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"silicon valley technology alliance" Discussed on 7 Layers

"We look at different aspect of technology from literal wires in the ground to switches and routers and all the way up to the exploded amount of smart devices around us. I'm your host. Connor craven associate studios editor at sds central this week. We are getting an experts perspective on secure access services edge in just a moment. You'll hear from paul kohler principal consultant at the silicon valley technology. Alliance if you have to our previous upset the covered. Sassy i suggest to give it a listen it will give you all the basic information acronyms. You'll need to know before jumping into this conversation. I won't hold you any longer. Please enjoy interviewed with paul kohler. Welcome listeners to my interview with principal consultant at the silicon valley technology alliance. Paul kohler we are here today to talk about the technology secure access services edge or sassy for short but before we begin. How are you today. paul Doing very well. Thanks conor could you tell the listeners. A bit about yourself and philipson on where your knowledge on security service edge comes from. Yeah sure sure so So i I worked at cisco three different stints. I've worked. vm-ware also vip tele St wind pioneer and then through of had various different held various different roles Tech support seo sales engineer systems engineer t emmy product manager technology alliance partnerships running partnerships and for the coach. Just over the past year. I've been an independent consultant. I focus on. Sdn and cloud security and network management strategy then that role. I kind of talked various. Different contacts. That i've made the is These various different companies and try and keep on top of old various trends yet your focus on sdn networking security. That all seems to tie pretty well together to make what most people define sassy Speaking speaking of how people define sassy garner defined the technology in twenty nineteen but that definition sort of existed in vacuum. How would you define sassy. Yeah shaw so i think you know. It's it's really primarily two key components one is the security Sort of cloud based security portion and then the other is the actual enforcement portion so a use. Cpa portion so that cloud security portion. I think you know that there's been a lot of sort of disparite Solutions on the security side so like firewall cosby sake And then also you've got ips ideas malware and so long. And you know as as scott. I think correctly sort of defined it You know there's this increasing the more scalable lying rate Security rather than having point products and doing service chaining Just sort of being able to inspect the traffic one single time and also I think having sort of it's it's in a way. It's like applying the principles of st one and two to sassy a to security so meaning that you kind of consolidate your and unify your your policy engine. You'll management in the cloud and then the enforcement in a similar way similar to the sdn model..

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