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The Pacific and Metropolitan Division Predictions

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The Pacific and Metropolitan Division Predictions

"They really proportional. He's a fat stack. Bar goes outta gas urban green. Would that sound. You guys know what time it means. It's time for another episode of the clap report hockey podcast where an islanders fan and economics fan talk about news in the league and rumors surrounding the teams. This is just an across the town from damian and just to clarify we are not geoff merrick or elliott freeman before we get started. We ask that you please. Follow describes the podcast. Where every. Listen to your favorite podcasts. And also ask if he fouls on instruments well at b. clap report interact with us leave us some comments slide in the. Dm's let's get the conversation's flowing so dame what drink what's going on but glad that we're finally recording I took a chip. We'll talk about in a little bit. I took a trip upstate. And i took a pit stop at north way brewing. Co. right outside lake george and picked up a four pack knowing that we were going to record hopefully the next day Which we did not friday. So it's been a week since. I bought them but i saved them I got their pale bare. Sorry the the The type is a little weird but yeah Pale oh bear okay. Sorry there and anyway. It's a hazy. I made with death wish coffee. It's part of collapse that they did with them Nasa had like a bunch of other beers made with death. Wish to Really don't place The brewing company. By the way. I thought it was really sick. Actually picked up a hoodie of. Because i don't know i was just getting a hoodie from the trip and i decided to be the best place although i got honeypot at a little bit Didn't didn't i got honey potted. What do you mean never watched. Was that movie. The one where the The interview never seen that movie. I've seen it says says she's honey. Potting me. I don't remember that i like honey. Dick you remember it. I know i don't remember that. And i i yeah. I'm gonna i'm gonna have to send you the scene seek and rewatch because it's it's it's a pretty funny part Anyway there was no price on the tag. I knew is going to be nice. 'cause it was a car heart hoodie with their logo on it. It's really sick. Really i- quality very comfortable but When he rang it up. You know with the beer. The total came to seventy five dollars and a part of me inside died but I was kind of like at this point where like i was already at the counter. I already had my heart set on it so Shelled out sixty five dollars for hoodie. Oh so it was brutal. It was brutal I'm hoping in a week or two. I can actually enjoy wearing the hoodie. Because right now wearing on mike. This is a sixty five dollar. Hoodie home oh man yeah no. It was brutal But anyway the place was six The guy was really cool. You know the bartender. I feel like he has more role there. Then just bartender. But it was really dopes buoyancy. So he's yeah. He's good hoodie salesman he really gets. You know clock in price on the tag but not really cool stuff so I i do enjoy it. I do like he's as the first step. I was a little nervous. But second and third. Here i gotta say i'm i'm enjoying it editor. I like hayes So i finally got what i've been waiting for the past few weeks From blue point brewing of course big mother pumpkin. It's brilliant it a so. I'm so glad it's back. It's an imperial pumpkin. Oh got cinnamon nutmeg all spice enclosing it Nine percent so good. It's such a good beer bomb. God and i believe like i'm a full pumpkin person like i love pumpkin beer. Pumpkin coffee pumpkin bread. Anything like i. I'm not gonna lie. Not stereotypical white trick. I love pumpkins of dude. I'm on that same way too. And i'm glad you finally able to get it after your Your last encounter trying to get it. That was quite disappointing. So did where it was only sold in grocery stores. What yeah so. I'm glad you found it. I've actually in is like. I've been seeing it around lately now. Like on the gas stations or grocery stores a mike golic. Here you go. Yeah what's called. it's funny too because last week. A few of our friends we went to This other breweries and city south and And what's called the of course. The first thing i recommend to everybody was the pumpkin and a super good was called graveyard smash. I think it even got like runs into it. The girlfriends were all loving it too. Which is nice so Yeah no anything. pumpkin. I mean i used to be a guy who was like a hard-core believer and just drinking black coffee I've since changed my mind on that. Now i fully embrace the pumpkin season you know can the pumpkin critical brews and all that i definitely. I'm definitely on that wavelength now. I'm glad that i've put my my shame. In a way that makes sense. I love pumpkin. Cream cobras like that's probably like my go-to i mean. I just love colbert's in general. Like i could just do a colder with nothing. And colbert's are just so much smoother. Oh yeah they're sweet. I love them. So did you wanna talk about why. We're recording remotely. Yeah no and there's a lot of stuff going. We got a couple of reasons. Zuhdi so haven't seen haven't heard voices wiles. I know so. I'm an idiot first off i. I'll be the first amid. I admit it to everybody. I'm a great a idiot I had a trip plan. My mom had a trip planned for tire family to go up to like george where i was this past weekend and i totally forgot about it until thursday. I took off of work for friday and monday on thursday right before little on conventional. But i work. They allowed me to do it. And i had a text that day. Saying oh Actually i can't report tomorrow. I totally forgot that. I'm going to be away all weekend so That kind of sucked through us off We're gonna record that monday but I was getting in late and by the time we got home. I was having issues with my computer. I thought it was like a one off situation where it just wasn't starting the right way Come to find out. The motherboard is dead on my computer. I've since ship that off it's getting replaced. Hopefully the computer will be back up and running within a week or two. but know. we're we're doing this remotely. Now i'm working off a computer front or laptop. I should say from from high school. It's quite ancient. Surprisingly runs windows ten just updated and everything updated zoom So that's why we're here but You're not in studio with me. Which is a little different. And i think you have the better story to tell. I mean i wouldn't say better not better but More more of a courageous. I don't know where i'm looking for but it's definitely more intense also. Yeah so tuesday. I was at a concert. This is not this pass on the one before you know. Very hard bands bend knots loose super sick. He got checked out and So yeah it's the last song. Do mellow dancing. Then i get kicked in the leg. And and i just drop like i couldn't put any pressure on someone's trying to push back in there. Go on like i. I can't i can't move And so that was a real bummer. And i was like shit is calling my girlfriend. I was like by guy broke by talking about shot up. So she's like no. You didn't so whatever it's still going the whole week So that was tuesday night so wednesday thursday friday saturday and i'm just walking on it kinda like nothing happened and sunday i wake up get up out of bed and i just drop again and i couldn't put any pressure on All my leg. And so i'm like oh my god so i say my girlfriend i go. Oh my god yeah. Something's wrong. i need to go to the doctor. She's like yeah. No shit needs to go to the doctor. I've been telling me since it happened which she had been so i'll give her that but So yeah i go to urgent care. I pull up. Tell them what happened. And so i'm like yeah you know. There's no bruising or swelling some like it's probably just like muscle contusion there will probably is what we're gonna do extra just b-shares like awesome great. Tell me why my xinha's fractured i. Straight up have a fracture have with mission Which was understandably. Why can't walk. i'd say yes. They put me on crutches and assault. Cast until i got to orthopedic on monday. And then Yes some in a walking boot for the next four weeks now so solid which sucks because i had like five hundred concerts planned to go to but now i'm just gonna have to tell him bar in the back. I know you're gonna have to be one of those herbs or at least you have a war story to tell you there. Yeah right. And then i say the band that had happened to and everyone's will you couldn't be 'cause like this crowder scary. No knock glue shows weirdos and those bits bro like there was somebody like patrolling the. It was like ridiculous. I wanted to go punishment. Faith what are you doing. Yeah weirdo it pushing anybody who got close him. I'm like what. Why are you standing here like. It was funny though because i did. I see like ten times video. One of them went by that. I went with sent me like awesome. Great the heavenly ten and nothing happened then. Of course it's one kick. That's how that's how. I tore my shoulder stage diving. So we we we. We got a retirement to retire from these pets bro. They're going too dangerous for. Oh no never that never that or one of the one of the bands of sioux nami. Bro was oh that's disheartening. i'm so mad fad. Sickening guide any. I guess it's we're on the topic. We do are hard core song of the week. Which what do you