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"sigma global" Discussed on PetaPixel Photography Podcast

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"sigma global" Discussed on PetaPixel Photography Podcast

"Eight hundred rod DNC files. That's a lot. Get those off of your camera and computer and backed up just saying or over. Fifty thousand Japex. Imagine you have fifty thousand Japex on your camera. Why would you do that? Anyhow? It has a battery capacity of three thousand one hundred ninety mil- amp hours. It can shoot three frames per second, continuous, four k. video recording at thirty frames per second. And it has microphone and headphone jacks. Now Zeiss says the x. one's going to be available sometime. In early twenty nineteen but hasn't revealed just yet how much it's going to go for now as a frame of reference other cameras in this class. Like this Sony Rx, one was two thousand eight hundred dollars when it was released back in two thousand thirteen and the like accu- was four thousand two hundred and fifty bucks. So you got to figure this is one. It's gotta be somewhere north of three thousand dollars. Right? Of course it's going to be. Now, I want you to remember this camera which you might otherwise forget about because it's definitely a hint of things to come light room in a camera that just happened next. You know, it blows my mind when a company announces a boatload of lenses. At the same time, it's not an insignificant achievement to design and manufacture a bunch of lenses and add them to your already used lineup, but sigma does that really well, and they just announced five new lenses, some really desirable ones. In fact, four of them destined for full frame cameras and one for a PSE crop bodies and others new lenses. The company says, quote from wide angled hyper telephoto, the new sigma, global vision introductions arrive is some of the most anticipated lenses in the industry. Further facilitating artistic expression for photographers and quote, most.

Japex DNC Zeiss accu Sony three thousand one hundred nin two thousand eight hundred dol three thousand dollars Eight hundred rod four k