complete assists for for the Harry Potter leary's and and And and it's kids kids don't care do you think a lot of parents like buying them tickets to part one and that was it now now is. I'm not giving any spoilers part one ends on like a very Like dark cliffhanger note so it's like you read rabble like well that was part of that was book Ada Perry Potter and it ended horribly forever. Genius that is rowling was just like well if if parents tried to pass off the first one yeah as as the end as their kids are GONNA be traumatized. So they'll have to come back. I'll tell you something and I won't give you. Who Am I gonNA say spoilers but something happens at the end of part one that changes the merch? They have when you leave. What which is pretty neat need frigging and how do you need? And I almost bought like a shirt because I was like. Oh I bet like this obviously GonNa get undone on during part to maybe they only sell this merch during the break just by because what if I want it later. And there's no other option Harry Potter. Volya they were selling later. They just changed the signs when everything wound up our ad love to know what with the development is plot. Wise Is less things and on a very sour note. You know what we'll when I went into the woods when I was a child. My mom hated it. So much The at intermission she tried to tell me it was over. It was only like five years old this here commission like no we didn't they didn't say what happened to the wicked witch. Likes US yet. smarted me this. I was thinking the whole time not the whole time I was enjoying the show. But five hours and fifteen minutes and I'm thinking when I was a kid. My parents sic meet Thunder cats on ice. And I bet. In retrospect that show is thirty. Five minutes long. Yeah because who are you hurting if you make that thirty five minutes. I'm GONNA love Pasta. Awesome Yeah Yeah you're GonNa love it just as much thirty five minutes to a kid. They don't know the difference between sit there for two hours. Wash away no skate around. Yeah and your parents are probably like great. I didn't understand what the fuck was going on here. And guess what I get to go home now but that was also back when things are made solely for kids so there it doesn't matter if things make sense and like the characters can kinda look like the characters it's fine. Yeah I remember seeing the in sesame street live in feeling so this same thing that happened with sesame place so so ripped off when friggin grover comes out and it's a man in a full-size suit and drovers three times. The size is me a child and I thought Oh biggie. Grover is most the size of three year old human. Yeah put them behind a desk. Yeah just bring the frigging puppets you mix them. Puppets kids would like that a lot more pissed me off same thing when I went to assess we played says. This isn't sesame street. Yeah like big bird. Sure I buy it. He is that he has a real. The the the real big bird was awesome right but everybody else I wanNA seem in a garbage can or behind some kind of a fixture. Yeah he's in no need to reinvent the wheel sesame street live people. Use the Dang puppets that you have already. Well they're better than most. Yeah I mean these these thunder cats and Silver Hawks on silver silver hawks was like thunder cats but A different they were they were guys and and women that were like all silver outfits and they could fly in space. Why did they have so so much stuff on ice? Was it just because like we have these hockey arenas like I'm just like yeah we can Robert Arenas on the off season and for dirt cheap. Because they're not being used for anything else and we'll put on ice so we don't have to write a show we can just have somebody come out and do a few use skating tricks. I think that's my main problem with people who have nostalgia for their childhood. The things that they like the the media that they consume zoomed during childhood. Because it's all like you know what guys you shouldn't continue having this place in your heart for these properties ladies and things that were just devised by the most craven corporatists. We're just like what's the easiest way that we could sell shit. Two kids like that will cost us nothing that they will pay a premium for and then people are taking this into their thirties like no that was the pinnacle of human achievement. Nuts all these people try to to to bring back thunder cats on ice enough with your. They're trying to bring back thunder. Go to change Dot Org. There's so many petitions about it makes me sick well speaking of Nostalgia Tim. We're talking about something I I I know at least you have a lot of nostalgia for it's Great. You suggests that this topic you were very excited. Something that have suggested this for a while. I'm shocked we haven't done it. We've done a lot of things adjacent to it. Yeah McDonald Lane Yeah. How many people do you think listening to this show in Dome Look at the title and we always like reveal it listening to this on the radio the big secret? I hate that there are some podcast asset. I listened to that like act like you don't know who the guest is going to be hurt. And they build up this whole thing for five minutes and it's like I clicked clicked on a link on instagram where it was a picture of you in this guests. The listening this. Yeah Hey it's it hearkens back to the old days of old timey radio you never knew who is going to join little orphan. Annie right you didn't know In in the eighties on television who webster was going to encounter that week. Would it be Gregory hines. Would it be Patrick. Ewing was Patrick Ewing on. Yeah and he said in Webster said this in your eye hoop why the basketball hoop. The two of them next to each other must have been quite a sight yet webster was little. Yeah Patrick thanks very tall very tall. Yeah it was when webster was went off looking for is Birth Father Thought. Oh I see. It's like a joke that it was Patrick Hatrick. Viewing it wasn't really him. He just like right. Bye Bye go. Maybe a Tim. Obviously lifter was a kid right. He wasn't a kid didn't he was at the time he was a kid. Right in the early seasons right. There weren't that many seasons of webster things went Downhill Hill when they moved into that mansion with the DUB later although I love that I love it I loved it in theory yeah. I don't think they really did that. That much creative stuff with the dumb waiter I watched a new. Watch this too I know 'cause we talked about the movie ready or not and at one point a character highs in dumb waiter on a he asked five stars. Love some good dumb dumb waiter hijinks. I feel like they peaked in the eighties. I was watching an episode of cheers. Were there were some really good dumb. Waiter hijinks you'll see dumb waiters that much anymore and what happened. What technology replacement players lawyers in this economy? I think maybe it's just you know what it's not that much more convenient. Just go up the stairs with the meal you half the time. We put the meal in their falls down a shaft then. We can't get it out of there just sits there at the bottom rotting stinks up the whole mansion attention I went to a place with the dumb waiter recently. the James Beard House Yeah they didn't use the dumb waiter though Anyway we're GONNA lean heavily on. I was trying to think of a famous waiter that renew somehow to be like Oh to to make a joke. When you're like oh I went someplace with a dumb waiter and I'd be like Oh you went forward? James was there are famous waiter are are there any waiters in in pop Lake well-known pop culture now famous butlers and famous maids. But there aren't famous waiters. I I don't think yeah. They're famous way like the waiter and that money monty python sketch but like out these named NDER. At least people don't know his name right. There's Jennifer Aniston in office space right. Oh she was a waiter. She worked at a central perk. Great for more of a Barista. No she wasn't making the coffee she was bringing it out. Yeah but I wouldn't say that a coffee place has a awaited server. That coffee place was didn't follow any rules. Why did they have a a couch? That was facing a wall because there are other. You know what I take offense to people when they're like. Why does that happen? Why was their apartment so big New York? 'cause it's a Goddamn TV show and it would be depressing if they lived in an actual New York City apartment. You wouldn't WanNa Watch that. My life is depressing. uh-huh nobody wants to see this. No same thing Forget it it's it's like the I understand understand what you're saying is that coffeeshops don't have waiters which I agree with. They have Baristas in the Baristas. Sometimes bring a thing out but but I think in the messed up friends world where everybody had huge apartment. She was simply a waiter will yes she did not make the coffee. was dead aims job. Yeah but investor concert. You've gone yeah If you said Oh the famous pop culture waiter waitress Rachel Green people be like no. She worked in fashion later but like for much more significant period of time. She was just part of the wait staff while she's figuring out her life like yes me. If I knew a famous pop culture waiter waitress Atroush. I gave that as the best answer I can think of and spare than anything you came up. It was a character in office. Space right off. Aw Yeah 'cause. She began and ended as a waiter waitress at Shenanigans. Something like that. Yeah I think so. I don't think so. It wasn't shenanigans. I think you miss remember so many things. I don't naked and afraid anyway. Tim McDonald land this week. Yeah what is McDonald. Land for the late. And I'm going to the non-citizen I'm going to rely a lot on McDonald's stuff fandom dot com right your home page. Yeah because they have a really good a really great rundown and I recommend it but also It's it's so annoying. Being the color scheme next so hard to read is like back in the early days of the Internet where people can't see it but it's like black text on red. Yeah like dark red background remember when there was like dark black or black background with neon green writing in the early days of the web. That's that's how I work. Oh no I'm thinking I'm thinking of the terminal or what ever know but when I write right of course I mean the Tom Hanks movie when I write. That's my full screen mode. It's it's a green tax on. Yeah I feel like it's easier on my is is to have a black bag. Have a black background. And it's like well. I know all white tax so the Green Tech's makes me feel like I'm in the Matrix Some of this might surprise you Tom. Yeah I doubt it McDonald land and this is according to fandom dot dot com. I don't think this is copyrighted. Because it's a wicky sure. Sure sure you gave credit giving credit. I LOVE PHANTOM DOT com. All you have to do on the Internet is say no. Copyright Infringement intended attended I do not have credit. That's oddly seems to work on Youtube Right. No I mean they they they have just robots YouTube McDonald land is a fantasy world. That shocked used in a large collection of McDonald's commercials from one thousand nine hundred seventy. It was science fiction but fantasy from nineteen seventy one to two thousand and three three. It's over it's dead. It's never over being always bring it back. They're going to bring that shit back. The Lost City of Atlantis featuring featuring it's been gone for seventeen goddamn years tom not in my heart featuring a magical world setting inhabited by many quirky characters ears now what was so magical badges the beings. Yeah the being set by the biology didn't make sense. Hamburgers grew on trees. God can can you imagine I think Birdie in the hamburglar were an item so like that's unholy. It always seem like that. Yeah Ryan some. I have some really surprising and information about Birdie so anyway this was a given when I was a kid that Macdonald Donald Land was just like. That's why I wanted to go to McDonald's because of these goddamn characters right suckered as same with the puppets yet the and the costume masks. They were more like costume characters. Than puppets like the MICA. Well the FRY guys warrant are yeah. They were marrying. That's maybe Yeah something like that and the the little mcnuggets guys were little pop right. Yeah they were like the users and Yeah I didn't like when they made the fragrance food the characters even as a kid that skeeve me out eat this. Yeah and eat a sentient chicken can mcnugget. Yeah and then once. I learned that the chicken nuggets were actually made from from live chickens. That's kind of up to write right. That they've made a character They need characters that were in the nuggets. Chicken is a bunch of chickens are ground up into a nugget get and then somebody puts a consciousness into that exactly and then they sing songs on a commercial and then I eat that very confusing as a kid. It's confusing now. Yeah I keeps me up most nights and now it's time for an ad about ads. I WanNa talk to you about this new thing called gum ball new to you old hat to me me a platform that's looking to make the podcast. 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In seventeen years so obviously things aren't going that well there so in the seven Wendy's McDonalds is kind of scary. Everything in the seventy s with original miss piggy looks frigging in terrifying. Yeah they didn't know how to make children's characters look menacing. They feel like it took them a full wolf fifteen years to figure out the eyebrows on children's characters to not make them a nightmare fuel. Yeah I mean if you look at it's crazy it took this long because if you look at things nowadays you like a baby Yoder Pichu. You could no nothing about that character and see it and go. Oh yeah why. Why did they not do that? No wonder gen-x screwed right not caring about anything that the nightmares exactly just make things. MM Soft don't put sharp angles and things. Last kids arrays nightmares. Yeah no wonder they were just like. I don't feel anything. Take care about anything. I mean does a gauge with the world. The amount of things Kids things in the seventies frigging beady eyes alone. Yeah why did they think big is. That's what makes what makes things queue the original big bird. Looks like it's GonNa he's GonNa Peck Your goddamned damned is out. Yeah so what was scary about the McDonald's land characters in the seventies they all had a look like one of the main guys I was tunnel. Ramos Tunnel Flan was originally in Times Square. Nineteen seventy five square prefer the old MacDonald Lynn. There was a little dangerous juris. I when I was going to see Harry Potter on Broadway there was I. I always forget that there are still like a few. I think. Think like a pervert shops perverts source where they called peep peep thing. I think it had Booths you could go and rub going out into a video say that well. That's what you could do. I could say shit. Rub One out. Insure your next thin. Say It on the sign but that was you know it was like we have private booths and they didn't have live entertainment so it was like well. Why why am I gonNA buy? Why would I buy the DVD? Why am I gonNa go to a private booth? How because I'm on my lunch break and I need to see this right now? I mean you know. It's a throwback. It's what used to be nothing scarier than somebody that like. Look I don't WanNa get into somebody'll watches porn when they're not doing that. Somebody who just watches porn. Maybe they're into the library. They maybe were the of leads to an end. Maybe they are people who do do not feel a human connection to anybody and WANNA see You know they might be too shy. I say hello to somebody and just be like. Hey this is how things happen. MALTS nut no porn movies. How things happen? They don't take it from me. I've been a pizza deliveryman for last twenty years. Anyway the grimace grimace is a large purple. Okay we know grimace. Yeah he hangs out with some pretty nasty. I didn't think of that but yeah grimace originated from McDonald's land right that's where like all these characters actors came from hamburglar and everything. What do you think I mean? I don't know these people are sowing. They're not people correct myself but these characters are so ingrained arraigned in my psyche. That I don't think of them as having an origin I think of them is just always having been. Yeah well he major stab you in Nineteen seventy-one but you know it. His his name was evil. grimace yeah I remember. He had eyebrows. Yeah so like when you're like how is it sinister the grimace the lovable Google guy that we grew up with with evil evil grimace. In his first two appearances he had two pairs of arms deal and and Soda Oda Goro from Mortal Combat. The the last boss. Yeah In in the they did that and then there were like a year later. They're like Let's stop evil grimace in making him a villain in Heritz are having a dreg screaming kids. McDonald's and it's still two years after that that they're like like let's just give them one set of our on necessarily. Yeah so it went from a guy that like was was literally evil all things from children to well-meaning Simpleton Tom Hey you're not all that will mean you take exception of that well meaning Now is the implication that grimace an evil vol- grimace or two different things I think they if if you were to ask The McDonald land creators. They be like we don't remember. Yeah Evil grimaces. Who What Yeah? I should know Tom. And this is a this is a blind spot for me Because it also happened opened ten years before I was born. Yeah but SID in Mardi Kroft you know them the the brothers who started it no they the HR puffins HR. puffins Shit in the seamounts Batman. I know it each and are puff and stuff means it means puffing grasses Ziamon puff the Magic Dragon Rio but that's the stuff that really screwed up the Gen xers them not feel feelings that stuff to like. I watched a thing about like a documentary about marijuana recently and they were just clips from the Joe Rogan experience. But they were talking about. How like marijuana like sixties and seventies was like a hundred what it was now and it's just like oh you guys were dislike milking it then don't you guys even feel anything? Yeah you'd have to smoke an ounce of it. Yeah relax guys. Imagine Agean a world where everything wasn't so intense all the time. Imagine just imagine that yeah. I guess probably didn't need to be the most fucking extreme Democrat possibly be. Yeah I guess that probably makes sense. Probably didn't take as much like removed from reality back then so you know. Hr Puff and stuff like the the Yeah it's like a dragon or whatever it was like large puppets that would who you know Saturday morning cartoons stuff donald was like hey h hey sid and Marty Croft in greer's this help us develop this McDonald McDonald land thing. And they're like okay. Cool and then they did a bunch of working and then they're like we're not gonna go that way and then a year later introduced McDonald land which if you've ever seen HR puffins stuff. Who is a a mayor in in the the lure of that? Oh I didn't know that. It mayor mccheese the same goddamn character the McDonald's corporation this is something. Can you believe it. No that's that they're how many frigging I'm looking at HR HR puppet stuff webpage in. There is like a thousand characters. It looks like the Lord of the Rings Webpage. Yeah it's frigging It's the same thing as as McDonald. Oh he does look like you know. I'm thinking he was a dragon but no he looks like like mayor mccheese. You're just thinking drag and I'm thinking puff the Magic Dragon. Yeah exactly like puff. Puff Pass. Yeah you know what I mean. Man No He's got like a big wide hamburger had just like mayor mccheese. He's got a metal on them. I feel like mayor. mccheese may be had a metal. WE'LL MCDONALD's had to pay up to the tune. One of over one million dollars in seventies money and seventies mm-hmm. Yeah yeah that's that's a lot of money get for them. Yeah Ed probably bottle a shitty. We'd with that money. It's a lot of shitty weeded programming for children to smoke an entire tire bag of it to get a little bit is Do you know about Sunday. Yeah I know about Sunday payments the day God rested S. U. IN D. A. E. It's Ronald's dog. I don't know if I'm comfortable with this rallied. Paul had a dog. What happened to it? I don't well I think it depends. He was Portrayed by Verne Troyer in nineteen ninety eight the wacky adventures of Ronald McDonald. That's a mini. Me Yeah peace with us. Now No He died a couple of years ago. I believe it's a nice man. He did Moving on hamburglar. The man the man of the hour right. Hi The one. Everybody knows my favorite He was bad to the main guys. Besides was hamburglar originally regionally like a just a mugger like he didn't steal things when people have had their backs turned he'd like to get a knife and was like the hamburgers. No I think you. He was more kind of swiping. When people weren't looking right he was called the lone jogger? Why in in some nineteen seventies commercials white supporting shirt that said Lone jogger? He spoke gibberish. Which is fine? I feel like that was also the time when unlike a lot of joggers were getting murdered in parks and stuff yeah and he was the lone joxer. Yeah remember when they tried to make him sexy in the in the yeah sexy hamburglar. It didn't work. I didn't understand the vision. By is the end game. There were commercials where it was like he was a family man like he was grilling he was really burgers. which in terms of McDonald's marketing they should not let you know that you can make your own hamburgers right? If you show me the hamburglar heating up burgers he stole in a microwave. Sure yeah absolutely out stealing for awhile and the cold. Yeah that he took ground beef and form them into patties himself himself right and then grilled them up then what what is his. What does he burgling? Yeah Oh is he just shoplift from the just for the thrill. Yes probably but he's also got like kids will. Yeah because that implies a bunch of stuff like oh he got like maybe I'm married and had kids too two young and now he's like having a mid life crisis so he's shoplifting essentially to like get a little bit of a Thrill Zodiac killer presumably kids right if we're to. I believe that one guy. Yeah being so thought. His Dad was the Zodiac killer. You know that guy no. I don't Oh I think this guy wrote a a book. Yeah my Dad Zodiac killer like something like that and he's like Oh. I have reasonably my dad's of his dad's sue him like I might I see. Oh poor you. You're my co-host Zodiac killer. The Long Island. That's what I would say. Yeah it make more sense yeah. He was a lifeguard. He's always at the beach true. Yeah Yeah No. He knew those dunes like the back of his hand. The was I talk about the Zodiac killer and I was like oh I got to read this book with Zodiac Killer was GonNa be this guy's dad it wasn't like wasn't like Freddie Prinz. Junior wrote this book go. Oh you're dead Zodiac. Yeah I'm not going to be again. We've talked about this a lot of problem with the like. We're going to reveal who Jack The ripper was and we'll watch I'd watch as a kid thinking like Oh man if they say Sherlock Holmes was it William Shakespeare spiritedly. I think was alive around this. I'll be I'll be fine if you tell me. It was like the king at the time still like I probably the you'd be like it was it was King Henry the second now back all right. Well it was a king. I guess that's like a low more interesting than what the actual the answers were. All right Birdie She's bird yeah. You know what she was introduced as what Birdie the early bird did you know I. She was O for McDonalds breakfast. Yeah I think it's pretty nice. That is pretty nice. She was that was before. McDonald's offered inc.. Have I have chicken options for breakfast. A poultry option. So she was safe exactly for you. Did they have chicken for now. I think they do because of the Popeye's chick-fil-a pressure that's been put on them that they offer a chicken egg mcmuffin. That's nice. I always enjoyed the the no frills. egg mcmuffin no chicken sandwich that they had southern and chicken sandwich. Amazing Peanut Oil Fried. I think they offered that at breakfast. Dated Yeah and I. I enjoyed that very much. I'm a big believer of screw breakfast foods. Man Just e you're gonNA eat in the in the morning now. McDonald's breakfast is the best yet it is is but I don't think he should feel limited for breakfast right. That's great I mean nowadays. They do have like you know whatever you can go there anytime order. Anything for the most part. Yeah Mayor mccheese was an enormous cheeseburger who appeared from now he was a man with a cheeseburger for a head. Okay yes not an enormous cheeseburger that implies a big cheeseburger with the arms and legs sticking out and that's not what we got. That's true I always would get him confused with officer big Mac. Of course you would. They're very similar. Anything officer big Mac out his job. Is there a constable or am I wrong. Or was that officer big Mac and then you might constable big Mac he might have gotten a promotion at some point is I guess. Constable is is higher than Captain Crook. They never did anything about the time. constable big Mac a Each shot the hamburglar seventeenth times. I know it was. I don't think it was justified. Defied no but then hamburglar was no saint. He was no angel no The FRY FRY kids. Yeah no they're afraid guys but there were the FRY guys There were the FRY kids From nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty-three before we were conscious of and then they grew up. FRY guys in eighty three. which was stupid stupid because they had to change it back and fry to fry kids to be woke in the ninety S? Well I mean you can't just call. There were the guys they were now. I think it was probably. They were just trying to appeal more to kids. Hey these French fry monsters. They're like you their kid. Yeah Yeah and then there was the only other human faced thing. Yeah I mean the hamburglar had a big kind kind of Disney cartoon humanize phase. So there was there was Ronald McDonald in and then the results of this professor. Do you know the professor. No you know if you saw a picture of them He's he's a weird moustache standing here. Tom In this picture that you might use. He's he's standing next to Ronaldo. Yeah Yeah I remember that guy although you still got a lot going on yeah just look like a man off the St. If you saw a man that looked like the McDonald's professor walking down the street you would do a terrific fucking polices when I do a scientist test type character scientist type. He's a lab coat. He served as McDonald land. Local inventor in researcher really into phonology in the one thousand nine hundred seventy S. He was a minor character. Who rarely spoke? Then what the hell were they thinking. Why did they put this guy in there? Now let's put a human ban that looks like this in the mix. He won't do anything for people that don't know what this guy looks like. He's got one of those like World War One mustaches. That goes like around his head. Yeah he's wearing like a costume like any of the cartoonish characters would wear not wearing normal clothes and then there's a uncle uncle. Oh grammercy do you know him. was He just grimace with like a a mustache or something. Yeah but it was because of the shamrock shake. Yeah there's a lot of stuff that happened I they're they're starting to bring these characters back. I think that's smart in in marketing. Kidding I haven't seen that in commercials you don't see commercials. WATCH LINEAR television. Actually you you do watch like the air over some of these a while while watch it live if among despoilers They've had a bunch of stupid stuff Well actually the the vulture an unnamed vulture that spoke in a monotone voice. Anthony Scary Bernice. That strange feature that was introduced from Nineteen Ninety to two thousand one was she looked like she ate inedible. Things like the script in the three part Ronald McDonald making movies commercial. I think I remember Bernice. I think I remember she. Looks like Alf the guy remember him getting mad at Bernice. Can you show me what Bernice. Yeah Bernice looks like yeah. It looks like owl. She is exaggerated. How what are you guys doing you? You're you'RE GONNA have to pay Did you not learn your lesson. Yeah he sure province stuff the AL people are gonNA come after you. I am hungry his name his first name is I am. I think they would do that. Shit where it'd be like We'd be like Hey. Did you read this book. Head Acumen by IB Hungary or something. the forget it he was. Who would ask you if you read that book you lived joke books? Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah that they would sell like Scholastic Book Fairs Whatever. Forget it mirror full of like all right. I guess if the situation somehow comes up I could use this joke but I maintain that MacDonald land despite despite it being frightening for its first decade was the smartest marketing. Move that McDonald's ever made because is they. They made some innovations at first right. Whereas we get your food to you? quit going to taste great and then they rolled back. The kind of tastes great innovations nations to be like. We don't actually have to train. Our workers suing the food will suffer. But we'll still be able to have low wage workers that will never have to train Pay Winner will be consistent no matter where you get it healty exactly and then to get all of us in. When we were kids it was an event? To go to McDonalds McDowell one hundred percent and it wasn't because the fishy of the or whatever. It was a little bit because of the happy meal toys. Put his mostly because there was this lor around it where law and then they would have a playground that fit into that was based on that Lore and we all thought Ronald McDonald. Donald sucked crap like He. He was the worst guy. But the grimace the hamburglar cheese Birdie the FRY guys. They're all fun. Sing being in little mcnugget guys. They that that's what got us hooked the fact that they killed that off in the early two thousand hasn't how you're going to indoctrinate the kids to your your stuff. The you know you got Morgan. spurlock telling them stay away. Can you imagine birdie being like okay. Eat Breakfast here. Can you hear me like nowadays if a chain restaurant at fast food chain restaurant if a place like Taco bell was was like Guess what now are restaurants have ball pits for kids bikes. I'm not letting my name Dave and also like Taco Bell. What the hell are you doing? Don't do that that's weird. Yeah but McDonald's were like now we're just going to make this. We're GONNA GONNA turn our restaurant into half like a kid fun center So kids are going to beg their parents to go and then it was a god damned tree one as a kid dinner even if it was something you liked. You didn't give ship at dinner early care about this desert because we were trained like. It's only sweet things that you should be excited about. But then McDonald's train is like no sometimes hamburgers or exciting fried stuff. Yeah I mean I remember as a kid like when When the cookout or whatever? I never eat hamburgers Hamburgers I like those too thick. I wanted to thin hamburgers like McDonald's so we need Hot Dogs you know. Here's the thing I don't eat this shit now but if I had a kid it'd be like well I don't want them to miss out on the jolivet. There's like I'd be like I remember how happy I got what I was a kid going as thing is all because I was in doctrine. Aided by by the grimace Birdie and it'd be like Nick I'm GonNa start eating this shit again because it made me happy when I was a kid. I want my kid to feel the same way. Yeah there but McDonald's in the same place now it's like frigging CYBERCAFE WHOA. WHOA WHOA it's next week? I've been getting so like the past few weeks. The McDonalds donalds APP on my phone. It's free anybody can get it. Not Trying to barack deals every day now the deal. Aw the deals work. I've been good but the deals it is like such a shitty thing because you'll go in there and sometimes there will be a deal where you're like. Why be a fool fool not to Tom APPs? You shouldn't download APPs that are four stores. You're so susceptible to marketing giving. You shouldn't be able to carry them around the store at some but I've been getting Not a lot but like I usually really make coffee at home. I have a cup of coffee before leaving. The morning is my morning Joe. You call it a cup of Joe and then I Make Some Cau- aw I make enough so I have some coffee to drink and some coffee to put in a thermos and I bring that to To my co working space but sometimes I get up late. The dog to walk in the dog takes longer than you take more and want to practice every morning So sometimes I will get coffee at McDonald's and the past few weeks. I think the APP knows that like I haven't been there as much so it's I am a awesome sweet deals to get them in the past few weeks. I've been paying ninety nine cents any size coffee and I go uh-huh and get that. Are you susceptible to the upsell. No because here's the thing they have fucked up. They've messed up. Because is they offer me this ninety nine coffee deal which I'm all for. They have decent coffee and but once you use a dealer. You can't use another the deal by breakfast sandwich at full price. Now get Outta here too. Expensive I don't like McDonald's breakfast your hundred percent wrong. In that regard they are they put drugs in them or something. They're the most delicious things mic riddle. Riddell kid I love mccrindle God. I love griddle I like a Bagel Hagan cheese. I I do prefer. I mean there. The WH their garbage bagels but now still crappy Bagel is still a big yeah. I don't like bagels. SNOB SAYS THE NEW YORK I wanted. You big lender's Bagel if Great not even if push comes to shove lender's Bagel every day my life happily. God if i Murray lender is as name Murray lender if I could eat Olympias Bagel every day and it wouldn't affect my health at all. I'd be thrilled at that. I would agree to not eat any other bagels. Maybe you can join the Murray Lender Five K. Bagel run. I will say this the Bagels Come Mon- Pizza the Pizza Bites bagels. They are not that great now. They're pretty good. I think you know you know what I think. The biggest problem with that is the sauce. Oss the cheap out on the sauce while I mean you take and I will take a shake shitty cheese. But she's can only be so S. H.. Words so much on this episode. Were it's Kinda it's it's I feel like the fact that I thought like. Oh they could save this on like basic cable able now I guess I can say it. We're the basic cable of PODCASTS. Yeah Anyway Tom. Thank you for taking this journey with me if you WANNA learn more about McDonald land crew could've McDonald stat. FANDOM DOT COM so we mentioned that this episode was sponsored by the do three up to disclose that. Do you think maybe anyone. I said I don't eat any of that shit. Yeah I mean. It's all hall man if we're going to McDonald's donald sponsorship though. Yeah I would do. I would do every week sponsored by. I talked about McDonald's every week and I think we could discern discern into McDonald's started eating meat again. They wanted to do this. Wow League that yeah it'd be chomping on Donald any peace mcnugget every everytime correct Donald concert turning some vegetarians around by having tim lead by example. Exactly McDonald's get on the horn. I mean I would say like being paid handsomely for this. If the price is right can do whatever you want. Yeah if you like the show good at TC DOT com to find out more about it. You can also follow us. I complete guide on twitter. falls on FACEBOOK FACEBOOK DOT COM slash complete guide. Follow me on twitter and Instagram at Tom. Arnold Asami at your pal Tim you want to support the show support check out. Our sponsors OSSO CHECKOUTIGT DOT COM Slash Amazon for Amazon shopping and PATRIAE AROUND DOT com slash complete guide for our Patriot. Show books the Pike Ass. We're in week two of holes. Tim's reading reading the book holes. I realize some stuff about holes today. Oh maybe we'll hear more about it in behind a pay wall. Yeah exactly Madonna look can't sell our thing. How is McDonald's? That's it's true to a comment on Reddit. Somebody's I did you mention the reddit thing. I'll read it dot com slash are slash. TC G. T.. Yeah and somebody wrote like some stupid scheme to expend money and I said if you WANNA waste your money subscribed to her patriots trian to dissuade him from spending money elsewhere to do talking about. Why are people posting about wanting to sign up to schemes teams than our pitcher? You'll see well. Yeah unless it's our scheme keep it off our our read it. Yeah sub reddit. Tommy you mentioned you put a your your coffee thermos. Yeah I have to coffee thermoses. Zuoji RUCCI brand. Okay the wire cutter best brand. Yeah I like it so much I bought two so I could always have one in like you know he could get won't get dirty and it will take me out of clean. It's a new. I've lost them both. Wow last week how. I don't know I don't go anywhere with now. I've had the same one for like a couple of years. Now Yeah keep it you have been. I've been buying coffee. I've been going to starbucks every day. You you know what I told you for. Every holiday made owners Patrick's Day. My mom will be like happy Saint Patrick's Day years a twenty thirty five dollar gift card. I just pop that show I or string and an Irish coffee every morning on the way into work. He's breath put some booze in there. Yeah Boys Annoys Booze makes up and it makes this noise makes. Is this noise so refreshing. It's a kid without it. We'll see you next week. And that was a hit gum podcast.

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What Happened on BitMEX During Black Thursday - Ep.118

Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto

30:47 min | 1 year ago

What Happened on BitMEX During Black Thursday - Ep.118

"Hi everyone welcome to unconfirmed. The podcast separate deals. The markings and Crypto are reacting to the top headlines. Gets the inside scoop on what they see on the writing I knew host. Boris Shit Toro is one of the largest trading platforms in the world with over one trillion dollars in trading volume on the platform per year. You customers can treat the most popular crypto assets with transparent fees and create an account today at e Toro Dot Com. That's E. T. O. R. O. Dot Com crippled outlaw AKA is in New York law firm run by some of the first lawyers to enter in two thousand thirteen with expertise in litigation dispute resolution. Anti-money-laundering email them info at Kelman dot law. Why should you get an MTO VISA card from KRIPO DOT Com i? It's a beautiful metal card. You can top off. The card with Crypto and spend anywhere visa is accepted. You also get up to five percent back on all spending you know. They'll pay for your spotify Netflix. Stu you'll love him limited airport lounge access and interbank exchange rates if you travel a lot. Today's guest is Antoine. Like Hell Bay blockchain data engineer at coin metrics. Welcome Antoine Laura. Thanks for having me. You wrote an analysis. This week of the bit Mex- liquidation spiral that occurred on Black Thursday march twelfth. I actually covered this in an interview with Kyle Simoni on my other. Podcast unchained earlier this week. But I thought that your post head some additional insights over. What is the largest bitcoin price? Drop since the MT Cox Implosion. Give us an overview of what happened at bit. Max A couple of weeks ago. So Big. Mix diversities platform that allows people to trade with high leverage bitcoin. And we also had Going on in the world and some people decided to sell bitcoin in quite a lot of any triggered sort of vicious cycle as more people sold. Bitcoin people training on bid mix with leverage would call liquidated which physically amplified the cycle. And it all ended up somewhat dramatically as the next but for mixed breed in some issue which turned out to be a sort of intentional attack. Which stopped this shoe. Strap on Black Thursday So we spend a bit of time last week looking at executive why not and also looking at a deeper consequences of this event. They stood only that the price talk but he left an impact on the market structure of on bitcoin speak next Lucille outside of tracks and for listeners. Who didn't listen to my episode with. Kyle you should definitely check that out because he talks a lot about some of the triggers of the first price drop and then why there was a second one about twelve hours later One thing I do want to mention is that at the time we recorded I was not aware about the de Dos Attack on Mexx. Which is something that Antoine wrote about? So we'll dive more into that but before we do that Antoine in your post. You wrote that bit. Next is perpetual. Inverse swap is critical to bitcoins price discovery. Why don't you describe what that financial product is and why it's so crucial Su Prior to maxes product basically yet to waste two main ways to trade. Bitcoin was the Gould. Like Mangakis you're GONNA exchange Someone Nipples bitcoins you deposit Fiat or the way and then. You exchanged a defeat for Bitcoin bitcoin to Fiat Your the way that Pitt. A bit later was schooled futures away that unable strating of what a bitcoin in the future but the event the innovation of Product that replicates the structure of Lefty Neck Mongo Stamp Balkan pace but allows us to trade with leverage so instead of having to deposit one bitcoin to trade one bitcoin. You can know what being and trade one hundred. Bitcoin is has a lot of us in for many use cases for people to make a quick buck on price movements. He could also be people in a half bitcoin and want to hedge deposition the thing the prices to drop the deposit five bitcoin and transform that into extensive. Donna white for the price to trump so this product assery dripping creating in twenty and is I think a novel product. I don't think it exists in traditional finance because this is because it enables training bitcoin with bitcoin which is a bit weird which not a problem not appears in normal finance and is relationship to price discovery with actually studied in in different Research papers is something that is also noticed in traditional markets when future markets on a on a class is quite often that we see that the price is related I on stretchers markets and then on the spot oneness different reasons behind that one of them is easier to move to be bigger trays on on the spot forms. Ask and so in terms of the importance of this platform Then it was quite significant when there was there were some issues of the trading on this hugely volatile day and as he wrote a bit mix suffered Diaz attack at two sixteen. Am Ut see and interestingly the data's actually affected the troll box which kind of is more like a a little messaging area. So how did the Dido's attack work? And why did that affect trading so big action? It was started in two thousand fourteen and he created this whole box basically chatterbox for traders. And even people that admixture interact with one another as time went on. It lost a bit of its importance. But he's still at a time. Data's attack quite deeply embedded like running on the same machine as training engine and someone found a flow in basically. I think it was requesting the history of messages full Spanish dropbox that nobody was using a while and they've found this awhile ago that if requested this his Spanish toolbox history it would basically slowdown website. A little bit and who is behind that decided that could exploit that to basically put the platform to a cruel like nobody could trade on day discontinued usage wet of the chance and decided to use that on the day. Bitcoin was dropping by by And basically stop the the price before when more about how. Why Stop Despising Displacement? Yeah can you go into that a little more because the timing of this really seems quite calculated? What you make of that. The timing was a bit still unclear. If the expected was that by doing it would make the price go up or down. Because you know you would expect that. When the Knicks changes naval in available the price would go down but as that they had been quite volatile of traders. That were long because I wanted to become tries to go up. Ended up being liquidated and big. Macs has these Liquidation engine that ensures that trice your shot nobody loses more than what they put in and as more people were losing their bets on on on bid mix they were thinking of price was going to go up but he kept going down down down. The engine had to take the reverse position of distributors. So the engine has will wanted to sell bitcoin. And so that made it so that the price as multiple as the price down price had to go down even more as speed Max had to liquidate these positions and whenever these who have decided tack triggered it made it impossible for anyone almost people to trade on beat mix and you figure that is as these liquidation engine was but blew the largest seller on the market one of the nausea centers cyst removed from the Marcus. Busy you when you remove a large cellar. Naturally keeping things equal than the clients would go up at least new or stopped going down and he's happened. It was a bit of a shock as well. I guess too many traders because when you're on a very volatile day neck that and a lot of people basically trays on picnics entries on those exchanges that somewhat against allowed each other when you lose one of them is also creates a lot of trouble maybe to have for example chickens that when used picnics. You're closer position on exchange to this many basically when losing bit makes availability to you to the steelers attacked somewhat created a sort of shocking system both by removing the launch center market and also by probably shutting down a little training during operations. Wow so let's dive a little bit more into those liquidations at the point that you're discussing I think this is when one point one billion dollars worth of contracts were liquidated so can you dive a little bit more into how liquidations work on Max so when someone makes a trade on big MACs to have to put what is called margin so if I want a bed a beacon. I want bet one. Bitcoin and the price is going to go up. I have to put at least not point. One bitcoin on it on his spent. Israel hundred x leverage. And some of these mortgage you put up so this this one percent is kept aside as a buffer so when the price goes the wrong way of your at some point you get trade. Get Stop so that you don't lose all money as a small buffer that he's kept of margin by dictionaries to close this position to basically. You were wrong. We're going to cancel your pet basically if you were wanting to buy bitcoin looking sell it. If you're selling it we looking to buy it so that you don't use money. It's not always possible to do that at the right price. So liquidation engine is basically the system addressing shortage of closing the positions of traders that ran out of money basically and its workings are somewhat mystery and a half to be because if people knew exactly hide worked. It's basically a game of a human's as rebel and often times of robot loses except maybe a chess so the inner workings are somewhat obscure. It's basically a an automated biosensor in normal variations. Have Two people that go that bet. The bitcoin is going to go up from town. It's rare that as happen on Black Thursday that everyone on one side so everyone wanted to go up ended up being wrong that day and quite dramatically so This engine basically takes these positions traders basically get liquidated and tries to close them. Had like Thursday's is that there were there. Were few people warning to bet on the other side or maybe too many people actually got liquidated. There's also another mechanism that guessing to place the insurance fund. There's been a lot of talk about big mixes Insurance Fund. But he's basically a way to make sure that If even if liquidation engine doesn't manage to close the traders position by making a small profit basically your bitcoin up you lose your pet still a bit of money left in your in what you put in to try to make to close a position with the perfect. British can still happen. These negative and the role of the Insurance Fund is to be basically buffer of money. That deliberation engine can use as a losses and when mix engine makes a profit. It goes to wants these insurance and finally doesn't last mechanism. That actually don't know if it's been used in his Thursday schooled O- to deliver gene in basically when nothing works but big MACs do does to avoid Basically losing people's money at least having people end up with negative balances it has sometimes happened on on other platforms is to basically make people with winning positions bay people with Okada losses of people risk losing positions so that Indian. No one's ended up owing bit next month Irene. So we're going to talk a little bit more. About how black Thursday has impacted the market since since that day but first acquired from the sponsors who made this show possible. Why should you get an MTO visa? Card from CRYPTO DOT COM. I it's a beautiful metal card. You can. Top of the card with Crypto and spend anywhere visa is accepted. You also get up to five percent back on all spending you know. They'll pay for your spotify Netflix. To you'll love the unlimited airport lounge access and INTERBANK EXCHANGE RATES. If you travel a lot. There's so many cool perks loaded in one card. Download the CRIP DOT COM APP now. Criminal Law is run by CRYPTO. Jeez NEW YORK. You'll understand crypto and Fintech they were already operating in the space back in two thousand thirteen in the except crypto payment. One of the partners Zachary Kelman is known for drafting a bill submitted to the US Congress in Twenty Fourteen aimed at exempting on chain bitcoin transactions from US regulations the other founding partner. His brother Daniel Komen became well-known in the Crypto Las Vegas for his work in the Malkov civil rehabilitation. If you operate a fintech business or have a dispute with some personal business involving crypto or you just need legal advice related Crypto Info at Kelman Dot law that's k. e. l. m. e. n. dot law or just go to their website at www dot crypto dot law. When you think crypto think Kelman back to my conversation with Antoine Louis so in your blog post you also looked at how black Thursday has impacted liquidity liquidity. Since in a couple of weeks. Since what did you find so a bit? Mix is a place used by the number of market participants of his time swing OTC Market Makers Day traders due to basic eighty hedge Belief you'll notice desk in someone wants to give you the bitcoin. You might want to lock in that price on picnics by going short and has been your use cases what happened on bid next that day. Is that probably a lot of this? Market participants lost money. Basically if you went long if you had a position bid mix before the price dropped by like forty percent is quite unlikely that you went not liquidated student lose a lot of money and what we've noticed using our reference rights and saw so committee The older bucket data for many exchanges that allows us to run an active. Is that on the spot market. So non bit maximum derivatives. We've seen an impact on liquidity. So used to being easily you straight as being easily able to buy. Bitcoin is by creating a very small impact on the market. Now this launch especially after this shock of new forty percent down in one day. A lot of people that usually provide liquidity. Stop doing the civil explanations Normal Healthy Stanford past events miss that when the price goes up or down Mickley. Wendy volatility goes up people whose job is to provide liquidity in the market to make money based on that market makers usually widened East of nor quitting very specify did by ninety nine cents a December one. One dollars they would wideness spending by meeting by nine hundred five cents at one point two five and what? This is a normal reaction but usually disappear so the liquidity shock happens and few hours afterwards. They go back to quitting what they were quitting before. But this has not happened yet on the spot markets. I run analysis again this morning. The spreads a still higher than the web before much twelfth and embiid mix is even wider while on the spot. Waukesha JOINT BASE ON CRACK CANNOT BE STAMP. It seems the liquidity has been coming back slowly over time. It seems that on on bid mix still hasn't gone to what it was before but it is also the reason maybe behind the it goes on the price dropping by law it could be a lot of these Bought market participants now also work with traditional finding a stay the hedge funds de looking thing to build into trading assets and it could just stop or limitations drastically in all markets including cryptocurrencies due to the crisis that the world is currently facing Yeah I have part was really fascinating in your post and I do wonder what will happen. But then That last bit that you said there are made me a also wondered you know. Do you feel like what would you say? The CORONA VIRUSES. Teaching us about how Bitcoin is correlated to traditional financial assets. Are there any conclusions we can draw yet? It's so you know the Silver Hawks who we've noticed several in the past issues at some events where we could clearly see that. The big on price was reacting to extend on defense for his opponent went nowhere rookus fight by Iran in Saudi Arabia. We could clearly see an impact. Even recently there was a clear impact. At least on a very short term from the declaration of tone of the Fed physically animated quantitative easing could see the price. Go Up but when you zoom out these epochs on less visible so bitcoin still has a sort of a mind of its own but on a day to day basis you can still spot the impacts of of the price of external shock events. I think for Virus the impact would still take quite a while to see Activity going on by central banks in the US in Europe in Asia about dealing with this issue in with an impact on the economy. But I think it will take a long time if it's usually visible to see on the become price because these things take time if every American guess twelve hundred dollars from the Fed maybe someone by Bitcoin with it but I don't know how clearly it would be visible to see. Yeah well given. What's going on here. I for my part. I think a lot of people will be buying bitcoin with it but I could be proven wrong. We'll see but over this time period over the next few months as corona virus continues to affect Frankly just the entire globe. What will you be looking to understand that question? Better like what are some of the metrics that you and your team will be looking at a good question another so we focused a price is one of the main metric that will probably unpropitious a bad information. the new information with these crisis. But if we thank you for different positions if we think that it's new users will come online than we can look at metrics like how many addresses on bitcoin how many agencies own more than X. amount of Bitcoin We could look as well at trump's fits countless if people buy bitcoin. Usually I mean this recommended that only all of it on the exchange so they would move some of it of flying into hot one at saw other things like that so we can see that on the chain by looking at how many people transact bitcoin on a day to day basis but silly seelig clear exactly how things will change is author. Bitcoin specific events. That will happen in the near future at the same time at this crises. Such bull the main one would be the big on. Having for which of which occurred sequence is still a hotly debated topic but the thing is going to align with you know pooh-poohed deep bought of the coming awesome ongoing economic crisis as. He seemed like two months and a lot of people find find employment in deemed backed up. That will be felt in the coming weeks at the same as having so even though there will probably be an impact. I don't know how clear it will be to a as because other events happen at the same time. Yeah and I did talk about this on last week. Show but The I think this was the analysis you guys sent out last week on Black Thursday. It appeared that the bitcoin that was exchanging hands was From newer buyers who were trading so We'll I guess we'll it would be another metric that we could keep watching his. You Know How. Long term holders react during this whole crisis. Well anyway thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been great having you. Thanks for inviting me. Don't forget next step. Is The news recap stick around for this weekend crypto after this short break are you interested in getting into the cryptocurrency markets? But don't know where to start building your portfolio. Torre has the answer for you. It's called copy traitor by e Toro with concentrator. You can automatically copy every trade of each horose. Top crypto traders at the exact price in real time no need to study up on markets or develop your own strategies simply sign up and copy the trader of your choice any profits. They make you do two proportional to your investment with Toro. You get access to the world's most popular crypto currencies transparent trading fees all in one easy to use APP. Copy the smart money with e. Toro join now at e- Toro Dot Com. That's E. T. O. R. O. DOT COM. Hi everyone thanks for tuning into this week's news. Recap First Headline Bitcoin. Mining difficulty has second biggest drop in history coins reports bitcoins mining difficulty declined by sixteen percent on. March twenty sixth after the massive sell off in Bitcoin on Black Thursday march twelfth. It is now at thirteen point. Nine one trillion a level not seen since December twentieth. This decline in difficulty comes at an especially bad time three days before a Black Thursday. Bitcoin mining difficulty reached an all time high now with minors falling off and since the mining difficulty takes two thousand and sixteen blocks to adjust it is now projected that it won't just for another seventeen days rather than the typical two weeks however with the bitcoin price rising past sixty six hundred and current decrease difficulty older money equipment like bit means ant minor s. Nine is now profitable again also and this news bit is only tangentially related but a nominee. Cme's board of directors has suggested that the derivatives trading behemoth star mining. Bitcoin next headline digital dollars discussed as part of stimulus after all the discussion of Libra and central being digital currencies last year digital dollars did briefly appear and drafts of the corona virus. Relief Bill before the House this week but did not survive the final cut the bill initially envisioned a digital payment system in which the Fed and its member banks could directly send funds to those who need financial support Catherine coli of CEO of finance US argued in Aucoin. Desk op. Ed last weekend. That a blockchain base stable coin would be a good vehicle for providing direct stimulus because of the fact that digital dollars cannot accidentally expose people to the corona virus plus they also can be distributed to people without stable residences however Aucoin desk article Daniel Glorifying. The former chief innovation officer at the safety seem who has proposed digital dollar with former safety chairman. Christopher Giancarlo argued that implementing essential being digital currency should not be done in a hurried fashion. He said quote. I think it's really important that this doesn't cause any delays in getting emergency funding to needy businesses and individuals through existing channels speaking of that digital dollar venture the digital dollar donation which is founded by Giancarlo. Also known as CRYPTO DAD named a couple dozen former government officials and industry experts to its board including Sheila Warren Head of the World Economic Forum's blockchain efforts and Don Wilson founder and CEO of trading firm DR W next headline court teams telegrams token distribution likely violation of securities law a New York Federal Court issued a preliminary injunction against the distribution of telegrams grim token saying it would violate US securities laws through though Opole preliminary injunction is not final. It is likely that there will be a permanent injunction and that even if telegram appeals it would not be successful the block reports that at least ten telegram investors are inclined to take seventy two percent of the invested funds. Back in October telegram offered them. And optioning it's seventy seven percent of their money back but the instead of creature postponed the launch of the ton network to April thirtieth. The dropped from seventy seven to seventy two percent is due to some funds having been spent on development since then Yaakov. Barinski head of Russian crypto investment firm Hash. Cib set of this seventy two percent. Deal quote considering what is happening in the financial markets. This offer now looks like much better than in October. On a separate track the ton community foundation a group of developers investors supporting the telegram open network also called ton are looking at ways to launch the network without the company's participation after all the code necessary for launch has already been published coat coins reports quote the company the community would only need to generate the first battle transactions or genesis block and provide at least thirteen computers known as valid to run the network next headline the man behind the Petro. The Daniel Popper Anna Vanessa. Era Of the New York Times wrote a great feature story on Gabrielle. Humint is a Venezuelan cryptocurrency entrepreneur who had protested President Nicolas Maduro but when asked to help create a national digital currency thought. It was an opportunity that changes country from within. He told The Times quote. The actual goal of the project was to change the economic model of the oppressive regime. This was my mission and my gamble in a bet that ended costing ended up costing everything I had in my life my friends. My partner is my reputation my love my company and my country. Definitely check this story out for a Grease Long. Read this week and for some news. That's not related to the crow virus. Next headline how crypto companies and projects rank across five spectrums of trust for the Multi Coin Capital blog? Tony Shang wrote a monster. Piece on. Trust in Crypto and how it is multidimensional not binary he breaks down into five properties custody. Immutability verifiable security legal and regulatory protections and insurance he then assesses a number of crypto companies and projects including backed coin base tether compound maker and UNICEF up among others along these spectrums. Some of them are interesting. Analyses are for instance the immutability spectrum which shows that almost all the companies and even some defy product projects huddle toward the mutable side. Which I think is probably a reflection of how nascent the industry still is in the years to come we may see more in the most immutable column where UNICEF up currently sits alone. In contrast the spectrum for custody is more spread out probably reflecting the variety in consumer choice the post also ends with an analysis of the recent vcx attacks and how the BS x protocol scores on these factors. Shang writes quote this episode concluded with relatively minor losses. About one million dollars total. But it's not hard to imagine. How greater damages could occur in larger systems with more militias actors fun? Bits coin metrics raises six million dollars in series a funding assuming you listen to the interview with Antoine Lick Calva earlier in the show. You may have wondered how I neglected to mention that coin. Metrics just announced its series a funding round. Well the news didn't break until after we wrapped according and he didn't mention it so I ain't no but now I'll take the opportunity to say congratulations to him. And the team at coin metrics and to let you all know that around was led by highland capital partners with participation from communitize capital ventures and digital currency group among others. Thanks for tuning in to learn more about Antoine and coin metrics be sure to check of links and the show notes of your podcast player. If you enjoy these news recaps than not sign up for the real weekly newsletter. I publish every Friday. Some of you have asked me for the links to the stories they mentioned on the show. And now you can get them delivered to your inbox. Good UNCHAIN PODCAST DOT COM right now to sign up. Unconfirmed is produced by the Lorsch and with help from fracture warning. Anthony Daniels Josh. Term in its cage. Thanks for listening.

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Gronk - Brady conspiracy theory | Kamara's worth

The Stinkin' Truth with Mark Schlereth

39:10 min | 7 months ago

Gronk - Brady conspiracy theory | Kamara's worth

"It's the Stink Truth podcast with Marc slayer it presented by sweet sweat. Hey, guys. Welcome in Sticky Truth podcast alongside my partner Mike Evans I. Got The hub producing the show millennial Ben helping out as well and like the are presenting sponsor. Great folks over at sweet sweat for all your exercise and nutrition needs sweat dot com is where you go and I just got a text message from one of our listeners who started using some of their products and he was just like man this was it was awesome. Great stuff. My son's in athlete he loves. Some of their you know some of their like pre exercise drinks and their post exercise drinks and all the things that they've got going on out there especially, home workout stuff in this in this world, Cova that we're living in for all those type of things check them out. Sweet Sweat Dot Com is where you go to find that. Also announced that we've got some new sponsors going to enter the show. So I'm pretty excited sports books GONNA come on and help us with our money maker critique with our money moneymaker picks that'll be every teacher you. Know no I beat you last year did not beat you. that. You. Have made me giggle. So. Anyhow we'll have. You may have. But anyhow we will. We will have information for you every week from our insider from the `super book is GonNa. Join US every week and that will start next week next next Thursday, the opening night of can you believe it's a week away I can't wait. I'm so excited Malda Day predictions about how we weren't GonNa have football shut the whole country down and shut sports down. Well, guess what you Just think I think honestly it's I was very skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy. Bubble Basketball BOBBLE HOCKEY BASEBALL WITHOUT ANY FANS. I'll tell you what. I've adjusted just fine and I'm enjoying it I'm entertaining. I'm so glad you're okay I don't. OKAY YEAH IF YOU'RE A. Big Green Section of America I think I speak for everybody, right? So I'm okay with it so. You should be too. Yes. Exactly. If you're okay Mike's okay then you should yeah. Okay. Are you okay. Okay. Well, listen surprise. Many I. Watched game seven of the nuggets. Utah and it was immediate was an old school. You WanNa talk about balls that was just an old school ballsy performance ended the game. There was great defense I. Mean it was it was closet and there was times where it looked like there was a lid on the rim and nobody could make a shot it was like old school. What do they ended up being eighty seventy eight in a in a series where they were scoring one, hundred, twenty points a game per i. just thought it was great. I, thought it was a great great game. Playoff hockey's been the same thing. They play a hundred miles an hour on. Whether or not their fans there I haven't even noticed hardly noticed that there aren't fans in the stands agreed. Hasn't and baseball for me too because you know I love baseball I took a a fly I got flushed up yesterday. I was playing catch with my son and. He. Got Me Steve was working on some stuff and like I'm catching. I get back I don't catch. You know ninety five at sixty feet. I can't quite see that. He's always like scoop bag before I kill you. That's right. So I appreciate that about him. But then when you're throwing curveballs. Stuff you gotta you gotta you gotTa screwed up a little bit like when he's on his slider as Gerbeau because it's not you know sliders probably eighty six ish. So screwed up a little bit and curveball seventy, seven eighty he flushed me in the angle just. On me staying you understand your son who should be pitching in the majors right now he should be with a you should be pitching professionally. His stuff is that good but you gotta understand if he decides to throw you breaking stuff, it's clearly that he's trying to get back to you for some sort of childhood trauma. Yes. He could kill you normally though it a glancing blow tips off the glove because I miss it I. Miss just slightly miss it, and so it's lost some of its impetus right hits me. Yeah this one was flush. I did not touch the baseball and it washed me right in the might be more of a statement about you than anything. Places, just aren't the same anymore. Do you ever tell you the time when he first got into professional baseball and I was literally kitchen a bullpen about twelve years? He's the Nipple Story. Yeah Yeah I love the nipple story so I will get hit football here. Okay. I'm catching I'm catching him were in the front yard and normal. People who catch him there's nobody there and he's about ready to sign his contract. He just got drafted in the first round and he's about ready to sign his contract. And and go off to A. Rookie ball or whatever they are going to send him. Right. They ended up sending them to Missoula Montana. He pitched for the Osprey for about that was rookie ball. He pitched for the spray about for a I think he was there for three days or three out of like I. Think he to outings he was a three or four days, and then he went to high like they sent him off to. Off To The silver hawks just outside like Notre Dame wherever where's Notre Dame what's southbound? They sent him to solve it. So So anyhow getting ready about the leave they're about ready to get this contracts on. He's like I gotta throw a bullpen before leaving tomorrow the next day whatever he's GonNa leave as. All right. Well, I'll catch you but you gotta take it easy. You can't go and I'm this is twelve years ago thirteen years ago. So you know I'm still at that time early forties you know so I'm like I'm going to go. What five years removed from a financial? Yeah. So So we're we're rolling we're rolling and you know he's consistently ninety, six, nine, thousand, eight time right just for you can throw and fuel just absolute fuel. So I'm like you can only throw it about a ninety eight percent like you just gotTa take it easy. So he flick it and it's eighty, three, eighty four you know just barely even the even try. And so I'm just. I'm sticking up right and I'm like. I'm like literally my head because I'm such a yeah I know. I. See. I'm like I'm really getting good at this. Could be a professional. No mask I got no chest protector. He got no I got nothing is an cup nothing. And you can't really been my knees. So I'm Kinda splayed out. So it's hard to move you know and I'm like and so finally I am just I. Mean I feel like I m pudge Rodriguez back I'm just stabbing and. So I said I go on leash one. And he's like what go ahead. Let one fly. Is sure and I was like, yeah. So he uncorked one I, swear to you I didn't even see it. It went by my mid and hit me flush in the right nipple. Brought my ass to the ground. I mean just. And I've. Crumbled like. I'm grabbing my income I handle it. Rolling in the grass. So he comes running up to me. You know he's all concerned like he thought he might be right yeah and I literally thought that I was going to have to fish my nipple out on my pants. and Go to the hospital and have my nipple have the first ever nipple reattachment surgery. I am. So we literally go. Look at this time. Literally, I'm like fuck you. Love. So I'm so pissed off and you're never my favorite child. Go inside and he is howling because he thinks is the funniest thing he's ever You're. Okay right. So we go in the kitchen and I take my shirt off and I kid you not I have the seams of the baseball or imprinted and they go right across my nipple and it's already purple and it was like purple and yellow. You could literally see the baseball I, wish I had a picture of it. I never took a picture. You could literally see the baseball embedded in across my nipple and so you know I, mean I don't even know how we got on this story but but that was my and you would think at this point that I have at that point would have quick catching him twelve thirty. No, not that briars still a pudge Rodriguez in there somewhere. That stupid. So I got flushed in the ankle yesterday's. Story time was think always always a good time Let's get system and stuff where were. They, how did that even come up were just talking about baseball Were about watching baseball and Oh yeah, no problem watching baseball yeah yeah no problem watching. The same thing with football that when once football starts up VIC FANGIO here in Denver. They did a scrimmage out at their stadium vegetables said. Empower our field. He said, he said, you know what would the cut outs they pumped in a lot of music a lot of putt pump in crowd noise. Honestly. I I thought the atmosphere was was fine but it was pretty. Regular. So it it's going to be something to adjust to, but I think we'll adjust to it pretty quickly, and now the football season will go on one guy's going to have a problem with it kirk cousins. It is what it is. Right. You WanNA start there, I. Know there. Was Star. You brought it up. You. Know sometimes and I understand being a man of faith I'm manifield the my soul's prepared. You know if it's my time, it's my time I get all that stuff but and I understand From. A context standpoint that sometimes things get a little taken out of context or sometimes You know you say some things because of of that that. I don't know I just like East at the same point. You can be a man of faith and not be tone deaf right like, Hey, man if if it's my time and I'm going to die my soul's prepared and I'm ready to die right I believe in Jesus he's my Lord and Savior and I'm good to go. With that said I want to protect my family and protect other people and I'm GonNa wear my mask and I'm GonNa do all the to wash my hands to do all the things that's expected me. I'm going to get on a point next week. Next Thursday I'm. GonNa head out to Atlanta to call the seahawks versus the Falcons on Fox I cannot wait I'm super excited. When I get on that plane I'll have a mask on I will make sure that I clean off my seat now clean off little air thing a clean off my table tray of already got all the disinfectant wipes and everything else. And and I will do my very best to keep my hands clean and do the things that the CDC recommends to keep myself to keep others more importantly as safe as possible. Not Tone deaf to all that stuff. But again, you know if the if hey, if the plane goes down in a heap, Ben, it goes down and heap and you it and that's like I understand the the consequences of life. Like. He's taking a beating down I'm like. Well, you brought on yourself for being demoss. Yeah. Well, you know the whole l you know survival of the fittest kind of approach. He did clarify his comments and I get what he's saying he's saying. Look I'm not gonNA. I'm not GonNa let it define me I'M NOT GONNA lie I'm not going to stay in my bedroom for. The next ten years which. Fine and and I think it's just. I didn't really have a huge problem with what he said because he did talk about high listen I'm still GONNA go out and respect what we're being asked to do and all that kind of stuff and I traveled about a month and a half ago. It was the same thing. It's like look I think sometimes you just have to make a decision with everything going on Hey, I'm gonna live life bud. I'M GONNA. Make sure I. Try to live life smart right now and I think as long as you're weighing that live life versus do it smartly type approach right and it's more and then you get into that it is what it is. Then, I I honestly it's more like the odds of even if kirk cousins got sick with Cova the odds of it being anything significant. Are, slim right I mean statistically speaking but it's really about protecting other people. You know other people that have what do they call it more biddies you know other other illnesses and other issues that would cause complications. It's really about protecting others in society. It's really about being unselfish and I I know, Kirk I, mean he's a he's a good man and he is a good guy and sometimes even the best of us say, some things that are really stupid you go hindsight being twenty twenty that was more onic like that one back. Yeah I'd like I I wish I. Had I don't think it's GonNa. I don't think this will define him I don't think. These still will be average against all. Now now, I Kirk I kid. Because I care hey, rory seeing the brady effect. In Tampa with veterans yes. Who WanNa go there in WanNa play a role and even play a diminished role than where they were before look at Leonard Fournette. Letter for Net and There was a story out there kind of conspiracy theories put on your tin foil hat that Leonard Fournette floated. that. There was interest from the Doing Patriots. Which I think is brilliant. Right course put it out there CVS and drum up other interest. You know it's it's my career was never about negotiating. Right and never was able to negotiate I never made the kind of money that I probably should have made because I was never in a position negotiate I organized. Begged right can I have more money? No, please no. No. Seriously I'd like more money. No. Because they never had another offer from anybody else because it was always hurt right and so I got what I got and I just kind of had accepted now I'm not complaining because I live out my childhood dream and you know I've made a really handsome living for many many years off the game that I love. So you know it's it's it's worked out exceptionally well. But when you have either multiple authors of the perception of multiple offers, you've got a better chance of of getting yourself in a place or a right place and get yourself more money and good for him. Leonard Fournette. I here's what I would ask you because it's interesting to me. You last year Cleveland. Was All about hype all about players all about talent, all about what could be all about potential all those things to me are filthy words. Potential is one of the worst words in football that and soft. Those are two horrible words. We always used to say potential gets you fired and soft is fighting words. Call me off. We're GONNA fight potential will get you fired. I need guys that can play I. Don't need guys might be able to play or guys that really look fancying in pads or you know first off the bus, guys put them a tight t shirt and shorts and sent him off the buzz because he looks the part don't put them in a game because Ain't worth Shit right I don't those guys don't matter to me but This feels different. Cleveland I said from day one last year give it's the the Cleveland browns. They lack the emotional maturity to be worth a crap. They're not going to I mean they got guys are more worried about making goat. For Tom Brady than they are about, you know about grinding out victories they got a guy that's more about making commercials than spending the offseason getting better like they don't have the emotional maturity. This Tampa feels different to me Mike. Well, you look at the Fornet, move it this. This has that new. England feel all over because what? Has Been The mantra under bellichik don't don't tell me what he can't do tell me what he can do right and so in. In Jacksonville they needed for net to be a star they needed him to be the centerpiece. Of their often here in Tampa, what are they gonNA ask do we think we're going to be playing with the lead a lot? And when the fourth quarter comes along and we WANNA put this game on is so we could turn to a bulldozer type BRI running back. We can start hand the ball off to close out a game. Yeah or we got another option now down around the goal line and that's all we're really asking for you. I mean that's we've seen that before. Yeah. Well, it's it's the Aguirre Blonde Yeah. Yeah. Hey. We need you to be a pass protector. On on occasion we'RE GONNA run. I know Bruce Arians Emmy. He'll run twenty two duos a gap play you know frontside gap lay on the right side twenty, two duo. He'll run it fourteen times and then throw a bunch of plaques after and go don't tell me I don't run the ball around a fourteen times. Let's go I mean that's Bruce Arians right and then shut down the football field. So that's what he to do and you can't tell me that like you said Short yardage conversions, right? That's what we want. We want conversions. Golan. Red Zone man we want the threat we want somebody that's got a and Ville for a forehead. and. He's going to put that bill on you enough time and what happens all sudden we run a play action with those tight ends and we run a little high low combo. We run a little A little Z. drive or X. drive or whatever the case may be, and we got tied Enron a basic over the middle. And we got US receiver after off the plash and running the the the underneath shallow cross and we flagged that Ball Leonard for and those linebacker sat down and that whole wide open the Gronkowski over the top, and you're just like touchdown bucks. This feels different to me this like they have a legitimate shot in that division to win it. If they don't win the division, they've got a legitimate shot to be a playoff. To be stunned if they're not a playoff team, I would too I. Think for sure they're going to be a playoff team and I think I think like week one I think the saints will beat them because the saints have continuity. But Hey I don't know when their second match of the year is an I'm assuming it's going to be late in the season. That's the one to watch the one that's going to be in. Tampa. That's the one that that could be the division come I. Don't know what it is but I just say we can eleven week whatever it is right. That could be for the division speaking of Gronk. So I saw this quote from Gronkowski talking about how he's ready he's ready to go right and he said. Quote I've been playing for nine years I played in the NFL for nine years like practice. It just came back like that. Game on baby from the first play on. Okay. Can I put on my conspiracy tin foil cap here? Yeah. This was in the works. For a couple years. Brady. saw how it was going to end in New England for him. Lung you for everybody who everybody else he knew. It'd be somewhere else P new GRONK was beat up new GRONK was probably you know questioning whether or not he wanted to keep playing. Here's where went he said to Gronk, Hey, take year off. Get, get healthy get recharged I'm going to be somewhere else here. And let's get. Let's get back together. and. It played out like he played out that doesn't even feel. That doesn't. It doesn't feel like who instance to me. Like. This thing was was in the works I told ordained. Did I not tell you when gronk retired everybody was was like up in arms about it did I not tell you now I didn't you thought he come back during the year I thought he'd come back last year but I told you he that's he's not dumb playing. You are absolutely right about that he's not done. I. Thought he would come back but you know it it came down to he's GonNa come back to New England. He wasn't coming back to to Belgium. He was coming back to grind. He wasn't. He just wasn't going to do that. It was hey, my body's already beat my body's beat. It's one thing to understand what a what an arduous task it is mentally and it is. Right. But when it's physically when you're beat down and mentally every week, you get beat down like you just like dude, I just want I just gotTa, get away gotTa get to the point where I know I'm physically going to be sore and I'm going to be beat up all those things are gonNA happen but man I want it to be it's got to be fun. And I used to have these conversations sometimes because because Mike. Shanahan who I love and has been a great mentor to me has he has a propensity me. He loves football right and he's he loves the grind football. and. There were a couple of different times of the course of my six years in Denver were Outta, pull them aside and said Mike, it's gotTa be fun. You gotta remember. We're still play a game you know and I understand how difficult it is and I but. It can't be you can't be wound. So freaking tight. that it's just like eat at some point, there's gotta be some levity there's gotta be. Some Fun. You've got break up the monotony. It's gotta be that because of it isn't man this game is tough. It's too hard on you. Well, it's a fine line because you're right it's a game, but it is a business and we've seen. Examples of that when it comes to the Saints Alvin Kamara right because. Anybody can understand how dynamic player Kamara is and how important is to the saints, but you understand the saints reluctance to be give him a big contract with all these other running back contracts that that don't look so good now. After. The big bucks were paid out. All right and you know the the the market was set win Christian McCaffrey signed his big deal right and if you look it. Will Christian does and what Alvin Kamara you could make a very like they have similar game. Now Christian is just so much more a of the offense in general right that you know what he did thousand thousand club last year you get that but if there was another guy that I think could be a thousand thousand club guy would be if there's one other guy in this league that could do that it will be Alvin right? I mean he's he's got that kind of skill set. So now he's not asked to do that and they have more weapons and they have a veteran quarterback that you know spreads it around and it just is it's just a different dynamic but. There's a guy that deserves to get paid I think you have to come down and you have to have some realistic expectations like how much is enough and how much like I'm probably not going to get whatever what a Christian get like sixteen million dollars year a probably not going to get that but can I get a nice chunk of change in the first because it's really the first three years the deal that you're really negotiating anyhow. So can I get it to where I'm fourteen and a half and you know maybe a little shy but it's it's like a good deal for me and we got a chance to win Chan I think at some point. They'll figure it out. But you know. Teams are two. Teams. Get to Spook what happened with. Todd Gurley. I think that's What are they? Yes. Should they be that? That was spooky think what? No they've. They probably shouldn't make. But I think every, it's a case by case and you've got to look at what a guy is. Like there are guys like Todd Gurley like Leonard. Fournette? That run with a style that that just lends itself like you like Melvin Gordon here in Denver lends itself to play in twelve games a year because you're A, you're a battering Ram and although you dispense much of the justice. It takes its toll on your body. And then there are guys like a Christian McCaffrey. Like. Alvin Kamara. That are great in between the tackles runners. Always thought, I always thought Tony Dorsett this way. Like always thought that Tony Door said. Has this knack. This ability. At the point of contact. To make grazing blow you. I open this up talking about getting hit by baseball. Right a glancing blow stings. But in her you. When you get flushed up, it hurts right Antonio always had that ability right at the moment of truth like just to kind of Hoop, move his shoulders or become gelatinous and never take you know a solid blow. And I always thought that was that almost feel like that's a instinctual kind of gift. And I think that Christian has that even though he's a really good between the tackles runner and he can run over there's not very often that I ever see him really get tagged. And I think chimeras the same guy so are the same guy. So if if Chris McCaffrey's up here, I got my hand up here. Hi where's Kamara? Just slightly under the slightly under to dislike I, mean just pay them in. Yeah I just think it's different than what you saw the style of Todd Gurley what you've seen with the style of Leonard Fournette, what you see with style of some backs. That you know and they pride themselves on on running tough and running people over and being an intimidating factor and all that stuff. But there's only you only have. So many Russ Grimm the hall of Fame Guard when I got drafted by the skins. By The Washington, football team excuse me when I got drafted by the. Washington. Football Team Russ Grimm told me as a young player. He's like stink. A got so many counter trays and your body. Buddy. Like I've I've I've reached my limit. And he's right. You only got so many in your body before your body just goes up yours I ain't doing this anymore and that's the running back position in the NFL if your a battering. Ram right. But if you're talking about like in the case Carolina Kaffir is your offense you don't have a quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater. We'll see we'll see but you you understand McCaffrey's your offense. Drew. brees. Maybe the last year for drew brees. So a year from now we talk about the New Orleans Saints and do they lean on an Alvin Kamara the way the panthers lean on a Christian McCaffrey rise. That's the case right now you now. Value and it's it's Chris McCaffrey like and especially like where do you go from here? Like drew brees leaves he goes right to right. He's going right to the booth some network right wherever that is going NBC or whatever, and he's going to be in on the with Tony Dungy those guys or he's GonNa go to call games or whatever whatever I mean. You know I know how the game works you know you automatically get you served because he's drew embrace I get it. But like what you go to Jail Winston You Trust Him. Do you to. Tyson. Hill. You change because if you go to Tyson Mailman, you'd WanNa Kamera like that like that's that's kind of a special I. It's just it's an interesting kind of. Deal off you will. All right. Let's get to question mark where we will Take. A bunch of questions from the great listeners in pick the best one and a lot of questions get a gift package from sweet sweat. Yeah. You got I mean, we've got I. Don't know thirty, forty fifty questions something like that. All be the judge. Yeah. You you know you can ask a couple and we'll hammer out a few and then we'll decide who's WHO's going win? I like this one right off the bat look at your site him. Timmy ten. Better Offensive Mind Joe Gibbs or Mike Shanahan. O Better well. You know job interestingly, enough. Joe Gibbs was a base three wide offense before single back offense before that was the thing. People only realize that. So he came from the Daunte Dawn coryell world. And we were a one back offense. Alternately, that's what we were. We were three. Remember we had Ricky Sanders. Gary Clark Art Monk. And are we based out of three? Wise. And so at that time when I came in the League in late as that was the we were unique. There's only a few teams that ran everybody was a fullback and I'll back, right. And then when everybody started kind of transitioning. Transitioning to. More three wads offense more Nicholson packages I came to Denver where we were a base offense. Which is interesting. I never really thought about it that way. I. Would say I would I would say that Mike Shanahan. I would give him a little bit of an edge. Simple because I, watched. So many times. Him Tell us. This is what they're going to play in this situation, and here's how we're going to attack it. and. Like in in Washington we were like, this is what we do and we're GonNa beat your ass with it right? But there was more of an adjustment aspect in Mike hand going. Here's what we do but here's what they do and we're GONNA get them in out of this formation they will play this they will play this coverage they will play this run support they will play this way and we're going to get them in that and then we're gonNA eviscerate their asses. And you'd be like, okay and then all of sudden you a week, we call the play and you're like e break the huddle you know you walk scrimmage and you watch the defense do exactly what he said they were going to do and you'd be in your stance going Oh shit we got him. We got him. And I mean. It's exactly what goes on in San Francisco with Kazianis. Right now is the same damn thing. So I'll give the give the edge to my chanted. This is from Verne who asked Mark Are you confident the entire NFL season we we'll be played absolutely. Absolutely because I think I think one. Is that. Travel is not going to be listen baseball travels non-issue member at the beginning season. When everybody when the when the Marlins all got, you know the budget test eighteen positive tasks or whatever, and then the and the Saint Louis Cardinals same thing it was they went on the road and went out to a casino and like who you know. And once that avent baseball basically shut down once you get to the hotel, you're not allowed to leave. And that's what football football's used to that. Now. It's just a matter of there's a couple nights a week when NFL players go out right? And Ultimately, I heard Philip Lindsey who plays running back for the Denver Broncos say this yesterday. If you're selfish enough during the season and you're a young guy to go out and infect yourself and the intern in effect me you don't care about my family. You don't care about my newborn care about this football team and he's like I. Hope. That we're not selfish. And I think there's I think the NFL. I think there's enough belief that and they're doing enough that. The way they're doing it, it's going to be fairly. Contained in fairly safe, there will be a few positive tests the this is the way it goes, right. But I think for the most part. Yes. The season will start and it will finish. Mark this one comes in from. F. Three. Bosox. Which player do you think? Will be the Comeback Player of the year in the NFL. We get some. Let me add to that. You got some obvious choices. You get, Gronk. Yeah Bradley Chubb. Matt Stafford Right Alden Smith So Which one would you say? Would be your best pick for comeback player of the year. Well, I mean we'll make the big. So there's a couple of things that come with the Comeback Player of the year one you have to have a phenomenal season, right? So. To me the guys that are most likely to have phenomenal season and Alden Smith is a great alden. Smith is a great story. But the guys that are going to have like the impact type seasons I would say Bradley Chubb has a Chance Gronk obviously has chanson. Stafford as Janet could then you have to be good. Right the team, the team has to be good. That, you're that you're front and center and that you get the coverage and your you know you you. I mean that people are talking about you. There's a buzz about you I don't. Think. Detroit is. Detroit's a little bit of an issue right I I just don't know that. Based upon. Just, based upon the Culture of Detroit some of the still some shots being fired at Matt Patricia and I just don't know that that's a great situation there and the division they plan. Minnesota's still really good Green Bay and you know they're just don't think they're gonNA. I just don't think they're going to be good enough to have that I think the same thing about the division that the broncos planned I. Think the raiders improved I think the the the chargers are really like a really stack team I like tyrod Taylor I think I know this I mean just talking to the chargers last year they felt like tyrod Taylor had he been star Philip Rivers, they'd been a playoff team. That the Filbert was playing that bad at the time so I just don't think that. The broncos are going to be. In the thick of things playoff. Wise. And I think Bradley Chubb is already had a set back in Camp I think it's GonNa take a while for him to get his feedback under. Is the Guy I mean I he's dynamic. He's in Tampa they're going to get. You're going to get huge games on Fox you know there's GonNa be hype. He's got. Brady. He'll be spiking. Ten I could catch ten touchdown absolutely because you know look for him right? He's going to be the red zone. He's GonNa be the Red Zone go-to Guy. Wow. Man, they're going to be some bitter patriot. Fans watching this all play. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine? Jeeze. Never. Liked that Brady, guy. GRONK. Never never really approved division and Against All right. Thank he is Actually. I had my own question. Then are you convinced that tyrod Taylor will be the chargers quarterback barn injury all season long? Yes. Really. Yeah. Herbert Yeah. Unless you know you get to week seventeen and they've got a playoff spot locked up, and then they may give her like I e what the Kansas City chiefs remember Alex Smith played the whole season and they let and there are a playoff team and they let. They let Patrick Mahomes play the last game the season. So. Yeah. No I I am convinced. I am you gotTa go back to Anthony Lynn who a coordinator in? Buffalo and tyrod Taylor was there and then the playoffs he loves tyrod Taylor. He loves his athleticism and remember tyrod Taylor is a guy you he throat for I don't know what he had in buffalo had to be close to three thousand yards you know. You know kind of an eighteen data six interception ratio throw. A lot of excuse me he's a great deep ball thrower and then plus you'll have five or six rushing touchdowns and five hundred plus yards. So that's that's tyrod Taylor. That's what he does and. At Anthony Lynn wants to open up that offense. He wants to have the boot, keep game and all the play action stuff off that wide zone. That's what he wants to do many wants to have the play pass the you know the run action, the play action the he wants all that and he couldn't do it with Philip Rivers, and that's where I get the sense that tyrod Taylor was a guy and I did a couple of charger games. I just felt like Anthony fell and this is just Mu. This is my gut. I felt like he felt like if I add IRA playing right now I could be a playoff team. And that's where he was in and that's not disrespectful to to fill river. It's that Philip rivers can't move you know and and. And took some. ILL advised mason militarized throws in you know and so that's just the sense I got I. Could Questions let's go with Wolf Pack Chris he asked the Comeback Player. Of the year. All right which I think. Was a great question. So he wins the sweet sweat prize package seventy, five dollars gift package from sweet sweat. So I, appreciate you. Thank you so much. I appreciate everybody because we had a ton of questions on here today. So appreciate you guys being involved. Don't forget next week we start our moneymaker picks the season starts next week will be with you a couple of days. We got some new sponsors joined the program as well. So I don't know just onward upward thank you too sweet sweat Thank you to Scott and and Ben Thank you to you Mike and while thank you to me. Where would we be without you? Just awesome. For everybody now thank you to you guys. Thank you. Please spread the word share the podcast unless you don't like it. Then tell nobody because we will find you and take care. Nipple. What's the take care of your nipple? Yes. Take your nibbled wear masks and. If he dies he dies. Thought you guys later.