think. The i'm down. I'm down for that all right. Yeah so Very quickly This is a band. i. I've actually heard of a while back. I found him through. This ban. left behind This band though is desolated The song is called numb. It is it is quite the hardcore song. It's what you would expect when airing song from me my selection. It's not just like left. Behind i'd say So if you're into that type of in your face hardcore drums everywhere. I would suggest checking them out The song again numb. I love it. It's already on our hardcore playlist on you could check that out our bio and you can listen to all these songs. What do you have. Yes so i got from this band that we've definitely feature on here couple times before i had this been never-ending game and their song anguish just dropped tonight. Is last night like midnight From a five song ep. That just came out. Same crushing bone. Crushing bone fracturing when i'd say Yet boone fracturing sound guys voices. Nuts Damages solid hardcore. I listened to them in the c. P. is no exception. I i will definitely check this song out. Because i just added its play list loki. Sometimes like when. I'm in the gym. And i need. I've been bumping so i hope that You guys need that extra motivation. You want to get loose some hardcore music. You guys are bumping this playlist. Hell yeah man. It's been a while it's it's been almost two weeks since we've talked talkie you know about two weeks about two weeks so I say we keep things easy to keep things light. Get this get this boat rolling. We'll talk about the islanders. We'll talk about the and then because we missed a week we're going to do to division ranking say. We're going to do the metro in the pacific. And i think about do it for us right. Yes sir sounds good to me. All right cool i. So coin flip. Who do you want to go with. I can knocks islanders. How we can go with the islanders. I all right all right. I'm pretty excited for this. So i will. I will not say no. Because i'm pretty excited for this season with the islanders man considering lou finally started announcing things. Oh yeah yeah no things are. The ball has been rolling and ever since started role. It's been a force It's great it's been a great off season for the islanders Tremendously excited as you guys know. Training camp has finally started. I think technically two days before recording here so We've seen a couple of new faces. Some familiar faces and things appear to be looking good looking for the under suspicion and with that with the islanders. Becoming a good team. They're getting some national attention. Finally they're going to have twelve games on national networks which is tremendous for the islanders especially considering like two years ago. That would never happen. They probably had two or three games on national networks. So the fact that they're getting twelve Some of them are going to be on. Tnt some of them could be on espn. and then also i think on lou There's some weird stuff this year like. There's giving no nhl tv. I don't even know that yet Being nhl tv. And it's going to be all on like disney plus who are no on hulu and espn plus but you can get like some package with espn. I dunno so those are some of the national games are going to be this year Which is interesting because it's kind of showing the streaming power and now sports are being delegated to the streaming And i feel like hockey's probably a good start for them. So i don't know it's it's pretty cool pretty cool so I'll be for sure washing those national games for the islanders. I might have to get a subscription to that. I was trying to say this. But i couldn't get it out right There's a bundle where you can get hulu disney in espn plus. I'm making this number up. But i want to say it's like something like seven to ten twelve dollar range a month us. Yeah which is away all three of those. Yeah yes it's like a solid deal the plus just the base that has to be just the base. no i. I'm pretty sure that this is like the bundle. I'm you know what because we're at this point. I'm just kind of look it up. You just have to bear with me a moment what you get disney plus you get hulu. Espn plus for seven. Ninety nine. a month seventy nine dollars for the year. Oh i apologize no. Why would they do that. They have to sign at the michelob. Stuff hold up. Wait is in their marketing ways. They're screw. I now have to make an account to see how much to bumble costs. Are we joking right now. One moment one moment air save password shirt. Okay so d- disney bundle is thirteen ninety nine a month i apologize. So it's disney plus espn plus and then hulu with -at's you can add another six dollars that for hulu with no ads interesting. I'm actually have to do that. I mean it's a solid deal. I mean if you're somebody who watches movies and shows and stuff like that and you use disney plus you could get. Espn plus watch hockey. You watch football. Watch all these other sports as well in a all in one bundles This is a no free ads. No free don't do it. You don't you don't do this. And you only wash a t and t games. You might hear familiar voice if you're not under fan brendon. Yorke is now officially signed with turner. Tnt so he'll be doing a couple of games on there a hostile be doing msg games. The games I'm sure there'll be a couple games where he's not on and he's doing a national game but it's cool to see that he's getting a requisition that he deserves especially with his work in the playoffs this past year without a doubt i enjoyed listening to him and gives his input. I know he's he saw it It feels like you know this is an french-speaking speaking Feels like he's very knowledgeable and he He knows a lot about the other teams. Obviously and like it doesn't just favor the islanders but it was kinda funny when you watch the game or when you're watching the games this postseason they were They were making fun of him for doing out against to felt like i felt like he held his own. He did really great and now he's getting rewarded for it. Yeah exactly it's good to see a i an island Former islander player and broadcaster beyond the national you know especially with how many games they're playing national. I still can't believe they're playing twelve national games. I know that's insane to me nuts but it's well deserved. That's what happens when you get continued. Success i yeah. So let's keep this ball rolling. Hopefully we get some new vans year. But next on the news for the islanders travis zajac longtime just getting the for about all three or four months. He signs a one year deal with the devils in retire. So congratulations to him and his family had a great career. I'm glad i love it. It's like classy when teams do that. The one day contracts. Let the play retire there. You know he's on so much for the devil so that was great to see next is just a bunch of different signing. So i'm going to go over the small ones i There was a ton of depth. Signings andy andrew off was signed I was a little loss side. I know too much about him. But from what i was able to gather is that he's like a really good like great depth signing. He's probably going to be a guy like in the wing ross. Johnston is where he's not really played too often. Unless it's going to be a physical game and You know he's gonna be there to rough people up You know be there to fight. Be there to hit you know so I mean a guy who's going to sit in the wing like that not really play only play. You know we need a physicality in the lineup. Sure sign me up Somebody to i think one of the instagram comments was Align line of matt martin and rav and rosh johnson would be an absolute wrecking ball herbal. It would be it would be. It would be hard to play against them. I mean you probably score a lot on them. You're going to take a couple bruises doing it. So that's kind of cool Another couple of signing more depth signing that resigned out of kordula cobra do and dmitry. Tim shaw was resigned. All guys who are are you know they're camp. They're trying to make their way into the roster Depending on how the season goes injuries. And all that you know are are inevitable in eighty two game season so you know maybe one or two of these guys can see a couple of games but a i highly doubt it. unfortunately anybody You know just overall good signings say impala do with signed well another guy. i'm kind of familiar with but we'll probably just be adept h. l. Signing realistically i feel like most of them are pretty depth. Signings mushed up signings. Yeah which is good because the islanders. Typically i'd say kind of lacked offensively as far as like death went and the h. You know you had a couple of guys who thought could come up with. These are like at least paul the do and And and are off our little bit older so it's to be like older grittier guys to kind of help out with the used on. Ahl squad. so. I think it'll be all right. I think it's a good idea now. Defensively we've had this big hole. Second line left defenseman or second pairing. I should say You know trying to fill. The shoes of what nicoletti was and You know there was a lot of controversy not controversy but a lot of rumors being spread around about who it might be coming in. But i believe that the islanders have kind of answered that question for us on. It started out with them. Signing pto with erik gustafsson gustafsson gustafsen. I'll let you figure gustafsson gustafsson. So i would say definitely a puck moving defenseman if