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"shurmur josie" Discussed on ESPN FC

"These quite Shurmur Josie antidotes future. Surprise me today the US International. Saying when I go back to Europe I want to go to a place like the Netherlands was in contact with fine old last summer when Sam was a training there but didn't become concrete. I'd love to play at a club fine as OPEC again. That would be great. I suppose I mean the reason these surprise me I would just say. Oh Jovi fine in Toronto taking the money until he retires yes and I think that still the case. I think this is a little bit of posturing and the reason. I say that if you go back to a report that came out in January reported by the way was put out there but I very very trusted source. Hercules go miss In terms of saying that the public criticism all just the outdoor regarding Mike Michael Bradley's injury and the way that Toronto seed dealt with that injury born in some ways create a pathway which to run to see would look for Josie. Alto to go elsewhere. Well I think this is a way of juicy alternate insane. You're looking for a way out for me now. I'm looking for a way of myself and you don't tell me what to do. I do what I do. It's posturing I think on both sides because when you look at the numbers. And what has been reported in terms of salary and guaranteed compensation for Josie out the door There's nobody out there in. Mls or in the world that is willing to pay that amount of mind. We're talking about guaranteed compensation over six million dollars a year. Who out there is lining up to do that? I don't think that's happening there and I don't think that's happening major league soccer and so it would be very difficult for Toronto seed to Move Jesse. Anyway and I do think that if Josie alternate wants to go elsewhere then well he may have to take a does he want to do. I don't know that that's the case either. So I think you'll see alternate is trying to take control the situation and send a message to Toronto. Say if you WANNA move me I don't care I wanNA move my myself. Actually what do you think I think it was on to something? I think what he says is posturing by those sides. I think that may be the case. Toronto did did want to move him in Toronto entertaining offers. And I will tell you this. I received phone calls from League. East ownership groups sporting directors asking about Josie outdoor and. It comes down to money just like one. Hundred says well north of six million dollars. Guaranteed compensation for Josie Altidore. That's a hefty bill for any club around the world right. Now there is a reason Josie. Altair would have a market or would want to go back to Holland. That's where he had some of his most productive years in his career. He's a very good player for a big man. He's got very soft feet but that relationship with Toronto whether Toronto wants to admit or not is deteriorating public criticized Sebastian wrinkles exit. One hundred nine already touched upon this. Mls Cup injury. Michael Bradley in the way. The club handled that injury moving forward. He criticized them there. I think if the right suitor comes along for both parties is something. Both parties would honestly consider.

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