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Adjust the Mic Episode #12 Wifi Thief and Girlfriend Calling Chronicles

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Adjust the Mic Episode #12 Wifi Thief and Girlfriend Calling Chronicles

"I want to keep playing with that yeah because I think we have something there who just got to figure out the funny yeah part of it yeah you gotTa do the drop the Fund I'm dropping I'm trying to adjust it alert Yup Yup Yup okay here's the show who just rush anyways you sound good demand style Jack Biceps biceps see them up for sale on the vintage ones imagine I'm a basketball fan too here in May one of them do it does nothing for me yeah so I'm turning you up a little bit how does it sound up your good yeah we're here let's see I lead on them is I'm assuming that's nobody can hear you gotTa turn the Fucking TV off because the Mike the Magic or plan who uh their toys what was the name Hammer heads I thought yeah that's what we should hammer has got excited like it was something cool and then it was star wars it'd be a star wars thing too yeah the bad guys in turn of the jet is wasn't there a cartoon though about hammer heads or something jobs Palestine I don't know what the Shark Guys God cardinals are up twelve shit over the braves and Twelve Shit I've good twelve shit and what twelve third inning Zero Nada nothing twelve this shit the real quick basketball it's October about vegetables y'all look at me or this wnba shoutout Nick Borgo what is this episode number twelve twenty two nine and then on eleven and this is twelve aw there based on all right Lisa how come some microphones like you see like on TV like that big screen right here what do I hop filter we weren't sure if we're never doing this again because we're all at arm's was a tough one st sharks street sharks and Mattel street sharks there's something I wanted to someone that was a short short cartoon like half Jack y'All yeah they were jacked they were straight eighties Emma is pretty cool so I don't know episode twelve twelve was your vantage hammerhead if you need if you need a candle especially I gotta tap lay her there she little hammer at the moment decorate as needed yeah I got I got a whole thing going on over here look over there like we're going to get rid of that modern to have that tape wow one two were there we've made it it's a we already said they were shutting it down after this ended last the last show it was nights and then when you said he wasn't going Kinda we had a little bit of a schedule Shuffle there's a wedding and stuff so I had him two weekends in a row which default means two weekends in a row I won't and some days ever been really me neither everybody been there really in times I've just never been seafood I heard that brought their sit on the water take it easy having little very little dolphin got it my main I thought you were bringing the kids and everything so just made them for everybody kind of four but they're they're okay if you guys don't eat them it'll make me happy because more road you hit that road you hang a right if you go north marks right there you hang that right you go back and like some residential area and it's just a little house on the water we went the other way to get mushrooms remember that thing from a couple of years back where they chase them around town or do stuff avenues to play it got tired of it and then decided that once Jack was into Pok Mon again coach Fairness Ryan's pizza for dinner late that day and Oh we ran by the mall fat guy close off and it was nice so hurley that way what are we doing what would you do last weekend Joe I'll see what did we do so one of the big things I guess for us is that the kids are all about this Polka Mongo Albert Weekends Alley at some point might go what your kids don't like us anymore they don't want to hang out with US exactly as we should watch out what have you might come out yeah early has the skinny jeans now like they low elastic on the bottom where you can tighten mumble rapper Ernie always go to that flea market and then across the street you could see gator they had a live gator at the souvenir shop nice yeah back when I was like the I'm fucking road is a dirt road kill cops don't blame in I got nothing else to do but sit there and watch speeders launch it was good came back into town ran out to Coca Cola the money we're going to just here's what a new guy sars-like altering the fucking TV you're your functions all larry like think of it like a barbershop lady right here with your station this is my spot earn your way over there of his character's Friday we had baseball Saturday we had baseball and then went up goodridge's up an for lunch love Goodrich I've heard things did that's it talks directly into the might not at all they just just like Jake Tapper Jake the snake right there cigarette talking to the microphone hey man thanks for the meatball you made some meatballs you like Mumbo is really good you anymore there's a whole thing I'm in there for when he calls for you so shoved in your mouth when Joe called earlier else had come out I know I will I was hoping you just go with like a one Zombie breaking movie it's called Walter Whites had seen the preview 'cause I don't WanNa see the previews Evans in the age where he has to be something just grotesque and awful so he's some sort of mutated guy in a has met suit or some shit I mean whatever whatever is what he wants you brought Kit Evident Jack was going to be here I like the insanity it was gonna be like the madness kind of ready for it because I'm already delirious tonight just going to be one of the I don't Wanna I don't WanNa know anything about it I want to go see it I'm still angry I haven't seen the joker did you did y'all what better call Saul a little bit I kind of did the same thing a little bit only business while you're like that that was the point for me were things like okay I I can this is going a little slow for me overall that's when Shit went down that's when I was like I'm stuck someone breaking bad the first season was slow until until that body got melted in that tub yeah they went really reilly's Heisenberg lakes worsely from breaking bad that'd be pretty awesome beyond that that moves coming up by the way right yeah African that was that if you're saying like there's one right up there it'll do nothing for you okay perfect honey to get a couple of the spin extra money on fancy you can decorate over there we meet me and my wife we round it like three times that is they just show that on fucking TV here you don't expect ever watch game of thrones because like I I do this I do this are you kidding me Bro on TV shows I cried listen people talk so much daylight no kill that's the only light speed through there do that when you took a left when you go toward lake or it's twenty miles I mean your your own as long that happened Aria came back for her revenge Oh man good show mannix showing we we watched every episode of breaking bad or that Bacon Brigham beds Gracia I like to catch onto shows about two or three seasons in second really Saint James I want to start at the beginning so I'm not doing this get it was Lee long painful slow the La- The red wedding yeah I didn't sleep that and that was a game changer for the most part staying in this park I don't know what it is it's cocoa must I don't know what it is but I literally don't like Super Nice place it's a super nice place but it's surrounded I can really get it put your mouth on Viagra Jake and it's like a red seven episodes dentist of can't Ed Spirit Halloween store okay get caught in costumes for the kids Jack is is going to be some sort of drag ballsy figure wouldn't thing on his head they go and shit about how good it is out just out of spite at won't watch it right up one game of thrones don't do and don't do breaking bad either you want to show them up show them how it's done so I still think we had Friday night but he's new this is still the same as the old way thanks it was the same like literally I just put the back on my phone he still had a bunch marshawn fit drag mass across Florida Dog Walmart popped up in yes where they got him got a walmart because macy's they're not giving him well tell you that right now all that place is really fucking depressing if you ever pay attention it's really seems like the place that like all these parents go on supervised visitation and she this is really bad people it just just at that Park area though I get what you're saying I have explained the kids protesting the happens over in that area I've heard a lot of walking I've walked through there passed by this whole situation here and listen you can't do you know that type of belief system I would have to have over something as I'm so fucking hard every day to make me make a sign and go somewhere and put it on to other people like we do you know what like maybe if they banned pizza in this country ah Ha if our education system like broke down it would probably be good for our kids ultimately because sometimes something the great shows unbelieveab- chemist so you had the boys did you watch any football Sunday or anything Sunday Jimmy's for breakfast Sunday morning going to the bathroom yourself wait we're all GONNA get up over here I've ever been to that area like walking around right it's beautiful I love I love that is nice this is calling brought back some of these schools are doing good jobs away they're changing things up and everything not just going with the standard quo you know everything coming up what is the new breaking bad movie no I didn't even know that that was the thing yep it's a L. Camino yeah I don't know why Jesus Christ a place where a lot of people congregate for various aspects whatever I went this weekend where are you it didn't do anything oh we went we did not have the kids and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go dinner and a movie sorta Like Hammer Pants Kinda redraws during this exactly what I'm GonNa look him up they look like normal but they just have like a little bit more new stone that right I didn't use to own now he's still used Larry's and lived in members currently has something where the connected with Nike and those dry fit hurley pants or shorts now do game changers you have to try these okay because I wear her earliest short like you know what I'm saying like is there anything that you believe in that much education healthcare you got to figure it out we all take for granted I I just know that someone's like these roast in right now workload Harley why what he wanted to go home he really wanted to go home and change I but I was like just come right over here like this clone Katherine same thing I was probably fourth or fifth season my mom's been harping on that ship to watch it from the get manager yeah we started that from the we had a couple of drinks sure you log on and we were like do you really want to see a movie nothing ruins the mood all the fucking jitterbug are going to be in there being loud shower you guys I'd be going she joker fucking Friday night there's online shit man I ain't trying to go to the theaters round the fuck Kendall Buhl congregate congregations like if you go downtown Orlando People protest down there protests splash park what are they doing and I didn't even think about it my wife my wife I can now with my old age I totally respect that and it was awesome when we were good bullshit I mean they love it I'm glad they're having fun gets gets them running around and shit so we had a good time but it's always a good thing so the thing is there's the Parco village he has an apartment but the one main there let's go and we're hanging out everything was fun dinner regretted a bit and then it is so nice I didn't do anything on I'm jealous on Saturday the construction yeah we north of five your way in there so it was it was a scots more with a flea market is like okay Yes Orleans play Linda hardware said they were going to close up okay don't work okay let's say stop serving Buffalo Cauliflower Yeah I'll do the down that's not a percents have to judge Wilson over the foul did a whole bunch of working here inside kid rooms I like completely gutted him feet were healthy so I actually did yard work I spent like four or five hours out back I should none really have to look at it attention I gotta say you can you keep a clean house it's very rapi but clean Cleaning clean helps weekend like get a few like I woke up Saturday morning I walked the bridge Bergen Okay your son of a bitch yeah what about you feel buddy you know what you know what though I WanNa start jogging man because all the people that John in that area but I haven't personally except for the German place for everybody drinks and hangs out like like a real people connection if we were like let's go dinner in a movie let's go see chapter two because we haven't seen it yet yeah because we don't go to the movies we went to Long Horn to do that do that Saturday night well it's more peaceful mind when you walk around noon Saturday night you did you do the damn thing exactly yeah I mean it's a milestone huge that they the following they have bit damn well better celebrate and they did they brought a to the Nines Day Mike I don't know that I don't want to go down the route they protested and Tocqueville I've never seen protests protesting exactly but I'm just saying breakfasting Jimmy's came home did some cleaning and whatnot and then the boys wanted to do some more pokemon running around after chores done we that's cool we went around a bunch of that everything why don't mean book everybody protests definitely not work there's always people sleeping down there on the benches then you have to Kinda like you guys walk on this side of me Oh I don't know what's happening but like he might become back on to do some stuff sometimes but they had him on the show and they kind of had not had a fallen like I feel like I feel like they're better than me and they're judging me they are there I would be all in all fairness I'm at home judging I really don't you just want to go home and hang out for a movie in a we were like yeah no neither of us both like a fun movie we went home out but just like when we went their own way exact details online speak of it and was it as bad as you Indians wait through our record and everything that was that was exciting Komo I put on headphones and I just walk that's what I did portraying I say hi to put the I'm listening to some hi how you doing has a so many fucking people probably the best for them it's for Tom and Dan the ten year anniversary for them and that's a big deal and podcast cash right now it's inspired through the Holiday Inn and those guys doing it and all the other populated swerve Jones you know their pot you know he was out a lot of depressing situations so it it's one of those things that's totally see what you're saying classic for them because it's like they played all these all the time that she was funny Ross who used to be on their shows or some women she was like a video in them and everything were just fucking cry laughing because half the people they refer October Fest Nice I'm good I'm I'm putting all that I want to see the joker looks I will do the flock to I I wanted to go and I didn't go I just don't like going to movies on Saturday nights were there times anybody and everybody loud people so in love didn't get up here played beat the pussy down there so I got to see him de rug and then they have their own podcast Tim Murphy was out there she and Ross and common Dan I don't know anybody except Daniel Dennis in Tom be from the monsters you know what I'm saying yeah just never followed it and got in the only because this is the same weekend frock over fast in it down a wall man and it's so it's full of a mixture it's lot tommy dancing but you got to be ready I feel like I'm antics with Samantha and her husband from a lot of dissent and all them I feel like now that I've been doing this kind of like a dick that verbiage just real friendly and talks rider mints like if I go to cafe Margot or if I go somewhere over there I totally get that Friday bar so cool nice in there you know we've thought about it and when you were saying you're going to go third I go and then when you said there might I'm like no worries yeah I didn't expect it anyway but if you came it was awesome it'll be like maybe that's what I think they're going to make me but I think they're probably going hey the headphones on the pro hey nice to see you later there you drive I spend the night other didn't drink a lick at all then we had one shot that someone someone bought as a group you just don't well the amount of prep work I put into this show is is obviously just takes up so much of my time true I mean basically eight hours a day on folks uh hanging out with them because just go live here in town so it's kind of cool seeing Titusville people mingle with some of that podcasts semantics they're all man you're not drinking and you see other people acting hug Oh damn it sucks you does but I had to watch because put on a really really fun show like they had derived doing beat the Pussy downed backup dancers and like I don't know if his mother China like a TV and Daniel from the Irish pub do not their friends there eh now we love that because that's cool but part of it's the president is fuck fuck moving yeah because Saturday night yeah which I'm trying to do well and even on top of that let me see here don't feel match stevie like Stevie in all these people like these people are used to hang out with all the time like every weekend who I went on the cruise with with Tom Dan and all that okay the reason I'm getting even doing yeah we never liked you want to go do another one next week everybody equally didn't discovered Sassy look a lot because we were I worked here throughout the day in the night went out there and met a friend and that's another thing we said we might you know we were we were like that thanks for your yawns but I'm trying I'm looking up at the same time watch both of you I'm looking up this is legit my is seriously looking up semantics convertible Samantha Har Har Samantha at that one all right I'm GONNA I'M GONNA listen to all of a lot of our episodes Hugh Hewitt Carmen Miss Pat I can't get rid of PAT right no mine who Joe Rogan Your Dick who that is if you have to buy things it'd be nice way putting a good job I it makes me feel better when it's cleaner on here because I don't walk around thinking August uh-huh roof had that was Kinda fun like just I mean I don't know man there's some drunk yeah ours was probably ten times worse yeah it was pretty brutal very little hardcore shut up just never talked about never league else yeah so we time it was awesome really I have nothing negative was just super positive fun night in going out there and about ten or eleven or did you stay standing were nice friend's house out there yeah they got lake house out there so about seven or eight over style there the unsubscribe it's really intelligent nice podcast it's a very intelligent nice it's like it's like dvd a friend of Stan beyond just a my is Shot outstanding lovey his girlfriend and everything go down there for good like Samantha with the semantics she Do what you did there but don't our are you gonNa tell us a little bit are you going to critique every circuit you Mecca drum we got drunk you guys got wrong dirty and I think that was the last one let the last time I've done that and drove that's the scary part and you know it's really that shit and just kind was like if I'm gonNA drive back here probably even though I stayed out there it was like Sony and he still is fine like I haven't kristen bell she's on there Kristie as wife and it's really good and funny I I have nothing against it didn't capture me to want to listen to it all the time Bryant so it's it's pretty much what we thought this show is potentially going to aim toward user error now right all right cool man Samantha the Shit I do we listen if you do this like we do this podcast you obviously don't give a shit what people think about you because what we do talk because I need to learn about that get a few pointers catch up to my caliber it's understand just cool seeing all the connections of all the Nicer Commute Ober he can't get rid of bill burr that would be a capital offence DAK shepherds gone Kim Tech seminars podcasts out decade have a private person it took it took an issue to kind of go you know what give a man I enjoy doing and Joe put that shit up on the page last night the fucking Joey I'll get rid of this what the fuck I must scrub Rogan's number one always will be show two weeks plus after actually Senate given up hope on all of you so welcome to the Party so what did you post exactly it's over you know all this new not drinking much or barely drinking all thing doing that on purpose I don't know I just didn't want or fucking we'll say my favorite part last week Simpson's truly yawned in the middle of that story that was perfect God I'm going to Rwandan leftovers I don't mean just had a good time I knew Tori ously do not drink and drive again legit yeah I get made fun of it they get made fun of because of on that we can actually use air show doubts around with to kind of you know what I mean to play around and it gets them involved I wanNA give a shout all the people who accepted the invite to the doing this and one thing I've noticed that they have been doing this forever you leave yourself open Victorino but that feels good because now you ain't why do I Hindi honest about it pops up going to be a secret to me it is what it is hit it up all right let's concentrate our just like it I liked it because now we got two or three threads output act for anybody put itself feeling for me feels great I mean this is something I would never do in my old no me neither ain't fucking do indeed even sarcastically tease you about that Shit you're smarter than me but I'm just not doing it right it's not good that the heckling doesn't bother you because it shouldn't it's like be drunk out there and have to drive anywhere really drink like that and like during your fortieth me and Matt got drunk friends with Donovan and Stephen and that and that now their big Tom and Dan fans and now they were actually on episode of semantics with Samantha Excellent checking out listening to it the more import heart would you what time do you home Saturday how late she's always stay home Sunday yeah she listened to describe this if I subscribed to this one I got to get rid of one hold on let me look at what I can get rid of my library here on logging about here then I gotta work take care of the kids so yeah but you know focus but the kids can wait that's true you know you get what's important fucked them kids get another job Oh hell no us anything what could that's just not me Scott we're kind of just bullshit bullshit about but there's some good stuff on there has the sounds sounds Mike can't be adjusted or should he boys uh water no nothing Giovanni we hung out for a while and had some water chilled out and came but we drove driver along the lines of you know we made a deal that if anyone asks us a question that we would be able to completely to be completely honest round air it kind of flat the Kef something along the lines of I mean I have it here but there's one in particular I'm really interested in lead man a pedophile find out all signs point to fuck pedophile Kool aid man you should Narva that'd be better question he is red eye adjust keells what live just now we oh yeah it's not just kids is it I have not done any background research of looking at the on around he's not he just likes to dress up as Peter Pan so Scott Scott goes out of his way to welcome everybody knew the podcast goes to her friend this could be fun so I said I'm listening to give us some dirt and she responds Joe would disown me I don't know what yeah I guess Ashley Costello was Ashley She went to school is actually eubanks rationally kids go to school together way I thought it would go yet I thought it'd be a bunch of other questions but there's some there's a couple in here that I haven't really changed so we're going to go there on some of these but there's a little cars was the chief he dumped into kids or not if he only went into kids rooms this is something maybe he's bringing to the attention let's let's Google it is cool Nazi doubts I go forward hey hey David Johnson who knows kids I like David Johnson permission absolutely who's David Johnson David Johnson knowing running back further to a he's friends with hold on we got a lot of uh-huh I like that this round of people is like Hey I'm here yeah I mean yeah I normally it's pretty quiet you know you sent out eight twenty nine thirty names whatever thanks man Linda Rene Powers Yeah that's my buddy trays wife she's awesome she goes why do some guys wear their pants solo that take that I'm just calling it the very beginning of who is actually Castillo names there on the threat Zia this is the one about the top five and then your then you have a a your boy Nar Nar Nar Nar is Kool aid underwear totally shows in they have to hold them up it's because they're not a guy I never understood that started in prison nice did he he's hustling man I like it I like I like it a lot going on prompts me I'm not getting cool eight pedophile no it's not yeah we used car drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore's when she was little she just had that drew look to her yeah she yeah I see that caller drew see that hopefully meet between two slices of brain not between two slices but then I go to is a usually meatball sandwich and sandwich that's not to someone called the meatball fucking sandwich thing I've ever noticed by hip hop music nobody did he seem like a big Hippie Win Snoop Dogg Oh cop on that snoop Dogg so we have almost four hundred people in their oriented neighbor share and people's amy would Shannon Mark Dantonio his pavement. We gotTA keep going I'm big amy it's GonNa come with the Bun or us for corn dog yeah corn dogs not a sandwich that's true but it's wrapped in Brown Dog Food uh-huh did you think about it through the whole did yeah it was like you know what the sandwiches no can go without saying this this ouch also yeah a piece right time such a persuasive way all did I didn't even know what to say I was just shocked and just imagine in this hour warning your father wasn't she's Drew Barrymore's Oh shoot I gave Ashley Stella Permission to Ask Away Open book a Fan I like her she's Nice Awesome Yeah No name me longtime she's good bear longtime people she dated or friend Brian Mitchell high school people in their new his biggest notre dame fan on my thread Oh Liming Oh to high school with all listening right now shutout awesome probably mid ninety five ninety six were Tang clan was putting out their stuff and every single artist had their own solo stuff going on I was buying up see in fact he's a hero is the sandwich is a sandwich one hundred channels so you don't ask for a hotdog sandwich he's asked for a hotdog and you assumed favorite album seriously our house right now we are on a to pocket snoop so you guys are just walking around doing chores listening to yeah least or whatever it's phenomenal I there was a phase in light here are phenomenal and I use that I saw that there was there was a phase there we got people jumping in like hey I want to look at the names only people filming Nellie what's up buddy exactly what what did finally chip in we have almost four hundred when I heard that it's called is advertising yeah the adjective commercial shown it off seeing what they can get for packing Newport's whatever trade she's got I say she I I'm calling out one I've asked for the information going the thread and asked for the Horatio all oh see that yeah Atlanta for me you're never gonNA beat podcast everybody everyone regulator just came out with Warren Beatty regulator it was good yeah as soon as I would see him regardless of who it was too short I love to short short now I never grew when when Iran Manna pedophile is what Konate is cool eight Hoan appendicitis drink or do you have a colonoscopy through who bust through a wall into a room full of kids some Colbert remember life yeah I will admit though you know I'm I'm kind of rocking the California presence thank your way around the album dollars Oh yeah my wife is obsessed Jesus Christ it's the best likes doggystyle Oh it's nineties hip out to me I'll never stopped listening to an eighty year-old motherfucker with my cane my fucking oh the fi shows okay legit he he's got a good voice is he's not trying to be like a bunch of other people and Shit ooh when this happened the chronic and newt naughty by style that was late it's like women love dated a girl feed love that's how I knew about who that's one of the biggest turn offs as as a person Man Sounded forgiveness new shout out 'cause I listened to the that low cracker with tattoos all over his face yeah puzzle post Malone he he covered a sublime songs the young guys in when that first started the asteroids that you remember going to school and people were ninety one of ninety straight lines that criss cross mutual friends this is a hot dog saying it is the sandwich it absolutely the sandwich yeah I thought about this actually way more than I should have seen what she's a Joe I love it it is totally better and then there's no there's no question the first thing there's no dude okay here sometimes so the kids allowed to hear to it sometimes arc listen I've tried to let al or woman if you're into one type of fucking music fucking what is wrong with the ellison everything everything country I can listen to but I can't stand it on the show on Hulu seriously to what is on the right now like the Wu Tang chronicles or whatever it is they they have the chronicles a CD that they are the album heard from them but yeah I only listen to it because I was like fucking joe check them out that's spider verse that that Song He does on the spider verse movie Out The saggy pants here yeah I like it just I heard San Diego California Prison Yep Gotcha L. I'm old like I'm watching him he's drink and smoke a cigarette and he sounds unbelievable I'm like man Hobie don't do a lot of drugs and die you know what I'm saying when you're older you think Asong this DJ member while the go down today's ninety nineties hip hop is just there it's got to be best right advertising your advertising like presenting and and nowadays it just it just some in some ways awesome shit in front of the car of me in alternate are you listening to what they're saying she was like I'm not paying they don't like cloud check I'm around which is obviously considered country with post Malone after that then we're going slayer then we're gonna see tool incubus Jimmy Buffett one of my knee ain't like are you listening to what I'm listening to it's probably not appropriate from start to finish better chronically Lincoln was the good old man you were thick and his hand I never listened to that Florida the first real Florida rapper we're going to the Super Bowl or the NBA fraud series our world series the Stanley Cup finals over yeah and when you walked up you have this beanie hat on and my neighbour be like Zac Brown home sturge say all walk at night it's my dad's Egos Magic hawks good talk for the show thank you he's even helping me promote like the magic we now focus he's twenty seven everybody died at twenty seven you know he's he's really good as really talented has asked that that's all I have forty seven win that's not that's almost fifty that's almost five hundred that's not a other gonna be good I rogers and Johnny mass the old country listen to some of the newest if you listen to it and give it a chance got into trick trick daddy love kids yeah I didn't like about ludicrous was really good when he came out that was a man that Atlanta had really good if they get to fifty wins be super impressive okay so they're going to get to fifty one now I'm pretty good about forty seven so they're not going to be that good record what if took a hot topic of the piece of corn bread and like holiday the middle out and put it in the center like a Little Corn Dock Boat Chilean bug coming on the podcast man he wants to get you're talking about the truth about Titusville ready wants to do we've already got one fact talent I'm no fan base now facebook sorry terrible you look up those shorts I'm telling you about yeah I didn't I hope that you did because they're fantastic three weeks oh here's another thing same somebody there's always a one day sale where JC Penney family fair enough let's see fifty five twenty five off of that so we're yet the real drone in one of our one of our mailmen That in our neighborhood would come up during Saturday nights expansion we don't need jared jared jared jared actually being on the show three three episodes ganger thanks caller I wear belts now that's fads fans I never inside I did walk the goes a little bit my hatching goes but gene goes you could still wear I'm telling you light there could be so good it's going to be so fun to listen to this podcast and seven months now it's GonNa be so fun the all-star break is what was your brings podcasts up how many I'm going to talk about it anymore let's talk about the magic it's fun how many Games are GonNa win this year put it on put it on right now my prediction I don't know what I'm saying Moore I I haven't done I'm scared but we're going to do chicken wings the first thing I'm GonNa do or Mozzarella sticks many egg rolls a country he was here remember and he got him in let me look them up I was listening to him he's definitely all of the spectrum Alex said I'm seeing Zach you're not magic listen there's over one hundred recipes in this book a recipe book I gotTa do wings I think as a man whatever Cao's his name Sturgeon Simpson whose brown I don't know any of his songs he ever heard this know that Simpson I have not heard he's fucking good much check him tweet. JC Penny's always has good sales shorts that JAS pains words fucking at Oh oh I got an air fryer this weekend no shit with the jeans he must be caring has been getting for Johnny coming on I heard that I remember that actually actually three cents aware deed is that what we're doing we're judging we that's how you do it you break it down to like I don't because the reality is spend more money in California and they're not how it worked bro Plus I gotTa Use Almond Flour stupid now you're not stupid you're being smart talk about that it's Pancake Batter Duncan Fuck you can you do that I assume you can write it comes with the recipe look like I couldn't ever get them they're really I could never get the real big Jenkins because jared had those jared he cornered the market the the loser's because then we have we have okay first of the year does gives a sinus gives us months because you know everybody responds differently too I'd like working out and stuff but it's not like as hardcore you know but they do something every month to try to help each other out you need to start doing do we need to have a Wales challenge that yes we do I two weeks in two and a half weeks in elmont that's not fair that's not fair go back to where you are the twelve thirty eight bucks or something I guess that's not bad I'll rock these shorts are probably the next ten years so when you factor it in that way it's like Louis Cardinals cars are beating the braves thirteen to one nick varcoe where yet son let's talk about the magic why they look really good oh do what are we all need we all need to lose weight absolutely everybody needs to lose rent Charlie's already started they'll let let's is privately Charlie you've done in a couple of times Joe Rogan sober October as anything that they're actually talking about it right now on the first they're like not doing it I was ordering food of course awesome and then that that love of Carb want that love of sugar and carbs cooked chicken wings for I think you should fuck booking cauliflower in there yet I wanNA master it with the wings and then although some buffalo sauce optima it's big it's a big one you know you're not gonNA fucking pork out the cash to use that thing proper air fryer yeah you're gonNA put Oreos in that we're GONNA be playing here soon playoff baseball's on I haven't even watched baseball you WanNa talk about her magic to thirteen to one do they're looking good magic or look man comes back into your life and you're like fuck I've been watching it happened to me for the last two weeks like slowly we interrupt this podcast for facebook postings did you pay for a pair of shorts Joe with macy's the one day macy sale it's on every single day you ever noticed that when you go to macy's I don't have a one day sale but literally every else you've had and we'll do a group then we show our weight yeah and then How long thirty days the first time I did it a loss ninety two pounds in ninety days second time I did it I lost seventy four pounds in ninety days so the problem for me though is I I can rush to these goals the answer is because you're right the because I don't go breaking anymore and it still sounds like a great idea why silk sheets in your bedroom at fifteen figure thing so pickle races or ninth grade miss whipple whipple title I think so kind of heavyset lady eleanor what she thought she was very difficult aware next episode maybe we'll do that how much do they cost you know him cheap I don't WanNa do that I don't really want to put myself out there there's a lot of talk about but they're shorts how off and throw him against the wall and see who's pickled race to the bottom first and then you were the winner there was no real award for that we we throw pills against the wall or the window okay thank you bye Rachel Mayhem I love her air comes is this these these are the questions she wants to Joe Miller why aren't pickle racist yeah let's keep this here who owned silk boxers in highschool hands up yet I can't see this on the radio everyone of repairs she threw so boxers eighty pounds foxy my thing is I'm actually down right now much right at fifty but I've done this a few times where I've done these little challenges to myself eating healthy and working out the lose listen to loser gets a cool eight man tattooed on there and and I I would I just got inspired because I'm I'm listening right now no let's go longer I'll wait let's let's start with thirty days off from there I went to eleven let's make this a good eight episodes in the loser gets the cool even to the first sweet I feel fucking amazing celebrate with a bunch of garbage gain and all that but I slowly did early when I couldn't walk around using we'd walk around like the bottom three inches just be wet all the time Jerry had a VW bug the same color is your shirt purple? It's not so like Chris Staples Chris Stapleton stuff out of it he was just on Joe Rogan associes amazing I love Jesse and I like I met the little people one time ever the little people the show or whatever it was you mean the cartoons the actual little people that's what thousand nineteen we can't say that word change been okay why are you so freed of little people go start your number there I can't do that because I can't do that I feel too good right now seriously no I don't mean again till you're back to where you were just counted from two weeks ago I can do what we always your house would you like I literally would probably like grab a gun running chucky like brother and sister to check maybe maybe it's brought up from horror movies the teacher was buddy my I put it up in the old room there and I I spent many evening laying there in silk sheets just kind of taking a gander if you will okay now the last ones offensive yeah like you've lost a lot of Wales suge then I've seen you bounce back and I lost a whole bunch of weight and I'm up like twenty twenty pounds right now fuck and calcium and I was down like seven six the Ryen Williams the comedian Hulliber Laris really we'll tell you from game of thrones amazing but he's so funny he was better in trying to do my best with it being honest but it's just a fear Phobe or something kind of unusual if I'm in a room with someone who's a small stature you're kind of a B that's cool man that was a dangerous conversation when your high school kid like soapbox was held over the total troll gift when you're sitting in class I mean it was hard enough to I'm kind of like just keep him out I don't know why I don't know looks She's Vinci some chicken just want to give it up to me and I was taking this is the this is so smooth these no this is true yeah hey like let's Syria I hear that he kind of the exception because he's amazing I don't know what it is is pretty bad you're a bigot well-spoken maybe as I get to know somebody younger I I'm not sure but really weird man I mean like I said I've met people lament little people I've I've I've worked I've met them I've had conversations with that none of that bothers me but or missing she was missing remember pickle races where we would we would skip school and run to launch would come back for miss weapons glass and we would have burger king cheeseburgers and we'd take the pickles I think he went with me and Alan too little people wrestling nice yeah the bag I was supposed to go to that hard to believe I mean I've ever had I mean it's fine it's just one of those things I mean I I wish it wasn't the way it is but it's the way it is very interesting anthony wasn't game with rounds as much as I love game with when he was like ran across the table just whipped his ass for that call me Elliott time angry parents why Janet Jackson of all people to exercise to weight. That's a fucking really in question here's thing Jackson was a post trauma wall member the Janet has been wiped both were were little people I don't know what's appropriate words but I don't you just there's something about it that just puts me on edge I don't know I wish I could give you more of an answer than that on yeah let's take a break come back to that later uh-huh cocky scholar Route Rochat in there you got an air fire here the fucking Majer GonNa be good this year I still thought that just letting you know yeah he's great he's him being that dude fuck it all yeah he's a great actor he did he was he was very good that that's interesting excellent I think it was Jackson Michael Jackson video in space or should that weird thing which I kind of grabbed her shirty spiky hair TJ Greco got me that poser five birthday and of course she edged I'm not saying little people wrestling with is to be sarcastic fuck off I don't know personally if I offended you fuck you fly the Hulk Hogan has major Esley whole company does live what Hogan has like a midget wrestling company I say midget wrestling because literally what it is we have a future together gas this is the story where we go forever vomit stuff out see what else we get well let's tell her we need more let's take a little break and maybe we'll call somebody here in a minute the good time because yeah space is product story Jerry Queue sit down next to him gifts this story her the same room I'm watching hey nice to meet you my name's Joe fucked air-fight view now it's in the eyes so what about the game of thrones guy again this story data we have yeah what you've got right exactly the more personal and hilarious the better exactly right just ask her what have you got thrown out there it didn't necessarily go the OH I don't know it's it's a legit thing though not like like I hate you like your person really but I have this thing that I mean honestly the only way I can describe it as that feel like the people that lived inside the in the events no I remember critters little their little Joe at one point like the little the mm-hmm I need to keep an eye on I mean it's a weird thing that I have I don't know why I mean there's nothing they're gonNa Steal Your did you have a problem watching kid rock on MTV beckoned yeah that's such a fucking yeah almost he's the main Guy Heath pick stores weapon he's the guy that they're in succeed I think there'll be a between a fourth and fifth seed that'll be your mic blouse then talent me anything about those so here if I did really kick his little guy ass we're saying all kinds of Shit I was supposed to do that ended up not going those guys can lie this story where you look says to me Mrs offense here's just a a real people like N- are being to get offended he's Jesus Christ he's thrown his own birthday party four days out auto repair we search Oh oh free this story well about God the fuck I still probably have to go because his brisk is so good on camera that Sunday two years ago that comic nerd thing method yeah in the squeak is back hello hey you I eight o'clock I have to work updates but it's only a couple do you know how to make all I can do that will actually why we start recording makes makes them hips comic book artists. You're going to get some books on Kirkum Tyler Kirk Him on let me get out of here popular fella he did like a show Sunday morning why don't you guys bring breakfast breakfast make to happen and we'll record Sunday morning why don't we just show up and you make one it's phenomenal phenomenal and wasn't don't don't nominal it'd be phenomenal there's all sorts fantastic I still it's phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal it's so Melbourne Twain comecon there's a are we doing this like I'm GonNa drive myself you're gonNA drive yourself I can yeah that's one I totally wake up we we were talking about maybe doing true having lost challenge. Maybe we shouldn't be eating crepes Worley yes meatballs right now we have this conversation just meet both too I think it's a green lantern guardians of he he's done everything I I think he's been across march in DC I think both sides taffer next week we don't do this for a living this Sunday Melbourne toy calms yes we are doing that we're going mandate yes this is a mandate excuse me I went with you that one time in Orlando but I just go hunting for finished are looking for star were I'd go looking for comics just vantage I yeah I bring a couple of things with me artist Chris as well that's going to be at the COMECON okay and he put out some phenomenal like shit he puts out some now phenomenal you could say really good in where it's even your damn mushroom here and down they're going to have a booth set up down there really he'll have his stuff down there as well he usually don't goal became like it's going to be an investment I know we all got a bunch going on we're right in the Christmas holiday season so obviously we don't WanNa be putting a whole bunch of money in the church right now I'm not going to know what we did just briefly before we took a break after all we've talked about a weight loss challenge here so if we're really I just know I've seen some of his covers and I had some of his comics and in the nine point nine comics down there as they have one of the like I can't believe this guy is right here he was oldest fuck to yeah and he had some awesome art there but I wasn't collecting then I I was like okay I don't know who this is well we're going to do here what are we talking about this because I think that first half we have like four conversations that we just never finished any of good gives us image sounds like shit but some even have toward is sounds fairly like you can do it where it sounds good some of the software out there does a good job do you use the phone do you talk directly into the microphone Yeah Okay and I dislike like these are Surf Gate Mike's when we first started doing this to your lar- watch me I'm open book Buffalo Chicken Pizza Linda Nats amazing option but now we have booking piece at Ryan's other days I'm I'm good I heard there's a tit no take pictures of them and I'll I'll trade with people at the last one there was an artist there in the middle I don't remember who it was but a big time name yeah the Peter Tons of people kids so funny I go in there and I'm like who the fuck nerds and then like do you have any binged or whatever it is a great time big time artist background you'd be called ib just totally making away in a in a free format that was so cool podcast and as you can actually have a phone anyway you want and you can actually just record into the microphone in your iphone Nick we were leaving the back booth important show up at midget wrestling after the midst of wrestled with family uncles and aunts the other shows so we can help have show take care of herself kind of pay yourself eventually what is fine I didn't realize there was any costs to this at all I mean honestly if you sit back. NFL really good so we have already winning challenges. I'm not eating meat balls chase woody when you leave you know what I mean tonight nothing I'm good he goes to the shows booths set up but I'm new to this I've never really like gone to any of these from our friends and say hey promoters helps outlets give back but eventually we WANNA have them for say we want to have them for sale and have a website and some to contribute they now have some maybe you bring some white claws waters and pushups waters and push ups and push ups and drink some water I'll you know some ultras if so fond Ridge listen to that episode I actually laughed repeatedly at every part of that bridge especially the part where Charlie hurried onto the Indian the cheaper ones to forty eight Sir Mike's and when you try to send to the different you can tell the difference in his own I hear Charlie's Fort Clinton against his ball of their we've been talking about doing shirts I think it's good time to talk about it and they're only forty dollars and really we were just going to make a few dozen shirts and just kind of toss them wait forty shall we wear adjust the MIC podcast shirt or anything we don't have any I wish we'd get some of you should dress like prince lay on the goal Bikini I can make some title Portland he just is kind of an meet him I don't know does he really loved the death but it can be an ass so that night he was being an ass picked him up wants to call them tax what you do you tried to a prank call we prank call now me. My cousin tells me Allen and Annella midget wrestling was a family a major wrestling with Mongol cool man that's actually pretty cool out all right okay let me look again remember you went there and the baby had like a baby voice and said somebody's fine and then everybody ran on that was great all right Did that happen on fixing a call ooh fancy their other might need to do that I'm getting nothing back from it I didn't go out and buy all the right stuff I I kind of messed up in the wrong thing a few times start somewhere you gotta learn now I feel like the other Shit Yeah I think you know what you're doing we have on the house it makes sense to what we're doing that evening or if it's not that new will pick an evening for you I want to start up doing Friday night Dr Tony Tony would be so why get them I think so okay we can't hear this right now we're supposed to be able to but sometimes it works can you hear streaming no it's not a perfect science on this amy balls and Chris all it's going to be right up against my mouth just like the Mike where you get me Baugh on the outside when I first came here like Oh you know there's cost for this but that was like that doesn't make any sense all free talking to Mike and there's ways that you can do that you can totally do this tonight Mike's on Friday and I might I was doing that for a little bit did a few episodes it was Kinda fun drink a couple of Mikkola were not go so well if we're going to easy rush here some grain alcohol not back from Russ let's know how long day if he wants to be that way that's fucking cocktail started early anyone because dude he's pretty frigging amazing imagine what these new fifty two microphones you have here you probably put a little bit about the six people here we we can report six Tehran we were unaware we're going to Georgia with my buddy Derek and his kids he hung up yet no minister amazing what about you know at the time when I got this call I was actually probably in the wrong and a few different locations like maybe I shouldn't be to anger this dude because we actually did this said we have somebody who wants to Mongol he kind of is a midget and I'll call him that okay you're a midget is real beautiful yeah oh he he's been part of the midget wrestling Ross actually in the Middle East I think at least that came after the fact that we were like we don't break Yup I need to keep it on I can hear you what kind of Phoenician doing this everybody we know that I know the answer is GonNa Notice Bullshit don't you I mean first of all who answers numbers they don't I never did come and some people that they go put themselves out there and dress up for you know what I mean do you wanted things and I think it's pretty bad now into something I can get on board with let's see number here we're GonNa do this and we're going to be able to hear on their hold on one second wonder if he's working now he's working days now I work outside outside Hyman hey listen here board like it were described yeah no yeah I know yeah I wanNA know who these nine girlfriend make excuses boy you tell me who you are again girlfriend stop Zephyr and listen I'm a little better they showed up at your house you better not hung up on me easy. They're like he's mad veterans plan along Avocado Hobie gets angry we can talk they can here they can't hear I gotcha no he answered ah now now tim immediately text them to so he knows it was okay okay what else let them know Tony made it but you know your shit sucks while I guess just trying to make it a little difficult for sure yeah wave funnier when you're seth Hayes Bridge Again God God that was Now let me ask you a question why are you calling my girlfriend in the middle of the somebody who could have been part of a minute when I got that call you see normally if you get a call like screw you what are you going to call me but Oh yeah I'm right here knowing what's going on no doubt APP is called print so we can let the recording enforce in its nineteen seconds into the conversation right now that means what it is right you hit my car can we get Chad you hit my car okay Oh oh my God pursue Ho Ho Ho we're getting somebody else right now we're GonNa do it again ready to well it's done what's her name Oh really you better not hung up on me why you call them my girlfriend in the middle of the night did you guys get me with this one so he might be got my dad real good with it we got Ian really good like the things up I just some whisky whisky sometimes you go hard liquor breath gray whiskey in their gophers we're kind of listening with Mark Woodforde Reserve I got Louis the thirteen I love when you can hear a laugh our hearing against her they might have almost so do we talked to after we talk coming on the show yet every broach that subject got those pretty good yeah there's nothing like that was kind of funny you can tell when you're not there and so I posted his stuff what he's got on this week I get the chance to record Wednesday nights anybody knows that if you want to join us let us know money below I went to voicemail which doesn't exist now cut that out looking Keith Giles now now he wouldn't even get Kim my dad some picked up we could play that is it done that's that's good right you didn't even get mad man your interpersonal skills are shining I'm leaving all that in I'm not cutting any yeah that's awesome Oh don't be we've heard secret now you guys don't know who he is but he's Amazing Uh oh my God runaway Hammett's people get angry start yelling oh I have forty seven minute phone call or something with a tow truck company his name's Lawrence Parkinson had to white bitches oh one thing about all of his interview was hold on one second before we go play in this thing now we really Liz because there's certain things I'm GonNa hit break button uh he would he we call a tow truck one night from China right now you'll get fustrated call real good almost dammit he one point call the driver hey try try that number newco threat holywood alone this funny yeah we know you don't really have not I'm trying to think you ain't GonNa get you down there squeak squeak there's a bail money when you hit my car frat boy I stay away from my girl okay we gotta get scowls a call from him why you call me credit card it'd be like the one you took my wifi that one gets everybody took my why are you stealing my wife we can hear it all happening he's a minute in almost chatting with those go teddy religion to it as soon as they were important to get some it's GonNa be fun who's GonNa work could be fun this is this is not the number to chat chat doesn't answer answer when he knows it's us he even never answer is not right that's right and he has no ever leaving a voicemail you hit my car my car we're going to get somebody on the phone l. tell you right now if we get that person it's going to be the funniest thing maybe should he pay attention to an astronaut ki the king of like old practical jokes and phone calls them ship Marijuana Steve Moniker used to Lawrence Perkins do you remember that Yeah I'm GonNa Break Real quick so let's listen to it and then let's certain things you don't want to say and then you don't want to talk to him being a cop or something like you know fuck you Macau's that's why I wanted to tell him that it'll tell us for that reason so he's not like search the number the man is he funny Tony Tony's responding to you on there is Lebron's Michigan color a fucking loud kind of trying to uh try this one do you have any that say like I saw you brad one answered a wifi thief that's a really good one he ended this is going to be Stephen Now's not he's not gonNA fall finishing quarter the passed out in his Green Cadillac side of ninety five they had to come get him dude it was hilarious do we just kept saying in the back of my car ever like she got like the fended going yeah we're a minute and a half in town we did on a break one at the beginning of episode hello hello some good stuff that's funny August August some done I actually has some really fun they got the kick my dog okay I remember younger that was grown up I know it's crazy doing well man loves him here gives meet with food right now okay answer the question what's pressing don't even know what I'm talking about I am so hung's up we can watch them footy when did the fuck you and hang up things just now on the way up people that were calling we just got us a new member of the justice page on facebook she's Lord finally your brother join us my brothers in there he's already in there he you called me you still there you called me all right is he still is still moving the world almost a minute in all we gotta get in on these two of okay which wanted to go with what's the the four number really why did you search entry appear when I signed in explain that that's it that's very interesting me he's a huge magic fan you know that Oh yeah no that's fine too I'd love to have him on the show sometime not talking about if he's in town let's have been the Wifi do you have one for scalp whose like you sold fake Louis Vitton Yugoslavia some Retro Jordans he's always knock off stop doing my wife what's that I've been using my wife looked up your beauty dress going to Georgia that's all we're doing today is we're fifteen seconds guys fifty we have fifteen seconds they're talking we know there were talking to some pretty funny we're twenty great time because people don't found out you're switching up I'm not arguing with you get the police involved the context of this call why we're was he just having Wifi issues recently bitching about always my wife I after the Hurricane Wifi man is going at it with my mom was like is he still won okay tell you can just send them right to my house you've got my phone number over money with me that one is done it's done I think we can just I'm just gonNA play it and if it's bad I know you've got it out it looks thirty seconds in so there's definitely a Wi fi whatever I did broach combined some brisk brisk break some hotdogs for your own talent shared just cause fuck you and tasers awesome I love it great on our they wanNA blame president trump mom August whatever like never I love you guys get to go elsewhere now I need to see my phone text them let them know I'm submitting now into funny reaction was good man bandwidth the when he said you're with the they called me you call me called me blaming President fucking when the magic just chrome up and shoot him in a basket oh boy from the truth about Titusville page I found that each is that it's every time as good man how's it going buddy the scalp news and that's real you know I talked about this today at work with somebody I've never been drill never been hey listen we got news I don't know what it is from the or two ago cataracts that you'll hear that intro yes yes in Andrea's light doesn't bill my husband my ex husband she already knew never told her I was doing it she doesn you got to do the only once a week we had to answer talking we're five seconds it's like fishing do the whole the whole the whole I got to a really good news stories I don't think I don't think scout just I'm going to hand you guys like everything's fine we went and watched a UFC and he's a he's a Techie I two so we've got my it guy at work with the Wifi he knows I steal L. Popeye's Louisiana Chicken fifty and ninety five hundred here about the whooping never been there in my life time I I don't have any affiliation Avin using your wife that's pretty comical actually patchwork hacker well yeah because I I got on the Google nuts and truth Titusville facebook page news attention attention raking Scott put because he's got andy put this phenomenal say with rush here's some fun news here's some fun phenomenal news what he typed confirmed coming to titus the news stories are we have any of those trying to do tonight I don't know is there anything you got some local stuff you wanna plug right well some stuff talk I don't know I mean somebody's buying into it we got scalise invite him to his birthday party do as you feel necessary I'm GonNa put my trust in you lose jillions one who literally said he doesn't WanNa do that Charlie go ahead here's some good news tell me what you think in your like your Wi fi who are you firstly I think trying to call and they actually have a job company you're back with feet he's like the one person in the world this is try to try that I wanna try that Damn Sandwich but they sold out for tenure feel like that's if we're going to be dieting we're not going to be but that's good news okay for me we get a pop is I mean things are happening I mean it's not chick-fil-a but it'll do not bring some level still watery hop bye hello I'm still just not gonNA acknowledged that what if not for nothing nominal joke public back in the day it was like a thing breast cancer it's a noncompetitive three mile walk that brings people together to make a difference for everyone has been touched by breast cancer I have friends that have been doing this for years yep that go there and like dudes it wear pink bras and all that so check it out man we're doing it support him absolutely you guys are you guys going to walk I don't we have something going on maybe we have to do we're gonNA find out this weekend but if we don't yes we're going to partake in that me and my wife are probably the kids to see ah Downey's barbecue brisket in their in their Greens oh yeah really good nice it's I don't even eat there Saturday October twenty six it's eight am to eleven am and the American Cancer Society Makes Strides against breast cancer provide raises awareness and funds to save lives here and I guess what I was into is they have the cauliflower sandwiches now that the breading is cauliflower called feet real good or something at least off Kinda hot sweet and it's low car it's like no sugars on a sugar thing so I love that so I'll take that shit in the morning or something for breakfast yeah we're very weird we'll have like breakfast I I like eggs and everything I make him he with vinegar its way Mama do it and then she would do it with cream cheese instead of the vinegar later on cream cheese cheeses instead of vinegar you're probably going to be put the vinegar wrestle gotta eat right and to get the angry feeling I feel so I go in the subway in the morning like Turkey you know little six in sub or whatever Jose gets her Greens now I have an order Oto you gotta get him okay probably tomorrow I want to bring back good diet breakfast that's what I was doing in like a vinegars okay way to me that's just a southern thing like we're living in Kentucky then go I gotta get like something in my stomach or I used to not care but then by the time it was noon or so I'm like one of the next door who loves chicken it wasn't really the important part of the story was the next door that you had sitting yeah let's get with the most important story making strides against breast cancer bavard again pitches are amazing breakfast sandwiches like the for todd with the sauce it's like a it's like a it's like a cauliflower I've had both on in his are better are you listening to this thanks for letting me bother you often cool thanks big creepy guy coming up I love that I love talking to people doing different do you have a big memory of one like an instance of street sharks destroyed sharks silver hawks are solder hawks school making her own stuff and false awesome I hung out and talk to her for a little bit she asked about the podcast and by the time I had got home on she had already asked to join the Ed man I'm real weary of Ebay Ebay but joined a facebook group and then all went downhill from there you we'll tell you pretty common up there I absolutely despise Collard Greens until I love him Chad Cook all my God he made on days just try try and but I don't like him we lived in an apartment complex that we owned and then the basement was a construction company my step dad owned it and one of the guys frank his name is frank and he I kinda work she we need to trade tips on our rubbing on I'd go get a court of Greens I love in the morning like when I get up in the morning I loved in Publix in the frozen food section public next to the Jimmy Dean sausages and all that breakfast sandwich I got some in there like five carbs or whatever you're talking about the actual pieces of you're not talking about the aw I did donate though Andrea farrel masked wasn't master Lardo Andrea Sherr did a little funders they want to raise five hundred the people who are out of their mind within things and you get like the eighties beanie baby it's longer in its lasts longer than this stuff is more collecting they do the I bought one and it was over it was that that did it Biden and find out that it was kind of valuable is that what did it or I just bought it with the box this is the shit that I've collected now I'm trying to pass on to you second by more shit that I want to listen you sometimes you see stuff that you forget about yeah every one of them has to do with like a memory of like the eighty s or early ninety s they just came out with or whatever and I've seen the one with all the state he's exclusives and the more collectible in we're we're the fungal pop got me because I could care less about him to be honest with you I've got what fifty behind me you know it was always cool -cause he worked heavy equipment that we'd have rented and brought in out back on there and he'd take pictures with us you know trying to drive we're not as positive I'm also trying to positive yeah man you guys see I meant that lady Sarah had the public's John that's why like flea markets and I think that's why I like going to that comic con you had me go to in Orlando with you mentioned because we're just people in their Sellin shit off Ebay and got a good deal on it and didn't even know I had gotten a good deal until I got into the collecting just kinda scored on this item okay and turned into like a hobbyist kind of thing article just like for you for me it was coming out of a out of get someone give me two dollars to go get food every day after school construction the pops are certain ones like like a movie coming to America when he had the dude with the soul glow so him and Princeton wherever their team that was walking around that ship and if you try to help out that's cool excusable shit still I'm still even though the shows kind of gone to the dark side of bid all the post it notes all over his body there's like office space I'm talking about TV show the office they all they just started so I'll get dwight one problem corrine Chili which is definitely I get a hold of this Jimmy languages bomb okay well that's a some we got there from it just be funny you don't know this I do remember that and so are Hawks Silver Hawks I remember overhauls yeah I used to have gi joes lose a baskin robbins or the gave him out or some kind of shit not and sold their life. Everyone's Bud Bud L. Bundy you gotTa Lotta got but album no where are we what are you doing to me I had micro machines tech me last night I love Mike I'm sitting in my I got the semi trucks sitting at Work Steve Rhodes I wish they had a marshy with one of the Turkey heads that you already know they've ever made a marshy or anything but like Marquis was the best in which which Stephen Jefferson was apparently they both Jefferson was they got Al Bundy Pulci Football Office number mini-van who thirty thirty three route which was yeah that might be the first ones who were asked to join areas been forced to join based on ah I want him with a pair of shoes you had him in a in a shoe store they got Peggy Kelly Charlie they got peggy and a leopard-print how much team you know absolutely I had to get that one it was like ten bucks he got Doc Brown's why not back to the future because it's like Great Scott that's my gaming the there was the Wolpe Man I always wanted to the Wolpe star wars it'd be white toy okay I had one kid that's what brought me back into this finish collecting low key they're all I'm waiting I'm trying to find Peggy Kelly Hagi if I can find pegeen Kelly I'm buying bud if they have bud money's no object you gotta right there Edgewood okay glitches are those those fields they got a little weird texture blue white box no but but I liked that Koreans the valuable star wars and transform where they are have no I'd transformers love transfer had no star wars had a lot of a lot of human I had pretty much all the he man in obviously hit necessity a lot of them I didn't have a lot a lot of and I had some probably had over one hundred guys I had all of the first ones that the breast cancer walk and get thank you for joining the group and and that's like in our facebook group anybody if you're solicitor or US I mean please if there's some she's a little bit more expensive I'm not not bad do they have griff fromer remember the black I worked on the shoe store because that's all they got taking zero date I don't know when it is I just saw it on to great rate fucking print it out I just wanted to put it in in cool like that happened in outside though it and share it in our group man and it'll be much appreciated yeah we we really want you to share stuff like that this week they could have gone much further it's pretty all know buck now they got the best one is the PULCI album one of the gaming names I use great Scott I and that's kind of you know say that's a witty prose thinks here that's a phenomenal nickname bee me up Scotty I'll be Mavra that's two weeks which put me bald man breadcrumbs no fucker there's it's chili sauce especially Bavard county I mean if we're not going to be completely positive on here we need you to help us kind of exactly not that positive we all need creepers I'm ready for a new direction of creeper thing though because it's good I'm going to do it but it's GonNa wear out so I'm ready for the next that we own and I'll own the creepy part I wanna hear it let's see we got what we'll see what creepy this week is it hot in here portion John do your memory I remember you you were the Cute dark-haired Guy Freezing in here is actually pretty chilly actually I'm pretty warm skinny or sweating would you put them people because you had your first carbon Steve I think my favorite walk I'm stranger things that's a that's a collectible I bought that one on Ebay they only of the equipment and shit show a good memory of all that show I think that's what kind of started me wanting to get back on the funk Oh pops play on it to like written Bob Alley Bosca Alley up there when alleys chose Bob Ross has said this is meant to be ours this one cupcake was for your mom I would buy my mother a dozen you love your mom ordinance cats all right I think yes I agree so you just try in a Crock Pot Kale and get some fresh Kale and Crock pot I like a massive boulders things that interest rate but let me more than ready to go doc I hope you remember me we made eye contact so I hope you do I take means memory let me see here I thought that was really sweet and such a turn on the bar we needed areas there is I was the shorter Brunette with a black dress on Heo so this girl knows what she wants she does and she wants old cupcake daddy you know the dog but but starbuck and then the next door what was the chicken owed the choice Marcy now a message to it was mostly Funke pops and I just don't really mess with hair so where we going we're going somewhere here what are we doing we just went on a tangent thank mountain exactly right purple scare glow scare glow skelter with the global warming was the first that's worth a couple of hundred bucks the Russ no call notion we started yeah we started prank calling Acura yet again we're talking about the cancer thing did you like the most Stephen Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson St Louis Jefferson Steve they both had their steve a heart but the string part usually this isn't a crime I feel like it's a string string and then you just brought a string Ali g so you know this is like a tinder route the bad is that what was that what it is yeah exactly drove up in a white car we talked and played some and I left no strings okay in Prince look quotations played eardley wow that was just like buying sticking the closers to have because I see him come up all the time yeah and all those memories so when I see this is a crime somebody was hurt really enjoy doing it again part of it sorry part or the late to give you have to give more or you know what's actually really amazing is almost ECHINACEA something here is that the first taste smashing carbs as where to get it that's carpet that's it I mean the car of high that they were riding on this love some play John I remember hurting you a bit Oh sorry so they've already had passed engagements can you help us speaking of not positive we were good for like seven weeks we finally create he's right about when joe showed up all little black shorts Melbourne third last one little black shorts nice name kind of worry about the neighborhood little bike shorts looked great on you hit me up if you're my neighborhood little black shorts that's it target exclusive for you got the hook up at target buddy reach out I do I told her the that you'd be a trying to to Schmoozer the only three I didn't put a lot of effort into that one you know what I'm saying if you go through all that for craigslist and you just put that why would you just put that out there be more ondemand condo conman condemen condom condo through an and they're just Kinda you know step I'm ready to take my penis to another level what you're craving and said it makes it better I'll yeah we all need to have a segment out mama's boy cupcakes by cupcakes you were buying cupcakes for your mother