anything Two seasons ago. He had sixty point season with the canadians. I think it was right. The blackhawks blackhawks with the blackhawks. So you know he is a guy who can put up points It's just unfortunate. These past few seasons granite. They've been weird. They've been cova seasons. And i think he was traded one of these seasons. He's of fell off like tremendously from sixty points And he's definitely more of an offensive minded fence men which his weird for the honor system But in my opinion i would say. That's a good thing you know. Get a guy who maybe not one hundred percent comfortable with the defensive system but you could teach him and hopefully some of that offensive output can help out you know on their decor but Looks like he's if he does sign would probably end up being a seventh defenceman Which is a little interesting because I feel like defensively. They have a lot of seven defensemen but this is a low risk. Cairo word kind of player and again if he's signed to a very cheap deal. Seventh defenceman doesn't really affect us. You know maybe come in a. It's an eighty two game season and we are going to need some debt players because the big signing the big signing we were all waiting for was the dino chara so the other littoral big signing that can't be overstated how big of a signing bonuses to be exact six foot nine two hundred and fifty pounds big. Yeah huge. unfortunately. I don't wanna say unfortunately because this is definitely a good signing as far as like a good presence veteran presence a captain at one time And he's soaking defensively sedan. Char he he was proven to be productive on the power kill for the capitals last season and he was okay defensively. There was a couple times where he got beat. But he's definitely going into a more of a defensive system which i think is going to help him out in his stat line and also his role is the big question and i think in my opinion what his role should be is kind of like a third pairing eighteen minutes nineteen minutes a night. Kind of player. You're not really looking for twenty out of him but what you would get is a guy to mentor. You're young defenseman which have been the question marks for the season Like scott mayfield sky mayfield. No he's he's proven himself so he's gonna keep up out there on the second pairing i believe but It's who's gonna be there. And i honestly would like to say that. It's going to be no adoption. Who gets a little bit of a bump and Plays a lot more minutes. This season That's kind of what it seems like and having a guy like charlie mentor you Andy green as well mentor. You two guys who are great leaders. And i think will help them out tremendously I like to signing honestly of charlesetta. Why i i. I was hesitant. You know I was actually at yankee stadium When i saw the tech. So i didn't really I didn't really get to look at it too deeply about like stats and how much he played. And everything like that. I was familiar with it. so The headline of the islander signing a forty four year old defenseman. I i kind of felt weird. But as i sat with it and i i realized the role that he's actually gonna play makes a lot of sense makes a lot of sense and the fact that you know he might not play all eighty two games. He might not play all too much but he's going to be a penalty. Killing is going to be a big defenceman That you can put in. You know big key moment so i'm very excited to see him. Sign fun fact. He was drafted in ninety seven by the islanders. I'm sure you've heard that beaten down by now What i found to be funny him being drafted in ninety seven. I was not born yet. Justin i think you were right. Yes i think it was just born. Yeah you're just born probably by like a month via but also matthew bars zell no adopts in keefer bellows viliame and oliver walsham were all not born when he was drafted to the new york. Islanders a hacking ninety seven. It's crazy. yeah no. It's crazy so he he's playing for quite some time. Oh just over a couple of years. So what is it him. Joe thornton and patrick marlowe. They're playing all right i think. Yeah yeah 'cause. I think marlow. No marlow is ninety. Seven thornton was ninety six. I think. I mean i'm not too sure but i think you're right there. Those are definitely the three oldest guy. So you know our defensive core. It's going to get a lot more minutes a lot. More experience with this deal rather than bringing in a direct you know replacement for nicoletti which we know the price of defenseman. This offseason was quite expensive. So i'm okay with this deal. I love this deal actually. Now that i've talked into it. Yeah yeah but you know you know. He wants to stay on the east coast. I think i read. I think that was that was a reason. Why and also you know the the ties with the islanders. And the original first place was one become he's loser knacks facts. But i think that's about all i got for the islanders. Aleve you with this We're taking the metro and islanders cup this season. So you heard here. I lock into bats. And that's all i got well. Yeah i don't know how to top that you sound a lot more sure about the islanders than i do about the economics. But so yeah. I'm really unsure about because they still had signed. Quincy's released patterson that's about the real deal still aren't done. I don't know how they have inside those two yet. They signed a player that they didn't know was going to get the vaccine or not yet for three million dollars. China's having a coup were now just finding He's still in manitoba Refusing against vaccines. Even though he knew that these protocols will be in place There if he doesn't get it. Then you know there goes quinn hughes de partner I'm gonna keep my personal opinion out of that but The you know from you know looking at it from engine point of view. How do you not assess where you're at with him and say oh you know like are you gonna be getting it or not you know and then make a decision based off that because now you now you have them for two more years three million. You know it's like he can't play in canada. I don't think. I think that's the deal. I think that's the deal right now. Is that you can't plan. Canada is that he can't play in canada or like he can't go back and forth so it's like so with the point he'll why are you here Super frustrating especially considering. He's one of the ones that he especially considering he was somebody that opted out of the original plans when they came back In the bubble he refused to play because he didn't want to let me get sick. Yeah but so. Now he's refusing any who let's say about this about hamic Or or what from my understanding of the rules. I mean i don't know what the situation is is if a player if like an organization just says hey we don't want the player to play but from what i do understand that if let's say they're traveling to the us and he can't play decapa doesn't affect them which is kind of a good thing at least for this season. I don't know what the future holes with bovid. you know maybe dies down a little bit more Who knows what we're we're we're be in another year or two but For this upcoming season. At least i wonder if his cap is going to account just on a game by game basis or if it's going to be like they can just sit them for the whole season and a cat doesn't hit them at all. Yeah so. I mean that's something that we should probably look into for next episode but I think i wanna look into that. Would just piss me off even more from just like the shot anyway. Yeah let's go. Let's go to training camp Kaz since i've been home with fractured shin The past week I've been link refreshing constantly during a training camp since they started yesterday. from what. I've seen Colon looks nuts as sent you one little video of his shock today bro. Shocks nuts the guys skating. His edge work is nuts. His compete his ability to win board. Battles is nuts. This guy looks like a stud for the canucks. I'm so excited Dude i know when you send me that shot. I think it was ranked behind the dot dune. He's totally route. Dude sick shot from him. It was funny way. He's smooth smooth to with escape into. Oh yeah it was in transition. It was a great snapshot It was awesome but so it was really funny I think it was last week during the media availability with him and he had a translator there with him. apparently he can understand. English is just the as a hard time like formulating his words So you know he would go back and forth to interpret it interpret interpreter to like get a basis and then he would speak in russian and the translator would say you know whatever but is phony so i think it was patrick johnston. I was one of one of the beat writers and he was like. Oh hey so. Are you nervous for being in like an english. Speaking country unenglish speaking team and he even he's even questioned. He just went no. I'm not nervous in a very thick russian accent. It was the funniest thing in the world like everyone was losing their minds. The guy seems like an awesome guy. i'm so excited for veasley Vasily particles and Last thing i would really want to mention about training camp is. Let's talk the bag skates. 