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"sierra momo" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"And then we're there, noon to three and when I say, we, it means me, and whoever we get to fill in, for John, it's Marco Manetzky Marco cabinets all the legend the legend Marco cabinets yours. Here's the thing. A lot of people are questioning why John isn't here. And the fact is he's on vacation. Yep. And hates me he deserves he deserves a long vacation after a long season long six seasons long six seasons. Exactly. Yeah. So that's why he's not here. He has to get his mind, right? He will return to we figure out what Davies coming back. I believe he comes back to the eighth, July the as I do I get a vacation, I need to follow him on Instagram. I thought he's not on Instagram. He should be man. He's often the Greek islands or something. Now he's that's where I would be doesn't leave the countries, he doesn't leave the country, it's playing golf every day playing golf amount gate. That's basically what you'd see handicap is going to be by the end of all this. Oh, not very the guy. It doesn't improve. If he was going to be good. It would have already happened. He is. He is definitely not everyday suntan guy. Well, he certainly focused on it now to end guy. He is not is not. So I was going to do the woods thing, but I'll have to do it next. Mason and Ireland and we got fasttrack coming up for you to Momo's here and so's OC Jackson junior fast track in ten minutes. Mason, and Ireland OJ Jackson junior. Sierra Momo is here..

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