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TV Spin-offs and Crossovers w/ Stewart P Miller

Bunny Ears

1:09:15 hr | 2 years ago

TV Spin-offs and Crossovers w/ Stewart P Miller

"Yeah. Fine me gag with you the done the brand the pool die Killian the packing house. Hey, hey. One forgets hell out you can do. I haven't done this in a minute. So I yelled right before I turn on the Mike is it snowing. It's knowing yeah. We're in New York City, and it's snowing. So yeah. Kind of amazing. There goes the evergreen part of this podcast. You know? I'm not saying the snow in the summer or nothing like that. But you know. Yeah. It's a very well could be could be. Global warming and all that. Well, fuck I got the plane last night and welcome welcome. Well, thanks. Thanks, and no, I stepped out of the taxi and I- zillion bags dined there. Obviously, it snowed. Like two days earlier. There was so much slush background in New York slush to actually that slush was just for you. That literally started when you got on to your plane flew over here. And I'm not even joking. I was like I wonder if they're going to delay because we had a ton of rain and everything when we landed and I drove over and civic that so it wasn't cold enough to snow New York's Lesch in by that. I mean, it's like it's grey and Brown and gross for your kids who don't live in New York. It is the worst when it snows here because every single street corner has like a deep little Divet, and you'd never know. Look solid. Maybe I'll just step right there. And then all of the sudden, you know, you're knee deep into slush water. Also. It's also just turns gray. Yes. Oh, it was slick as shit. That's what I was saying taxi. I almost eight like all ship. Yeah. So that happens after a light snowfall, which is what we're looking at right now. So, thankfully, I I'm not planning on going out no intention of leaving today, actually, Stu and I have phone calls to do later in about an hour and five minutes from now. So so I'm gonna warn you guys beforehand that we're kind of kept on time a little bit because we haven't talked to a lawyer. Listen guys that going to send you so many things I'm really excited about the I wouldn't worry guys. It's gonna worry about we just have to do standard business practice. Things lawyer stuff lawyer stuff, you know, it's funny because you know, we have a company in so we'd have to we have we have certain considerations. Take care stuff. Yeah. We have to we have to do things. Yeah. Yeah. So. So here we are wearing my Lofton New York. I've actually haven't been here in a minute. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a little sore. We'll sore from my flight, I've been keeping it clean. I mean, keeping clean. No, you keep my place in fine condition. Stew is actually making a stew right now. Yes, it's on the stove. It's going to be delicious delicious. It looks great. He's making some beef stew. So I think I think we're today's episode. I'll be calling you beef stew fair enough for the rest of the high school all over again. Yeah. Yes. It's either that or Meatloaf, so, you know, whatever mums, Meatloaf. So, you know, one of the things we like to do especially when Stu is on. We do kind of like theme or like list episodes. Yeah. So we decided we didn't we're gonna do a list one. 'cause I know. Give it a minute kids. I'm super excited about this. What actually this? This was going to be fun because I forget where it came from. We were just chatting about all let's talk about something specific. And something we fell on TV show theme songs, but then we went into spinoffs and and cross Owens crossover. Yes. This is when I was younger it, and you know, the eighties nineties era. I used to watch a lot of TV. And for some reason, I got really excited when there are crossovers going on. Yeah. And I feel like there were a lot of there were a lot of offs around that time as well. And. I mean, especially getting that eighties era was the that was spinoff central. Yeah. Yeah. And it was I dunno. I just found the whole thing kind of exciting. The story continues on or like, you're watching one show. And then all of a sudden you see like your favorite characters from another show pop onto that show. And you kind of like, oh my gosh. This is all happening. My dreams. I Finally I finally get to see chrome aside life on the street crossover with with Saint elsewhere in the funny thing is is that at that time. There was also like there was no internet. So nobody was talking about it. It just kind of happened. And also we couldn't get those episodes on demand whenever we wanted. It was like you got them at the times you saw when it aired. That was virtually it that was it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean there were there were definitely like there were reruns. But you still had to wait for that time. Couldn't you couldn't when you wanted it. Mr. Belvedere six feet under. That's. Wait till they re air that when that puppy. So I don't know what format will go off. I think we should just kind of just in general just kind of dive in and stuff. I mean, we could talk about. Okay. There's the king of crossover not crossovers spin-offs. Yeah. Which is happy days. Yes. Yes. Happy days. We had you know, which is also I will say that all of the shows involved with happy days had great the songs. Okay. Happiness amazing tab alike. I don't remember much from that show with opening fucking. Doesn't know the opening. I was a kid. I fucking hated that show me too. I listen to I watched the opening. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. No. I still think Laverne, and Shirley is it's been off. Yup. I also didn't watch that show, but knew the themes. Five six eight Shroff ever go for it. We're going to do. Laverne Shelley Moore committee, yet also never actually I don't know that I've ever watched. I said when I was a kid it was it was on Nick at Nite in my late childhood and even then like yet. No, I'm sure Robin Williams with gold. I was about to say I might try it now. Just because I I like Robin Williams not gonna hold. Oh. No. I mean, I I don't know. But I've a feeling it doesn't. I think there's a reason why people kind of hold it in their hearts Dak then and shirt today. And not today. There was something. I I read about that show that I found really funny which was that apparently when they used to write the scripts they would write like half of a script and the rest, Robin Williams limb out the leash exactly like, Robin Williams. Does something funny here for the next ten minutes. And then we come back descript, apparently, I think they had a roving camera doesn't. Usually core camera setup and like three of them were set normal and one of them was rubbing camera to kind of just Ballo, Robin Williams. Nice to catch whatever he was doing. Apparently. Apparently when he when he auditioned for it the person at the told him to go ahead and have a seat and they'd call him when they were ready and as an alien he went and sat down and he sat down like doing a head stand on the chair, and they will cast him because he was the only alien, then exactly. Joanie loves Chachi. Also, never watched that you episode couldn't tell you. It's things nor. Yeah. I think it's. I'm glad that we started though with happy days. It was the king of the spin. We've Lou are wad way early. Course. Yeah. Yeah. It's again, I don't think I watch Laverne Shirley same thing with, you know, happy days never watched episodes in Laverne. And Shirley to me is actually kind of interesting because I didn't realize that it had Michael McKean in it until I was older. Yes. Until you became a fan. Yeah. And like I'd seen clue and I was like, oh my gosh. This guy is great. And I actually shout out to Michael begin. I used to love there was there was a Disney show that had him as a secret agent. And like he was playing his own twin brother, and it was like, wow. It was awesome. I've never heard of this. God. It's amazing. Use a regular SNL. I think for one sees season. Yeah. It was so weird amazingly weird. But for some reason, I just love him. I think he's just he's fantastic. I mean, obviously be Mr. green to me. Or this is spinal tap, which is of course. Yes. Yeah. But like he's he's one of those people that you discover at least in our generation I feel like you discover him at a young age. And then you find out, oh, he's got a body of work that came well before my time, and he's a great actor. So I feel like that's what we're going to do a lot with this with this episode. I mean you and I both have a list of like some of our favorite spin off some of our favorite Sansom. My least favorites. Some of them on there. You know, I mean because listen we can always touch on things like a NCI. Yeah. Whatever. NCIS Jag spin off. Yes. Zillion other ones. Yeah. Has zillion going say with the law and orders. Yeah. I think it's only recently were SVU s few not watch. You're not watch any of these loan order. I the original I watched for a while these days. Yeah. Great chicken soup tastes the same. Every time. It's great exact same. Coca Cola every bottle the same. I know what I'm getting when I when I watch law and order and funny enough like chicken soup only eat it when I'm sick. About flu. And I'm gonna I'm gonna watch all of all of these lawn orders. It's like the price is right. Sam waterston. Oh boy. Oh, it's so good. So good. And this is one of them to even what the Los Angeles spin off of. I don't even know what that one would be takes place in Los same. Okay. It's. Slowdown. They have crime in Los Angeles. Do didn't they start doing spinoffs that just the only difference was that they take place in different cities? Like, it's like Las Vegas SVU like Miami SVU like, yeah. I mean. Yes. But also, which one of my. Yeah. Yeah. S few. I don't know. It's it's it's not low s view. It's it's one of those. Okay. God. I can't remember it right now. Let me ask you something. Because you know, a lot about this stuff. I mean, you've been in the business for a while the guy who originally guy who originally wrote law and order like came up with the concept. Does he just keep getting residuals for every spin off that they have so special lady friend for Halloween? She wore a t shirt that said executive producer, dick wolf. Yes, that's take wolf. Yeah. Cool. Cool your law and order what you are. You are just all of the law and order. No, MR dick wolf is not doing bad for himself. Yeah. Nowadays. I mean, I probably even look it up, but how many spinoffs have come on law and order. I'm sure just just massive. And again, those thing I love those things I love procedures bones and that loved it. Backtrack on that one. I'd like to when I had the flu angel. No, wait. Quite. But they just spin called the finder. I think it was okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna actually look this up physically fair. Which was which was not as good. But are there any shows that you had that had a spin off that you like loved loved Frazier is Frazier. Frazier's fires. That's that's very strong. Yeah. I mean, I absolutely loved Frazier at to a point where like as a teenager. I was like do I want to become a psychiatrist is this something that I'd be interested in because it because it sounds Larry. It seemed funny. All they do know people who have heard me on. This guy's all they do is sit around and drink wine all the time and go to the theater, and they also cute dog and they have a dog and they play chess. And I was like this sounds fabulous. I absolutely love that show there are there are a lot though that I like I recently got into on. I recently got into better call Saul. And yeah, my gosh. We're good super cool. I'm a little behind. Yes. Nobody free. But yes, I mean, did you watch breaking bed? Yes, they go. But not not in time. It'd be it'd be funny. If you actually just what? Check because because you opened with better call Saul. You know, one of our collectively favorite shows Simpsons counts as a spin off that is that is completely true. Yeah. That's not my no good one. This is it was really fun going over this list like trying to figure out like, oh, yeah. I forgot that started somewhere. Tracey ullman. Yeah. Simpson's which we actually did discuss doing entire episode about Simpson's. Yes, we did. But also, I think I think we probably need a third and fourth party. Yeah. Simply because you would just spend the entire time just quoting it. Yup. Would. Yeah. I'm not sure if you know this about about Stu audience members. But I can't help myself can't help it. He really can't. He's everything is relatable. And also got a seal Trump memory to. He might have just watched the episode once like forever ago, and it's just stays there. It's for Begum to I mean is just yet. I wouldn't call it. It's not like. Here's your it's embarrassingly. Good. Thank you. I'll take it. Borderline basic. No, no, you bury yourself embarrassed, the shit out of myself. The funny thing is you save for Begum. And yet I've got like three or four. Simpson's friends yourself included. Who if I don't do it verbatim. Correct. Me out. Not what he said. He said he said, but not end, exactly. Jerk. Hang your head in shave. Thank you. The host said it's eight four easy. Hello. My name is Hank hill from Arlen, Texas. I was just wondering if you had another copy at home alone VHS, my son body kind of ran through the tape real fast. So if you could just come back at this number that'd be really appreciated. All right, MacAulay Culkin have an day. Speaking of hanging one's head and shame, Joey, okay. It was funny. Okay. So we've we talked about doing this spin of crossover episode. And the first thing out of mouth is Joey. I shit. You not I wrote it down. I've been getting on a friend's kick. You're like, oh, you know, super famous spinoffs Joey and crazier that was literally. And Mac OS kiling Joey is super famous. Are we doing Joey? Is this thing? Is this where we're at who was the first book in spinoff that you thought of it's like you said it looks as if it was a failure or anything like that? You said it as if it was a success. Yes. Yes. Which was not a six, obviously. No. What's the baseball movie? Leblanc. Ed. Oh, yeah. It's the Ed of spin offs. Although you guys they both have met LeBlanc in it. I have to give a little credit. I do like episodes the show that he came out with author episodes of Joey known. I do like episodes. I I think that shows pretty pretty good. I've never been. I feel like you might like it, actually, I I'm sure no, no, no. I'm just I think it's in your wheelhouse. And I question for you, actually as far as these as far as this whole list goes, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to count Kobe report. I haven't in my list. Do you know spin off? Okay. Because he was playing a character in both. Right. Yes. Which actually I will say I do like his work late night right now. I do too. I think he's great. Yeah. But the same time. I miss miss Kobe. I miss his character. And I missed kind of the India. Then kind of political bent and hats off to him for being able to do to talk shows as different character. One's a character. And the other is his himself. Yeah. Absolutely. But it's still pretty impressive of. Oh, no. No, I'm not taking away from it mean to popular shows. I guess I should say is, you know, Matt LeBlanc. Yeah. But that's playing the same character. You got me there. So then we count does last week tonight count, then as a spin off. No, it's not it's a direct kind of thing. I think Jon Stewart kind of allowed him not allowed him. Good caste masters, but. No, give him a platform. Yeah. Which kind of launch from I mean syncing with whites next show on HBO. Look, you know, he was he was a correspondent you wouldn't call that a spin off of the daily show, whereas is direct connection with the Colbert show simply because also it came right after. The daily show, and he was pretty much playing the same character. Yeah. So the same kind of oblivious concerned. So do we count than Samantha b show? Also that came after see now, we're starting to hit the I think that gray area a little bit. Sure. I don't think so. In a yet. And I think you bring up a fine question. Yeah. He audience members. Should should call in call coal into our hotline. It's something something easy. Eight eight four five easy. Is that really what it is? That is exactly what it is. No repeat the number eight four five easy hoax. Yeah. So call that number and let us know what you think whether or not cement, the b and even less less tonight is technically a spin off the daily show because. Yeah. I'm on the fence. I'm on the fence will now, and I think that's what they cut their teeth. Sure. I think you'd be it's absurd to think that they didn't get influence from the daily show. It's so, yeah, I don't even know. So I've a really terribly terribly terrible. Spinoff that eighty show. Oh, I even debated on whether or not I was going to bring that up. You thought about it? I did your brain data. And yeah. Just just just just did not work. Yeah. I can tell you from my experience that those kids did not like that show. And do not think it was a good idea into not think it was funny at all the dive. I don't blame them. It was like fuck those kids. I mean, I listen I said from my modest experience it was insulted a little bit. What I mean? Look. Okay. Honestly, the show is bad. But I would take it as a compliment that like, okay, my show is so good that they're trying to make some more money off of it. And also those kids like listen, they just got a gig in Hollywood. Yeah. Giving what kids some slack? They didn't write the for. Yeah. Come on. I doubt they blackballed them or anything like that. But still I don't know. I don't know go out to a club. And like, you know, Danny Masterson. I'm not dancing them talking to those. Kids. Different decade. So I did in some of mine, I tried to go back to more childish or childhood stuff. No childish childish done say signature dish. I was a huge fan when I was younger of the Flintstone kids. You know, what I did enjoy that show watch it? I mean, I watched a season of it. I couldn't tell you a single episode. I could tell you one go, I tell you. I seem to remember. There was three. I don't know that much of it just seemed to remember there was one I can actually remember to. There was one that bam. Bam got covered in cement, and he was basically he turned into a statue. But he was a talking statue we bam. Bam was one of the kids. He was one of the kids because isn't a child of them. Yes. That was the whole thing was that it was pebbles, and bam bam and they were teenagers. And so like, the whole family was still there. But it was more the adventures of pebbles and bam. Bam who are like a couple and their kids and their friends. No, no, not their kids, just their teenage friend. But wasn't there like a wasn't the young Fred and in I know what you're talking about. But I think I'm thinking about the commercials that about cocoa pebbles commercials where there was like young young Fred, and who have already made me sing a co who pretty pebbles commercial on this. Podcast. It's getting twenty. Almost had you. But yeah, I remember that episode. And I remember there was an episode where they found that like, I think that bam. Bam was like a great singer when he was in the shower, but out of the shower he was back Jesus Christ. Now that you say that. Look, I mean, I've a feeling that. That's that's a rip off of another show too. Sure, it is out on stage in a shower. Got see this is also reminded me of something else that you this three company episode are that are you ready for it? The song is don't rock now. Now rock now because my Lord is grown stone cold. That's. Go steel trap kits. Stewart appea- steel trip Miller over here. Another one I came up with was tiny toons, which I wasn't sure was a spinoff or not. I mean. Yes. I mean, it's not spinning off of a television show per se. But yeah, I'll give that a spinoff quality. Yeah. Because they still had like they had Bugs Bunny. They had porcupine. They were all teachers at the universe. I know. But it wasn't spin off a particular television show shorts. Exactly. But yet, I think you do I guess. I guess would be count like television shows like they are. I mean movies that turned television shows spinoffs interesting because they did a first day off show. That's right. Even didn't uncle buck again. No kid. I two of those. I was going to bring up on along those lines muppet babies. I started with Muppets take Manhattan. They did have a television show what? But that's what I'm saying. I think was was muppet babies a spine of Muppets take Manhattan or just spun of the Muppets in general. Well that was, but at least you can say the muppet show, at least they had a television show, right? Yeah. They they had a television show, but because in Muppets take Manhattan, there's a moment where debt. Is that what inspire Christine channel? I see what you're saying. Yes. I bet you it is. Yeah. But at the same time like I call it a spinoff because the spin off of at previous television show. Sure tech technically ethnically heck niclely right on. Mobile babies. Also that was a show. I I like that more than the Flintstones kids. I was a huge fan of Amy's animal appointment television for me like when I was like eight years old that was six seven look in the end. It was Saturday morning cartoons man had to get there. I was I watched. I watched the repeats. It was great nanny. Any who you never saw it had the green and white stockings fantastic idea. Yeah. And that's I feel like a lot of cartoons not to get too off topic. But a lot of cartoons. Did that like doctor claw from inspector? Gadget saw his face. I'm sure if we sat down and like thought about it could come up with like at least a few more where like you just never saw that person. You never saw just look at. Yeah. I love that. Because it was also this like and big use adult character. Because like, you know, when you're a kid, it's like, oh, it's an adult peanuts. Peanuts is another place where you never see adults. They're disembodied voice. But it's the same concept of. Yeah. Yeah. But see in that case. And in muppet babies case what I think is interesting about that is that they're basically saying this character doesn't like as far as the kids are concerned. They hear the voice they see the legs. That's that's all there is to it. Like, you know, go off and use your own imagine. They were incredibly large legs to really like. I mean, look at those little babies, look, they didn't even go up to her knee. They were dining. Yeah. She had some Cavs on her boy. Yeah. In the it's it's also left them alone a lot nanny. Yeah. Yes. Very rarely nursery on a lot of adventures and. I mean, look I mean for us. It's only twenty minutes, but that could have been like four hours where she just left a group of of mutant children, essentially, tons of them a dozen mutant children. Again, it's kind of a half frog person. Yeah. Oh, he's he's doing the half pig baby. That's cool. They seem to be affectionate. Fine. I'm gonna go watch some fucking Mr. Belvedere right now, I used to love on babies. I used to love when. Gosh, what's where beaker and Bunsen. And Dr ninety do used to come over like it was very rare that it happened. But every once in a while they had babies of. Yeah. Like do. Whatever was the Bunsen was doorbell. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't have is less. You have is. He was so smooth. He only I only remember him. Having is in great muppet caper, whenever it gones would take a picture in the flash was so and then all of a sudden pupils. Welcome to meditate. I am your guide Lewis product. Thank you for entrusting meter whisk. You away from eighty and deliver you into the tender embrace of peace. Let's begin today's meditation by getting comfortable. However, you define it. Whether it's sitting in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground or sitting Indian style with your feet tucked beneath you. I also want to begin by apologising should've said cross-legged instead of Indian style. Just then I don't know if it's racist. But it doesn't sound good. I'm not a racist. But that's what we were just taught to say growing up didn't really even think about its connection to India native Americans. It was a different time. Let's move past it push the thoughts aside and sit in the least racist way possible. And let's refocus on breathing. Take a deep breath in. And. In and out in and, you know, really want you to understand that. I'm not a racist. I want every listener to walk away from these meditations feeling spiritually purified. The fought that some of you may now feel gypped really hurts and. Now that I hear and I realized gypped is short for gypsies who are often stereotyped steaming swindlers. I'm sorry for that. To look I really wish I could take that one back, but I can't. So instead, we will go back back to our breathing. I love racists. No, wait, I meant I'm not racist. And I love people all people of all the colors out even love purple people. If they existed when the intolerant would call them grimaces as a slur comparing them to grimace from McDonald, I'd say, hey, stop. Just like that another racism averted and the purple people would host me on their shoulders as their white save your debt. You know, what I'm done with this never mind. I'm sorry episode over. I hope this guided meditation has brought you the serenity seek my name's Louis Prada, and this has been meditation minute, NAMA stay and really again. I'm I'm very very non-racist mistake, not racist. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. I must not racist by. Okay. How about? Fecsa life. Life is different strokes. No kidding. Yeah. Remember, the made lady the red hood. Yeah. She was the way I did not know that to all then they showed up on on different strokes. And then how next compare them spin off? I did not know that. That's connected us connected, actually seeking. One of the things that actually I introduce Stu before we even to the podcast was Tommy westphal's universe. Yes. This is really interesting. Actually it. It looks into the audience so firstly, I mean, just Google. Because we all live in the fucking future. And you guys Google this stuff, but yet tummy supposed universe. It's so the ending of seeing elsewhere. There was a character named tummy Westfall who was autistic which was handled in the most eighties way possible. We'll sensitive eighties. Wait Basel, which I'm sure they really really captured. You know, what autism was back then? And so the ending was they pulled away from the outside of the of the of the hospital, and they pull out, and it's snowing and then NICKY, no, it's a snow globe that tummy Westphal is holding. And he's shaking it and so forth. And so this this weird implication that the entire series was all done in this audience dick kids, head Tommy Westville. So the thing is that scene where crossed over with many show. Yeah. And those shows crossover with other shows, and now there's a tangled web of shows that all connect to tell me Westfall that's insane from Saint elsewhere, everything from the Bill Dana show to Joey Joey is on the list. That's right. Your favorite show, Stu. I love it so much do even crossover with leave it to beaver if you can believe it hillstreet blues like you pretty much name, it X files, of course, puffy the vampire slayer Star Trek on there. Yeah. Nice Star Trek actually, you want to hear great Star Trek crossover. Yes. So obviously, obviously. So the end of season, I guess it must have been like eight or so we're talking about next generation X yet. Okay. So Webster, which is the last it's like season eight resent. So web stirs playing with his little video game kind of kind of do Hickey, and the, you know, he gets warped up to the starship enterprise, and he gets a hanging out with Warf. Okay. And I love how nobody really pants the fact that it's just like this tiny the menu Lewis kid. And but pretty much is in excuse for a clip show. Yeah. And they start talking about like friendship. And so then they use clips from earlier on. And here's the best part though. It's amazing along different ways and kids if you haven't seen it. Go ahead. Spend twenty two minutes watching some terrible eight television because it's it's it's full of smiles. But here's the best part. It's the less episode of Webster. Oh, no. Ever. Does he go away with the Star Trek ship? I know he's like sixteen years old. And but yet no the thing is is that they realize they need like another episode. Yeah. And they were filming on the Paramount's dangers. So they asked the people next door, which was the Star Trek. So can we use your bridge set? And so they did. And I'm telling you, I'm telling you. It's you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna force due to actually watch this with me. God I'm gonna Papa bottle of champagne I'll make the popcorn. No, we're gonna have some beef stew. Yes, it's still it's still stewing actually stern a second. I'll do that. When we're done. No, we do it. Mid show. Carry all the equipments. People come for doing Stu. But yes, the last episode of Webster. All right. So we're watching that tonight. But if you look at the net of things see on the on the Tommy west bowl universe is that I guess Star Trek the next generation connects to Webster. Unreal. It's it's the way it's supposed to be. So I told you actually before we started recording. I told you I had a trivia question for you. Oh, Star Trek. The original one has six official spinoffs like immediate spinoff. So you already named next generation. Okay. In general. Yeah. Okay. I mean, if you wanna just do in general, deep space, nine Voyager enterprise discovery. Okay. And then actually the notion ever made that one. This going to be the one that's going to eat it this one. It's not that a moron. I didn't write the answers. So you don't even answer. But I know that you're right. The I. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Good which also had a lot of spin offs. So oh, yeah. Okay. How about this? Say like say, can you can you name any money more from power interests? But you probably couldn't. No like wasn't there? Like an aqua- one where they were all under waters. I mean kinda I didn't really watch showing speed rescue had an aqua base. I think you actually told me like about the show that it was a show done in Japan originally. And they were like, okay, great. We're just going to take this, and we're gonna throw some teenage video into it. And that's just going to be the show knows exactly what it is got a couple of kids. And it's we need to do is do ten minutes of material for every episode the capitalist in me thinks that's amazing. It's amazing. Yeah. I mean, I forget the name of the producer. But you know, he was in Japan. And you just saw this thing on television goes amazing guys in suits punching each other like. The Sensi for they can sell it. Exactly and release it with all ten minutes worth of material. Every and here's the thing that was actually impressive about Power Rangers. At least was that. It was five days a week. So yeah, that's a lot. I think the first season was like, sixty episodes. Right. That's that's impressed. That's a fucking a lot. Yeah. And they did that for like the first I think six or seven seasons before they like, all right? We gotta make this a weekly. We can't we can't we can't do this exhausting. It's gotta make you wonder though, like maybe they bought like all of that footage from Japan. And they're like, okay. This is probably not going to work. So let's put it out as much as possible. They literally ran out of footage after awhile. He was so popular in America. So they actually had to like refill. So then next to the prices go up, and so then nextgen. The overhead is getting higher. They're about to hit the ceiling. The overhead. It's all this kind of stuff from scratch. So. Yeah. No. But it's also God bless power that show is still on the fucking air get outta here. Really? I mean, it's been canceled and shifted a couple of times. I'm but yeah, no Nickelodeon is now doing it. But it went doesn't surprise point. Disney owned. It can you? I remembered the one Star Trek that you missed. It was the cartoon show. There you go. Yeah. You trip me up with that? Why actually really loved I used to watch that on Nickelodeon? Hello to, you know, not to say the show fucking Nickelodeon, and I was always so bored by it. I didn't I didn't get into trek until next ration-. Okay. I definitely was not into the original. But when I saw the cartoon like, you know, because at that time, it was like, okay. I've got six hours to kill every day. Let's watch TV. And I was like, ooh. Like, all right. It's on Nickelodeon. It's cartoon and it's not half bad. Like I was in. No never got into it. I think the only one season of it. Yeah. Actually, I know a lot about it. Yeah. I've actually watched it all those things they wanted to do that. They couldn't do in the sixties with we want a cat person working the bridge. They couldn't do that back then. But animated wise like, yeah. Go do whatever they want. Yeah. Yeah. Go for it. So there was there was a spin off that I wanted to bring up because this one really upset me space ghost coast to coast. What is it upset you? It upset me because I used to really like the cartoon. Those cartoons with the worst terrible. Absolutely terrible. You'll aids I fucking hated does. But I was so into it when I was a kid when they came out with space ghost coast. I was like, okay. This is great. But get me back to the original cartoon where they're actually out there doing stuff instead of him just interviewing people space ghost coast was so fucking good. I know one of my regrets not being on that show. I really really wish the only one is Jim Carey doing that show back doing it. Yeah. Yeah. My buddy set did it. And like, hey, do you want just jump on? I was like no little too shy. And I was like I'll have a chance to do later. No kidding. There was another. There was a question that I had for you. Because I know it's one of your favorite shows, if if not possibly your favorite show, do we count save by the bell is a spinoff. Yes. Of course, we do. Of course, we all right. Good morning. Miss bliss. Hated it saved by the bell fucking. And also you could count the college years. Yeah. And the new class when the new class never really watch. Wow. I could say I mean, I've tried it once but never it never took. No didn't take you know. They'll never be a second Zack Morris. Yeah. Another AC Slater. But yes, no. I do love. I do love. Save by the bell like way too much. Yeah. I multiple drinking games set to save by the bell. And you got that. I sent you a picture once that was just very recently actually that was like a movie poster. But it has Mark Wahlberg playing Zack. It has the rock playing Slater. Perfect, and it has Michael Sarah playing screech. Fucking watch that movie. Right. Wouldn't I would I am? So fucking in kidding me. No. I never really watched like frontier. Watchman about you. I did actually I used to the same character the Phoebe character. No, I was supposed to be a twin or something. I love that. You brought that up. It's supposed to be her twin, and she like they do have a crossover where the characters from mad about you actually, walk into central perk in friends, and they think that it's Phoebe and they start talking to you wait on us all the time issues. Like, okay. And like they like they never make the connection that it's not actually her so song can't. So that is technically across over. It is technically those two characters exist in the same universe. Yes. Okay. Got you. And actually, there's a crossover in mad about you. Where Kramer from Seinfeld comes on? Like it turns out that. Paul for mad about you. He goes over to his old apartment to pick something up, and it's Kramer's apartment, and he's like, hey, whatever happened to that comedian that used to live across the hall and Kramer's like he's making a pilot for NBC now starts connects to cheers to wait. Does. It was Frazier. Frazier. Kramer, Kramer, Kramer, said free Kramer goes do I think he goes out. And like, how'd you plug in my headphones again? This message is for Bill Murray. Please be called back. So so which is great because now we're talking some of the crossover is obviously would brought up before Simpson's and X files which was which was fucking delightful. Cross. Cuban. And also the critic where they actually Simpsons and the critic same with family guy to where they where they talk about. The fact like the whole thing they make fun of crossovers on that show. Here. It is. Did you actually watch the Simpsons family guy crossover? I don't know. I don't think. So because I haven't either I if I did I remember it happening. And I feel like maybe I saw some clips, but I didn't I'm leagues acts him. But like it didn't it didn't. It didn't hit me the same way that the crossover between futurama and the Simpsons did. Yeah. That will landed that really is. Yeah. If it was it was so talked about than I probably would have seen it. Right. You know, at that point in in arguably, I think you showed me the Rick and Morty Simpsons crossover, which is the opening credit the opening cut its. Which the fact they started doing that. Yeah. Me too opening up those opening credits to other kind of artists like the banks. He won or the Rick and Morty one that that's that's that's special. And when I was younger I used to watch. I mean. I mean, I'm sure you probably did too. Scooby doo was a show that I really used to love, and they had lots of crossover hit a lot of guests. Well, yeah. But those guests were on other cartoons. I guess so sending more of the Hong Globetrotters or like a which was on futurama. Yup. But like, Don nuts. It just be like done. Would it be? You wouldn't be Mr. early just like special guest. Don nuts, and he drawn just like done. Don. Yeah. So I mean, yeah. Necessarily cross the Globetrotters. Yeah. That connects it to to futurama the one that I liked was Batman and Robin from like literally from Justice league like came over. And did a Scooby doo episode like like the joker the penguin together. Yeah. I guess the especially if it's the Adam west one that connects it to the green hornet, we're gonna get. Style. But also, but also that's another one where kind of connects to just like certain celebrities like they do that thing with climbed the wall coming vertically. Yup. Which is always amazing. But then all of a sudden like people would open the windows junior. Hey, what are you doing Clinton? My wall. And so there's a lot of those kind of ones. Yeah. But I'm not sure if those technically counters crossovers more than they do like cameo. I think those cameras cameos, but that the. There was a show. Oh, well, fresh prince of Bel Air had a lot of crossovers. I feel like what do you think of? He didn't watch that show. What ton? He they definitely he was on blossom. But he wasn't wasn't him. He wasn't will from French principal air. He was Will Smith the actor who was in fresh prince of Bel-Air. Okay. And she Turkey one. Yeah. That's a tricky one. Because some of these crossovers also look at least in the tummy Westfall kind of sense. They count if it's like on the television. Right, right. So if in the background like I love Lucy is playing during the show than. I think they kind of do. I mean, I read the website in a while. Here's here's something interesting. The there was a fresh prince of Bel-Air episode where Hillary gets to ride in an ambulance just around LA and the guy who's driving her is Anthony blossoms older, brother. So he is playing that that counts. So it does. There you go that actually it's right here. I just found it on the double crossover blossom bang. And they had fresh prints. The final episode of fresh prints appear. Apparently, the jeffersons crosses over the. Oh, I was gonna say pain mission impossible the last episode of fresh prints. They're selling their house in Bel Air and the jeffersons come on as potential buyers while they go and so do Arnold from different strokes and his who's the guy who played the father. I don't remember Conrad Bain or Conrad something. Well, they come on as well. As potential buyers of the one, you know. Do you know what he didn't know was also Bob Newhart and the Bob Newhart show. Okay. Do you know that one? I do I know the show, but you know, that the ending is. No, okay. So there's the Bob Newhart show was the original one from the seventies wasn't the one. Who is like this is my brother Darryl does. That's Bob Newhart. Okay. So this Bob Newhart show, and then just Bob Newhart. Okay. So Bob Newhart goes about I think it's I mean, it's it's a relationship comedy. I think also an office comedy kind of deal, which is also what Bob Newhart was. But just this one Bob Newhart was a bed and breakfast kind of situation because more of an office. He kind of setting. Gotcha. So. The end the whole series with him waking up in bed and next to him is his wife from the Bob Newhart show. So it was all dream. And he goes I had the weirdest dream that I owned a bed and breakfast on. And honestly, it's one of the more famous endings in sitcom history. That's what we missed Cleveland chill. Cleveland shows off of that. All right. I did actually like it. I liked it. And I never disliked it just puttered out on it. Yeah. After about like two seasons. I kinda just the current cool, man. Another one I missed he man and Shira what Shiro definitely is humanitarian. No, no, sheera, though, he was was a spinoff of remember that. And then they did cry. Like, I don't know if it was a crossover I or if she were would show up on him in. But he meant one Chopin she. Era, or it's the other way around. I know you're the thority. Even my transit, every doesn't dude you're the Shiro there in this room that was really early on my TV viewing. I just remember in Chiro. There was some dude who like hit every episode and you had to find him. And that was kind of that's as much as I knew about that God hiding. Light. After every episode. He was like hiding today. Highlights magazine. Yeah. A little bit. Wow. Way to pull highlights. I kind of remember that actually because she wrote we kind of was wasn't really I think what maybe a season or two. But I remember when he was on a Shiro was coming just gravy like they didn't come on back to back because after you got your man, you got like. Yeah. Thunder cats or you got silver hawks even on your cats. There's a show that needed to spinoff. Yeah. Right. But I mean, I mean, I guess, but, but where do you go mama's adventures exactly kit and Wiley can't go to school? Yeah. Yeah. It's weird there on third earth. And yet they all seem to be the only people that are there. There's no like masses, but they're trying to win. I'm really kinda steeped in the mythology of cats expensive time. It's been way there. Yeah. I don't know what happened to first and second earth either. In ways like earthy. I know. Yeah. Cold like. Yeah. Just monkey land like white liquid could be called anything could we call murder Ville? Why are we call earth? Good. All right. Really lazy writing is what that really go with monkey land. That's what they should have done. There was another spin off. I just thought of fuller house. Have you watched any of it not who won K? Okay. So I spent a very drunken weekend with my buddy. Not. Yes. I did. Oh my God. My buddy, Minneapolis and having a good time. And he kind of made me watch fuller house. It was the wire it was seasonal unknow season. One had just come out. And so they're all out at once. Yeah. And so. You binged watched fuller house. So yes, I mean, I think we could for episode sitting that. That I mean, God bless actually actually is some elements to it that I can have fun with just have fun with as in kind of just rolling on laughing at how stupid the whole thing is. And I think the thing is is not as much fun because they should be feels like they should be making more fun of the source material on the are. Yeah. But also there but at the same time they're trying to stay true to the tone of the original show. Okay. And it seems pretty confused. But yes, I was I had I eat. I mean, just eat fuller house for for about two hours. Looking just remember when you're a kid, and like, you know, it's like you have that spinach on your plate or something like that? And your parents or like you got to eat it. You can't get it from the table unless you eat it and try and spread it out a little bit. No, no. It's like like I got to sit here on this couch. Watched fuller house. Like, all right. I need to lose. All right. So I got a question for you. Then what happened to Michelle? Yeah. Exactly. I heard she's supposed to be like in college somewhere. Yeah. No. She's I think she's off modeling. That's always what they do with female characters. What they did in saved by the bell. Yeah. Yeah. That's where Kelly went. Yes. Kelly. I'm going to be a model goodbye. Forever. Here Chico Tori, and then didn't she like reconsider and come back? They brought her back. No, see whether the aired the episodes. Every other episode was Kelly kind of one Tory ones. Okay, which was confusing. Confusing. I was gonna use the R word and put out. Reversible. Yes. Reversible. And no it was. Yeah. I'm modeling in Paris now. And so, yeah, I don't know what Michelle's doing honestly, I think they made a joke about it in the first episode, and I it was yell Michelle Michelle Tanner from fuller house. Okay. All right right back there. Well, there's the same thing often. Kelli, Kelli, Kelli hausky, Michelle Tanner. So what about that show? Coach let me let me ask you something that wasn't when when Kelly left in went off the model didn't wasn't Jesse like off the show. Also, yet, they both left Berkeley left at the same time. But that's so weird. Because like in the episode there is an episode where Kelly has a chance to go off to Paris in model for like a month. I always thought that that was the like, okay, she's leaving episode. But like Jessie didn't get picked to go off. Yeah. Forget how they I don't know that they did. Whiteley just boom, we're gonna combined you to into, Tori. We're going to have a beautiful tough woman. Yeah. Exactly. She's pretty, but she was living jacket. Rides a motorcycle a motorcycle. She's she's from New York. You don't wanna mess with her? Maybe she knows jesse's step, brother. Exactly. Who also was from New York. Never seen or heard from again. Even though he decided at the end of that episode. Great. You know, what I like you guys? I'm going to stick around. I'm gonna stop blackmailing all of you. And then they send him off to boarding school yet or something. Nine in the Kapiti entries for like these like for some of these side characters is they all end with and was never seen heard from again. I like that Wikipedia has to write the end of your story. Peter and Gulf. Speaking of somebody who's probably made quite a fair amount of money from spin offs, Peter Engel. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Everybody. Everybody check out that eighty show. I'm sure I'm sure somewhere we'll be watching the end of Webster. Now. I am going to pull that Hooker out. Beef stew. Lawyer call is done new. You know, what we'll have it on mute in the background just watch. The visuals of it. So we have to run a business over here. Thanks for listening. Yeah. Spinoffs and crossovers and so forth. Maybe we'll do one of these because we'll get into Tommy Westfall universe and all that kind of stuff. Oh my God. That that web is going to be fun. Yeah. What a tangled web. We weave the sequel a spinoff. It'd be a spinoff podcast. Spinoff episode mind was blown. Zimmer noise queued up. Thanks for listening. Maybe I'll do now for this episode, but probably not. All right. That's cool. I won't mention any of the places then again goodbye. Okay. So I'm gonna I'm doing a little little add on right here right on. So we are half way through watching the Webster of sewed of this anelle. TNG the next generation. Yeah. Some letters base letters so thoughts give me your thoughts. Yeah. Well, I was just saying that it's really weird to see Star Trek. The next generation with like laughter on it at like, a clapping audience or the. Oh, and also, they're laughing all the wrong spot. None of the wrong spots. But really, none funny bits. Although that might just be you know, because it's thirty five years ago. Yeah. She's that loan. But yeah, no. It's like thirty something pretty close pretty close. So. Yeah. So your impressions, so far just almost unwatchable. Yeah. You don't you don't wanna keep watching. This is like torture. So I'm going to hit play again. Okay. We're going to be back. Okay. Wow. Okay. Wow. Right. Okay. So we we just finished watching the Webster series finale, which I actually emphasize more than once. It's just the season finale a series finale after six years, it's like the writers were just like we got nothing yet. No, nothing. So. Yeah. So listen whip sir was teaching Warf all about fun. Did you learn anything about fun? I learned apparently sports can be fun. But to cling on footfall is actually I tame sport. When you know, it's as good as we can get down here. Guess also running. Yeah. So yeah. So okay. Okay. Listen, this is a clip show. So. Fair warning till people out there. But this is seen where Webster is running a marathon. And keep on. Little legs. And so he's not able to finish the marathon. In the middle of the night. George is father kind of pulls him over to the sidewalk in sits down in. Just trying to talk about finishing the ten k Ron yet. Which is exactly what a pro athlete would do as son. He would talk you out of finishing listening. If your if your kid was a little shorter than everyone else. And it was not to be an athlete. I'm sure you'd probably like say like all right kid. You did you did good? I guess I don't know. I feel like pro athletes like not go all the way. This is terrible. I was about to say, so what's your review? This is just it's like with most series. Fidelis I feel like the theme is like cheers. I think I can't remember correctly. But I feel like they sold it ended at the bar. I know that with with fresh prints they sold the house so like closure its closure. Whereas this like what kind of closure is that he wakes up in like he was on the starship out. See what I did there? All right. Spoiler alert. There earlier, right? Yeah. Yeah. He wakes up and realizes he was on the starship enterprise. And then he like breaks the fourth wall looks at the camera guys I've actually free streamed it, so we're actually looking at Webster looking at the camera. Kind look on his face. And. Yeah, no, actually, it was also like fixed by inspector number six. Put little tags on on Eurotunnel controller, and I think it's very funny that they can't explain how he got onto the starship, but they're able to fix his controller to get him back. Oh, yeah. No, totally la- get plugged into anything. Never get. So do you anything about Webster, or or I learned I learned that people in the nineteen eighties liked to have fun? Twentieth. Century anything about laugh tracks. Yes, I found out that laugh tracks can be horribly mismatched. He's not even done saying the line. Even fitted. We know that the punch lines up laughing. So why are you saying, oh there it is? Now, he said something. I know it really is bizarre swatch star Star Trek and like with the left laughter. Get right, so bizarre. That's terrible left with terrible jokes as well. And I wanna point out, by the way, they chose Warf the character Warf to go the pretty much besides the most humorless character exactly with data. I could I could get it. I get behind because he'd like he wants to learn more terrible. But it'd be of course, it'd be terrible. Did you notice that Warf sits in data's spot idea? Kidding me at you mean? Yeah, I know where he's sitting. He's the security officer. So so yet, so would you recommend this episode of Webster to anybody? I feel like people who are listening. I'm going gonna have to watch it now. So they can enjoy it just we had Ivan fast forward through some of the. Throughout the euro. Yes. Although Biro my God. It was just listen. I mean, I recommended it. And I was like Jesus Christ. What did I get myself into? You know, what's even more mazing? They're doing a series finale a series finale, and the mom and dad do not come in for any new footage. I think I think it was an accidental. Finale. Okay. Now, this is not planning on this. This was kind of just their funding got cut, and they were like, dammit you guys at cancelled. And you have you guys have thirty minutes. Looking at my watch. You got twenty minutes. Go twenty minutes hash. Where's Michael Dorn? Let's put some prosthetics on his they went out onto the studio lot. They were like famous star. Michael are you shooting Star Trek? I would. I would love to go to the cafeteria and find Michael door, but Michael during still wearing his Klingon makeup. He's eating a hamburger with this shit on his forehead. I think that would be sure you don't want Patrick Stewart. He's right over there. Yeah. He's not really you're closer. He's got there. Over here you closer to the door. Or they're doing like odds and evens to see who has to do it with the rest of that. Yeah. That was that was pretty awful. That's okay. I'm so glad I did that for you. Normally, I don't complain about losing fifteen minutes of my life. That was an fifteen minutes because MAC did thankfully fast alive the marathon. I mean this literally apart with booking marathon. And in this episode. It's a flashback, but still we don't have to watch the whole marathon. Cool. Cool. All right, cool. Yeah. Okay. We have to call our lawyer again. To it is.

Bob Newhart Joey Joey Robin Williams Kelly kind New York Webster Frazier Stu Simpson Matt LeBlanc flu MR dick wolf Disney Bam Mr. Belvedere Michelle Michelle Tanner Japan India New York City Kramer
#369 - Happy TWIMsgiving 2018!

This Week In Marvel

52:01 min | 3 years ago

#369 - Happy TWIMsgiving 2018!