'cause i know i was mad about this yesterday because all these all these instagram pages. Were clowning. all recommend larson yesterday for For being super tired and lagging behind on the backseats that travis green mexico during training camps. Now this this was taken out of context. It's video because it comes out that it was literally the third ski in a row that they did especially if he's not used to it dude. Yeah of course it can be fucking tired like what the still so. That just made me mad. Everyone was like all we are already looking bad. And i'm like blake. You literally don't know what you're talking about because there were clips of him and pullman together which apparently they might be that might be the shutdown economics Tucker pullman alvar larson. yeah they're a great place them. All oliver larsen looked like was pivoting. Really well he looks like he was defending super bowl which is nice to see And then the first tube like laps the back seat. He was holding up just fine like or the first two backs as he was doing. Just fine you know so. I'm just. I was just annoyed about the negative reception that he got also. Connor garland up from the bags gates. Still lake. Let's not put too much stock into say all while can socks. He was lagging behind because kindergarten. Through when we knew we know chronic orlands tops explorer. the they're not used to the kyrie's perspective especially to allah ruckman. Larson was literally on the ice vo container pearson. Who have who've done this for many years. Now travis. Green so anyhow. That's that's all. I'd say about close training camp Yeah i mean. I i wanna take too much stock in it as you said but what i will say this. Did you Their old team. The coyotes you see They brought back the jerseys. Oh yeah of course i do. They look beautiful. Those are so sick. I might have to buy one i might. I'll probably at some point. Get deal castle jersey bro. Walk will dwell. Yeah so now. Those except but no connects man. Exciting stuff. I love training camp. We'll we'll have to get to the connects. We'll we'll steuer pacific or metropolitan. Which one do you want to start off with. I guess we started with the islanders. I and our first discussion. So i guess we could do the pacific now to keep things. Fair all righty all right. So let's go at the pacific division. Rankings let's go so number eight bomber division. I have now before. I say anything. I know i'm going to cause controversy with this These rankings so There may be a little bit of bias. But we'll we'll say so. Eight thousand san jose sharks. I think they're going to be a really bad team this year. The only reason. I have them at last. You know other people have other teams last. But either last due to the fact that they have no depth and they have no goaltending. They're probably the worst team in the division aside from like timo meyer What is named martin ferraro. You know so. I don't really and thomas hurdle in the tour but every everything is like. I don't think the sharks are gonna be good team at all. That is fair enough honestly. I have them pretty much at the same spot. Yeah i have the many who knows what their future holes i mean. They got controversy. Left and right there Mainly by one guy but Away forgotten. I neglected to mention him. Yeah of course. I mean he's not helping out this organization whatsoever so I think they're in a bottomless pit of despair. Yeah i mean they got their you know. Hopefully they get a good Prospect pool common but You know. I mean we'll see we'll see. I don't think that they have aggravated prospect pool. Right now I think another year or two being bad you know but Yeah i mean hey you know a couple you know we've seen it with an art teams specifically a couple of moves can totally turn around a team so in a couple right pieces you know. They might be moving in the right direction. Yeah i mean because really the only the only person they have is really really mechlin. Probably already right now you know. Oh yeah but. I don't know where he'll be. I don't know if he's gonna slot in the team. I you don't want to rush him. So hundred percent agreed art. So you said he other sharks eight as well right. Yeah yeah all right. So i So for seventy five. The anaheim ducks I put them over the sharks due to them. Probably gonna big years from trevor zegers and jamie drysdale I think they also have a bit more depth in their bottom six and on their defense. Also they have john gibson like everyone says that the duckie lasts than division. I don't know man. I think john gets definitely films. A wins i think full. You're trevor zegers can really do them wonders. You know Plus they have better decoding the sharks. I think so Yes i the duck seventh all right interesting interesting. I actually have the kings at seven so That's a hot sake. I guess so. I guess so i mean i don't i don't know i don't feel really too hot on their team. I mean fleet. The knows they are now. He's gonna be there line center. I i just thought. I don't hear too many good things about this team. Besides the fact that they have the best prospect pool. So they're probably not going to be this low in the division for quite some time but this season it's a little bit of a weird division. I feel like an up lower ranks but For right now. The kings in at seven so i yeah so i have kings at sixth You know people are saying that they'll be good this year or like bubble team. I don't buy that at all. They've aging superstars. They brought in viktor arvidsson and filipino. Could be good enough to get them anywhere near the playoffs. Me you their defense. Also just isn't a cow. Peterson can continue on them. You know maybe he can seal them some games. But i think that calabria. Yeah he's not buying them a ticket to the playoffs If they do get in the playoffs. I'll by king sirsi biking sirsi. Yeah that they're not getting the playoffs. Now yes. I had them six. Yeah so my number. Six is the ducks we're not too far from each other but For all the same reasons that i don't really like the kings. I don't really like that because they're just aging and you know trump zegers is great. Like you were mentioning. I like record raquel a lot. I know they're trying to move him last season. So maybe he gets dumped by the trade line trade deadline this season. So who knows how long they're going to have him. John gibson is the difference maker for me He could potentially get them a couple of games but You know let's say he gets hot in. The team starts playing well around. Maybe they can you know. Go on a nice little run there so at that way. They're not in last place. But i don't think they're. I don't think there are a playoff team. Yeah without a doubt or not. That's the no not even close. I think the bottom three in this division are very bad to california. Teams are terrible now. They're they're on a downswing right now so expect them to get some good traffic's Maybe unless they get screwed by lottery So my fifth is going to cause some shockwaves. The cracking v. I think that i to say this. I don't i don't i don't i don't know how bad you should feel because i have them. I five to no shit. You do crack. I don't really think they're quite a playoff team. Okay yeah i was gonna say yeah there's teams overrated They've really solid goaltending. That's it I know people said the same about vaguest When data center the league that were over that they didn't have they only had good goaltending. That's what people will say about vegas But the crack in you know. They don't even have a good coach like i don't even remember the guy's name on who he is I really don't think there'd be anything. This year i think they're going to have a gonna have a hard time producing goals Yang i think they're just going to ride too heavily on their goaltending potentially where other goaltenders So yeah i have met fifth missing the playoffs don't think they're good enough to be a playoff team. Yeah no me either. And the thing about goaltending is you know with Grew bauer is that like all right group our he you know he was on the avalanche like he was in front of a good team or behind team. I should say So i think he benefits from that and he really should the bed for them in the playoffs. Honestly in my opinion. So i don't really know too much of you know how good group hours going to fare in front of a brand new team Obviously crash writer. He wasn't that bad as well last season. So you know he's up on good teams. Yeah but that's the thing. I'm just going to get it. Yeah they're both good team. So you know you're going to a whole new organization the whole new saying so it's definitely going to be a weird transition but yeah like like you were mentioning. I'm not too sold on this team. Like i know everley which assam islanders this past season but I would say he's their best forwards i would say jordan. Never leaves their best forward so i i don't really. I don't really know what to expect from this team. can naturally be the number one player on the team and and fare better than what he was doing with. The likes of map oursel Probably not probably not so. I'm not too hot on this team. I could be a bowl team. The you know they could be someone at least in the pacific. I think they could be somewhat close. Yeah and they also have a lot of pieces to move. So and i think they have some room to so you know thinks still can't get done. I think they have about seven million space. Seven point six million in space. So you know. They have the potential to make some moves. our Hextall as their head coach So i mean The this they're not there yet. I wanna say they're not there yet. I mean for my sake. I hope that they're not there so forth. A you know so this is where is the my my list starts at crazy here Fourth