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"shomar jackson" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Football

"He's a top ten tight end play. For us this week. He's got fifteen targets over his past two games. Who knows if Dougherty Nelson's going to play on Sunday? The only reason I mentioned Jordy Nelson. Is that like if you're in a super deep league like someone might make the case for Marcel eightman after four catches last week and potentially some more work on Sunday, but the raiders are largely fantasy irrelevant. The ravens though are more interesting. Joe flacco looks unlikely to play this weekend's to funding. Are we that far with his hip injury? Yeah. I just don't think we're going to say they haven't had to issue. A report yet. You know, the ravens tell us nothing. But I just don't get the sense, especially the Marge Ackson one talk into the media. I mean, there's just a feeling that besides John Harbaugh did say one thing he said it's going to be tough that was immediately after last week's game which says to me now that he's a little bit more confident and Lamar Jackson just after that. It was okay to let us know that it's going to be tough for flacco to get finding one last question about Joe flacco hip. Does it lie? No, okay. I know where you're going with that trying to think of some clever like other line from the song that I could use was just no hips. Don't lie. Yeah. I think that was the correct? According to Twitter, by the way, sixty five percent say hips don't lie that was the ultimate. Here's a huge fan of the oh, six Ono fact total. Shomar Jackson weirdly, more of a fan of you in Ivan's to find. I thought that was odd. The night when she comes ten this. Lamar Jackson is a top fifteen quarterback play for us on the ESPN dot com rankings. The raiders are allowing league high six point six yards per play. And we know Mark Jackson gonna get plenty of run with his legs as well. These really interesting compelling because of that flexibility. I don't know how much the offense will change this week for the ravens, but the low volume passing things seems to persist. So the question Matthew is is there any Raven's pass catcher that you can feel confident mean like we barely have Michael Crabtree. And John Brown and Willie Snead ranked bear Willie seat is the highest ranked amongst all those players, but. We feel sure that just because he got the most targets last week that he is the one Raven's pass catcher you want to start this week too. Yes suppose. So I think there's just there's this kind of higher floor here for Willie snood who's had at least seven targets and seven straight games. Had a forty four percent target chair. I mean, if forty four percent target share with Lamar Jackson and his first start in week eleven so I don't feel confident in any of these guys. I think they run all over to them. I think it's a lot of them are Jackson. I think it's a, you know, it's outs Collins and Gus Edwards. But it's. But yes, if I have to start a pass catcher, it's Willie Snead Crabtree and Brown could easily get into the end zone, but they don't profile as people that are going to get a significant targets here..

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