"New. Hello. Welcome to episode three hundred sixty nine of this weekend marvel I'm Ryan aka agent damn. I'm Jamie, aka agent abundance and this week. Our top news is Marvel's agents. A shield is officially been renewed. For a seventh season lucky number seven that news hit late last week after we went live with the show. But it is such a ding dang big deal that I just could not not include it this week. Our big talk is about some fun. Thanksgiving stories, you can read and our interview is with Mr. Greg stone, comedian Superfund time on that one. But now onto things were hyped about this week, comma, including news, it is our thanksgiving week here in the US where we're getting ready. One thing I'm thankful for this week is video games. I'm about to spend a few days off, mostly probably reading comics and playing video games while my wife is out of town and very much into it. Love her. But I gotta do. I gotta do. She's away that said we had big games and compost new hit this week. With the announcement that marvel and riot games are teaming up to publish league of legends comics and graphic novels. This begins December nineteenth with league of legends ash, warm other these issues releasing digitally starting December nineteenth with the graphic novel on sale this coming may the first title, this one Ashmore mother is an origin story for league of legends champion ash. And is to be written by riot games writer, Odin Austin Shaffer. What a great name amazing name, also his comics rating debut deaths. Yeah. With art by Nina Cueva, who's manga e style art you can see in a book called, heavy vinyl. She is so dang good. I'm excited to see her doing more for marvel with this more art and details can be found marvel dot com, and I guess this means all to trauma hands legal legends. Why not you've got all weekend? I know. No. And we had a tweet in here from Amanda our buddy off rance's who said hashtag so excited. Hashtag best news ever. She needs to know. More will be covered on the show. Amanda, that's all the information. We have literally right now but get excited because the first issue is a month away. Yeah. Next month in there. Some really awesome preview are by of Cueva on marvel dot com, and yeah, it's just gonna it's just going to start coming before, you know, it last week we talked about some of the the comics news that was coming out because the catalog for comics heating in February is actually a this week. So one of the fun pieces is the age of X men begins in February. We can't give many details right now. But we've got art for these books and some titles on marvel dot com. And I wanted to read off some of these because I'm I'm genuinely super into these the marvelous age of X men, which is going to be by. Nadler, ANZAC Thomson art by Markle villa the age of X men next gen by at Burson and Marcus to- age of X men, the amazing night crawler frigging night crawler series. I'm very excited because written by Sean Maguire by one for Gary s got age of x man. The extremists the cover for this one by Rosza so cool written by Leo Williams. Art by George gianatti and age of x men, apocalypse the extracts, which looks so trippy and weird written by Tim Seeley by Salva SPN and age of x men prisoner x which is written by Vida, Yala and art by headmen Peralta. I'm really into these six five issue limited series big stuff happening in here, if you'd like, you know, the age of apocalypse type stuff, I think there's going to be right up. Your alley from the the x universe over to a little bit more reality based y'all know, I'm a big fan of the Disney parks. There's some concept art revealed for the Spiderman attraction coming to Disney, California. Adventure? Looks really cool. See that on marvel com- a need to go there right now more things were hyped about our Mondo episode the audio and the video version both of those they're out right now, plus on marvel com-, you can see the art will make sure that there's a link to all that stuff. One. Last thing. I saw was that our intrepid reporter Erik Goldman posted about a Hella hot toys figure. Oh, yeah. He did. So. She's like hammer break and good. They're so detailed these hot toys figures. I really really want that one. So check that out and the yeah, there's so much going on. And of course, we had an episode of Marvel's poulos are favored books from this week. Our mortal hulk number nine moon, girl and devil dinosaur number thirty seven west coast vendors number four and web of venom carnage born number one some fun books this week. Now, it's time to talk about some older books. Are section Chitty. Chatty section now is about thanksgiving comics here in these wonderful United States of America. We celebrate thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November as a way to say, thanks for who. And for what we have in. There are definitely other reasons and a lot of discussions about him. And we get an all that we are going to get into five fabulous. Thanksgiving Centric, comics, you can read right now will have links in our marvel com- article as well as linked to the story with even more. For thanksgiving comics to read we had something like fifteen sixteen total that we dug up which is pretty neat. But here in the five that we wanted to spotlight. I'm gonna start us off with nine hundred eighty six ditty called power pack. I'm sure many of you know, power pack, but if you don't we're going to get into that is written by Louis science art by Brit enersen and Scott Williams by Terry Austin, Scott and similar Rosa colors by Janet Jackson. I'm guessing that's ends as ING different. Janet jackson. Not rhythm nation, Janet Jackson, but a different Janet. Hey props to the artists Jackson letters by? Joe rosen. So real quick powerpack their four young siblings who get superpowers they had a friend who's a weird horse alien. And he's he's all white. He's pretty cool. They become friends with lots of superheroes. They fight these weird reptile alliens. It's a lot of fun. Ran for six six years back in the eighties characters have been around. Julie power one of the kids. Most recently was in runaways because she. Was in a romance with Carolina. But this is them as kids and Weasley. Louise, Simonson was writing the hack out stuff at marvel the time. This was a giant-sized issue in nineteen thousand six it is set on Thanksgiving Day around the big parade in New York City, but the book opens with five year old Katie believe the youngest of the four she's training with a Morlock morlocks are the mutants who live in the sewers of New York City. They're sort of outcasts. But a lot of them have good hearts, Katie is inviting people to come to thanksgiving dinner, so cute, and she just wants people to come to this party. But the issue is kinda heavy has cloak and dagger beta Ray, Bill, Franklin Richards and mutants despite all that feels super real like a family would be going through sadness and tough things and one member of the family is trying to bring Malta gather to show them what they really need each other and their friends and love especially love, Katie. Bringing together all her friends who don't have family or their family lives far away. She's five years old. And she's thinking about all these other people, and my mom has always been a big thanksgiving person. That's her holiday every year. She tells me bring more people bring more people if they don't have somewhere to go bring them to our house. I got a text from her week and a half ago just saying like fame, I need a place to come for thanksgiving. You know, let me know. And you know, this issue actually got me a little choked up to be honest it while it's heavy it ends up being super sweet story and one of my favorites when it comes to thanksgiving. I'm going to call your mom agent. Mom works. I like a week and a half ahead of time. She's already like I'm ready to bring him in my mom cooks. A practice Turkey. Even on it. She needs no practice. It's great. So my pick my first thanksgiving pick was Franklin Richards, happy thanksgiving number one. It was written by Chris Elliott and Mark Suma rock, and it was described to me by Mr. agent, m as very Kelvin and Hobbs. And that's what makes me really really love it because this is definitely not as heavy as power pack. It's very light. It's very cute, and it's very fun. And it's just Franklin Richards getting into his dad's inventions and getting himself into mischief with her be the robot. And it's got a few stories in the first one he gets a hamster that he really wishes we're a dog. So he tries to make bigger and it becomes much bigger. So big infected and needs to go outside and destroy the city, but it's all good because it's just a hamster. And I'm shirt just like chewed on some paper somewhere just left it wherever because it's New York City, and who would even notice so. There is to Lepetit terror where he puts on a mind reading device, and he finds out that somebody has it out for him. And he's seeing all these scenarios where Franklin is being captured, and it may or may not be Herbie. I'm sure her being a Franklin get along great. But maybe they have a little, you know, disagreement from time to time. In addition to lengthy terror is speed demon where Franklin gets a little upset that he lost a race at school. So he wants to be very fast, and he becomes very fast. He becomes a little too fast. And he doesn't really know how to slow down. But it's super cute. I love how they depict his speed how it's just little tons and tons of little Franklin's running all over the place. That's Chris Christie's soak such an amazing cartoonist for listeners to Marvel's the polish whenever we talk about the lettering in comics, and we say VC's, whomever, VC stands for virtual calligraphy, which is the company created an owned by Chris Elliot polis. So Chris is. Is sort of his hand is in so many comics one way, shape or form. It's a good hand having comics their last door is Turkey. Trouble goes into a little weirder territory, which I really loved Franklin enters dimension in which his parents and his family are all turkeys. And then he comes back to thanksgiving dinner with big Turkey on the table. And he finds that upsetting. Yeah. The thanksgiving story and all this in this issue. And that you know, we did these Franklin stories these one offs every now, and then there's now a collection out. You can get them. All but I like this. It's he teleport's to a different universe Herbie's with them. And they're all Turkey versions of people and the Turkey version of the thing looks weird. Yes, it got like stone feathers. Kind of it's great seeing with the beak is always a little seeing. That's like, I guess that's what that would look like all right next book is uncanny x men number three hundred and eight written by Scott love del art by John Rita junior. Dan, green alvian Steve bushel, though, letters by Chris Elliott polis think about it. This is uncanny x three eight this week is on Kenny X men number two, but is also six hundred twenty one. So it's half the Ronco of uncanny. X men is this issue, which is while it's like ninety. Two ish somewhere in there. But this is one of those chill types of extra stories that I love they were talking about these recently that when we had Jordan on these stories that happened in the aftermath of major events where they're like the quiet before the storm of the lives that are the x men -t's world in here. There's a touch football game on the campus you've jubilee and beast bouncing around the grounds and like driving people nuts. People trying to explain football to Bishop the time traveller who comes from a dystopia in future where there is no fun is tremendous your frigging gambit and his ridiculous outfit. But the this is also a really important part for the lives of cyclops and Jean Cray. That's in here where Jean and Scott, officially become engaged and they reflect on their whole lives. They they're thankful for having each other for having their friends their family. You get this wonderful big. Thanksgiving dinner, professor Xavier gives a speech troop, Elise sassy. It has just terrific family style. X men. No big mutant Michigan. Just good times. I love it. My second pick was spider. Gwen number fourteen written by Jason LaTour with art by Robbie Rodriguez and Chris visions. Oh, poor Gwen her dad's in jail. She's feeling tons and tons of guilt over what happened to Peter Parker. Her powers are gone, and desserts. Matt Murdock is just not nearly as funding cool as the one on our six one six he's he's a word. I should not be saying the PG, plus plus allow the words that describe this Murdoch, and I don't know about that. We'll see he's a mean, nasty jerk that works. But fortunately, he's not around for very long. So let's take a look at the nice parts of this book, which there are some. And while it's a pretty heavy story and deals with a lot of Gwen sadness and her guilt. Dig a little bit. And you find the nice parts and one of those is a really prime spider, Gwen view of the New York City thanksgiving parade. So that's pretty sweet I love seeing the different versions of the parade in the various comics of the I was going through the full list of the books that we pulled. And we get the parade in a couple of different places in power pack. We see the parade. I look at the floats and power, you see Kermit, and there's mighty mouse on smokey the bear believe Kermit is in at least one other issue. Mighty mouse. Maybe in another one as well. And here there's a captain America balloon because the cap of this universe. Samantha wilson. She's great. She's an awesome cap and she gets her own balloon. And then I think in our reality. We've had Spiderman balloons, I know a lot of people in the office have helped walk the Spidey balloon in the years that they've done it on think this year, there's a Goku balloon for me in the other dragon ball heads, which I'm psyched for. It's very cool. So I really feel for Gwen for me. The Spidey stories are always so heavy because of the guilt that whether it's winner, Peter what they're carrying. And that's why of why so many people love the spider stories is because you feel them you really feel for them. And what they go through. And it's not easy to just be a hero in Gwen is going through a lot of that in holidays only amplify that. There's also a really fun. Visit from Jessica drew in her baby. I love that needs acute friendship is super fun and Rogers there and he's being a good, dude. When gives a speech where she says, quote, I can't lie. I feel lonely lot. Especially at the holidays. I always have even when everyone I love is around. And that would that would really like that. I connect with that people. I've talked about it on the show a bunch not a holidays guy. It goes into a lot of deeper things for me, and I won't talk about here. But the holidays make me blue it is a tough time for me. I try and I like these stories gravitate towards the sadder stories around the holidays. But like I like like when feels that. But she has people that she connects with I think that's really sweet I really love that about this issue because there is a lot to say about living in the present. And just even for a little while even for one day or a few hours just being around the people who love you and support you and trying you're very very best to allow yourself not to think about what's going on in the past or what might happen in the future, and all of the pain and heartache that it might cause just allowing yourself to feel good for a little while and know that your loved that's a really special part spider Gwen and every time I read spider when I love her more, pretty great. She's pretty great. All right. Last of our five is vision and the scarlet witch from malate nineteen eighty five of some eighty stuff. It's written by Steve Englehart art by Richard Howell. Frank Springer Adam Phillips letters by Parker and Oakley first things. First I love. Of the cover here. The big Tex the mutant who came to dinner the people in their costumes around thanksgiving table name more in his little undies, doctor strange with like a drink. But also looking like, he's dancing. It is so good. And then you get inside. And I one of the things I love is the old school style. Introductions for everyone at the party. It is very classic comic books, but you know, it works here because that's what you do at a party. You're like, hey, this is so and so my accountant here, so and so my, you know, Barbara here. So and so my foot massage just whatever it is you go through you introduce everybody. Everybody has to sort of mingle a lot of fun. But then MAG needle rose into the party having been invited by Wanda and oboe. Oh, boy people have opinions, but make sense that was too nice thing for them to do what they're trying. They're trying to be civil and polite. There's always a one person shows up to a holiday gathering one year, and everybody's like and one of my favorite moments in this issue is name more. He's about to leave. He rolls up to Wanda mind, you she's pregnant with the twins that she conjures up with her own chaos magic. But we don't know that at the time. Name more rolls up to her as basically like oh had the hots for you. And now that you're pregnant, you're even more radio hots Tutsi. That's not awkward. She's just like cool, visions again. 'cause is one husband. It's a whole thing. Love Chromebooks and a love of vendors in their weird dynamics. And the family stuff it is a proper holiday family gathering story. Oh, and there's a really great panel with just everybody at the table Norman Rockwell. Now, you guys can check out we're going to put the link together for the full list of all the comics are being written about we'll make sure that these are listed as well. So you can read them on more on limited near we hope y'all have a ferry wonderful thanksgiving if you're celebrating, but that's not the end of the show. We have our interview this week, which is with comedian, Greg stone. Greg Scott an album coming soon. We don't have a date yet. But he does have a podcast called, dude. Cast check him out. He's great. You'll see how nerdy. He is like modifying action figure level nerdy. Oh, he's legit. Is. He's very serious them out. Right now. Greg. Thanks for joining us. Oh, thanks for having me. Yeah. Great. What is your marvel origin story? How did you first get exposed excited about more? I couldn't read when I was a kid. So my dad just bought me comic books. I would look at the pictures. And then that's kind of how I learned how to read with through that. Then I found out in third grade. I just had double vision. I couldn't read 'cause I couldn't see. So no one knew I lose a baseball game. And ball was coming to my face smashed me in the face. And the coach was like I think this kid needs glasses and my parents took me to get glasses. And I was like, oh, yeah. He's not the they were trying to put me a school for handicapped children because they were like, yeah, he's mentally disabled. He can't really should be at this level and all this. And then coach was just like, no, he's blind. He's blind. And he's too shy to tell you. So that's how I started with comic books. So you had double vision. Does that mean you so to ball's coming at your facing didn't think to run between them? Yeah. It was a thing that you don't necessarily realize you have until they kind of figure it out. So you hit in the face with hit in the face the baseball. It was also nearsighted I couldn't see far. But I was also really good at context clues. So I would get my homework done by being like think this is what would happen. And that's how I would like has tests. It was a crazy. Yeah. I've been wearing glasses since I was like five, and I like the way you say, you're good at context who's because my vision is so bad some colors just get washed away. Yeah. And so you just have to understand. Okay. That's that's the thing that I think is whatever it is. So I'm going to work around that. And when you're little you don't know that it should be better. So you like this is just life. That man is a blob. That's a blurry thing. I know blurry thing blurry thing brings me food like I'll go hang out with blurry thing. She smells good that your mother glasses. Face face. Crazy. I am also very nearsighted. I work on tax. And the first time I realize need glasses was when I looked at the blackboard and thought I saw spider webs on it. But it made sense because it was it was October. It was around Halloween. We just got back from DisneyWorld, and I wasn't very caught up. So I just figured teachers during spider webs. I walked passing. That's my homework. I should do that the grit. If you came in the school next, I have my homework done and just a handful of spider. The spinners you ask she makes sense for you. That's very on brand for me. So you're a stand up as well as a marvel fan. Do they ever meet in between this kind of sucks because this is the first time it ever did everything I've ever written for worked on has always been sports related politics. And I hate all of this all of this. My manager was like why don't we try to go? Have you hang out with marvel? Then like, why did they think of that? I make custom action figures in my basement. Why has no one thought that I should be aiming myself more towards comic oriented things. But yeah, no. I mean for the most part this is kind of like the first time really delving into a lot of this. I hang out in a lot of weird chat rooms with custom action figure people. Yeah. Okay. Got friends all over the country. There's a thing for everybody everywhere somewhere. Now, it's kind of accepted a little bit more. But when I started it was not accepted, and I'm not such you might not think I'm that. Nerdy. When you meet me, so I would just take all my action figures off of my wall to go my shelves down whenever have girls come over. So I literally I was dating this girl for three months and she'd come into my room, and he's like when are you gonna move in when you're gonna get stuff? And I'd I'm like what you're talking about stuff like the my room's empty like my heart before I met you. I was romantic things like that. And then one day, my roommate this guy, Omar he let her in. She comes into my room. She sees all my marvel legends. She's all my GI Joe's, and she was like, I don't even know you. And I was like this is just who I am. It was like she walked in on me. And then we broke up like it was wild keeping secrets, bro. Yeah. I get it. But I wasn't comfortable. Yeah. I've had experiences like this where it's like, she's not breaking up with you. Because of the action figure she's breaking up with you. Because. Of the lies dwell. Also it out we might as well know this week in relationship talk is going real well, but I want to more into action figure collection. What's the price piece? Man. See that's the thing. It's like my price pieces aren't things like expensive like I have custom figure that someone made for me actually may be the entire nineties x force team. But the second costumes remember when I don't remember exactly who drew it. But it was like the blue and cannibal had the yellow stripes. He made me that whole team. And that to me is the fact that this kid made them for me it was kinda like sweet. So he made those and I have them that's up there. And I also things in my my lady got for me that I was like, yeah. This is just not a great figure, but I'll keep forever. She's going to be listened to. What was really really important? She's really going to wonder which ones that's where you're wrong because she hasn't listened to or watched anything I do. And that's why we're still. This one as I may have said before I played with action figures as well. My brother, and I combined are human and Shiro action figures and had an entire living room of scenarios. You set your action figures in scenarios and take pictures of them on Instagram, which I think is the best have you been doing that? And taking pictures of it like for a long time. No, I don't know. Why it started in crazy? I love it. But I would just take pictures just to show friends like as a joke. Get what I'm up to us to be straight edge. So the reason I got really back into figures, I was older was because my friends would buy drinks. And I was like, well, I'm gonna spend my money on something I can have which is this toy. And I would just by these toys, and then I started drinking later. So now, I'm just drunk and have a ton of toys and buy more when I'm drunk, so it's really really double down. So this is the thing. I do people go play with them. I don't play with him. I set them up and they talked each other. But I don't move them around going Caparo silly. But that's how I do. Most of my writing is I set them up in I'll take random figures that'd be like, why would this guy hang out with this guy? That's how I come up with a lot of different storylines than like when I was a kid. The GI Joes were never the Joes who they were. They were the people. I was writing my brother had viper figure and his whole thing was viper. Had a bar and everyone would go to the bar to hang out ninja turtles. It'd be hanging out with Barbies, and they all talk and it wasn't been violent. But that's how we started writing. All these stories for me. I lost a lot of toys over time. We moved or whatever like as a kid did you ever run through that? Did you Jamie like losing your toys and then having to get them back again? So I have three quick things about that. Too stories was silver hawks. Remember there were bird people. Space people that flew, but you're in space why you need to fly in space now gravity. You can just doesn't matter who thrown. So I've got a silver hawk my brother because my brother was older than me. And he goes yet. Do what's great about these figures they actually fly? So I leave together package went upstairs through my window broken immediately. My brother was just like you. Yeah. Story one story too. I had battle beasts battle be love them, my favorite battle beast was this little rabbit guy. Right. And he was my favorite. I brought him everywhere. I love picture. Yeah. My brother I walk outside one day to my brother was six foot three like he's digging. This giant hole. And I'm like, hey, Joe, what are you doing? He goes nothing here. I walk over grabs. The rabbit throws it in the whole fills the whole. I was too small. Down in grab it and it still go down to Chester avenue and Bloomfield dig him up. He's still there we couldn't find him for my brother's wedding. He gave me a new one in a little box with was pretty sweet that's a door. We had great action figures back in the day. Didn't we remember the insect toys? What was that? They like there was like puppets. Yeah. There. The public ones that freaked me out as a kid. I don't know why I had them. Everybody in the twentieth street was on drugs, and they're all trying to make that ninja turtle money. So they were like, hey what we do. I don't know. What about a barnyard? They fight Barnard commandos food sell them food fight fighters. Thunder cats lender cats. Yeah. Ninja turtles you gonna journals? I loved the ninja turtles so very hard. I wanted Raphael to be like a human. I didn't want to go out with a turtle. But I wanted the human version of Rafael to exist in real life because I'm very gravitated towards jerks. Exactly. Yeah. Who you like as an indeterminable says, so. Much about who you are. Yeah. The nerds like Donatello, the preppy is likely Nardo and the idiots like Michaelangelo, and then all the jerks like Raffaelle. So I was like I found out who I I love Leonardo, and I'm more of a Michelangelo type of person because I'm really kind of a dummy. But I always like the stern. But just you know, it's like good at all costs loved Leonardo. I love cyclops. I don't care cyclops fan. No one likes clubs. Yeah. So you're it was in August. You had tweeted, quote cyclops is the best please defend your position set in comic books. It's fun to see the will ring. Would you want to be friends with Wilbur in real life? No, he's gonna be a jerk. You don't steal your girlfriend. He's always smoking. Like, it's not fun cyclops is the guy who when you get a divorce. He'll be there for you. You're in trouble. He's going to be the guy with the check. He is the dad you want. He's not the guy coming home, drinking and yelling at your mother. He's the guy who goes to get you through college. He's not fun. But he's there for you. And I want that when my favorite Pennells of all was astonishing x men the sentinel breaks through. The roof and cyclops just like takes off his visor blows everything out. And then we'll rain is just like sometimes I forget why you're the leader. And it's like, yeah. Man. That's who he is. He's amazing. I will fight anyone who wants to defend cyclists. He's not my favorite by love him. I think he's underplayed right? Nardo of him. Really not fun to read. Right. Like, you're next with the right, right? Or the creator it clicks. Yeah. Makes sense before we get off of the action figure topic though I wanna talk a little bit more about the customizing. That's super cool word of the first person who's ever said that to me. I got started in this toy fair magazine was the sister publication of wizard, and I was writing about military toys and weird stuff that I had no business writing about is like a twenty one year old. But when I worked at toy fair, we would get custom action figures made we would do like familiy type stuff, we would do all that. And so I I love that. How'd you get into customize well, one of them was from wizard we make your own heroes where people would send in old figures I used to like that. But then what happened was marvel legends? When they first came out. They were only putting out four to time. And so they weren't making figures fast enough for me. And I wanted an archangel figure, and I saw there was a spawn figure for Dima, and you had these great wings. And I was like what if I take these wings, I can fashion them on to a silver surfer or something? And then they use an old he-man head from everybody read it he man like two thousand two ish. They did like a human cartoon. I took that head. And it was like, oh, I can do that. I'm not I'm not Arctic. But my brother was like you don't have to be. With like tape. And if you just take your time, you can do this stuff, and I painted the whole figure my brother drew the halo for game on the on the chest. And it was like, whoa. This is awesome. And then I started leader seeing that other people are doing it too. It was kind of cool to be like, oh, what do you do? How did you get that? How are you? Like, oh, I need to like take the figure apart. I was just painting on top of it. And as a comedian to be honest with you, I need my little zen moments and painting, I I listen to my podcast, my music just get out there. I'm not worried about my career not worried about anything just do little painting. And then I have something when I'm done, and it's really a fun thing to do. Do. You have any advice for you know, if someone were to like wanna start getting into it. What's the first step? It's the advice. I give everybody for everything which is just do it just do it. I don't believe in talent. I think talent is bull. I believe in putting his much time as much hard work into something. If you want to do it have fun with enjoy yourself and happy failing the same thing with comedy. It's like just have fun doing stand up, and you're not going to be good for a while. And if you are you're lucky, and then just keep ten thousand hours just keep. Doing it and doing it and doing until you're great, obviously, you're a big marvel fan you've got deep knowledge. What is your dream marvel team? If you had to put together a squad either heroes villains. Look, you can mix them up. Yeah. What do you make as your dream marvel team, man? That's okay. So do vendors team, and I would have cyclops leader. Because I've always thought bold. Yeah. Yeah. Because I want captain America to be like, I've been keeping my eye on you. You're great at being a leader. We need a great leader. Boom. You got cyclops in there. He's the leader right, then all right caz, America's favorites. But we have a leader. So I don't really need him. But I would love to have them. Maybe just hangs out if they just hang together happen his regular. I'm just gonna hang up. Guys, actually my dream team. Actually, get rid of cyclops would be ares red hulk hulk, Hercules and the century driving a car kicking the hell out of people going from planet to planet town to town people not even knowing what's up, and then to show up in Brooklyn. And it's a robbery, and it's just the toughest baddest people. And they're just like flicking people. I would just love to see the beefy team of just kind of like, not a stereo smartest guys. You know, just having a good time for beating everybody up, and I just picture them in like an old Beatle, you know, like the old car, they're all just stuffed in and they're all just like driving around. I would just love to see that picture red hulk just annoyed with everyone must add like shut up about his arms trying to steer the car, and I'm a big century guy. And he just such a great character. But I would love to just see more century to. All right. So we've got the beefy team. But what about the cyclops team? I would call them the beefy team or the bulk. The the bowl is good. Yeah. I'll probably go cyclops Luke cage a love Luke age. I love anybody. Who's just normal guy? You know, he's like I wear jeans man that it's hard to just not pick my favorite people. Which would be also Spiderman iron fist like, I don't know. You're a big new vendors guy. It seems like when ventures happened. I cried I was like you're taking my favorite people putting them together. It was the best. I loved new ventures. You're new. Yeah. Yeah. Cry. Like says it all and machine men. Okay. Good dynamic machine. We've done this one hundred times. Machine man comic where he's just like turns a wheelchair love machine meant. Yeah. Machining it up. I love stupid characters. That's why think bend is that a lot. Whereas he would just bring in these dumb old characters. I wanna make them. Great. And it's like that's love taking the underdog and making them amazing. Tell me about your Jimmy story because Jimi obviously one of the greatest pencils in marvel comics history. The so I was at my best friend's wedding. She was getting married, and they were just a bunch of random amazing people there. I've a big fear of looking like a fan boy. So I go to hard the opposite way. So my friend. She goes you've got to go meet, Jim, I know you're a huge fan. Just go meet him, and I go I don't wanna be a family. I don't wanna do that. Right. So she to cares. Right. So I go to his table. And I was just like, hey, anybody is really having a good time. And I'm trying to pretend I don't know him. And so he goes, oh, Greg. Hey, nice to me. And I was like type what's your name? Jim most of meat you? Right. And then he was like I heard you're a comedian. And I was like, yeah. And he was like he's trying to clearly make me feel comfortable. So he was like eating jokes. You do. Right. And I was like, well, what do you do? He goes woman artist. And it was like all right. Well, I'll do a job if you draw me a picture, you know, I'm just literally doing this like I can't idiot IM. And he goes literally, he goes, I what he wanted to draw and I go, I don't know what what's a superhero Batman. So he goes I could draw that right? All right. So you start selling Batman, and I go I mean, that's not that good. But I'm like, I'm like charismatic and he gets. I'm joking goes. Oh, you think you could do better they go. Oh, yeah. Right. So then we have a draw, and I go I'm trying to drag you have understand. I cannot draw. I have no artistic skills and like here's a drag. And he was like. Yeah. But mine has reigned. Well, mine has rained. And he's just like I got I got New York in the background. He goes to New Jersey. Like, he just like that. We're having this competitive draw. Right. We're laughing, and he's he's really really nice. So I still have this drawing. And so my friend was like Qatar player from romance the wedding. And so to the back of their menu. Is this Jim Lee drawn Batman picture, which to maybe one other person the planet is the greatest romance. And Jim Lee, it's like, it's a really very neat audience would just go crazy, but that's my prized possession. That's the one thing of everything. I owned a great does memory gets a story. And it was like my best friend got married. It was a beautiful wedding. And he was just without a doubt. Did you happen to see he posted this on Instagram? It almost made me cry. He posted all of the letters that he received when he was asking to work for like different comic book things all telling him. No, they all to Jim Lee. No. And he just worked harder and outworked it. And I'm like that is the most beautiful thing in the world. My comedy career was something very slow and took a very long time. And I'm thirty seven now. And it took a long time to get the things that I want in a lot of these things you're in this dark room your whole life. And you're just looking for the light switch, and you. Think you'll never find it. And then one day you hit it, and it all comes together. And it's like, oh, you just have to keep working. I wrote a goals board of all the things I wanted of career wise and in two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen I crossed off and under them in two thousand eighteen I crossed off ninety percent of it in two weeks. Everything happened like 'cause you just been working in preparing. Then all of a sudden you're in the gym trying to get strong. And no one's calling you to fight. And then one day, they call you. And you've been in the gym for seven years, you're superstrong now. And then it all like everything starts happening. So think of just like, yeah, man. Like if you love something just keep doing it. You will get it. If you don't quit. Hell, yeah. If yourself, you know, just no. You are right. Yeah. Sorry, sorry to get the emotional. Great brings very close to him. I was trying to do comedy for a really long time. I think my my problem was that I thought I was close to find that by twenty three and that did not happen. And I think that's what a lot of people need to realize just like you said it takes a long time to find. About what your thing is a lot of people are going to tell you. No. Because you're not showing them what you're supposed to be showing them yet. No matter what field you're in. Whether you're writer artist comedian musician, you're gonna find it eventually just keep digging. Just like that action figure berry clean Bloomfield on the rabbit. Yeah. Just revenue dig up everyone's low until you find it. Yeah. Why am I doing this? I don't know why I'm doing this. Inspirational talk us great. Who's going to need to hear it someone's going to hear it, and it's going to change their life. It's an interesting thing. It's something we talk about marvel is everything we do is someone's first every comic is someone's first comic every podcast first podcast. This is going to be someone's first exposure to you to Jamie to me to whatever. Like Jamie saying there could be something that clicks for someone. And it's going to help them doesn't matter. If it's now like every week, I get someone being like, oh, I just started listening to this week of marvel from the beginning, which I highly suggest no one ever. But I applaud you. I appreciate you for doing it and they come in. And they're getting our lives through these things. And so eventually they come to this. And it's like there's going to be those moments, which is so cool. Yeah. Yeah. Totally also the thing with I don't be afraid of the first because I was big thing. I had a problem with was like I didn't wanna write these scripts because I was afraid they'd be bat. And it's like, no it's supposed to be that you have to do a hundred of them before you realize you're any good at it with stand up. It's like the first thousand times you get up don't count. I was talking to John truce and the other day. I know John choose John cheers. And he tried to teach me how to do stand. He's a pretty is a great guy. And then a lot for me are you from amount? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Those Long Island clubs juiston is a great guy. And the first time you do stand up don't count, you know, it's people are afraid to do with their first time afraid they're going to suck. And it's like, yeah. You're supposed to suck. You supposed to do it. So many times before you even get good. Yeah. I think STAN of is they make it look so easy. They make it look like they're just up there talking. I wanted to ask you, which marvel character, you think would be a good stand up comedian. I think about stuff like this all the time. When somebody's got a good sense of humor. Like, what would they be a good comedian? Yeah. Cyclops would be a great community. Here's why yet tell us. Why we'll tell you why. Because it's a secret that not a lot of people know, the great comics have work ethic. Right. If cyclops decided he wanted to be a standup that guy without work you he'd be at every open mic. He'd be at every show. He's not funny now, but after five or six years that guy will have done every single thing. And he will be killing. Also, he'd be great. The business aspect cyclops emailing booker's emailing shows, can you do that? How did you get that? He'd be like did you probably hate? But he would be rich. He'd be on every TV show. I mean, how many comedians, you know, that aren't even that good. Like, you don't even have to be that funny. But that guy's a businessman. He'd come up one catchphrase one. Yeah. He would milk it what I people. That guy though, he that kind of comedian not that funny buddies every where just got a game show cast Steve Harvey Steve Harvey. I love Steve Harvey like family feud. He lays these good. Sure. He's he's great. But he is on everything. Yeah. He has a radio show. Ten TV shows bless God bless is the workhorse again sold me on good. You also do a podcast. Oh, yeah. What is the RAD dude cast about well, it's call, you know, it's the RAD dude cast, but the idea of it is it's just we'd like to call like radio art, like we don't really have the idea is that we just kind of no one gets say, no. So if someone has an idea we all have to go with it. And so that has led us to some really fun. It's some really crazy things. Like a lot of times. We've had like, you know, fun punk has. And then we had one where one of us decided we should just read the script from Forrest Gump. Did Forrest Gump and the last three minutes of the podcast after an hour. We change the ending. But the only way to know that is you'd have to listen to us doing for Gump for fifty five minutes or forty five minutes or something like that. But that's the thing. That's like we have a lot of people who like they like it. But it's like it's a little it's not everyone's Cup of tea. I think it's the funniest thing. I do. I mean, we're just all wild animals in there. It's very in the spirit of Andy Coffman. Reading an entire screenplay last seen. But then hanging off is what we there's a secret episode that nobody knows about the hidden somewhere in the country, and it's on CD, and we give hints that nobody really knows. But eventually someone will find the secret episode, and I to be honest with, you know, one this is the first time I've ever telling anyone this like nobody even on the podcast knows that we made a CD of episode, and I hit it somewhere. And if you listen to all the episodes, you might be able to find I can't believe I just told you this is breaking news. This is crazy tense really gets his you that kind of thing varied with the beasts. Oh my gosh. Do another one with the beast with a beast is gonna also be the new my next album, very with the b sounds like a cool hardcore band. You also worked on the break. How long was production for an episode of that what was the writer's room? Like, I'm always fascinated by that aspect of creativity in the business Wolman show wolf who is honestly think she's one of the best comedians you'll ever meet. She is literally like cyclops. She is a work horse episodes would film on Thursday. And we would usually start them maybe Friday night, Monday morning, or whatever. And then we'd be filling whatever it. So the first week we did like five days in a row that were like sixteen seventeen hours all done our brains fried. My roommate Anthony Anthony guy right with one of my best friends, we earning offering of the show together and this guy dancing Tremaine three of us. Go into Michelle's office. We were like we just see how she's doing man. We're all burned out we walk in. She's on the treadmill just running and we were like, oh, the she's gonna be fun. She's gonna be alright we just put in sixteen hours three. As in a row, and she's running like it was wild. And it was great because I loved everybody there. It was also like a really cool earning experience just know that you can do thing that you didn't think you'd ever be able to do like, I'm not a political guy, and I also have ADD. So like to know that you can sit and do with thing. I didn't go to college is like it was a real big feelings for me to just be like, you're not a dummy. You can do this stuff to sit and work and you'll be fine. It's easy. When the best material is just the truth. Just provides everything you need to know. Yeah. Yeah. That's the thing. Right. That's why my favorite comedians of the guys who were really grabbing stuff. It's like the truth that we either don't want admit or don't wanna look at from Carlin guy. I love George Carlin, and for me, it was like he would say stuff. And I was like, oh, that's how I felt. I didn't know how to articulate it. And you made it funny. And you may not feel like a jerk for thinking that way. Also. Of course, your stand up stuff you're tweeting about like recording for records. I just recorded an album Sunday. I feel like that'd be intimidating. I waited too long to do it. I think it's better to wait. Because then you're making material is great. So we did two shows and the first show I think when great we probably got on the for show great second show. I had a heckler heckle, and I had to get off stage and throw this woman out for about six minutes. I two openers this guy Joe list, who's deflects one of the funniest people live to beat. It was my best friend also super super funny to amazingly coming. She heckled both of them than I went on she heckled twice. And I know that like every time I would get to. A punchline she would step on the punch line. And then the third time. She did it. I do a joke. Right. Just go. I don't talk about Trump anymore because the took a line, right? I don't talk about Trump anymore because devise a room so just say, my stepfather said, and I do the jokes that way like just like a dumb little line as I'm saying that she goes F Trump, and I go what are you doing? Why are you doing that? Just screamed the middle of my set where do you think you are? We're the Long Island city like this isn't Trump country? Right. So I tell her you gotta go then she points to her. She goes, well, that's my boyfriend her boyfriend stands up. He's six foot seven ripped. And I'm just go. This is how I die. And now, you all leaves. And I just threw out an entire row, and I had to go back on stage, and I did thirty five more minutes, and the crowd was awesome. They were just really great and supportive. But it's like, I'm not the best. I can be because I'm furious. Some of this material I've been working on for like ten years. And it's like, and you just thought this was about you just made us about furious. We'll see how it goes. That might be a bonus wreck. I'm telling you this until you guys who cares. The art which my brother is drawing. So Joe, would you? Please finish the art. It's me the fat Spiderman because I do joke about how I wanted to be Spiderman put on the costume. And some it was like, hey, there's fat Spiderman, and I'm like just regular Spiderman so that, but the art is going to be me with spider cents going off. It's like the spider web behind me of like different scenarios. So like all the stories, I tell Rogan by the spider web thing. So it's gonna be great. If Joe will finish the art, please. You know, if Joe doesn't you have a friend, Jim maybe you can hit a. I feel like if Joe's not gonna come through. Hey, what are you doing buddy? What to do some album art? Terrific. I had to the family. I I was so many artist friends were amazing now my brother is doing it because I wasn't amazing artist. But it's also like it's family. We gotta have that do that together. It's kind of a beautiful thing to me. Sorry. It's been very sweet podcast the way it should stores times where can fans find you online social media. Learn more about like your towards and all those dates you're doing Instagram, Greg f stone Twitter. Greg stone underscore, my website is a Greg stone dot com and check out the red dude cast, I think people will love it or you will hate it. But we'll love to have you try one or the other. I think it's okay. Thanks, great. Thank you. Greg. Big thanks to Greg stone. Once again, check out the red dude cast. But now, it is time for community taking in your questions and your comments, Kenneth Sanderson says glad to hear talk about my favorite x men stories since in a way, they are all through the same story. I like to think of them as the messiah trilogy and that goes back to the conversation. We had with Ed and Kelly and Matt. Yeah. If you've never read messiah complex and war and all those I would definitely check them out. They are a lot. But they are really good building blocks for understanding the X men, especially a modern X men. It's really good. Let's talk X men at talking X men says I love this interview with Jordan d white Matt Rosenberg Ed Bresson and Kelly Thomson just finish listening to it. Yes. We need that unresolved gateway rogue plot and more maggot and some obscure low key character cyclops, and I thought glob was your favorite now. We'll Verena I believe Ed responded to this one be like. We'll read a very polite in Canadian. Oh, yeah. You're right there. You're right there. I also like, well, I like everyone. Everyone's really great. I shouldn't make fun of it does not sound like that really is the sweetest in the world I met anyway onto our friend Ron at eight that one nerd Ron says listen to this weekend while row podcast about remembering Stanley. It was heartbreaking to listen to the fond memories shared between Lorraine. And Ryan my memory was describing his own origin story of marvel and Joni motivated him to create his own characters. Formerly known as Stanley's LA Comecon. It really was the first time. I heard that story and to watch him tell it live almost brought me to tears. Yeah. Well, the the standard Joni stuff is just. That's great Carris Pollard says this is really quite a new comic book day this week. My police had six of the very best avengers captain America. Ms marvel domino unstoppable, wasp an Infinity warps. Wow. Wow. Indeed. Yeah. She got a good bunch. I believe I have hooked on exiles. He caught you in his exile e web Caras also says domino was Tracy's this week in marvel of the week this week and marvel the week. I love it because it's so dumb doesn't make any sense. Great needs to make no sense. And it's hard to disagree action. A conclusion and great dialogue and humor dense pages with a lot going on to which is great after some of the others this week. I love this team both creating and in the pages last one in here from Thai vendor, yada. Lopez says thank you this week in marvel for sharing your most intimate memories of Stanley. You had me in tears the entire time. It means so much to all of us hearing the special moments. Thank you guys are gonna make us cry all over again. All right time for our question. The week earlier I talked about the hell hot toys figure and the holidays are coming up. So what marvel thing do you really want this holiday season toys that a movie is it? Vinyl soundtrack from Mondo is at a high five from one of your favorite this week, and marvel hosts is whatever it is. Let us know use hashtag this week in marvel or you can hit us up on the Facebook page. Facebook dot com slash this weekend marvel or you can Email us at twin podcast at marvel dot com. Yeah. Just for fair warning. I'm very serious about high fives. I know all the secrets like looking at the other person's elbow and also I n stronger than I look, and I will really hurt you. But it's a great high five I give really good high fives. There you go on that note. We'll be back next week. I'm right, and I'm Jamie. This is marva your universe.

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Return to Geekdom from a Move

Altered Geek

1:14:28 hr | 7 months ago

Return to Geekdom from a Move

"You're. Tuned in to Steve Magnetron on altered Kiko. Loewen. Welcome to altered Geek I'm your host Steve Phillips in joining me in this endeavor into victim is if she when Mike No. We return. After my grandma. With my nice microphone back in front of my face. Yes in front of your face. Don't worry levels. And I won't be going. Either who? Like you're doing now that was clicking. Yes I understand me being a fool. I know. So yes, I moved I have a new house, a move cities. I had the tedious process of. Tearing Down My. Entire Office which my desk was an atrocious. Literally took it down to each individual board. With. No. Instructions on putting it back together by I. Put everything in a box like all the bolts. Plastic wrap box in the stacked up everything there were two file cabinets that stay together but everything else had to come apart and it's a massive desks so. I. I got back together in about four hours on Sunday night because I was going I, need my stuff set up for. Tuesday, for work and. I also set my computer right afterward because I'm like I'm going to watch Netflix. Checking things. So I was watching it on my phone until I got the desk done, and then after the desk was done I was like, should I go to bed? Should it continue and I was like continue? So I put my computer back together and I still have like a box and a half of crap under my desk I mean it hides it while but of stuff that needs to be put away. In the deck but I've not gotten that far an unpacked my box yet I haven't. I haven't really done any of those things yet. But it's it's coming along. We had the whole house. Mary. Mostly did a lot of it. We got the whole house unpacked in three days. Awesome yet, which is, which is still the record. It's just yeah. She. She's like we better not be moving again until we're old men and a truck. Exact. ICES I with you. So actually this is the first time I've had an office. That's not in the basement. Yes. Because my old one basement anymore basement So the last one it was, it was a finished room, but it was it was big and so it got colder. My New Room is actually It's about three quarters of the size of my previous office, and so it's a little bit more condensed and. Get the company. To in so it it actually holds the heat better. and I I also installed a One of those things that doesn't allow drafts to come under the door. Right. Which I did that more. So for some purposes than anything else on my side of the door. Because I have family. and. So I also am going to be getting sound panels to put in here I put my my blackout curtains in here. So, yeah, it's it's a process. The first day we were here it was on a Friday because we closed and then Mary went to go grocery shopping and I had to steam cleaned the carpets, which was not fun. But I took a break in between because I know that they had cable and it was hooked up in the front room and I. Knew. I needed to have the Internet close to my desk. Right. The nice part about this houses, they have Kovacs and Ethernet, ran to every room. Else, we which is good because it's a three year old. House. But the unfortunate part is. The Co ax is set up. On every room and they used to have dish to at one point. In the House I had. Hook all of the dish garbage and then I found the comcast line and hooked it up and get it to the right office thankfully. And the funny thing was. The ethernet is hooked up in all the rooms, but on the other end down in the basement where this hub is at. They never put the connectors on the ends. So they're just they're just they're just flat off wires. So I Said Ethernet Kit to. Strip the shielding off so that I can put the caps on them. And I bought a network hub to put down there so that I can sneak Through the entire house. Because eventually I plan to. Plug in my router here and still have plugged into my computer. The way it is but move my. My Modem to the basement and then have it hooked up to the hub. So every room has access to Internet. So. Yeah. That's my plan. It's going to happen until probably when I'm in production again because I just finished that in three weeks, I go into it again. and. So it worked out well surprisingly for. COVID standards. We use this software called. T. L. which is similar to skype except it's more real time. There's no. Latency. In the audience. So. It's actually clearer in nicer than skype because you don't have to have a program installed. Very cool you can't record from it but it's not ideal for at least for an audio drama purpose. and. So we had our director piped in. To the studio on the soundboard. So he could talk to all the actors through everything and Talk to the control room which I was in a lot of the time. And then he team viewer to view adobe audition. So he can see the wave form, get time codes for you know when he needed things. So it was nice and it's it was seamless and it was like him being there all those annoying having to wear a mask in the studio the entire time. I had a site office that I that that was roped off for my mask free zone down in the studio area. So that was nice but. Which I went every day for lunch But the actors didn't have to wear masks went in front of the microphone but the minute that they stepped away from the microphone they had to put him on again. So we had them isolated in two different rooms in one of the rooms was nice like. A twenty. Foot, BY THIRTY FOOT ROOM Sweden wanted each corner and we had moving blankets hanging from the ceiling to sound dampening and it was an early sound dampened room because it's going to be a TV studio. So that was nice and then having the regular audio studio for the other person and so. It worked out well for that now, with our Australian actors or the ones that couldn't make it a director had to do that on his own. So I did not have to schedule that. So that was quite fun for me. But Yeah so We get to do it all again in three weeks. So that's pretty much what's been going on in my life other than you know the burning themselves down. Very. Cool. Very cool. Yeah I have been slowly trying to get US unpacked. I've been watching a lot of stuff on. Multiple. Streaming services. August twenty eighth of this year covert seasons one and two hits net flicks it is no longer on youtube premium because youtube. Is going away from the scripted stuff. I guess or whatever they used to call it. Youtube Red I. think it's Youtube Cream. Now I don't know on I. Don't really. Give a flying flock but I. Find this absolutely hilarious like I watched through the series or through both seasons and absolutely love it. It's a great great show a great way to Oman the movie franchise that it came from at the same time adding new depth to the characters. The whole point of this. Series is it's from the point of view of Johnny Lawrence who was the guy that lost to Daniel in the first film. So it's very, very interesting. But I, went ahead and posted on multiple social media platforms. CRN's facebook page my care fictional character t.f on Mike, page my personal page and other places about Hey You know I just watched Koper Netflix's Yada Yada. Yada. And I only watched the link to trailer. If you want some spoilers, just go to net flicks and watch it. Everywhere. Else. It has low numbers on my personal page as. Sixty five lakes, sixty shares, nine comments, and as of this recording three thousand five, hundred, sixty people reached. Now this is the biggest thing for me on social media in the whole time I've been on. So I've never seen numbers like this. A few times. GCE aren posts maybe have gotten over thousand kind of thing but I have never seen anything like this and I'm like, why is this happening on my personal page? Not any of the other pages? So Strange. A little strange kind of cool. I. Mean You know I'm still a nobody retired broadcaster but still. Trying to think what else I've been doing. Oh I. Thunder cats original thunder cats from eighty five and the twenty eleven perky network series who? I have watched through ninety five percents of the original series I skipped a lot of the one off episodes because I was more interested in the multi partners. I did watch. All. Sixty five episodes of the first season. The second season's sixty because it has one hundred and thirty episodes total so. I gotta say. People need to go back and re watch the show because number one the show is awesome number two. SNARF is not the worst eighties side kick kid character out there snarf alike I actually went into this thinking that God I'm GonNa hate snarf east to nurse Mehta she's to parentage she's to Oh my God why it? Oh, you're GONNA fall into pit of lava on my God. You can't use the dog though he's not. In the beginning but as lionel girls, his character. And all of that SNARF ends. Up Quite. Up Yeah, he ends up not so snarky because the ends up becoming more of A. added. He always was a member of the thunderbirds team but. He's more of an active fearless member of the team. Because there are some episodes where he. scrappy do. No and there's nothing wrong with scrappy Doodo shut up there's to. Shut up. I'll scrap you. Scrap Yourself. Basically. Basically, if you're looking at the eighties. side kick characters so SNARF. copper kid from. Silver, hawks. Daniel from transformer spike and Daniel from transformers. chip chased from transformers. I don't know if GI JOE had any kid characters I'd. Of of Real American, hero? Scott and t bob for mask any of the kid characters that show up in Eamon and or she wrote. SNARF is by far one of the better ones because honestly the worst kid characters in eighties cartoon history. Scott and T bob for mask. So. Yeah. I enjoy doing that I enjoyed whatever I do plan on watching the two thousand eleven series. I watched the twenty eleven thunder cats series when it was airing. Cartoon Network. Unless. It's their cal arts whatever style whatever the hell their own. Like they've never really given a lock out action cartoons and they've always given him the rind, the deal like Oh instead of it being on Friday night at eight pm it's on it Saturday morning at four am or Is We're going to air two episodes within the next two weeks, and then we're going to have seven weeks off or whatever. So. I am very happy that both the eighties and twenty eleven series for thunder cats on Hulu because now I can go back and try to watch the. Twenty series like I said, I watched some of it one air but. It's weird seeing Eric Matthews, Slash Batman Terry. McGinnis says as Lionel but. It works you know ORCs. Against I'll give a report on the twenty seven series next episode. See. Lot of crazy things going on at. DC. These days. Yeah. What is going on over there? I'm honestly not up to date on their stuff other than I. Know they've had a couple of shakeups over there, but I'm not sure one. Of. Shakeups. It, it's just a bunch of like I'm not even sure myself. I just know by you know just in passing that. There have been a bunch of editorial and other staff changes. There, there's just I see more rumors than actual facts at this point. So Hang is. It's a bunch of nothing. I don't know. I. I'm not even GonNa comment because I don't have factual information in front of me. Thatch. Lot of things to is as bad as twenty twenty has been, there's a lot of things to look forward to. Do Tell to tell. The mandatory season two is coming as well as Carmen Sandiego season three. Carmen Sandiego on netflix lowering obviously Disney plus. What else I don't know. I just feel like I'm seeing things that are going to be happening in in Gig them or in. Streaming services that Oh hey, this is coming early that's coming and it's like finally something to look forward to. I've been rather disappointed with some geeked I'm to. Be. Honest. Because there's not been anything I've cared about that's new. Mostly. Stuck with a lot of the old stuff because it's tried and true and. That's a haven't really paid attention to some of it because I've. Watched some of the new. Lower deck's and no, it's not stellar but. It's not as terrible as I thought either. So So I mean never know it's It's it's always one of those toss up things that you just don't quite know what's going to happen. Right yeah. although I did see an article just before this that they're gonNa have John Delancey reprise is q so that has my hopes up. Surprisingly Very. Cool. Very cool. Let's see what else. New Old is new news, old Like I'm looking forward to eventually reading Batman jokers from Geoff Johns. Jason? FEHB. Let's see Willard like. Supposedly TV shows like Knudsen seasons are GONNA be starting back up again that's going to be fun well I. Know that the new? Star Trek series are all going to be on? CBS because they don't have any content. Yeah so they're like, oh And I mean that's expected. They've Kinda hit that point where it's like okay it's been out awhile we're going to. You know we're going to make it freely available to. People to view and. It makes sense but at the same time I don't. I don't know I. Don't know what I think about it I just I mean it could be good. I'm looking forward to the fact that they had star Trek Day in kind of released a bunch of INFO on strange new worlds, which is going be episodic like the old thing like. I guess Akiva Goldsman. WHO's? been on all the the trek stuff executive producer he wants to he's been pushing for A. Captain Pike Series where it's The the enterprise crew you know. Basically. You know he wants to go back to the old days. You know it's up a sonic but instead of you know like if for instance, Kirk could have a girlfriend or dating somebody in one episode inching dies instead of going back to normal the next episode, they're like repercussions for the character point. So, there's that aspect but they're going to be up Assad overall and I thought that that was Kinda inventive and I'm looking forward to that. Very. Cool. Very cool. Yeah I don't know I just feel like there's things out there that I obviously can't I figure on right now. But like I said, there's actually things to look forward to like you know. I. Don't know movies coming out or album's coming out or TV shows or. That kind of thing and. Comic storylines and all of that. So so Well I was I was looking at. An article about. Online radio. they were saying is online local online radio, the future. And I thought it was kind of A. Interesting because they're they're saying that one of the great things about online stations you have a really good handle on how many people are actually listening, but it can also be a bad thing. You know. you know of course, you know that can happen on FM stations as well, but you never quite know on those and so. They're saying given the low barriers to entry huge number of online radio stations. Now exist around the world providing all manners of services like. Books are. Anyone can launch them so. Good Summer pour. Some are hugely. Popular in many will. Not much of an audience. So. It's it's kind of interesting because they see the challenges are staffing transmission winning audience and paying the bills. So you know staffing saying that some can be run by volunteers and. Produce, impressive thing and some. Can Be online for cheap as opposed to having a station where you have all the overhead. Now the audience part it says, it gets tougher each day. You know says not least were not on the same platforms as everyone else this is That that there's like some aspects of of change things or you know some can be okay with the network service replaced replacing something or changing or. Just difficult to have an audience in general so So I know it's kind of interesting that they were just bringing that up that it's kind of. The the new wave of things going on especially with podcasting and so. I don't know I it was it was just different. That's all. The other kind of cool thing is Ryan. Reynolds posted for his mint mobile. this is check on her it's a cell phone company, but it says check out our plans as low as fifteen dollars a month, and then he's got Launching Unlimited for just thirty dollars and bringing back Rick Moranis. And so they have Rick Moranis start come in there and he's like my supposed to say something he says, he says. I've just geeking out right now, and then he goes and gives that look that he always does like Rick Moranis does and then. And then. Okay. Bye, and then just leaves. which honestly was funny. Yeah that's crazy. Was Funny Funny Funny Skits There's a lot of people that are. Coming out of the woodwork that. Making comebacks. People have to find a new way to entertain themselves as well as everybody else. Yeah and that's true and. It's I. Mean. It's just like podcasting. Things have just gotten. You know all over saturated and people are having to kind of pick and choose what they do and what they watch and what they listen to you and. So. Yeah. It's. It totally different beasts now. Oh. Yeah. And I mentioned this off air to somebody else It was listening to podcasts episode the other day. Where they did apparently during the recording that the little livestream. For an interview that they were doing. In these aradio Guy, these are former radio guys. and. In, the podcast version they didn't edit out all the parts were they're like Oh can you hear me now? Can you hear me now I can't hear you what's he saying like all this back and forth about their connections and how bad the stream was and how bad the Internet was and I'm like. You. Could easily edit all of that out of the podcast version of shows. So nobody has to sit through ten minutes of you asking. Can you hear me now? I don't know manage it seems like Ever since I like call, it stopped podcast and I listened to more shows. It's like, Oh, I have a suggestion for you. Oh, I have a suggestion for you. Maybe, try it this way. Maybe do it this way this will help improve your whatever. You're trying to do here. Now, I would never actually go to any of these people. Unless I. Kinda, SORTA knew. Them. And said this to them. I gave somebody some advice on doing interviews. But that was because they're. In the podcast realm. And it was more. So the advice is make sure you understand what the guests time limit is if they have a time limit before you the Rio. So you're in the USA when you're in the interview, you're not saying, Oh, well, we know you're. We know you're rushed for time where we know you don't have that much time Blah Blah I'm like, no, don't stop saying that ask your questions get the conversation recorded have a good time doing it and move on don't constantly drag the podcast episode down by constantly saying that the guest. Doesn't really have time to even be there. Reminds me of the the old Chris Farley? Heart were. He's he's like. Interviewing, an actor or a celebrity or somebody on Saturday night live and he goes, Hey, do you remember that one time? You did this? Yeah. That was great. It was just like Super Awkward. That's kind of what it reminds me of listening to some people interview people. I know sometimes, we kind of rambled but typically were on her a game when we interview somebody. That's because we figure everything out and we end up using judicious use of mute to scramble in the background. Usually, we have like twenty, maybe twenty five questions for anybody. Voice, actors, musicians, cost players, writers, artists whatever. and. Sometimes, during these interviews, they'll answer the questions were about to ask them before we get to ask them the question. So as they're telling their story you have to. I don't want to sit here in you know say move along but move along a you know. Sometimes, this is not the podcast you're looking for belong. Say. Let's move on. Shall we Yeah Happens more often than you think though, and that's that's the sad part. And like. I understand people want to see late. I break cameras. So nobody needs to see my face. You can only hear my voice because my voice ain't GonNa break anything while unless I start yelling at the top of my, which is known to happen before. But Anyway, I get really pissed for that to happen. But like these whole own lets video chat and record the audio and I'm like, no, let's not. Let's just record the audio. and Like I can't I've said this before on probably this show other visa on shows. I can focus on your voice and my voice in what I'm saying in what you're saying maybe scripted for doing something that we're reviewing instead of just having a conversation like we are now. But don't put a camera in front of me that I have to actually sit there and look at anybody. Along with. Doing all these other things that I'm trying to do Yeah I. Like when I think Certain meetings and stuff at work I. Pick, and choose whether I feel like turning on my video and sometimes they're like, Hey, Steve, are you there and I'm like I'm here choosing that turn on my video. Like, they'll we have a morning Powell in certain mornings and give it for buddy. You know certain. Assignments is it we're? Like Everybody has to run like A. Morning. Worship of sorts and. It goes to rotation and. I choose when it's my turn. To not have my video on and they're like. Oh, you can turn your video and I, don't I'm like, no no, I can't. In one of the people figured it out there like you're going into podcast mode aren't you? Got It. Said I don't have to have video to do it. I says plus I. Don't like the fact that everybody's looking at me. In nobody has video on but me. And then they're leg. Steering Face I'm good with that I don't. I don't think people watching me while I'm together my thoughts because it just makes more conscious about it. Yeah I would much prefer. Not Having people stare at me. Yep. So I mean. It's one thing if I choose to turn it on the like my zoom. I. My my zoom meetings that I have to go into. The option to edit out. The background. And you put the virtual is backgrounds I was put. I always put the bridge of the enterprise easy icebreaker. So yeah. I mean. When all sudden done like I. Making this easy as possible on myself. Exactly. The thing we also have to make it easy as possible on the guests as well. I personally think. Just having the audio. Is. Like. Okay. I don't need to see what you're doing to know that you're messing with something on your desk because I can hear not necessarily clicking but I can hear you fumbling with something. UNKIND. Okay fine. I'm not I'm not really I'm not trying to call you out on it now I'm just saying. Like. I said to Kendra and Hayward Hale who I recorded episode three, eighty, three of the bag with earlier today as of this podcast regarding I said if you hear anything in the background, just ignore it. Whether it's my fan whether it's a car outside, just don't draw attention to it. Like yes. I'm drawing attention to the fact that you're packing a box as we're recording a podcast you're easier multitasker than. I. Am. So. You know it's just one of those things where I don't mind hearing those noises because. To me, that's natural. You're always doing something else this just like. So my if I had my computer right now and it wasn't in storage. I'd be sitting here. Looking at facebook. I'd be looking at a link to article you center linked article I sent you or you know. Whatever why? No, we'd always be doing something. Yeah but see here's the beauty of it. Most of the time unless I'm typing because I'm allowed typer no one's going to hear me scrolling through. FACEBOOK or twitter or article or something when I have my computer. Whereas if I had a camera on, they would see me doing all this other stuff and I'm like, no, you don't need. You only need to hear the sound of my voice. If you can hear the words that are coming out of my mouth we're good. I loved that phrase. Do you understand that it's coming out of my mouth I do think you Chris Tucker. Fairly off. So yeah I mean it's it's yes. So again, I don't know. Roundabout wave saying that. It's It's IT podcasting. It's just that's just how it is. For me, it's like by getting out by I don't WANNA say getting out of the game, but I will say that. Because I've been on this sort of semi hiatus retirement thing 'cause like I keep saying I've got my computer out of storage, which is actually taking a lot of money because as the rest of the stuff that's in storage and I'm. A disabled moron who lives off supplemental security income but anyway. It's one of those things where. Because I don't have. The. Way that I record edit post whatever I'm choosing most of the time not to record like recording with you as easy here on ultra. Geek. Because you're doing all the work anyway because this is your show. Traverses somebody else saying like like luckily, I have a couple of PODCAST MONKEYS On My. Quote Unquote Staff, where I'm like. Oh. By the way, I'm on a smartphone I can't record anything. As long as you can record I can find some podcast monkey to edit it for me. And I appreciate those podcasts monkeys and I'll give them all as they want. Once they've done their job. But it's one of those things where I can't do it the way I'm supposed to do it. So then I should do it. Which means that I now have all this extra time that I would be doing for production for Daren. To actually go back and find other shows and listen to how other people are doing it. And I'm like Okay. Couple of things that can improve on just we can always improve on anything and everything. COUPLA things that I know I'm never doing again. You know like. You know you're not even going to do it now and I don't think you have enough time to edit this like you're not supposed to. BURP ON CAST. Kind of thing you know you're I won't edit it because I. Don't want a time stamp it. It's fine. I'm just saying. That would get edited out for where I am or where I was back in. December. Like either wouldn't have even done that just now or I would have muted myself or if I did do it, I would have edited out and we would have moved on like we're moving on now. In the point is audio is much cleaner, it's easier. It's frankly more fun to deal with. Videos just to clunky in. It's too much work I appreciate those onto do it and I appreciate those that do do video stuff but. For me audio is King. And that's the way the cookie crumbles. So It ended probably talk about this more in depth on like a studio but. Did you have a chance to watch bill and Ted Three. No I have not I have watched it. It is actually. Without giving anything away it's A PERFECT Sequel. Years in the waiting. And it takes a lot for me to say that. but I honestly was very, very impressed. With we're things went in the movie. And how things went down? They picked it up naturally they both displayed the fact that he I know sounds. kind of older kind of like not is. In his he sounds more link. His Matrix version. Or is John went version. Yeah he sounds more you know. Tough Guy. But they're being said he Did a wonderful job in the movie. They both played into it and both those guys are friends and you can tell by the how they were acting throughout the movie. It was a lot of absurdity moments but overall it was If it really well for a sequel that takes place you know twenty some odd years later. Thirty some odd years later. I was impressed and they wrapped up the trilogy to the point where. The could do another one or they could just leave it alone. It's kind of like how the back to the future three ended. You know you could tell that somebody adventure continues but. On a whole like it doesn't need to happen. 'cause they introduced bill and Ted's daughters. Right I remember the trailer which originally were boys in the end of two. But it was so long ago and they were so little like they kind of call them they conduct but it worked. In in how they wrote it because again, they were babies and they just call them you know bill and Ted for short and they had A. Female version of the names and so it again it. In the to play the daughters channel. winters in reeves. Bill and Ted. Personas for their characters and if it really well So it was like I said, it was a lot of fun to watch and. I was I was truly impressed with how well they did. Marine cool. Very cool. Yeah I will watch it away will eventually cover it more in depth on studio two, thousand nine I just. I find myself having to be in the right. If you're in the wrongs Biden frame or whatever. You can't do certain things. Are you shouldn't do certain things and lately I find myself just basically. Wanting to fall asleep watching true crime shows. 'cause I've seen pretty much all like. There's only so many times you can see the Ted Bundy or Jeffrey. Dahmer whatever cases you know whatever the most famous cases are and I'm like. Okay seeing that scene that seeing that Oh, I've seen this show a million times, but I can still fall asleep to it. 'cause for me when it comes to the true crime stuff, it's all about then the audio, the sound of Peter Thomas's voice for example, Peter Thomas is the net writ narrator you was because he's no longer alive sadly. It's been years since he passed away but anyway He the narrator infringing files. Listen to him talk all day I can listen to him read the phone book. And it'll just ease me off into dreamland. So you know I don't know I. Just. Feel like I'm really off my game lately so like I'm just going to relax over here now. Yeah I mean I kind Kinda see that I've I've been Between Writing Stuff and. Get, back into working on my model truck. when I get time. Still get a ton of projects like you said I gotta install the networking stuff I got to change out some door handles. There's just there's quite a bit going on that I still have yet to kind of tackle. Here's a cup learning things I gotta take care of but. A whole everything's been going pretty well. Yeah, I mean you know. Could complain that nobody wants to hear us do that. House complained? No No. Really. That happens. What? What would we ever to? Complain about the complaining and then Complain Somare. Hey it works. I I'd like to complain. Oh, I get to. I. Get to do an acting thing. Really. Yeah. We'll get a live action version I. Don't know if you've seen the Red Green, show? It's been a while. Okay. There's a character called Ranger Gord. in he's supposed to be like a park ranger and. Kind of out of Gordon he's his name's Gordon but he Goes, they call them ranger. GORD and HE'S A. Little bit eccentric, a little bit weird. So I have to channel part of that. For Live action role. For work. Because the person that wrote the script is like. So we WANNA do this and. They're like, have you ever seen the Red Green show and I'm like yes. Feel like, okay. They're like this is what we want to do. And I was like, okay. That's interesting. So I have to channel the character essentially and. more or less kind of create my own version of it. In a persona and It. Yeah. I'm not entirely sure like a producer have voice picked out and part of how the personas going to go but It's one of those things that won't know I do it plus I don't like being in front of the camera. I'm one of those guys that I like the voiceover because nobody sees you. When it comes to being in front of the camera I'm like it's like being gun shy I'm like. Are you sure you want me there. So. Yeah. So if anybody's seen red green show, you should check out ranger Gord and you'll get the gist of what I have to pretend to do. So it's for kids program thing so. Yeah. But yeah. Either way I'm I'm kind of. kind of terrified of doing it because I again, I don't like being in front of the camera. Through like Oh, yeah, by the way you're going to have to do it I mean there's a part where there's a table read to. Which I'm fine with that the recorded. Because one I'm facilitating it into. That doesn't bother me in the slightest. Yeah. But Yeah I. I. Don't like I don't like being in for the camera at all. But I mean I, do find that just I. The anxiety of knowing I have to do it. In front of the camera is kind of. Could be a little off putting in that. Of course, everybody's GonNa rag on me because. You got to do that. I mean it's all in good fun but it's still nerve wracking. A. Ton of pressure I mean. Just listen to our first few episodes of any podcast. We've ever done especially the first podcast we did. Like. Even that was nerve wracking and that was just audio. So being on video. It's ratcheting up the pressure even more and like you said, it's just an anxiety thing like. Crazy. So. Is there anything else that you'd like to bring up? So I don't think sue. Kind of Star Trek stuff. But I know you're not interested in lightning. It's not I'm not interested I'm just I'm more of a casual tricky in your need die hard trekkies here for that. I did see. Oh okay. Well, I know you probably haven't had the time because you've been doing all the stuff you've been doing I've been trying to watch muppets now on Disney plus. It's okay. It's nowhere near as good as what the muppet show originally was but how could it be? I personally think they spend too much time on miss piggies character sketches because they're trying to make it a sketch show like what the muppet show was. does anybody not realize that she was the annoying link? that. Nobody really cared about. Like I like I prefer anytime that she's not going to be on screen. When I do like about muppets now is that scooter? Is kind of like the the MC. He is a I was. Lorne. He's kind of like the Lorne Michaels of the show where it's like he's the producer offstage in UC him and you see people like messaging him or whatever. So it's kind of like tech vibe to it and whatever else. That's Kinda cool like there was one episode where he was trying to stay awake the whole time. All nighter for something or whatever. It's kind of fun but it's not. I don't know. Like I skip through episodes, I did watch candidates against, the universe. From the new PHINEAS and curb film on Disney plus that was okay. It wasn't all that I was hoping it was gonna be but it was good enough. I'm sure Michael Wilson and I will get around eventually if we ever. Finish the podcast organization without a cool acronym. I think that's pretty much it. I'm I don't think there's anything else I was going to bring up. Oh, there's there's something else. That's that's funny. the walking dead sending. I'm sorry doing. The. There's some these Jim dead. It's okay. It can end Jim. Jim Literally, dead. We walking on dead DVD never. Yes. I've never gotten into that show I'm not Assam be fan I'm not a horror fan even though I know that shows more it's not just horror but. I understood it came from a really cool comic book. I. Didn't get into the comic book. It's just not Is just never my thing. am I understand people are gonNA come at me and say, Oh, it's more than just being about zombies. Well, you know what? When you? Anyway. I saw the article that it was ending and I also saw they're supposed to be a spinoff with a couple of characters and I'm like oh great. Here we go. Yeah. Like every other spin off at that doesn't succeed. You know that's a topic for maybe next week or something or other next time we whatever. Whenever topics the. SEQUELS, that suck Now. Spinoff pilots that don't succeed. Know. How thirty and forty years ago almost anything in everything succeeded on television whereas now, if it doesn't succeed with its first two episodes, it gets caned. That I could see I, don't know I don't know I just saying like. Just look at certain shows and that are from twenty, thirty, forty years ago hell even fifty or sixty years ago. And some of them that had the longevity that they had like we're never gonNA have another bonanza gunsmoke never. It's just not going to happen. Because that's that's one downfall. Tiniest -ness of the current lifestyle. Pre? Virus. Post virus. Whatever. Even, the we'll never be post virus enrolled at this point will never go away. Anyway. it's opposed. WE'RE ALL LIVING IN A. To do. But it sucked. You mean a Milo mock whatever. Same series. Not, really, they're taping series seniors. Yes it is the same universe anyway. Anywhere my person they're all living in. Where the hell was I going to see you Jack Ass I'd be real that. Jackass. Billing. Happy, Gilmore Gilmore how My God. I like shooter mcgavin. You can tell we're option we're off the rails. Somebody take him to says alert please well this I. Can't help it but. I. I just say image, but it says the greatest Golfer all of all time just took a picture of Tiger Woods. WHO's got shooter mcgavin A love that image. More, than I, probably should. There's one where it says. Has To do with him too but it's not. It's not a clean joke. It's it's a bad name. Derailed at this point I don't mind making this explicit at this already said Jack Ass several times. So go ahead. I'm trying to find it. There's one where it says I eat pieces of. For breakfast. Oh I'm trying to find something terrible at this point. So he's looking for his me. I've got a mean for you. Okay. The mandatory is a side story. I am Star Wars now. It's the Cat Lady. The pointing Cat Lady on the left. Decides story in the picture on the right is of Baby Yoda. I am star wars now because really honestly What else is there? Live action any way for star, wars. Besides Laurien. You find your mamiit no, it's. It's more. So he goes eight pieces of for breakfast. And there's A. There's of version of it where. there. I can't remember the full details. It's just it's funny. Just can't remember it enough to portray it properly. Okay. So before we close this out, we've had a couple of anniversaries happen not for us or anything, but a couple of. Famous. Well, loved TV show anniversaries. September. Fifth Nineteen ninety-two Batman the animated series was released. September Sixth Nineteen ninety-six Superman the animated series was released. So those Two shows are. Just. Short of their. You know almost fortieth anniversaries. Starting fifty four. Yup Fifty Four for Star Trek. As of this recording September ninth because it's still. Turn to midnight yet the mountain or Pacific Time September nine, hundred, eighty, five, zero, the Princess of power premiered on TV. Very very awesome. Of course, for the past eight years here on GPS CRN OPTIMA Solo and I covered every episode of four of the major masters the animated series from the two full nation cartoons to new adventures. LA- two thousand and two series. So yeah, that happened also on September ninth or was it September tenth now is. Yeah, it is I think. Survivor nineteen ninety-nine captain the game master premiered. Of. We've talked to actually we've talked to captain and himself Matt Hill and we've talked to Multiple Times Mr Gary Cohn who voiced king hippo in that series. So, there you go. There's altered Geek on this day Oh shut up with your. To. Go back to the orange skies of. Total. Recall. Right, making a bad joke I i. it's I thing on twitter California's Bay area wakes up to disorienting or skies, and I just think of total recall. Edge were blade runner. It's not funny like the the things that are going on and I. I wish that they could put it out. Like we got snow and some rain in some cold weather. Here in Colorado the last two days and I think genuinely helps but I don't think that it helps as much as what? We would like to. And I. I mean, the images funny itself like with orange skies going on, but it's I. I do feel bad for anyone that's lost anything in this or the wildlife in the forest themselves. So just hope that everyone stays safe and that whole especially because like our skies were gray like it kind of reminded me of the depressing this of Michigan. But it was raining ash. In the sky and it was, it was genuinely have to breathe outside and. I think that's the one case I've. Enjoyed the fact I had to wear a mask. is the fact that you're not breathing in as much of it. A mask. Of. The Ash. But yeah, it's. The whole west coast is just smothered and smoke and it's not. It's sucks for everything like all life So yeah. I. Hoping that this goes away quickly at this point with. The the cooler weather and the rain that we've been getting. Yeah hopefully. Washington Oregon California can Kinda cool down hopefully hopefully, they get the fires out as soon as they can. Being here in Washington State we are in Vancouver, which is right across the river from Portland. Oregon? In Portland has just been hit massively these fires and everything else and. It's not good. I actually Installed the Air Q. APP, which is the EPA's quality. APP where you can look and see what the air quality is currently. On the Air Quality Index Sixty one, which is basically yellow alert, which is it's moderate. You know. Being almost unhealthy we were the other night couple nights ago. Was it Sunday or Monday I forget. Sunday or Monday of this past week September sixth seventh and eighth. We were in the red and it was very like there was literal like. Supposed to shut your windows and whatever else will get stuffy as Helen here while before I actually went to shut my windows a lot of fire smoke ended up in our apartment and I'm sure ended up in a lot of other people's apartments as well because the whole point at least here in the Pacific northwest. Part of the country the whole point for us even coming out here was, oh, it's a moderate climate. It's not it's not a temperate climate it's it's not as hot as it. Is everywhere else but lately, it has been because it's summer and we are in a valley but it just one of those things where. I've been checking the air quality almost daily at this point because it's been so bad. And it everybody on the West Coast Washington Oregon California. Please stay safe. Because this is not a good situation. No and it's. Yeah. It's it's unfortunate everything that's going on and just I feel for everybody on that. Who As of eleven minutes ago K. to News Kfi News here in Oregon new evacuation in clackamas. County Oregon go now in the area west of beaver creek road including south. Guard Road Unger Road to the first part of Windy City also people on Aden road and yet. Be. Basically. They're doing evacuations. This is not good. No, it's not. Yeah I yeah, I definitely feel for people on that. So. Apparently according to delicious dot com. Mountain dew is releasing a watermelon flavor as a permanent soda design even taste good. I don't know I don't. Think the only time. I've drink mountain dew and actually enjoyed it was code red. Beyond that like you couldn't get me to drink mountain dew. I more of a Colo person like if. I have no. No interest in that. Oh, but it will say something that sucks from a pandemic standpoint. Because everyone is every time. Somebody thinks that they have calvin and a factory setting. The closed down the factory and in doing. So supply demand is demand is high and supplies low. Gijon. We've we had to sell because we pods and we would have had to get a third podge just at the rest of our furniture. So we sold our college. We sold our kitchen table and chairs we sold our. We sold in bunk bed, but we actually bought him a captain's bed, which was a fraction of the price of what we sold the other bed for. So that kind of worked out but. That was used anyway the captain's bed so Mary ordered like she was able to replace the college because they had it in stock at the store, and but the kitchen table and chairs were supposed to come in mid September, they're coming in close to November now at this point because change because Kovic reasons. And so but it could get delayed again, which is highly likely. So we have our outdoor furniture as our kitchen table and chairs right now. While we wait and. The washer and dryer the owners of the new. How of our old house I mean asked for us to keep them there and as a part of the deal and we accepted and granted they were eight year old machines at this point. Seven or eight years old. But Mary went to buy them dream the Labor Day sale and They don't have any in stock. On they won't until November. Own and that's one brand that's whirlpool we bought Whirlpool and. If you try and buy maytag right now, you can't even buy it. They're not even showing anything in the system like these like home depot or Lowe's or any of these stories they're tapping into the the. The company's inventory, not not their inventory, the company's inventory. and. World Pool has thirteen hundred in their inventory across. The whole us. Matak has none. And they're like you could get it in December and January you can get it next May. Because, they have nothing built and. Samsung in algae you're looking at about a November. So pretty much everybody is November. Minimum for Washer and Dryer. So they're taking everybody's money, but they're not delivering anything. Now. Cool. No. So Mary has to she was going to have to use the LAUNDROMAT. So we're actually paying a friend to us their washer and dryer at their house. And yes, it's. Not Ideal because if the laundry mat their not allowing us even you're allowed to literally put it in the machine and then you have to go back to your car. Oh no like you're not allowed to even lay stay inside like you have to go to your car you're not allowed to be in the building after you put it in. She's coping and. Don't get me wrong I. Think you know I do know that it's a real virus I do know that people have gotten and the people have died from it although the recent downgrade of the amount of people that have died from it directly. has changed with the CDC not. That's not a political thing that's just to. CDC thing. They said that people have died of of other symptoms in had complications that have pushed them over the edge due to covid. severely downplayed numbers. So, whatever it maybe. People shouldn't be careful but I think some of this stuff is a little overboard and the precautionary. And I'm only saying that like I'm not disagreeing with you know wearing masks or whatever. The thing I'm disagreeing with is the fact that. If you're wearing a mask and you're working in a factory or you're wearing a mask and you're in the LAUNDROMAT. And you're avoiding contact with people because let's face it most people don't. There's there's not a lot of laundromats around anymore because most people actually own equipment were places supply it now. the the thing I'm debating is. It's it's not okay to do that in everybody wears their masks keeps limited contacts, which you can go to a restaurant. You wear your mask to your table and you sit down and take your mask off to eat. And you're less than six feet away from the next table. Inter eating and so late I kinda question the logic and some of this but I'm not saying that you shouldn't be careful either. Yeah. So I don't know it's kind of one of those double edged swords like there's no real right answer to this and I'm not trying to you know I'm not saying Blake trying to downplay the virus itself I'm just saying that. I questioned some of the. Ways that things are handled. And in different circumstances different, you know. Places of employment like I know my place of employment I prefer to stay home unless it's during production because I don't have to wear a mask. So. Enjoy working from home but. If I have to go in the office we have you know we have to wear them in so it's you get it like it's. A No brainer there but. But yeah I mean, I know in the whole sense of things like I kind of questioned some of it. So. It's it's more so we're I'm. GonNa leave it. I'm not I'm not saying you shouldn't wear a mask. I'm not saying that at all and I'm not downplaying the virus or it's possible leaf -ality I'm just questioning. The you're not allowed to do your laundry. In the building? or or like. Or, like when my son had to go to the doctor last week and I was in production Mary, had to find someone to watch our other son. Because you're not allowed to take more than you and the patient. At the hospital or the doctor or anywhere because they don't allow it doesn't matter if you have more kids than what you and your husband works and you have to go and bring them with you like the logic behind that is kind of. Ridiculous So yeah I can I can see that and I think partial problem with some of these places not necessarily the hospitals in the doctors and all that like grocery stores laundromats schools But specifically grocery stores in that kind of thing. Like. Certain stores have been in their locations for ever certain stores are small. Not. Walmart. But like Fred Meyer's slash Kroger's they're not all superstores. They're not all you know six foot by six foot wide aisles. You know there's not like a lot of square footage It's hard to make those stores. You Know Kovic Readier covid what you know compliance with being six feet under you know most people talk about how they love shopping dollar tree. Well, you can't shop dollar tree in a in a covid nineteen world because dollar tree. There is no. They can put signs on the floor all they want, but the store is so small that there's no way you can stand six feet away from somebody if you're in line, there's just no way. No and I totally get it. It's just. I'm kind of I'm kind of over at this point. Honestly, I missed the lockdown I really do. Go out when you absolutely have to I. Don't miss the lockdown to be honest, but I'm also. Can just done in general. I'm done next week on the show. We'll have a report hopefully on the twenty eleven, thunder cats whether it's good or bad or whatever I have. No, I saw it I just didn't see a lot of it because I only catch episodes here and there because cartoon network kept fussing with the time slot is that the one that they canceled out of the Bluest? that. was probably thunder cats roar thunder gets twenty eleven was with will Yeah. But they they screen with the schedule and so they ended up canceling it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just like they did with young justice. Will Young Justice came back? No I know but it took a lot just to get. US. Yeah. The. Screen with the schedule and then it. It. Got Cancelled because we like, oh, there's enough numbers. Yeah. Even though it was a great show like when it was on and. You know I mean, thankfully net flicks software to continue. But Yeah I I don't know I'm I'm just I'm a little. Little peeved when it comes to companies and their decision making processes. Well Yeah. It. It just sucks I'm not a fan of Kurt network anyway though so that's I can't stand cartoon network I, think that they're kind of annoying company. I haven't enjoyed anything that they've done in years. So that's you know since the cartoon days. And at one time that they had beast words on their, you know that was. That was pretty good. Yeah you could win stuff. I was mad because I was like caller six. Oh No I was like I couldn't. Figure ever. Yeah, it's They could be a discussion for next time. Colin things. It's like, oh You're caller for your caller seven. You're well call seven usually gets it. But like if they say, yes to be caller seven, caller nine connor eleven caller ten. Caller twenty, five, it's like, Oh you have twenty five tries but so does everybody else in the in Damn town I was gonNA. Yeah you know it's funny. Flip phones were so much faster at getting through. You know yeah. because. You could actually just get in and call and you would make the call like if you do it on a smartphone, there's a delay. delay. Dumb phones, the flip phones like I loved my Motorola Razor. Be The response time on that with so fast. I would almost always win when I had that thing. I I usually could call in three times. During that time period and that was when I think the IPHONE was out during that time too. In, so I used to win a lot. and. Even when I had my next flip phone, I used to still win a lot and I had it through early smartphone days in those people would still like I would get like caller to caller five caller or caller seven, and then I get caller ten and then I would win. So. It was entertaining. Anyway. So. We think we will round this out and And the episode here as we've started to ramble in all different directions. So, Mike will possibly have a review on something next episode, and we'll probably talk about some things that we've one. Through radios. And You know sequels or spin offs of. Other programs. And our thoughts on some of those. Yes I heard there's supposed to be a A new reboot. Coming. New reboot. No not a new reboot, a new rebooted series. Of what? Fresh Prince. Yeah. I heard about that too. It's going to be based off that that three minute youtube trailer that's more of like gangster version. Yeah. I don't know I. Don't sound reference I honestly don't care Will Smith. Not, a part of it. I honestly don't care. You'RE GONNA make more street for today's. Era. So. anyways. Until next time, get altered geeky with altered geeks.