i have the oilers Same bro sally. Are you serious. I'm i'll send you a screen shot from before like yeah pro. We didn't plan this everybody. Don't worry hot takes damn through. Okay i mean maybe we're on the same wavelength bro. Because the oilers are not better than you. Listen that's my thing. That i keep getting at and i know i said it's all season. The oilers are not better than the canucks. I think that they're barely a playoff team. You know the same reasons that people have for putting the cops below them And that they have put below them for the past. Few years are the same flows that the oilers currently have you know. Let's go over. They have a shit defense right. Besides darnell nurse. They really don't have much on the defensive end there's like oh even bear. Yeah i was gonna say it didn't get any better only got worse. This offseason exactly. They also have no bottom six. I mean what. They have worn fogel northbound six. And that's it. They're goaltending has also dog shit like this team has being slaughtered on because of mcdyess title and you know rightfully so yeah. They're amazing pieces. But i'm not convinced that they can continue to be the only good players on the team. You know this top six can't be the only good part of this oilers team in order for them to succeed especially when everyone's especially when everyone's playing each other you know they're not playing the same teams multiple times you know it's like they really won't have the top six and that's with the addition of hyman. You know. I mean if qatar yamamoto jesse puja. Rv they have good more. They have another good year. The sure yeah. Maybe maybe i could see them being like the bubble team because i do for them being bubble team but now the bubble team. Sorry like a wildcard team. I could see them being a wildcard cartoon. But i'm not convinced that they can have a solid year like to be at the top of the vision like everyone's production be second. I don't think that they're better than the flames. Connects or wriggled nights. I don't think surrogate team. So i i know people say 'cause mcdavid mcdavid effect i get it i get. How amazing mcdavid is he crack. One hundred forty points. That doesn't mean of this team is going to be good. No i one hundred percent agree with you. And i really wanna now hold the The point about the goaltending I think that's going to be A real sore spot for them and it's not like they have money to move and money to make a you know. Make a splash at the deadline. Because i i don't know what their prospects will be. I don't know about the pieces. And they definitely don't have the space of all the money that they're shelling out for guys like nurse and fucking mcdavid and tries. how so. it's just this team. I feel like getting stuck in the idea that like they're just going to. I don't wanna say overpay. 'cause mcdavid interest deserve the money that they're getting and dreidels definitely good value for what his contract is on a percent but the money that they're spending on these top players. It's just too much for you to build a team around them and It's getting to the point. Now where you know. You need for leinster role to be that team to be that great team you know. Yeah sure as you mentioned mcdavid could score one hundred forty points a season. But how is that gonna fair when he's outpacing everybody by two three four times. You know. it's not not really gonna help as you're not really gonna help this team out so And god forbid what if one of them gets injured. Yeah i mean you know what. I mean then. Oil production goes i mean. Would it make. David have mcdavid. Have like sixty percent of like he was a part of sixteen goals of the oilers. Like like it's nuts like and again. This is no sly on mcdavid or address auto for that matter but it's just like the team around them is not good enough to be sustainable lead on i mean there's gonna seeing them being second in the in the division behind vase. Everyone's like oh yeah back clue barely. I'm like no. It's not clear. I don't understand how it's clear when they literally have the exact same inconsistencies that the people of shamed for having they literally have a shit defense they shit goaltending and they have no bottom six. These were issues. That people have the connects for years. You know what i mean and it's just it just pisses me off so much you what i mean now i one hundred percent agree with you. So that's my ran the oiler suck it now. I hope no no. No now the rank fifth behind the crack. But i think the oilers finished fourth I think they will be a wildcard team. And yeah agreed. Agreed so number three. Who do you got. I got the calgary flames at three. I don't think this team should be able to stay bad. Especially because of the amount of talent that they have as much as it pains me to say you know on paper there a playoff team as much a love. Them be dog shit. I don't think that they're gonna be this year They have too many solid pieces up front. Like a johnny gujral matthew. Chuck you know. It's like and they have a few really good young players to andrew pony and dylan dubai They also have a solid top defense and mark from if he has a good year again. You know you should keep them competitive in case they don't do as well as they actually should be If he posts anywhere above average numbers this seems to be a playoff team All paper. they're better than the wailers florida. Yeah i mean. I i agree with what you're saying that this team is very very solid That's why i have here at number three Honestly i do like the flames. A little bit better. I have them a little bit higher but not to get off topic of the flames yet. But give anything else you want to know. Go i mean i. I guess we'll talk about them. 'cause i know we're gonna probably talk about the conduct that lengthier Everything you said like they have a lot of talent especially not cop six. I really liked their top six a lot and then even go down there. Lower talpet lick lucia on their bond fourth line. Like i don't know i. I think that this team is pretty deep And i think they're solid enough. Like i really like mark from from back when he was on the connects. You know I i've had follow with you. So i i do like him i like in. I hope that he has. I don't wanna say comebacks eating. Because he played okay last season but he just got injured because they were riding him to the ground and that's an issue that they may run into can on. There is actually two more things i did want to say. But the flames Is that what happened at the end of the season last year. Is the flames road marks. From just like the the next road markham overplayed him and they hyper-extended him and he got injured at the end of the year. And that's that'd be weary of also we have to Keep in mind that the flames were doing better. One stay transition. Having darryl sutter as a coach they started doing a little bit better towards the end of the year with him So i don't know. I mean i also think that a third thing i guess is that sean monahan really breakout. Chaumont henry leans play well And not just be like somewhat of a middlesex centre. He needs to be atop center for them. Yeah no and. I definitely think that all the town is there for them so I think they're going to have a really great ear. Yeah cool pope but yeah all right so again for me can three and then claims that too so i don't know who you have it number two The vegas golden knights at number two So no i'm just kidding. So i know economics Okay cool so. That's why i didn't want to talk about the figured will dive deep into them now. Yeah so this is going to sound ridiculous to me to say. But i think that this is the best team since twenty eleven. I'm not comparing the two teams like saying that. They're going to the cup finals or anything. But you know was forecourt super deep. You know i mean. They have potential second-liners like meals hogue lender and facility particles in in on the third line They have an actual third-line center. They have an actual fourth line with good players on it brought an atop six ford in connor garland who can put an a million goals. They'll have another year growth growth from pederson hughes if they actually get contract signs the full here of them co as our number one goalie you know some may say the defense is still shit. I'm not gonna say it's good but some of the parts is better than it was last year. I mean you know having maybe hours we spoke again. Whatever but i like the defensible hot more than last year. Especially because you're replacing. Allah settler who slow didn't put up enough points and was getting beat on every rush with allah reckoned larson who is a forty five point defense last year or like on pace behalf point per game defenseman last year and he didn't get walked every single shifted. He played like alex. Did ohio can still skate. Despite the bags the gets showed. I know alex ehlers low bar but if they can you know. But if our oliver larson continued half point per game pace be a solid Defenseman for the canucks and not play stupid. Then they're golden. Yo they have a fine top for you know. This team is a playoff team on paper. I think that the ford group like the ford death in the Words the forward. That's and thatcher them go by just that enough right. There is playoff team. That's a playoff team right there. You know what i mean at. In addition to the defense making better. I think they have better decor them. The oilers which is people kept saying. Oh the oil better knocked we. They don't know they don't know how they don't know how to present on paper. They do not. I love this connects defense this year compared to like you. Keep saying last season dude. They go off bro. I'm actually hype for this season. For the dune. I know and if they stay healthy as my thing then to like everyone keeps climbing tucker pullman signing i get. It's a little bit much term but two point. Five stills is in bad for someone complain your top four and who just like. He's quiet. And when i say quiet yet doesn't put a block points but it isn't letting a lot of goals either you know what i mean. He's blah player. Heels doesn't take a lot of penalties which is usually two penalty minutes last year playing on the top pair. Like why. that's exactly. What the need is tyler. Minors is constantly taking. I mean it's like the hawks don't need another player to take penalties like that. Also i think that on the pair the revolving door between Brad hunt and all ulaby is going to be solid for them. Maybe you jack rathbone if he wins at camp you know we don't know what's gonna happen yet so so you know. I do think that team a lot better than last year. I think in I think that they're benefiting a law from their season changes. I think this team as number two in the division. Despite what other people say i saw speaking of real quick i saw on the athletic this morning. They did a ranking of the teams. They said the cops were barely scratching the bubble and they had them like they had like every other day. They had the la kings before. The are you kidding me get a grip. What are you talking about any that pisses me off. Nah that's shot th- ridiculous any who quilt number. One unanimous unanimous. Vote from the clap report. Gang here We have the wonderful the great perfect team vegas golden knights. They say justin favorite team. The tonight's number one for me. I mean this team is stupid deep and you got players all over the place. Mashed patch ready. I think drafted him again. I don't know if i did. But i hope i did because i love them. Last season mark stone as well phenomenal. Those guys produce points where that team their top six sick even their bottom six is awesome down there. Noah patrick jan mark. That's a solid third line there And defensively like you can't forget potential. Oh shaky it or you know they. They're solid you know even go joke the both of them my fucking man robin lehner. He's going to have a phenomenal season He's looking good. He's looking healthy I actually saw a picture of him today. He would after he was on the ice with the you know the nights at their training camp off night you is training ju jitsu or something. Some like it was doing like some like ufc training or something like that. So he's extremely healthy. I think this season so it should be fun to watch Yeah you know. I mean the only real all season changes made the other raw data now. They guard of cody glass for no one. Patrick who i do. Kinda wanna see nolan succeeds. Do feel bad about his migraine issues. That he's had that that have prevented from healthy. And the other. Los flurry for pennies But i do trust robin lehner. Will will help keep the team at the top of the question marks in net. Yeah i also wanna say it's pretty funny because i was listening to the athletic hockey show and robin lehner was on. I think it was like we milton. A little bit over and They were asking him a question and he would go off for like seven minutes each about it. And i'm like are i'm like you gotta like gotta look real back in many tangents. And he's a crazy guy. Apparently mark stone. I i saw before. I don't know if you saw it was today. Zone had like a party. Right and robin lehner was in his back. Yard digging in snake holes ripping out stakes that. Apparently he threw five snakes into mark. Stones like pool or something. I don't know why it's like. He's just like the most random guy ever. And i just so cool i love him. He's so cool. He told me just let him throw snakes into my pool. He could console snakes into my imaginary pool along he wanted to see. I think that wraps up our pacific division conducts are gonna take cup rallies. The western conference So let's get to the metropolitan division. Oh yeah all right. So why don't you start this off. Since i started feel awesome. Yeah i'll start it off. Nice easy number. Eight the devils chitter. Oh just kidding just kidding. I do have the devils at eight though what i have them at eight. I mean maybe the jackets. Take that for me honestly. But i don't feel confident in this steph squad. I mean i know. They made a bunch of editions season. I'm trying to go to their daily face off but again i'm dealing with this terrible. Settle for now. No i mean they probably tom star he could put up points but and dougie hamilton. And don't yeah. W hamilton on defense. Sure i mean nope. There's no way okay. Sorry i'm i don't i don't i don't really like mckinsey blackwood like that. I don't think that he would just play not great especially against a lot of teams that he played last season. They he wasn't good. I mean obviously you can take a step forward this season. play a little bit better but I don't know i yeah. The jackets easily could be number eight for me as well. At number seven star. Spoil it for you guys but these teams. I don't like them. I don't think they're going to do anything. I think the devils are like one or two seasons away. Though from being really good. I know They have a lot of picks coming up or something along those lines so I think that they're going to be a team. That's going to be good in the next couple of seasons. So i'm actually really shocked the devils at eight See i put bujak. Eight is that there's not much to say. Besides i think the worst human division and they should get the first overall pick this year or they should try to get the first overall. Pick this year They have like nothing so Yeah track the devils. I do have seven though. I think the gap between them is huge. I do. I think the doubles be closed. I think let's just say. I think this is the closest division. I think i think teams three through. Seven are going to be pretty close. But i do at the several the devil seventh Was called. They need more time to get better. You don't have the younger players taking more steps forward dougie hamilton. Thomas star both huge editions. But there were also interesting signings because they really aren't playoff team yet So maybe they're banking a little bit too much on now instead of the future Hopefully they probably think that they're gonna be powerhouse neck. I like in the next few years. Yeah i think that these are going to be guys. They're gonna ride into the next couple of seasons with all the stock that they have in my draft picks and all that good stuff d. i you know And jack shoes negotia. I think they're both can have great years I think you are sagana vich. I think he's going to have another really good year thing he's gonna take another step forward for them The devils are team. That's going to be riser. But i think that they made the dougie hamilton signing at the wrong time. I don't think they're me in a playoff spot. Yeah agreed agreed as my eight and seven. I mean i think lyonnaise can. I have a good season this season. Good season this year. I think he's gonna play well. I like jack. Russell key played really good when he went to team last season he was going off. So i've heard about them You know berkshire. He's always solid in other bottom sticks definitely. Has some question marks by feel like. It's an older team. Compared to the devils The i don't totally mind their defense. And i think third duo in nets much better. I like Ms lincoln's at the corporate follow us good to do so. I think that there are a little bit more solid in net which is a bigger thing. Criminal then I don't know. I think he's someone who had corpuscle and blackwood on his fancying last year. At some point let me just say i would much prefer black with most nights all right so teams could be wrong. I could be wrong. Which is more often than not on this podcast. A ho. Don't take my word to series. Here give me your number six beginning of wrong number six. Have the flyers. Yeah okay okay. Whoa okay how's the flyers number six. They were not good last year Carter heart was the biggest question mark last season. I think by question mark i mean it was a negative mark him last year so this year i expect him to bounce back a little bit But i just who do they lose this seat this off season. I forgot who it was. Somebody defensively right. But then they brought in ryan ellis ripe they. They brought in wrath crystalline and ryan spare. Who was on the decline and they were benching him so you know maybe they did. Make a step forward on defensive. More than i thought but they didn't do anything last season. I mean you have On the squad. I can acton. He's pretty good. So maybe i do have a little. Oh but i didn't like the flyers last season. i always don't like the players. I hate them every season but I'm not sold on carter heart. I don't think he's a great grade on goaltender like everybody was typing up to be. I know he had a really good season that one year. Or maybe two years was it But last season sold it for me that he's not going to be good and i don't think he's going to do too much better. This season They did make bit of defensive adjustments though. So who