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E:21 Semi-Pro Football Coach Dan Carr coaches all over the world,  Part 1 of 2

Semi-Pro Gridiron Rant

1:05:29 hr | 6 months ago

E:21 Semi-Pro Football Coach Dan Carr coaches all over the world, Part 1 of 2

"You're listening to semi Pro Gridiron rant where we talk semi pro all the time all the time. Football podcast dedicated to you the semi pro athletes, coaches, team owners, and fans. Your welcome. And now, your host Ken Anderson Post. While rival welcome back another edition of Semipro grant I'm your host Kenyans. Appreciate you joining me for this week's episode. We've got an interesting cat with this this week this man has toured the world he's played ball and more countries and states and planets. Okay. Maybe not planets but more places than probably everyone else combined that we then I'm GonNa Talk To. Going forward. So I'm excited bring him in. He's he's another one of my former offense coordinator. This dude knows football front to back and back again. So it's going to be really exciting conversation for me here and I appreciate him joining us. So without further ado, let's bring in my former Oh see coach Dan car walk back or I should say welcomed in. Well. Thank you. Welcome back welcome back because I do watch your your your cats here. It's good. It's good stuff I'm glad you're doing it also appreciate. You know it's fun on this end where I get to see everybody I used to talk to I've met a few new dudes and. Few do down the down the line that I. Don't know that I'm GonNa meet. So as this goes on, I hope to meet more and more people from across the country and you know I've got which is weird I got viewers in Alaska Hawaii I've got a couple of Jews in Europe or watch every week. Data so it's crazy. You know so. It's real fun and I appreciate you joining us an everyone that come in and. Share stories with us. So let's I right into it. I know you got a long story lengthy story. So excite here here this journey. Start are wherever you want as far as your your football career what got you into football and then. We'll talk about what got you into coaching The red and black, obviously the your military background but. Let's start there. Well I I started coaching My First Coaching Gig was actually in the military just in that it was unit level sports. It was a flag football team and they needed someone to take charge of it. So I was like, Hey, I'll I'll do that. I'm I'm not I played ball in high school insys flag no deal I'll do it. And I had a good season. We beat the eighty second. So that works But as far as like contact football that happened in. South Korea It was a nineteen, ninety nine. I was assigned over in Teigen South Korea. And I was helping out with the girls varsity volleyball team at the local high school the. Children of military members who are. With their parents overseas, they go to Department of Defense dependent schools and This was one of the schools was one basically one building K. through twelve. That's all small school was It wasn't actually an official high school work it was according to military it was classified as a youth sport. High School. level. and we only played a handful the teams around the peninsula south, Korea, not to military bases there, and we had like two games with CREON use But yeah, and it was nine man ball by the way. It or eleven it was neither it was nine. So Man Ball, a nine man ball, who do you lose to Lineman or one in pretty much much. That's the basically at you you lose to linemen And thank God they did because just to let you know the size of our squad. We we had a kid we had a kid on the sideline that gets up in. A. High School. Team. Right. So. Yeah so I mean The guy that was his name was I'M GONNA I'll homes, Jeff homes. It was a some Canadian cat who happened to be over in. South. Korea. None a teaching. English. On the side and and and doing his thing, and he got the gig coach in the The youth team. I just being who I am I love sports and I love seeing especially. Young student athletes Work Towards A. Their goals and achieve common goals so. A couple practices and Well, let's let's was not overly impressed with what was going on. But more. So I started seeing some some things that. COULD BE DANGEROUS FOR THE STUDENT ATHLETES I don't WanNa say they were being coached wrong or anything like that I don't Wanna get into knocking coaches. That's not what I do I support all coaches It's just you know some things just didn't look safe based on you know. What I gather off of the Internet at that time. which mind you it's ninety nine Internet saying relatively new Internet ninety, four or five years old like that. So yeah he's just like Sherman if you can help out awesome like great I would love to so I came out and He said you know come on out to practice in you know. Walking you to the coaching staff and I was like excellent. Awesome. Walked out there and. I met the coaching staff which was coach homes. So with me that made to and he let me handle the defense but also helped him with the offense align. So that's kind of what I did and. We have basically a five hundred season so. Hey. Hey when I started, we had to back to back five hundred seasons I mean. When you're? You're you're you're? Building what are you gonNA do right right. So I did that for two years in in Korea and then my next military assignment happened to be in. Italy. Banja, just so for everyone to know my time in the military let me just explain a little bit I was a military broadcast journalist okay. I was I. You know I I did you know? News anchors radio DJ I was television news reporter, and you know working alongside with some of our you know. Real heartbreakers that go out there and kick doors and stuff like that. So actually sounds like a pretty cool gig. Well you know if you've seen the morning the movie good morning Vietnam I that plus TV so. so Great. Great Job because you know the motto was in order to tell a soldier story, you gotTa fight by their side. So You know I got to know about the infantry and the field artillery and armor as well as signal as well as all the other jobs goes because I had report on it so. So I say that to say this flash forward to Italy I was assigned Italy I've never asked for an assignment in my entire life why would you and your broadcaster right? got a cool job who cares where you go right right right. So I was assigned to Italy. I'm not gonNA balk at it. I I showed up and. One of the guys that I worked alongside of he was a broadcast maintain Guy Jeff Chisholm. And I'm six three to twenty, five on a slim. Day. I'm usually sixty to fifty. So here I, go rolling into this this detachment and Jesse's music is the big guy. Did. You play a high school football? Yeah F- Played High School Football. On school and know we got a we had a football team like Oh. Yeah, really. Guy We practice. You know a couple of times a week. As a bunch of us you know. Maybe come out, check it out and like. Tackle football. Yeah slow. PATS. Yeah. Americans will by no I'm in. Europe, is not foodball we're we're not. We're not talking soccer. Football he's like. Man Full tackle I was like play other military installations he's like no actually this team is a civilian team on the economy that the league that they belong to the. northern Italy area said, Hey, in order to develop for all. will allow will suspend the because they have a lot of leagues in Europe, have a A rule, you can have certain number of non whose nation related you're saying Americans not. You know no no more than like three Americans on the field at any given time or two or whatever while they decided to suspend that just so they could. Help develop the sport football in that area. The town which the teen came from was Belluno balloon O- Grifoni are the Griffin's. And Yeah, the owner of it Fabio a nice name Bobbio so is. Your Hair Fabio gone. Aga- that now. The he said look, we've got a bunch of Americans are on this airbase. That's literally like an hour away. You know maybe we can convince a few of them. You know 'cause there was another team not far from where I was stationed Houdini and I had like one or two members from the base that I was working at on that team. So he came and his he said Hey, let's get this team together. They got the team together majority of the team was. Americans. So. Jeff. Asked me if I wanted to come out and maybe help out. I. Went Out to practice online. I can help your line. Let's see if I can help your line a little bit and So talk with Bobby I talked with the at that time I forget who the guy was. That was the head coach but Probably about three weeks into preseason practices He got information because he he was a civilian on Posey got information that his contract was not being renewed and he had basically wants to get out of country. You right for staying goodbye, right so The the owner and the coaches decided to have a meeting to discuss. Okay. Way Forward in this that I showed up to that meeting about fifteen minutes late. And when I showed up the offensive coordinator Dalstrom who coached the high school team there in in Adriano their base that was designed to. Look in the I shook my hands than welcome. You're the new head coach we'll away will. Right. He's like, yeah, we I mean. You're late but we took a vote and we voted you might you suck? That's you're. You're probably never late for another meeting the rest of your life. Have you been never again? So lesson learn but. I'm not not one to shy away from a challenge I said Okay. Few Things I. WanNa Change but other than that. I'm you know I'm just here to make sure that she doesn't think, right? So Yeah, and We. That year my first year we had. We had four talons snow at five Italians on the team And they're big big rival was from the northern region that Trieste Moody. And they had this the family that owned the team the Golic family I think the Sangala son played A. quarterback wingback slot whatever he wanted I guess. But he was one of their better players but he was also a just a smug ass. Okay. Right someone Sava, the team and he plays possession you watch. How would he ever be smug? And the other thing is is they've been the reigning champs of this league like the past three years the only team they've lost two is the balloon O- Grifoni. You know. Grifoni the only games they lose artillery me you know and all this is a big rivalry between the two so. That year we lost one game It was to the movie and we lost six zero. Yeah, it was a home game really really pissed me off. Developed, a sincere dislike and an hate for the. Family not that I hold that true now off. But you know just the rivalry type stuff and Gee. I've spent three years as their head coach and I played for him. pull the Kenny Anderson. You were the first. Yeah well, that's why I recognize what you were doing when I was there at the red and black now. bigly. Familiar to me. Well the the interesting aspect of having a team that's primarily made up of military members as. High cannot forecast who is going to show up for the game. Last week, we talked about that last week. As you know is red black same issue we were talking about tackling when he says xactly. So. We had a game in Venice fun. I. Mean How cool you get to travel to? Venice or a football game, right? I, mean, that's what's weird is in here you're like some of my friends from high school like me how's it feel to play football in Ohio? How's it feel to playing Tennessee? You're like Fuck plant I played in Korea I played in. Italy I played it. France. Ohio's good Pennsylvania's kind. Cool. Canada once does that count? Yeah That is a foreign country. Think. Anyone's forgotten. Let's cool and that that is cool that you're know you're you're playing not only are you playing Yeah it'd be good. Now you're jumping all over. The our home stadium was surrounded by the Dole the meeting mountains it was like. Older phone up in just snap a picture. It's going to be a postcard kinda thing. Beautiful Place Beautiful Place. We go to Venice and First thing I. noticed was the field wasn't lined Hawk was line and Sawdust. While okay interesting which sucks because he ended up on the ground, you ended up with shards of wooden I I could see that. Yeah. But. Yeah. As as we're warming up and I'm standing there. Austin football to myself. You know the Magna I'm looking I'm going. Oh. Shit we ain't got a center. So I like to five years. You got some equipment he's got equipment so we went to his car and. Put on a helmet. That was too big. Shoulder pads that were too small. Pants than I had to tape on 'cause they were too big. But I, play. And Rick Dalstrom who stole our offense coordinator He called the offense I kept my mouth shut and execute what he wanted. I'm not going to step on a coach does and then the defense came around. I was on the sidelines to call defense just because I could have a meeting with the line or the office. To discuss the upcoming series, right is what it is. But yeah, you know had a great game. They`re Like you said, you know. From then on I would sparingly interject myself to play just depending on our numbers. But had a blast playing and coaching. You know you talk about places I played I I not the coliseum but a coliseum and Rome Romo, play the Rome gladiators and While just to be able to step on that field and know that you know in history. There were real life gladiators. You know literally fought for their life in this arena and you know their blood was spilled right on the ground. I'm playing ball on it's just like. It's humbling. It's it's it's. Just crazy that contemplate. So. Yeah. I'm GonNa get Clayton Rome Venice Played up in played and coached up in Parma went into. Klagenfurt Austria. Vienna Austria. Was Up there Yeah that was my time in Italy I lost the. Three Years Coaching their lost one game that one game against three estee won three championships off my last year there. we played in the championship in the way worked out We played our our league championship again, replayed the movie and we beat them. So we go on to Is. Considered a ballgame that's an agreement between the the Austrian Federation of American football and the Italian league. And they said all right. Hey, look you can play. Our Third Place Team Has A. Bowl. Game. Because the number two teams are gonNA play each other for their championship. So we're like awesome. First Year we went into. Saint Poelten. And the invaders, the Saint Polten invaders and. That was the very first game. I've ever had my helmet come off my head ever. Really. Yeah. I Again. He did say how long too big for you? So that might be part of well. By that time had acquired my own helmet shoulder pads and all normal at that point. Yeah I I got to be normal at that point and and at that point time I was playing defensive end. So. Yeah Mind you remember you know I was playing center at six three. To twenty five to thirty on the biggest guy on the line right? So. We know things bigger than that. Bright and people birth children's bigger NAP anyways. Easy now. So we're going to saint poelten and I defensive. Play. I I I snuck across the line. I squeezed down I turn as soon as I turn to look inside their guard. Hits me now my this is this guard. Came out of some d three school in. Oregon. So, he's a real guard. Yeah. Not Me completely on my ass and I'm just like. I got up this is the first series and we're on D I I just said. is going to be a long day. Right. This is going to be a long day. Now folks this is before the pussies interjected into our sport. So this This when you could actually hit people. And this is. Taking someone's cleaning. Actually. You got complimented for it instead of taking out of the game for you get complimented for that stuff. Well, there is there is no way to to say this was. A A an illegal hit or anything. He just cleaned my clock Andy legally and. It is what it is. Now, we're get onto offense that I got to be the center again because the guy who played our center also played defensive end but any rate. issue but So I'm now snapping the ball. This third down as third long and No starting short we're going to run it go around as Pitch out to the right side or something like that. My jobs is cut off the middle linebacker no lined up over me. Check place, I. Go pick up. Middle, linebacker right. And the only thing I gotta do Heggie Moth. All right. That's all I getting away just getting his way. Snap the ball check playside egg gap right up how been my Like yes, and I go to hidden. I got the worst forearm shiver. I've ever gotten in my entire life. This fostering middle linebacker forty four was his number. I. Swear he wasn't looking at me until the very last second is is just went from ear to boot right into my sockets and he just went Hit My Chin and I started hit my nose and the next thing you know I am literally holding my nose to keep it from bleeding. I am completely stunned I'm just standing around like. What happened I'm looking for my element. The play still going. It's a matter of fact, the runningback used me. As a blocker just to get in the way and I'm just standing nearly. Never had happened to me before never I'm just like. Suck today for. So for those of you have played any length of time and I mean three, four, five seasons. Shit's happened at least once. If it hasn't you haven't played up downs because if you don't get depleted or you think you've got somebody at squared up all and they don't take you out something's wrong because I played against a kid when my first years a rookie in Syracuse, I made the teams and outside backer. They send me on a blitz in a scrimmage Woah you the team as outside backer witnesses that was twenty years old I was young nineteen ninety-three. Outside backer. Okay. So why they moved the team that it'll be the tight end so was before I was so they. Told me about you added later. That's right. So what happened was I blitz they called blitz and I'm running now are left tackle spent time in the Dallas Cowboys and he was also Toronto argonauts biggest. been next to write. Glitz and like just like you said I think agom gone on on the edge in he stiff arms me. And I went. Right on my back now I did mean they're going what? No fuck just happened. Now I've been knocked on my ass before I've been knocked out before I. Ever Helmet come off right that was just like stunning like I couldn't. I couldn't grasp back at my moment clearly I'm concussed, but I can't grasp that moment. anyways, we we go on and ends up being tied thirty, three, thirty, three seconds left in the game and no, no, no, no wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute million. NOWHERE DOWN Or were down by three. Seconds left in the game. Were like on their fifteen or something like that. So we line up for vehicle like let's just tie this thing's going over time. And So we're in or you know on the law college field goal. Just, as we break our quarterback who's are older and I'm the long snap crabs, my ailment might face masks and he's like we're Fagan am. Look why not we'll wash it. I didn't call this happened the coordinating call this or quarterback in the hub called it. Snaps the ball snaps it right back to the THE KICKER WHO Is, a wide receiver. who used to play quarterback in high school? So, snap at right back to him, and of course, they didn't cover you know in mantle line of scrimmage and he just right doing touchdown. We win you're the also it was like A. Was Awesome second the second year I was there with digger phony in Italy the again, we're supposed to face the Saint Polten invaders that came in thirty again and they declined to play us. scaredy. Awhile apparently we just. Weren't good enough to play them because we weren't at their level or caliber. And I'm like dude, we beat you less than four months ago and it's Just You Yeah. So we end up getting another consolation game we're under team and we beat them and then my third and final year in Lake Happen, to be the twenty year enver anniversary of. The. Austrian Federation of American football. It started in. NAP IT started in Salzburg Austria. And so they said, let's have this championship game in Salzburg. Not only in the Austrian League Division One Championship but their third ranked teams play us in the champion in a bowl game if you will as the the undercard. Lo and behold. It's the. Salzburg Bulls. That are that we end up playing. They get the name Bulls not because they just. Like the Mascot, they get the name Bulls because they're sponsored by red, bull. Slots are by Red Bull. That's what Red Bull was actually created in in Austria town call sink. Gilgen. A beautiful beautiful, Lake Town Dad. Were the Salisbury Bulls or from. So, we get into that game and They're probably decked out head to toe look like Feldstein oh. My God. Like crazy all athletes matched. Like what? That's the first thing I noticed. Okay. Mind you pre-game. We are literally getting dressed in a parking lot i. mean you know the deal? Yeah. For sure you know we're getting dressed in the parking lot. Everyone's trying to share gatorade in red bull and take. Know, they're motrin ahead of time and. Else. But. Yeah. Just guys walking around and Jock straps and frigging it's nobody's fricking cares right So we. Get to the field and I noticed they're all uniformed. Like. All right. Well, you know they don't give points for I. You look. So let's go team. Yeah we jumped out to a twenty four zero lead on them. Wow. in the half and the second half. Fourth. Fourth. Quarter. Twenty one point lead. Yeah. Because in the fourth quarter tied up at twenty eight. Apiece and they just came out ahead answers for everything that we were doing obviously made the corrections halftime And So again, they're having some success and we just happen through the grace of God. Able to put together a a good defensive stance and stop them and then comeback and win it twenty, twenty, one but I honestly that game was in. Italy. That was probably the most American Football Lights, game I did I, played. Or coached him because I. Was Playing Centers while as coaching at the same time to right so. No. DNA. Put Yeah. Actually, that game I I I dislocated my pinkie finger. My must nap and hand on my snap hand and I took I took a shot on my shoulder got a stinger. I could barely feel hand. Songs snapping the ball literally I just told the quarterback but. Boy. Don't worry about it. has like. Get in there because I'm just shuffling it back I literally have no feeling and then I am just diving at a d. tackle or linebacker close and just trying to take legs doctors I got nothing. I I can barely lift my arm up. So Yeah you know we ended up winning that game was fun. It was awesome. Of course you know we were all of our Grifoni attire downtown after the game partied and. Had A good time that year I think it was the for the the Division One guys it was the A. Tyrolean raiders. I ruling raiders, ton Innsbruck area of Austria against the Vienna Vikings perennial the Vikings, the best time ever sponsored by Chrysler. He's had real sponsors. Local automobile sponsors. We've got the local. Do we got a local T. SHIRT PRINTER UP THE STREET? He gave us box this week. We're good. Right you know you're you're kind of used to look like one of those youth baseball team sponsor. Ed's shop. One Hour. They give you just about money to put their LOGO ON THE JERSEY, right? That's funny. So they have great sponsorship. So sponsor all down with it. What about fandom? Is there any where fans there? Yes now I tell you for the out beyond really were we were playing My first year? Spouses, that's fans were. Kind of ball. Yeah and a few friends of players in this that you know So I mean, honestly, if I'm a man just straight up honest the first year I was there. Between both chains Be Happier one hundred people in the stance, right? Yeah. Okay. As the team started gaining a little bit of notoriety on the base. and we started they changed the second year. Our Home Field was actually in the same town as the airbase where I was stationed at. Bianco. So more people were coming to the Games at that time. By the third year, we actually had our championship, the League Championship game on the Base I was able to. Do. Some handshakes mortgage deal and and they say yells Moody at Talents to work. Yeah. Right. It was also happen to be a big weekend. The base was having a big. It was fourth of July weekend. So the basis having American football than they had that also had a softball tournament going on the twenty hours softball ball tournament and they had August July festivities and and it was huge actually That was the third year. We played the team from Slovenia Lubiana Lubiana Silver Hawks Yeah I. Played in. Another kind of list the countries you haven't played, it might be a shorter leash. Might be yeah. So played in Libya also played in coached in Croatia. That was fun. but You find teach I mean real quickly before more stories. The talent level number one I would assume athletes or athletes anywhere in anywhere in the world, but my question would be. Their knowledge base of the sport I. Know You mostly Americanized on your team but what about like the other teams I mean? Could you tell there was a deficiency or were they equal? I mean what was what was that like? Okay. So The League that I was coaching and playing the be Adriana was not the top League of the Italian Federation okay. We were probably a step down from that and there are a lot of teams in. Italy. Are Step down from that now the division. One. Division One the upper crust senior league those guys. They get thousands of people in the stand. Okay thousand, two, thousand, and three, thousand, four, thousand sometimes a little more But for what we were playing at not a whole lot skill level at that division one level for Italy. At that time. I would say more of Noaa Division three school. Gotcha. Okay. Now where I was playing. And coaching at. Obviously a step below. But. The. The mindset was a little different We had they're -Talian playing the sport. That were learning things. We learned back in Pop Warner, right? That makes cake. Not that they weren't good. Okay. They're just now learning some of those skills that. We have been doing right and stuff we take for granted that because one thing I did my first year coaching I found out is my my knowledge of the game was far more advanced than most of my players in took me about two weeks to figure it out. So I would imagine that's very similar. To. That where where you know your your your mental aptitude for the sport is here and you can yell they may be the same age, but they're they're almost infants as far as their understanding. We had five Italians on the team and they all started. They earned their position there was no. Oh, well, because we are in Italian team have to let them play. There was nothing stating that? So, the guys that played for US earned their position. And we have one German Martins. Zakar line kicker. was going to ask if one of the Italians or your kickers. When you said Oh we had five or ten was the punter. One was the place kicker when was a field goal kicker? No. I will be in August the Italians were horrible. Because they do that little soccer. And then It just in time it didn't work out right And I was adamant about look. These are fundamentals. If you WANNA learn to sport, you need to do this. They were I mean when I first started coaching there in Italy for the GRA phony. The Italians, the defensive line, the Italians played defensive line This is gonNA sound a little odd but they would line up in their whole saying the cheese Mo- thing. There's a guy in front of me. I must battle him right Instead mood. No that's not your job. Your job is to get rid of him and go get that Brown oblong thing although football right sports named after. So it it, it took some relearning light. You know especially on the offense align we had Enrico. Play. Played left guard and I needed him Not to block the guy in front of him. And he just didn't quite understand. He's had some American players who didn't understand that I told them. Mike Listen Gold block that dude but coaches in the gap. Yeah. That's why we're not blocking don't black trapping we're GONNA. Know. Yeah so I can I can I can understand that. Yeah, so there's a little bit of a learning curve if you will but once they grasp, they're just like, oh, oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and I think that's probably what made it. The. EASIEST FOR US was Getting At. least the Europeans Italians to grasp the concept of it's not necessarily the person in front of you that you need a block there's scheme we have a blocking scheme and and I know you need to let that guy go don't worry about him. It's not your job to worry about him your jobs go get this other guy. and. So once getting them to you know come around to that. You know much much better. That's Curtis. I'm having flashbacks my first year of the revolution we talked about that because I introduced a different blocking scheme than what they were used to. An and I would I would tell the centre. Here's your responsibility, and if the Mike shoots, you let them go. And he's like why I go just let them go. He's not your. Your to Zach Guy any and it took us a now would like your guard your guys. This got your guy tackle your guys. You have a coach. What if the Mike blitzes? You see the guy in the backfield who usually runs the ball that's his guy. Yeah. He if he doesn't make that that black, it's not your fault I'm GonNa Scream, Derek, would you leave your guy and you go to block his guy and then your guy makes a tackle guess on. So. Couple couple weeks they're like, oh, now I did so I can totally relate to where you come from it's A. Sometimes it seems it doesn't make sense right? Especially the do don with dude right on and you're not locking them. That's like a head scratcher. Why? The biggest thing was introducing them to the concept of reviewing film. I was GONNA ask you if you watch them. At that time. They didn't watch fill. Walks the game. You know and point out all the good things they did. But when they sat with me. I'm pointing out the good things too but they sit with me and I'm like, okay. Remember when you said You did not let that guy go here's the play. What happened behind the sky never lies exactly has their oh sorry coach sorry coach I'm like guys just listen to me. Okay I. If if something goes wrong. All right. Everyone looks at me. Might you know I always tell my name's on the mailbox the end of the day. Okay. Everything gets addressed to me. If there's an issue, it gets addressed to me. So if we lose their coming after me not you. Just listened to me and. If I tell you to do something wrong and you figure out, it's wrong and someone letting. No, it's wrong. You who've it's wrong. Come to me. Tell me coach. This is wrong. All right. Cool. Then I learned. Okay. But until then stood away. Just try it just try. It amazes me how universal I guess humans are because it's like I said I'm having flashbacks everything you're saying I can relate to. Coaching. The psychology of it is the they don't want to let coach now. They don't want to let the team down They don't want to let the guy next to him now. So they wanted to everything right if you're worried about doing. Then you're not giving one hundred percents. The one thing I want you to do. So. Trying to get people to divorce their mindset from, I've got to do everything to just do your job. Okay I. Tell my tell all the defensive line as they look your job. is to play three plays and get your ass back on the bench. In three plays if your ass is not back on the bench, you didn't do your job somewhat wrong. Okay get your job is outside contained fine could take back cut up underneath not your job. Your top is outside contained. Okay. I will go get the guy who's responsible for be your see got our relied on and lab that conversation exactly do your job and get your ass back on the bench three plays. That's it. I never used the get your aspect on the bench and three plays line but I may use that in the future of arrogant back into coaching. Yeah. That's that's a good way to look at it. From me it's already been stolen twice. All right. Just. That's awesome case. So you've done a whole bunch of European tour European tour. You were very successful over there. Obviously one lost. Would you say three games the whole time or one game? The whole three years lost one game one game every year here and you beat the bully up two out of three times you play them or two out of three seth. Not. So that's good and so then. So. Let's fast forward to what brings it to the states. Because the military is the military. You move every two to three years, right. So I got assigned to Fort Meade, Maryland? Or I wasn't instructor for broadcasting broadcast skills. And PRIOR TO GOING TO MARYLAND I. Looked up teams just you know, hey, any team in the Maryland area. Where a lot of teams? Area. And Since I was living. In the Annapolis Area I looked up teams in Annapolis and. Found this team called the Annapolis Adam wools. She's maybe Anna Rundle Abbas and rental count. and. The Guy who owned the team is a mechanic COP Jeff Lola's. Name Five Oh That, and he played Middle Linebacker wearing the Jersey. He wore the fifty and he's a middle linebacker and he's the owner. Okay. Right and. He hired me to be the head coach. Offensive Coordinator. So I sat awesome He's got some other coaches, but you know you're more on the more to bicker on coaches and this and that and. I said, well, who do you got you know and he said this person, this person's got this other guy. Coach Smith. And he wants to coach defense okay What do you know bother? Well, he played here and he's done this that and the other of like okay. Cool. When can we meet him? Oh well. WE'RE GONNA another couple of days you want to be at the meeting. Absolutely. So, here coach Smith comes walking in. And first thing the owner. You know we're sitting at a table at up Ruby Tuesdays. And A. Goal is stands up, Hey t coach t coach t coach Tia across coach Smith. Echo car this is coach to lead Smith? House like. Coach to leave Smith Nice to meet you and he's like my brother's coming in a minute. While is he Kozak like now he plays and I'm like, oh, he plays he. Plays for us you know. And goals because no, he he a play for us, but he does play locally on my His brother Mussa Smith. Played for the Ravens. Show anyways. Log It don't like Holy Shit that's suppose this. Oh Yes Defense starting out with my dozens of coordinator and he had an assistant Sean Perkins. And I had at that time amazing offense align. From tackled tackle, we were averaging. Six, four or six for. A good. I'd say, good to eighty. Now the reason why six four are center was six three. Short? Bastard. He's what brought down fucking average because. Every group Bastard right tackle was a greg justice nickname muggy. Muggy justice because he Alan. Greg is He is muggy quit six seven. A good three bills and book as a hiccup. Got Wingspan like don't try to run around is premier just pull GM like a tractor beam with his arms. Same on the other side baked. Jimmy or to say Jimmy cameras last name. But Jimmy was six. In a good three bills. Guards were right at about six five. Close to three books. So. If you're listening out there he's basically describing an NFL line right now. Okay. So off so just picture I mean. Back when the cowboys were good, which was you know you might even alive back when they were good. But you know they're their offensive line is basically he's you know Dallas was one of the first teams at average over three hundred pounds, the frontline and and their center mark step Naski was like two, eighty five and was jacked right? He's just and he he bought their average down. But yeah, that's who you're describing. You're you're basically saying this dude, six, six, this dude, six, seven, I got I got a short center at six to bastard you know. So our Sagana, whatever it was. Greg. Muggy, muggy. was on the practice squad for the Redskins. Washington. Sorry offend anybody healthy. Team a the team formerly known as the Redskins but He was on also. You remember the movie, the replacements, he's one of the background players in the replacements. Yeah. I think. I. Think my other tackle Jimmy. Now I don't think Jimi played for the for the. Skins. Greg went on to he played one season with me, and then he went onto. Play Arena League, the reading express a played A. Couple seasons with them. Then coach with them for a season. Then he was the head coach for the. Baltimore Mariners Raina Football Team, and got a couple of championships under his boat with them. But yeah. So I I was does coaching. Hung up cleats, the longer plan my back and my neck and my knees just we're gonNA. Let him do that anymore. So. All right from the wives that norplant you love me coach. So coaching for the admiral's there in Maryland, we started off in the diamonds football league Prior to me showing up The team was maybe three years. Old Navy won the total of maybe six games. In those three years and my first season we came out and we went five and three made. It's the play offs lost a first round of the playoffs is what it is. Lost to the Baltimore Bulls running wing, tea, and At that time when t guy just didn't know how to descend it. I just I could. Not that great at it. Defensive Coordinator. But I'm the coach my name's on the box. So I didn't know how to descend it. As. Well, so Beat US bad maybe by seven. Seven nine, seven, nine boys maybe. I don't quite remember. But yeah. So at any rate The next two seasons the admiral's pulled out of the Diamond Football League and entered into the east coast. Football Alliance is what it was called. The Guy Who ran that also ran one of the football teams. Frederick. Frederick. County out laws. that. A great team. I think they have a I. Don't know how many. League, Championships. Like the Pittsburgh steelers if you will he CFA whatever and biggest chuck. Butchers last name somebody WANNA try Chuck Bina Check Bene-. Own the outlaws was CEO or whatever commissioner the. Of the conflict we went back. Glad actually my first year they used to beat the admiral's handedly in our first year first game against them They beat is bots three. for a last second field goal. And they took out my kicker that game. placekicker ended up at tipped. Hip Fracture. Yeah Exterior. Can Point I can see the. In Luckily, at that time are that time the entire time Mo's there with the admirals, our trainer She was an emt and then also worked at the local Rodeo as the White was. dudes while not that way. But she she was helping bull riders everything get mauled by bowls online nice. I guess she can help us football field but yeah, I saw her the kicker's leg right there on the field she's like this is going to hurt. I'm just telling yet but if I don't do it, it's going to be later on and she literally set his lake on the field and then he ended up having. A couple of plates and a handful of screws But I mean know it's all it is what it has Prescott you he's have issues. Of course, he's probably got a much better better medical staff back on the field. Also true sin, the semi pro team but Yeah I gave chuck a run for his money that you're. They won the championship that year. actually I gave a lot of teams to run for the money would usually happens within semi pro. As I've found over the years, you know new coach comes in and everyone's used to the way the team used to play and all of a sudden they come out with a new coach new wrinkle to their offense, and no one knows how to answer that right away. So tends to happen right off. So like my first season going five three, I was like, all right. It happens. Second season, came out and I. Completely revamp the offense because I was basically running what I was running in Italy but a scaled down version of it. just to keep it simple. Keep my head above water. And we were having success satisfied until need to change it. But then the second season came out and I just completely changed the offense and. The entire time that I was there in Maryland I I used my ability. Or my military background. To my advantage there in Annapolis I I just went on the Naval Academy and introduced. Myself Paul Johnson. Right there as they're coming out of their locker room to practice. As it goes Johnson he looked means. Yes A Walk with you can adventure year for just a couple of seconds. He's like sure. So we're walking a serum active-duty military coach football spare. Time. If I could I. would like to come to some practices watch and learn. He's like absolute. And paired me up with the with the offense coordinator and Did a lot of a lot of work with the line running backs so that second year came out in A. Clause I. Wing Tea if you will my version of it. And and we had success we we had a lot of success We made it to. The semifinal round of the championship and then my third year, we ran the championship when we want. So That was a it's interesting because league in itself was a spring. League. Okay so although traveling all over Maryland and parts, of Virginia, Delaware when into Delaware a little bit also at that time I hooked up with Team USA football, the Eagles and a coach Rudi violent and I took a in those three years. I took a trip to Austria to play the giants with Team USA. BROUGHT BIG MUGGY and a couple of players May to go play experience. and then I also went to. France. And went to. England. With Team USA and I also at came I'm currently living in the Nevada. Had Game With Team USA in Las Vegas now played a team from Australia. Yeah ooh apple dudes from the red and black played for Team USA. So Ambrose Susan and od, Aaron? Brown and I think Mark Bowman I think. In in who did they hear about it? I wonder who? The Sky here. Hear. This. Guy. Yeah I think Ambrose went on to coach he's GonNa he's we've been trying to his schedule is crazy I've been trying to get on here but he's GonNa he's GonNa share his story about all that too. So that's that's that's that's one thing I haven't done yet. You know eventually who knows maybe coaching squad to do one of those games one time that'd be Kinda cool but or just go watch man and just yet you know just to Now that I have a job that I can actually trap can travel and take some. Say that it's really not that hard for anyone who wants to to try their hand at it and you WanNa. Put Your you're playing or coaching resume together and see what you can garner does it Europe. Europa your Europe players dot com. EUROPEAN PLAYERS DOT COM. That's what it is European players, dot com or your players dot com, whichever it is you can upload your resume on their say that you're actively looking for a team, all teams throughout Europe. Who are looking for a coach or a player? May contact you I've been contacted several times Unfortunately at the time I was active duty. I can't just hey I'm going to leave the military. Era. I'm going to a wall coach some football for a little while nobody minds. Yeah and then if you just WanNa, see what football is like in Europe American football, international online they stream a lot of games. Asi TV extreme a lot of games matter of fact when. No one was sure what NFL or college or even high school or youth was going to do because of this pandemic in Oh were hurting for football and this anatomy I. S I wants the teams from Poland or watch a team from Finland are watching from Norway or wherever know that's cool him it's football in is the caliber you want no, it's not going to be okay. Is Football. Yes. Can you learn something? Absolutely Absolutely I. You know you learn things in wins as well as you do lost. So for sure can learn from just watching another team play some people when they were bitching about to the xfl, and then that other whatever that other US afl rabbit helps called either. Bitch and this is terrible football. My guys. If you're looking for superstars, you're not gonNA find him but watch the game and watch are they executing are they? You can see WHO's a player and you can see who's a phony just watch. These most of those players they weren't shit. So just after just watch him and then. They took a handful into the NFL so I mean, and that's the purpose of that level. You know not to go off tangent but that's a personal level. It's basically the. Canadian, Football League is doing they partnered with the European Leagues. There you go and they go over and they do combines. Weekend after weekend after weekend they traveled to. All the countries if you will and they do combines Lo and behold you have now the Canadian football league, you have a handful of Europeans that have made the Canadian football league goal of. The Patriots GonNa on offense alignment that came from From Germany they've got there's are people from all over the world playing in the NFL. I just wish more people would open their mind to the idea of sport being football being an international sport because he really is Japan. Just they do the World Cup of American football every four years the. World Cup for soccer. Olympics every four years and. I think. The. Last. Two, times they held. It are the only two times. America has been in that championships. I could be wrong. I'm sure someone out there in secret pro football, it'll correct whatever but Japan's lower house. I think the problem with football is is that the NFL players are are. Looked at as so elite and the if you stand next to him they they are I mean I've met several. We did that we did commercial with the red and black. We did a commercial with Donovan, mcnabb and couple. Yeah. So I mean. So yeah, you they are. But I've also played with dudes that had they had the right break they'd be in the NFL. Without a without a shadow of doubt, it's it's it's about the right breaks for the right person at the writer you know so to to not think you can watch. to watch a game and say, wow, that that dude stands out or this dude stands are watched the concepts that are being executed off or or poorly executed you. Can start seeing. Oh Shit Dude Mr Block Oh. Wow. What a great block here. But I just think the masses don't look at it that way they they look for. Who's Ob Jay Right? Who's WHO's Mike? Vick. Who's you know whoever their favorite players? Oh. They don't compare with Damn Right. They don't like those players are one in a billion. You know. So what do you expect? Understand. You're watching. You know understand what you're off. You know the thing that I. Drive the most enjoyment out of watching. the sport of football outside of the NFL is the fact that at no matter what level outside of the NFL your plane to go somewhere right the point. Okay, I love Minor League sports all minorly I'll go watch a minor league baseball game over a major league baseball game. These guys are playing to go somewhere. NFL Receiver May or may not stretch out for that pass right business. Just you know that college in High School Kid Definitely will why? Because they're trying to go somewhere So And I love being part of that I love helping people go where they WANNA. Go I love helping people realize you know the dream that they have if the if I can help that's all I wanna do man So yeah, you know what? I don't know where I was going with all that, but you know, no, I think that's where you're going. Is it your your goals to help people and I think ultimately as a coach? You know sure. Do we all wish we could coach Nfl some days I mean, how have you seen? That's that's a torture of a job folks. I mean it's it is you got meet. At two, one, a coach in NFL, and it even twenty, four, seven, thirty, six, seven, they invent hours for you to be a coach. They just invent new hours they changed the clock. To tell you and and it's one of the things that you know. I kick myself as I knew you were up in Jacksonville and I was down in Daytona I couldn't get up to see a you or any of your games 'cause I was so busy. Ice Cold Coding I'm. GonNa re talked a lot we're talking about going to. Come down to you can come up to me trigger. Could do make it happen All. Exactly, right I mean it's It's what's that what the hell is that, and then you have a real job on the side what what you supposed to you can't just coach. So. So it gets you know I, I think people lose track of what they're watching. Right? They expect every football game they watch is going to be NFL game in in it's not. I I loved watching and I heard all my friends, bitch. Oh, that's boring to watch and I'm like the new watching the wrong shit you're not looking for. You're not looking at what I'm looking at I'm looking for hoses stud who's going to be the next who's going to be the guy that leads here and Glutton? Here's the difference and I can explain this just in one game that I had in Lubyanka. Okay Slovenia. All right this this team is. This was the first year of their existence and no other team. No other person on that team had played the sports football ever. And we go. Play them. Okay. We kick the crap out of okay. It's seventy some odd to. Its fourth quarter. And they are still coming at you. And it's seventy some odd nothing and you just broke what was supposed to be a fullback dive for at best for yards you just went thirty yards. You feel pretty good about yourself that you did that they're celebrating the fact they tackled you and. Five and and they're loving it. They just WanNa play the sport. They just want to play the game and no matter what the score is. They WANNA do their best on every down and they celebrate every down it. To me in in some respects, look comical when you see some of these European teams but they're their game highlight reel together. In you. You're like dude that guy just. took you for fifty yards yeah. Did you see that tackle? You know. Because it was a good tackle, right? They celebrate that. We don't it is lost on us because avenue expectation we're selfish spoil or spoiled rotten than it goes on it is what it is. You're right. So that was that was one of Iran's. So now let's turn that ramp from. So you you win another championship in Maryland I'm starting to notice a pattern here. So from from Maryland where do you go? New York Okay so you're in drum. One. We'll all right folks we're going to cut it off right there, and we're going to actually continue this episode on Thursday. So excited announced we're going to have to releases this week coach car has so much to sheriff's has done so much that I wasn't able to squeeze it all into one episode. So we're GONNA. Actually make to episodes out of it and release it on this Thursday at nine am eastern. So at Ford share the second half of this on the Thursday and we'll see then Thank you for listening to this week's episode of Semipro Gridiron Rant, we hope you enjoyed the show for more episodes. It's please check out the website www dot semi pro gridiron rant dot buzz sprout dot com. To reach US directly. Please email us at Semipro Gridiron rant at g mail DOT COM or follow us on Instagram at semi pro Gridiron rant. Thanks again for listening.

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MadTrio Podcast - Episode 072

MadTrio Podcast

1:05:34 hr | 11 months ago

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 072

"Welcome to the Matt Trio podcast. This week we are the California Pariah Jonathan Charney James The fatman Stevens and a man. Who's song of the minute is Jesus take the wheel? Not The whale Ryan breast. Hey Joanie can't drive with my knee driving with the the move. You got a question for Brian. I want to throw out right out the best since he's actually here okay. Do you still have learn how to drive with my knee from you. Shut the fuck up mustache do do you still have the mustache was asking. I still have the Mafia might defining characteristic. Okay so are you. Did they reschedule the renter? Yeah probably year Shit. Oh Shit Yeah. Wow out the reason was asking is because the the county fair up here is rescheduled for like a month out. So it's GONNA be like a couple of weeks late but I'm still thinking like I don't think the for Dave except that they're going to extend the quarantine until the end of the year one or for different things and you know a little more From counties are a little more you know bipolar. Or what's the word I'm looking for Ya? Michael Consolidated La County. Well you know Italian of just just because the government told me to do it. I'm not GONNA do. It is a a weird angle for me. Like I'm not a fan of the Government Mike. Anyway as the older. I've gotten the more you know. Kinda Republican side of small government. I respect a lot more like I get where you're where where the Republicans are coming from on that one and I'm all for But at the same time if the government said I don't drink you know I'm not going to drink fleet because they did not well trump kind of said to drink bleach. You know what's funny about that is My girlfriend and when it happened like the morning after bringing up politics the mornings vomit me out but I find myself. Having to be the guy that defends trump onto noxious shit we focus on the. That actually happened so he tells me about and like all right. Well he probably meant you know. Is there like a medical version of a inspecting something like that? Maybe pelote in this sort of like a layman's idea of it and whatnot and then I watched the clip. I'm like this motherfucker. That drink place. What would you want to know defending that process so ready to be on his side so a little a little inside baseball? They actually use bleach like clorox bleach and dentists and the dentists industry. And they'll squirt it in your mouth and shit while you are swollen. A little bit of it. They can't get all of it out believes we're talking a little bit again but a little bit of faith and know that it's good for you. That's guys you know. Hydrogen Peroxide and then all the bad stuff. But that's true so you're all right so you guys here who is the? Who is the latest spotify? Only podcast Joe. Rogan's Joe Rogan has basically come out said he is going to be his podcast is going to be a spotify exclusive oppose do like all of the other. Apps that had off gas. Yes so eric yes so basically saying that you can get us on spotify. You're going to see clips show on youtube but all the full video all the full of audio is only going to be available on spotify which left he be over the dot with them more because everybody else fucking. I'm over guaranteed. They wrote him a fat check. Can you imagine the Friday check? They would've had to write for that shows. Which which by the way. Hey any guys people who were who were advertising the Joe Rogan podcast. And you're upset at him. I know a podcast. Who would who would love to do business with you? And I know there's gotTa be some of you out there. I guess not I I was Kinda surprised that you would shoot yourself in the leg to be honest. I I don't really like spotify. Only reason I listened to it is if there's an album by somebody says hey. Check out like ice tea album ice t's album for you know from nineteen ninety-five. Let me let me check it out. Because it's the only way I'm GONNA be able to listen to on spotify but I don't really like you. They do podcasts. I don't like the winner face. I do love it for specific things like albums but not really I would just because I don't I don't really have a collector take anymore I can't remember the last time I use a CD. So it's just a handy kind of thing. And and they have you know added a whole bunch of stuff on there as far as like a lot of those you know you can find out pretty good. Atta Lock Do. I've never use it for podcasts. Albinoni's Adagio minor by the doors. It might be undertake that I looked at four days ago. They they do have a lot. They have a lot of albums. The deep cuts things but in general. I'm just not a giant fan and then my thing is you're basically limiting your audience to download an APP which is already to bare to entry. And I don't see Joe Rogan being stupid enough to make them be a you have to have a script subscription to it. But I don't know I just seems to me that you're shooting yourself in the foot however if somebody was gonNA write me a million dollar check. I'll it's GONNA be a lot more than that. You've got enough money and with his other vectors that he's going to be fine you know and then he's GonNa drag so many people over mean that's Gonna. They're not going to be going up. I'll be honest. I really dislike that and get it like the new future. Podcast is exclusive. Only I really. I really dislike that because you know the ferry. That's what we're doing wrong. Awesome podcast one westwood if you would be super interested in having the podcast the Guy Tech TV being exclusive. Just call me up. I mean I swear I'll be on the phone have you. Can you make chimneys shut up? I just don't see honestly. I think it serves podcasts. Better maybe not Joe Rogan. Because his is so big but I think it serves podcasts. Better to be everywhere in not on one single platform because for music honestly. I prefer Pandora because I actually Pandora. I learn more more musicians more bands that I hear of through Pandora than I do. Listen to single albums through spotify and honestly just don't dig their podcast section like the. I remember I Liking Pandora's Algorithms a lot as far as like the ossified to do with the last couple of years maybe longer far. Listen to this artist. Here's the ones that were included five and their years the ones that did that influence them and you can kind of go down this rabbit hole of Oh. This band spawned this band and this Dan including this one. And that's why we have issues and you know keep keep on a say in particular vein. Well they jump in and run across things. You have heard a lot they do. But I mean like like for example the my nineteen sixties door playlist. I list thirty bands that are from the sixties that I really dig. And then you can activate deep cuts on the new APP and do bands. That I've never heard of and I know that sounds like oh. You've never heard of a certain band in the sixties. I grew up listening to that shit. So there's a lot of stuff I've heard of that. Most people haven't just by the sheer fact. That's what I grew up listening to because of my dad and I like that every new things and spotify does it a little bit they have. Those was the daily playlists or whatever. Just I don't know it's not the same to me maybe to me. It's a little bit romanticism. Because I've found some of my favorite jazz artists through Pandora so there could be a little bit of an hold a special place in my heart right next to my record collection my CD's and my vhs tapes. But I mean who knows really saying I still? Yeah that'll that'll be interesting to see me. I'm sure you'll get more listeners. Because of spotify and then the people who have been longtime listeners will absolutely make the jump. I mean how I wonder We just sort of neutrally beneficial. Hey we'll get you another million listeners. And you can bring your you know thirty Bernard along with you. I mean we are. I mean we're on spotify. Were on everywhere. This a couple of places we haven't been able to get us on yet but we're everywhere quite literally I guess for Joe Rogan. It won't hurt them. I mean 'cause it basically means I wouldn't say hurt him but I don't think he's going to break even listeners. Wise is already a number of people online who basically said and yet going to go on yet because I hate spat high it is. I mean little after convenience things so I'm not GonNa do this other thing that I like because associated with it stinks. I mean I. Don't listen to your baby. I mean I. Don't listen every one of his podcasts. Some very selective. Just you know. I'm like okay. I don't want listen to that person to own. That person like I'm super selective but I've never heard Joe Rogan. Do a bad podcast. Except maybe when he he? He's a little hammer. There's usually the ones where he threw hamburger with friends. You know what I mean or a fight companion. He'll get average cameras as you know he's GonNa fight actually wanted to bring us up Last week bailable Have you guys seen Mike? Tyson's video that he That he dropped was that the one where he's GonNa Fight Vendor Holyfield or something or is that the one was boxing curation though yet the one where he is. He's I training. I saw you crazy or twenty. Thirty second clip Low Key scared the shit out of me just watching video dude at fifty and some of the artist fucking pop his punches like I feel bad for the twenty eight year old bike to that guy and by the way this is this is this is from a guy who basically said. He doesn't PROC- he doesn't practice boxing because he's afraid of the person that brings out at him he did. I forgot where it was. On Rogan. Podcast was that Rogan. Fire up my ego. Yeah because he knows another pilot if this is Joe Rogan but he was definitely saying that he he he changes. He says you'll have to list basically do a search for a for his interviews. He's done a couple of ones recently within the last five years that are super eye-opening into his personality. Yeah for sure yeah. He's been farming with for a long time. with your league over there Though entreprises would come out of retirement in in in the damn mazing in that video I could see it because it's like he's always been a really strong guy. I de rural with I mean I feel bad for that guy's hand that he was holding a meant it could be. This isn't the exact same sport But there's a wrestler by the name of edged who had to quit because basically his neck was so bad and somehow he recently was able to come back for a for a little bit. So I'm assuming for Tyson. Maybe it's like that he didn't like how we his last his his last fight that everybody knows about at least him biting. Holyfield's ear so maybe if he's actually coming out of retirement maybe this is him saying okay. I want one last fight. So it doesn't end on a Downer note which he kind of to me seems that that would be him that. Maybe it took a while to get over. Whatever his life because the shit childhood maybe. He's finally an appointment his life that he's like. Okay I want to do this one more time. Yeah we'll basically off the heels of only feel dropping the video where he was training. You Know Wanda wanting to get back in the rain for a charity exhibition match And then like what within a couple of days after all the certain type and drop that video and you know says I'm back at the end and I. I mean I got Mike. Tyson tied again. That's GonNa make my Goddamn like no offence to holy still. But he's he's basically volunteering for zone mugging. I I saw Mike Tyson video and yeah Holyfield can. I just don't see employees up to iron Mike. I would kind of in and Mike Tyson fight again. We're GONNA get holyfield-tyson Freeman which I mean that's GonNa break record that never been. I WANNA see so I wanna see I wanna see Floyd Money Mayweather vs Mike Tyson. Four week glasses away for each other. I still WANNA see. I WANNA see well murdered. That's what you want to focus. I'm still fucking pissed that I didn't get to see Manny Pacquiao over versus boy floyd mayweather at both at their prime because that was an abortion of a match. Yeah so yeah. But it's not as bad as golden boy versus the patio. Yeah that was over attack. Yeah that was. That was sad. I've never that shouldn't have happened. I actually was. I was embarrassed watching match because literally looked like I was watching like A. What was it like a cancer patient case five year old? Would you ever See Philadelphia with Tom? Hanks and that's up. There's a scene in that movie. We're super skinny. Reminds me of the? The golden boy looked like in that in that fight and had just looked like I watched a guy get paid. He got a big purse but he basically got us ass kicked until it. It was such a hard fight to watch. Don't get me wrong. I was rooting for Pacquiao. Because he's my favorite flutter but oh my God. It was a fun to watch now. Let's be honest. I'm a little past being embarrassed. I Viscera water that fight my job like on the floor like Oh man. This is bad we watched. We watched it together. This is bad this is so bad I remember. I think we both said. Should we turn this off and you like? Let's let's finish it over within like ten seconds. It's like Oh this is not gonNa go good. The English Longbow was a powerful medieval weapon said to be able to Pearson opponents armor and may have been able been a decisive factor and several key military victories historians continue to debate how effective. Longbow was in battle. They found this is often ars. Technica technical technical article basically saying medieval Eros Carr's injuries similar gunshot wounds similar studies find and They may have been fuss. Sledged to to spin counterclockwise. So now they're finding out more information about how deadly some of these arrows work because they found while more skulls willing well. It's interesting because I've never heard of the Longbow. I think they had one hundred to one hundred and fifty pound. Pull if I remember correctly and I'm talking more. I mean obviously not everybody. Were drawing it back at a full raw. But yeah I mean the velocity which those things were coming down because he's shoot them up in a big arc. You know. the traditionally yeah. It wasn't something where you're taking like screen shots at the somebody you know. You're at forty five degree angle and dropping it on people. Those things are coming down hard and it's one of the things that I've heard. I don't know how much truth that I've heard there's the toughest POMPEU and I don't remember if it was one hundred hundred fifty or two hundred but I've heard nobody's been able to physically do it with their bare hands because they would be practicing their entire life. But I just couldn't imagine that an Arrow being with pierce armor like a bullet is amazing to me. Yeah well La Mangala. Both which were really short. Re Curve Bows You know made for a horse. Archery were reportedly one hundred sixty pound whole which is insane. You know I mean that's imagine your child what you're fucking shoulders month. Look after five years of Of of doing that yeah. So notably gun manufacturers have a historical have historically rifled barrels so the bullet spins the same direction clockwise. The author writes there has been evidence of the shaft Arrows Lodge in itself in the skull and was pulled back through the front end of the era. Creating even more fractured skull author suggests. The question was a square diamond shaped boat. Akin type common military weapons. Such arrowheads can be confused. Crossbow Bolt Yada Yada. It's a super interesting article. And they found all this based off of bone fragments and teeth. YOU GOTTA. Check it out. Because they were they were cutting into the skull that like ninety degree you can feel like the ninety degree angle of the whole for. That's when they started Speculating that it was because of like like a stall you've got a Bob. Gibbons style era with instead of having a flat triangle. You have like a three hundred sixty degree. Almost pyramid-shaped Skinny Hall pyramid shape at the end of it. Richard Mean it's lot heavier. Obviously but when you're firing it off of a big assing longbow coming down at an angle. That's carrying a lot of kinetic entering the the most interesting thing is says. The penetration are large enough for the trauma to be caused by crossbows so they apparently they can tell by the amount of penetration or the amount of damage to the surrounding surviving bone. That they can figure out for pets. Bright and some of the shifts from like ten thirty two right. I just like it just it just blows my mind you know what the fuck they can. They can actually fucking fine as is just crazy in with amazing all the stuff that they do know nobody really knows what an actual medieval battle would've looked like we season. You know gladiator and braveheart in all those things. Where the big battle and you know and everybody kind of running in their May lay suffer. Nobody knows exactly how that worked you know. Did everybody run at each other with soulard and whatnot. And how many of your own guys killing from a from a wind up or backswing or over three. There's gotta be some there's got to be some surviving records of like you know the battle of hastings or you know some shit enough to least give them an idea. That's my on the Internet ideas as far as like movements and tactics and things but when you know two groups of people actually met each other nobody really knows what that actually looks like the is is basically just sat. They know certain things what weapons would do to you but say rather victors right work. The crossbows were banned by the church. Because they were a coward's weapon which I remember reading somewhere that you weren't allowed to use them against Christians. You couldn't use them against fellow Christians all the Pagans and other ones whose fine. Which is I've read that multiple locations which I thought that you know. I thought that was hilarious. It's like that one. I wish you remember who wasn't enough. It was true but some Group of people our soldiers in the Middle East back in the day with black powder rifles were packing their bores with pig. Fat Shoot against Muslims almost like damn home besides the smell packing for what the shoot against Muslims. Oh Wow that's no. I don't know if that's true. This is something I remember from my childhood but even as a kid I was like to help. That's that's that's that's pretty. That's a pretty big fuck. You Fuck you the site and my thought. Jeremy Your Gun Throw Bacon. I'm just thinking the mess I mean. You're either packing or you're rubbing it but just the Badgen. Yeah can you imagine claiming that gun? No not really. I don't like like cleaning my guns as it is now. You're got to have to figure out how you're GONNA get like pig grease off the inside of a firearm on the other hand. I wouldn't even WANNA go back to cleaning. Wok powder out of a fucking gotten whole out of pumping let alone out or pig. Fat Honestly Man. There's guns I've had my entire life that have never been cleaned it. I've had them for thirty plus years. Anything you'd have to grease the shock right. I'm assuming so but I mean I'm just picturing like a a whole line of people firing their guns in their all catching on fire because a pig right. I wish I wish I knew if it was true it was something I should have probably looked up before the show. But probably you know you know. Go through that. Kind of effort is so much strange shitting history. I wouldn't doubt that if a small section in history did it put a poppy. Yeah it would have to be one of those things that Hold on the you'd have to do is kind of a fuck you kind of a mind game. I don't think it would be something. That would be very practical. Oh and talking about potential of the downfall of movie theaters or at least making them. Not as common there've been two major motion pictures that have been released to direct to buy or to basically really expensive previews is trolls neutrals movies and the new. Scooby Doo now. Here's the thing these are kids movies. These aren't actual release released movies. I guess the new Tom Cruise movie is going to go to apple. Plus I just saw Now apparently these have done very well. I don't have the numbers for any of them. But for example the trolls want it was twenty dollars. I guess you got to watch it for top to twenty four hours and as many times you wanted to in those twenty four hours I know. Amc basically told the company WHO Released trolls that from now on. None of your movies will be available in our pitcher in our in our theaters. Now to me. Now this was. This was a couple of weeks ago so things might have changed a couple of weeks to a month ago now. My question would be if this becomes more common it going to harm the theaters and this is my thought. My thought people will still come back to theaters. All this is over. So here's my thought. My thought is is medium budget movies and medium-budget nowadays is like one hundred fifty million dollars or under. I mean the shit. The money they're spending. I think what happened is medium. Budget movies are gonNA come back and they're going to be on all your streaming services. Probably for anywhere. I think the fifteen to twenty dollars which for first released movie. I actually thinks a pretty good deal. Depending on the amount of time people in your household that are watching it. You know stuff like that. I do think big tent pole movies possibly like the new ghostbusters. Any avengers movies etc. I think that's going to be the theater and as much as I've been predicting this I'm still lamenting it because I fucking love the theatre granted. I haven't seen a movie theater in fucking five years or three years really but I miss. I'm GonNa miss that like seeing the hunt for Red October in the Theaters Indiana Jones. Or but I think other people miss it to you know what I mean. It's not just it's not just us. I mean people are GonNA WANNA go back to a theater and have that experience the experience especially with all the theatres putting in recliners and having the bars and the food brought to your your think. They've made it much more of an experience sale with. Here's the weird thing was I. I even miss kind of crappy theaters. That was kind of run down. And there's bubble gum on the seat and don't don't don't get me wrong. I mean it wasn't always a fun experience but like like the movie or somebody near you but there was that that physical that physical visceral feeling of it that experience i. I don't know it's just not the same granted. It's kind of NEAT. I can get an old fashioned movie. You WanNa Third Chuck Gummy bears at a screen again don't you? I never did that in the first place. Liar lies okay hold on. So here's something. Oh apparently to keep some of the AMMO dry various pork or beef fat part being hurt to Muslims was used a pack. Some of the APP was used a pack the AMMO and apparently he was British. The British were doing it regarding British. So just right But I'd be lying if I wasn't bound by the theaters going away because I think it's going to happen just because the way technology is I don't think it's going to be. I don't think it's going to disappear because I think there's people like me and Ryan and James who loved the experience of waiting in line buying a ticket you know getting whatever snacks stuff if you're going to do there's a physical feeling of it and the smell of it. That is just so rent. You know it's my childhood. Yeah well no movie theater could eater you know like like actual physical plays and whatnot out of this. You know people go stuff so don't take the new digital age being able to watch everything at home should I? I Love Movies. I watch movies and TV and whatnot all the fine but every now and again. I'm like I will say in the theater but this and I don't WanNa wait. Three months was on lear. Whatever the I think the one thing though two weeks before its be released Australia. I think I think the one thing though is you have to think of at least for us since right now you. You live in a major. A major metropolitan area The San Angeles area if you're a big fan of the movie demolition man Because you have you have like. I love the theater. I'm not a big fan of like musicals but I love the theater and there's just not a lot of quality theatre where I live. Nothing I don't see a whole lot of stuff that just screams. I got to see it because it's it's either way it's it's either. I'm not willing to drive an hour two hours to go see it And I suffered a thing is you you. You'd have to presume that that the people that are making these movies are going to not distribute them to theater. I mean the only reason that they're doing it with these digital releases because they cannot attribute them to the theater but when the only place to go see this movie for the next four months is at a movie theater. People are going to go. You know so they wanna see it all the marketing. So let me let me shoot some by because this is what. I was thinking if say like Twenty First Century Fox or twenty first century. Whatever they call it or search lighter name you distributor finds out that for twenty dollars somebody will buy a movie they get to keep one hundred percent of the prophets or at least a majority of it versus going to the theater and they're already losing money during the theaters etc etc. Who Do you think they would choose? I mean I think way of all the twenty bucks is less than they would be making from from distributing it to be you know because he's twenty bucks for your entire family. You know you got or kids and you and mom you know we're GonNa sit there with your kids and pay twenty bucks and watch you know the the twelve world tour movie is not the same as you going to do. The movie theater and having it only dropping fifteen bucks a person. Yeah you're you're leaving their hundred bucks lighter you know so. It Behooves Devi movie industry to keep that Shit in an inexpensive movie theater. You know with all the fancy new stop and it's a mutually beneficial thing. No movie theater wants to go out of business and no no studio is GonNa WanNa give up that money. The only reason they've been doing this is because you want you know fifty percent of what you've been making one hundred percent of nothing you know it's this or nothing the only options they currently have. Yeah yeah and I don't blame them for doing the streaming right now. Because I mean don't know you don't know how long this is. GonNa be you've really. I mean there's there's certain areas that are saying oh we're going to be opening this stuff up but the movie theaters aren't opened up yet. I mean The county that I'm in right now is one of the one of two counties in all of California that has the green light to actually start opening restaurants for dining and we're getting swarmed but theaters aren't open. I really can't go. Go down to the local theater and sit there a seat over from everybody else. It's they're not doing it right so I mean this could be another four months another six months so really knows. I'm having a hell of a and it's all about the movies that were planned on being released during the time. Anyway I mean. How many does all these coming out? Right now have been in production for a long time. The marketing has been doing it work so they can't do not release the movie you know they had to come up with something but I'll bet you all of the other movies they can wait. Oh Hey you know what? We started our marketing campaign for new movie. You know let's go does not do the marketing until all the kids over. Because I don't want the fifty percent of this you know I one hundred percent of everything I am having a hell of a time finding the actual numbers. I'm looking right now. Says it's see I guess it cost. Roughly Ninety million ninety million to make drove. Yeah Jesus gross worldwide or not. I don't know I'm trying to figure out worldwide right now say Russian and Commonwealth Independent States a million international two hundred grow. You know. I'm having a hard time. But they could have they could. They could have lost a lot of money. Whoever it one the digital box office record but doesn't actually mean anything because it's the first time a major motion picture that I know of Theatre. Bound movie has been released solely digital. I run so but the thing is that I would say about all that is. It's not to say that they're not going to release it anyways in theater. I mean. Obviously they're not going to be doing it some theaters but you know I mean there probably will still release Scooby Doo and trolls in theater. Because I mean there's going to be kids that WANNA go to to see it. See Ya I would be surprised if they released it in theater honestly in the my thought is because it's already it's already happened you already have access to it so. I think the question is no matter what hold on hold on. It's no matter what the kids want. It's it's it's what the parents want and it's just a matter of convenience. Is it easier to spend fifteen dollars and and let the kid? Watch a movie for two hours at home on the couch where you're doing laundry or taking the kids to the theater now. It still might happen. That's GonNa you know and and it's not the same kind of attention span the you would have in a theater Not The same distraction than in all the other little accoutrements that go with it. You know the treat you know when you're when your parents by us from themselves as kids or something like that you're missing out on all of that But also I mean I've had access to a me name brands in the first couple of months. Now you know that. Hey in theater purchase you know not in the around. My girlfriend wanted to watch The sonic the HEDGEHOG. Movie doesn't but he airy ridiculous entertaining. Yeah the summit. The hedgehog movie was it obviously wasn't Canon of sonic the Hedgehog I mean. How the hell are you going to do? But is there was actually pretty decent for kid. Movie Out fucking entertaining. That movie was however you fucking away talk thing was available for rent. I'm not dropping twenty bucks me and my girlfriend fetched at home. I'm still I'M GONNA. I took James to the movie theater on a like a matinee day and he loved it. I'm I'll be honest. I'm still surprised. They came out with a sonic the hedgehog movie because know. We'll see if you don't know how this actually works with kids cartoons have the kids cartoons is basically. It's the it's the end. It's the would a fancy shot what it's it's basically the end goals. We'll do so have a couple years of a of a TV show. Then then they do the Khuda gras which is the movie. And then that's at number production and they can run the cartoon for reruns for Eternity. It's usually traditionally what they do. Look at For example ducktail original TV show. It was rare but they did because they actually had more more content afterwards. That's incredibly rare the cartoon world at least it was back then and so there wasn't really sonic. The hedgehog didn't come out. There was really no tie in for that so I think it was all I think it was based on the styles. You because this point in time the people who originally played it are actually in their thirties and have teenage. They've been in the process of selling our childhood Jewish for the last. Ten years happens forever generation the motherfucker. Why can't they make a good? Gi Joe Movie Thunder Cats Movie. How `bout a Silver Silver Hawks movie? I can name a thousand different cartoons that they could at least do something on that would have been. That would have been good. Do Fuck anything but the Goddamn G. I joe movies does bullies were. I'll do this movie for so fucking bad. The cartoons weren't as cheesy as the movies. Were I mean that's the thing I mean you know some of it? Just a gimmick. Hey here's the name to recognize come to the theater. You know what mean they're going to drop fucking in. It's one of those. Hey the movie called million dollars but the marketing was one hundred million dollars. I could see it with the first movie. My God was it awful. I don't think I ever saw any of the follow of judges. Do the last the last one was with the first one. The second one was the with the Rock and Bruce Willis it was. It was actually entertaining. Don't get me wrong. Both movies were entertaining but in my opinion granted I grew up watching the GI joes of the eighties. I think they could have done better. I just I just didn't like it wasn't you know. I don't know it wasn't nothing to run right home about. In my opinion well it wasn't it wasn't about you know. Hey we need to make this good movie. So everybody tells her friends about it and then everybody takes their their own hats all this by myself. Now I WANNA take my friends who go see it and international. It's hey the you like you know. Come come and see it and we don't care if you think it sucks because we made that opening weekend motherfucker led to me at least make it fucking good. I mean come on. They had no in your Brigham just of money with that movie with good or see James. James is right transformers so here. Here's the one thing I'll be one hundred percent nation. I actually and this is something. I've always believed to some degree I think. Animation is the perfect media for the for the impossible. You're talking about or gi. Joe I'm talking about transformers when you when you bring it to live action. You've got to have a reason for things so there has to be explanations at least tied to some real real reality for in that universe you have to explain how the universe works cartoons. You don't have to do that. You can make some assumptions. This is automatic assumption. Oh It's a cartoon anything's probable. That's one of the reasons I think like. The transformers were bad but granted. I wasn't the audience. It was that ten year old thirteen year old kid who was just watching fucking explosions. But Gary this the bumblebee movie. And the last two transformers. I've seen whole the next for the last two. And the bumblebee movie. I'm done I'm not doing. It meant I. I'm the only person who was pissed how they treated Megan Fox but so I totally understand shit about mega faulk like the movies. I don't like what they did to her character. They turned her character from a sex pot. That actually had a reason to be there with just a sex and has a tendency to Piss me off. It's like you know you gotTa have a reason to have this. This chicken high sch high shorts. It doesn't you know it's just kind of bugged me. I don't care. I had no interest in watching Megan Fox at all in any of the movie. I went there fucking transformers. Okay I don't WanNa see Mega Fox. I gave a shit about megabucks. I give a shit about whoever the fuck was there. The the the kid was supposed to be the main character along with everything I gave. Should I want to see fucking transformers and I saw bullshit on a screen? We'll see let me let me explain. I didn't go didn't see it because of Shiloh booth. I saw the movie because a fucking I saw Peter Cohen. That's be honest. I didn't see the fucking movie for any other reason than the original American voice actor for optimus prime. Who Has Peter Colin? The reason I saw it because as soon as I literally as soon as I saw him like I heard his voice. I'm going to have to see it and by God. They've almost gotten all my money for that. Except for the last movie. Yeah because yeah they were bringing back. The original voice actors all shit and went there. And I won't go see another transformers movie. So you movie producers you people out there you want to get an idiot like meat actually go see a movie you can make a shitty movie Let's see Name A shitty movie. What could it be? Let's say come up with a shitty movie. Will I searched for the movie? Thinking of a Flash Gordon come up a moving with like the the Flash Gorden an have literally won the world's greatest bands make the fucking soundtrack or the last Unicorn in America. You WanNa get idiots like me to see a movie. Have a really bad ass ban the soundtrack America's Lorenzo. They are not that I know of but they did the soundtrack for the last Unicorn because they did. Because it's the actual reason why I saw the first time because I heard the heard the I heard it and like no. This can't be what it is. I was walking chunk according to this. They're still active. I don't know how the members still around you know. I could see John. Going to see a movie that the entire soundtrack was Europe. They they they did more than one song I guarantee they did. But I can't name. I was trying to think the oldest son countdown. Everybody knows it's Houdini. But I HAVE NO IDEA EUROPE SONG. Besides final countdown. Exactly it's are you there. Ryan hold on. Apparently Ryan was talking but my phone decided to the the sensor turned him off. Ryan are you there. Yeah okay You know it's like the Scorpions the only unless you're like an actual music fan and you really like German rock music. Nobody the only song people know by the Scorpions. This rock. You like a hurricane or twisted sister's we're not gonNA take it anymore physically however if you talk about the Beatles. People can name off entire albums off the top of their heads. So I can't I can name. I can in the songs alike like but I can't tell you if they were in an album together but you can name more than more than one though. Yeah of course I name more than one song on on quite a few bands but not on the one hit wonders even John Maclean. I think of any other saw negative beside the American pie so Europe was a final was a one hit wonder. Twisted sister was not. I mean they had one big. They had one big but maybe they were. I don't know if I'd consider them a one hit. Wonder we're more than that. Oh did I tell you guys my favorite story with Dee Snyder lately? I don't remember if I mentioned it last week last week. Pretty sure you mentioned last week. Okay I'm not going to bring it up because I don't remember but it's a hilarious story. Okay so I have a question now I was really thinking about this and I think figured out something that Superman could do. That would make me like him more and I was wondering if there's something a superhero that you guys aren't a fan of that if they switched up their repertoire in some form or fashion would make them like would endear them to you more now. So if Superman wasn't such dish bag and actually made a steal Reeker Bow. Used it against like mean you know. Lobo or some shit like that. Somebody beat his ass dark side. I think I like it more. Yeah action you imagine superman using a steel recur bow. Which I guarantee he ca- fucking pull that thing and shoot that through frigging low board darts. I could you imagine that. Shit honest path for me. It was actually what they did to Aquaman I love commands the what they how they changed up instead of being a goody goody he's just constantly pissed off and he has this this attitude that that fits that to me fit. Some tonight was picked a great actor. Well No but if you actually watch the cartoons and I don't know about the comics but the cartoons they gave them kind of a fuck you attitude which I thought was perfect for for that character. He you know he did to me. It seems like He. We asked the fact that he needs the top world. But he's still like fuck you topside. I love what they did to the character. So for me I'll aquaman but yeah. Yeah I've always like his attitude of I. I don't care what happens to the land but if it affects us even I give a ship. Yeah he'll be like I'm GonNa Fuck Shit up if you guys don't stop this. Oh talk about that. There's a new cartoon. There's a new DC cartoon the Jesuit one that I haven't watched yet but Kind of in the same line of with James Fan the Superman Red Son. Which sort of the alternate version la he had landed in Russia of America. I seen that one yet. But it's supposed to get. Yeah I've heard of it but yeah I haven't actually haven't had time to see it So what is it? It's there's a new God what the fuck Where what is it called? There is a brand new justice league dark apocalypse. War is a brand new one. I guess it was just released into. I like the first Justice League dark. It did a super. I've watched I've watched a bunch of clips and it makes me want to see it but I've never seen the cartoon DC movies that are bad. However I've seen a lot of live action. Dc movies that suck. Oh God yes university. Yeah I think I know we've said this before. I think they were trying to copy marvel too much and I think it just I think I think marvel doing what they did shot load and I just think you can't do what they did however I really want the dark the dark creature universe in the one that the Tom Cruise mummy movie started. I would pay. I would pay to see that. Well they if they let dc do it like Fuck Warner Brothers. Whoever was doing it. Let the people who D- D- do the DC animation. You know. Let them do it because apparently that the only people who shit right like when it comes to come for some reason I mean they just. They're just bad us. I mean even with what they didn't. Constantine mazing yeah I I actually did. Constantine and I love the fact they seem to base it off the guy who did the live action TV show concentrate now. I would like to see. I really would like to see Kiana Redo cosseting because I don't blame him for that movie. His fault you'd proposed to reprise the role in the in her house. I'll I'll be honest. I heard it a while back that they were that they were Almost saying it but I don't believe it until I see it you know I don't know if I want to get up. I think you can do it. I really believe I can do that. Role you know. I don't really have. That movie was pretty awful but I agree with it wasn't his fault. I'll be honest. It's not that I don't think he can do it. I don't think Hollywood's willing to do the do do it the way that character deserves justice and that being it would have to be. I think to do the cartoon justice to do the character justice. I think you're going to have to make it like a horror movie. Because if you read his backstory if you if you for example as gentlemen go to Youtube right now there's a couple of different videos of his back story from because the different version of comic books. Watch those listen to those. Then you agree with me. Fact do it justice. It's not going to be a teenager friendly movie it's No. He's a drunk all. I don't think I think it'd be worse than and then then it'll be. It's going to be a Harvard of dimple. Yeah and I would see. I would be the first motherfucker in line if they actually did it correctly. It because it's it's the occult with Magic and superheroes and Drunk Smoking Guy. Who's dying the whole fucking time And pissed off constantly and I think he killed in one of the versions of his back story. I think he killed one of his kids. He killed his kid for he killed somebody But I would love to see. I would love to see a reboot but I don't want it with Kiana. I wanted a fresh start just because the movie was just so bad and I agree with James. It's not his fault. It was just a bad movie was a terrible movie. Don't even don't even lump it in there with bad. I mean that was a terrible movie. Yeah okay the only thing I can equate it to is watching the anime ex movie. But there's no watch the anime ex movie and then watch Constantine counter. Res Live Action. I mean you might be able to formulate what the hell happened between the both. How however I mean confusing in stupid. It was however unlike actors not a movie. That you Tv's episode one of a TV show explained the whole fucking thing true. There is something I want to say. The cast in this movie was really good. Kiana reeves a racial wise or Weiss W. E. I S. C. You had man. I seriously can't pronounce anything jamine. Digi and went win and you have a really good. You have a really good cast here. Tilda SWINTON as Gabriel. How do you make a movie? This bad with really quality actors Dog Shit Script. Terrible editing and terrible story. I mean this is this this. It's it's they've got a they should dissect this movie and Film School of how do you have act and movie with actors mean with Rachel Weiss and Keanu reeves by themselves should have made the movie fucking amazing? They're both quality actors. I completely forgot gathered. Roster was in that movie to just every time I see that movie. I'm like motherfucker. How do you make this movie bad with these actors? That's it. I mean the terrible story? Oh Shit you're right he plays. Oh Yeah it was. It was literally just a terrible story. That was disconcerted. There was no continuity throughout the film. There was even parts like you're literally like what the Hell is going on because they didn't tell you anything. Yeah you know. You're right from the randomly shit going on near like what what what what you know. What now that now that I think about it. They did a lot of the problems of the movies. In that time is there was no explanation of things. There was no build up and they didn't explain the universe nowadays. We have movies that all they do. They didn't they didn't drop it into the universe that everybody knows any tied into anything like this one off. What's this guy and I'm supposed to just Kinda Fi all other stuff? It didn't feel like a constant he will I will. They didn't explain the movie and like in that time period was full of movies like that nowadays. I think they spend so much time trying to explain the movie that then you get like you get a five minute type of resolve or they have to make it into movies. There's no quality balance Kevin Costner. The reason Kevin Cost. That's the reason Kevin Costner movie so fucking five hours long. Yeah but waterworld still stupid. It's a fun movie though. It's a long fucking gun. Shows did at six out by the way you want to talk about postmen. I'd like the last hour of postman but it is a three hour movie so like I like to quarter of it or a third of it depending on which math you're doing but that's the problem now but you say now the problem. I have now is they just. They spent so much time explaining it. It's like a book. One of my favorite books. I've read the last two years. The warded man but half the book is explaining the half. The first book is explaining the motherfucking universe. It's like come on. The thing is when you're when they have movies. I Constantine I if I really puts it on I can come up with a couple of other ones. That are discontented like that. You're just like what the fuck is going on for. Like at least an hour and a half of the movie which the movie is probably only an hour and forty five minutes. I didn't really look but probably was and then also in the last fifteen minutes. You're like what the hell did I just watch? They're trying to avoid that so now they're trying to explain all this shit and they just run out of time. It's not everybody's going to sit a three hour movie. It's two hours in one. It's two hours one minute. Okay I would say yeah a couple of things that you're like what the fuck is going on. I think I wonder if they over thought their audience because nowadays you can do this movies because being a geek is kind of the in thing now more than ever back then. I don't think comic books and all this stuff was as big as it is now within the common realm if that makes sense so they did it now. I think more people would know Constantine because that universe and other universes are more popular I just I just want to how they got that screw through. I mean how many scripts get rejected and that one got for. 'cause it's an honest that was. This is the era of the dying of the action movies. I mean so it. That's why passed. I mean it's so I I think that's what it did. You Got Keanu Reeves. So she got the guy from speed. You got a story that that that basic matrix and you have a story that basically that this propels a character forward. There's no real indepth or details to it. Really you get enough detail to explain. Why as characters doing what he's doing so it's a basic action movie with a semi dark plot. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't remember why. Gabriel hates them. Like there's a bunch of little shit there that I don't remember grant I haven't seen in a long time but I don't know I mean just it just it's an entertaining movie but there's others. I'd rather watch like I don't know Redneck zombies. Still gotTa Watch Juliet Time. I'll find time you know. Maybe when I'm ninety don't bother true meal. Romeo werther out I'll throw meal. Yeah I wouldn't bother I. I am really amazed honestly how many how many amazing actors are in shit movies or get forced to like Halle Berry not a big holly Berry Fan. But I do think she's a better actor in the fucking cat woman movie and how you basically get stuck making that moving contracts just God however however it's like the movie cats when it comes out in theater after this corona thing. I'm going to invite a bunch of people. We're all going to have cocktails and just have fun making fun of the movie just because how bad it is never wanted to see it. Never I I want I want to see it. Just have a bunch of friends over and Talk Shit about the movie. That sounds hilarious when because if you read any of the what. These movie critics say about it. The movies gotTa be worth watching if you have movie. The director saying Excuse me critic saying that cutting of remarks like apparently it's considered the worst movie of all time now like the all-time worst movie it's gotTa be worth seeing. Y- probably what was the day movie that we were picking a part of the jacket? The fuck was that movie You Dry thank. You cannot be worse than drive. I've heard it's much worse than drive. So have you seen seen so the question is? Has Anybody seen the musical cats in one form or another James? No I've seen parts so just part. I've actually sat through the whole thing. I've actually been able to. I've actually been in a theatre. Specifically designed for cats in London actually saw the fucking thing and fell asleep halfway through it. If I remember correctly it's already to me a boring boring Musical just my opinion. I'm right but it's just my opinion. And then you throw the then you have then you throw. Cgi cats with some of the best actors in history and have to have a reason why this is being made. It's going to be an abysmal failure in which it was so doesn't sound fun having an old fashioned hand having couple of good buddies next to it and a barbecue day just talking. Shit about the movie. Sounds wonderful to me. I think you're to do the The Mystery Science Theater version of it. You know I think that would about all about so. That's why sunspot inviting some of my closest friends if I still have the phone number and just hanging out drinking. You're our favorite beverages of choice over smoked. Meat Sounds hilarious. That could be fun. I Brian's got a good point. I do like mystery science theater. That is a fun show. I mean yeah but you know I mean that's even fun. You know just mad and making joking talking to shed. Well Fuck. That's of it not that long ago with A Jonelle Idaho. I watched them all watched. And don't forget about riff tracks. Yeah yeah yet but I. I would love to do that. I mean Hell. I'd still love to do it with with. Maybe that's wants this corona things over. Maybe that's an excuse to invite friends over to my house as we can all picks All pick a movie. We all agree on a movie and we just sit down and eat smoke meet and talk shit about the movie. Maybe that's going to be my new thing to get my friends to fucking visit me because it sounds sounds like fun. The only problem is is like I gotta remember. I'm not a civilian. Most of my friends are when it comes to movies because I can see him go. What's the movie eraserhead? You'll love it? Don't worry lawnmower man. I'm more members word. I saw that in theaters do that. Movie was in a point in time when Vr the first or second time VR got really really popular. Don't know Oh what was it ghost in a long time ghost in the machine if I have a copy somewhere cheeses. I don't know why I have a copy of it but I do have a copy summer or did I. I might have sold it. I don't remember. I saw cool role in theaters. So you know you'd be amazed what my parents took me do. Because obviously I had and I don't remember as a kid that that movie being that dirty. Oh God I remember as a kid. That movie being man. I was entertained. Entertained by was a kid which is still kind of what I'm looking for is something that's entertaining. But now I'm willing to talk more shit about it. I'm surprised to Brecca ever accurate again. After that said wanted convey her shit. They're killed unbelievable but he got workout. That Kim basic singer wasn't she in? Oh God wasn't she in a couple movies after that or was that the end of her career she did. There was one with that. Was those the L. A. Confidential was that after before L. confidential. That was that was it. Ninety three ninety four maybe La confidential. Because I don't think she's after in an ochre means she was out Batman returns right. You're still pfeiffer thyroid. She third one. Oh Oh you're right. Because she played the Chick Alford brought into the bat cave. No Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah it was Was Shooting Schumacher. Once I WANNA say Schumacher's you sure it wasn't the Tim Burton burden right back at returns. Yeah that would yeah. She was email. Yeah been batting average her yes. She played becky funny. I just realized instead of pretending this is like nineteen eighty two. I have the fucking Internet right in front of me. Why don't I just use Google Fucker? Her yeah well my wife. I'm claiming over here. Yeah Holy Shit reference. She's she was accused falsely claiming that's a good reference sees the pig story for you kids out there so we're going we're basically over time does. Does anybody have a ending comment? The final moment type of thing knowing is half the battle. Yoho Ryan and over killers underrated. And to quote President Abraham Lincoln be extant to each other for the for the California Pariah. Jonathan Charney James. The fatman Stevens and for Ryan Preston as always thank you for listening.