knows maybe they maybe they do go much higher So yeah if we were concerned that we were taking each other's Rankings than you don't have to be concerned now Number six the rangers. So i think that they got this off season i think losing butchnevich for ryan reeves and That right there is just ridiculous. Terrible asset management All because of tom wilson. They really did all that. It's completely stupid So who knows if house gordyev stays during the season and who knows if cavaco Alexi laughing will actually break out the season. I'm not convinced that they will The best players in perrine fox are going really needs to carry the team They're also super young. Just like the devils are So i'm not convinced that they're gonna do anything this year. I think it's gonna be a repeat last year. Interestingly they get dummy by the capitals number five. I have the pittsburgh penguins missing the playoffs This is largely due to the fact that malcolm is going to be hard for the first month Which i know is not a lot of time but as the guy who draft malkin last season when he's hurt he doesn't yet and then he comes back and then he doesn't play any. I know crosby's hurt to. He should be playing in the beginning of the season. Hopefully it's something that's not lingering for his legacy sake but If it is an issue you know these two injuries to the two best players arguably A one undoubtedly but when arguably hub. I think it'd be a rough patch for them. Who do they have in net this season as well as it's still jars jari jar. Yes so it's still jari so he got absolutely lit up last season. I don't think he's gonna be any better casey smith. I'm not sold on this team. I think they're going to be absolutely bad this year. And they're gonna miss the playoffs. So yeah i have the pittsburgh penguins. It fits well I know we say every year that the penguins aren't playoffs but this year. I think you know yeah. Just like you were saying Inconsistent goaltending crosby. Being out for one month and malkin beyond two months Start the season. I think that's a huge loss team. abso think this team isn't deep and they'll also lost jerry mccann seattle. Yeah i know. That's a tough loss team yet. We'll technically you went to toronto. And then oh yes. Yes yes. That was stupid loss. Brennan tanna to seattle And he was a good third lion player for them so You know they they lost pieces and you know. I think it's i think the loss mcken it's gonna affect the team a lot more than others think will still on either missing the playoffs as well. Facts fuck the penguins number four yet. You had them quite low I have the rangers here You're right upheld spot or both wildcards go to the atlantic for you know now. Now this is the place by wildcard spot Rangers taken on a but shank interesting. Martin will be happy shots. You martin Granite you're not gonna make too far because they're going to be planning for once So all the reasons why you said that they may not be good. I may not be good. I think they could be good Alexis laughing year. I mean everyone was hyping this dude up to be the next big thing so I expect him to play better than he did. Last season he's going to have an increased role is more minutes us so we're going to see a lot more of them more chances for him to grow into his skate so to speak and a truly show why he was drafted so high Parents just absolutely sick and cocco cocco is a good question mark. Because he's a guy who was supposed to be awesome as well and it really has in handouts for wishing To at least where. I think that you know their interest wanting to be Press off. I really like filipino. He's pretty good Drove a little bit of interesting guy but you know he was with the tampa team so i know he knows how to win. So that might be a guy that's an interesting piece for them I really don't like the ryan. Reeves addition But i definitely believe the most pointless. I'm sorry shit. Still makes me mad. I but but i but i can understand. I can understand that you need to add it. You need because they get out of it. If you're gonna get re yet but i think i think the brooch knezevic loss mike be attributed to the fact that they were really in the hunt for Eichel i think that that was like a a move to allow a little bit more space for them to have another step and doing it So i think they were just cutting their losses for that and it didn't pan out. That's my theory whether or not i'm right. I'm probably wrong but as it looks now with how everything did go yet. They lost for ryan reef. So that's not really good trade but I don't know. I kind of like the fact that they're getting a little grittier because they were just getting dummied every night Especially playing all his tough east teams last year Defensively adam fox. Of course. I think i saw something and i could be wrong. It's social media And it was a salty. Islander fan They were making fun of fox because he came into training camp with a shirt that said that Something about him being the worst winter. Oh you on the back of it. It's a norris that is so krinsky and corny in stupid i hope he could actually level the season for that and he falls off a fucking cliff like as far as uh statistically dot is so fucking corning stupid. You would not see that happened. The islanders organization. I would like to think lamelo doesn't allow me. I understand that. I get it. But that's so fucking corny to me. Dude that is so corny. Like what I'm glad to know that. Sure because that's actually ridiculous So he just fucked himself over for this season Contrary miller's interesting trueba you know he's always interesting for them. And i think they're solid in net man to start in. He plays really well when he plays other teams other than the islanders He's always swiss cheese when he plays. Also that's always good to know and like you said could be a piece that gets mood this off season Which could help them in a trade with the cap space that they now have with losing and all that so I think the rangers themselves in an interesting position where They might be able to make a splash deadline but Before that i think they're going to eighteen s in the hunt for sure And for some reason i have seeping suspicion that data this ranger teams. Not gonna go away. They're gonna they're gonna perform pretty well. Will you know like. I said i do have three through seven somewhat close so i guess you know maybe getting a close but i don't really think that they're going to be a playoff team So number four from you. How the carolina hurricanes I think they are still playoff team. But after losing w hamilton worn fogel and indulge. Avik i don't think that they have the staying power that they did before to be at the top of the division merely swapped ethan bear. I w hamilton Hamilton for even bear worn fogel Cotton emmy now's indulge frederik anderson It's not the worst hits but like the loss dougie hamilton. Huge for them. So i don't know if they're gonna be at the top of the division like they were past years but you know is sold near me a playoff team. Yeah no i definitely agree with you in fact that they're going to be a playoff team. Sorry i don't know if you can hear that but an ad is play. That's super professional off. Yeah yes associating number. Three i went with the capitals is our up to number three. Yeah number three. I went to capitol I don't know this seems always finding a way to fucking crew in the day for me They Their peski. they're annoying. They're always gonna be good as long as lovie plan. He's going to get you an santa points. it's interesting that they didn't make as much as i think everybody expected them to. Especially with like cousy. Everybody thought he was going to be moved. It'll be interesting to see if he plays the whole season i think he will though But this is a team that it's pretty deep realistically. I mean top. Six is sick and Patrimony oshii and mantha like that's that's absolutely nuts You know they did lose. What's his name last year In the mantha trade who they lose it was a big run brana. Who's probably going to be a good future piece for them. But i think matha right now is a little bit better Defensively they've always been okay and of course you got ilias absent of there in that so I think this team is going to go on a nice hair. But i don't think they're going to be quite like the other. Two teams left Who you have number three number. Three of the flyers I think that they're being underrated. How bad carter heart was last year. I think he's gonna bounce back I think they also went all in for the playoffs this year. Although i don't know how much it's going to be sustainable. I think they're i think their defense is not sincere. They approve of ryan trabzon. Rasmusen still line in key. Theon justin braun. That's nuts cracked a such sixty core. I think they have a solid four regrouped to i mean tot line Traps connect me. Then he got joel. Farragut oskar lindblom bringing the addition of cam atkinson also paired with a Back here by carter heart. And i don't know this seems a playoff team. I don't know again. I don't know if they have the staying power to to be a playoff team for years to come but at least this year they are. Yeah this is always like a teen. That's like they're really hot one year and you'd think they'd be good or bad bad so last season was bad. So maybe the season they'll be really good That seems to be the going rate with this squad but I don't know for some reason. I don't