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New: Kris Siddiqi and Nigel Downer

Welcome with Karim Kanji

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New: Kris Siddiqi and Nigel Downer

"Welcome this is corrine. Kanji host of welcome. With Kareem Kanji, you can find this podcast on cream dot com. Could also subscribe on Apple Podcasts spotify talk and casts, and Stitcher, just search for welcome with Kareem Khan you subscribe way in review that would be awesome. I would really appreciate it I would be forever. In your debt. Today on the podcast we have two of the funniest. And nicest people I have spoken with and we memory. Chris Siddiqi. Named might be familiar to those of you listening to CBC radio. is on a bunch of the comedy shows there. As well as Nigel Doubter both Chris and Nigel. Put. Together an awesome show that you can find on CBC JEB here in Canada. Call bit playoffs. Playing on Amazon prime in us. And the UK here is. My conversation. With Christopher dickey. Nigel down. Kareem. How are you? Nice to meet Ya. Likewise. Your we go. There is hey. told. Mute. Yeah. I'm good. How are you doing? Miles Morales. Hat already. Know this is This is a black Manta hat but two miles Morello's Hoodie Bro. I listen listen. I can't drop a huge bomb like that by twitter and then not come with it. You know what I mean. Of, course, Chris, where were you? You look cold I'm actually just really in my. Bedroom upstairs but I have this bedsheet you know. When it has to do. Well it's also because I have my window open because I hope this is okay. I'm just finishing the little dude. So Korean. This my pre bedtime do before I put my son to bed and then I put him to bed and then I have my post bedtime zoom. You I mean. I was like how many zooms you got tonight Holy Moly like slow down. Nine ninety judging already Oh dude I mean Christos Chris knows unused. Show about it. I seem I'll doing well, I just realized it's it's us on because needs all the time isn't it? That's right. Yeah I see Chris Christie where do I know that from? The second I've heard people see your. That is awesome. Congrats your head get blown off in the boys Oh. Yeah. Thanks man. Yeah. There was a real note. Worthy. In shot in the face man. I tried to remember because I remember seeing all. Interviewing him later on. But. I've I've like I've seen finished watching that I've I'm on my last season of the wire I know late to this lead to that show. Relate to that show man yeah I am I am. Murtha, right. It's great. Right it is. It is a it's so good. Has it so I don't because it's so raleigh everything looks so real. I honestly think it's the best. TV. Show made a lot of people say that I just because I remember watching the very first time in my wife got to watch this show and she started watching it with me. You watched the first episode and I had no idea what was going on. And it takes a few episodes to just fall in line. But what I loved about it is that it really made that world seem like it was going on without us with or without us watching it was still happening Omar was still there. and. Who Avon Barksdale is still running the game and everything and we just happened to tune in. Clemson to Baltimore Yeah totally. So I listen Baltimore. I've seen it before. It's all accurate. Pandemic Talkie. That is. Like is a real. They talk about that happens I mean not not to that extent. But in Baltimore is pretty is pretty grimy man. It's pretty now listen I can't speak for it in two, thousand, two, thousand and twenty. More. But last time I was there I it's. Yeah it's pretty rough is pretty amas based off a real thing in Baltimore. Wasn't it I i. believe so. Some. Court reporter I think starting to show US something. But I mean it's it's like any other major city it's got. It's like you know two spots in this really rough neighborhoods and there's got us really nice like the downtown core is pretty nice on the is beautiful. So yeah. Then it gets you know you can get pretty pretty sketchy. Yeah. It'll might killing off people in that show like like no one's off limits. It seems I. Spoil it document spoilers. Have you seen the Sopranos? Never okay. Okay cool. So I'm not spoiling anything, but it's like. At the end of every season, it's just like that thing where the last episode you like, how are they going to wrap up all of these episodes like let's say there's eight episodes, ten episodes season having a wrap up everything just built in the in the in the last night episodes in our in the tenth episode for the season and every time they come with like Sopranos does the same thing where you lose your mind and then you have to wait for the next season you know. Thank. Thank goodness for. Like things like net flicks and of course. CBC. Gym where you could just sit down and just binge. Watch till year two tied to watch her. Until the season finishes. So are you binge guy? Then you Jim Lake you prefer to watch it. Hence. It depends yesterday bitch two things have changed all of your show. Yesterday. Yeah, I watch everything yesterday. Awesome. Show is kind of built for that so. And I finished watching the second last season. Three episodes. Yeah. So it was it was late late night. War For me for sure. But. What are you guys watching anything during this pandemic or guys Beijing. Chris I know you're busy as the Dallas? Is a dad but I got a ten year old. So I'm not busy. Okay. I mean, obviously, I'm doing this. Well, I, put on a movie for him. So I mean that's what happens when he gets ten we I watched I ripped through raised by wolves on HBO and I keep twisting Nigel's arm to watch that because I think he would love it have you heard of this It's amazing. It's like you know how everybody talks about Lord of the rings being high fantasy I feel very much. This is like high science fiction. Executive produced by Ridley Scott it's by a guy who's written like. Or three things actually, he wrote an Old Denny Villaneuva movie the prisoner. and. Then a couple of things in between and then he wrote this show and it's just been. Awesome I don't even WanNa tell you anything. Raised by wolves raised by wolves. It was. Completely. Took me by surprise. Was a very beautiful. You know what I got an I, and this is where people beat the hell out of me because I'm not the biggest TV watch like I I. I also haven't seen the last season of the wire I haven't seen Sopranos these are show I. There's such an investment I'm a video game guy. So when I sit down and play video game, that's where my story comes from I have a lot to catch up on. Fair enough. What about yourself? Oh my Gosh Dude obviously I gotta get into this race by Wolf. Okay, I, gotta I gotTa Watch raised by Wolves, but I'm watching Look I'm here I'm the comics guy. So like the boys has been, that's been my jam once it comes out. It's it's just it's so like the boys is so good and if there's any. Out there if you're if you're listening. That's the kind of book that just blew up the two thousands because. It's just so anti hero and it's like, okay. Well, what if the Justice League was bad let's just do that and a lot of books have done it but this one of the more successful ones. Obviously focus around boys. Jam It's done very well. Washing. Bay. That I should have said that I got my face shot off and on. You didn't even. Think the guy is I never read the call I'm not a huge comic Guy Myself. But yeah, it does it hold true. Team show hold true to the. Yet I would say like a lot of adaptations to from comics to TV to movie, they use a lot of the source material which is very accurate but it's way that they use it may change. So like like one of main character Huey. He is actually modeled after Simon Pegg like. If you read the book. We Hugh is drawn as Simon Pegg. A little older, and then there's a couple of things that happened in that Sunday. Pix Dad is dead you exactly. To the book yeah that's right. Also book. Exactly. So there's little things like that. Right that if you read the books. Comics have a lot of TV shows and movies have. Given no to it or whatever. So. It's pretty it's pretty accurate. But like I said, there's they've moved some things around. So, I love that show I'm also watching Star Trek Lower Deck's animation fan I love my animation. So that's. That's crave and it's just lured nexus about. It. Literally, the lower deck's of one of these star ships, and it's like what if you go like thirty two decks blow like the main you know the bridge and it's just ride tag five main characters it is so great. My Gosh Ho Larry's. Because of the stuff that you're thinking that you're laughing at right now is that happens in the show. What if you know? What Kurt takes a team down and then the team lease, but they forget one person and. We really need that person. What if like what if the ship's shields down? WHO's the person behind the button that data would press to fix the shields? Like, it's all those characters. So it's and then ever run into their you know their superior officers and stuff, and there's a bunch of odds to the original series The voice acting is amazing Shero Tony newsom WHO's She's an amazing. Actor and she's also A. improviser singer. Shoes. Second City. Chicago back in the day. So she leads that as great and also Jack Quaid. Is, on that in Jack Quaid believe does he not play Hughie in? In the boys. Okay. So. Just I. Bring it back around look at that. That is awesome. Speaking of animated. Tell me Your your fascination with bows morale's. It's the idea that. He's not. People will not describe him as majority of people won't describe Matte Black Spiderman because he is so much more than just a black spiderman whether thing. Yeah Get. One hundred percent and that's the thing that I love about him is that when I got on board with him in two thousand eleven, he was introduced. and. It was the storyline of the death of Spiderman. So death of Parker and he's introducing this story and he's half black and half Hispanic he's not the first Hispanic. Spiderman 'cause. Then twenty, there's a spider man from twenty, twenty, twenty, ninety, nine, hundred, nine. And he's I can't remember his name right now but he's a special. Something like that I think. So yeah. The mixture of that of that culture of that dynamic that his mom and his dad had miles Morales says mom and dad. Is Great on. So many levels because my house is coming from a very humble background he's coming from a very humble place in New York. We're introduced him as trying to. get into a a a school by lottery because he goes to just a public school. So he's trying to get in there in this in this. In. This gym of a school and they're doing lottery thing to see if he can get into a camera, remember the name of the type of. It is. Where you have to put your name in buy. Lottery. and. That's a real thing. You know what I mean. So it's that it's this kid who is. You know who gets these powers by way of his uncle because his uncle thief. In the ultimate version anyway is uncle of thief and he gets these powers and he's like you know what? I'M GONNA be the next Byron. Where's something very similar to the spider? Man Costume. And people are like you tacky son. And nobody likes him. Everybody hates him because he's wearing something similar to spider man just died. There Brian Bennett Creator of them and he he just writer just came with something. So fresh and so new and just made him so much more than just being a black spiderman. It's historians really fantastic. Really Great. Of Miles Morales to is that he's the second Spiderman. You know what I mean like there hasn't been. There's been other superman. There's been a another Batman forever miles legit the second spiderman ever ask yourself something big with that as well. You know there's been many. Green Lanterns. But there's something really unique about that. Is that Miles Morales came. Decades after Peter Parker ever existed. Yeah. Everybody was getting mileage Peter Parker, and then it was well miles morales and he's the second one. So that's fantastic. So I highly recommend I can give you some some books to read by twitter whatever give you a there's some that you should just avoid because there are great. For the most part, he's entrance and then love Kat Moody is fantastic. What does it mean you also in your show? Give a shout marble. Mom and it just so happened like the marvel cinematic universe, his models coming. played by a local Toronto. Girl that's awesome I. Love. Does for you guys does representation. Matter as much to you guys as it does to. Like the kids out there what are your thoughts on that? Those really inter- I've thought a lot about this because Kamala Khan didn't wasn't around when I was a kid. and. She has only been around since I've been a grown man. So all my influences were white you know they were I'm a nerd but every I love Peter Parker, I love Bruce Wayne I i. Love Mad Max but these are all white people I never really. I thought about it that way. 'cause you're young right but I guess when you're older, there's a lot of retro-activity that goes on when you go. Oh, I didn't I guess I couldn't fully. Connect with this character as much as I wanted to. You know someone who's White could see Peter Parker and go. I'm not necessarily a small nerd but I'm white. So I got that. But so I think there's something there. There's I'm not I'm not a young teenage girl but. I know what? It's like to say, the morning prayer and evening prayer and have your dad. You know go like you know I'm only want the best for you come on come on you have to do your studies. Yes. So there's so much there and the fact that she's Muslim. That's a big thing also in the in the Comic Book Universe don't really deal with religion a lot but you know Islam is. The biggest religion in the world. I believe I think? But it's it I think it matters now to see to know that little. I mean in the Book Kamala looks exactly like my sister when we were kids. Now that she's going to be real, it's also not that I have like ninety nine played the marvel avengers video game, and she's the main character in the video game. He Calls Her Dad Abhu and she said, you know he's in Charlotte certain point. So it's just like these are things that hit so hard and so close that. I think it's so awesome. I think. So defining wicked to see finally you know it's it's so specific, but it's so meaningful. Interesting neither your thoughts you play you played Black Panther in. With an old friend of my Sean Ward Oh. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I was really funding making Matara video. Listen Man Like I mentioned before because I'm the Comic Book Guy, it's like I've been reading and. Reading conflict since I've been a kid a little little kid like as I could I could. I could draw before I could read that fact my parents and told me A. Story, a million times I was fascinated with illustrators and the pictures. And to that point, he was like, well, who is out there that's like me at this point. So at this point I, mean there's Black Panther, but he at the time he was so intense like you just like the character. So deep that I didn't get a good understanding of what he meant an of who he was. Fighting with the fantastic four, that's how he's introduced in the vendors. And then I'm finding characters like you know. In my brain, I'm watching transformers and I'm like jazz for sure as a black guy. Or watching thunder cats listen. Panther. Cats. Watching on the go even deeper watching silver hawks there's they introduce a character. I believe in the first season but he's like way deep in episodes that character's name is hot wings. And he's a black car and as kind of gold hot way listen my point is. Is that. I had to find these other characters and felt very sometimes it so. At the time I didn't know the word but felt token Eiser felt like they were just kind of put in there like, Oh, well, here's the black guy. Here's a black person, a person of color. So growing can getting older and then reading more books and I'm seeing I'm like, oh, those are still the same characters. There's there was no, there's no real addition to these characters. So now as I'm getting to be you know man. We're seeing that these characters on not only put there as part of the team or leaders of teams. But. They have more depth to them and are therefore reason it's not like they're just thrown into the part of the team anymore you know what I mean. So when with with Black Panther I mean we have characters like you know vixen we have John. Stewart who's out one of the green lantern. Corps we have all these other characters that can support and can and have had their own titles. So it means a lot to go to the theater or to read a book now has a character feature or even a roads. Salute roads. He played war-machine. Don cheadle played him in the movies. So it's like it feels coming out to read a book or to watch something or to play games like Chris was saying we can play and it's like Chris these references that I don't and I love it. I. Loaned that finally there is characters that can speak to different cultures and ethnishity. Yeah, and captain. Yeah. Yes. That same Wilson, which is Falcon the Falcon exactly. That's that's wild in the US today? America. Well I mean the show has Komo yet. So Elsie are those. Rising man. True true was was we'll see what happens. Let's let's let's let's out. Let's get to your show that you guys are released last year at the end of last year beginning of this year. Relations on that bit play. US thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. I Guess Chris you create you sort of let it in both serve came together. To to write it out and stuff why Why are you? Twenty nine hundred? Why was that the right time to sort of create something for your for yourself of your own? I don't know if it was necessarily the right time. It was just maybe I was sick of having no work and I've always heard my whole life. Hey, you WanNa do something do it yourself? So I guess this was the first thing that I was just like. Okay. It was an idea that stuck in my head and I was like, okay well, if everybody's saying this, let's let's try and do it. Yeah, I hope you liked it. Did you like it? Good. Tons of questions giving my head obviously can you guys are these guys love video games? Like definitely. I. Mean. That was also my finger like I thought to myself. You know my big thing and I always say this I it was just a thought after a lot of my frustration of. As is reflected in the show but a lot of my frustration with. Going out for auditioning for the same stereotype role, the cabdriver, the tech, help the doctor this that. Nigel can sing the same song. And just really going look we live in a country that doesn't have. Brown or black folk as the main character and when they do it's about being that. Color. So you know I never watched a little mosque on the prairie. Because I wasn't interested in them being brown I guess. I was just interested in then being themselves. So the idea came up with going. You know I. This is more to your point actually the idea came up and I think why it works well, now in two thousand nineteen is because we have all these shared references now and because we have people like Kamala Khan and Black Panther people that are not just on the fringe of pop culture but are now pop culture if not just culture period. and and I think Nigel I. This was something that was really easy for us to kind of create just fi nerds and talk about games, comic books. But then also know that we wanna do these nerdy references with something behind them and not just have them kind. I always say this and people might chop my face off. But family guy has a lot of kind of just like empty jokes. You know what? I mean cut away to Boba Fett for their punchline but I think we can't just use a reference as a punch line. We have to use it within the world or meaningfully why are we using this reference? Why does it work now and so I think now also twenty nineteen were. The nerds are the popular kids now yeah we do it. I have. No idea how long I've been waiting for you know for this this time for this era where I come out of the. Store just who you who you looking at suckers. I mean I think I think we we probably hit a really good. Hot. Part of just pop culture and just where everybody kind of is at mentally to There's a lot of a lot of seems a lot of stories. That you tell them there that I sort of WanNa, WanNa ask you about. There's there's the parts. Nigel where it's the episode of. What is it White praises the white privilege. Episode. Where Chris cured, in airports. Dancing around and in the neidl starts dancing with cops. And as I was watching hokey Michael assumes very comfortable. In that scene and then I think I read somewhere today that was actually a very uncomfortable. In in hard siegfried to do. Yeah. I don't I don't know where you read that. But yeah, that's sure. That's true. It was. It was a long. It was a it was A. It was a tough day man because. I shot to Darrow fire for for that for that episode and for the for those two scenes because he was, he's magic directing US directing everybody on that day Yeah. Man Because I had my challenges in my issues with cops in real life with the police in real life and I grew up in Cambridge Ontario I'm not saying it's The Diversity there. Let's just going to say that obviously is not crazy diverse. But I did have my five black friends. But. But I'm just saying there was still the the runs that I've had and I've had some run INS up north. That's no surprise. My say up north I don't mean Burien. Yeah I WANNA give some geographic to that I just want. Why wasn't berry when you talk about it. I love camping whenever. I WANNA. Cottage surprise again. The I'm rich black man. So I just a so. It was hard because. I just didn't know how to feel and and Darryl did an amazing job of like you know not only grounding me but make helping me use those feelings of this like I wanNA. Say Trauma it wasn't as much as it wasn't so far shrimp. Just just remembering and just like the visual you know what I mean I. Didn't lose my mind onset or anything just more like. Man? What is this going to say I was just GonNa come across. Are we doing this the right way? Are we sending the right message and I also want to give a shout out to my boy Chris Right here because he? Was We're writing the this series and these episodes. He was. One of the people obviously the catalysts that just pushed me to get more out of my comfort zone to write this thing into do this thing and to be in this thing. So it was a tough day, but it turned out. So well, man, we had a great time. Chris, there's an episode. Where you wanted to be on his inflect your your office in the Indian guy. To have sex with the white girl. Didn't work. In Highschool can. Man. No. That was the magic. India's. JUS- just with specific way women. With the ones that. You Aspirin. That's right. That's right. That's right. Do you have you? I? Mean you talked about sort of. The roles that you get but. Has has that been. Like how I can't I can't speak for you I, live in your shoes or anything but. Like how frustrating is that to try to? have in the back of your mind a need to be somebody else. Forget about sleeping with a white woman I need to else to. Just sort of go forward in what I wanted to do in my life. I. That's a great like what are reflect I am I guess I mean you can speak to this too cream I'm sure there's there's I, think there's a level of suppression that a lot of people of color go through because we all go through the micro and the macro and the next big. This? And I think from childhood. All of us Brown folk Asian Folk. BLACKFOOT, we've all learned to take with a grain of salt. You know what I mean I now again I'm I'm speaking for myself but. I think. For me also to was really. And I want to dive into this more if we ever get a second season but what what I always grew up with was the switching from. Some half Brown. half-pakistani. My Mom's way. So I was never really brown enough, but it was never really white enough. So my sisters and I always road this line in the middle where you You, you choose where you where you fall but and then you don't really. You don't know how the reaction's going to be. You know what I mean like I don't not. I can't pass as white. That's for sure. But When I go to my family and I took a trip to. Morocco. Last year actually at the beginning of this year, not last year. Dude. Everywhere. Morocco people were like, Hey, you ever be hugh and my brothers in. Yeah. But I I mean again, there's I think there's something that just we of people of color have learned to deal with the. IDIOSYNCRASIES of the world. And you know in a weird way man I think that's how I process it I, process it through comedy. And I guess it comes you know galvanizes itself in a show like this. When I was a kid I used to have a white friend whose parents wouldn't let him watch and living color. Meanwhile, my dad is screaming for me and my sisters to come downstairs because in living color is about to start. So I, think there's a lot to be said just by that alone you know what I mean but it's A IT'S A. It's an interesting line to war I mean. You could you I'm sure you could speak to this as well. You know what I I sort of have the same. Feelings in talks that you do. Chris. And it's interesting because. I just happened to. Interview my sister for this podcast earlier today. And she's She's a children's book author of, but you also happens to be embarrassed to a black guy who was from. ATLANTA. And they've got. Kids now, right cool and so I asked like, do you Do you on purpose show them. Different things on whether it's I'm kids youtube or or Netflix's or whatever, and the kids love Black Panther. They love awesome rallies. She'll seek out. ethnic. Instead of watching the same white kids scientists. On Youtube, she'll seek out someone who's ethnic. She says it doesn't have to be somewhat as black lacquer children, but she wants to show the mosaic. She wants to show that versity diversity whether color or whether it's some and wheelchair that's doing something awesome or whatever. She wants to show the all this diversity so that they so that her kids never subconscious. subconsciously. Christina Grossing Fucking Pass Brown. I'll never make it in combat you'll never make it on TV, right now exactly right but she says there's a subconscious thing there. Where if you actually do see diversity and it's not the same thing over and over again. It almost in the back of your mind. It unlocked something where You know my sister would say she put out two CDs in her teens. Fantastic singer was Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat back with Donny? Osmond? DEFINITIVE TORONTO YEAH Way Back in the day. Now again, I say that, but she was in the children's choir. Regardless. Regardless it go under IMDB page with. Right But She says that. All. She signed her teens was. She was told and she's like she's like Ukraine very fair skinned. But she was told you know you need to be Whiter your eyes are not the right. Your hair. You know she was always told it was never about her singing and it was always about. You know something superficial. Right so so I think there is something to be said about. You got excited. We're talk about diversity right if. All seen without verse mosaic. Of opportunities. I. Think that is way better. Than you know the same old same old. Yeah I think it's like A. It's like we're. I feel like we're the three of us are of the same age. I feel like we've grown up with. TV movies just being white right and we know that there's the. Next door neighbor WHO's black or that convenience store person? WHO's you know? We we we get that. You know what I mean. But now and your sister's kids I think are in a very. A golden age of specifically. Being shown diversity and seeing diversity in all kinds of platforms like so I pulled up this thing just now because I wanted to make sure I made note of it. So netflix has a show called cursed. Okay. Cursed is about Excalibur I'm a huge nerd excalibur like sorting King Arthur. Of Nafta so I watched this thing. It's not great. It's not great. I'm assuming that. Put that out there. Right on man. Yeah, it's it's fun. My point is is that it's one of the most diverse shows I've ever seen to the point where I'm like there's too much diversity. They want to see a show that's too much diversity. But it's it's good though because it's good to just see I'm sure. Kids. Kids can now can watch the show because it is semi family friendly. that. You can watch your show and not all the people like sure. Every has British accents because that's obviously that's what we're good again. But at least we're getting all kinds of different colors and shades that are fighting for the same army, the same team yellow that are these people are all the woods people, and these people are all the townspeople, but there is just this melting pot. So I just feel like you know for your sister to search out of scientists. That's. Of Color just. Different is fantastic because it also tells the kids hey, man I could be that because we. Want when kids Super Young I'M GONNA ASSUME KRISTA around but like they can just absorb things and be like, oh well, and they don't tell you. They're like, Oh, maybe this is what I wanna do what I wanna be until later until you have a random conversation with them. What does because it's been stemmed from something else I wanted to be an artist but I didn't know if there is any black artists out there like illustrators, cells, watching Disney movies, everybody white and Disney movies. So I was like. WHY PEOPLE MAKING? A move on. Over this idea of a show that has too much diverse. Ways that like Hamilton Hamilton people want to see it'd be like. Puerto, Ricans up there to. Divert hashtag diverse. Thanks. To. Start the HASHTAG. That nice I'll. I'll. Spearhead. When you said that It actually reminded me of my favorites. Marvel Netflix show, which was Luke Cage Yeah Ruth when that came out. It was. Because it wasn't. White. There was so much by and when I say colored there was so much. Color not not the people skin color, but there was just so much color in it. It was just so different was so new. Every single episode, the music was the best. The way people dressed was the best. it was like the culture, the Barbara Shutting everything. was just like this is the best TV show. You what happens your? Turn. Amateur Amateur Mike is diverse. thinking. Would I would I love is that we're on zoom so nobody can see you. But. You're. You're describing Luke cage like it's the best meal. You've ever like your eyes were closed his tenure you're smiling and you're like. What is great because it was a shout to that golden era of black black movies. I want to say blaxploitation per se but just that like seventies era where everything is super heightened and everything looks so great. The colors like you said, we're fantastic and the music was the bombing. The story was was good and it was about a black neighborhood you know what I mean black shirts also. Say Black you hear that quote from Eddie Murphy he was I think is the Latest he did about. Oh My name is don't call me Oh man I can't believe I. Forgot it. Dome. My Yeah they were asking about blaxploitation films and he was like, no man I don't think those films were exploitative black people those were made by black folks starts thing I think these movies now are blaxploitation. Book in. La La land those are blaxploitation movies. I. Would never other topic of black movies. One of the best movies I've if it was last year year before was black Klansman. What what a movie? That was that spike we you can't go wrong with spike Lee yeah yeah. That signature camera thing that he does. Yeah floating in the air or whatever. We have done notably should that in our show? I'm trying to remember when you did it. We have that in your show damn it. Yeah. It's just how much more nerd. Who Either Privilege episode. Your face you're looking back. The Larry has just are loving spike. Lee. So I WANNA Spike Lee shot I want that stereotypical spike Lee shot. So we thought that's a good place to put it right into you gotTa pick your moments. Why does that reference fit them so? That was that was great. The biggest secret talk forever about how he's. Had cultures also in this show. You Know Chris Obviously. Acre. We'd. Yes. What I'm curious about sort of the the process I know it's on CBC Gem. So there pro, I I'm assuming they're you're more relaxed on on what they're what comes out on the website but. gave us we. We crystal you can't. Your tax monies goal everybody. Can't I do because. It was fake news fake we think need we. Don't smoke. It was discussing out. What is the process like doing doing a CBC gem show? Do you get the money from all these different funds and? You know it's so funny like. To your point I was like Yo can we swear this much? We spoke this much fake weed and God. Bless. So we just give the biggest shout out to the people. We love it Larue Entertainment, the production company behind this and our dear friend that we work with. So closely, Andrew Ferguson, we call them furred. I was at first tweet smoke all this week. We say all this shit is like. You. So that's. For the web browser no no, it's not really. TV We like TV cigarettes and all that is. Actually ask him. I was like you'll man. Because that's all we do. Anyway. The Re runs the place needs the biggest donor. He's a productive. That's what happened. Because, you guys are GonNa get lazy and. I remember that conversation and that's one thousand percent would happen because I know for a fact that I would get two lines in just like. You're. Not me I'm a productive stone like. Okay next take. Set up over there the lights go. Like. His show mid June low we got some video. Rolling another one. A. Am I I mean the fact of the matter is that we could do anything we want we were just like let's take advantage of that. Yeah. Listen man we we want to come on dude. Fan Expo the Canadian Fan. And Chris and I had always had that idea in the script and we wrote that in the script and. Yeah, and the only thing that changed was kind of like the stuff that was inside of it but still they're like, we still meet a happy you know what I mean like. Different. We just a little bit of the content the story that was inside a fan expo, but it was still there because. We wanted to go I mean I. go every year every year, and this is the first time I got to go Incas play and it was mind blowing but it's just like go further go further CBC and instead go further. There's a couple of months or they're like. Can we go further just to see what happens and then we would and they'd be like this is perfect and when the Very first episode we were we were in line to get a signature comical because we thought you know what we should keep this one place. Let's just be in line. We we thought we could get out where we were who we were in line as a comments, but then CBC was like, Oh this is to statically go everywhere in the comic con we're like. Okay Yeah. Yeah Awesome. Was it a proper camera or did you like stealth? Host. Proper. It was cherries. DSL Wasn't it? Yeah. But he had it on a Reagan stuff like. It wasn't. It wasn't as aggressive. It was by Cam. Who's just like you know he added on his study and stuff. Hand held steady but workshy from and we made sure everybody knew what we were doing inside everything in all legit legit thing and so they they knew what was. but everything in there is like. Real time by people that reaction and like you know how we interact with them nothing was hey. You know set up. Everything, was just like real time. So it was great. Neidl what was it written that a every episode but the last one you wear assured but right to the. That's just do. Yeah, that's. Another thing people that know US watch the series and we're like, yeah, that's them. I mean obviously were there's a lot of moments of not ninety percent of the thing is very heightened but his us though it's and win the shirt is buttoned to the top. Do we go out when we go out when all this is over my shit going be put into the Yellow Sea man my. Real life that he does on the show. Mush it always buttoned up to. Say Okay this how he is. The last episode. There I don't know if it's throughout your, it's not bad. To, without purpose. Yeah. There's two reasons one that shirt was too tight. Brother Got I. got a little swell. I was working out at the same time. and. Yeah it just for everything that was going there's just so many. Things happening that day. Super Hot to that day. Just like. Yeah, I'm trying to read something into. Symbolic because Ahmed was in his life. So now you know so uptight now that is gone. True, I can be a little more relaxed. Now East. That's right. There has to be a season two because it's like season one ends off on a very sad note. Eh. We need people money for a season to. Ask. People in the credits that you sort of think. It was like a both of your family's the family here down her family on the other hand. Go back to the. Yeah man you guys are digging deep pockets. You'd be able to write a whole other season enduring a quarantine but. What what zoom? WHAT ACTORS DO? During. Coordinating the lot of voice over stuff. I did some voice over stuff not not a time. Honestly, you know what what actors do over appointee as we self tape so much. I think right now because the entertainment industry is really like chomping at the bit to get back to business. Film the. Seventh Drastic Park movie that we apparently need. So, they have just doing south tapes and a weird way. It's beautiful blessing because we don't have to go. You know we don't have to spend a day learning these lines and then stress out the day up and then spent forty five minutes getting to the place and then sit there and go in a room. Where people are watching you from behind the table and their micro, judging you for forty five seconds and then you leave and have to think about what you did in those forty five seconds for the rest of the day. This is just like, Oh, I can do it at home. By pizza and then great. Go smoke a do now. Chris Actually Book that he looked at by my pizza. People job is crazy. Because you. Know. What's so funny I make so much fun of Murdoch mysteries. During the quarantine I booked role on Murdoch mysteries. Tech. Help. which was weird because it was I, Yell Murdoch and you should have this stuff. On My goodness isn't isn't that one of the longest running Canadian TV shows now? Yeah. I think so dude I was in its fourteenth season. Shifts Okay Ma'am bragging mcbrayer tonight listening. Listen listen what we talk about how you boy here was on May. The twenty first season. I don't even know that show. Burdock Mysteries Beats May Day. The Discovery Channel Man Man I put. On, killjoys Yeah I was Super Fun I was. A huge fan following. Yeah. Yeah. That was great. Those cool. I love the process man like I. Love I love when I get that Opportunity Book and then you get to go a fantastic set. Like it's wild because that's that's like a total and then you walk into this building and like within you know three or four feet all of a sudden you're transported into this other world that that people have just. Poor blood sweat, and tears over to create few that you've been watching. So wicked beyond that show. Really Cool. Really Cool. So, yeah here's a question I'm sure you've been asked so many times. Why did I still control? There is there a desire to go to La to go to like? Obviously, not now guess, but is there a desire to? To go to La wear it's just so huge that I don't know if opportunities come knocking on your door of you, knock. WHY STAY IN TORONTO? I mean yeah. A desire visit big desire. We have tons of friends who've moved out there. I think the desire is. You WanNa Kinda go where the work is which sad to say that there's just not that much work here you know. We had to make work for ourselves. We had to make a show for ourselves. It just seems like an La. That's that's where you go. That's. The thing and I think the other thing too is like you don't America. L. A. is it's the Mecca of entertainment industry. So in America, you just pack up your car and drive there. So. So many people go there with the dream of becoming big but I think they spend most of their time they're. Like working in getting the talent rather than becoming big right I think as Canadians we just don't you know. I have my own personal feelings about the Canadian Entertainment Industry and how we fund our artists and stuff like that I. Think it's really weird that we just all of our art movies has to go through funding like government stuff there's no private money and entertainment. Now, this is to say that there's not a huge population in Canada by. I think it also goes to show like things like CBC gem crave or things when you make that original programming to be like just just make it don't. I'm to get my ass handed to me on this but stop making Murdoch mysteries because there's other shows that kind of deserve that time that voice that money that creative interests that focus. I just don't think the well is really that deep for Murdoch mysteries to keep die dipping into and getting stories out of I don't think so I think it just in L. A. in. America. Really. That's a business gets a huge business is the entertainment business and there's definitely desire there's definitely I've been thinking when all this is done and we can go Migo and like I'm going to get the paperwork going so I can do something there I don't know about living there but definitely try my hand there because. I mean we all now we all but that also gives us a lot of notches on our belt as well. So we go down there with stuff rather than just going they're going to make it. We can actually go like, no no, I have a tool set behind me and I'm I'm really good at. Stuff we just waited all of these. I, waved. All of these. Very Popular American shows. Are made up here. All of them, but a lot of the Mars so was curious weather Chris your answer maybe nine actually be well, why go there all coming up here. Well I was. GonNa. Say like just been on killjoys I've been on the boys like that wouldn't have had I love the boys and I got to be on it because it's here. So yeah, there's a beauty in that. That's for sure. I, mean, a lot of the a majority of the Sh- TV shows that. Have you know? Our shot in Vancouver. This is not A. It's not a mystery. Every everybody knows that. So quite a few like you know cw shows specifically you know our our shot in. Vancouver. So. We'll do the Celtics tapes here in Toronto and try try land apart on their or some of the shows now are coming to. Have always been in Toronto but like I wouldn't say as many. But we do our part man but I mean. Everything. That Chris is kind of on the nose. It's kind of correct naming kind of is correct. So it's As much as we both as much as I want to go to the states. I know Parni start from from the bottom and then build up again and I'm not saying I'm not this isn't an ego thing. This has nothing to do with my pride or anything. It's just like the amount of work that it took me to get this to the level that I'm at now which I which I still WanNa work on I still want to keep going keep growing, learn more I'm GonNa perform build more shows with my friends one of the best things that. Best parts of bit-players was the fact that Chris and I. Get our friends on the show? Yeah. There's. There's there's nothing like it like I've been on other friends shows, but then to have your own and then then you know how it feels. To have them want to be on your show is amazing and literally if the world if our entertainment base of candidates, we did that and just kind of handed out those parcel friends and then everybody gets their own show this we might be making a boatload of cash between all of us or talk to be you know what I mean. By accident create a star. System. which we don't have here, which is another problem. So so I mean as much under this you. Sorry. To say because as you talking, you know I was thinking to myself and I thought this earlier like. Toronto were in all your movies were and all your shows. Why can't the gatekeepers? Here's C. Like look at these people you know I wasn't in Aaron Sorkin movie a couple years ago like these movies. Camaro Turell comes here and films. A Fishman sex movie whatever. Around the corner like. The boys is like we're looking at Roy Thomson Hall as the Superhero Meeting Room, you know what I mean like. All of us are in these American shows, all of us are in these American movies. There's something to be said about that. That is really interesting. Guys. Thanks so much. Thank you. Thanks for having this man. This is why I love talking if people that that sort of groping comedy. And sketch and stuff like that. So thank you so much for indulging me. For spending spending your evening with me before i. Let you guys go We want as many people to watch bit players as possible they go. It's on Amazon prime. Down, in the in the Uso Pride Day just fit is awfully people go check that that show out as well as the UK. Yes it breathes in the UK League, we're on the Indians are from that's right. there. In Britain is unreal. Andrea. 'cause they were kicked out of their house like. Cook you. Re. Me More. Globally. Our Globe. Yeah Writing writing that bit Chris. was like having the best time and I'm like. What is it? What are we? What is this thing? What are you going? It's so much fun so I need to ask you this is an inside joke or maybe it's not but the two of call each other on the show by love. Yes? Okay. What's up with? It is a term of endearment I started doing that years ago with my friend Jesse, we just started started calling each other and lover. You're my lover I love you so much and it would just stock. It's a just a sweet. I don't know you never see to Hetero sis males talking that way. So I thought it's just a it's just A. Friend What do you call it? Short former. Yeah. Yeah. He's just like to you know to budge whatever it is like a nickname kind of you know in in Christian I joke around all the time I mean. After this pot we literally will probably get on Xbox Star Plan Games you know what I mean. So we're in communication that much actually we did do that I would say almost every day after shooting our series because that's just the way we are we are just Super. Number check and it was good t men you did so great in this scene. Say you'll. What do you play right now? You'll see. Yeah It was it was so sweet that last episode Christie character around my love. Then just neither this takes off. Big Cliffhanger. CLIFFHANGERS will give us your money. Players on CVC. Gem everybody go check it out. Also Amazon prime prime in the US in UK Chris Nigel against. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Time to. Chrissy piece.

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Ask Us Anything: Coronavirus Edition (DHP289)

The Dental Hacks Podcast

1:15:44 hr | 1 year ago

Ask Us Anything: Coronavirus Edition (DHP289)

"And it seems like everyone is talking about aerosols. The Corona virus crisis is focused. Our attention on the possible spread of the virus and dental offices and specifically what we can do to reduce it and keep our patients and teams safer. We don't have all the answers yet but we do know that suction rubber dam assure. Waiter Aerosols our friends at Zirk had been producing some of the best products these areas for a lot of years. If you aren't familiar with the family of isolation products they want you to take a look you can get the Zirk protection. Pack Plus Trial Kit for only nine dollars. The Protection Pact. Plus includes their amazing. Mr Thirsty one. Step one small one medium large size. It's the Bite Block high-volume suction evacuate or all one. That doesn't need any complicated harper. Just plug it directly in your high volume suction and you're ready to go. The Protection Pact. Plus also includes three pink petals which turn any saliva jeter into a hands-free suction machine in finally get tubes irks amazing INSTAGRAM'S. The instagram is a non latex dental damaged frame all in one. It's pre punched for that emergency endo that shows up in your office tomorrow. Go CHECK OUT THE PROTECTION. Pack plus at dental dot com slash protection in try went out for the low price of nine dollars. Zirk because time is everything we know. This has been an incredibly trying. Few weeks for really everyone. Our dental friends and their patients many dental teams are just scratching their heads. Wondering what should we BE DOING? Monitoring the regulations on a daily basis thinking. When are we going to get back to normal? What are we going to do with our appointment? You are not alone. There's no book on this stuff. Well at least not yet but you know what we have some advice for you and it's coming from our friends at Yappy all of you that know or use yappy likely familiar. That one of their founders is Dr Gina Dorfman a practice owner herself. Dr Gina and Yepes Marketing Team are going to help you stay productive in. Stay positive during this time whether you're closed altogether or you're treating emergency patients only. We're going to be sharing a variety of different resources. That will help you stay on top of this issue in how to stay engaged with your patients and make sure you don't miss any opportunities that come your way as covert nineteen survivor. Tom Hanks one said. There's no crying in baseball Yuppie says. There's no downtime at dentistry. Check THE HACKS. Facebook page regularly for your downtime checklist webinars on Dentistry sharable posts to keep you connected with your patients advice. On rescheduling and more Yuppie. It's a funny name but it serious software. This is the dental hacks podcast. Podcast created by dentists for dentists. Now sit back. Relax your about to be hacked. Hello Dental hacks nation. Welcome TO EPISODE TWO HUNDRED. Eighty nine of the dental hacks. Podcast my name is Alan Meade. I'm Jay Jay Phillips Productions LLC LLC PC MDA MBA CDC mbna. There you go. You are indeed Jason Lipscomb of Jason Lipscomb fame. Remind me how are you doing today? I I UNDERSTAND. You installed a sneeze guard today. I did and got the all the panic buying with everybody else went to. Lowe's and get a big piece of plexiglass and I'm before SC patients tomorrow and a drill that sucker into the wall. So you operation. I am not. I'm not installing sneeze guard. Im installing salad bar. However because I feel like feel like in these uncertain times you need to have marketing advantage over your over your your peers. So I feel like I feel like the salad bar is going to really help like in. It'll be in the waiting area. It's Kinda had Rosa. You remember the salad bar that used to it was the world's biggest salad bar and it like it lake wound around the room. I'm having one of those in my in my office. We didn't have a ponderosa. Ponderosa near US was about an hour away so it never ever saying I actually went to a ponderosa. A few years ago it was in was on our way up north. It's like the only still operating in Michigan. It was horrible. It was horrible. We used to kid all the time though and that gigantic salad bar and I was inspired might have some people. Don't have those little ham cubes. Did that's why I'm doing it. It's actually I mean like your salad bars Alad. It's a good marketing plan. I mean our argue leads a good marketing blame but the reality is actually just getting it for the Little Ham Cubes. Because I've always wanted those. I kind of want them. Whenever I'm feeling you know like if if it just so happens like ten thirty Middle Crown Prep. I'm thinking really news. Him Him Cubes. I've got there. That's what I'm doing. That's why I'm doing it so I picture myself out and jog and our water bottle of Ham cubes that just refreshes me as I as I read. Well Yeah it's electrolyte. Yeah yeah some people might choose gatorade. Some people ham cubes. It really just depends on on your your flavor. J. Lives brand hand cubes. Don't leave home without it. I can picture. I can picture like before voice dentistry in Scottsdale and we're all jogging and it's like ninety degrees out and and we're all sort of dying and you whip the Ham Cubes and you save the day. I can just see that happening at say Allen of swine. Yeah you are. That'd be our catchphrase Jason. I wanted to tell you a little bit about We got a new review on itunes. This wing we or since the last since the last episode we haven't had any views reviews. Rows keep open. We had a new. So it starts out like this not smart one-star I can't believe how these guys are making light of covert nineteen. You would be back to work seeing patients if it wasn't for the govern- government making it sound like anyone wanting an n. Ninety five mask is hysterical. Almost I get it in a way. If you live in the country in a small town you may not understand the importance. Your personal experiences limited. That's from Andhra Gall and Gaul and that was on Monday now and a goal could use a little bit of help with punctuation also capitalisation but. That's that's sort of beside the point. Jason apparently we are not smart. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are not saying that along. The reality is like secrets out right up to that point. He thought we were SMART. But boy oh boy. We corrected him on that deal. Didn't we so? Here's what I WANNA see. Indigo I go for yourself. Second here's needs to save that much more than that but the reality is I feel like the world has lost. Its ability to disagree agreeably. Because that's great. Thanks for that. Thanks for that I just I just feel like there's a of details going on with all this corona virus stuff there's a lot of information and misinformation and to be frank. None of us really know what's going on. All the whatever information you have is limited whatever information I have is limited I think it's completely reasonable to have differing opinions on what's happening and we're gonNA talk more about this coming up. Sure but but pretty punk move to give us a one star review on. I tuned because you disagreed with how we probably use me. I'm sure it was Jason's prime me because I'm the guy who lives in a small town and has no perspective. So yeah I just I appreciate that you punk ass if you WANNA come and talk about it on the dental nation with you. I'd be happy to talk to you about it. But in the meantime go and honestly give us one star. That's like that's like that dude on. Yelp who calls your office once in doesn't like the sound of your receptions voice gives you a one star that pretty much sucks dude. So here's what I want dental hack nation. I would like you guys to go on. Itunes IN GIVE US reviews. I don't care if they're one stars or five stars but is at least two or more five would be excellent and bury that stuff one-star view because he didn't like the way we thought about corona virus seriously so punk ass items are so there's that I wanted to get that one right out of the way around. Yes I did man did I ever. So we have an interesting episode today. We have an ask US anything we. We've done this from time to time. I find this really fun because basically it means I get to ask Jason Questions and listen to. Tim's gives us silly answers and I get to insult the people who leave us reviews on itunes. So it's kind of. It's kind of a win win for us but I all. My responses are salient and a well informed that that all depends on how many of those truly you've had not one dimensional character like early on in the evening. Salient sometimes comprehensive later on blow but looser little bit. Just just touch. Yeah but you know. I moved down to red wine by the way. So you're done with done with that truly stuff. That's leave that for the for the little guy to get acid reflux really hard stuff. But the red wine doesn't give acid reflux those strangely no the grill. Carbonation of the truly is just eats me alive for some reason. I don't really have any carmody kids on drinking carbonated drinks like we. Just don't have it in the house. I finally found something a little bit interesting about gastric reflux. I found that I mostly have it when I'm morbidly obese. That's what I've actually found seem to have less of it now. That way a little bit less. So there's that too but I can't. I can't have more than two tomato products in one day as well so that'll that'll eat me alive. I think that's that's pretty typical to also the morbidity they'll do it every time sh- the sugar everson's I stopped eating like straight sugar. Several couple of years ago I guess That is really cut down on acid. Reflux Nice I just I just don't eat anything sweet like the desert have grates traipse tonight. So that's about the extent of my sweetness. That's that's pretty sweet sweet. I know that's how that's how I roll I. It's really funny. Because I've been off sugar for the most part and then I will have. I'll have an occasional binge usually unintentional. Usually it's tripping over one of my children's. Easter baskets or sitting at ICED ICED to binge. Yeah yeah well that's I. I've been really good about the sugar except for like the seasons of candy that come up like Easter and stuff like that. So that's been Kinda Formula Hollein's the next one that'll probably mess me up big time so all right so I want to get to some questions from the dental hacks nation get 'em you get 'em well you get them to. We both get him so I wanNA give some love to the people who asked US said questions too. So we're dropping. Name's Dr Frank. Clayton gives us a question. This this is a heavy question. I should probably asked us when later but Do you really think dental offices will ever return to what they were BC. And I don't think he means before Christ I think because I don't think there are dental offices that that before Christ. The dental offices were. They were nothing like they are now. But I'm before corona virus. I I don't know I don't actually have the evidence. My Dad tells me stories of having to up to Judea to feel like that's true I totally would by that. I totally would never can hazard. Dds exactly so. Yeah I mean. Try and spell for that matter. So do you think dental offices will ever return to what they were before Corona virus rough? Yeah yeah that's it we're all I say yes I actually do think that they will. I think that I gotta say that. They continue to call this novel Corona Virus in in. What's going to happen is it won't be novel. After a while like the the level of exposure will be normal. So do I think that they might make us change some peas the standard? Maybe we may have some different procedures. We have to go through right now. Anyone who tells you they know what's what's really coming down the pike probably doesn't I I mean I there's been some stuff talked about but I don't know I I think I think in a couple years it's GonNa look pretty much like it did some of the things that might be different in the meantime. What do you think that if you think of a human nature and think of nine eleven and how scared we all were nine eleven and getting out of plane and here we are twenty years later and people are bitching about having to take their shoes off at the airport in human nature? It's the farther you get away from the actually event the more that you're GONNA GET. Kinda get back into that routine so I think if And Win this does Kinda get resolved or lessened to through an extent. I think that people are GonNa Kinda get back to that way of that. Way of thinking. obviously there were some people that in the eighties at a change. Their habits with gloves and and things because of the AIDS epidemic. So you know a lot of that has stuck. But I'm sure there are a lot of people that have reverted back over time to Not Being is is keen on Pb and stuff as they used to be so it just takes a it takes a little something like this to kind of get up and everybody's take notice and and make us make some changes but I think will fall back into it. I do too I. I don't think it's going to be so different honestly. I think that there's a lot of talk about aerosols. I think I mean that's not sexy. Research stuff either right like no one really wants to go out and make their make their bones on aerosol research but to be honest. I think I think we we may find some masks that work better facial may become more common that sort of thing and I'm okay with that if that's what it takes the the analogy you talked about with nine eleven in actually getting on a plane. I personally think that the TSA is a lot of a lot of security theater. Like it's not the realities I don't. I don't think that that necessarily makes us a whole lot safer but it does feel like we're doing something you know what I mean. I do believe that dentistry is gonNA see some. Oh my God we have to do something and so we're going to do some things that we're not sure really if they make that much difference or not but I think I think that's GonNa make people feel better and whether that's patients feeling better or teams feeling better. I think we're probably going to do that. I don't know that we'll have evidence to back it up. It would be nice if it was in a way. That wasn't wasn't gonNA like totally bump overhead way high and that sort of thing. I mean as a business owner that makes me anxious. Because here's here's what I think teams are going to be smaller too. I really do I think. That's I think that's coming I think depending on P. P. E. requirements. I think having a big office with a lot of hygienist is going to be harder if you're telling me that I have to have a disposable gown and I can't walk from one opera Tori to another without putting out a different disposable gown all of a sudden. You're going to look at this and go. That just can't can't do that. It's not it's not feasible to be jumping room to room. That's why I don't know about that. I have no idea but I've just heard that so. I think I think we're going to have to look at our teams and see what we can get away with. A lot of offices were built on a huge hygiene. Like wing kind of thing. I'm not sure if that's going to be allowed anymore. Not Not allowed. Or if it's just gonNa be feasible just because of the peace. I don't know what do you think about that? I mean if you're in a small office and say there's a judgment on a time restriction in between patients like a normal day lot of lot of offices. They're going from patient to patient to patient so if they come down and say hey. You have to have thirty minutes between patients within a room. A room has to be occupied for thirty minutes. That is going to break up a lot of the of his hygiene protocol that we've had over the years and The way that we've been told to to do this and to actually be profitable and people aren't GonNa have these extra rooms to to be able to do that and they're not going to be easy to manufacture overnight so I think that's if something like that comes down the pike that's really GonNa make a big change and how we how we do business it's GonNa slow hygiene way down and there's going to have to be extra effort to kind of make it profitable and make it make it do these things. It's not going to be just say a situation where you're talking about. I just a volume of patients that are coming through. So there's I don't know exactly what's GonNa Happen but that is definitely going to make some changes in their. I think I've cut could honestly since we don't really know what's happening it. Maybe it won't but it could. I think about that stuff in the same way you are but I think this possibly could be the rise of the DA TWOS. The expanded functions dental assistance Where people are going to be seeking them more sounds like a sequel to a movie. That did okay. But the sequel really GONNA kick ass. That's what it sounds like your aid to the original. Da was good. It wasn't the best movie was good. But it made enough money that they said. Let's put some in on the sequel. That's what it sounds like the DA to think Kung Fu Yeah I think a lot of people are gonNA look that a little bit. More in a lot of people are going to be looking to assistance to be doing more just because a from a cost standpoint and how does hygienists fit into this? You know. It's not. It's not to come in and bash hide a hygienist or what they do or are there any part of the dentistry But you know it's it's under the microscope right now. People are going to be looking to to make changes and need to be cognizant of that and need to be Be Able to recognize. That's coming and I guarantee you the people that are screaming in ninety five mask right now. Two months after wearing what one month after wearing one. Argh it'd be like Oh my God this sucks. There will be the first ones you complain about wearing that in ninety five mask and be be ready for a change. I given human human nature. I see that coming from a mile away. You know what's funny too? Is You know the N. Ninety five mask is hard to come by by any standard. I I was listening to. Npr Yesterday and they were talking about how like literally. There are orders that are being made in literally. They're like shunting. The orders to different place at the last second like people are getting screwed. They've paid for the order and they get shunted because they got higher price where this is like. This is like crazy stuff and I ordered some on Amazon month and a half ago which are right when it first began and they said it was going to be may something end of. May before I got my check on the order. There isn't even a link. I click the the product in my thing. There isn't even link anymore so I suspect those are like they're really hard to come by right now and so I don't know that first off according to the CDC it's not required Their recommended but if you don't have them a type three and a face shield is acceptable It's it's the lowest common denominator but it is acceptable. That's that's what according to the CDC site as recently as yesterday L. A. Type. Three mask has been used. But we've been using those a lot. They're they're comfortable. They're fine. I have heard the have you breakthrough in. Ninety five is pretty hard. Yeah I mean the hard part for us is the face shields and we've had a hard time getting hold of and I talked to my my rap and he's he said Said Yeah you can order them and it will look like it's going through but they don't know what they're going to have until that morning yes. I mean there's no guarantee even talking to undock says it. Yeah I've got some coming in next week. I put the order in happened. Yeah so you need to like make make other other plans if that doesn't happen so Great storm so we're looking at other options. I ordered some I think for Amazon again. And they're like yeah they'll be here in so they they were delivered by Fedex and we were weird because we were there the day that they said they attempted deliver but the delivery date was like an eight o'clock eight. Oh seven very very specific and I'm like it's weird. You thought we here but so and then. They said we'll try again. Michael GonNa make sure I'm there really is last week at this time. Make sure I'm there really early to make sure that if they deliver them that I'm there and I'm sitting in my waiting room waiting for them to there's nothing going on. It's like eight o'clock in the morning sitting in my waiting room waiting for the ups truck or the Fedex truck to come and I looked literally on Amazon so they tend to deliver eighty nine. I'm like dude. I'm sitting right here. There is no. There is no truck in my so they didn't even try deliver so fedex and ups because a lot of businesses are closed are allowed to lie about it apparently so they said that they attempt to deliver it. I ended up having to they. Were not going to deliver to the business. My only option was to have them deliver it to Walgreen where they hold them a walgreens and I picked it up at walgreens like four days later so but I got face shields so they haven't. We're all saying now. Thank goodness for you Alan Meade. They've they've allow me to defer one shipment to my house. Evidently they'll allow one shipment to To Your House but yeah I mean it's I've I've gone to the Fedex shipping Center more than I ever had in the past and I've sit there and I- Eagle eye out the window waiting for them to come by and they'll just zoom right past and So I mean I. I had the same instance today. I had sending payment for our health insurance for health insurance plan. And I caught and I'd sit in a payment awhile ago and it's still not posted and I called today. The Guy said well. A lot of people are working from home. There's a lot of stuff being messed up right now. Say Great So you think about the ramifications of all the people working at home customer service reps working at home. There's just going to be. Everything's we were rife with fraud and mistakes and and God knows what. So that's you're still. Don't worry that'll that'll birds coming home to roost. That's right so my bank was actually really good about deferring Like my home mortgage and the mortgage I haven't on my building office building in some business loans. I don't have a ton of debt sitting out there but what's interesting is is they sell. All the paperwork will become a new sign. That and you're good to go and I haven't seen paperwork yet. That was like a month ago. I actually did in getting the paperwork for the business stuff but not for my home mortgage but the guys. I assure you it's fine you and I didn't pay the I did not pay it so I'm a rears right now. Hopefully I'll be able to live here is what I didn't realize is that they will still report that to the credit agencies that you are not paying your mortgage firm. Yeah Oh good. It's still goes that you haven't making a late payment so pretty much. Everybody that's doing that. Their credit report is going to be shot by the end of this. Oh so you mean everyone in the world awesome. Well Hey what do you do? I mean it's it's something they consider us. I mean I do have enough to to make the payment and I'm like no should I because I don't want to come out of this with with erect credit and then God forbid need more money and you try to get a loan and now your credit rating is is in the toilet right now because you have a late you have three late payments on your mortgage so it's really something to consider. I have I have to say though. I I gotTa tell you. I don't think that's going to happen because I think it's widespread enough that I think they're not there. No I'm I'm I'm very cautious when it comes to banks because I mean they can make a call on a loan They want to and A. They'll do that stuff if you actually. I don't think I don't think so banks at this point. WanNa WanNa have a bunch of homes offices? I don't know how to uncharted territory. This stuff going on in this lending and the these vending ideas coming up overnight and change in the rules. I mean the PCP loan. They've changed the interest rate on that several times overnight Sammy thanks can change in a heartbeat. Said don't expect us all to be a free money in and on on board with everything. It's it's crazy. Yeah anyone who's thinking that this is free money is probably. I mean there may be some. I don't know I pretty hesitant on that. That's I don't that. I don't know that you're going to be glad that you thought that 'cause it's like you said it sounds like sounds like they're changing the stuff a lot too so. I don't know be interesting to see whatever the government says. I'm here to help. That's that's when you start scared. I'm with you really worried. I'm with you and I don't I'm not I don't think they have. I mean there's you don't have to watch the news very long to feel like they`re. This was being abused as soon as it was announced. It was being abused. So that's kind of the real thing. Okay I got. I got a question from Greg. Montgomery is it hard to stay true to your values and avoid moderating the facebook group and I think he means that you and I have always had kind of okay. The dental hacks nation dental hacks nation was originally created for listeners. And fans of the dental x podcast. I always have to say that. That's like that's like the thing I always say it's of course it's twenty nine thousand plus people in there and probably a lot of them have never even heard the podcast so what we originally wanted as what it is right now. There's a podcast so we've been really libertarian about it we try to be. There's times when we're not but we try to be and I think that's what he's asking. I think he's saying is hard to stay true. And not at the stuff in and then Justin Schaeffer. Says it's good question only really matters when people start bashing folks that pay worthy be promoted so basically for advertisers that are in there we never people people will bash on them and we never read it that stuff. Just you know I. I mean we've even had we've been had advertisements or whatever sponsors that we put out and the first or second comment so like Oh. That's too expensive of that and And you notice those comments stay. We leave we leave and you know what that's that's to the detriment of US making money. Yes it is. Do you think the sponsors would like to see that crap and and they will be more apt to late. Give us money or do you think that that would hurt us if you look at the the bare bones of it and to be God's honest truth Alan and I are are not good at making money off of this true true. You may think they were putting this on some kind of affect. But it's a one hundred percent true I don't know how and and for us to leave that there just for the sake of honesty. I think that kind of is proven putting you know if you were to try to do that. In any of the other groups that is comments will be gone in a heartbeat They won't tell you that they're doing it but they will be gone in a heartbeat. I mean there's been stories of people kicked out even for saying stuff in our group comments. They're kicked out of other groups. Because you blur are spying on comments. You know I don't have time for that I I. I don't have time to go into other groups and and look at stuff If I ever make comments about stuff it's because people have sent it to me because I'm going out looking for it so it's I think Z. A moderator is and especially in our group is is much more libertarian than probably most of the other dental groups in such a way that I just explained to someone today. That and this is actually point. I've wanted to make and I don't I don't want to Belabor the point but just because we've approved post in the group does not mean that a I agree with it or be that I like it The only post we don't really approve are the ones that are super duper sales. -I and we even allow sales he posts for people who like participate on a level. That's not sales -I in other words if like we'll put posts up for stuff when they're when there are people who are regular participants in actually participated in a different way than that. That's that's always been part of our thing too but the reality is is that like I think. Are I think are the people who do promote stuff in our group in our advertisers typically? They're on the PODCAST. Who but I think they appreciate the fact that we don't do that like we were pretty straight on on that stuff. We're not in any other things we partner with people that we use their stuff. So that's that's the one thing you can say it's you know. Our sponsors are people that we use their stuff. So that's and that's a very simple and we had people that approached us when this first came out that wanted to kind of make light of this and use use code code for fifty. Now we're like this. It's kind of a little tone deaf right now. So I mean we actually turned in his except I still kind of like it but it is totally tone deaf so we actually turned down people that were used code later for at this stuff happens. I mean it's it's hot God's honest truth and you know some of the way the other groups do business actually colors the way that people think that we do business but it's it's completely it's not the same people approach us with. Hey well I did this by a I don't know doesn't ring true for me for me. I mean for me any assumption that I've given a lot of thought to any of it is wrong because I haven't I'm not. I'm not a deep thinker on this stuff. I actually spend less and less time on facebook as possible and I will say you mentioned other groups that do things differently. I'm not really a part of any other groups. I don't have enough time to monitor our group. I just don't I. Don't go to many del groups go to Don's stress management group. I go to I do the fat attack and some of the other is don't do clinical but I don't do a lot of dental groups only because I can't spread my I don't. I don't spend that much time on facebook so I don't spread my timeout that that widely on it isn't that I have anything against him as much time for it. So that's kind of how I've come down on that stuff so any any thoughts on the way that we moderate the group understand that the group thrives on our neglect sorta comes down. We probably don't spend enough time moderating if somebody's Gonna. I want you to figure out that person and you block them. I don't want to have to be the one that judges because then you're reporting the post that we we delete it. That person goes after US like we get stuck in the middle and don't go by the way. Apparently I really dig antisemitic posted. I found that out about myself this week's FM. Our disappointed in you kind of knew that about me is. Sorta surprised now. It's but it's you'd be you'd be surprised at some of the some of the comments get thrown at us if we allow something or if we deleted at you can't win and there are posts report one of these weeks. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA screen capture every post that's reported and put it up just because because I think that I feel like that would be entertaining. I think it'd be very entertaining speaking of entertaining. I got a question from Russell. Schafer who looks better? I think he means between the two of us who looks better with a mullet. I had a mullet. I had a solid mullet in college. I had a pony tail in college. It was one of those weak ass. Ratail ponytails wasn't the full on one. Oh Yeah it was. It was the early nineties. Were bad for everyone. I'm just saying and so I had that I did. I did rock. The mullet bought my senior year in high school. So I don't I can't say that it looked good but I didn't that at the skater do with the Large mop of hair and shaved around the sides. Nice kind of opposite of what I have right now. It's mild in the middle and longer on the sides. Mild mild in the Middle Man wispy. But if you if you go back to your high school yearbook you realize it. Everybody had a mullet next. Then and it wasn't it wasn't a multipolar haircut. This is it was. It was what you had man. No shame in my game. Yeah I I mean I could have a scarlet right now. That paints a picture. I liked that ball of the top long party in the back. I I will look. I don't think I had the mullet in my yearbook because I have my yearbook. I have my my my senior year yearbook as thirty. Plus years ago I think that the real mullet might be in. I have a marching band college college yearbook around. That might have it if I can find. I'll put it in the show notes that it'd be worth it because I haven't had them all in a while although if I last if the if the shutdown here last long enough I may well have a mullet and I'll wear. It proudly just saying they should have the rats. My brother had a rat tail. I think when he turned like forty seven mid life crisis nine a rat tail. That's definitely not a good look. I think we should go for that. Go back to that again. So vis is the best question that we got these. We get a lot of really good questions night but I have to say this is the best question probably will finish the whole show out by the time we get going on this so Dr Anthony. Gonzalez asked Ninja Turtles Power Rangers and Fox a spiderman and x men cartoons. Were pretty important in my childhood. Okay and star Trek. What about you boomers and the key Daikin? I know you not boomers. I think we're both Saudi gen-x but I think you understand the questions that he's asking the television shows of your youth. Let's hear it but just you know the X. men cartoon like in the spider and cartoons on Fox. I was a dentist when those game I was I was I. I literally just graduated from school. I totally into the x men cartoon which is which is great and terrible at the same time but as what Anthony Saying. That was his childhood kind of makes me die inside a little bit but but tell me a little bit about the the television shows of your childhood. I may have mentioned this in the past My my father was very strict. Southern Baptist So we can have no Bad language in the House and no mysticism and some other some other things so I I could not watch dukes of Hazzard Which many my friends many of my contemporaries like the Dukes of Hazzard show? I could not watch he man and he was. He man came a little later for me. Human was probably High School College for me but he man was was a phenomenon back then man. Oh yeah was that nine hundred eighty S. He's I'd probably five six so I could not watch that but Yeah I was as totally and GI. Joe Transformers we were Kinda poor so I was not able to get A lot of the toys that my my friends had So but I was able to get a couple couple here and there and build Mike Election Mask Thunder casts thunder. There's there's another there was a space version like a like a space version of thunder. Cats called Silver Hawks and it was a silver hawk. Neil this again talks. Yeah it was basically like we're doing really well with thunder cats. We should do another one. And it's the exact same premise except in the sky in their metal bodies in the fly around and got several several weeks ago several months ago. Probably we talked about. I was watching on Netflix. The toys that made us talked about Voltron and some of the new shows and once again you realize how it was all just deploy gal she brilliant. It's brilliant because each and episode had a new character in. Oh by the way you can go to the store and buy that character for seven bucks or whatever so and I didn't I again. I was a little old for that collectible thing but I mean like okay so when I grew up the toy and toys I mean the the original star wars characters the original star wars figures and all that stuff like return. The Jed eye was sixth grade for me ninety three sixth grade. So I mean by that time you know all through my elementary schools. That was it man like if you were you. When you're playing with your friends your either playing little guys. Was you know the the figures of whatever big is read pretend to be Hans Solo into Bach and all that stuff basically and for you know in Michigan you played in the backyard? And you had sticks for lightsaber than you'd hit each other with them. That's sort of remember that a lot I remember. I remember some stitches. I remember some crying but but I mean that was. That was a big thing for me. So so early. Star Wars stuff like original star. Wars stuff was a big deal. Oh I will say that. Do Battle of the planets. It was like it was almost like voltron before. Voltron what it is. It's like okay. So these Japan Japanese anime type stuff they adapt it for an American audience so it was all dubbed over from Japanese in and Battle of the planets was like they each had a specialized vehicle in this in this big spaceship and in the characters were all weird and they were sort of martial arts and there was a in the end they were G. force. Now I'm showing my age like everyone listening. I know what you're talking about because I go to wikipedia. Go check it out. It is a real thing it's like it's like a seventies intimate thing. I remember that vividly the other thing. I remember it because I was a huge comic book fan and this was before they made cool kick ass movies about the comic book here is that I like this was like anything that was animated at all on comics was like such week. T. compared to what they have. I mean they have entire. Dc Universe has every animated thing you'd ever want. I love it. You know like one of my go hack yourselves for this week is going to be the season. Two of of What's her name Jokers girlfriend do scarlet harlequin season. Two has dropped. There's there's going to be by just right there. I know I know that wasn't earnestness for just like an alley oop Yep so Harley Quinn. In any case they had spider man and his amazing friends and it was Spiderman and iceman and fire star and in the comic books. Those three never were in the same place. Fire Star in ICEMAN. Were like second rate X. men they never even talked about the X. men on that show and I've watched it because it's on it's on Disney. Plus they have all zips and it's garbage doesn't hold a terrible and I couldn't wait to watch that show. I was so into that any I was so into Spiderman Anything Spiderman. That's like animated. I was just I was all in on that. So yeah it's terrible. They actually had a sixty spiderman television. Show that you can also see Disney. There was even more terrible so They've come a long ways with a lot of that stuff so that's those were probably the TV shows. They had a nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy s live action spider. Man Show. I'm finding out of that. It was terrible. It was horrible Spiderman in America. Oh Yeah Oh yeah same story. Same thing Captain America. Oh they were terrible in. And it's I just revel in them and there was actually ship Zam hot pants light. Actually I should say my God like like they were. They were clearly made in the San Fernando Valley for four dollars at Lake Lake. They didn't actually have writers August. I think so. He was probably. He was probably one of the punk kids with like with like the chopper bicycle in. That was one of the bad guys I could see August do so. Yeah that was. I mean the. I grew up in front of the television. I'm not proud to say that. I grew up in front of the television making legos and it was in the basement. My parents were smart. All my crap was down in the basement. We had this like really awful Brown and Gold. Shag carpet and I lived my life down there. 'cause that's where all my toys weren't so. I had a TV down there. I remember when we got cable when we I I remember the day we got cable. And we had one of those archie bunker clicker remote controls. It's got four buttons and it's actually it actually made a clicking sound and that's how it would change the channel. Yeah Oh yeah I'm here. I remember the ones where you had all the buttons across the way and your prostitutes buttons down at the same time you can get a you. Get Co Code. Yeah Watch those movies at nighttime all right so like I said that was the best question we got because I could go on and on with that but all right so paul carpet asks will patient still respect me when they catch me moonlighting as a bartender to make ends meet. He's twelve months. I have I have an answer for that. You probably won't be able to work at the bar either because it won't be open so they're gonna you'll they'll see you at the Dental Office. The Bar don't you think that'd be no shame in the bar? I mean I've I've said this before you know. I've drove abor for a while when I was Dennis. What had hit some tough times and stuff so and I actually drove some people I knew and they didn't know that I they didn't know that I was driving. 'cause I kinda hit it a little bit. So yeah I mean. People got to do it today. Just just be proud of whatever you do. It's just a. It's just a point in life that you have to go through. You're doing whatever you gotta do to survive so don't be ashamed of it. Uber has potential to be Kinda fascinating as a as an actual person though right I mean like. That's kind of an interesting. Did you run into things. Jimmy great stories from Uber and not Jimmy Was afraid that people are going to throw my car. So that's real life people. That's the glamour right there. I mean what do you do when you have when you have be there during business hours to do dentistry? And then you've got to wrap up. Then welts St Work that. Say a place where you can earn money like that. So Yeah Yeah. I'm telling you what I'm hoping my sons will will WANNA drive uber. We don't have a ton of Uber's around here but that seems like a really a reasonable thing to do around here. I don't know and in every other we've We've done door dash here recently. Just the delivery service for restaurants and a love that yeah I mean we have it here but we live so far out in the sticks. Think anyone would really even just as a tip of more tip on there and make it make it worth their while but they have paid paid money to drop food around. Drop it off. Not a bad GIG. I feel like that's one of the things I do right now. Anyhow Lakers. We've I haven't eaten much of it but my family has eaten a lot of Pizza. Lot of a lot takeout Since the corona viruses hit man. I'm telling you and I feel like I am that guy who's I m. our door Dash Jason. I look at you should get a whole I am. I'm telling you what man I don't know I was thinking about it. I was like man you know. I really wish I had a pizza oven. That's one of the one that one of the fax it kind of struck me during a should have a pizza oven where I could just whip up some pizza at here fresh. I've I've fancied one of those really nice grills that has built in like like stone hearth oven kind of thing. It's an outdoor grill. Our regular grill. The bottom of it rusted right out like you could reach your hand right through it so I think that's done dumb. I am now in the market for a grill. So anyone in the dental hacks nation. Because I know there's guys who have really strong feelings about what really get. This was not a particularly nice grill. As you might tell. My wife was convinced we had just gotten it but I don't know if we just got it was really bad because it rotted right at the bottom. So you're probably going to get big green egg people coming out of the woodwork. Oh Yeah Yeah. If you've got suggestions you let you let me know. I may or may not read them but I know that you like to talk about it to just go ahead and do it. I'm okay with that. It's lacks nation. That's right pizza. The whole thing all right so Dr Colin Lay through asks. This is a good question. I'm not a you probably have variety than I do on this. How can I run a leaner and meaner practice when the world stops coming to an end? I've been at this for a while and looking at auto bill stuff and adding things up. I see a lot of dollars going out on crap. I could probably do without a re-centering of my practice in tips to consider. Its good question. I there's a couple of different parts I how do you? How do you get leaner meaner? I think he's saying what's the best way to look at the the the auto swipes on your credit card and what you can live without on which can't or what you can combine. I thought about that before. What what thoughts do you have on that? I mean basically if if you've gotten into this and sometimes this is a good perspective on what you don't really need so a lot of us when all this happened. We know like the top ten things were like. Well that's gotta go gotTa go do semi subconsciously. You know these things but you just not pressure to do them if you're if you're sitting back and and good times you feel uncomfortable and it's it's death by a thousand cuts a lot of these things where you get billed hundred nine hundred dollars here and there and you just you just kind of let it go if things are going well but so yeah. Take a look at the things that you dropped. I get that out of here. I would say this there are some. It's really A. It's funny because like okay so I have to spotify accounts. I have to spotify premium accounts. This is silly fans really silly. Well you know I did because what would happen when you have one. My kids would be at home playing a song on spotify if I always listing in my car it would just interrupt as soon as they would get on Alexa and ask for a song so I've been paying ten a month extra so that we can have two separate ones can have one on my phone and they can have one. That's pretty stupid actually. That's that's a luxury they don't need to worry about that much. It was going to say that right now. So that's something you could look at it like and there's a lot of automatic swipes on that that are easy to get into and hard to remember what they even are are or were you the different places you could put them. You know. Have them show up Make sure you're checking your marketing things it would be. It'd be very easy to sign up for a service. That does the same thing that another service does. I'm thinking of like lighthouse versus maybe detrick. Thing that does the texting for your patience or something like that where where they're repetitive. And you haven't thought very much about it or you just haven't done anything about it. That'd be something because that's usually a couple of hundred bucks a month that they're swiping and and if if you're not if you don't realize that you've doubled that service in some way and you've got someone like Yappy that actually offers a bunch of different tiers and so the reality is happy if you're using their paperless stuff and also using their their patient reminders and stuff it's probably cheaper for service gap that offers so many different things you might want to look into that because you may be able to get into a service that you're using in one place for less just because you're using multiple services from them that would be make a lot of sense. Obviously Gina is willing to talk to you until you all that stuff. She's on the dental hex nation. All the time. And she's wish prayer on the podcast again but she's I mean that company is so great and they support. They support us in podcast better than anyone. I can't say enough. Good things about Yappy and they. They offer a lot of services that are being. They're kind of repetitive. With other things you have to kind of look and see what what's being. Don't pay twice for something especially if you're not using one end of it and I'll go so far as even some of the some of the cloud software cloud base softwares offer those services and people don't even realize it so there's just a lot of services that could could be repetitive. Or you might be repeating and those are things that that's that's easy money man that's like I. There are those companies that actually you pay one time service for them to look to see the junk that you're paying for. I don't have any names of them but I've seen them on like instagram stuff. In you know this is what you think you're paying per month and what you're actually paying per month because their stuff out there would even forgotten that you've done so obvious you know said people always talk about taxing your practice and I'd say you know a lot of people just need to like point one x practice and yeah yeah. There's a lot of stuff where you could go and take ten percent off your phone service your cable or you know if you really bear down on it A lot of your expenses. I mean if you're if you're producing one hundred thousand dollars a month in your overhead is ninety thousand dollars a month If you find ways to reduce that and the pull out four thousand dollars a month of just piddly stuff. That ends up fast sending a lot of times. We're just we to fat and Sassy and comfortable and that gets us when this happens obviously l. realize it then you sit back down again like I. Don't I don't record mileage all that well for me and I have three locations. I mean I really should be recording mileage and doing all this other stuff. But it's just a hassle. Don't don't keep track of it. I really should. That's one thing that adds up real quick. Yeah I mean and that's that's the most legitimate the multiple multiple locations. That's a super legitimate thing to be tracking mileage. It seems to me like there's probably an APP for that on your phone too. I like this guy to be but added like the the. It's got to be the easiest thing in the world to do now compared to maybe what it used to be. I don't know that's an interesting thing. I'm Super Lazy. Well I mean to comfortable then. You don't think about these things here's something. Have you noticed this okay? So everyone is trying to find the silver lining with the corona virus. Four weeks ago. Five weeks ago aren't even counting anymore. I'm an have so much time to do this. Guess what I've done less with all the time I swear to God. I don't I don't it might be the fact that we're home schooling our children and we're lucky that we're not killing each other. That might be part of it but I've gotten less done less content created than I ever would have expected I'm just I don't know what it's like. It's like the world was. I'm walking through a lassus. I can't seem to get stuff done. The only time I get anything done is when I'm in the office in like seeing emergencies all of a sudden. I'm actually getting I feel. I feel like it's really hard to be productive now. I don't know why maybe it's because you can't go anywhere. You're not supposed to go anywhere. Maybe it's just like crushing depression. I'm not sure if that's it we're we're we're creatures that are built with the Dennis creatures that are built with structure in there and the day life and then all of a sudden that structures taken away. It's like what do I add? What do I do totally totally? It's well I mean I've run into that. I've run into that. Allot in like I'll be perfectly honest. I had my earlier this week. I had my hopes up that we were going to be getting in the office sooner than like for a regular thing sooner. I'm not even GonNa say when I thought it was because people would laugh at me. I have not heard anything official from the governor but also I have not heard anything official from the governor right. There's there's no news in in when I talked to other Michigan Dentists I. I realized that my expectations were a little ahead of where the whole rest like can month. Actually they were ahead of. Where else did let's be perfectly honest so that has just kind of sunk in just recently? I'm not feeling so great about that. And I'm telling myself vow got another month here I have to have. I have to do something I have to create something. Do something right a book starting another to do something because I if I just the sitting around and like the not getting anything done and mind you. I'm feeding horses great. It's nice and I'm running. I'm running all the time is great but I just feel like I don't feel we're people that do stuff you and I don't feel like I'm doing stuff feels pretty terrible. Actually that's and it comes in waves. Thank thank God. The weather's been nice here so I can get out and just got to play with kids and stuff but it was not. I would be going. Loco. It snowed. You can't watch anymore webinars. I'm watching Damn woman. I watched one. I'm just I almost the only the only webinars I've watched the ones that the they'll facebook live stuff that we've done so that's pretty much it. I can't I kinda can't because there are so good. Well we book good guests. That's what we do. It's I'm telling you so I actually. We did better with Collins Question. I thought that was pretty good. So lean and mean I think like I said I think teams are going to look different. We come back. I suspect there will. I suspect most teams will be a little bit smaller than they were when when things started. Because that's not a lot of facial hair that's that's not even the dentist crushing depression. Good townspeople blondes. Who are Ron Anymore? Yeah yeah that's right. A lot of hair hair in general. Just kind of the question is do the dental offices open before the salons do. That's the real question we'll see so Dr Melissa Xiaobo's Ettler also known as Melissa's Atler ask who's considering dropping insurance to improve reimbursement who'll change to a change charge a P P fi who will give into all the staff requests for people regardless of what required so. That's a bit of a low loaded question. I know people have been talking about dropping insurance. I am might be the time to do it. I haven't given that much thought you thought about it at all. Yeah I mean I. I've thought about it but I can't I can't see where would give me an immediate effect. I think I've got some newer office starting up so I don't really have those relationships with patients just yet so I think if I were to drop insurance there that would be detrimental for me. I I. I'm trying to wrap my brain around it. I think it's I think getting rid of insurance is good for dentistry. If it's possible. But sometimes the practicality of it just doesn't compute with me I in a in a perfect world yes but I don't know I don't know if I think your heart depending on where your location is in the kind of clientele you have if you're dropping insurance like in my in my case if I if I really wanted to drop insurance and I've thought about it a lot. We only have. We literally only participated one insurance. We probably could but it would be one of those things where I'd better plan on my practice being even smaller. It's going to be in a delivering delivering boutique. Style care that point. I don't I don't I mean I'm pretty blue collar place you know it's like I don't know it'd be a hard one the P. F. E. I'm sorry go ahead. What has crossed my mind. Is You know I told my wife is a high genesis. I said you know it's crossed my mind to just open up a one or two opportunity practice and have me her and maybe one other person produce enough for that day to kind of make a a decent daily wage. Then that's it you know do do to grounds a day. That's enough for the super low overhead practice like low. That would be a pretty good daily wage for me and I'll be fine just to do that and then be good to go mine. Mine is not mine is not that far away from that minds about one employee away from that at this point now the thing is is like especially once. I pay my building often. It really could be that if I wanted it to be fun because low low volume means you get you as long as you like. The patients get to know him real well. He's spend a lot of time with them for the fee. I WanNa ask you about that. Now here's the thing We don't really know what we really don't know what the official down the Pike. Pcs stuff is going to be so. I don't know that I could say yeah. I think patients will be pissed if they are if they're charged for that specifically. I feel like that's a little bit of a grab on the other hand. If it's going to be if my overheads going to go up you know. Twenty five dollars a patient Why do I have a feeling insurance? If I'm participating with isn't GONNA is not going to pick that up. I don't know a little concerned about that. I think that's one of the reasons it hygiene is I you hear a lot of hygienists. That are making a lot of bands and you know. If you've got hate mail great INFO dot com bringing on. I'll read all of it. Probably won't answer it but I'll read all of it Hygiene hygiene could well be shooting themselves in the foot on this deal. I know there. There's a lot of people that are very afraid to go back to work in hygiene because of aerosols. That's fine you can. I think there's an argument to be made for that. But here's the thing if the if it costs too much to to do it and I'm GonNa do it you know like i. I don't know that there's a dollar incense argument to look at that so I'm opening up a can of worms there. But that's what's what's again once again. Like I said if you have to have if they come down and say you have that twenty minutes in between hygiene patients so now you're normally seeing eight hygiene patients today and now you're seeing five. You know that's an immediate hit. Two two that production is is. Is that going to change your outlook on. Who's doing it hundred percent? Yes it's it's not. It's not because you hate hygienist or whatever it's simply dollars and cents and then if you add whatever the P. is on top of that boy you're looking at a serious it's an increase in. It's an increase in overhead on that procedure on that. Just those two factors and there's there's going to be other other factors that come into it as well as as a population that may not be ready to come back and a downturn in the amount of patients you know you've got you've got three factors that are kind of out of our control that are at that are assaulting the way we do business so need to think about that. I totally agree. Okay I got A. I got a bunch of questions I want to get to Dr Rob Apple What has been your favorite recipe over the past? Few WEEKS HAVE BEEN COOKING AT ALL. Jason. My wife started out hot and heavy and was making a lot of casseroles in this. I I got into an hour discount late looking at each other. Like what are you having ground beef? And they're gonNA whip that up together the recipe. We've been going to most who'd be Pizza Sam's actually downtown Midland Pizza. Sam's I'm telling you I know actually I have been. I'm telling you that would be the recipe. I've not been eating pizza but my family has been. I've been to stir frying a lot of vegetables. A of a lot of low-carbon stuff so I have not. I told myself I was GonNa Start Baking bread again but I don't the problem with it is by baked bread. That means I might want to eat bread and I'm trying not to do that. So I have not baked is much is as much as that was so much part of my life right about the beginning of the podcast remember correctly. I started podcasting because I was because I was diagnosed diabetic and I wanted to stop baking. I Bake Bread. That was that was my hobby before I started broadcasting so I don't do it a couple times a year now instead of I literally used to build my weekends around baking. So if you didn't know that about me but I don't anymore because it's a really good thing to do when you're diabetic. I'm telling you you bake bread than you're like no I'm not eating. This doesn't happen does not what. I've fallen off the wagon. Hard on carbs started. I get it man. I think you're not on. Screw it all right and Collins. How do you imagine the role of your dental assistance? Changing what if a hygienist removing as needed on a case by case basis throughout the day instead of working out of a particular opera Tori. I think that's possible especially like you said if our if sterilization requirements require that. You've got less people working in more rooms. I think that's a very late so I think you're assistant. May Not just be assisting you might be assisting the hygienic more. It's possible I have looked at the idea of having Like a Dream Team of people that like having a super flexible cross trained hygienist assistant in a front desk person along with me that can all do a little of everything so you just kind of pick up where you need to. I have people in mind that that I think could do a good job with I would. I would love something like that. Like have a super lean team that can do a little of everything. And so you've gotTa hygienists that actually likes to assist on occasion. You've got an assistant that can handle the front desk when needed. And they can all do sterilization on the idea of a cross during Dream Team. That's what I've always wanted. I could see that being. You'RE GONNA have to get as much as you cannot under your employees now. Honestly I think you're GONNA have less employees and you're there you're going to have to get as much as again out of. I think that's what's going to happen. I think we're GONNA have to get a little bit. Lean to make this work at least at least when we're coming back. I mean maybe maybe next year when when the virus as scary to everyone but I think at this point everyone's GonNa be pretty lean on this deal. What do you think my crazy now? They I mean I think it's I think change is gonNA come down. It's not going to be a situation where people can make demands like they used to. Yeah it's it's hard to say I think the assistant is going to be more assistance more pushed into hygiene roles than they were before. Especially whether that's an assistant assisting yeah like an assisted hygiene situation or even in some cases some states allow corona polishing and stuff depending on your degree and all that stuff. I think that's probably real to. You'RE GONNA BE YOU'RE GONNA be asking genitals airy YEP YEP YEP a doctor Gary Hedin asks. Who WOULD WIN? A spelling contest. Between you and I you I am bearable. I'm gifted at spelling. I'm creepy at spelling. Yeah it's a superpower you know how you know how Wolverton has claws. That's his mutant power spelling. My mutant power can crazy. I had annoyed every time I spell. Weird God yeah. Forty forty five years old still debating myself so why aired or weird and then the other superpower. I HAVE. This is crazy. It's the craziest superpower in the world. Right I can recognize anyone's voice from a recording so like when you hear a voice over in a commercial I know exactly who it is. It's creepy. I can picture their face. That is literally the worst superpower in the world. What could you possibly? How could? How could that possibly help the X men? It couldn't it all Xavier he's psyche could tell who that is. He doesn't need me for that crowd of people they like. Look maybe I should be a spy or something. That's Brad Pitt. Thinking it would take a man. That's right that's right. It's a crazy skill. My wife's like you're really good at that. I'm like yeah I am too mutant power. I Dunno I need some genetic test or something. I don't know Tom. Hanks swear that time is it is. I mean it's the worst superpower but I haven't it's curse it's a curse all right Dr Red Luna. What's the best thing you've learned from this lockdown Non Dentistry? Best thing you've learned from this lockdown. I got this one easy. I got this one easy. I can wear a pair of thirty four inch pants. That's what thirty four inch waist Nice. I'm actually going to buy a pair of thirty two inch waist because these are backing out. Yeah I know they got a little hotter than you expected. So Yeah I've been. I've literally run for thirty five days in a row in my knees of and fallen off. Either it's amazing so yeah I I so I. I know that I can wear a pair at. That's what I've learned three or four inch waist pants. What have you learned non dental over this? This break I dunno just learned just hanging out with my kids. Just haven't really enjoyed that. I think I'm really gonNA miss that when I go back to work. Just spending time with them and they drive me frigging nuts but you'll look back and say you know that was time that we spent together. It was not time that we expected but it was. I I will say that We'll wrap it up with this question's a good question. I spend a Lotta time as a family Homeschooling sucks homeschooling socks. I'm dying every day from home. Schooling it is terrible. And what's really funny? I feel like the teachers should be splitting their salary with me. I'm just saying because I've got more alarming there on this deal. That might not be a fair thing to say but damage true. Homeschooling sucks. We do try and get outside a lot and of course we live in the country. We can go hiking. The weather's terrible. I will say in Michigan. And last week it's been frigging cold. It snowed today. But we've been out hiking a lot. My kids are actually sick and tired of hiking because that seems to be our our Goto we go hiking trail. But that's the best part about it because you're doing something offscreen doing something outside and there are a lot of birds that are coming out now. Finally there's so it's been it's been pretty great But I I'm in the days that I get to go to. The office are the days like the most just because it makes me feel useful. So that's I'm sort of struggling with that a little bit. I've chopped down a lot of trees. You have a couple of weeks. Yeah you have. I mean you should anyone who hasn't checked out Jason's facebook page or instagram. Between the wounds on your face and all the trees that are gone. You've definitely been. You've gotten something done more than I've gotten done. That's for Damn sure. I've I've learned the physics of tree. Felling had a large tree that I was. I was feeling a little cocky and felt that I could drop it in the direction that I to get an off. It's either Arya I cut it in. It was leaning in the direction. I thought it was gonNA fall so I walked away to go get something and it fell at a a ninety degree angle. To that into my neighbor's property it could have fallen on me. But I'm I'm definitely learning the physics of how Trees Fall. It's been it's been pretty interesting but yeah yeah you've got those. Kevlar pants. You don't cut your leg off or anything like that. I don't somebod- somebody saw my post the other day and was like you should get those. Kevlar pants in San and every time I'm out there I'm like God damn it one of these times you're GonNa put it right through your your federal artery and that'll be it. Yeah I think you need. Kevlar chat I think I think you need. Kevlar chaps nothing else. That's what I think and take pictures to. That's what we bought a fixer upper house. It's an it's an a neighborhood near us. It's The lady let it go. So she laid all these trees growing stuff. So I'm out there. Cutting trees somewhat nervous on some of these and all the old people that live around us out on their balconies like watching cutting one the other day quietly judge which I like this. I didn't know which direction to go and then fell and I hear the old guys like called his wife. Yup It fell to the right. He's obviously out there like making bets on what direction that was going to drop the street. You could let me know in advance. Begun Ideas Pal. Gosh well shoot Jason. We should do a go. Hack yourself a really quick. Go Hack yourself we. Now's the time to show. My voice goes pointing. I say go hack yourself. They say well I never guess my go hack yourself is a lot of people. You probably already seen this. It's the Belus three facing yeah base scanner. I've talked about this a main years ago. But now you've probably seen it But they have the little the mask outline that you can design on there and pronounce. Oh that's a little handy tool. I dip it out a video the other day about using the third mckrill. Yeah No. That's really good. I'll put I guess it's airway metrics that are the Tapa PLANTS THORNTON TAPA plants. People that put that out and that's another way to us to make little frame for people that don't have a three D. Printer. All right so my go hang yourself might go ahead yourself so I have to tell you that my hygiene situation is is still sketchy. I don't know if I have a dog at the microphone. You think anything getting the girl can speak. He's like no. I'm I'm tired. He's a lover of the love of his lover. He's very sweet So I'm looking in my hygiene situations sketchy I may end to be doing some hygiene before I I'm going to be looking for a hygienist potentially Or I may be doing some of my own hygiene for opinion how we can schedule and I have to tell you that okay. Hugh freidy their website websites. Okay it's pretty good but they have a link where it's the Hugh Free Digital Catalog. Oh my God people. It is really cool. It's like it's like an animated. Pdf thing is so great. Like I'm looking at potentially getting some setups for hygiene setups. And of course you free has everything you'd ever want. I mean it's like it's like the Christmas catalog for for dentists and but I really like the the the the digital cal. I'll put a link to it. It's very cool And it it really portrait. It makes finding the instruments. You're looking for really easy. So it's a silly thing to get excited about. But frankly if I'm looking down the barrel of having to to set up hygiene stuff like that. It's really nice to have a catalog this easy to read. So that is my go. Hack yourself it's free. People doesn't cost a thing to look at their cattle. All right so jason is kissing his dog. I I'm tired and I WANNA go to bed. I think this is a good one. Go the ask us anything I think was a wild success. You people need to stay safe. Keep US posted on. What's going on in your state and your locality and all that stuff in the dental hacks nation If you are not part of nation come join if you've not left us or review on Itunes Review Berry that crap dude left us This one star stuff some to at least at least two stars in in if the one-star dude wants to come and talk about this podcast with them. I'm I'm down man. I'm Don if you're listening you're probably not list wall Bruce t-bone you didn't have to do. The common. Probably is all right Jason this school. Let's let's walk away now. I think we're done. I think we've done everything we can do. Damage here I think we have. We'll talk to you next week my man.