believe in the heart. Nats i don't believe in so Be interesting see how they turn out for sure. number two. I went with hurricanes As much as like they dougie. Hamilton does hurt And it sucks that. He's such a scumbag sometimes. But tony I mean he was putting up nam bees when you raise him from my mind. Yeah he was putting up numbers before In oh shit hit the fan there. So i you know is he dug a hamilton. Probably not he's going to be putting up points for them which is important Especially on this offensive squad. I would like to Eaten bear was great. I mean ethan. Bears going to be on your parents realistically so It's definitely an interesting squad. Frederik anderson he battled with injuries last season. I think it was kind of unfair that he lost his spot and this isn't a guy who drafted him in his fantasy league and he's still salty about that he didn't get his back So i definitely think she has definitely think that he's going to have a chip on a shoulder I think right now. He's better than the dull chevik. I think in the future. Obviously that's a big loss. I don't think it's gonna sting that hard this season for them though especially with anderson and rented out there. So i'm not to hurt on that. And i think offensively have another great season Jessica cockamamie is interesting I hate the deal. I think it's terrible. I think they kinda shot themselves in the foot with this But they needed him to sign You know to sign the deal. I and then beat a enough money for them not to resign them. I think they could have got away with a lot. Less than was at close to five million right or is it six. Th they have them for. Yeah i think it sounds like a six point one. Six point one. So yeah they for sure shot themselves in the foot with the steel This is a player who could have gotten two million this season two million. It would have been like two point. Five is what they're looking to sign him for that it's like you try under on. Yeah but he wouldn't have gone for six million dollars probably not six million dollar player. No maybe three three point five two point five three million dollar range i would say would probably be his most and against a one year deal so you have to think that a want three year bridge was probably going to be the likely story for him anyway. Long story short in any way overpaid. So i don't really know how much that's really going to lovie interesting. Hopefully he does pan out for them and that would be really cool for them Specialty kava course gonna go off so this is definitely a solid squad I think that I think they did make a lot of moves where they offer the best. Probably not but. I don't think they're too far from where they were last season. So my number two. I have the washington capitals You know yelich. He said they always come up with a way to stay on the top. The i just like you said As long as they got lovie backtra mantha jaman. They're solid or saltine john. Carlson continues to play really well to meet your orlov same there you know if samsonov van check can play well they're gonna be be the top of the division just like they always are not much to say they're. They're the mainstay there. Their days are numbered. You know oh for sure. They hit the. The window is closing mary fast for them but for the next couple of seasons. Let's say the next three seasons. I think they have enough pieces where they can Where they can muster up playoff spots for sure Now number one number one. It's been a long time since we can say this about new york islanders long long long time number one for the both of us i could say we have a new york. Motherfucking islanders. Coming in number one at the metro. And before you call me a homer we're not the only once. There's a lot of people who have them up here. This high so Norc islanders white the off season and easily. I think it'd be the number one team in its division. Yep i agree with that special berry trough behind the net. I think that there are just a solid team They don't have a single offensive star that we get like one hundred points in eighty two games but they have a solid team. That's very cohesive. They'll work really well together and they could always score at a decent rate They're also really defensively. Sound both defense Defensive core and goaltending wise. I think they're the strongest team in the division Top to bottom hundred percent. Yeah no i. I agree What you mentioned about the offensive firepower one hundred percent agree you know they don't have an insane points a goalscorer but they have guys who i would say looking at this eight players eight players that i would say it could be twenty old scores without a doubt at least twenty goals. And then you have guys like bars l. And you know be who i think definitely produce more than that but i think that they have solid scoring up and down the lineup And just the addition of zachary's on third line over leo com rav is monuments better. We had eight points last season. Eight points would have been sixteen. Points last season from leo. If it was a full season like sixteen to twenty points we would have had from a guy playing on our top line. Now you have zachary's who potentially can put up twenty goals for you on the third line that i love that that's insane Especially playing where. The guy is a caliber patio. Patio could play with anybody now. You put him a guy with talent. And you have oliver walsham or palmeri. Depending on what you know barry trust actually decides to roll out with i the sky's the limit for this team. I'm so excited to get going. You mentioned the defense. It doesn't matter who we have out there. We have our defensive system and is going to work. I think tariffs system better than what i thought i too i was like. Oh shit is going to get screwed over based off his numbers from last year and how he got eat a couple of times Defending for the capitals. But they play a totally different system where they're playing like a high powered you know sending everybody in on the rush and they're kinda leaving fucking char out to dry sometimes and he's obviously older a little bit slower but you know he's got that size he's got that reach i think he's going to be a great shutdown defenceman on that bottom pair. Probably with mayfield. And that's a great shutdown pair for me Dobson or even dopson. Mike and the fact that we have this guy. Mentoring scott mayfield. No adoption even pelican polack. I mean they're top line defenders but they're gonna learn so much from these guys. I'm just through the roof excited. And you mentioned the goaltending. The best goaltending duo new league undefeatable at this point. Screw any other team Siemian varlamov is going to have quite a season. That's gonna make it hard for the honest. Let him go because next year. Sarokin stake in the throne man. So it'll be interesting to see what they do in that. I hope that the it's like a fifty fifty split down the middle but I don't care whoever you have not. You're winning you know you can win that game. No matter what squadron going up against you know for sure they're really did. I'm excited me to. I can't wait to season to get rolling instead october yet. I know it's gonna be good season. I'm looking forward to especially playing all the teams. You know what. I mean In the league. So gotta figure out when my classes are in spring semester Casta connects play the islanders ubs for oh. Yeah we're going to have to make a trip row. I was looking at it. I don't even know if i mentioned it like the islanders. They sold out their first home game. I know you have to talk about that. They were the first team in the nhl type assault this year. Granite thir- stadiums a little bit smaller than what other stadiums are or arenas are but I still think that's phenomenal. I think that This team is growing. Fan base is growing exponentially. And it's a fun time to be an islander. Oh yeah really quick. Willie talks whichever you know. He tried to tell me you try to tell me that. I've only just become an islander fan. We did right like two years ago. Yeah yeah two years ago fan. So apparently that's the truth I will admit that. I'm definitely more into hockey the past couple of years to three years but now man that that happened hurt willie so I'm very disappointed that you think of me. so thanks. thanks Disappointed very disappointed. I'm hurt honestly. Don't take anything else that you have for our lovely listeners to the clapper report nothing. I'm all good honestly all right. So let's get back to it. I know i felt. We are not recording. And i was. I don't want to say. I was anxious but i felt a little weird. It's this recording. I feel like i'm out of practice right now but you know yeah. We're online and i'm not too comfortable in my Set up here. I literally had to go off my phone. I'm sitting in front of a laptop. But i had off my phone. Because that's how bad this laptops. Yeah so Yeah but that being said i think. That's it for this episode if you guys wanna fouls on instagram follows on instagram at the clapper. t. h. e. c. l. a. p. p. e. r. e. p. o. rt Yeah it is coming on the post Give some talk about less than what you wanna hear. Because we're always down to hear suggestions now. Yeah definitely guy so be sure to follow us there the msi and let's just get the conversation going seasons almost upon us. I'm excited so we'll see you guys here again next week. All right guys.

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