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Nerd Death match 4

Covert Nerd Podcast

1:22:48 hr | 1 year ago

Nerd Death match 4

"Tomic's have been red action. Figures simple video games had been played battle decades in the making to nerves. Enter THE ARENA TO DO BATTLE TO NERDS. Leave the arena more nerdy than ever. It's time for a nerd. Death match have Lee back from the Ardley Bachman to do another nerd. Death match right again for having me on. It's always a great fun. We get together to do these. Oh yeah it's a blast. I love it real quick. Why don't you introduce yourself to the listener for the first person are for the people that haven't heard? These horror does talk archer so I`Ma Laibach may not to be confused with charming host. But I'm an artist. Generally do comic SCI FI fantasy style. Art I'm big. Fan of the covert Nerd Show. And it's always a great time to be on these gator nerd death match on. Definitely we love these ner death matches you can find Lee at Ardley Bachman. Facebook definitely hit him out for. Some artwork is does excellent work doing a episode themed in the Star Wars Universe. Because by the time you hear this movie will be coming out soon. The last of the trilogy. We'll see if they can redeem themselves. But I don't know they've got some work to do and he got some work to do but that's episode. Yeah we get maybe okay. Accurate comes out and we can maybe have another death match and burn all of our figures in books or something. I don't know it depends on how it goes. Yeah or go by much more anyways. A star wars themed so we pitted three star wars characters and then pit them against other characters that we thought were somewhat equally balanced in other universes and see who can win that type of battle. Yeah so that's the premise of this episode. So I'll start first in. I'd shows for my first pick. I went with the star side. You're on the side of the force. Yes I'm the Non Star Wars. Yes the non-stars and I think our first categories vehicles. Yes we're GONNA DO VEHICLES I in the my first pick is the Millennium Falcon. It is obviously if you're a nerd you know that this is from the Star Wars Universe Han Solo ship the Millennium Falcon not always good point. Landau would have words to say that he cheated. Okay one but it is a Caribbean class ship. And you hear Han Talk. About how fast is he? Did the Kessel run in twelve par sex with a found out. I didn't know this but a par SEC is a distance measure. Not Time Major. I thought it was a time measurement. But it's actually a distance. The right here's who put that in the original star. Wars obviously had no idea what they were talking about when they said he didn't twelve par sex. It's like yeah. I ran the mile in twelve meters. You know what that makes no? Yeah yeah so I guess the way I when I was researching it's the Kessel run's usually done in eighteen. Par Sex in the KESSEL run goes by a black hole and so on found a way to navigate. The castle run by getting closer to the black hole which cut the time down the distance. This is from the solo movie right. This is from the expanded universe and I don't know if it was before Disney or Disney. But that's right because I know the addressed in the solo movie. Yea made the Kessel run in that. Yes he did actually one of my favorite parts of them and they kind of addressed that. Faux Pas from previous explained. The par SEC. Yep so that's that's I didn't realize that that is but that's how you got. The time down was by getting closer to the the Black Hole. Cut the distance down the distance not time distance. I assume if you cut the distance down at the time I would assume though yeah yeah the whole hyperspace quagmire or how to understand all that but I guess basically hyperspace from what I understand is you're actually going faster than the speed of light which you cut through the fabric of space and time. That's why when they're traveling they have this kind of fog cloud effect spinning fagor going through space and time and you can see shadows of the quote. Unquote air quote real universe. Instead of computers have to navigate and figure out how close you are to the real universe compared to the hyperspace university. It's really headed when I was reading it. And I'm like I'm not even gonNA attempt at much but yeah that's kind of what it is ripping the fabric of space and time traveling anything beyond Newtonian physics battles. My mind. It makes the quote interesting that he did it in twelve sex because it's not a testament to how fast that ship was but it's more a testament to the daring pilot. Yes because he flew in a way that allowed him to Bend Space Szekely. Yeah was he has nothing to do. With how fast ammonium now applies though has more to do with the captain than the ship right. That's what he's saying so so remember that when we do the death match the yes it also talks about. He says he can do point five. Pass light speed and somebody other nerds like us have really deep dived into it and figured out how long or how fast the Millennium Falcon Falcon actually is so they measured. How long it would take to go from. Tend to lean to well. We're all Doron was right in the first movie. And they calculated take about fourteen hours. So the Falcons. Top speed is twenty five thousand light years per day or one thousand forty one point sixty six light years per hour. Okay calculated this. It's moving i. I'm not sure how the Creek Allied do. Kinda know that took a star map. I guess from the expanded universe figured out David this distance on the map. This is how long it would be and just basically swag how long the millennium was flying in in episode four estimating how long they were in the shipping. Tally calculated it. But so that's the speed now. Have a link in the show notes on the site that came up with that so nerves way. Smarter than me to figure this out. I mean obviously. This is a fictional fixing via go but still just kinda fun. It's a carribean freighter. That they was really popular made by Caribbean Engineering Corp. And we all know that on Solo came from Korea. He was orphaned there and that's where he got started. They liked them. Smugglers liked it because the type of freighter was easily or easily interchangeable so they could take things out at things in and add to the Indians. Add to on. It added to the engines he added to the shielding and a think knows. Just the shielding the engines. Were the two things he modified. He didn't modify the weapons okay but he did modify the engines to make it. Go faster the the point. Five past light speed and ray modified the shields. Jassem modified smuggles. Liked it too because he can hide stuff in the ship and I think as modifications Kinda came with a double edged sword because all large portion of empire like the Falcon was not probably because of his ad hoc modification. Yes through and stuff out yes. You're exactly right. He was always breaking into. He was always yelling. And Yeah and then we're like oh I feel like some days with your car or something pounding on it and Han would punch the top of it and turn it back on again. When in doubt punch stuff exactly fix that duct tape but they also they use them. I guess primarily tugboats for giant container ships to what they use a Millennium Falcon early those types of ships for Tugboats interesting tugboats. You normally associated with sort of a speedy maneuverable. Yeah Craft but obviously Millennium Falcons very maneuverable. Ehrman yeah they can fit through tight spaces even the deaths. Darn Landau knocked the shield off but speaking of weapons though it does have weapons has to quad laser cannons in. How many of us when we were kids sat in pretend Luke skywalker shooting. Lighters squad canons. That he was on a ship and they could see each other down that shaft one of the top one at the bottom. Yeah very reminiscent of like World War. Two bombers oh we are with their bubble turns on top and bottom side gunners when they get all see each other. I loved about the historical context and it was pretty cool. They must've yeah because that's that was how they how they ran him but evidently you could run them without somebody in it. Because wasn't it in return of the Jedi. They were shooting other ships with it. Or maybe it was empire can't remember. Yeah something I never understood because once seen in star wars the new hope is the only one you see where they actually go down in. The gun turns being chased but every their time. They're being chased. No-one ever man's those guns yeah. Those are great in there. Or maybe you can. I assume maybe you can run them remotely right from the front deck. I guess I don't want to go in Tibet. Yeah that's true okay. Well Anyway. He's got four turns. Yeah Laser Quad lasers. This is something. I didn't know to concussion. Missile tubes which fit Kinda in the forward mandible so those two kind of yeah teeth. There's missile turns their missile tubes. There excuse me that have four missiles to each I believe is on the other shot down ever shot in movies Iraq. Now I think this is from the expanded universe. Okay I have the little dyke cotton. It'll be in the show notes we're has which is no one. Wash legends midst speak exactly glory. Let's stick to the facts of his death. Okay Yeah just the facts. Only and then the ground buzzer the blaster. That came down on khaw when they were wasn't working. Yes again there was how many times pointing out. It's not working. Must be a reason for that. We'VE GOT LITTLE CANNON. That sheets all the Imperial Troopers. I come out. So he's got the quad cannons missile turns and then that little ground buzzer. They call it as far as the weapons go right. That's basically the Millennium Falcon doesn't really age wise. I'm guessing I think I read that. They started manufacturing. These about ten to fifteen is twenty years before the Battle of Evan I think is when they started manufacturing these up until I think four or five years after the After the Empire took over about twenty five years back to these things really popular I guess they sold a lot of them in the in the fictional universe one of the things. I'd like to reflect on the money. Falcon is such a paradox. Because when you think of like cool spaceships that I loved as a kid. They all had like this cool. Like rockets league like Berta pray kind of awesome. Look and then. There's a Millennium Falcon which like a Frisbee with two wrongs stick this weird side cockpit but even though it looks so like weird Dorky. I love that. Shino says something cool about it. Even though it looks like crap yes yes when they really definitely tell an empire that they emphasized that it just doesn't run well. They gave it a lot of character. Route is a very flawed character. Which makes it interesting. Yeah brought out console those characters. Well Ellen Julian everybody yeah. They're trying to get this thing up and running in it you'll navigated through the asteroid belt. Something that they commented on those. You just don't do that right but yeah it's such a cool ship. Even though it looks like a junk it looked like jump but look at an excellent looks cool. Yeah Starter Stories. Look cool but it looks like crap. I love that ship it saw about it could do anything. Remember on empire. He magnetically stuck himself to the back of a starting in waited for the junk drunk thrown overflowed out with the rest of the junk which again just a loser. So that's all I have. So what is your pick? So it's trying to keep up with the ship that's junk and is a little you know kind of an underwhelming ragtag ship. I searched the non stores universe. I decided to go with a strategy from Firefly TV series and movie. I think their personality wasn't the very close shipped there. They belong to men who are kind of anti hero dodgy guys. They're both kind of piles of junk that have seen better days. Maybe maybe being re purposed for something. They weren't initially made for us. That's why I decided to go with serenity alright serenity from the TV show firefly subsequent movie named Serenity. So it's the name of the ship is actually serenity. It's a firefight firefly class ship. I'm going to get that out there and It's originally designed by the director of that series Joss whedon's buffy. The Vampire slayer might is a marvel stuff. Didn't he do? We did that. Justice League movie I think was it just like I thought he did. Maybe I can't remember. He thought it was really like a vendor stuff. Maybe ways I'm like it'd be off anyway. Viewers Ho- jacked up. We are yeah. How bad anyway anyway. It's a firefly class transport ship it was owned by one Malcolm Reynolds and he named it serenity from the battle of the Serenity Valley in a war. That happened right before the firefly's series kicks off. He's a soldier that ended up on the wrong side of the war and it was a very traumatic battle for him. A Serenity Valley battle and so the ship serenity after that. Anyway Malcolm put together a rag tag crew in the kind of living on the edge of the universe in the NFC coming up the show basically and they're kind of on the run from the powers that won the war a live by smuggling taking odd jobs or do whatever they can to kind of scrape by living on the outskirts of the the wild wild west right in similar concepts in Star Wars was like the Outer Rim Planet where I think Hans Solo. Probably Yeah. Works is on tend to lean on the outskirts of basically the fringe of the universe where the laws with the don't necessarily apply. Yeah so I think there's a lot of correlation. Oh Yeah. He's two ships. As far as personality circumstances unlike the Millennium Falcon when I try to deep dive and the research on serenity had a real trouble counting Exact specifics is hard to find out. How fast it was like rabid than than Star Wars has where they turn your all this stuff but he got forty years of Star Wars fans. Right compared to ten or fifteen of Serena. Well let's came out in early two thousand. I think it has about right earl. Two thousands anyway so I don't have a speed that I can throw against. Alkan I do know. And this is much to my chagrin after I picked serenity and I forgot this from the original series. The has no weapon systems aboard. Yep So this death match might be a little one subtle live. I'm just GonNa hope the Millennium Falcon running mistakes. Hopefully it does break down. Yeah and if I recall from the firefly series the firefly had some mechanical issues but it always ran broken down we had the character. Katya Kaley Kaley Yep. She was a master mechanic. She could fix anything that was Kinda the her schtick. Yeah yes she was like this young attractive someone would not like stereotypically by masculine feminine. Tropes you know to be this like wizard on and mechanics and she always kept that ship. Yeah kind of harming even though it was like hell buy duct tape and it was kind of. Yeah yeah it was kind of the same thing you got the appearance? That was kind of in bad shape but yeah she kept. Running should never had a problem. Yeah if there was a problem with it. She fixed right away. Yeah in I think also owned. We're talking about Hans. Solo being a daring tile is able to do the Kessel around wash. Who was the pilot of Has also a fairly renowned pilot that was known for doing things that most pilots couldn't do throughout the series is often noted that he was making serenity do things that were like nearly impossible this pilot okay because he was married to the other? Gal that was in the war with mal. Zoe was a soldier. With Malcolm Yeah. We're quite a bit. That was pretty traumatic. I think it was the Chinese versus the Americans are remember what it was. Don't remember there is a a a strange like eastern blending with Western culture on that show which I always thought fascinating. They would slip back and forth between the English Mandarin all the time. Yeah and a lot of the signs. Were Mandarin Chinese and stuff landed on planets and it was just kind of this weird like two cultures and merge. Somehow I don't remember how was it one hundred years in the future or something like that. I don't recall space. Travel been going on for quite a while. I know that yeah well and it also the main one of the main themes vibes that shows they kind of. We're trying to take that old west five and smashing together with sci-fi so there was this weird kind of frontier-free Albouy kind of space cowboys face cowboys. But yeah it was. It was cool that the Nathan feeling on TV show called Castle and for Halloween one time. He dressed up as a space cowboy and he had a daughter and she. She's like space cowboy and he's like yeah pretty much dressed in his mouth outfit. Yeah because he had like a long duster. All young is like LASER PISTOL REVOLVER. Kind of naming. Yeah there was a there was a weird blending. The American West mixed with like Mandarin Chinese not show is to ask them is a good show. I wish wish they would have gone at least another season but yeah I noticed fat fans out there that have been pleading begging to least go another episode or to the Great Show killed before for whatever reason it. Was you think with Netflix? And Hulu somebody would pick that that but I suppose Fox on that so yeah I don't know property who you know if Disney bought serenity bought our fly. Yeah this could happen could happen. I wanted to point out that firefly did make a couple of Cameo appearances one. In the battle star Galactica reboot like in the early two thousands okay and it also made a cameo appearance in ready player lung. The movie came out a couple of years ago so in the battle scene. Probably I would assume so that I was thinking about that as I said. I'M NOT. I recall that ship in that show but it must have been when all the all the gutters came to the rescue of that big battle at the end action as long as they threw everything into that that scene. I met you everything except Star Wars properties. Yeah reason huge void I wonder why are West Properties crazy so all right anything else? Other than being unarmed she does have some decoys called crybabies launch. Out to other ships radars or sensors. It looks like shit going in a different direction which allows the firefly to basically escape. Oh so even though. She can't fire back. She can allude you trick you into thinking multiple ships out there. Any cloaking abilities know not not that I resent requires employers. That would kind of be like MUC- like Submarine Technology. Data sent out like those movies are tricks other submarines thinking that the summary somewhere else rather than where it is. Okay the premise. They were kind of going on okay. Somebody had a little bit of naval knowledge. Really not going to get weapon you know. Why didn't they give it? I think I remember correctly in the lower and the TV storyline. Weapons were outlawed other than the military. I think is why it didn't have any weapons. It could be. I think it was also meant to be like a transport ship. It wasn't meant to be a worship so it's like making a school bus in putting a machine gun. Okay makes no sense for like. Why would you do that okay? So that's what I. That's the premise. I got anyway of whites and okay and because he does mugler but another thing. I want to bring up. But this is kind of similar to Millennium Falcon one of the great parts. That show is the interior. That ship looked so real like it looked lived in it. Looked like someone like lived in that ship and it was a real ship like they did a great job designing that set of all those interior scenes and I want to say I was watching. This was years ago that one of the special features on there. Dvd set for firefly. There was a special feature at the end where they feature the ship and it was like all one contiguous set like you could really like wall through that it was a separate sets. It was like really they were connected like you would see them really on ships. You could walk you know. Obviously there's some vagueness there. Well yeah fully fleshed out and recall an episode or that special feature some of the actors would like to get into character. They would like walk through the ship because it was so kind of real and lived in. That helped him get into character. Wow I didn't know that yeah. Usually they build k. Here's the cockpit right and you gotta go over to Studio B. And that's going to be living with living quarters over here and this is the engine room and right that's cool. All one big wide sat. Yup that was all interconnected as it would be really if it were a real ship. I must be justice idea. Maybe you could be. You know it was again for me. It really made a ship seem real. Oh Yeah when you saw the series so I did a very good set design so whoever did the set design was definitely worth the money. And I'm not sure about the money and Falcon. I got the same by from that. Like when they're walking around the Millennium Falcon. It seems like legitimately does real like so lived in and you know things were beat up up down kind of dirty wasn't like some of these shows are just has era fakeness like s clearly just billed as the week before. Oh yeah definitely got that vibe at empire strikes back when they spent a majority that movie in the Millennium Falcon in out scientist. You got to know that ship inside and out or firefly to spend a lot of time. The bulk of the well. Yeah I mean. The bulk of the time was on the ship. They went to planet him to show after the after the fifth so yeah character and I don't think towards the end that never blew it up or anything that I remember attorney remember because the series was cancelled before cat resolution in in a couple years afterwards they had in the movie serenity and they didn't destroy them man. It's been some years since I've seen it. I know characters die. Yes I don't know if the ships in that Castro non at the ship was destroyed. Yeah the best was the revelation shepherds on actually a shepherd. Oh that guy is different. It's such a great show. Yeah I know I remember seeing that up. So Ain't no shepherd what are they talking about? I'm sure the forums online lit up cool. Well let's do battle. I suppose the scenario there in space face each other. I guess if the morning talk in his running. If sometimes that's a big I will deploy cry babies and runaway possible an unarmed smuggler shipping. Yes yes and like. We said the running. The kessel run wasn't necessarily the ship islet so I think he got so now helped me. How Mal doesn't pilot wash? Pylos pilots at Malgas owns shit. He's the captivity not. He doesn't fly it okay. So washes always the pilot to make a push the Millennium Falcon. There's some amazing scenes asteroid belts. And all this crazy things that you on. Orlando's flu that thing. Yes firefly's the same like Washington like amazing piloting stuff and they show so for me to try to outmaneuver the Millennium Falcon. I don't know if that's just because he only way I'm going to damage the Millennium Falcon is. If I draw you in real close to make a maneuver and you fly into crash into asking asteroid black hole or right but you're talking open space. You know we're trying to get through a asteroid field. Yeah I suppose you could put this battle an asteroid field. There might be in my own leads. Yes something but other than that. It's just like deploy crybabies and run away because vogue and also shielding. I don't know that the firefighters he has types of type children qualify shielding or not. Yeah because not that. It really matters. Now we're gonNA throw something out that window now has a handgun the other window down. She's like a gangster jibe is down pistol sideways. Honda sitting there like we got this. Just just shooting with the missile chillier like agile. I Dunno by I think the serenity is alcl. Yeah I can try to run but it's a matter time and like I said the Millennium Falcon can literally cut through time and space. Yeah I don't think the serenity like brake lights being. I don't think so. I think he'd go pretty fast but I don't ever recall it like going beyond lights. Bayton UNLEASH IT. Won't be on nights being show. I don't think so. I don't think they did that. So that's one thing that's Kinda unique to the Star Wars Universe. So it's probably a pretty over over pretty quickly for wash in. Mao. Yeah I'M GONNA take probably can see as much as I love that shipped. I know it might not last one. No I chose poorly well. Well you the listener you let us know. Maybe we miss something that might give the fire. Flyers gives me the serenity chance against the Millennium Falcon so definitely. Let us know worry. Messed UP AT 'CAUSE. We're definitely not perfect in this star wars slash serenity universe all right so we got the next one. I'll leave you go with your next one all right so the first matchup we did vehicles. Get this one. We're going with anti heroes each chosen anti hero. You're selecting from the Star Wars Universe so listener. I guess you're probably going to figure out pretty rapidly who they had to hand. He's GonNa pick you up in order to match wits with who guy that you know. He's GonNa pick. I decided to go with Indiana Jones. You have some Harrison Ford on Harrison Avenue. Hanso we just went explicit. Usually gotta pay extra for that kind of action. Cotton so Indiana Jones is who I'm picking in the anti hero to go against your home solo so You needed Jones. He is from originally from the raiders. The Lost Ark Louis which later became a franchise to include four movies. Which sounds like it's going to be a fifth from what I hear. Yeah there's another one coming out. I heard that we'll see there was a TV. Show like young. Indiana Jones off and variety of mediums from comic books and storybook video game all over the place over the place. Yeah we need. Jones was the main character in that it was originally cast. Tom Celik Tom. Selleck was from what I read was all over like he wanted to do it and it was gonna be great but he was current contract with Magnum. Pi One let him out of his contract with the time. I would've taken to shoot this movie. So they went with their second call. Which was Harrison Ford Spielberg done? Like two or three movies with Harrison. This point between Star Wars and like American graffiti and Lucas of Lucas. Yeah my bad I was involved. But yeah but he basically they were afraid like. Oh we're gonNA use Harrison Ford again. And so after selleck was to get out. They actually had to go with Harrison Ford and Ford and obviously he made it like an echo. Yeah can you imagine Tom Selleck? I don't know it would be weird to kill embedded right and so embedded you're on. I love Tom. Celicas huge magnum. Pi Fan growing up. So I would actually be liked to see a Tom. Selleck Indiana Jones. But how different would that be from Harrison Ford again and Jones? You know just so good. Yeah so anyway Indiana Jones. We're talking about iconic characters. The American Film Institute ranked him the second greatest film hero of all time. Really Pretty sure. Solos not number one number one okay. But it's probably wow interesting. Yeah Yeah you think about that during the eighties. I mean everybody knew who Indiana Jones. Even your grandma would now okay. That's that guy. That's run in front of the boulder should probably Google that while you're talking Huntsville okay. Entertainment Weekly Empire magazine also ranked him second on their all time. Coolest heroes and culture list all sorts of. He's obviously clearly iconic character pro American film and the character he's Indiana Jones is a native of Princeton New Jersey. He became a professor of archaeology. Studied under renowned Egyptologists and archaeologist. Abner Raven would who is who works within the first indie movie. We often see him and I love this about his character while when he was on his archaeological adventures like he was a rough and tumble guy. That like have mixed up happen. And very down to Earth and guy that would throw fisticuffs and shoot guns and whips and do all sorts of crazy things but when he got back to his university he was like you need to put on a little tea. Twee Jag as glasses. And not the thing that he was dumb when he was out on his adventures clearly saw different like intellectual side of him when he was on. And I love that part like in the first movie where he's on campus. The girls are flirting on his or her eyes. He's like is clearly socially uncomfortable. This yeah you're right. He gets out and gets his gun on his whip on. And he's almost a different different Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hi Allison and I love that about his character where he was kind of formed vise environment Point was he had the he was at the university and all of them or they showed him into university. I think all of them but the first one was transport transformative or or more. Yeah you're building a character style. Yeah I don't remember him much in the second one. I thought I just started out. He was already in this. Faris Faris that nightclub or whatever. Yeah escape from Matt and that little kid in taxi like Jerome Away. Yeah yeah no time for love. Dr Jones Dr Jones. The third one he I think he was at the university because he got yeah editor or something a father. There was a brief moment. He was out there. Yeah and in the fourth one. I don't even WanNa talk about that. We just kidding briefly it was okay but it just definitely not like the unknowns. Yeah it was. Yeah speechless anyway. Anyway Indiana Jones. He's armed with a whip. The bulwark music aged ten feet. Long I would say uses it for him Brian. Things uses it a weapon to disarm people use it as a way to get across obstacles. It's kind of an all purpose tool for him. Love it. Yeah I love the whip. Did you try to make a web when you were a kid like? Oh yeah you can make it but you can get it to crack up new swatches a letter and I don't know how they do that. The end where they they snap off each other to make bullet sound. I tried to use a rogue or something. Yeah it was beyond my airled powers. Yeah she'll try to live around a tree branch and swing across like he just never latches on itself like that just like twirls around on it. It comes undone anyway. Sorry interrupt but so yeah. That was kind of his Swiss army knife. He had been needed all sorts of cool stuff with an also carried out like a revolver pistol and don't want to say is probably a world war one or postal. Eric has the first indie movie was set. Just prior to the opening days of World War Two are not maybe opening asked but the just a few like thirty six. Maybe mid late thirties. Maybe right before the war kickoff but I would say that the Jones despite the whipping the gun. His greatest weapon is probably keen intellect like throughout the movies. He's constantly solving problems. Constantly getting out of trouble using his brains anywhere from disarming traps or like his knowledge of Sheba to defeat a guy's name Mola Ram oram milling that. If you get insider fridge you can survive a nuclear blast. Really smart guy talking about that. Sorry had to have one of the greatest job short moments of all guys yes. He survived that fridge to talk about that. You don't want to always kept his cool. He never seem to really get well on crush in an attempt situation unless makes revolves. Okay I was about to say his weaknesses. Snakes August the one thing that unnerves his cool. You're right normally. He's pretty calm collected. He's always solving problems and using critical thinking and less makes her than than Mike. Why did it have to be snakes? I love that. Yeah that was also. Don't get me wrong. I love this movie and I always loved this movie. But when they open up that want to or whatever it was in the near. The end of raiders things have been sealed for thousands of years they crack it open like the air comes out and everything and then there's thousands of living snakes like. How did those snakes survived by? Golly you know remember the holes and all but still yeah. It was sealed like when they broke it. Good point the whole thing had to be sealed like how do those snakes survived for Millennia in the dark in the coal the reptiles? Yeah what did they eat? You know cockroaches I e eventually air what had just become so really dockside. Let's get point of view the sealed oxygen. Yeah there's any way to get out that they've wanted broke the seal and they George needed explain that. Yeah I mean every movies got its plot holes but that was one of those things where I can clearly out. Realistic is a great movie. I I and I watched it years later. I think my brother had some friends over. And they watched it and I was probably eight or nine in Nine watches Kinda. It's pretty bloody in Omaha shoots. The guy goes through all three of those and the guy gets caught up by the propeller said. That's the guy melted face of course when the open the Ark and like one guy melts multiple guys mel gap APP. Blow up blow up on guy. He's driving that truck and he falls off the truck run over and his legs are straight up in the area. Forgotten what they yeah. I mean. It's like wow the beginning you know. Has the Guy Spikes go through the guy? Yeah I really love. Georgia's say what you want about. George but I do like these little vignettes or whatever that he puts at the beginning of every movie star Wars Movie Indiana Jones. We had this little short twenty it kind of ties to the rest of it but it doesn't You know where he goes to the jungle only us to swap out the figuring stuff in them on on Star Wars for example. You have hot Jobless Palace. You have a little intro. Yeah I liked. That explores a little bit character developmental. Side quests. Whatever that's kind of gives you Bible with the theme of the movies about the actors about. I'm surprised my parents. Let me watch this kind. Of Of course we know. I think it's simple doom. That's the one that started the PG thirteen requirements or was it because of rip and the guy's heart out he's just like this was pg used to be able to get away with some crazy stuff for PG PG thirteen next. Go well as you can probably Guess Mike character is Hans Solo another Harrison Ford Character Consolo Solo of course is the anti hero in Star Wars. That doesn't believe in the forest is just free nobody. Nobody backs him in a corner. So the speed can do it. Every once in speaking of casting talked about Tom Selleck while Kurt Russell actually had applied audition for the part. And you can see that audition on Youtube Song. Show notes so Kurt. Russell could've been Hans Solo. I could see that love Caro- a lot of great anti heroes from escape from New York can be trouble China. Yeah he did some very characters kind of fit that same age that one. You might be able to see maybe more than Tom Selleck. Yeah Has Indiana Jones. I don't know yeah see I think some other? Let's see Al Pacino. Nick Nolte Christopher Walken or some others. That were considered for for Hansel Kurt Russell the only one out of that out of that group. I mean doing your on a lot. Those guys are great actors. They could probably do some interesting things of that character. Kurt Russell definitely be my second choice from that list. Yeah it'd be the only one I think that would would make his iconic look is the gun. Of course the white the white shirt with a blue vest and then the little sidearm that he has yeah and he has the. The gun speaking of the gun. The gun is a D. L. Forty four type pistol. I guess highly modifiable so we have the theme here. The Millennium Falcon was highly modifiable. His Gun is highly modifiable. Honda's doesn't like anything. The wait is he likes to tinker. And he's a singer but It's a pistol based upon a Mouser seen ninety six semi automatic pistol that was produced in Germany from eighteen ninety six to nineteen thirty seven And I'll have a picture in the show notes and you can see. Oh yeah this is definitely a lot like it. They just put some pieces of plastic around the outside of it pretty much. Yes they did that a lot in I think in Star Wars Not Star Wars Star Trek one of the communicators at the hat on. Remember which one so if you're a star Trek Fan I'm probably totally screen out. But one of them was just a painted bic razor and put something on top of it so it looks kind of hold it in his hand like a talks into it interesting but even that's what they did here they just put some stuff on this gun in in a way. I kind of like that though because as long as you can make it look different enough where he is instantly recognizable. It makes that weapon system seem real because it is really something on it so it gives that sense of grit that we were talking about with the Serenity. Millennium Falcon. We're like this looks like a legit. Yeah Yeah and you had a decade up a little bit if it just looked like a Mazar then you'd be like why does I'm ouster in nineteen ninety six gun but it was a powerful reliable sidearm. The feature was that it would buzz when it gets down to five shots left. So that the person holding it with now okay. I'm getting low on Rowan Energy here and I guess it was good in the fact that it was really powerful bad in the fact that I didn't have a lot of distance. Okay you're trying to shoot somebody. Two hundred feet away probably wouldn't work. But if you're thirty feet away and it's GonNa shoot all right that's pretty true pistols anyway pistols on long range. Okay what they're supposed to be sure. Okay well yeah. I'm not a weapons actually able if you want to shoot a long distance okay. Good point the act so that was the good and the bad bit was highly modifiable. Which a lot of smugglers and bounty hunters and military light. He did use cheese crossbow. Once I remember in force awakens in what you never thought this. You'd been hanging on for thirty years or whatever. They never thought his his boat caster so that was the only time shot that and he kind of liked it too. He did he did. Yeah that's right. He did regret after that. He's like why haven't I shot? This should all these years and digging in these personality. Of course we know Han shot first. So He's a little bloodthirsty talked about Indiana Jones being able to function under pressure. But we have seen in the star wars new hope when they break into the jail. The blows up the cameras. And he's like okay. I'll try to quote here. Had a slight weapons malfunction Everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine we're all fine here now thank you. Are you yeah quickly? What's your vacation number or something and then he shoots it. Let me just use it blowing Asian. Anyway I love that seem. I've been at that. What do I say? Yeah well you were talking about Hotshot I such a great scene to establish character generally defined him the Anti Hero. The guy that's willing to bend the laws to get you know what he needs down not afraid to shoot. I shoot hundred table shooting in the back and just casually pays the guy on the way. How sorry about the matter about the mess such a great way to establish this. Can I know and I think it's you saw something similar to that with Indiana Jones. In the chase. I think it's the Cairo okay. And he's constantly finding all these henchmen though they're chasing me finally comes to the one that got got the Scimitar spending. And he's just like instead of going for the whip he just pulls a gun on shoes. Cold-blood like yeah. Yeah that's a good point so used to address his. You know I'm I'm tired of these guys registered. I'm clearly anti hero. Honor Dobie one sets it up to stars wretched hive of scum and villainy. Yep when the Guy Maasai shoots him so obviously. Yes the fact. That rules don't apply us as space jock. He was just larger than life. Kinda like I said he is free roam the universe you just wanted to not take sides. He just he dropped his lute is why because the empire trying job after job after him because he dropped his. Luder job wanted his money back right. If Han is one of your friends he'd be the guy who gets a little too drunk at the bar probably doesn't pay his TAB. Y'All so is going to be the funniest person there and the one guy. You always want to go out with night after night. Yeah I can see that yes. Yes in this hour's movie back to the original script. I found out that originally Lucas wanted him as a green skinned Alien Djeddai with Gilles. So you kind of like yeah. He kind of looked like swamp thing while and Luke was much older and darkhorse actually made a comic based upon Lucas's original script so they dropped him in here as the green skinned alien. Yeah I've never seen it. I just found out about it days ago that that's something that they did. When you're rummaging through that I've heard rumors and a measure of you came across this as well. Luke skywalker character is also a woman in the original home. I don't remember if I Lucas have had you know haunt as a green skinned alien. Yeah I've heard rumors for well listener. If you know that let us know I'd be curious. I'm I would imagine as you hear about all these scripts all the revisions that goes on that. It wouldn't be surprised that was a green skinned alien. Luke was a female. Yep He also talks about the doesn't believe in the floors in kind of I heard somebody say. Oh He's kind of the older movie goers in the seventies at what's all this vice stuff coming out in STAR TREK YOU HAVE SPOUSE STARTING ALASKA. Now you have this sale. What is all this stuff? Kind of antithesis of those type of movie goers sure like stuff right doesn't believe in all that stuff but as we know he does have a heart of gold and does finally come around and goes with the rebellion and end up in general in the rebellion. He's a ladies' man. Of course they don't really delve into quite as much as like Indiana Jones but obviously has a heart lab and so that's also one of the greatest movie lines that when he's getting ready to frozen and the CARBONITE and laze like. I love you in his response. Was I era that piece of work? I did read that. There's some backstory on that that he was complaining to George George Lucas about some of the dialogue and so that's he did just did that. That wasn't in the script. Great character though. Yeah exactly he did it. And Lucas like Kinda like that. Let's just leave it in there? I'm glad he did. Because Lucas has definitely some cringe-worthy dial movies but that line lie Connor. Yes so defines his character. One thing I was going to mention we talked about firefly or serenity earlier I guess. If you look on a lot of the SATS and I'll have a link in the show notes with some pictures there is Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite all throughout the firefly series. He's appears in there. Eight times in the background talking about the set designs. Yeah you can see little miniature in there by eight inches six inches tall little cast of Hans Solo frozen carbonite distant background really on several. I'm not to go back and watch. Larry is the Lincolnshire. Not Somebody went through and found them all so. Gm stir eggs hidden. Yes exactly see Han Solo all through the movies that's all through the TV show. Excuse me yeah cool. That's all I have on Han Solo but great character again anyway. I was able to finally do some research and found out the American film. Institute's top film heroes of all time as previously discussed Indiana Jones number two so number one was atticus finch from to kill a mockingbird which is a huge surprise for me again ever seen the movie never read the Book But okay did Atticus FINCH SPARK FOR MOVIES TV. Show A lunchbox and a video game series. I don't think I don't think so. But anyway. Some other notice noticeable entries in their James Bond was number three that Rocky Balboa number seven wait a minute Hans Solo number fourteen. No just gonNA affect the battle. I don't know like you said he does have Indiana. Jones does have four movie or three well three movies for foreign counting five coming out if well we're GONNA count the fours on anyway for Movies Video Games Books TV series right. But you know okay. Atticus finch right so we already do some battle here. We need to do all salt or Indiana Jones versus attic. Impinge no words in a movie. Yeah okay all right. Let's do battle. All right on. Sola does have a high pain threshold. Remember the torture scene strikes back were mater puts him on that. I don't know what that thing is electric you Jim. Yeah when he's getting tortured. Yeah I'll counter that with. The Jones also has a high pain. Tolerance is he repeatedly got beat up and thrown out of vehicles. And you don't want to turn to recover back on that ship. Marion like flip Samir Waxing right in the face but he still keeps coming back for more. Yes that was a great seen. What is the line is not the? It's not the miles. It's not the years it's the miles back. So she turns the mirror to cuts away to the of the ship. And all you hear this scream. Yes or manny at the crabby. Cali drug behind a truck. Yep Yep yeah push their goals seem pretty tolerant to Ping. Yeah exactly as you listen. I didn't realize this on empire strikes back when you you can hear him still screaming in the background as they're walking down the hall quite a ways away. Yeah and I wasn't. I didn't notice that the first few times I wash now that holy cow. He's still hear him screaming right now. I'm hallway. They brought him back to the cell and through their chewing he can stand on. Stanton's alike jacked up but yeah so it does have a high pain tolerance and he did survive being frozen carbonite. That's true did you're right Suzanne frozen. You wanted to help get see. Yeah we need. Help Leah get out of here and and all that. Yeah because that whole battle over the that Pitt. He's like he was blind and could barely Amin. This coordination was kind of messed up and still wind. Yeah by accident. I Know I love that movie. But that part that part which is like the galaxies greed is gets taken out by an accident in all shot hit from mine. Of course how would you would? You have done it an epic battle. Maybe again. I do much comedy. They're I guess. Yeah that does make for Comedy Value. But it was just kind of curious. I don't know the time this episode comes out. The the man delorean Disney plus will probably be. We'll be recording it like the week before it comes out so we're still. We're still on in the dark as far as that series. So maybe we'll see more but it looks. It looks amazing does does. He's not going to get taken out by a blind guy gaffer's tape or whatever. Those things are yeah. I tell you we have that. You Got Unfrozen Kay he survived. Carbonate survived a nuclear blast in refrigerator. Come that's that's Ford. Here's my carbon nights. Well but then Hansel does have a laser blaster and he was trained in the military but that could be a detriment because it's the same military that's trained storm. That is true. And they can't buddy was a and he did. Take out your bounty hunters. I assume I don't know. Yeah but it doesn't tell much in that but yeah that's a con for me as he did go to the storm. Trooper Shooting Adamy. Yeah Yeah I'm I'm chocking. That's terrible I'll give you that point. But he does have a blaster in the only has a whip and a and a pistol pistol but he's the whip laser last year when you have a whipped does look pretty cool. We'd have to admit I also WanNa put in the fact. That console has CHEWBACCA. You know he's his right hand man through all that time in Jewish saves his life several occasions. Like yes you know. That's why they're whatever bonded is friends yet. They save each other's lives on work. Whereas Indiana Jones needs no sidekick. He survives always adventures on his them in a refrigerator. Inner and with a weapon a gun. Yes keen intellect so. He's as a Celtic man. Who NEEDS NO BACKUP? Good Point Yeah. I don't know it can be tough there. Admit I was afraid you're gonNA throw in the short round. Short round was indies Chilean. I was Gonna come across you out. That was his name right. Yeah Temple was going to say that. Well he does have a little the agent with the block on his foot because he can't read. Yeah the pedal kicking so funny. That's not the same guy that's Younis. It's not the same actor I think so. I don't think maybe it is. The actor who played short round is probably going to screw his name up here key WHO QUAM. Yondo ministering that up born nineteen seventy one in Vietnam. Starting goonies stars in Indiana Jones. Down was the same guy. Yup He was impaired the X. Men movie yes good. Can you guess goonies short route cash around for Mont Template in his union data ends have been several years later? So that's why he's a little bit older Doom anyone or eighty two or something like that but anyway so what the same kid for yes. Thank you so okay. So you're saying Indiana doesn't need a sidekick. It doesn't need when he was saddled with one in one movie forced to have this. I did not need. That's true. That's true. Okay I'll know this. Think Hans got the blaster that he does have much. Anchorage could be a game changer. And standing next to the Millennium Falcon or not because he doesn't have a ship. That's like not even fair. Allie doesn't need a ship less on display a snake at him. I do have the weakness with the snake so Kryptonite. That's that's my Kryptonite. As far as if there's any sort of snakes involved in this battle it's over it's over no. I don't know if you leave it up to the littler up the listener. Let them decide if we miss something. But you just never know would be such an epic necessarily maybe a fight but I would love to see like a Comic Book Company or Something. They could ever get the rights to both those characters. Like some sort of crazy crossover event. I saw something similar to that with a couple of the Jack Burton and the other girls because sneaks Nix nickens necklace. Fem escape from New York to Kurt. Russell characters were like linked up in some sort of comic krazy Kat Crossover. They did actually did do a crossover an often. Look back up where it was that. Indiana Jones was at an archaeology. A dig site and he found the bones of Hans Solo because he found the pistol and some other big money involved crashes the time ago way. That's how they did it interesting. Tie In comics version of it or funny version of what would be Indiana Jones in Hans Solo in a bar trying to pick women. Yeah that'd be fine is Lee or something out and making a bed on it'd be fun. Crosses their ladies man so all right so next pick we did ships minutes shepherded. Anti Heroes Heroes. Now we're doing a homeboy teddy bears. Sandy let's see. Let memory so bad as you go. I. I did go first year on teddybears sticking to the hours theme. Of course you know that. Return the JED. I add the walk or Arab. So the walks are these little meter high yard high furry creatures that George Lucas came up with. Iwata's actually take wookey and you say it pronounce it backwards. I guess the way it sounds is wookey backwards Came UP WITH AD is a walk. Okay but there are on the planet or the indoor moon and they are furry little creatures and they're just everywhere. Yeah they live in the forest. They lived in these little huts on the top of the tall trees. There they are all over the planet. According to Kevin J Anderson he did the illustrative star. Wars mini talks about them. They can pretty much adapt everywhere so they're almost the way he betrays in almost like rodents live in the cliffs over here the live on the lake and they can build houses there and they're just no survivors everywhere. They can adapt pretty much anything. George Lucas one of them to be primitive one of them to be on the planet to take out help with taking out the empire as we see in the movie they have their little gliders they have their little log traps. Out involves routes catapults spears. They have hatchets in somehow. They're able to Pierce stormtrooper armor. Yep again they took out an ATS. Utah with it than the traps. He did mention though that they do adapt quickly so they when they do see something. They can learn learned very quickly as we saw when he steals speeder. Bike when they they take over the ATS T- able to drive now in that case Help drive right. At least they allude to that in Kevin J Anderson's book that they can quickly figure stuff out there. Crafty Little Yeah Crappy Little Burgers and they everywhere again. Like rabbits and rodents they also after the the wards some of them become what the costs lasers. Which are hackers and they become coffee. Farmers two years after the battle of New Orleans is all obviously extended universe. Stop radio the take it for. What is the disowned legends and myths? You speak going now. You'll be happy about this in the clone wars they talk about you walk dirty calling on another really interesting. You bring it interesting point with a jerk because I remember. They all have very cute like flat. I T T's but they were going to eat some people in return of the Jedi them strung. Yes we're going to cook them. Yeah they are not heard before they are clearly omnivores. You're exactly right. Yeah 'cause captured and they hang them up and they're getting ready to burn more. The fire on was going to get burned for cooked. I don't WanNa spit which you know reflecting back on the Hong versus indie fight. I should've totally brought up that. Hong captured by teddybears entity saved by a golden. Droid your okay. So that leads me into another thing. I found out that originally George was GonNa have Han be killed by walks and so just think how shameful that would have been. We had town killed by terrible. That's that's worse than Boba. Fett like accidentally exactly on gets killed by walks. Thank God it could have been worse. Yeah I mean. His death and data is Suntan was pretty epic have been terribly died today. He walks which is worse being killed by Neil Walker killed by your sign of the lightsaber. Oh my goodness you walks would have been worse way worse. But the hawks were in the return the dead. I but they also had a cartoon called. That was kind of hand in hand with the droids cartoon that they had out at the same time because this was the eighties and he was trying to milk it for everything it was worth. I get right so that he walks cartoon that came out. I think in eighty five eighty six. I remember correctly yeah. Eighty five eighty six on. Abc Saturday morning cartoon then in eighty four they had a made for TV movie. I remember that came out on. Abc as well so you already kind of seen the Disney tied ABC already here. Yeah kind of anyway. Those live action movie called the caravan of courage and it has two young kids that try to locate their parents on indoor or the moon indoor because indoor was the name of the gas giant. This is the mood in therapy. I guess how that worked well. That's not the movie I remember. There was a different movie I remember. And then the second one called E. walks a battle for indoor ads on the five okay in. That's where they have. The girl from the first movie is in it and she gets orphans. Her parents they find their parents. The parents die anyway later on enjoins e walks to protect their village to defeat the marauders. Who have taken control of the enor- on the Marauders? I guess crashed onto the planet which shape shifting witch and the. I didn't realize there were two. Movies are distinctly. Remember one as a kid and watching it painfully. A huge fan of the. If you're not picking up and they're kind of annoying to but at the time when you're a kid the eighties you like like we talked about. At least where I live. We only had two channels most. Yeah so it was either that or did you watch that or as Falcon crest or golden girls or something. It was. There was Netflix. No Yeah no cable. It was either this or not. You watched it. They did watch it like it or not like it or not. You watched it and it we always. It's hard to imagine but there was a time when there just wasn't a lot of star wars this after returned the dead. I they were done. We hadn't heard anything about any other movies so right. This was it at that time. There is no intention to make more movies. I'm pretty sure how later. Yeah not so much later. Talking to ten fifteen years later the discussion of course they had other characters in there that were mentioned. And I'M NOT GONNA go through mall but having the show notes but the the walks were never mentioned by name and they're turning the Jeddah which I kind of forgot about it. They never really never say the word giants they didn't they were just in the credits and they list. The names of the tax credits wicked was kind of the primary. He was the one that was later. Yeah he was like the cute the cutest cutest huge ones and he was the one featured in the the TV movies and in the cartoon right. Of course he's Judy than they had. Lots of weapons. That kiner made kiner made the e Walk Battlewagon Battery Round kind of device skull over it and I'll have a picture in the show notes but can really. This came out after the movie came on. Eighty five okay and they were really trying to keep the action figure gravy train going. Oh Yeah for sure. And I'd never had any Keenan figures but I know you had several of them. You've never had that you walk battle. I do not have the battle I I'm I'm embarrassed to say I do. I didn't want a couple. You walk figures when I was a kid. I still have shanty read for the episode. I have wicked and I have. I think it's their medicine man he's great master low-grade yeah he's a taller with the Beige. Streit he out of all the he was kind of the coolest to me because if I recall his head thing had a skull you did was kind of like all right. It's a teddy bear with a skull. Have Cool Yeah. He has the skull over it. And that's what this the battle-wagon has a skull to. Yeah so I give them props for that. You can get a vintage I saw on ebay vintage. You want battlewagon for three hundred ninety six dollars a steel complete incomplete for I think one thousand nine hundred. Oh my goodness you anti-satellite collected tell you you wanNA drown yourself and you walk lower. Yeah you want. Bandwagon could set it on fire for three hundred ninety five dollars. I can make an. Eli Battle Gruff Lumber and a couple of stone wheels you school. The primitive tried to give it. But that's Kinda via the guys are primitive or the other stone-age yeah culture. That was kind of a throwback in that whatever side they're very vicious but you look at him and like I said for me recording you kind of look at these pictures you just see. The Black Soloist is on the list that they do have weird is don't they and likes to the teeth are just. I don't think they're that cute other than they are kind of furry type teddy bear paradox to them because like the wicked one was all cute when he was with. Leeann stumbling around who? She was hugging in helping him crawl over logs. And then you'd see these other ones that are just a creepy looking when their soul as is her skull hats and in the fact that they were gonna eat people just like these. These are weird but Yeah as a kid I just cannot get over the that. They were just giant Teddy bears and then when they started like winning against the storm troopers. I was like what I mean to me as a kid. You're the value of your hero is based on High Calgary you're villainous. So as soon as they were like getting into the storm troopers like devalue the stormtroopers and therefore devalued the rebellion because rebellion. Can't beat the stormtroopers. But he walks can't like what the heck that's yet there is. You're right you're exactly right when you watch. That just isn't believable right. Or if you WANNA believe it. And then the rebellions use this pathetic walked in beat the stormtroopers and rebellion can with an axe and yours. And that's why I always had the problem with the the walks the should've devalue the villains and therefore the heroes. The house been spent a whole lot of time on that. But could you still use the walks as a character to take out the empire in some way shape or form? Maybe you know he stole the speeder bike and on says well now. There's this one believable but all these e walks coming from all sides in trying to take out the storm. All these elaborate traps would've taken like ours to build something like sprung up out of nowhere. Kevin J Anderson Talks about that because they had killed a bunch of the walks in the area to put up a she does so there are already starting to okay. Let me try to take him out anyway. Okay without because they're very tenacious. That's another thing. They had in their two nations and they easily adapt so they said okay. Well that's why some of these traps were our accents. That's why they knew about where the base was at and some other things about them. Yeah I don't know how else would spin it if he walks without some of that. But you're right. It puts in a tinge of misbelief their disbelief. I understand why they did. It sells toys. It attached attached children to a certain age and certain mindset. You seat in the in the new movies too was the last Jedi chewy befriends those poor and he wants to eat it but then he sees their saddle. Soulless black is me. Yeah Weird. Twist where he's going to eat the poor instead of him being eaten by walks you know but they just weird that they feel compelled. I put these fuzzy cute creatures in these movies. Which have their place. But sometimes I just like cringe at where it's like. It's too heavy handed. Yeah almost forcing down your throat right. And because they know they can sell you know ten billion worth of toys because they put a port in this Morgan minutes of film time. That's like completely pointless good way storyline. At least the walks had a decent amount of the movie and they kinda served a purpose. They were injured to the store. Then as much as it pained me to see it in new. I don't think they served a purpose at all other than comedic relief and sell toys. Yeah definitely yeah. Sorry to sound salty. But Lucas wasn't going to have the rookies. Take a take out the empire on on Indoor Moon Somehow but he said he wanted more primitive characters. Since the rookies had both astor's everything else he wanted primitive he walks but still to be kind of fuzzy very to do it. I don't know it's crazy. Would we got on your side all right so I thought long and hard about what kind of Teddy Bear? Outside of the Star Wars Universe could possibly stand up to these raging e walks and I decided to go with the brutal care bears right cinema. Adversary worthy of the Hawks. We were talking about villains. Devaluing Heroes is my villain devalue your hero. Yes the care. Bears originally made in Nineteen eighty-one by American greeting. Cards is just a way to sell greeting cards. Really and they became so popular that they became a teddy bears toy nineteen eighty three and then by nine hundred eighty five. They got their own. Tv show with less three years ago cartoon show there were three feature films cartoon obviously and between. Ninety one day they've been relaunched four times in on TV and cartoons reels. Hey just will not go away speaking of tenacious four times. Yeah Wow all started. I'll just the bears on green on a greeting beating. Would've thought I did not know that I thought they were always. Just the plush bears Ibadan out with the Kartini in Gi. Joe They use her motoo or they use the cartoons and all the way around and try to sell cards into spun into toys tunes and everything else so interesting. I don't know if there's been anything else like any other toy liner kids cartoon that has spun out of something so random as like these greeting cards well mate okay there is one Jimmy. Neutron was a character that they created for a toothpaste commercial really. Yeah did not know that. That's where that got started his own show and he got his own show. My kids are watching a lot back in early. Two thousands interesting that was a TV commercial TV toothpaste commercial. There's one bette reading cards on out of the blue. So the care bears. They come from the Kingdom of caring which their home in the canoe carrying is Carolina Spinoff. Camelot they draw from Theory and legends actually which is kind of interesting locations in the kingdom carrying include. The forest of feelings were the care. Bear cousins live. There's a whole like non bear there other creatures cousins. You know equally adorable again but they live in the forest of feelings. This is hurting me to do this. Ten original care bears When they launched the cartoon bedtime bear birthday bear Cheer Bear Friend Bear Sunshine Bear. Good luck bear grumpy. Bear love a lot bear tender bear in wish bear. Okay so they're kind of like the seven dwarves but their feelings and their bears like I say a lot of franchise homage to King Arthur with the Carolina is camelot. Also reminiscent Lancelot name in the castle of Carolina sitting around a roundtable similar to Arthur dates. So I remember that now okay really really drew a law from which is kind of interesting so the care bears. They need people like the walks. I don't build elaborate traps to crush. Ats TEAS and whatnot. What they have is their ultimate weapon is the care bear stare. Yes they stand together in a group. They radiate radiate light from their tummies and on their tummies like the symbol of heart or a cloudy and mayor has the shower shoes or shamrock. So all their little CARE BEAR. Stare light radiates out of their little cute adorable tummies and it forms a ray of love and good cheer which can target anyone's heart and bring them to like a happy or in place takes all the vite out of their heart. Oh my gosh so they will kill you with kindness. Say literally literally kill you guys yes. So there's several ways. They showed them the cartoons. Sometimes it's just one being coming out of a stomach sometime. They would like join up and all the things that come together to make a giant rainbow beam but it always involved basically killing their opponents with kindness they were just like billing all the evil would leave their heart. That's awesome so the care bears. They would sit in. Carolina had a Carro meter that reflected all the caring that was happening earth and awesome when the carol meter got too low. It would affect care a lot. Where like all the colors de saturated black okay? Well they would go on caring missions to Earth to bring caring back to the earthlings which then Save Carolina have a couple. Kids always did that in those tunes at a couple of kids. I think I remember the foil characters. Identify with as a young child to watch it. Yes go on these caring missions to bring the light back to Carolina in Bryn carrying into the I love the catch raises care. Bears prepare to stare. Oh Yeah they love their runs care. Bears countdown guys came up plus Teddy Bear in Nineteen ninety-three. Did you ever care? Bear did not care but not younger brother did remember watching movies. Yeah three cratering feature films and a feature also wasn't TV movies. I think the I think they were they were released a TV feature length not theatrically actors. Okay that's your three years of cartoon and three feature films at just hurts me to say this because like thunder that are Burien Black Star. Brace are all these great cartoons do not have three runs. No but the care bears did. It's like Oh what a care bear stare. What is his name Carolina or Cherbourg needs to your I need cheer bear to come are funk shine bear or something because apparently. I'm going to be grumpy. Bear they were nineteen eighty-three though I remember. Remember that a little vaguely. They're still pretty young but those things were huge. Everybody wanted one of those like tickle me. Elmo was in the nineties everybody wanted right here. Well I was going to say as we were as you were talking about the e walks return of the Jedi came out with eighty three eighty three. I believe care. Bears became a teddy bear in eighty three and then a cartoon in eighty five and when did like was the big teddy rock spin later but yeah it just one of the reason mid eighties like there was a teddy bear. Bonanza I think Rudman's eighty six was a seven but still yeah within this midday. I'm line heady. Bears are all the rage from high. He walks to care bears the Teddy Ruxton. It was. Yeah you could kind of saying that. The caregivers kicked it off. 'cause I was in eighty one when she created them. Yeah Golden Age of an and Teddy Bear George Lucas. Like I'm GonNA create a CARE BEAR. But we're going to call me you walk in. You can see the picture that you having your print out here and you can put in the picture of the cartoon. They look a lot like care. Bears Do. Yeah the way they animated is very care bear like Oh yeah very very much. Yeah and then. I think Disney had the gummy bears. They're TV show. It was a gummy bear. Cartoon that came out in his later I think it was eighty seven eighty eight while they probably saw the money that care means and he walks same type of concept cuddly bears and you had a grumpy bear. The gummy bears. Yeah Chubby wine. And the yeah. You're right a Lotta mayors in the middle of I need to make a list of all the cartoons that deserved three seasons. That didn't get it in silver hawks. To like you said are and everything else star Black Star. You don't give you the caregiver that I guess. I'm in the minority General Appeal cutesy and now didn't sell enough stuffed animals again. I would have bought a UCLA democracy but six months heartbeat for us. Care exactly throwing the care. Bears the care bear stare now. We have to talk to people like me. Give you the care bear. Stare bears prepared to stand miley ready to do some care here. Action there all right those fight it out the of course. Ashleigh advantage because now again this could be the way because as we talked about the storm trooper shooting ability. Isn't that great but they did take out a battalion of elite soldiers. Scott Walker's elites with relative term with rocks sticks and the logs that come together cry. Ntsb traps yes. So they they know how to make some weapons and they know how to funnel you into those. I guess track. I do remember that. One scene where they're funneling the stormtroopers into their trap in that one like walk. It's Sean tries to wake his buddy up and he has he starts crying and like I remember that as a kid like all the other kids do there was wailing and gnashing of Gerry Studio. Watch jerky Turkey tonight. Oh yes but then. They played the side music in the background on that one he walked on. That's the only one disappointed I was but on the con side. I will say that very intelligent. They're not very advanced walks. Crafty state right crafty. But the the right primitive very prevalent lasers or anything but they have the potential to your very crafty adapt quickly to give very very quickly. I'll admit that they don't radiate love and energy from your chest. That's obviously I'm not on the business of killing walks with my care. Bear Army but When my care bear stare I'm thinking I'm taking them all out of the fight at a distance no less? Yes because they didn't have a whole lot of range weapons beyond like throwing spears and I think there's a slinger yeah you're right but if I blast you with a rainbow arc of caring hasn't your arm. He's going to evaporate on the field there. Yeah but as as Kevin Anderson Lou. They're everywhere numbers. Thought it was a war of attrition needed Care Death Blossom to get them all all they care. Get like in. This giant beards are rolling around. Been around all these care. Bear blast flying everywhere you get them all and rating. Don't do it till they're all close to shoot your see the white of their. They don't have whites this so let's go now. You're right they don't have it. It'd be too close to death loss off it'd be too close. Can The kindercares teleport? I remember that. No I don't recalled. That's some sort of way to get between caroline earth but I don't think it was like a like teleportation at well okay. They did have a few like other special abilities. They could summon heart shaped balloons. They they had cloud cars. I think they could make rainbow bridges and they could use their care. Bear Tummy lights is like a signal as well. In addition to it. I do bridges. Yeah they slide over. All these weapons suck here. I can hit you with heart shaped balloons. Run you over with my cloud car. And then you've got right back up because nothing to you ran over you with moisture. I agree I read your cloud guys crush the cloud car between the logs. That's true keep on going. Those logs smash the car. Would just keep going. I can see the has proven. The hawks are pretty vicious. Take all the stormtroopers helmets and said what they did to their head. They turn them into tournament love. I can see. I can envision e walk just ripping into the squeezing into the cameras fabric and just pulling out that's stuffing. Yeah he's like crawling on the floor trying to get away and he just takes a knife and just ripped off their heads so vicious. I've taken money to watch this. Actually Yeah you have the I have a picture. You see E walks face there. I mean he's Oh yeah. We're cheering that stormtroopers. Looking pretty vicious they're standing on top of the ATS and hand. But I don't know I think the care bears lose all the Pencil Range and circumstance. I think they can get that care. Bear stare off and get like all the warm feelings take out their their leader. Somehow yeah is in the like the walks. They don't try to attack and like maybe the care bears that feel good return on their own kind care. Bear on care for you walk. He walks fighting each other for the sake of mystery. superstitious at first because they totally fall for three. Golden Golden Offloading. Speaking of which there's got to be like a golden care bear. Ooh I get totally being gone. There is a cold and I think there is a yellow one sunshine. Bear probably yeah I think it is? I think it's sunshine bear. Masha embarrassed by my knowledge of care. Bears thank you. Sir Can never want some public already. Lost my nerd card on this serenity. Fight -nology airbags. You're getting deeper in the hole a lot to get out. You'RE GONNA Watch a lot of FUN DR and coming out or I need to go draw some barbarians a couple of months there you go Conan taking out the care bears or the hawks. Yeah destroying any village that were actually air. Yeah there you go. Yeah like that differ cloak some polling clause quilt made of the care bears just anything the shamrock sunshine. So we'll let us know listener. What you think. Who would win between cares walks or maybe nobody cares. Yeah we're there's no winners and losers in this but it was fun so yeah well thanks. I appreciate it. I'll put a link in the show notes to the facebook page forty so definitely. I appreciate layup and see if he can draw CONAN destroying you. Walk out to be a fun commission I would love to be commissioned Drought Conan. You would get moved to the front. I would go right to the front of the queue. Maybe I'll do it for free. But he gets moved to the front of the queue. There might be a discount. I'm not lying here. Bears Walks with twenty one. Die Either either all right well thanks. I appreciate it. We'll have to figure out another topic and have another new gap. I'll always great on a show. I always love death. Matches snowy walks or caregivers. Though all right thanks.

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Episode 1190 - Thundercat

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

1:11:07 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 1190 - Thundercat

"Block all right. Let's do this. How are you. What the fuckers. What fuck buddies. What the fuck knicks. What's happening. We all know what's happening. I'm marc maron. This is my podcast t.f. Welcome to it. That was my citizens ap. Oh i guess the world is ending is it. Did you guys get yours. It just came up. world is ending nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide I guess that's that's it. I knew i would be notified on my citizens app. So the king chaos pig provoked and gave orders for an insurrection. A coup to a hodgepodge bunch of Radicalized hate nerds and gamers gun. Dorks bullshit zealots. 'cause players of the fascist ilk eliasson christians. This is where it was going. This was the parade he always wanted. It's an ongoing. As i'm doing this because i do this. The before. who. The fuck knows will happen overnight. I'm recording this weight afternoon on wednesday. I'm not a news operation. I can't wait till tomorrow but it's pretty clear what's happened and it's pretty clear you know that. We have a fairly large contingent of anti-american fascistic people in this country who are politically naive and utterly misinformed and excited to believe whatever bullshit honors their self. I state but i mean there's no i can't what am i going to see here. I don't have any explanations. I knew this mother fucker wouldn't leave. I knew he wouldn't leave easily. I knew that he would break the fucking country and the world before you left. I'm not saying that's good to know that. I've just been talking about it for months but i got no explanation of the explanations are out there. This was going to happen. This is a hodgepodge but not without momentum. Fascistic movement within our country with a lot of followers and with a leader are soon to be former president and they're willing to take instructions to overthrow the capital of the united states by the president. Who will soon be no longer president but still the leader of An american fascist movement. That's what's happening. There's no other way to look at it. But the radicalization of the army of unfunny hate nerds. The gamers the disenfranchised young men mostly as alan militia groups have been around for a long time christian. Evangelical fascists have been around for a long time. The sort of amalgamation of many of them the banner of cunanan which is in every volving spigot of connecting the dots of history into something that excites and angers and drives the disenfranchise. The racists the angry. So now what happens. I don't fucking know. I guess we'll see tomorrow. It's like he. The today would've been a nice day to be like congratulations. Congratulations congratulations to raphael. Warnock and jon ossoff for being elected senators of georgia. An african american pastor and a jew. Now the senators representing the state of georgia. Now that's a nice ark a nice repairing dating back to the civil rights movement. That sort of really kind of legit misers and lands that journey in a way of these two people in these two backgrounds. And it's also an amazing step in the correct direction politically and in on a human level. This would be the day for that. Congratulations but no. How can we get people who want to believe in fantasy that drives them to violence to racism anti-semitism misogyny to perhaps murder to try to overtake the government to take the capital and stop the congress from doing its democratic work. The work of the people. How can we get the information. Correct wants two. Brains are broken when there's no barometer of truth and when just the desire the frenzy to believe becomes more important than what is being believed. It's been around since the beginning of people. Why is it raining. Why is my house on fire. Why did my wife die. Why did my husband die wiser so much pain and trouble in the world. God explain it. Make it better. God who did this. What bigger force than me. People want to believe in things bigger than themselves and things that are fantastical in order to feel connected to something or to explain something so once that valve that portal or that gear in the brain is busted wide open filled with fucking fascistic crap. What do you do. You storm the capital. What are those of us who know the truth. Do be scared and how there's more of us everyone wants to keep their home and family safe though right. Am i right on the basic level whether it's from a break ina fire flooding or medical emergency simplisafe home security delivers award winning twenty four seven protection with simply safe. You don't just get an arsenal of cameras and sensors. You get the best professional monitors in the business. They've got your back day and night. Ready to send emergency responders when you need the most straight to your door and the thing we like most about simply safe. It's simple just like it says in the name you can set up simply safe yourself in about thirty minutes. Then simply safe's professionals takeover monitoring your home around the clock and ready to send help the moment. There's an alarm. plus there's no long term contract. No hidden fees or installation costs right now f listeners. Get a free home security camera when you purchase a simplisafe system at simplisafe dot com slash w. t.f you also get a sixty day risk-free trial so there's nothing to lose visit simplisafe dot com slash w. f. for your free security camera today that's s. i m. p. l. i. s. a. f. e. dot com slash w. t.f mention today on the show. I talked to stephen. Louis brunner not ring a bell. How about thunder cat. That's what he goes by. He's a bass player singer songwriter. He's worked with kendrick. Lamar specifically on to pimp a butterfly and has Four solo records out great amazing transcendent musician. The most recent record is Called it is what it is and that is nominated for. Grammy and i talked to him today. Man i wish should people had something. I the plague thing too is bearing down certainly on us here in la and on us everywhere. My mother got Shot one of the vaccine against you waited a couple of hours and had an appointment. She's in the age group there in florida. So she's on her way to at least a little bit of a relief from the fear. Her sister already had the covid as did my uncle but my mother and her boyfriend have not and they were both inoculated with the the first shot which is good to me. Squirrelly that I know it's out there. I don't know when i can get it. And i know that it's everywhere where i live. It's everywhere here. The relief is so fleeting men. It's just the relief is so fleeting. I appreciated president-elect biden's comments he did say it was seditious probably which it is. You did. Call it an insurrection which it is. I'll add anti-american. You can add fascistic to but he said this isn't who we are. But you know what. I gotta tell you. This is who some of us are. That is what it is. Some of us are fascists who seek single-party rule and our brain fucked enough to other everyone but people they see as within their belief system and that violence can get awful speaking and we want to believe that it's a minority and it is but symbolically what the pig president did yesterday was signal quite clearly that he will remain there leader. We'll see where that goes. What happens now in the next two weeks that guy should be thrown in fucking jail after all this fervor projecting that they do calling anti fascist calling Liberal democrats communists calling everybody. The names evil. He calls us caused democrats evil. They are the things that they are projecting. That's the most basic deflection of like a five-year-old gnome. Not you are not not. You are no. I'm not you are. Why are you turning blue because my hands around your throat. i'm not killing. you are man. He should actually be in jail. He should be forced out of office. Ted cruz should resign senator. Holly should resign. They provoked this. They all fucking stood there and help. This long enabled it. Let it happen. Look there's good and bad people everywhere right know who they are. I hope when you hear this things of leveled off a little bit about it. I'm just a comedian folks. But just know. There might be fascists in your family. And they're proud of it. They would everybody know that yesterday. So thunder cat is. Somebody always wanted to talk to i. I saw him with kamasi washington At the staples center. I think the club at the staple nokia club nokia. I think is where i saw them. Kamasiyah had a broken leg but I was amazed by him. And i've i've listened to his solo records. I don't know everything he's done but I enjoyed the the drunk. I listened to some of his earlier albums. And then this new one is great. It's called is what it is. It's nominated for the best. Progressive r and b album grammy. And you can get it wherever you get your music. This is me talking to him. All right a rough day already. You know this is somehow so how between the internet and them showing teen titans in the morning the teen titans. I can't. I don't know that i can't do this. Cartoon the worst. Now i well i mean you have. Choices around cartoons. You don't have to watch him. True so many subscription so many. What is teen titans. Is that an old one. I mean it's it's it's an old d. comic but it's also like a guess they cartoon network kind of like they that's their main cartoon. They redo his yeah. They rebutted in his just been booted. That's what it feels like is now get it's been boot booth oriented for sure. I feel like. I'm getting kicked in the stomach. Every time i watch. Did you grow up with the comics. I mean is that was that your thing for sure. I'm a moral kid through and through like i. I remember the day yesterday. Trade marble cards in middle school and Yeah i mean. I was a collector of many different things but marvel cards is definitely like the beginning for me. You know Did you watch any wonder woman. Yes i did and yeah goes right in line with his year. It's a great way to finish the year out and disappointed. The funny thing is i like an old head. I wouldn't know comics day in this old head guy that worked there. It was kind of like he told me he's like. Hey man you know be open to stuff because it's like you know it's got translate for the kids it's got travel. Rations has got to go. Pass what you know. And all that stuff and he was right. So there's a part of me that's always open to stuff but as a marvel as marvel kid through it like literally have marvel ted to have a couple of marvel get tattoos. There's a part of me. That i was just kinda like i was watching it with my family and i feel bad because it was like it was almost like vomit. I kept booing in between moments. It was like oh. I hope nobody here is going to get pissed echo. And i couldn't do it man. I couldn't do it. I watched it. And i was just kind of like. Did you hear the first one. Yeah i took my daughter to see the first one and you liked. you know. it's funny to say there's something about it suck in so much more because of because of not being able to go to a movie theater. Sure so it's like sharing the experience with my daughter. The first time it was kind of like it was an experience. Right right wasn't just about wonder woman the comic it was kind of like you know i could read between the lines with this movie and i was like you know. It's it's a good thing you know it's like it's like my daughter. She she vibe with it a bit you know. Even my daughter usually listens like slipknot and this is kind of. She had a vibe with it. You know i. I don't like i don't watch. I didn't grow up with the comics. I didn't read many comics later in life. And they were like a swamp thing. San man hell blazer like i didn't grow up s the good stuff though yes great. I and i don't know. I was in my thirties and i was like. This is the best But i didn't grow up with or carrying about it now. When i watch a marvel movie if i ever do i always disappointed because i don't know i've not expecting anything and i'm a grownup so you know but it's an age old till i think that there's always a hard a hard thing for adaptation. It's like that you. I said this to the another of comic store owner friend of mine. I was like there's something about the idea fantasy when you when you solidified or make a that. It disliked dispels it for you. Choose right you. Don't engage any of your own imagination. You just reacting to this thing whereas some reason if you have the ability to contain contain a story that's written in panels which not. Everybody does that. You don't really realize how much room there is in your imagination because either just still panels and you. You're not even paying that much attention to them. They're just to provoke your imagination somehow. Exactly that's exactly what happens right so the it relationship is a lot different than having it all done for you and then you know having to trust that person to do it for you. I mean who the fuck is person. You know exactly exactly. It's like a couple of moments. I was kind of like seeing the superpowers in real life. You kind of go. i could probably kick his. You could probably beat him up yeah. He's not scary. I guess for me that the first one was good in ways that a lot of comic book people didn't like like i liked the ending. You know like all of the big weirdness of the ending but they thought that was sort of like A sell out or something or something kind of Overcompensating you say well. What are we working towards. If it's not going to be something great like that. Yeah yeah it's ah. There's so much the pool from with these stories. It's like he could. It could afford to go anywhere man and you know one thing i will say to is at one thing. That's dope is that it highlights a home guy The guy that also plays the mandalorian He was great. Yeah here's the best thing about that movie. Yeah he played a real creep the great thing about his creep though was like he was an insecure creep and you could see his insecurities from the gecko. So i had this weird empathy which makes them more interesting evil guy because you know. He's just a insecure loser. He's like trump. Yeah it's just like the comb over in everything right. yeah i mean. I don't have much empathy for trump. But i mean if you could it would look like the wonder woman villain. And i'm a huge kristen wig fan and it's always good to see her unit. I mean like. I didn't understand that whole part. I guess you have to know the comic books for like why turner and do an animal. When there's no real precedent for that. Well you know where she just as a guy who doesn't know the comics. I was like well. That's weird choice. Yeah cheated. I knew who that character was but i was also dislike a- again it was one of those moments where i was like. You know it's kind of like it. Felt like just like it felt like a really bad cut and paste. Let's like some really amazing and here's cheetah like all right. Well you know what else i just watched was. I watched That frank zappa documentary. Oh nice as you watch it now. I've been meaning to have been completely sitting here sitting here staring at the sky in watching cowboy. I'm gonna total anime nerd man. I'm just like yeah. You know through and through so the gist of this has been me sitting here. Chirp out watching helen me. But i mean if fantasy works for you and it gives you relief. That's great like i don't i don't have that. I just have dread and a lot of you wrote a song about that which was added that on the new one extra. And that's good. Yeah i can relate to. I relate to a lot of the songs but but watching. I talked to buzi a couple of weeks ago. And then i watched zappa So you're talking about parliament and then watching you know what zap is trying to do then listening to some of this stuff. You've done in the first time i saw you. I saw you with kamasi. When kamasi had his broken leg and he was sitting in a throne down ten. Yeah was that the staples. It was a I can't remember wherever we saw it. But he you guys have been somewhere and he had to sit in chair. Because you can walk. Wasn't the mayan. I i don't think so. I feel like it was like you just returned. It was in the small room at the staple center in the smaller low. Maybe it was. I mean and and that was when i first saw you like how many strings are on that base so but i guess the point being is that you know my understanding of where music goes and what music can do It seems something that you're highly aware of and there seems to be no real boundary to it. Yeah no it's it's it's open and i blame it on how i was raised in. You know. I always feel like the somewhere between the lines is where we exist with the stuff so we gotta always consistently blair those nine. You know yeah well how. How does your upbringing relate. Well quite literally. I mean basically meaning kamasi my brother and kind of Amongst other people we first. We were kind of together so to speak mean commodities. Dad used to play together in high school or in college. Your daddy yeah our parents and and even a what was his insurance kamasi. My dad's my dad's instrument was The drums commodities dedza horn player. right yeah. A commodity debt is a horn player. Yeah and then also another one. Another one like that is georgeanne. Mo jo like our parents grew up playing together and they had us and it was kinda like you got the that could go one of a couple of days. You've got the kids at resistance. Which would cause. It's always being shoved down the road but they write it. It actually translated otherwise it turned into like you know it was kind of passed down us so as a part of it. We're we started taking it really serious at a real young age like at a very young age we got a chance with the with the likes of reggie andrews in that the loneliest monk institute and and in all these different things as we were kids were very It kind of cultivated our ability in and on top of that we were also doing stuff like playing in nightclubs. And you know like. I was the kid where you know. I couldn't stand in front of or behind the club in them. But i would come into play and then they would kick me out and throw me down the street. Brian like we were those and but any time. It was a cia anytime we got a chance to play and it was like we got the chance to grow we. Would we would take it but you go see your folks. You see your your father's play. Allow yeah i go through the rehearsal space so like at that time because like i don't i came. I always kind of knew about jazz. I listen to jazz a lot more now. I've i've broadened my collection a little bit. Yeah and You know i try. I can't wrap my brain around theory or anything like that. You know i play guitar. I don't read. music wrote necessarily understand things about it. But i can listen to stuff. You know i i do. I have pretty adventurous ears. Like stuff doesn't bother me. No matter how weird it gets. Yeah so like when you're younger. What kind of jazz were were you being brought up with really Everything from big band to to jazz fusion to two straight ahead it was kind of all embedded we like up reggie andrews was a. It was kind of like you know everything from we listened to to to to jazz in the morning. Then he would always quizzes on you know. It was kind of things where we would have to be able tell who was playing by how they sounded. Yeah yeah so he will sit and listen to the radio and you it would be little little incentive things like that they were rewarded for me. Who is this man. S like a sound like ornette coleman whereas sound like wayne shorter here certain types of no selection and stuff like that or certain. Yeah you most of them. Yeah it was kinda. How from that to like the types of standards we learn like masihs dead we we would practice at commodities. Dad's house a an cameron. Cameron graves is another one. We were practice at their parents. House and Commodities dad give kumasi like a task or give us a task to write a tune or learn a tune a day. He'll take you know if you're gonna sit back here and play his co. To be playing but like challenges so full marnie something new and is gonna it. Skews offsets the comfort ability of how you know all that kind of stuff and then from there to like you know. We compete competing. Like the john coltrane jazz awards and stuff like that. We would do all kinds of stuff and we would just be involved in exercise. It was like it was a constant learning constant learning. Even when you're like sleeping it was learning you. We mean commodity with the day amoeba. I remember the day amoeba set up and became a reality and my income. Ac- used to live there like mossy would go to ucla. Or you know. Him and cameron will be in school and then after they get out of school or when they will be on break they come back to their you know. They stayed in a spot at one point and we would just go getting the hour by a burrito and go to amoeba and spend about five hours there in come out with his see of music. We sitting in the car eating burritos listening to like some new jakubowski or some some. You know like what is this. Okay you know examining stuff like that in in china listen what bigger years you know so as all it was all music and marvel for you. Oh yeah man. That's an anime. Music marvel in enemy. And that was what i say this to this day. It's kind of like. That's what everybody is always up against. Whereas in my in my most profound moment i will still make a dragon ball reference embedded in me man. I i think that's maybe some of the stuff that i don't quite understand on some of the records was References to fix it. I don't know about yet. Irag in bowl dragon ball is life. S that's what it is dragging ball. What is it. S one of the best cartoons ever created in the history of cartoons. Like you got making mousy. No you got gundem. You got marvel you've got. I mean i'm not going fully behavior. I'm gonna say from both for its is that is at the western with With with the cenci. No no no you got. Gun is a japanese cartoon nets a giant robo kind of liked in the earlier years of giant robo. There's like different giant robo. But you know you got all these different things you've got. Hello kitty from japan. You got all this stuff but dragon ball and dragon. Ball z in now dragon ball super skipping jacob. Ott it's like. It's kind of like this. Is the story of this is basically following this this alien kid as he's growing and watching him learn how to be human is kind of. It's it's got a lot of parallels to like stuff that we recognized like a superman or like a inner or just a you know the x. Men and stuff like that. It's like he's an alien what's matter what gt gt man. Gt just felt really just it felt like neither here nor there. There was some good stuff in it. You know certain moms but it felt like if felt like the trope of as compared to the feeling or the quality of dragon ball z. So you would see you know like certain certain obstacles goku in guys had to overcome z. Were like really like you could feel it. You know goku would die and like the wish him back then they only had this one they can only wish certain people back so just executive decisions would have to be made about who they bring back and go comes back ten times powerful. He's been traveling astral. And it's like he'd been on all kinds of stuff so the story of goku from boy starts at dragon ball and dragon. Ball z is him as a man in drag. Gt's him after listening to flock of seagulls or something. I don't know. And then wow and dragging him as god you know and it's it's got but you just a you explain it to me and it's like you know even if i'm interested it feels like it would take a lifetime for me to take to catch up dragon balls. The i mean. Well you know there's there's there's cliff's notes versions of it and the truth is the manga. The mango is where it started. As in if you were into reading if you wanted to check out dragon ball. It's it's always available it's like it's it's almost. No it's like batman it's like it's a common. There's a good right. You can pick a different points in. It would still be like all. I get it. Oh yeah that's that's good okay. Well how did this when you look about when you think. Do you have a whole room in your house for vineland. One four comic books. I mean it's all in the same space. Yeah it's all not separated as all vinyls comics. Video games toys. It's just here right. Looks like mcconnell broadway in here well when when you think about it. Do you feel that you know somehow or another. What ever your love for comic and fantasy Planted in you influence music or your ability to to to see music differently. Yeah man The the cartoons. I'm not gonna lie the cartoons inspire the music. It's like the like every naruto in cartoons like naruto in cowboy bebop in dragon ball z. They inspired me to push harder like to know that there is a there is more there. You just have to push harder like. It's always anytime i've ever watched naruto like It made me feel like. I can be a better person like anytime. I will watch it. I immediately start doing pushups or like you know or a really. Yeah like i i. I spent most of this year. And as we're talking about this year. And i mean there's a giant weight loss that happened for me and yet you look you lean. I remember when i saw you with kumasi. You were heavier. Kind of boldest yet Boa bass five strings. Yeah it's like it's one of those things where it's six strings or six strings. Six weeks a lot of things but it but every now and again you can definitely catch me playing a five two. It's like a. It's one of those things where a lot of things had changed rapidly. A on the on the the death of one of my best friends and also the loss of like a personnel was really in love with it was. It became really difficult. So i went through a weird moment of being depressed for real real and this was this was like this year seeing some It started a couple of years. This started a couple years back. And you know your friend died in and someone you're in love with died. No they didn't die they just left me. Oh both of them are are are one passed away in one left you yeah it was kind kinda consecutive in it was like it started in like In when mac past personally it changed my life. That's right right yeah. Act miller yeah. Yeah and I think from that time period till now. A lot of changes drastically happened that would result in me physically changing so i became vegan in. I stopped drinking Because as basically like i i feel like i had seen too much. You know what i mean. I noticed that with you know going through all the records from apocalypse. Forward that you know that you know when you talk from the first person it's interesting. There's there's a style of of songwriting. That like i noticed a little more in jazz. Like i was listening to horace silver's way this later albums where he incorporated vocals and stuff brought in people and there is a type of ernest sort of presentation in in some of that more experimental jazz singing. Where you know. No one's looking for hooks but it's more philosophical and more straightforward. You know And it's not you know it's not based on rhyme or anything other than ideas right so there's some of this stuff that i was listening to you and i was like there. Were points in the work where i was thinking. That is he writing from the first person or is he creating a character here because if he's writing from the first person this guy's heading for a wall and so his life right there you go all right. Yeah there it is. It seems like you're drinking too much and you. You got a heavy heart. You're too sensitive and you get in trouble in japan. That's what i i that is that is quite literal. Certain this at me in real life yes well. That's good that you pull it together man but it's all in. Yeah i mean you know you're pretty honest in your work. You know once. I get past the the sort of you know the music which is great but just listening to you so it was. It was a because he worked with. Mac miller bit right. Yeah as one of my best friends. Oh he was yeah. It's hard man you know. So did you see the struggle with drugs with him. Yeah i was there for the most part of that and and that and the and and that was a wakeup for you in the midst of the grief where you realize that you know. Even if you weren't doing the same drugs that perhaps you're increasing your odds of Of of of mortality. Yeah yeah i I mean i mean. I i really hate that it it took. I hate that. It took that. When i look back in hindsight you know but it's kind of one of those things where it's like. I just something something had to give right. You know i and he don't want it to be your your mind your life right so yeah so you know and it seems like you either get the lesson or you get out of here for sure one way or the other. Yeah yeah but Well i'm glad that you you chose the the art and the faith and the the decision to change the life find some hope. Yeah yeah watch a lot of star wars. So but what about the work. I mean i is the album it is what is the processing of that. Yeah yeah it was like I think it was like you know somewhere between real life. It's like you know again like you're saying some time stuff with can be bit literal and Yeah that was that was me processing it. That was the challenge happening and It was kinda again. It's like a looking back on it. It was really. It was a bit traumatizing. it was a bit Emotionally traumatizing least It's terrible man and it's like it's like i you know i went through something this year. Just terrible and there is nothing you know when you lose somebody In your heart breaks you know both like however you lose people it's heartbreaking and you get to a point. Yeah i'm older than you were you like you know. I don't know how much of this shit i can take. You know how much are we built. It We built to handle this. I don't know if i could do another one of these. You know and and when it when it's death then 'cause that's a surprising one then you're like bullshit you know. There's no avoiding this and we're all going to deal with grief if we if we live long enough one way or the other. It's people leaving or you leave and then it's like man. I don't have to do this again. Like it is as my buddy brennan said you know you sort of earn your stripes as a human when you process this shit without destroying yourself. There you go. yeah. I wholeheartedly agree with that. You know and and it's you know it's it's never easy but you don't realize that you know like you don't realize it's always like you have to you know the consistent having come in trying to like. Oh yeah be able to still walk straight after somebody hits you in the side of the head with a glass by lee. You know it's like yeah it's a lot. It's a lot man and the work help. Did i mean did when you when you were doing the music did it help I mean i remember i. It's it's it's always music has always been a bit therapeutic in a bit like it's it it becomes that but i think in this moment it really was. It was overwhelmingly painful. So getting if i didn't have flying lotus there with me and he's always been there with me like i always talk about him but it's the truth if flying lotus. Wasn't there with me to help me see me. Through some of these moments i it just would be me tale spinning. You know and as good franco. Yeah yeah it's genuinely like beyond the music. Even though i mean. I always say when i when i referred him. I always say people can hear our relationship in the music but beyond the music. It's one of these things where it's like. I don't know he's just always feel like he's always cared for me. You know and and morton one year in the grief. Yeah in those moments. He's he's he's kind of. You know he made he he would help me be able to stay standing straight on stuff withdrawal of me on the side of the like that. You know right yet to hold you up in a way to get you like because like when My when my girlfriend passed away in. May i got a friend who You know he just started calling me and we talk every fucking night man you know even now yeah like you know right right from the gecko and it was just sort of like its grounding because if you just left to sit in and you don't got no love coming your way in the form of just a guy going like what's going on what you do. What did you eat you know. What even thinking about you. Rita thing whatever just to be like Get me out of it. You know a minute right. Yeah absolutely man and then flying low to so like that guy's genius. You're a genius so like you know you're swirling around in the possibilities you know. I imagine that outside the friendship. You're like whoa. Let's let's let's get into this thing. Was that thing you were working on right. Yeah keep me focused and he really can. What's that guy's background. Because i talked to anderson pack about him. And then i went on a little spin with Some of his work. And i knew before i knew you guys were buddies or work together like a couple of days ago when i was going to talk to you. He's gotta be with flying lotus because the groove is sorta similar where you guys are going. Yeah so that you kind of inform each other Yeah yeah that's how a i mean i get you know. There's a moment where you see stuff in weird shades ingredients. I still remember vividly meeting him at south by southwest. I remember really wearing. I remember his sentiment. I remember the necklace i remember. I remember the shoes. I'm row hot. It was and it was like it's it was. It was one the greatest moments you know. Not knowing like unbeknownst both of us who is kind of like things like we should hang out and was like we should definitely hang out and just you know like life changes and the different grows in you know and did you know his work before you met him. Oh yeah oh yeah we. We both knew of each other's work to to. I mean i feel like he was a little bit more spotty back in the day was i didn't have albums it wasn't something that was like solidified like that until i signed a brain feeder records but a- me and he knew of my work by way of like the different things like saw rock creative partners. Erica by do and different of different people that would work with and he you know it's like We both knew that there was something that was like yeah man. I was a very big fan of his work. Of course you know you know. This man is the sound of los angeles. You know and i. It's it's it's like. It's interesting when i entered the world that you guys with and musically because it's not really my world and when i go in there. I realized a couple of things like well. This is amazing in deep and broad and And i you know where the fuck of my living. Do you know this is happening. All right i every once in a while. I walk into it my holy shit. There's a whole other planet here. Yeah because all you guys kind of like the world of of of him flying lotus and you and kamasi kendrick like there's a whole like amalgamation of different styles of music sort of constantly coming together among the crew. That you guys are seem to be with. Yes no at any given moment. You know. we'll get together in in something something comes of it. you know. it's just. I think that's just kind of a somewhere. Between like you know it's like the not say byproduct of the environment as compared to its. It's somewhere between the actual relations and relationships that you have with each other and there's no way it's not going to translate recently it's going to. It's because music is the way we communicate. It's like where it's it's embedded in there. You know it's like you know you're looking for a chance to accentuate. You know like you're kinda like okay. Let me see if i can challenge. Challenge this a bit early. Oh let me a sangma constantly tinkering with each other stuff you know. And what's interesting to me like you guys like you and kamasi like come on like when i first heard epic. I talked to him years ago. We he talked to me. And i like you know. I heard epic. And i'm like holy shit and the production on this is insane and then i realized you know when you guys play you play live like you're you're playing life like you know all that stuff is not you're not doing tracks you know so my holy shit you know. He's got the coral group there. He's got the strings over here. He's got his dad and he's got you and another guy ambassador to keyboards on what the fuck is happening drummers. But you gotta imagine what you want to hear something funny. You got to imagine that in a small nightclub off of crenshaw bolivar like the whole entire without the without the orchestra and the strings but the band hanging out in play at like fifth street so alert part or a or a. We'd be hanging out the side of the club outside the. Oh my god as be some of the funniest moments cameron brandon plan and me and miles and then is it in tears we would just be playing and the half they wouldn't it was like man. There doesn't really need to be nice because we're the audience. Have the club with a little small coffee. Houses like fifteen bam. Who's getting paid from this kid. Nobody has some coffee and sandwiches. But that's that was the that was the The kind of the the The the primal soup thing right. I mean that's where else that's who we were. You know but like but what my point was like. When i listened to epic i was like this groundbreaking and it is but but then i listened to mingas. And i'm like oh well. They're that coral thing. Sort of a precedent. You know that. That's been around. So i started to put that stuff together and then when i listen to you like there's definitely like you know there's a kamasi jazz and then there's you know what you're doing is a little different in your own way. Your your approach is more fusion oriented where commodities like pretty much. He's traditional Hard bop coming from a different place in a way. Yeah absolutely it's all and it's all embedded in there. And of course i album together. We recorded as a young jazz giants when we were kids. It was just you know it was kind of like we would try to incorporate everything that everybody was into you know and it's like there's a right. I'm playing up right on the album. I'm like the. There's a song called steven song. Were like kind of like you know my meal electric pace you know. And then there's like this giant drum solo at the end and then cameron in and you know it's it cameron's insanely gifted piano playing One person i feel like i don't talk about enough. His cameron graves to be honest with you cameron and is just a growing up with a cameron graves also was a. It was a really big deal between cameron and kumasi. They were always teaching me. You know they always show. Yeah showing me how to play through what they will be processing. Oh this is these scales. Go with this. This is what fits here like they would be from that to like Not man you know like the repetition. The part where i learned the repetition was growing up with cameron graves our watch. A guy sitting practice piano for nine hours a day growing up literally we could be having a conversation would matter. He had the metronome on. We chew in his tongue in going through the scales. Are you trying to sit here. And play resident evil. And then he'd get up and place. Resume neil go right back to play in. you know. It's just. It was that that was my upbringing. You know and i was very fortunate. Very fortunate to have cameron kamasi older brother as teachers. You know what i mean and what wake early on you know outside of those guys you know and and living in the world of jazz all the time. I mean wh who were the who were people the artists that really kind of connected with you early on where you're like that like. I wanna play bass. I wanna play bass like that or you know. I get it now. It was definitely definitely jaakko and stanley stanley clarke. Right jacqueline stanley. Like in it. Again of course introduction to jaakko around the age. i'm around ten or so in the same thing with stanton. Yeah i was of a certain age and then you know. It's one of those things where i i I had many different moments. I remember everybody would always talk to me about different. You know different cats growing up. You know game ray brown and you know being of course and stuff like that right then. I you know Ron carter of course and miroslav youtube. But it's funny. Because i think that the place that it lies specifically for me was in the jazz fusion era because there was everything in being embodied in those moments from upright to electric and like in that moment as a transitional part of the music. I think there was some where where i knew that there was a place for me that existed. You know i mean it's like there's a part of it. Where oh as a bassist being able to do all of that. You know like some nurses. This is okay this you can do. It was like almost like being introduced to what this is. What you can do with your instrument right ryan. Oh right well yeah get it yet because like you know because of the way you grew up you realized on some level that there were limitations to traditional jazz right. So i imagine you get hip to stanley clarke or jaakko. You start like the departure from upright you like almost any possibility at all. Yeah yeah and in one key one. Two other important ones are anthony jackson and paul jackson. Anthony jackson like changed my sense of melody and harmony. Hume tremendously you know It's kind of like one of those things are. I mean there's only few bass players that i would always say. I wanted to be like growing up. It was definitely stanley. Jaakko and it was any jackson. Anthony jackson and paul jackson anthony jackson played electric. You know. I mean. I'd have favorites. Eddie gomez and charlie haden stuff like that. I was very aware of different cats growing up but anthony jackson's relation to melody and how often he would be able to how so effortlessly he would change the course of music from the simplest place. It just always was like. I wanna be able to do that. I'll be able to do that. I wanna like you could hear him talking under the music. It was crazy. But that's how i guess that's what that's the opportunity that base gives you is that you can just sort of like almost quietly changed everything. Yeah you you. Aren't we now. And i i don't know the bass player. Just did something and we're in a different place entirely a yeah. I always feel like we always say. Oh lead singer guitarist you know shershukov like we know we know deep down base layers around the world. They do they do. The rhythm section runs a world. Really right yes yes. I don't understand that relationship with the like. I learned about it later in life. Just like listening to rock music that you know that if the rhythm section isn't tight you're the whole the whole projects of a mass. Yeah you wouldn't you wouldn't drive. A lamborghini would donut. I mean yes in line properly. Yeah but where do you put like people like like you know. I have to assume only. Because i talked to him a couple of weeks ago. That buzi is important. Oh yeah man. Yeah here man and be honest with you like the comp man man oh man in his like again can like buzi and bernie worrell to mia. That was also who i wanted to be like. Why here like all for your records like there's like you know because you know you get a groove and you're not you don't you don't concerned with hooks you know you're kinda concerned about you know movement but everyone like bernie rural styles inside. It's just pop in occasionally we like. Okay there's a reminder yeah galactic reminder. Yeah yeah man. Yeah oh man. Buzi and bernie man is this is. It's an it's it's like somewhere between being able to vacillate between roles as as as the instrument is always like leaned on always has like this heavy anchor. Fresh find the ways that it like can also become texture can also become progressive Progression you could also become you know a progressive you know like finding those places we have because like i i noticed that like you know if you lay a couple of bass tracks down because i know yesterday might've might be on the new record where you know you're kind of you know doing something very upfront with the base as a single voice. Almost where you know. This is the base singing here upfront. But then suddenly like a different basal drop that bottom beat you know as a percussion on top of it with the other one or whoever you're working that and then he really kind of illustrate what you're talking about the two differences to the approach in the possibilities of base. Yeah yeah yeah but like buzi which struck about talking to him. It's like out of nowhere on this last record. This new one that he did the one you know. He's playing with. George benson. And i might george benson really and then like you. But then you got kenny loggins. You've got michael mcdonald. But you've got this respect you know coming through fusion in the seventies for these cats like in my youth i might have found a little boring right so i can george benson you know. George benson is all right. You know. I know from the hits. When i was a kid boots. He's always wanted to play with george. Vincent i'm like really rip men. I know he's great. I'd be judged because of my association